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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Pairing: Liz/Ava
Rating: NC-17; female slash
Missing scene from Max in the City

Liz ran downstairs as she heard the screams. As she entered the backroom she saw Ava thrashing around on the couch in the grips of a nightmare. She reached down and gently shook the panicked girl. “It’s just a dream.”

Ava sat up suddenly and Liz pulled her close. “Shh, it’s okay.”

“I saw it.”


“The accident. The way his body laid in the street. The way she watched him.” Ava cried. Liz hugged her and gently started to rock back and forth. They sat in silence for a time Liz just comforting her. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Ava whispered.

“Good.” Liz said and before she knew it she leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. What was it? It had been pleasurable, very pleasurable. She couldn’t help to notice the spark of electricity that she felt when her lips encountered Ava’s skin. She looked down and caught Ava looking back at her. She could tell the small alien had felt it too. Before she knew it the two-leaned forward gently pressed their lips together. The kiss only lasted a few seconds before the two pulled back.

Liz didn’t know what to think. She had only come down to help Ava and ended up kissing her. She had never kissed another girl before, never wanted to but she had enjoyed it very much. She didn’t know if she enjoyed it because she was attracted to Ava or if it was because she hadn’t been kissed for a long time. But she wanted more. That spark of electricity had been there again.

Ava looked at the human’s confused face. She could tell that it was Liz’s first girl kiss and was trying to figure out what she felt. But it wasn’t Ava’s. Lonnie had made sure of that when she turned fourteen. There were many times when Zan was out wondering the streets that Lonnie would come in and crawl into her bed. Lonnie was a very aggressive lover but also a very thorough one, teaching her many things. Rath had never joined but watched often.

Before Liz could reconsider Ava leaned in again but this time she cupped Liz’s face with both hands before pressing her lips to Liz’s again. She used more pressure once their lips were fused together. This time she ran her tongue along Liz’s bottom lip asking entrance which Liz gave. Ava’s tongue entered her mouth and was met with the sweetest taste of Liz’s mouth. They started stroking each other’s tongues causing both their arousal’s’ to increase more. Liz’s hands came up and she pulled Ava closer to her so their chest were pressed together while Ava’s hands moved from Liz’s cheeks to the back of her head. They continued to kiss until their need for oxygen became too great. They broke the kiss but didn’t pull away from each other.

Liz couldn’t believe how aroused she felt just by kissing Ava. Ava’s lips moved to Liz’s ear and found the sensitive spot there. Liz couldn’t help it when a moan escaped her lips. But despite how good it felt she pulled away, “Ava, we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Liz,” Ava said as she licked her neck, “There’s nothing wrong with this, we’re both lonely. Doesn’t this feel better than being upstairs all by yourself? To feel wanted and loved?”

Liz didn’t have an argument because she knew Ava was right. She was lonely, and the feel of Ava’s kisses and skin felt so wonderful. “This couch makes too much noise, let’s get on the floor.”

“And we’re too overdressed.” Ava reached down and waved her hand over her then Liz’s body causing their clothes to disappear.

In moments, both girls where lying nude on the blanket that Liz had thrown on the floor, a tangle of heated bare flesh. Wet, wild, passionate kisses combined with hands that groped full, soft curves. The room was filled with the groans and moans of two young women lost in sexual abandon.

"Oh God, Ava... I never..." Liz moaned out.

"I have," Ava whispered, kissing the girl again. Her lips trailed down the soft skin of Liz’s neck, pausing to suckle at the pulse point Liz's tongue had detected.

Liz arched up, moaning softly. The volume of her moans increased as fingertips danced lightly over hardened nipples.

Ava stopped just short of giving Liz a hickey and moved further down the human's body. Holding both breasts firmly but gently, Ava first blew cool air over the taut buds. Liz moaned, eyes slowly shut. Ava smiled and took one nipple into her mouth, sucking and licking the skin and nipping lightly.

Switching to the other breast, Ava lavished as much attention on that as she had on its twin. She knew, from Liz’s rapid breathing and the wetness pressing against her thigh, that the girl under her was incredibly aroused. So was she, if the puddle she was leaving on Liz’s leg was any indication.

Ava wanted that arousal. She had to taste this girl. She kissed her way across the flat smoothness of Liz’s abdomen, weaving random designs on the soft skin with her tongue and dipping into the shallow depression of the girl's belly button. Ava smiled at the soft groan Liz emitted.

