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Author: Zansdivine
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of this, all rights belong to others, but I do lay claim to my dupe characters
Rating: Pg-15, occasional R
Pairing: Zan/Tiana – Liz dupe (think Liz but meaner)...
Summary: Hello This is my first time posting here so please bare with me and I hope I've got it the right place and everything.

I wanna say a big THANK YOU to juliana78 Who found my story on another board, left me the link and suggested I come share it with u's

This stories a little bit far out but its been in my mind a while. Love Zan so much! But can’t do a New York accent so I thought I take it back a step.

This is about Zan and a much-altered version of his life back on antar before he died. It has a parallel universe feel to it, so nothing about it is conventional. Its kinda this is how it could have been. Alot of familiar characters also appear.

The war happened when Zan was a child, he was taken away and brought up hidden from those that wanted him dead. Its not untill Loni needs his help that he begins to understand what he's really lost and the extent of what he has to sacrifice to get it back.

Anyway it’s all yours!!

The Other Side – Part One

The bar room was crowded; smoke hung low in the air. A slight figure entered the room; pulling her robe tightly around her she momentarily let her eyes scan the room before passing into the throng of people. Manoeuvring her way to the bar, she easily passed people were moving out of the way. Resting her arms on the counter she signalled to bar tender to get her drink, scanning the room again as she waited. Finally in a corner booth she spotted the lowlife she’d been searching for. Sighing to herself she absentmindedly rested her hand on the concealed gun she carried at her side. Her drink being slammed down on the counter caused her to shift her gaze back. The barkeeper continued serving neglecting to ask for payment, shivering slightly he glanced over at her as she moved away from him. The black turban style hat and veil she wore, were more a reminder of the arid planet, than to act as a disguise. Regular patrons visibly sagged with relief as she passed them by. Tia had long been aware that while gaining there respect she’d also earned the right to be feared. A cold mercenary and killer was what the events of her life had turned her into. That’s how she’d ended up on Antex. One of the outer planets of their solar system, the desert planet was used mostly for the mining of its resources. A haven for wanted criminals and other mercenaries. The planets bitter atmosphere made it hard for any decent person to want to live there long. A few stayed to run the mining operations, their families’ safety ensured as long as the mines didn’t run dry.

A fight broke out nearby, caught up in the scuffle; she was knocked back spilling her drink, when someone barrelled into her. Tia was about to hurl abuse, when he spoke. A silence fell of the surrounding area as regulars watched with interest and pity for the guy. Tia blinked a few times as she tried to comprehend what had just happened.
“I’m sorry, are you ok.” The gruff voice full of so much compassion cut right thought her. Placing his hands on her shoulders the firmness of his touch sent chills down her spine. Anger flared in her, nobody ever dared to touch her. Raising her gaze she faltered. His hazel eyes flecked with gold locked with hers, the soft gentle gaze was familiar some how, like a dream she couldn’t place. Her heart beat faster as time seemed to slow around her and he held her gaze firmly. Relief flushed over her as someone behind him caught the man’s attention. A slow a half smile played across his lips before he dropped his hands from her shoulders and turned away from her. The spell broken Tia shook her head and slipped past him. Unaware that the man had turned back as she’d moved and his eyes now followed her as she walked away.

His friend nodded in the direction of a man sat alone in a booth.
“That’s him” Indicating that he should follow they made there way over and sat down.
Tia sat down in a booth nearby
“Where’s my money Penn”
The sorry excuse for a human sank back in his chair. He’d known she come for him, but the money was something he didn’t have. Closing his eyes momentarily readying himself to deliver excuses, he already knew he was a dead man. Tia looked at Penn wondering what to do with him; scanning the room again her eyes drank in the features of her mystery man. His hair was jet black and hung at shoulder length with a slight curl, his hair hung loose in front of his eyes. Under his desert garb she could almost make out the lines of his muscled arms. He stood taller than her with broad shoulders. Her eyes rested last on his handsome face, soaking up the contours of his features. Tia caught her breath when he looked up and gazed right at her. Shaking her head she pulled her gaze away and placed it firmly back on Penn. Sighing again she pulled out her gun and shot him in the arm. Something about the man she’d met had put her off her game. Trying hard not to lose face, she glared at Penn as he clutched his arm. He breathed in and out hard she should have killed him.
Leaning in close, Tia narrowed her eyes.
“I have a new job for you. Fail me again and I will kill you” she grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer.
“There are two strangers sitting with Rath” Penn tried to turn his head but she held him firm.
“Follow them, I want to know everything, why they’re here and where they’re going” Letting him go she pushed him back.
“You know where to find me”
Tia made her way out of the bar without looking back; she knew he was watching her.

Zan sat at the table unable to keep his attention fully on the conversation. She was watching him he could feel it. The memory of her doe brown eyes that seemed so dead at first played in his mind. In an instant something had flashed through those eyes bringing them to life a sparkle that made him catch his breath in anticipation. Finally he could bear it no longer and raised his gaze to look at her. A veil hid her face and he couldn’t help wondering what she looked like. She was watching him and flinched when he caught her eye. Looking away quickly she’d focused her attention back on her companion.
“We need your ship” Neusado glared at Rath.
“You need to pay me” Rath stated matter of factly
Neusado glanced at Zan aware that he was no longer following the conversation.
“We can pay you half now and half when we get there”
“I don’t know? Antar its not an easy place for people like me to get into, why would they let you in”
Zan snapped his head back round.
“You don’t need to know, when we get there I can pay you double your original fee”
Rath looked up in surprise, his brain calculating double was a lot of money. Greed over came him and he nodded.
“Meet me in docking bay 7 in one hour”
A blast echoed round the room. Zan watched as the girls companion whimpered in pain while she put her gun away. Threatening the man she then left the bar without looking his way again.
“Who was that?” He could help himself the question was asked before he could stop himself.
Rath frowned at Zan.
“A local mercenary. I’ve dealt with her before and believe me she’s dangerous and unpredictable.”
Zan’s hand absentmindedly patted the message crystal in his pocket. Looking at Neusado, he made his excuses and left the bar. The domed complex shielded the small spaceport from the outside elements. Making his back to his lodgings, he stayed alert hoping to catch a glimpse of her again. He soon became aware that he was being followed. Ducking and diving down some of the side alleys he hid and waited.
Penn crept down the ally after the guy. Still clutching his arm, he yelped in surprise when a strong hand grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the ground. Pressing him firmly against the wall, Zan demanded to know why he was being followed.
Penn gasped for air as Zan tightened his grip, ever the weasel he managed to stutter
“What you gonna pay me” Zan produced a gold credit from his back pocket and watched as his captives eyes widened.
“Tell me”
Penn licked his lips never taking his eyes of the credit.
“T she had me follow you, find out why you’re here and where you’re going.” Zan thought for a moment.
“Do you know where to find her”?
Penn shook his head. Zan produced another credit.
“Do you know?”
Penn just nodded. Zan loosened his grip and lowered him to the floor.
“Take me there”
Zan followed as Penn weaved his way across the port to the lodgings. Knocking on a door he waited.

Tia jumped up when she heard the knock, grabbing her gun she loosened a ceiling tile by the door and effortlessly lifted herself up. Penn looked nervously at Zan
“You’d better stand back, she don’t take to kindly to unexpected visits”
Zan nodded and leaned nonchalantly up against the far wall. He pulled forward in surprise when T silently dropped down from the ceiling to stand behind Penn. Placing her gun at the back of his head. Zan watched as Penn raised his hands.
“Hey T, got company.” Penn nodded in Zans direction. Zan moved fast as she slowly turned her head towards him. Wrapping his arms around her from behind her he grabbed the gun. She’d lost the robe and hat, and now only wore a tight fitting cat suit and knee length boots, a utility belt hung loosely on her hips. Her long dark hair cascade down her back and Zan caught the scent of vanilla in her hair before he spun her away from him. Looking at Penn he said
“You got your money go”
Keeping the gun fixed on T, he watched Penn scramble away.
“Lets get inside”
Zan waved the gun at her apartment. She moved across and opened the door entering first. Following cautiously Zan was caught by surprise when she turned suddenly and kicked the gun out of his hands. Dogging her blows he moved round deeper into the room. A high kick to the stomach knocked him backwards. Grabbing her foot Zan managed to pull her down. Finding herself disorientated, Zan took the opportunity to throw his weight on top of her pinning her to the floor.
“Why were you having me followed?” He demanded
Rage lit up her eyes and flushed her checks. Tia struggled in his grasp; nobody ever beat her.

The locket she wore was shook free and Zan carefully picked it up and turned it over in his hands. Her name was engraved on the back.
Tia stopped struggling and looked up into his handsome features. She caught her breath the way he said her name so softly, dispelled her anger. She became suddenly aware of how close they were, the warmth of his body pressed firmly against hers. Fighting hard to contain her emotions. She whispered
“Let me up”
Zan let go and pulled back, sitting on the floor he watched as she rolled on to her side for a moment before pushing herself up off the floor.
“What do you want?”
Zan considered this for a moment, in his need to see her again, he hadn’t thought. An idea formed as he watched the raven-haired beauty move away from him.
“Word is you’re a mercenary, a good one. I need a body guard and I can pay you what ever you want.”
She smiled cruelly
“You’re a fool. You don’t know me! There are dozens of others on this planet that could do that job”
“None like you” Zan flashed a charming smile at her, he was used to having any woman he wanted and right now he wanted her.
Picking up the gun she turned it on him moving closer she looked him straight in the eye.
“I’m no body guard, I kill for a living. Pointless deaths bore me so get out of here before I change my mind”
Zan moved towards the door. “I’ll be in docking bay 7 in an hour, pack light were going to Antar.”
Tia growled to herself as he closed the door behind him and left. Zan paused for a moment as he heard the blast hit the door. He grinned to himself as he walked away.

Tia looked up as her message screen blinked. Incoming message appeared on the screen. Standing in front of the monitor, she pressed to receive the message.
The screen remained black but she knew the voice.
“T, Antar” The message was short and sweet. Moving around the room she through some belongings in to a bag. Something glinted at her from the floor, picking it up and turning it over in her hands she realised it was a message crystal. Placing it in the machine she stood back and watched the message play.
A very beautiful young woman appeared on the screen, Tia rolled her eyes the crystal must belonged to the guy. She knitted her eyebrows together as the girl said his name.
“Pause” The message froze. Tia trembled slightly as she rolled the name round in her mind.
“Zan” Uttering it out loud did little to help shake the feeling that it all seemed so familiar.
“Zan, I need you! Please come home, we all miss you. I understand why you had to go but please never doubt that I do love you” The girls baby blue eyes were filled with tears when the message ended. Tia cringed as she picked up her bag and headed down to the docking bay. Looked like fate wanted her to go to Antar after all.


So what'd ya think! should I continue? please be fair I'm kinda shy

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For Dragon,

Thanxs for the feed back, especially since you've already read this part on the boardello.

I think you may just be miss-spelling what you're looking for, Try Zanatiks

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Hello! gald ya like, heres the next part for ya!!!

Part Two

Zan folded his arms and smirked as Tia stormed across the docking bay towards him, her bag was slung over her shoulder.
“Princess, I knew you couldn’t resist me”
Tia refused to look him in the eye; swinging the bag round she slammed it on to his chest, letting go as he caught it.
“I need a ride to Antar”
“What if we’re not going there?” Zan couldn’t resist trying to provoke her.
Tia placed her hand on the gun at her side.
“We are now!”
He looked at her in disbelief and decided to change the subject for now, he hefted the bag she’d given him.
“I said pack light. What’s in here?”
Tia shrugged “Weapons!”
Moving past him to board the ship she ducked suddenly as a laser blast narrowly missed her and hit the ship. Grabbing the gun from her side she span round and began firing. Zan moved quickly, grabbing her arm as he ran past to board the ship. She turned abruptly looking for where Zan held her arm firmly and up into his eyes. She was about to protest when a laser blast hit her other arm and she stumbled forward on to him. In one swift movement he threw her over his shoulder and entered the ship sealing the door closed behind him. Moving rapidly into the central room he ignored her cries of outrage.
Neusado looked up in surprise as Zan entered, dropped a woman down on to a nearby seat and ran on to find Rath. The woman looked mad as hell. Deciding to stay quite he watched while she tried to tend to the wound on her arm.

