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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is an present day to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is my first fic so please be gentle. I'm writing it for myself, and have most of the story written already. I am open to suggestions for the story, and I look forward to any feedback you guys can give me.


"Michael, would you please sit down" asked Max.

Max was sitting on the couch completely relaxed, except for his exasperation at Michael. Michael had been pacing back and forth in front of the couch for the past hour, and getting angrier and more worried as each minute passed.

Michael jerked around and practically growled at Max, "How can you be so calm? She's late. Something could have happened to her".

Max chuckled at Michael's response, " Michael if you would only calm down you would know that she's all right. Come on, sit down and calm yourself. She's on her way home right now. Can't you feel her getting closer?".

It always irritated Michael when Max was right, but on the other hand, Max kept him centered and focused on reality. Reality, that's a joke, they were aliens being hunted by the government and the aliens that had killed them in their other life.

Just then, Michael heard someone coming up the walk. Once he had allowed himself to calm down he was able to tell who was there. He yanked the door open and grabbed her into a behr hug.

"Don't ever do that again! I was worried sick about you. Where have you been?"

Liz laughed and looked at Max over Michael's shoulder. Max just rolled his eyes, then proceded to try to gently pull Liz away from Michael. But he wasn't going to let her go, Max had learned to be patient with Michael's need to see to Liz's safety so he backed off.

Liz cupped the side of Michael's face and whispered in his ear "Michael, It's okay honey. I'm fine. Don't you want to see who I brought with me?"

As soon as Michael relaxed his arms and allowed Liz to slide back to the floor, Max stepped in and pulled Liz into his embrace. He laced his fingers through her hair and pulled her into a soul searing kiss. Michael didn't think that he would ever get tired of watching Max and Liz kiss, they were just beautiful together.

Michael finally pulled his eyes away from them to notice who was now standing in the doorway.

"Isabel, Alex, it's about damned time that you came to visit us." yelled Michael. Isabel and Alex were both standing there with silly grins on their faces because of the display that they had just witnessed. Michael had changed so much in the last several years, they were amazed at what living with Max and Liz had done for him.

Michael pulled Alex and Isabel into a hug and then ushered them over to the couch. He, Max and Liz sat on the other couch facing them. Max made sure that Liz was between him and Michael, knowing that Michael would need to touch Liz as much as he needed to touch her.

Alex couldn't hold his laughter in anymore, "Would you two baboons give the poor girl some breathing room, I'm surprised that she's managed to survive living with you two hovering all of the time."

Max looked sheepish and gave Liz a little more room, Michael refused to budge. They had so much catching up to do, but Alex and Isabel only had one topic that they wanted information on at the moment.

Liz had refused to give them any pertinent information until they were with Max and Michael, even then she said she might make them wait until Kyle and Tess arrived.

Isabel couldn't hold it in any longer, "So Liz, when is the baby due?"

Liz smiled shyly when Max put his arm around her shoulder and Michael grabbed her hand, both of them had dopey grins on their faces.

"Okay, I won't make you wait for Kyle and Tess. We think that I have another three or four weeks, we just aren't sure" stated Liz.

Her smile brightened when both Max and Michael pulled her shirt up and placed their hands on her almost flat belly. When their hands touched her belly you could see three little glowing hands appear.

Isabel jumped up and ran over to kneel in front of Liz with tears in her eyes. "Are they Michael's or Max's?" asked Isabel.

"Well actually, it's strange, but the twin girls are Michael's and the boy is Max's" she stated with a small laugh. Isabel didn't know what to say,

She had become accustomed to the relationship that had formed between the three of them since she had learned about it during their periodic dreamwalk sessions with one or all of them.

It didn't take much to see how good Liz was for Michael. Isabel was actually very happy for Max and Michael. She had just been a little shocked that Max was so understanding. He had always been so obsessed and possesive with Liz.

"How did you know that about the babies, or should I ask?" asked Alex. He had moved closer also to see the glowing hands.

Max chuckled and glanced at Michael and then Liz, "You know instantly, you get a vision of them." Not wanting to share too many of their intimate details.

Liz appreciated Max's mild answer, "Alex, the babies also communicate with us." Alex hugged Isabel to him, they both wanted children and this gave them so much hope.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is my first fic so please be gentle. I'm writing it for myself, and have most of the story written already. I am open to suggestions for the story, and I look forward to any feedback you guys can give me.

Fallin' Angel - Be patient, the prologue was a glimpse into the future and all will be explained. Hopefully.

Part 1

"Order up," Michael yelled.

As Liz was picking up the order, Maria came out of the back room dressed like she was going on a hot date. Liz placed the order in front of her customer and made sure everything was okay, then ran over to Maria.

Liz looked at Maria questionably "Maria, I thought Michael was closing tonight".

Maria glanced at Liz and then Michael in the back, "He is working, I have a date with someone else. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you that Michael and I had finally called it quits. I want something more than he's willing or capable of giving me, so we both agreed to let go. Also, we need to have a girl talk about future plans. Give me some shooga , I have to run now that's my date. I'll call you if I get home early enough, or we'll talk tomorrow." Rob Dailey had just walked in the door. He was in there graduating class at school and was in Alex's band.

Liz went into the kitchen, "Michael, I'm so sorry that things didn't work out with you and Maria," Liz was rubbing her hand up and down Michael's arm.

Michael looked down into Liz's concerned eyes and had this feeling of being hit by lightning. He and Liz had never been close, he had hugged her that one time when Max had been taken by the FBI but he had never really touched her.

He shook it off, "Liz, Maria and I had a long talk and agreed that it was best for both of us if we split up. I care about her, but I don't know, something is just missing. I want that thing that is missing".

She gave him a quick hug, "Well you know that if you need an ear or shoulder you are always welcome to find me, right?" Michael nodded.

Liz suddenly acted shy,"So, has Max talked to you about after graduation plans? I haven't seen him in a while".

"Liz, the last I heard you were avoiding Max. Do you blame him for not coming around?" asked Michael. Michael hated the sudden sadness that entered Liz's eyes, but he had only stated the truth.

They both turned as the bell rang announcing more customers. Deep down Liz was hoping that it was Max, but was disappointed when she saw Kyle and Tess.

She heard Michael from behind ask, "Are they holding hands?"

Liz glanced down and noticed that he was right. She watched as they slipped into an available booth, both of them sitting on the same side. Tess noticed Liz looking at them and waved her out.

"Uhmmm, Hi Kyle , Tess, what can I get for you?" asked Liz, wondering why they were holding hands.

Tess asked hesitantly, "Uhm, Liz can you sit down with us for a minute?"

Liz looked around and saw that her few customers were doing okay, "Sure, I can take a break for a minute or two".

Tess seemed relieved, "That would be great". Liz was really confused by Tess's behavior and Kyle's big grin.

Kyle put his arm around Tess's shoulder, as if he was giving her support.

"Liz, I want to apologise to you and to ask for your forgiveness", for some reason Tess looked really vunerable.

'Does she really care about my feelings, did they finally matter to Tess' Liz wondered.

"For what, Tess?" asked Liz.

"For everything that I put you through, for every bad thing that I've said or implied, for persuing Max when it's obvious that he belongs with you. I know that it isn't an excuse, but because of the things that Nasedo told me, I thought Max was mine. I believed that no human had the right to him, and was beneath him." Tess glanced at Kyle from lowered lashes, " It has come to my thickheaded attention recently how wonderful free choice and being human can be."

Liz was stunned, "Wow, that's great, I'm happy for you. But what does this have to do with me, Tess?"

Tess looked Liz in the face and the most wonderful words came out of her mouth, "I love Kyle and he loves me back. I wanted you to know that now that I know what love feels like, I have never felt that way about Max or Zan. Max was more like a possession to persue. I really don't want to spend my life with Max, I want Kyle. I wanted to tell you that Max needs you. Please give your relationship another chance".

Liz had tears in her eyes, "I wish it was that easy Tess".

Kyle jumped in at this point, "You need to tell him the truth Liz, I don't know why we pretended to do what we did but the lie has gone on long enough".

Liz turned to Tess, "Will you stay to keep the four square a unit, even if you aren't with Max? Please Tess, you are important to us all."

Tess was confused by Liz's response, but she felt the need to answer with sincerity, "Kyle and I have already decided that we will go to school where everyone else is going to school. Of course, we have to stay together. We are stronger as a unit. And I'm finally seeing that we are stronger with our human counterparts." Tess kissed Kyle, to let him know how she cared about him.

Liz felt the weight of the world drop off of her shoulder, she leaned over the table and pulled Tess and Kyle into a hug. "Thank you, and Tess there is nothing to forgive. You only did what Nasedo wanted you to do, and we know how much he disliked humans." Liz excused herself, she needed to get her composure back.

Michael saw Liz enter the backroom with tears in her eyes and pulled her into a hug, "Are you okay? Did Tess say something to upset you?"

She smiled up at him, "I don't think that I've been this okay in a long time, I just have to figure out how to get things back on track."

Michael shook his head and went back into the kitchen, knowing that this was something that she had to work out on her own. He also needed to get away from Liz, he had enjoyed having her in his arms just a little too much for his comfort.

Michael and Liz closed the restaurant, and cleaned in silence. Both of them lost in their own thoughts. Liz was trying to figure out the best way to approach Max. Michael was trying to figure out why he was attracted to Liz.

Michael, even though he would never act on it, was looking at Liz differently. Was it because he and Maria had broken up and he knew that Liz wasn't dating anyone. No, that couldn't be it. He knew that Max still loved Liz. He would never do that to Max. Michael finally gave up, he knew that it was something he would never have the answer to. He just knew that he would do anything to protect Liz. He had realised in the last year what a loyal, compassionate friend she was and he would do anything for her. She had certainly gone out of her way to be his, Max's and Isabel's protectors.

So many thoughts ran through Liz's head that she thought that it was going to explode. They all had finals next week, so everyone was very busy studying, and then they had their graduation ceremony on Thursday. When would she find time to tell Max the truth, when would she find the time to ask Max to give their relationship another chance. That is, if he even would consider it. Did he even love her anymore? Future Max did disappear, this thought almost brought Liz to her knee's. She still didn't know if she would even have Max in her future. She sadly finished cleaning the front and went to put her cleaning supplies away.

Michael had just finished cleaning the kitchen and had waved goodbye to Liz on his way out. She locked up and went upstairs to her room. Thank goodness her parents were in bed. She went to her room. She took a shower to get rid of the greasy smell and put on her pajamas, a tank top that just covered her breasts and tiny matching shorts. She looked at herself in the mirror, why did her life have to be so complicated? She slowly walked to her bed to lay down on top of her covers and knew that she was going to have a hard time sleeping, but she had school tomorrow. Her final week of high school. She couldn't do anything about her problems right now anyway, so she just lay there.

Across town, Max was laying in his bed tossing and turning. He had stayed away from the Crashdown because it was so hard to see Liz and not be with her. Kyle and Tess had dropped by and talked with him about their relationship. Tess had encouraged him to go after Liz. Max would love nothing better than to go to Liz, but she had chosen a different life. She wanted a normal guy, so why wasn't she with Kyle? When Max had asked Kyle about Liz, Kyle just said that Max needed to talk to Liz. He would be pleasantly surprised with what she had to say, Liz would tell him the truth now. What did Kyle mean by that? He had doubted that Liz would give herself to Kyle, but Liz kept insisting. And why did he have to wait for Kyle and Tess to talk to Liz tonight? He had too many questions, and he wanted answers. He jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes. He needed to see Liz, if she was asleep at least he could look at her.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is my first fic so please be gentle. I'm writing it for myself, and have most of the story written already. I am open to suggestions for the story, and I look forward to any feedback you guys can give me. WARNING: NC-17. Definitely my first time writing nookie.

Part 2

Liz heard her window slide up and saw that it was Max climbing in her window.

"Liz, are you awake?" Liz sat up so that he would see that she was awake.

"Is everything okay, Max?" Liz asked warily.

