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Title: Untitled
Arthur: Lizzy
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Pairing: Liz and everybody, UC, AU
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: Liz Parker moves to Roswell from New York with her family. The gang immediately puts up their guard. Liz senses the tension and decides to help loosen them up. She concocts a plan and puts it into motion starting with Alex.

Note: I need help coming up with a title. Any suggestions?

Chapter 1

As soon as she stepped out of her car she was being stared at with envy by boys and girls alike. She ignored every single one of them. She was used to them though. She knew that when they saw her they would stare, but when they actually got to meet her they were shocked by her behavior and just generally who she was.

Liz was what her parents liked to a ‘free spirit.’ They taught her not to hide who she was or let gossip bother her because of who she chose to be.

Last week they had moved from New York to the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. Her dad’s mother had left them a restaurant when she died. They all agreed that maybe moving would be a good thing. A place to start over. So they packed up everything and moved here. They lived above the diner, which was called the Crashdown Café.

They immediately noticed how small of a town and how out of place they were. It was hard not to with the stares that followed them wherever they would go. But being who they were they ignored every single one.

Liz decided that she didn’t want to start school in the middle of the week so she waited. As she walked into the building she got more stares from the student body. She wanted to roll her eyes at them. She could already hear the gossip mill starting.

She smiled as a girl her height and long blonde hair with green eyes and her own sense of style in clothes came up to her. Right behind her were six other people. She contemplated just walking right past them but something told her that this group of friends could use her help. All of them seemed so tense around not only her but with each other.

As soon as the new girl walked in, Maria gasped, Isabel and Tess dropped their mouths open and the guys just stared. Maria was the first one to recover.

She knew the new girl was going to be starting school today. She worked at the Crashdown as a waitress at the new girl’s parents restaurant and had gotten very little information about the new family and even less info about the girl her age.

Michael, her on and off again boyfriend, told her to stay away just in case. Well she told him all she wanted to do was make the girl feel like she was welcomed. It wasn’t like she was going to spill all of their secrets to her.

She was thinking of someone that was like a small town girl would be. Boy was she wrong. The new girl was wearing dark brown leather pants that hung dangerously low on her hips with a sleeveless leather shirt of the same color that stopped right above her navel. Her stomach, which was pierced, was well toned as her arms were. The color complimented her skin tone which looked to be perfectly tanned to a light golden brown. Her hair reminded Maria of a chocolate waterfall with honey colored highlights running through it. She had huge doe eyes a deep beautiful chocolate color with eyelashes any girl would kill for. Her face was flawless. Damn she was perfect.

She walked up to the new girl with a bright smile on her face oblivious that her friends had followed her. “Hi. I’m Maria Deluca. I work at the restaurant that your parents own.”

Liz smiled at the girl. “I’m Liz Parker.” She noticed Maria’s friends didn’t make an effort to introduce themselves or to hide their suspicious nature. And being who she was she wasn’t going to go out of her way to be a friend to them.

Maria noticed Liz looking behind her and turned around to find her friends giving Liz the evil eye. “Liz you must excuse them, for they have never seen anyone quite like you.”

Liz just nodded her head choosing not to say anything. She stayed quiet and just stared at the group. Though they did seem tense, she had a feeling they were very close and would not hesitate to back each other up if necessary.

When Liz didn’t say anything and just stared at all of them the tension rose and become unbearable so Alex spoke up to Liz. “Hi, I’m Alex. So where are you from Liz?”

Liz turned her attention to Alex. He had sandy brown hair with light brown eyes and was tall and lanky. He looked to be the geek of the group, but she saw potential in him with the right girl, or girls.

“Hello Alex. Can someone tell me where the principle office is?” She deliberately ignored his question that didn’t go unnoticed by the other members.

“Why don’t I take you there myself and make sure you don’t get any paws on you,” Maria offered.

Liz grinned at her. She had a feeling Maria, herself, and Alex, if he didn’t let himself be swayed by the others, were going to be good friends. She followed Maria who looped her arm through Alex’s and dragged him with them.

Walking away Liz felt the rest of the groups eyes on her. Max, Michael, Isabel, Tess, and Kyle, who hadn’t closed his mouth, continued to stare after her. It turned out that she had a tattoo on her lower back, right above her pants. It looked to be a word but it was written in Chinese symbols. The only weird thing about it was that the symbols were cut in half with what looked to be an arrow going through it.

“Do you see how she acted. She was looking directly at us but didn’t even bother to acknowledge us,” Isabel said. She was one of the resident beauties and only ice princess of the school. With her long blonde hair, brown eyes, and voluptuous figure, Isabel was the desire of half the guys in school.

“I know. It was like she was waiting for us to make the first move or something,” Tess said in reply. She, like Isabel, was also one of the resident beauties of the school. She had short curly blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and curves in the right places that made Tess the desire of the other half of the guys in school.

“I don’t know, but damn that girl looked better then you two. Anyway it wasn’t as if we gave her a reason to be friendly with us giving her the once over,” Kyle commented which earned him glares from both Tess and Isabel. Kyle was the athletic god of the school with looks to boost. He had dark blonde-brownish hair, blue eyes, and the body of an athlete that played every sport possible.

“I think we should check her out. Did you realize that she just totally ignored Alex’s question? She could be an enemy,” Michael pointed out. He had short spiky hair and brown eyes. He also wore a permanent scowl on his face.

“Get real Michael. A hottie like her could never be an enemy,” Kyle said. Michael just scowled at him and turned to Max for his thoughts on this.

Max looked at everyone looking at him and sighed. He didn’t know what to say so he said the only thing he could think of. “We’ll watch her to see if anything is abnormal. There is no need to get into a panic about her. She hasn’t done anything suspicious so we are going to just leave her alone.”

With that he left to head off to class leaving the others staring after him.


When lunch came around the whole school knew Liz name and was already making up stories about who she was and where she was from. Some of them were just to far out there to even be considered.

She was to meet Maria by the doors leading to the quad where she would get to meet the rest of the group. She had at least one or more of the others in her classes so far and none of them bothered to introduce themselves. The one thing that did bother her was the boy called Max. She had found out his name in her first class.

The boy stared at her when he thought she wasn’t watching. Just like the rest of the group he was apart of, she was intrigued. He was the cliché of tall, dark, and handsome. He had the body of an Adonis. His hair was a deep raven color with his bangs sweeping over his forehead and the hair curled at the nape of his neck. His eyes were this rare amber color with golden flecks in them and long eyelashes that you didn’t usually see on a guy.

“Hey Liz,” Alex said interrupting her thoughts. “Maria got stuck in class so she asked if I could take care of you until then.”

Liz rolled her eyes and asked him, “Why does she think I need someone to take care of me. Do I just scream helpless victim or something because I thought I was doing a real good impression of being a bad ass.”

Alex just laughed at that. “Maria has a habit of just taken people under her wing even though they don’t need or want it.”

They were headed to a table in the quad when Liz spoke again. “You and Maria have been friends for a long time huh?”

“Yeah. We’ve known each other since kindergarten,” Alex answered back. They sat at the table in companionable silence until Alex asked a question. “You do know why Maria has taken you under her wing right?”

Liz pushed her hair behind her ear and looked him straight in the eye. “I’m guessing it’s because the way I dress and don’t speak unless spoken to.”

Alex heard the amusement in her voice, but he didn’t want her to mad at what Maria was doing. “Look, Maria can be a bit overbearing,”

“A bit overbearing,” Liz asked interrupting.

“Okay smothering.” At her grin he went on. “I guess what I’m trying to tell you is don’t get mad at her for the way she is. She means well with everything she does. It’s just sometimes she can take things a little too far, especially when you get her going on her emotions.”

Liz gave him a genuine smile that made her 10 times more beautiful then she already was. “Alex, I promise you that I will not get mad or snap at Maria. I know she means well. Trust me. I can handle Maria. I more worried about your friends. If they keep staring they are going to burn a hole right through me.”

Alex gave a sigh of relief at her declaration then a look of confusion until it dawned on him that the others were very weary of her. Liz elbowed him softly in his ribs and motioned with her eyes for him to look across the quad. Isabel, Tess, Maria, Michael, Kyle, and Max were coming their way and all their eyes were on her. “I’ll tell them to keep their eyes to themselves.”

When the group approached the two Maria went to sit on the other side of Liz. Isabel saw how cozy Liz and Alex were so she sat on the other side of him and Michael sat on the other side of Maria. Kyle sat down by Isabel, Tess sat beside him and Max in the middle of her and Michael.

Maria was the first one to make the introductions. “Guys this Liz Parker. Liz, this is Michael, Max, Tess, Kyle, and Isabel.”

Everyone said their how do you do’s and it’s nice to meet you, but Liz could just feel them wanting to ask questions. “Why don’t you all just ask the questions instead of pondering them.” She surprised them all with how blunt she was.

Alex was about to begin the interrogation when Liz just rolled her eyes and answered the obvious ones first. “I’m from New York and I’m 17 years old about to be 18. My parents and I moved here because my grandmother left us the restaurant when she died and we thought that moving to a new town would be exciting and fun. I like to dance, play basketball and I love to run in the mornings. I love to go out at night to stargaze and my tattoo says destiny. The reason the arrow is going threw it is because I don’t believe in it. I like to dress the way I want to dress and not the way people tell me. And I don’t appreciate it when people stare or make up false rumors about me,” she said ending with a smile.

Everyone stared at her till they realized what she said and averted their eyes. Liz looked at Maria and Alex. All three of them busted out laughing with the rest of the gang joining in. The rest of the lunch period was spent talking easily and comfortably until the bell to end lunch rang.

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Strawbehrry Shortcake - I love the title you came up with. Very original "Loosening Up the the Tight Ends!!" I think I might use that.
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Thanks for all the feedback. This is a short part and I’m sorry if it sucks but it is needed. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

Liz walked into the apartment calling out for her mom while going to the kitchen. She shared a very loving relationship with both her parents that was uncommon in teenagers her age. She told them everything that when on in her life for her family didn’t believe in lies. All lies ever did was keep your parents from finding out the truth later rather then sooner.

Nancy Parker came into the kitchen and looked at her daughter looking for something to eat. Liz was everything that she could want in a child. Yeah, Jeff and her had wanted more children but it wasn’t possible. They were lucky that they had gotten Liz. She looked at Liz again. Her baby girl was growing up so fast. “Hey sweetie. How was your first day of school?”

Liz smirked at her mom’s question. “Well besides the stares I got from both students and teachers, the rumors that are already going around about me, the girl that decided she needed to take me under her wing and her friends that threw a glare my way, everything was perfectly fine. Oh and expect a call from the principle about my choice of dress,” she added.

Nancy looked at her daughter stunned a little and with a smile on her face. “I’m not worried about that. I’m wondering why would her friends throw glares your way and why did she need to take you under her wing?” She ignored the rest that she said because she had expected that.

“Well according to her friend Alex, who is a really sweet guy, she needed a new project and I was nominated. She works here in the diner. Her name is Maria DeLuca.”

“I think I remember her,” her mom said. “Real bubbly and over excited to meet new people.”

“That’s her. Anyway Alex also said that their friends get real protective of her. I don’t know why they would need to. She could just scare the person trying to harm her by talking his ear off.” Liz and her mom started to laugh. “Anyway, they all seemed real tense except for Maria and Alex. I was thinking that maybe I could help loosen them up,” she stated causally while looking at her mother.

Nancy narrowed her eyes at her daughter. “What do you mean by loosen them up?” She looked her daughter in the eyes and realized exactly what Liz meant by ‘loosen them up.’ “I don’t know if you should do that honey. Remember what happened last time and this is a heck of a lot smaller town than New York was. And it is only your first day at getting to know them. Plus I’m sure that whoever those kids are will not go for something like that. They are probably too straight laced to even consider it.” She watched as Liz sighed and rolled her eyes. “Fine Elizabeth, but if those kids knock on this door to hunt you down, I’m going to let them in and point the way.”

Liz smiled and hugged her mom. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. You…”

“Yes, I’ll tell your dad,” she interrupted her. Liz squealed and ran into her room to start planning the first phase of her plan.


Jeff Parker walked in the apartment after trying to get familiar with how things worked downstairs at the diner. He saw his wife in the kitchen preparing dinner. “Hey, where’s Liz? I wanted to ask her how her first day went.”

Nancy turned to look at her husband standing in the entryway to the kitchen and sighed. She knew Jeff was going to be a little flabbergasted at what his precious little girl was going to do. Especially after what had happen last time.

She walked over to give him a kiss on the cheek and told him to sit down. Jeff looked at her warily and knew something was up. There was no use in delaying the inevitable so Nancy just said it. “Your daughter has already decided to loosen a group of teenagers she met at school.”

As she guessed, Jeff looked flabbergasted at her statement. He didn’t know what to say. Nancy and him had always taught Liz to be open about who she was and what she did with her life and never let someone bring her down about it. “But she has only been at that school and known these kids for a day. Why would she want to help them out already. She usually takes her time about choosing the people and then a little more time about figuring out what she wants to do.”

“Apparently they’re special.” At his confused look she knew he would have to talk to Liz himself if he wanted all the reasons. “Look, I’ve already had this talk with her earlier so how about you go into her room and ask her these questions.”

Jeff frowned but got up and went to his daughter’s room. He knocked on the door. “Liz it’s me, your old man. Can I come in?”

“Yeah,” came the muffled reply. Liz sat up on her bed when her dad walked in. She had been anticipating this talk all day. He wouldn’t try to convince her not to do it, for if he did then he was being a big hypocrite, but he would ask her to wait. So she had been sitting on her bed trying to come up with all the answers to the questions she knew and hoped he would ask.

Jeff sat down at the foot of her bed. He had realized a while back ago that Liz was no longer her little princess but a young lady. “So what’s this I hear about you wanting to loosen up people.”

Liz sighed and looked in her father’s eyes. “I met these seven people today at school and they just looked like they needed a little fun in their life’s. It almost seems that they have the weight of the world resting on their shoulders.” When her dad didn’t seem impressed she continued. “I don’t know what it is about this small group of people, but I feel like they need my help. Dad you should see and meet them. You wouldn’t believe how much tension is just pouring off them.

“Dad I know you want me to take my time and I know that you think it is to early to tell just after meeting them. But with this group I have no doubt in my mind that they will be open to do whatever it takes to get the tension off of them. I promise it won’t be like last time. I’ve learned my lesson and I can tell now when it’s time to get out of dodge.”

After she finished she waited for her dad to say something. Jeff just looked at her and knew she knew what she was doing. He smiled at the saying she had gotten from him. “If it looks or gets to entangled I want you to pull yourself out or I’ll do it for you. I also would like to meet them before you started. And yes, you can have the apartment when ever you need it, but you have to agree that everytime the diner needs help, you have to help.”

Liz squealed and jumped into her fathers’ arms. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. You will not regret it and I will bring them by tomorrow after school so you and mom can see first hand what I’m talking about.”

“Jeff, Liz dinner’s ready,” Nancy yelled from the kitchen. Both father and daughter went to enjoy a family dinner before Liz’s plans started.


Liz had invited the gang to her house after school the next day. Before they had went though they had impromptu meeting.

“Are we sure we want to go over to her house. She could be trying to trick us if she is an enemy,” Michael said. He didn’t trust Liz no matter what anyone said to him. She had this vibe to her and he didn’t know if it was a good one or bad one, but he wasn’t taking any chances.

“I agree. Who knows what we will be walking into,” stated Tess. She didn’t dislike Liz. It’s just that Liz gave her a feeling that she wasn’t familiar with and she didn’t know if she liked it.

“So do I and did you hear about what she said her tattoo meant,” Isabel also agreed. Like Tess, Liz gave her a feeling she didn’t know what to think of.

Max looked at everyone. ‘Why does everyone have to look to me for the answers,’ he thought. “If we don’t go she’s going to know that something is wrong if she is an enemy. If we go then we can check out her family and maybe her room.” Max knew they weren’t going to find anything odd about her, but he did owe it to the others to check her just to make sure.

Alex and Maria looked at each other and rolled their eyes. “Guys no offence or anything but don’t you think your being a bit paranoid. Her tattoo is just a tattoo, no hidden meaning behind it. Not everyone that comes to Roswell is out to get you,” Alex said. He and Maria got a good vibe from Liz when they were with her. Something told them that Liz would be good for the group and maybe even loosen up the tension.

Little did he know that she had a plan that would defiantly loosen them up. More than any of them expected.

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Chapter 3

It was Friday and Liz was getting ready in her room to go out tonight. The gang had come over after school on Tuesday and met her parents. Her dad had gotten himself in a huff because he had to admit that this small group of teenagers did seem unusually tense around anybody, new or other wise.

She saw Tess and Michael sniffing around her room but kept silent on it not wanting to disrupt anything that they were doing. She had to gain a little of their trust if she was going to go through with her plan and if this made them comfortable then so be it.

After they came out she asked if they had anything planned for the weekend and when they answered no she asked if they wanted to go to a club. Of course all the girls agreed while the guys had to be convinced.

She walked out of her bathroom after finishing her makeup and hair so she could decide what to wear for tonight. She was going to start her plan with Alex tonight because next to Maria, he seemed the most open minded. She didn’t want to start with Maria because she thought that after she got Alex he could help with her. They seemed like they would make a great…couple if you will.

After she had gotten them she would move on to Kyle, Michael, then Isabel, Tess and lastly Max. Max would probably be the hardest to convince. He was so shy and responsible. It had to suck to be him.

“Honey, you have 15 minutes till everyone gets here,” her mom said. Once the group had come over, Nancy had to admit that maybe Liz could help all of them. “Your not even dressed.”

Liz sighed. “I know but I don’t know what to wear. Should I wear the white leather pants with the red top that has no back or should I go with the black leather mini skirt with the slits up the sides with the red leather top that has no back?”

Her mom laughed at her. “Calm down sweetie. You’ve never had a problem with choosing clothes.” Liz looked at her mother with a look that said don’t you think I don’t know that. Shacking her head she walked over to her daughter’s closet and pulled out an outfit that would look great on her.

“Oh that’s perfect. Thanks mom.” Liz left to go change while her mom went to go wait for the others.


They arrived all on time dressed in their best. Isabel had on black leather pants with a red halter top and boots. Her hair was left hanging down and she had on red lipstick which brought out her lips more.

Tess was wearing a baby blue mini skirt with a matching sleeveless shirt and strappy sandals. Her hair was straight and framed her face to bring the color of her eyes out more and her makeup was light.

Maria was decked out in true Maria DeLuca fashion. She had on a soft pink sparkly shirt that criss-crossed in the back and cut off at her navel with a black skirt that had slits up both sides. Her hair was in loose curls and her makeup matched her shirt.

Michael had on jeans and a black button down shirt, that Maria made him put on, and his hair in disarray spikes as usual. He saw no reason for getting dressed up. Typical guy.

Kyle had on a dark blue shirt with black khakis and his hair slicked back. Tess dressed him.

Alex had on a red button down shirt with dark blue jeans and his hair as usual. He dressed for Isabel.

