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Silent Nights

"Father, Are you ready?"
Yes….. yes I am , Where is the bride?! He asked frantic.
Right here…………Liz? Come out from behind me we can't get married like that.
Ah, your so small my child, come on now both of you best get started. He led the way followed by David and Liz bringing up the rear pausing in mid steps to view her surroundings.
Father Benz paused in the hallway of the church and turned around to David, "do you have any rings?"
David looked up at the priest warily, then searched his coat pockets as if one could appear magically, since he knew he didn't have any.
"Uh…… I have one". Father Benz and David turned and looked at the meek young girl who held up a small plain silver ring attached to her chain. Ummmmm , Liz swallowed a lump in her throat before saying "he, he….. gave it to me". It sounded like a whispered prayer filled with numbing pain.
The priest looked bewildered and exchanged glances with David. They were waiting for her to burst out crying because quite honestly she looked ready to break a dam, but still when she looked up her eyes shone with a dull light no tears, maybe she was too tired to cry or didn't have any tears left either way. Liz wasn't sure what kept her from sobbing and taking down the walls around with her. Did she feel like taking down walls no scratch that she felt like going to the end of the earth and screaming her lungs out till her larynx failed.
There was a sigh from one of the men, Liz wasn't sure who but Pierce was standing over her in a second, she was still holding the chained ring up. Pierce looked some what impassive and tired giving her a weak smile he said "one will have to do"
His hands moved magically across her neck leaned over took the chain off and brushed her shoulder Liz shook slightly , even while wearing a leather jacket. Michael's only jacket she thought.
Her attention went back to what Pierce was doing , he had removed the her chain and taken off the ring with it.
It was pure silver with small carvings, she had let him take it and with it he took the promises of her and Max' s Destiny together, away.
Liz once thought if some one took it away from her she'd surely die but she was wrong death and life alike wouldn't come or stay with her.
Pierce and father Benz were talking and Pierce really looked tired his age was starting to show, he rubbed his forehead and gestured to the far door of the church, the priest nodded and left them alone.
Pierce had his back to Liz it seems minutes had passed by he didn't turn around and face her. Liz looked around herself the silence was deafening there was no one in the church but them, father Benz hadn't been prepared for them. It wasn't exactly a happily planned wedding. Pierce had called him from his cars cell phone and he'd shook awake Liz 2:am in the night sounding anxious the priest told them to come immediately. it was obvious that father Benz was well known to Pierce since he didn't ask them any strange questions.
The hall had on soft crystal amber lights overhead and glowing fake candle indentation lights to the sides of the wall there were no air conditioners in the church Liz noticed but she was still cold the air smelled faintly of incense complete with a carved and decorated arch to make it seem like both a church and wedding chapel. The whole setting was almost beautiful. Liz thought back to a time when Max had given her the ring Pierce just took off indeed it had a large weight of sentiment attached to it.
They had been dating for months. 3 or 4 seemed like a long time we've known each other maybe it was because they had been completely honest about their lives to each other omitting nothing wrongs rights and love alike. Max had given her this ring Liz sighed while they were walking outside the crash down Max had surprised her by turning up., she'd gotten off late then Max drove her out into the desert he'd placed his hand over his heart and her head the vision that surrounded her was more than a beautiful it was nothing any one else could have imagined thier own wedding as.

Max and Liz were walking down the aisle hands cllasped together climbing marble steps leading up to the hall with a connected doorway.

Finally Father marched back into the room wearing his robe with woman behind him Liz couldn't really tell how old she was at first she had the bluest eyes and the whitest hair seen before, but didn't have too many wrinkles or creases around her eyes but her eyes seemed very wise she nodded to her and Pierce and gestured at the Priest to proceed.

Liz turned around away from all of them call it intuition or maybe her senses were just hieghtened at the moment but she knew Pierce had finally turned around, for a mooment Liz considered turning around and running.

"Liz", its time.................Pierce still sounded anxious

Run away and never rreturn Liz thought , but she still turned around automatically like a machine on a command and took a step forward.
Pierce held out his hand again to Liz it appeared as it were magic, she stared at the out stretched hand and then up at pierce he seemed yet again impassive but when she finally raised her hand to his he didn't feel cold as she thought he'd be
And niether were his eyes as cool and sharp as always they just seemed very blue………..Pierce tugged Liz along forward to the small chapel the woman that had arrived with Father Benz gave Pierce a ring it was plain gold ring with a small cross on it.
Max had given Liz his hand then in their vision together he had said some thing very strange then " you and I have forever"
"Thank you sister" The nun smiled paused and patted Pierce on his shoulder, then she made a series of gestures with her hands towards Liz seemingly she was mute.
Pierce knew what she was saying "Yes, yes she is isn't she?"
He sighed then as the nun went and sat in one of the benches behind them.
"We needed a witness" he told Liz. She shrugged
The Priest cleared his throat and they both turned to him Pierce still had her hand in his as the priest started the ceremony. it came to her that perhaps it had seemed strange to her now more than at that night because he wasn't there any more none of them were. They were broken promises not inadvertly hollow just broken, its strange how people never stop to think that tomorrow might actually not come in the wave of their own plans for their lives. She and Max hadn't
If some one thinks this man, a pause and this woman should not be married let them speak now or let them hold their speech forever.
Do you David pierce take Liz Parker to be your lawfully wedded wife?
"I do"
you were wrong max you and I don't have forever , will never have forever ever again. She thought
And do you Liz Parker take David Pierce to be you lawfully wedded husband?
He was asking the wrong question Liz thought he should ask whether I have a choice or not. But then again it was irrelevant a formality because her options were none. so her choices were none
She could say no or die , dying wasn't an option her free hand went up to her abdomen and rested there
"Life and death alike"
She closed her eyes and prayed she wouldn't throw up and an image of Max played in front of her he was smiling his worlds were swirling in her mind like a never ending chant. "Don't say you can't, Don't say you won't, just do it"!
"I do"
and suddenly like a mirror the image just broke into pieces and faded away.
"I know pronounce you man and wife"
Liz opened her eyes Pierce had left her side and gone over to the priest and was busy signing some papers. it was done
Liz turned around and slowly made her way outside the hall alone.

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They hadn't been in the church for too long maybe 20 minutes 30 minutes because Liz saw that Pierces car was still running without the headlights. she tried the handle it was unlocked no sooner than she had gotten in Pierce appeared at her side and slammed the door shut. He looked over at her before starting the car and stated professionally "You're no longer the official property of the US government (a pause) I don't think they should come after you now, Liz"
They pulled out of the church's lot……….Liz didn't know whether to be happy or insanely sad she was technically free. But inside she felt tangled in hundered several strongholds. it was like one of those nightmares in which no matter how hard you kicked screamed or cried there was no escape .It reminded her that she used to think the only time she could feel that trapped would be in her history assignments.
They'd been driving for an hour in silence now Liz had been wanting to ask him a while long. "Will they have graves?" her voice was hoarse she hadn't used it much in these two days.
Pierce didn't look at her as they kept driving on the deserted road, her kept his eyes focused at the road ahead as if he were waiting for some one to jump on them any second. His jaw tightened it appeared like he was clenching his teeth. At first Liz thought he wouldn't answer her but after what seemed like several minutes were only seconds before he said.
"The Whitman's and Mrs. Deluca have been returned their children's bodies." ."My parents? this time his answer was immediate, "they've all ready been buried" She felt a little comfort at that.
Liz took a long pause before asking him "What about the Max Michael and Isabelle?"
He took a deep breath his voice no longer professional "Maybe…………… I don't know". She knew he meant that was a NO, it didn't surprise her how could they possibly let the bodies go until they've cut all of them into several pieces and inspected each and every dimension of there bodies.
Oh god Liz thought they were going to cut her Max up even take his heart out. Suddenly Liz felt a convulsing sensation and knew if she looked into a mirror she'd be green she put her hand on her stomach Liz had almost forgotten that she was in the morning sick ness stage the sky had brightened a little it must be around 4 or 5 Am in the morning
"pull over" Liz whispered to him but he seemed deep in thought and didn't hear her.
"Pull over" she cried a little shrilly Pierce looked over at her surprised "Pardon me"?
"Pull over I'm going to be sick" she cried, Pierce immediately swerved the car to one side raising a small cloud of dust with it.
Liz struggled with the door managed to get it open finally stumbled on to the desert ground fell to her knees and threw up almost every thing or if anything she'd had in the last two days .
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you guys I was meaning to ask you something though it wont really change the story but still I want a serious opinion
you think Pierce should be the bad guy in this fic or a good guy!!
and give me a reason it!!!!!!!!!!!
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Pierce drove deeper into nothingness for the life of her Liz couldn't under stand why he lived out in the middle of nowhere but didn’t bother to ask him. The taste of her mouth was acid like she tried not swallowing and breathing more the air conditioner in the car was on full because Pierce insisted she had a fever.
Finally the car came to a stop a Liz slowly looked out the window it seemed they were at one end of Roswell. it was still a little dark though Liz had been right the time on the dashboard showed 5:10 AM. Pierce seemed to have dissapeared from the drivers side, he then he poked his head back in "come out Liz".
She came out and stared around his house wasn't very large since he was the only one living in it so far. it looked strangely normal even for Pierce. Liz had forgotten in the admist all of this madness that pierce must be a little human like everyone else too.
He walked ahead of her and expected her to follow since he obviously didn't wait for her. Liz didn't see him put a key in the lock but he must have because he was already inside Liz stood on the front porch and stared out side once again the rest of the town seemed miles from here, feeling slightly dizzy she tucked a strand of hair behind her left ears as It swayed in front of her from the soft breeze. She would have stood there unless pierce hadn't come into the doorway frame. He leaned his back against it. "I didn't bring you here to stay outside miss- I mean Liz".
She walked inside he hadn't moved from his previous position except he was looking up at the ceiling and the door was still open. It must be the hall Liz thought with a small coffee table, with lamp shade like lights a Tv at the far end and a fairly large refrigerator. There was a small side table next to one of the sofa's it had a picture on it she went close to it and picked up the frame and was staring at an old picture of a woman in her mid 30 probably his mother because She and Pierce looked a lot like each other except for his nose how strange she thought Pierce had a mother like any one else and when Max had been kidnapped by him she felt he was totally unhuman.. The picture now changed and she was staring at her own mother her vision blurred by tears. she would have almost dropped the frame unless he spoke up …………..
"You're safe here Liz" his voice was eerily calm almost hypnotic as if he expected her to believe him.
"And I'm suppose to trust you?!" her voice sounded shrill and accusing he look down at her and smiled one his annoying cryptic smiles at her "no Liz you shouldn't have to do anything you don't want to".
Liz turned had wiped the tears away but knew that her eyes would be red her anger grew as she looked at him again…..
To be continued……..

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"Oh and I suppose you're going to give me a choice huh?!" He didn't say anything and continued to stare at her, Liz felt her anger boil this time he went over to the other end of the room that had a clothes rack and removed his coat put it on he was laughing a low throaty laugh and shook his head, after taking his tie off he proceeded to unbutton his shirt halfway then went to the kitchen.and brought back a bottle of alcohol filled 1/3rd of a small clear glass he took a sip and looked back at Liz she looked like she was ready to pounce on him, Why shouldn't she right now she felt like hitting him slapping him shaking him violently why couldn't be a little human for gods sake?!
"Liz I think you should be tired so go up stairs to bed, I set up an appointment with the doctor for an exam to see how you're doing so far" he continued to sip his drink and then did something she'd never expected him to do not hat she ever thought about it but he ran his hands through his hair he obviously used gel and now It was wearing off his appearance was now a little disheveled if she wasn't so mad she'd say he was handsome so handsome and human like that it was evil. Liz felt like her anger was radiating in large heat waves across her skin and suddenly had a crazy thought that Pierce was controlling her mind somehow, she'd never let that happen. Never!!!
"It's your fault!!!!" She finally exploded, he looked up in surprise at her from his glass "Excuse me?".
"He would have been alive….she gulped as the tears spilled across her face………. they all would have been if you never showed up here!!!!!" Pierce stood up as Liz staggered she really did feel dizzy.
"Liz, lets not do this right now" His voice was gentle fake no doubt she thought her mind became a churning volcano that erupted every millisecond.
"What's your plan Pierce huh?" , why am I here?!!! What is it I'm married to you know so what you're going to rape me now?!!! Huh am I your whore now is that it answer me bastard!!!!!! Her voice was so loud that the dead would rise up from the graves to see who was making such an unholy noise.
Liz had never seen any one expression change as fast as Pierces did his flashed ad he no longer wore a smile Liz didn't even have time to be terrified as he got up and threw the glass aside it exploded into several small pieces her eyes never left the glass, Pierce had proceeded to lock the door and pull the shades over the windows ,the hall seemed darkened when he turned around and looked at Liz he looked more than evil he looked demon like with burning eyes .Liz backed up against a wall as he came closer she would have screamed but she felt frozen.

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Liz backed up so far that she hit the wall, She'd never known anyone more taller and intimidating than Michael Guerin and could have sworn that Pierce was a foot over Michael and 10 times more intimidating then ever. He stared into her eyes placidly, bent one arm and leaned it on the wall and lightly touched her face it was more like a caress. Liz found it was difficult to look anywhere but into his eyes his lips were a thin white line, Should she scream no one could possibly hear her from this far and, would he hit her??? there were a thousand possibilities running through her mind.
"First things first Miss Parker I don't go any where uninvited" Pierces voice had that old professional touch again Then he fastened a hand on her shoulder, Liz shuddered violently he was too close she could even smell his cologne for some reason it never seems to wear off. His face came so close that she saw his eyes were a deep sea blue and there was no light in them.
"second…..I have no plan yet (he spoke putting pressure on the word plan) … your safe that’s all you need to know…… for now." He was about to touch her face again but his hand fell to his side and he took a few steps away from her.
Again Pierce ran both hands through his hair and turned around away from her "Like I said Liz, lets not do this right now your in no condition and I'm too tired right now so go up stairs and get in bed you need your rest….(A pause) "its not going to be easy but lets try to forgive and forget……."
Liz hadn't known she'd been holding her breath her voice shook from the brief encounter but she still had her pride "You wouldn't forgive your mother Pierce" she let the breath out.
His head turned to a side but didn't turn around completely "I didn't know my mother Miss Parker" Liz felt slightly taken aback ad a familiar sadness seeped through her.
I think its fair for you to know that I'm no longer in the special unit I resigned a month ago after your Boyfr-.. before Max escaped..They didn't need my services any longer……and I didn't need there's his voice was faintly soft as if he were remembering something painful. He sighed for the hundredth time and his shoulders sagged "I'm really tired Liz ….just go upstairs." He didn't say anymore or look at her as he took the bottle of alcohol and went to an adjacent room. Leaving Liz alone in the hall. She sobbed the idea of being alone always scared her though she had been alone since 24 hours ago. Liz fought against thinking about it but resolve was breaking her friends were dead her only true love and her baby's father was dead even her parents All of them died to keep me and our baby alive "Oh god" Liz never took gods name in vain but now it just hit her she was alone probably for ever. She slid down the wall she'd been standing against such a long time the door locked and shades drawn Liz started to sob that was all she could do

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She stopped after what seemed like only minutes but were actually an hour later Pierce still hadn't come out of that room so Liz got up determined to unmask whatever plot He was devising against her and her baby. Besides she had promised Max she'd take care of both their child and herself no matter what happened……… she couldn't let any of them down after the sacrifices they had made for her.
While going upstairs Liz trailed her arm along the stair case wondered if she should just disregard any promises she had made to her dead family, it came to her that she always used to muse that friends and family were different but now so many things changed not to mention death involved all of them in its vicious plan .But Liz was wrong friends and family are together the same because they are the only people you have really known well the people you see everyday, fight with, share secrets, kiss good bye and hello…….give promises. they were just the same and so much more than a family but she couldn't think of a word to describe all of them. But now since all of them were dead should she forget about the promises? the sacrifices? the pain? and run about like a mad woman through the desert shredding her last remnant of dignity left reminiscing about her lost love and friends forget that she was going to have a child that really needed her attention not to mention that They knew enough about nothing as to what this pregnancy will amount to when Liz came running to The others with the news early one morning. The only frightening thing more than any FBI agent had been her parents. Max thought it was a better idea to tell her own parents first she'd agreed to get the worst behind them before proceeding any further not that Max's parents would have been proud of there son for it either.
Liz was perched at the top of the stairs she'd counted them they were a whole 29, there was a room to the left and a window next to it but she was still and smiled tearlessly remembering that her father had been absolutely livid. When he found out they were all there Michael, Isabelle, Alex, Maria looking frightfully at both Liz's parents and at Her and Max .They were there for moral support but most probably so that Jeff Parker wouldn't actually get up and kill Max, her mother had been disappointed Liz was 3 weeks pregnant by then she'd found out about in while still in the first week they'd debated for days on whether or not to tell them or to share their secret about their non human status with their parents.

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Michael of course had a memorable reaction as always he'd acted impulsive angry and some what patronizing and she'd absolutely hated him for that but now Liz had a feeling he was every bit as scared for max and her as he'd been for his own skin. Isabelle looked sympathetic and kept asking her if she was all right. Alex looked a little disappointed in her for "bad judgement" but had been interrupted of lecturing her on morals because others had agreed we'd get a lot of it from our own parents. in time, but mostly supported both equally and Maria had been kept giving Max the evil eye but supported Liz in every way possible
And then there was Kyle………… it was an awkward moment he hadn't known about Max being and alien some how she had found strength to tell him about their predicament alone at the end of his football practice he'd looked angry but didn't say anything hurt full only he went up to Max in the basket ball court one day grabbed his collar saying "Always take care of her……..or else I will hunt you down and kill you."
It wasn't as if he and Max were any more friendly then they had been the day before but he didn't purposely pick a fight with him or for that matter talk to her at all it wasn't really like was avoiding her just as if he didn't know what to say to her except "how are you doing" or "take care of your self" once in a while. Amongst rest of the group royal bitch Tess had been the last to find out Liz had taken to call her "bitch Tess" scratch that she'd thought of her as "royal bitch Teresa"
Since she couldn't call her a witch very publicly, but her reaction had been so different from every one else's, Liz expected Tess to shriek a riot per minute or hurt her but when Liz gave her an only passing glance, Tess's expression was almost unreadable zombie like, ineffective, she stood still as a statue and then came towards Max and Liz saying a simple "Congratulations Max, Liz" and quietly left the rock quarry in her own car. She didn't see her cry but knew she must have as soon as she'd gotten far away Liz could almost feel her agony riding waves through hot desert winds, Her own compassion swept through Liz really felt sorry for her and had some how came to mutually respect her and discovered that her and Kyle's reaction were much the same.
There silence was broken by another debate whether or not to tell there parents the whole group decided it would be wise if they didn’t tell anyone anything about their non human status because then they'd have to tell their parents about the kidnapping, Nacedo, the white room as well as Pierce and as far they knew either's parents would freak out and wouldn't let them see each other again ever for fear their daughter would die in the way of love. It wasn't as if they were getting married any time soon.
"Married?" Liz looked at the cordial wedding band Pierce had slipped on her unknown to her, and sighed straightening up she went to open the door not expect the sight that greeted her.

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Black Satin sheets on a black framed bed dark walls and closets it looked like a regular Angeles hangout Liz shuddered to think about what ever happened in this room the window in this room for some reason had bars on it. The hall down stairs was neat but not as elegant and darkish like the room up stairs it was beckoning, fascinating at the same time a little frightening to be in alone. Liz went to the bed and touched it sure enough it was satin and the bed was soft but she didn't really feel sleepy even if she'd been up since 24 hours ago. Liz had a feeling that the only time she'd actually sleep was when she was tired of not being able to sleep. There were soft pink colored dressers by either sides of the bed. She felt some how paranoid that the room had been darkened purposely but she noticed a dial switch next to the window turning it up bright light filtered out into the room too bright she thought turning the dial slightly to the left.
There was a bathroom at the middle corner of the room it had dark placing's in it as well Liz saw while opening the door
She decided to take a bath she was still a little chilly following her hand to her forehead Liz found out that she did indeed have a fever maybe taking a shower would lower it down somehow a fever couldn't be good for her baby she didn't know what was good for it. at the moment. There was a sound behind her a movement the door slammed shut? Is someone up stairs she turned around quickly and slowly walked over door nervously rattling the door knob open to reveal………… nothing she thought looking around there was no one upstairs in the small ledge like space.

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She closed the door which was without a lock not surprisingly he didn't need one, Liz always locked her own door before taking a shower because she liked to get dressed out side the bathroom. She stepped into the shower leaving the bathroom door unlocked and slightly ajar she always did that it was a habit the cool water didn't exactly feel great and how could it she had a fever, running her hands over her body she decided to stay till the cool water would run out. Maybe it would help, Liz gasped feeling her bare neck fearing that she'd lost the thin gold chain given to her by her mother
For her 16th birthday it’s a coincidence really just 24 hours ago they'd been celebrating her 17th birthday in the crash down until all hell broke lose scattering everyone but eventually they all wound up in one place and died.
Maria couldn't leave Michael, Michael couldn't leave Isabelle, Isabelle couldn't leave Alex and Alex never made it neither did her parents in the confusion. Liz could still see Max.'s face when the crash down blew up Max was torn between wanting to stay their and die with them because somehow he felt he could of saved them and just didn't but he couldn't leave Liz alone either.
Its strange how people make such a big deal out of birthdays they're always the same you feel no older than your previous self at least as far as the physical is concerned no one can just look into the mirror and say hey I'm a year older now.
But that small profound change had occurred because when she looked into the mirror now the first thing she noticed that her eyes were different then they had been a year ago not from crying but from having to live through know that she made it and lost everything else.
She and Max had made into the desert but Max couldn't go on maybe it was right to happen no it was fate as he told her he owed it to them to die some how because he couldn't die with them or help them live either. The there was Pierce who suddenly came out into the desert……..Flash back…….
To be continued……

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"Max no!!!! not now please you have to get up now!!" Liz shook Max frantically they were 1/3rd way into the desert and max was bleeding all over he'd been shot twice took a bad fall from her balcony and now was unable to run. After all cursing and promising to make it together no matter what Liz couldn't possibly measure her agony she knew he wouldn't live but she couldn't admit it it was impossible they were soul mates. If they died they died together so he possibly couldn't be dead. not now
"go" Max gasped to her finally through closed eyes Liz couldn't see very well due to the darkness and probably because she was sobbing to hard to focus."What Max?", what did you say are you?……..
"Go on Liz Please run now go!!" "I can't do it " she yelled even in her apparent state she couldn't fathom why he would want her to go on without him they were soul mates dammit!!!.
"I wont do" it she sobbed and tried to cover him he gave her a small but harsh push on the chest "Don't say you wont don't say you can't, just do it!!!! Go!! Leave me here if you want our baby to survive you have to go now Liz!"He was openly sobbing too she cried shook her head but got up looked far into the deserted night…… miles and miles of nothingness but she ran then like hell depended on it sobbing wildly and randomly throwing up while running never looking back to see Max's still form.
Don't say you won't don't say you can't just do it
There were headlights glaring in her direction from just about everywhere but like a heroine in the blair witch movie ran blindly into the desert willfull of keeping her promise she stumbled over a rock fell shrieked and landed with a mouth full of sand, gagging throwing up almost at the same time she recognized she didn't have time because just as she gathered her wits there was a single pair of headlights gleamed over head. Liz felt like her feet were jelly time was cutting by in slow motion as she got up ran hadn't made it into a full sprint yet before she stumbled again and heard a familiar voice call out her name.
"Liz!! Stop! It's me Liz!"
she only managed to sit up as the figure came over was this the end was she going to die when the glare died down a little she saw Pierce standing over her holding a pen flashlight.
She'd screamed violently at him then. Thrashing about hitting him clawing him.
"No I won't let you do this!!!!!"
Pierce then backhanded her across the face and took hold of her arm harshly. "Listen to me you bitch! If you value the life of your baby at all then get into the damn car!!!" he bellowed pointing towards the black sedan
Liz wouldn't get up she couldn't let him do this to her but since she couldn't go anywhere else she just cried sinking to the floor of a valley.
"oh for chrissakes!!" Pierce had to practically lift her up and throw her in the car.and he drove maniacally through the rugh terrain as if wild gorses were after him
Flash back ends
No wonder her shoulders were hurting and had faint bruising marks over them .the cold water had already run out Liz suddenly remembered that Pierce must have her chain because he took it off in the church .No sooner than that thought occurred she saw Pierce standing in the doorway of the bathroom staring at her what one could describe as with a placid expression on his face.
To be continued……

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He didn't say anything nor venture any further inside though his stare was a bit challenging it was none suggestive, Liz didn’t say anything but stare back at him she noticed he had a small smile on his face she was naked sure but he could only probably see her back and hopefully nothing else she couldn't help noticing that he wasn't staring down or around the shower curtain but straight at her face then he blinked it occurred to /Liz that she'd never seen him blink at all and as suddenly as he'd appeared he disappeared and the bathroom door was slowly closed behind him.
Liz had been holding the shower head for the past 15 minutes over her now she put it back up again and got out shivering. Apparently the cold water had done the trick her fever should have lifted by a notch she glanced at the door and thought of locking it immediately but instead went behind the door and opened it a crack slowly Pierce was still in the room he had his back turned to her as if studying the closet……but apparently he heard her he didn't turn around he was still rummaging through the closet.
"come out Liz ……its nothing I haven't seen before" Liz could of sworn he was smiling big time over there she gritted her teeth "I don't have anything to wear" as if it weren't already obvious he then turned around and she got further behind the door .it wasn't that he could see her through the door but somehow with Pierce one couldn't possibly rule out X-ray vision since he already seemed like someone out of a supernatural thriller.
"I'm quite aware of that" he replied calmly Liz felt mortified, he then turned around again and was holding a deep maroon silk like frilly but long sleeping gown.
She felt a little more than amazed she wondered why it had been there in the first place more likely who's was it?
Pierce must of noticed the look on her face because he looked around anywhere but at her "it was a friends I mean it is Liz raised an eyebrow "ahem she… left it here I mean forgot it here". If there were ever a time he looked more embarrassed than ever and as far as Liz could get a hold of his psychology and vocabulary there was no such expression as "embarrassed" in Pierces dictionary ever. if it were any other day Liz would have giggled at the possibility laugh even.
But she bit her lip and came out of the bathroom with a dark grayish towel wrapped about her it was reached to over her knees. but even then Pierce was right it was nothing he hadn't seen before not as if she would change in front of him. His resolve face was back and for a moment Liz thought he wouldn't leave but they both turned their head as the phone down stairs started ringing, Pierce looked at her one last time and left to answer the phone, Liz let out a breath still shivering closed the bedroom door and leaned on it a while.

To be continued……

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The gown was a loose fit she looked around and didn't find any mirrors in the room she wondered why, Liz tried to dry her hair with the towel and noticed that it had grown and she hadn't had it cut in a month, she went and hung the towel back in the bathroom coming out her hair was still wet and tangled but she didn't care really she felt tired and needed to sleep for a long time. Liz bowed her head and stretched her neck sitting on the bed but didn't lie down on it she wondered who was calling in the ungodly hours of the morning.
So she opened the door slowly before which she'd turned off the light completely he was talking on the phone and waving something in the air what was it "oh" she thought it’s a cigarette she didn't know he smoked .Liz could only make out a few words which he indiscriminately screamed into the phone "Phil get you ass out here right ..uh what ?! ….no Now!!!!!!!" ,"I don't wanna listen to anything else! ….."looking at his watch "Your 20 minutes got over 15 minutes ago …………oh so what the plane got high jacked !?!
then he closed his eyes took a deep breath looking calm he relayed each word clearly on the phone "Phil this is important I have to go see Alyssa soooooo you need to get here right now!"
"No I can't leave her alone, because she's no okay…………!" (stubs his cigarette out)
"no she's not crazy!", "she's just ……not stable…look Phil if you don't make it I……fine make it 10 minutes…. Yeah"
Pierce put the phone down pinched the bridge of his nose and stood for a while with his hands on his hips all this while he hadn't looked up but he did now and Liz immediately closed the door. She went and sat down back on the bed Wondering who Phil and Alyssa were she was about to swing her legs on the bed when there was a knock at the door.
Liz didn't answer the door opened and Pierce was stood completely bathed, dressed and gelled. "I'm going out for a while, I'll get back to you after a few hours, in the mean time my brother is going to give you company if you need anything just tell him." She noticed that he spoke the word brother with disdain in his voice as if he didn't like the term related to human relations. Pierce seemed to be waiting for her o say something but Liz didn't so he nodded and left leaving the door open
Liz had wanted to know where he was going at this hour……
she while lying down on the soft bed wondered if Pierces brother was the same as him, neat suited gel smoothed, cryptic or would he be different. Liz pulled the duvet over her and fell into deep sleep.

To be continued……

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One of the reasons Liz didn't want to sleep was that she was afraid she'd dream about them especially Max.
She was walking along the desert in a clear night without any moon but she still noticed shadows……. 5 of them
Michael Maria Alex Isabelle but she couldn't see Max's shadow in front of her or behind her she couldn't really tell it looked like they were all around her she walked further there was still no moon she didn't call out to any of them because she knew they wouldn't answer still wearing the night gown she kept walking through the strange desert miles and miles of sand dunes in her way there was no wind and almost as if there was no air either almost un earthly no sooner than it occurred to her she slipped while walking on the slippery sand and fell off a cliff but didn't scream as she found her self fallen on more sand more desert. For some strange reason Liz felt like the desert wasn't really barren it wasn't an oasis either no dead plants of Yak skulls lying around.
she got up an very immediately the sky became a deep shiny lavender the shadows surrounding her became blurred images now Liz could actually feel them around her as they came into focus she was in the center a bright light shone from under her feet but it wasn't warm or cold it was nothing she could see all of them much clearer now they'd been looking down at the ground and around them selves now they looked in her direction their eyes were amber all of them it reminded her of the church Liz didn't try to move forward she wondered why she couldn't move at all once again Max wasn't there was a faint glow above them Looking up Liz finally saw Max crouching on a ledge like rock but only his profile was visible Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabelle all held out there arms to her there were rock that led to them they lit up with a light pinkish color this time her hand moved up in Max's direction and he looked in her direction right about then his expression was serene not unconcerned but just very peaceful he was holding something long in his hand rose up to his full height and let it fall from his hand Liz's eyes widened it was a chain with a ring, the slight twinge of pain in her abdomen deepened as the chain came down in a slow transition Max kept looking down Liz felt looked up and saw that the lavender sky break like glass but the sound was inaudible and the sky fell like feathers around her suddenly like a page turned over the whole scene was eaten up by fire they were no where around her any more there was no ledge no Max and the chain with a ring was gone as well the night sky had vanished in to oblivion and it felt like the sun had risen up it should have felt searing but she didn't feel her skin burn from it. But Liz was still in the desert alone this time and out of the corner of her eye some thing moved.
Or rather someone moved , Hazel eyes dark hair hiding behind a rock this time Liz moved but the sand somehow wieghed her down "Max, wait….." he did stop and came out from behind the large boulder wearing nothing but lose khaki pants and an indian goatee his eyes were the most visible at the moment to her so…… beautiful and close.
To be continued……
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He moved and it seemed like the desert was moving with him circling her Liz still couldn't believe it was him she kept staring awed he stopped circling her smiled his eyes lighted up even more there was some kind of invisible wind blowing his way she couldn't even feel it he offered her a hand she slowly raised it to touch the tip of his fingers then what she feared worse happened he disappeared as if he faded right in front of her smiling. Liz knew he wouldn't stay for long but looked again to make sure he was gone the sky had darkened again and she was above a solid mountain of sand and fire burning up several almost transparent images at once Michael holding Maria, Isabelle and Alex clinging together then there was Max holding out a hand to her again she offered her hand without hesitation but she was high up on a dune and the time wasn’t stopping or changing she fell forward and kept falling into nothingness she screamed alright but there was no sound.(dream ends)
Liz fell out of bed feeling nauseous in her apparent franticness to reach the bathroom she got entangled in the covers and kicked up a storm to get out of them she nearly didn't make it to the sink and dry heaved and was reminded that she hadn't had anything to eat and already threw up more times than she could chew. Liz's hair wasn't wet or tangled anymore she wondered how long she'd been sleeping looking around her she saw no clock to show her the time. So she came out of the bedrooom instantly found the glaring light unsettling Liz held the railing strongly she was afraid of falling forward like in her dream. half way downstairs she froze when she heard something crash in the hall.
"Oh darn…sh*t ohhhhhhh owwww" the voice was familiar "Pierce?"
it sure sounded like him Liz went further into the hall sure enough there was a man standing with his back to her. he was taller then her but shorter than Pierce who was it , He was wearing a brown leather shirt and casual jeans its seems he was suddenly aware of being watched by Liz because he turned around holding his finger it was bleeding her eyes followed his hands and finally reached his face… shocked wasn't really the word to describe Liz she stood stock still staring at a mirror image of Pierce only instead of blue his eyes were a greenish brown color she continued staring at him speechlessly.
"Umm hi I'm Phil, are you Liz?" she still kept staring at him dumb founded but managed to recover as he reached out his good hand towards her she wondered if he would fade too but instead found her self shaking hands with him.
To be continued……

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Liz had never seen so much junk food in her entire life combined, after cleaning up his hand which was caught by a large piece of glass under the table in the hall Phil took Liz or more likely dragged her into the kitchen he apparently knew how to make himself at home the kitchen was large and the counter was piled with enough junk food to bury both of them . Liz almost cried Phil was like a guy version of Maria a hyper active non stop talker only he had Michael's appetite and ate his way through 2 Super supreme Pizza boxes minus one slice which Liz half ate and left on the side she needed to eat but didn't feel like it. Phil's head was buried in a magazine he brought loads of them with him like it was a slumber party and he hadn't stopped eating yet Liz refused to the spicy barbecued taco chips but when he brought out a large tub of rocky road ice cream from the fridge she couldn't refuse him.
Phil suggested they read through this weeks horoscope Liz had refused at first after all that has happened good luck couldn't possibly befall her even if it did she didn't want to know she was afraid it would end up being cursed if said out loud, but Phil was persistent though it was good natured Liz felt he was completely clueless and that maybe the best thing about him, he wasn't really serious about anything at all.he kept grinning all the time and Liz found her self smiling along with him he did really remind her of Maria.
To be continued……
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Liz had never seen so much junk food in her entire life combined, after cleaning up his hand which was caught by a large piece of glass under the table in the hall Phil took Liz or more likely dragged her into the kitchen he apparently knew how to make himself at home the kitchen was large and the counter was piled with enough junk food to bury both of them . Liz almost cried Phil was like a guy version of Maria a hyper active non stop talker only he had Michael's appetite and ate his way through 2 Super supreme Pizza boxes minus one slice which Liz half ate and left on the side she needed to eat but didn't feel like it. Phil's head was buried in a magazine he brought loads of them with him like it was a slumber party and he hadn't stopped eating yet Liz refused to the spicy barbecued taco chips but when he brought out a large tub of rocky road ice cream from the fridge she couldn't refuse him.
Phil suggested they read through this weeks horoscope Liz had refused at first after all that has happened good luck couldn't possibly befall her even if it did she didn't want to know she was afraid it would end up being cursed if said out loud, but Phil was persistent though it was good natured Liz felt he was completely clueless and that maybe the best thing about him, he wasn't really serious about anything at all.he kept grinning all the time and Liz found her self smiling along with him he did really remind her of Maria.
"hmmmmmmmm …………..your ruler the sun makes contact with contrasting planets this week and you could find your yourself pulled two ways. In the battle between Saturn, Planet of discipline and Uranus, planet of rebellion. You'll be caught in the middle. …………..Do you allow the passion of one side to win you over or do you listen to the call of duty?. Hmmmmmmm…………. tough one" Phil finally raised his head from the magazine Liz was surprised to see glasses set low on his nose. Phil's eyes were crystal clear.
"you wear glasses?"
oh who me? No no, no these are Dave's………(his expression became serious and Liz got an estimate of his age he was probably in his mid 20's) "hey you think I look older with glasses on?" She really didn't know what to say to him he looked more like Pierce this time, but since they were sitting facing each other on each side of the kitchen counter Liz saw some differences in him that someone couldn't really detect in the first glance. His nose was much straighter and thin which made her think that Pierce's nose looked like it had been broken more than once. Also Phil's mouth was wider his lips were fuller and they were red.
Other than that both brothers had the same thick dark hair only Phil didn't use gel his hair shorter than Pierce.
"Wellll what do you think??" he asked taking the glasses off and carefully folding them and putting them away. Liz looked into his eyes they were not only crystal clear but they were bright and twinkled with mischief every time he smiled they grew brighter.
"You don't need glasses to grow old Phil" he smiled and nodded and blushed it looked so odd he was so different from Pierce.
"yeah , you're right actually he said running a hand through his hair Dave told me the same thing well not completely same but he said "you can't grow older by wearing glasses"

To be continued…
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Phil was the sort of a person who couldn't sit still more than half an hour after piling up discarded tins cans and packets of junk food he was pacing around bouncing a basket ball. from the closet and kept talking Liz didn't mind that he didn't seem to notice that she hadn't said a word. he was busy telling her about himself and bouncing the ball off the walls as if it were a basket ball net. Phil was basically jobless, a computer hacker who had gotten into trouble with the US embassy while he was 17 more than twice of course Pierce pulled him through but gave him days of hell till Phil packed up and ran away since he was a minor and his father didn't care about him Pierce went and found him out in 3 days, he hadn't gotten far without finding out the entire L.A police agency was after him, Liz was surprised when he said Pierce hadn't said anything when he was found he had to get about 16 stitches since he was mugged while lying low and a concussion to the head. Instead of beating the hell out of him Pierce got him cleaned up and after staying two days in the hospital sent him home. no words exchanged like it never happened.
"well Dave's kind of like a comic book you try real hard to read him right….you can get some meaning out of him…if you don't well then it’s a different story". Phil finally looked exhausted and sat down on the sofa and looked at her.
"You look like hell" he said to Liz, she looked at him incredulously Pierce was discrete Phil said whatever was on his mind even if it were a vile profanity.
"Why are you here Phil did Pierce call you?" he looked at her for a while quietly and seemed to have become completely serious as if he were in a trance his jaw twiched. "yeah he did……..since it was my idea….."
"what idea?" Liz got up and asked him Phil suddenly looked very guilty and didn't look at her when he said "For both of you to get married"……

To be continued…
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"what"! Liz almost shrieked holding her head why the hell would Pierce tell Phil anything, unless he's a part of it , is he?, she tried to calm down and took a more subtle approach.
Phil was rambling incoherently for several seconds till Liz managed to get her thoughts gathered.
Phil? Phil's eyes were suddenly glassy he looked drunk "Phil!?"
"yes ok!" what is it he said looking at her. "start from the beginning "
From the beginning?
From the beginning Liz said what do you know about me?
Well he said getting serious "know about you" well I umm……… ok you. He got up and started pacing he didn't look tired anymore Liz thought she must be going crazy. now he reminded her of Michael he could never stand still if she weren't so tense she'd smile. He seemed to be completely serious
You're 17 you study in west Roswell high well ok not that wait he said holding up his hand …..ok I told you I was a computer hacker right Liz didn't answer well anyway a little over a month ago Dave called me up in L.A he was pretty excited he wouldn't tell me over the phone what but told me to get over to Washington …………
He told me he'd gotten a new assignment a classified one like an X-file and (a pause) he wanted me to help him, he kinda told me I was an idiot but a brilliant one at that he smiled then continued with his tale randomly uttering profanities under his breath. Liz was amazed at how he knew so much and nothing at all in once. He told her that Pierce had freaked him out he seemed like he was coming out of the twilight zone and started acted like Fox mulder since he thought the Special unit was hiding something from him apparently they had made him head of the special unit after the last one died on the job but omitted how he died. Pierce got a tip from an unnamed source who told him they were looking for aliens in Roswell but still wouldn't give him the whole picture of why, when, and who so Pierce decided to get ahead and Called Phil to hack into the Special unit files to know just what the hell was going on there where several pictures of people dead with a strange silver handprint on their chests, and there were myths of a shape shifter all through the 1950's along with the famous Roswell incident so Pierce put two and two together and got that they were looking for the shape shifter as well as the aliens that crash landed in new Mexico Desert. long ago
That's where Pierce's assignment comes in, they didn't know where to start looking for the aliens but they got there first tip when a girl in the Roswell got shot in an armed robbery at a crash down café and there were reports that she was healed by a young boy who they considered one of the aliens. well that was his assignment to investigate this boy but the special unit who Pierce himself was head of wouldn't help him he had nothing to go on so they hacked into the Govt files this time since it seemed more likely that the govt was very very personally involved in funding the special unit they both found glaring amount of evidence to suggest that the boy in the café was an alien his past records even medical files were mostly empty along with his sister they were both adopted by a couple in Roswell after they found them naked and dumb in the desert but there was another boy who was found in the desert the next day who disappeared for about three years finding him out was hard but he was adopted too by a single father. apparently there was more than met the eye it seemed the Govt excluding the FBI had been watching them for a long time and were waiting for them to put a step wrong .
Something Phil and Pierce found which was even more classified then everything else combined was that they had caught two aliens when the crash in Mexico actually happened and that one of them died he was badly injured and one escaped after they got a series of test's done on him.
The Govt files had specifically stated that they had reason to believe that the alien who managed to get away and the children found in the desert were related somehow. So Pierce found out that the FBI wasn't aware on a large scale that the Govt recruited agents to actually hunt these aliens down Pierce invariably proud went and threatened to spill the beans of the special unit to the FBI deputy director and assistant director after he was nearly run off the road by someone in a black car. So after much talk they gave him full control over the matter and no interference by them promised The death threats aside Pierce went home a happy man and Phil was sent home because Pierce didn't want him dying on his account and plus was called by Pierce unknown to change a few records when needed since Phil happened to be one of the most Brilliant hackers and he stumbled on most of the information no one told him anything. but was warned by Pierce not to open his mouth or he would be thrown in a Mental hospital.