Max sat next to Liz on her bed, "Liz, Kyle and Tess paid me a visit tonight. They said that I should talk to you and that we belong together. I know that I told you that I would never ask you this again but something that Kyle said made me think that I should. He said that you were ready to tell me the truth. I guess I'm just hoping that it is about what I want it to be. Okay here I go, Did you...did you sleep with Kyle?" Liz looked down and shook her head. She was immediately pulled into Max's arms. Max buried his face into her neck and started shaking. Liz realised that he was crying, she was also crying. Max pulled back and cupped Liz's face, it was as if he was starving for her. He stared at her lips and swooped down to capture her into a kiss that both of their soul's needed. At some point Max realised just how little Liz was wearing. Her tiny top and ridden up over her breasts, Max bent and captured one of her nipples with his mouth. He had missed her so much. His hand rose to caress her other breast, Liz was in heaven, "Oh...ohhh God Max". She had craved Max's touch, but had been denied for too long. Of course, she and Max had never gone even this far.

Liz laid back and Max followed covering Liz with his body. Liz reached for the bottom of Max's shirt and helped him to pull it off. The feel of Liz's breasts against his chest was almost his undoing. His erection was threatening to break through his jeans. He needed to slow this down, they hadn't even finished talking.

Max was placing kisses all over Liz's face and neck ,"Liz we should stop before we go too far". Liz refused to listen.

She pulled her top off and was trying to get Max's jeans off. Max smiled and tried to stop her hands progress. But Liz was determined, and once she started stroking his length he was lost.

He pulled her bottoms off and slid his hand to the moist heat between her legs. Liz moaned when he stroked her folds. He inserted one finger into her and moved it in and out. She was so wet and ready for him, he needed her now.

"Please Max, I want you, please don't keep torturing me", Max stood up and finished stripping his clothes off. He was mesmerized by the sight of a naked Liz waiting for him on the bed.

He slid up her body, kissing everywhere he touched, when he reached the curls at the juncture of her legs he bent down and began to suckle her clitoris.

Liz had to bite her fist to keep from screaming when she climaxed. Max grabbed the condom out of his wallet and prepared himself.

He entered her slowly stopping only when he reached her barrier, he had tears sliding down his cheeks just knowing that this was really her first time and his.

Liz knew that Max would have trouble causing her pain, so she wrapped her legs around his lower body and thrust upward. Max started to heal her, but Liz stopped him.

"Max, I want to experience what our first time should feel like, you can heal me later if I'm sore".

Max moved cautiously, moving in and out as slowly as he could. Liz's moan told him that she was beyond pain, she was experiencing only pleasure. Max began to move in and out faster, he captured her mouth and began to duel with her tongue.

Their connection increased as he moved in and out of her body, they began to feel what the other was feeling and it was amazing. The intensity of their feelings for each other and of this new intimacy rocketed them to an intense orgasm.

They both exploded together, she thought she saw stars and he thought he saw a flash of light. They didn't know that they had just bonded their lives together forever.

Max rolled them over so that he wouldn't crush Liz, but he couldn't bring himself to remove himself from her body. He could stay like this forever. He lifted Liz's head with his hand's on each side of her face. He tenderly brushed her hair out of the way.

"Do you know how much I love you? God Liz, I'm inside you." Max was so happy he wanted to sob like a baby. Tears of joy, pure bliss.

He had always known that it would be like this with his Liz. Liz kissed Max, he opened his mouth and she slipped her tongue in to taste him. This was so unbelievably incredible.

"Max, I would die for you, you mean everything to me, I love you so much. I'm so sorry for causing you pain.", Liz rubbed her face in Max's neck.

"Shhh, Liz we'll talk about it later, right now I couldn't care less about the reason. Just promise me forever." he could feel himself growing again, she could also feel it and smiled into his neck.

"Max, please tell me that that wasn't your only condom.". Groaning Max pulled himself out of her, when he did they both felt a keen sense of loss.

"God Liz, I'm so sorry. That was the only one" as he sat up and covered his face with his hands.

Liz leaned into his back stroking his shoulder, "Max, it's not like you were expecting to do this tonight, just be prepared from now on." Liz stated as she raised her eyebrows up and down.

Max smiled, "Do you know how much I love you?" Max waved his hand over himself and Liz to clean up the effects of their lovemaking. He laid back and pulled Liz against him. He needed to just touch her, to feel her love for him. They lay like that for about an hour, before either one of them stirred.

Max turned to Liz and ran fingers lovingly through her hair, "I had better get home, we'll talk tomorrow. I love you Liz and I hope that you know I'll never let you go now."

Liz smiled, "I'm counting on it, I love you too." Max dressed, it was so hard to leave her, he finished tying his shoes and stood up. "Come and give me a kiss"

Liz ran to him, still naked, and jumped into his arms. He saw her wince when she lifted her legs around him, "Let me heal you" She nodded, he placed his hand between her legs and looked into her eyes.

She began to move herself against his hand and moaned. Max groaned, "Do you know what your doing to me? You couldn't put your pajamas on woman, not that there is that much to them.".

Max caressed Liz's ass and made her want to beg for more. "I have to go, I'll pick you up for school. Okay?" Liz nodded, she followed him out onto the balcony and watched as he disappeared over the ledge.

Liz went back to her bed and climbed under the covers, forgetting her pajamas. She instantly fell asleep, with the feel of Max' hands on her skin.

TBC...end part 2

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is my first fic so please be gentle. I'm writing it for myself, and have most of the story written already. I am open to suggestions for the story, and I look forward to any feedback you guys can give me.

Part 3

Max entered the kitchen the next morning with a big grin on his face.

Isabel was sitting at the table and wanted to know what was going on, "Max, you've been depressed over Liz for the last couple of months. What has you in such a good mood?"

Max walked over and kissed Isabel's cheek, grabbed and apple and walked out the door. Isabel sat there with her mouth hanging open. It's a good thing that she was getting a ride from Alex this morning.

Liz was waiting for Max when he drove up. She jumped into the jeep and he drove them to school. The ride was quiet, both just happy to be in each others presence and knowing that they would talk seriously later. Max grabbed Liz's hand on the way into school.

Maria ran up to Liz and pulled her to the side, "Liz, what are you doing? I thought that this couldn't happen."

Liz grabbed Maria's shoulders and looked her in the eyes, "Maria, it's okay. Tess is with Kyle now. She told me she loves him."

Maria squealed and pulled Liz into a hug. "Girl we definitely need to talk later, I'm so so happy for you and Max. I have some news myself. See you at lunch?"

Liz nodded, and watched Maria run off, Max walked up to her and took her hand again.

Michael walked up to them and noticed them holding hands, "So you guys back together?"

Max could only grin, Liz was so happy that she grabbed Michael and hugged him. It was all he could do not to crush her to his chest, he had been fantasizing about Liz more and more.

Liz looked up at Michael, "Michael, Max and I still have a lot of talking to do. Can we plan a group meeting at your apartment to find out what everyone is doing next year? Max and I will let everyone know what is going on then."

He nodded and said that they could make the arrangements at lunch. Liz kissed him on the cheek and watched him walk away. Her lips tingled from the soft touch to his skin.

Max put his arm around her shoulder and grinned down at her, she was the most wonderful person in the world. Michael had never allowed anyone such liberties, not even Maria.

"Come on beautiful, we have exams to conquer," Liz groaned at that comment.

At lunch everyone agreed that they would meet at Michael's apartment at 5pm.

Maria pulled Liz aside and told her that she wouldn't be at the meeting. "Liz, I'm leaving for New York on Monday".

Liz couldn't believe it, "What's in New York, Maria? I thought we were going to go to school together."

Maria sighed heavily, " I know Liz, but I got accepted into NYU and their music department is just to good to pass up. Rob is going there too."

Liz smiled sadly, "I'll miss you so much Maria. What will I do without my best friend?"

Maria laughed, "Your kidding right? I see a certain hunk over there that will certainly take your mind off of me, besides you'll still have Alex and we can talk on the phone all of the time. I love you babe, but I want to do this."

"I know Maria, I love you too, and I want you to be happy. I'll tell everyone your decision. Just be happy and don't forget me." Liz hugged Maria and watched her walk off. She felt hands on her shoulders and was pulled back against a strong chest, what surprised her was that it was Michael. Max was sitting at the table looking at them with love in his eyes.

Liz called her parents and told them that she had some errands to run and then she would be with her friends at Michael's for pizza later. She and Max left school after their last exam for the day and went to the park to talk.

Liz told Max about Future Max, and the need to make him fall out of love with her. She told him how it broke her heart to say the things that she had said to him, how she begged Future Max to go to someone else, and then she told him about Michael and Isabel dying in his arms. Then taking the idea from Maria, Michael and Courtney's situation and asking Kyle to help her.

Max caressed Liz's cheek, she put her hand over his and leaned into his hand. Max was humbled that Liz would do this just because he asked her to, "I can't believe that I did that to you".

"Max you didn't do anything to me, you, he - future you just had Michael die in his arms. He thought that this was the only solution, but obviously Tess just needed more time around us lowly humans to realise that she loved Kyle, not you."

Max pulled Liz into his arms. He leaned into kiss her, whispering against her lips, "I love you so much".

"We should go, everyone will be at Michaels by now, I love you Max". Max kissed Liz once more and walked her back to the jeep.

TBC.....end part 3
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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is my first fic so please be gentle. I'm writing it for myself, and have most of the story written already. I am open to suggestions for the story, and I look forward to any feedback you guys can give me.

Part 4

Everyone was already at Michael's and had ordered the pizza. Max walked over to Kyle and stuck his hand out for Kyle to shake, "Kyle, Thank you for being there for her and I'm sorry for the way that I treated you."

Kyle smirked, "Finally got the truth out of her, huh? Your forgiven, el presidente, just make her happy. Come here girl and give me a hug it's about time that you told him the truth." Michael, Isabel and Alex were curious about what they were talking about and Isabel couldn't take it anymore, "Max, what's going on?"

Max explained everything to them, and once again Michael was amazed at Liz's strength and love.

Isabel walked over to Liz and pulled her into a hug, "I'm so sorry for not allowing myself to get closer to you, but I hope that we can be friends from now on."

Tess stepped up to Liz, "I'm so sorry, It's true, I was planning on leaving until that night I saw Max in the park in so much pain and then he let me stay. I felt like I finally belonged, but I didn't realise he wasn't the one that I really needed. I can't believe that I caused all of that. I'm so so sorry."

Liz hugged Tess, "Tess, it's over. Maybe we can start over, would you like that?" Tess nodded and hugged Liz back. The pizza arrived and everyone grabbed a slice and sat down to talk about college.

Max started, "I think that we should all stay together". We could all get jobs, and we can see if our parents will help us rent a house.

Tess jumped in at this point, "Max, you know that Nasedo left a lot of valuable art pieces that I couldn't care less about. They belong to all of us, I say we sell the stuff and buy or rent a house. Any money that is left over can be put away in case we have to leave suddenly. We can use the furniture that he left or we can sell it and buy new stuff. Does everyone agree?"

Everyone was nodding around the room. "Are you sure it will be enough to cover a house Tess?" asked Isabel.

"Trust me, I think Nasedo has possibly several million dollars worth of stuff." everyone gasped.

Michael admonished Tess, "You're joking with us aren't you?"

Tess smiled at Michael's skepticism, "No Michael, he's been collecting that stuff since he got to Earth. He's had a lot of people trying to buy the pieces from him, but he always refused because he really liked Earth's art. Art was very important on Antar."

"Wow", was heard from several of the group.

Max brought everyone back to the order of business, " Okay guys, where do we go to school?"

Liz added, "I think that we should stay close to Roswell."

Max thought for a moment, "I think that we should too. Does anyone have a problem with attending UNM?" He looked around, "No, objections? Well I guess we have our school then. Does anyone need to send in an application?"

Thankfully that is one of the schools that everyone had already applied at and everyone had already been accepted.

"Well, I guess we make a trip to Albuquerque to sell the art pieces next week, and maybe put in a little house hunting. Any objection? Then we have a plan. I'm going to take Liz home. Alex would you give Isabel a ride home? We'll see you guys later."

Liz stood and hugged everyone, when she hugged Michael she lingered in her hug just a little longer that the others. She was really starting to feel a close relationship developing between everyone. This was going to be the best four years of her life.

Max climbed to Liz's balcony to wait for Liz to say good night to her parents. Two more days and then they would be graduates. Max wanted to get established in Albuquerque as soon as possible. The thought of spending every night together was putting his hormones into overdrive.

Liz climbed out onto her balcony and was pulled into Max's arms, "Are your parents still up?"

Liz smiled into his chest, "Yes, let's sit down for a while."

Max sat on her lounge chair and pulled Liz onto his lap, "Do you know how much I want you right now?"