Max had on a gray sweater with beige khakis and his hair to the side as usual. Isabel dressed him.

All of them packed themselves into the Parker’s living room and sat down. They liked Liz’s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Parker seemed to let her have her space but kept a firm grasp on her behavior not that she need it because under all the leather and skimpy outfits she wore she was an A plus student and already runner for valedictorian. Also the fact that Mr. Parker had black hair and seemed dress in nothing but name brand clothes or Mrs. Parker who had fiery red curly hair and dressed just a tad bit more conservative, not much, then her daughter had a lot to do with it. Plus they were both pretty young, mid to late thirties.

“Would any of you kids like any thing to drink or eat,” Mrs. Parker asked. She got no thanks and well if your cooking then I’m eating from Michael until Maria, Tess, and Isabel all hit him in the back of the head.

“Gees, I was only joking,” Michael grumbled rubbing the back of his head.

Liz came out into the living room a minute later and everyone except her mom and dad dropped their mouths open. She was wearing a leather flesh color strapless shirt that stopped above her navel showing off her belly ring with flesh color leather pants that hung low on her hips showing off her tattoo in the back. The leather looked more like a second skin then clothes. Her hair was straight for the causal affect and she had on little makeup and she had black stiletto boots on.

Liz looked at the people in the room and rolled her eyes. Didn’t she tell them she preferred not to be stared at. “Ahem.” She cleared her throat which brought everyone out of their inspection of her.

Isabel thought she could look better than Liz for once but boy was she wrong. Tess thought she could at least measure up to her but she looked down at her clothes and decided she would never measure up. Maria didn’t even try.

The only thing going through all the guys heads was damn she was hot.

“So shall we just head out. I want to get there now before the lines get to long,” Liz said interrupting everyone’s thought patterns.

They all piled into three cars. Alex rode with Liz in her Mercedes. Isabel, Michael, and Maria all rode with Max in his jeep. And Tess rode with Kyle in his mustang.

The small group of eight arrived at UFOnics at 11p.m. and there was already a line outside. It is the only club in Roswell. Anyway they all got out of the cars and went to stand in line.

Liz heard someone say that it was an hour wait so taking it upon herself she got out of line and went up to the doorman. As she came up to him she smiled seductively.

The others watched her talking to the doorman and him turn his head to get someone. After a few minutes they saw a guy in a black suit come out. Liz spoke to him and pointed to them at the same time. A few minutes later he smiled at her and she waved to them to come to the front. They were let in and each given a pass to the VIP section.

Liz smiled at each of them and lead them to the VIP section where they were shown a table and told drinks were on the house, but no alcohol.

“This sucks,” Kyle stated.

“I don’t think it does,” Alex replied.

“That’s because you don’t drink Whitman,” was his reply.

Liz was wondering how she was going to do this. Alex was hung up on Isabel even though she treated him like crap sometimes. Getting an idea in her head she walked over to him. “Wanna dance,” she asked.

Alex looked at Isabel, who was looking at a guy dancing, then back to Liz. “I would love to.” She pulled him to the dance floor. Everyone else followed. Max was dancing with Tess, Michael with Maria, Kyle with some random girl, and Isabel with some random guy.

After about an hour Liz and Alex got off the floor. He went to get them a couple of drinks and when he came back he was staring at the dance floor. Liz turned to see what he was looking at and saw Isabel dancing in a seductively way with some guy. Now was her chance to put her plan in motion.

She grabbed his hand and drug him to the floor under protest. He didn’t want to get anywhere near Isabel right now. “Alex trust me. I know a way to get back at her,” she said. He nodded his head at Liz and let her lead him to the dance floor willingly. They stopped at the DJ’s table so she requested a song.

Baby, you pretend that things ain't what they seem
All this tension on titling just exactly what we should be

Once the song started Liz started to gently gyrate her body on his. Liz felt how tense he was and leaned to whisper in his ear, “Just relax Alex.”

Her breath was warm and her voice was a little husky. He relaxed letting her set the way and pace they were dancing.

If you see me with a man, understand that you can't question me
The feelings that you caught ain't my fault, can't help your jealousy

Isabel noticed how Liz and Alex were dancing. She walked away from the guy she was partnered with and went to watch them. Liz turned to were her back was to Alex’s chest and moved to grind her butt into his crotch. Isabel’s eyes went big the moment Alex started rubbing his hands all over her.

She looked around her and noticed the whole group was looking at them. Max, Michael, Tess all had her expression of shock. Kyle had a look of envy and Maria was hollering for Alex to get on with his bad self.

So, come on and freak my body
We can get nasty naughty
All night a private party
Gotta hit that spot just right
Work me like a 9-to-5

When Liz started to grind her ass into his crotch, Alex tensed. He was going to stop but then he asked himself why. He wasn’t with anyone and neither was Liz and she didn’t seem to mind. So he relaxed and let everything he did flow naturally.

Liz turned and wrapped her arms around Alex’s neck and pulled him closer to were there was no room between them.

They rubbed their bodies against each other not caring who was staring, which happened to be almost everybody. The crowd, except Max, Isabel, Tess, and Michael, were cheering.

Liz moved to where her center connected with Alex’s fastly grown erection. She moved to whisper in his ear when he started to back away. “Don’t be embarrassed by it Alex. I’m flattered that I can bring you to this state.” He blushed at her comment and she thought it was cute.

Put your hands on my waistline
Want your skin up against mine
Move my hips to the baseline
Let me get mine, you get yours
Hang a please-don't-disturb sign
Put my back into a slow grind
Runnin' chills up and down my spine
Let me get mine, you get yours

Alex pushed his erection Liz a little further into her center and moaned when she rocked her hips a little. He also heard her give out a little moan herself which made him feel all manly.

Liz lightly kissed him on his cheek right before the song ended. They stopped dancing and everyone began clapping at that them. Liz led Alex through the crowd to the table all the while holding his hand.

Isabel was beyond angry and jealous. She knew she had absolutely no right to be but she couldn’t help it. The weird thing was she didn’t know who to be jealous at, Liz for dancing with Alex or Alex for dancing with Liz.

The others, except Maria, said nothing about their dance. “So how does it feel to put on a show for everyone,” Maria said.

Alex blushed but remained quiet. Liz however did not. “It felt wonderful.” Her and Maria started laughing.

For the rest of the night Alex danced with Liz and kept throwing sly glances her way. He got the distinct impression that she was coming on to him. Kyle had come and talked to him early saying that Liz was purposely giving him a signal saying that she wanted to have sex with him.

Of course Kyle was known to blow the littlest of things out of proportions, but it still had him thinking.

They left the club about 2 a.m. all in the same cars they had come in. Liz had been trying her best to give Alex all kinds of signals to get him ready for what she was about to ask him. “Alex would you like to come over to my house. My parents left for the weekend.”

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I’m leaving to go out of town tonight and I will not be back until Monday. I will try to have a new part for you when I come back but no guarantees. Just thought I would let you all know.

I’m thinking about calling this fic either Loose Yourself (JbehrsGurl suggested) or Loosening Up The Tight Ends (Strawbehrry Shortcake suggested). You pick!

Thanks for all the feedback. Enjoy. Lizzy.

Chapter 4

Needless to say Alex was shocked by what she was saying or implying. He turned to look at her and saw the sly grin on her face. He knew it. He knew it. She was just kidding with him. Damn Kyle for putting those ideas in his head.

Liz turned her head slightly and noticed Alex looked a little disappointed. As if knowing why she said, “I’m not kidding Alex. My parents are gone until Sunday afternoon so you could stay as long as you want.”

Alex’s heart sped up but he tried to keep his cool. ‘She just wants you to sleep over at her house because she doesn’t want to be alone,’ he thought. “If you didn’t want to be alone why didn’t you ask one of the girls to sleep over. I’m sure they would have been glad to.”

Liz parked her car in front of the apartment, turned it off, crossed over to Alex’s seat and straddled him. “Because I’m not looking for that kind of sleep over.”

At this Alex gulped. His felt himself get hard just by what she was implying then add her straddling him. Oh yeah, he wanted to stay.

He nodded his head as his answer. Liz smiled a small smile and leaned towards him. She touched his lips lightly not wanting to push if he changed his mind. Alex had no intention of changing his mind. He was a teenage guy after all.

She kissed him again this time letting it linger. Alex initiated the next kiss this time letting Liz slip her tongue in his mouth when she asked for permission. She coerced his tongue to inter mingle with hers. Her hands entangled themselves in his hair bring his head closer. When he made no move except to kiss she moved his hands to her hips then brought them back to his hair.

Liz rocked her hips when she felt his erection brush against her stomach. Alex lifted hips involuntary and hit her center. Both moaned at the contact. His hands tightened on her hips and forced them to move again to give him some relief.

Liz had to get them into the apartment before they both lost control. “Alex.”

“Mhhm,” was his reply for he couldn’t form a coherent sentence if his life depended on it.

“We need to move this inside. I don’t want the town’s sheriff to come knocking on the door in middle of an important moment.” Liz smiled when she saw Alex come somewhat out of his lust induced haze.

Alex finally remembered where they were. He defiantly did not need the sheriff coming to interrupt him then going and telling Kyle who would tell everybody. He nodded his head to acknowledge her.

Liz opened the passenger door and got out holding her hand out for Alex to take. Once he did she closed the door and set the alarm. Still clutching his hand she led him to the stairs leading to her apartment. She opened the door and locked it once they were inside. She led him to her room which was at the end of the hall.

Once inside her room Alex looked around. She had a balcony and her own bathroom. There were posters on the wall, a desk with a laptop on it, and a vanity with mirror. But what he noticed the most was there were mainly pictures everywhere. Pictures of people he had never seen before. He assumed they were her friends from New York.

It was at this moment that it hit Alex. He was in her room, in a house with no parental units, alone. He started to get nervous. He had never even gone as far with a girl as he had in her car tonight let alone had sex with someone.

Liz turned on her CD player and went around the room lighting candles. She finally looked at him and noticing his nervousness came over to him and put a comforting hand on his forearm. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want Alex.”

Alex knew she was speaking the truth. “Liz not that I don’t want to, because believe me I do, but you just met me. You don’t love me and I don’t love you. And why me? You could have any guy you want.” Alex damned his conscious for asking those questions. Any guy at school would kill to have this chance, but he had to be the one to bring the logical questions into play.

“Well one of the reasons I picked you is because you don’t hide behind a mask. You are who you are and I’m attracted to people like that.” At his thoughtful look Liz continued. “The other reason is you looked like you needed to loosen up and let your guard down. Even if only for a little while.”

Alex tensed a little at how right she was about loosening up. He may the joker of the group but he never let down his guard. Liz was offering to help him do just that. “Okay, but still you don’t love me and I don’t love you.”

Baby, you pretend that things ain't what they seem
All this tension on titling just exactly what we should be
Now, I don't mind us bein' some kinda casual thing
Listen, all I want to do for now is have you come and take all of me
Can you

Liz moved closer to him. “Your right. We don’t love each other but why do we need to. Why should that stop us from doing something we both want.” At his confused and worried look she went on. “I’m not going to do this and then ask for your heart Alex. You can give that to Isabel. All I’m saying is that I want to help release some of the tension. And you body,” she adds.

When she finished Alex didn’t know what to think. He didn’t know she knew about him being in love with Isabel. “If we do this your not going to tell anyone are you?”

Put your hands on my waistline
Want your skin up against mine
Move my hips to the baseline
Let me get mine, you get yours

Liz gazed thoughtfully at him before answering. “I won’t tell anyone unless you think I should. I’m not about to ruin you are anything.”

Hang a please-don't-disturb sign
Put my back into a slow grind
Runnin' chills up and down my spine
Let me get mine, you get yours

What guy wouldn’t want to sleep with her. She was a goddess. ‘Come on Alex. Take one for the team.’ He closed the distance between them and crushed her lips to his.

Liz immediately responded by plunging her tongue into his mouth. Hands entangled in each others hair until Liz moved hers down and gripped his ass. Alex opened his eyes in surprise but didn’t bother to pull away.

If you see me with a man, understand that you can't question me
The feelings that you caught ain't my fault, can't help your jealousy
If you can handle the fact that what we have has got to be commitment free
Then we can keep this undercover lovin' comin' hidden underneath the sheets
Can you

She moved her hands back up the edge of his shirt and pulled it over his head. Their breathing was ragged and hard as they tried to catch their breaths. Liz looked Alex in the eyes then grabbed his hands and brought them to the back zipper of her shirt. Alex swallowed nervously. His hands were shaking.

“It’s okay Alex. Just relax and let nature take over.” At Liz’s words Alex pulled the zipper down. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath so her breasts were the first things he saw. He licked his lips in delight. This time his hands shook in anticipation of having them in his hands and feeling exactly how soft and lush they were. She wasn’t big by any means but they looked non the less tempting.

Put your hands on my waistline
Want your skin up against mine
Move my hips to the baseline
Let me get mine, you get yours

Liz grabbed one of his hands and brought it to her chest but not letting it touch. She let go of his hand and it hovered in the air a second before coming into contact with her breast. Her skin was soft and silky. He wasn’t sure what else to do but going on instinct, and what he learned from watching porn, he brought his mouth to her breast. He sucked the nipple gently into his mouth feeling the nipple harden.

Hang a please-don't-disturb sign
Put my back into a slow grind
Runnin' chills up and down my spine
Let me get mine, you get yours

Liz had her eyes closed. If she didn’t know any better she would have thought that Alex had done this before. She let out a moan when he released her nipple and turned to give the other one just as much attention.

After a few minutes of enjoying her pleasure Liz brought his lips to hers. She broke the kiss when the need for air became too great. Her hands went to the button of his jeans as her eyes went to his. She was asking for permission to which he granted. As she unbuttoned and slid his zipper down, Alex started to get nervous again. No one had ever seen him naked except him.

So, come on and freak my body
We can get nasty naughty
All night a private party
Gotta hit that spot just right
Work me like a 9-to-5

Liz sensing his approaching nerves pulled his head down for a passionate kiss while at the same time grabbing his erection.

“Oh God,” Alex said breaking the kiss. Liz smiled knowing he wasn’t going to stop her from doing anything she wanted. She pulled down his jeans and boxers in one go leaving him naked before her eyes. She stepped back to access him. Underneath all the clothes he did have some muscles much to Liz’s surprise. His chest was nicely sculpted along with his legs and, um, other areas.

It ain't about the kissin' and huggin'
'Cause this is a physical lovin'
Straight sweatin' our bodies are rubbin'
Gotta hit that spot just right
Work me like a 9-to-5

She kissed him on the lips then started to trail down his jawline to his earlobe. She caught in between her teeth and gently pulled. Feeling Alex shiver she lowered her head to his chest and with her tongue licked his nipple. “Oh god,” he moaned. She started placing tiny kisses all over his chest at the same time stroking him and making him harder than he had ever been.

Liz pushed him towards her bed until he was laying down. She grinned devilishly at him and scooted lower. He realized what she was going to do and as soon as her mouth closed around his erection he threw his head back hitting the wall.

We have a physical thing.
We make love but don't fall in love, we spend time.
Just enough so you get yours and I get mine
No strings attached
I want your body, not your heart

Liz pulled away and ran her tongue from base to tip. She repeated this pattern a few times before taking all of him once again in her mouth. She reached to grab his sacs and he raised his hips off the bed causing Liz to take more of him in her mouth.

Liz pulled herself back up to his face much to his disappointment. It was replaced with a moan when he saw her taking off her leather pants and no underwear. She was commando all night, while she was dancing with him. If possible he grew harder.

Put your hands on my waistline
Want your skin up against mine
Move my hips to the baseline
Let me get mine, you get yours

Before climbing back on him she reached into her drawer and pull out a condom. He watched through hooded eyes as she straddled him and rolled the condom on him.

Hang a please-don't-disturb sign
Put my back into a slow grind
Runnin' chills up and down my spine
Let me get mine, you get yours

“Liz, I don’t know if…” Liz placed her finger over his lips to shush him. “This is for you Alex, not me. Don’t worry about me. We can do that later.” She smirked as his eyes went wide.

Liz positioned her center over Alex’s erection and slowly pushed herself down. Both moaned at the contact. Alex had no idea what to do so he gazed at Liz asking for help. She leaned down and whispered, “Let go and do what you want.”

Put your hands on my waistline
Want your skin up against mine
Move my hips to the baseline
Let me get mine, you get yours

He started to move his hips and Liz used her legs and braced her hands on his chest to raise up till only the tip of him was in her then plunged down. Alex brought his hands to Liz’s breast rubbing and kneading them. They continued in a slow rhythm until it became apparent that Alex could not wait any longer. Liz sped up and Alex matched her thrust for thrust.

Hang a please-don't-disturb sign
Put my back into a slow grind
Runnin' chills up and down my spine
Let me get mine, you get yours

“OH GOD LIZ” Alex couldn’t hold the yell in his voice for nothing. Liz came as soon as he did. She collapsed on his chest spent. Both were panting and tried. Liz rolled to the side disconnecting for him. She pulled the cover over them and nestled into Alex’s side.

Don't be shy.
I won't bite

After a few minutes of silence Liz spoke. “So how did you like it. Was it everything you dreamed of?”

Alex turned to look at Liz with a gleam in his eyes. “Well I do have to say that it is a lot more satisfying then my hand.” They both laughed.

“Well I have to say that you are a natural talent,” Liz said. Alex looked at her with a blush gracing his cheeks. He was a little embarrassed by everything. Liz leaned over to kiss him trying to subside his fears. “You were more then wonderful lover Alex. I had an orgasm and you never expected me to do that. You have nothing to worry about.”

He nodded and leaned back over to give her a kiss. He tried to say thank you and did but then Liz brushed against his growing erection. “Already ‘up’ for another round I see.” He smiled sheepishly but she rolled him on top of her. “The only way a round two is going to happen is if you’re on top and in control.”

“I don’t think that is going to be a problem,” replied Alex. And it wasn’t.

Song is Get Mine, Get Yours by Christina Aguilera
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Chapter 5

That night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning was like a dream come true to Alex. Though when he had first woke up Saturday morning he had been nervous and shy. Liz had tried to make him comfortable but he wouldn’t relax. So in the end having enough she got up put on her bath robe and told him to get dress and leave so that she could shower. He of course sat there looking at her baffled. She rolled her eyes and said that if he was going to act like a scared little virgin then she didn’t need him to do it around her.

At that Alex had snapped out of his nervous shy phase. He jumped out of bed grabbed Liz by the wrist, dragged her into the bathroom and under the shower where he did a repeat performance of the night before. After that every chance he got he would pull Liz somewhere private and kiss her senseless. Liz kept saying that she created a monster.

Liz in turn was glad that she was able to get Alex to loosen up and enjoy life. When her parents came back Sunday her and Alex were just hanging out with the gang and even they said he looked a lot better then he use to.

The gang noticed too. Maria thought that Alex was blushing way too much but she found it cute and decided that she like the effect Liz had had on him even though they acted like nothing had happened. Isabel of course was reading was too much into the way Alex and Liz were just sitting by each other not even touching. Everybody else didn’t really have any comments and if they did they kept it to themselves.


