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Title: Unravelling
Couples: Mi/L, T/K, T/M
Rating: PG-13/R
Description: AU, Tess, Liz, Michael and Max are aliens, Tess and Liz are sisters who are raised by the Parkers, Max was raised by Necedo and Michael was raised by Kivar.
Part 1

The harsh sunlight beat down on the boy’s back as he drank from the horses’ water bin. He had been running all night, ever since he saw those lights in the desert with the two girls. They had gone towards them, while he had run in fear, now he regretted his decision, but there was nothing else to do now. He scratched his eyebrow absentmindedly and went for another drink, only to sense someone coming up behind him. He turned, catching sight of a boy, about thirteen, with dark hair and a huge smirk on his face. He wanted to run, but felt as if he couldn’t move, which scared him a little.

The boy moved closer to him and laughed inwardly, the great king of Antar was reduced to this, but said, “Don’t worry kid, I’m not going to hurt you, I’m just going to take you back to your dad. He has been worried sick about you, don’t you remember me? I’m your buddy Nicholas.” He let out an annoyed sigh as the boy just looked at him skeptically and went to plan b, food, “kid, you hungry, I’ve got some nice bread for you, it beats the horse shit that you’ll end up eating.” He pulled out the bread and smiled as the boy walked slowly towards him and snatched up the bread, everything was going to plan, the boy would come with them and be raised as Kivar’s son, thus the boy would be loyal to them and Kivar would have a legitimate claim to the throne, oh yes, Kivar would be pleased and reward him accordingly. “That’s right kid, eat up, then we’re going to go see your dad and he’s going to fill you in on everything that has been going on and what you have to do.”
12 years later…

Hey, my name is Tess Parker and I’ve started this journal because my sister, Liz, has decided that I needed something to write down my thoughts in, because we both have so many theories and ideas about life in general and where we came from, oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, Liz and I are um, not of this earth. We were found naked on the side of the road by Nancy and Jeff Parker with no memories about our lives before that, well, that’s what they say, however, we distinctly remember coming out of green pods, our parents, of course, don’t know that tidbit, but I’ll get to that later. Um, so Liz and I are both seniors at West Roswell High School, work at the Crashdown Café, a horrible alien themed restaurant that our parents own, to make some money, plus I find it kind of funny, two aliens working at the restaurant that serves “blood of alien” smoothie, come on!

Anyway, I have blond curly hair, bright blue eyes and am way more outgoing than my sister, who, although I love her to death, doesn’t like that other people are involved. Oh and I have lots of boy trauma, right now, but I’ll get to that eventually. My insanely smart and wonderful sister has brown hair, brown eyes and tries to blend in, unsuccessfully I might add. I SWEAR that she’s hot and that all the boys in school jerk off to her, which um, isn’t something that she really enjoys knowing, but she knows what I mean… and it’s TRUE! Oh and I guess I should talk about our powers, since that is one of the perks to being an alien. I can heal, make a shield, blow things up, manipulate molecular structures, and invade people’s dreams (but she sucks at it and I rule hahaha… Liz made me write that, but it’s true, I suck). Yeah and I can manipulate people’s minds by make them see things that aren’t there, but I don’t really like that power and doesn’t use it that much (unless I’m playing a prank on Maria Deluca, Roswell’s own space case… she’s a fucking loony toon. Liz agrees with me, but she’s nice to her, then again, Liz is nice to everyone.) Um, Liz can invade people’s dreams, astral project, make a shield, blow things up, manipulate molecular molecules, and move things with her mind. So pretty much, don’t fuck with us.

Ok, so now I guess it’s time to go through the story of my life. Let’s see, one day, the sun shown down upon the desert and said, let there be life, so magically I appeared, ok I’ll stop with the sarcasm, but it gets tired trying to explain this so many times. Pretty much, we came out of our pods, I was first b/c I am the best, not Liz who is so reading this right now, then this boy was next, then Liz came out, Max Harding, this other boy who we met later, was still in his pod. So the three of us, by some unspoken communication, decide to go out into the desert at night time, where a car drove by, scaring us. The unnamed boy ran away from the lights, Liz and I ran towards the lights, and we haven’t heard from mystery boy ever since. Who knows what he’s doing right now, Liz says that she has had dreams about him, she thought she was pregnant with his kid for a while, as creepy as that sounds – yeah, hi mom, dad, I’m pregnant with this guy’s baby that I’ve never met before, oh and yeah, I’m still a virgin. Ok, getting off subject (it’s fucking Deluca’s influence, why did Dad make me work with her ON MY BIRTHDAY?) so Tess, Max, and I are aliens.