She pulled his head down as she was nodding and attacked his lips. She pulled back to look at him, "Probably as much as I want you, but my parents are still up." Max's hand slid into her shirt as he bent down to capture her mouth again. He smiled when Liz gasped into his mouth as his thumb stroked her nipple.

Max was having a hard time controlling himself, Liz had turned and was now straddling him. Rocking her hips against his. Max pulled his mouth away from hers, "Honey, we have to stop. We will have every night together once we get to Albuquerque."

Liz pushed her face into his neck, "I know. I can't wait to hold you every night, to make love to you again. Just knowing that you are mine drives me crazy."

Max wrapped his arms tightly around her, they would have to wait until they were settled to truly be together again.
Finally, graduation was over. The group agreed that none of them wanted to go out partying, so they went to Michael's apartment to hang out and make plans.

Isabel made reservations for two hotel rooms, girls in one room and boys in the other. As much as they would have liked to have had couples per room that would have been four rooms and Michael was alone.

Alex located a dealer who was very interested in acquiring the pieces. They were astonished at how much all of the stuff was worth, Tess's estimate had been mild.

The dealer was a little leary at first about a bunch of teenagers selling him such valuable pieces, but Tess used her powers to put him at ease.

Liz, Max, Michael, Kyle and Tess poured over real estate brochures and maps to decide where they wanted to live. It was decided that they would take three cars so that they could cover more ground.

Once they got settled they would need to purchase cars. Max's jeep wasn't reliable and Alex had to use his parent's car. Of course, Kyle's mustang would not have to be replaced. The girls also didn't want to have to always rely on the guys for rides, plus they might need transportation to work.

The decision to purchase things would wait until they had moved into their new house and had found their jobs. When they finally had all of their plans made, no one wanted to leave. Michael ordered Chinese and talked everyone into watching his favorite movie, Braveheart.

The art pieces were bought fairly quickly, and the group decided that they would invest a little money through a dumby corporation that Alex had set up, a big chunk of the money would go into a bank account under that same corporation name, bank accounts were set up for each couple and Michael for bills, school, entertainment money, and the rest was kept as cash for escape emergencies. By investing and banking the money under the corporation name they would be able to access the money much easier if they ever had to run.

The girls found a beautiful, spacious 5 bedroom, 4 bath house to rent close to the campus. Liz and Tess had found part-time receptionist jobs on campus, Isabel had found a part-time job in a specialty dress shop, Alex found a part-time computer repair job, Max got a part-time job as an orderly at the Medical School, Kyle and Michael got jobs as part-time mechanics.

They all enrolled for the fall semester. Liz and Max as Biology Majors, Alex was a Computer Science major, Kyle decided to study Law, Tess was studying Sociology, Isabel was taking Fashion and Interior Design, and the big surprise was Michael decided to go to school and was majoring in Art.

Since Max, Liz and Tess could walk to school and work, the group decided to purchase two new Jeeps for Max & Liz and Alex & Isabel, and a 4-wheel drive extended cab truck for Michael.

The only objection was that Michael felt that one of the guys should always escort Liz, Tess and Isabel to and from work. He didn't want anyone letting their guard down. Max agreed with him, but everyone knew that when it came to Liz's safety Max would approve anything.

They decided to keep and use all of Nasedo's furniture, that way they would only have to purchase two bedroom sets and study tables and chairs for the 5th bedroom to completely furnish the house.

That night they drove home in high spirits after having spent a very successful couple of days in Albuquerque. Each going over what they had to accomplish in the next 3 days to prepare to move, also, what to say to their parents.

Max and Isabel had already discussed most of the arrangements with their parents. Their parents had also deposited their college funds into their accounts.

Liz was not looking forward to trying to explain the living arrangements with her parents, she decided to tell them the truth. She was an adult and she could always appeal to their sense of honesty. She would tell them that she could have just lied, but she wanted them to know that she was living with Max. Her parents had turned over her college fund to her last week and they were pleased that she wasn't going too far away. So they would just have to trust her judgement on living with Max.

The rest of the gang didn't have to do very much explaining, Tess and Michael were on their own, Alex's parents were just glad that he doing something and had friends, and Sheriff Valenti had been kept up to date on all activities.

Moving day was exhausting. Liz's parents weren't really happy about her living with Max, but they had always respected her judgement. Besides they were impressed with what the kids had accomplished on their own. It made them feel that these kids were definitely going to work hard and do something with their lives. They didn't know the half of it.

Everyone dropped with relief once the parents were gone. Isabel decided to be the voice of reason, "All right guys here is what is going to happen. Tess, Liz and I will go and unpack the bedrooms and make the beds. Michael, Kyle and Max you need to hang the blinds and curtains. Alex you work on the study room, if you need help get one of the guys to help you. Whoever gets done first can go to the grocery store to get the things on our list and stop for take-out on the way home."

They would be starting their jobs in three days, so they needed to get everything set up. The girls finished first and informed the guys that they were going to do the shopping.

After the the groceries were put away, Liz went to find the guys. She found them in the study room and headed straight for Max. She slipped into his arms, "We're back and we have food, anyone interested?"

Alex, Michael and Kyle all jumped up and headed for the door. Kyle turned,"Aren't you guys coming?"

Max smiled down at Liz, "In a little bit, go away Kyle." Kyle laughed and left the room. Max then pulled Liz closer and lowered his mouth to hers. Liz melted in his embrace, making Max chuckle, "We should go eat, we'll need all of our strength for later."

Liz laughed, "Oh definitely, lets go eat." She kissed him again and pulled him towards the door.

That night Max led Liz to their room, Liz excused herself to get cleaned up before bed. She came out of the bathroom wearing a short silky robe.

Max smiled, "I'll just be a minute." Max stripped and jumped into the shower to wash off the day's dirt quickly. He was looking forward to many nights of having Liz in his arms. They had only been together the one time, and now he could make love to her when ever they wanted to.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and brushed his teeth. He was brought up short when he exited the bathroom.

Liz had removed her robe and was laying on her stomach completely nude. She was facing the bathroom and was leaning up on her elbows. Just the sight of her like that was putting his brain into overload.

She giggled, "Max are you going to stand there all night or are you going to make love to me all night?"

Max ripped his towel off and leaped onto the bed. He rolled Liz over as he covered her body with his. She was laughing from the sheer joy of Max being hers. Max moved down her body kissing her breasts and then moving further down kissing every inch of skin until he reached the curls between her legs.

He stroked her folds while looking into her eyes, "Have you ever considered removing this?"

Liz smiled, "I've thought about it but it's just too much work."

Max ran his tongue up her slit, "I can do it and it will never come back, can I remove it?" Liz nodded her head.

Max cupped his hand over her and removed the hair from between her legs. He pulled apart the outer lips and sucked her clitoris into his mouth. She exploded immediately, the raw sensations that she could feel now was mind shattering. Max moved up her body, kissing and licking every inch of her skin.

When he reached her breasts, he cupped one and ran his tongue around her nipple. "Max pleasssse.....I need you."

Max moved up and kissed her deeply while slowly entering her, once he was completely embedded in her, he leaned up and looked into her eyes. "Do you know how much I love you? God, Liz I'm in you, I'll never get enough of this."

Max started to move then, Liz wrapped her legs around him to allow him to go deeper. "Oh god Maxxxxx......harder, please, harder... Oh god yessssss"

Everyone was downstairs except Michael. He covered his head with his pillow to muffle their voices, he kept picturing Max pumping in and out of Liz. He had spent many nights stroking himself while imagining a naked Liz riding him. He was a terrible person, how could he lust after his best friend's girlfriend, his friend, his queen!

TBC.....end part 4

I'm still not happy with this part, but I've been reading it over and over making small changes and I want to move on to get to the good stuff.
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RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is my first fic so please be gentle. I'm writing it for myself, and have most of the story written already. I am open to suggestions for the story, and I look forward to any feedback you guys can give me.

Part 5

The group settled into a routine, schedules for cooking ,cleaning, and studying were set up. By studying together they made sure that everyone had plenty of help.

Michael turned out to be a really good cook. Most of the time someone would trade cleaning duty and cooking duties with Michael, because they preferred to eat what he cooked.

It was agreed that no one went any where alone if possible, especially the girls. Tess and Liz worked the same hours, and Michael was there everyday to walk them home.

They tried to convince him that he didn't have to do that, but after he saw a guy flirting with Liz he refused to listen to their reasons for him not walking them home.

Liz had to jump on Michael's back to keep him from killing the guy, "Michael, what are you doing? It's a free country the last time I checked and he wasn't doing anything wrong."

Michael pulled Liz off of his back and held her in front of him, "He should know better than to flirt with someone's fiance. He has no right to look at you that way."

Liz smiled, she knew how fiercely protective Michael could be. She reached up and stroked his cheek with her hand to calm him, "Michael, calm down. It's over, you scared him off and he'll probably never look at me again. Okay?"

Michael was soothed by her touch, "Damn right, he won't look at you again. Let's get home, before they send out a search party." He grabbed Liz and Tess's arms and practically dragged them home.

Tess had watched the whole scene and was very interested in Michael's emotional outburst towards Liz. Should she explain to the group that on Antar double bonds do occur occasionally? She decided to wait and watch, she was probably over reacting.

Michael went directly to Max and told him about the guy and Max agreed that Michael should walk Liz and Tess home. Kyle agreed with Michael that the guy was out of line.

Max was actually pissed that someone had the nerve to try to hit on Liz. She was wearing his ring, he had proposed to her a week ago.


Max and Liz went to their room early every night to spend time exploring each others bodies. Learning everything they could about each other. They loved this time together.

They usually woke up several times a night to make love. Liz's favorite time was the morning, she loved to wake Max up.

She would lean over him and take him in her mouth, the feeling of him bursting to life was so exhilirating to her.

His hands would reach down to stroke her hair, while she sucked and licked his length. Most mornings he would pull her up and sit her on his erection, but some mornings she insisted on deep throating him until he shot down her throat. Then she would lay by his side stroking his body wherever she could touch, and this always drove him crazy he would then flip over on top of her and make love to her.

Only then was she ready to start her day. Max would get up to shower, while Liz went to get Michael.

Michael walked Liz to the campus pool every morning to swim laps, she finally talked him into joining her one day.

Liz walked out of the dressing room in her swimsuit and headed straight for Michael, "Michael."

Michael almost passed out when he glanced up and saw Liz in her swimsuit, he dropped his book onto his lap immediately. Thank God it was a large textbook. Michael dragged his eyes up her body to her eyes and choked out, "What?"

Liz grabbed his arm, "Swim with me. I hate doing this alone. Besides it's good for you, and I know that you used to love to swim. Besides, it will build your muscles and make you sexy."

Michael almost exploded when she said that, he stood up with his book in front of him, "Yeah, okay, I'll swim with you. I have to go change."

Liz watched him go and shook her head. 'I'm not attracted to Michael, I'm just helping him find a girlfriend, yeah, that's what I'm feeling. He needs a girlfriend.'

Michael was really embarassed when Liz complimented him on his newly toned physique after swimming with her for months.

Liz ran her hand down Michael's chest, "Wow, Michael you're looking really good. I'm suprised that you don't have girls panting after you." He had to grab her hand when she ran it over his chest, before he lost his control and did something that he would regret.

He was so thankful for the towel that he was able to hold in front painfully hard erection. After listening to her and Max make love several times through the evening and then in the morning, he was already on edge. Watching her every morning in that swimsuit that left nothing to the imagination was killing him, he made sure that he got in the water and was swimming laps before she came out of the dressing room.
Isabel loved Alex, but had always been afraid to let him get too close. They had been at school for three months and were sharing a room, but the truth is, they had never made love. Alex was a gentleman, he and Isabel held each other all night. Lately, Isabel was wanting more, she just didn't know how to move them forward.

While grocery shopping, she decided to ask for advice. She turned to Liz who knew Alex better than anyone, "Liz, this is kind of embarrassing, but I would really appreciate your advice."

Liz smiled encouragement at Isabel. She knew exactly what Isabel was going to say,"Is Alex being the perfect gentleman?"

Isabel let out a deep breath, "God yes, what can I do? And please try not to give me any knowledge of you and my brother. The noises that come from your room are enough to drive me crazy as it is."

Tess walked up at that moment and burst out laughing, "Poor Isabel, having to hear others having fun. Do you need help on how to please your man?"

Isabel whipped around and glared at Tess, "No and keep your voice down. I just don't know how to get him to stop being such a gentleman in the evening."