It was now Monday and Liz was trying to figure out how to approach her next plan a.k.a. Maria. She in addition knew that Maria had an idea that her and Alex had done something together this weekend. She was hoping to play off that and see where it got her. Also she had to see if Alex would join her after she had sufficiently taken care of Maria in the first round or maybe Alex himself could take care of Maria.

That very person was trying to get her attention at that very moment from down the hall. Liz smiled then faltered slightly when she saw Michael with her. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him but he could be the only one to ruin her plans with Maria if they were back together.

“Hey chica,” Maria said in an overly happy voice for 7 am. She knew something happened between Alex and Liz this weekend she just didn’t know what. When she asked either of them about it they said nothing happened between them. Like she was going to believe that.

“Hey Maria, Michael,” she said. He acknowledged her with a nod of his head but that was all. He still had no love for her in the friend department.

“You know I just saw Alex walking Isabel down the hall,” Maria said. She was trying to get a reaction out of Liz, like jealousy. It didn’t work.

“Oh yeah. He told me he liked her. I hope that works for him.” Liz wasn’t stupid. She knew exactly what Maria wanted to do.

Michael didn’t know why Maria had brought up Alex and Isabel but whatever she was trying to do seemed to not be working by the look on her face. They started talking about stupid girly things so as soon as he saw Max he called him over. “Max.”

Max turned around and saw Michael pleading him to help him. That’s when he noticed Maria and Liz. He shook his head and headed towards them. “Michael, Maria, Liz.”

“Girlfriend,” Maria exclaimed, “We’ve already talked about this. When Michael looks in your direction and you see that he is with me you just neglect to notice him. Are we clear?”

Max knowing the ramifications of disagreeing with a Deluca nodded his head vigorously. Though he understood her didn’t mean that he couldn’t have a reason to come and talk to his best friend, right? “I actually had to talk to Michael.”

Maria raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Oh yeah. About what?”

Max raised eyes to Michael who was casually waiting to see what he came up with. ‘See if I ever help you with anything else’ he thought. Think of something. “I had to, um, well I need to talk to him about, about sports.” Him, Michael and Liz all cringed at the poor excuse for an excuse he had come up with.

Maria of course didn’t buy it. “All I ask for is the truth, but do I get that. NO,” she yelled. She continued to rant and rave about people not listening to her. Max was going to say something but Maria interrupted him not caring about all the people who were stopping to stare. “What do I have to do, huh?” Maria finally turned around with her hands up in the air to look at the people staring at them, but before she could show her embarrassment and tell them something Liz spoke up.

“What the hell is everyone staring at. She’s just having a conversation with a friend. Go on and resume your pathetic little lives,” and with a wave of her hand dismissed everyone. The people around them automatically dispersed.

Maria, Michael, and Max all had their mouths open in shock. Liz just seemed confused by the looks they were giving her.

“What,” she asked.

Maria started laughing and taking Liz by the arm dragged her away and seemed to forget about Michael and Max. The guys just looked on in silence at the girls retreating.

“Do you know what just happened,” asked Michael.

“Not a clue.”

Michael turned to talk to Max, but he was still staring after the girls. “I hope you’re not looking at Maria,” he said.

“What,” asked Max.

Michael narrowed his eyes at his best friends. Out of the group Max had been the one to keep quiet on his opinions of Liz Parker and her family. Maybe it was time he found out. “We need to talk.”

Max looked at Michael and seeing the serious face knew this was not a talk to have in school where anybody could hear. “When and where?”

Michael relaxed when he realized Max was not going to fight him on this. “My apartment and now.”

Max followed him to the jeep.

Once they got inside and settled in Michael’s apartment he started the questioning. “Out of all of us you’re the only one not to have any opinion on Liz. Why is that?”

‘So that’s what he wanted to talk to me about’ thought Max. He sighed knowing Michael wasn’t going to let it go until he answered him, but he was going to try anyway. “Why should I have any opinion on her. She hasn’t done anything to make us suspicious.”

“She showed up here and has taken an unusual interest in our group. That’s suspicious enough for me.”

“It would be,” mumbled Max. Michael was just glaring at him.

“What do you think of her,” Michele asked again.

“Tess, Isabel, and you are telling me that she is an enemy but Maria and Alex are telling she’s not. If I side with you then Alex and Maria will get mad and if I side with them then you will get mad. It’s a no win situation on my part,” Max stated. He was being truthful about that part.

Michael noticing his friends face knew there was more to this. “If I promise not to get angry will you tell me?”

Max ran his hands through his hair and sigh. “Alright. Truthfully I don’t know what to think. She hasn’t shown that she’s out to get us but she does seem to have taken an interest in us. I have no problem with her other then the fact that she creeps me out some times.”

Michael snapped his eyes to Max at that. “What do mean she creeps you out?”

Max ran a frustrated hand through his hair again. “I don’t know. The way she is about everything and the way she sits back to watch everybody, it just creeps me out.”

Liz had a habit of not really talking when all of them were together. Yeah she said things in the appropriate places but she never tried to fill a silence. She would just sit and look at everyone around her. Almost like she was trying to figure out what they hid but never working too hard to find out. That and the fact that she always seemed to catch him staring at her.

“You’ve been watching her, haven’t you.” It was more of a statement then a question.

“Yeah,” he answered. “I uh, been trying to figure her out lately, but only during school. She seems like a normal person.”

“But so did Tess and look what we found out about her,” Michael said. He was glad that some of his paranoia was rubbing off on Max.

“Yeah but unlike Tess none of us sense her and she’s better friends with Maria and Alex then she is with us aliens,” Max said. “I don’t want to go digging into this if nothing is wrong with her. That would just make her suspicious of us and make Maria and Alex angry with us. Anyway if anything weird happens they will tell us.”

He looked at his watch and realized they had to get back before lunch start. “Like I said Michael just leave her alone for right now but keep your eyes open.”

Michael nodded but had his own ideas of keeping his eyes open.


Back at school Liz was waiting for Maria by her locker. She wanted to see if her and Michael were back together or not. If they were then she would have to move on to Kyle, which shouldn’t take any time at all. She wasn’t the type to break up a happy home.

“Liz,” Maria called out. “God I can’t stand Mr. J with his talking and talking. I mean doesn’t he ever just shut up.”

Liz laughed as she listen to Maria explain how her teacher had kept her after class and talked about the meaning of silence while taking a test.

“I mean if he wants silence maybe he should try it.” Maria shook her head.

As they neared their table in the quad Max and Michael were already there. Maria plopped down next to Michael and Liz sat next to Maria. Max was on the other side of Michael. When the others came Alex sat next to Liz, Isabel next to him, and Tess next to Max.

“Where’s Kyle,” Maria asked.

“Oh, he said something retaking a test,” Tess answered.

Alex, Maria, and Liz started talking about anything they could. The rest of them kept staring at Liz. She was trying to ignore them but it was getting creepy. “Alright that’s it. What the fuck are you staring at. Do I have something on my face or what?”

Everyone was shocked at her outburst but she didn’t care. When no one answered she got up and left. Maria took off after her while Alex stayed behind.

“I don’t know what your problems are with Liz but get over it,” Alex said in a harsh whisper so no one else would hear him. He couldn’t believe his friends. “She hasn’t done anything to you has she. This weekend she showed us a good time. Something that we needed and how do you repay her. By gawking at her.” He was going to say more but decided against it and walked away.

“You know he’s right,” Tess said. “She’s done nothing but try to be nice even though we keep giving her a hard time.” Everyone stayed silent but looked in the direction that Liz, Maria, and Alex went.


Maria found Liz by her locker appearing to be waiting for her. “I thought I would find you in a bathroom stall or something upset.”

“Nah, that’s too dramatic for my taste,” Liz answered with a smile on her face.

“Look I’m sorry for the way my friends acted. They really are nice people once you get to know them.” Maria didn’t want Liz to stop hanging around her just because her so called friends couldn’t be civilized. “They just get a little freaky about new people.”

Liz smirked at her. “Don’t worry about it. Truthfully I’m not all that offended. It was just making me a little uncomfortable. No offence but they need to lighten up.”

“Yeah I know what you mean,” Maria said. “Michael is so overly suspicious of new people that he comes off as being rude. Thinking of it now he’s rude pretty much all the time.”

Liz was trying to bring the conversation around to see if they were in their off stages right now or not. “You two so opposite of each that I’m wondering how you two even ended up together and why you keep sticking around.”

That is how Alex found them a found a few minutes later. Maria telling Liz about how she and Michael got together, of course leaving all the alien crap out. “Hey you’re not crying,” he said to Liz.

“I make it a point not to cry over stupid things,” Liz answered.

“I’m glad.”

Maria eyed them curiously. It didn’t look like they liked each more then friends but she could be wrong. It’s time to pull out the big guns. “Hey Liz, you’re not doing anything this weekend are you?”


“Good because we are having a girls night out Friday.” Maria smiled at Liz. “And no Alex your not invited.”

A frown came over his face. “But I always get invited to girls night.”

“Sorry sugar. Not this time isn’t that right Liz?”

Liz was smiling. This was her chance to go through with the next part of her plan. “Whatever you say Sergeant Deluca,” she said giving her a mock salute. “We can have it at my house. My mom and dad aren’t going to be there.”

“Oooh, maybe we can make a weekend out of it instead.” Maria’s eyes widened and she was getting all excited about it. Liz only hoped that her parents were able to get that hotel room.


Liz had invited Alex over after school that day. She wanted to get a feel and see if Alex would help her with her plans to liven his friends lives up.

Alex on the other hand was thinking of livening his own life up. Since Monday Isabel had been clinging to him like he was her property, especially when they were around Liz. Don’t get him wrong, he wanted Isabel but Liz helped him tone it down a bit so he wouldn’t look like a puppy following its master.

Alex knocked on the door and heard a muffled come in. When he walked in he was surprised to see Liz in shorts and a t-shirt with her hair in a ponytail. “Do my eyes deceive me. Is Liz Parker actually wearing something that isn’t leather.”

“Very funny Alex,” she replied. “Even I have to wear clothes that other people wear.” She smiled and went into the kitchen.

Alex followed her a little curious about what she wanted. It didn’t look like she wanted sex so what could she want.

“Would you like something to eat or drink,” Liz asked. He looked over her shoulder to see him shaking his head. “Why don’t you go sit on the couch. I’ll be there in a minute.

Alex did as he was told. God, why did Liz Parker have to be so damn hott. Isabel was gorgeous but she had nothing compared to Liz. Liz was the reason someone created the word beautiful. He closed his eyes and thought ‘Could be any more of a geek?’ He was interrupted from his thoughts as Liz sat down on his lap.

“I need to ask you some questions and you need to be truthfully about them,” she said right off. The best approach was always the most up front one. When he nodded she took a deep breath and began to ask. “Okay, the first question is how do you feel about me. Not in a romantic way but as a friend way?

“Um, well I like you if that is what you mean.” Alex was confused. She wasn’t going to say that she wanted something more was she. Don’t get him wrong he would love it but she didn’t seem exactly the type to settle down.

“Don’t worry Alex. I’m not about to ask you to go steady.” She was smiling at the blush that came over his cheeks. She leaned down and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. “Do you trust me.”

“Depends on what you want me to trust you with,” he answered. He had a feeling that she was going somewhere with this line of questioning.

“Would you trust me with yourself and friends.” At his worried and panicked Liz quickly put his mind at ease. “Alex, whatever you and your friends are hiding I don’t want to know. That’s your business not mine.”

“How do you know we’re hiding something.”

“Because you’re panicking for no good reason.” At his nod she continued to explain. “I’m asking because you all need to loosen up. Look how up tight you got when I asked you if you trusted me. It was just a question. Now answer it.”

Alex was a little skeptical but he said nothing. He started getting that damn feeling that Liz meant them no harm and was going to be good for their group. Reluctantly he said, “I trust you.”

Liz smiled her beautiful smile and leaned in again to give him a longer kiss then last time. When she pulled away he looked a little dazed. “Now next question. How do you feel about Maria?”

Alex was a little confused. Why would she be asking him about Maria? “I love her. She’s my best friend. Why?”

“I’ll tell you later. Next question is do you like her more then a friend?”

“Where are you going with this.”

“If your were patient you would know. Now how do you feel about Tess?”

His eyes widened. “She is a friend and before you ask another question I want to know why you are asking them.”

Liz was trying to not alert him to anything suspicious and get through her questioning before telling him of her plan. Obviously that was not going to work. “I’m asking because when I first met all of you, which I know was not a long time ago, but you all seemed so tense. Like any move I made was like I was out to get you. You and Maria were the only two who didn’t look like they wanted to questioned me.”

“We don’t mean to seem that way,” Alex said looking down at Liz’s hands on his chest. “A lot has happened that when meeting new people all of us with the exception of Maria will become a little on edge.”

Liz brought his face to look her in the eyes and gave him a small smile. “That’s what I want to help you all with.”

“Help us with what?”

“Help you with the tension. You know loosen you up,” she stated.

Alex narrowed his eyes. He had a sinking feeling that he knew exactly how she was going to loosen them up. “How?”

This is it Liz. He will either get mad at you for even suggesting it and tell you to stay away or he will tell you he needs to think about it. “Well like I said when I first met all of you, you all seemed so tense so I got to thinking I could help you. I concocted a plan that would be perfect and set it into motion starting with you.”

“With me,” Alex interrupted. He didn’t remember anything happening to him.

“By sleeping with you.” She saw comprehension dawn in his eyes then angrier. “Alex listen to me before you get mad. I wasn’t going to do it but then watching all of you look so jumpy when ever I asked a personal question just didn’t seem right. I don’t want to know your secrets. I just want to help but in order to do that I need your help and advice.”

Alex looked at her. He didn’t know what to say. She used him for sex but not for her sake just for his and it worked. But that didn’t mean he was ready to except what she was planning to do. “Why did you start with me?”

“I thought that you would be the most opened minded. I would have used Maria but I was more attracted to you.” She was being honest. No lies and he could tell by just gazing into her eyes.

“Why do you need my help and advice? And what do you mean you would have used Maria?”

“Because I think it would be a little more easier if you helped me convinced them and which ones I should help first. Also I think that maybe you could tag along and learn too.” Liz saw different emotions go across his face but she couldn’t distinguish one of them. She also chose to ignore the question about Maria knowing he wasn’t ready to hear that. Yet.

Alex didn’t think he could handle this. What she was asking of him. He had to get out of here. “Liz I have to go. I have some things to do and stuff so I’ll call you. Later.” He took off out the door as soon as she got off of him.

“Sweetie I just saw Alex go rushing out of here like something happened,” her mom walked in saying.

“I just told Alex and I don’t know if he took it too well,” Liz said.

Nancy just smiled at her daughter. They taught her well even if they didn’t want her to follow in their footsteps. “Alex will come around sweetie. Just give him time. Oh, your principle called today.”

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Chapter 6

The next day at school Alex was avoiding Liz. He saw her pull up in the parking lot decked out in a sleeveless deep forest green leather shirt and a matching long leather skirt with a slit up each side. She was headed in his general direction but she didn’t she him.

He had stayed up all night thinking about everything she said. She had picked him because she thought he was the most open minded and she was attracted to him. He was attracted to her too.

He also wondered why couldn’t she just show them a good time by taking them out like she did Friday, but he knew why. Even though he had had fun that night he never fully let down his guard. Even if it was just until yesterday. She made him feel like he was a normal teenage boy who didn’t know aliens existed and that was okay.

But could he do as Liz asked. He needed to talk to her so he could ask her some questions. He found her at lunch in the quad. Tess, Isabel, Maria and her were talking about Becky and her obvious boob job while the guys were trying to act like they weren’t staring at Becky’s boob job.

“Hey guys. What’s up,” he asked.

“Alex, just the man I wanted to see,” Kyle said smiling.

“Sorry Kyle I don’t have time to do your homework tonight.”

“Aww come on man. At least help me,” Kyle begged. When Alex shook his head Kyle realized he was going to have to bribe him. “What do you want?”

Alex smiled and said, “Well if you’re insisting get me out of detention with the coach.” Kyle grumbled but agreed. He turned to Liz who was talking to Maria but before he could say anything the bell rang. “Liz can I talk to you?”

Liz was trying not to acknowledge Alex because she wasn’t sure if he would want to talk to her. So it was a surprise to her when he called her name. “Yeah.”

“I was wondering if I could talk to you about you know.”

Liz breathed a sigh of relief. He was going to participate even if he hadn’t made up his mind she knew she had him. “Yeah. Do you want to do it now or after school?”

“I have to help Kyle out with his homework then I have to have dinner with my folks. So can we do it know?” But before Liz could answer Alex grabbed her wrist lightly but firmly and started dragging her towards the eraser room.

Liz wondered where they were going until she saw the door and was pulled in. She looked around and turned to Alex. “Why if I didn’t know any better I would say that this is not your first time in here.”

He blushed at her comment. “Four years in this school I had to come here sometimes.” He was thinking of when Isabel and he got together during sophomore year. That, he had to admit to himself, wasn’t real because she only did it to keep her mind off of Michael and the dreams.

“So what did you want to talk to me about,” Liz asked. There was no sense in delaying what ever he had to tell her.

Alex stared at Liz trying to organize his thoughts and questions. “Okay first off, why us? Why this group of people? Why not the popular group or the loser and geek group?” It came out a little harsher then he had intended.

“I already told you. Because after spending the first day with everyone in your group seemed the most tense and uptight,” stated Liz. “I’ve never met people that jump just because you ask them questions about where they lived and what they do for fun. I thought I could help and I did with you.” She waits for Alex to respond and ask more questions but he didn’t.

“Then why not ask Kyle what you’re asking me.”

“Kyle just wants sex and no complications. This would be a complication,” Liz replied. “Plus I like you a lot more then Kyle. You seem the most open minded of everyone.”

Alex knew she was right and though he didn’t agree with how she was planning to help loosen them up it was going to work. “If I agree to help you then what exactly would expect of me.”

Liz tried not to smile. “You would help me pick out which one to loosen up.” She watched him nod his head in understanding before going on. “You would also have to help me get the idea of ‘things’ happening planted in their heads.” Again a nod. “Also, get which ever one to trust me enough to be left in a room with me for a few hours or overnight.” Again a nod. “And if you wanted to join you could.”

Alex nodded then abruptly stopped when he realized what she said. Then he looked at her as if she had gone mentally insane. ‘Maybe I didn’t hear her right or maybe she needs some of Maria’s cedar oil’ he thought.

Liz looked at Alex and grinned. So maybe she was going to have to get Alex used to the idea of some of the ‘things’ she wanted to do himself.

“What do you mean I could join,” he asked slowly.

“I think you know exactly what I mean by ‘join,” she answered. Liz sighed when she saw him start to shake his head no. “Alex listen to me a second. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to but what guy wouldn’t love to have more then one girl in bed with him.”

“I see your point,” he said looking thoughtfully. “I wouldn’t have to sleep with another guy would I?”