Liz and I have this wonderful childhood, great parents, great everything and we agree to never let our parents or anyone else know about our secret. They still have no idea. Then one day, it all changes, this guy Kyle Valenti, who I had this huuuuge crush on ever since I can remember, got shot while we were working and I, thinking on impulse, immediately heal him. I save his life, Liz, who is the only other alien in my world at that time, is pissed for ½ a second, before realizing she would have done the same thing and we think it’s all over. Yeah, we THINK it’s all over.

Maria (Deluca, space case, dumbass, fucking moron… yeah remember her?) who happens to be Valenti’s step sister, finds out b/c she saw the handprint that I happened to leave on his oh so gorgeous body and demands answers. She, like the spaz she is, freaks out, tells Alex Whitman and Isabel Evans, her two best friends. I like Isabel and Alex is cute (I’m such a boy crazy loser) and our small group of two becomes a group of six. Oh JOY.

Kyle and I hook up, because well I put our secret on the line, and it turned out he wanted me too (oh yes, it’s happily ever after, right? If you answered yes, you’d be wrong, but I’m getting to that.) Maria, the fucking ho bag, is kinda pissed about that b/c she wanted to go Marcia Brady on his ass. She can suck it, whatever, she’s a stupid ho and Kyle never wants her, ever. Alex and Isabel are so in love and Liz is all no strings attached girl, but becomes good friends with Valenti and Whitman.

THEN, the shit hit the fan. This guy, Ed Harding and his son Max Harding come to town. Ok, check this, the first day he’s here, he sees Liz and fucking bows, right in front of me, and she looks at him and laughs in his face before grabbing me and heading upstairs, away from this new nut job. But oh no, does he stop there? Abso-fucking-lutely not, Max fucking stalks us, and when he finds me alone, he tries to kiss me, saying that I’m his destiny, he calls Liz his queen and that he was born to serve her (what-ever, Liz, I know I love ya, but I can’t imagine any of us in that role) and that we were betrothed back on Antar. Pretty much I told him where he could shove it. Then his “father” also known as our protector, was like follow destiny, follow destiny, follow destiny. We didn’t believe him.

Then the dreams started. That was when Liz had the dreams about being pregnant with mystery man’s baby, when I had dreams of Max and me that were um X rated, and that was when Liz and I actually began to trust them. They showed us the destiny book, talked about the lost king and how they had to find him to complete the four square (Liz always has a far away look in her eye when they talked about him), helped us with our powers and did memory retrieval. Um, yes, then Max tried harder with the whole you’re my destiny stuff and I started to um believe it. But see, I still was dating Kyle, who I love immensely, and this wasn’t good, because even though Liz doesn’t like Max b/c of how he was raised, he’s HOT and nice and I mean I can see how past me could have loved him, but Max is kind of dull. I decided that the best thing to do was break it off with Kyle, because I don’t want to hurt him, even though I love him so much, I couldn’t do that to him, because who knows if I’ll give into destiny.

Anyway, so yes, now we’re at my birthday, Kyle and I are good friends, Max and I are becoming friends (he’s laid off a bit, but not much), Necedo (Ed Harding) thinks that the humans shouldn’t be involved (they told him tough shit, and although Liz agrees with him, she’s like they can make their own decisions), Maria is a slut and a spaz who’s trying for Kyle, but see he doesn’t want her (he likes me and well, Isabel, but if I end up with Max, I want him to be with Isabel, she’s almost as good for him as I am), Alex and Isabel are just friends (Alex wants Maria… I got that from one of his dreams) and Liz is hung up on mystery boy. Tomorrow is our final year at W. Roswell, and I have no idea what I’m doing after that, except for getting the fuck out of here.
Love ya,

Liz yawned and smacked her alarm clock, before rolling over in her bed, her dark locks spilling across the pillows. It was too early in the morning and she was not at all looking forward to her first day back at West Roswell, despite all the added perks that being a senior would bring. She flipped her legs over the side of her bed and ventured into her closet, grabbing the first thing she saw, then made her way to the bathroom to get a quick shower in before having to wake up her sister, who never got up to her alarm.

Moments later, she emerged fully dressed and ready to start her day, thanks in part to her gifts, as Necedo described them, and made her way down the small hallway to her sister’s room, where sure enough, Tess’ alarm was going off, the music loudly blaring out of the speakers. “Tess, wake up” she yelled, shaking the blond violently in an attempt to rouse her from sleep. It had been a routine that Liz had engaged in for as long as she could remember and she could never remember a time that it took less than 5 minutes to get her up. “Tess, come on, we’re going to be late for school” she yelled and shook her again, “don’t make me zap you.”

