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Hi guys!

I'm back from Namibia (which was, btw, wonderful!) and as I promised I'll continue this story! I hope you still like it and you leave lots of feedback! (If you could see the smile on my face when I get feedback... *wink* )

Parts 1-6 are on the repost board:

The new part is no longer from Liz' POV, because I'll try to involve the other characters as well. But it'll stay Liz centered, I try to figure out what happens after the fateful night...
Part 7 has no actual sex in it - but no fear, it'll happen... *tongue*

I have no idea where I'm going with this story, so if you have something you'd like to see - just let me know! And now, have fun...

Disclaimers: part 1

Part 7

When Maria DeLuca came to pick up her best friend for their planned Saturday night at the local underage club, she noticed at once that something special had happened since they had said good-bye after school on Friday. Liz was positively glowing - it reminded Maria of the time she had fallen in love with Max Evans.

„Come on, girl - spill! What has happened? Don‘t think you can avoid answering my question by pulling your innocent-little-girl stunt! I know it must be something big... Max didn‘t propose, or did he?!“ Maria was the fastest talker Liz knew - a fact for which she was more than grateful at the moment since her thoughts were spinning. Could she tell her best friend about last night? She was still not sure what consequences it would have, how she would cope with it. Luckily Maria‘s last question gave her an easy way out.

„Maria, stop babbling, would you! No, Max didn‘t propose - jeez, we‘re much too young for that! I mean, he probably will do it - perhaps when we graduate highschool. But certainly not now!“ Had she managed to divert Maria‘s inquisitive mind? Probably not, but at that moment her best male friend Alex Whitman arrived and saved her - for the time being at least...
The three friends went downstairs to Maria‘s Jetta and drove to the club, intent of having lots of fun. They‘d meet their three alien friends and Maria‘s boyfriend Kyle a bit later at their usual table beside the dance floor.

The two girls went out to dance as soon as they were inside, leaving Alex to guard their table, since he much preferred making music to dancing to it anyway. Liz was still so excited from last night, she felt as if she was floating. Her dancing reflected her feelings, she didn‘t care a bit about other people (or the fact that the dance floor was almost empty) but danced passionately, swaying sexily to the music. Her mood was catching and Maria couldn‘t help but join her animated dancing. She still wanted to find out what had caused Liz‘ euphoria, but she figured it wouldn‘t take long until Liz betrayed her secret.

Suddenly Maria was grabbed from behind and whirled around. „Wow, baby - that is one hell of a show!“ Kyle laughed and kissed his girlfriend. Originally he and Liz had been dating, but after Liz fell in love with Max Maria went to console him. She‘d always liked Kyle and soon they‘d started dating seriously. Kyle was also a member of the „I know an alien“ club and always watched out for his Maria and also for Liz, who had become like a sister to him. He would never let anyone - specially not some aliens! - hurt the two most important people in his life!

Liz watched the two of them, glad that those two dear people had found each other. Suddenly she felt the familiar warmth that always told her when Max was near. But this time it was followed by an erotic shiver running down her spine, as if someone caressed her. She looked up and saw Max standing in the entrance - and behind him stood Michael. Liz felt both of them watching her intently. She couldn‘t help but smile, overwhelmed by so much love and adoration coming from those two drop dead gorgeous men. What had she done to deserve that?
Slowly she started to move again, seductively following the rhythm. She saw Max smile his sexy smile and come closer purposefully, while Michael didn‘t seem to be able to move. His hungry eyes never left her swaying form and he swallowed hard. Liz felt his gaze almost like a touch, travelling over her body. Her lips became dry and her tongue snuck out to wet them - a movement neither Michael nor Max missed.

Max had the advantage of his official boyfriend-status and closed the distance between them. His eyes were a deep gold as he put his hands on her hips and started to move with her. Liz‘ breath came heavily as she felt his nearness and she pulled him closer to her.
„Liz...“ Max whispered in a rough voice before claiming her mouth with his own. Well, obviously last night had not changed his feelings for her, since she felt his love and longing strong as ever when the flashes started. Their tongues were dueling, mimicking a joining their bodies would have to wait for until later. Max‘s hardness ground against Liz‘ soft body, a promise for what was yet to come... „I‘ll never stop loving you, wanting you, Liz!“ Max calmed his love‘s fears as his hands roamed her back, caressed her buttocks, pressing her sex against him.

Liz felt as if she was flying, she had forgotten completely about the fact that they were in a disco, on the dancefloor. She wanted Max desperately - but a part of her missed something... someone. She opened her eyes and quickly found what she was looking for: Michael, who was now standing next to the table where Alex and Isabel were seated. He watched Max and her quietly, without hurt, it was obvious that over the years he had gotten used to being left out. He even smiled a little when he saw her look. When she met his loving eyes Liz came to a decision, even if she was not yet aware of it - they were not going to hide their feelings for each other!