Rath barely looked up as Zan entered
“We have to go now”
“I know I saw them”
Flicking a few switches the ship engines fired into action.
Making his way back, Zan paused in the doorway and watched as Tia inspected her wound. She flinched in pain as she tried to wrap a bandage around it. Moving over and sitting next to her, She tried hard to pretend she hadn’t seen him. Gently lifting her arm to inspect the wound, he lifted his eyes and glared at her as she tried to slap his hands away.
“Stop that I can do it”
Grabbing her arm firmly he twisted it so he could see.
“Let me see!”
Her arm had been shot up pretty badly; he looked into her eyes again trying to assess how much pain she was in.
Tia glared at him “This is all your fault, you distracted me!”
Zan looked amused “Look princess if you a little less trigger happy I wouldn’t have had to drag you on to the ship”
She gapped at his nerve to speak to her like that. Tia felt like her arm was on fire, trying hard to remain conscious she gave in and let Zan bandage her arm. Leaning back and closing her eyes, she was surprised how his touch alone seemed to ease her pain.
Grabbing hold of the bandage and gently wrapping it round her arm, his eyes constantly flicked from her wound to her face. Seeing her eyes closed he used a little of his healing power to ease her pain.
Neusado raised an eyebrow as he watched Zan from across the room fully aware the risk he was taking. Only one bloodline carried those gifts. Exposure would result in execution if Zan’s existence were discovered.

Rath stopped abruptly as he entered the room
“What the hell is she doing here?”
Tia’s eyes snapped open. Leaping out of the chair, Rath was already flat on his back being held down by her foot before he knew what had happened.
With the wind knocked out of him he still managed
“Hey T”
Looking down at him she pulled her hair into a ponytail, glancing round the room at Zan and a man she hadn’t noticed before.
“Who’s that”?
Zan stood and placed himself in front of Tia blocking her view of Neusado.
“Just another passenger” he glanced down at Rath, “Look Princess I really think you should let him up, he’s flying this bucket”
Rath’s eyes widened, “Princess” Zan was really trying to push her buttons.
“Er.. Zan I really don’t think you should….” It was too late Zan stumbled back from Tias blow.
Removing her foot from Rath she let him stand.
“You got somewhere I can sleep”
“Yeah just down there” Rath gestured to a corridor that led away from the main chamber. Grabbing her bag she left the room.
“Wake me when we get there”
Rath moved forward and held his hand out to Zan helping him up he said. “Dangerous and unpredictable were you not listening to me”
Zan rubbed the place on his chin where she’d hit him.
“She wants me”
Rath raised his eyebrow sceptically.
“No way man, that aint never gonna happen. You got off light I’ve seen her kill a man for less”
Zan just grinned, “I aint dead yet”
Patting Raths arm he walked away
“I’m gonna get some sleep”
Rath looked at Neusado “She’s gonna kill him!” Shrugging when Neusado didn’t answer right away he went back to the cockpit. Neusado just looked at where Zan had just been standing, remembering the look he’d seen flash between Zan and T.
“Maybe” He whispered.

Tia slumped down on the bunk and lay facing the wall. Trying hard to control her breathing. She lay there fuming; she’d never met anyone who infuriated her so much. Moving her hand up she wrapped her grip around a knife carefully placed under pillow. Keeping perfectly still with her eyes closed, she listened carefully as somebody else entered and lay down on the bunk opposite. Her rage flared even more as some how she could feel it was him and part of her was a glad he was so close. Tia’s inner torment raged on; reaching a decision she launched herself off the bunk, spinning expertly to land positioned with the knife pressed gently against his throat ready to strike. Tilting her head to the side, she looked at his peaceful face basked in the glow of the low lighting. Laying flat on his back with one hand slumped across his chest and the other strewn above his head on the pillow.
Tia’s hands trembled, as she willed herself to kill him. Sucking in her breath she narrowed her eyes and pressed the knife down again. Zan's hand slowly wrapped around her wrist, keeping the knife on his throat as he sat up.
“If your gonna kill me do it! Otherwise will you please let me sleep in peace” He let go of her wrist and tilted his head. Breathing hard she shook her head and dropped the knife. Zan stood and leaned over to pick it up.
“I’ll take this in case you change your mind”
Tia backed away before reaching a decision “GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!” Flying at him and beating her fists on his chest, he easily circled her wrists and pulled her close. Tia held her breath as he circled his arms around her, pulling her tightly against him trapping her hands against his chest. Her body fit perfectly against his, tilting her head up she looked into his eyes as he gazed down at her. She trembled as he gently brushed his lips against hers.
“Zan you gotta see this! Now” Rath appeared in the doorway yelling for Zan. Tia watched as the gentle softness she’d seen in his eyes disappeared and his usual humour reflected back at her.
“Sorry sweetheart gotta go! You can finish trying to kill me later”
Tia calmed herself and followed to see what the fuss was all about.

Zan sat in the co-pilots seat.
“Whats up”
“I intercepted this thought you might wanna see it” Zan raised his eyebrows as Tia entered and perched on a chair behind him.
“Lets see it”
Rath hit a button on the console and a message played on the screen.
“Pause. Do you know who that is?” Zan asked, Rath shrugged. Tia leaned back in her chair and rolled her eyes.
“He’s a general in Kavars army. Look at the uniform and insignia”
Rath looked at her suspiciously.
“The actions of kavar’s army are widely known to be a secret operation. I wonder how you can recognises him so easily.”
Tia narrowed her gaze
“I’m a mercenary, bounty hunter, assassin” she looked pointedly at Zan,” body guard. I make it my business to know about everything and anything that might get me killed.”
Zan swivelled his chair back round to face the screen.
“Fine. Play”

< We have the princess. She was caught trying to pass on stolen information to the rebels. She’s being held on Antarine in the prison complex. I await you orders>

Tia watched as Zan sprang forward in his chair. Change course we are going to Antarine. Tia shook her head.
“No way I have to get to Antar”
Tia recoiled at the look of pure anger Zan flashed her way.
“This isn’t a debate!! Rath can it be done”
Rath ran his hand through his hair.
“No way! Antarine. Kavars prison complex and army. Are you crazy, I’m a wanted criminal and so is she. We won’t make it out”
Zan hung his head in his hands.
“God I knew she needed me, but this I can’t bare to think of her suffering”
Zan glanced at Rath and thought for a moment
“She’s a princess. She can pay you a hell of a lot more than I can, plus she’s beautiful. I’m sure as the returning hero she can take care of any problems you have with the authorities.” Rath thought for a moment, glancing from Tia’s glare to Zan’s pleading eyes, he made his decision.
“Fine I’ll change course. You’d better come up with great plan cause I’m not gonna die for you”
Tia stared blankly for a moment. Something had fluttered in her mind when she heard Zan describe another woman as beautiful. The image of the beautiful woman on the message crystal flashed across her mind “never doubt that I do love you” The idea of Zan loving another woman didn’t play well in her mind. Suddenly very confused she raised herself out of the chair. Pausing before she left a wave of compassion hit her.
“I’ll guard you! What ever you decide.”
Zan heard her words but failed to look at her. Shaking her head she left.
Zan eventually moved to follow her; he glanced down the corridor in the direction T had taken. He wanted to go to her, the look in her eyes, like a lost child trying to find home! Haunted him. He wanted so badly just to cradle her in his arms. Something in her was close to breaking he was sure was it. Deciding not to press it further he made his way back to the main room and curled up on the two-seater chair cut into the panels. Down the corridor Tia laid staring at the doorway, confused and disappointed that Zan never returned.


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Thank you to zansangel for leaving the link! anyone who's really eager can find this story over there as well, allthough I should say I'm reading back and trying to re-edit some of the parts that I've never been really happy with. So this version will be different in places.

The other side - part 3

Antarines main spaceport was located towards the southern end of the planet. The prison complex it’s self had been easy to locate. Hiring transport they had travelled out of the city, finding the complex to be located centrally at the bottom of a deep basin. Hiding the transport amongst a rocky out crop Tia had manoeuvred herself to look over the edge of the basin. She lay flat out on the ground with binoculars in her hand, while Zan and Rath kept back. Crawling back slowly she stood and looked at Zan.
“Its maximum security, you’ll never get out alive”
Zan ran his fingers through his hair.
“This has to work! I can’t fail her. She’ll be executed for treason”
Tias eyes hardened, “She’s leading a rebellion, the council can not condone that kind of behaviour! Princess or not”
Zan just gazed past her “You don’t understand”
Tia knew she was wasting her breath. It had taken two days to reach Antarine, in that time Zan had said very little to her, apart from insisting he tend her wound. Absentmindedly she rubbed the bandage on her arm. There was no wound there now she checked a day or so ago but she’d kept the bandage on so that Zan didn’t realise she knew he’d done something. The possibilities seem unimaginable. Tia had agreed to join them when Zan asked again if she would act as a bodyguard, the incident back on Antex only proved that he needed it although he refused to tell her why. Rath and herself both attempted to change his mind about the seemingly suicide mission but Zan just became more determined. She had come to admire his strength of will to beat the odds and his pig headed stubbornness that insisted he would succeed and all there worrying was pointless.
Shaking her head she looked around. Antarine made her curious, gazing up at the purple sky laced with pink, she looked around her and remembered how for so many years she had called this place home. The memories were not happy ones, when her mother died she’d been brought here and trained to fight and kill by the one man who should never have asked her to do such things.
Zan placed his hand on her shoulder, the electricity of his touch coursed through her and she pulled away slightly trying to regain her thoughts. Looking over her shoulder at the prison complex she knew she had a choice to make one that would shape her destiny.
“I can get her out! Her voice cracked slightly as she struggled to say the words.
Rath and Zan both moved towards her at the same time.
“What! How?”
“Trust me I can get in and out again, I have the security clearance” She turned to go unwilling to answer any more questions.
Zan spun her round and look intently into her eyes for any sign of betrayal. She felt herself melt under his scrutiny, and wriggled uncomfortably in his grasp. What she’d come to feel for him in the past few days was what she’d never even tasted before. Her soul was on fire with a need to be with him always, she knew she’d do anything for him. In that respect Zan knew he’d won her, he’d seen it in her eyes a burning desire for him that almost made him forget, who he was and the love of the woman he was bonded to. Being able to turn on the charm and have any woman he wanted had always been his gift, Tia would not be so easy to leave behind. Zan knew it was wrong to feel so much for her and had begun fighting himself. Almost thrusting her away from him, he stepped back and said
“Why should I trust you? You are a mercenary and a killer, and now you claim to have high-level security clearance to Kivars prison complex. How is that possible?”
Tia glanced behind her again; she couldn’t trust them with the truth. She just folded her arms and held her head in the air
“You don’t have a choice” Spinning her eyes to meet his “This isn’t a debate”
With that she grabbed her pack and started to scramble over the side of the basin.
“Tia wait” Zan grabbed her arm.
She turned to him expectantly. He wanted to tell her not to go, that rescuing Valundra was his problem and he didn’t want to risk anyone else’s life. Reaching up to his neckline he pulled out a chain slipping it over his head Tia noticed a ring hanging from it.
“Here take this, if Valundra has her doubts. Show her this tell her I sent you”
Tia hid the ring and turned her back with out saying goodbye. Mildly frustrated that she was risking her life and Zan remained ever concerned about his precious Valundra. Heading down to the complex she risked a glance behind her but Zan had gone.
Zan glanced at Rath as he moved away from the edge. “Looks like we wait”

Valundra paced her cell sitting down abruptly as the door opened and a man she only ever seen a few time before entered.
Positioning her hands in her lap and keeping her back straight. She tired desperately hard to maintain her regal presence. This man had to respect her for being a member of the royal house of Antar if nothing else. Keeping her gaze off him she said.
“I am Princess Valundra heir to the throne of Antar, I’ve done nothing wrong you can not keep me here like this. I demand you release me!” She paused to raise her eyes to look at him. “The council will be outraged when they hear what you’ve done”
He leaned back against the wall and soaked up the princess’s exquisite beauty. Waiting until she’d finished her rant he leisurely pushed himself away from the wall and approached her.
“Your highness, the accusations against you are very true, do not try to deny it I have the proof”
“The council…” Valundra began
“Has no real power Princess that all rests with me.
He reached out his hand and gentle cupped her cheek.
“Too bad I have to execute you…..”
She pressed herself firmly back against the wall- trying to get as far away from him as she could- as he grinned menacingly “…or maybe we could come to some kind of arrangement”
Her eyes went wide and she forcefully pushed his hand away.
“never” she hissed.
Raising herself up off the bunk she stood before him face to face.
“I am a princess! How dare you proposition me like a common whore” she lifted her hand to slap him but he was to quick and grabbed her wrist inches before it reached it’s target.
“proposition? You flatter yourself princess! I was merely suggesting that you consider telling me the names of your comrades so that they may be allowed to lay down their lives in your place. Would they do that? Die for you? or do you suppose your loyal followers will simply leave you here to be executed to save themselves.?”
He features remained set as she continued to meet his gaze. “No one person is more important than our cause to bring you down”
He let out a low rumbling laugh “That’s a sweet notion Princess, it’s a shame you won’t be around to see them try and fail.” Despite being terrified she refused to let it show. “Face it Kivar, you won’t win this time. I will see to it that my people are free from your tyranny” she stepped closer to him “and I will be there when they execute you” They stood facing each other locked in a battle of wills when a guard rushed into the room, and recoiled with fear as his master turned and threw an angry stare his way.
“Sorry to interrupt sir, but there’s…” he handed a piece of a paper over.
Valundra watched awe as her captors became visibly infuriated.
As he stormed out of her cell she sagged with relief and sunk down on to her bunk, her thoughts momentarily lingering on what or even who was capable of enraging Kivar. Closing her eyes she prayed that Zan didn’t hear of her capture, to expose his identity now was the worse thing that could happen.

