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Title: who r u? im's u! (lame I know but hey what can a gurl do)
Disclaimer: I dont own nuttin not even Rath (sobs) *sad*
Catergory: Polar luvin of course well soon anywayz

Note: I have like most peeps have heaps of different types of stories running through their heads so I decided to TRY and write one of them down so excuse the story if it goes astray or more likely weird maybe u can help a gurl out with some more wacky ideas? and if it does I'll see to it that im punished l lol so any who on with the show.......


a girl and a guy walked into the crashdown cafe while everyone gawked at the pair they moved their way to a booth the guy sat down pulling the girl on his lap then ran his hands through her long black and streaked red hair pulling her down to his lips kissing her hard

Maria Deluca came out of the back room to start her shift she saw a leather clad couple making out pretty heavierly she stood there watching the two then groaned cause they were in her section as she walked over to their table she found that they looked familiar and got pissed when she realized who the guy was

"Michael?!! what the hell are you doing with this ho! and why the hell do you look like THAT!?!" Maria wailed making everyone in a thousand yards grimace

"yo cool it will ya lungs I aint dis Michaels guy and ya beta shut that trap of yours cuz no-ones calls my women ho" the guy said while kissing the girls neck

"I cant believe this spaceboy! I thought you liked me?" Maria whined

"hey what you on? the names Rath lungs not Michael and this here is my girl Rena" Rath said with a scowl on his face

"baby maybe shes talkin bout ya no's" Rena said lowering her voice "the dupes"

Maria finally looked up at the girl called Rena and knitted her eyebrows in confusion

"Liz ? what the hell?" Maria asked shaking her head seeing what she had on a short tight leather skirt with slits on both sides, big black combat boots with fishnet stockings and a maroon long sleeve top that cut off above her belly and she noted that she had numerous piecrings like the guy who had a mohawk

"f**k dont you's listen I aint no Liz its Rena like Rath aint no Michael so would you shuts your whiney ass your making my head hurt" Rena bellowed rubbing her temple

just then Michael Guerin came walking in with a frown on his face cus of all the people staring at him he looked over at where Maria was and then looked at what made her look speechless

"WTF?!!" Michael yelled

"there goes wanting to keep a low profile" Rath muttered

"damn Rath I always knew you'd look hot even as a prep but dayum" Rena said licking her lips and eyeing Michael making Rath jealous

"hey! yous my women not his" Rath grumbled

"oh baby you no dat already" Rena says kissing him again making Maria uncomfortable and Michael raise an eyebrow amused and slightly in envy

"hey whats all the noise......" Liz Parker said walking in from the back door seeing the couple look like they were trying to suck each others faces off literally while Michael looked over at her intently with a smirk making her blush




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Note: I didnt say on the first part that well this fic is setting around departure but stuff like the 'dupes' and 'end of the world' neva happened or when Alex died I mean I loved the guy so he's still here yay! I know I know a lil confusing but oh well and the whole Michael and Maria thing NEVER happened MY Michael has always had a thing for Liz so.......oh and Tessy dear (hisses) happened just that Alex was put in a coma


Liz blushed from the look Michael was giving her turning away she stopped and looked at the couple her eyes bugged out when she realized who the guy looked

like then she moved closer to look at the girl then screamed running over to the girl and pulling her away from Mr mohawk who growled in annoyance but grinned when he say who it was

"Rena! what the hell are you doing here and why the hell did you leave mes for so damns long" Liz said lowering her voice with each word

"LIZ! you KNOW who they are?" Maria asked confused

"shove it Ria!" Liz said suprising her and Michael while Liz just hugged Rena then look up at Rath with a raised eyebrow making him smirk he leaned down and

kissed her with just as much passion as he did with Rena when they were done Rath licked Liz's lips once more then looked over to the cornballs who were gaping at them

"hmmm sweets its been awhiles" Rath said smirking again seeing the look on his dupes face "maybe later I can get a lil sum'in sum'in" he said flicking his tongue out at Liz again who rolled her eyes slapping him upside the head making him yelp

"ow sis just like old times" Rena said giggling at Rath

"what is she on about Liz??? and how do you know these people and how can you be such a ho and kiss that thing" a snotty Maria said making Liz see red she never consitered her as a true friend more like a bitch for a sidekick

"what the fuck is up your ass Maria? what? not gettin any from the jocks any more?" Liz said in disgust then smiled when she saw the look on the bitches face

"what? didnt think I knew??? please if anyones a ho its you cause DAMN I know that you are more loose then the ring round saturn" (lmao didnt know what else to say ) Liz said then walked over to Michael kissing him who was shocked but didnt pull back when they finally came up panting for air they saw a bitchy

Maria yelling her ugly butt off Liz looked at Rena and nodded at her both closing their eyes one mindwarping the people in the cafe and the other knocking Maria unconciuos and teleported her to her room

they both nodded happy for a little silence
Liz turned back to Michael

"mmmm I always wanted to do that" Liz purred after kissing Michael again who had yet to say something he knew that Liz had a lot to explain but right now he liked the feeling of her body pressed against his

"yo Lee we gonna goes and crash at the motel its been a mad day and my heads hurtin after motor mouths racing around like a headless chicken. but after we gonna bounce to a club tomorrow so's ya gonna come wit?" Rena asked

"yea pick us up laterz then k sis" Liz said bumping fist with her dupe

"fo surrrre" she said kissing her dupe on the lips then Rath did the same who grinned again hearing his dupe growl at him

"laterz sweets u too cornball" then they were gone

Liz smiled to herself and started pulling Michael to the backroom then up the stairs to the apartment through to her room while driving him crazy

"Liz I dont know what the hell just happened but now Maria's off my fuckin back maybe we dont need to hide thisss... aaAARGGH!" Michael hissed as Liz licked and bit her way around his body

"less talk more feeling" Liz moaned as Michael squeezed her breasts through her uniform then got frustrated yanking it open to find her with nothing else on..............

*teeehee sorry people gonna have to use sum of that nookie imagination of yours*

***hours later I stress HOURS*** (lol)

"so are you gonna tell me bout that lil scene from downstairs?" Michael asked caressing Liz's soft skin

"mmmm not tonight though I wanna have some more fun plus theres only 3 more hours till school starts" Liz mumbled

"WHAT!?!" Michael yelled into his pillow turing around sitting up fast then groaned falling back down

"who new our bodies had so many muscles that could hurt so much" Michael whined making Liz chuckle

"oww let me help ease the pain for you" Liz said straddling his back then a minute later before they knew it everything went black


MMUUAAHHHAAHAA am I evil or what!?! lol

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