Liz giggled, "Isabel, I know Alex very well and he loves you more than anything in the world. But the truth is you will probably die an old woman if you expect him to make the first move. You are going to have to go commando on him, and take charge yourself. That is the only way that he will ever be nudged in the right direction."

Isabel nodded, "That's kind of what I thought." She grinned really big, "Watch out Alex."

Tess grabbed a box of condoms, "Isabel you'll be needing these."

Isabel's face turned red, "God Tess when did you become so bold?"

Tess giggled, "Oh that's Kyle's fault."

Liz giggled, "Oh we should stop by our favorite store Tess, she'll need candles and other things."

Tess nodded, "Oh that's true, we need to hurry if we are going to make it there before the guys get worried."

Isabel thought about the conversation the rest of the day. Should she be bold, would Alex reject her. No, that's ridiculous she could feel his erection pressed up against her every night. Alex had worshipped her longer than she knew of his existence.

Maybe, she would make her move tonight. She wanted this, and it was about time. That night she put on her sexiest pajamas, a red silky teddy that was cut high on the hips. Alex was already in bed when she came out.

He raised his eyes at her outfit, "Uhmm, Isabel that's a dangerous outfit, did you know that you're killing me?"

Isabel smiled, "Take off your shirt, I want to give you a massage." Alex would let Isabel do anything she wanted to his body, but he didn't think that she would be willing to go all of the way.

Tonight he was going to be in trouble, more than ususal. Isabel lit some candles and turned off of the light.

Alex had his head turned away from her, so she got brave and took off her teddy and straddled his hips. The sheet was covering his bottom so he had no idea that Isabel was nude.

She picked up the massage cream and put some in her hands. She began massaging his shoulders and moved in circle down his back.

When she moved up to massage his neck she leaned forward to allow her heavy breasts to barely touch his back. Alex sucked in his breath, he still had no idea that she was nude. She leaned forward a little more and allowed more of her breasts to rest on his back.

He sucked in his breath again, "God, Isabel this feels so good."

She smiled, "Alex, turn over so I can massage you chest." Alex smiled, Isabel raised up enough to allow him to turn over.

He almost choked at the sight of her. She leaned down and captured his mouth. Alex was lost, his hands moved up to frame her face.

He lifted her face slightly, "Are you sure? I can wait, I've wanted this for so long I want you to be sure. Because once this happens there is no turning back, you'll be mine."

Isabel was moved by his words, "Alex, I'm already yours, now make it real."

Alex flipped Isabel over and removed his boxers, he kissed her all over, when he went to kiss her folds she was a goner. She exploded and Alex moved up her body and started to enter her.

Isabel loved the feelings that only he could give her, "Oh, Alex the condoms!"

Alex stopped and took it from her, then went back to entering her, this felt so good. He felt her barrier, he kissed her deeply and thrust forward.

He held very still until she nodded for him to continue. He started moving, the look of wonder on her face was priceless. He moved his hand down to rub circles on her clitoris as he pumped in and out of her. They both exploded at the same time, neither noticed the flash. Alex collapsed on her, they lay like that for a while.

Isabel giggled, "If I had known that it was going to be that good I would have encouraged this to happen sooner." Alex groaned. She was definitely going to be the death of him. They woke up several times during the night, learning each other's body and what made the other one scream.

Kyle and Tess had been intimate for a while now, even longer than Max and Liz. That is what had turned Tess around about the whole destiny thing. The love she felt from Kyle when they bonded was more than she ever dreamed she could feel. In her other life, Zan had felt nothing for her. There marriage was arranged. There has to be feelings for the other person and a genetic match for a bond to occur, she and Zan had never been intimate. Their children would have been created in a lab. She had remembered all of this after her and Kyle bonded. She loved him so much, yes loved him. He made her human, and that felt so good. She had been wearing an engagement ring from Kyle for a while and they were considering going to a justice of the peace to marry them. But they knew that Isabel would have a fit about that, good grief it was their marriage, didn't they have a say in it. Marriage, Tess liked the sound of that. Even though the bonding was an actual binding of two souls and could never be undone, unlike the human marriage. It still thrilled her that he wanted the world to know that she was his wife.

School was wonderful, everyone got along beautifully. The only conflicts arose when the guys were way too protective. They didn't want the girls to go anywhere without them, it was mostly Michael.

The other guys just agreed with his protective logic, because of their love, need to protect and most of all jealousy.

Michael hated seeing any other guy talking to Liz. He wanted to strangle them all. The girls actually thought it was kind of funny, but when he was rude to other people they drew the line.

Michael had stepped right in front of a guy from one of Liz's classes as he was asking her a question about what was said in class today. He hadn't understood and he knew that she did, by her comments in class.

She had had to pull Michael aside and set him straight. She then went back to help the classmate, but Michael stood behind her the whole time with a fierce look on his face and his arms crossed over his chest. Like some kind of damned bodyguard, Liz was so embarassed.
The guy was definitely intimidated.

Max later asked Michael if he could tone down his protectiveness just a little, Liz was really pissed. Michael told Max that he would try, but they knew that he wouldn't do it.

They all worked as hard as possible to finish their degrees, taking on extra classes and testing out of as many classes as possible. They were all able to graduate in three years with four year degrees. It helped that the aliens were able to scan books,and help the humans with any problems that they had. Liz and Kyle absorbed things better than they ever had before Max had healed them, a possible side effect to the healing.

They had all just graduated and been presented their degrees and it was time to decide what to do with their futures. Michael was having nightmares. Liz and Max had had to throw on robes every night since the nighmares started and run to help Michael. He would cling to Liz , while she and Max rubbed his back and talked to him to calm him down. They had fallen asleep in his room most nights when he refused to let go of Liz. Max would spoon in behind Liz and drape his arm over both of them.

Liz had woken up one of those nights to realise that her robe had come open. Michael's lips were almost touching her breast, she breathed in deeply and felt her breast brush his lips. The next thing she felt was Michael sucking on her nipple. Liz's immediate thought was that Michael was just seeking comfort, so she stroked his hair and allowed him to suckle all he wanted. Then she felt his hand between her legs, he began to stroke her clitoris. She exploded within seconds of him touching her, she could not believe that Michael had just given her an orgasm in his sleep. Liz pulled her nipple out of his mouth and pulled her robe tighter around her body. Michael kept trying to move her robe out of his way to get back to her breast, she finally moved down so that his mouth was even with her neck. She was totally confused about what just happened. She had definitely liked it.

Everyone was really worried about Michael. They could all feel that something was coming. Alex and Kyle had noticed that two black vans were always parked on their road. They knew that the FBI was onto them again. They needed to hide. They had to do something.

Alex pulled together all of the necessary paperwork to create new identities for everyone. He was even able to give everyone the degree, under their new names, that they had earned but from different universities, they had all cleaned out their personal bank accounts when Michael started having his nightmares.

They knew the signs and they didn't want to take chances. It was decided that they would pack their bags and slip them into their vehicles at night. Alex packed up their computer systems and divided them between the couples, and one for Michael.

Isabel dreamwalked Sheriff Valenti to let him know that they were disappearing. He would take care of their parents and anything else that would help them. Alex even drew up marriage certificates for the three couples. They were already bonded anyway, which meant more to them than a piece of paper saying what they already knew in their hearts.

Isabel was to monitor each group every night and to pass on any information that was needed to stay safe. She would also dreamwalk Sheriff Valenti to monitor their parents.

They hated to just disappear on the parents but they felt it was best for now. Kyle and Tess would head northeast, Alex and Isabel would head to the southwest towards California. Max and Liz decided that they would like to go northwest, and Michael insisted on staying with them.

Alex had made them brothers, making Max one year older. He was Max's second and his purpose was to protect his King and Queen. Max agreed, he didn't want anything to happen to Liz and he knew that Michael would protect her with his life.

He had noticed how protective Michael was of Liz, and how he and Liz were the only ones able to calm his nerves. Michael tended to cater to her needs, and hovered until Liz was ready to scream.

Max had also noticed Michael watching Liz when he thought no one was looking. What amazed Max the most was that he didn't feel jealous about it, if it were any other guy he'd want to kill him. But he was actually comforted by Michael's attraction to Liz. He just didn't know what to do about it, right now they had more pressing issues.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is my first fic so please be gentle. I'm writing it for myself, and have most of the story written already. I am open to suggestions for the story, and I look forward to any feedback you guys can give me.

Part 6

Once everyone was settled into their new lives, Isabel dreamwalked the information to each group.

Max decided that dreamwalking was the only form of communication that they should use for a long time. Standard communication would be use only for extreme emergencies.

Max, Liz and Michael found a beautiful vacation home for sale in the mountains. It was large and spacious, with a wrap around porch. It would give them a lot of privacy and it would give Michael a lot scenery to paint. They were close to a major city and a university. The three decided that school was not a smart choice right now, that would probably be the first places investigated by the FBI. So Max and Liz found jobs as lab techs at a local research laboratory.

Michael loved their new home. He liked to paint the mountains, but his favorite subject was Liz. He was drawn to her more than ever. He could look at her beauty all day, but he couldn't and wouldn't jeopardise Max and Liz's respect and friendship. So he drew her on paper, he had some very good drawing of Liz in his collection.

Michael's attraction to Liz was becoming more obvious to Max since they had arrived at their new home. Max had seen a couple of the drawings that Michael had done of Liz. Michael's drawings were really good. He once again was amazed that he wasn't angry. He tried analyzing his feelings on the subject and realised that if Liz was attracted to Michael, he would actually have no problem allowing him to be a part of their relationship. He started to get an erection just thinking about Michael making love to Liz. He just couldn't figure out why. Was this normal for his people. Who knows? Max decided to just go with it if the opportunity presented itself.

Max joined Liz in bed, he needed her. The fantasy of Michael making love to Liz was very erotic. Max slid up behind Liz and started kissing her neck. He flipped her to her back, his mouth devouring her and his hands everywhere, his need was strong. He couldn't make it slow, "I'm sorry Liz I just need you" . Liz cupped his cheek, "Max I need you wild like this sometimes too, so please now, just take me." He rammed himself into her and rode her hard and fast.


Michael pulled off Liz's tank top and lifted her up so that he could suck on her breasts.

Michael pumping in and out of Liz's tiny body, while Max was kissing her.

Michael's head between Liz's legs.

*end flash*

and so many more that Max and Liz had trouble processing them, all Max knew was that most of them had come from Liz. She was attracted to Michael, but she would never act on it without a push from him. Her fantasies were probably triggered by his desire for the same thing. They had both had a very intense orgasm at the end of the flashes. Just the thought of what he was going to suggest to her made him painfully hard again.

As Max began to move in and out of Liz's smooth passage again, he started to seduce her to the idea of allowing Michael to join them. "You are so beautiful and have so much love to give"

He continued to slowly pump in and out, "I know that you want Michael".

Liz was suddenly afraid that she had hurt Max, "No, Max I would never...."

Max bent to suckle her breast and then returned to whispering in her ear, "Sshh, it's okay. Did you know that he wants you too."

Liz's intake of breath was all it took for Max to realise that he was getting to her, "He dreams about doing this to you, holding your naked body against him, sliding his erection into your tight passage, I want him to have this love in his life too Liz, would you let Michael make love to you, would you let him join our love and make it even more than it already is."

Liz's nod was all that Max needed. He began to pump faster, taking her mouth in a deep kiss as they both fell over the edge once again.

When they finally came down off of their high, "Liz, I love you so much, go to Michael and bring him back here." Liz kissed Max deeply and walked to Michaels room.

Michael was positive that he hadn't fallen asleep, he had gone to bed hoping that he could block out the sounds of Max and Liz's love making .

The sight of a nude Liz striding toward the end of his bed made him doubt that he had remained awake. The sight of her body, her completely smooth hairless body was more than he could take.

He had died and gone to heaven. He felt her climb up on the bed and straddle him, rubbing against his agonisingly painful erection. His hands automatically came up to caress her breasts.

This dream was so real, she leaned down and whispered in his ear "It's not a dream, come with me".

She slid off of the side of the bed and grabbed Michael's hand to encourage him to follow her. Michael obediently followed still believing that he was dreaming. She led him to Max and her bedroom, Max was there smiling at Michael.

Michael was confused as to why he would include Max in his dream, maybe it was to ease his conscience.