Tia made it through security and headed down to the cells. Stopping abruptly when two guards blocked her path. Grabbing her arms they turned her around and led her away towards what she knew to be the conference room. She knew with a cold certainty who would be waiting for her there. With one last glance behind her she thought of Zan.

The door to the conference room opened and she was led inside. The long table spread out in front of her. Tia’s eyes fell on Kivar sat at the head of the table and she held her breath as he rose from his seat and moved towards her. Trying hard to show no fear she waited patiently for her punishment, in the few seconds it took him to reach her.
“How dare you disobey a direct order from me” Tia fell back on to the floor from the blow that landed on the side of her face. He signalled to the guards on the door, they stepped forward and kicked her mercilessly causing her to double over in pain at his feet; a slight wave of his hand stopped the beating.
“Leave us!” He stated, he watched as the guards left.
Stepping back he sneered at her
“Get up!” He turned and walked away from her, fully expecting her to still be whimpering on the floor when he turned back.
Tia relished the look of shock and surprise in his eyes when he turned to find her standing with a gun positioned millimetres away from his head.
“Hello father” Her words were slick with loathing. Licking her lips as she concentrated she could taste the metallic hint of blood. One eye held tightly shut as her face began to swell.
He narrowed his eyes, filling his voice with malice he whispered
“T, you not worthy of killing me, you are a second rate killer” He placed a strong grip around the gun and pressed it firmly against his forehead. Seeing her hesitate he tightened his grip on her wrist until her face twisted in agony and she dropped the gun.
“Why are you here?”
Tia tighten her jaw this was the real test; he had to believe nothing had changed.
“I was on a transport to Antar when it was detoured here. One of the passengers heard about Princess Valundras capture and insisted on landing. The rebels know of her capture and are planning a rescue operation.” Tia paused for a moment this had to work.
“The Rebels are planning to have her rescued?” Kivar looked away from her, it suited his purposes to have her always trying so hard to please him it kept her alive and on her toes.
Looking at her suspiciously he said
“When will the rebels attack?”
“They don’t! They are paying me very well to get her out for them. I figured I could use my success to infiltrate the rebels, while taking the opportunity to tell you about my plan.”
Kivar nodded in approval,
“Take a seat”
Tia sagged down into the chair, thankful that a temporary truce had been reached.
“Why did you want me on Antar?”
Kivar sat back in his chair and arched his fingers thoughtfully against his chin.
“Assassination! Its seems the Kings Son, Valundra’s brother isn’t as dead as we’d thought.”
Tia kept her face a cool mask. “Where can I find him?”
“The Princess may be useful to us after all. Let her led you to her brother then take him out!”
Tia stood and saluted “Yes Sir!”
He eyed her suspiciously, everything about this whole situation seemed out of character for his daughter. Since when did she except job offers from rebels working against him. Instead of torturing them for information and taking them out.
“Go then and get the job done fast!”
Kivar watched as she walked out of the room trying hard to hide the pain she was in. Raising an eyebrow he contemplated whether he could trust her, pressing a COM link on the table he spoke.
“Get me Nicholas”

Tia made her way down the corridor as fast as she could. Opening the door to the Princesses cell she stumbled inside and leaned against the wall, trying to clam the pain in her side.
Valundra stood as she entered and approached warily. Unsure at first if she was another prisoner, glancing at the door, which remained open, she still expected a guard to enter.
Tia summoned all the strength she had and stood up straight.
“Come on we are leaving” Tia grabbed Valundras arm and pulled her towards the door looking round in surprise when she stood her ground.
“Why should I go with you?”
“Gotta be better than execution, now come on!” Tia urged.
Valundra just shook her head. Tia pulled out the chain she’d hidden round her next, and stumbled forward as Valundra grabbed it eagerly.
“Where did you get this?”
Tia became consciously aware of the security camera in the cell, tucking the ring away quickly, her eyes pleaded with Valundra.
“Trust Me”
Valundra followed reluctantly.

When they exited the complex Tia let out the breath she’d been holding. Night had fallen and Tia had to strain her eyes to see which way she’d come down. Scanning the horizon a small light blinked on and off momentarily.
“Where now?” Asked Valundra
“Up there” Tia pointed to the side of the dusty basin where she had slid down. Holding on to each other as they climbed both girls eyed each other suspiciously as there eyes became accustomed to the hazy blue light that night time brought. Reaching the top Tia nearly fell back when eager hands reached over the side and pulled Valundra to safety. Looking up in surprise she saw that Rath held out his hand for her. Helping her over the top she looked away from him as his alert eyes took in the bruise on her face.
Zan and Valundra stood a little way away from them hugging each other tightly.
“God Loni, I’ve missed you so much!” He held her close and kissed her forehead as she began to cry in his arms.
“Lets go!” Tia tried to move rapidly past Zan but his hand tighten on her arm.
“Tia! What the hell happened to you”?
Tia glanced from Zan, to Loni held tightly in his embrace.
“What do you care”? She shook her arm free and climbed in to the passenger seat of the transport. While no one was looking she slumped forward slightly and held her hand against her ribs as she fought for breath.
Zan looked down at Loni and shrugged.
The journey back was conducted in silence, everyone deep in there one personal thoughts. Loni kept one eye on Tia; the girl was obviously in a great deal of pain but trying hard to hide it. Rath while driving was also aware of her discomfort. Zan sat next to her not wanting to let go, as Lonnie watched him she noticed how his gazed fell every where except for Tia. Chewing her lip she could help at wonder at the ease of there escape. Tia had walked in and out of a maximum-security prison and with a prisoner in tow. They should both be dead, glancing up at Zan she saw his eyes had finally landed on Tia. The look in his eyes told her a little of why Tia was even here.

Tia opened her eyes when Rath gently laid a hand on her shoulder. “We’re back”
She nodded and opened the passenger door. Holding tightly for support she let her feet drop to the floor steadying herself for a moment she opened her eyes to see Zan standing in front of her.
“I’m fine!” She said as she pushed herself away from the vehicle
“Like hell you are” Zan swept her up into his arms as she tried to stumble away from him. Finding no strength to protest she rested her head on his chest and gave herself up to unconsciousness. Zan looked at her worriedly as she went limp in his arms. Guilt overcame him as he realised he should have done something for her sooner.
“Come on Princess! You’re not giving up on me just yet”
Boarding the ship as quickly as he could, he ignored the looks Rath and Loni gave him.
“Zan don’t” Loni tried to call after him. Rath held back a moment, his eyes held by Valundras beauty, she turned as she realised he was staring.
“After you! Your Highness”
Loni looked at Rath as he bowed slightly and gestured for her to enter the ship first. Nodding in thanks she rushed in after Zan.


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Part 4

Zan lay Tia down on her bunk, turning the lights up to full, his eyes swept over the bruises on her face. Letting his hand hover over her body he tried to ascertain the extent of her injuries. Valundra rushed in pausing a few steps away from him, almost begging him she said
“Zan you can’t! She’ll know what you did”
He watched as Tia fluttered her eyelids for a moment then rolled her head to the side and coughed, a small trickle of blood ran out of her mouth. Valundra continued to protest but Zan barely knew she was there, all his worry and fear over took him. Placing his hand on the back of Tia’s neck he carefully turned her head.
“Tia you have to look at me” She tried hard to focus on him as he placed his hand on her broken ribs.
Zan almost pulled back with surprise when an image of Tia flashed across his mind. Not really understanding what he’d seen he pressed his hand down more firmly and tried again. His eyes locked with hers when he felt her caress the side of his face.

An image of Tia being kicked in the side by a man he couldn’t make out, her rage and loneliness swept through him. His face through her eyes being the last thing he saw and the torrent of emotions that came with it.

Breaking the connection he pulled away slightly to catch his breath, moving his hand up to her face he healed her bruised face being careful not to make another connection.

Tia opened her eyes; Zan was leaning over her slightly looking down at her but not really seeing her. His eyes darted from side to side as beads of sweat formed on his brow. The fire in her chest began to ease; glancing down she saw that his hand was glowing where he’d placed it on her ribs. Understanding what he was trying to do she gently touched the side of his face. Tia felt her mind open up to him, suddenly he was all consuming, in her and around her.

A small boy she knew to be Zan playing in a garden with a blonde haired girl. The girl fell and began to cry. Tia felt his need to ease the girl’s pain as he gently rubbed his hand on grazed knee. The surprise and wonder they felt when his hand glowed and the graze disappeared.

Tia felt Zan pull away from her leaving an empty space in her mind. His hand moved to her face. As she watched him concentrate on not looking her in the eye, fear hit her, what had he seen? She had so much to hide and none of it was good. As he gently healed the bruises on her face somehow she sensed that he didn’t hate her that he never could.

Sitting up she watched as Zan leaned back and closed his eyes.
“Let him sleep in peace! He’s not used to using his power like that its taken a lot out of him”
Tia snapped her head round as Valundra spoke. Her eyes narrowed as she really looked at the princess for the first time. Tia chewed her lip as jealousy coursed through her, she had to stay with Valundra to find her brother but if that meant having to watch Zan… with her!. For the first time she wondered if she would be able to complete her mission, to be so close to Zan and not be able to touch him, would be a torture like none she’d ever inflicted on her victims. She turned back to look at Zan as Valundra's eyes bored into her. Moving off the bunk she helped Valundra lay him down.
“Lets go” Valundra moved to the door
“No! I’ll sit with him till he wakes.” Tia looked away fixing her eyes on Zan, she wanted to savour the time that she had left with him. Fearing that when he awoke he would no longer see her and only have eyes for Valundra.
“That’s not necessary, if anyone should sit with him it will be me! And I don’t think he needs a baby sitter do you?”
Tia looked up at Valundra and clenched her fists a few times.
“Sit with me if you like but I’m not going”
Valundra left angrily mumbling.
She perched next to him on the bunk for a moment. Brushing a lock of hair away from his eyes she gently kissed his forehead.
“Thank you,” She whispered before moving across to the other bunk and falling asleep herself.

Valundra walked back into the main chamber. Chewing her fingernails she began to pace. Neusado watched fully aware that she had yet to see him. Looking directly at him she stopped her pacing. He studied her carefully; it had been many years since he’d last seen the Princess. It was haunting to see how much she had grown to resemble her mother. Caught in his revelry it was a few moments before he realised Valundra was speaking to him
“Who are you?”
Standing he approached her and held out his hand.
“My name is Neusado. I’m Zans protector”
She nodded in acceptance, ignoring his gesture of friendship. Zan had been taken by this man she couldn’t help harbouring some resentment. Turning away she began pacing again.
“What’s wrong with you? Your constant pacing is keeping me awake.” Rath muttered from the corner as he rubbed his eyes and sat up.
“Go sleep elsewhere then” Valundra snapped.
“Can’t! the sleeping beauties back-there” He gesture down the corridor “Have the only bunks”
“What’s wrong?” Neusado pressed again.
Valundra waved her hands in exasperation
“Him, Her!! Did you know that he is back there healing her!” Looking from one guy to the other she continued.
“I mean god! How long as he even known her?”
“About 3 days” Rath contributed and wished he hadn’t when he saw the look of disbelief on her face.
“You mean to tell me that’s he’s risking everything for a woman he just met!”
Neusado nodded at her and shook his head.
“I’m sorry I’ve tried to tell him I should have stopped him the first time.”
“What do you mean the first time.” Valundra lowered her voice menacingly. Placing her hands on her hips she was suddenly determined to get the full story of this woman’s hold over Zan.
Neusado sat down and glanced at her nervously.
“Tia had a blast wound on her arm that Zan felt responsible for, he was healing it for her without her knowing.”
Rath just looked confused for a moment. “Are you trying to say that Zan has healing powers”?
Valundra didn’t bother to look at him as she gave her reply she just kept her eyes fixed on Neusado. “That’s irrelevant right now I want to know about her. I don’t like her! and I don’t trust her”
Rath smirked “Yeah she does kinda give off that vibe of scary and inaccessible” Pausing for a moment he wondered where this was coming from. “She did rescue you! So what’s your problem?”
“That is my problem! She walked right in without a fight and led me out no questions asked. They let her take me it’s the only explanation”
He furrowed his brow, that explanation didn’t surprise him but he’d been around Tia long enough to know the way she dealt with things. He ran his fingers though his hair, something didn’t fit!
“Tia’s a bounty hunter, I don’t know how she managed to get security clearance and believe me I don’t wanna know but she has nothing to gain from rescuing you. She did for….”
“What!! for Zan?” Valundra interrupted her anger evident.
“She has some misguided feelings for Zan, is that what your suggesting! Well fine but I’m telling you she’s up to something”
Rath raised himself up from his seat to face Valundra.
“You are so paranoid! Wasn’t Zan back there just now healing her? She was badly beaten while trying save you royal behind!”
“Don’t speak to me like that!”
“Oh I’m so sorry your highness!! Forgive for pointing out that you! are not the centre of the universe, maybe its time you started thinking about other people instead of yourself. What do you supposed would have happened to Tia if Zan hadn’t been here to help her!!!”
He stepped back a little, fully aware that he’d defended Tia enough, although why he’d felt the need to do that he wasn’t sure
“It doesn’t feel right” Valundra managed to say through gritted teeth.
Rath sighed “Ok! Then how do you explain her injuries”?
The princess looked up triumphantly, “Self inflicted she knew Zan had been healing her arm but she couldn’t prove it, she had a guard beat her up badly so that Zan would be forced to openly use his powers to heal her.”
Rath sat rubbed his chin thoughtfully
“Do you really think she’s a spy?”
Valundra glanced back down the corridor
“I’m sure of it! It’s not safe for any of us! We have to get rid of her.”
Rath placed his hands on Valundra’s shoulders. She looked up into his eyes surprised at how comforting his touch was.
“If you’re right, then we really are in trouble but please don’t do anything yet. Listen to me when I tell you that T is very dangerous, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill you if she felt threatened.”
Valundra scoffed “I’m not afraid of her.”
Neusado moved to Raths side. “Listen to him, I’ve kept Zan fairly sheltered but I’ve lived on Antex long enough to here stories about T none of it pretty.”
Rath thought for a moment
“I have a friend we can hide out with for a few days. We can lose her then”
Valundra looked at both of the men
“Thank you but please don’t say anything to Zan let me deal with him.”