“Fuck you” Tess mumbled and groggily rose from her bed, then added, “It’s too damn early for this” as she grabbed some clothes and threw them on – she took her showers at night to maximize her sleep time.

“No shit, but we have to go to school, learn and graduate, so come on and hurry up, I want a good parking spot” Liz answered in a matter of fact tone, it was the same answer she gave her sister every morning since the day that she turned sixteen. According to their birth certificates, Liz was older, although Tess came out of her pod first, something that Tess loved to remind Liz of whenever she got the chance.

“Whatever” Tess mumbled as she headed over to the mirror to fix her make-up, it always amazed Liz at how quickly Tess could get ready and look absolutely stunning. Liz looked down at her jeans and simple red tank-top and sighed, why hadn’t she been made to be beautiful like Tess; she was supposed to be the queen after all.
Michael ran a hand through his long hair and went over the plan in his head again, he was Michael Guerin, he had recently moved to Roswell from Massachusetts, he was eighteen and his father is a businessman, his mother died a long time ago. It was almost the truth, he was eighteen, his father did conduct business and he was from up north. He let out a nervous sigh as he thought back to the last time he was in Roswell.

It was dark in the cave and his only companion was a little blond girl, who had just come out moments before he had. She had wanted to run, but Michael had taken notice of the dark haired girl and knew somehow that they had to wait for her. He watched as the girl broke through the membrane of the pod, taking her first breath of air, and he was amazed at how she was so immediately aware of her surroundings, he wondered if he had looked like that when he had come out of his pod. Moments later, the blond, ever so persistent, led the others out of the cave and into the night, the air was cool against his skin, but they were free. Then a car cam driving past, its lights startling him and he ran off into the night, forgetting about the two girls, only to wake up the next day here, his father saying how worried he was.

In the months and years that followed, he learned about himself and his powers, how his father wanted peace on his home planet, Antar, and that could only be achieved if the reincarnated royals, of which those two girls were a part, were eliminated. He also learned that he had been killed by the boy royal and that his father had begged and pleaded for his son to be recreated, all the while knowing that when the time was right, he would exact his revenge.

And that was why Michael Guerin was back in Roswell, to find the granolith and the royals – the queen, Tess Parker, her sister Liz, and Tess’ betrothed Max Harding, then deliver them all to his father, Kivar, for sentencing. He knew that without a doubt, Max would be killed, quite slowly, but he had no idea what would happen to the two girls, but most likely one would be given to Nicholas and maybe he would get the brunette, because he was now of age and if he managed to pull this off his father might deem him worth of a mate. He sighed, thinking about those erotic dreams that had plagued him, dreams that were, according to his father’s advisor, caused by some awakening. He almost could make out the girl in those dreams and although he was pretty much told that she didn’t exist, he couldn’t help but fantasize about her and maybe “getting some” would help to erase these dreams, they were only distractions after all. Forcing down his feelings for the girl, he reminded himself of all the atrocities that the Antarian royal family had committed and how his father, the amazing man that he is, had liberated all the people from the iron reign of the monarchy. More determined than ever, he grabbed his backpack and headed for school.

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Part 2

Liz yawned, trying to keep awake in her senior English class, finally agreeing with her sister, it was too early for school to start again. She felt awful for almost falling asleep at her desk the first day back and focused more intently on the teacher, ok, she’s going to grade us hard because we’re almost college students, she thought to herself, not looking forward to hearing this speech five more times today. She doodled on her notebook as she paid attention to Mrs. Smith, when the loud speaker blared, “Mrs. Smith, could you please send Liz Parker to the office please?”

“Why yes, of course” Mrs. Smith stated and focused her green eyes on Liz, curious as to what the brilliant, but reclusive, Liz Parker, would be doing at the office. “Liz, here is the reading assignments and the homework for tonight”, she stated as Liz walked towards the door.

“Ok, thank you” Liz flashed her English teacher a genuine smile and walked out of the room, wondering what the office could want her for. “Probably a parking ticket, I know I shouldn’t have let Tess drive my car” she muttered and ran her free hand through her hair, flattening it as she nervously made her way to the principal’s office, because as she knew, the principal usually meant trouble for either her or her sister.

Max rushed through the halls, late to school because Necedo had kept him up all night practicing his powers, saying that the enemy was coming. Max only partially believed him, because Necedo had been saying it for months and nothing had happened yet, but he still practiced because he needed it. The two girls were less than willing to accept their destinies, so he had to practice for them both, until they came around. He focused on the floor and bumped into someone, sending her books scattering across the floor. He caught sight of her shoes and looked up, it was Liz. “Um sorry Liz” he muttered, somewhat fearing her reaction, she seemed nice to everyone but him, probably because he had played with his sister’s mind when he had first come to town and she still didn’t trust him.