Reluctantly she pulled away from Max, only now noticing that they had entertained the whole club and people were whistling and catcalling. She didn‘t need to explain her reason for breaking their kiss, he saw it in her eyes and smiled at ther tenderly. „My Liz, you‘re always looking out for others!“
With that he led her to their table, where Alex and Isabel were grinning widely. „Jeez, get a room, you two!“ Alex laughed and put his arm around Isabel‘s shoulders. It had taken the ice-princess a long time to let Alex be a part of her life, to let him see behind her facade. They were still taking things slow, but when she looked deeply into his gentle eyes it was clear to everyone that they were in love.

Using the preoccupation of her two friends Liz touched Michael‘s strong hand, shivering from the almost electric current she felt. Their eyes locked and Liz tried to communicate her need, her love for him. It seemed as if she suceeded, because Michael gave her one of his rare sexy smiles, squeezing her hand shortly before releasing it.
Liz sighed relieved and sat down next to Max, snuggling up to him, pointing Michael to the seat next to her. He followed her lead, positioning himself so that his left leg touched Liz‘ thigh as if by accident. They both shivered a bit from the contact, acutely aware of every inch of leg that was touching.

Max started to slowly rub Liz‘ bare arms, causing her to lean into him, resting her head on his broad shoulder. Then his left hand wandered further down, drawing leisurely circles on her stomach before coming to a rest on her sex. He teased her softly, all the time talking to Alex and Isabel about school. A small moan escaped Liz as Michael added to her growing excitement by moving his muscular thigh against hers while seemingly occupied with watching Kyle and Maria dance together. Had they conspired to drive her crazy, Liz thought, feeling her panties getting soaked and trying hard not to look to flustered. She wanted both her torturers so bad, but since that was just not possible right now, she decided to pay them back...

Under the table, hidden from view she took off her right shoe and started rubbing her foot up Michael‘s leg. She heard him take in a sharp breath and saw his hands, that had been lying relaxed on the table, grab the edge of it. Ha, Liz grinned triumphantly, payback was a bitch!
But she was intent to divide her attention evenly on both her men, threrefore, while still teasing Michael mercilessly, she moved her left hand slowly over Max‘s thighs, caressing the insides and moving closer to the bulge that she noticed was starting to tent his jeans. She noticed satisfied that Max suddenly had problems concentrating on his conversation as Liz cupped him through his pants, running her nails softly over his erection.

„Fuck, Liz, keep that up and we‘ll be giving the club a much better show than before!“ he managed to grind out between clenched teeth, his hands pulling her closer to him.
„It‘s your own fault, Maxie... you and space-boy really should be careful what you do to me!“ Liz grinned up at him sexily as she whispered back, all the while keeping up her sweet torture, both on him and Michael, who was now staring at her with pure lust shadowing his eyes.
Liz felt his gaze like physical contact and swallowed hard. Her panties were soaked and she had troubles remembering where they were and with whom. As it it had a will of its own her right hand snuck over to Michael and trailed a path of pure fire over his groin. She was rewarded with a low growl and a rough: „Stop it, Liz - or else...“ Liz shivered once more and, very tempted to find out what he meant, looked at him from under hooded eyes.

Isabel and Alex watched the exchange in confusion, not knowing what to make of it. Alex had the distinct impression that a lot was going on at this table that he had no idea about. He would have to talk with Liz, she was behaving very strangely tonight!
Isabel wondered what the hell was up with Michael. She had known all along that he had a weakness for her brother‘s girlfriend, but normally he was able to hide that quite well - while tonight he seemed to be drawn to Liz like a moth to a flame. She only hoped he wouldn‘t burn himself! What if Max found out...
Maria who had been dancing with Kyle, enjoying the strangely sexual atmosphere, was distracted from Kyle‘s tender kisses along her neck, as she saw Liz doing... - what the fuck WAS her best friend doing? It seemed as if she was flirting with Michael, while her boyfriend sat right beside her! Had she gone out of her mind?! Maria knew, like every red-blooded female in her right mind, that Michael was incredibly sexy and that Liz found him attractive as well - but hell, she had Max, every girl‘s dream of a boyfriend!

At that moment Max‘s tenuous hold on his self-control snapped and he got up, pulling Liz roughly with him. She had hardly enough time to put on her shoe again, then she had no choice but to follow the love of her life. She quite enjoyed it when Max‘s primal instincts overcame his normally very controlled self and he didn‘t have anything on his mind but ravaging her... She considered herself an incredibly lucky girl to cause such an intense response in such a sexy man!
With a last effort to act normal Liz waved to her staring friends and smiled a bit apologetically. Then her eyes found Michael and she didn‘t want anything more than that he followed her and Max. She must have communicated her need to him, because his eyes turned almost black with desire and he forgot all caution and got up with a sudden movement to follow Max and Liz out of the club.

Maria hardly trusted her eyes as she saw Michael get up as soon as Max started dragging a more than willing Liz caveman-style from the table. The intense look in his eyes made her shiver and startled she noticed the same look in Michael. What the hell had gotten into her friends?

Okay, that was the new part - I hope you liked it! (After such a long break my old insecurities are raising their ugly heads... I need encouragement *hint hint*...)