Liz got a devilish smirk on her face and leaned closer towards him. “Like I said. Only if you want to.” She closed the distance between their lips.

Alex immediately responded by thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues danced around each other until air became necessary. Alex then traveled down her jawline to the place right below her neck and sucked. During the course of the weekend Liz had told him not to be so shy and showed him how exactly to please a woman.

Liz moaned her response. She ran her hands up and down his back reveling when he shivered. Alex was getting frustrated with her shirt because he couldn’t get to her breast. Liz grabbed his hand brought it to the side of her shirt where a zipper was. He wasted no time in pulling it down and bringing his hands to her bear breast.

“Don’t you ever wear a bra,” he asked in between kisses.

“Do you have a problem with that,” she asked while moving her hands to his obvious erection.

He sucked in his breath and shook his head in the negative as his answer. Liz started to undo his jeans while Alex pushed her up against the wall. He bunched up her skirt while Liz pushed his pants and boxers down.

Alex put his hand underneath her skirt to get her panties off and found nothing but the wetness of her. This in turned made him harder and he rubbed her nub causing her to moan out loud. “Don’t you ever wear underwear?”

“Are you complaining,” she shot back. She notice him looking for something and realized what it was. She tapped him on the shoulder and when she had his undivided attention, put her hand into a little pocket she had hidden in her skirt and pulled out the condom.

He grabbed it and ripped it open then put it on and without breaking stride plunged into her. This was not a time for foreplay. Liz pulled his head down at the same time covering their relived moans. Alex pulled out of her slowly then pushed back in just as slow. Liz jumped up a little wrapping her legs around his waist causing him to go just a little deeper and breaking the kiss. They could hear students going to there next class so they were trying to be as quiet as possible.

Alex sped up the thrusts as did Liz trying to get to the place they most desperately wanted to be. He could feel himself going over the edge and stuck his in between their bodies rubbing Liz’s nub. Liz dug her nails into his back and her teeth into his shoulder in order not to cry out when she reached her peak. Alex thrust one more time when he went over the edge. Liz covered his mouth with her own.

They stayed in that position until Liz could stand on her own legs. She slid down his body and kissed him deeply one more time before pulling away. Both of them composed themselves as best they could.

Alex finally broke the silence. “Now I can finally say that I put the eraser room to good use.” He laughed at while Liz just grinned.

“So you in,” Liz asked. She had to know for sure.

“Just one more question.” He continued when she signaled at him. “Are we going to let the others know of the plan after you know?”

Liz started shaking her head before she answers. “Nope. It’s just going to be you and me that know but I have a feeling that by the time we get to the last person everyone will have somehow found out.” It was a gut feeling that the whole group would find out and she always trusts her instincts.

“Come on. We need to get out of here before someone starts to look for us,” Alex said. If he knew his friends and they saw that him and Liz hadn’t shown up for two classes then they would already be thinking that maybe she kidnapped him or something.

Alex opened the door and looked both ways then walked out with Liz behind him. Before they could go their separate ways Liz called out to him. “Alex, come over to my house tonight or tomorrow after school so we can talk.” He nodded in agreement then took off towards class.


That evening Liz had to help out with the dinner crowd. Her dad tried to get her to wear the ugly green waitress uniform but she refused. So her dad told her he didn’t want old men staring at her so she had to change into normal clothes.

Needless to say that Maria was shocked as was Michael who was working the grill. “What,” is what she had first asked when they kept staring at her. Maria finally turned away but Micahle still had his eyes on her.

That’s why now she was headed back into the kitchen. “I thought I said I didn’t like people staring at me,” she said to him.

“I wasn’t staring. I was looking. There’s a difference,” he stated.

Liz’s dad was at the entrance when he heard Michael’s answer. Michael was one of the most stubbornness people he had ever met, but unfortunately Liz was worse. Jeff drifted into the shadows so they wouldn’t see him.

“You’ve been looking in my direction since I came to work down here,” Liz retorted. She had a feeling that if she just kept this up he would have to give her some credit.

Michael looked a little put out by being caught. He didn’t what it was about her but she had this way about her that made him just want to forget all his responsibilities. “Did you come back here for something specific or just to bust my chops about me looking where ever I want to look.”

Liz gazed thoughtfully at him then asked, “Does it have to be one of those options or can I have my own?”

Michael growled in frustration. “Don’t you have to help out front,” he asked ignoring her stupid question.

Liz was trying unsuccessfully to hide a smile. Michael was going to be fun to get. “How can I help out if there is no one to help.”

Michael turned around to look out the order window and no one was in the diner. He threw a glare at Liz that cold have frozen her on the spot. She was becoming worse then Maria. “Do you always answer a question with a question,” he snapped.

“Does it make you mad when I do that,” she questioned back not missing a beat. She started laughing when Michael yelled for Maria.

“Liz I think It’s time for you to go upstairs and help your mom,” Jeff said interrupting with a twinkle in his eyes. Maria had run an errand for him so only Agnus was out front and he doubted if she could do anything to stop Michael from killing Liz though he would be more afraid for Michael then Liz.

“Yes Daddy,” Liz said as innocently as possible. She threw a smirk at Michael then left.

“Where’s Maria,” Michael asked bluntly.

“An errand,” Jeff Parker replied. He nodded his head and left the room without saying anything else.

Michael liked Liz’s dad. He was cool and he didn’t say much. That in itself made him respect Mr. Parker a lot more.


The next day after school Alex and Maria caught a ride with Liz to her house. Maria had to work so that left the other two with enough time to plan everything out for the girls night out. Liz had already gotten her parents to agree to go somewhere else for the weekend.

“Okay, now first off is she still with Michael,” Liz asked. No way was she going to try and seduce Maria if she was on again with him.

Alex looked thoughtful then replied, “I don’t think so. She told him to get lost when he took her to the bowling alley for their romantic date.”

An incredulous look came over on her face. “How could he take her to a bowling alley. That’s insensitive.” She continued to ponder over this when Alex interrupted her.

“Yeah, that’s what I said. A girl needs to be wined and dined not taken to a bowling alley where they have greasy food. Doesn’t he know that Maria should be treated better then that,” Alex stated.

Liz just listens to his ramblings with keen interest. Maybe with some prodding Alex would agree to join her this weekend. “Alex can I ask you a question?” He nodded his head. “How do you really feel about Maria? Before she got with Michael and you fell for Isabel. Honestly.”

Alex looked at her like she was insane. But he had to admit. “Honestly I use to really like her as more then a friend. We were on our way there when we started hanging with Michael and Isabel. After that I never really put much thought into it.”

Liz straddled his lap and kissed him gently. When she pulled away she said, “I think maybe you should join us on Saturday.”

Alex chuckled a little thinking she was insane. No matter how much he wanted to Maria would never go for it. “Maria won’t go for it.”

“Will she go for girl on girl action,” Liz asked.

“No,” he answered hesitantly. He started to rub her arms up and down. He moved them to just under her breast before finally covering them and rubbing them threw her shirt.

“Well after Friday night she will,” Liz said confidently but breathy. She moved her hands under his shirt and started to rake her nails up and down. “All we have to do is put the ideas in her head. You put the idea for a threesome in her head and I’ll put both of the ideas in her head.” Liz moaned by the time she was finished.

Alex had gone under shirt to her bear breast. He teased her by pinching her nipples till they ached and rubbing her mound to sooth them then repeated.

Liz leaned in to kiss him when a call from the hallway startled him. “Liz sweetie I’m home,” Nancy called.

Alex was trying to get Liz to get off of him so he could get up but she just looked at him like he had lost his mind. Her mom walked into the room right when he pushed her off.

Nancy looked a bit stunned not to see her daughter on Alex’s lap but to see the young man pushing her off. From what Liz had told her Alex had already slept with her.

Alex got up off the couch and helped Liz up from the floor also pulling her in front of him to hide his obvious arousal. “Hi Mrs. Parker,” he said cursing under his breath when his voiced cracked.

Nancy smiled and tried not to laugh at what he was trying to hide from her eyes. “Hello Alex and please call me Nancy. I have a feeling you’re going to be here a lot.” She took the groceries to the kitchen.

“Why did you push me off,” Liz asked indignantly.

Alex looked at her astonished. “Your mom walked in.”


“And? What do mean And?”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Alex she knows I slept with you,” she said off handedly while going into the kitchen to help her mom.

“WHAT,” he yelled. He followed her into the kitchen and looked at her mom. “So you know that I…we…um,” he couldn’t finish.

Nancy smiled the smile that Liz had when she was trying not to laugh. “Yes I do know and so does her father,” she added to see how pale he got.

Alex thought he was going to faint. Her dad is probably waiting for the right moment to kill me. “Does he have a shot gun,” he asked as his voice cracked again.

Liz gave him a funny look and shook her head no. Alex visibly relaxed but tensed up as he heard the door open and Mr. Parker walk into the kitchen.

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Chapter 7

Jeff walked into the kitchen to find his wife and daughter trying not to laugh and Alex looking like he was either gonna bolt or pass out. “What’s going on?”

“NOTHING,” Alex answered a little too loudly and too quickly. Liz and her mom busted out laughing then. He was of course trying to decide if he had the ability to escape past Mr. Parker and run.

“Alex can you tell me why my wife and daughter are laughing to the point of tears and why you look like your going to faint,” Jeff asked. His confusion deepened as Alex started to move his mouth but no sound came out.

Nancy finally gained enough of her composure back to lead Alex to a chair before he passed out and offer Jeff an explanation.

Liz pulled a chair up by Alex and sat down. He tensed up and tried to move away. Jeff saw this and asked, “Why are you so tense Alex? Is Liz asking you to help her in her schemes?”

“Excuse me,” Liz interrupted. “I’m not pressuring him to partake in my sch…plans. I offered he accepted,” she stated.

Jeff let out a small chuckle. “Alex my boy, I don’t think you realize what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Leave him alone Jeff,” Nancy said looking at him crossly. “The boy can make up his own mind.” Jeff just let out a hoot of laughter and slapped Alex on the back.

Alex was looking at all three of them as if they had gone crazy. ‘Maybe it’s me’ he thought. At the slap on the back he looked towards Liz’s father wearily.

“Just relax Alex. I’m not going to kill you or anything,” Jeff stated. “If anything I blame Liz because she seduced you into sleeping with her.”

“Are you sure Mr. Parker,” he asked just to be safe. He didn’t want to get comfy then have Mr. Parker kill him.

The older man sighed and shook his head. “I’m sure Alex. If I did try not only would I have to run and hide from my wife but I would be a hypocrite. And call me Jeff.”

Alex stared at Jeff in confusion. He turned to Liz and she shrugged her shoulders and told him to ask the question that she knew he had. “Mr…. Jeff, what do you mean you would be a hypocrite.”

Nancy got up from her seat to start dinner and motioned for Liz to see if the diner needed any help. This was going to be a discussion that was going to take awhile and the boy needed to know. Liz gave Alex a chaste kiss on the cheek and took off for downstairs.

Jeff leaned back in his chair and regarded the young man closely. Alex was exactly what Liz had described him to be. He was well mannered, very intelligent, and curious. He only hoped that Alex wouldn’t judge him or his family.

“The reason I said I would be a hypocrite is because her mom and I use to do it when we were her age.” At Alex’s stunned expression he continued. “You know my mom Claudia Parker.” A hesitant nod, “Well she let me be my own person I guess you could say. She never inhibited me with curfews or anything like that. She basically ignored me. I was out of control until the day I met Nancy.

“She was like a gem among jewels,” he stated with a smile while his wife blushed. “I saw her and fell over me own two feet. Anyway I wanted to ask her out but had a feeling she would say no. Which she did and no one said no to me back then. By the end of the next week she was seeing hanging on to the biggest geek in school. The reasoned this shocked everyone was because she was the most gorgeous girl in the school and she was on the arm of the loser.”

Nancy interrupted him. “That is exactly why I was with the loser.”

Alex just sat back with interest.

“Like I was saying she was with him. By the next week she was with someone else just as geeky. That continued for a about a month”

“Month and a half,” his wife corrected him.

“switching from girl to guy,” he continued on like she had said nothing. “And when ever she would leave that person, him or her seemed to be more carefree and less restricted.

“I followed her home one day and heard her talking about to her mom about plan and projects. I thought she was talking about school until I heard her mention names as her plan and projects. Well I confronted her the next day at lunch and she as calmly as Liz does just let it roll of her back and said so.”

Alex laughed because he could picture Mrs. Parker doing just that. She seemed the type to not let anything bother her. Maybe that’s where Liz got it from.

“He followed me everywhere I went just to piss me off,” Nancy said with a chuckle in her voice.

“I did it not only to piss her off but make her want to tell me the truth. It worked about the third week,” he said. He got up to get a glass of water and sat back down before going on. “After school on a Friday she invited me over to her house. She asked me what I wanted from her and I told her to tell me what she meant when I overheard her that day at her house.


“What exactly did you hear,” Nancy Arkaday asked. She had no problems with him but he didn’t need her help so she saw no need to talk to him.

Jeff Parker sighed loudly before answering. “I heard you talking to your mom about plans and projects. I thought it was about school but then I heard you start name guys and girls that go to our school as the plans and projects. What do they have to do with your plans and projects.”

Nancy rolled her eyes. “They are my projects and plans,” she simply stated, but at his blank look she explained. “The people that you have seen me with need my help in the loosening up department. They don’t have the confidence or they have to much tension to where they are not enjoying life.”

“So what do you do to help them,” he asked uncertainly.

“Well usually I just sleep with them but every now and then they just need to get out of their lives and live. Like going out to dance and party and changing their wardrobe. Stuff like that,” she answered like she was talking about going to the store.

“Well,” was all he said before sitting down. Jeff didn’t know what to think. She slept with people. A lot of people. But what do you say to someone who is helping people but sleeping with them to do it. Strange.

Nancy was just looking at Jeff with interest. She didn’t really care what he thought of her but maybe he would want to help out too. She carefully sat down next to him but he didn’t seem to notice. She carefully put her hand on his shoulder. He turned to look at her.

She ever so slowly leaned in and kissed him. It took a few seconds before he responded but when he did he pulled her down on top of him.

End of Flashback

“And the next week I was with her helping. We continued through college to see each other and ‘helping’ others then Liz came along when we were sophomores and we got married,” Jeff finished and Nancy continued.

“Jeff’s mother didn’t approve with a lot of things we did by raising Liz but she never interfered. My mom on the other hand did,” she said still cooking dinner. “She didn’t really tell us how to raise her she just told her stories about what we did as teenagers. That was something that neither of us wanted.

“We wanted her to grow up normal, not the way I did. My mom of course pointed out that I came out normal enough and I had to agree with her.” She sat down to look at Alex. “When Liz got old enough to understand everything she slowly started heading in that direction. She wasn’t telling us because she knew we would not approve. It was fifteen when she came up to us and told us the truth. She said she wasn’t sleeping with anybody but still.

“We couldn’t tell her no. It just would not have been right. What kind of parents would that have made us to tell our child to do what we say but not do as we do. And she pointed that out to us. She’s a smart girl, even back then so Jeff and I discussed it and decided whether we agreed with her or not she was going to do it anyway. The best choice was for me to teach her so she did it right. So I taught her what my family, men and women, have been doing long before I was born,” she finished.

“So that is why we would be hypocrites and how Liz decided to do this,” Jeff said. He looked at Alex to see what his reaction would be.

Alex sat there thinking about it then all of a sudden said, “Cool.”

All the smiled then burst out laughing and that’s how Liz found them. “Did I miss something,” she asked with a grin on her face. She went to sit in the seat that she vacated earlier.

“Your parents are cool,” Alex said smiling at her.

“I’m glad you think so.” Liz glanced at her parents then back to Alex. “So everything is fine I assume since you didn’t go running out of here.”

“Everything’s fine,” he answered. “So you are,” he said speaking to her parents, “okay that I’m, you know with, um Liz.”

“We are perfectly fine with it,” Jeff returned. “Actually we help out whenever we are needed. Like getting out of the house for the weekend,” he said throwing a wink Alex’s way.

Alex turned red while Nancy, Liz and Jeff started laughing. Dinner was spent teaching Alex the things that he would need to know and talking about different ideas to get Maria to go along with Liz and Alex.


“So Maria are you still having the sleep over with Liz this weekend,” Alex asked. It was Thursday morning now and they had to move fast.

He had told Liz and her parents that Maria had always talked about experimenting with her sexuality but whether she would when confronted with it was a different story. Also he thought that maybe they should wait another week to let the idea plant itself in Maria’s head. Liz’s mom said that no matter how much you had to ease the person into that line of thinking one of the best course of actions was to just go for it. She also said that they needed to go ahead and ease her into a conversation about it. To talk about it when all three of them were together that way Maria knew were they stood.

So that is why Alex and Maria had gotten to school early this morning but Liz was nowhere in sight. So decided to start up some conversation to peek her interest.

“Yeah, but you still can’t come,” Maria asked. She too was looking around for Liz. “Where do you think she could be?”

Alex just shrugged his shoulders. “Hey you’re not with Michael right?”

“Uh, you just had to mention his name. Spaceboy can fly back to his home planet for all I care. The big duffess didn’t even call to apologize,” Maria ranted.

Just then Liz came down the hall in deep violet leather. The few people in the hall were all staring right at her. The teachers had tried to call her parents but when they showed up in leather for the parent-teacher conference, well lets just say it was a lost cause.

“Damn girl,” Maria exclaimed, “don’t you ever get hot wearing that here?”

Liz looked down at her clothes in question. “No not really. I mean there are those days but for the most part I stay pretty cool,” she answered. She looked turned towards Alex who was looking at her like he wanted to bit her. “What’s up Alex,” she said loudly to get him out of his lust induced stated.

He looked up to find Maria and Liz staring at him. “What,” he asked. The girls shook their heads and laughed.

Liz turned to Maria. “Hey, we’re still on for this weekend right?”

“Oh yeah,” Maria stated excitedly. “Alex is trying to weasel his way into it but I firmly put my foot down.”

Liz smiled while Maria was facing Alex. “So why do you want to go Alex? To see Maria and me naked.”

Alex blushed and slumped his shoulders while Maria said, “Why Alex, I didn’t know you had it in you.”

All three friends laughed. Though Maria didn’t know it she had opened the best way for Liz to start the conversation going in the direction she wanted it to.

“So Alex , do you have it in you to believe in threesomes,” she asked bluntly. She was never one for subtly.

Maria started to laugh at that and in between saying, “Him…in..haa…threesomes?” That was as far as she got before she dissolved into laughter.

Alex looked at Maria incredulously. “Excuse me but what is so funny about that?”

Maria stopped laughing except for a few giggles. “Come on Alex. You would never have a threesome,” she stated knowingly.

Liz looked at Alex silently telling him with her eyes to disagree. “Yeah I would.”

Maria gaped at him. “I know you. You wouldn’t even think about it.”

“Maria, I’m a guy. I think about sex all the time. If the opportunity ever arose to have a threesome with two girls then I would jump in the bandwagon.” Alex directed his next question at Liz. “So would you have a threesome?”