“Max what the fuck are you doing?” Liz asked, annoyed beyond belief, first she was going to get a parking ticket and now Max Harding, the biggest pain in her ass, had just caused all of her English papers to go flying across the hallway. “Aren’t you late for class?” she smirked, hoping that she could repay the favor, because Necedo demanded that he go to school to “protect” both Tess and her and Max still had miles to go in her book before he was forgiven for all the destiny bullshit that he put Tess and her friend Kyle Valenti, who happened to be dating Tess, through, the destiny crap he was still putting her sister through.

“I was up practicing late” Max mumbled as he picked up all of Liz’s papers, hoping that he could convince her not to get him into shit with their protector and his pseudo-father. “Please Liz, don’t say anything to him.”

“But what if the enemy came and kidnapped me” she said sarcastically, fully enjoying watching him squirm, it always made her happy when she could prove that his version of destiny and enemies was a pipe dream. “But don’t worry; I won’t say anything, as long as you promise not to say anything to my sister for three days, since I know you can’t keep your mouth shut for longer than that.”

“Ok, deal” Max said, somewhat unhappy with this agreement, but he knew the kind of shit Necedo would put him through and it was only a matter of time before Tess came around on her own.

Liz laughed as she watched him hurry off, if only Tess knew that Max had stopped saying anything to her about destiny because Liz continually blackmailed the shit out of him, well then Tess wouldn’t think that Max was coming around after all.


“Now Michael, I know how difficult it is transferring your senior year, so I am going to have Liz Parker tutor you and show you the ropes of West Roswell, she’s a fine student, a nice girl and she’ll make you feel at home here.” The principal stated, looking down at his charge, who looked somewhat interested, better than most, he mused.

Michael nodded, doing his best not to act too excited at his luck. He had never used his powers to will another to do as he asked, but he never imagined that it would that easy to make the principal have the girl Liz be the one to show him around. Eh, must be the Guerin charm, Michael thought silently as he watched the door turn, then looked at the clock – she was right on time.

Liz walked into the room and turned to the principal, fully expecting a lecture similar to the one her friend Isabel, had gotten at the end of last year about the importance of parking within the lines. “You wanted to see me Dr. Martin?” she asked, silently going over how she was going to schedule these detentions around her work schedule.

“Yes Liz, please, take a seat” the balding man stated, flashing Liz a sincere smile. Liz obliged and looked quickly at the boy next to her, what did he want her to do, since she now doubted that she was going to get a ticket. The principal waited until she was seated before continuing, “Liz, this is Michael Guerin, he just transferred here from North Dakota and since you’re one of our brightest and most well respected students, I’d like it if you would help him get acquainted with our school and help him get caught up with his studies.”

She looked over at the boy sitting next to her again and was struck with how familiar he was to her, but she couldn’t place where she knew him from. She considered her options, thinking about how the terrible two would hate it, but it was her life and as long as Necedo and Max “pain in my ass” Harding didn’t find out, it would be fine – she was just going to tutor the kid for a little while, which would mean less shifts at the Crashdown, an added bonus. Plus, it would be odd for her to say no to the principal and the kid was too gorgeous to be some evil space invader from outer space hell bent on destroying the world. “Yeah, that’s fine” Liz replied, already thinking of how she could break the news to Mom and Dad that she wouldn’t be able to work at the Crashdown for the next few months. Bliss, she thought, and was already thanking her lucky stars.

“Great, Michael, I’ll let Liz give you the tour of the school and I’ve arranged it so that you are in most of her classes, now Liz, here’s a hall pass, and if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting that I have to attend” Dr. Martin stated and bustled out of the room, leaving the two teens behind.

“Shall we?” Liz asked, looking at Michael, trying to hide her attraction to him. She couldn’t get attached, it had been her mantra for as long as she could remember, but she was almost certain that she would be able to throw that out the window if he was half as nice as he looked.