Liz helped Michael lay down on the bed beside Max. She hooked her fingers in his boxers and pulled them off then tossed them on the floor. Michael was more than ready for her, but she wanted to taste him. She wrapped her hand around him and leaned in to lick the the precum off of the tip of him.

His hands immediately went to her head and pulled her up his body, "No, I want inside you."

Liz smiled and straddled his hips. She wrapped her hand around Michael's erection and began to slowly lower herself onto him. Michael couldn't think, she was so impossibly tight and he was sure that his heart was about to burst. When she had his full length in her, she bent to capture his mouth. He let out a gasp when her lips touched his, Liz took advantage and slid her tongue into his mouth.

Michael was overwhelmed with emotions, he pulled Liz tightly against his body and devoured her mouth.

Max leaned into Michael's ear and whispered, "Open your eyes, she's beautiful isn't she, you're not dreaming you know. Liz and I have so much love and passion, did you know that she has fantasies about you" Micheal groaned at Max's words, "I told her that you dream about her too, we want this Michael just let it happen."

Max moved behind Liz and pulled her up into his arms, "Open your eyes Michael and look at the beautiful angel who loves you as much as you love her. She has more than enough love for you and me."

Michael opened teary eyes to the most beautiful sight. Max had his arms around Liz, one hand was pinching her nipple and the other was rubbing circles over her smooth folds, his mouth nuzzling her neck.

She was so beautiful with head thrown back in ecstasy. Max was helping her to move on him, just the sight of their beauty was enough to make him explode. "Oh God, Liz, Oh yes I love you so much, " Michael grabbed Liz's head and pulled her into a deep kiss. Liz saw stars and Michael saw a flash of light when he and Liz climaxed. She and Michael were now bonded for life.

The last thing Michael remembered from the dream was Liz telling him that she loved him too.

Max kissed Liz, "I love you more than I ever thought possible, you're amazing. You've brought so much goodness and joy to my life and Michael's."

Liz fell asleep on top of Michael, Max laid down beside them and threw his arm and leg over them. He laid his head on Michael's chest so that he could press his face into Liz's neck. He loved to go to sleep with Liz's scent filling him.


Michael was having trouble waking up this morning, their was a weight on his body and it was warm. His eyes popped open only to see two heads on his chest. Liz was on top of him, and oh God he was still inside of her. He grew hard immediately .

Last night wasn't a dream. He put his hands on Liz's hips and started to move in and out. She moaned in her sleep, Max had moved his head off of Michael's chest.

Michael looked at Max warily, but Max had this huge grin on his face, "Good morning, it actually looks like you are going to have a great morning."

Max ran his hand up and down Liz's back, then leaned in to kiss her forehead. Liz was having the most amazing dream, Michael was moving in and out of her and Max was kissing her face. There was no better way to wake up.

She opened her eyes to see Michael and Max smiling at her. Michael's eyes were glassy from unshed tears. She could sense both of their feelings, and they both loved her too much if that's possible.

Neither one was jealous, they both just felt a rightness to this. She belonged to both of them. Somehow she had bonded to Max and now Michael. They were stuck with her forever, that thought made her giggle. She threw her head back and started riding Michael.

Micheal flipped Liz over onto her back and started to move into her faster, devouring her mouth with his. They felt a hand slide between them to flick Liz's smooth clit.

Michael and Liz exploded at the same time feeding off of each other's love and emotions. Max could also feel what they were feeling and was humbled by it.

Liz turned to Max and realised that he had a raging hard on. Michael moved aside to allow her to go to Max. Max laid back to allow Liz full access to do what she wanted, she got on all fours and took him into her mouth. She cupped his balls and rolled them around in her tiny hand, she ran her mouth down his length, licking and sucking just the way he liked.

She felt hands trying to spread her legs so she moved them further apart. Then she felt Michael's lips suck on her clit, for a guy who had never done this before he was very good. Liz could feel that Max was ready to come so she relaxed her throat muscles and took as much of him as she could down her throat. Her own orgasm washed over her at the same time as Max's. Max pulled her up so that he could kiss her deeply. Michael spooned in behind them and hugged them both.

They lay like that for a while and then Michael jumped up and offered to cook breakfast. Michael was still a little uncertain about displaying the depths of his feelings for Liz.

Michael moved into the main bedroom after that night. Liz belonged to him and Max. They had both made that very clear.

While he had made breakfast Liz had kept touching , hugging and kissing him. She was doing the same to Max, but she didn't distinguish between them anymore. He watched her tease Max until he pulled her down onto his lap, entering her as he pulled her down. Max massaged her breasts and folds as he kissed her back and neck.

Watching Liz's expression when she climaxed was priceless. She was their mate. Michael didn't know how he had gone so long without her touch. She was so giving and passionate.

Max would chuckle when he would come home from work to find Michael taking Liz against the wall by the front door. He could feel them every time, they could all feel each other's emotions all of time but it was definitely more instense when they touched. Michael couldn't stand it when Liz went to work, he grabbed her as soon as she walked in the door. Sometimes he even managed to strip her completely, but since she wore skirts most of the time he usually just ripped off her top and lifted her skirt out of his way. She had stopped wearing panties, they just got in Michael and Max's way.

Everyday Michael would ram himself into her and run his mouth from her face to her breasts. He knew that she was always ready for him, he usually started sending her erotic thoughts an hour before she left work. Max could also feel the thoughts and always found Liz when he got home. She was usually waiting for him in their bedroom if he was late, or he would stand back and watch while Michael had her against the wall and wait for his time. He loved watching them, Liz would throw back her head and enjoy the sensations of her hairless crotch rubbing up and down Michael's abdomen.

She loved Micheal's intense need of her, Max had been basking in her love for years and was secure in it. But Michael still needed reassurance. He and Max would make love to her every morning sometimes two or three times each.

Michael had hesitantly insisted that she sleep on top of him every night, he claimed that he couldn't sleep without her's and Max's weight on him. They both woke her up often to take her in the middle of the night. She suspected that it was because they both loved sleeping while they were still inside her.

She was the most worshipped woman in the world, okay maybe two worlds. Hers and theirs. The reality was that they all felt blessed to be in this relationship.


Wow, thanks for all the feedback guys. Like I said in my opening, I wrote this story for myself. I never intended to post it. I just had this idea running around in my head and thought I would type it out on my computer to see where it took me. I just hope that I can continue to keep the story good. I will warn you there is a lot of nookie and these guys are very fertile. I think that I may have gotten carried away, but they really love their kids.
I don't know if I will get another part out before I leave, we will be visiting family until after the new year. I will try, but my house really needs to be cleaned for Santa. Thanks again, and keep the feedback coming.


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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: I'm back. I would have posted while I was in Florida, but I forgot to take my password. I'm glad that you guys like the story so far.

Part 7

Micheal had been painting all day and had been sending thoughts to Liz for the last hour about what he would like to do to her body when she got home, but she seemed agitated for some reason. He could tell that she was worried about telling them something, and the closer she got to home the more upset she was getting.

As soon as she walked in the door Michael grabbed her as usual, but he just pulled her into his arms and held her. "What's wrong angel? Did something happen at work? If you tell me what happened then maybe I can help you with it."

Liz didn't know what to tell him, she knew that he wouldn't take it very well. "Michael, can we just wait until Max gets home? I need to tell both of you."

She was a little bothered that he didn't persue their everyday amorous activity, so she pullled him over to the couch and straddled his lap.

She just needed to feel close to him, so she laid her head on his shoulder to breathe in his scent. He and Max smelled so different, but their scents drove her wild and soothed her at the same time.

Michael wrapped his arms around her tightly and rubbed the back of her neck. He could feel her sadness and was totally confused. He needed to fix this, he couldn't stand Liz being sad. Michael knew that Max was almost home, so he sent him feelings of concern.

Max walked into the door and walked straight to the couch where Liz was still clinging to Michael. Max ran his hand up and down her back and laid his forehead against the side of her face, "What happened? Liz, honey talk to us."

Liz sat up, "They want me to go to California overnight next week."

Max was so relieved, "Oh sweetheart, it's okay we'll miss you but it's okay. Michael and I won't kill each other without you here. Michael has actually grown on me. His grumpiness has an endearing quality." Max was trying to make her smile.

Max turned his gaze to Michael who was shaking his head, "No, No, No. They can't make you go out of town, can they?".

Max immediately understood Liz's mood, she knew that Michael wouldn't handle this very well.

Max put his hand on Michael's shoulder and sent him feelings of love, "Michael, you know how much Liz loves her job. She worked very hard to get where she is today. We can't ask her not to go."

Liz had managed to get her masters degree and was woking on her doctorate, just as Max was working on his Medical Doctorate. They had accomplished this in only a couple of months by testing out of most of their classes. Max scanned the books and then connected to Liz to give her the knowledge, and she had managed to learn how to scan to a certain degree.

Michael looked down, "I know, I just can't stand for her to be gone overnight. I'm sorry Liz, this insecurity is my problem not yours."

Liz hugged Michael, "Oh Michael, I love you and your feelings matter very much to me. Maybe I can take the day before I have to leave off and spend it with the loves of my life. Max do you think that you can get a day off?"

Max nodded his head in agreement. That seemed to appease them a little, even though they were still subdued. Liz started kissing Michael's neck, "You haven't made love to me since this morning and I'm starting to feel neglected."

Michael and Max both smiled at her statement, they were always eager to pleasure Liz. Michael reached down and slowly lifted her shirt over her head, caressing her body as he moved his hands up. Michael bent forward to pull her nipple into his mouth.

Max started to undress while kissing Liz's neck. Michael pulled his jeans down enough to allow his erection to spring forward, he lifted Liz and pulled her down onto his hard length. Liz reached for the bottom of Michael's shirt and pulled it over his head, then pulled his mouth to hers.

When Max was stripped he knelt on the floor behind Liz and started kissing her back, while his arms encircled her body. His hands moved slowly over her body, one moved to her breast and the other moved to her soft wet folds. When Max felt Liz and Michael's climax, he lifted Liz off of Michael to stand over him. Max pushed her softly forward to lean forward to kiss Michael while he entered her from behind.

Michael reached up and played with her clit flicking it back and forth, until she and Max exploded. They all collapsed on the couch to snuggle after Liz pulled off her skirt and Michael's jeans.

Much later, "What's for dinner Michael?" both Max and Liz asked at the same time just after hearing each other's tummy growl.

"I made spagetti, because I know how much you two like it. I still need to make the bread and pasta. You guys going to come watch?"

They both followed Michael into the kitchen, Liz admired Michael's backside as he walked in front of her and Max.

Liz ran to get Michael an apron, "I wouldn't want anything hot to splash on you." She leaned in and kissed him as she tied the apron behind his back.

Max put a towel on the counter and picked Liz up to sit there. He rested his head on her shoulder and held her tightly.

They both could feel his erection growing, "I need you Liz?" It sounded as if Max was asking Liz for closeness.

Liz looked down at his impressive length and scooted forward so that she was completely open to him. Max hadn't acted this unsure of their intimacy in a long time. Liz wrapped her arms around his shoulders and whispered in his ear, "Please Max, I need you too."

Max surged into her with those words. It was hard and fast, he needed Liz right now. He didn't want Liz to go out of town, but he couldn't show his fear to Michael. It would only make Michael's fears worse.

As she and Max were catching their breaths she noticed that Michael was mesmerized by them, she giggled, "Baby, your going to burn the garlic bread." Michael snapped out of it and yanked the bread out of the oven.

Liz and Max took the day off so that they could all spend the day together. They stayed in bed late enjoying each other. At lunch time they got out of bed to make lunch and to go for a walk in the woods.

Liz held Michael and Max's hands and would reach up every once in a while to kiss one of them. They got back to their house and made dinner and cleaned up the dishes. Liz went to get cleaned up and was followed by both men, they didn't want to miss any moment with her.

They stayed up most of the night making love and clinging to each other. Max and Michael clung to Liz's hands at the airport, since she had colleagues meeting her there they both couldn't kiss her at the airport.

Liz had spent extra time with Michael this morning to say goodbye to him, while Max made breakfast that no one was interested in eating.

Max kissed Liz passionately when they called her flight, and then Michael pulled her into his arms and kissed her cheek. They both had whispered how much they loved her.

Her female coworkers were fanning themselves as Liz walked over to them, "Liz, is that your husband? Is the other man your brother and is he available? Neither one of them seemed to want to let you go." Each comment coming from a different woman.