Liz acted like she was thinking about it then answered, “Yeah I would.” She turned to Maria and asked the same question. “Wouldn’t you?”

Maria didn’t know what to say. Liz always seemed to put her on the spot with the strangest questions. Then to top it off her best friend just said that he would have a threesome when to her knowledge he only wanted one Isabel Evans.

“Well,” Liz and Alex asked at the same time.

“Okay, if I had to be honest with myself and if the opportunity ever presented then yes I would try it.” She couldn’t believe she just admitted that and the nice shade of red her face turned just how embarrassed she was.

The bell rung just then and the three friends parted ways. What Alex and Maria failed to see was Michael watching and listen to their conversation, but what he didn’t realize was that Liz had knew he was the there the whole time.

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Chapter 8

It was now Friday morning and Maria was up early, which was very unusual, thinking about her conversations yesterday with Alex and Liz. During the classes she had with Alex he talked about having a threesome. She had no one to blame but herself for that because she had brought it up. So they ended up discussing if they would most likely have a threesome with two guys or two girls.

Alex said two girls and she said she wouldn’t count out either way. That question of course led to if she had ever considered girl on girl action. Her answer was that she never really thought about it. The class ended before they could discuss it any further.

Alex must have discussed and told Liz about their talk of the same topic because during their class together she asked about it. Maria of course could not deny it and asked Liz the same question. Liz said she had considered it but as class ended and they prepared to go their separate ways Liz leaned over and whispered, “Considering it is always good but actually doing it is better.”

Needless to say that she was shocked speechless and anyone who knew her knew that was impossible. How was she suppose to respond to that? Her best friend was talking about having a threesome and a girl that she was starting to consider a best friend was talking about girl on girl action. What the hell was going on?


Michael stood across from her apartment looking up at her window. He had been there for at least 30 minutes just staring. He didn’t know that she knew he was there.

“Is he still there sweetie,” a voice said from behind her.

Liz looked up to see her mom standing at her door. She smiled and nodded her head in answer. Then turned back around. Nancy came to stand behind her to also look at the standoffish young man.

For some reason the seven teenagers her daughter had chosen to ‘befriend’ struck a cord in her. They all seemed so lost and alone and scared not to mention tense. Maybe she would invite the kids over again and maybe make their home a place where each one of them found safety and security.

She was brought out of her thoughts by her daughter making a sound of what sounded like disgust. She raised her eyebrow and said, “Why don’t you go out there and talk to him, maybe invite him in for breakfast.”

“And have him turn me down, I don’t think so,” Liz replied. Michael was the only one that could get to Liz, well him and Max who did nothing but stare at her but at least he didn’t stalk her. “Maybe I will go talk to him,” she said as innocent as possible.

“Elizabeth Marie Parker, you better not do anything…” but before Nancy could finish Liz was out on her balcony and climbing down the ladder.


Michael narrowed his eyes in suspicion when he saw Liz start to climb down the fire escape. When she finally approached him he made no attempt to start up a conversation.

“I’m gonna ask you a question and if you chose not to answer it I’ll take your silence means you’re hiding something,” Liz said right away. “Why are you stalking me?”

Michael was surprised at her bluntness but he didn’t show it. “I’m not stalking you. I’m just out for a leisurely walk before school,” he answered.

“Even though I saw you watching me all day at school yesterday and my parents saw you not only outside the Crashdown but also outside my window yesterday and today,” she said back. At his silence a smirk came over her face. “Next time you want to spy on me make sure not to be to inconspicuous.”

A scowl crossed Michael’s face. He didn’t know how Liz had seen him. Every other time he had followed someone they never noticed. So how could she?

As if reading his mind she leaned beside him and answered his unspoken question. “When living in New York all your life you learn to watch your back. Plus my dad always told me to be aware of your surroundings.” Her dad had actually said that but he was referring to the fact that some of the people she slept with had a tendency to get all homicidal when she moved on.

Michael continued to sit in silence. Silence which was really starting to bug her. “What exactly do you want from me?”

“Nothing,” was his answer. Michael really saw a look of deep annoyance cross her face. He was finally getting to her.

“Want to come inside for breakfast? My mom is making pancakes with bacon or sausage, I don’t remember which.”

Michael’s ears perked up at the mention of food but also at the sudden change in subject. Maybe it would be a good idea to have breakfast with them. You know, see if maybe he could get anymore information out of them. “I think I will.”


“Good morning Michael. I’m glad that you decided to come in for breakfast and not stand out there,” Nancy said. As she expected a red tint colored his features.

Michael couldn’t believe it. He had been caught not only by Liz but by her mom. “Uh, thanks,” he said uncertainly.

Jeff walked into the kitchen just then looking at Michael with a smile on his face. “Michael glad you could come inside and join us for this lovely feast.”

Michael closed his eyes in embarrassment. Maybe he wasn’t as good as he thought he was at spying at people. Liz started laughing at him while her mom put food on his plate. He stated to dig in as did everyone else did.

They kept up light conversation through breakfast. Jeff went downstairs to check on the diner and Michael was on his third plate when Liz asked him, “I’m guessing you didn’t have breakfast this morning, huh?”

“Liz,” her mom yelled.

Michael looked down and just shrugged his shoulders and continued eating.

“Liz why don’t you finish getting ready for school,” her mom told her. Once Liz was gone Nancy came to the table and sat down to eat some bacon. “Michael can I ask what you were doing outside my daughters window since 6 this morning,” she asked straightforward.

Michael looked up into Mrs. Parker’s eyes. At least I know where Liz gets her bluntness he thought. “Well, I, um I…”

“It’s alright Michael.” She was just going to leave it there but the urge to tease and embarrass him further was too much. “I understand if you like her but stalking is going a little too far, don’t you think,” Nancy said.

Michael automatically started denying it. “No I don’t like her. I was just, just here because I was planning on”

“Calm down, I’m just kidding” Nancy said smiling.

Just then Liz came back out. She was looking at a red face Michael and a smirking mother. “What’s going on,” she asked.

“Oh nothing sweetie. Why don’t you two head for school. And that means Elizabeth that I want you to drive Michael,” she added looking pointedly at her daughter.

“Fine,” Liz grumbled. This was going to ruin her schedule.

“Thanks for the breakfast Mrs. Parker,” Michael said as he got up. He followed Liz to her car but didn’t get in.

When Liz noticed him just standing stupidly at the front of the car she rolled her eyes. “It is just a car you know. It’s also the same one from the past weekend.”

“Can I drive,” he asked.

“What for?”

“Because you have a bad ass car and I want to test drive it.” Michael looked at her annoyed expression.

She threw her keys to him without a word and opened the door to the passenger. He stood stunned for about a second then got in the drivers seat. He started the car then took off. Liz was regretting her decision to let him drive when he ran a stop sign and a red light.

They got to school in less then 5 minutes when it usually took Liz about 10. Liz got out of the car trying to hide a smile on her face. An idea had struck her on the way here about how she could get Michael.

She walked to where Michael was and grabbed her keys. Leaning in close to his ear she said, “If you want to drive my car again then you have to stop spying on me. If you want to borrow my car for say a night or something then you have to escort me somewhere.” She walked away before he could say anything looking for Maria and Alex.

Michael didn’t know what the hell she was talking about but if she allowed him to use her car when ever he wanted then he would be willing to do it.


As the last bell of the day rang the students piled out into the hall ways. Alex and Liz had their last class together and they had spent it discussing how Liz was going to put her plan into action.

“I still say I just go for it. I’m not one for subtleties,” Liz commented. If Maria was almost as opened minded as Alex and indicating from their conversation yesterday then she knew that there was going to be no problem.

Alex on the other hand knew that even though Maria liked to talked like she was open minded about everything she wasn’t ready to put those theories to test yet. “You have to ease her into it or she’ll freak out on you. Trust me.”

Liz raised her eyebrow. “I’m guessing you’ve had to deal with her freaking out in more then the normal way,” she asked turning to open her locker.

“You have no idea,” Alex mumbled so Liz wouldn’t hear. He was thinking to the time that Maria had found out Max, Isabel, and Michael were aliens. She ran screaming from the house waving her arms in the air like a lunatic.

“Okay so how do I go about easing her into it.”

Before he had a chance to answer the rest of the gang came up. All of them were talking about what they were going to do for the weekend.

“Why don’t everyone come over the Crashdown and we can decide there,” offered Liz. At the apprehensive looks she said, “The food is on the house to anyone who wants to come.” Everyone gladly agreed to come.

“Liz,” Michael called. When she turned around he asked, “Throw me your keys, I’m driving.” Without having to think about it she did. He caught them and went to get behind the wheel.

Everyone, but Alex was just looking at them strange but no one said anything. Alex had an idea of what she was doing. They piled into their respective cars and rode to the Crashdown.


Jeff and Nancy were in the back checking over inventory when they heard loud laughing and talking coming from the sitting area. When the got to the front they saw all of the kids. They had pulled up a table next to a booth and were all gathered around it.

Liz spotted her parents and waved them over. “Hope you don’t mind me inviting everyone over. We had nothing else to do,” she said.

“Yeah and she promised us free food,” Alex said.

“No of course we don’t mind you coming over. Liz we will talk about the free food later,” her dad joked. She knew he wouldn’t mind. “So what can I get you guys,” Jeff asked.

After he left to go put their order in the gang started to talk about what they were going to be doing this weekend. “Well I don’t know about you guys but I have a date with the TV. Football is on all weekend,” Michael said. To bad Mr. Parker wasn’t going to be here then he could have come over here and watched it on their big screen TV.

“Well I have a date tomorrow but tonight I wanted to go to the movies if anybody is interested,” Isabel said. She was trying to make Alex jealous but at the same time trying to hint to him about going to the movies with her.

“Can’t, said Tess. “Max and I have a date tonight and tomorrow.” Liz didn’t know that they were dating and when she looked around at the faces of the others neither did they.

Ever since Tess had come to town during sophomore year claiming that her and Max belonged together she had been trying to get him to ask her out. Then they found out that they really were destined to be together by Max and Isabel’s mother. They started hanging out with each other more but it never went any further then friends. During junior year Tess had started letting up on the whole destiny thing and kinda started going after Kyle but living under the same roof with the sheriff of Roswell put a damper on things.

Mr. Parker brought their food out and the gang started to eat in silence until Maria brought up the subject of Max and Tess again. “When did this happen,” stated Maria and pointed to Max and Tess. As far as she knew they came to a decision to be just friends.

Max looked at Tess who was looking just as uncomfortable as he was. “Just recently,” he said not looking any of his friends in the eyes. Tess too was avoiding eye contact.

To break the tension Alex spoke up. “If you don’t mind Isabel I will join you for the movie tonight.” Isabel nodded in acceptance.

“I have Pauly’s party to go to tonight,” Kyle piped up. He had been neglecting his regular friends since he had learned of the Pod squad, since Tess. But that wasn’t going anywhere so there was no way that he was going to pass up a night of getting away from the alien abyss. “Liz would you like to accompany me tonight,” he asked.

Liz lifted her eyebrow and smiled seductively at him. “Sorry Kyle I have plans with Maria. Maybe some other time though.”

Just because she decided that they wouldn’t be together didn’t mean that Tess didn’t want Kyle going to look at other interest, or more specifically Liz. But she couldn’t blame him.

“What plans do you two have,” asked Michael. Since he and Maria had called it quits again he didn’t know what was going on with her.

“Even though it is none of your business we are having a girls weekend since her parents are out of town,” Maria answered. She made it a point to ignore Michael as much as she could this past week thinking that maybe he would apologize.

It hadn’t worked. Everyone else was making bets on how long it would be before they were in the eraser room. And that is the reason why Liz wanted to put the plan into motion this week. She didn’t care if they got back next week or whatever.

“Whatever,” mumbled Michael. He didn’t see what the big problem was. If he was a girl he wouldn’t mind his broke boyfriend taking him to the bowling alley.

Before Maria could explode Alex turned to Isabel and said, “What time did you want to go?”

“Oh um, anytime after 7 and maybe we could get something to eat.” She flashed her most charming smile at him when he agreed. “Okay I think I need to get going if I’m going to be ready by 7,” she said.

“Me too,” Tess said.

“Yeah I have to go and get my stuff ready for this weekend,” Maria said already getting her ready to leave. “Do you need a ride home Alex?”

Alex looked up at Maria and shook his head and pointing to his half finished meal. Understanding she left along with everyone else. Michael turned back at the last minute and went up to Liz.

“Hey, can I borrow your car for the weekend,” he asked.

Liz looked at Alex and he nodded his head discreetly. She pulled out her keys and handed them to him. “I want it back by Sunday afternoon.”

All he did was smile and took off towards the car. Alex sighed then turned to look at Liz who was looking at him with a grin on her face. “Why are you grinning like the Cheshire cat?”

“Because dear friend,” she said heading to the door leading to her apartment, “I have a plan.” With that she took off upstairs with Alex hot on her heals.

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Chapter 9

It was about six-thirty when Maria arrived at the Crashdown. She was about to head through the back door when Alex came through it. He was looking a mite bit chipper then when she had left him earlier not to mention the fact that he was still here and his hair was wet.

“Why are you still here and why is your hair wet,” she asked.

Alex was trying to get out of here before Maria showed up but he couldn’t resist Liz after her parents left and her starting to strip in front of him to take a shower. Needless to say he followed her in and one thing lead to another. “Well the café got a little busier and before Liz’s parents left they asked if I could help out. Then there was this little kid who decided to throw his food and make me his target. Liz suggested I take a shower here that way I wouldn’t be late in picking up Isabel.” He mentally patted himself on the back for pulling off the excuse him and Liz had come up with just incase he ran into Maria.

Maria narrowed her eyes in suspicion but excepted his answer, for now. “Well if you don’t leave now then you won’t have a chance to go home and change then pick Isabel up on time.”

“Your right. Bye and have fun,” he yelled on his way out. Maria shook her head and went upstairs. Now Maria was going to get to the bottom of what was really going on between Alex and Liz.

“Liz, I’m here,” she said calling out as she opened the door. She heard a muffle in the kitchen and dropping her stuff she made her way over there. When she walked in Liz was at the stove cooking something but what Maria noticed the most was that Liz’s hair was also damp. “You took a shower,” she asked causally.

Liz turned to face Maria hearing the note of suspicion in her voice. “Yeah before Alex I went upstairs and took a shower and when I was about to dry my hair Alex came in with food all over him. So instead I towel dried my hair.” Liz actually blow dried her hair real quick just to make it look like she had been out of the shower longer then Alex.

“So what are we eating,” Maria asked changing the subject. She would get the truth out of her later. When Maria set her mind on finding out secrets then no one could stop her.

“Well since tonight is our first night I thought I would make my specialty.” Maria stared at her in question. She was very picky about her food. Liz smiled seeing her skepticism. “Homemade sausage pizza!”

Maria laughed in relief. Maria went further into the kitchen and asked if she needed any help. “Um, could you cut up the sausage while I finish cooking the tomato sauce.” Maria nodded her head and went to the fridge to get the sausage.

They worked efficiently and made small talk why they fixed the pizza. Once it was in the oven the girls went into the living room to sit down on the coach and watch some TV.

“So do you want to watch movie or something,” Liz asked.

“Yeah, what do have?”

Liz and Maria went over to the shelf of DVDs and went shifting through them trying to decide on a movie they both liked. “I say we watch Kate & Leopold,” Maria said.

Liz scrunched her nose up. “I say we watch 40 Days and 40 Nights with Josh Hartnett,” she said raising her eyebrows up and down. Alex had told her she had a soft spot for the actor.

Maria readily agreed. So while she put on the movie Liz went to get the pizza so they could begin their night.

Almost two hours later the movie ended and Liz turned off the TV. Maria stretched her limbs out and looked down at the empty pizza pan dish then groaned. Liz heard her and laughed when she saw what she was looking at.

“Don’t feel bad because I could have eaten a whole one by myself,” Liz said.

“Yeah but its okay for you because you don’t gain any weight,” Maria replied.

Liz looked at her like she was crazy. “Girl please. Do you think that I keep these abbs not working out,” she said raising her shirt up and pointing at her muscled stomach to show Maria. “These are gained and kept by working out. Sit ups and crunches just about every morning when I wake up.” Liz in turn glanced at Maria’s stomach. “And you have nothing to complain about miss I never work out but I still have a flat tummy.”

Maria cocked her head to the side. “Yeah, you’re right.” Both girls started laughing.

“So what do you want to do now?”

Liz glanced at Maria. “Why don’t we go into my room and start a real girls night?” Maria raised her eyes and knew she would be able to get information out of her better if they were more comfortable. She agreed and both girls went into Liz’s room.

Liz turned on her CD player and sat down on her bed getting her nail polish collection. Maria went straight to her closet not even bothering to ask if it was okay and started sniffing through it. “So what do you really think of Roswell Liz?”

Liz turned to Maria and just smiled a coy little smile. “Well it is a different pace from New York but overall its not a bad place to be. Except for the heat.”

“During the summers it’s worse. We get these heatwaves and they’re so hot that some times the whole town will black out from the extensive use of electricity.” Maria looked at Liz and saw her shaking her head. “What’s wrong?”

“I think I’m going to have to give up wearing leather during the summer,” she said sadly. Maria looked at her closet then turned back to Liz and nodded her head. Both girls started laughing and Liz got up to grab an outfit. She put it up against Maria and smiled. “Put this on.”

“You have to be crazy. I’m not going to fit in that. Your too small,” Maria complained.

Liz gave her a disbelieving look. “Leather stretches. Anyway I have another outfit exactly like it but tighter.” Maria still seemed a little skeptical. “Come on Maria, at least try it on.

“Okay,” she said. She went into the bathroom to change and a few minutes later came out. She looked to Liz and asked, “Well?”

Liz got off the bed and circled all the way around her eyeing her up and down. When she came to stand once again in front of her Maria had begun to get nervous. What if she really didn’t look that good in it? Liz soothed her fears when a smile broke over her face. “Looking good. I hate to say this but I think you look better in that then I do.”

“I think I do too,” she said in true Maria fashion with a flip of the hair. Both girls broke down laughing and fell on to the bed. “You know Liz I’ve been thinking.”

“Should I be worried?” She was trying to figure out a way to bring out Maria’s curiosity about what happened last weekend between Alex and herself because she had a plan.

“No,” Maria answered. At the same time Maria too was thinking of a way to bring the subject of last weekend up. “I don’t know too much about you and I want to. So how about we ask each other questions about that way you could get to know me too.”

This had potential. “What’s the catch?” No way was she going into this without knowing all the details.

“We have to tell each other the truth no matter what but we each can at least back out of three questions if they are too personal. So wanna play?” Maria got this devilishly glint in her eyes.

Liz on the other hand just smirked. This would give her a chance to find out a little more about her new group of friends. “Okay, you ask first.”

Maria’s eyes roamed the room while she tried to think up a question for her. She didn’t want to just outright ask her about Alex so she had to be subtle and ask other questions first. “Oh I got one. I know what you said about your tattoo but why did you get it in Chinese letter?”