“Uh, yeah” Michael replied, finally finding his voice. He could not believe how attractive this girl was, even in a plain red tank top and jeans, she was stunning. Her eyes were deep and filled with emotion, her hair just yearned to be touched and he wanted nothing more than to ravish her right on the principal’s desk. But after a moment, he looked away, remembering his mission and how he had been told that these girls had the ability to make other people feel ways that they did not normally feel, but never had he expected that this girl would have begun working on distracting him so soon. “Too can play that game” he muttered as he noticed a small glimmer of lust pass through her dark eyes before she turned and led him out of the office.
Tess was barely keeping herself awake, a day into her last year at this high school and she was already back to her old habits, if it wasn’t for her sister and the way that she could use her powers to “learn” the stuff that she should have learned in class, then she would have flunked out long ago for daydreaming. She felt a small persistent poke on her back and turned to see Maria trying to get her attention and pass her a note – tact was never Maria’s strong suit. Tess sighed and took the note from Maria, not in the mood to think about how she didn’t like Maria, she was Kyle’s stepsister after all. She made sure that the teacher was still rambling on about class expectations and glanced at the note which read who’s the hottie with Liz? Tess’ eyes got huge and subtly glanced out into the hall where sure enough her sister, Liz no strings attached Parker, was trying in vain to hide the goofy grin that was spreading across her normally serious face. Tess giggled softly and felt happy for her sister, it was about time that girl realized that it was ok to fall for someone. She scribbled back, I don’t know, but don’t you dare ruin this for her, I can make you have massive acne if you do, she couldn’t really, but Maria didn’t know that and it was always good to keep Maria a little afraid.

Maria read the note and got angry for a second, then realized that he probably wasn’t her type anyway and Liz was her friend, it was about time that she got someone who made her happy. “I won’t” she mumbled and turned back to the Cosmo that was carefully hidden in the middle of her math book.
“So that concludes our tour of West Roswell High School” Liz said sarcastically, trying to keep him at arms length, knowing that she couldn’t get involved, but his intense gaze was unnerving and she couldn’t help that she was already falling for him… hard. “Do you, do you have any questions?” she asked, watching him walk closer to her, uncertain what to do, she backed away, but he only moved closer. She hit the wall and met his dark eyes, uncertain how to stop the inevitable, and not certain that she wanted to.

Michael grinned inwardly, everything was falling into place, the poor girl was already falling for him. “Just one” he breathed into her ear, “do you have a boyfriend?”

“N… no” she coughed out, feeling her cheeks redden, then quickly added, “my parents don’t let me date, think it takes away from schoolwork.”

Michael backed away, somewhat startled at that revelation, and smirked, “pity, oh well, I suppose I’ll see you around Parker. Thanks for the tour.”

Liz watched him walk away and wanted to scream, that boy had just played her for a fool, but then she reasoned that if logic hadn’t decided to invade at that moment, he wouldn’t have just shrugged her off. “Yeah, ok” Liz replied to his retreating frame then muttered, “I have got to watch myself with that boy” just as the bell rang, signaling lunch time. Sighing, she walked off towards her locker, replaying the entire scene in her head, Michael Guerin’s breath still hot on her skin.


Tess grinned as Liz made her way over to the lunch table, a dreamy expression on her face, oh yes her sister was falling in love, “earth to Liz, come in Liz” she teased and threw a French fry at her to try and get her attention.

“Huh? What?” Liz asked, receiving a bunch of snickering from Tess, Maria and Isabel. “You all suck” she remarked and bit into her sandwich, not at all interested in getting a bunch of comments about her morning.

“Aww, Liz, come on, you aren’t going to tell us who tall dark and handsome was?” Maria remarked, garnering her with a smack from Tess and a warning glance from Isabel.

Liz blushed and looked down at the ground, how in the hell had they known about that, she wondered, but didn’t dare say anything back, she had, after all, teased them endlessly about how they got all gaga over boys, Maria especially. “I’m not even going to ask how you know about that, but tall dark and handsome is also known as Michael Guerin, he moved here from North Dakota and I’m supposed to tutor him and help him get adjusted to live in Roswell.”

“Wait, people actually live in North Dakota?” Maria asked, amazed that this was possible.

Isabel grinned mischievously, she had been teased relentlessly by Liz about how she and Alex were so open with their affections and it was time to get some revenge, “yeah, Maria, but not many, so our Michael here is sexually repressed and has spent his entire life pining after a girl with dark hair and beautiful doe eyes, then when he finally gets to leave that hell hole, he sees Liz and gets the boner of a lifetime and of course, Liz takes it upon herself to oblige.” Isabel snickered as Liz turned beat red.

“EW, too much information, Isabel, that is my sister, you are talking about. Hey Liz, bet you’re regretting all those times that you teased us about our boys, or crushes, in Deluca’s case.” Tess replied, looking at Liz to make sure she didn’t blow up. When she saw that Liz was calming down and realized that she probably deserved some of it, especially after locking Isabel and Alex in the eraser room so that they could work out their frustrations, she asked, “details girl.”