Zan tossed and turned in his sleep as he dreamed. The world was on fire around him; standing bravely in front of his nanny he felt Lonnie’s hand gripping his tightly. Determined to protect them he watched as the man approached. The two adults had a brief conversation that his young mind could not comprehend. Running at the man he kicked him in the shin and screamed at him to go away and leave them alone. He cried out as the man scooped him up off the floor and his nanny prized Lonnie’s hand out of his. Both began crying for each other when they realised what was happening. Zan fought desperately as the man carried him away, he had to stay, he had to protect them. In his dream like state Zan cried out in his mind, he knew he’d lost something vital that day, something he’d been searching forever since. Even thought the day it’s self was long forgotten.

Tia awoke suddenly as fear washed over her. Glancing over at Zan she moved quickly to his side as he tossed and turned, his body soaked in sweat. Realising that somehow she’d felt his distress and it had woken her. She gently placed her hand on the side of his face to try and calm him.
“Shh Zan” She whispered.
Tia gasped in surprise as Zan sat up suddenly and pulled her into a tight embrace. He pressed a tender kiss against her forehead. Speaking almost desperately and rocking her gently he said.
“Oh god! I thought I’d lost you! I wanted to protect you and I failed. I’m sorry”
“I’m sorry,” He whispered again.
Assuming he was still dreaming Tia patted her hand on his back.
“Zan it’s ok! You were dreaming that’s all!”
Zan focused a little as he pulled away slightly and cupped her face in his hands, his voice maintaining a desperate edge he said.
“It’s you”
Kissing her lightly at first, he pressed down and deepened the kiss as Tia let out a muffled cry of shock and mild outrage. Willing her to relent, his hands travelled through hair. Tia snaked her arms up around his neck and tilted her head back to return his kiss. Letting herself sink into his embrace unable to stop, she felt her mind open up to him again; the need to feel his presence all around her being, over ran the warnings playing in the back of her mind. Her mind screamed at her she wanted this but she couldn’t let him see.

Zan sat on the lap of a young woman in his nursery.
“Why are you crying nanny,” He asked when she said nothing he placed his hand on her stomach.
“It’s a girl,” He said so matter of factly the woman gaped at him in surprise. Zan tilted his head and looked at his nanny thoughtfully.
“Don’t worry I’ll protect her for you” His nanny held him tightly to her and kissed his head.
“I’m sure you will, my darling”

Tia pulled away from him as she realised what was happening.
“Zan stop” She said hoarsely.
He looked at her confused, he’d sensed how much she wanted him but she was fighting it. Her mind had been blank, whispers of information flowed past him but he hadn’t been able to grasp anything.
She pushed him away and stood up. “I’m sorry you were dreaming! I couldn’t stop you”
He turned his face away from her trying to disguise his emotions. When he looked back his eyes held their usual humour, Tia let hers grow cold as she gazed back at him.
"You didn't want me to!"
"what!" Tia uttered
Zan stood and placed his hand on the side on her face.
"to stop! I mean" He raised his other hand to gentled caress her face. She felt herself start to melt away as he slowly leaned in.
"You want me to kiss you princess"
Princess? alarm bells started to ring in the back of Tias mind, she should have been instantly suspicious but she was already too far-gone. Zan looked deeply into her eyes as all the fight in her seemed to melt away and raw desire looked back at him. He wanted to kiss her, hell he wanted to kiss her all over but his situation was impossible enough already with becoming entangled with Tia.
He pulled away from her and laughed. "Your out of luck princess, think I’ll keep looking for my dream girl"
Tia angrily tore her eyes away from his amused expression and turned to leave
“Here” she said grabbing at the chain around her neck. Thrusting the broken chain and ring at him she left the room.

Zan turned the ring over in his hands and wondered if she’d ever really looked at it. Something caught his eye on the floor, bending down he picked up Tias locket. Turning the gold locket over in his hands he inspected the marking on the front, holding the ring up next to it he stared from one to the other. The markings were identical both held his own personal royal seal. Anger flared in him as he considered whom she could have stolen it from. Then he remembered that her name was engraved on the back. Turning it over in his hand, he considered the possibility that the locket wasn’t hers and nor was her chosen name. As he opened the locket the picture of a young woman stared up at him, his eyes widened as recognition dawned. Leaping up from the bunk he went to confront Tia.

Tia wandered back into the main chamber and was instantly alert by the silence that ensued. Sighing she turned as Zan entered the room behind her, she was taken by surprise as he grabbed the front of her outfit and pulled her to eye level and waved a locket in her face.
“Where the hell did you get this?” He lowered his voice “Who did you kill for this?”
Tia focus on the locket and her hand instantly felt at her neckline.
“That’s mine give it back” Her voice became dangerously angry. Grabbing for the locket Zan lifted it out of her reach. “No! This is mine I’m keeping it until you tell me where you got it.”
Rath who’d been watching in confusion saw the look that flashed across Tia’s face and moved fast. Grabbing her from behind he rapped his arms tightly around and trapped her arms at her side. Whilst she struggled in his grasp in held firm and looked at Zan.
“you really have a death wish don’t you!”
Zan blinked a few times and opened his mouth to reply, but Neusado interrupted.
“Zan what’s this about”?
Zan handed over the locket while his eyes never left Tia. “Look at this! Look at the markings, check inside.” He lifted his eyes to Rath.
“She’s a thief and I wanna know who she stole it from.”
Rath sighed. “Zan I think you’re over reacting! You don’t know that she stole it!.. Did you?”
Tia stopped struggling as she realised Rath was attempting to defend her. She answered with an element of surprise in her voice.
“Course not. Its mine I don’t see why I have to justify myself to any of you”
Valundra looked over Neusados shoulder at the crest engraved on the front. Both gasped together as they looked at the woman in side. Valundra stood by Zans side and joined him in questioning Tia.
“Zan, we can’t trust her!”
Neusado looked from the picture to Tia. Finally reaching a decision he pushed past Zan and handed the locket back to her. She looked up at him in surprise.
“They don’t understand yet!” He nodded in Zan and Valundra’s direction, where they both silently fumed.
“But I understand how and why this belongs to you”
Tia opened her mouth to speak, but Zan shouldered Neusado out of the way.
“Yeah well I don’t and I order you to tell me”
“You order me,” Tia said in disbelief.
Zan and Tia stared each other down as they reached a stale mate. An alarm began to ring in the background.
“Now, now! Break it up. We’ve arrived!” Rath glanced from Zan to Tia.
“Where?” Zan said angrily never taking his eyes off Tia.
“The moon?” Zan looked at him, “When did we decide to stop there”?
Rath shrugged “While you were sleeping!”
Zan looked at his three companions and really registered their obvious annoyance for the first time. Sensing there was more going on than he realised he turned to Valundra.
“You’d better tell me why we are here!”


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Part 5

The lunar city spread out below them as the ship circled a few times before docking. Antarine loomed above them; Tia shuddered as she gazed at the hazy purple atmosphere. Afraid to still be so close to Kivar and his army. Zan had seated himself next Rath, Neusado hovered in the doorway while Valundra perched in the seat behind Rath. Very little had been said since the incident in the main chamber, a solemn quite had fallen over all of them.
“So who’s your friend?” Zan asked Rath.
“Kalon, He’s and old friend of mine and….T’s”
“Can we trust him?”
“No..but we need a place to hide for a few days.” Rath turned and grinned at Tia,
“Besides if he gives us any trouble Tia can take care of him like last time!” He turned away from Tias glare but continued to grin as he enjoyed her discomfort.
“Left him a very happy man!”
“I find that hard to believe” Valundra muttered.
Rath landed the ship.
“He should be here to meet us! Lets go!” Rath stood and offered his hand to Valundra as an escort”
Tia sat thoughtfully in the chair for a moment as everyone filed out.
“Tia!” Zan’s sharpness startled her out of her thoughts.
“What!” She said glaring at him.
Zan shook his head.
“If you think for one second I’m letting you out of my sight your wrong! So lets go!” He yanked her arm pulling her out of the chair.

Kalon waited patiently on the docking bay floor watching as the passengers emerged. Rath exited first with a beautiful blonde on his arm, an old guy closely followed but Kalon instantly dismissed him and focused his attention back on the woman with Rath. The two men hugged and spoke of old times. Rath introduced Neusado and Valundra.
Kalon looked at Rath.
The loud voices of two people emerging from the ship caused everyone to turn their way.
Zan appeared holding firmly on to Tias elbow while she tired to fight him off.
“Damit let me go”
“I said let me go!”
“I told you! I’m not letting you out of my sight”
“You can’t force me to stay with you”
“Watch me Princess”
Kalon leaned in close to Rath
“Why isn’t he dead?”
Rath rolled his eyes and looked at Kalon.
“Ladies and gentlemen Zan and Tia”
The bickering pair stopped abruptly at Raths sarcasm. Kalon stepped up to Tia pulling her into a tight hug and away from Zan. Placing his arm around Tia firmly, he turned to shake Zans hand.
“Hello my names Kalon, I see you’ve met my wife!”
Kalon hugged Tia to him as Zans face crumpled in confusion. Glancing at Tia he said
“Honey, you look really tired. Go back to our apartment and get some sleep!”
Zan fixed his gazed firmly on Tia, she shifted uncomfortable under his scrutiny.
“I’m fine really”
Kalon sighed
“Oh Honey I’ve missed you so!”
He hugged her again turning her so that his back was to Zan. Looking over Kalon's shoulder Tia’s gazed locked with Zan as his eyes asked a thousand questions. Tia almost missed what Kalon whispered in her ear.
“Nicholas is here, waiting for you”
Pulling away from Kalon, Tia threw a lazy seductive smile at Zan she hoped would drive him crazy.
“You know what I am kinda tired”
Pouting at Kalon she pressed herself against him.
“Promise you won’t be long”
He nodded in understanding.
“I promise” He kissed her forehead. As Tia walked away Kalon moved back to Valundras side.
“Valundra that’s a beautiful name”
“Thank you” She smiled graciously as Kalon kissed her hand
“I’d like very much to show you around, would you care to join me”
“Certainly” Valundra took his waiting arm, eager for the opportunity to question him about Tia. “Tell me about Tia! How long have you been married”?
Rath shook his head at Zan as he approached.
“Don’t ask,” He said as Zan opened his mouth to speak.