When they asked if Michael was available Liz had to control her jealously, she smiled tightly and tried to talk with a teasing attitude, "Yes, that was my husband and his brother, and no he's not available he's very married, and very in love. As a matter of fact he can't stand to be away from his wife. Sorry ladies, he's taken."

Their disappointment made her feel better. They were her bonded mates, they belonged together. Their bonding acted like invisible ribbons tying their hearts and souls together. Liz was having a hard time controlling her temper, how dare these other women lust after what was hers. Liz turned back and looked at her mates, they both had big grins on their faces. They knew what she was thinking and they agreed with her thoughts.

Max and Michael had presented her with matching wedding bands for the three of them on the anniversary of Max healing her. They wanted all of the rings to match because it was a symbol of their unbreakable bond.

Liz twisted her ring already missing them. She had to stop or it would just make it worse on Michael and Max. She knew that Max was just as upset as Michael, that's why he had clung to her in the kitchen the night that she told them. Max was just better at hiding his emotions than Michael.

Michael preferred to not get involved, but once he was involved his emotions were explosive.

She called home when she was done with her conference for the day. She needed to hear them and to tell them how much she loved and missed them. It was hard to hang up the phone, but she knew that if she went to bed she would be able to focus on them and feel them with her.

"Come on Michael let's go to bed," Max stood and extended his hand to Michael.

Michael looked up at Max, "I can't stand it, I'll never get to sleep without her".

Max sighed heavily, "Michael just calm down, close your eyes and you'll feel her presence, come on."

Michael took Max's hand and allowed him to guide him to their room. He and Max had never been intimate per se, but they were not ashamed to touch each other especially if it brought pleasure to Liz.

Max led Michael to their bedroom and he helped Michael strip for bed, since Michael seemed so lost.

Max stripped quickly and went to join him, "Michael turn onto your stomach and I'll help you relax."

Michael needed the help and he knew it, he was aching for Liz. Max straddled Michael's legs and started massaging Michael's back, Michael had seen Max do this for Liz many times. It was a big turn on for him. He was shocked when he felt himself growing and then felt Max's erection poking into his leg. Max was getting turned on, and so was he.

They both were a little surprised, but what did it matter. They had touched each other before, usually just hands or occasionally a lick or kiss on each others cock if the opportunity presented itself, but Liz had always been present and the center of their attention. Michael turned over and looked at Max's expression. He could feel that Max seemed to be okay with the idea of them having certain intimacy. So he wasn't shocked when Max leaned down and took his length into his mouth. He turned Michael onto his side and moved his lower body near Michael's head. So that Michael could take him into his mouth. They could feel Liz smiling, but complaining that all she had were her fingers. They felt Liz climax with them. Max snuggled up to Michael and Michael held him all night long. They wanted and needed their Liz home.

They eagerly drove to the airport to pick up Liz the next night. They were like balls of energy bouncing off the walls. Liz jumped into Max's arms and kissed him senseless. She only had carry on luggage so they grabbed her and walked briskly to the car. Liz grabbed Michael's hand and pulled him into the back seat with her. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. She moved to lay down on the seat wrapping her arms around him and pressed her face into his abdomen. He stroked her hair and tried to lift her to kiss her, she kissed him once more but then she started undoing his jeans. When his length sprang free she ran her tongue around the head of his erection. Her mouth hung above him for a moment increasing his desire and anticipation. Her hot breath increased as she moved to take him into her mouth. She started sucking and licking him, moving her mouth up and down him while sucking hard.

Michael's hand had travelled down her body to seek out her center. He inserted a finger into her tight passage and was moving it in and out slowly.

Liz could feel that he was close so she took as much of him as she could while he exploded down her throat. She continued to move her mouth up and down him until he pulled her up against his chest, pulling her into a soul touching kiss.

She laid her head on his shoulder and speared her fingers into his hair, caressing his neck with her thumb, "Max, my love, pull over please."

They were almost home, but Max was eager for his time with Liz.. He pulled over so that he and Michael could switch places. Max got into the back seat and Liz jumped him. She had his pants down before he could sit down. She pulled him tightly into her arms and straddled his lap. Reaching down she pulled her skirt up and out of her way. Leaning up she impaled herself onto his length. She rode him hard and fast with her arms wrapped around his shoulders. Max reached down and stroked folds. They exploded together just as they pulled up in front of their house. Max pulled out of her, scooped her up and carried her into the house. Michael followed them to their room dropping Liz's bags by the door. Their heart was home.

After three hours of love making they all fell into a restful sleep, with Liz on top of Michael and Max wrapped around both of them. Could their lives get any better? When they had had to run, they were sure that they would never be truly happy. Since they had given up their old lives, they were hopeful that they could actually have a normal happy life.


Sorry if their are any typo's, I didn't have time to read over this part again. So many new year things to take care of.
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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: I'm almost done making changes to part nine and will probably have it out in the next couple of days.

Part 8

Michael had been discovered as an artist and was having a showing at a local gallery. Max and Liz were so proud of him. The owner of the gallery had sold eight of Michael's paintings for a very tidy sum of money. Liz was so used to Michael being home all the time that she missed him terribly when he had to spend time at the gallery.

Liz entered the house after work and could feel that Max was in the shower. With a smile on her face she stripped and ran to join him.

Two breathless words came out of her mouth as she was pulling off her clothes, "Max"....."Michael".

Liz was feeling strange and could feel a draw to Max, an intense need to join him.

Michael was on his way home and would join them when he got there.

Liz opened the bathroom door, only to see Max had felt her desire and was waiting for her. She practically jumped into his arms, "Max... I need you so badly."

Max smiled, "I know baby, I know."

Max and Liz were both confused about the odd feeling that they were sharing, they just knew that they needed to join together. Max ran his hands up her wet back, he didn't think that he would ever get enough of her naked body pressed against his. Max lifted Liz and pressed his mouth to hers, entering her mouth to search for her tongue.

Liz wrapped both her legs around his torso, "Max I need you.....please I need you now." She began rubbing her hot folds up and down his hard length.

"Oh God Liz......I need you too......I can't stop touching you.......I just....I just...need to be in you."

Max had never felt this strange urgency it was different than usual. He lifted Liz a little higher and pulled her down onto his length, both sighed from the relief of their bodies being joined.

"Yes.....oh yessss....I love you so much, Liz...Oh yesssss"

They were wild, he was pumping in and out very quickly. Liz had her head thrown back , thrusting her breasts at him. He had to pull them into his mouth, he needed them in his mouth.

Liz was moaning loudly as Max moved faster and harder, "Max....please.....I need.....I don't know what......please...yesssss."

As they both exploded, they both had a vision, "Oh God Liz, did you see that? I think that your pregnant. Did you see our son?" Liz just smiled and grabbed Max's head to kiss him senseless.

They felt Michael enter the house, he was moving quickly to the bathroom. He shed his clothes as he ran through the house.

Michael took Liz out of Max's arms and carried her to their bed, he had a felt a strange primal need for Liz. He slammed into her like he would never have her again. Michael was breathing heavily, " angel....mine." As they tumbled over the edge, they all saw a flash.

Michael had tears in his eyes and could barely speak "Oh God Max, Liz , did you feel that, did you see it?"

Max had a big grin on his face and tears in his eyes as he nodded.

Max nuzzled his face into Liz's neck, "Liz, love, are you okay? Did you see what we saw?".

Liz was floating on cloud nine and didn't respond, she just wanted to bask in the knowledge that she was finally pregnant. But what had made it so special was seeing the children with their fathers.

Max was holding the hand of a brown haired, amber eyed little boy who's ears protruded in the same adorable way that Max's did.

When she and Michael had reached climax, she had seen Michael holding the hands of two identical brown haired, brown eyed, petite girls who looked just like she did when she was a toddler.

Michael turned over so that Liz was on top, he pushed her hair out of her face. The emotions that the three of them were sharing were overwhelming Liz. She lowered her body onto Michael and turned her face towards Max and reached out for him.

Max was becoming worried when Liz didn't respond, but when he noticed her smile he relaxed.

Max turned on his side, placed his leg over theirs, and snuggled into Liz's neck. This had become their favorite sleeping position. No one cared about dinner, they just wanted to be together.

Max pulled Michael aside the next day, "We need to know what is going to happen to Liz. We can't lose her. I know it would kill me."

Michael was nodding his head, "It would kill me, too. These are alien babies she's carrying. I can't help but hope that because she was able to get pregnant, she will be fine."

Max was hopeful and amazed, "Wow, Michael." Max chuckled, "You're usually the one panicking, since when are you the voice of reason."

Michael smiled, "I don't know, it just kind of makes since. If it was harmful for her to carry alien babies then she probably wouldn't have conceived them in the first place. I just have this feeling."

Max tried to control his fear at the fact that Liz was carrying alien babies. Maybe Michael was right. When Michael felt things, he was usually right. And besides Max was almost a Doctor, he should be able to handle this. There were just so many questions that they didn't know the answers too.

How long would it last? Would Liz be okay? Max needed to study some more on birthing since they couldn't go to a hospital and he hadn't had the opportunity to deliver a baby. How do you register the births? Too many questions. They needed Alex to take care of most of the issues.

With Liz laying on the bed between them, they connected with the babies several times a day to guage their growth and progress.

Max and Michael would lay their hands and heads on Liz's still flat abdomen and connect, they both concluded that the pregnancy would only last approximately three months.

Liz got a thrill out of these two guys laying their hands and heads on her stomach talking to her babies. Liz reached down and ran her fingers through their hair, reveling in the feelings of love pouring off of her mates and the babies.

Liz would have to take vacation time from work when she started to show. They also discussed the possibility of Liz just quitting and staying at home. It would be her decision to make, but they were all sure that she would choose to stay at home to protect her children. Besides how would she explain a three month pregnancy.

All three wanted their children to be homeschooled. They all had strengths to contribute to their precious children's education.

The babies were amazing, they could communicate with their daddies and their mommy. They were also forming a bond with the man that wasn't their daddy. It wasn't really words but feelings of love and happiness.

One thing that Max and Michael discovered was that the babies needed the energy that only they could provide. The energy enabled the babies to continue to grow.

Luckily, everytime they made love to Liz they provided the babies with the energy that they needed to thrive. And the babies got plenty of energy from their daddies.

Michael was looking forward to Liz being home all day, he had wanted to paint her as a present for Max. And once Liz had the babies he would paint her with the babies, he knew that he and Max would love a picture of their babies suckling at Liz's breast.

Michael was also looking forward to making love to her all day, but if they did that every day he would never get the paintings done. He found an old fashioned white lace dress to paint her in, it would be slightly see through but that is because she wouldn't be wearing the old fashioned undergarments. Liz would probably wear it in her usual fashion, no undergarments. Michael was beginning to think that Liz had thrown out all of her panties and bras.

Michael had playfully joked with her about it, "Liz, I'm beginning to think that you don't have underwear. Not that I'm complaining, but when you go to work, shouldn't you wear underwear."

Liz giggled, "It was odd at first, but then I realised how freeing and erotic it felt. The thought of you or Max being able reach under my skirt and bring me to orgasm anywhere, anytime. Wow, it's an amazing feeling."

Michael was going to have to see that he and Max made that fantasy come true often.

Max was dreaming about Liz and the babies when he noticed Isabel out of the corner of his eye.

He walked to her and pulled her into a hug, "Isabel, I'm so glad to finally hear from you. We really need you and Alex to come visit. I think that it's safe enough now, don't you? Since we have never communicated by conventional means, I don't believe that they will ever find us."

Isabel was still looking at Liz rocking a baby in the corner of Max's dream room., "Max, is Liz pregnant?"

They had all begun to assume that interspecies procreation was impossible.

Max beamed at Isabel's question, "Yes, yes she is. Michael and I didn't think that we would ever experience this joy, and honestly terror too. The fear that our children will have to live with the same fears that we did. Right now we're just worrying about the difficulties of registering the births, you know all the things that Alex always took care of. The pregnancy will only last about three months, Liz has decided to quit working to stay at home with the children. Who knows if we can have anymore children. She gave her two week notice today. It would be too hard to explain her pregnancy to the outside world. She is also so tiny, she's already almost two months along and their is hardly a bulge in her stomach at all. We have determined that our babies will be very small, weighing only 4 or 5 pounds when they are born. That is actually a relief, it means that Liz will have an easier time giving birth. But they will be in perfect health."