“There really isn’t much to tell” Liz said offhandedly, she regretted losing her control as it was, but having her three girlfriends tease her made her even less inclined to divulge what had happened.

“Oh whatever, last time I saw he had you up against a wall and was leaning in to kiss you” Maria replied just as tall dark and handsome made his way towards their table.

“Maria you jackass” Tess hissed and whacked her on the side of the head – she knew that Michael had heard what she had said by the way he smiled. Tact surely was not Maria Deluca’s middle name.

Michael made his way over to Liz, ignoring the taller blonde’s laughter and the fight that was about to break out between the other two blonds at the table. He met her doe eyes and sat down next to her, before he stated, “I’m sorry about earlier, I shouldn’t have done that, I just got kind of carried away, anyway, if you can forgive me I’d really like it if you could maybe help me with this chemistry after school, I’m behind.”

“Are you sure you don’t mean anatomy” Maria mumbled, this time earning a smack from Isabel and a stifled giggle from Tess, she had to admit, that was funny.

Liz rolled her eyes at Maria and said, “Yeah, that’s fine, um, where do you want to study?”

“How about your place, we’re still moving into my house” it wasn’t a total lie, in truth, he didn’t want her to be around his father, not yet, because it could either awaken something within her or he could do something stupid and ruin his chances of getting the other two.

“Yeah, that will be great” Liz answered and flashed him a smile, she had no idea why she was agreeing to this, other than the obvious – he was gorgeous, regretted putting moves on her, and would get her out of work. She convinced herself that these were the reasons and that she didn’t secretly wish that Tess wasn’t going to be around today so they had the apartment to themselves.

“Ok, I’ll meet you by your locker after school” Michael stated and watched her nod before walking off out of the cafeteria.

Tess groaned inwardly, Liz had obviously forgotten that Necedo wanted to go over some crap with them after school today and that was why she was free. She knew that her sister cared even less about what he had to say than she did, but maybe it was worth while to actually practice their powers in case their enemy actually decided to make an appearance. “Liz, we have that thing today with Max and his dad” she stated finally, deciding that she should at least make an effort to remind her sister.

“Oh he knows where he can shove it, plus I have to tutor after school now” Liz replied and grabbed a French fry off her sister’s plate, “nothing is going to happen if I don’t practice one time, I worked my ass off this summer because he was convinced that the bad guys were coming to town, but obviously, they didn’t come. So I’m taking today off, I’ve earned it; I’m sick of him preaching to me and if he starts bitching to you, tell him I’m doing my job, investigating newcomers.”

Tess sighed in resignation, understanding how she felt every single time he had a lead on her former husband, only for it to turn up empty. She reasoned that was one of the main reasons that she hated both Max and Necedo, they had planted the image of him in Liz’s head and she had let down her guard enough to believe that he existed somewhere and loved her immensely – although Liz would never admit it, she loved fairytales, prince charming and the happily ever after. So if this boy was able to give Liz a break from the alien abyss, then she should go for it. “Ok, have fun today, I’ll fill you in if anything important happens, but we both know it won’t.”

“Ok thanks, I’ve got to run, I’ll talk to you guys later” Liz said and dashed off to her next class, leaving the three girls to talk about this recent development.

As soon as Liz was out of ear shot Isabel stated, “You do know that she’s falling hard for this guy and if he breaks her, I don’t know what will happen.”

“Yeah, Isabel, I know and that’s why I’m worried.” Tess muttered just as the bell rang and the three girls went their separate ways.
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Part 5
Ok, so this week has been going by pretty well, well, ok, pretty well if you’re an alien. Necedo told us that there is some big alien invasion that’s going to go down, hopefully he’s just overreacting, like with the whole FBI thing. It’s still kind of weird to be afraid of some evil outer space enemy, because we really haven’t had to deal with anything our entire lives, and all of the stuff that Necedo has said would happen never did. I guess we’re just lucky, and hopefully our luck hasn’t run out yet.

Let’s see, Kyle and I are getting closer – in a purely platonic way, because I refuse to go back to a relationship only to hurt him again. We’ve been talking on the phone a lot and are going to the movies tonight, unfortunately, we’ll be going just as friends. It is so hard to be around the guy you love and not be able to say it, because I L-O-V-E, love, Kyle Valenti, but fucking Max Harding has to be in my way with his destiny crap. And since Necedo refuses to tell me if anything alien will happen between the two of us at some point since he thinks I will just wake up one day living and breathing Max Harding, I don’t want to risk it. Kyle, thankfully understands, to a point, but he wants to punch both Max and Necedo in the face, not that I blame him.