[size=3]Am I a Dreamer with a Polar streak or a Polarist unable to let go my Dreamer passion?

[size=3]Who am I to choose between Max and Michael...

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Okay, here comes the new part... Thanks to everyone who left feedback - you guys made my day!!
And all you lurkers (I saw that over 120 people have read this and not left feedback...) - come out and let me know what you think!

This part is somewhat short - and it does not have anything resembling a plot... Call it a plotless nookie! *tongue*

Part 8

Almost as soon as they were outside the club Max pushed Liz roughly against a wall in a small alley. Before she got the chance to say anything his mouth closed over hers, his tongue plundering inside, causing Liz to whimper and hold onto her out-of-control lover. Their tongues dueled passionately as Max lifted Liz up against his erection. Reflexively she wrapped her legs around his hips, trying to ease the almost painful arousal she felt by rubbing her wet center against the hard bulge in his jeans.

Suddenly they were not alone anymore as Michael‘s voice penetrated the fog of their arousal. „Mind if I join the fun?“ he said roughly, acutely aware of the tightness of his trousers, caging in his raging hard-on.
Liz stopped kissing Max and turned to smile sexily at her other lover while Max simply moved down to her neck, licking and nibbling his way to her favorite spot under her right ear. This made it very difficult for Liz to form a coherent thought, but somehow she managed to say: „I know we - oh God, Max, don‘t stop! ...we should talk - but that can wait... Come here - lover!“ Her voice turned sultry and she motioned him nearer, the look in her eyes turning him on even more if that was possible.

Their mouths found each other and one of Liz‘ hands left Max‘s hair to pull Michael closer, caressing his cheek while their tongues danced and she felt the connection between them open. His hands played with her hair as once more she felt herself getting lost in the warm sea of emotions and colors that was Michael Guerin‘s inner self. It felt very safe and exciting at the same time and again she was overwhelmed by the love he felt for her - and the all-consuming passion...
Even as Liz thought it couldn‘t possibly get any better she felt Max cup her breasts through her top, drawing slow circles over her hard nipples, then again ignoring them completely, causing her to moan into Michael‘s mouth. Then she felt the cool night air on her breasts as Max bared them to be able to kiss her there thoroughly. She had to break the kiss shortly to be able to breathe as Max bit down on her right nipple gently while still caressing the other with his thumb. Her hips thrust violently against his and one of her hands grabbed Michael‘s hair roughly while the other moved down over Michael‘s abs to cup him through his trousers. They all moaned at the same time as hot pleasure washed through each of them.

All at once Liz felt the familiar flashes from Max caressing her mind, showing her incredibly erotic pictures of what exactly Max wanted to do with her. Her boyfriend certainly had a vivid imagination! At the same time she still felt Michael inside her brain and was overwhelmed with love and desire. There was nothing she wanted more than make love to both of them right now, to let them feel how much they meant to her. But this was not the right place, they could be caught any moment. She started to say just that when suddenly Michael‘s fingers opened her jeans and snuck inside her panties, making coherent thought completely impossible. Who cared about other people anyway?
Her head fell forward, coming to rest on Max‘s broad shoulder, as Michael started to caress her wet folds while kissing her neck thoroughly and pressing his lean body against her side. When he touched her clit her whole body shuddered, her legs tightened around Max‘s hips, causing him to groan.

His hands were not idle either, busying themselves to drive her completely crazy by caressing her spine and cupping her ass and thighs, then again moving to the front to tease her bare breasts. And all the time he whispered sexy nothings into her ear, telling her how much he and Michael loved her and how much they wanted her. Michael‘s second hand roamed her body as well and sometimes she didn‘t know who touched what part of her body.
Liz felt completely helpless, but in a good way... Her two men had her exactly where they wanted her, moaning and shivering with desire. When she felt a scream rising in her throat Michael‘s mouth closed over hers, swallowing her ecstatic cry as with a sudden movement he thrust first two then three fingers into her. Liz felt herself flying apart violently, bucking against Michael‘s hand and Max‘s erection.
Through the connection the two men felt her orgasm starting to build and at once Max lost control as well, wetting the front of his jeans as he kissed Liz passionately. Michael also felt himself getting close when suddenly one of Liz‘ hands roughly grabbed his rock hard manhood. That was too much for him and with a strangled „Oh god, Liz!“ he climaxed, holding Liz close to him. That way they stood for what seemed like an eternity, before the real world started to intrude once more.

Still trembling Liz slid down Max‘s body to stand on her own legs again as Michael‘s hand reluctantly left her panties. She buttoned her jeans and covered her breasts. They looked at each other unbelievingly and had to smile at the ravaged look all three of them sported. That was so unlike them - losing control like that... Liz felt herself blushing as she met Michael‘s knowing smirk and Max‘s reddening face.
Confronted with the choice of either being terribly embarassed of her actions or laughing them off she started to laugh, causing first Michael then Max to join her. After last night there really was no reason at all to be ashamed! Liz took both her lovers by the hand and started to walk towards Max‘s jeep. „Come on, guys - let‘s go someplace a bit more private!“


This seemed like a good point to stop, since they certainly have a lot to talk about. But no fear - as I know my Liz and her guys there won't be too much seriousness before they get sidetracked once more... *tongue*


Am I a Dreamer with a Polar streak or a Polarist unable to let go my Dreamer passion?