Isabel didn't catch on that Max had inadvertently said that there was more than one baby.

Max continued, he was so excited to share this with Isabel, "It's just amazing Isabel, I hope that you experience it one day. We might be able to shed some knowledge on how you and Tess can get pregnant."

This brought tears to Isabel's eyes, "Alex and I will be there in two weeks. Do you need him to bring his computer?"

Max shook his head, "No, Liz and I have a pretty impressive set up, if Alex has any specialty stuff he needs then he might want to bring those things."

Max pulled Isabel into a hug, "I love you Isabel, we've really missed all of you guys." Maybe we can work something out so that we can be closer to each other.

Isabel wiped the tears from her cheeks, "We'd love that Max, I'll talk to Tess tonight I'm sure they will want to be there for this too. I'll talk to you tomorrow and give you the details. Tell Liz and Michael that Alex and I love them . I love you too and keep Liz safe. "

Max smiled, "You know that Michael and I will."

Isabel jerked out of her dreamwalk and started crying. Alex woke to the sound, "Isabel, honey what's the matter?"

Isabel pulled Alex to her and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, "Oh God Alex, Liz is pregnant. Can you believe it?"

Alex was instantly concerned, "Is she okay?"

Isabel wiped her tears and nodded her head, "Yes, yes, she is. She really is. It's amazing. Max needs us to come there, they need us. We have to go."

Alex stroked her hair, "Calm down honey, of course we'll go. When do you want to leave."

Isabel smiled really big, "I told him we would be there in two weeks. Do you know what this means?"

Alex nodded, "It means that, hopefully, we can, if it's what you want, we can have children."

Isabel pulled back and looked into his eyes, "If it's what I want? Of course it's what I want, I want your children Alex. I want to have children, I never thought that it would be possible. But it is. I need to tell Tess, I have to tell her. She needs to know that she and Kyle can have children too."

Alex smiled, "Thats a good idea, lay back and see if you can contact her. She will be so excited to hear the news and will probably want to be there too."

Isabel nodded her head, "That's what I thought too. Yeah, I should contact her. Hold me, Alex. I need your arms around me right now."

Alex pulled her into his arms, "Anything you want princess. I'm yours, forever."

Isabel contacted Max the next night to let him know when she and Alex would arrive. Since it was the same as Liz's last day at work, Liz decided that she would pick them up at the airport on her way home. Kyle and Tess were going to drive and would arrive the next morning around 2:00am. Everyone was so happy about being together again and about the pregnancy.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: You can blame my husband if this has typos. Men can be such babies when they are sick, especially my husband. I hope you enjoy, I think that Liz goes into labor on part 11.

Lelea - Isabel knows about the three of them, she learned about it when she dreamwalked them and told everyone else in a dreamwalk. I think that I mentioned that in the prologue, I'll have to go back and check. That does need to be said, doesn't it? Thanks.

Part 9

Michael started cleaning up the rooms for everyone's stay. He realised while cleaning that none of them had even thought about a baby room. He instantly knew exactly what the room should look like.

Michael jumped in his truck to go on a shopping excursion. Michael needed to make sure that his babies had everything.

Max was preparing to go to lunch when he had the sudden urge to shop for the babies. He looked at his schedule and realised that he could take the rest of the day off.

Michael bought the paint, three cribs, three rocking chairs, baby swings, carriers, three dressers with detachable changing table top, baby baths, and monitors. He finally found the crib bedding that would go with his murals and purchased more than what was needed.

Max found a store and bought blankets, diapers, all kinds of infant educational toys, a breast pump, pacifiers, clothes, blankets, car seats, slings for carrying the babies, bassinets to go into their room for the first several months, high chairs, and ordered a triplet stroller.

Max had gotten a sales lady to help him make his purchases. She was tickled by his enthusiasm to buy the right stuff for his triplets, "Make sure that you wash all of the baby clothes and bedding in this baby detergent." Max bought several boxes of the detergent, he wanted to do this right.

Liz could feel their excitement and was curious about what was going on with the two of them today. By the time that she got home, Michael had the room painted a solid color and had sketches of the murals that he was going to paint.

Max had gotten home early and they both had unloaded all of their purchases and stored them in one of the other rooms.

Michael didn't greet her at the front door, instead the smell of paint greeted her when she walked in the door. She assumed that Michael had been hit by inspiration and had been painting all day. She had noticed Max's Explorer out front and wondered what he was doing home so early. She went to search for them and was brought up short when she found Michael in their biggest spare room.

Three cribs were assembled against one solid wall with a dresser placed to the left of each crib and three rocking chairs were placed in a semi-circle facing the cribs. Michael's sketches were lying on the floor by the door. One was full of stars with the V constellation, and the other showed a collage of pictures strategically placed of family, and the New Mexico desert. Michael was in the process of hanging curtains that matched the bedding he had purchased. He had felt her enter the house, but he didn't expect the sight that greeted him.

Liz was sobbing at the sight before her eyes. He saw Max come up behind her and wrap his arms around her.

Michael walked over and started kissing the tears away, "We weren't trying to make you cry angel."

Liz's sobbing abated, "You two are so wonderful, when did you manage to do this without my knowledge."

They both looked shy all of the sudden, Michael spoke first, "I started getting the rooms ready for our company and I realised that we hadn't even thought about the baby room. I just had this strong need to get everything set up. I hope that you like it."

Max nodded his head, "Yeah, I was getting ready to go to lunch when I just had to go shopping. I had to get everything needed for our babies. I just washed all of the baby clothes and bedding in that baby detergent like the lady at the store told me to do."

Liz giggled at their responses, "I think they call this nesting, but it's usually the mother that gets the urge to set everything right. I think that I like it this way. I'm so glad I have you two in my life. Thank you. The room is perfect, it's exactly what our babies room should look like."

Max was so pleased that she felt this way, "No thank you" Michael piped in at the same time with his thank you, also.

Max turned Liz around and kissed her cheek, "Come and see what I did in our room." He had set up the bassinets in their room, then he led her to the spare room to show her all of his and Michael's other purchases.

Liz grabbed Michael and kissed him, "Come to our room, I need to show you how much I love you."

Michael smiled, "Let me get cleaned up. I'll be there in a minute."

Liz led Max back to their room and started to tenderly undress him, kissing each piece of skin as she exposed it. Michael joined them as soon as he cleaned up, he had stripped in the bathroom. He started doing to Liz what she was doing to Max.

Liz pushed Max back onto the bed, and crawled toward him pulling Michael to lay beside Max.

Liz leaned down to each of her mates and whispered into their ears, "Put you hands above your head, I get to play."

As Liz lifted herself back up, she ran a hand down each man's chest. Her fingers circled their nipples, then lightly pinched them. A huge grin spread across her face when she heard them both groan at the same time.

She continued her exploration and moved to add her mouth to their torture. Alternating between her two gorgeous mates. Once again a smile spread across her face as each man groaned from her circling her tongue around their navel.

Liz was thoroughly enjoying herself, she knew who would break first. Max loved savoring her mouth on his body. Michael loved it too, but his emotions boiled over almost as soon as her mouth touched him. She could see his hands starting to twitch.

Since she knew that Michael was at a breaking point, she decided to make him wait. She moved down and took Max's length into her mouth, running her tongue around the head in a circular motion. She reached out her other hand and stroked Michael's length, and noticed that he was watching her take Max into her mouth.

Max reached down and laced his fingers through her hair. This immediately made her cease her torment on his body, she moved up and whispered, "No touching." He groaned from the torture that she was inflicting on him.

Michael had waited long enough, so she moved to take him into her mouth. As soon as her tongue circled the head of his length, he grabbed her and pulled her up his body seating her on him. She threw her head back as he entered her. Max leaned up and caressed her soft flesh, from her neck to her stomach. Placing open mouth kisses on her neck and moving to her breasts, pulling them one by one into his mouth.

The feel of Max's mouth tugging on her breast and Michael moving so deeply in her sent her over the edge, bringing Michael with her. Max pulled her beneath him and entered her swiftly. He was beyond being patient, he needed her moist heat surrounding him and he needed it now.

Michael turned to his side and moved his hand between them to caress Liz's body. Max was moving faster and deeper. He hooked her legs under his arms to get as deep as possible. They both felt Michael's hand move to caress Liz's clitoris. Liz was brought to a fever pitch again quickly. Max felt her soft tight walls begin to pulsate around him, causing a strangled cry to come from his thoat has he released himself into her body.

Max turned over with Liz on top of him and Michael wrapped them in his arms.

Liz started giggling, making both men look down at her. She kissed each of them deeply, and as she snuggled back into their embrace, "Wow, yes definitely wow." This caused both Max and Michael to burst into laughter.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: I was wrong it's part 12, for the delivery.

Part 10

It was Liz's last day at work, she hated giving up the job. The one thing that was her deciding factor in her agreeing to quit was that her need to make her babies secure and safe was much stronger than her need to have a career. She would take great pride in using her hard work on her education to educate her children.

Max and Michael had already set up a school room in the study downstairs, they all knew that it was a little early to be doing this but the nesting instinct hit them again.

They weren't using that room for anything else anyway. Their computers and entertainment center were set up in the family room, and with it being only the three of them they spent most of their time in the kitchen or their bedroom.

Liz was smiling to herself as she drove to the airport to pick up Alex and Isabel, she was remembering another evening of intensely slow love making after discovering the school room. Max and Michael were so amazing.

Alex and Isabel's plane should have already landed ,the traffic was terrible today. She wasn't surprised when she saw them standing and waiting for her. She jumped out and pulled them into a tight hug, they quickly put their things into her Jeep because they didn't want to draw attention to themselves. They were all still very cautious about their surroundings.

Isabel took the front seat and Alex jumped in the back. Isabel couldn't believe that Liz was going to deliver a baby in two weeks. She hardly had a stomach at all.

Isabel secretly hoped that she would one day get to experience a pregnancy or two herself, "Liz, tell us, tell us everything."

Liz laughed, "Isabel, I'm not telling you anything until Kyle and Tess get here. That way nobody misses out on anything."

Isabel pouted, "Liz your so cruel, but I've missed you guys so much I'm going to let you get away with it. Well also, because I'm so excited about the pregnancy."

Liz could hear the tears in Isabel's voice, "I know what you mean, we had given up hope. Max and Michael have given me more happiness than I ever thought possible, I didn't really believe that I could be any happier."

Alex had been quiet in the back seat, he knew that Liz's pregnancy had had a profound effect on Isabel, so he wanted to give her the time she needed to talk with Liz. Liz glanced at Alex in the mirror and he mouthed, "Thank you, I love you."

{Insert Prologue here}

After explaining to Alex and Isabel about the babies a little more over dinner, Max, Michael and Liz thought it would be a good time to show them where they would be staying.

Max and Michael helped Alex carry all of Isabel's luggage upstairs to a room at the end of a long hall.

Michael turned around with a mischeivious smile on his face, "We put you guys and Kyle and Tess in rooms as far from the master bedroom as possible." He chuckled and added, "Liz snores."

Liz's mouth dropped open and she smacked Michael on the arm, "I do not snore, you two sound like a couple chainsaws sometimes."

Max joined in to the banter, "If Michael and I snore it's because we're exhausted."

Michael caught on quickly, " Yeah, she is exhausting isn't she."

Liz couldn't believe what they had just said in front of Isabel and Alex, she turned and strode indignantly toward their room.

They both had silly grins on their faces, they quickly hugged Alex and Isabel then turned to run after her, Michael scooped her up into his arms while Max opened their door and then closed it behind them.

Isabel and Alex just stood there with their mouths open, obviously only staying in another house would safeguard anyone's ears against the moaning and screaming coming from Liz in that room.

Isabel and Alex wound up laughing their heads off after the fifth "Oh God.....Oh yes....Max......Michael....yessssss." in the last three hours. They decided that Liz definitely needed two men.

Max got up at 2am, he knew that Kyle and Tess were supposed to get in around this time. As he walked into the kitchen he ran into Isabel getting a glass of water all she had to say was, "We're impressed". Then she left the room disgusted with her brother because of the stupidly big grin on his face, he could have at least been embarrassed.

About thirty minutes later, Max heard Kyle and Tess driving up the road. He went out to help them bring their things in, and showed them their room.

Tess couldn't stand it any longer, "Is Liz asleep? Is she okay?"

Max smiled and pulled her into a hug, "She's asleep, and she's definitely okay. You'll see her in the morning. We've really missed you guys. We'll talk tomorrow."