To be continued…
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Phil duly complied with his brothers wishes and went home with a small head ache from all he had come to know of the Govt's interest in aliens but ventured no further into the subject.
"well…. That’s it" Phil said taking a breath and plopping down next to her.
Liz was speechless for a while and considered asking him his age. But instead was reminded of something that had been bothering her for a long while." What happened next Phil?"
Next? I told you Liz I wasn't there ……."
"No how did you get here Phil why? Why did you tell Pierce to get married to me?" she bit her lip "do you know I'm pregnant"?
Once again he looked caught and his ears were turning red she noticed he was sweating he came closer to her, his eyes now darkened "yes I knew"
Dave called me last night……. he sounded I dunno I mean he was so……. worried " the way he used the word worried made Liz think he'd used it the first time at least for Pierce. "and how he was calling from a pay phone he told Phil that he was coming to L.A with Liz to change his records which were still reinstated on Deputy fishers name and to change Liz's name. Phil was confused so he told Pierce to slow down and tell him what had happened ,Pierce proceeded to brief him on Max Evans the supposed alien escaping from them along with his friends and how he got kicked off the unit his superiors that liked nothing better than to rub his face in mud …….Pierce wasn't exactly pleasant to work with he was demanding and impatient anyway he still had a source who in turn had a source in the special unit who told him that there was a new guy in charge after about a week of reviewing agents because they didn't want some one like Pierce making the same mistake, Phil didn’t tell Pierce but when he started hacking the Govt computers that Pierce was selected as one of the best agents available through a computer lottery system. Liz looked at him bewildered and raised an eye brow
Phil explained that there was a list of agents who worked probably half or a full decade with success in the Buearue and these were the best agents of the FBI the computer selected an ID number randomly and apparently Pierce wasn't given this assignment on purpose.But this time they took there time threw computers to dungeons and saw through hundereds of files before grabbing a 40 something previously residing in special marines army corps at , 4 year record of working in the NYPD a pretty good rep with a decades experience in the FBI as the head of several man hunt units.

To be continued…
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His name is John Dogget and he was immediately relieved of his earlier assignments after a weeks review by the Govt boards at first the refused for some strange but personal reasons but they manage to get him by telling him that these aliens could be dangerous and showed him reports dating back to 1950's about a shape shifter and his activities all over Roswell and other areas around washington. Dogget apparently had a change of heart overnight the because the next day he was there with bells on ready to go now since the aliens (max, Isabelle, Michael) managed to get a hold of a camera in one of their apartments, a suitable hearing device was implanted at the Parker residence namely in their daughters room since they observed the personal relationships held by the aliens. Especially Max Evans and Liz Parker, Liz grew pale……Phil paused again before speaking.
The special unit apparently over heard the ruckus over Liz's Pregnancy. She sighed remembering the night when after telling everyone and after getting no little to suitable reaction finishing her late shift saying good night to her own parents she went up in on the roof bawling her eyes out writing in her diary there were so many emotions going through her Max had out right said that she should drop the baby it could be a danger to her own health and besides what whould they tell there parents …..that hadn't sounded like Max but lately after what happened with Pierce prompted him to become more and more cautious and he never sounded like himself anymore…..they had all made it out alright without dying with Max rescued and alive at home but stayed out of Roswell till Nacedo came along half a day later looking happy telling them the special unit had disbanded and that Pierce had been asked to resign. And that was the end of it.

To be continued…
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At least hey all had though it was for a month Michael still stayed away from Maria even after finding out that testing waters with Isabelle and his destiny it didn't work they just didn't click together. Alex had gone off by himself for a few days preferably where no one could actually find him but happily obliged when Isabelle jumped into his arms on arrival. Liz had been immensly happy of Isabelles break from her usual ice queen routine.
Max had chased her through the entire Roswell yelling he would dive through several oceans to find her and couldn't love anyone like he loved Liz forever. It was impossible for him to love Tess it just couldn't happen he wouldn't do it no matter what, Liz had tried to ignore him but when he fell out of her roof when he came supposedly the last time to profess his unbidden love for her and had tried to put a rose in her hair Liz was livid and turned around quickly to face him and tell him for the last time that he should follow his destiny but instead ended up accidentally shoving him .Later they had fallen giggling into bed like nothing had happened.
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A month after the special unit was disbanded 1 week after they found out Liz was pregnant 2 weeks after each couple coming together 3 weeks after deciding to tell Liz's parents about there baby the nightmare seemed almost like it never happened as they sat in the crash down celebrating her 17th birthday with an strawberry ice cream cake. Liz hadn't had a good day at all she fought with several people over something that looked like probably nothing to fight about at all later. they were all there Maria, Isabelle, Alex, Max her parents, Kyle had wished her in school Liz felt heartened he still remembered her birthday.
Michael had turned up later never leaving Maria's eyes, They had finally made up after Maria sang for all of them a song entitled Destiny, they all listened while drinking cherry cokes holding hands and heard her while kissing and dancing Liz and Max's last dance finally it were time to cut the cake no sooner than Liz cut through the words Happy the crash down sounded like it was under attack by an army tank or an earth quake.
Liz sat still with the kitchen knife still in her hand's she felt frozen like she knew it was going to happen before it hit them. The teenagers exchanged terrified looks crash down cafe shook with fervor, cement and chalk and stones raining down on all of them the Parker's had rushed for the door before anyone could stop them there were gun shots fired outside they never came back in, the doors kept swinging from where they had left Liz was shrieking her head off Maria was trembling and holding on to Michael like he were a life line. Alex proposed to look outside but Isabelle wouldn't let him go and , she was shrieking and crying every bit as Liz was Max looked picture perfect still in front of them his eyes wild. For a moment he looked like he would stay like that but he finally rushed forward to take a glance through the window and was instantly shot on the left shoulder everyone cried out in horror Liz started to run to him but he motioned every one to stay back there was a logistical amount of pain written on his face he crawled over to them..
They were surrounded but Max told them about the large white vans which had men in containment suits the earth around it looked like mars burned up and there were several men in suits standing by. This time there was no way out all of their exits were blocked.
They all sat in a corner crouched as if waiting for a missile to be launched on them. They shared the silence because Liz was sure they knew there was no way out and they all thought we were going to die …..Liz thought Michael might start fighting any second but he got up finally.
"Michael !! Max shouted holding his bleeding shoulder what the hell do you think your doing?!! Get down!"
"well I'd be Max!! where are we gonna go??? Huh?! Nowhere! you saw them, there all over this place and there f*ckin waiting for us!!"
"God dammmit! Michael shut the F*ck up and calm down! We need to think over here?!" Alex yelled getting up next to Michael
"Alex!" isabelle warned please come back here Michael please get down there firing on anyone they see, you can't…..!"
"But they can Isabelle…… we wont Live!" Michael was still standing and his veins were bulging Liz couldn't do anything but cry, she was hoping this was a nightmare, Isabelle buried her face in her hands Alex wouldn't sit either Max was near passing out.
"Maybe this is Destiny" Michael said lowering his voice.

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"Michael?" Maria hadn't said a word all this while but she went up to Michael slapped him he didn't move back ,the Maria kissed him they nodded at each other as if they had some sort of secret language between them.
"What the hell are you saying Michael,………we're going to make it out alive" Max was agonized that Michael would give up so quickly.
"and what Max ?….let you and Liz die???? What ever happened to protecting your own destiny and now your own child.
"No they shouldn't have to" Alex said quietly wen over and took Maria's hand.
"what are you saying?!" Max asked a little recharged
"He's right Max" Isabelle had lost her tears and walked confidently next to Alex and took his hand in hers ."you two shouldn't have to die"
"all right" Michael had suddenly conformed to the leader role "Max Liz go up and get down through the roof without anyone noticing you"
What are you going to do" Max whispered Michael stared at him for seconds the connection made Max saw his plan and nodded swallowing a lump in his throat he had to be strong or he and Liz would never make it out alive.
"At least we'll be together" reminded Alex he looked teary but came forward gave Liz a hug told her to take care of her self, Maria did the same , Michael shook hands with Max "take care of each other or I'll haunt you in your dreams" Max laughed tearfully and his hand went up to Michael's shoulders to squeeze it but changed his mind and gave him a hug. Isabelle kissed Max's forehead and hugged Liz.
"always hated you but you’re the best thing that ever happened to us she said looking at Michael"
"you can't please" Liz pleaded Alex he wasn't letting his resolve face down any second but his voice was shaky "Liz there's no time you have to go we'll all ways be with you."
"Max go!" Michael prompted Max took Liz's hand looked at every one last time and ran up stairs with an injured left shoulder.

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Liz half fell and ran up stairs her eyes blurred with tears but she had to go it had to be done, it was inevitable something they feared from the beginning of their arrival here, something that went to the depths of their hearts threatened their loved ones. Most probably their own lives for all eternity where ever whether they be in existence thinking that they are dangerous impulsive creatures looking to die.
Death was one word Liz tried not to think about she couldn't or else she'd never make it. It took them forever to get upstairs Liz almost gagged when she saw Max's blood spilling all over the steps…..Maybe this is how time came to terms with death by slowing down making escape more than just simply impossible.
A spasm hit Max as they reached her room he fell to her floor and cried out , Liz helped him up
"please Max……..we have to go remember please just……….." her own tears surrendering uncontrolled , Liz knew Max must also feel like everything was slipping out of their hands like sand in a closed fist. they were just watching it trail like a movie……..
simultaneously back in the crash down………
"Hey Michael know hat special feeling that you get very rarely, once in a while……." Alex asked still clutching Isabelle's hand she had a diamond ring that glinted from where he stood……
"hmmmmmm you mean when we give our exams……….. yeah I know……….still say nothing is more scarier than geography maps" Maria stared at him lovingly they were all crying not profusely but still smiled at each other this was it……
"so……Michael said sticking his hand out to Maria "My lady love shall we?" gesturing to the front doors of the crashdown café which half 1/3rd on its way to be reduced to ruins. the same doors through which Liz's parents rushed out and never returned.
"So we shall my love" Isabelle said taking Alex's hand
"Wait" Maria said and she joined her free hand with Alex "now we're ready"
they walked hand in hand towards the door the door seemed to come closer with each small steps and they didn't look at each other anymore there was no need to… professed, promises made fulfilled there was nothing more to do except…..look towards there destiny
Alex: 10
Isabelle: 9
Maria: 8
Michael: …..
Alex: 7
Isabelle: 6
Maria: 5
Alex: 4
Isabelle: 3
Max and Liz made it to the roof and Liz has already gotten off the ladder she's waiting for Max to get down he accidentally tried to use his bad arm and fell to the ground instead of being able to clamber down…..screaming in pain Liz rushes to his side and tries to get him, up
Maria: ………2
Michael: his hand touched the door to exit ………………1
Michael, Alex, Isabelle, Maria : (and they all walked through the opened door hand in hand) ………….0 ……
There are voices of shots several fired heard, Max is suddenly recharged and makes a violent dash for the desert with Liz almost as if he refuses to admit to or listen to the shots just fired he ran screaming his agony visible to the core as if his heart had just been ripped open and shredded to fibres, with Liz who is running with him blindly singing to her self the song "Destiny"

posted on 18-Aug-2002 10:49:10 AM
The shades were still pulled low over the windows Liz was stretched out on the sofa, if anything Phil was a good story teller she'd been listening to him for about an hour without interrupting him, Now he definitely looked grown up….
Phil came out of the kitchen with a lollipop in his mouth pulling it out Liz saw it was light green colored as green as his eyes "any way Dave called me sounding frantic, that his source had told him that lord only knows who but had given the order to exterminate all other aliens except……." he turned around faced Liz a strange look on his face "you".
Liz sat up, "do they want….?
"I don't know what they want" he replied quickly too quickly, and turned his back on her again. she noticed his back Little muscle than Pierce did.
"listen ……I know he was your boyfriend , the one in the desert……I'm sorry about your friends and your parents…".he still wouldn't turn around and Liz wondered what he was hiding from her, she couldn't put her finger on that something but it was definitely something to be bothered about we were all living and still do live in crazy desperate times….he did really sound sorry.
"you were telling me something"
"continue" she said confidently
he finally looked at her with new respect……
He told her that after Pierce had relayed that all the aliens were conformed dead and that he had Liz Parker in his possession he needed to get her as far away from the special unit as possible in other words he was thinking of getting out of Roswell but he was no longer in the special unit just an ordinary FBI agent he didn't have resources or hiding places so he was going to take a gamble at coming to L.A they both would be dead anyway if they stayed in one place. Phil said that Pierce had never sounded so terrible in life he was out of breath and rambling over the phone. But Pierce contradicted himself by saying that they both could frigging scuba dive to the lost land of Atlantis and they'd send a Missile after Pierce and Liz so coming to L.A wouldn't change much except very likely maybe but them some time if they succeeded at all especially in Liz's condition she looked like a zombie and was frozen stone cold….
Phil even quoted Pierce while he was rambling" the child probably hasn't seen a doctor in ages I don't even know if she's….."Pierce paced in the small booth as much as he could with the phone in his right hand.
"well I'd say they won't kill you" Pierce banged his fist on the glass watching Liz in the front seat of his car.
"dammit Phil have you been listening to me!!!??" his face never gained or lost color
"yes I have veryyyyyyyyy……..very carefully."
"Phil don't make me hurt you…my ass happens to be online here!!!!"
"I know that’s the best part!"
"okay take it easy calm dowwwwnnnnnnnn……I just got something figured out"
"what what is it?"
"its an idea"
"Phil spit it out!!!!!!"
"shhhhh don't raise your voice over there you want me to tell you then there is a certain price that you'll…….
"Phil tell me or I'm gonna make sure your paid off from the looney bin !!!!!"
"you’re an FBI agent"
"yes I am"
"you've got in your possession a 17 year old girl?"
"we've all ready established that"
"Her parents are Deceased is that entirely true"
"yes phil!! What's your point?!"
"right my point is that you David Pierce have been seen fleeing the scene of supposed murder at the girls residence where after all her friends are dead too if that's not enough than lets say you just ran of with a minor!!!! while she is pregnant and the exclusive property of the Govt!!!!!!.For god's sake!!!!!
"what are you saying Phil?!"
"there gonna surely cover there asses cuz there are gonna be a lot of questions as to who killed who and why but since you were seen taken the Parker girl my theory is there gonna slam dunk you in some deep shit over here!!!
"illicit relationship's with a minor, a supposed……"
"okay okay I get it but what should we do then"
"umm get married"
"phil I am seriously going to disembowel…."
"wait a minute humor me for a while will ya…….all I'm saying is that there gonna blame you for this since you took a swing in their business when you werent suppose to…"
"oh no that’s brilliant Phil!!,………….. she wont belong to the Govt anymore she won't be an orphan I have a chance to keep her here at least legally"
"……….And so he agreed to marry you" Liz was holding her head again as Phil finally finished his tale
Why what Phil asked stretching his arms and yawning, his lollipop finished
"why did he save me?"
Phil looked absolutely incredulous of her "what do you mean why ? aren't you glad that your alive and your baby is unharmed?"
"He would never do something like that not for me he wont……. last month he threatened Max with my life!"
"why not ? I mean come on and he's not in the special unit anymore" phil was sounding defensive and his voice had risen several octaves
Now Liz knew what was bothering her she got up and faced Phil who had yet another time turned his back on her and crossed his arms , she drew closer "Is pierce trying to get back into the special unit?"

posted on 18-Aug-2002 1:43:46 PM
"what? Phil looked apprehensive and went over by the window "No, no I don't think so"
"How do you know?" Liz asked following him to the fridge
"I don't" he said not taking his head out of the fridge "then why do you say he wont?" she asked her fear rising with every word if Pierce had planned to make a bargain of some sort with the special unit or the Govt then both her baby and herself were in danger before it even begun………she then started remembering the horoscope reading Phil had given her a few hours ago.
"look I really don't think that he would do something like that I mean his life's in danger too forgive me for saying you haven't noticed!."
"How do you know that Phil?, he could be making some sort of bargain with them for his life right now"
"Look if he were to bargain you and you're baby in return for his own head then I don't think it makes any sense for him to haul trouble by getting involved in your business in the first place. he said pointing in her direction.
Liz paused " maybe he's holding me for them so they can't refuse him to be the head of the special unit again"
Phil seemed to doubt his own thoughts for a long while before he said anything further "why would he want to be a part of something like that again" he asked
"I don't know" Liz pondered desperately "maybe……. maybe …I don't know Phil what would make someone want to be a part of something like this in the fisrt place
"Liz… I don't think your listening to your self or me here…….I told you he wasn't given this job purposely.
"Liz couldn’t stop thinking about it "Maybe it's power he likes , a position or or it an ego thing……or he's evil feeling slightly dizzy..
"Look miss!! ……it was almost frightening both brothers changed demeanor so fast she was surprised his eyes didn't turn blue from the cold ness he exhibited at the moment. "I said I'm sorry about your friends your parents and your boyfriend but give it up over here your're trying to make us sound like criminals …….my brother didn't kill them and its not his fault all this happened in the first place, alright?"
"Yes he is" Liz shrieked "he would have killed Max if he hadn't run had Pierce still been in the special unit". Liz swallowed he killed so many people to get to us you don't even know the half of it Phil……her voice broke the tears woudn't stop from coming she wondered if they'd ever dry up in her eyes.
"I'll believe that Dave isn't the best person on earth to deal with he could be cruel sometimes, ok more than occasionaly and I'll also believe that he could retaliate against his superiors to get ahead ……he has power to destroy someone but one thing about Dave I know is he won't go back where he was disgraced, I'm sure he wouldn't…………
Now it was Liz's turn to turn away from him he won't listen she thought he won't blame Pierce no matter what he's done….
"liz I know you need someone to blame right now and I'm sure my brothers the best candidate for it but………he hasn't done it he didn't pull the trigger or make anyone do it……last time he was just doing his job…it's not like you see every walking person an FBI agent have you actually ever seen them interrogate people….its takes more than…he stopped when Liz uttered a strangled cry her shoulders sagged she finally faced him
"he wants my baby……I know he does…." she took a big gulp of air to try to be strong like a million times she's already told herself but it was impossible not to cry she was scared alone confused and walking around danger she didn't even know the source of.
Phil came closer to her his features had become softer now before everything went a blur to Liz since she started bawling uncontrollably Phil took her into a gentle embrace which Liz at first struggled and hit him with her clenched fists on his shoulder, then she let everything go and let him hug her when ever she needed a hug Maria was always there to give her one even if it werent a special occasion, now she was gone…….
"I can't let….. him take my baby, I…….I wont" she managed to hick up into his shoulder…..
"no you wont lose it "Phil soothed …."hey he said taking a hold of her shoulders" as long as Phil is here no one is taking you’re a baby or any thing else even remotely material not even David. she noticed it was the first time he used his brother's real name

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Teachers are so wrong when they say you lose energy talking to much that it actually tires someone out here Liz was sitting on the coffee table because she was tired of sitting on the green plaid sofa's Phil once again busied himself by playing with the dreaded basketball telling her his childhood tales avoiding anything related to the FBI excluding Pierce.
Randomly throwing shots at the walls which knocked down one unfortunate small vase luckily it didn't break since it was metal like, it nearly didn't miss her own head once…
Phil told Liz about his wholly personal life he lives in L.A with his dad Rick in a two room beat up apartment, Rick is an early retired army general who has supposedly shot and killed their mother when Phil was only 4 and allegedly Pierce saw it happen but couldn't come to court because he was way younger than a minor probably 14 or 13.Rick is good for nothing a constantly drunk abusive father who is hated immensely by Pierce. Phil clearly stated that Pierce calls him Rick not dad.
And that Rick is hell bent on making an army man out of Phil but Pierce has assured him that he would kill Rick before something like that could actually occur. Liz also learned that one of the reasons Phil doesn't leave the apartment is that it is being paid for by army welfare association and Phil isn't exactly stand still on his feet yet and doesn't have any permanent jobs at all he keeps getting fired for turning up late, goofing off at odd hours etc etc. but he is aiming for a better deal at a computer company as a programmer.
Phil was in the middle of the detail about his teenage crushes and girlfriends and supposed reasons for which he dumped them when Liz interrupted by asking him something she were meaning to ask but held back from the early hours……she took the basketball from him placed it in her lap "what is it Liz?"
she bounced the ball and threw it to the far wall which made it bounce back immediately it went directly to Phil , Liz was reminded of the time when she and Maria when they had just gotten to know Max, Michael, Isabelle that she and Maria had decided to try out for the girls basketball team but Michael had come along later as they waited in line giving Maria a collectively suggestive glance saying that girls can't play basket ball….He and Maria had gone off then prefrably to the eraser room Liz guessed because even while they were arguing abut his statement they both wore smiles on their faces
Liz had been left alone with a couple of new hip girls who didn't like her they were a whole different breed of girls not even from Isabelle's group. She decided to leave the court tryouts since she'd considered Maria her safety net when she left Liz felt summarily overruled by her thoughts of embarrassment that would be obvious if she made a wrong move……
"Phil?" he was bouncing the ball lightly on the coffee table…."hmmmm?"
"Who's Alyssa?" Liz asked softly studying a strand of her hair
Phil dropped the ball

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He suddenly looked embarassed and once again his ears turned red , he fidgeted with the ball and his fingers looking around as if he didn't know how to relay this new her moreover she wondered whether it was the name that bothered him or was it telling her about it because he looked awfully nervous…..
He got up quickly and went to the window looking under the shades muttering something under his breath like "they should've been here by now"…….
"who Phil?"
"umm Dave and Alyssa……..he told you about her?"
now Liz turned red with embarrassment "no I overheard him talking to you"
Phil didn't seem to notice and just nodded……he finally stopped fidgeting and looked at her straight "Alyssa B"
"Hmmmmm what about her?"
"who is she"
"well lets see she's b*tchy, Blonde, Belligerent, her boobs are too big, clingy but she's got great legs though….Phil was rambling again Liz shook her head "No Phil.. how is she related to Pierce?"
"hmmm hmmm they were engaged"
"what did you say"
"umm you know engaged he made as show of his hands crisscrossing one hands finger with the other "I know what you mean Phil, but I mean why did he go to see her"
"Umm other than break it off with her since obviously you two…….he trailed off and didn't Finnish…
Liz shook her head exasperated got up and went to him "Phil… she useful?"
"Use full?" he noticed the look on Liz's face was serious…..for some reason mentioning the name Alyssa reminded her of Topolski she wondered why…..she took a wild guess……
"Is she a counciler?"
He looked at her with surprise "umm yeah"……Liz took a step away from him "a legal councilor in fact she's a state lawyer.
"Phil, Phil" Liz said raising her arms start from the beinning since Phil understood only that one command clearly.

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Liz went back to the Sofa feeling nauseous while Phil stayed by the window crossing his arms he had a strange glint in his eyes while telling her that back when he had gotten into trouble with the embassy first time getting off was simple but the next time well it was just what it was the second time Phil turned up at Pierce's place unannounced where he was involved in a certain important case that he had to leave for Phil the only thing he said to him a first was "you did it again didn't you?"
Leaving Phil at his apartment and specifically telling him to stay there till he came back Pierce went to the Bureau made a no of long distant phone calls, and Presto Madame Alyssa Brent from California turns up by Pierce's side apparently Pierce himself had some trouble in his previous dealings since he didn't always use legal means to get what he wants.
Alyssa is the Kind of lawyer who the FBI consult in case they do get in trouble the best , she's a state lawyer who started going out with Pierce at the end of his own trial where he accused of accidentally shooting a witness and was proven not guilty by Alyssa, invariably the only time they got engaged was after Phil's trial he had two months of federal juvenile detention minimum other than that he was a free man. But they grew some what apart it's been a lot of years since the trial and they still aren't anywhere near getting married
"they didn't officially declare that there breaking up or anything like that …………Liz was quiet after listening to him she wondered what Alyssa was like and if Pierce could actually ever love some one or did he use her…..
"did they sleep together" She had absolutely no idea why she was asking him that……why was she???
Phil playing with a pen that had somehow appeared magically in his hand he looked up at her surprised , again not sure what to say or how to say it……
"umm yeah sure……. I guess so……..I mean I don’t know" he stammered. They both sat in silence for a few minutes before Liz tried again "Phil do you know why he would……"
"Shhhhhhh" Phil put a finger on his lips and went to the window he looked behind the shades……Liz felt her muscles tighten , he wasn't backing away from the mirror , had the special unit found her???? Her terror reached the peak she just had to know….
"Phil!" he turned around startled motioning her to stay where she was……Liz felt like the ultimate feeling of dread had descended over her just like you'd feel before you're told your test results in class.
Phil turned around quickly looking very where all at once he looked frightened…..Liz almost fainted
"it's them……. hide!"

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Liz was startled when Phil nearly knocked the table over by jumping over it in a hurry he quickly crounched down behind the 3 seat sofa , what the hell is he doing she thought who was it she briefly thought about looking out the window but couldn't really move instead resolved to watch the door only seconds ticked by and the door opened to reveal………… Pierce Liz wasn't sure if she was relieved or not but what's this?... she saw someone behind him after he stepped out of the way she got view of a truly beautiful woman wearing a sophisticated dress perfectly lean body.Tanned , brown eyes long blonde frizzled hair pulled back by a thin hair band…..Liz wondered if this was Alyssa Brent…..pierce passed Liz by after giving her a once over Phil seemed to have come out of his hiding place
"hey you look like you're getting older" He told Pierce startling him too
"shut up Phil!" he lightly shoved Phil out of the way but not before grabbing his arm again casting him a suspicious look "Who cut your hair phil?"
"umm two legged man with scissors?"
Pierce let Phil go "I don't wanna hear anything about army school or I'll cut your legs off"
"Hey don't get excited it wasn't my idea" he told Pierce, who proceeded to use the phone and motioned Phil to be silent.
Liz shuddered and looked back at Alyssa who was eyeing Liz as if to say "what do you think your're doing here b*ctch?!" but Liz didn't step back as she came closer to Liz …..Boy!! she thought Isabelle was cold her look was murderous to the ninth degree.
"You know I have one just like this" motioning to the night gown Liz was wearing Phil tried to smother a laugh unsuccessfully, Alyssa seemed to ignore him busy glaring daggers at Liz she frowned again eyeing her top to bottom….
"What's your name little girl?" Alyssa's voice was perky something which sounded like when a whore got drunk and emotional…..Liz disliked being called a little girl more than a B*tch.
But how could Alyssa possibly know how much she'd lost and grown in one night she had no right to call her a little girl.
Alyssa crossed her arms looked about impatiently and studied her nails they were moderately long smooth well taken care of Liz couldn't care less about her nails even before this she didn't have the patience to shape them neatly and keep doing it every two days .Liz wondered if she were too short Alyssa seemed awfully taller than her .
"I'm Liz ……. Liz Parker she took a long pause before telling her full name because she wondered if it mattered Orphaned children don't have last names.
"correction that’s Liz Pierce" Liz couldn't tell if it was Pierce or Phil but Pierce was behind her towering over her before he put both his hands on either of her shoulders to a very shocked Alyssa who seemed to have lost her color "she's your case" Alyssa stared speechlessly both at Pierce and Liz
Now ask me my name, B*tch she thought

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Alyssa laughed her eyes wide with amazement "ha!! Her?! You got married to her, oh my god" she forcibly pulled her hair band off ..Pierce didn't move but Phil appeared out of nowhere with a glass of water…"Water miss Brent?" Alyssa glared at Phil who in turned laughed at her, her face contorted into a red mask of raging anger but she just continued glaring at Phil Pierce finally moved. away from Liz Alyssa had taken a seat on the sofa her face marred red and she was holding her head as if having a head ache.

"Phil get out of the way" he did as told seeing the look on Pierce's face….Liz shivered wondering whether he'd been holding her from falling on the ground her legs felt all wobbly she stared at the woman staring hard at the ground before asking Pierce …."Are you two sleeping together?!" Liz thought Alyssa was going to get up again but she didn't , she glanced over at Pierce who chuckled and shook his head locking the front door and looking under the shades on the windows.

"lets start talking about the case Alyssa…Phil just take Liz upstairs while I explain a few things to Miss Brent here…go on"

Liz continued to gave at Alyssa who looked broken her features were confused and sad…..She almost felt sorry for Alyssa almost"

"Is she pregnant with your child?! Alyssa's voice had risen above a reasonable level even Phil seemed a little peeved about it he offered Liz a hand….

Pierce had a cigarette lighted in his hand and stared at Alyssa "MY god David have you done something…"

"Alyssa" Pierce warned giving her the coldest glare Liz had seen yet displayed by him "Phil take Liz upstairs.. move!"

Liz didn't need encouragement she took Phil's out stretched hand and unsteadily walked up stairs with him leading her

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"whoa, spooky" Phil muttered as soon as he entered the bedroom Liz followed him and closed the door behind him.
"oh yeah" he said this is gonna be a bad one" he pulled out a pair of wired head phones from his pocket and plugged his ears before falling on the bed with all his clothes on the bed looked disturbed by his landing and the covers bunched up a little under him he lay down and closed his eyes after saying "need anything just shriek" .Liz shrugged went and sat on the only chair In the room present it was mismatched with the rest of the furniture..odd one out.
She looked at the watch about 10 minutes had passed since Liz and Phil were sent up stairs in order for Pierce to explain a few things to Alyssa at first it had been silent and Liz couldn't understand why Phil had head phones on while sleeping he had fallen asleep she could tell he was snoring lightly in an adorable way ……but a few more minutes it became obvious they were talking about Liz because both were having what sounded like a shrieking match downstairs .She'd never heard Pierce this loud before it was frightening she wondered if they would hit each other but it slowly died down an hour later…..Liz wondered if Pierce had told Alyssa the truth or lied about her family friends aliens conspiracies her baby and wondered if Alyssa believed him or not. She probably did because the caliber of voices down stairs an hour ago was deafening the sky would have fallen………………..the has already fallen she thought sadly that’s what happened………….. the sky just fell on all of us. She leaned her head back and kept repeating there names promising them never to forget them never to let them down when she suddenly remembered something she missed while talking to Phil while going to the church ……………What the hell ever happened to Tess?? What about Nacedo??? Where did he go after telling them it was safe when Pierce had to resign. Why didn't he come to save them…….none of them ever heard from Tess after she went off alone with her car away from the rock quarry the first time Liz let everyone know about her baby…she never showed up in school seemed like she had left Roswell because unfortunately everyone was resting easy from that day on….she remembered when Alex had smiled his goofy smile and said "there you see?..with Tess gone we have no more problems here in Roswell" everyone cheered him on that one Isabelle kissed him on the cheek he turned red and sat back down while everyone proceeded to laugh at his expense
Liz wondered why she was thinking about them at all right now every time her mind went back to the last few days it feels like her heart has opened a newer wound with every memory she thought that the pain only numbs after so many bruises but she was wrong it didn't help…and it probably would never…never?? Ever? Liz didn't even know how long she would actually live to decide whether this barren feeling will ever fade will it ever become numb….only time will tell..why does everyone rely on time to heal wounds…….. its B.S and they always say that children say the darndest things…..ha!
Liz felt restless so she decided to pace maybe it would help but it really didn't how did it help Michael??? But she realized admist her standstill misery that she is nothing like and will never be any one like Michael Guerin he'd come a long way from mistrust and judgement issues on her behalf just for who she was not because or her affliction with his best friend or probably the only friend he ever had.
Liz closed the dobehind her when she left the bedroom careful not to wake Phil up and crept down stairs there wasn't a single word said downstairs in about 1 and a half hours they surely must have finished what ever talk they both had. Liz didn't come out of the stairwell completely the hall way sounded quiet so quiet you could drop a pin and hear it clatter at least Liz thought she could…..getting down stairs there was a window directly in front of her Pierce's car was still there which meant both of them were still here…Liz looked sideways from behind the wall of the stairwell she saw they both were present in the same room sitting far apart practically on either corner of the room Pierce seemed to have become disheveled again sitting his shirt was tugged out and he seemed to be sitting on the single sofa in an awkward position with his right hands fingers to the brigde of his nose Alyssa was ind of holding her face together as if she'd taken a punch to her face.

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They glanced at each other once in 20 seconds since Liz came downstairs both seemed to be lost in their own individual thoughts Liz wondered what they were thinking about….
After 2 minutes of silence Alyssa snapped out of it more like flipped out she was leaning her back on the sofa seat and now sat up turning to look at Pierce "David….if you ever get out of this you'll just have to give her a legal divorce we were engaged David??? I wont let that little Bitch ruin it for us!!……are you listening to me at all.."
"I heard you….but we aren't talking about all that right now……… please Alyssa" Pierce straightened up, Liz felt shocked she'd never known in her dreams that Pierce could ever say the word please to any one but she realized this wasn't anyone it was Alyssa Brent ….the woman he promised to get married to he sounded tired Liz wondered if he's gotten any sleep at all?.
Alyssa and Pierce stared at each other forever before Alyssa finally removed a ring from her wedding ring finger…after studying the ring briefly she put it down on the table carefully so that Pierce could hear the ring on the table it was spinning around on the table he watched it as it came to a rest. he looked up at Alyssa his expression was strange and unreadable almost impassive he picked up his coat which was discarded over the seat and walked out the front door , Alyssa never looked up at him she kept staring at the ring on the table with one hand over her mouth…Liz looked out the window again there he was getting into his car Liz thought he'd leave but he didn't he stayed in the car still disheveled and laid back on the seat…he closed his eyes.
Alyssa now looked completely solemn now as Liz walked out the place both of them missed looking at her she did look up this time as Liz came in view …Alyssa's lips were a thin white line she'd lost her pallor in an hour of argument or most probably when she took of that ring Liz looked at the ring and back at Alyssa before lifting it up and explaining…
"I just want you to know that whether he may have or may not have loved you is not my concern but now is his legally married to me I have his name therefore he could continue to love you but he will sleep with me on the same bed. and he will only leave me if I want him to" Liz said pointing at her
Alyssa looked up again she had a mad glint of contentment on her face while saying "sure" she paused as if saying B*tch
"Little girl" again Alyssa sounded like a drunk whore……is she drunk Liz wondered what do lawyers like her do when they Finnish bashing witnesses on confession stands. party big time in seedy bars she supposed…
Alyssa stood up crossed her arms muttering angrily "He'll never stay with you little girl"
Liz came closer to Alyssa clicking her fingers in front of her face "He will, …….David belongs to me now not you" She handed the ring back to Alyssa……."another thing" Liz said getting back on the stairs "you will call me Mrs. Pierce of Liz not Little girl got it Brent?"
Alyssa didn't answer she looked outraged Liz turned around and continued upstairs with a small smile…Liz wasn't sure why but she needed the assurance that someone like Alyssa wouldn't take away her and her baby's only possible chance to live…if Pierce could say please to Alyssa then she could make him do whatever to get rid of Liz ………she just wanted to make sure Alyssa knew that she wasn't the boss here anymore than she were before this…………Alyssa's face did look like she'd been punched earlier.