Nicholas sat in the darkness of Tias apartment awaiting her arrival. The windows allowed artificial light to stream in, casting eerie shadows around the room. He waited patiently watching the door. Her arrival was sudden but he didn’t flinch.
“Lights” Tia yelled as she stormed in. The chamber became basked in the glow of the lights and he soaked up her radiant beauty as she stood before him seething with anger.
Standing he looked her up and down. “I love it when you’re angry!”
“What do you want?” She bit back
“You! Always.” He leered at her.
Tia shifted her position slightly ready to defend herself. Nicholas had been in Kivars army for as long as she could remember. Over the years he had slowly worked his way into her fathers confidence and now held the position of second to Kivar. She didn’t trust him and doubted that her father really did either but Nicholas had a sadistic nature that Kivar had always been able to manipulate. She was fully aware that Nicholas was becoming overly ambitious and the more she was around him the more she realised how much he’d turned his attentions towards her. The hungry way he looked at her set her nerves on edge. “Get to the point before I get board” she almost yelled at him, a little annoyed that her father had even sent him here in the first place.
Nicholas placed his hand to his mouth in mock horror.
“Or what you’ll kill me! I don’t think so”
Both kept their distance wary of each other. Nicholas spoke first.
“I’m here to see you get the job done and make sure Valundra is delivered safely back to Kivar”
Tia glared at him.
“Is that it? Get out and don’t waste my time”
Nicholas turned and spoke to her sharply.
“You have your orders follow them. Have you found him”?
“No! Not yet Valundra will lead him to me”
Nicholas thought for a moment,
“Who is she travelling with?”
Tia gritted her teeth for a moment, she hated the fact that Nicholas had become her commanding officer and she had to answer his questions. “Two rebels from Antex” she replied eventually. Clenching her fists she concentrated on how much she just wanted him gone. Her eyes darted to the door, as a familiar sense of warmth began to grow and her whole body seemed to tingle with anticipation.
Nicholas eyed her suspiciously, he trained with Tia and was well aware how deadly she could be. Her behaviour seemed odd as she stood before him. All her defences were down, the alert look that he’d come to be so wary of was gone from her eyes. As her eyes darted the door, it seemed that for a split second she totally forgot that he was even in the room. It dawned on him he could’ve killed her then and there if he’d wanted to. Intrigue consumed him as he started to move towards her “I want you to help me make contact with Valundra”
His words broke Tia away from where ever her mind had gone and she turned on him sharply.
“No! You get to Valundra any way you like but leave me out of it!”
He stopped in surprise at her refusal.
“Why do I get the feeling your hiding something from me dear little Tia”?
Nicholas came at her quickly, moving to grab her arms. Tia who had anticipated his move sidestepped and spun placing a swift roundhouse kick on his lower back. He stumbled forward but recovered quickly. His right fist connected with her jaw and in her moment of disorientation he placed both his hands firmly on the side of her head. Concentrating he attacked her mind with his before she could recover enough to free her self from his grip. Using his wait to push her to her knees. Tia glared up at him her eyes ablaze with the attempt to keep him out of her mind. Nicholas was known for his mind control powers and the ability to mind rape a victim. Tia shivered she had always known that someday Nicholas would try this on her.
“Show me Tia, let me see what you know, show me how you feel.” She could feel his presence in her mind probing for information, closing her eyes she fought him. Nicholas sensed her fighting him; he was surprised at her strength of mind.
His head shot up to look at the door as someone began pounding to be let in. A voice called thought the door. “Damit Tia opened this door” Tia saw the moment of indecision and pushed hard at Nicholas forcing him out of her mind.
Cursing he let go of her and picked up his gun. Moving towards the door, the immense feeling of love and hate directed at one person - and the image of a Man that had flashed across Tias mind the moment the pounding started - Stayed in the front of his mind. Jealousy was a factor for his curiosity, he had the feeling the guy in her mind was the same guy on the other side and it made his trigger finger itch.
“No!” Tia shouted as she realised what he was going to do.
Moving forward she grabbed Nicholas and pushed him through the apartment, opening a side door she thrust him out.
“Stay away from me!”
Moving down the corridor and peering round the corner his eyes swept over the mystery man. The guy stood pounding on her door demanding she open it. Nicholas was intrigue as Tia opened the door and yelled back at him. Going back the way he came, he grinned to find that in her haste Tia had failed to close the door, moving stealthfully inside he listen to their conversation.


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Hello!! everyone!! thanxs soooooo!! much for the feedback! I got quite a few parts written already so I'm gonna try to post as often as I can.

Part 6

“What is your problem?” Tia shouted as she threw open the door and glared at him. Zan ignored her and pushed past, his eyes swept over the spacious apartment. Moving across the room he thrust open a door which revealed the bathroom. Turning to survey the room his eyes fell on another door.
“What’s through there?” he said as Tia moved to intercept him.
“There’s no one else here Zan!” She decided to cut to the chase it was obvious from the way he was searching her room, that he suspected that she hadn’t been alone.
She waved her hands around in frustration; they came to rest on either side of her head. “I can’t take this” she said almost to herself. “Why are you even here? How did you find me?”
Zan shrugged “Instinct!” He wasn’t about to admit to her that he wasn’t quite sure of that himself. He just kind of wandered in this direction. Passing the apartment he’d heard what sounded like a scuffle, he was almost sure he’d heard her cry out but the sound had seemed to emanate from inside his head rather from inside the apartment.
“Instinct!? Right!” She uttered with an element of disbelief. “Well that’s great! You busted into my apartment saved me from..” she gestured around the apartment “absolutely no-one! So I guess you can leave now! Ok!” She grabbed the door and held it open for him.
She almost sighed with relief as Zan walked towards her. She was actually thankful he’d been pounding on the door, she’d never have fought Nicholas off otherwise, plus she couldn’t shake the feeling that she’d know Zan was near by. The thought unsettled her and right now she just wanted him gone. She was startled out of her thoughts when Zan stopped abruptly reached around her and firmly pushed the door closed.
“No” he whispered as his eyes locked with hers.
“Fine” She managed shakily
Moving quickly away from him she sat down on one of the chairs in the kitchen area. Her eyes fell momentarily on the bed, the memory of kissing Zan was firmly placed in the front of her mind she wondered what it would be like to….. She quickly shifted her eyes to a spot on the floor as she began to unlace her combat boots. She couldn’t think like that, it was wrong to want him so badly. She had a mission to complete she didn’t need unnecessary attachments. ‘Still’ she told herself. ‘Loni really doesn’t like me! So if I’m gonna stick with her then I’ll need some one on my side’ she allowed herself a small half smile. ‘And what’s the best way to keep a man wrapped around your little finger, plus bagging Loni’s man is gonna drive the stuck up bitch crazy’
Zan eyed her suspiciously as she smiled and sauntered over to him, slowly unbuttoning her shirt. Revealing her toned stomach, the shirt draped lightly over the soft curve of her breasts, which were held firmly in place by the lacy black bra she wore. “I’m going to bed” her hand lightly brushed his arm. “with or without you, your choice!” She wrapped her arms around his neck and lightly brushed his lips with her own, he’d hadn’t tried to push her way yet but he hadn’t returned her kiss either. She smiled softly, Zan had said nothing so far but she was pressed firmly enough against him to feel that he liked what he saw. He lifted his hands to her shoulders and softly traced the length of her arms until his hands met hers. Holding her wrist firmly he disentangled himself from her grasp.
“Seductions not your strong point is it princess!”
The look on Tia face was priceless but she wasn’t about to be beaten.
“You weren’t complaining when you kissed me!”
He grinned at her as he contemplate how easy it would have been to give in but he couldn’t let her know his weakness. She’d forever use it against him . “Yeah well you weren’t trying so hard to seduce me then! I’m touched by your change of heart but lets just cut the crap what do you want from me?”
“Nothing” she said, moving back and rubbing her wrists where he gripped her so tightly.
“Tell me” he managed while fast losing his patience.
“leave me alone” was all she could say in reply. Maybe her idea to use him hadn’t been such a great one after all.
“ Damit Tia! What the hells going on with you?” Zan shouted
Tia shrugged “I don’t know what you mean!”
Zan spun her round to face him.
“Like hell you don’t! I don’t believe for one second that guy is your husband.”
“Hard to believe! What that someone could love me, could marry me!” Tia kicked him hard in the shin and pushed him backwards.
“Besides it’s really none of your damn business, if I’m married or not!”
Zan looked away she had a point her personal life had nothing to do with him.
“Yes it’s my god damn business if one of your lovers jeopardises Loni’s life.”
Crossing the space between them rapidly he lowered his voice lacing it with cruel intent.
“You are a liability! Valundras safety is my main priority.”
Grabbing her shoulders roughly he pulled her close. “The others don’t trust you!”
Tia felt unable to unlock her gaze from his as he searched her eyes for some truth.
“If I can’t trust you to keep our secret safe, then I can’t allow you to leave this place alive.”
“Don’t threaten me!” Tia spat back at him. “You can’t kill me anymore than I can kill you”
Zan let go of her arms and glared angrily into her eyes. Tias breath quicken with desire as she realised Zan hadn’t stepped away from her and they now stood so close they were almost touching. Unconsciously she moved forward to close the gap and pressed her lips against his eager to initiate a deeper kiss. Zan fought inwardly as he tasted Tia’s sweet kiss reaching a decision he roughly pulled her against him and kissed her back deeply. His hands sliding onto her lower back to hold her firmly against him as her tiny hands unbutton his shirt, pushed it off and roamed his torso desperately. Wrestling each other for control, Tia jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. Zan moved away from her lips and left and trail of butterfly kisses down her neckline as Tia tilted her head back.

Fighting for control she let herself slide down him to the floor, breaking her lips away from his she looked at him with mistrust in her eyes. Sinking down on the edge of the bed she ran her fingers through her hair and lowered her gaze to the floor.
“We can’t do this!” She lifted her gaze to meet his. Zan stood exactly where she’d left him, his arms were folded and a look of mild amusement played across his handsome features. Tia found herself holding her breath as her eyes swept across his chiselled upper torso. She cursed to herself as much as she despised Loni she could do this to her. ‘great’ she thought ‘now you grow a conscious, right before you jump into bed with the sexiest guy you’ve met…ever….’ For the first time in years Tia realised that she actually felt an emotion that wasn’t encouraged by her father. She felt compassion for others all because of one man that infuriated the hell out of her one-minute and had her wanting to die if he didn’t kiss her the next.
“I can’t let you hurt Loni like this. I won’t let you use me”
“Loni doesn’t care what we do?” Zan said a little confused
“You jerk! Yes she does, how could you not see that!” Standing she removed the data crystal from her pocket and threw it at him. He caught it with one hand as she turned away from him.
“I watched that Zan, I know how much she loves you! I saw how you went to her after I’d risked my life getting her out!”
Zan looked at her puzzled, surely she knew what Valundra was to him? Didn’t she? Tia had to realise that she was the only one he wanted. He took a step towards her cautiously
“If it was such a risk why did you do it?”
“For you!” Tia clenched her fist as she realised what she’d said. Zan reached out to gently pull her into his arms but she stepped out of his grasp.
“if this is some kind of trick. I couldn’t…”
Zan didn’t give her the chance to finish that sentence he stepped up behind her and his fingers lightly pulled her shirt off her shoulders and let it drift to the floor. Gently brushing her hair over to one side he lightly kissed her neck.
“No more games angel just you and me” he whispered huskily into her ear. Tia relaxed and closed her eyes as she leaned back against his chest and he slid his arm around her middle to pull her closer. They both shivered from the skin-to-skin contact, she trembled as she raised her head to meet his waiting lips. Turing her in his grasp he pressed his mouth firmly over hers as she gave herself up to desire. Falling on the bed and no longer caring about the consequences they lost themselves in the moment. The unknown watcher left quietly, putting away in his mind Tia’s weakness.

Tia lay satisfied in Zan s arms; sweat glistened on their bodies as they clung to each other. She tried to catch her breath as she rested her head on his chest. She listened intently to the sound of his heart beat as her mind tried to assess what had just happened. As he tightened his arms around her, she instinctively snuggled closer. The warmth of his skin calmed her and the feel of his arms holding her, allowed a sense of peace to invade her thoughts. She’d never felt so alive before, lifting her hand up she flexed her fingers a few time and stared at it intently. She was almost sure she should be glowing on the outside as well as inside. Zan softly enveloped her hand with his; while his other hand was buried deep in her hair gently twirling the strands around his fingers. He placed a soft kiss on the top of her head; raising her hand to his lips he placed a kiss on the palm of her hand before entwining his fingers with hers. Cold reality began to seep in and he knew they were running out of time, that soon one of them would make the move to get up and it would all be over.
Tia spoke first breaking the silence.
“Zan I need your help!” she chewed nervously on her lip before continuing. “You must have wondered how I had security clearance back at the complex.” Zan said nothing as he considered where this was leading. Tia tightened her grip on him before continuing. “I work for Kivar sometimes!” She paused waiting for Zan to get angry and push her away but he just brushed away the lock of hair that had fallen in her eyes, before replying.
“So you think he’ll be pissed that you used your clearance to get Loni out”
Tia nodded against his chest.
“Big time! I need a place to hide, I though maybe Loni had some place to go and I could just tag along.”
It seemed to take Zan too long to answer and she cringed as she wondered if she’d tried to push for too much to soon.
“You really wanna talk about this now?” Zan asked cautiously
She raised her head and smiled at him.
“No! Not really” She pressed her lips sensually against his hoping to distract him, before sinking back into his arms to savour the moment for as long as possible.

