posted on 15-Nov-2002 4:37:06 PM
Summary : some one's watching Max Evans
R rated I think
oh come on people!" I yell at my 7 year old brother.reminds me of this evening when those dumb cable movies show on the tele ....Dennis the Menance was on .....yeah you catch the relation?..... my older brother's in lead pursue of that little toenail dragger I call my baby brother.....not much differerence between Darren and me, 4 years max....but he still follows me around good thing though...I'm the level headed one...malls are such a drag when you have to stay 3 hours max with your rake hell brothers where consequently the reason for us to be there in the first place would be moms 'new job' well first job to be exact since dad left .....she follwed up an advertising agency snagged the job from a lady who called her self the queen maker...yeah right....well you get the picture she'/s here as a promoter for some what's- it's- name-whoist-cared- to- create -it-product....and since she was doing that for three days from 8 to 11 p.m. we were there officially there to support her since some I-get-the-idea vile people say kids always leave there parents the moment there ready to drive a cruiser over the nieghbours lawn......I don't think so I tell em not us were here or where ever we are right now to stay with mom....and exceptionally dad too at times....but the place is posh ...packed I make sure I'm in with all the right accessories on...nice thin red lacy scarf over a deep red shirt hippie jeans....soft looking sandals the type type that don't attract attention you dig? I hate the loud cloppy sounding types...but there upraised and unbalanced I get tired chasing Rick around the fancy arcade selling electronics...the little devil tells me I can't get tired I've been sitting around for a while on one of those empty snack booths.....yep....easy for him to say not the one whos gonna go to man the receptionist area newly charted to me in my office...nope and I do mean I admire myself over the performance I give the job being only 18....yep it's good to be grown up sometimes....people call me madame, miss and the's good to hear ...yeah ...yeah ....I did notice some ..can I say interesting people that came around while we were sitting thinking who sold us the idea of hitting hammers on our feets ..... "some people have all the lux" I tell tell Darren he grins Lux would be short for dig?....I heard some one say that...and it's kind of funny....because I find repeating myserlf all the time....a couple walks over with a screaming a fit to wake up Abraham Lincolin from his grave and slap a policy on em 1 year old it's a she and she's got unruly air with big eyes and a gaping mouth .....the womans kind of older looking than the man I havent seen him clearly yet....he';s loading the screaming kid in a penny ride the one that gives those cute but silly nursery rymes ...I don't get what good it does they start yapping sobs the minute it gets over......he's robbust looking with a cigarette burning ....I like him our eyes meet his eyes aren't shinning there magnetic...I like him I really do...his features are't really rough but he's a man not worm thin dark hair intrense eyes...yeah yeah ....just the combination I like I go back to the time our eyes meet the fraction of a sceond I won't's not like I look every person in the eye.....he's one of the rare population ....I really think the womans kind of old....for a moment I wonder if they even are a couple....prollly but lets not pay attention to that......he's still smoking the kids stll crying, the woman still looks old and our eyes meet again as he gets settled on the table next to whic case little Rick is beginning to piss me off with his let's go-and-I-don't-think-your-tired rapping on the table....moms a few hundered metres from us with all the rest of the stallers.....
he's staring...I suddeny straighten up yep! I'm not tired anymore...but theres something about the way he's staring....the way he's smoking....he's gets up and walks away time slows down I get up along with my brthers tell them to go bother anyone else but mom and stay in the harry potter's pricey selction of staiotionaery and silly toys...I walk around a little aimlessly and am startled to see him ont he other side of the aisle watching me....oh yeah...dar intense eyes...smoker..."some people have all the lux"

posted on 17-Nov-2002 10:41:40 AM
what anya you don't expect Schmaltzy people like Pierce to hang around malls do you?
what took you so long
what took you all night
what took you forever to see I'm right
you know I treat you so good
I make you feel fine
whatever took you so long to see I'm right
no no no
that songs playing on the radio since the last 10 minutes we've been driving I like it ...seems he does too becuase he hasn't changed the station in the last five minutes...I thjink I'm nervous he doesn't look over at me while driving and it's getting kinda creepy I have to tell you I've never been in such situations before ...I've liked older men but never been with any before....."where are we going?"
"some where alone" he replies quietly still keeping his eyes on the road.....some where alone.......I looked out the winmdow up at the night sky beautiful night.....nights are always beautiful.....and I notice we're getting out of reach of civilization over here...not to sound corny or anything but I'm getting worried a little......his jaw is strong and I reach over tracing a smooth finger over it he startles me by looking back at me unsurprised "what's wrong?"
"I..." how would he know?
"where are we going?"
it's then that he looked over at me with this oh- great- she's- hullucinating- smile "you're too worried ...relax do as I say and you'll be fine"
I gape at him not that what he said wasn't true but god forbid didn't he atleast notice I did come along with him becuase I was actually going to do what he said already......
"ok" I'm not sure if its the best reply but it's all I can say I don't want any trouble ....I'm a moron amn't I hah now I think this wasn't such a good idea.....when we reach the destination of his choice seemingly byt eh large smile he had on his face it was easy to abandoned building ? no it was a building in the middle of contruction the outside was completely done nice balconies and all but it was still held in scaffolds and it hadn't been painted yet...hey!!!I tell my self I know this buliding we passed it one too many times while going to my school....for my exam results...I used to think looking at it if some one fell off the last last floor would they die?..... he slams shut the door I'm already out and the place really does seem lonely ......"I know this sounds kind of funny.....but I don't even know your name" he's amused ..I thought he would be so he tells me his name is "Max" leaning against the trunk of his car he pulled out another cigarette lighted it and after taking a long swig he asked me my name...
to be continued