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When Liz got up stairs and opened the door Phil was wide awake and staring out the window. Liz followed his gaze Pierce was still in his car and seemed to be asleep "Are they done yet??. Is it over?" Liz stared at him he only slept for maybe about two hours but looked about as fresh as a newly hatched chick. Maybe its in the genes.
"no its far from over, but their both done" Liz said still looking out the window. Phil didn't say anything and nodded
"Phil do you know possibly any reason Davi- uh I mean Pierce would call Alyssa Brent because I really don't think he'll bring her here to break up with her, especially right now"
Phil didn't look around worriedly this time he looked a little sad before putting on glasses and becoming expressively serious "hmmm I have a theory" he said sitting down on the bed pushing the glasses up a little.
"explain" Liz said expectantly pulling up the chair in front of him and sitting with her hands clasped in front of her since she'd learned that Phil was really Brilliant but young, childish same reason he falls to trouble every time. His eyes brightened as his smile returned.
"well he said rubbing his forehead he blinked several times before continuing telling Liz that legally he is still a resident of Roswell as Deputy Ficher now since at first they didn't know about David keeping up with the special unit they'd have to look for several strange reasons to actually explain what happened back there to your friends and parents…
but now they know Dave's involved since he took Liz their prized possession from them…who they purposely planned to keep alive for whatever reason..but they want you and first there gonna establish that by going to legal way there gonna haul him in as Roswell New Mexico deputy if that happens they can take you away married or not to Dave and they can have him jailed or worse killed besides you both wont be in liberty to leave Roswell at all I guess Dave thought of calling Alyssa to make both your marriage official to them"
"but Phil were already….."
"Uh as Deputy Ficher…he officially married you as David Pierce not Ficher"
"I'll have to change a few records on computer after Alyssa lays down a few rules in court"
"you mean there's going to be a trial?" Liz asked him standing up
"uh yes but don't worry Alyssa can pull us through she's a good lawyer apart from being a B*tch…….
"but I don't understand why do I have to……"
"Liz people died back there. .you’re a missing minor in another day my brother will be declared a federal fugitive, so there has to be a trial"
"what if we don't win Phil", "what's going to happen then?"
"they'll take you away and Probably kill Dave" Phil said looking out the window again a worried expression disfiguring his features..
"what's make you think she'll help" Liz asked
"she hates me" Liz regretted
She might hate you but she sure loves Dave …its true he said to Liz who stared dejectedly at the ceiling
"she'd do anything for him no matter what"

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Liz followed Phil down stairs to the room adjacent to the kitchen Alyssa was still downstairs ,she had taken off her vest and was sitting with a personal computer notebook like diary in her lap …..circular glasses set tightly on her nose made her look older Liz wondered if was older than Pierce himself…her hair was pulled back she hadn't looked up when both Liz and Phil got down stairs…
Phil immediately tugged at the keyboard and took a seat in front of the computer which looked like hadn't been used much at all while he was busily typing away she noticed the room was warmer and had one small light in the center that provided half the light a lit candle would it was really dim and gloomy looking……….with file cabinets and a desk it looked like a regular abandoned library there were a few files stacked on the desk she went over to them and tried to find a label on them without success she flipped through one of them and found several pictures of a deceased man with a silver handprint on him several shots of the body were taken from different angles…….Liz shuddered and threw the file back on the desk. she went back to see what Phil was doing he seemed to be in census records of in Roswell where he was busy replacing the name Pierce with Ficher on a marriage certificate for both Pierce and Liz after he was satisfied with it e pulled one copy from the printer and kept it in an empty file without folding it………Liz and Phil stared at each other as the phone in the hall range but it stopped after two rings…Alyssa must have picked it up Liz rushed half outside the room and stood in the door way listening unknown to Alyssa Phil was turning the computer off.
"yes?…no he's not here right now ..who..ok who is this?
"Walter Sirus?" ummm alright she said turning to Liz she motioned behind her to Phil, keeping one hand on the receiver "Phil, go call David tell him it’s a Dr Walter Sirus and he wants to talk to him…. its important."
"oh, jeez walter ..ok" Phil practically ran outside to get Pierce from his car..he stood in the door way of the front door looked first at Liz then Alyssa who was holding the phone up unhappily glancing at Liz for the tenth time
Pierce took the phone from her and stared at her hard after which she side stepped away from the phone
"Hello …..yes?", "hold on how do I know its you?"
"yeah …..Walter alright when can we make it?", ….."now?"
"you sure you wont be here later than that"…"wait a minu…..who…oh boy..Dogget must ,be pissed of big time(He was smiling) Liz and Phil exchanged glances…Alyssa looked impatient and was pouting her lips with both her hands on her hips.
"(sighing and rubbing his forehead) fine , he looked up at he watch yeah about 3 to 4 hours…we'll be there thx… bye"
"I'll call before I get there.. yes"
Pierce put the phone down.. still looking at his watch Liz wondered if he didn't look at them purposely but he finally turned around with a calculating expression on his face ……she expected Alyssa to erupt with an enquiry first. .but Pierce spoke yet another time before anyone could ask who was Walter Sirus "Phil…do you still have those contacts I gave you?"

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Now everyone was staring at Phil "I thought you didn't want me to get in trouble" Pierce smiled his impatient smile "I meant contact lens Phil"
"oh yeah…… yeah I do…….. some where over here" he said looking around
Pierce studied him warily and then clapped his hands together getting every ones attention "all right Phil you're going with Alyssa to court …I'll take Liz"
"why does she go with you" Alyssa asked sternly pointing a finger at Liz …Liz took a step in her direction. Apparently the woman hadn't heard the words "back off" when Liz laid the rules out so simply to her….
Pierce looked over at Liz with mild amusement and then looked back at Alyssa who's yes flashed with anger and her mouth was twisted in an ugly pout. "I have to take her to the Sirus"
"who's Sirus Liz asked him …he was surprised but simply answered "a doctor"
Alyssa looked about ready to explode and Phil was waiting for Pierce to explode. Liz had a feeling Alyssa would still want Pierce to be with him after all is said and done she realized Alyssa was as bad as Pierce was stopping
a t nothing to get what she wanted and Liz only knew that opposites attracted. Pierce finally raised his hands up in air turning slightly red "what?! What is it now?!"
Alyssa's anger seemed to have died down because she was looking at the floor with her hands still on her hips she looked ready to burst into tears…..
Pierce didn't wait around for anyone and walked to the file like store room Phil followed him immediately Liz was close behind him all leaving Alyssa alone. Pierce stopped at the desk drawer and took out a gun checked the bullets rechecked it aimed it and held it in front of Phil "what me? Gun? But I thought I was an idiot?"
"you are but I'm giving it to you so you can hand it over to Alyssa I have a feeling even we do get manage to get out legal strong holds those guys would probably blow the whole God Damn Court building up to find Liz.. so Liz will say with me we'll go see Walter and meet you two back at the court at nine."
"I thought showing up at court could be dangerous"
"fine at a motel"
"no you'd be too difficult to find so why don't me and Alyssa see you at Sirus's…Pierce considered and shook his head don't come to us park a mile away we'll come to you."
"done…just one question"
"what's that?"
"won't they know the difference" he said pointing at Pierce and himself
"No they shouldn't apart from those eyes and your height unfortunately and fortunately we both are the same looking … other words they shouldn't know the difference.
"well what if they ask some thing?"
"Pierce turned around his expression seemed to have turned cold again "I'll say this only one Phil, go with Alyssa. Look and act exactly like me don’t talk to strangers and don't get killed …understand?!"
"umm yeah" Phil answered talking a few steps back
"now go get dressed in something decent from the closet upstairs"…Phil fingered his hair before asking "what about my hair?"
"Pierce turned around smiled "use gel …lots of it"
Phil nodded turned to leave muttering under his breath "everything else is the same then why the hell am I short?"
Pierce smiled watching him go and turned his back saying "he should get heels"
"hey I heard that!" Phil yelled from half way upstairs leaving both Pierce and Liz alone in the room.
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Liz stared as he pulled out two cell phones from what appeared like a small crawl like space. Pierce seemed to be aware that she was in the room but he wasn't not turning around purposely "Liz I think you should get dressed too"
"not so fast what doctor …how do I know he isn't going to take my baby from me" Pierce turned around and face her…he didn't like to be questioned or contradicted he smiled this time his teeth almost glowed in the dark "trusting or not is not an issue for you Liz… I know him therefoe I trust him and that’s all"
Liz raised an eye brow and crossed her arms because for some reason se felt like he were staring down on her chest since she didn't have a bra on and the material of the night gown was thin. He sighed "he flew down from Washington for us but one of my sources have been discovered …Doctor Walter Sirus is leaving Roswell tonight we'll have to see him before he does"
"going where?!"
Pierce stared at Liz as if she asked the stupidest question of all time but the smile never wore off.
"oh, ……..I'm not going"
"hmmmmm he said flipping through a file and why is that?"
"because I don't trust you and I don't trust that doctor" he still didn't look up at her but his smile deepened
"oh now Liz I wouldn't be too sure of that your boy friend said the same thing and look what happened to him"
Liz let her arms go and rushed forward to claw him "you bastard!!!" but Pierce managed to pull both her arms by her side…
"Now now lets not do that bit again" he said grinning and waggling his eye brows at her…….Liz tried to shrug him off but he kept his hold on her "let go!" he immediately released her and she stumbled back against the desk but manage to hold steady….his eyes seemed to have darkened more than ever he flashed her that warning look again.
Liz tried her hardest to match up to his gaze but it was impossible.. you couldn't look into his eyes without becoming excessively nervous or scared….Liz didn't have to do either "Get dressed" he stated tight lipped Liz nodded slowly still staring at him "now" Liz didn't move ,Pierce smiled as if he had an idea , he always has ideas "or do you want me to help you" he asked her candidly flipping through another file..
Liz finally lowered her gaze sighed and for some reason felt embarrassed she left the room unescorted to get dressed.

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Phil was staring at his reflection in the bathroom talking to himself probably practicing he turned around as if he knew she was behind him "hey what do ya think?"
His eyes were no longer green they crystal blue and he had used gel on his hair to make it sit. "you both are the same"
"correction we look the same" he said turning back into the mirror. Smiling into the mirror with a toothy grin "hmm maybe I shouldn't smile so much….missing one teeth" Pierce was right apart from eyes and height they looked like identical twins someone who doesn't know him to well might as well not notice the difference. He left the room closing the door behind him.
Liz looked at herself in the bathroom mirror an wondered if so much could actually happen in one day. It was so unreal that it felt surreal. But Liz didn't stand around looking at the mirror anymore Phil had been right earlier she did look like hell ..sleep that wouldn't come along with falling dreams that disturbed her showed unscrupulously on her face. she changed and sat combing through her hair slowly. there was a knock at the door "hey its time…. were leaving come on……. lets go"
Liz got and followed him looking a the room one last time before closing the door behind her…downstairs Pierce was holding up he two cell phones he'd uncovered showing them to Phil and Alyssa.
"these phones are unregistered moreover no one can scan there frequencies meaning they wont be tapped but only it when you really need it he said looking Phil…..he was busy looking at himself in the windows reflection was kind of hilarious really Phil looked like a goofy version of Pierce and Liz could tell that Pierce wasn't to happy about it either
If it were possible Alyssa's hair had gotten more frizzled but none the less had its shape she had changed into a dark business type suit too Liz wondered where she got dressed. Alyssa was standing gathering a few files that Pierce had handed over to her and her notebook computer "I can't believe he's going with you she sneered "
"Nice hair did you get struck by lightning"? Liz asked smiling
"no but stick around …and you'll find out" Liz leveled her gave with the lawyer who'd taken her glasses off and was staring at her the middle of there un announced staring match …Phil looked at both of them smiling and said they were leaving………
"hey Alyssa..I'll say it now okay no sticking to me like a leech, no b*tching and no touching he made a show of counting on his hands then putting them on his hips. Alyssa snorted at him and strode out the front door ..Liz couldn't keep a smile from her face. "see you later Liz …….I really don't wanna go with her"
"you better" Liz said warily looking over at Pierce…he smiled at her I'll see you both later……he went to through front door but not before saying "and no re announcing my rights because of my age!!" Alyssa was in the drivers side of her car and looking red faced as Phil grinned and got in ..he must be touching something in her car because she was swatting his hands away……………….
Pierce put the phone down and looked at Liz ..he kept looking at her for a long time "lets go……we'll have to get you some new clothes later"
Liz followed Pierce slowly turning to see a cloud of dust where Alyssa's car had been standing ..she was driving and they were already out of the drive way.

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Liz didn't intend on falling asleep or sitting in the front seat with Pierce just so that he knows she hasn't given into him.. so when he opened the front door for her to sit Liz purposefully made a face, crossed her arms and side stepped to the back seat of the car Pierce was amused but didn't say anything got in and started driving. She had been sitting straight for about 20 minutes staring out the window while they were breezed through an abandoned back road ….apparently they were getting out of Roswell. But she started drifting the air conditioner was so soothing but she managed to notice that while she were drifting off her mind felt like it was spiraling back wards through her brain….into blackness
It looked like a dark cavern the only source of light was admissible since she couldn't tell where it was coming from…..but her attention revolved around the short low ledge she was sitting on …..Liz was surrounded by pool of glistening black liquid that looked like it sucked air but when she brushed a hand through it came up like clear shiny liquid like water nothing sticky or black like tar or oil ..she wondered what caused it there was nothing else around her but it didn't scare her, Liz didn't know why but she wanted to dip a single finger into the black pool ……..small waves rippled through the circular pond but stopped in the middle as if they just disappeared into some thick void a black hole in the center…she noticed when the ripples stilled the moon somehow appeared in the pool it was full and somewhat transparent it was still rippling and circling the entire black oblivion as if dissolving but the light shone from it wasn't dulling any time soon..this time Liz raised her head to see a section of transparent sheet stretched out in front of her after the pond it was transparent but somehow she knew it was here …the empty feeling inside her didn't bother her and neither did she think about herself being alone even though her heart did feel weighed down a bit by a un definable feeling it went beyond anything and everything she'd ever felt but amounted to nothing…….
Again they all were there except for Max Liz rose up to a sitting position all this while she'd been leaning stomach down on the ledge studying the pool…..Michael Maria Alex Isabelle soft blue light shone on them again the source was untraceable but they weren't moving at all they looked like frozen statues but there eyes seemed to be real and alive…and they were unblinking. Looking down into the pool again ..there was Max he was transparent too the moon had completely disappeared now or perhaps it had transformed into Max……his image seemed still and un moving like the rest of them but he wasn't frozen …silently he reached out to her …Liz reached down into the pool but it wasn't like earlier… clear .it felt sticky and Liz found she couldn't take her hand back she found her self falling into the pool……expecting her lungs to fill up with tar and die she squeezed her eyes shut
But she yet again didn't feel anything even remotely sticky and black clinging to her….
Opening her eyes Liz felt sensation it was warm kind of fuzzy like sitting in front a lit fire…..she was still sitting on the ledge hadn't she fallen in was it her imagination?….there was no one around her anymore no frozen statues ..without looking in to pool Liz knew that Max was gone and so was the moon….she was alone strange she felt just the same she had felt while falling into the void not as if she'd lost some thing…or some one..the glow around her brightened and the ledge wasn't so low now it looked like it had risen up about a thousand feet from the pool …it looked still the same no smaller no larger from where she stood….Liz turned around and found the source of the present light it was the opening to the cavern she stepped out side and saw all of them including Max who was leading everyone away into the desert the sun was hot but se couldn't hear anything …Liz wasn't really frustrated but this was like limbo…there shadows were visible as they got further and further away from her only their shadows were visible long and dark darker than the void no just like the void…..but just as Liz raised a step to follow them she found her self falling from the high ledge her mouth opened in an in audible scream ….through her fall she realized where ever she was there was no time..because here nothing slowed down or speeded up it was still but she was still falling the dark pool came in view…….Liz could feel the fear now it was and it kept multiplying till she hit the surface of the void and disappeared into it Max , Michael , Maria , Alex, and Isabelle stared down at her from the high ledge till she disappeared below the surface never fighting for air …….dreams ends
Liz woke up in the back seat of the car covered with a thin cover of sweat…….they were still driving out in the middle of no where

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"I thought I'd have to wake you up" Pierce said looking at her from the review mirror
"are we there yet?" Liz asked straightening her self..
"Almost" the road was still feature less but Liz noticed alarmingly that she remembered driving on this road ..where were they…"Pierce"..she was even more afraid to ask him "where are we"
"You'll find out when we get there"
"I don’t know why I have a feeling…… I've been here before"
Pierce didn't answer his eyes darkened in the review mirror as she looked on…when had she come here or why out of Roswell the only time she did something like that was when Michael went vision questing in Marathon and all of them had to go after him or else when Max was …..oh God ……this was the general direction to Eagle rock base.!!
"pull over!!!"
"what whats the matter with you now?!" He sounded irritated
"where the hell are you taking me!!!"
"just where I told you"
"you never said you were taking me to Eagle Rock!….
"so you do remember hmmm.." Pierce was smiling in the review mirror it was just the cue Liz needed
."you lied!!!" Liz struggled with the car's door …."wait a damn minute!! Stop doing that!!" he yelled looking back
she managed to get the door open and practically flew out face first rolling over the rough desert ground gravel and stones scratched her arms and neck ….when she finally stopped rolling her head felt like it was going to explode her vision differed from normal every thing looked fuzzy she must have hit a large stone..other than that there was a large cloud of smoke surrounding her which made it even more difficult to see ..But Liz thought she heard a skidding sound sure enough Pierce's car had swerved side ways and almost went into a spin before coming right at her..

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Liz tried to get up but felt like she was unable to focus at all and was about to pass out before the car had stopped ..Pierce hovered over her..he waved a hand above her eyes..she grabbed at it since everything already felt 3-d she didn't want to be any more dizzy "Are you crazy!!?..jumping out of a driving car like god you could have!!!……….."
"I knew you were going to do something like this!" he pulled her up to her feet but like felt like her head was still in a spin
and looked up at him dazed….Pierce didn't look happy at all..and shoved her in the front seat of the car slamming the door shut he got it locked the cat doors raised a finger and wagged it at her "never …I mean never ! do something like that again!!!" he threw the car in gear and drove in full speed. Liz wished he'd slow down……
after her head had stopped the spin spree Liz crouched to her side of the seat "your not taking me there!!!"
"and why the fuck not..Huh!?"
"you lied to me"
"what the hell are you talking about"
"you said you wouldn't hand me over to them and here you are taking….."
"great merciful lords…….you are such a pain .in the ⊕ss you know that?!"
"Dr Walter Sirus is waiting in that building for us! shut up and let me get over there before he leaves or else I will be forced to restrain you with a sedative!!"
Liz held her head and sat in silence
"are you listening!?"
Liz didn't answer ..he wanted her to shut up fine I'll shut up alright she thought..
"quit shouting I only have two ears that I'm not inclined on losing hearing in because of someone like you !!"
"Oh that’s sprite Liz ……just great ..owing to the performance you just gave a few minutes ago I'm surprised you didn't break anything..or worse hurt your own baby!"
"you're a jerk"
"and you’re a hypocrite" his smile had returned he seemed to be enjoying there fight.. "this is turning out in to a real marriage isn't it?"
"shut up and don't talk to me Pierce" His smile seemed to deepen and he became a little more relaxed driving ahead
Liz continued to stare out of the window embarrassed and both angry at him
Pierce could of at least told her where they were going .The only memories she had of eagle rock were ugly and in the dark but it occurred to her she'd never been inside the facility. They drove up inside through the gate without any checking there were no men in suits around Pierce was right Eagle Rock base was deserted and they were here in the day time…no one came out to see them….Liz wondered why the doctor agreed to meet them here of all places and if he knew about Max, he must have since he must also know that my baby isn't wholly human.
Liz tried opening the door it felt stuck she tried shoving at it. Pierce whirled at her and stared as if she were 6 years old.
"you're pulling it the wrong way Liz" he leaned over and Liz back up against the seat he opened the door with ease…
Liz continued to glare at him "I only have one car at the moment who I'm not inclined on having sent to the junk yard because of some one like you" he implied lightly…. she pushed the door open and got out.

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Liz was still standing and looking around Pierce had walked ahead of her inside .That’s right she thought bitterly he knew this place well didn't he?….."well its an open invitation Liz" he gestured to the unattended wire mesh gate…"so you can come in anytime your interested." Liz frowned and walked behind him …he seemed to know she was following him. The inside of the building was a little dull in lighting and there were so many passages through which they walked through that were empty Liz unnoticed to her followed Pierce close by he was walking to fast she actually afraid of losing him here in this dark tower its only been a month no a little more than that but its looks deserted for a long time…..
"hey wait for me" Liz said running after him
"David Pierce" the voice sounded mechanical and Liz shuddered at how un human it sounded.
Pierce stopped walking and Liz nearly bumped into him he turned to right a downward stair way and motioned her to follow her the stair was like a trapdoor it was the only source of light. They were narrow and of small width Liz got down carefully Pierce was already down stairs waiting for her he offered her a hand that she took only because her head still felt dizzy from the small bump on the head…it was amazing like an under ground base small like four closets combined….she expected men in containment suits but there were simply about a dozen men women dressed in white like nurses in hospitals …Liz at first couldn't understand why Pierce was trying to smother a toothy grin but she got the shock of her life looking at the man standing in front of him he had surgical attire on sure but the man was absolutely hairless 7 feet tall with no eye brows , eye lashes, seriously bald he looked like a scull..she coughed Pierce turned to her baring his teeth "try to keep a straight face alright?"…
Liz nodded and followed him to the doctor…he must be Walter Sirus..

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The doctor shaked hands with Pierce and them lightly shoved him out of the way wanting to see Liz…
"Are you Liz!?"
"Umm… yes?"
"she's so young the doctor said looking at Pierce still holding Liz's hand"
Pierce took Liz's hand from the doctor..she had been squirming under his grip."she's also pregnant .".he said reminding the doctor who continued to stand there looking at Liz.
"oh of course ..we've got no time to lose this way please" Walter Sirus led them through a series of doors and double steel doors into a hospital like room which also seemed to have a waiting area. He took them into one of the closed 5 doors.
"nurse get the equipment ready the patients here" Liz was handed a small green thin hospital gown she stared at it Pierce came in view "go over there and change Liz" he said pointing to a one inch thick partitioned wall..Liz kept staring at the gown back at him and around herself …she suddenly felt scared wondering what sort of tests would they do on her would they my baby?? Besides she'd seen restraint's on an examination table coming here…."Liz….you alright:?"
she couldn't say anything and swallowed painfully the room had white walls all around it..was this where they brought Max? where he was tortured drugged and threatened?? Shuddering she hoped not and followed a nurse who gently led her by the arm to change…she did feeling sick..pulling her hair back trying to control inordinate tears she followed the nurse back to where the doctor and Pierce were discussing something …not being able to hear them since she wasn't within hearing range.
"here" the nurse guided Liz to an examination table which had heavy operating lights above it …she shivered as the temperature of the room was really cold ..with the nurses help Liz did get on the table..looking around her she saw stirrups…long syringes with un definable liquids in them.. and other instruments she'd never seen before….. and if she were right there was some sort of ultra sound equipment not far away from her table ..all other nurses were busily going around checking meters and one came up to Liz and gave her a pill to swallow. She pulled her knees up to her chest and started rocking back and forth she really did feel scared now ..even the scary feeling in the halls wasn't anything compared to what she felt now……
"I'll wait out side till there done" Pierce told her nearly out side the door. Liz whimpered but Pierce was already outside..she didn't want to be left here alone with these mechanical drones and that weird hairless Dr skull..

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"uhh can you lie down please…the doctor asked her putting on a sthetiscope Liz kept staring at the was just like her dream she was falling and needed to hold on to anything…… anything even if it was someone like Pierce….she was surrounded by nurses in white and of course the doctor himself he looked even more eerie now that he'd pulled on gloves and a mask ….were they going to operate on her ????? why would they have to do that…….Liz felt arms over her the nurse was trying to get her to lie down she slid and lay down and thought maybe she should close her eyes and think about some thing else some where else. But it was impossible she had to know they weren't going to hurt her baby she'd have to be brave for its sake for everyone's sake, taking in deep breaths she promised herself not to break…..
"nurse" Walter Sirus's voice had become mechanical again Liz shuddered violently partly because the room temperature was freezing and at present as the doctor came closer with his hands raised Liz's quiet hysteria heightened. She closed her eyes again trying to breath suddenly like a tv screen witched in front her images began flashing through her closed eyes in her mind at first they were to flipping to fast to be seen but they slowed down and she saw Max tied to an operating table a scalpel above him nearing his chest to cut him open Liz would have screamed but felt to petrified...the images were something visions she saw while kissing Max after they rescued him from this god forsaken tower of torture. Now she was here probably in the same room on the same table wold they cut her open to…it wasn't as if she could run anywhere any time soon… Max being electrocuted….Max being drugged the animated images kept revolving around her head ..she'd had enough ..because the next second Liz sat up on the table yelling at everyone to get away from her as they were about to put her legs up in stirrups, she went hysterical ….Liz just wanted to get out of there …but none of them moved from there places. The doctor came forward with a syringe "keep that the F*ck away from me!!"
"Liz relax were not gong to hurt you" he motioned to the two nurses standing by and they came forward and tried to pull Liz back down on he table.. "noooo!!!"
"Stop!" she started sobbing uncontrollably as she was pulled down on the table." Now Liz I don't have time for this these are simple procedures they wont hurt…just calm down or else you'll be given a sedative…is that clear?"
Liz continued to bawl her eyes out….. not looking at anyone "oh dear…fine….nurse I think you better call him in"
"who doctor?"

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Liz was sobbing uncontrollably hugging herself ..her vision blurred by a few hundred tears rolling down at the sides of her cheeks.
"Liz?.." Pierce pushed through the small crowd of nurses and got to her..Much to his surprise Liz buried her head in his chest and wouldn't let him go any where….
"Liz….. what's wrong?"
she answered in between hiccups and big gulps of air "I don't ..want to….can't we just….go…I can't…."
"Liz listen to me there not going to hurt you..and we both know that we can't just go..he sighed she still held on to him not wanting to see the room the doctor or the nurses "wouldn't you want to know how your baby's doing ?? she finally let him go but not completely..rubbing her nose it felt sore she wiped away the tears and nodded Pierce pushed her hair back and made her lie back down..he was right she had to do this it was ridiculous behavior she's not a six year old afraid of needles well alright not completely brave Pierce just turned to leave.
Her heart lurched she couldn't let him leave she'd lose her mind alone here in this madness.."don't go…"
He did turn around and come back to her he didn't say anything but stroked her hair
"we could give her a sedative" Pierce turned to the doctor and looked back at Liz..she continued to shiver and had now taken a hold of his hand again she was surprised by it's warmth. "it could get complicated if she continues like this" the doctor persisted"…
"give her one" with that Pierce held Liz up in a sitting position " I don't want one please"
"Pierce held her arms "its for your own good'll feel better when you wake up." "noooo!" Liz tried to fight him she didn't want to be drugged.
"it's alright this won't hurt one bit" the nurse came forward and brought out a small syringe filled with clear liquid..Liz clung further on to Pierce…he didn't seem to mind it and continued to stroke her hair with his free hand..and came across the bump on her head….She felt a slight pinch and felt something following through her arm then the pinch was gone.Pierce was frowning while fingering her bump and he motioned to the doctor to take a look but Liz already felt drowsy ad closed her eyes but not before seeing two nurses put her legs up in stirrups.she felt like she being gently laid down.
"this will be over'll be fine"
"you're going to leave" Liz accused incoherently "you're going to leave me here"
he took her hand once again "I'm not going any where.. don't worry…" though she was aware that her hand hadn't left his Liz found herself spiraling into her dark unconsciousness…again dreaming ..


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(desperately) tell me how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and thx for reading it and liking it...hmmm wonder if there the same thing
boy I was wasted when I started writing He wants me He wants me not..hehe
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this time Liz felt like she was in some kind of large stadium that had four walls all covered with large silk blue curtains and that she was standing in some kind of glass box like those paper weights. it was thick and there was light in it which was the only way to see her surroundings.
There were what appeared like shadows around her but Liz knew they were here all of them even Max…were they haunting her they'd never only if they stay the same as ghosts or would they change into evil and kill her in her own dreams for not dying with them ….Liz was sitting in the middle of the glass box and got up close to it something strange happened when she touched the glass her hand passed right through it. The glass was clear and colorless before she touched it. but now as her hand was half way through it .it had several multicolored ripples around her hand. like some kind of portal. Liz pulled her hand back in the portal opened up by her hand closed on it own where as Liz was expecting it to break when she pulled back. Suddenly the shadows came to light Michael Maria Alex Isabelle they were all wearing black and coming forward near the glass box there mustn't be any air out side the box Liz thought the silk curtains were completely still no ripple in the cloth noticeable…..they appeared to be talking only they were all in audible she wondered if she should pass through the glass and go to them…for some reason Liz had a bad feeling about passing through the if it would be wrong some how. Max appeared out of the thin air he too was wearing black and held a black rose in his hand he was walking up to her Liz looked down and saw that the glass block was really cemented to a set of off white steps with the exception of the ones leading up to her the rest of the stairs were lost in a strange thick fog that reverted her conception of if they were changing ..molding into themselves as Max came up everyone else had crossed there arms seemingly waiting for Max to make it to Liz …His expression was the one that bothered Liz.. he looked as if he were going to some one's funeral……. some one he really cared about? Liz kept close to the glass but for some reason thought it wise not to touch it…..whatever world the portal opened up to couldn't possibly be some where she wanted to go even her friends were there. But they made a choice she was still in the middle torn between wanting to be with everyone and having to want to live life as it is ……..dangerous, and alone without them all of them for them……..
Max was close enough to touch he touched the glass and offered her the black rose..his hand didn't pass through there were no ripples in the glass no portal…..he was saying something it was still un heard to her maybe the glass was to thick or maybe Liz thought she should pass her hand through the glass and open the portal listen to what he's saying…
This time when she passed her hand through the glass the silk curtains shivered and rippled hit by an invisible gust of wind the rest of them had risen up somehow all of them were holding out a black rose to her ..and her eyes filled up the fog had cleared up the path leading to her was on fire they were small embers like coals on fire……
she knew for some reason she'd be able to hear him now "Let me go Liz….."
Alex: Let me go Liz
Maria: Let me go Liz
Michael: Let me go Liz
Isabelle: Let me go Liz…………
There voices echoed in the room "no ..I can't" she pleaded with them Alex, Michael, Maria, Isabelle exchanged saddened glances …Liz wondered what had she said that was so wrong….Max's eyes had filled up Liz had to talk to him hear his voice it was addictive…but realized with horror that she could no longer pass her hand through the glass she banged on the door desperately to get some kind of reaction from him…..but Max was clearly in deep un amendable sorrow he didn't leave her eyes but the black rose in his hand disintegrated up to the stem as if it were charred like coal dust…….
Looking down the same had happened to the roses the rest of them were holding for a second nothing happened no one moved but then they all looked up from the pedestals they were standing on they shared Max's look ..her reaction went beyond horrified as the pedestals crumbled and all of them plunged down fast in to nothing ness below the fog was still clear ….Max still put his hand on the glass looking around himself calm but sorrowfully but before Liz could touch the glass he fell below and dissapeared Liz shrieked and threw herself on the glass wanting to go after him but a low rumbling noise made her get back in the middle of the glass block …..whoosh!! Liz sank to the floor and covered herself with her arms the raging fire rose up like spurting lava and swallowed the silk curtains ….there was silence then nothing else Liz uncovered her self and dared to look around she saw nothing the room was black feature less and taking a step closer to the glass wall which wasn't warm at all Liz could pass her hand through it and the path leading up to her from below her had frozen the stairs were blotchy, speckled and covered with a thick layer of hard ice she was alone again…..
"Liz come back" where was the voice coming from she felt aware of holding some ones hand but there was no one by her side
"Liz….here…" Pierce was standing on the side of the opposite wall holding out his hand to her
"Are you real…."…he smiled "I am the only one who's real …Liz" she moved towards him slowly wanting to make sure he was real she reached out a hand and took his…………..Liz woke up hand in hand with Pierce who was looking down on her with a satisfied smile…"we won the case Liz"

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"she sat up straight with his help "what?"
"Alyssa pulled us through…now we can leave Roswell if we want to"
"Alyssa? She did?" Pierce nodded got her off the table …"there done with you Liz"
"everything?" Liz asked she was anxious to get out of here as fast as possible and seemingly she'd slept through all of the tests.
"why don't you go get dressed we'll leave here and meet Phil and Alyssa." He was still holding her hand
"umm ok she said staring at him" he seemed to be unaware of holding her hand in his for he asked her again to go to and get dressed…
"ummm Pierce … hand she said pointing at it. He looked startled "oh ..of course …go ahead he said letting her hand drop and clearing his throat"
It was an awkward moment but she went back to wall partition put her clothes back on still feeling woozy she followed Pierce out of Eagle Rock base …they came back out the same way they used to get it but for some reason it was much easier to get out than in….she wondered why?…..
"well that certainly went well" Pierce said putting his cell phone on the cars dash board…
"I could of handled my self" Liz muttered unhappily
"obviously you couldn't" he told her back smiling.
"what ever" Liz groaned leaning back against the seat.
"Dr Walter Sirus should be able to give us the test results back when we get to washington"
"were going to Washington?" Liz asked incredulously as he pulled out the car onto the dirt road and followed up….
"Possibly today" he said happily "what about Alyssa?" Liz asked carefully but his face still seemed to have darkened "What about her?" he asked not looking at her
"is she Leaving Roswell?"
"Probably….he took a long pause before saying "I don't know"
Liz was then tempted to ask him if he really did love the snobby lawyer but restrained her self by looking out the window ..she wasn't planning on getting personal anytime soon with Pierce.

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They drove a mile away from Eagle rock and it was still visible Liz noticed turning around from her seat..her thoughts were random and didn't rest at a single topic wondering what all tests they did on her, what would be the expected results and what if some thing was wrong. She did feel hyper..maybe it’s the effect of the drugs……
"you should wear a seat belt" Pierce said studying his watch and then his hair in the review mirror ..Liz wondered if he were getting ready for Alyssa the idea strangely bothered her and even more frightening was that she felt a little jealous ..fine not just a little jealous more than that…she secretly wondered if were even thinking about the women .wouldn't be hard to be attracted to her since she's got all the super model features any guy would dream of. But the women's a walking talking leech..she definitely sucks blood.
"you should use less gel" she answered back
"really?" he asked smiling wryly "why ….would that make me look better?"
"No..but at least you wont look like a vampire"
"interesting pretense…but I still think you should wear a seat belt" he winked
Liz made a face and looked out the window again she wondered when Alyssa and Phil would actually get here…they'd left court presumably before Pierce and her left the base.
"will that thing keep standing forever?" Liz asked turning back to Eagle rock
"As long as they need it"
"by whom?"
"(a pause) I think you already know" Liz didn't say anything but she definitely knew he was saying the special unit….
Again they were having an awkward moment but Liz was willing to have a meaning full conversation with him… not now but some day if they made it out alive that is.but instead she tried to change the subject
"Is Phil going back to L.A" Liz hoped Phil would come along with if they were really going Washington other than great company Liz discovered that he was on no ones side..not even his own…Phil stayed on no man's land and blindly follows a path some one may lead him into…while he was a dream come true friend and brother such priorities did indeed manage to always get him in trouble where ever he was ..Liz just felt the poor guy needed a little guidance he already had a life.
Pierce looked up he didn't answer right away apparently he hadn't thought about it before "Maybe…if he wants to..he could.besides we might need him anyway…." his voice trailed of
"aren't you worried about Rick hurting him" Liz asked remembering what Phil had told her about his father…
Pierce looked at her in surprise but then looked out the window "Phil can handle the old man….besides he's always drunk"
"He follows you" Liz informed him
Pierce snorted good naturedly before saying "I'm not asking him to"
"he does thinks of you as his idol" Pierce smiled it seemed like a proud smile "that would be my guess since he doesn't have any other family"
"did Rick really kill you mother?" she wasn't sure if she should ask him but since Phil told her that Pierce saw it happened she couldn't help but imagine what effect such a crime when it took place could have had on him…
Pierce didn't answer he closed his eyes and put his head on the seat "just how much did he tell you?"
"Just about probably every thing and anything he's known his whole life?"
Pierce murmured something smiling still closed eyes that Liz could have sworn sounded like "that’s my brother"
Suddenly they both sat up straight to see an approaching sleek red car at high speed it was zig zaging crazily through the desert either the driver of the car was mad or drunk …Liz could perceive anyone of both Alyssa or Phil to be driving it.Pierce swore under his breath Liz suddenly had a bad feeling at the pit of her stomach like that day at the crash down.
Was something wrong had something happened? Oh god was some one hurt??? The car swerved and skidded coming to a halt raising a large cloud of dust with it.and if Possible Pierce looked even more pale than ever he looked dead….Liz kept watching him as he got out of the car and left it open and Liz saw why ..when the dust around Alyssa's car the passenger seat minus the drivers seat was visibly empty Phil was no where to be seen

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Pierce quickly strode over to the car with a tight jaw and Liz immediately got out of the car not leaving the door….She could see Alyssa….Pierce seemed to be pulling Alyssa out of the car and the blonde did stumbled out of the car with his help she went absolutely hysterical holding her head wailing Liz couldn't hear them….what was going on Liz thought where is Phil…she wasn't going to Pierce and Alysssa because she was afraid to know what had happened her stomach was in tight knots…and she as holding her breath
Pierce was shaking Alyssa apparently she wasn't making any sense why dosen't he slap her or something might get her to snap out of it. taking a deep breath Liz walked closer to she ran to them Liz thought that if she did make it in time to them Phil might just be alright it forever to get close enough to them to hear both of them..indeed they were panicked..
"I'm so sorry David he wouldn't give me the gun…I tried to help him…but they shot him…I couldn't…."
"jesus" Liz uttered under her breath she felt like her stomach had turned to liquid they shot him?? Did they shoot Phil oh god ..Phil's dead?? Did they take him..Liz just had to know..he couldn't be dead..he's not done anything to anyone ………
"I'm sorry David!!"
"Alyssa god dammit where?!!!"
"county general hospital"
Pierce left Alyssa more like threw her aside
He got in Alyssa's car quickly and motioned both of them to get in …For a moment Liz didn't move hospital?? She thought was Phil in the Hospital ??….Liz took a look at Alyssa she was a mess …crying red faced her face tear stained make up out of place, looking completely not Alyssa like…and apparently she was in a shock of some kind ..for Pierce's sake Liz first helped a very motion less Alyssa back in the back seat she quickly got in the front seat with Pierce and he just plowed the road at full speed..