Looking at Tia, Zan thought of the images he’d seen, memories he knew what not his own and had to have come from her. He’d felt her presence in the fringes of his mind, her emotions had been loud and clear at that point, she’d wanted him but was afraid of the connection that allowed them to really see each other. She didn’t understand and didn’t want it and tried to block him. Then things had got out of control and the lines between them became fuzzy and he’d tried to pull back but they’d gone to far. He’d tried so hard not to let her see him, and sensed that she’d been doing the same but some images had still leaked into his mind. Making a decision he rolled over taking Tia with him so that he now lay at her side. Leaning over a little more he pinned her with his weight, he caressed her face and brushed her hair back.
“What did you see?” He asked softly
Tia gazed up at him as Zan voiced her own concern.
“It’s a blur” She turned her head to the side. “I didn’t want that!”
Zan placed his fingers on her chin and turned her head back to look at him.
“I know! I tried to stop but I couldn’t”
He watched as her face crumpled and she tried to pull away from him.
“You mean you wanted to stop!” She raised her hands and pushed him. “Get off me!”
Sitting up her mind reeled, he’d wanted to pull away from her he’d glimpsed her soul and looked away, while she’d stared in awe at his.
He sat up and gently rubbed his hand on her back and pulled her close as she began to sob.
“That’s not what I….”
He cupped his hands around her face and softly kissed away her tears away.
“I want you! But what we have…. its not normal”
Tia wrapped her hands around his wrists and nodded to indicate she understood. He looked at her desperately as she opened her mouth to speak.
“I’m sorry I don’t know why?” he said interrupting her, the look on her face told him he’d been correct about her question. She sighed as she allowed him to pull her back into his arms.
“What are we gonna do?” she whispered
Tia stared blankly at nothing as her fingers lightly played with the chain around his neck. He tugged at it and pulled it over his head and placed it around her neck, she looked at him in surprise as he spoke.
“We’re alike you and I, I know you have things you don’t want me to see, things your not so proud of, I know cause I have them too.” His eyes searched hers “this won’t happen again!”
Lifting herself up slightly she softly kissed his lips. She wanted desperately to tell him that she loved him but the words wouldn’t form on her lips. Tears rolled gently down her check as she remembered, her mission and how she’d have to stay close to him. Tia was truly afraid she knew Zan would never forgive her for what she had to do but fear of her father’s wrath controlled her. Moving away from him she raised herself off the bed and grabbed a robe from a near by chair. Pulling the chain over her head she held the ring in her hand as she considered what to do with it.
“We should…Kalon will be back soon”
Zan laughed trying to lighten the mood.
“I shouldn’t worry about that, last time I saw him he was making eyes at my sister, which was really pissing Rath off, you should have seen his face.”
Tia turned the ring in her hand, her eyes taking in the markings as for the first time. Her eyes flicking up as her mind registered what Zan had just said.

Nausea washed over her, rushing into the bathroom she leaned over the basin and splashed some water on her face. Steadying herself she looked at her face in the mirror, turning away she couldn’t bear to look and sunk to the floor as her world exploded.
“She had to be wrong! It couldn’t be him” Burying her head into her knees she cried. Warm hands wrapped around her pulling her close. Zan rocked her gently like a lost child while she cried in his arms.
“Shh..My angel, don’t cry!”
“I’m no Angel” Tia wiped the tears out of eyes and pulled out of his embrace. Standing she moved past him back into the bedroom. Pacing around the room she began to pull on her clothes. Zan followed her movements pulling on his own clothes as he tried to judge her mood. Tia tired not to think of Zan, concentrating hard on how much she despised her father. She let her heart harden.
“Loni is your sister?” She nodded as his face confirmed what she suspected. Zan ran his fingers through his hair and cursed under his breath he hadn’t meant to tell her about Loni quite so casually.
“So let me get this straight! You’re a prince, no wait one better you’re a king. So your what? Killing time with me until you take back what’s yours and marry some idiot princess”
Zan shifted uncomfortably as she pinned him to the spot with one look. Tia placed her hands on her head.
“This isn’t happening to me” Her eyes searched the room wildly looking for a suitable weapon as she remembered her mission. Seeing her gun she made a grab for it and turned on him.
Zan gazed at her bitterly. “My life’s no God-damn fairytale” He took a step towards her as the gun trembled in her grasp.
“Look around you Tia, I have nothing, my life is nothing” He made a grab for the gun and gently pulled it out of her grasp.
“What’s this about?”
Turning away from him she said.
“I’m leaving”
“Tia!” Zan said her name cautiously not quite understanding her mood change.
Tia grabbed the locket from around her neck and firmly pressed it into Zans palm.
“You were right I did steal this! Tias not even my real name. So keep it!”
Walking away from him Zan growled with frustration. She turned to him and flashed a cruel smile.
“Look baby! You were great but that’s it! I had a taste of a king and now I’m leaving!”
Zan locked his emotions away, and allowed the humour to play.
“Your right Princess” Tia stopped as he spoke.
Walking towards the door he opened it for her. “But I’ve got news for you! Now I’ve had you I won’t be hanging around for more”
“You’re a fool Zan!” Tia started to walk out of the room glancing back at him concern showed on her face. “Kivar knows your alive, he has people looking for you! watch your back and trust no one”
Zan slammed the door as she left. Falling on to the bed, his mind considered her final words of concern for him. She’d be back he knew it.

Tia headed down to the docking bays where she knew she could get a ship. Trying desperately to keep her resolve, she reminded herself of the man she was supposed to assassinate. Who she now knew to be the one man she loved beyond all reason.

Zan slept his mind full of Tia. He tossed and turned his dreams showing him the way. Finally he sat up in the bed yelling her name. Understanding washed over him, the palm of his hand glowed with the symbol of his royal house as he held it up in front of his face.
“Tia” He said again, turning to the empty space beside him, he remembered she was gone. If he was right then she should feel the same way about him. In fact he was certain she did every cell in his body hummed with the knowledge that she loved him. Zan wanted to scream with rage, what reason could she have to fight him. What was Tia so afraid of?

Pulling away from the moon at high speed Tia relaxed back and closed her eyes. She sat up with a start as she clearly heard Zan yell her name, she felt his need for her and her hand hesitated over the controls that would turn the ship around and take her back. Turning her hand over she watched in awe as a symbol glowed on her hand. Closing her eyes to it all she strengthened her resolve and left him behind.


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Part Seven

Walking through the gardens with Kalon at her side. Valundra half-heartedly listened as Kalon described the success of his operations in the lunar city. He had shown her pretty much everything and had babbled consistently. The questions about Tia had led nowhere; frustrated Valundra had finally asked if Tia was trust worthy. Kalon's reply troubled her she glanced behind her as she thought about it “as long as your useful to her”.
Rath followed keeping his eyes alert, seeing Valundra look at him he plastered a fake grin on his face. They’d been wandering around for about an hour and in that time she’d barely looked at him. Part of him was extremely jealous that Kalon was receiving her full attention.
“Your highness” Valundra stopped and faced him fully as it dawned on her.
“Where’s Zan?” She glanced around questioningly.
“Gone” Rath supplied
“Well where! He can’t just wander off and leave me” Valundra waved her arms in annoyance as she tried to stress her point.
Rath grinned at her and Kalon.
“Three guesses”
Valundra looked at him, a look of disbelief on her face.
“You’re joking!”
“What are you talking about?” Kalon asked slightly confused.
“Zan!! He’s gone looking for Tia! God can’t he stay away from her for 5 minutes”
“When?” Kalon said
“About an hour” Rath replied.
“An hour!” Valundra almost yelled, “Why didn’t you tell me”
Rath looked from her to Kalon before grinning again.
“Didn’t like to interrupt!”
She sighed “Yeah well I don’t like it! How did even now where to find her anyway?” Her face-harden into a scowl directed at Rath as he shoved his hands deep in his pockets and looked away.
“You told him” She accused
“No! I just pointed him in the right direction”
“What were you thinking? We should go get him!” Valundra suggested, “It might not be safe” Rath grabbed her arm and pulled her back as she passed him.
“No way! With a bit of luck they’ll do us all a favour and work out thier differences one-way or the other. I sure as hell don’t wanna walk in on that”
Valundra rolled her eyes as Kalon clicked on.
“What if your wrong? What if she really hurts him?” She continued
“She won’t! Zan’s the one in control of that situation, trust me.” Rath assured her as he looked solemnly into her eyes.
“Fine leave them! I should go back to my own quarters” Valundra did little to hide the anger in her voice.
“Of course your highness follow me!” Kalon held out his hand for her.
Valundra was startled when a figure lurched out from the near by under growth and grabbed at her dress. His clothes were ripped and he had cuts and bruise on his face.
“Your highness thank god I found you!” Pressing a silver emblem into her hand. His bloody hands left streaks on her dress and ripped the hem slightly as he sunk to the floor.
Gasping for air he tried to speak
“I have a….”
Valundra glanced at the item in her hand; she kneeled beside him as he fell unconscious, feeling for a pulse she let out her breath when she found it.
“Take him to my quarters” She stood as she issued the order, never really expecting anyone to disagree. Kalon moved to lift him but Rath stood firm.
“Who is he? Why trust him?”
Valundra glanced around nervously the symbol in the palm of her hand proved the young man to be a rebel contact, he been sent to find her but someone else had reached him first.
“He’s one of mine!” Looking at him he knew that was all the answer he was going to receive reluctantly he helped Kalon to carry the wounded man.

Laying him down on the bed, Valundra gently mopped his face with a damp cloth. His eyes fluttered open realising where he was he moved to sit up fast but Valundra hurriedly pressed him back down.
“Its ok your safe” She did her best to calm him.
“Your highness you are not safe here” He looked at her companions nervously.
“None of you are”
Valundra turned to Rath.
“I don’t care if you’re interrupting something! Get them now”
Kalon rushed past him. “I’ll go you don’t know where my apartment is, don’t leave her alone with him,”

He knocked on the apartment door urgently, unwilling to use his key in case he really did interrupt something. He stepped back startled when Zan threw the door open. His hair tussled and shirt hanging out, disappointment registered on his face as he looked Kalon up and down.
Kalon composed himself hurriedly “Valundra needs you it’s urgent.”
Zan gestured for Kalon to lead the way. “I don’t know where she is!” Zan kept his words sharp and abrupt. Kalon tore his gaze away from the empty apartment, “Oh yeah sorry!” he started off down the corridor deciding to let the others ask about Tia.

“Loni what’s wrong?” Zan swept into the room and over to Valundra, placing his hand on her shoulder, his eyes glanced at the figure on the bed. Valundra continued to tend to the Toms wounds. She had managed to gain the information from him while Kalon was gone. Kalon hovered in the door way as he’s eyes took in tom’s appearance; he shook his head and glanced at Rath. “I’ll keep a look out”
Placing her hand on Zans where it rested on her shoulder she questioned Tom again.
“What was your message?”
He panted breathlessly “Kivar he knows about your brother, he has his best assassin hunting him down.”
“Assassin?” Valundra panicked in her mind. Letting go of Zans hand she felt him move away from her. Placing her hands on Tom she almost begged.
“Do you know who it is!”?
“I…I’m…” He paused and clutched his ribs in agony before he continued.
“I’m not sure a woman!”
Valundra gripped his shoulders as a suspicion played in her mind.
“Where’s Tia?” She barked at Zan with out looking around.
Zan felt all eyes on him.
“She left!”
“What when?” Kalons head snapped round as Zan looked at him suspiciously.
“Not long!”
“Damit Zan why’d you let her go!” Valundra turned to look at him, while tom watched the scene intently.
“She’s out lived her usefulness Ok!” Zan folded his arms and leaned back against the wall. With the look of a sulking child that reminded Valundra of when they were children and Zan couldn’t get his own way. She swept her eyes over Zans ruffled appearance and felt sure something she never agree with had occurred. Shaking her head she decided to question him about that some other time.