Liz, my ever-so-wonderful sister, has this past week coined the nickname Dumbo for Max because he has huge ears and met a boy who she is falling madly in love with, despite what she says. His name is Michael Guerin and she tutors him twice a week after school and is trying, in vain, to keep whatever they have strictly business, but once he breaks her down, holy shit, I am going to hope that Mom and Dad are always at conferences or at least Liz soundproofs her room and glues her door shut. I never ever thought of my sister as overtly sexual, but when she’s around Michael, you can cut the sexual tension with a knife. I also have to convince Liz to go to this dance thing next Friday, because rumor has it that her study buddy wants to ask her, and Liz of course, will want to say no and be faithful to dream boy. I am thinking that while I had dreams which could classify as porno in all fifty states, about Max, Liz’s dreams were more involved, but we’re on a don’t ask, don’t tell basis about that because even though we’re tight as hell, some things, like the intimate details of each others dream sex lives, is not something that either of us want to know.

Oh my god, it’s 5:30, I have to get ready for this movie, which starts at nine and Kyle’s coming at 7 to pick me up, so I’m going to go.

Love ya,


Liz yawned and stretched out on her bed, exhausted from another session with Necedo, who had been pushing her to master her offensive powers as well as create a stronger shield that would protect against Kivar’s blows, should he appear on Earth, for before this he had focused on her mastery of her mental gifts. She was ready to crawl under her covers and sleep for a million years, when her phone rang, groaning she stared at the cordless phone annoyed, it had to be Alex calling for Liz’s advice on how to convince Isabel not to go out with any more older men. She sighed and levitated the phone over to her; at times like these it was good to be an alien. “Alex, I swear I’m going to lock the two of you in a closet again” Liz began, feigning annoyance.

“Uh, hello, do I have the right number – I’m looking for Liz Parker.” Michael stated, somewhat confused by the outburst that came from the other side of the phone.

Liz blushed ten shades of red and said, “Uh, hi Michael, yeah, it’s me.” She twirled a piece of hair absently, making a mental note not to ever assume who the caller was ever again.

“Care to tell me who Alex is, or is it some deep dark secret” Michael teased, glad that he had something to prolong the conversation.

“Alex? Oh Alex Whitman, I introduced him to you right? He’s having girlfriend troubles and has decided to seek out my advice, since apparently I am a wealth of information on the subject.”

“Oh, I see, well with those stellar grades, inviting smile and gorgeous eyes, I can see why you’d make a good choice.”

Liz sighed into the phone as a smile crossed her face against her will, “So what do you want, school kicking your ass?”

Michael rolled his eyes, he had to admit, she was good at thwarting his advances, but he was onto her. “No, I’m calling for personal reasons only, is that alright?”

Liz smiled coyly and looked down at her nails, “Michael, you can call me anytime; I mean we’re becoming friends, right?” She bit her lip, she had just given him the bait and it was time to see if he was going to take it, after all, she was considering giving up on her long lost former husband for him, so it was important to know right now if he had the same feelings that she did.

Michael sighed into the phone, aware that she was baiting him, but it didn’t matter, because he did call her to ask her to the dance anyway. “Well, Liz, uh, the thing is, I was hoping that we could be more than friends, if that’s alright with you, that is.” He paused, noticing the sharp intake of breath on her side of the line, then added, “It could be our little secret, since your parents don’t let you date.”

Liz took the phone away and looked at it in disbelief, was she dreaming? “Oh, and what are you planning Mr. Guerin?”

“You and me, tonight, a night on the town” Michael stated, decidedly coy about his plans for the night, then, remembering the way that she had seemed startled by his advances the first day they met, “I promise to be a perfect gentleman, that is, unless you have other ideas.”

Liz felt her cheeks redden and her stomach tighten as the meaning of his words invaded her consciousness, “And if I was to accept, what time would you come pick me up?”

“Eight o’clock.”

“Eight it is, then.”

“Good, I’ll see you then.”

“Great, bye Michael” Liz said, trying to hide her nervousness.

“Goodbye Liz” Michael said and rested the phone on it’s cradle, his plan had been a success and now he just had to borrow the car from his father and figure out what to wear.

Liz clicked off the phone and flopped into her pillows, excited and relieved that Michael felt the same way she did. Her thoughts drifted for a moment to the way he said her name, then sat up with a start and shouted, “FUCK what in the hell am I going to wear?”
Kyle shifted from one foot to the other as he stood outside the Parker doorway, debating how to greet Tess. He knew that she had said that they were going to the movies as friends, but he didn’t know how to act merely friendly with her. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair as he tried to think of how Buddha would deal with dilemma, but came up empty, after all Buddha never dealt with Aliens. “Valenti, you can do this” he muttered and knocked on the door.