“Because people have a tendency to look at it more and in turn that makes people want to find out what it says,” Liz answered. “My turn. How did you and Alex become friends with the rest of the people in the group.”

Maria knew she had to be careful in answering this with sticking as close to the truth as possible. “Well sophomore year Alex started hanging out with Isabel, Max, and Michael and not really ignoring me but not hanging out with me as much. I found Michael yelling at Alex one day went over to him and decked him in the eye. We were all friends after that. Tess came into the picture next. I hated her when she first came but Isabel became friends with her and she just kind of grows on you. After a while all of us just clicked with each other. Kyle was the last. He was being nosy and got himself into some trouble that we helped him out with.”

Liz nodded her head but somehow she just knew that wasn’t the whole truth. But being her she really didn’t care.

“Okay, did you have a boyfriend that you left behind?”

“Technically no. My question,” she said before Maria could say anything. “What exactly do you see in Michael?”

“Good question,” Maria answered. “Well even though he can be a stone wall, not to mention an ungrateful bastard, he’s a softy at heart. It’s the little things that he does when no ones looking that I think has kept me with him.” Maria was looking down at her hands when Liz covered them with her own.

“Your turn,” she said.

“What did you mean by technically?”

“I chose not to answer that.” This peeked Maria’s interest. Now why wouldn’t Liz want to answer that. “My turn. Did you and Michael ever have sex?”

“No. Have you ever had sex?”

“Yes. Why not?”

“We were choosing to wait. Who was it?”

“A good friend in New York. Your decision or his?”

“Mutual. What age did you lose it at?”

“One week before I turned sixteen. “Would you lose it to someone else if the opportunity ever presented itself?”

“I chose not to answer that. How many people have you slept with?”

“I chose not to answer that. Have you ever done anything sexual?”

“Yes. Have you ever had a threesome?”

“I chose not to answer that. Would you honestly have a threesome?”

“Yes. What really happen between Alex and you last weekend?”

Bingo! This is exactly what Liz had been hoping for and now it was time to execute the plan. She looked at Maria who had a triumphant look on her face.

“You can’t back out of this question,” Maria said. Ha! She was going to get the information out of her and then all would be right in her world.

“I know but I think it would be better if I showed you.”

Maria’s face scrunched up in puzzlement. “I’m confused.”

“I just need you to close your eyes for a minute.” Liz saw the hesitation in her eyes but saw the exact moment when she knew she would agree. Maria nodded and proceeded to close her eyes. Once Liz was sure that she wasn’t peeking she ever so slowly and carefully, so as not to scare her, leaned forward close to Maria’s mouth and kissed her ever so lightly but with enough pressure to startle Maria.

Maria pulled back with a gasp while her fingers automatically flew to her lips. She stared at Liz in complete shock not knowing what to do. Liz had just kissed her but to her utter amazement Maria didn’t feel disgusted or uncomfortable about it.

Liz cautiously looked at Maria’s expression but couldn’t read anything from it. Liz licked her lips and watched as Maria’s eyes followed the movement then averted themselves. Taking that even though she was still wary of her reaction Liz leaned over once again giving Maria plenty of time to pull away. When she didn’t Liz closed the distance this time putting a little more pressure into the kiss.

Maria didn’t jump back this time but she didn’t respond to the kiss either. If there was one thing that Liz hated about ‘straight girls’ it was the fact that they never owned up to what they said until they were convinced. Pulling back she asked, “Are you okay?”

Maria snapped out of her thinking and asked, “Is this what you did with Alex?”

Liz smiled at her. “I chose not to answer.”

Maria looked at her then both girls started laughing. She didn’t know what else to do and she knew this probably was not the right time to be laughing but she couldn’t help it.

“Why did you kiss me?”

“Why didn’t you pull back?” Liz saw Maria trying to come up with an answer but in the end she just shrugged her shoulders. “I kissed you because I felt like it. Your lips looked soft and inviting that I couldn’t resist.” Liz knew that girls couldn’t resist corny cramp like that. She knew she couldn’t.

Maria eyes widen at that. Why can’t Michael ever talk to me like that she thought. “Something tells me you have no idea what to do or think,” Maria heard Liz say. It was true that she didn’t know what to think but that didn’t mean she condoned what happened. “Can I ask you a question?” When Liz nodded she asked, “So yesterday when we were leaving class and you said that ‘considering it is always good but actually doing it is better,’ you are actually speaking from experience about the whole girl action huh?”

Liz shook her head in the positive. Maria looked down while her eyes widen and she silently mouth ‘Oh My God.’ Liz couldn’t help but smile. Maria slowly got to her feet and started pacing muttering to herself. Liz followed her every movement trying not to laugh. At least she wasn’t totally freaking out, yet.

Maria continued to pace so Liz finally got up and stepped in front of her putting her hands on her shoulders to still her. “Are you done,” Liz asked.

Maria immediately looked at her. “Yeah I guess. Why?”

Liz walked towards her and softly pushed her up against the wall with her lips coming down on Maria’s.

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Hey everyone. Sorry it has taken me awhile but my damn computer crashed and I lost about half of this chapter. I only had up to this chapter written so parts will start to take a little longer to get out. I hope you enjoy this next part. Thanks to everyone who left feedback and bumps.


Chapter 10

Maria’s back hit the wall with a soft thump. She was surprised by Liz pushing her and when her lips came into contact with Liz’s it took her about two seconds to respond and kiss her back, tentatively.

Liz was surprised that Maria didn’t pull away but she didn’t stop. Instead she traced her tongue along Maria’s lower lip asking for permission to which she granted.

Maria gave a little gasp when she felt Liz’s tongue go into her mouth. Liz tangled her tongue with Maria’s until she felt Maria start to react and move her tongue into her own mouth.

Liz pulled away from Maria so they could both get air into their lungs again. Maria was dazed not really believing she had kissed a girl. Looking at Liz she thought, ‘At least I picked one hell of a looker.’

Liz gave Maria a look that was down right seductive. “So how was your first or third kiss by another girl?”

Maria averted her eyes and answered, “It was alright.” She closed her eyes and couldn’t believe she said that. Wasn’t she supposed to be disgusted?

Liz raised her eyebrow but said nothing. She turned around and went to sit on the bed. “Why did you do that,” she heard Maria ask. “I already told you I couldn’t resist plus I wanted to.”

Maria said nothing but continued to stare at Liz. Liz rolled her eyes and patted the space beside her indicating for Maria to sit down. Maria didn’t move. So Liz got up grabbed her hand and dragged her to the bed.

Maria broke out of her trance when Liz asked if she was okay. “I’m fine just a little freaked that I actually did that.”

“Well that’s not all Alex and I did you know.” Maria’s eyes widen once again and Liz couldn’t help but laugh. “You know your eyes can get stuck like that.”

“This is just a lot to take in,” Maria explained.

“And that is understandable,” Liz said, “but you have to be open minded or else you can’t live life to the fullest.”

“Why are you saying this,” Maria said drawing her eyebrows together.

“Because,” Liz pauses trying to choose her words carefully. “I have a very open mind and I think that by showing you the joys of that then maybe you…”

“What do you mean by showing me,” Maria asked interrupting.

“I think you know what I mean.” At Maria once again widening her eyes sighed quietly. Okay what to do now she thought. Turning to her Liz says, “We don’t have to do anything that you are not comfortable with.”

“I’m going to going to go to the bathroom,” she stated abruptly and fled. Once in the bathroom Maria started to pace the small room. She stopped to look at herself in the mirror. “Okay Maria Deluca,” she said starting to talk to herself. “Now you pride yourself in being logical. Okay not logical but practical. Maybe not practical either but you do pride yourself in being an individual. Liz is giving you a chance to practice what you always say you would do if the opportunity ever arose. Now that it has arose you are not going to back down.” Realizing that she was talking to herself in the mirror she rolled her eyes took a few deep breaths and opened the door.

While Maria had gone into the bathroom Liz had gotten up to change the CD and started to light the candles that were around her room. She had found that if the room was dimly light and maybe a slightly romantic atmosphere that it made the person a lot more comfortable and relaxed.

She was lighting the last candle when Maria finally came out of the bathroom with a look of determination on her face but she stopped right in the door way. Maria was looking at Liz with a look of awe of her face. In the soft light Liz looked beautiful. Now Maria was one to give credit when a girl looked nice but Liz was, and she couldn’t believe she was thinking this, breathtaking.

Liz slowly walked over to her. She reached into the bathroom and flicked off the light and the candles were the only source of light. Liz then silently reached for Maria’s hand and pulled her over the bed stopping at the foot of it. “Just relax,” she whispered into Maria’s ear.

Knowing she had to be careful and proceed slowly Liz cupped Maria’s cheek with her palm. She felt her sallow. She did the same thing with her other hand and slowly lowered her lips to Maria. She responded immediately by letting Liz access her mouth. Liz slipped her tongue in and continued to caress her not letting her take control she felt Maria wanted.

Liz broke of away from Maria’s mouth and gently kissed her way down her neck stopping right below the ear. Maria sucked in a breath at the sensation it caused her to feel. Liz raised her head and met her mouth once again kissing her. She slowly lowered Maria to the bed without breaking the kiss and laid half on her off her.

Maria dimly felt the soft bedding under her but paid it no attention. “Maria look at me,” she heard Liz say. It sounded far away but her eyes fluttered open. Once Liz had her attention she continued, “I want you to tell me to stop when you feel uncomfortable, okay?”

Maria just continued to stare but eventually answered. “Okay.”

When Liz heard her answer she lowered her head back down and kissed her. Maria wrapped her arms around Liz’s neck deepening the kiss. Liz let her hands wonder down her sides gently skimming over sensitive places and lightly teasing her nipples over the fabric of her shirt before settling at the end of her shirt. She started to tug it upward waiting to see if Maria told her to stop but she didn’t.

Maria lifted her hands above her head to help Liz take her shirt off. She threw it to the side and looked at the green silk bra the spunky blonde had on. Looking up in Maria’s eyes Liz raised her hands to the front clasp and easily slipped it off. Maria had a smirk across her face and Liz raised a question brow. “You did that a lot easier then any guy I’ve ever seen.”

Liz laughed but turned serious again. She leaned down with Maria meeting her halfway and kissed her passionately. Their tongues battled back and forth for dominance. Liz finally broke off the kiss and made her way down Maria’s neck. She stopped to suck the hollow of her throat which elicited a small moan from Maria. She continued her way down kissing in between the valley of her breast.

Liz made her way to the creamy mound and flicked her tongue over the pert nipple causing Maria to shudder. She circled her way around the mound with her tongue until she sucked the nipple into her mouth while her hand was tweaking the twin.

Maria’s hands delved into Liz’s silky tresses and pulled her head further into her chest. Liz switched to give its twin the same treatment. Maria could feel herself responding to Liz’s touch and she found it better then what Michael had ever done.

Liz pulled away with a smile on her face. “Do you want me to go on,” she asked. Her voice was husky and her hair was tousled that Maria didn’t think she could say no even if she wanted to so she just nodded her head.

Liz scooted down her body and unzipped the leather pants she was still wearing. She peeled the them off her body and threw them to the ground. Putting one hand on each leg she gradually slid them up her creamy legs. When she got to her upper thighs Maria sucked in a breath and moaned when Liz casually brushed her hand against her most intimate part.

Hooking her fingers into her panties she pulled them down. She ran her hands up the same as she did before but this time she stopped when she got to her upper thighs. Liz just stared down at the glistening curls then raised her eyes back up to Maria. Keeping her eyes on Maria Liz moved her finger and slid it down her folds taking notice of how wet she was. Maria closed her eyes in ecstasy and tried to calm her body down before it went in to overload.

Liz was looking at the pure lust that crossed Maria’s face. She took that as a good sign to continue her exploration. She leaned down to kiss her on the lips passionately then started to kiss her way down stopping to suck and lick a few on a few choice places.

Liz stuck her tongue in Maria’s navel before traveling down further to her most intimate place. Maria made a purring sound in the back of her throat when she felt Liz’s breath on her. Liz slowly licked her tasting her for the first time causing Maria to arch off the bed. Liz bent her knees and threw them over her shoulders and greedily sucked and gently biting her clit bringing her pleasure that she had never experienced.

Liz thrust her tongue into her causing Maria to cry out. She continued to thrust her tongue in and out while Maria’s hips bucked upward. Liz removed her mouth much to her companions disappointment but replaced it with her finger. Maria reached for Liz and brought her lips to hers.

Liz continued to pump her finger in and out of Maria swallowing all of her moans and whimpers. She added a second finger when she felt how close Maria was to the edge.

Maria yanked her mouth away gasping for breath. “Liz,” she cried out hoarsely. Maria could feel her muscles clenching and unclenching trying to reach something and she knew Liz could bring her to that something.

Liz sucked her harden nipple into her mouth biting down on it while moving her thumb in position to stroke her nub. She then moved to capture that special bundle of nerves in between her teeth. That was all it took to send Maria to clench her muscles around Liz’s fingers shuddering and screaming over the edge. Liz lapped up all the juices that came out of Maria all the while watching her face.

She continued to have shivers shoot threw her body coming down from her mind shattering orgasm. She looked to Liz who had a smile on her face. “What are you smiling about,” she asked.

“Your face when you’re in the throws of passion is just so cute,” Liz answered. She laughed when Maria blushed a deep red and closed her eyes. Liz lifted a hand and brushed a strand of Maria’s sweat damp hair behind her ear. “Are you okay with this,” Liz asked. She didn’t want her freaking out about it.

Maria knew Liz was talking about what they just did. She thought before answering. “You know what I am. I actually thought that I would be freaking out a lot more but I’m not. I don’t know if this is the right way to put it but I feel kinda free, you know.” She turned to Liz wanting to know what she thought about it.

“I know exactly how you feel. You feel like you have no worries or responsibilities and you feel like you can finally relax.” Liz knew exactly what she was feeling because that is how she felt after everytime she did this.

“That’s it,” Maria exclaimed. She felt that she didn’t have to worry about know that there were aliens in the world or that evil aliens were after them. She wasn’t even going to worry about Spaceboy.

Even though Liz was sexually frustrated she wasn’t going to push Maria into pleasing her. She would just have to take care of it after she went to sleep. After all that is why she bought all those toys.

She moved to get off the bed when Maria grabbed her arm. Maria feeling shy and looking embarrassed and confused she tentatively asked, “Aren’t, don’t you want me to, you know, with you?”

Relieved Liz said, “God yes!”

Maria gave her a small smile when Liz sat up and pulled her with her. Liz reached for the end of her shirt but Maria stopped her. “Can I undress you,” she hesitantly asked. Liz nodded her head then pulled her hands away. She was going to let Maria set the pace that she was comfortable with.

Maria couldn’t believe what she was about to do but she wanted to give Liz the pleasure that she had gotten. She leaned into Liz and kissed her on the lips lightly before pulling back and looking into her eyes. Finding reassurance in them she closed her mouths to Liz’s slipping her tongue into the petite girls mouth.

At first the kiss was lazy and undemanding before Maria felt herself getting agitated with the pace and made the kiss almost brutal with passion. Liz was little surprised but recovered. Maybe Maria was a closet freak.

Remember how Liz pleased her Maria kissed her way down her neck and found a sweet spot just below her ear. Liz closed her eyes enjoying the sensations she was feeling. Though her hand was shaky Maria brought it up to Liz’s breast and started to massage it through the material of her shirt. Liz let out a small moan arching just a little into her hand.

Maria found the bottom of her shirt and lifted over her head throwing on the floor. With no bra Maria just stared no really knowing what to do. So embarrassed she asked, “Liz, I don’t know how to please you.”

“You have pleased yourself before right?” She nodded hesitantly so Liz continued. “Then do to me what you would do to please yourself. I’ll put in helpful tips when they are needed,” her voice was husky as she finished.

Maria licked her lips and with her forefinger and thumb she pinched Liz’s nipple making it harden even more. She bent her head down and flicked her tongue out touching the nipple before finally taking it into her mouth. Her other hand had been teasing and pinching her other nipple. Liz put her hands into Maria’s hair and pushed her head further down into her chest. Maria switched places and paid the same attention to its twin.

Liz lifted Maria up letting their chest rub up against each other causing the blonde to moan her approve at the new sensation. Maria pressed her lips against Liz’s pushing her tongue into her mouth while her hands went down to the button on Liz’s shorts. She soon licked her way down to where her hands were. Unbuttoning them and sliding the zipper down she stuck her hand in and fondled her. Liz’s breathing quicken causing herself to get even wetter. She closed her legs a little trapping Maria’s hand on her.

She finally released her hand and Maria pulled her shorts of to discover that Liz was not wearing any underwear. “Did you know this was going to happen,” she asked.

Liz smiled at the shocked expression on her face and shrugged. “I was hoping but I don’t usually wear it. It inhibits easy access.”

Maria could smell the sex coming off of Liz but she also smelled like strawberries and cream with just a hint of vanilla. This caused her to get aroused again and she could feel her juices pooling in between her legs. She moved to taste her by just plunging her tongue causing Liz to arch off the bed.

She sucked her clit into her mouth while thrusting two of her fingers in her. Liz moaned feeling so close to edge. Maria climbed up her body and to suck her nipple into her mouth with adding a third finger into her.

Liz brought Maria’s mouth to her and kissed her while thrusting three of her own fingers in Maria. With a few more thrust of their fingers both girls cummed simultaneously.

Neither of them moved for a few minutes until Liz kissed Maria lazily. After the kiss both girls moved onto their backs and just at the ceiling trying to calm their breathing.

“Oh. My. God.,” Maria said all of a sudden in a panic.

Liz turned to look at her and noticed the look that crossed her face. “Maria calm down and take deep breaths.” When she started doing what she asked Liz spoke. “Now tell me what’s wrong.”

Still trying to take deep breaths she answered, “I can’t believe I just had the best orgasm of my life with a girl.”

Liz rolled her eyes and realized that she was going to seriously think about killing herself if Maria was just thinking about this now. Shit.

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Chapter 11

The next morning Liz woke up before Maria and turned to stare at her. After kissing her to calm down Maria sheepishly looked away before Liz made her looked at her and told her that it was natural to not accept what had happen at first. Then Maria said something that shocked the hell out of Liz. She asked if maybe they could try it again to help her get use to the idea.

Of course she didn’t say no and proceeded to do whatever needed to be done to calm Maria down.

Liz turned to look at the time and realized it was only 7 am. She debated on getting Maria up but remembered Alex’s advice. If she doesn’t get up on her own free will before 11 then you can risk the chance of waking her up and having her hit you.

So she headed to the shower. Once she was dressed she went into the living to watch television and wait for Maria to get up. However the phone started ringing.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Hey baby,” the voice on the other end said.

Liz recognized it at once. “Why the hell haven’t you called sooner?”

“Chill out. I had important business to take care of. Plus I lost your number and I had to wait for my parents to get home from their vacation so I could get it.”