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County general was like any other hospital causality department that was busy all the time so when Pierce asked the first person about Phil he wouldn't tell us anything simply because he didn't know anything Pierce took him by the collar and asked him again after giving him vile threats of his life.he was able to tell where a gun shot victim was sent though…
Liz feared the worst and indeed it was too muck to handle for a small hospital like this so he was taken to a trauma center more likely flown ….so they got back in the car..Alyssa had stayed in the car last time…but when they drove fro about 40 minutes to the flay trauma center Alyssa had wanted to go with Pierce …Liz followed them inside….it was hectic and horror filled place where there was blood gore in every room ..They didn't really know where to look for Phil…So Pierce
Asked the unconcerned receptionist at the top floor about any recent gun shot wound victim who just arrived …he did however manage to direct Pierce to the doctor handling the case after a fast search on his computer….but that he had no id they didn't know how to contact his family …Pierce told him he was family. The doctor finally came out he looked like he was in the operating theater just about now..Pierce must have told him he was family because the Doctor put a hand on his shoulder lead him far off from Liz and Alyssa who looked like a complete wreck she really seemed devastated……
Pierce had now been talking to the doctor for 5 minutes "tell us good news" Liz thought crossing her fingers behind her back Pierce didn't look at Alyssa but he was talking to her ..he told her that he was going to see Phil and that they both better stay put in the waiting room and not ask any one else about Phil otherwise he'd kill both of them…Alyssa looked grim Liz just looked up she had stopped praying to god after all that had taken place with her in the past two days she didn't think that something like good luck ever existed any more….was this the punishment she wondered silently another innocent friend dead?…no don't think that she thought he isn't dead not yet anyway……………….Liz suddenly felt very heavy and sat down on a large white plastic chair with the hospital emblem on it….
Turning to Alyssa Liz decided to ask her just what the hell happened and how she came out unscathed I mean these people don't make mistakes….

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After taking in a few sniffs with a small tissue Alyssa crossed her legs and told her how they both came out the court into the parking lot and had been taken by surprise ..more than a few men in suits surrounded them and Phil had forgotten to give Alyssa the gun ..she'd forgotten to ask the end of their conversation Liz wished she could get up and strangle Alyssa seemed as if Phil was trying to save Alyssa and since he'd never used a gun before he got shot instead Alyssa had lost it at the last moment ..chickened out and Left Phil there ..she was to scared to help him.
But this wasn't really any time to fight Liz thought. The women did fairly look like she already was taking an internal guilt trip so Liz left it at that ..she got up and paced the hall and kept staring at the double doors Pierce had just gone through she wondered what he was thinking about right now..he had to be worried about Phil one thing was for sure and it made him worse that impatient it made him insanely angry.…
After an hour of pacing around Liz went and sat down two seats away from Alyssa she couldn't sit near her without accusing her Phil's predicament…..just as she was going to close her eyes her eyes Pierce re appeared through the doors he disappeared an hour ago….Liz didn't get up she had to see his expression…his movement was awkward but there was more something Liz never imagined ….it was both describable and some how indescribable in his terms…he looked lost even though his face was a unchanging mask Liz almost fainted he looked at her at first as though he didn't recognize her. Liz was feeling light headed she gulped and looked at him again he was looking at the wall behind her thinking of god knows what .she dared to move closer to him…tears had started spilling from her eyes undetected by her…..e ran a hand through his hair and not looking at anyone said "we have to go know..come on"
He turned and started walking Liz thought she'd fall to the ground and disintegrate if she tried to take a step forward…it was harrowing Pierce's shoulders not only sagged but it looked like he was having a difficult time holding them up.She followed him out how can he not react she thought crying …Phil was dead!!

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Before Pierce or Liz could actually get into the car Alyssa appeared out of no where she looked disraught
"David..I'm so sorry…just….I really am…" Pierce didn't stop walking he passed her by and kept walking to the car
Liz stopped and looked at the woman who looked as is she were a criminal
"you!! She spat venomously it's your fault or Phil would have been alive!"
Liz gaped at her…
"putting on a little act of a scared little girl…with dead family.."
Liz slapped Alyssa she almost fell back wards her shock and horror showed clearly in eyes the slap Liz had given was imprinted as a red hand print
"at least I wouldn't have left Phil alone to die…but you did just that!! You saved your self you don't care about any thing else do you?!" Liz was screaming she felt like it.
Either Alyssa realized Liz was right or her own misery gave her a tumble because her expression saddened and she started sobbing softly ..Liz stood there and watched her she wasn't sure whether to leave her here like this or not.
Pierce was already in the car he'd started it and seemed to be waiting….Alyssa stopped crying wiped the tears away Looked at Liz she looked crushed and genuinely sad about something other than herself..
"take care of him.." she told a shocked Liz….
Alyssa walked to Pierce's car opened his door bent down and kissed him on the lips…..Liz was still standing at the hospital entrance she wasn't sure what had occurred or if she should be angry about it..but she guessed it was alright Alyssa was saying good bye she was letting Pierce go ..finally.she ran a hand through his hair said something in his ear and walked away from the car.

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He hasn't said anything for a while now and Liz knew he probably wouldn't for as long as they were in Roswell. It was dark again but there was no moon she didn't look up to see the stars ..again they were on a deserted road that would probably lead them to the next town before they could go to Washington..Liz thought about Phil he shouldn’t have to die in the middle of all this but he did she didn’t even know where he'd gotten shot..asking Pierce was an option of a chance she didn't want to take ..he wasn't looking anywhere else but the road almost dazed…she wondered if she were just the same as he is right now when Pierce threw her in his car after all her friends died……. Probably.
Liz couldn't understand why Alyssa finally did let Pierce go ..she reminded Liz a little of Tess …where is Tess now
Has she found her life her love …maybe not because first loves are always hard to forget ..or maybe Tess wont forget Max forever like Liz she realized she loved Max and she'd love him forever there could never be any one else some one else possibly can't take his place…but Liz wondered if Tess knew that they were all dead didn’t she wish always wish we'd all die?…may be not because Max had to die too…..if anything Pierce and Alyssa must have really loved each other ..they were strong enough to let go or too weak to hold on at all.
But Liz knew she couldn’t let Max or any of her friends just go even if they were dead..that’s what they told her in her dream……… to let them go.. they weren't like a stray thread she could discard or dust that wind could carry away she couldn't just let anyone go…..moving on could only be so difficult ……she always said it should be easy to throw the past away and get on with the present try and change it…how will she change it now…..she was so wrong can't just forget the past its always there when you wake up in the morning …when you close your eyes….its everywhere and all around you but you still say you're sane …that you're not anywhere losing your own mind.
Liz noticed that Pierce had stopped the car ..cut the engine he sat there for a while looking ahead ..Did he wan to say anything no he removed his gun put it on the dashboard… took out a cell phone..opened the car door and got out "stay here" his voice was soft and it made her eyes burn…he then started walking away from the car…She looked around there was nothing here where was he going?….she wondered if she should follow him but reverted from it because she knew he'd make good on his promise. Was he leaving her here? Out in the desert? There's probably nothing here for miles and miles….Liz started shivering there was no wind but she did feel cold ….where did he go???…looking around she couldn't even trace his figure he'd disappeared behind rocks and sands ..Liz felt like she couldn't breath and got out of the car the key's were still in ignition .closing the door she leaned against it.she shuddered and hugged her self and finally did look up at the sky stars appeared like a second vision to her and she noticed there was breeze blowing in her direction soft but it was there..when it came to her "will Pierce let Phil go?"…that cell phone he took out must of have been Phil's….Liz felt like bile hit her back throat it burned and made her fall to her knees throwing up yet another time….
She got up unsteadily and broke out into full sprint running like a mad woman through the desert screaming and crying her head off…..anywhere she thought anywhere but here ..I can't let anyone go…I'm losing my mind… alone

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She wasn't thinking right or maybe somewhere between a haze and reality Pierce had found her on the desert floor …he'd come back? He still said nothing but put and arm under her legs and lifted her up ..carrying her back to the car Liz rested her head against his chest he felt warm…she was cold and was surprised that she hadn't frozen where she lay.closing her eyes she sighed her throat felt raw she wondered if he heard her cries and came back….he opened the back door of the car supporting her with a leg and tried to lay her down in the back seat…she'd been holding on to him and before he could go she tugged at him. motioning to him with her eyes .at first he looked at her as he didn't understand but then after looking around for a while he got in the back seat with her they shifted positions so that Liz was lying on top of him with her head ion his chest, his arms were free and one went around her lower back. Liz closed her eyes
But she knew he wouldn't sleep…….. he never sleeps it was strange but true she wondered what kept him awake was he too afraid of dreaming? Did the people who died because of him come in his dreams and haunt him too?…..they probably did.May be this was god's own way to punish him ..alone restless sleepless..
Liz did still believe in God but not in prayer anymore because now she'd come to the conclusion the pain full way that you can pray all you want it a formality something you always do ..are suppose to do but things in life work out or don't not because what you pray for to happen because its your fate your destiny..everything from your life to death is written compiled and played out accordingly no amount of pleading with god will change the script of your life its inevitable ..she's using that word a lot..trying or not trying to change fate will only result in worsening the pain of loss…. She wasn't sure what happened in their case they would have died whether or not they tried to save Liz and Max
"God does things for a reason" her father once told her ..Liz opened her eyes and stared up Pierce was watching her un blinking she wondered if he'd stopped breathing but when Liz shivered from the cold he tightened his arm around her…
"what are you thinking"? she asked him before she could stop her self
he closed his eyes and murmured "He was a good kid..I should have just killed Rick and let him stay there"
Liz nodded but wished he wouldn't talk about killing in the middle of the night how ironic she thought bitterly there were already so many dead bodies around them..Liz wondered if god killed Phil off because he was a third wheeler…because he was useful to them and could help them was this destiny's plan to block all efforts and let her baby die ? or did he have to die so that Pierce could actually appreciate him…he already did she thought without words…Liz sighed and cuddled with him his chin rested on her forehead she finally fell asleep…..there was a moon visible now in the desert…………….and Liz hadn't been wary enough to actually know that there little exchange tonight brought them a little closer or maybe Phil's death

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He likes red Liz smiled well not red it’s a maroon shirt she was wearing his shirt since they didn't have any clothes for her..yet….she raised an eye brow when he showed her the color he smiled lopsided telling her he liked the color red..Liz thought it didn't really suit him..he was defensive about it "you where it then" he shoved it to her…
Liz stared at him Phil was right he did wear glasses she wouldn't have thought he had a sight problem but sitting on the sofa with the table pulled closer he was squinting at his portable computer even when the sitting rooms light wasn't dull it cast a bright fluorescent glare over both of them. He's searching for something …wonder what it is..she didn't ask him he'd tell her if it was something important.
His sleeves were rolled up and he'd taken off his tie it was slung over the seats was dark blue like his eyes…Liz smiled again she felt good after having taken a shower the water was suppose to be hot but by the time Liz had gotten under it turned freezing cold….. like the rain drops after summer's over in Roswell. But they werent in Roswell anymore they were here in Washington his house was like a large duplex and had wonderful scenery around it ..the underlay was thick and grassy…this is what she thought Max and her would have one day ………the windows were tinted but you could see clearly through them it was night ..Liz pulled her hair back and let it fall over the arm of the sofa she was sitting they were thick fluffy comfortable and warm it felt good to snuggle up in them …Liz's legs were dangling from the other arm of the sofa while her head was supported on the opposite….Liz turned a little on her side to watch him easier her neck was getting tired…He was seriously in to what ever he was dong at the moment shoulders hunched.. hands clasped he glaring at the Phil Phil was like him he pushed the glasses further back on his nose…He shouldn't do that Liz thought he'll leave a mark ………running a hand in her through her hair she noticed they weren't completely dry but at least they weren't dripping wet nor tangled they'd be the same when they dry only less heavier. She studied her right hand in the palm of her left hand …her nails had grown ..if Liz paid any attention to them before this she would have found out that her nails didn't really need any shaping at least not for now since they'd grown an inch.
Liz turned a little to her side she hadn't started showing yet 7 weeks pregnant…though her breasts were a little swollen she tried not to wear a bra maybe she'll start growing in another few weeks….the shirt was had three buttons undone all large round and deep red….it was large on her and went up to her knees …he told her to roll up the sleeves when she stood frowning in the full length room which was again up stairs it had the same arrangement his last room did only the walls were a little lighter here…it didn’t bother her that he'd see a little of her chest when she'd turn on her side it wasn't that exposed just a little off the top..besides he didn't notice her like that seemingly he was right when he told her that "it's nothing he hadn't seen before".. he looked to busy the gel had worn off a little and his front hair was coming over his forehead.he didn't brush it off ….it looked strangely nice on him…...hmmmm.maybe she should tell him not to use gel any more ..he does listen to her sometimes…..her lips were tender a conclusion she reached after running her finger over them..she hadn't used lip gloss in a while….

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It hadn't been to hard to get to Washington he brought his gun along at first she thought he'd lost his mind they'd arrest him but he stepped up to the security officer flashed his badge and doled his gun the officer nodded and stepped aside to let them through. Liz hadn't been on a plane before she kept looking out of the window and was amazed at how little everything looked from above this far……she didn't get air sick but had a starting head ache while the plane was coming down the sound was defeaning and it hurt her ears he on the other hand was sitting perfectly suited and calm..must have flown in a lot of planes she thought grudgingly…well he was smiling at her expense.!
They arrived in Washington at night time ..1:30 A:M ….no luggage they got in a cab and drove to a deserted part of Washington..there werent many houses along that road just like Roswell..Liz wondered why he lived practically out of reach of civilization when they got off the cab the house looked old not broken and withering but just as if it had been put up there for quite a while it was in good shape..He told Liz that he moved in there after getting kicked out the special unit they had his previous address and he had a feeling they'd come looking for him…not telling her why she didn't ask why….
At first she thought why he was knocking at the door …is he checking to see if some ones there un invited or he doesn't live alone..the door did open after a brief time of shuffling from the inside and a 50ish looking large woman opened the door holding a mop. Liz was standing behind him….but could see that she had large round eyes with lots of grayish white hair combed back into a tight bun. She looked critically at him handed him the mop and then shoved him inside the house out of Liz's way.
"Ah who is this Beauty?" the woman asked holding Liz's chin up.Liz managed a polite smile…they both looked at him was seemed like he was swallowing .."umm Marietta this is Liz …Liz this is Marietta "
"she's my house keeper" the woman glared at him
"err and my grand mother" he added with a little difficulty his hands were in his pockets he was looking un easily around
Marietta went to him and cuffed his ears for and old woman she was strong and pulled him down to her level by the ear
"you little brat! Where have you been I even called the bureau and they wouldn't tell me anything..I told you to call me!!"
Liz smothered a smile Marietta was a comedy really she was pulling his ear back and forth ..while he looked really peeved he didn't try to get out of her grasp ..She closed the door locked it and turned back to him
When he told Marietta he got married to Liz Marietta was shocked sat down on the seat looking dazed ..David looked worriedly back at her he moved in to take her hand "Marietta you alright?"
She pulled her hand away and got up wagging a finger at him "you rascal !you got married without telling me??"
David was shifting on his feet guiltily "Well I thought of.."
"no no you thought that Marietta was dead you so don't need to tell her anything?"
"fine then she's dead" David smiled and took her hand again she shook it off she continued to chastise him for disappearing and not calling her to his wedding David hugged her as she started crying telling him that she thought he was dead when they wouldn't tell her anything at the bureau…Liz went down and sat down on one of the sofa's ..he wasn't all that impatient she thought he could be caring….. sometimes
When he finished telling her that he got married to her because her family was dead and that she was pregnant so in order for the authorities not to take her baby away because she was 17 he married her..she seemed comforted by the story and came over to Liz telling her once again how beautiful she was and not to worry that both of them would take care of her…Liz's eyes filled up the woman like a mother hen clucking both of them she later after inquiring whether Liz was all right and if she needed anything at all…shooed David out of the room telling him to get showered that he was smelling
She took Liz upstairs to the aster bed room got her to take a hot shower and told her to rest
Liz immediately got in under the covers she felt chilly after a hot shower coming out where the wind from the rooms open window blew in her direction…………..she didn't want to close the window just sleep and lots of it…..her legs felt tired a swollen at the heels….after some minutes of tossing and turning she found a comfortable position and just drifted off into sleep the cool air went through her wet hair like an air conditioner
David had come around after she fell asleep sitting next to her her hair had dried and fallen over her face he gently pulled the strand back examining it then put a hand on both her sides smiling a little
"father forgot to say can kiss the bride"

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he hasn't looked up yet Liz thought shifting a little on the sofa tucking her right leg under her herself….he appears deep in thought she wondered if he was thinking about Alyssa..She knew what Alyssa would be doing right now preparing for a court hearing with a new client forgetting anything and everything about him..Liz and her baby or maybe not her baby since its what came between them but She's sure that Alyssa doesn't hate her she's just alone………
She secretly hopes that he doesn't think about Alyssa..he doesn't sleep with her ..when Marietta isn't looking he goes down stairs and sleeps on the couch ..she sat up straight pulling her legs from under her..she wonders when he eats she's never seen him eat ..what does he like..she didn't ask Marietta the woman busy's herself from early morning indulging in probably non existant house work the place is spot less…Liz feels guilty about not getting up and helping her but she keeps thinking..Liz hasn't had any dreams not even falling ones there black now and she wonders if the black is the charred remnant of the black roses she refused to accept from her friends. maybe it is……his expression is serene now almost too calm looking at the computer……he's going to report to the Beureu tomorrow Marietta told her they could go shopping tomorrow the woman is always delighted to see them together…...he doesn't let her out of his sight much if she's late in answering him he'd be half way through calling on a search party…she sighed its 12:30 she's feeling sleepy he did look at her once or twice and tell her to go to bed…..she refused saying she isn't sleepy much.he smiled and went back to work…Liz crossed her legs…he doesn't seemed to mind working with her around him..she likes to watch his expression change from serene to confused to excited then satisfied it's always the same but interesting as he's impassive most of the time his private gestures seem intriguing to her..he drinks coffee black decaffed she'd had the privilege of watching him do so ..Marietta brings it along at 5 pm at evenings but he has a strange ritual to take two spoons of sugar then drinking coffee hmmmmm interesting he likes both sweet and bitter….Liz smiled a day ago he was rummaging through files in his closet he has a lot of them where does he get them from probably from the bureau ……they wont hand him originals maybe their copied..she watched in the door way awhile till he looked up and told her to come in….
He's always warm ..she never looked a the files she'd just had an odd timing of morning sickness bouts throwing up always makes her cold so after staring awhile on her knees in front of him she leaned her back against his he's so warm …he looked surprised but nodded and asked her if she were all right she nodded she doesn't use her voice much..he nodded back to her and went back to his work adjusting himself so she's comfortable enough…
Liz got up she really felt sleepy he didn't look up from his computer cracking his knuckles at the screen Liz only knew that as a nervous reaction but in his case it could be anything…so she went forward to him bent down removed his glasses he looked up at her in surprise as she placed a small kiss on his lips it was short really brief she couldn't really taste him but got the feel of his lips on her ..she put the glasses down and took his hand "can you come to bed now?"
He looked at his computer back at her then got up and followed her upstairs leaving the computer on……the glasses didn't leave a mark on him must be super genes……
She got under the covers he seemed to know what she wanted and half sat and lay next to her putting an arm around her…she then got up turned to him on her side and he put his arm back around her she went asleep looking at him in the dark……..Liz woke up a while later she panicked and looked around she couldn't feel his arm around her but slowly as her vision accepted the darkness she could make out a figure not far from her sitting on a chair. He was wide awake and watching her but he wouldn't sleep with her…she lay down again on her side where she could see him and went back to sleep knowing he'd be there through out the night and in the morning when she woke up. He does think about Alyssa Liz thought sadly.

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"is he gone?" Liz practically flew down stairs she had a feeling he wasn't at home…
"to the beurue..didn't he tell you?"
"No" Liz sat down in the sitting room she'd run down stair's still in the smelled like his cologne…couldn't he just tell her? Liz wondered unhappily
"it's 10:30 " Marietta informed her ducting the table in front of her.
"Liz didn't look up. "I over slept" she groaned she couldn’t believe how miserable she actually sounded but there was something else that made her heart flutter slightly
"why did he go to the buerae..Marietta??? Marietta??" Marietta was in the kitchen Liz followed her in
"Why did he go?"
"to work?" she answered confused "why do you ask?"
"oh…….. no reason"
Marietta had come out of the kitchen but Liz ran up stairs…..she went to the bathroom closed the door slowly..unhappily he could of at least told her…Liz thought again splashing water on her face …wouldn't rumors spread if he showed up wasn't the beurea informed of Phil's death …they'd think it was David ..but if some one saw him…would some one try to kill him?? She suddenly had an horrible inflaming feeling at the pit of her stomach that he won't come almost as if she couldn't let him out of his sight for a second maybe that’s why she sat where he did while working not really giving any company just staring at him silently most of the time…he acknowledges her but doesn't say anything either. Since Phil he's been going out of his way to go looking for trouble..she afraid that he would go into anything blindly if it meant giving him some answers he wouldn't worry about himself she'd have to worry for him..Liz pressed her face with a towel….looking into the mirror her eyes were red……she couldn't let him go not after every one else..after Phil she just couldn't….there wont be anyone left to hold on to then.
"Liz" there was a knock at the door she put the towel back
"I'm here" she said coming to the door
Marietta stood in the bedrooms doorway all dressed up with a white purse in her hand..she really was elegant Liz thought standing awkwardly biting her thumb still in his shirt…
"All ready dear?"
"I..umm" what did she mean for what?
"then come along ..we have to get you some clothes today"
"uhh Liz looked down at her bare legs "can I get something to wear first?"
Marietta handed Liz a light fluffy black skirt it reached down to her ankles she looked odd with an over sized maroon shirt and a baggy skirt she pulled her hair back and tied it.
Liz found her self sitting beside the cheery woman in a cab going to a mall which was about a mile and a half away from where they were at. For some reason Liz kept wiping or blinking away tears that kept forming in her eyes while leaving the his place….she couldn't fathom why she was wallowing about it…..he would come back he did the last time…..but last time he didn't go where everyone in the entire 40 60 floors of the building had guns ready and available to shoot at him…granted he wasn't the most pleasant individual to deal with….he'll come back he will…..he has to ..he did tell her he wouldn't leave…so did Max …and Phil….Liz put her head against the back seat trying not to think at all…Maybe she had lost her mind…… five fingers aren't the same Liz told her troubled mind ..depends on your luck too….
Liz closed her eyes Marietta spoke up apparently she noticed Liz's mood darken because she took her hand and spoke earnestly sounded like her real voice…"give him some time…he's never gotten married before...he'll start letting you in on his business"
I am his business she thought…but nodded at her…she smiled back and pulled Liz's head on her shoulder felt good to be able to cry on someone's shoulder her body shook with soft sobs but they were in audible she didn't want to make a scene or for the cab driver to turn around… Marietta patted her back "David's a good by..he'll take good care of you don't worry"
Liz wasn't sure what she was crying about …him leaving without telling her ..Phil or everything all together……

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Liz found herself smiling while marietta went around pulling out clothes and putting them back uttering lords name…it's too short too tight to heavy
Marietta's a retro woman she doesn't like the idea of young girls parading in jeans or leather or for that manner mini skirts "its uncouth" she told Liz hmmm she'd never really thought about Leather maybe once in a while when Maria turned up at her door dressed like a ho. She told Liz it was for Michael Liz had laughed then and knew she was telling the truth his eyes would pop out. Right after she left Liz started thinking if she should swagger around a little in leather…..Isabelle was a natural in it even short skirts totally Queen Amilada…… People were staring at them once in a while Marietta seemed furious that all skirts here were either short or tight…she continued to fuss looking at low cut shirts…..Liz stayed quite ..she'd never allowed anyone to choose her clothes for her not even Maria but now was starting to feel really tired and sleepy so she told Marietta she'll be sitting at a table around a fast food diner. She put her head down before waking up later and was alone in the mall there were no people around.
Liz got up the chair scraped against the ground the voice was deafening she was alone in this mall?? How could that happen?!……Liz looked around inside shops nothing no one…….."Marietta?!!" her voice echoed all over the place…
Liz stumbles back she felt startled by the shrillness of her own voice…….running out the mall on a seemingly empty street it was as if the world had become hollow or she got thrown into some other dimension where there aren't any other people around……..just before she could start panicking she saw someone standing on the opposite road….he was coming to her……David?! Liz ran to him
"David?, what are you doing here?, where is everyone and what about Marietta!!"
he smiled slowly it made her feel un easy and she was afraid she wouldn't be able to hear him
"Slow down, he said taking a hold of her shoulders……Marietta's with me ..come on you have to see someone" he started walking away from she followed him confused didn't he notice that the general population was missing.?
"what are you doing here?" she asked running to keep up with him "same thing you're doing here"
"and what's that?"
Liz stopped walking he turned around
"searching for what?"
"you'll se….. just follow me..we have to see father"
"who..why do we have to see a priest?" , "David?"
."to confess of course"
"no wait" she said pulling his arm "confess what?!"
"you know what"
"no I don't ..why are you talking in circles to me??!!" he continues to smile and walk Liz quickened her pace..he was completely relaxed and unconcerned ….
"we're here" He announced proudly…Liz felt like they've been walking in circles
"what the…?" Liz never completed her sentence because before her was standing the most beautiful creation of all times at least all from what she's seen…….it was a cathedral
it was Huge from where she stood it looked like it almost reached the skies ..the crosses actually there were three individual pillars that had two small crosses and a large one at the center…the walls around it were like gold or probably gold colored….she went to touch it
"don't touch it" he took her hand and left it as he climbed three large steps inside …it looked like a castle from inside no a fortress she wondered what something was doing in between a mass shopping malls. It should have been a stand out but Liz never noticed it Marietta didn't mention it. Maybe she was too upset to see anything around her Liz thought she kept looking up the ceilings were so high she wondered who or how some one got up there and carved painting's and pictures up there. It was dimly lit…they both stopped in front of a large mesh like draw bridge door it was shaped like an arch but instead of opening like a draw bridge it opened up like normal door granted David pushed it slightly open the door looked heavy wooden but thick and heavy….with intricate patterns all over it. David turned to her
"After you" Liz stared at him she felt like she was in twilight zone……he was smiling like Phil ..completely like Phil..
Before she could turn around and look at him to make sure it was David she found herself Stepping inside the slightly ajar door…..

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It was amazing the organ on a stage was strangely old fashioned the type you'd see on Adam's family.. the entire room had to be as large as a house….wow the room had candles lit and lined along every wall

There were two rows of candles red and white they weren't long thick and there size was unlike any candle she'd ever seen before…..she expected black but there were none. it seemed they gave off the most light in the room…..there were echoes in the room they were audible but not very loud…..Music Liz thought it's music some ones singing….the voice was soft feminine couldn't be ..she'd know Maria's singing anywhere……but the source of voice was invisible and indiscernible….what was going on here?? She wondered she turned around and saw David standing by the door he looked solemn his eyes had little flecks of gold under them reflected from the burning candles all around him… and white …..maybe it was her imagination but they weren't melting…no candle wax trailing downwards.

David or rather someone who looked like him nodded to the altar standing far away from her .she'd come to the conclusion that the man wasn't David he couldn’t be his face looked like it was changing slightly ..candles or no candles his eyes weren't blue anymore. Liz turned back and walked to the altar slowly passing several wooden benches one of them had a woman probably a nun sitting in the middle with her hands clasped in her lap….she was wearing a black veil.

Liz continued to walk to the alter it had a very thick leather bound book on gave her the impression everything here was giant … least except her it was. She had to stand on her toes ..the alter on which the book rested was high up but she managed to see the book the pages looked old and worn but strange thing was they were really soft to touch and thin.

She turned pages they had a strange language on them ..Latin?? she didn't know pages were filled with un definable words…turning the pages further the pages were white had nothing written on them…Davi or who ever it was now standing behind her …..he took the book from the alter and sat down in the front bench Liz slid in beside him careful not to get to close…it definitely wasn't him ……his hair were dark but he was more of a brunette…..he flipped through the pages slowly ..when it occurred to her…

"can you read it??"

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he looked up from the book ..his eye were multicolored changing from blue..grey to green..brown to hazel….she had a feeling they would change sooner or later now he entirely looked some one else ..not David…..but she still sat there next to him not getting up and running didn't feel strange to her…was she being sedated somehow?……
He flipped each page delicately like wafting through water ..his hands were pale with long slender fingers..
"it's a magic book" he told her smiling
"what" Liz wasn't sure she'd heard him right
"it has magic will show you what you want to know ..what you need to know…what you're afraid of"
"who are you?"
"I am David"
"No you're don't even look anything like him."
He smiled still going through pages "like I said I am David theory is that you're referring to your David..which is right I'm not him"
"You sound like Phil"
"Do I? Who is Phil?"
"he's David's brother….My David"
"ah…then he's not here, or David"
"what do you mean ….who is here then?"
He looked at her ..then smiled you'll know soon enough, ah here it is" he stopped flipping at a blank page
"it's empty"
"no it isn' can be read ..but not by you…you've been brought here don't belong here Liz"
"do you belong here David?"
he smiled again ..he had a beautiful smile "I'm just the messenger"
Liz wasn't very sure she followed him ..this is the twilight zone …she shuddered the woman with a veil was sobbing softly her veil still covering her face…..
"can you read it for me?"
"Yes…yes I can"
he put a finger over the page and started reading
"Remember me not but love me…for our life is a promise destined to be broken..
Don't walk in front of me
I may not follow
Don't walk behind me
I may not lead
Walk beside me….let me be dust
Silences make the real conversations between us.
Not saying but the never needing to say is what counts
so we shall leave and you shall not Love me but do Remember me"
"what does it mean David?"
he got up slid out of the bench took the book back to the altar she went after him "I can't tell you" he turned smiling "I'm just the messenger"
"Then who can tell me?"
"father can"
"where is he?"

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"you'll find him go through that door along the corridor and keep walking straight"
He didn't wait for her and walked out the door …Liz turned looked at the altar the book had disapeared where did he keep it ..he didn't exactly put it back there… least she didn't see him. Do so
The corridor had an ominous feel to it like just before school early mornings after a rain shower. A large arching window showed her a Grey sky above them. She didn’t touch the glass and continued walking further the glass was colorless and clear the large strech of walking distance was dark other than the light from the window there were no other lights….but she wasn't worried just thinking how long had she been here. Finishing the walk she almost missed it a sliding door ..she knocked on it softly …but when there was no response she pounded a little harder "enter"
The voice is familiar ..very familiar she wonders where she heard it first while pulling at the door open….it was like a confession stand a wall seperating her from someone on the other side she closed the panel and sat down on a dark seat
"'re here to confess"
"umm I..I'm not sure I have anything to confess to"
"think again"
"think again?….I really don't know what…"
"I doesn't have to be real to be wrong"
Liz couldn't understand what he possibly meant it doesn't have to be real??
"it could be ……a dream?"
"Yes…….the odd ones always hold a special meaning…..tell me Liz have you lost someone"
how did he know my name?…..she wanted to remove the small curtain between them gave the feeling of having known the person behind the stand…it wasn't like déjà vu ……it was someone in her past…but she restrained her self from wanting to look beneath it.
"My family …umm and my friends she gulped the tears were coming again. …he …uh my boyfriend …I'm going to have his baby…" for some reason she felt safe talking to him.
"go on.."
"I've been having some strange dreams"
"what kind?"
"Falling dreams…..but there always there"
"what do you think you keep falling into?"
"I don't know… you?"
"It's nothing ness…the place vacating between the realm of life and death within ones depends on the decisions you make…the directions you take"
"Can I die in them"
"Yes and no"…….."You're physical body might not fall but your soul is liable to slip away from you're self ..if you let it…these are warnings."
"for what I haven't done anything wrong why are they haunting me?"
"oh but you have… hold on to them and both the real world too long……"
"I don't understand"
"it isn't necessary for now … should come from within you no one can separate you from them other than you your self …you'll find out soon enough."
He wasn't making much sense to her but she decided to memorize his words any way.
"father that book"
"yes ….what about it"
"David told me it's tells things ….are you telling me things too?"
"he laughed ..I'm not magic Liz…I'm only putting you on the path you have to lead the journey and reach the destination your self"
"are you real"
"no I am niether… for you to know"
"Do I know you?" her voice had lowered
"Perhaps …I am every person"
"I need to know something…do you know what?"
"yes …you want to know whether he cares for you"
"yes ..your David….let the seasons pass…and the earth revolve around its orbit …he'll tell you himself"
Liz nodded she knew he could see her even behind the curtain
"Have you prayed ..Liz?"
Liz looked up "No ..not in a long while"
"go on"
"I….what's the use father…it wont change my destiny"
"changes have already been made …and you question faith"
Liz didn't say anything
"I cannot tell you what to do Liz…..but Destiny are a part of a game that gives you 2 routes you chose one it leads you to another."
"What good will it do?"
"you wont lose you're self"
"should I pray now"
"Go out side …you already have"
She looked around herself ..she wanted to know more but knew that he wouldn't tell her..he's right he's no magic man ..he's just there to put her back on the road she's gone off.
"good bye father"
"Good luck ..Liz"
she walked out of the confession stand she felt she knew who was behind the curtain..the woman with a veil…the voice….there all here but Liz continued to walk along the corridor …along the benches past the woman…she turned and looked at Liz…she kept walking…finally reaching the door she remembered she wasn't supposed to touch wasn't real..she might fall…no sooner than she thought that David showed up the other David
He smiled at her "Are you done?"
"Yes I'm done I have to go now…can you …?"
"yes I'll lead you out"
Liz followed him he was somewhat transparent shimmering almost. He maintained the color of his hair but his eyes had finally just changed to a deep brown color…they weren't intense they were far away from hers.
"how often is some one brought here briefly ..David?"
"oh all the time…but it's your time now so you don't see any one else"
"Are you Dead David?"
"Like I said I'm just a messenger but I'm not real… see there is more than a fine line between here and the real world" he pointed out when they came out of the cathedral it was night time….the whole church had risen on some sort of ledge giving it the essence of separation from reality…..
"go on…he's calling"
"your David …can't you hear him?"
Liz strained she did hear someone faintly calling her name
"go on pass the bridge you'll hear him better need to wake up now"
"oh" Liz carefully stepped on the bridge it was one of those lose roped bridges over a river made of wooden….and it was narrow she held on to then side ropes….
"careful now don't want to fall …I can't come with doesn't hold me"
"bye David"
"good bye Liz"

we'll find out whatever bout Pierce later in the story...wait fot it
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"Liz?" "Liz wake up" she was aware of someone shaking her opening her eyes Liz looked up at a very unhappy looking David…."David"
He grabbed her arm pulled her up and dragged her roughly to the malls entrance whether she her movement was co operative or not.."what's wrong.."
"what's wrong?!" what the hell are you doing here without telling me?!
"how should have I.."
"you should have used your brain Liz!!!"
he was making a scene several people turned in their direction as they went by.
He whirled her around in front of him and let her go "Now listen to me carefully ….you don't go anywhere without me knowing about it…it doesn't matter what Marietta say's understand?!" he shook her slightly "Now she's sitting in the car so just keep your mouth shut and sit! We'll talk about this at home." Her eyes burned how could she have known Marietta didn't tell David about the shopping trip it was her idea after all.
He'd parked his car far from the mall and Marietta was in the front seat with David…...Liz opened the door the back seat and quitely got in
"Oh my dear ..child where was she I searched every where..I thought you'd left" Apparently Marietta hadn't been able to locate Liz where ever she fell asleep she panicked and called David…….that’s how he found out about them going to the mall … wonder he was so angry. Besides Marietta couldn't have known about the danger it could pose her.He's right Liz thought brushing a tear she should have used her head maybe should have said no to Marietta. She kept the conversation light between both David and Liz..she seemed to know something was wrong.Liz just kept staring out of the window.

posted on 31-Aug-2002 7:50:46 AM
Marietta was tired so she went along and got to bed it was after 6 …….no sooner than Liz left Marietta's room David was standing in the sitting room giving her a death stare …he had a bad day she thought …he turned and went upstairs ..she was to follow him…so she did and closed the door behind her.
Liz immediately complied and sat down on the bed keeping her eyes down.
"I cannot believe this here I am trying to keep both or asses out of the way of attention and you don't give a damn about it!!….What were you thinking?????!!"
Liz wanted to tell him to lower his voice a little because her head was hurting after all the racket he was making besides she had a feeling Marietta was a light sleeper…and she was sure his voice was going all the way downstairs leading out side the house….a vein on his forehead was bulging doesn't look nice on him she thought looking up.
"Well were you thinking or not?!" He was like a vulture circling her
"what were you thinking? "she felt like she just came back to her senses
"what did you say" he asked her incredulously
"Maybe if you hadn't left me without telling me where you were going….I would have just my brain!"
"oh and just why the hell would I do that… business has got nothing to do with you!!??" he asked with his hands on his hips ..his shirt was sticking out half way with a loosened tie slung backward..he'd thrown his shoes around the room somewhere.
"it has everything to do with me!!! she said following him to the window he turned "Why?! Who are you?!"
"I'm your wife!!!" she didn't care where her voice went he'd have to hear it from her.
He laughed at her …Liz had never been the one to get angered and scream but she was livid right then this was a joke to him?!
"your really getting into the role aren't you?" he asked shaking his head again walking away from her she wished he wouldn't do that…she had to keep a hold on him or he'd vanish somewhere
"you could have gotten killed!" she stated defensively "some one could have seen you..,they would….."
he'd been smiling leaning against the door frame maybe its his favorite place to lean.
"now why would someone there try and kill me?" he asked her like a trivia question
"because you're still alive" she replied hopelessly turning her back on him
"no no Liz there not waiting for me over there….they think I'm already dead and even if they were to know there's a less than 90% chance of them following me up to my office and stabbing me…..She wondered why hadn't he used the word shooting instead.
"People can't go around shooting each other at the Bureau" he tried raising his hands. "there wont be any FBI left then"
"isn't that what you thought when you sent Phil with Alyssa to court ..that people can't go around killing others in a house of law"
David had recoiled from his previous slouch he hadn't changed much except Liz started calling him by his real name…his expression was cold..his eyes had hardened probably at Phil's mention he came closer …..his glare had once more become threateningly familiar. she stumbled back and fell on the bed
Liz didn't try and move out of the way….
"I'll say this once Liz…..never and I mean never bring Phil in anything you say…or else……." He let the warning trail
"understand?"….he clicked his fingers in front of her face "you better understand" she felt herself shaking…Liz didn't know how long they continued staring at each other but niether's gaze wavered..he wanted to make sure she got the message.
"My business s my own you keep out of it and you'll be fine" after what seemed like an eternity he continued to glare his eyes turning 16 different shades of blue…he turned and left the room with the door slamming shut behind him.
She was still sitting on the bed watching the keyhole as he disappeared down stairs "I thought you wouldn't come back" she whispered after him