Liz, who was still rummaging through her closet for a pair of shoes to match her sundress, heard the knocking and looked at the clock in a mild panic, but let out a sigh of relief when she realized it was only seven, too early for it to be Michael. Rolling her eyes at herself she hurried down the hall to greet the person at the door.

Kyle jumped as the door flung open, then caught sight of Liz in a red dress. He smiled at her and said, “Parker, if I wasn’t in love with your sister, I’d be all over you.”

Liz rolled her eyes and pulled Kyle through the door in an attempt to mask her self consciousness, then reminded herself that it was only Kyle. “Do you think that it’s too much, I’m only going out with a friend?” She asked, deciding not to let Kyle or anyone else know that she was going on a date with Michael.

Kyle rolled his eyes, he could read Liz pretty well and he was certain that she wasn’t going out with just a friend, because he knew what she wore around him and that certainly wasn’t it. Realizing he’d been quiet for a while, he stated, “You do know that’s the one question that guys hate being asked, but Parker you look amazing. It would be a disgrace to let that thing just sit in your closet.” He smirked in satisfaction at her flushed cheeks, it took a lot for Liz to let down her guard that much and he was proud of his work. “Now the question is, why don’t you dress like this more often?”

Liz raised her eyebrow and asked, “Valenti, who are you trying to date here me or Tess?”

“I’m just asking on behalf of mankind here, but personally, I’d like to try the sister thing, there is enough of me for both of you.”

Liz snorted and smacked Kyle playfully upside the head, “Shouldn’t you try to get back with Tess first?”

“Parker, that hurts” Kyle replied in mock disgust. “So what’s taking her so long anyway?”

“I have no idea, I’ll go check on her” Liz stated only to see Tess walking down the hallway.

“I’m here” she declared as she made her way into the living room. She turned to Kyle and asked, “Hey you. Are you ready to go?”

“Sure” he said, getting up from his seat on the couch and taking Tess’ outstretched hand, just friends my ass, he thought to himself. “Bye Parker” he shouted while Tess waved with her free hand.

“Bye guys, have fun!” Liz shouted back before running back into her room to find shoes and finish getting ready.
Michael sighed as he went over the plan one more time in his head. He was to take her around town and see if she made any mention of places she frequented etc., then at the end of their date he was to ask her to the dance on Friday. It seemed easy enough, but then again, why was he nervous? Because you’ve never been on a date in your life and she’s absolutely gorgeous , a little voice in the back of his head answered. “It’s not a date, it’s a mission” he reassured himself and made his way to the garage to take one of his father’s cars.
Liz looked at herself in the mirror and smiled nervously as she smoothed out the wrinkles in her dress. She had thought about what Kyle had said, it was true, she didn’t normally wear anything but pants because it made her blend in “and it’s not like you’d be flaunting anything anyway” she muttered as she glanced at her reflection. Sighing she ran her hands through her dark mane then applied lip gloss just as she heard a knock at the door. “Here goes nothing” she stated and walked out.

Michael saw Liz as she opened the door and was amazed at what he saw. She looked absolutely stunning in that dress, and although he was sure there were lots of other girls wearing similar outfits to school everyday, on her it looked amazing. He wanted to say hello, but he couldn’t find his voice.

Liz smiled at Michael, trying to hide her nervousness as she waited for him to make the first move, but when he didn’t say anything she decided to take matters into her own hands. “Hey Michael, do you want to come in or do you just want to get going?”

Michael blinked and looked dazed for a moment before he replied, “Uh, we can just head out if you want. By the way, you uh, look amazing.”

Liz blushed slightly and looked at Michael, who was dressed in a short sleeve button down and dark grey pants. “You don’t look too bad yourself. So where are you taking me anyway?”

Michael smirked and scratched his eyebrow as he looked into Liz’s dark eyes, “well it’s a surprise” he teased as he extended his hand for Liz to take.

Liz smiled up at Michael and took his hand, she felt a bit more of her resolve melting as he led her out of her apartment. She didn’t know what it was about him, but for the first time she was beginning to trust someone outside of her circle of friends and it felt good. “I like surprises” she answered, it was true, in a way, she liked surprises that were not alien related or disrupted her lifestyle.

“Good” Michael answered as he opened up the passenger side door for Liz, trying to remind himself that she was the enemy, not just an extremely nice and attractive girl. He sighed and walked over to the driver’s side – it was going to be a hard fought battle, but he was sure that he would win in the end.