“Julian, I hate to say this but trying to screw the new girl or guy is not important business and neither is jacking off.” Julian Santos has been Liz’s best friend since they were born. Their parents knew each other so it was natural that they automatically got along. They shared everything from their first kiss to their first sexual experience to girlfriends and to boyfriends.

Julian was 6’2 with dark brown hair and grey eyes. His skin is a shade darker then Liz’s and his voice is very deep. He has a muscular build and shows it off with his form fitting clothes that Liz had made him buy. Him and Liz together could be a trouble. They could seduce the most innocent and purest person with just a look or touch. That was one of the contributing factors that had the Parker’s moving across country.

“It might not be important business to you. So how is it going in Boringsville, USA?”

“It’s actually not that boring evening a little interesting. After everyone got over the shock that I wear a lot of leather everything is pretty cool except for the weather. I swear that I have never…” before she could finish Julian interrupted her.

“You’re babbling. You never babble plus I know you Liz. You are city girl. Remember that one time in no man’s land. You about went crazy cause there was no smog. The only way you would think Roswell was the least interesting is if you were screw… ooh,” he said just realizing what he was going to say. “So is it a guy or girl this week?”

“Girl but she is part of a group.” Liz waited for his reply on that.

“How many,” was all he was going to say.


“You do remember what happened the last time right?”

“Yes, but that had circumstances that couldn’t be avoided and you were at fault plus this is different. The kids here are in more need then anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Reading into the way that statement was said he asked, “What are you not telling me?”

Liz cringed a little at the tone. Though she was more experience then he she knew that Julian still felt at least a little guilty about what had happen. “You remember the Thompson twins?” At his silence she continued. “Think ten times more tense and paranoid and you get my drift on how this group is.”

“Damn. Just promise me you will be careful.”

“I promise,” as she said this Maria came into the room. Knowing she could not talk in front of her she told Julian, “I have to go but call me Sunday night. Love you. Bye.”

“Bye baby.”

Liz hung up the phone just as Maria was sitting down next to her. She glanced at the clock and saw it was only 8:45. “What are you doing up,” she asked while tucking a strand of Maria’s hair behind her ear.

“I was hungry,” she yawn.

“Why don’t you get dressed then we will go downstairs and have some breakfast.”

“Alright,” Maria agreed.

Maria got into the bathroom and looked in the mirror remembering how she acted last night. Could she have been more obvious that she was inexperienced. She had to admit that it was kinda freeing doing something she didn’t think she would ever do. But she had to wonder if Liz was going to tell anybody. She did sleep with Alex so was she going to tell him?


While Maria was in the shower Liz called Alex to tell him she didn’t know if he should join them tonight. When he asked why she explained Maria’s freak out. So he was on stand by.

Maria came into the living room and the girls proceeded to go downstairs and sat in a booth towards the back of the café. Maria was fidgeting the whole time.

“Calm down, it looks as if you’re afraid to sit down with me,” Liz said.

When she said that Maria dug in her pocket for a small vile of cedar oil she always carried with her and started sniffing it. “Cedar oil. It reduces stress and calms ones aura down,” she said when Liz raised an eyebrow. Liz didn’t comment but wondered why Maria would need to reduce stress.

After ordering neither said a word. Liz was waiting for Maria and Maria was waiting for Liz. Liz ended up speaking first.

“Last night wasn’t suppose to freak you out. It was suppose to have the opposite affect and relax you,” she said. She thought that maybe saying this would help Maria deal with this better. It was always so much easier with guys.

“You don’t know me very well then,” Maria mumbled. She looked at Liz for a few minutes. She had to admit that before and after her initial freak out she did feel relaxed.

Liz just kept eating. She knew that if she gave Maria enough time to think about it then she could proceed to the second part of her plan. Alex.

Maria and Liz ate the rest of their breakfast in silence. Maria kept sneaking glances at Liz when she thought she wasn’t looking. Liz finally got tried of the stares and got up holding out a hand to Maria. After hesitating for a second she took her hand and let her lead her upstairs and into her bedroom.

An hour and half later Liz got up to answer a pounding at the door. When she opened it and saw who it was she said, “Oh, it’s you.”

“Where’s Maria,” Michael demanded stepping inside.

“I don’t remember inviting you in,” Liz said not at all disturbed by his tone of voice.

“Where’s Maria,” Michael demanded again getting in Liz’s face thinking she would back down. He didn’t know her very well.

“Say please,” she said stepping closer to him. She had no problem kicking a guys ass.

Maria hearing the tone in Michael’s voice and somehow knowing that Liz wouldn’t back down and would in fact end up kicking Michael’s ass, alien powers or not quickly came out of Liz’s room.

“It’s alright. What’s wrong,” she asked Michael.

“Czech business,” was all he said.

Maria nodded and headed back into Liz’s room gathering her stuff together. Liz looked at Michael before following Maria. She saw her packing her things up. “So I’m guessing by whatever he said you have to bail.”

Maria stopped what she was doing to stare at her. She didn’t know what to say so she just stayed silent. They heard Michael yell for Maria to hurry up.

Liz went over to her and closed up her bag. “I’m not going to ask what you’re doing or where you’re going but I do want to reschedule this again. I wasn’t finished,” she said smiling.

“Maybe this next weekend,” Maria asked hopefully. Liz nodded her head and with one last kiss and another yell from Michael she left.

Liz didn’t do anything but catch up on her homework for the rest of the day. She finally called Alex but his father told her he wasn’t home. She didn’t think anything of it and asked if he could tell him to call her later.

She did start to get suspicious when she called Max and Isabel’s house and they weren’t home. She was going to get an early start on Isabel. Then going on suspicion she tried Kyle and Tess plus the sheriff’s station and found no one. Apparently the Sheriff was in on whatever it was too.

She guessed that whatever secret they were hiding this little impromptu vacation had something to do with it. This just made her curious to find out what it is they are hiding.

When her parents got home the next day she told them about it.

“Hey sweetie, where’s Maria,” her mom asked while giving her a hug and a kiss.

“I don’t know,” she answered. Nancy faltered a little and threw a confused look her way. Liz told her parents to sit down then proceeded to explain how Michael came over muttered a word that she didn’t get and then Maria was packing her bag and leaving. She also told her about everyone else’s disappearing act making sure to include the Sheriff.

“That is strange. Do you think this has something to do with whatever they are keeping from you,” her dad asked.

“It might.”


Later that day the phone rang and it was Julian. “Hey baby, is your girlfriend of the week gone yet,” was the first thing out of his mouth.

“Yeah she is, but she left yesterday.” Even though she was curious she put it out of her mind.

“Scared her off with your kinky toys I bet,” he said laughing.

Liz not finding that funny told him to shut up then said, “We didn’t even get to kinky. She’s to…”

“Virginal,” Julian supplied.


“Don’t tell me all of them are virgins or up tight like that.”

“All but one I believe are virgins but I think two or three aren’t so up tight,” Liz said with a little mischief in her voice.

“That’s good to know. You can’t stand goody too long. You need it rough sometimes,” Julian said knowingly.

Liz laughed but knew that he was right. “If none of them are like that then you will definitely need to make an appearance down here,” she said.

“Don’t worry. Mom is talking about visiting there in a couple of months or so but she needs to talk to your dad. Plus she is debating on whether she should bring me.”

“Well she has to or else you are going to get into more trouble by yourself there then with me.” Liz knew exactly why their parents don’t want them together and so did Julian.

“Look, I gotta jet baby but I will let you when we will be down there.”

“Okay, bye.”


The next day at school no one showed up. In fact no one showed up until Thursday morning. Jeff was about ready to fire both Michael and Maria for skipping out on their shifts but Nancy stopped him. She was getting worried.

Liz on the other hand was more suspicious. She actually hacked into the school’s system and found since their sophomore year they disappeared weeks at a time. She then broke into the sheriff’s station and found the same thing to be true about Kyle’s father. Reading through a personal file she found that the Sheriff actually investigated Max quite a few times. Weird.

She made small talk with everyone during the classes she had with them making no mention of asking where they were. This made everyone thankful. Maria and Alex were the only ones who knew that Liz wasn’t going to say anything but Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess weren’t so convinced. Kyle didn’t care either way.

Maria and Alex both thought everything was fine until lunch. The gang went to sit at their regular table and when Liz came out and headed straight for the popular table stopping along the way to talk to others, they were shocked.

“What is she doing,” Maria asked to no one in particular.

“It looks like she’s sitting with the popular crowd,” Kyle stated. Maria threw a glare his way but he didn’t let it phase him.

“So she just uses us till she gets some new friends,” Isabel said pointing Liz’s way.

“We did leave her alone all week,” Alex reasoned.

“So she throws a hissy fit,” Michael said before Maria could.

“I would hardly call what she is doing throwing a hissy fit,” Tess observed.

“Obviously we pissed her off she’s just to polite to act anything but civil to us,” commented Max.

Kyle had been listening to them with amusement. He shook his head then interrupted them by saying, “Well you all can sit in loserville contemplating what is her problem while I go and talk to her.” Giving them his most charming smile he got up and headed to were she was.

“Ten bucks says she ignores him,” betted Michael taking ten dollars out of his pocket.

Everyone ignored him except Alex who also pulled ten bucks out. “You’re on.” They all watched in anticipation to see what was going to happen and to their surprise Liz turned to Kyle and smiled at him scooting over so he could sit down.

“What do you think they are talking about,” asked Maria in a whisper.

“I don’t know,” answered Isabel also in a whisper.

Michael told them both to shut up.

They watched as Liz and Kyle finally got up and headed towards their table. “Hey guys,” Liz said.

“Hey,” everyone replied.

“So what’s up,” She asked standing close to Kyle. Alex of course noticed this and raised his eyebrows at her. She just shrugged her shoulders slightly.

“Not much but why were you sitting with them,” Michael said pointing to the jock and cheerleading table.

“Real subtle Michael,” Isabel said.

“Oh that,” Liz said. “Well I promised Pam and Paule that I would sit with them today. I couldn’t break it until Kyle here came to my rescue.” She smiled at the girl’s understanding looks. Kyle leaned in and whispered in her ear and she nodded.

“Well we will see you guys later,” Kyle said.

“One more thing,” Liz said before they could leave. “Michael and Maria, you two better stop by the Crash and make sure you still have jobs.” With that said she and Kyle left.

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Thanks Lizzy*happy*

Chapter 12

“So what’s up Kyle,” Liz asked. When he had whispered in her ear he had asked if she would skip her next class to talk to him. So after they had walked away from the gang he led her underneath the bleachers by the football field.

Kyle shrugged his shoulders. He wasn’t completely sure why he had asked her out here although he did want to ask her out but he could have done that after school or something.

Liz smiled. She wouldn’t have pegged Kyle for being shy around the girls. She knew that he was the only one in the group who wasn’t a virgin. “Why don’t you start with why you asked me out here.”

“Well I wanted to ask you out but I think I could have done that after school,” he said just feeling silly now.

Liz walked up to him but not to close. She and Alex had briefly talked about Kyle and Alex said that all she had to do was show him she was interested and she should have him. Especially if there were no strings attached. “I have to say that I would love to.”

Kyle let the breath he was holding go. Thinking of when his father wouldn’t be home he said, “Great, how about Saturday night around 7pm?” When she said yes he thought that would do perfectly. Now all he had to do was figure out where they were going to go. Liz startled him out of his thoughts when she spoke.

“Do you have a pool?”

“Yeah why,” he asked stupidly.

“Because ever since I got here the weather has been hot and I thought maybe a dip would be good for our date.” Liz knew exactly what she wanted to happen on this date. Maybe she could even get Alex to join.

“That is a good idea,” Kyle answered. Maybe he could get a lot further on this date then he thought.

Liz could see the wheels in his head turning already. He was a teenage guy after all. “Well this has been a swell talk but I have to go before the next class starts.” She leaned and gave him a peck on his lips. “See you Saturday.”

Kyle was struck dumb. He had a lot to do before Saturday night including cleaning the pool, his house, and getting rid of Tess for the evening. Maybe Liz wouldn’t be opposed to her joining them. He should talk to Alex since he knew her better.


After school Alex had had a fascinating talk with Kyle. So after that he went over to the Parker household to have a talk with Liz. He knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer.

Nancy had just hung up with Sydney, Julian’s mom, when someone knocked at the door. She opened the door to see Alex standing there looking tired and tense. Just like the first time she met him. Well Liz could do something about that. “Hello Alex.”

“Hey Nancy, is Liz home,” he asked.

“Yeah she is but she was in the shower a few minutes ago. Why don’t you go ahead and wait in her room.” Before Alex was out of her sight Nancy stopped him. “I hope the next time you and your friends go disappearing you let someone, and that someone includes Jeff or myself, where you are going or at least call to let us know that you are okay. I was worried.”

At her motherly confession Alex smiled and gave her a hug whispering in her ear, “I promise.” Nancy let him go satisfied that he would keep that promise and pushed him toward Liz’s room.

Alex walked in and sat at the foot of the bed. The bathroom door was still closed but he couldn’t
hear the shower running so he didn’t think she would be much longer. He scooted all the way back on the bed and closed his eyes. He was tired.

After talking to Liz Saturday he had started practicing on his guitar waiting for her call back. About two hours later Isabel had come to get him so they could meet up with Max, Tess, Kyle, Michael, Maria, and the Sheriff at the pod chamber. Apparently all the aliens had gotten a flash of the same thing at the same time. It was of some sort of crystal and though they weren’t sure exactly what it was they knew that it was important and they had to go and find out.

Well it turned out that they weren’t the only ones looking for it. Nicolas and some other skins were searching for it too. They were going to try to steal it but when they had gotten to the place that it was suppose to be at it wasn’t there and to top it all of them were spotted. A fight ensued and they barely made it out of there. He hated aliens right now. All he wanted to do was forget about them and talking to Liz about Kyle seemed like a distraction but Liz and he doing other things would be the perfect distraction.

He was so deep in thought that he didn’t hear the door open. Liz stepped out of the bathroom and immediately saw Alex sprawled on her bed. She was going to give him a hard time about not being here all week but she noticed how tired he was and how stressed and tensed he looked. She would just have to remedy that.

Liz tiptoed to her bedroom door and was about to close it when she caught her mother’s eye. Nancy looked understandingly at her daughter nodded her head and went to head downstairs to see if her husband needed help. Just because she knew her little girl was having sex didn’t mean she wanted to hear it.

Liz closed the door and locked it. She turned to look back at Alex’s form. He had his hands above his head and this gave her an idea. Walking to her dresser she pulled something out of the bottom drawer and walked quietly back to where Alex was. She carefully leaned over him and quickly handcuffed his hands to the bed.

Alex woke up with a start and saw Liz leaning over him. He went to move his arms but found them locked above him. “What the fuck? Liz what are these doing on me,” he asked nervously.

Liz smiled at him but said nothing. He noticed she was only wearing a short silk red robe and her chocolate hair was hanging slightly damp down her back. Liz went back to the bottom dresser drawer and pulled out a bottle of strawberry scent oil. She then walk back over to Alex, grabbing a pair of scissors on the way and straddled him. He found out she was indeed naked under that robe. “I hope you are not to overly fond of this shirt,” she said looking at him in the eyes.

Alex shook his head no. “Liz what are doing,” he asked.

“I am going to help you relax so don’t worry about anything and just enjoy the feelings.” He was about to protest but Liz took the scissors and cut his shirt in half. That shut him up. She smiled as she leaned over to grab the oil that she had put on the bedside table.

She turned the bottle upside down and only squeezed a little out onto specific spots on his chest. The liquid was cold so Alex arched his back a little. Liz put the bottle down then proceeded to rub her hands over his chest in small circle movements. She was pressing with just enough pressure to give Alex the most sensual rub down ever.

Alex closed his eyes at the sensations she was invoking in him. She raked her fingernails down his chest and over his nipples which caused him to groan. She leaned her head down and purposely licked his nipple to taste the strawberry flavor. “Mmm, you taste yummy. I wonder what other parts of your body this would taste good on,” she said licking her lips.

“Liz what are you doing to me.” Liz’s hands made their way down to the top of his jeans. Alex went to grab her but the handcuffs stopped him. He was painfully aroused and Liz planned to make it even more painful before she released him.

She took her time with unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans then ever so slowly she pulled them down leaving him only in his boxers. She put more oil in her hand then reached in the slit of his boxers and grabbed his erection. Alex hissed when he felt the coolness of the oil touch the hotness of him. Liz slowly moved her hand up and down then rolled his sacks in between her hands coating him full of the oil. She could feel herself responding to what she was doing to Alex by how wet she was getting.

Alex tried to move his hands to grab her but was brutally reminded of the handcuffs when they cut into his wrists.

“Uh-uh Alex. I told you, you were only suppose to lay there and enjoy,” Liz said with an evil smirk on her face. She new she was working him up to the point of cumming but she wasn’t done relaxing him yet.

She pulled her hand away right when Alex felt he was going to combust and groaned in frustration. Liz kept her smile in place as she moved off of him. “Oh come on Liz,” Alex said begging but he really didn’t care.

Liz pulled his boxers off and stood at the foot of the bed to admire the view. The way she was raking her eyes over him and the wind that was coming in through the window made Alex much harder then he thought was possible. Liz saw this and couldn’t help climbing back on the bed to have a taste of him. With the strawberry flavor and the precum that was oozing out of the tip of him made Liz sigh like she was in heaven.

Alex too was sighing. He arched his hips wanting her to take more of him in to alleviate some of the pain/pleasure. Liz saw the obvious pain he was in and decided to have mercy on the poor boy. She untied her robe and put a condom on him before positioned herself above him.

Alex thought that she would at least uncuff him for this part but when she slid her wet center down his erection he knew he had thought wrong. “Oh god,” Alex said. Liz and he both closed their eyes in pleasure. Alex wanted to kiss Liz but she refused to cooperate with him and just locked eyes with him instead.

Liz used her leg and arm muscles to move up and down the length of Alex. She set a slow pace which didn’t satisfy Alex so he started moving his hips faster. She took the hint for the pace wasn’t satisfying her anymore then it was him.

They meet each other thrust for thrust never taking their eyes off one other. Their moans became louder as they neared the end. Liz put her hand in between their bodies and found her cilt. She began rubbing it and seeing this Alex cummed screaming her name with Liz following clenching her muscles milking him for everything he was worth.

The air smelled of sex and strawberries. Their bodies were covered in sweat cooling fast as the air came in through the window.

Alex was trying to catch his breath when Liz finally leaned forward and gave him a passionate kiss. He opened his mouth to allow her access to his tongue. She swept every crevice in his mouth before dancing with his tongue.

Alex tried to move his arms but was once again reminded of the handcuffs. “Uh Liz would you uncuff me now,” he asked.

Liz lifted her head from his chest. “I don’t think I want to. You can always be at my disposal and you look cute like this,” she said with a wicked smile.

Alex pouted his lower lip and turned sad puppy dog eyes on her. Liz saw this rolled her eyes and shook her head but got up to get the key in the drawer. When she returned and undid his cuffs Alex pounced on her knocking them off the bed and onto the floor. “Now that’s my Alex that I know,” Liz said. He was once again carefree of his responsibilities.