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Liz always loved sitting on the roof of crash down at night it was her only privilege she could do whatever up there…and of course there was Max who'd climb up to her late while sometimes she was day dreaming or even writing her diary …she wondered if her diary was burned to chars along with her science fair prizes her book bag…her bed she never liked was droopy looking and creaked whenever she sat on it and made her feel heavy….then she remembered that Nothing that Max ever gave her was left behind except maybe himself…..he didn't believe the sentimental value in giving her material gifts to express his love they only had the two rings of a of which was now in David's finger she wasn't sure whether to be angry at him or not..maybe she shouldn't have mentioned Phil too soon…but he wasn't even listening to her..moreover he didn't consider her a part of his business probably not his life even. She stared up at the moon it was full and the sky had some clouds in it…maybe It's going to rain…..Liz had gotten out the window and crawled carefully to a scooped space in the houses roof it was enough for two or three people to sit on…that is if the roof doesn't fall in on it self!.
She'd pulled her knees up to her chest wrapping her arms around felt like a comfortable position….He was outside too smoking …she wondered if Marietta just banned him from coming in since she heard probably some part of the racket they both made she passed Liz by patting her hand telling her to stay put and then went after him….nearly dragging him out with her she'd come to watch them from the roof she could do so from the window too but the roof beckoned her further more……
Marietta had been throwing a fit outside while he calmly stood smoking it looked like a prized hobby of his he took each swig delicately as if savoring it at last Marietta had shoved him forward pointing at the house and gone inside.Liz waited pulled her legs by her side almost lying down on the roof. He looked up at her he seemed to know she was there for some time now. his shirt was now tucked in with the first few buttons undone ..the tie was still missing.
Her legs were bare she'd taken off the skirt and left the shirt on……. his shirt…….it still smelled like him she wasn't much inclined on taking it off…a change of clothes to her was just what it was a change..but there already have been so many changes in her life…..she couldn't bring herself to put on anything Marietta brought they were pretty colors…laced shirts…she had a good taste over all..they were elegant clothes…..
He took another long swig of the cigarette and threw it away she couldn't read his expression from up on the roof but she knew he was coming upstairs ..on the roof….she smiled

posted on 31-Aug-2002 12:12:43 PM
Liz drew her legs under her stretching her arms in front of her, her arm felt sore from where he'd dragged her roughly..she didn't check to see if it left marks no willing to see anymore red. There was a shuffling sound behind her and she moved over to the corner of the roof leaving as much space possible ..he did climb in after a few brief seconds. Leaving the window he came and sat next to her with one knee to the chest……he didn't say anything for a while….Liz didn't think he was the "I'm sorry" type even if Marietta told him to…….she probably did…but Liz didn't mind at least he listened to her and came out here first Liz thought he'd tell her to get of the roof and come in….she decided she'd tell him to "go to hell!." Well not Hell but she could tell him to get lost or leave her alone might be a better reply.
But he kept staring at her "She forgot red"
Liz turned to face him "what?"
"Marietta forgot to buy red"
he was right there were no red shirts or skirts not even anything in the lingerie. Liz made a face not saying anything……
"he layed down beside her bending one knee putting his arms behind his head using them as a cushion against the roof…he stared above at the sky
"you know when I was 13 my mother told me that there are only 3 women before which a man bows his head" Liz continued to listen to him his voice had become wistful something she'd seen in him rarely more likely the first time.
He sat up "one of them is in the church….the second his mother….the third…….."
"Liz turned to him completely waiting he took the third finger of her right hand
"Who's the third one" She didn’t sound impatient but she was curious she wanted to know who was the third person he could possibly bow down to.
He turned to her his eyes were the same blue thank god they weren't changing color ..maybe he's magic too Liz thought he tells things……his eyes sparkled in the moon the first sign of any light if at all in them.
He took a hold of both her shoulders gently bowing his head before her……..Liz didn't smile but she felt contented and was tempted to ruffle his perfect hair but she didn’t dare touch it he might not like it…………….
He finally looked up at her "why are you telling me this now" Liz asked looking away she hadn't forgiven him yet
"I had a hearing today …….the FBI board members wanted to know where I disappeared on my assignment..which was a little important considering it was something relative to a terrorist threat"
Liz looked back at him……. he just told her she crawled closer to him……."I thought you weren't coming back".
He smiled lopsided lifting something from her hair and flicking it away "I told you I'm not leaving anytime soon……it's not time to worry yet" She felt a little better
"where did I hear that before?"
"Hmmm" he said lying back down "To Kill A Mocking Bird, by Harper Lee"
Liz turned to him sliding a little close "you read that?!"
He wasn't looking at her but he was grinning baring his teeth
"I didn't want to but Marietta made me she was standing with a stick…I threw a fit then mom said I couldn't go anywhere unless I did read it …..I was ummmm I think 14 then…sat all day and read it…but yes I did enjoy it… it was delightful. I wrote a book report on it the other day ..but I got a B and told the teacher he didn’t deserve to be a teacher"….he laughed a little pausing in between Liz continued to stare at him in amazement " I was sent straight to the principles office I threatened law suite and was sent to the councilor as a problem child" His smile deepened "not the first time I got into trouble…Liz smiled looking down at him …he stopped smiling and tugged her gently by the arm over him….he was cold this time Liz felt her self warm up….."What are you thinking"
"I said it before I'll say it again this is turning out into a real Marriage." …she wasn't sure ut his eyes had a slight hint of sleep in them maybe she'll get to see him sleep today.

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He's been serious today ..maybe something's wrong but he isn't telling her anything…he expression is somewhat puzzled and estranged he wont look at her….she's been sitting in front of him from the morning….the damn files there scattered around his table again ….he didn't let Marietta clean this room up first. So it's official we had our first fight as a married couple and even made up….made up that word sounds good Liz smiled to her self had se been with Maria she would have giggled.
He did get a phone call in the morning that seemed to have worried him because he kept staring at the phone strangely after talking on it but as soon as he saw me he replaced the receiver.Liz sighed he wouldn't look up till whatever is unclear to him is figured out and has him satisfied none of those three expressions has actually passed his face today.
Liz got up her long linen skirt followed her it was lose but not falling off…..she went into the kitchen maybe its time to help out Marietta a little ….she was so active the woman was laying out groceries she had brought early morning Liz was up of course along with David but she politely refused to go with her this time …..he couldn't tell Marietta that Liz's life was in danger of going out any where common.
Eggs, Flour, tomatoes, green peppers, turnips? "Yuck"
"oh I don't want to hear that healthy eating is due for you young lady" Marietta scolded her parents never made her eat anything she didn't want but looked like Marietta was going to go to the extent of spoon feeding in order to make her eat healthy.
Baking soda, lemons, hmm honey and three canisters of whipped cream …she wondered what they were for….the phone rang and was promptly silenced after two rings he must have answered him but was standing in the door way holding a cordless receiver.
"Marietta? It's for you"
"oh dear ..I wonder who could be calling me right now?" she washed her hands in the sink and shook her hands off drying them with a napkin before taking the phone away from him…Liz fingered the smooth shells of the eggs they were open….Liz looked up and was startled to see him still standing there in the doorway….she smiled deeply and picked up a egg ..she didn't know what Marietta was about to do with these things but she had an idea of what Phil would do. And picked up one egg and threw it at him….
"splat" the egg landed on his chest …he looked at her in shock…his expression was a little more than that it was hilarious he looked like a kid you took candy from…..lost…Liz sat down on the kitchen tile giggling madly pointing a finger at him but when she looked at the door he wasn't there he was standing above her holding another egg lightly bouncing it in one hand. His eyes twinkled under the kitchen light unsmiling
"Two can play this game" and there was another "Splat" as the egg landed on her head pouring over her cheeks "ewwwwww……yuck!!"
he laughed at her ..but it was a different laugh high pitched almost as if he were giggling uncontrolled was adorable he laughed even harder since her wide eyed expression along with egg white and yolk running down side ways across her face wasn't something to miss. She narrowed her eyes "this means war!!!" she bounced up pulling a canister of whipped cream off the counter while she went sailing down as her heel caught the length of the skirt but not before spraying a fine row of whipped cream across his chest…….
"hey!…that’s not fair"
"I didn't know the game had rules" Liz squealed loudly as another egg came hurtling towards her she managed to get out of the way ..the egg splattered on the oven…..Liz giggled and sprayed him with cream one more time his arms flew up to his face and the cream never touched him anywhere above the shoulders. "arrrgghhhhhh!!" she had to get his face as she took aim he ducked at the sides of the counter "rule no one we both get even!" he told her from behind the counter.
"no rule no one you get your butt here and take whipped cream like a man!!!"
she sprayed again as he came out of the counter dodging the spray throwing two eggs at her one crushed against her shoulder the other just below her neck slipping down……."ahhhhh!!" she sprayed the canister regardless he got out of the way ..white sprayed over the counter and the kitchen walls
"you are in a lot of trouble!"
"he threw another egg to her surprise it landed on her face covering her…."AHHHHHHH!" she was spraying the cream aimlessly as he made a go for another canister on the counter she sprayed him in the face this time. He wiped it off and tried to open it he was working it the wrong way Liz was lying on her stomach and continued covering him with thick coats of whipped cream…..she was giggling to hard it was difficult to concentrate and he managed to open it up……..he sprayed her face down behind the counter like a soldier dodging her fires.
After about 10 minutes both canisters were empty and they both eyed the last one on the counter.

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I wont be able to post for a few days.....thought I should just tell
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Liz tried to make a grab for it first but he managed to swipe it off startling her…..dissapearing behind the counter she heard a pop and backed up against the oven only succeeding to slip over the broken eggs landing on her back….he came over to her side quickly looking serious "are you okay?" he waved a hand in front of her she shoved it away
"I'm fine I'm fine ..don't do that again"
"good" he smiled again pulling the canister from behind and spraying her straight into her mouth as she opened it to scream…….Liz gulped and shriekled at him as he continued to assault her entire length with fluffy whipped cream it felt ticklish and he was standing over her spraying her …Liz started giggling it really tickled soft and fluffy over her skin…she kept her arms over her face …but before he could do any further damage Liz pulled him by the leg he too landed on his back beside her …Liz couldn't stop laughing he looked peeved and she was sure he hurt his butt in the landing………..
"go on …laugh ..we'll see if you like to be…."
"what in the lords name is going on here…David!!!???? Where are you some one just…….."
Marietta stood in the kitchen doorway looking shocked …worried ….and very unhappy….oh dear…
The next few seconds were spent trying to calm the woman down the kitchen was a mess …a filthy mess …that we made…she couldn't possibly believe that two people like us would indulge in a play like this……Liz just kept trying to smother a giggle he had looked seriously scared when Marietta showed up at the door biting his lip picking up Liz along with him…if that was her reaction after seeing him she was even more appalled to see Liz's condition.
"why the very idea of…."
"I'd never.."
a few moments of that and they were told to run along and get a shower …..
"so much for chocolate wafer cake……." David said coming upstairs with Liz she felt embarrassed for making such a mess in the kitchen ..she'd have to help Marietta on this one………..
"I need someone to shampoo my hair .." Liz said unhappily it was sticky..clinging and tangled with cream and egg…ewwwwww.
"I could do that" he said stopping her
"your hair"
"but but …she sputtered….he'd wash her hair how???????
"just get in the shower and undress"
"what !?"
"fine then get in with your clothes on"
Liz stared at him to check if he was serious…he looked like he were saying "what?…don't look at me like that"
"fine fine fine" she went passed him first into the bathroom closing the door while he took his shirt off…interesting Liz thought…shampooing a gals hair type of a man wonder what else Alyssa made him do?
She took her skirt of it had become heavy with a thick layer of cream over it……..she washed her face in the basin and opened the bathroom door he was cracking his knuckles again…… shirtless.
"all ready?"
"get in" Liz immediately got under the shower he followed standing behind her for the first few minutes Liz allowed the water to soak her up and then she felt his hands slip into her hair if massaging it………
"how often do you do this"
"what the fighting part or the hair part"
"umm…both" she had her back to him
"well you have to admit the fighting par isn't always possible..but …."
"the hair?"
"hmmmmm…all the time" he had to be smiling Liz thought so she turned around to face him
"I knew it she said smiling back"
"hey there's nothing sissified about….completely manly..methods"
Liz giggled yeah sure manly ..shampooing a girls hair???
She looked up and saw him staring at her the water brought out the cream and gel it left this hair hanging falling over his forehead he brushed it back with his hand………Fascinating ……the way his muscles moved against his skin
He touched her forehead Liz shivered she was cod his hand was warm…….then slid it along her cheek…his look was hypnotize or rather hypnotizing her……she touched his hand on her face….
"what is it?"
he pushed her hair back it was cleaned out of all egginess an creaminess endured approx 10 minutes ago
"you have a fever" he informed her touching her shoulder and squeezing it gently.
"oh" she continued to look into his eyes
"maybe you should stay here till the water turns cold and then/……."
He noticed the look on her face
he nodded slowly pulling her to him by the arm and hugging her close…..he's really warm Liz thought she liked it…..

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After a while he still didn't seemed too inclined on letting her go either
"the cold waters about to run out"
"mmmmm so?" she felt sleepy the brief warm sensation had made her drowsy
"I need to take a shower"
"but you already have" Liz told him
"ummmm I think the egg slipped below a little"
Liz reddened and pulled away from him………….she felt awkward getting out of the shower a little shaky...her shirt was dripping wet on the bathroom tiles..she was starting to feel cold again.
"go and dry off……unless you wanna here"
"that's your Fischer voice" Liz told him disdainfully
he smiled a full smile
"it doesn't fool anyone….please don't use it" Liz said lowering her head it reminded her of too much
"go get dressed " she looked back at him he'd closed his eyes god he looked good under that shower…she wanted to say something not sure what and hear something in return not sure about it either, but she bit her lip and came out closing the door behind her…..Liz wondered whether she should share her dreams with him at all……couldn't be a bad idea what's so bad about letting someone know your dreams …..he might not understand a voice at the back told her…….she sighed and got dressed in a pale green thin lacy shirt…with a dark blue skirt ……….Marietta had brought one size large…..she stopped and looked around her there was a mirror in this room……….full length carved was beautiful she went and touched it lining her finger along the smooth grooves and snub holes……..
Liz was lost in the mirror ..when she suddenly felt a sharp pain below her stomach….she clutched it with both hands and tried not to cry out was so bad like someone was putting a needle inside her and pulling it out……..and as suddenly as it had started it stopped Liz stilled herself not sure whether the pain had completely stopped if getting up would again trigger it……she drew in a few shaky breaths before slowly lifting herself off the ground….maybe it's the fever it does something to her…………..she'd have to ask him……

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Lightning …she hated lightening not that she looked up or anything but the thunder in her ears magnified 10 times more every time it cracked over head it's not raining then why the hell is the lightning beating about for at this hour 12 in the night Mairetta's already in bed and Liz after seeing her off to her bedroom went looking for David she thought he'd be settled in with his files or computer but he wasn't …where is he while exploring the duplex she came upon a back door situated in the darkest place possible in the house.

He was there ….. playing basket ball, he didn't see her standing in the door and kept bouncing and throwing the ball…surprisingly the backyard wall had a goal net and he scored every time he took a shot …he's almost as good as Phil…the lightning called again her heart nearly came out Liz wrapped her arms around the door looking up he continued to play…spinning the ball for effect he still had his tie on and his shirt was neatly tucked in……he's been quiet today giving her meaning full looks ….there was a strange heat in his eyes…and he seemed to be working it off well enough ….. another goal …and he bounced it again…
she didn't respond
"you'll get tired standing around like that" how the hell is someone suppose to sneak up on him Liz mused she still hadn't said anything but when the lightning wracked over the roof Liz shrieked in terror and ran up stairs to the bedroom throwing herself in bed putting both hands over her ears squeezing her eyes shut willing it to go away somehow……. Her heart beat was erratic…and she felt her feet go cold……… nearly numb….maybe it was chilly outside….he showed up in the room without the ball …coming over to her sitting her up and slightly shaking her.
"liz?"…."it's alright look here"
she did open her eyes and look at him he smiled and she finally left her ears breathing easier……."the lightning…it…
"it scares you?" he asked as if it were the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard in life.
She tried to pul her self away from his arms …he could be such a jerk at times…..
"Well its big and sparky she made creeping hand gestures,…… "and you know?……"
"scary?" he asked again pushing her hair away off her shoulders
Liz made a face……easy for him to say…..
"So what?….."
"hmmm so we'll try and get over this fear" he answered seriously his eyes glinting again they had an odd kind of heat in them..
he nodded getting up and pulling her up by her hands he lead her to the window …he looked at her once again before putting both her hands flat against the window….
"shhhhh …he went behind her tied a blindfold on her eyes
"but what are you….."
"shhhh just listen and feel"
she didn't take her hands off the window but felt him come closer she could practically feel his body heat

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then it came "boo" Liz jumped a little what was he trying to do give her a heart attack? Sounding like Darth Vader he then moved to her other ear "boo" his breath tickled her neck so she tilted it a little he again went to the other ear "boo" it was much softer this time her head swayed a little his fingers brushed her shoulder the small contact induced heat down her spine now she was only feeling …not so sure about listening …they'd become small whispers between her ears drifting in a corner of her mind.
Liz felt completely relaxed his face was so close now she wanted to touch him but for some reason kept her hands on the glass. The words had stopped his head rested on her shoulder…..his nose trailed up her neck she squirmed a little and slowly leaned against him…….thunder bolt struck louder than fire works she immediately reverted her hands from the glass and buried her head in his chest clutching at him breathless…..he took her hands from himself "It wont hurt you…Liz….just the sound….keep them back on the glass" he was whispering again she swallowed and reached on her tiptoes whispering back "they feel better here"
He slipped off her blind fold and bent a little to kiss her …it was deep their tongues mingled for a few brief seconds before she opened her eyes ….he tasted good…….warm ………pulling away slightly they blinked at each other …….. she was still holding on to his arms when the thought occurred to her
"why do you have to be so tall?"
he smiled lopsided again before reaching his arms around her backside encircling her thighs and lifting her up to him so that her head was in level with his…she didn't think he'd say anything but he did
But this time Liz stayed quiet …no she thought still not better so she slowly reached her hands up testing to see if she was going to fall from him or anyhting but his hold was firm so see messed up his hair ad smiled widely …"always's wanted to do that"
He pursed his lips and shook his head at her before kissing her again it was deeper ….. it held a meaning…… it was wanting ….more.

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They both sat down on the bed Liz settled among the fluffy pillows he took both her hands and kissed each one softly ..she giggled then he pulled her a little by the hands so he was kissing her on lips taking both her hands to the side….she didn't want him to stop she needed it the feelings it emanated….maybe they both did ……..he pulled away after a few minutes
"Liz"…."I…you're too young ….maybe we shouldn't….."
Liz put a finger on his lips looking into his eyes …they seemed both hesitant and relenting to her touches..he kissed her once again before getting up and undressing Liz watched him for a while before realizing she's suppose to do the same
But she was only wearing a shirt so she continued to finger the buttons of the shirt….it was red …the same and it was his…he smiled coming back on the bed caressing her bare thigh then pulling it gently from under her making her lie down……..he was about to shut the lights off …she stopped him …it was set on dim besides she wanted him to see her and forget everything else……..he mingled their hands and they lay down together…….
They made love…it wasn't explosive … was gentle…… beautiful…it felt wonderful….peaceful….after it was over they both were still holding hands and fell asleep together ……finally David Pierce Slept…Liz thought smiling slightly it's raining now and she isn't very afraid of the lightning …goodbye Alyssa.
He's sleeping …..not that it was early…'s late they're both completely dressed again she doesn't remember putting the shirt back on…he must have dressed them both up again…….. what did he have to do that for …… he moved his head to a side and Liz was lying on her stomach her hands propping her face with her hands……he looked so peace full…so young….none of the age creases on his forehead showed .he was lying on his stomach too….. a moment ago he had his arm around her ..she'd woken up for some unknown reason …… it was kind of adorable Liz smiled because he was snoring not loudly no..he sounded like a large cat purring while sleeping…she would have giggled but didn't want him to wake up….how long has it been since he hasn't slept ?….. his eyes moved under the eyelid once in a while she really wanted to reach out and run a soft thumb over one of them… an angel……Liz was already facing him and put her head down on the pillow next to him……..she touched his hair smoothing it a little ….. he hadn't after all minded her ruining it… she noticed they werent just dark but they were jet black …shiny and soft to touch… long has she been staring at him like this since she woke up at 4 in the night immediately rolled over to see him by her side …her heart had quickened at the sight of him sleeping soundly with an arm around her…nearly snuggling her.
No sooner than she left this hair he snapped open his eyes Liz felt startled she almost fell out of bed…..he blinked a little then sat up closing his running a hand through his hair …. Liz sat up as well…did he notice that he fell asleep???……
Liz bit her lip "hi"
He looked at his watch on the side table his eyes were glassy but the dark of his blue eyes still remained piercing……."it's early ….go back to bed" so she did lie back down …but almost groaned out loud when she saw him getting out of bed…
"where are you going?"
he turned around squinting at her "no where"
"then why are you getting out of bed at …..(she looked up at the watch) 5 in the morning ?"
he stared at her smiling …for a moment Liz thought he'd say something like it's none of your business but he didn't instead he just shook his head and went to the bathroom….Liz felt like a moron usually if she did mistaken herself to get up at this hour he was usually in his study or down stairs with his computer……..but he isn't married to them…..he's married to Liz!!!. No man of her's is getting out of bed without her!! Yes sir …Liz thought sitting up again…she's gonna have to make some ground rules over here…he has to know that he's only the half boss around here….he can't go around doing whatever he likes…….just as she repeated that in her head and opened her mouth to say that…she fell out of bed …the sheets had tangled her legs in them and she made a loud thump falling on the ground. "ahhhh!"
she finally got her self un tangled nearly tripping over them again…great Liz she thought to her self great start of home rules!………rolling up her sleeves first she quickly went to the study still bed raggled but he wasn't there the kitchen yes he's there his face was hidden behind the massive spread of a newspaper he was also drinking from a mug ……coffee de caffed yeah yeah
she pulled out a stool to sit opposite from him facing her…….."I thought I told you to go back to bed"
"you shouldn't just get out of bed like that…it's not……..right" she thumped her fist on the counter …he pulled the newspaper down revealing glasses……he raised an eyebrow at her…..
"well it's not" she tried she wasn't exactly sure how to say it…this wasn't exactly the I man you wife sort of a thing or maybe it was but things didn't go by the usual way for him………..
"alright …. Lets hear it ..why?"
"because were snoring like a cute big cat ..I thought it was……" her voice trailed because he was looking mortified at her…..oops she said the 'S' word …she heard from her mom once that men don't like them being told they snore maybe she should record his snoring and …….Liz tried to keep a straight face he really looked all that embarassed "I do not snore"
"yes you do" she chided play fully shoving him "do not"
"no you purr like a big lazy cat"
"hey..hey watch it …I'm no cat and nor am I lazy now if you'll excuse me I want to finish readin this newspaper before I go to…."
"Hi" both David and Liz's heads turned to the backdoor ……."oh my god" Liz felt her hair stand up on her neck ….David looked sick the mug fell from his hand and broke to several pieces making a shattering sound like when clay breaks ….since they were staring at a look alike version of David ….
Phil Pierce!

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Had they both gone insane?!…were they dreaming or was Phil standing right there in front of them looking awkwardly at both ….. Liz broke the spell first by running to him…if he's a dream then she had to gold on to him……or he'd vanish but when she went and buried her head in his chest he was real ….same green eyes short hair… really was Phil for a moment he didn't react then slowly at Liz's urging he put an arm around her back loosely hugging her…as if avoiding contact but she could tell he was watching David …he still hadn't moved
"Phil?" his voice was weak …scared
Phil dragged himself out of Liz's embraced she ..he turned away from both of them into a corner Liz was still holding on to his sleeve he wouldn't look at her or David …a few seconds into the whole scene David recovered from his shock and took of his glasses for a better look he was still pale but abandoned the newspaper and the glasses coming forward pulling Liz aside gently …she wanted to ask how could he be alive…..when ……. Had they been able to revive him while we were on the run to leave Roswell….didn't David see his body off????!!! But for some strange reason Liz felt afraid of asking him…
"Phil?…." Phil still didn't look at them
"Phil!?" he pulled on his arm to make him turn to them ..but Phil pried his arm free and faced the backdoor David again tried and he did this time "I didn't know anything" he said softly he dropped his head on David's shoulder and nearly collapsed in his arms Liz was sure he was crying …but not alternatingly sobbing ..with tears they were dry sobs…he seemed relieved…David let him and wrapped his arms around him to keep him from falling to the ground closing his eyes..he didn't look happy at all……………
Phil was sent off to sleep promptly …both Liz and David helped him to bed Phil looked like he hadn't slept for days…..Liz was told to stay with him..he left them he knew he was going to make phone calls …how ever she didn't know who…..he looked tired…terribly tired but he kept blinking and didn't close his eyes….he wouldn’t say anything ..he should rest….she also noticed a couple of other changes in him..his eyes looked different ..they were green sure but they werent as bright as they were when she first saw him they were blood shot and tired looking….he looked thinner his tan had disappeared …..and he was shivering so she covered him with as much covers as she could find……

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"what?!!" Liz tip toed out of his room he had gone to sleep finally when she started soothing his forehead figuring he needed someone's touch…contact…he wasn't looking at her but up at the ceiling he did relax under her hand though…it took only a minute before Phil drifted of into sleep…it was tense he didn't sleep as peacefully as she remembered him to….. she was right David was on the phone
"I don't care!!!"…."Then wake him up!" he slammed the phone down and started pacing she did come in to view…Liz thought she'd have to take some kind of stand here either sides were out of reach for he moment…
"he's asleep" she said softly … he looked restless
"I saw him!…." he said turning to Liz
"Shhhh'll wake him up" he hadn't told her to go mind her own business again so she felt a little brave talking to him at his level.
"I don't get it Liz what happened?" he sat down again looking at a loss she came forward glad that he wanted to share this with her and no one else…there wasn't anyone else fine but still he didn't dis include her this time from himself either…think about Phil she scolded her self this isn't about's about him right now…what happened to him…and then she remembered but somehow was unaware that she was thinking out aloud
"where was he shot?"
he looked up a her…..he answered her after a long pause "they said he was shot near the base of the neck above the collar bones." She didn't say anything so he continued
"his face was covered" I thought it was him..the doctor said…….." suddenly as if he realized something horrible he jumped up and grabbed the phone speed dialing it….one ring two rings three rings" come on dammit pick it up!" Liz glanced up stairs else is she suppose to tell him to keep it down…for Phil's sake at least….he doesn't need to wake up anytime soon………….."yeah …..stevons……. get Beck to find out the Flay center's surgeons name list ….no!....Fax it!"
he looked at the watch again "no the unregistered one…yeah I'm looking for Basil Jenkins though…find out if there is someone with that name if yes….get me pictures and personal history even phone bill on that guy…nothing happened!…just get me what I asked…and tell him to wake the hell up!!"
he slammed the phone down again the vein on his forehead was bulging again he cracked his knuckles thinking hard about something when Liz interrupted "wouldn't it be easier to find out if a patient with your description came in" he turned around unblinking …"I mean they do file operations away date files so when Phil showed up wouldn't they pulled a new one?"
he dismissed her suggestion with the wave of his hand …seemed he had already thought about it "no no…they'd find out he's back and were lookin for trouble again"
"Oh" he was right Liz thought sitting down where ever Phil had come from …what ever had happened to him……David Pierce was still alive … then special unit would still be looking to have him dead any time soon

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Liz stared at the glass of milk in front her …that’s the early morning Marietta routine drink milk a spoon of honey mixed with something citrus ….. she didn't like it but never refused Marietta…it was probably best for the baby..her baby she hasn't thought about it in a long while
Who would he look like will he have Max's eyes her's or would it be a girl with her hair Max was worried that it might get his ears……..she was sitting on the counter alone watching Phil who was sitting across from her on the table staring into his plate …Marietta made him his favorite perhaps he was his favorite grandson …she absolutely swung into action on seeing Phil …he hadn't made his appearance known to Marietta …after chastising him for not calling her or answering any of her calls which she made to L.A for him…she sat him down and took his face in her hands inquiring if he's been sick…..Phil just shrugged or replied in monosyllable to all her questions Marietta did however for some reason unknown to Liz glare at David while he stood watching the un use full exchange 2 in the after noon he slept for a long time and if Marietta hadn't cuffed his ears awake he would have probably slept the whole day. She really wished Marietta would let him ..he kept rubbing his eyes …when Marietta had reprimanded that he was getting thin ……David had sat on the arm of the sofa beside him smiling at Marietta Phil smiled a half smile at everyone mostly at Marietta ….it looked practice a put on smile barely holding him….he did ruffle his hair once while they were both sitting close….the look that Phil gave his brother in return was a little hard to describe…he almost looked scared…as if he were hiding something from both of them……..David kept the smile and his hand in his hair still she wasn't sure what he was trying to tell him but Liz imagined he was glad even amazed that Phil was alive even thought he looked mostly unapproachable since the last two days of him turning up like this scaring the day lights out of both Liz and David…..he was trying to find the missing puzzle piece……..none of them knew what happened to Phil where he went or for that matter how he got back even……….he wont say anything he doesn't talk either keeps staring at the ground or David blankly quietly………consequently David has also been trying to find out without luck if either of them were in danger too and Phil isn't much help at all he doesn't answer anything .Lis sipped the milk slowly taking in the warmth and it's silkiness against her throat …….she can't imagine what keeps him from pounding info out of Phil…not that she'd let him..she might not be big bad and strong but she could throw a fit jumping in the middle of the fight. But David was waiting impatiently again but he was for Phil to talk …she wished he'd hurry up …David's becoming real edgy about it.


"god dammit !" David slammed the phone down for the third time In the morning even Marietta noticed it she stopped arranging and rearranging furniture "David …is everything all right?"
he looked up warily the creases in his forehead deepened why is he frowning already??
"yes Marietta everything's fine…..just the office….I told them to do something for me …they messed it up" Marietta nodded sympathetically at him before taking a mug from his side and putting it where it belonged……she seemed to be able to sense the tension in the house all around but didn't say anything………. Liz was lying on her stomach as was Phil in front of him while David was yet again on to the phone…he still hasn't said anything just last night he woke up screaming thank god Marietta was still asleep when Liz rushed out of the bedroom in time to see David to get in there first …she stayed in the door way while he soothed him and told him whatever was going on in his head right now was a bad dream….he'd answered then shakily "yeah a nightmare" and then he lay back down and almost immediately went to sleep ….after turning off the lights completely he passed Liz by taking her hand tugging it slightly she turned away from the sleeping figure to face him…."time to sleep" he caressed her cheek and it made her feel better…..well one good thing in all this mess to be sorted out that he still remembered that she was here. He still belonged to her more than up to a good measure…..Liz also knew that he'd put her to sleep and leave the room…not that it made her happy but she decided to take what she got here …besides it seems like the only option under these circumstances……things have become so complex……strange ……..entangled ….but whatever it is he wont rest till he finds out what when how and where…..she sighed as he lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom…seemingly trying to make up for not being able to stay in bed with her for long …….one night…just one night spent together on the same bed and that’s it … a signal for things to rip chaos in her life ….god doesn't do things for a purpose he does them on purpose she grumbled n her head……..she settle against him on the bed and pulled his arms around her self like a warm blanket bend her legs and fell asleep in her clothes…..maybe things will be clearer tomorrow ……sleep tight Phil she thought snuggling closer to David…. don’t let the dreams come…….
He isn't coming to bed tonight ……ughhh then she wasn't going to sleep either not that she'd go and bother him to earn another shouting ..she didn't need rough treatment every other day in a week so she just settled to go mind herself and Phil maybe if he lets her……she went and looked for him..he wasn't in his room she'd already looked …Marietta was out to a friends so he wasn't with her either for the pas few days he's been sitting more with Marietta other than just alone or with David and Liz.
Liz was right about one things he was her favorite grandson and she wanted him to tell her stories…..he did say small bits and pieces about a computer company….about moving out…moving far away……not being able to see anyone….Marietta didn't like that she smacked him and said that he should move in here with us not far away …. Phil just smiled sadly…..he's sad…David hasn't tried for info from him and goes and come back from unknown to either places unsatisfied…angry….frustrated….and smokes…he's doing that a lot nowadays last night after coming back home he smoked alone 2 packs she's never seen him more than one…..he'll kill himself and before she could stop herself she laughed there are better ways to die…….Liz stepped outside the front door..Phil was standing with his back to her looking up at the sky……..she was startled that he knew she there she was sure she didn't make noise coming outside.
"what do you see up there Phil?"
his first words to her in four days…he didn't turn…but moved both his hands to his hips still looking up.
"I think you see whatever you want to see up there or anywhere else"
"but why up?"
"it's quiet"
he crossed his arms in front of him
"Are you and David together now?" he asked it casually but it had feeling in it Liz reddened "yeah..we are"
he took a long pause before saying "I'm glad……for both of you" his voice was softer now he sounded sincere. She thought he'd be jealous for some reason.
"Phil if there's something…" Liz began she felt maybe she should try to get out what happened he might just give In to the conversation he has to …someday
"Basket Ball…"
"where is it?…the ball….he sighed I don't want to play with ……just …I want it……"
"uh …I think it was in the basement"
"can I go and get it?"
"yeah …tell you what she said squeezing his arm why don't you go and get your ball and then we'll go and sit somewhere else…it's really quiet too" he finally turned around and looked at her perhaps her last statement caught his attention

they were sitting on the roof Liz on her stomach and Phil beside her crossed leg with the ball in his lap he didn't bounce it just held it up a little as if getting the feel of it. After spinning it a little on his finger he set the ball aside between himself and Liz. Silence …along with wisps of soft breeze at night in the full moon passing over head made a good combination of stargazing on the roof…..
"you should lie on your side more" He said bouncing the ball a little in his hands
"mmm what?" her gaze was transfixed by the moon it was much brighter than a last few days.
"my mom used to all the time when she was expecting" Liz sat up straight "what do you mean?"
"if mom was still here we'd have a third brother" he finally looked at her……the moon didn't make it any easier to see his eyes. "your mom was pregnant when she died?"
he nodded , Liz gulped……."Did Rick know?"
he was staring at the ball again "oh yeah he knew alright……his tone had become bitter ….sometimes I think that’s the reason Dave hated him so much……"
"how do you know it was a brother and not a sister?" Phil smiled slowly "we were suppose to be my moms three rocks….she knew" Liz put her hand over his he acknowledged it but didn't look at her.
"does he ever talk about it?" Liz asked him staring a his hand
"no….No Dave doesn't like to talk about these 'things' he emphasized the word things more…."the past….it's meant to be forgotten….he told me to never look back at it….gosh I hate him" the last phase was whispered Liz almost bared from hearing it.
"but Phil why do you hate David he…" Phil cut her off he laughed a little it sounded like he were crying instead
"he says all these things and expects you to believe in him"
Liz wasn't sure what he was saying so she kept quiet "he said he wouldn't let me get hurt…he promised"
He didn't need a hug because when Liz tried he told her he was fine….they sat like that for a while before Liz lay back down straight just before she closed her eyes Phil tapped her hand she looked up at him…..he pulled her shirt up a little and put a soft hand on her belly it was a little swollen then something happened the baby as if from inside responded to his touch the and her abdomen warmed …there was a small glow a green one…..."oh my…… god" then the glow became brighter …….Phil and Liz stared at each other grinning …the baby knew it was uncle Phil Liz thought.

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Liz was amazed and glad the baby made himself known when he did because Phil seemed to have forgotten everything else …he was so excited that he suggested they show it to David …….Liz liked the idea but laid the possibility of him bieng busy Phil waved in disapproval and said "he's got to have time for his own baby" she liked the sound of that so she did follow him back into the room …… Phil helped her get back inside through the window Liz told him that he was overreacting and she could get down her self but he said he didn't want her falling off the roof since she's started showing……they both knew that he was in the study doing what ever he does best ignore everyone else … for effect they both put there individual ear to the door and listened Phil rolled his eyes he's talking on the phone again she smiled as he gave her the doesn't he have anything better to do look….
"tell me when you find something!….I've got to do everything my self don't I……..useless your all useless!?"
a pause
another phone call followed and Phil sighed unhappily Liz patted his arm and they listened on…his eyes had lightened slightly for a moment Liz wondered if the old Phil's back about the same time she noticed a long scar at the back of his jaw it must run down to the back…sure looked like it did ….hmmmm….she'll ask him about it sometime.
"yeah…hi……. Walter?……it's me…David …remember?" ….."so about the tests? Liz tensed Phil raised an eyebrow but she told him keep quiet for now…what …I can't hear you your breaking up…….this is a private line Dr……fine …. Yeah …I know…then I'll see you ?…….what?…..midnight's fine……no don't come to me….I'll send a car for you…lets not talk any further on the phone…..right …I'll see you then."
"hey" Phil turned to Liz "what happened with Walter?"
"oh I…you see he….." their ears were still to the door but Liz felt a little ashamed of herself remember her behavior back at eagle rock…."I was sedated so…they did some tests" Phil looked at her critically "what did he say?" Liz was just about to tell him nothing yet but she didn't get a chance the door flew open and since they werent holding onto anything but the door they fell forward into the study…..David side stepped them and was standing over them warily before saying
"I think I'm a bad influence on both of you"

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quietly ........Anya? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
I'm so glad you're here and psst (secretly) you changed that rating ...I was feeling pretty low here for a while....
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"What the hell do you think you were doing?" niether Phil or Liz answered him …they just looked around guiltily till they remembered why they were here David was startled when they shouted sit simultaneously the excitement was back in the air…..
"what's wrong what did you two do?"
"do we have to get in trouble to spend some quality time with you?" Liz asked him unhappily he smiled at her then almost looked like he were saying yes she blushed as his gaze went over to Phil seemed he too noticed change in his behavior Phil must have some how read his thoughts because he took a step back before cautiously saying that he was only here for support David gave them both a signal that he was waiting. Phil crossed his arms and sat down Liz went to David she wasn't sure how to tell him
"just say it" that’s just what I can't do she thought she was at loss for words how does some say my baby glows in the dark?
So she did what she thought was best she pulled her shirt up a little took David's hand and put it on the slight bulge he looked at her solemnly then back at her stomach just when they thought it wouldn't happen intense green shot out like laser beams her stomach felt warmer than when Phil had touched her…..David's eyes widened he got down to one knee form the chair he was sitting in….Liz couldn't help but let a giggle loose but she abruptly stopped when she felt something inside kick "oh" David put his ear against it another kick! He definitely heard it…..but how can that be it still has to be two months old to actually kick at all…..
"what?" Phil asked getting up because Liz and David were staring at each other fairly fear fully…they already knew the baby wasn't normal why would it kick ahead of schedule it would only mean one thing that the baby is coming faster then they expected.