Who am I to choose between Max and Michael...

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Thanks as always for your feedback!

Unfortunately I'm suffering from a bad case of writer's block at the moment. This story just refuses to have itself written! *sad* (I've also started a new story - this time purely polar - but there I'm stuck, too.)

I was hoping to post the new part this weekend, but at the moment it doesn't look like it. Please be patient and don't give up on me!
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Okay, I kind of got over my writer's block. Writing was still something of a fight...
This part has *gasp* NO SEX in it! Hope you enjoy it anyway - I promise the next part will have more action in it! *wink*

Part 9

Without having to talk about their destination they drove to Michael‘s appartment as the only place where they would not have to fear interruptions. All three knew that now the time had come to talk - about what had happened, why it had happened, and what they were going to do about it.

When they arrived at Michael‘s place he told Max and Liz to wait for a sec outside and sprinted inside. Max helped Liz out of the jeep and they grinned at each other in complete understanding. „You know, he‘s always cleaned up his mess a bit whenever he knew you were coming...“ Max smiled down at his love‘s laughing face, caressing it with the outside of his right hand. „You have no idea what a mess one person can make! Luckily he has a certain advantage when it comes to cleaning...“
Looking into Max‘s amber eyes Liz spontanously stood on her tiptoes and planted a light kiss on his lips. „I love you, Max Evans!“ she whispered, before taking his hand and pulling him to the door. „You think it‘s safe to go in now?“ she asked with a mischievous grin.

At that moment Michael‘s head appeared in the door frame. „Okay - you can come in now. I just... I was not exactly prepared for visitors...“ He actually blushed a bit, something Liz found irresistably cute. She simply HAD to kiss him quickly as she entered his appartment, a move that for some reason made Michael blush harder.
„Wow, Michael - you‘ve certainly done a very good job here!“ And that he certainly had. He had foregone turning on the light but had instead lit candles all over the place, turning his normally bland appartment into a cozy little den. Michael tried hard not to show his pleasure at Liz‘ admiration and shrugged nonchalantly but ruined the effect when one of his rare smiles lit up his face.
His eyes met Max‘s amused gaze and he said a bit gruff: „Well, Max, you‘re going to stand there grinning all night long or are you gonna come in?“

Finally they were all seated on Michael‘s sofa. For a while silence reigned as Liz debated with herself how to start the conversation. The fact that once more she was in the middle between two men who had just a short while ago rocked her world made thinking clearly not easier. She was careful not to touch either of them, an attitude they both seemed to understand and share.
Surprisingly enough it was Michael who broke the silence. „You know I suck at this kind of talk, but... Liz - what are you going to do? About... this situation, I mean.“ He sounded a bit short tempered, but when Liz met his gaze she saw his love for her shining in his deep brown eyes. She also saw Michael‘s fear there, fear of being rejected once more, of being denied the happiness he had found during the last 24 hours.

Her heart went out to him and she simply blurted out what went through her mind: „I... don‘t want this to stop!“ Glad she saw Michael‘s eyes light up and his hand squeezed hers quickly, thanking her silently for not shutting him out again. Liz returned his gesture, then turned to Max, trying to figure out what went on behind his amber eyes. But he seemed to look at her with his usual tenderness and understanding, so she went on, speaking more to Max but without ignoring Michael‘s presence: „It‘s not that I was not incredibly happy in our relationship, Max - you know I love you with all my heart! But... last night you showed me that love can be much more, even greater than I had ever imagined when you invited Michael. And now I... I love him, too - I touched his soul and I don‘t think I want to live without that anymore...“ She took Max‘s warm hand in hers and willed him to believe her. She was sure that he still loved her - but how could he be so generously ready to share her love - and her body - with another man?! „I will be forever grateful that you let me have this wonderful experience - but if it makes you in any way unhappy I don‘t think I could bear it!“

Max was incredibly touched by Liz‘ words and the look in her eyes as she pleaded for his and Michael‘s understanding. He knew that one word from him would make everything go back to the way it was before last night. Liz would be faithful to him - and if she felt as if her relationship with Michael was hurting him she would cut out her heart and end it, no matter how much that hurt. Max‘s gaze met Michael‘s over Liz‘ head and he saw anxiety clouding Michael‘s dark eyes, but also acceptance of Liz‘ decision to stand by Max and if it killed her - and Michael - in the process. Max felt a lump in his throat - those two were the most important people in his life and they were ready to sacrifice their happiness for him. The love of his life and his best friend... „How could I do that?“ Max spoke out loud what went through his head.

