The Fling :
Summary: well you see in season one when they tried to save Max only Tess Mi,Is went but this time the whole gang commmitted ten degrees in stupidity and ended up getting caught so no one saves max (duh) no one knows where all of them are so this is kind of funny you see the special unit can be something other than scary.............
I'm not gonna say I've been thinking about Max Evans or to- kill-or-not-to-kill Liz Parker ...sigh..that can be done later all right?? now I have think of something superficial enough to say to agent Pierce...he's such a pain ...I take it back he's even wierder then Nacedo I mean even nacedo gives up on asking me when I don't intend to give an answer but this guy ....he'd ask...threaten...hold back..relay..and then stand and ring bells on your head whether you laugh or cry....I blow a strand of cripped blond her from my forehead he scolds and tells me to focus well yeah he smiles big time when I tell him he could focus my ass.......he thinks he's so cool.....if I had any of my powers which I hate to think about I don't right now because they were so kind as to do the deed on behalf of Agent Pierce telling them to do so....all of us our prowers bocked....Max, Michael, Isabelle, all of us are here yeah them and those human friends of theres....of course Miss Parker's always first in the line to get caught when this not so bright save Max the mission went awry and we all got caught....oh yeah we all got swanked big time by Pierce and his goonies..... if only I had my mind controlling powers he wouldn't be sitting there smirking at me ....he gets up and I couldof sworn if I hadn't moved my head out of the way he would have patted me on my head whihc no one ever does to Tess Harding .... the Harding bit is ummm ok made up by my also made up dad nacedo he's scared of Pierce ...hah what laugh the guy's about as threatning as a toaster and