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But how fast is fast months ? weeks? Days?????? "what is it? What's wrong?"
"the baby kicked"
"so what ..we don't like kicking babies?"
David looked like he were about to smile "no it's early"
"oh you mean……..shi-- uhhh I mean what did Walter say" this was the right moment for Phil to speak up and he was using the moment fairly well like it should be used.
"I'm going to see him about it tonight"
"what alone?"
David turned to Phil "what do you think?"
David walked to the table picked up his gun Liz continued to stare at her stomach "your not going alone" Phil sounded loud and horrified….his eyes were narrowed he was noticeably shivering in a warm room.
David looked back at him putting in new bullets shells "just to see Walter"
"oh he said sarcastically then why are you taking your gun ?"
David snorted and turned his back to them ..Phil was getting an awful lot desperate he couldn't get through to David
"Look your not taking off like Ivan Hoe again….you don't know shit about what's going on! I'm not going to let this happen again!"
David finally turned expectantly "let what happened again?" he was still holding thegun Liz stared at both of them they were a real contrast from each other even while both stood with their hands on their hips. Other than the green blue difference one of them was too pale and something else ,……….scared Phil looked like a deer caught in head lights
He looked from Liz to David their expressions varied but they were probably thinking the same thing
"nothing" he said softly and turned around to leave it was David's turn to be desperate "come back here Phil!…." this is bad Liz thought David made a grab for Phil's arm and he pried it loose roughly "none of your damn business!!"
David took his arm again he must be holding on strong because this time Phil couldn't pull his arm loose. "Everything you do is my damn business ….it has been since we both know dammnit!!….so you are going to fucking tell me ..or else I'll beat it the hell out of you!!!" he'd become red faced and was shaking Phil ……Liz's eyes filled up because Phil glared at David with all the hate he could possibly muster form this life to them next "I shouldn't have to you're not Rick!!"
The six words had been deafening and they echoed around all three of them…. David never expected it he was staring open mouthed at Phil still holding on to his arm he was trying to say something but looked like he was at loss for any words at all. David shoved him away and made a show of having given up he went to the table staring at Liz Phil was shaking that may have been the worst thing he's ever said yet. He put his hands down on the table staring at the gun "you may now leave this house"
"Leave…get out..get lost…up up and away"
"David?" Liz couldn't believe this what was he doing it's bad enough they don’t know anything over here and he's treating the matter so impatiently without cause throwing Phil out wont help he wont open his mouth ……. Why can't he wait
"Liz stay out of this…go upstairs" she didn't move and looked over at Phil who looked like he wanted her to do what David said….she still didn't move…if he left now he'll never be back…Liz tried to keep her vision clear her hand went to her abdomen it hurt just a little starting from the navel going down……but it wasn't enough to distract her attention from what was going on right now in the study room….why did he have to bring Rick up?!.

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Liz ran after Phil when he left the room after giving no indication of leaving or staying with them….she hadn't known he walked this fast she stumbled on the stairs landing on her knee but she bit her lip and followed him……
"Phil stop!" David didn't want her going after him she knew but she didn’t care she'd fight with him later right now it was necessary to keep their family whatever is left of it together and not lose their sanity in this mess which was noticeably becoming more entangled and weaving a very complex web of doubt … and uncertainty in all directions….the words sunk in and the full meaning of the nights events hit her…she let out an anguished cry…Phil said it on purpose she just had a feeling he mentioned Rick purposely…she wasn't sure yet why but before she could cross into the room the door slammed shut in her face…….she knocked once weakly and heard a click he locked the door she kept standing their once again things were getting so out of hand……she wanted to do something…..but what??? Try try again…David …trying or not she needed to feel better the pain was getting her attention much more than ever it worried her…why was it hurting so much…"what's wrong with you?" she asked rubbing her stomach softly trying to soothe it……as if trying to answer her she was rewarded by a small kick it wasn't as hard as before it was mild and as if directing her to do something…what? What do you want me to do? Come on tell me…eat? ….no response…milk?…nothing …Phil? A slight movement inside her…David? One kick a little harder than before. "both of them?"….a gentle swaying……"me and David?"….two kicks this time……"do you want me to go to him?" another two kicks ok 2 kicks mean a yes nothing means no ….. she got up immediately going to the bedroom to their bedroom she knew he was in there up on the roof the window was open she put a foot out and David offered her a hand he seemed to have the same point of view as Phil he didn't want her falling or skidding down she took his hand …their small contact erupted something inside her like a spark…it was electric ….like the lightning when they made love?……….
sitting down beside him she let a breath out she'd have to take this easy it wasn't simple and with her baby actually feeling her feelings didn't make it simple to stay upset,

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he was quiet she didn't think he'd say anything anyway…….drifting…it's going to be midnight soon enough in about 2 hours ….and it was starting to hurt again she tapped his shoulder worriedly "It's hurting" she rubbed her eyes they were becoming teary again…
he looked at her estranged took her balled fists away from her eyes he wanted to know where it hurt so she showed him…"it's talking" that’s the only way to make him actually understand what she was trying to say……he reached out his hand was circling from above and the far away touch radiated warmth and movement inside like a sunflowers reaction to sunlight…he was still studying her stomach and moved down a little so that he was able to put the side of his head just below her tummy…"oh" something uncoiled and flickered inside her…..he was smiling grinning even with his head still on her he took her hand and entwined their fingers the spark she'd felt when he touched her earlier intensified ………he moved both their hands to her stomach and placed it over the navel…she relaxed the pain inside receded the baby was settled once again as if going to sleep…….soundly peacefully…….a few seconds later he raised his head without disturbing their hands he reached up and kissed her careful to keep his lower body off of her so as not to pressurize the sleeping baby… needed both of them to fall asleep finally…….it didn't hurt any more he grinned at her.
They didn't say anything for a while changing positions Liz was lying between his legs with her head on his chest breathing shallow breaths …… he put his arms around her
"she's alright now"
"Liz snapped open her eyes …"she?"
they both sat up ….he nodded "you know it's a girl?"
"he shrugged simply "she told me"
"she talked to you?"
he touched her hand "yeah ……."
"why don't I know?"
he shrugged again "she talked to me as a she so I assumed that it's a girl"
"what did she say?" Liz was whispering it was amazing an almost month old baby already talking to them…..more than that her baby was talking to them so she already knew who's mommy…and daddy? Did she know about Max??
"it's not like using words Liz but she just let me know she was feeling alright like she passed off feelings" he was talking in an awed tone almost excited….and they almost forgot about Phil for a moment.
"did she know I'm her mother?"
"she has to"
"but…...does she know that…Liz was trying not to sound awkward about it but couldn't help……..but he already knew what she was asking
"she thinks I'm dad" Liz nodded slowly but wouldn't she have known Max was her father…..David probably sensed her discomfort …she was almost a little disappointed.
"since for the moment I'm ……close to you" he tried with suitable words as possible she probably thinks I'm the other parent of the set….. "maybe" Liz answered looking down at the ground below the roof
maybe she wants both of them to stay together and listen to each other more often.

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"you don't want him to go…" Liz said still lying comfortably between his legs on the roof of the house he was playing with her hair one time she was sure he even tried braiding it…..
"what makes you say that?" he left her hair and let it drop against her back she sat up and turned to him tilting her head to a side cupping her cheek in the palm of her hand showing him it was obvious…… :he's a big boy now Liz he can take care of himself beside he said getting up he's made a choice…she studied him for a few seconds before saying
"no he hasn't" David swayed slightly from side to side before looking up at her…..waiting for her to go continue further….."he didn't say he's going"
"he doesn't have to"
Liz shook her head "how many times has he left before this?"
David smiled tipping his face to the sky closing his eyes…..he looked beautiful like that white tracing his sharp features in the moon light …it was there and still full……
"it's late Liz …are you tired?" he wont talk until he wants to himself so she just shrugged a little nodding her head slightly leaving it at that….she'd talk to Phil when David left Liz decided she'd have to get through to someone…..she thought following David taking his and stepping back into the bedroom he put the pillows where they belonged and looked at her…she was staring at the bed longingly then back at him……………he returned her gaze smiling a little and going over the door to lock it shut……he didn't turn the lights on because the moonlight was shining well enough onto the bed through the window…….Liz pulled her clothes off on her own this time as he came forward taking her hand delicately she only hoped the spark that passed her didn't wake up her baby…well their baby…..pulling her on the bed…they lay down together….and made love for the second time…..she hoped It kept her and the baby settled for a while.

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Liz woke up alone in bed with her arm spread out in front of her where David was supposed to be ….but it was only empty….Liz blinked for a while adjusting to waking up and the darkness around her where did the moon go she hugged herself then sighed feeling a little disappointed …he has to see Walter…right….she picked up her clothes from the beds edge putting them on she left the room…he wasn't here at all he'd left she hadn't remember to check the watch..midnight…how long has be been gone…she liked the feel of his arms around her or maybe it was the baby …..maybe she appreciated the warmth and strength in his arms because she can't see him yet…..will she ever see David?…she didn't of course think about Max when she and David were making love it might disturb her daughter but right now when he wasn't here she couldn't help think about him…how long since she'd thought about him…days….more than a week…..she didn't want to forget him…just what happened…but it wasn't possible without actually keeping him out of her mind….maybe when things are better Max ….when me and our baby is safe then I'll …something nudged awake inside of her …..I'm sorry baby just thinking you can let me do that sometimes right?…there was no response she got worried if this was her reaction now to Max then how would she react when she told her in person about her own father…Max was her real father it was important that she know that it made Liz feel a little bad that she didn't know Max and instead chose David as her father not that she didn't want him to be but it made her feel guilty her heart sagged a little but she couldn't think about who's who or not for the because she promises to keep, a family to keep together and a baby to bring up with care and give birth to safely …sadly these things will have to be thought about later…...fine we'll talk about David then ok but he's not here right now so lets go over and try talking to uncle Phil…is that ok with you?" there was a small kick to response…she rubbed the spot a little "yeah I know"……..Liz crept to Phil's room the lights were on it showed under his room…….

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There was a shadow under the door and she quickly side stepped away from it he was talking to someone on the phone due to their previous spying skills failure Liz made sure that head ear wasn't on the door completely or at least she wasn't completely dependent on the door
"I just wanted you to know he went to see Walter…..yeah……..but…… I can too! (sigh) yeah…I know …I'm fine now …..ok…bye…click'
Liz quickly hid in the shadows as Phil's door burst open he ran downstairs without looking behind him……….some things going on he thought who was he talking to…he wont know anyone from around here unless it had to do with David and he did mention Walter….she felt her throat constrict suddenly why would Phil be informing someone or anyone for that matter where David was going unless…no he couldn't …he won't give us away not Phil not even if he hated David?…he couldn't Liz went after him he was in the one place that had lights on …the study…..sometimes Liz thought that the entire focus of their lives have been spent in that file laden room both of them……..he was looking for something and seemed to be in hurry ….. right about then Liz felt a small stab of pain in her stomach and Phil looked up startled he was sweating his thick hair had fallen over one brow and his eyes were large with fear…."Liz?…it thought you were…. "
"what are you doing Phil?"
"nothing" he wasn't looking at her his eyes settled on something in the drawer but he didn't remove it both his hands were on the each side of the chair….he did start a fight on purpose
"you mentioned Rick on purpose"
he looked up and said nothing Liz came closer she had to know…."who were you talking to Phil?"
he looked at her unbelievably "now you guys are spying on me?!!" his voice had risen several octaves and she felt like reminding him that they weren't the only ones in this house….Marietta might have gotten back without all of their knowledge and if she heard the loud voices she'd become worried besides she already suspected something was off about Phil. From the day he showed up well night
Liz suddenly felt angered but spoke slowly for sake that her daughter detested it she was sending her feelings straight through Liz's heart relentlessly….seemingly she didn't want them to start fighting…Liz tried to keep sending good vibes to her baby as well as concentrate on using her brain as to what exactly was going on …she couldn't take any more secrets……she didn't know why but something other than the obvious was wrong with her she felt dizzy …was she getting a fever again …she touched her forehead but it was at normal temperature….than what's wrong why does it feel like she took something bitter inside her…like poison…the pain was starting from the navel and it somehow it continued to drone in slowly starting with a point the same place moving neither up or down like some one attached a drill to her navel…..
"no David wasn't …I'm not spying Phil….I came to talk to you…to change your mind"
his voice dropped to a whisper "I'm already changed
the pain deepened Liz let out an inaudible gasp ……she had to do this…please not now…..have courage se old her self …just hold on a while….the state of her head spoke volumes but she tried to ignore the dizziness and the pain…..what would she do when the pain became unbearable…but it's never happened before this…….
"Then tell me please………Phil . I need to know…… " she waited trying to keep her fists by her side in a few moments she'd be clutching them around her stomach if the pain didn't stop but it was getting worse and so was the bitter taste in her mouth…it felt coppery tasting she almost couldn't keep herself from gagging……
Phil took his hands off the chair "I said he's not going alone"
"you….you can't …..go after him" he looked up determinedly "I am going after him"
"but Phil….." she pleaded……."not again"
"I have to" he then pulled out what he's been baring from holding for such a long time something which caught his eye in the drawer he pulled out his hand revealing a gun………
"oh" her head felt heavy ….and now the pain had become more than a little insistent her navel felt like it had a large needle pulled in and out of it……something dripped from her mouth ….she roved her eyes below to see blood stains in her shirt…Liz must have let out a small cry because phil was looking at her horrified……"Liz?!"
"oh god…please no" she fell to the ground as her mind spiraled into darkness

sorry to keep you waiting
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silent nights

"oh no!" Phil dropped the gun and sprinted to Liz's side she was gagging blood her own screams were deafeaning ....
"Phillll!!.......I'm dying...noooooooo!!...please make it stop!!!!!!"
"ok ok!'s ok...I just need to'll be fine Liz....Liz?" he wasn't sure what to do the panic worsened ...
.the pain was terrible undiscribable someone was trying to pull her baby from inside her..she tried to keep a hold on somehow thought she knew clutching her stomach wouldn't stop it from taking her baby....what ever was hapening was internal......"jesus.....Liz! what's wrong???" he was panicked and it seemed that Marietta wasn't back yet or else she'd have fainted ...seeing what was going on at the moment ......thats exactly when the phone rang.....he wasn't sure wether to leave her like this on the floor but whatever he was thinking didn't constitute to carelessness the call might help them somehow or he'd become a little wasn't easy to hear the phone with Liz's screams but he pulled the phone down next to her where he'd cradled looked like a seizure she couldn't hold still most likely she was thrashing around because of the pain he couldn't really hold her still and answer the phone at the same time...........hthe phone crashed onto the floor he grabbed the reciever and put it to his ear "hello!?....I can't hear louder!!!"
he tried to dig into the reciever furher "who?!...but..Dave just left to see you......." Phil grew pale looking at the telephone in his hand ...and back at Liz her cries had subsided she was lying still he pulled her to himself she'd passed out with a slow trickle of blood from her mouth..."oh god...Liz..don't go.....shit" he got up up quicly at first it felt like he couldn't think at all that all the nerve impulses in his brain had frozen.."think idiot!!...think !"
He pulled the reciever to himself and dialed the numbers he remebered so well....he wouldn;t forget them as long he 'did' live but for the moment dialing without a mistake was impossible his hands were shaking too violently.....but he got it right after two wrong no's.......he picked up on the second ring.
"hello?!" it's me.......It's not Walter .....I just talked to him...I'm going to him right now.....somethings horrible happened to Liz ...he rubbed his temple ...... I don't know something.......or he'll kill Dave.!

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Phil ran out to the small garage which incdently had one free jeep sitting in side brand new it was covered he hastily ripped off the protective layering of soft silver sun screen covers from the jeep it was a desert rider......Liz was still unconcious he didn't want to leave her alone but he wasn't sure who t be worried about Liz or David both of them were in danger who to help......ok think rationally he told himself again getting in the car was a hurdle in it self for him since his hands were shaking so hard he couldn't concentrate on putting the key where it belonged in order to unlock the jeep......he'd have to help Liz first because David knew his job and if anyhting happened to Liz David would kill him........he stuck the key in the ignition drove it out of the garage breaking down the thin door along with it but it didn't matter he jumped out as soon as th car was enough distance for him to be able to carry Liz into the car without disturbance...he jumped out of the car and picked Liz up carefully placing her in the back seat..."be alright" he whispered touching her stomach before getting in the jeeps front and driving like mad having broken every traffic law in existance............he'd already told Walter Sirus that they were coming so he'd be standing by........who ever David talked to earlier or went to see is not Walter Sirus for Liz's sake at least he hoped Dave was fast enough to figure it out before it was too late.........
"bring in through the emergency! long long?"
"uhhh 15 minutes??"
"alright lets go...nurse prep for internal exams..." Phil put Liz down on a gurney she was quicly wheeled into what looked like an operation theator but it was private...Phil was told to wait out side he paced back and forht restlessly ...worried and a little guiltily.......why the hell hadn't he just said that..........the cell phone rang...he pulled it out and pressed the call send button ....."hello?
"it's me Dogget
"what what's happened?...did you tell Dave?"
"look son he knows how to take care of himself we both know the first thing he'll do when he sees me is shoot me..."
"...well you have to do somthing!!! he isn't going to listen to me...!!!"
"alright fine I'm going after him....hows the girl doing?"
"not so good..I dunno....I doin't know anything anymore..."
"how are you holding up about......."
"I'm fiine!"
"Phil.."he warned.
"I said I'm ok .......gulp.....just find Dave then I'll tell him everything....." he clicked it close and stared at his hands they had dried blood on them he went by a water dispenser and washed his hands his vision started to blur....he'd have to tell his of the reasons he mentioned Rick back at home so that he'd be left alone with his problems so that no one would know how much exactly the special unit totured him to get info out of him....he didn't even after they.....hurt him in ways thta he'd already once learn to be afraid of.....they raped him...repeatedly well one of them.....what was he suppose to do he thought he'd lose his mind ..... or probably die being tortured...but Dogget came along then...he just hoped je was able to save Dave too....he couldn't let him die...not now not was he supppose to tell him anyhting he won't be able to take it...or maybe he'd blame him....or ........oh boy he just agreed with Dogget to tell Dave the details leaving out other small gory details.......just come back and listen Dave.......he had to ..... Liz was far from alright right now......when it occured to him that he should go in and check exactly what was going on....trusting someone wasn't an issue anymore now they show you a scalpel oyu show them a gun......because they arent doctors ...the shape shifter he could be here or most likely headded to kill Dave ...thats exactly who called him............

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helllooooo did anyone not care to utter a shocked gasp at the mention of doggets name?????? he's the head of the special unit!!!
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"Liz parker?" doctor Walter was trying to bring her around when Phil appeared in the room "that Pierce not Parker"
the doctor glared at Phil before squinting at him "you do look a lot like your brother"
"whatever she ok?!"
"lower your voice since your brother's an acqaintance of mine I'll relent or you would have been thrown out of this room it's private and this happens to be a hospital so keep quiet and let me do my job....he pulled out a long needle like intrumewnt more like a syringe it was empty and he was going to Liz with it
"hey! what the hell is that for?!" th doctor looked rashly irritated with PHil now
"Mr Pierce I will not tolerate this behaivior!"
"I asked you a question and I think I duly deserve an answer for it!" he came closer
"nurse get this boy out of the room!"Phil was sure he's just saying it for effect because as far as he remembered there was no one down this private hallway
"I'm not a boy!!...hey !" time to take things in his own hands ...Phil grabbed the doctors arm twisted and threw him against the wall jabing his arm into the doctors throat pulling the gun out and aiming it at him his glasses fell and small veins on his bald head started to throb.......
"I asked you if- she- is- alright?!"
the doctor stared at him fearfully then at Liz though Phil was more than a few inchis short than dr Sirus he still managed to hld on to the doctors neck with enough strenght to put fear in his coal black eyes they darted back and forth before a relieved breath escaped his throat as Phil released his throat..........
"she is fine"
"what do you mean?"
"just what I said" the doctor went over to the other side of the gurney still holding the syringe he pulled up Liz's shirt
Phil raised the gun unsteadily but the doctor looked calm so calm that PHil was afraid he'd mistaken him to be the real Walter sirus and he wasn't maybe he was the shape shifter but Walter raised his hands
"you may as well point that thing some where else or I am afraid there is no one who can tend to Liz as far I know not many doctors agree to actually put there lives on line to take care of a woman pregnant with an alien baby....." phil was still handling the gun at Walter he felt crazy out of control and was reminded of his time in the special units torture chamber ...
"we shouldn't be talking much about this here"
"exactly my sentiments ...that is why you were requested to shut your mouth and let me tend to her"
Phil looked at the doctor bewildered.........
the only person I trust is David Pierce so when he gets here we'll have everthing cleared up...for the moment the only thing I can tell you is that she is fine ... phil raised his head above the gun
"...the baby too"
Phil finally lowered the gun looking at Liz she looked peaceful and breathed easily no more blood from her mouth Walters right shes fine and the baby too...he managed to save them...the relief was overwhelming he sat down not saying a single word looking on as the doctor pulled Liz's shirt up taking in the needles length slowly pushing the large needle into Liz's navel Phil winced ..... won't that hurt her ? the doctor pulled the piston outward indicating blood gathering in the syringe pulling out the needle he settled it down removing the steely needle...."just what are you doing?" Phil asked him slowly he patted the navel with a sanitized cotton ball
"an experiment " Walter reported holding up a small vessel filled with Liz's blood.
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she's awake..Liz....whatever experiment Walter just did on her worked...she's awake alive and well....alert ...but she isn't talking he was horrified to see her sitting up on the examintion table and even more apalled when Sirus told her to take two or three steps ,....Phil was about to fling his gun at Walters head had he gone mad?! the girl nearly died on thier study's floor an hour ago and he's telling her to get up and walk?! but he kept the gun with him without raising it again when he saw Liz walking flawlessly like nothing had happened an hour ago like she wasn't gagging on her own blood ......she didn't look nearly as pale as she did few minutes ago before Walter broguht out another small shell of blood and went to work combining Liz's blood with the other ......Phil had a feeling it wasn't human but he watched as the doctor studied the mixed blood under a microscope Phil handed him his glasses back he looked down appreciativley and then got another syringe with a long needle in it ....he sucked in the mixed blood as PHil looked on he injected the blood into Liz back through her navel....he clenched his teeth that really had to hurt and they both waited for a few seconds before Liz blinked rapidly looking up at both of them
she said a sof thi to both of them.......Phil was too relieved to say anything...she touched her stomach closing her eyes again she put her head back down content ...the baby was really okay then......but she's been giving him the silent treatment for a while now.....he's sitting beside her on a chair out side the emergency room he only told her that David is on his way she must have forgotten because she didn't inquire that if Walter was here then where was David....she is glaing at him but it's not hateful it's hollwo quiet and waiting annoyed kind of look he sighed and put a hand on her's .... "I'll tell when he gets here ...both of you" Liz continued to stare.....then as if accepting it she lowered her gaze to the ground she has also not asked anything about what the doctor did to her .............
Earlier when Dogget called he thought that Dave would actually blame him becaus ehe did always some how manage to land in a lot of trouble almost all the time...when did he start it...? when mom died not then he was still ok then dave was always around to give him that sort of attention whihc he needed at 4 years old and he was still calling Rick dad we both did ....but David became busy with his training got became an FBI agent took his job seriously from the beginning he did leave there 3 bedroom flat then and moved into a new apartment .... he came by and looked over him sometimes mostly because Rick kept his gun with him while drinking and Phil was a little more than scared of him ...... drinking could make a person stronger well it did make Rick strong enough to get up and punch Phil hard enought to break his jaw he did go to the hospital alone...he didn't let Dave he'd told him to keep as much as possible away from him avoid him...and not to call him dad...but PHil couldn't help when he thought that Rick died drinking when he didn't holler incoherently for sometime.........he never let David know a lot of times dad tried to hit him while he was drunk ...was he ever not drunk he can't remember the last time Phils seen him wide awake without a bottle in one hand and dark circles under his eyes........... he was too young when mom died and can't really remember what he felt for both of them but that he probably felt the same way about dad he did back then ........ because he still calls him dad and not Rick,......he lets him know when he's coming and going out if he needs anything the answers are usually murmured in a drunken haze or some kind of new profanity he'd never heard in his life and as far as he knew Rick was his dictionary for the worst kind of vocabulary there is...........David had had enough and stopped calling him dad when he shoved Phil while he was drunk the bottom stairs had rotted thorugh they had a basement downstairs with nothing but a straight nail standing up he fell through the stairs and landed right on the nail Rick looked down at him and he was laughing from above...drunk along with that friend of his Grant ...he always hated Grant.....he's the one who got dad started on alcohol..bastard!!!........David had come right on time to check up on him he did that periodically when he didn't get any serious assignments from the FBI or just when he felt like it...he called too and sometimes showed up at school..........he was trying to talk to him then but PHil didn't feel like he could actually hear him .....he fell unconcious but could still hear defeaning sounds of someone shouting ...something about having him in jail...taking Phil away...well thats all he got to hear before he went limp....he must have called an ambulance because the next time he woke up in a hospital and it was declared that the nail missed vital organs snd only pierced the flesh..........there after someone came to him to tell him that his brother wants to take him away from Phil....since he's got people in the poplice department and can be let go of free since he was drunk when he pushed Phil......David informed him that he could stay with him leaving Rick....PHil thaught about it for a few seconds before saying no...he wanted to stay there in the same apartment and indeed with this day he has no idea why he did it?...why he still calls him dad ....... he did kill mom and might as well kill him one day if he gets lucky.......David tries to be "a dad" which was unacceptable to him and he felt angered at him for trying to replace dad......he was his older brother and he wanted him to stay his brother and not to try to become his father instead ......Dave then flipped out when PHil told him of his decision to stay with Rick...he thought Phil had gone crazy because he'd already arranged a lawyer........but Phil stuck to his decision and in the end Phil went to home to a drunk Rick where things were up to the norm level the level he'd gotten used to "hi dad"
"Sunnuva B*tch"
Dave left LA then and moved to Washington...he was angry with Phil for a while but did enquire as to whether he was doing fine with the injury.....he didn't come home anymore ......then he'd gotten into trouble while hacking and Alyssa appeared by Dave's side...his first hand opinion about her was "B*tch!"

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He was glad Liz was with David now undermining whatever the cicumstances ... Phil got up and went to the window Liz continued to sit in her own world..........he'd have to tell both of them...this is going to be bad .......... no one noticed the small ball of green emannating from Liz's abdomen as it left unnnoticed and landed in David Pierce's car engine shutting it down..........
David got out of the car slamming the door shut he raised the hood to reveal large wisps of smoke emananting from it like steam engine.....he let out a frustrated cry and kicked at the car "shit!"
what the hell was he suppose to do now the damned road was deserted and he's come too far to walk anywhere and it was the middle of the night well early morning and he still hasn't seen Walter.........."frikkin great!! they both chose this road because it was deserted so that no one else would see them........just as he was going to turn back and try to look into the engine a moving figure far away on the road comming to him caught his eye it was a jeep a black "what the hell?!"
one he pulled his gun out slowly and kept it by his side hidden by the car so that it's not noticeable to the driver...passemger whatever just let thme get closer .....he was nautrally calm in these situations.....but he kept glancing at the cars engine how come it shut's highly unusual for the car to become immobile in the middle of no where not to mention suspicious since he just dragged it no a typical a road to nowhere......he couldn't see walters car he told David his car would have an emblem he'd recognize..........the jeep drew close enough for him to make out the single drivers features short brown hair pale complexion....Dogget? what the hell is he doing here or maybe not ...dogget stopped the car before david's and got out he was sweating profusely and made the heat in the area known to a cooking level.....DAvid kept his gun by his side as he slammed the door shut and approached him slowly.....David wasn't going to be the one to make the first move.........."David Pierce?"
he didn't answer and kept staring Dogget frowned the age lines deepening on his forehead........"I know what your doing here David you came to see Walter Sirus....right?"
"you tell me" David said calmly training his ice cold stare at Dogget ..... still handling his gun
"it's about Liz Parker isn't it...look I'm not sure what I'm doing here but that guy ho called you here is not Walter Sirus?"somethign twitched in Doggets hand it was a gun David saw it befor he could hide it suitably they stared at each other for a while aking in the atmosphere it's situation had amounted to tenseness so in the fold of events they both raise there guns at each other simultaneously making a small "zip" sound as the gun's sliced the thick air while bieng swept upwards...........Doggets expression changed form worried and tired to tight jawed as he trained the gun on the base of Davids neck
"who are you!"
"what do you mean who am I? you know me "
"yeah I know Jhon Dogget ...but lets say your not Dogget ..."
"just why the hell do we think that?!"
"whos to say you are?! David said finally moving semicircling Daogget as he was carefully himself doing the same never eyes never leaving the gun............"for all I know your Nacedo"
"Na-- who?"
David kept aiming his gun as did Dogget
"look son I'm no shapeshifter for the time being and I came to give you a message from PHil"
David looked unnerved and came closer with his gun ...."what have you done with him?..where is he?"
"he's fine ...if you put your gun away I'll explain it...look this is a deserted highway!"
"and I call this a standoff" David stated coolly
"come on you fuckin know me ...remember?"
"tell me something only me and the real Dogget know?"

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"like what the day you broke your ass the first time in the FBI?!"
David smiled and kept aim of the gun.."you know the game"
Dogget kept staring throught the side of his gun sweat running down his brow.....but he finally put his gun down "1990 ? LA? We went and found PHil we he got kidnapped... both of us"
David snorted "tell me something everyone else doesn't know"
"they wouldn't help you......jurisdiction you came to me ..I was in the L.A.P.D at that time which search missions ....David stared at him unceratinly "you said it was important we find PHil ...he was your faith...your trust.....that Rick wouldn't give a damn...." David twisted his jaw tightly before seting down his gun infront of him just in case...he ground his heel on the empty road putting his hands on his hips unhappily "Shit dogget ...what are you doing here?"
he kept his dsitance form David "Liz is in the hospital"
David looked up sharply moving to Dogget "what! why"
"somethings happened to her she lost conciousness it had the boy worried he took her ot the emergency depart" David looked at Dogget irritated the sun had risen above thier heads and it made them both squint at each other "has he lost it...I thought I already said that......"
"He took her to Walter" Dogget interrupted "what?"
Dogget sighed finally they were getting to the point of this hoopla chase around the mountains through midnight and t wasn't making any sense to either of them
"Walters coming here how could he be............"suddenyl as if David realized something he took three steps back swiping his gun along with it pointing it in Doggets face "where are they?"
"what the fuck is the matter with you I told you PHil ...."
"how do I know they're not dead already" he satrted circling a very still Dogget....he might as well not be a remote ally either...............
"there alive and well..."
"what happened to Liz?!"
"I don't know but Phil does he called me to come and get you out of here alive.!! before the shapeshifter got here"
David nudged his head to a side "oh and how did he know that there was shape shifter coming here ...did he become phsycic all of the sudden?"
"no but the real Walter called him right after you left to see him"
"David lowered his gun "thats not possible........."
"what do you mean its not.! know and I know that there are aliens running over this state like its the lifetime achievements marathon running!"
"only the real Walter knew my code ..."
"what code!" Dogget looked like he was having a head ache
"you tell me seems like you already know so much Dogget..why are you here ?"
"I told you before now stop pointing that guin and listen to me....Walter Sirus just told PHil that Liz is going to be fine there at the regent Hospital"
"Walter wouldn't call us to the hopital"
"why not"
"because he's not your usual doctor......"
they both fell suddenly silent before Dogget uttered "Holy shit!"
David looked back at the car's engine it was glowing bright green so bright he worried the car might burst into flames but instead it started up like some one thrust life into it.
David kept his eye on the light and ame closer to the hood ----D--A--N--G--E--R............go-to-Liz......
"fuck" he muttered under his breath and shut the hood jumped into his car........Dogget was still staring at it "what the hell was that?"
"get in....MOVE...we have to go!"
they both shared a look and came to a truly horrible conclusion ...there were more than one shape shifters around whihc meant Walter died the moment he made that call to David.....

ok baby gurl fist thing liz is only 1 omth pregnant so other symptoms will come aloing later and about the liz/david babies I get there owont be any herer
but if you want some Isabelle and david babies then go over to my other fic whihc is:
The story of us
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"he should be here by now" Phil said impatiently looking out the window did Dogget finally persuade him? knowing Dave he'd end up more or less dead if not back within unspecified time.....he had a bad thought suddenly not that it hadn't lingered at the back of his head but he refused to believe in bad luck ...there has to be something called good luck he didn't understand the logic behind his own thought but kept faith in it...he trusted Dogget even though when Dave menitioned that his source found out he's the new head of the special unit but he'd actually stumbled over Phil in one of the many white rooms dazed bruised and scared beyond belief at first he didn't beileve it but it really was Jhon Dogget the guy helped Dave find him when he yet again landed in trouble not that it was voluntary on his part but he'd been on one deserted nieghbourhood too many trying to figure out his life to understand whats missing and how to fill it up or patch it up or if it's even possible....... and he got kidnapped ....sure he was as strong as a 10 year old generally is but saying that his brother was with the FBI and would kick the perverts Ass didn't stop him from earning that punch to his already damaged jaw....he blacked out and woke up being driven practically half way out of the state......but they found him ..Dave and Dogget...not that they exactly liked each others company Dogget usually followed procedure along side promise and patience not that Dave didn't but he had his own procedures even bieng the poster new guy at the FBI he let others know who the boss was ...Dave loved authority it took 28 hours but they found him before any harm could be actually done since he was brought into the a gay dorm room who thought he was fresh meat ..a 'pretty boy' thats what the guy in the special unit called him his name was Mark? yeah......he knew about Dave and hated him like hell ...advariantly his brother is both feared and hated in the halls of the Buearue....that just made trouble intolerable in his corner since they wanted to know where exactly was David and of course Liz and if he knew of any other aleins that they might have had contact with...........they started with little things drugs...drugs that caused painfull seizures....caused momentary blindness.....and horrific hullucinations......then Mark started visiting him.......he was above 50 sure looked that kind of old the moment Phil showed his usual I don't know anything stance Mark hauled him to the floor and showed him just what would happen if he ever said "I don't know" he wouldn't say anything but he had a feeling even if he gave him information he'd still come to him every night like he did of the reasons he bared from looking at Dave when he first got home was that Dave looked right at you not around or down but straight into if he actually knows you...he can tell things he definitely knows when PHil's up for getting into some large trouble.....but now he was afraid the reason was more likely that Mark had blue eyes too but they were light blue and had that twinkle in them that makes you feel up to be leered at........Dogget found him again and was amass with confusion on seeing him strapped to a chair like he was half naked drugged whatever happened next made one thing cleared that PHil did manage to babble some of what happened to him....Dogget drove him out of there though he doesn't understand how dogget would cover back at the special unit if they fnd out Phil was gone ......... he didn't care and they talked some more about the whole damaging issue btu dogget was worried he wanted to take Phil to some hospital to get checked out but he refused profusely saying he just wanted to find his brother and gave Dogget his address.......PHil informed him at the end that he didn't want to tell Dave yet ....he tolf him that he understood and to call him if he needed anything at all.........
he just hoped he''d been able to get Dave back safe and sound.........he was brought out of his thoughts by a tap tp the shoulder he turned to see a still silent Liz's face she looked over at Walter Sirus who was standing there smiling slightly the guy's got creep factor 100 imprinted on his bald head brrrrrr...........but something other than the usual was unnerving about him especially now.......he licked his lips looking over at Liz
"Liz you should lie down you werent feeling very well I understand" Phil felt his hair stand on the back of his neck somthings wrong...horribly..terribly....shit..shit...he left his gun back at the emergency examination room triple shit! both Liz and PHil got up and he took Liz by the arm as the doctor came forward easily.........."whats the matter Phil...think I can't be trusted?...think I'm a shapeshifter???"
"you gotta be shittin me!"Phil moved back with Liz she looked too frightened to say anything
"then lets find out shall we?" once sweeping movement and the doctor's image blurred and reformed in less than half a minute to become eyes dark grey hair slightly shorter....Mark...Phil gasped involuntarily too petrified to scream
Mark tilted his head to a side smiling reavealing perfectly white teeth "hi pretty boy"

btw: babygurl I'm gald I have a David/Liz fan but I'm wary of people who left the fic in the middle ...that really hurt...anyways about izzy/David it's not that lovey dovey right from the beginning but no prob ...listen you and I sorta gotta level on this pregnancy thing I gotta know from you all the symptoms you had in each month err what month are you going on currently?.........
oh and there is a David/Liz baby fic not very bright but check it out any ways: HE WANTS ME HE WANTS ME NOT