„Liz, your happiness means everything to me! And Michael, do you think I have offered you your heart‘s desire by inviting you over last night just to take it away from you again?“ Max paused and had to chuckle at the relieved and happy smiles both Liz and Michael wore.
„I know it‘s strange - but I‘m not jealous of what you share! Perhaps it‘s because I have seen into your soul, Liz, and know exactly that you don‘t love me less when you love Michael! I mean - if it was anyone else but Michael I would certainly feel different! But Michael, I‘ve known about your feelings for Liz for years! And you‘ve never done anything to fight for her, you‘ve always stood back so I could be happy... How could I envy you your happiness now?“

Tears were shining in Liz‘ eyes. Max was amazing! She smiled under tears and hugged her love with all her might, feeling his strong arms wrap around her. All she could say was his name, over and over again. Max held her and caressed her silky hair, rocking slightly to and fro. His golden eyes met Michael‘s and he saw gratitude and happiness shining in them. He nodded at his best friend and held his right hand towards him. Michael grasped it firmly, trying to convey his feelings. He felt a broad grin spread over his face and saw Max return it. Words were not necessary, emotions were all that mattered at the moment. With a nod Max pulled Michael closer, inviting him into their embrace.

Liz felt Michael‘s lean body envelop hers from behind and found herself once more in her favorite position - sandwiched between the two men she loved...

I know that was sappy - but I couldn't help it, my Max just didn't feel like being jealous... *wink*

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Hey guys - sorry for the long wait, but RL has been hectic lately! But today I've finally managed to write the next part - another nookie... *tongue*

Oh, about your requests that Max and Michael share some loving - just wait and see... At the moment I think they still have to come to terms with their Liz centered relationship and their friends' reactions - but never say never... *wink*

Have fun!

Part 10

Things heated up a short while afterwards, when Michael‘s hand started to wander toward Liz‘ middle. To Liz it felt as if his ministrations were leaving paths of fire on her belly and she had to bite back a moan. Michael‘s fingers opened her trouser zipper and moved on, into her panties. This time Liz couldn‘t stop the moan escaping her lips and Michael chuckled agianst the soft skin of her neck as he started to suck and lick the sensitive area behind her ear. He thrust one finger as deep inside her as possible while caressing her clit, loving her responsiveness to his touch.
Liz couldn‘t be passive anymore and decided to take action. She rocked her backside against Michael‘s crotch, eliciting a strangled growl from him, so she kept moving slowly, teasingly. This only aroused her further and hungrily she looked up at Max. She eliminated the space between them by locking her arms behind his neck and kissing him seductively, her tongue following the curved shape of his lips.
Max groaned and opened his mouth, letting her tongue enter and begin to play with his. His hands travelled down her back, slipping inside her pants and cupping her ass cheeks. Shyly one of his fingers entered her hole, a remembrance of what they had shared the night before.

Liz moaned at the feeling and rocked faster against Michael whose fingers stilled for one moment before thrusting into her again. Liz broke the kiss she still shared with Max to pant: „Way... way too many clothes!“ This caused both her lovers to stop their ministrations and quickly strip Liz off her pants, top and underwear with a wave of their hands. Max as well as Michael swallowed as they laid eyes on Liz‘s beautiful bare body, admiring every curve, every inch of skin and every dark hair. Almost absentmindedly they used their alien powers on themselves as well, all the while staring at her as if they‘d never seen anything as wonderful before.
„Very handy!“ Liz smiled as she settled back into the couch, enjoying the view of two very handsome, very naked and very aroused alien men standing in front of her devouring her with their eyes. Liz felt their passionate gazes almost like physical caresses and involuntarily her hands began to roam her body, cupping her breasts, wandering down to dip into the wetness pooled between her legs. Her head fell back as she touched her clit and a low moan escaped her the moment she felt Michael‘s and Max‘s eyes rest captivated on her fingers and heard their ragged breaths.

That was too much for Michael and he knelt before Liz, capturing her lush lips with his own. Their tongues dueled passionately for dominance and Michael‘s hands went to cup Liz‘ breasts, playing with her nipples as he rocked his erection against her leg, seeking release. Suddenly he felt Liz‘ right foot come up and caressing his straining hard-on, going down the shaft, around his balls and up again. Where the hell had she learned that? To Michael it felt as if he could come only from this.
Max felt his arousal almost painfully jutting up against his hard stomach and his hands unconsciously went around it, slowly starting to jerk himself off. But then Liz caught his gaze and, neither breaking her kiss with Michael nor her „foot massage“, winked at him, moving two fingers in and out her wet opening. Max groaned and he almost fell onto his knees between Liz‘ open legs. He stilled Liz‘ busy hands and placed one on Michael‘s body, the other on his own shoulder - but not before he had licked every single finger clean of her juices, causing Liz to moan loudly into Michael‘s mouth. Then Max‘s mouth closed over Liz‘ center, drinking her juices and thrusting as deep inside her as his tongue could. His hands held her hips still as they started to buck uncontrollably so he could enjoy his feast.