A band on Kalons arm sparkled into life, moving to a view screen he pressed a few buttons until the face of a security guard appeared.
“Sir! A squadron of Kivars troops have just landed, they are asking for you!” Kalon nodded and glanced at his companions.
“Tell them I’ll be right there”
Turning off the view screen he turned to Valundra
“Leave now! It won’t take them long to find out you’re here.” Valundra looked at Rath.
“Can you carry him!”?
“No!” Zan had been carefully considering Tia’s final words and Tom’s information about an assassin. The pieces seem to fit when he realised Tias sudden decision to leave happened when she surmised who he was. His hand placed firmly into his pocket turned her locket over in his fingers.
“We can’t let any one else in!”
“We can trust him!” Lonnie stood and glared at Zan.
“How do you know that, he said there’s an assassin hunting us? It could be him” Zan looked pointedly at Tom.
“Zan look at him he’s not about to kill any one, He said it was a woman.”
“No he said he wasn’t sure”
“I’ve never trusted her Zan,” Valundra stared at him.
“Your wrong” Zan moved away from the wall towards Lonnie.
“Am I? How can you be so sure?”
“Because Loni! Tia’s left this station, if she had plans to kill anyone she’d never have left your side.”
Valundra scoffed
“Maybe she lied about leaving? And she’s just following us around waiting for a chance to….” She couldn’t finish the sentence Zans eyes bored into her. His anger evident.
Rath moved towards them afraid he’d have to intervene. “Tia doesn’t care about stuff like that, she wants someone dead she kills them no bull shit!” He backed away again from the look they both threw at him.
“He’ll be perfectly safe here, he must have other contacts who can hide him.” Zan continued. Kalon moved to the bed and tried to usher them out.
Zan turned back to Valundra.
“No is my final answer.” He watched as Valundra went to Tom’s side.
“Will you be Ok!”?
Tom looked surprised for a moment that Valundra and given in.
“Yes my Princess! I’d die to protect you. Please go”
Valundra angrily shouted at Zan
“I am not leaving a injured man to die for me”
“Yes we are” Grabbing her he flung Lonnie over his shoulder. Turning to Kalon as Loni struggled and protested.
“Can you deal with him!”? Kalon nodded and watched as the Trio left the room.

“You’ll pay for not helping me Kalon! I’ll make sure of it” Tom sat up a cruel smile filled with mild frustration played across his lips. As his injuries began to fade, Kalon took the moment of disorientation to grab a lamp a crack him round the head. He watches as the body slumped back.
“Sorry Nicholas! I really think you should stay for a while.”

The trio ran the winding corridors back to the ship. Neusado's eyes widened at the approaching group, running past Zan yelled at him to get on board. Placing Lonnie down he was started by the slap she struck across his face. Rubbing his face he said.
“I guess I deserved that.”
“How dare you treat me like that? Never forget who I am”
Valundra bit her lip nervously when Zan grabbed her shoulders roughly.
“Who you are? My word is law Loni don’t challenge me” She looked at him angrily.
“So now you wanna be King! I fought hard for this cause Zan I’ve bled for it! What have you done the past few years except hide.”? Valundra angrily pushed him away from her. All the issues that had bothered her for so long rose to the surface.
“You think you can turn up when it’s all over and claim what’s yours! It sickens me that you are seen as some kind of returning hero and I have to step aside and submit to taking orders from you!”
“Face it Zan the real reason you’ve even come this far is because of that stupid bitch!”
Zan looked at her sternly
“Loni you’ve said enough”
“Enough! I haven’t even begun, your not fit to be a king Zan. You’ve hidden yourself away for so long you’ve forgotten what it is you have to fight for.”
Zan approached her slowly his words calm.
“You right Loni I had forgotten but I remember now, I know exactly what I have to protect and fight for.”
“Finally he realises the importance of the kingdom and the people in it, shame he’s already years to late.” Valundra sneered
“I don’t want the stupid Kingdom. I give it to you!” Zan shouted
“You give it to me! Well thanks for the generosity but I’m afraid its not that easy.” Valundra bit back
Zan shook his head
“Yes Loni it is very simple. Nothing you’ve said is a surprise to me I know you have the peoples respect and love. You’ve been brought up in the role of royalty. My right to be king was taken from me the day Neusado took me away. The people will never follow me and even if they did I’d know it was only because of you. The right to rule Antar is yours you’ve earned it and I never wanted to try and take that away from you.” Zan brushed his hand on the side of Valundras face pleading with her to believe him. Tears flowed down her checks as she recognised the honesty in his words.
“So what do we do!”? She asked quietly
“Nothing for now, first we have to win” Zan pulled her close to him, kissing her forehead he muttered.
“I’m sorry Loni I never wanted to fight with you”
Valundra looked up at him
“I’m sorry to!”

The ship headed out to the outer rim of their solar system where a small fleet of rebel ships had amassed. Zan and Vaulndra had agreed to keep his identity a secret and Zan gladly stepped aside to let Valundra deal with everything. Making himself as useful as possible, Valundra couldn’t help noticing the dark circles that appeared under his eyes and the way he solemnly moved about the ship. After a month had passed she noted that he was getting worse and decide to confront him. Entering his quarters Zan stood to greet her.
“Hey Loni!”
“Zan what’s wrong!” Valundra got straight to the point. “You look terrible”
Zan looked at her blankly.
“I’m fine, just not sleeping very well that’s all”?
Valundra raised an eyebrow in suspicion.
“No it’s more than that tell me”
Zan gently took her hand and guided her to sit on the bed, pulling up a chair to sit in front of her. He softly held her hands in his.
“Its Tia!” Valundra tried not to look annoyed, not wanting her brother to change his mind about confiding in her.
“…I’m not sleeping because of her!”
“Zan you really shouldn’t let your self lay awake thinking about her, she’s not worth it!” Valundra tried to ease his wariness. Zan continued with the sudden need to make his sister understand and except Tia as apart of his life.
“No you don’t understand. Tias not sleeping well, she has these nightmares that terrify her, the waves of her fear hit me and I can’t get back to sleep. When she’s not having nightmares that wake me I have bad dreams myself. So either way I really don’t get any sleep.” Valundra looked at him a little perplexed.
“Zan she’s light years from her how is that possible.”
Zan gingerly held up the palm of his hand to show Valundra, the symbol glowed faintly as it often did.
“We’re bonded, don’t ask me explain how or why cause I’m really not sure myself I just know that we are.” Valundra gently ran her fingers over the glowing symbol in disbelief.
“I love her Loni! I pushed her away and shut her out!” he thought bitterly about Tia’s final words “I was a fool!”
He stood and begun to pace the room, “I didn’t understand then, if only she’d fallen asleep with me. I would’ve had time to explain, to tell her!”
Loni shifted uncomfortably in her chair as Zan paced muttering almost to himself. Her gaze locked with his as he stopped pacing and fixed his eyes on her. “I just know that something’s wrong!” Zan bit his lip “She’s my reason Loni, what I have to fight for and protect.”
“I want to fight by your side but I can’t seem to get my mind away from the fact that she needs me more, I just wish I knew what to do” Zan looked at her pleadingly almost willing her to make the decision for him. Valundra looked at his desperate face. She had no love for Tia and yet Zan would scour all five planets to find her. A cold chill ran down her spine as she considered just how much Zan would sacrifice for Tia. Afraid that he would choose to leave on his fool’s mission, Loni suggested the use of her power to assess the situation.
“Zan if you’ll let me I can dream walk Tia see what’s frightening her.” Zan nodded and sighed. Valundra took the palm of his hand and pressed her fingers on to the glowing symbol

Tia stood on the meadowy hillside the landscape gently sloped and curved away from her. The gleaming mother-of-pearl spires of the palace were evident in the distance the shimmering glow of the city spread out below it. Glancing over her shoulder a huge grin spread across her face, as Zan appeared over the horizon a small boy held lovingly in his arms. Their eyes locked and his shone with a love she’d never known before. Moving up behind her his free hand slid gently around her waist pulling her close, her head rested on his chest as he kissed her forehead. Her hair flowed freely over her shoulder and gently swirled in the breeze. As the happy picture of a family stood on the hillside looking across the landscape the sky laced with all the colours of the rainbow shimmered overhead. Zan gently nuzzled her neck and kissed her ear.
“I love you”
Tia opened her mouth to speak but words failed her. The wind blew harder as Zan spoke again.
“Its not real” The boy in his arms faded to nothing and zan placed the palm of his hand firmly on her stomach.
“You take lives, you’ll destroy this one to”
The skies darken to a deep red and thunder rumbled in the distance until it was almost deafening.
Zan stepped away from her as she turned to face him. Holding out her hands she spoke.
“Zan don’t’ leave me! I love you! I need you!” her words were unheard by him above the noise as he turned slowly and walked away, heading towards the light. Tia took a step forward to follow him but the ground rumbled and cracked beneath her feet. It fell away in large chucks until Tia finally lost her footing and grabbed at the scorched earth, dangling above a deep ravine. Her eyes where drawn to the now pitch black sky landing, on the only shining star that lit her world. Screaming Zans name in her mind her fingers slipped and she felt herself begin to fall and fade away to nothing.

Loni snapped her eyes open and focused on Zan’s concerned face. The implications of Tias dream raged in her mind, she no longer had any doubts. Tia’s love for Zan had been loud and clear yet at the same time she had been terrified.
“Go!” she whispered, raising her hand she brushed away a few stray tears.
“What did you see” Zan asked imploringly.
Loni stared at him, as she thought about what to say. Moving away from him, she went and stood in the doorway.
“Just go” was all she said before she left, pulling the door closed behind her.


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Part 8

Tia felt no surprise to find herself on Antar; the memory of Zan's feeling of warmth and safety had drawn her like a moth to the flame. Reporting to the army barracks Tia fell easily into her old job of training recruits, fighting hard against the urge to explore the palace grounds. Burying herself in her work and training hard had worked, but not today. Exactly 3 months after she had first arrived Tia found herself standing in front of the domineering solid cast iron gates that firmly shut out the world from the palace. Tia had vowed never to come here but the dreams she been having since arriving had intensified. Walking here in an almost dream like state she’d been aware of her destination but unable to stop.
Moving across to the gatehouse Tia identified herself to the security guard. Kivars presence evident everywhere, his troops kept the palace secure under the pretence of protection for the royal family. Tia was well aware that was a lie. The royal family where just figure heads and had no real power left. The guard opened a side door for her and she passed through, Tia shivered as the door slammed shut behind her. Scanning her eyes over the scenery she caught her breath in her throat. It was so very different from the city outside. The palace gardens spread out before her and surrounded the castle. The gleaming white spires that shone with mother of pearl in the right light, where not new to her they could be seen from all over the city. The gardens though were breathtakingly beautiful. A winding path led towards a courtyard that spread out before the entranceway. As Tia made her way towards the palace along the winding track, she noticed other paths that led away to secret gardens, orchards, and a lake. Tia couldn’t help be in awe of the grandness of it all and her mind wander constantly to Zan. Reaching the doors of the palace Tia wanted to turn and go back. Pressing on the door it swung back. The grand hallway was empty. A staircase flowed down from the left and right meeting in the middle and continued to greet the floor. Moving across the eerily quite room Tia let her hand gently rest on the banister as she began to gracefully make her way up the stairs. Automatically turning right where the stairs cases met an unknown force driving her onwards. Tilting her head slightly she could almost hear the laugher of children and chattering voices of the many people who’d passed through here. Tia was well aware that the queen resided alone in the western wing of the Palace and a small entourage of servants allowed. Most of the Palace and been closed off. Tia made her way down the corridor of the eastern wing; heavy drapes blocked out the light from the windows. Pulling out her torch to guide her, Tia found herself standing in front of the last door. Her hand trembled as she placed it on the handle, pushing the door open. Tia gasped in surprise as stepped into the room. The drapes were open and light poured into the room from the large windows that dominated its appearance. Glancing around she knew with cold certainty she’d found her way into the nursery. The room was surprisingly dust free and tidy. The toys placed carefully away and the beds made. Tia crossed the room to the two small beds that sat side by side divided by bedside cabinets. One with pink covers for a girl and the other blue for a boy. Sitting down on what she felt sure had been Zan’s bed she reached out and picked up a toy car that rested on the cabinet. Turning it over in her hands she lifted her eyes and carefully placed the car back down as her eyes landed on a closed door. Moving towards the door she gently pushed it open.

Tia gripped the doorframe to steady her self as the intense flashes hit her.

A woman was screaming at two guards that had entered the room, backing into the corner the woman held a baby close to her chest and tried desperately to hide a little girl behind her. The room was basked in a red glow that shone through the windows almost as if the world was on fire. The guard grabbed her free arm, while another scooped the small girl up from behind her.
“Kivars ordered me to get you to a safe place” The woman struggled in his grasp.
“I’m loyal to this family I will not leave them” The woman stood her ground firmly determined.
“Sorry these are my orders! Pack up your things and bring the children.” The woman removed a gun she had concealed on her person.
“I said no!”
The guard easily knocked the gun away from the trembling hand. Grabbing the woman roughly he pulled her out of the room.
“You have no choice”

Tia focused her vision and swept her eyes over the room. The furniture had been overturned, belongings strewn everywhere. Tia felt sure this had been her mother’s room, shaking her head she firmly closed the door on the past and lay down on Zan’s bed as her head began to ache. Struggling to understand her mother’s involvement with the Royal family and Kivar, she drifted into a troubled sleep. Only to be haunted by the same dream she’d had for so many nights since arriving.