There was a knock on the door so Liz got up and pulled on her robe before answering. She paid no attention to Alex who was still naked on the floor when she pulled open the door. It was her dad.

Alex scrambled to pull the sheet off the bed to cover himself before Jeff saw him and his family jewels.

“Hey if you are finished in here could you come and help me downstairs. Maria is the only waitress and Michael is the only cook,” he said. He glanced at Alex, who looked ridiculous with his torn shirt and just a sheet, with amusement. “Hey Alex,” was all he said before disappearing down the hall and busting out laughing.

Liz turned to look at Alex while laughing. “That was not funny,” he said embarrassed realizing that his shirt was no longer intact. “Of all the people who could have seen this it had to be your dad. Why couldn’t you have waited until I was at least out of sight,” he rambled on while Liz continued to laugh her ass off.

She finally calmed down enough to say, “Relax, it’s not as if he didn’t know I was having sex with you.” Liz went to help him up but couldn’t help but cop a feel as she did.

“Hey,” Alex yelled. He started to get dressed as did Liz, who got him a shirt out of her closet, then they both went down to the café when they were finished.

When they got down there Maria was running around franticly while Nancy was working the counter and Michael and Jeff were behind the grill. “Alex could you bus tables for awhile,” Liz asked when she noticed that there were dirty dishes still on tables. Alex saluted then went to work.


Finally three hours after Alex and Liz had come downstairs the café was quite with only a few customers left. Liz refused to get up from the seat she was at to take anymore orders, Alex was lying in one of the empty booths, and Maria was watching both of them.

She had seen them come down from upstairs together and during the course of the three hours saw how much at ease Alex was. She would have had to been blind not to see the glow or goofy grin he had on his face to know that he had gotten laid. She had been thinking that after work she could go up and see Liz and maybe finish what they started but with Alex there she didn’t think she would be able to. Or would she?

“Whatcha thinking about,” Liz asked Maria.

Startled out of her thoughts Maria said, “Nothing, just thinking about how tired I am. I need a bath.”

“Your sure do blonde,” Michael said.

Before Maria could utter a reply Mr. Parker called them into the back. Liz watched them go but focused her eyes on Michael. There was something going on with him, Tess, Isabel, and Max. All four held an air about them that she couldn’t figure out.

“Hey can I talk to you,” Alex asked.

“About what,” Liz answered.

“Kyle.” She nodded her head and told her mom that they were going upstairs.


“So what about Kyle,” Liz asked once they were in the living room.

“Well after school I had an interesting conversation with him. Something along the lines of you and him at his house for a little late night swimming,” he said wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

“Oh that,” Liz said. “Why would he tell you?”

“Because he wanted to know if he could invite Tess to join you two.”

“Really. Do you think she would go for it?” Liz didn’t want to sound to happy but doing it this way she would be killing two birds with one stone.

“No,” was his reply.

Liz put a smile on her face then asked, “Would you join us then?”

Alex looked taken aback by that. He didn’t know if he was ready for something like that. “You said that I wouldn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to.”

“Key words being ‘if you don’t want to. I could make it worth your while if you say yes,” she said. She knew that he was going to say no that’s why she couldn’t wait until Julian got here. He would help her change his plus all the guys mind.

Alex didn’t want to be too hasty and say no but he didn’t think he was comfortable with the idea just yet. “How about I take a rain check.”

“Okay and I agree with you about Tess. I don’t think she is ready to be apart of a threesome. I would probably have to ease her into it.”

Before they could talk any further someone knocked on the door leading to the back of the Crashdown. When Liz opened the door Maria was on the other side.

“Hey Maria, come in,” Liz said. She was so not expecting Maria to come upstairs.

“Hey,” she said shyly sitting down next to Alex.

Alex raised his eyebrow to Liz who just shrugged her shoulders. “What are you doing here,” he asked.

“Well I was going to ask you the same thing,” she said.

“Hold on children,” Liz’s mom said from the doorway. “Liz I want to talk to you please.” Liz threw a glance at Alex before following her mom.

“Yeah mom?”

“Nothing sweetie, I just wanted to tell you that your father and I are going out for the evening and we are going to stay out late into the night. Your father is getting antsy for some fun so,” Nancy said.

Liz knew exactly what her mom meant by her dad getting antsy and needing some fun. This is why she knew Julian’s family would come. “Okay.”

“Also,” Nancy added. She also had seen Maria looking at Liz and Alex and knew what was going to happen. “Be gentle with her. I think you might scare her a little with how open you are with sex, alright?”

“Yes mother dear. I think as long as Alex is here she will be okay. Have fun tonight.” Nancy kissed her daughters cheek before leaving. Liz took a deep breath before headed back into the living room.

Alex had been talking to Maria quietly and soothingly. He didn’t know what was going to happen but when Liz came into the room without her mother or father in no sight he had a pretty good idea what Liz had planned.

“My parents left for the evening, something about not wanting to hang out with teens,” Liz said with a soft smile. She sat down on the side of Maria and looked to Alex. “So why did you come up here Maria?”

Maria wanted to tell her but wasn’t sure if Alex would go away or not and she wasn’t sure if she wanted him to. Taking a chance she said, “Well I was hoping to maybe finish what we had started last weekend.”

She said it all in one breath that Liz wasn’t sure she heard her right. Man the girl could talk. Not waiting for Alex Liz said, “Well Alex is here too and I don’t want to leave him out.”

Alex tried not to smile at her but said nothing. If Maria wanted something bad enough she would get it and if she wanted Liz and that meant taking him then she would.

Sighing to herself and not believing she was about to do this she said, “He could stay.”

Well this was not what neither were expecting but covering up Liz said, “Maria are you sure you want him to join us. Once you say yes you can’t back out, do you understand? You have to be comfortable or it won’t work.”

Thinking about everything Maria knew that she was taking a big risk. Saying no will keep her the girl she is but saying yes will change her. Did she want to stay the same with the wait of the world and aliens on her shoulders or did she want to change and have some fun. “I want to do this.”

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Hey guys, I am so sorry that this has taken so long but not only was it a hectic month but I got writers block. Anyway I hope you like the next part. Thanks for all the feedback and bumps.

Chapter 13

Alex was a little surprised that Maria agreed with so much, determination is the word that came to mind. He looked over to Liz who just smiled.

Even though Maria and Alex seemed calm Liz knew that they were both nervous. Hell her first threesome she was terrified so she knew how to calm them down and the living room wasn’t going to do that. She got up and held out both of her hands for them to take.

Alex did so without hesitation but Maria had to take a few deep breaths before she could get her limbs to work. Liz then led both of them to her room. She let go of their hands and went about lighting the candles that were around her room trying make it more comfortable for them.

It reminded Alex and Maria of the first time they had been with Liz. Alex relaxed at the familiarity of the situation. He knew exactly how this was going to happen. He and Liz had talked about it so that when Maria agreed to it they wouldn’t be awkward in their movements. He remembered what Liz told him. This was going to be exactly the same but instead of two people there was going to be three and what guy wouldn’t want to sleep with two beautiful women?

Maria was taking deep breaths trying to calm her nerves but everytime she would look at the bed they would flare up again. So doing the only thing she could think of that never failed to calm her down, she turned to Alex and brought his head down for a kiss.

Alex was so stunned that he didn’t respond at first. Maria pulled away and felt herself start to calm down. She smiled up at him and said, “Thanks I needed that.”

Liz had watched the scene and knew that it would be a little less tense of a situation since Maria had taken the initiative. She walked over to them getting behind Maria and signaled to Alex to kiss her while she kissed her neck. As much as she needed Alex to relax she needed Maria to relax even more.

Alex leaned his head down and ever so gently pressed his lips against Maria’s. Her lips were soft and luscious. He dragged his tongue along her bottom lip asking for permission to enter which she granted. He delved his tongue deep in her mouth searchingly, causing a small sigh from Maria.

While Alex was busy with Maria, Liz went to work on the back of her neck. She ever so lightly ran her tongue across her neck causing the blonde to shiver. Liz then pulled back and blew lightly before kissing her shoulder and neck.

Alex broke the kiss and copied Liz’s movements moving down to suck on her neck and shoulder. Each of them found the sensitive spot on her neck sucking and licking it. Maria let a whimper escape her lips while she closed her eyes. Whatever they were doing to her she didn’t want them to stop.

Liz pulled away while Alex and her switched positions. Now she was standing in front of Maria looking at her swollen kissed lips. She dipped her head down while Alex kissed her neck. Maria gasped as she felt the change in the kiss. This was much softer and feminine and the kisses being spread around her neck were a little harder rougher.

Liz moved her hands to the edge of Maria’s shirt and pulled it up. As she was doing this Alex ran his hands over her bare stomach up to the breast. Before he could do anymore though Maria switched places and now he was in the middle facing Liz.

She pulled his head down just as Maria started to unbuckle his jeans and slipped her hand in and wrapped it around his erection. Alex felt he was on sensory overload. He was trying to focus on Liz and kissing her but Maria’s hands were to distracting.

Liz sensing his dwindling attention from her joined her hand with Maria’s and smiled at the look of ecstasy on Alex’s face. Both girls pumped their hands up and down causing a little precum to spill forth.

“If you don’t stop I’m not going to make it,” Alex said in a strained voice while struggling to remain standing. Liz removed both of their hands, she didn’t want him finishing before anything was done. Maria moved to take his shirt off trailing kisses along his skin as she went.

Alex moved his hands to Liz shirt and took it off throwing over his shoulder. Maria switched her kisses to Liz and plundered her mouth with her tongue. Alex stepped back to watch two of his favorite girls kiss and caress each other.

Maria’s breathing increased when she felt Liz unbutton her jeans pulling them down. Liz helped her out of her pants making sure she kept her panties on. She felt Alex watching them and she wanted to try something, knowing that it would probably make Maria and him blush. “Alex take you pants off,” she commanded still holding on to Maria.

Alex didn’t question Liz and he took his jeans off leaving only his boxers on. “Off with the boxers too,” she told him. Maria watched with wide eyes as Alex got naked and saw that underneath the dorky clothes Alex was all man! Liz wanted to laugh at the way Maria was looking at Alex like he was her last meal.

Once Alex was naked Liz turned Maria around so she was facing with Maria’s back to Liz’s front and Alex was a few steps in front of Maria. Liz whispered in Maria’s ear to trust her then kissed her on her neck while her hands went to cup the blonde’s breast.

Alex groaned, along with Maria, as he watched Liz pinch Maria’s nipples rolling them in between her forefinger and thumb.

“Now Alex I want you to do the same thing to yourself,” Liz said. Her and Maria’s breath hitched as he, with no hesitation touched his nipples and copied what she was doing. Liz turned Maria and herself to the side so Alex could see them both. She bent down and tasted the other girls nipple pulling it in between her teeth.

Maria threw her head back in pleasure pushing her breast further into the brunette’s mouth. Alex swallowed and looked on as one of his fantasies played out before his eyes. Maria saw the look of wonder on her best friend’s face and decided to start playing an active more role in this. She brought her hand up to cup the other girls breast doing what Liz had done earlier to her. Liz hissed her pleasure. They both continued fondling each other trying to bring the other one pleasure and causing Alex’s heartbeat to do triple time.

Liz looked over at Alex and leaned into Maria’s ear and whispered once again. Maria turned to face Alex while Liz stood behind her. They continued to look in his direction as both of them stripped their panties off. Liz’s hands went from Maria’s neck to over her breast pinching her nipples down her stomach to her glistening curls. Alex licked his lips wanting to taste her.

Liz stroked Maria lightly eliciting her to moan out loud wanting more. Liz complied when she parted her slick folds slipping her finger in. Liz felt the blonde’s juices dripping on her hand as she added another finger causing herself to get even wetter then what she was.

Liz looked to Alex when she heard a groan and saw the envy in his eyes. “Alex I want you to touch yourself for us,” she said. Maria had her eyes riveted to Alex’s hand as he moved it down to his erection. Both girls held their breath as he wrapped his own hand around his arousal and slowly started pumping up and down.

Maria started moving her hips in time with Alex’s hand trying to alleviate the ache she had deep within her but she didn’t want Liz to be left out. Liz moved her hand in and out to Alex’s hand. She was surprised when Maria pulled her to the side sliding her own fingers into her own wet passage.

At the same time Liz and Maria turned to look at Alex who was still pumping his hand. All three locked eyes bringing their pleasure to new heights. Maria and Liz’s hands started to go faster as Alex’s stopped to watch. Maria and Liz both threw their heads back and screamed as the reached their peek together.

Maria sagged on Liz who led her over to the bed and laid her down. Liz looked over to Alex and lifted her hand inviting him on the bed with them. They both looked down at his massive erection which was bordering on painful to him. Maria smiled and brought him over her.

Liz watched on trying to figure out if Maria would let Alex break her of her virginity. “Maria do you want Alex inside you,” she questioned.

Maria looked to Liz then Alex and saw understanding in both their eyes if she decided not to let him. But she wanted him to so she said, “Yes.”

Alex looked relieved and Liz was beaming with pride. Liz reached over into her bedside table and pulled out a condom. Maria watched her open it and glide it over Alex’s erection, but not before Liz had a taste of the precum that was dripping from it.

Alex groaned but it got swallowed up by Liz who let him taste himself. Maria grabbed Alex’s arousal and guided it to her center. Liz told Alex to go slow and went to the side of Maria petting her hair back. Alex inched slowly into her stopping every so often to let Maria get use to him. When he got to her barrier he looked to Liz who turned Maria’s face to her. She leaned in to kiss her as Alex broke threw her virginity.

Maria cried out in pain but it was swallowed by Liz who took the blonde’s attention away from the pain. Once the pain subsided Maria and Liz looked to Alex who was sweating with the effort it took to not just move. Maria kissed Liz one last time before turning her attention on Alex and moved her hips. Alex popped his eyes open thanking god that he could finally move. He thrust into her slowly still let her get use to him.

Maria and Alex both looked at Liz who was getting wetter by the second just watching. Maria pulled her to where she was hovering over her face. She peaked out her tongue causing Liz to cry out in shock and pleasure. Alex’s head bent down to pull her nipples into his mouth.

Liz pulled Alex’s head up to plunge her tongue into his mouth. Maria was driving her crazy licking and pulling her. Alex thrust his hips faster in Maria with her meeting him every step of the way.

Alex was close to the edge so he squeezed his hand in between their bodies and found her special bundle of nerves. Maria went over the edge as soon as he touched it. The combination of her breath, tongue and vibrations of when she yelled out caused Liz to go over the edge. With both of them over the edge Alex let go and let his seed spill into Maria.

Liz and Alex moved onto either side of Maria so they wouldn’t crush her. Still trying to catch her breath Maria said the first thing that came to her mind. “Wow.”

“Agreed,” Alex and Liz said at the same time.

Liz pulled her blanket up to cover them. When they finally go settled Maria was already in a deep sleep. Liz looked to Alex and smiled.

“One down and five more to go,” Alex said. Liz leaned over to kiss him before they too fell into a peaceful sleep.


Friday came and went with not much happening except the planning of getting Kyle which Liz and Alex didn’t spend much time on so when Saturday came around they spent it making out.

Afternoon came around and Liz and Alex were coming down the stairs together. Maria saw them and smiled with a knowing glint in her eye. She didn’t know anything about Liz’s plan to ‘loosening them up’ so therefore she had no idea that Liz was going on a date with Kyle. Like she had done with Alex at first, Liz and he had promised her that they wouldn’t tell anyone about what they had done or were doing.

Liz smiled back at Maria and followed Alex to a booth. When they were seated in the semi-crowed café she came over to take their orders. “Hey, what’s going on?”

“Not much, just wasting the day,” Liz said.

“Can I get you anything,” she asked. They ordered their food and it was brought out a few minutes later by her but instead of leaving Maria sat down next to Alex.

Alex just looked at her eating his fries. “Don’t you have a job to do,” he said pointing at the other customers. She just brushed them off with her hand and mumbled around the food she was eating about being on her break.

Swallowing the food in her mouth Maria asked, “So what are we doing tonight.”

It was a good thing that Alex was sitting beside her because he visibly blanched. Liz though didn’t and answered, “Well I don’t know about you two but I have some things that need to be taken care of so you are on your own.”

“What things,” Maria asked letting her curiosity take over.

“Personal things,” Liz said in a voice that said drop it. Maria took the hint. “I have an idea for you two though,” Liz exclaimed. When she had their attention she said, “Why don’t you two spend the night together.”

Alex had been looking for something to do while Liz was with Kyle but he didn’t know what until Liz had spoken those words. Maria looked thoughtful. Did she want to spend the night without someone or with Alex. Making up her mind she said, “That’s a great idea. Why don’t you come over to my house around seven. Mom my is out of town tonight plus she will be happy that Alex is staying with me so I’m not alone.”

“Alright.” Like Alex was going to say no.

Maria went back to work a few minutes later with Alex’s eyes following her. Liz noticed this and could clearly read the expression he had on his face. He wanted to tell Maria of what they were doing. He didn’t want to keep a secret like this from her and her find out that she wasn’t the only one he or Liz was sleeping with. He turned to Liz and spoke looking straight into her eyes. “I think we should tell Maria of what we are doing with the others and herself.”

Liz raised an eyebrow at him. She should have known this was going to happen. She sighed and mentally rolled her eyes before answering him. “We can’t.”

“Why? She has a right to know what we are doing and I bet once she got over the initial shock she would be a big help,” he said hoping to convince her.

Looking him straight in the eyes and using her voice that always got people to back off of something she said, “We can’t. Like you said, she would be shocked at first and I don’t feel like dealing with a shocked Maria. Plus knowing her she would accidentally slip up and say something. Also the less people that know about this the better it doesn’t get out of hand.” She said that part knowing it to be true. Anyway like she said to him before, she thought that knowing this group of diverse people they would all find out on their own.

Alex slumped down in the booth defeated. He knew that she was right and Maria would slip up and say something eventually. “You’re right.”

“Besides it would ruin the fun of us two,” she said knowingly.

“You do know that it is a good thing that I am not the jealous type,” Alex replied. He did like it just being them that knew but he still felt guilty when he looked at his friends and knew how they were getting played. Oh well.

Liz looked at the clock and saw that it was time to start getting ready for her date with Kyle. “You want to come upstairs and help me pick out an outfit.”

“You are going swimming. How hard is it to pick out a swimming outfit. Anyway if you show up in a garbage can Kyle will still want you because he knows you are naked underneath,” he commented.

“God, I forget that you are just like a guy. Come on,” Liz said pulling Alex out of his seat. They said goodbye to Maria and went upstairs to pick out the prefect bathing suit.

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Hey guys,

I am so sorry that it is taken me so long but I kinda hit a road block and can't seem to force myself through it*sad*. I do have three pages in word written but I'm stumped. So I am not going to update until after the move. Hopefully by then I will be through this. And just to let you know after Kyle, Julian will be coming to Roswell*big*. Thanks for all the feedback and bumps.