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Dogget and David practically ran each other off the road driving like straight bat's out of hell it was a one way road and they were going backwards at dangerously high speeds zigzagging one after the other after flagging down police they got to the emergency screeching to a halt they both came out guns drawn and already aiming David stopped and turned to face Dogget "This is a bad idea...but in case anyhting does happen to either of them ...I'll blow your head off"
Dogget looked at David as if saying get out of here "in my own experience I take it better to the heart....I'm going through the back you?"
"I'll go along with it as long as I can point the barrels at ya"
"not to diss you or any thing son but I say we are gonna follow protocol this time if you don't mind"
David snorted looking up at a tinted window "actually I do...but as long as our deals sealed....."
"fine lets go he could be anywhere" Dogget started walking but advid stayed behind still staring at the window he knew some thing made him look at it......there were large shadows turning small and he heard somehting that sounded like a small hiccup not from around him ...I'ts baby he thought......nice going I do have an influence on her he smiled and told dogget to look up he he did but didn't wait around to ask why he already knew.......
They flung the doors to the emergency open it looked deserted Dogget turned "Public?"
David looked around himself and ehind them before answering "Private" he nodded and followed David to the elevator but didn't get in "whos gonna head him off...we both can't jump in at once"
"go front I'll cover for you"
"first things first you see the girl grab her and run ..I'll do the rest"
"we'll see...." dogget glared at him "Dammit this a question of two lives !"
"actually three counting my baby but I think thats just the difference of our sight isn't it Dogget?" Dogget looked surprise but before they could argue any more Doctorm Sirus entered through Emergency doors walking slowly at then.........
Dogget, David : shit!
Walter sirus stopped a few steps from the swinging doors smiling at David more than Dogget.
"it got boring without you how long has it been then?.........he quirked an eyebrow "a month since our first meeting?"
the shadow of an old smile crossed David's face and he raised his gun at Sirus "Nacedo"
"Pierce" he said with a slight nod of his head bringing out his own gun...Davids gun
Well I don't know about you David but I think this calls for Plan B in motion"
"right go and get them out of here safely I'll handle him" Dogget looked at Sirus one last time before givin David a silent good luck and getting into the elevator keeping his finger on number three since the hospital was a three storey building with the private emergency depart on top.........

ah yes fallin angels I was getting worried but I do understand the prob school you say yeah it could be a drag .....babygurl keep me updated with your book thx....and where the hell is rozzi?
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"stay fucking away Mark!" Phila nd Liz hadn't moved from there place but neither did Mark...
"I did't know Mark so well personally but I'm sure he'd like to have you back...phil " he said it comically almost meaning it...Phil shuddered holding Liz close by he couldn't let him take Liz he pulled her behind him Liz held on to his arms the Mark look alike laughed ...just like the real Mark "you think you can keep the little one from me?"
"try me...."it was shaky but had no little heat behind it.
he came closer to Liz and PHil as they back up it's then that he felt someone thrust something hard and cold into his hands it was Liz she handed him what?........smooth..long thick ...hydrant top a fire extinguisher he took it without looking back careful to hide it from he shapeshifters view Liz suddenly came out from behind him
"Nacedo?" finally managing a single word since having woken up she'd have to distract him
he smiled shaking his head "thats the other one" Liz looked horrified and confused
"come to daddy... Pretty boy" Phil reached behind and took Liz's hand in his tightly before looking hatefully at the man that resembled Mark "you're not my dad!" he opened the extinguisher on him his arms shot out to keeep he foam from covering his eyes but Phil did something even better he threw the hydrant aimed at the shapeshifters head while he struggled with a thick coat of cool white.... iot landed on his chest and the shapeshifter fell back from the impact without making a sound...........
"ok Lets run!" Phil didn't Liz's hand go and pointed in the general direction of the elevator they ran like without taking a breath not turning to look back whether the Mark creature was following them or not. they made it to the elevator in Phil was in panic mode and at first forgot which number to press Liz punched the ground floor button ...they both waited impatiently but something strange was going on and Liz and phil stared at each other before a terrible realisation hit them the lift wasn't moving they couldn't feel it going up or down. Phil stared at liz for a brief second withihng whihc he realised she was counting prayers and began to wildly punch at each no..."no dammmit!! not now!!!!"
"come on you bastard!! work!" he hit the number 1 again and they felt the Lift move downwards Liz kept holding on to the sides of the lift they had to get out of here now ..... she felt her stomach the baby seemed content but why ???? Liz was so frightened at teh moment she was afraid that if thewy did step out of the elevator they might fall through empty air instead of walking out on solid ground.....if the baby isn't so worried then it would mean either Walter like creature did something to her daughter or that.........David was here!!

darn it takes just one day for everyone to disssapear doesent it?
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"stay fucking away Mark!" Phila nd Liz hadn't moved from there place but neither did Mark...
"I did't know Mark so well personally but I'm sure he'd like to have you back...phil " he said it comically almost meaning it...Phil shuddered holding Liz close by he couldn't let him take Liz he pulled her behind him Liz held on to his arms the Mark look alike laughed ...just like the real Mark "you think you can keep the little one from me?"
"try me...."it was shaky but had no little heat behind it.
he came closer to Liz and PHil as they back up it's then that he felt someone thrust something hard and cold into his hands it was Liz she handed him what?........smooth..long thick ...hydrant top a fire extinguisher he took it without looking back careful to hide it from he shapeshifters view Liz suddenly came out from behind him
"Nacedo?" finally managing a single word since having woken up she'd have to distract him
he smiled shaking his head "thats the other one" Liz looked horrified and confused
"come to daddy... Pretty boy" Phil reached behind and took Liz's hand in his tightly before looking hatefully at the man that resembled Mark "you're not my dad!" he opened the extinguisher on him his arms shot out to keeep he foam from covering his eyes but Phil did something even better he threw the hydrant aimed at the shapeshifters head while he struggled with a thick coat of cool white.... iot landed on his chest and the shapeshifter fell back from the impact without making a sound...........
"ok Lets run!" Phil didn't Liz's hand go and pointed in the general direction of the elevator they ran like without taking a breath not turning to look back whether the Mark creature was following them or not. they made it to the elevator in Phil was in panic mode and at first forgot which number to press Liz punched the ground floor button ...they both waited impatiently but something strange was going on and Liz and phil stared at each other before a terrible realisation hit them the lift wasn't moving they couldn't feel it going up or down. Phil stared at liz for a brief second withihng whihc he realised she was counting prayers and began to wildly punch at each no..."no dammmit!! not now!!!!"
"come on you bastard!! work!" he hit the number 1 again and they felt the Lift move downwards Liz kept holding on to the sides of the lift they had to get out of here now ..... she felt her stomach the baby seemed content but why ???? Liz was so frightened at teh moment she was afraid that if thewy did step out of the elevator they might fall through empty air instead of walking out on solid ground.....if the baby isn't so worried then it would mean either Walter like creature did something to her daughter or that.........David was here!!

darn it takes just one day for everyone to disssapear doesent it?
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why wasn't it hurrying up Liz thought clenching her fists she felt the baby trying to calm her down by sending her good feelings but it's not like she knows whats going to happened next.....does she?....none of the others were phsycic.......those visions Michael used to get..what were they premonitions of things to come ?? if yes then they were wasting time searching for who or what they were....Liz dismissed those thought as the lift opened up ready to run out but they were stopped by someone who she's never seen before raising a gun at them
"Dogget!" PHil looked flushed but glad to see the man he stared hard at Liz then back at Phil
"you two ok?" Dogget looked both sides before Phil nodded "where's Dave?!"
Dogget looked at the elevator it was going up again..."he's down"
"is he alright?!" Liz just had to ask him the baby knew he was ok but she just wanted to be sure that the Walter looking man hadn't done anything to hurt her baby.....but it seemed she was just fine.......
Dogget stared at her yet another time "you two have to get out of here now ....shit" the elevator was coming down slowly Dogget held up his gun between the elevator doors "go! use the stairwell to get out through the front entrance ..go some place safe!"
"but why? the shapeshifters up" Phil said looking severely worried at a very red faced Dogget his green eyes literally glowed at both of them and he really wanted them to leave.
"I don't have time to explain ..but there's two of them you have to go now!!!"
they didn't really have time to be shocked but two shapeshifters? how can there be two was there another alien Nacedo hadn't told them about could be he never told them so many things.......
"come on Liz!" PHil yelled back where Liz stood she wasn't moving yet how could they just leave David here alone. "I'm not going without him"
"Liz theres no time!!!" Phil bellowed he looked if possible more red than Dogget...he cared then how could he just leave..."we can't leave him here Phil...Nacedo's here to finish killing David!!!"
"look whatever is going on beats the hell out of me too alright but the boy's right only have about 3 seconds till all shit breaks lose so go!" Dogget pushed Liz to Phil he grabbed her arm and took her to the side which had a stairwell they both kept glacing back to a very still Dogget with the gun pointed at the elevator he raised the gun higher when lift opened revealing...they couldn't see who because they were already downstairs out of the stairwell and hoped that he hadn't seen them escape....................

where did everyone go?????*sad*
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Dogget was still holding the gun when the elevator opened up to reveal someone who looked like he was covered in soda but it was fading to reveal a dark haired individual with sharp blue eyes "Pierce? David Pierce?"
he stepped out but Dogget never lowered his gun and made sure it was pointing at his adams apple one hole through it and the bastards liquid......."it's me!" he sounded anoyed looking down on himself
"every fucking minute they change faces how do I know you are you!" he backed up a few steps never losing their stance or decreasing distance for that matter.........
"I don't have time for this.........where is Liz I need to see her" he started walking towards the only obvious way out ..the stairwell
"don't move your shifting ass one bit or I'll blow your damn neck off!"
"beleive me I am David Pierce!!!"
"oh really ? so how did you get up 2 floors so fast where's the alien guy you called Nacedo?"
'he's dead I shot him.......I went up to find Liz but there's no one over there except this David twisted back enough to lift something which couldn't be seen by dogget he follwed the movement of the mans arm which was odly fluid without any bends Dogget didn't have time to accuse or duck as he brought the heady duty fire extinguisher right on Dogget's arm the one with whihc he was holding the gun with Dogget cried out in pain and let the gun fly out of his hand it skittered across on the sleek white hospital tiles and stopped before the elevator which was still open before he could recover from the blow the man again brought down the extinguisher and barelled it into his stomach that knocked the air out of him and brought him to his knees wheezing for some air into his lungs his face had a slight hint of blue nad seemed like his lost breath wasn't comming back anytime soon e must have hit some specifically sensitive point inside him.....the man went back lifted Doggets gun from the elevators entrance and come forward transforming himself into Dogget easily "this will do for now" he said smiling pulling a long metallic looking syringe a small identation pressed released a long thin sharply pointed needle he looked back at the elevator and then followed out the stairwell which led to the ground floor.
David was still circling the Walter Sirus looking man with his gun aiming at his forehead ........"I killed you"
"then I must have gotten better". he said smiling putting his hands behind his back
"why are you here Nacedo? to take Liz?"
"same reason your her" he said reaching into the doctors whitecoat pocket something black resided within the folds
"I'm here for Liz" he informed the shapeshifter
"you're not a very good actor Nacedo" he bared his teeth at him
"oh but I am I got what I came for" he puled out the solid black object in one swift movement .... it was a gun.
"what no magic today?" David tried cynically
"that would be too easy a way to kill you humans just what you are Pierce a waste of my energry....besides I learnt from a mistake I made for years"
"and what lesson was that?........don't go wehn trouble calls?"
"no ..."never leave behind any evidence"he said slowly traning the gun at Davids heart
Phil and Liz managed to get unscathed out into the emergency parking lot..when Liz felt enourmously wavy movements in her abdomen from it rose a feeling of worry ....fear of loss.......she whiped around while Phil running ahead suggested they go get into any car and drive away to a safe location before calling David or Dogget......before Phil started protesting shirieks she took her arm away from him and ran back towards the emergency she couldn't leave him there he'd die.....

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"liz come back!!!! Phil turned around just in time to see Liz running back throught the emergency rooms door....what the hell is she doing ?!..he looked back at the parkinglot a man with short hair was approachign him only the suns light was directly into ihis eyes he squinted his best trying to see the face.......the man came closer into shadows ..."Dogget!......" he was holding a gun bleeding from the temple.........
"what are you doing here ?! I told you and Liz to...where is she? where's the girl"
Phil looked back at the swinging doors of the E.R Dogget uttered a profanity .."she went after him didn't she?"
"I tried to...wait you said there was on down on the ground floor too?"
"did I?...yeah I did" Phil raised a brow but contniued "holy spit! ....we have to go and get her before ......his voice trailed as there were gun shots heard coming from inside the doors.........."come on!"
"wait I'll go you stay here...."
"what no I'll get Liz cover David"
"it's too dangerous'd end up getting into the liability situation we don't need right now..besides we don't need you getting caught again do we .??..... Phil kept staring at him for giultily a while comtemplating the issue at hand and nodded to the man he smiled and took of running with his gun drawn....
he ran through the same door Liz had gotten through a minute ago.............but not before changing himself into Phil.
Liz stopped running when she heard fires being shot she knew they were coming from the elevator area and the baby was moving unlike any other time before it wasn't the feeling of dread so much as she detected anticipation from her daughter......."what is it?" the baby swayed inside her relentlessly as if telling her to wait......."fine I'll just...she got behind the wall and peeked from a corner David was thier and he was still in one piece he wasn't shot.she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to see a worried Phil.?
but somehting inside her kicked hard and the feeling of fear worsened ...he's not PHil she thought he was holding a gun "where did you get that?" she asked inching away more towards David from the wall.....
"Dogget gave it to me ...he's hurt bad and wanted us to leave lets go...?"
"what about David" her tone had beome overtly suspicious and he noticed it beacuse he smiled a deeply knowing smile "sorry we don't have room for one more" he raised the gun above her head at David's back of the head Liz shrieked a scream she wasn't sure if it emanated from herself or the baby but nevertheless David turned behind startled the shot's went off in both directions as Liz ducked and Phil looking guy and David were lying on the ground not moving "No !!" she ran forward to his still figure but someone over six feet tall grabed her putting a gun to her head ."so we meet again Liz parker" ..the walter looking man ..Nacedo!
Phil waited he stiffened when he heard a guns go off again that had to be Dogget he kept telling himself to stay calm that it was beter if he stayed here and waited but the impending thought didn't stop it self from coming to him again...there were two shape shifters in the building along with DAvid Liz and Dogget...waht if two men with guns arent enough to handle two shapeshifters.....what about Liz he could stand there anylonger and decided to go in find them and help them or else die ...but never..never get caught again...the phrase Dogget used just before leaving him here unnerved him get caught again?? by whom? there werent any other men in suits here ...........
Phil looked back and started getting back towards the the doors of the E.M "who are you?"
"I'm Dogget it's me...." Dogget was staggering holding his arm to himself bleeding from the mouth and head........
"how do I know?" Phil held up a piece of discarded metal in the parkinglot where ever it had come from it was strong hard and the egdes were sharp......
"you're brothers a pain in the ass ...and he hates crew cuts"
"oh no ! the guy who just left wasn't Dogget!!

ok ok what the hell.....?! someone better explain the last few parts of this thing already because I'm getting pretty confused here in my own story for gods sake!!

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Phil got down on his knees next to Dogget he was really hurt bad with not mush visible damage ....... "Jhon?? you ok? can I do something?"
"yeah take this ....he pulled out a gun from a leg strap and handed it over to Phil" Take aim...Base of the neck ..........and shoot the crazy bastard!..go!"
Phil looked at the gun and didn't really react at first because the last time he was handed a gun he ended up getting himself screwed badly but he'll have to hold out this time and follow what the man said "I'll shoot him!" he pressed the gun in his hand feeling more powerful but still shook with fear he really thought it was the real Mark upstairs......he was still going to kill anyone who messed with his brother and his wife and of course the baby he hadn't thought about it then but he felt elated when the baby actually responded to him. accepted him as his own it felt so right ........ and now he'd have to make sure that uncle Phil didn't dissapoint thier little bond.........he just hoped that he wasn't too late he didn't realyy say that he ould come back victorious like a knight in shinning armour because he hated making promises that he wasn't sure he could keep...this was war who could say that they'd actually win? not that Dave didn't know how to handle it sure he was good at that but he had like major responsibilities with Liz and her baby to worry about so he couldn't very well handle all at once without Phil by his side....he doesn't like the idea of someone by his side but this time he'd have to was no time to put in the I can do it on my own syllable shit......
"Nacedo?!" he was still holding the gun to Liz's head ....... "the one and only"
"you have a lot of nerve to show up now!" she spat angrily concious of the gun's muzzle and it's cool metal pressed to her forehead it was warm itself..........he pulled her away from David with an arm around her waist ....... "well if you hadn't gone and collaborated with the enemy I would have come through.....miss parker.." the feeling of dread within her was getting worse within her
"what are you talking about !! you left us to die in Roswell"
"oh would that be after of before our fedration leader came to me to throw me in a wild goose chase and then to kill me?"
What was he talking about they never heard from Nacedo since the time Max got away from the special unit.then when did max go to him he didn't tell her he would't go wihtout Michael knowing about it besides they just had a truce on no secrets from each other no matter how impulsive the ther one might become everyone would be in on it.
"let her go !" Nacedo still looking like walter whirled liz around with him around to face David he didn't look like he'd been shot. at all ......
"interesting" he retorted on seeing a perfectly un hurt Pierce circling them .......... with a gun there were so many guns in the room Nacedo had let Liz go but was still holding the gun on her she was standing sideways between both Nacedo and David
"that would make two of us" the Phil like man rose up with a gun and green blood oozing from his chest and immmediately converted himself into David right behind him just as soon as that Phil burst out through the side of wall looking wild holding a gun.........behind walter

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"ok so err whos who?!" Phil said trying to point at both Davids from behind Walter walter's eyes darted to a side Phil's gun was close enough to Walter's ear......
"shoot both of us and we'll call it square" the David in front challenged but he was staring at Liz through to her at both Walter and Phil
"look's like your in trouble ...pretty boy" the David behind the first one sneered Phil paled but got bright red anger when the David infront raised an eyebrow.
"I'll fuckin kill you!" he said training the gun at the David at the back he laughed the David in the front didn't react facially.
"Don't be an idiot Phil." David and Liz still stared at each other as if talking to each other mentally......
"I said your an idiot" it was the David in the front he was the real one ....... but now how to shoot the one at the back and what about Walter he's got a gun too and looks liek it's gonna go off any second ......... Liz kept looking into davids eyes she knew he was the real one the baby was moving againg inside her wanting to get close to him.....*not now we can't....*
"you know Dave it's not much of a use knowing whos who in this situation"
"Phil don't say it I don't like it" David kept his aim on Walter through Liz but was talking to Phil
"what you miscalculated already....I don't even know what I'm doing here"
"your making a fool out of you're self get out of here"
"will not too" Phil was shivering with the gun in his hands they were clammy from sweat but there was no way in hell he'd walk away from this.
"He move's and this entire line dies.....including the little one....besides he said smiling deeply we wouldn't want to make Mark wait more to get you back now would we...pretty boy?" his voice was sing song and it was making Phil sick .since he was trying so ahrd not to lose it infront of them......hold on kid Dave will think of something he always does.........
who the hell is Mark and why did he keep calling his brother a pretty by it disgusted him because he had a eeling that the hrase did very much have a double meaning behind it and that PHil knew exactly what because he looked like he was ready to puke.......alright not that he wasn't counting on this plan...but somehow it just had to work there was no ther way "Do you trust me? he asked Liz not looking at her but at Phil instead half closing one eye......Phil stopped and stared she didn't have to say it he knew she did and responded in audibaly to his small query.... he could actually feel the baby reaching out to him and then as if taking the little imaginary finger he looked back at phil his eyes locked in firm determination ...he nodded slowly
"you know these guns are going to go off don't you the walter look a like said they weren't sure who he was speaking to but some one from behind him said "word" the shots rang as David grabbed Liz within a split second pulling her to him she held on to him with all her might getting down and rolling on the tiles out of the way of the other three firing men his hands came around her ears not allowing them to hear the gun fire he was still holding the gun and before the Walter's gun could take aim David fired with his free hand at Walter locking him a stone cold glare Walter look alike fell back from the impact Phil thrust the gun forward shooting the David look a like exactly where Dogget showed him to in the middle of the neck he fell back expressionless still looking like David more green blood bubbled and oozed from the hole in his neck as he fell to the ground with DAvid and Liz were still on the ground ...he took his hand away from Liz's ear "say thx to baby for me"

and thx baby gurl for giving me the info really needed it .....and don't worry it's not prob take it easy just as long as you don't stop reading.....ah and of course all my other wonderful fans for giving me all this feed back lets get back to the story
and Super Dave saves the day !!!!
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Liz was still under David when the gun shots finally stopped sounded the sound was muffeld to her ears but she kept her eyes closed then........the first thing she noticed opening her eyes that two of the four standoff were down David was on top of her so it couldn't be him he's alright ....the baby was nestling comfortably inside her due to thier close approximation...... PHil? where was he....she twisted her head to a side and saw him looking out of the window no bloody holes in him from a bullet....she let a breath out and lokoed up David was staring silently smiling she raises her head up enough to kiss him on the lips he kissed her back deeply.... he got up and helped Liz up with him taking hold of both her shoulders shaking her back and forht gently he looked into her eyes once more "ok?"
Liz nodded slowly she felt like she was floating above the ground and she was afraid to fall so she held onto his arm as he continued to glance over at PHil
"he's ok" Liz informed him David nodded smiling then his expression amounted to intrigue as he looked where nacedo lay a moment ago "oh no"
there was no one there now not even any blood from a bullet but he was shot wasn't he ........ Liz and David exchanged worried glances the other sahpeshifter was ..... melting???? he looked like the skin was turning the same color as the gree liquid that spurted out when he was shot ........they kept there distance from him but he continued to melt until his faec looked like a punctured balloon and fell on it self the whole body turned into a mound of thick dark turqouisish until it it self melted looking like crushed mint leaves mixed with water on the deathly white tiles.....David loked unure of what to do and kept looking back at Liz "didn't happen the last time he was hit" Liz shrugged remebering back the time when Max escaped eagle rock Nacedo was left behind wasn't he and he was shot but he didn't turn into the green thing and where was nacedo? David let go off Liz's arm first patting it letting her know it was ok now.... PHil suddenly broke thier train of thought startling both by speaking "I don't mean to be a party pooper but I think we better get out of here"
"David got up he'd been crouching down near the melted mess of the shapeshifter looking puzzled the other ones gone" he said checking bullets in his gun"
"and he had a good reason to go too"
"which is?"
"ummmm there are some guys coming up"
"they dress like you do" Phil told David looking away from the window realization hitting him...
both the brothers looked wide eyed at each other than at Liz ...... the special units here oh god!
David came to Liz quickly pulling her out of sight of the large hospital window the hall way still deserted and it was probably on purpose too....he looked out the window and looked like he was going to utter another profanity Liz started trembling holding his arm she hadn't known how scared she was of the men in suits up until now......there was just too much going on ..... the shapeshifters were after her the special unit was afer her ...who else......
after contempllating thier position David announced they were leaving and fast he gave the window one last look and this time Liz saw he was staring hard at one of them who was talking afar from all other men in suits talking on a cell phone....David moved away from the window "we have to get out of her pronto!....where's Doggget!"
"oh jeez..Dogget ...he's in the lot ..I think?"
"but he was here I told him to....he ok?"
"uhh no he's hurt I can't tell I don't know it's the arm or I think ..."
Phild didn't get to complete his sentece David's cell phone rang from deep within him and Liz nearly jumped a mile in the air..... David pulled it out looked aoround expecting someone to jump out at them and then opened it puting it to his ear "who is this?" his expression hardened suddenly he tighened his hold on Liz Liz squeezed back on hos arm "oh and you'd want to help us?! why do I smell a rat when I see one Krycheck?"
Phil's head snapped up when David said Krycheck...whos krycheck? Liz thought...she had a bad feeling suddenly the fear was building up again and she wasn't really able to send back good vibes to her daughter simply because she was too frightened to do so......the vien on his forehead was throbbin again as he looked an inch from the side of the window still holding the phone and Liz with the other arm....."we're in trouble aren't we?" PHil inquired quietly enough not to let the caller hear his voice he looked overtly pale but Liz was unable to soothe his fears for the moment "we...ha...have to david?"
he closed the cell phone thinking and taking time she feared they didn't have. he took Liz's arm off of him after coming to some conlusion on his own..Phil kept looking into the window "there comming already!!!"
"alright down the stairs on the double!.....we're getting out of this hell!"
the three of them raced to the stairs exit with Phil on the lead they kept there guns out for anyone who jumps on them.....


of course the update(slaps her forehead) how could I forget
btw: I'm glad your appointment with the doc went well Babygurl and lets ope it's a girl too
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they were practically half way down the stairs when Phil turned around nearly knocking into DAvid and Liz David was about to shove him in hurry when he put a finger to his lips and cupped his ear "hear that?" DAvid listened too Liz couldn't think of anyhting but getting out and away from here even so her heart was beating too hard in her ears to be able to hear anything else.....DAvid let out a growl of frustration "there comming up!!!.....alright up up now !! move!" Liz felt like a rag doll daveid practically dragged her back becuase the rest of her proably too numb to function but she tried using her legs as quick as she could they went back up the same way they were coming down....David threw open the exit stairs door thier shoes were making distinct 'tap' sounds on the hospital tiles...they were slippery
"don't you think they've already got that little exit of our blocked too" Phil asked irritated where were they going to hide it wasn't that big of a hospital anyway and since it's deserted on thier behalf the specila unit can grab them easily......
"Phil when I tell you to keep your mouth shut just for god's sake keep it shut alright?!...I need to think"
"oh thats right Michallangelo we don't have time remember!?..
"phil...Liz warned she knew David was trying to concentrate right now it was just too much of an overload with both Liz and Phil's responsibility on him...but Phil's panicking wasn't helping....
.oh shit!...." they froze hearing another pair of what sounded like a dozen footsteps coming there way David pulled Liz making a second a turn and followed Phil to an empty private patient room closing the door without making a sound Phil crept near enough to be able to whisper "I can't beleive they don't keep the locks on doors in hospitals...Wierd!"..David grimaced wiping off sweat on his forehead looking around trying to breath the room was stuffy and hot even though the window was wide open......Davids head snapped up "the window!......Phil get over here and move this bed with me" PHil immediately came over to his side and both pushed the heavy intsrumental attached bed to the door to hold it from being broken in Liz guessed.she was standing there uselessly twisting her fingers...."Liz! hear something tell us ok?" she nodded white faced as both brothers sauntered over to the open window deep in hurried discussion.....what are they upto....
"the fire escape?"
"what about it"
"it can't hold all three of us"
" get down first then I'll send Liz....if they come through the dooor...."
"no .... let me stay up you get down first with Liz"
"phil..what difference does it make???"
"well I did shoot the rough guy didn't I?"
"this isn't a game Phil ..don't tell me how to do my job..."
"your job is to kill people?"
"(a pause) don't talk about something you don't understand alright just do as I.."
Liz felt a stap of fear in her stomach she put a hand on it raising her head "someones coming!" Phil and DAvid looked back at her and each other
"go!" David pushed Phil to the window and brought Liz close to teh window as well where she saw Phil climbing on the fire escape was narrow.
"after PHil gets down you go alright?"
"Liz? alright?!"
she finally found her voice "what about you?"
"I'll get down after you do...I might need to hold them for you two ...go now!"
Liz felt somehting inside her flickering and sad "it's ok she thought he'll come ...he said he would"
she took his face in her hands and kissed him as hard as she could "just keep your promise"
he put a hand on her stomach "I will... his jaw tightened ......go!"
they both heard what heard like some one trying to barge into the door......David helped Liz out of the window and she carefully got onto the fire escape.....
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it wasn't simple getting down because she kept glancing back at the window and saw him standing near the door well the bed that was used to block it he was waiting for some one that just came through....... the next second she heard Phil screech and turned to see a tall man in a dark suit phil was right they do dress like David only her attention was held up by a gun that was pointed at her....she couldn't move her feet felt like they were stuck in heavily dried cement ...Phil tackled the man before the gun went off in his direction however the agent didn't allow the gun to escape from him Phil punched the man hard on the side of the face she wasn't sure what he as trying to do either break his nose or jaw either way he didn't stop shrieking profanities
her head flew back David was standing in the window and stopped when he saw PHil and the agent struggling with a gun phil was trying to shove the gun away which was consequently coming to his face.....he hit the man hard with the back of his hands heel the agent fell back as blood spurted from his nose Phil pulled free the gun out of his hand aiming it at him but the guy was probably trained because he kick punched him and the gun landed came back to him almost magically "get aside Liz!" as the man aimed the gun at PHil he raised both his hands with blood running down the side of his mouth...he got back David aimed and shot the agent right through the heart Liz shrieked the bullet almost flew by her.......Phil yelled horrified "behind you!" no sooner then both Liz and David turned to see what he was talking about a shot rang out in the room David was still standing in she felt incredible heat amount in stomach heard him hiss as he fell back from the impact of the bullet
"No!!!.DAvid!!!!!!!" Phil kept yelling at her to come back but went closer back to the window to get a better view her heart felt airborne she gasped for air as a small cry escaped her lips it was David who got shot he was still holding the gun with his other hand since he was sot in the shoulder the man who had shot him came forward bringing the gun to his head "No!" the agent looked up surprised I the window to see Liz his demeaneor changed from serious to a gratified smile then morphed into a very bulky looking tall man the scream died down in her throat and her insides warmed up once more ina very different way she felt immoblized a strange power surge happpening through her like a baloon inflating her eyes snapped open wider and she felt her back arch as a small ball of gren erupted from her navel and landed on the mans hand he dropped the gun horrified because his hand suddenly looked like grains of sand conjoined and it fell off he kept staring at Liz "leave him alone!!!!"her voice had an echo to it as if someone else was speaking along with her.......suddenly she heard an explosion no another gun shot and the man fell forward David quickly got out of the way as green liquid spurted form the mans neck as that's where he was shot they both looked for the person who shot the shape shifter his hair was slicked back and he was shorter than David he was wearing a suit as well and nodded at DAvid he got up holding his shoulder Liz felt like she was back to normal her senses had felt magnified earlier and could still hear Phil calling out to both of them.....
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"Liz?!, Dave!! DAvid!!!???" Liz didn't have to to look to know that the man was turning into a mass of thick toxic looking green liquid....."Phil! that moron!! tell him to stop shouting he'll call attention to him self!!" david got up unsteady Liz watched in horror the blood spurting from his shoulder "you...your...your shoulder...your shot!" finally after a moment of realization crossed her she was still standing in the window she climbed in and ran to him he held his shoulder back from her and hugged her with his good shoulder "I'm fine"
he directed her eyes from his bullet gorged shoulder to his own calm and cool eyes ......his clothes hid the wound well but her belly told her a different story the baby was uneasy and shuffling uncomfortably as though her heart had become heavy......"see? fine" he looked emotionless which gave her more than an approximate idea of his pain..she shook her head sadly at him as he closed his eyes and hissed .... the shoulder continued to mersilessly bleed she did what she thought would help instead of panicking this wasn't happening again she thought I'm not leaving without him......she tore at her skirt's rough material at the end in the middle upto her knee it would be easier to run in too...she was taking charge now David was hurt they all had to make it out alive including Phil what if he lost conciousness ...Phil could carry him she hoped he held his breath and she tied a hard knot on the shoulder wound producing more blood...."oh...feels better" his voice was tight she reached up on the tips of her toes and kissed his forehead it was clammy with cold sweat.....
"you both better leave now!" they both turned with David's good arm aroung Liz she thought he'd thank this agent whoever he was for saving him but David stared an expression that made anyone else keep thier distance from him but the man wasn't intimidated he took a step forward in thier direction responding to David's cold stare ... David kept his arm around Liz and reahed down to retrieve his gun which was inches away from the green mess.....
"what ever game your playing Krycheck...better check the dice! because I'm not the one to lose! this isn't Fox Mulder"
"we only want what's best for everyone"
David snorted cynically "sure you do"
"the roads clear ..but if you are still planning to stay.. he flicked his eyes over Liz before saying " I'll save you the...."
David growled pulling Liz behind him "I'll let you know now Krycheck not and I mean never touch my wife ...I will make you pay for what happened to Phil later I just think it's fair that you know what can happen what will..... happen if you attempt to try and take her away" he said them unfeeling and very collected without losing control or his voice rising uncertainly high but the voice still had authority and power in it...something flashed in Krychecks eye anger?... whatever it was remained briefly before dissapearing and he raised his hands with the gun.....making a show of being innocent...Liz tugged on Davids arm they should go Phil was getting crazy downstairs and pacing furiously.
Krycheck smiled" you know I could just kill you and do whatever with the kid"
DAvid stood there looking murderously at Krycheck with a tight lipped smile that showed nothing but malice and hatred in a very subtle way he trained his gun at krycheck's head "not if I get you first Alex" Krycheck looked at DAvid quietly Liz couldn't tell if either were serious because they had proceeded to grin wildy at each other before David put his gun by his side a muscle ticking in his arm "get out of here" Krycheck repeated smiling ..Liz felt confused but followed David once again out the window to a relieved looking PHil on the street.
"oh shit your shot!!!"
David held on to Liz and go down Phil helped Liz get down on the ground which is when he saw Davids shoulder David Swatted Phil's hand away as he came closer to poke the wound "don't do that Phil!"
"ok ! relax just don't bleed to death or anything "
"you can say that again" he said putting a hand over his bad shoulder Liz wished he wouldn't do that it would hurt more.
"don't freaking bleed to death on us or anything alright? and I mean it I've seen some nasty shit in life but this is some nasty shit!"
David rolled his eyes and tried to shake off the pain his face had reddened and he was grinding his teeth together Liz observed worriedly "now Dave I know your not planning on going after any one like this" PHil said looking about themselves then right at Davids shoulder Liz Blurted out without thinking
"no David not now..Please! lets just get out of this place!"
David sighed unhappily looking at no one "no I'm not goign after them ....for now....we need transportation they probably got exit sealed" Liz tred looking further away but she couldn't really see the
"I found a car" Phil held up a set of key.
"Come on!" David took Liz's hand and led both her and Phil to the parking taking another way since they had no idea of the enemy's plan....
David suddenly stopped walking "fuck"
Phil looked ahead before grimacing "I take that back this is some nasty shit!!"
there was a scattered group of the special unit at the far end of all of them rounding a corner.
"back back!"
David pulled Liz back with him behind the parking wall....

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"Can the key get into any other?"
"the key PHIL!"
"Pipe down already" he nearly laid a hand on DAvid's damaged shoulder he hissed in response to the pain earning a tighter grip from Liz onto his free hand.
"can it fit into another car"
Phil drew both brows together deep in concentration he looked like eh was trying to calm himself down "take your time Phil ...think"
Liz looked over at him in apparent amazement why wouldn't she he was encouraging Phil without pressurizing himself ......before either Liz and DAvid could uter a sigh Phil looked up excitedly a new light in his eyes "I think time at an Eminem concert me and George..." he stopped seeing the look on David's face "what!? I only carjacked once!!"
David smiled slowly "I knew it"
"Umm David?" Liz started the scattered group of Special units was walking aound much closer to them now.....
"Alright...we need a distraction" DAvid looked at both Liz and Phil his eyes were glassy blood from his shoulder was running down in slow trickles and stood up straighter looking once over his shoulder "I'll go and you two should....." David stopped talking staring at Liz his gaze lingered over her stomach all this time the baby's been quite and it seemed her time to take decisions had come.....
"I can't let Phil...." he explained it more to the baby then actually to Liz the baby reached out once again and David let out a grunt he felt himself being seperated from himself some how Liz kept standing next to him while Phil took a shocked step back as all there visions cleared and they saw David shutter and shimmer out of reality till actually another David stepped out of the real David....
"oh my god"
David staggered and took Liz's hand "it's her"
Liz had earlier felt something quip out a spark of powerful light from within her..cold it be?.... was her daughter really that powerful.....?
They all milled around Davids copy trying to see through him amazingly if you looked hard enough you could see exactly through him.....

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"it's a hologram" Phil announced awed
"I know...." David said suddenly getting dark about it...Liz brushed it off
"let's go" they all headed for the nearest car it was one of the special units "great" Phil muttered under his breath beofer stoping and turning to look at DAvid Liz had immediately gotten in the back seat.
"whats the plan?"
"get't look back and don't even get within an inch of getting killed"
PHil got in the drivers car David was in no condition to drive Liz could tell he wanted to sleep right then ......get us out of here Phil ...safely.......she clasped her hands tightly as DAvid got in the front seat with Phil she understood and didn't say a word
Phil started up the car Liz half expected the car to be dead with
it was a funny thought the special unit taking there car's battery where ever they went the strange thaught earned a small giggle from her daughter it sounded more like a hiccup Liz smiled were getting out of here
as soon as the engine started it was viable to catch the units attention they started walking fast towards the source of disturbance and the next thing Liz heard was the sqeaul of thier tires on the pavement a shower of bullets preferably they ahd all seen the hologram and were beyond puzzlement but continued shooting in both the fleeing car's direction as well as the hollogram David reached back and told Liz to keep her head down as he continued to look over at his unmoving form slightly fading out of existant...Liz covered er ears .....
there was another set of screeches from behind them apparently the unit tried taking the riens of the situation once again Phil circled the parking lot in a quick series of sharp life threatning turns creening all of them practically over the edge at one side DAvid took this time to pull the gun out of Phil's hand and started returnign fire breaking the window
"Phil look out!!"
Suddenly Phil creened out of control sending them into a spin and immediately gaining control of the steering wheel screeching to a halt ...Dogget was waving at them.