Tia no longer awoke suddenly from her dream, the ending so familiar now as she felt herself start to fade away and return to consciousness. A hand was gently stroking the hair away from her forehead and soft voice spoke.
“Zan?” Tia murmured still a little disorientated from her dream. Focusing her eyes she took in, the surprised look on a woman’s face. Sitting up on the bed Tia pressed her hand firmly closed to hide the glowing palm. Touching her face she felt the damp tears on her cheeks.
“Who are you?” Tia asked
“Isn’t that what I should be asking you? When I find you here in a closed off wing of My Palace.”
Tia's mind registered the woman’s response. If she had any respect for royalty she would have bowed or curtsied. Tia just rolled her eyes in disgust as she looked at the queen.
Tia tried to pull back when the queen gripped her hands tightly.
“You mentioned Zan! Have you seen him? Where is he?” The queen asked with a trace of desperation in her voice. Tia pulled out of her grasp and turned her head away. Embarrassed and Angry at being discovered showing weakness and jealous of this mothers all consuming love for her child. Tia spat words at the queen she knew she’d come to regret.
Standing she moved to stand in front of the queen.
“Zan’s dead!”
The queen looked at her in disbelief.
“How can you be so sure”?
Tia pulled a knife out from her boot, casually waving it around in the air.
“Cause I killed him myself 3 months ago”
The queen stood and held her head high, a look in her eyes that Tia knew she seen in Zan.
“That’s not possible!” Looking at Tia she added “And please put that knife away I don’t feel in the least bit threatened by you”
“You should be! I’m a trained assassin” Tia stabbed the knife down on the bedside table, shrugging she said. “And it is true! I got paid very well for that job”
The queen looked at her angrily grabbing Tia’s hand firmly she turned in palm side up to revel the slowly fading symbol.
“You can’t kill him, so stop lying to me”
Tia glanced from her hand to the queen’s eyes in angry confusion.
“I can explain this to you” The queen looked at her expectantly.
Tia had no idea why her palm continued to glow like that. It was all Zans fault she was sure of it, he had some serious explaining to do. Tia sighed inside she knew she could never see Zan again understanding everything was pointless she felt sure it would only add to her pain. Pushing the queen way from her she leaned in close as the queen sat back down on to the bed. Keeping her face only inches away she muttered her departing words.
“Zan’s dead!” Waving her hand in the queen’s face she added.
“As for this! I don’t care. You and your family are dead. Kivar is the future for the people.”
Tia grabbed her knife from the cabinet and stormed out of the room.

The queen sat for a few long moments. The sense of joy she’d felt when entering the room and seeing the glowing symbol on the sleeping girl faded away to nothing. The horror she felt now had overridden everything. For the first time in years she considered the possibility that she had made a terrible mistake. The bonding ceremony tying Zan and Tia together, which seemed so right at the time. Now seemed like a different world. The two had been recognised as soul mates and bonded accordingly. The girl that just left was no queen and never could be. With their bond holding firm Zan would never accept another as his wife.
The queen signalled to one of her personal guards that waited out side. Zan wasn’t dead and the girl was wrong, her family had the love of the people. The rebels fought hard to return Zan to power and the queen would sacrifice everything to see that he had what was his, even his soul mate.

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Part 9

Tia rapidly made her way out of the nursery and started to head back down the corridor, she yelped in surprise as a strong hand quickly grasped her arm and pulled her into the shadows, a laser blast narrowly missing her.
“What the hell” She turned to look in the direction the blast had come from, momentarily forgetting about the hand that still held her firmly.
Seeing the form of the Queens security guard, she realised almost to late that the guard was aiming to fire again, the figure next to her moved quicker and she looked round in surprise as a blast emanated from behind her killing the guard. The mysterious figure grabbed her arm roughly and propelled her back down the corridor before she had time to collect her thoughts.

The queen jumped up as Tia was shoved back through the doorway; a man entered behind her and firmly shut the door. His face was partially hidden by the hood of his cloak, but Tia showed no surprise as she turned on him in anger. In the light of the room Tia swept her gaze over the figure. Silently she turned away to look out of the window as an array of emotions crossed her face, she knew she never wanted him to see. Collecting her thoughts she turned back. Zan had pulled back the hood of his cloak and gazed at her patiently. It had taken some time to track her down; eventually about a month ago he’d found her. Unsure of how to deal with their situation he’d settled for watching over until the time was right. Always trying to keep his distance fearful that Tia would sense him nearby but close enough to act if the need arose.
“Hello Princess, pleased to see me”
His half smile driving Tia insane, she knew he was laughing at her.
“Why are you here?” She snapped
“Saving your worthless hide! Why else?”
“I don’t need help from you”
Zan grinned and raised his eyebrows in a gesture of doubt.
“If you say so Princess”
“Urgh stop calling me that!!” Tia looked away in frustration

The queen sat on the bed nearby a look of total confusion on her face as she looked from Tia to the strange man. When he eventually tore his gaze away from Tia and placed it on her, she sucked in her breath. Zan had grown into a man but his eyes where the same, they still held a look of questioning and determination she seen so many times when he was a child. Standing she whispered his name and slowly walked over to him. He smiled gently at her as she touched his face and looked more deeply into his eyes. Zan pulled his mother close as tears of joy ran down her checks, his eyes fixed on Tia something in her eyes sparkled as a thread of jealousy crossed her face. Evident for a mere second but long enough for Zan to see it.
His mother continued to make a fuss of him until Zan could stand it no more, clasping her hands he gently kissed them and moved her to one side and approached Tia.

Tia’s eyes locked with his as he approached her, she couldn’t deny that she felt drawn to him. Everything she was trying so hard to hide from him bubbled to the surface. Zan was intrigued as he watched Tias inner struggle visibly play out on her face. Seeing her again was harder that he’d ever imagined, all he wanted to do was fold his arms around her and feel her soft kiss on his lips again. Like he’d dreamed about every night since she’d left him. Tia trembled as he gently took her hands in his. His presence so close had reminded her of what she’d tried so hard to forget, the gentleness of his touch, the warm of his skin, something in her burned brighter as he stepped nearer, pulling her as close to him as he dared. His thumbs gently caressed her hands as she pressed her forehead against his, her eyes half close she softly nuzzled his nose, her breath quickened in anticipation. Zan absentmindedly linked his hand with hers, pressing their palms together as the ever brightening symbol glowed. He lifted his other hand to caress her cheek.
Tia felt herself start to sink as her body hummed with his touch, closing her eyes she could feel his presence on the fringes of her mind. His silent pleading to let him in! To let him see! Realising what was happening she summoned all the strength of will she had and pushed him away from her. Gasping for breath she stepped back away from Zan and the Queen. Tia held up her hand quickly as Zan stepped towards her.
“Stay away from me!”
Focusing she turned on him accusingly as she looked at her glowing palm.
“You’ve done something to me haven’t you?”
Zan looked at his mother in accusation.
“We’re bonded!” Zan stated
“We’re what? I don’t understand!” Tia glanced round the room desperately as her mind tried to comprehend what he was telling her.
The queen stepped up to Tia and tried to explain.
“I arranged for you and Zan to be bonded when you were children. He is your husband and you…” the queen raised her eyebrow in disgust “Are his queen.” She paused as she looked from Zan to Tia.
“The bond ties you together in ways you haven't even begun to understand."
“I don’t remember any of this” Tia added in confusion.
“No you wouldn’t, you was only a few months old.”
“Normally it is forbidden for one’s so young but there was so much unrest. I wanted to ensure that you and Zan would never be lost to each other.”
The queens arm shot out suddenly and she grabbed Tias glowing hand, while her other hand reached for Zan’s unresisting one. Tia struggled in her grip, and was amazed at the queen’s strength. Deep down she knew she could have gotten out of it easily but curiosity got the better of her. The queen placed their glowing palms together forcefully.
"There you can feel it can't you! Your love for each other." she turned to Zan.
"I've never seen a connection so strong, I don't understand why you both chose to fight it every step of the way." She shook her head in despair. Tia tugged her hand free as the queen momentarily lost interest her and turned to face Zan.
"For you my son, the future holds so much love" Zan smiled at her weakly but his heart disbelieved her words. The queen turned to face Tia.
"As for you! Your mother betrayed me when I trusted her. When I found out the truth about you it was all ready to late and you were bonded with my son! I prayed that with the guidance and love of my family you would grow up to be nothing like those who saw fit to create you, but you were lost and I see now that you have matured to be everything they ever were and worse. I truly fear for the future, knowing that you gain the power my son will not”
“SHUT UP!! YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING” The queen recoiled from Tias outburst. She watched as Tia began to pace the floor calmly, Zan fidgeted nervously Tia was to calm.
“So what you saying is, you arranged for Zan and I to be bonded. So now I’m partially controlled by what he thinks and feels.”
The queen nodded she reeled backwards in to Zans waiting grasp as Tia slapped her hard.
“How dare you!” Tia yelled as Zan held his mothers arms firmly keeping her in front of him as Tia moved closer, he wasn’t about to let her hurt his mother, but Tia had the right to be angry they both did.
“You stole my life away from me! You took away my choices” She looked up a Zan for a moment knowingly
“It’s the same for you isn’t it” he looked at her blankly.
“I don’t want him or any of this, what I’m feeling isn’t real. Its this…” She waved her hand in the air,
“It draws me to him”
Standing with her back to the queen she tilted her head to the side a little and looked at the queen out of the corner of her eye.
“I’m not what you wanted am I? That’s why you just tried to have me killed, so that Zan can be rid of the mistake.”
Zan stepped past his mother and spun Tia to face him.
“Your not a mistake” He lifted his hand to show her.
“What I feel for you is real, I loved you before this” He clenched his fist closed. The dream he’d had the night Tia left had filled in all the memory gaps from his childhood, he knew it all now. The connection he felt with Tia even before she was born and the one that grew stronger after she arrived. It was why they’d been bonded in the first place because of him, because of what he believed.
Tia lowered her voice menacingly “I don’t love you! Come near me again and I will kill you”
Zan grinned, “That’s an idle threat Tia, we’ve been here before.”
Tia took out her gun and waved it at him trembling. “My entire life is a lie, you wanna love me or just control me like everyone else. Either way to me it’s all the same.”
“Tia please!” Zan looked at her pleadingly
“Your right I can’t kill you but come near me again and I will systematically kill everyone you care about, until you do us both a favour and kill me or yourself. Cause it seems to me that to get out of this nightmare one of us has to die.”
Tia saw the flash of anger in his eyes and she’d knew she’d hit the mark, his families safety was more important than what he felt for her.
She smiled cruelly “Could you do that Zan could you let me die to set yourself free”
Zan turned his lips into a knowing half smiled. “Could you?”
He watched as the look of triumph disintegrated from Tias face. In seconds her eyes grew cold and her demeanour shifted slightly as she slowly moved towards him swinging her gun behind her back. A seductive smile formed on her lips as she pressed herself closely to him. Zan tried to step back but Tia placed her hand behind his neck in an attempt to keep him in place, her eyes fixing on his as he tried to guess her plan. She felt him place his hands on her hips to hold her in place. Her fingers lightly caressed the back of his neck. She knew she was getting to him Tia sensed his feelings, how much he just wanted to… she shook her head slightly and focused, she’d almost been reading his thoughts. Concentrating hard she lifted herself up on to tiptoes, she softly kissed and nuzzled his ear. Whispering, “Never underestimate me Zan” she lifted the gun and fired it at his mother, Zan turned in shock as his mother sank to the floor. Letting Tia go he rushed to her side and fell to his knees. Concentrating on healing his mother, he was surprised when she pushed him aside and stood to follow Tia out of the door. The queen grabbed her arm as Tia failed to be quick enough to get away.
“Do not come here again! Tell Kivar I will not tolerate being made to look a fool because he sees fit to sent such a obviously inept spy into my household.”
Zan watched as Tias face paled considerably.
He turned to his mother unsure whose side to take “She’s not here to spy on us! She’s trying to protect me” Tia felt Zans gaze on her and she lifted her eyes to meet his, and opened her mouth in protest to his last comment but Zan cut her off. He laughed humourlessly, “She’d never admit it” His hands softly cupped her face, “but I know its true” he said in hushed tones. Tia looked up at him with tears brimming in her eyes, how could he do that, after everything the queen had said he was trying to reassure her. The questions will come she thought bitterly, maybe there had been a chance but she could feel herself suffocating, as her secrets began to drown her. She slowly removed his hands from her face, “You don’t know who I am!”
With that she turned and ran.


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