Liz felt herself come apart as Max continued eating her and Michael‘s hands moved over her body, touching every sensitive spot in their reach, always coming back to her breasts. His mouth left hers and moved down her neck, paying attention to her favorite spot there, then moved to her nipples, sucking on them alternately. Her right hand was tangled in Michael‘s soft hair, holding him against her; her other one was grabbing Max‘s head, trying to get him even closer.
All the time her tiny foot never stopped to move along Michael‘s hardness. He felt his balls tighten, signalling his nearing release. He just had to kiss her deeply before he felt his world explode. Liz followed Michael into the abyss shortly afterwards, when Max bit down lightly on her clit and hummed softly against it, knowing exactly what he did to her. Feeling Liz come apart under his lips was one of the best things he knew and only a little surprised he felt his own climax approach from just pleasuring her that way... Afterward he stayed in place, lapping off all her juices until he felt her calm down. Then he moved up her body to have her kiss him, tasting herself in his mouth.

During his climax Michael had slid to the ground and rested his head against Liz‘ thigh, feeling her hand still in his hair, caressing him lightly. He looked up and exchanged a smile with her. Then his gaze fixed on Max‘s chest smeared with semen and he grinned mischievously, if a bit tired. „Looks as if you‘ve managed to mess yourself up again!“
Max just chuckled and responded with a pointed glance at Michael‘s couch, where most of Michael‘s cum had landed. „Well, it‘s not MY furniture so I was just being considerate...“
All three of them broke into laughter and decided it was time to move to the bedroom after cleaning themselves up a bit.

Liz was just about to suggest they‘d take the shower together as suddenly someone rang the door bell and Maria‘s voice could be heard through the door. „Michael - have you seen Liz?“ Liz groaned - she‘d completely forgotten about the deal with her best friend: Maria was to make sure that Liz was home on time in order to avoid more trouble with her parents because of Max.
The three teenagers looked at each other and it was Max who put their thoughts into words: „Well, we wanted to be honest about our relationship - seems as if honesty starts now...“
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Okay, here I am again - sorry it took me so long, I'm not feeling very well lately and RL has been hectic.
But I finally managed to write the next part - hope you like it...
But I must warn you - I've decided to have Michael and Max share a bit more than friendship... I don't say that they'll act on it - but the feelings are there... Just felt like experimenting a bit with something I haven't done before and had fun writing it. What do you think?

Part 11

Michael‘s face mirrored his mixed feelings as he quickly put on his pants and went to the door. Sure, he was incredibly glad that Liz wanted him to be a part of her life, that she loved him (at this thought a smile lit up his features) and that Max was okay with it - but facing Maria was not something he wanted. That girl had such a... penetrating voice - he just hoped she wouldn‘t freak completely!

Still hesitating a bit Michael opened the door and let Maria in. To be exact, Maria stormed into the appartment before he could say anything, stood as tall as she could and started to talk, emphasizing every phrase by stabbing him into the chest: „You certainly were weird tonight, Michael! I mean, I know you have a crush on Liz - I‘m not blind! - but she‘s your best friend‘s girlfriend and you were practically drooling over her the whole time! And somehow I get the feeling that something happened between you that Liz didn‘t tell me - where is she, by the way? I know you know it - don‘t you try stonewalling me, Michael Guerin!“ Slowly Maria started to take in her surroundings and noticed the candles and Michael‘s ravished and half-clothed appearance. Her mind came to the obvious conclusion and her eyes went wide: „You... are you having an affair with my best friend and she didn‘t tell me?!“

With this she pushed Michael to the side and went into the living room, where she stopped apruptly as she saw not only Liz but also Max sitting on the couch, looking both just as flushed and hurriedly dressed as Michael. For the first time in her life Maria didn‘t know what to say, so she just stared at the picture in front of her, swallowing when Michael joined them on the sofa.
Liz finally broke the silence: „Well, looking at your face it seems as if you‘ve figured out by yourself what has happened...“ Maria still stared at her, her face unreadable and Liz began to feel uncomfortable. „I... I love them both, Maria. It has only been one day, but I just can‘t be without either of them. So, please - say something, I‘m starting to be worried...“

Maria blinked and suddenly came back to life. With a wide grin she said what came to her mind: „Well, girl - I always admired your taste in men... But are you sure you can handle two horny alien lovers?“ She enjoyed the astonished looks on the faces in front of her. „It‘s not such a big surprise - now that I think about it you three WERE pretty obvious in the club. Michael‘s feelings for our little Lizzie here were also not exactly secret for a best friend with an excellent Lizdar... And of course as best friend it was my duty to know about Liz‘s nightly adventures in dreamland with spaceboy here. So, you see - no reason to freak at this little ménage à trois...“

Liz felt extremely relieved at her friend‘s reaction. Not that she expected Maria to seriously make a fuss, but she was glad that she took it so well. She got up and hugged her best friend tightly. „I‘m sorry I didn‘t tell you before, but I was just so confused and didn‘t really know how we would handle the whole situation...“
Maria hugged her back „No worries, chica... as long as I get an exact account of how this all happened! But now say bye to your lovers - your parents will kill you if you‘re late again. And straighten your dress, you look a mess - specially with your top the wrong way around!“
Laughing Liz obeyed Maria. „I have to work tomorrow - why don‘t you two stop by sometime?“ she asked Max and Michael, barely wating for them to agree before kissing Michael, savouring his taste, his soft lips once more. Maria interrupted them all too soon: „Girl, as much as I enjoy watching this - we should get going...“ Reluctantly Liz broke away and kissed Max, again fighting the temptation to simply melt into his embrace. But her parents...

