Title: Second Chances
Author: AbsoluteZero85
Rating: PG-13toNC17(Just depends on what?s happening, not too much NC17 stuff)
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell. Unfortunately Katims did and now we're all just cleaning up his mess. But I do own all the characters in this story.
Summary: What if when Tess brought Zan back from Antar, she wasn't alone? What if her people sent a second group of alien hybrids to carry out the destiny Max, Michaekl, and Isabel left behind.
People have always talked about the crash of 2002 and it has brought many tourists to Roswell. It revitalized the town. Now 50 years later, Roswell, New Mexico is as dull as it ever was and the gossip about the crash has died down and is only recreated by tourists trying to find information. And the four aliens have just came out of their pods.
Luke Ford (King), Delia Walker (Princess), Nickolas Taylor (2nd), and Samantha Taylor (Queen) hatched from their pods and were found on the side of the road and now 10 years later they all have grown up and must protect their secret and try to find out where they come from.

Chapter 1

It was really late at night and the last costumers were leaving the Crashdown as Luke set up the close sign. He couldn?t believe that he owned the Crashdown. He was so young, but after what he had been through, he deserved it. He sighed as he began to sweep everything up. He hated his life. He wished he knew where he came from. He sat in one of the booths and collapsed onto the seat. It had been a long day. School was starting tomorrow and everyone wanted to hang out with their friends before school came back. He shut his eyes only for a minute before he heard a car?s screeching breaks and a thud. He shot up looking out the window and saw a car and a young girl lying in the street.
He shot out the door as the car drove off leaving the girl all alone. He looked closer to see who it was. It was Emma Thomas, the girl of his dreams, the girl he was in love with for so long. He knelt down.
?Emma!? he said to her checking to see if she was OK. She didn?t say anything. He looked around hoping no one saw as he lifted her up and carried her inside. He laid her on the floor carefully.
?Help me.? Emma said softly. ?Please help me.? She said with her eyes wide open, looking up at Luke.
He looked down to her. ?Look at me.? He said as he set his hand on her stomach and looked deeply into her eyes making the connection to her. His mind snapped open with images of her as a child, the first time they met, all her most embarrassing memories that she went through. He could feel himself weaken, his energy was lessening. The connection broke and Luke sat back looking down at Emma.
Emma awoke fast and took a deep breath. ?What the hell was that?? She said searching her body and wondering what exactly Luke did to her. She backed away fast. ?What are you??
Luke saw the horrified look on her face and sighed. ?I healed you.? He said. ?You got hit by a car, and I was?I was trying to help you. I DID help you.?
She looked at him. ?What are you? No one can do what you just did!? She said standing up.
Luke stood up too. ?Well, Emma, I?m an alien.? He said to her awaiting what was obviously going to be a very bad reaction. He couldn?t believe that someone other than him and the other three knew about his secret. He was scared, but happy at the same time.
Emma looked at him and a laugh came out. ?Yeah, right! I?m gonna believe that one.? She said as she laughed again. ?Next you?ll tell me you were the aliens that crashed in 2002.? She said with a huff.
Luke looked to her with a surprised look. ?Wow?good guess.? He said with a little smile.
?That would make you over 67 years old.? She said to her. ?And sorry, you don?t look 67.? She said putting her hand to her hip.
?Well, we were in pods for about 50 years and when we came out we looked like 17 year olds.? He said to her. ?We were found by people and then put up for adoption.?
?Prove it to me.? She asked him. She was so scared. She wanted it all to be a dream, to have it all be fake. She really believed him and that?s what scared him. How could Luke, the guy she drooled over since the 9th grade be an alien.
He sighed and walked over to the counter. He broke a glass and then held his hand over the broken pieces and it formed back into the glass. Emma looked in surprise. She was speechless. She backed away slowly. ?I have to go.? She said heading for the door.
Luke came up behind her and grabbed her arm. ?Emma, you can?t say anything. Please. Our lives depends on you.? He said looking deeply into her eyes.
She looked backed to him. She saw the dark mysterious Luke she?d always known, and she saw the sweet, scared Luke he kept hidden inside. ?I won?t say anything. I promise. You secret is safe with me.? She gave him a weak smile. She was scared. This changed everything she ever knew. Everything she thought was impossible because possible.
?Thanks.? Luke said looking down at her. He was glad that she wasn?t going to say anything. He didn?t know how he knew that she wouldn?t say anything, but he just knew he could trust her.
She smiled. ?I should go.? She said backing away. She walked over to the door and opened to walked out. She turned back around. ?I really won?t tell anyone.? She said looking back at him.
?I know.? He said with a weak smile. ?I?ll see you at school tomorrow.?
?Yeah. See you at school.? She walked out. ?Bye Luke.?
?Bye Emma.? He said walking to the door. He looked out watching Emma leave. She turned around looking at him. They stayed there staring at each other. They didn?t move, but they said so much with just the way they were looking at each other.