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"oh" Liz raised her head the firinmg had died down and they weren't moving at all now...whats happened she looked up at the windshield in time to see Dogget waving an arm at them........
"well what are you waiting for Phil him over!" David was yelling at Phil him over?.....Liz stomach turned Phil wouldn't take his hands of the staring wheel but he looked pale and kept glancing over at David and back at Dogget who was standing a few feet away from the car.......a moment of recognition passed through David
"fine....get us in trouble as if the fuckers arent already...." he shifted in his seat pulling out a pair of hand cuffs as the sounds of bullets flying through air were confirmed by Dogget carefully dodging fire overhead.....Phil gestured wildly for Dogget to get in he qucikly ran over to Liz's side the moment he flung himself into the car head first adn sat up David clamped a cuff to his right hand and connected the other cuff to the railing in the car above he looked surprised...shocked and twisted his jaw frustrated but David dind't give him a chance to talk Some of Davids blood squirted on Phil and he looked back unhappily at his shirt and at Dogget "Jesus Christ DAve"
"until we have this straightened out Jhon" Dogget settlked back and shurgged looking out the window motioning to the sound of several guns going of in thier direction "Step on in Phil!....and drive through them I mean it...anyone comes out at us run him over...."
Phil nodded dumbly but David pulled his arm pulling his head to his own without knowckign into him "Run them over!!"
"sir! yes sir!!"
Liz had retreated to the opposite side of the back seat from Dogget keeping her head down David hasn't told her to raise it yet it wasn't safe yet ...her daughter was prefrefably lying low as well she knew far more than they all thought she did...Phil stepped on the accelerator and kept his foot on it as he charged through the parking lo randomly hitting the tips of a few buicks ..... corolla's ..... and other cars he hadn't cared to see the name tags on them.......
he took a sharp turn un irrespective of two black cars chasing them and as Liz rasied her head finally thinking there were nearly out of there she saw there car going straight into the over towering thick cement and brick laden walls of the hospitals parking lot Liz shrieked David yelled at everyone to hang on and keep there heads low it sounded like a train dredging to stop and it didn't stop PHil flew the car right through the wall any windows the car had broke from impact like crushing ice and they got out of the way before any broken parts of the wall fell on the car ...except Phil who kept looking ahead driving everyone else raised there heads turning back looked at one of the two cars following them getting slammed onto from above with a large portion of the wall Phil just broke through the other car slammed into the already wrecked car from behind erupting into a lrage explosion Phil checked the review mirror before giving a large cackle and zig zagging the small car through the empty road ..they were home free "wohooooo I love myself!!!!!! thx George!!!!"
Will you watch where you're going!!!" they dodged a heavy duty truck and PHil continued driving manically despite David shouting at him that he'll get themm all killed.
"we're free.." Liz whispered to herself

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" oh come on people!" PHil yelled at everyone he had a good reason to do so they'd been driving for more than an hour on a deserted road more like a ghost town....Phil wanted to know where exactly were they going to go ,....they needed a place to hide and fast before the special unit traced thier number plate...everyone excluding Phil was sitting tensed up David's blood loss seemed to have reduced...either that or he'd just passed out Liz had been lost in her thoughts in addition to being relieved they were out far away from the people who want to take away her baby and she discovered her daughter to be anxious even now ...I know baby we'll fix dad up as good as new don't worry she soothed her stomach and since she was sitting on Davids side of the back seat she reached over and ruffled his hair he put his head on seat and took hold of her hand and squeezed "well?! Phil startled them both by shouting inordinately he was so quiet a moment ago Liz sighed as his hand left hers Dogget hadn't said a word in an hour but he seemd to know where they were going "go for that abandoned church "abandoned?" Liz asked tunrning to look at him he was a bloody mess too and looked like he was in severe pain he kept clencing and unclenching the fingers she forced her self to look away from the upsetting sight and into his light green eyes "it was a mexican hotel the owner converted and changed the restuarant into a church well ...he shifted in the seat "half of ..half of it was still a hotel but the owner was killed shortly after an attempted robbery..." David turned his head to a side staring out of the window but still listening to Dogget
"anyway this town is your average cowboy town people don't come out and exactly introduce themselves ...... it got swept away by a virus and since it as quaranteened back in the 95' no one came back to live here the govt forget it existed so it looks like your walking into a museum
Phil whistled softly driving more slowly now "this place looks like a movie"
everyone sat quietly until Phil pulled up intfornt of a really really old looking building it still had does double swinging doors the type you see in western movies but it was covered with a thick layer of grey dust and the wood was started to rott on it.

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well an there we have it there are some meaning ful things Liz and ahem Pierce are going to discuss about there daughter (doubts,worries,fears) ect ect and guess who's getting marired again when they go back to see Liz's aunt that's gonna be the fun bit......
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Ir looked like a bar which is exactly what was to be thought about it it only looked like a bar tables and stools could be made out under several heavy coats of dust cob webs dangling over head, a nearly disintegrating fore structure structure.
Liz was surprised that the lights still worked when pulled the light swicth tiny bulbs lighted up giving them a dull but warm glow it was almost after 6 pm the sky was beginning to darken more with a few clouds giving warnings of probable rain......
"Phil...held dAvid" Liz held on to his good arm and led him in while Phil was busy uncuffing Dogget ... he staggered in holding his damaged arm Phil pulled out a chair and Liz got him to sit down "what are we going to do now..we need help" Liz started to feel like panicking he'd lost a lot of blood there and was looking exteremely drowsey "Phil?!" he kept staring hard at David then at Dogget a moment passed by "first aid kit?"
"I don't think so" Dogget replied cryly he's lost too much blood and first he needs theat bullet out of him ...... "can we take it out?"
everyone looked back at Liz "how?"
"David looked critically back at David "Get a knife boil the blade and take out the bullet..(a pause)..if I could I would have helped but I'm kind of..." Dogget gestured at his arm Phil raised a hand
"we'll do it" Liz do you remeber seeing any first aid kit in the car we took Liz looked away from David and thought for a while before answering him "I...don't remember"
"Phil can do it" David spoke up finally trying to keep up with the conversation
"I can do it!" Liz's voice raised an octave David was sounding like Max when he...when left her alone....she suddenly felt very fragile and thought she'd do something she feared when she finally did start a relashionship with Max....she was afraid she'd give up...on everything on Max on the Special unit on just wasn't fair she'd lost him and now David she scolded herself don't even think about it...he's not dying....I won't let him and niether will her daughter she uncuffed her shirt at the hands and pulled up the sleeves pulling her hair back Max once told her the only way to do something you know you can really do would be to become determined "Phil..." he looked up worried "Let's do it"

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oh yea I'm back cheers!! and lets get back to the story shall we?
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After about 10 minutes of scouring around the abandoned place Liz and Phil managed to come up with a rusty unhandled blade along with a trusty first aid kit in the car they had stolen it wasn't exactly equipped to handle gun shot wounds but I'll have to do Phil muttered hurrying uip to David he was taking in shallow breaths watching everyone move around shuffling in the uncomfortable silence "Umm here ..." Phil handed over a pair of mediaum sized scissors to Liz she took them shakingly and cut open David shirt it was overflowing witht he blood much blood she thought with faint horror Phil offrered to clean up the wound a little Liz didn't have to much of a heart to look at it but she did anyway and travelled to the end of the room heating the knife without a handle which had been recently provided with one through Dogget he took the blade and hammered it into a piece of short wood Liz worried the knife was fragile and all that they had and as she watchted the knife burn under the flame and turn slightly black she pulled it off the fire and brought it back to David her stomach filling dread she couldn't think about anything else but that bullet ..concentrate she neede to concentrate on the bullet not on his face , he was brave though and once again asked her to hand the job over to Phil who stood by looking anxiously at both of them. Liz shook her head and looked him , really looked at him she touched his face reaving over his leaving and caressing the delicate fold "we have to help each other ...I have to help me"
he didn't sya anything and waited Liz felt overtly surprised with her self she didn't really understand what she'd said but she guessed it would be somehting the priest in her bridge dream with the other david would say to her.........
"she causiously reached the wound with her knife and after a moment of hesitation she drowned out all other voices and felt extra ordinarily calm the only thing she could see infront of her was a bloody arm with a raw looking wound that needed immense attention she angled the knife and drove it up his arm making sure thta it was the minute hole she entered and looked over at him he was watching her no doubt in pain but he was still and took her other hand "deeper...deeper than that" Liz cringed when he closed his eyes as she obeyed when he told her to gouge the knife in deeper she grimaced as he further clenched his teeth more blood oozed out of the wound and it took all her self control not to throw up "Twist it" Liz paused "Liz if you can't.." David warned for the third time Liz with a final jolt of trepidation twisted the blade and David howled in pain as a blooded looking bulled shaped mass popped out of his shoulder.
He was sagging with a heavily bandaged shoulder on the stool Liz on the counter Phil stood around and Dogget sat on a upraised piece of furniture that once would have been called a table they settled on uncomfortable silence once again until David looked up some what bleary eyed but nonetheless sharply at Dogget who now had a sling attached to his arm he looked like he was expecting David's look and returned it with a nod....
"who told you?"
Dogget looked behind him once and back at David , Phil trembled slightly "Phil called me and told me where you were going "
David snorted wearily "Why?"
"Why what?"
"Why did Phil call you?"
"so that you don't get killed"
"and why do I find that amazingly unbelievable?"
"Whats not to beleive"
David kept quiet for a second "what are you doing here with us Dogget ...for starters you shouldn't e near us nor we near you"
"well the your circumstances outranked my mission statement"
David stared unhappily at him trying his best to glare at the man .....this wasn't making any sense to Liz so she slid of the dinghy counter and crept behind David taking a deep breath "Start at the beginnning she told him softly , Phil was looking at her knowingly she returned him a reassuring look and then rested her hand on his shoulders Dogget straightened a bit sitting on the over retired piece of junk "the beginning...."(long sigh) what is the beginning?"
"Liz crossed her arms and spoke standing upright and unfazed "My Friends"


Dogget stared around looking about like he was gathering his thaughts and seemd to know what she was talking about he settleed where he was sitting curiously looking at the far wall began in a decisive tone "They called first I thought they had gone mad telling me that my assignment was off ..Molinari would have clubbed me they handed my case over to him....Dogget paused to see David snort painfully and ask "Still alive?.."
Dogget smiled this time "Still getting into trouble" his attention went back to Liz "anyway I was called to come before a large hearing on a case they deemed classified a certain board that reviewed agents" he explained ...."certified as something worth dying for at first my guess was as good as yours is going to be thinking that it's some kind of dirty politics I'm entering and I should be more than just wary of it but the A.D himself gave me his word that this case was worth the ugliness ..........".
Liz listened to him as he told her how he was told them he was reviewed and approved for a stealth mission case a kill on the spot manhunt.
"but my friends weren't criminals" Liz was horrified appparently the situation Dogget was describing wasn't made public even to the extent of a thread and who would be anxious to have him in thier league?....the special unit...he'd been told the basics about the case the point bieng or rather the awfully important thing was finding the shape shifter that was both of alien origin and dangerous picutres of the past decades dead had been flashed before him there appareant circumstanses laid out for him to understand the seriousness of the situation but he found it bemusing that they havent woken up to doing something about the menance 50 years ago when it happened the largest realization factor that hit him like a plasma bomb full of sparks was the fact that the Roswell incident had been infact very very true to a large extent past belifes were to his horror .... true. Never minding the fact he was a sceptic and he still would have been if he hadn't witnessed the few malignant tricks of the after much thought and consideration he decided to help them find the foe and unviel conspiracy he believed helped keep this under wraps even more apparent Dogget had been in such a situation before but back then much more was at stake than his own life nd mystery shrouding E.T origin cases was much more thick than a single cloud of decieving smoke more than one hand with a gun was looking his way and he had no one else to ensure trust.....Liz's friends were simply a key to capture the shape shifter the special unit deemed in an un canny invinsible ...Liz stiffened when he mentioned her friends Dgget didn't talk with feeling btu his words largely had effect on her "why were we the key?"

Dogget raised both eyebrows "They were alleged to have something to do with the strange man who was also in connection with several killings ...(a pause) ..nt that I beileive it even after all this but the guys int he unit told me something.....Liz's breath became shallower and phil looked grim "they said some of those kids were ......Aliens"
DAvid raised his head at Dogget blankly Liz took a step in Doggets direction "What do you think?"
"I thought ........ thier all passing crazy"
"it's true" Phil said timidly
"They were human too" Liz choked it didn't help that thier being differnt was the cause of thier agonizing end, it meant everything to Liz she had to know
"what happened ....."
Dogget got up it didn't seem easy for him to talk about it "I had to leave ...... there was a about someone dying with a silver handprint on his chest"Liz mouthed nacedo soundlessly now I'm not sure why those guys there in the unit were pretty damn secretive about stuff that should have helped me track down the bastard but they never told me much and since I was already on my own I went to check that report out on my own without letting them know but guess who comes around and gives the order to kill every living thing in Crashdown cafe new Mexico, Roswell?"
Phil eyed David and Liz suspiciously
David raised his head realization clearly showing frown lines on his forehead "Jhon Dogget?"
Dogget blinked "Bingo"
Phil shifted "Son-of-a-bitch .......... Nacedo?"
"oh god" Liz sat down
Dogget continued "now no sooner than I heard about flamin fireworks at midnight in Roswell I flew down from Washington .... all I know is the moment I got out of the car I saw the cafe in flames nothing not an inch visible not a kid in sight they told me I gave the order ...but how could I have givent he order to them to do anyhting if I was in Washington?."
"the other shapeshifter" Phil offered "the one with the green blood" Liz added
"Now if you don't mind you could you tell me exactly what the hell were you after when you decided to marry this young girl?" Dogget asked in a very unfurled manner
Liz went Pink so did Phil, David glanced over at Liz then back at Dogget
"They were my Damn aliens" he seethed with clenched teeth pronouncing each word distinctively
Liz felt lightning bolts up her spine. It came as a sudden shock but He was finally saying why he came after Liz that night

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she didn't raise her head but kept her ears painfully clear to his voice he sounded so..angry....changed....she dug nails into her palm and stared out a filthy broken window
"You were on to them before me?...before them?...what are you saying"
"Quit it Dogget you know what I'm saying"
"No I don't ...know!...if I had why would I be asking you right now?"
"I'm pretty sure oyu got some of it out of my brother" he replied shortly
"I didn't tell him anything" Phil interrupted unhappily
"could of fooled me"
"I want to know!" Liz screeched suddenly getting all three men's attention she looked only at David , he looked striaght back at her with an emotionless expression before finally saying
"I was on this case before you Dogget...they made me the head of the special unit.."..Liz didn't panic instead waited for somethign to fall he was talking to Dogget but looking straight at her ....
"I got my hands on one of the Evans kid"
"Max Evans?" Dogget asked
Liz took a deep breath his eyes burned into hers "but he escaped before I could get anything much out of him about who he was and which I appen to beileve to be an Alien." Liz further dug her nails into her hands ,still waiting. he swallowed
"They removed me , said they'd throw me a far as Tahiti if they could wihtout anyone knowing, after a hundered hell bound insults kicked me out telling me I'm lucky I didn't lose my badge" Liz felt old feelings suddenly getting dug up it was as if the air was stirring around them with hate....he hated Max...she gulped "after I was out they were threatning me , and decided on thier I shouldn't live to give any oen I went to Kersh he told me off about things I've never done or planned too and .....he took my badge...." Phil was gaping at David , dogget raise both eyeborws in severe confusion Liz stood stock still shaking the end was nearing fast so fast she was afraid she'd fall with trepidation "You were fired!??!!" Phil sounded way over delirious "how could oyu not say anything?! I thought you were hiding trash from me but this big ..what were you?!!.."
"Phil let me fininshed " David said waving a hand looking back at Liz.PHil closed his mouth
"Max destroyed you" Liz said unrestraindly it was true he put everything on line for Max and lost ...he hated Max.
"This is not about hating anyone Liz" he looked dissapproving of her use of words but she shook her head adn spoke with quivering lips "You hated Max, you hated all of them all of us"
"I wasn't very fond of your friends but hate?..Liz hate is the wrong way of saying I'm worried about who gets killed next on planet earth." Liz straightened "they never killed anyone !.... they were more human then you could ever be or for that matter any one else could be" she said quickly
before David could say anyhting further Dogget interrupted "so you mean to tell me you just went and screwed your self because they screwed you?...Pierce thats...crazy...thats stupid even for you" David looked sharply at Dogget.
"You wanna add somehting to that Jhon or are you done?"
"All I'm saying is that I thought you were one of the most sensible people I've known though I gather that you have a soft spot for pregnant women and that really saved her life" he gestured at Liz "but you could have gotten off worse you know that"
"Leave us alone for a while....Phil? you too"
Dogget gave Liz a once over and nodded to Phil he looked extremely unhappy and had crossed his arms over his chest he muttered something about Lying and left with Dogget leaving Liz and David alone.......

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Liz stared her breath rising and tears threatning to force thier way down her cheeks she started to walk away as he got closer to her she realized she was suddenly frightened of him and it hurt her eyes hurt her throat hurt her head hurt , she didn't hear herself cry but she must have been because her breaths were comming as short gasps and her nose was running and he didn't make a move to any come closer seeing her break down like this....his voice cut through the several coats and webs of denial she tried in vain to put up in her head
"Liz........I don't know what your thinking right now but I'm sure you have right to feel the way you do about ..... me"
Liz turned around to face him and went to sit down on a bench they'd wandered onto the other side , the church it was small and the lights were fading out fast.....they were so dim..but it didn't matter much...
"she did't waste time they didn't have looking around dully "Why?" the single most important question the remainder of which saved her life and god only knew what ahd been kept her from asking him for a month .....why did he come after her , he'd said it ....but she wanted to hear again not very sure of what difference it would make as to what she felt right now but he'd asked for this time hadn't he he wanted to tell her something ...... she needed to hear somehting different he sat down next to her still keeping his distance Liz wondered if she should start screaming at him would it help she could trun back time agaisnt what he said.....maybe just run out of there alone, away from him, away from the special unit, everyone and everyhting that threatened the existance of her baby.of Max's baby.
she stared ahead wringing her hands
"What are you thinking Liz?" his hand came within an inch of touching hers and she shrieked "Don't!"
he said nothing but she did "You just wanted us dead didn't you!DIDN'T YOU!" she might as well have been shouting directly into his ears but he didn't even flinch at her shrill tone
"yes I did ..."
Liz didn't feel herself go numb but waited for something more with seething breath she ignored the pain in her abdomen turning to watch him clenching and unclenching his hands softly the hollow room had been filled with her voice now dimmed to silence there was a clock ticking somewhere she waiting still breathing he didn't look at her but spoke clear enough
"yes...I did.....I wanted them dead, is that what you want to hear ?..fine ....I hated so much if I could I'd have vaporized them a thousand times in every life...for chrissakes !.what did you expect Liz?! was I born loving you were you born loving me?!! loved Max Evans. Jesus Christ could have hated me like I hated you!!...Which means nothing now!because were on the same side now!" his veins were bulging Liz stood up "It means everything ! it's what started this Mess!! you should now that!"
"What do you mean I started this mess!...the only things I did was bring them out of thier hiding I didn't say my life's mission statement belonged to the fact that Aleins existed I wanted to waste time chase one!!"
"You killed people!"
"I killed who I had too in order to save my own skin which is precisely what I'm doing now , but I don't suppose that makes a difference does it Liz?? if Max were alive you'd think I was evil...and right now because I'm trying to keep you alive , our baby alive it means I'm a saint! isn't that the way it works Liz?!! his eyes were deadly and were burning into hers with coldness she'd never dreamt possible.....
"It's not your Baby!! it's Max's baby!"
he stared at her for the longest time "she-does-not-think-so" she she was taking about the baby "you just wanted to get me in bed with" she said slowly he grabbed her arm with an iron grip "What did you say?" he sounded incredulous
"I said you wanted to get me in bed with you that's why I was there ..that's all you wanted from me?"
" was never like that ! how can you say that"
"It meant nothing to you"
"Yes it meant something me! it meant everyhting to me!....."
"What do you really want from me David?" her voice cracked but she kept her resolve face she was close to the truth....
he satred at her as if seeing her for the first time his features softer but the angered expression on the arched eyebrow remained "what do you mean?"
"Why did you save me that could have killed me? you want to make me pay for what happened to you?"
"Liz there is nothing I can do to make you pay for it or anyone else it's over it's werent even there when it happened "
"Max defeated lost everything"
"(he sighed) of course he did destroy everyhting but I never thought of making HIM pay for it..."
"Why not that's what you wanted to do when you had Max you wanted to kill him, us"
"of course I wanted to do vile things to your friends and you because you were all in the way...and this was depending on my life if I didn't make the kill some one else would kill me in case I tried coming after them ,....but that's what it is about....Liz .if ou didn't hand out burgers and fries no one would call you a waitress"
Liz stared at him without saying anything she wasn't so sure she understood
"It's my job!...I wouldn't be an agent if I didn't do what was thaught me would I, thats what guns are there for"

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"IT'S YOUR FAULT I DON'T CARE AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!! BUT MY BABY IS NOT DYING BECAUSE OF YOU!!! Liz's voice had to have gone way past the walls she was surprisedf they hadn't fallen He looked ready to explode but when he spoke his voice was oddly calm "Liz...Please don't do this to you're self , he shook his head slightly it's not worth it, I thought we werent going to look into it...I'm not going to let your baby die .... I promised didn't I? didn't that mean anything to you?"
his quesiton came to her as a shock she ahdn't expected it and she struggled mid sobs trying to understand his words what he really meant by them but the only reply she gave in return was a question
"why?" she wasn't shouting now his eyes had redenned a horrible red, he rubbed his forehead adn went and sat down on the nearest sitting accomodation closing his eyes then opening them again
"why, why is it so important?" Liz stood there for a while contemplating his question then went and sat facing him she felt tired of this her sentence was a blur to herself but he heard "I need a believe in you (she gulped) just answer something before answering this" he looked up "would you have killed me while Max was alive and you were still in the special unit would you kill me if you had the chance.would you have killed me baby if you ahd the chance?"
Liz saw him still his uneasy movement his eyes fixed on hers they were so red and she didn't know what it was in them blinding rage? or anguish she didn't understand it she didn't understand him....but closed the eyes in her mind she knew an answer drived from logic her heart however didn't go by it. then it was said she almost missed it his answer the answer she'd wanted before her desperate question "No...."
Liz looked up defeated she felt so tired and imagine he probably felt the same the fire that ahd raged through her body had calmed down and felt like it was disspearing she felt her breaths take a steady and shallow flow and opened her eyes , eh was still there sitting there his eyes were still glazed over angry or anguish was drainign out of him too so he came close to her adn she didn't try to move form her place but the moment he touched her hand she started sobbing hard body wracking sobs she needed a shoulder a neck a pair of strong arms and voice drawling about everything bieng alright , she made a go at hitting him but it didn't have much effect as he came and put his arms around her she could have sworn he was shaking .
"Liz...I don't want to dig up a dead past that had nothing to do with each other or our connection now even if it was indirect back's no wasn't about me and you then?...there were others I ahd to worry about had others to worry about....but it's different now so my answer to you if you ask me why I came after you would me much more different than it would be when we werent...... together. Liz stopped herself and finally looked at him away from his shoulder , his good shoulder.
"there was no reason Liz...I didn't come after you because of anyhting of it having to do with you I could have scared you a little and let you off any deserted road or town it wouldn't have bothered me then...but I wouldn't have hurt you. I just thought of releasing didn't feel like the worst thing to do then ....even if he unit find out they couldn't do anything about it once you were out of there reach I would have died a happy man...just like you said when Max destroyed everything I had....I worked 8 years on this to get into the unit....but after all this happened Liz....the amazing thing is that ringing feeling in my ears that I couldn't let you go anywhere ...that I wanted to do more for know why?...because the most amazing thing happened when I actually saw into your eyes and saw someone who needed me ...someone who thought I was like her normal...a human bieng...Liz ...I'll never be able to say that your feelings meant nothing to me ...they made me feel things I've forgotten to learn, or maybe I did and I forgot.But it was amazing when your baby reached out to me she saw into me Liz...and she didn't recoil, she came closer, she thinks I belong to her like you both belong to me....

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Liz didn't say anything she wanted to hear more
"Liz when I say I will take care of you I will until I know that I can be there, but I can't promise that I won't lie like you won't forget Max ....and your friends ...No that doesn't sound right does it?
Liz shook her head till clinging to him
"there might be a lot of things that I say or have said tonight that won't make sense to you right now you might misunderstand what I'm trying to say becuase I don't know he right words to use for you, your so......young.I know...what you've seen is more than I sound like I'm saying....but it's true Liz , you just started seeing the worse I've been seeing the ugly stuff from years now"
Liz raised her head and gazed at him his eyes seemd even redder now "is htere a difference David?"
"In what Liz?"
"in seeing your own world end now or from years ago or months ago?, it's the same isn't it?....I changed changed"
he looked at her trying to place her words and tilted his head "Maybe your right , you know you are I've just realized our problem" Liz sat up straighter "what is it" he got closer to him
"Liz we should use a language , which we both understand" he saw her confused expression and nodded "when you talk to's on you behalf on your terms, I'm not included there because you don't trust me...." Liz made as if to talk but he waved at her to let him go on
"You speak for your self not for both of see Liz it's what we both do not think we forget that we're toghether not physically in your head but subconciously we gaurd our selves because we don't want to give away our secrets to each other we only trust each other in reality but not completely ...insisde out, that make sense to you?"
"you mean....." Liz started
"We're both in denial"
"of what?"
"Of everything of getting married your still denying your friends left" Liz felt a pang of guilt for some reason hjis explaination hit close to home. "But what were you saying about language?"
He sighed he looked a little guilty himself "We treat each other as we are ...." he waited the penny didn't drop and the thaought didn't register he took her hands and squeezed them "you treat me as someone grown up someone who should have all the answers I look at you...."
"Like I don't know alot of things..." she nodded
"You see Liz we don't give each other a balance ...,.thats why everythings keeps toppling over and we go right back to where we started the past...and it doesn't matter"
"It does to me David"
"No no Liz it doesn't you think like this because you have something of the past still with you and I don't"
"But you do , It's related to something that happened to you too"
"No Liz it isn't"
" got fired and then you came to..."
"Shhh....ok understand this Liz that the only way I'm tied to the past is if it's only about me and the only you're connected to your past is when its only about you...but think about it Liz we've come this we keep reminding our selves somehow that.....this whole thing is not about Max Evans and Agent Pierce anymore because there is no more Max Evans and there is no more Agent see what I mean?....we keep diging up the past"
Liz looked down she had understood but somehow didn't want to beileve it...something kept holding her back *it hit her then what but she waited*
"We don't understand each as nearly as well Liz, because you'll always be young and I'll always be older I'll always have some answers you don't know,and I might not be willing to give them to you becuase I think I'm wiser in respect that you still need to grow up in a sence we treat each other as important but not equals, you may think the only way to grow up is not not through the actual process of ageing but only through experience but it does Liz....."
Liz remembered somethign she couldn't keep from blurting out right then and there "Phil said you say all these things and expect someone to believe in you"
"Well of course I do Liz, Phil doesn't knwo what he says half the time he say's it" he leaned forward "some day Liz someday when you're as old as me and when your daughter is as old as you are now you'll see how hard it is to grow up becuase she is going to have problems , she's going to have to know that she's not human and there are people on this earth unappreciative of such a quality. they'll hate and fear her beacusde they regard her dangerously....... like Nacedo
Liz felt her eyes fill up, he touched her face...why were his eyes so red? it reminded her of somehting that gave her a feeling of rising panic somehting subtle just not immediate
"I know this hurts Liz, and I knwo it's not what you probably want to hear but it's also going to make you learn a few things ...."
"Like what...." her voice broke and tears fell again he raised up and wiped them away
"Like being strong"
"'ll make you run when you feel frozen it will make you breath when you can't stand it ...I know that you know what it's like after being with Max for such a long time always being worried about being exposed , hurt confused the need to be normal despite it...and I don;t say I understand because I havent been there you have you're friends have.....and I don't know how long I'll be there....
"I...don't say it" she stopped him
"Liz like I said before I promise to be there till I know I can be, but I can't promise everything becuase there are mistakes we'll both make in later life ...that I hope we spend toghether....."
but were not father and Daughter
Thats what I'm saying but we don't see each other in light we should just yet
"there's a reason for that...?"
"trust?" Liz shook her head
"Belief" He hadn't understood yet
"I listened to you and I heard you David but I need ...proof ..not material proof" the penny dropped he seemed to understand something because she was speaking his language.
"Belief you need to Believe what I say only if I.."
"You havent said it yet...." she hadn't either
"Liz I ...I'm not ready it's not what you think...I need to know that what I say means something real to you..I want the three words for us not soemthing that would keep us joined to our past"
"Liz nodded quietly they still had to say it...they still had to say ' I love you' to each other.

Wow things really have toned down from there screaming match hasn't it? gimme a hint of who you think is turning up next int the characters comming up and oh how was this part by the way?

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"Maybe we should take a step back" Liz told him they were standing ready to leave she wasn't sure what time it was but it really ahd been a long day they needed to go.
He looked up quizically "it's something Max told me" she explained quietly suddenly the whole room was giving her an awkward feeling or rahter they were awkward "a step back" he said
"to get our balance" she looked up and was relieved to see him nodding he turned and started walking to the door and she felt her throat tighten she didn't really want to think of him being sad but it came to her and the thought staind a big portion of her heart as an unsavoury hurt.....but he stopped turned back to look at her. then changed his mind and came to her lessening whatever distance they'd dredged between them
"Liz......I just want you to know....he stopped looking her in the eye "can I take your hand?"
Liz offered it up to him he took it curiously trying to catch her eye she felt the tears before they fell and saw them but didn't wipe them away maybe he just saw it better to let them fall he put her hand on his on his own heart and finally said "I feel too Liz...don't think there's nothing I can't give you from here, I don't want to say I'm human ...... have an alien baby.....I wouldn't want to sound like a racist would I?.." he let her hand drop walked away Liz stood there till her was out the double doors, she wiped the tears realizing they werent her own she put a gentle hand on her stomach "sorry, I didn't mean to push him away..."
Phil was leaning against the hood of the car Dogget was already in he drivers seat , David sat in the front seat with Dogget Liz turned up seeing her Phil said a soft hi she was looking at a very different car now it was much smaller more beat up but had tinted windows , further more it looked like an older model, Phil exlpained he simply changed the battery of an old car they(Dogget and Phil) found here Liz got in the back seat slowly Phil slipped in from the side and whispered out of Dogget, and David's hearing space to Liz "How did it go?"
Liz shook her head sank down in her seat a little as the engine started she was surprised at how smooth it sounded but felt miserably unhappy......
they were on the main road in about 30 minutes and Dogget asked for a suggestion Phil seemed bummed out David told him to take the long way around one said anything much to each other but atleast it wasn't the uncomfortable kind of silence.....
Liz and David had fallen asleep like that thinking of something to tell each other to bring the conversation to a subtle closure, to say somehting to each other that wouldn't hurt each other that wouldn't make him angry Liz fought sleep but it came anyway when she remembered that David had lost alot of blood dit was too late he'd fallen asleep or passed out none the less he wouldn't wake up when she nudged him or shook him , panic overtook her , she touched his forehead seeing it was warm ..... too warm.She bit her lip and closed her eyes welcoming tears this time "don't go....please"...then everything went blank as she felt her self drift into deep sleep...the dreams came and she was back in the lonely city with a giant cathedral in the middle.......she was running over the brigde this time. but why was she running?

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she reached the drawbridge door and looked around frantically knowing fully that she couldn't touch any such object in this realm or it might end up falling apart she shouted for someone to let her in deciding she wasn't exactly welcome here this particular day when she hadn't been really brought here, this time she'd somehow forced her way in without her own knowledge besides no one was at the door and she suspected ' the messenger' wasn't around either just as she found her self panicking the drawbridge like door opened up and let her in she didn't wait to see who allowed her in something told her the church was empty except for one person she was single most deliberating to meet … gasping for breath heart in throat she went past the altar the dark corridor the large window to the confession stand she skidded to a halt before the stand.

"Father?!", "Father!, you have to help me he's lost!" Liz stiffened hearing a small chortle of laughter from behind the stand it wasn't evil just pleasantly amused but it was the priest alright, the same one Liz confessed to the last time she came here. but she wasn't sure whether to be relieved or shocked as much as polite sounding his laughter was she could understand what possible reason could there be to laugh about right now?

His tone was as gentle and reassuring as the last time "Calm down child, talk in words not winds carrying waves in a storm"

Liz took a few little deep breaths and said what came to her mind first

"It's David he's lost....." Liz felt as if she were struggling with words. Strange as it was simple enough, whatever she needed to tell father didn't amount to much except four words and after having presented her problem she still wasn't relieved.

"So it has been brought to my attention" there was a certain dryness about the way he was addressing her and it only seemed to give way to disapproval in his voice. "Impatient young love...I'm not very surprised"

Liz decided she didn't want to sit and waist time anymore so she tried to interrupt him as politely as she could "Uh father?"


"WE need to find him...NOW"

"Good god Child do you really think I could go chasing after mortal men and women or there husbands and wives or for that matter children."

Liz lost the thread for any patience "I need help father"

"I thought you needed to find David"

"That's what I just said father...if you'd..."

"Ah but Help and David would become two things you'd want to look for then wouldn't they?"

"Would they?" Liz felt severely confused nothing he said was making sense at least for now...she sighed heavily and loud enough for the priest to abruptly stop talking "what did I come here for?"

"Well now why would a distressed young lady like your self come running to the confession stand at an hour like this?" his voice was gentle and amused but Liz knew there was probably no other way to talk to him except through confessing something which reminded her suddenly that she indeed had something to confess, last time when she was actually brought here

"I need to know something do you know what?
You want to know whether he cares for you"
"Yes ..your David let the seasons pass and the earth revolve around its orbit he'll tell you himself"

She sat down miserably "I have to confess something first"

There was a sound of some one clearing their throat and Liz closed her eyes

"Proceed Liz"

"Last time I came here and asked you whether my husband had any feelings for me" she waited and pulled her hair up away from her face

" did, I remember. Go on dear there's no one here to be afraid of"

she nodded "'s just that I didn't wait for an answer like you told me to"

Liz didn't really expect him to hesitate but he did

"Liz now it is my place to say so I will…it was no ones fault and you've not gone against any of the natures rules…."

"But I pushed him father..I made him search for a reason for my own peace of mind. I shouldn't have done that maybe he had something else he wanted to say..maybe I would have heard something else if I waited long enough…"

"Now, now …lets not get carried away and let me remind you it was what you wanted to hear in the first place that brought you here"

"I don't understand…"

"Give It time…but listen now I'll tell you a secret from David's side"

"You can?" but wasn't he not supposed to do something like that? Besides she didn't really feel good about invading David's personal space whatever he had of it and especially at a time like this.

"it's alright" her assured her "I'm sure if he knew how to he'd let you know too but sadly for now I'll have to do this part you need to have faith Liz"

"Father I …are you still going to give me his secret?"

"Only if you really want to know"

She didn't hesitate "I do, just not like this…I want to hear it from him, it would be unfair. You understand father?"

"Possibly Liz but it also depends on whether you've done him some wrong to be worried about unfairness on your part"

Liz didn't say anything, confessing wasn't very easy especially if you don't really understand your crime

"Have you done him any wrong Liz?"

Her own voice sounded small to her and the room felt like it was getting larger every second almost as if it were alive "Father I think I might have hurt him a little"

"Is that why you think he's lost?"

"Maybe, oh I don't know, father what would be wrong?"

"Liz, there a lot of things, little things that make a lot of difference to some ones conscience in David's case he was made to think of a lot he hadn't really thought about in a while"

"He's not narrow minded father" it came out a little more defensively than Liz had intended it to be so she immediately caught herself "I beg your pardon father, I didn't mean to.."

"Oh no dear no offense taken at all and I believe David's not narrow minded I had no such intention of saying so. But it takes two to make trouble and if I talked about both of you I'd be that sometimes he forgets what you've already sacrificed in consolation to spend a life with him. And sometimes you forget what he IS sacrificing in consolation for a life with both you and a future child."

Liz smiled she didn't doubt that father already knew she was having a daughter

"Father I think she's taken with him"

"Your daughter?"

"She gets upset very often especially if he leaves"

"I'd imagine there are things to come that will be more upsetting now"

Liz cringed at his sorrowful tone for some reason I gave away future shortcomings, she was afraid of asking him about their future.

"She can hear us right now"

"Yes, yes she is a special one isn't she I'd imagine she's already taken David for a father"

"She loves him"

"Liz, you shouldn't be surprised you and your daughter have been though a lot and I think it's only fair after a while she's grown attached to him because after all she understands his feelings for you better than you do your self without him actually saying them out loud."

"Father how is it possible that I don't understand his feelings…I want to"

"I can't really answer that Liz, if you want to understand him there's nothing stopping you from understanding except for your self of himself. There might be things or people you aren't able to leave behind maybe something you continue to hold on to?"

"You can't really turn back time can you father?"

"Why would it make a difference… what would you have changed Liz?"

"Something I said to David that I know I shouldn't have said"

"Then why did you say it Liz" his tone wasn't too unhappy sounding and for some reason he sounded like David and it reminded her of the time father had told her that he was every person.

"I was angry" she finally admitted wiping away the one tear that was making it's way down her cheek "he wouldn't give me a reason for being with me, I desperately wanted to know his feelings I didn't think there'd be a tomorrow" more tears rained down but she was able to hold her self together, besides it was the moment of truth the reason she was here to confess.

"what did you say to him Liz?"

Liz hiccuped "I ..told him that he just wanted to get in bed with me"

"do you think that's what hurt him?"

"I'm so sorry …I didn't mean that !, I shouldn't have said that, he didn't want to he didn't even try to take me to bed ..I wanted him to!..gosh I'm so sorry David"

"Did he say anything that hurt you?"

"No father…he… just told me the truth" the words spoken out loud didn't seem so strange as and when they actually settled in her mind.

"Well then there you are Liz, that's your reason"

"I lost him didn't I? It's my fault"

"Almost, now all's left is to bring him back, if you can find him that is"

"Where do I find him father?"

"He's right here in your heart a guiding light that shall lead you to your who you believe is your husband, his soul. And if you really want that light to guide you to his soul then you'll find him"

Liz didn't wait she'd been half standing up any way as he said the last of his words to her "a word of wisdom though, he believes this is a dream better if you don't let him think differently"

'"thank you father" she ran all the way back without saying good bye because she had a feeling she'd be back here again someday.

It was a simple theory find the guiding light in her heart it would lead her to his soul she knelt down as if to pray closed her eyes and touched her abdomen which had been still for some time now

"ok, honey I know your mad at me but if we have to find daddy we have to stick together other wise I'll never get a chance to say I was sorry and believe me I am" she knew she loved him but her daughters love was overwhelming and almost as suddenly as Liz had said it the baby forgave her and responded by enveloping Liz in a strong white light she felt feathery almost as if she were afloat and then the light got more intense "find him" she repeated . A soft breeze hit her they weren't' in the cathedral any longer and as soon as she opened her eyes she saw David standing close by on a cliff…"we found him"

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