Maria resolutley pulled her away, waving goodbye to the two men who hardly had time to wave back before the two girls were out the door. Max looked at Michael and started to grin: „She‘s something, isn‘t she?“ Michael grinned back: „Maria? Yes, I must admit I didn‘t think she would let us off this easily.“ „Well, that was probably because it‘s 1:55 and they have to be home in five minutes - but I have the feeling she has only postponed all her witty comments and will tease us relentlessly for probably the rest of our lives...“ „Yeah, I can just see her lying in bed thinking about things to say...“ For some reason that struck them both as incredibly witty and they started to laugh, collapsing on the sofa. Whenever one of them seemed to calm down he would look at the other and begin to laugh again.

After a long while they both quieted down a bit, resting comfortably on the couch, their bodies leaning towards each other. „Wanna crash here?“ Michael asked when he had caught his breath again. Max nodded. „That‘s what I told my parents anyway - I was kind of hoping on another night like the last one...“
They both smiled at the memory before realizing what just the pictures they had of last night did to their bodies. Michael looked at Max, who was comfortably resting against his shoulder, seemingly unaware of the bulge in his jeans.

The atmosphere changed, became charged with desire as their eyes locked. „When are we going to tell Liz about - us?“ Michael asked, his voice thick with lust. Max‘s eyes reflected his own arousal as he answered: „I wanted to tell her tonight - but then Maria interrupted...“ Their faces were so close that they almost touched and they were both breathing heavily. „I know we didn‘t want to do this anymore until we told her - but I don‘t know if I can, Max...“ Max nodded as his fingers seemed to develop a life of their own, caressing Michael‘s cheek, sliding around his neck to play with the soft hair on the back of his head. „God, I know! It‘s so hard sometimes... loving two people like that and not wanting to hurt either one...“

Michael‘s voice was hardly more than a whisper but it was loaded with emotion: „I‘m hurting, Max - hurting for you... Since that night in your room when we kissed I‘ve wanted you - no, already before that... just as I‘ve always wanted Liz. And I‘m so happy that she accepted me last night and I would die before hurting her - but I don‘t think I can live without your touch much longer!“ Michael stood up, putting some distance between himself and his best friend, his leader, his love before he did something they had vowed not to do.
Max closed his eyes to stop himself from taking Michael then and there. He wanted him so much it hurt - but the love they both felt for Liz stopped them from following their feelings behind her back.

He had always loved Michael but had pretended that it was nothing more than brotherly affection that made him want to hug his friend, care for him, protect him with his life if necessary.
Until Wednesday night when Michael had once again crashed on the floor in Max‘s room, something that didn‘t happen that often anymore since Michael had his own appartment. Although he hadn‘t admitted it to himself Max had missed those nights when they shared a room and he could hear Michael‘s deep breaths, feel his strong presence so close to him, see his dark form sprawled out on the floor.
That night Michael had had a nightmare and Max had woken up from hearing his friend make terrified noises. In an instant he had been at Michael‘s side, holding him closely against his chest.

Michael had held onto him with all his strength, his head spinning from Max‘s closeness. What was happening? Being close to his best friend was not supposed to have such an effect on him! He was in love with a girl, with Liz - the girlfriend of the man who held him, making soothing noises and stroking his hair.
He had tried to get away, break the embrace and flee out the window, but Max wouldn‘t let him. Their gazes locked and Michael‘s breath had caught when he say Max‘s eyes looking at him with so much passion. Molten gold had met deep brown and suddenly lips had touched, hands groped and hips moved against each other. A connection had opened between them, revealing all the feelings that had been hidden for so long. But at the same time they had seen the love they both felt for Liz and had broken away, Michael ashamed of wanting Max‘s girlfriend, Max shocked at almost cheating on Liz with his best friend.

But since the connection so completely revealed everything they felt they had begun to talk about how they were going to deal with it. Finally they had agreed on first trying to see how Liz would react to Michael, if the dreams Max knew she had of his best friend were an indicator of deeper feelings. And they wouldn‘t give in to their love and passion for each other until they had told her and knew that she would be okay with it. Max was positive that Liz would not only open her heart to Michael but would also understand what Max and Michael shared.
So Max stood up from the couch as well and went to get his jacket. „I think it‘s probably better for both of us if I go home...“ Michael only nodded, rubbing his eyes in order to be able to think clearly again. „Yes, I don‘t think I could survive a night with you so close without doing anything about it!“

They shared a last look full of longing, before Max left. „Night, Michael - everything is going to be okay!“ „Yeah - sleep well, Max...“
Then the door closed behind Max and Michael was alone in his appartment. Without bothering to undress Michael just fell onto his bed, suddenly exhausted after all that had happened. „I just hope you‘re right about Liz‘s reaction, Max...“ he whispered before falling asleep hoping to dream of the two people he loved.

