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Author: PheonixFire

Rating: PG~NC-17

Disclaimer: They're not mine.

Couple: Mi/L

Summary: They both live in New York and it's AU. When Micheals father is murdered, he takes over his...less than legal buisness, and vows to avenge him no matter the costs. Liz is the daughter of New Yorks Police Commissioner Jeff Parker and is being forced to go to an all girl boarding school. When these two meet suddenly, Will their diffrences and commitments be enough to keep them apart?

A.N: Everything in italics is a memory.

Revenge is a luscious fruit which you must leave to ripen.
—Emile Garboriau

Past Commitments

I stood over his grave.

"You got to get them for me boy. Don't let them get away with it."

I fought the tears back. For my mother...for him. Real men didn't cry, he'd told me that since I was a little kid and today wouldn't be the day that I stopped listening.

The silence surrounding me was broken by the shrill ringing of my cell. I pulled it out and flipped it open.


"Sorry to bother you sir but we got a problem that we need you to look after."

I screamed angrilly, "I'm busy."

"I know but I think you want to hear this."

I took a deep cleansing breath and tried to control my anger. I looked back at my moms pinched worried face and tried to smile.

"Is everything O.K. Micheal?"

I mouthed buisness to her and tried to move away across the cemetary when she grabbed my arm and stopped me.

"I don't want you involved with Hanks buisness. You're only 17 years old and..."

"Mom please. Stop pretending you care," I said with venom.

She swallowed her tears and stepped away from me, allowing me to go and speak in private.

"What. Is. It."

His voice shook as he continued.

"We think we may have a lead on who did your dad man...Helllo? Helllo? Are you there?"

I was there, but I couldn't talk if I tried. It was finally happening, we had a lead and when I found him, a smile crossed my face, he was going to wish that he'd never heard the name Diablo.


I slamed the door behind me and threw myself on my poster bed.

He'd shut me down again.

"But daddy....."

"No but's Liz. You'll be leaving for the school tommorrow and that's final honey."

"That's not what I...."

"What you want doesn't really matter," he said softly. As if he actually cared.

"Why don't I get a s...."

"Because you are my daughter!" He screamed.

"Because your only 17, because I know what's best for you."

I knew it was vengeful but I went on anyway.

"Just because mom went out and never came back doesn't mean that I will. Let me tell you though that I am seriously thinking about it."

His face slipped into a furious frown.

"Go to your room now."



I whirled around and ran.

I wiped the tears from my face and looked around the decadent room that I lived in. Pink gauze hanging on the canopy and decorateing the walls, Three dollhouses fully stocked, a closet full of white fluffy gowns.

If any regular person looked at this room they would swear that the occupant couldn't be any more than 5, let alone 17 years old.

I took a deep breath and made my way to the window. A plan was formulating and if I didn't act now I never would. I opened up the window and gingerly made my way out onto a limb leading to my childhood treehouse.

The white dress I wore was hiked up around my waist and I sighed in releif as I finally made it to the safety of the house.

I climbed down the rungs and as I ran from the house I had lived in since birth I took one look back. If I was going to be forced to become something I didn't want to be, I was going to have one last hurrah before I went.


"Diablo. I'm so sorry the lead didn't pan out."

I looked at my second, Max, and nodded slowly. Hank had meant as much to him as he had to me.

"I know man. I just want to go take a walk alone."

He grabbed my forearm, "you're drunk.."

"No I'm not and even if I was I'm walkin'," I growled, suddenly angry and pulled free from his grasp.

Max nodded and I walked from the building. The moon was fulll tonight and lighted my way. Almost a year had passed since my fathers murder and stilll I had not a clue who might have even been in involved with it.

My eyes felt like hot spikes were behind them and when I looked up I saw her.

An angel in all white with a halo of choclate hair.

She stumbled toward me and I tilted my head at her, maybe I had drank a little to much because I felt my world spin on it's axis and I tilted forward.

"Whoa guy. Are yo O.K?"

I looked up into her beautiful worried face. No one had ever worried about me before and I suddenly felt those tears pricking at my lids again.

I pushed her away and pulled myself up to my full height, "yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for asking" I added after a small silence.

She nodded and I could tell that something small and femine inside her was telling her to get away from me.

For some reason I didn't think I would ever be able to forgive myself if I let her go. I had a feeling this was a once in a lifetime thing and if I didn't act now I'd never see her again.

I looked up to see her making a hastey retreat.

"Hey," I called out.

"I know a little club down here and I would really like it if you came."

I was sure she was about to turn me down flat when something came across her face and hse answered tentatively.


A slow smile crossed my face and I felt that old charm seeping back in.

"Well then darlin', let's go."


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