Shifting herself, Ava lay prone between Liz’s spread legs. She ran her hands up and down each thigh while kissing the sensitive inner flesh of those legs. All the while, she could see Liz’s very wet, very aroused pussy beneath a crown of soft, dark hair. It almost seemed to pulsate to Liz’s eyes.

Ava couldn't wait any longer. She thrust her mouth into Liz’s molten center. As she began to lap up the honey that had collected there, she was rewarded by the young human's loud moans. 'This girl is certainly vocal during sex,' Ava thought before directing all her attention on Liz’s sex. She began to saw her tongue in and out of Liz, tongue-fucking the squirming girl while occasionally brushing the hard nub above with the tip of her nose.

Liz had never, ever experienced anything like this. Ava’s mouth on her skin, even before she got down 'there', was more exciting than any boy's she had ever made out with. The blonde's tongue seemed to know every spot to touch and caress to rack Liz’s small frame with pleasure. "AVA!!! OH PLEASE DON'T STOP!"

The cause of Liz’s loud outburst was Ava’s new exploration. She pushed Liz’s hips up and spread her cheeks, seeing the tight little rosebud hidden between the luscious curves. As if it had a mind of it's own, Ava’s tongue invaded that untapped pleasure center.

She duplicated her earlier efforts on Liz’s vagina and felt the tight opening start to loosen. While delving into that nether hole, Ava slid two fingers into the other girl's wet heat.

After thoroughly pumping her tongue and her fingers in and out of the girl, Ava pulled her fingers out. Liz moaned in distress at the loss. Ava returned her lips and tongue to Liz’s pussy. Her now-wet fingers slid around the girl's loosened ass. "Oh! Ava, I have to... Please!"

Overjoyed by Liz’s responses to her ministrations, Ava sucked the girl's clit while shoving both slick fingers into her tight ass. The combination of pain mutating into and combining with her pleasure drove Liz over the brink and she came, screaming wordlessly.

When Liz managed to open her eyes a few moments later, she looked down and saw Liz’s chin resting in her pubic hair. The brunette smiled and said, "Ava, I never... That was incredible!"

"Thank you, love."

"I want to please you too," Liz said.

"I'd hoped you'd say that," Ava responded. "Stay the way you are."

With Liz prone on the floor, Ava crawled up and kissed her, letting Liz taste herself. After a long pause, Ava pulled away and crawled further until her knees were on either side of Liz’s head.

Liz looked up at the alien's vagina, spread open and very wet. She had never desired anything more in her life.

"Ready?" Liz nodded eagerly. "Here I come..."

Ava snickered at her unintentional double-entendre as she lowered her wet core to the other girl's mouth. She sighed when she felt Liz’s tongue already at work before Ava had even settled on her face.

Breathing deeply, Liz absorbed as much of Ava’s scent as she could before delving deeply into Ava’s heat. The feel of the girl's pussy, the was heaven. Caressing, exploring, thrusting with her tongue, she didn't leave a millimeter of Ava’s sex untouched. When she got to the girl's rock-hard clitoris, she nipped at it.

That was all it took for Ava. Throwing her head back, she yelled, "Liz!!!!" before collapsing back onto Liz’s prone form.

"I guess I'm not the only screamer here..." Liz muttered between licks at the copious fluids now oozing from Ava. Ava slid off top of her and lay down next to her. After they calmed down they decided they were thirsty so they dressed and head out to the cafe

Later on as they sat in there talking about Max saving Liz, Isabel and Michael came storming in demanding to talk to Ava. Liz jumped in between them not wanting them to hurt Ava. Ava helped Liz save Max from Lonnie and Rath then after Isabel and Michael left Ava told Liz her decision to leave Roswell. Liz didn’t want Ava to leave but knew that Lonnie and Rath might come after her if she stayed. When Max and Tess got back from New York later that day Liz got an idea, if she couldn’t have Ava maybe she could have the next closest thing, Tess.


Let me know if you want a sequel involving Liz and Tess maybe one of the guys thrown in.

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I just wanted to let you know that I am indeed writing a sequel but it is taking longer than I thought. It'll be longer than this one, probably two or three parts and I will let one of the guys join. At the moment it's a toss up between Kyle and Max.

OH! And this time Liz gets to be a seductress and of course Tess is the seductee (Is that a word?)