Okay, what do you think about this? I'm not sure yet how Liz will react - it depends partly on your opinions... and on my mood when I write it. I love having those three to play with and do whatever I feel like! *big*
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Okay, I know I've been missing in action and I apologize... But my heart is not in Roswell anymore *sad* and I really didn't know if I'd ever finish this fic. But since you guys are absolutely incredible and still have patience with me I decided to try and write an ending...
It'll probably take another couple of chapters and I just want to thank everyone for their support!

Part 12

Liz, Michael and Marie all had to work at the Crashdown on Sunday, so naturally the rest of the gang was there as well. Isabel noted with interest that some strange things were going on.
Max was watching Liz with hungry eyes - nothing new there - but he also seemed to throw Michael intense looks at every opportunity. And Maria was a bit more nervous than usual and had obvious difficulties to look Max, Liz and Michael in the eyes, sometimes blushing furiously as if she had remembered something embarrassing.

Isabel was determined to get to the bottom of this and had decided on cornering Max, since he was the easiest target. She got up and went to the bathroom, trying to decide on the best strategy. But on her way back to the table she peaked into the break room - and what she saw there made everything fall into place:
Michael had Liz backed up against the lockers and they were kissing passionately, their bodies grinding hard against each other. They had obviously done this before, because they seemed awfully familiar with one another.

Cold rage filled Isabel as she stood there, frozen in place, unable to look away. How could Liz, how could Michael do this to Max? And yet, for some reason their embrace seemed right, as if it was supposed to be that way... Isabel shook her head angrily - it was NOT right, it was wrong, all wrong and she had to tell Max now!
But before she could storm outside she felt a familiar hand on her shoulder, ushering her into the break room, and heard Max‘s calm voice say: „Emm, guys - as much as I hate to interrupt... But you have company!“
Isabel‘s eyes went wide. Why wasn‘t her brother shocked? And if he had already known about this - why had he not broken up with Liz?

Michael and Liz broke apart, staring at Isabel, embarrassment coloring their cheeks. Liz struggled to button her uniform and Michael adjusted his pants, studiously avoiding Isabel‘s eyes. But Isabel noticed that he held Liz to him protectively.
Max was seemingly the only one completely undisturbed. He just chuckled and said drily: „We haven‘t done a very good job hiding so far...First Maria and now Is - and it‘s only been two days!“ Now Isabel understood even less, if that was possible.

But Max, sensing her confusion, patted her shoulder soothingly: „It‘s okay, Is. I‘m sorry you found out that way - but Michael and Liz are in love as well.“ Isabel opened her mouth to ask him why the hell he was so calm about his girlfriend and his best friend being in love, when Max effectively shut her up by going over to the couple. He said „And I‘m completely okay with that!“ and proceeded to kiss the living daylights out of Liz while Michael still held her in his arms and bent to kiss Liz‘s neck tenderly.

„Okay, okay - I‘ve seen enough! Stop it!“ Isabel managed to say after a while. When the three in front of her didn‘t seem to show any signs of stopping she repeated her words louder - too loud it seemed, because it brought both Alex and Kyle into the break room. If she had not still been in shock, the looks on their faces would have made Isabel laugh - but as it was she just shook her head: „Don‘t ask me - I just walked in on them!“

It was Maria who broke them up. She came in, clapped her hands crisply and said: „If you three think that I‘m going to do all the work alone you are _so_ wrong! If you don‘t stop right now I‘m outta here - and you can see how you cope with the customers!“ This finally got the threesome‘s attention and they broke apart, blushing at the complete loss of control in front of all their friends.

„Well, at least you all know about us now...“ Liz said a bit weakly, just glad that she felt both Max‘s and Michael‘s hands on her back, reassuring her. Otherwise she could just as well have died on the spot from embarrassment. But knowing that she was not alone, no matter what, made her feel a lot better and she even managed a trembling smile, searching her friends‘ faces for their reactions.

Isabel, who had had the longest time to adjust, cleared her throat and smiled back at three of the people she loved most in the world. „I... I don‘t pretend to understand completely what kind of... arrangement you three have. But of course I‘ve always kind of known of Michael‘s feelings for Liz, so I‘m just happy that he gets the happiness he deserves without breaking Max‘s heart.“
Alex and Kyle nodded, still a bit shocked, but Alex managed to go over and hug Liz, saying: „You know I love you, no matter what strange things you do... I mean, I‘ve accepted that there are aliens, I‘m even dating one - so why should this little thing here shock me?“ He grinned and the tension still tangible in the room dissolved completely as Kyle said: „Yeah, what he said!“
This earned him an elbow from Maria, so he amended quickly: „Except for the ‚dating an alien‘ part of course!“ This made them all laugh and things went back to normal - for a while at least...