Max pulled them both into a hug, "I'm so glad that you both could be here. It really means a lot to Liz to have us all together again for this occassion. I love you guys." He turned to leave, "We'll see you in the morning."

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

Author's Note: This is a Repost. BTW, I got to see The Shipping News. It is a definite must see movie, it's worth it to see it again. I was lucky to have it showing in the area that I live in, my sister can't see it. It isn't showing where she lives. That's so sad, because it gets to circles and a snap from me. Oh and a thumb's up.

Part 11

Michael woke up early, so that he could cook breakfast for everyone. He nudged Max so that he would roll to his back and lifted Liz onto him. She immediately made herself comfortable and Max wrapped his arms around her.

Michael showered, dressed and went to the kitchen. He was surprised to see that everyone else was already up. They all grinned when he walked in, he narrowed his eyes at Isabel and went to greet Kyle and Tess.

After hugging Tess and smacking Kyle on the back and pulling him into a quick hug he asked, "So what would you guys like for breakfast? I made the batter for belgian waffles last night or I can make pancakes, eggs, bacon, what's (he hesitated, closed his eyes and sucked in his breath) it going to be?"

Michael could feel Max and Liz, all of the sudden everyone heard Max yell, "Oh God, yesssss".

Isabel was totally disgusted, "Oh good grief are we going to have to put up with that the whole time we're here?" Everyone else burst out laughing.

Michael faced Isabel with a grin on his face, "Sorry, Isabel it's the pregnancy. Liz just can't get enough of us, but don't worry Max just got into the shower alone. Liz is sleeping again." Michael was concerned about Liz falling back asleep.

Isabel sighed, "Thank God."

Michael began preparing the bacon and waffles. Max came in and started helping Michael. Max felt what was coming, Liz was insatiable lately. He saw Michael stiffen, he knew that Liz was on her way out of the bedroom naked searching for Michael.

Max knew Liz would be horrified to be seen naked by everyone, "Michael, don't you have something to attend to?"

Michael ran out of the kitchen, when he rounded the corner leading to the bedrooms Liz launched herself at him wrapping her legs around him. He carried her to their room and quickly stripped. He walked with Liz to the shower and turned it on, she had already maneuvered herself onto to his erection and was moving her hips up and down his length. He stepped into the shower and leaned her up against the tile for support. As he picked up momentum, he reached down and fingered her clit. They both exploded and Michael yelled, "Oh God, Lizzzzz, yesssss angel" Liz yelled," Yesss baby, Yesssss".

Max was whistling, Isabel was disgusted, Alex, Kyle and Tess were laughing hysterically.

Michael washed Liz's hair and body, then helped her get dressed in a top and long skirt and then brushed her hair and pulled it up with a clip. Michael had noticed that her tummy was much bigger than it had been yesterday and the skirt was a little tight even though it was a stretchy material. The babies seemed to need a lot of energy last night and today.

Liz wasn't normally this exhausted and nonresponsive, Michael and Max were exhausted usually but not Liz. Michael sent the thought to Max, and he agreed, maybe they had misinterpreted the due date or maybe the babies were building energy for the delivery, they hoped for the last one.

Michael led Liz to the kitchen to see everyone, she immediately crawled onto Max's lap, wrapped her arms around him and pushed her face into his neck. Liz was kissing Max's neck and sucking on his ear.

Max tried to get her attention to show her that Kyle and Tess were there, but she actually growled at him when he tried to move her head away from his neck, when she started trying to take his shirt off, he stood with her in his arms and exited the room. She had twisted around until she had her legs wrapped around him and had managed to get his shirt off. She had pulled her shirt off in the hall and thrown it on the floor and had pulled her skirt up around her waist.

Liz kept trying to push Max's jeans pants down but was unsuccessful. Max kicked their door shut, dropped Liz on the bed, slid his jeans down and rammed into her. She needed him so badly, she was sucking and kissing him everywhere she could reach.

Max covered her mouth with his when they climaxed, he knew that if Isabel heard Liz yell one more time she probably wouldn't speak to him the rest of the time that they were here.

Liz was actually slightly coherent finally, she and Max got dressed and went to join the others in the kitchen. When she was dressing she and Max noticed how much bigger her tummy was so she switched her outfit to a maternity sun dress. Max noticed her shirt in the hall, picked it up and tossed it into their room.

Liz wondered what the joke was when she walked into the kitchen, everyone was laughing pretty hard except Isabel, she just looked like she was not impressed with the dirty joke.

Liz ran over and pulled Kyle and Tess into a hug, "I've missed all of you so much".

Isabel snorted and mumbled to Alex, "I don't know how she's had the energy to miss anyone".

Alex and Kyle burst out laughing. Max and Michael just glared at Isabel.

Liz squealed, "Oh Michael, you made waffles my favorite."

Michael knew that she would be hungry, so when he felt Max and her reach their climax he had started her waffles.

Michael placed the plate in front of her, "Here angel, just for you."

He had prepared it with all of her favorite toppings, strawberry syrup, whipped topping and real strawberries. He set a glass of milk beside her plate and kissed her forehead.

Everyone at the table just stared at Michael, this was a side that none of them had ever seen.

Max looked up at Michael, "Hey where are my waffles, my breakfast got interrupted."

Michael smiled, "I finished it for you." He had a plate already made for Max, but he liked to tease him.

Max stood up, "But aren't you going to make me more? I'm a growing boy, and I need my energy."

Michael smiled, "Well since you put it that way." He pulled Max's prepared plate out of the oven and put it in front of him.

Max smiled at Michael, "My hero." Michael stood behind Max with his hands on his shoulders and his thumbs rubbing circles on his neck, it looked so natural.

Both Michael and Max stiffened suddenly and both of them turned to Liz as her fork dropped from her hand, both dropped to their knees on either side of Liz. It was as if all three of them were in a trance, Max and Michael had placed their hands on Liz's abdomen.

Kyle and Tess gasped at the three tiny glowing hands. They glanced at Alex and Isabel's smiling faces.

Isabel was nodding to them, "There are three babies, the two girls are Michael's and the boy is Max's."

Isabel was so tickled at their reactions, "Uhmmmm, Tess, Kyle you might want to close you mouths."

Both mouths snapped shut instantly, and then stupid grins spread across both of their faces. Liz looked like she was going to fall over any minute, everyone jumped to make sure that she wouldn't hit the floor. But Max stopped their progress by scooping Liz into his arms and carrying her to their bedroom, with Michael on his heels.

Everyone was pacing and wringing their hands outside of the master bedroom. They had heard things that none of them should have heard. A lot of moaning, and yes's, more than any of them cared to remember, but they were so concerned for Liz and the babies they didn't care what they heard.

At lunch time they went to the kitchen to make lunch. They knew that there was nothing that any of them could do for Liz, Max was the healer so she was in the best hands anyway. Alex talked them into working on the details for the legalities of registering the babies' births.

Alex and Kyle had their plan completely mapped out by dinner time, Isabel and Tess couldn't concentrate they were too worried.

Isabel and Tess left Kyle watching TV and Alex putting the final touches to their plan to go start dinner.

They were amazed and relieved when a very pregnant Liz walked into the kitchen, "God I'm starved." An exhausted looking Michael and Max followed behind her agreeing with her.

They discovered that the babies do most of their growing in a two day period about a week before they were ready to enter the world and needed lots of energy for that rapid growth.

Liz still didn't look like she was carrying three babies, but just knowing that she was okay gave everyone a big amount of relief. When she was finished with her food, she drug both of them back to their bedroom.

Liz was back to her normal self the next day after a full night of love making. Liz sat up between Max and Michael and looked at her two lovers. The poor babies were exhausted, but for some reason she was full of energy. She decided that she would let them sleep.

Liz watched them gravitate to each other when she left the bed. It amazed her that they were open to each other's love as well as hers. She showered and went downstairs to finally act like a proper hostess.

Everyone was already in the kitchen making breakfast when she walked in, "Good morning everyone, Kyle, Tess I'm so glad your here? I've missed all of you so much."

Liz went over to hug them. Tess giggled because Liz didn't remember seeing them earlier. Liz tried to help with breakfast but they wouldn't let her. Alex helped Liz to a chair to sit down. Which made Liz giggle, they acted like she was fragile. But deep down she understood, this pregnancy meant so much to everyone.

Max and Michael had woken up to find Liz gone and were concerned, they both burst through the door in only sweat pants carrying their shirts. They looked so worn out and tossled, that everyone laughed.

They only had eyes for Liz, and they didn't like Alex's hand on her. They moved to her to make sure that everything was okay. Only then did they finally relax. They all sat down and finally enjoyed breakfast together. Liz told them about the babies, and told Isabel and Tess that they would talk about the possibility of them getting pregnant later. Max and Michael remained quiet during the whole conversation, they were too exhausted to even talk. Liz told everyone about Max earning his medical doctorate and Michael being discovered by a local gallery. The pride in her voice was evident to her lovers and friends. The group caught each other up on their achievements, and what they had been enjoying in their new lives. But the one thing that everyone agreed on was that they missed each other and they didn't want to live apart any longer.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: Here is the other missing part. Thank you for all of the feedback. I'm not completely satisfied with this part, but I've gone over it for several days and can't put my finger on what bothers me about it. So here it is, be gentle.

I'll try to have the next part up in a day or two

Part 12

It felt like old times with everyone in the same house.

Kyle and Alex, let Max and Michael in on a secret that they had managed to keep from their mates. They had purchased land adjacent to Max, Michael and Liz's property earlier in the year. Construction had already begun on two houses. None of them wanted to be apart anymore. If anything happened they could take it on together. Especially now that they would have children to worry about.

Alex had purchased a small boutique for Isabel, Kyle would open up a Law practice in the offices over the store, and Alex would stay with the company he worked for now he would just have to do his work long distance. He did all of his work from home anyway, so why would it matter if he moved to another state. His company had no problem with the move.

Tess had become a teacher and had told Kyle that she would love to stay home to home school her own children whenever they had them. So, they assumed that she would help Liz to homeschool the first three children born to the group.

Max and Michael were so happy, the guys agreed to tell everyone after the babies were born.

Liz was busy telling Tess and Isabel how the day she got pregnant had felt to them, "It was like a need or hunger, almost like a primal mating."

Isabel coughed, "TMI, Liz, you know that those are my brothers."

Liz laughed, "I know, but I don't want you guys to miss a window of opportunity. Have either of you felt an uncontrollable need to mate with your husbands and already ignored it?"

Both Isabel and Tess nodded their heads, "Well that's what I mean, you didn't know that that was your opportunity to conceive."

Tess giggled, "Liz I was in the middle of a class, I don't think that the school or my husband's law firm would have appreciated me running out of my class to rip off my husband's clothes to have my way with him on his desk. Okay, Kyle would have appreciated it, but no one else would have."

They all laughed at that picture and then Isabel choked, "Oh no, thanks a lot, now I can't get that image out of my head. I so didn't need a picture of you ripping Kyle's clothes off in my head. The noises coming from Max, Michael and Liz's room are enough to make me want to be deaf."

That had them rolling with laughter. Liz was holding her stomach she was laughing so hard, "Isabel, I don't think that I would talk if I were you. Last night I got up for water and....."

Isabel had thrown her hand over Liz's mouth, "Okay, okay you win. I'll try to keep my comments to myself."

Tess jerked around to Isabel and Liz, "What? What? I want to know."

Isabel was shaking her head, "No way."

Liz was laughing so hard she had fallen over and Isabel's hand had come off her mouth, "Well....let me", Liz had to jump up to keep Isabel from slapping her hand over her mouth again, "I heard coming from Isabel's room last night."

The guys heard all of the laughter and came to see what their mates were doing. Liz ran past the guys yelling like Tarzan.

Tess fell over on the couch holding her sides she was laughing so hard. Isabel was red in the face but was also laughing. Liz was messing with her, that isn't what Liz had heard.

Their mates were totally confused.

Liz had had to stop sleeping on top of Michael or Max after her considerable tummy increase, so she slept on her side snuggled up to Michael and Max spooned in behind her.

About a week after the increase, they were all laying in bed just waking up.

Michael started to get up to go turn on the shower for them, but Liz's hand stopped him, "Michael don't leave me." Michael didn't understand why she was afraid of him leaving her all of the sudden.

So he scooped her up to take her with him, but she stopped his progress again, "I need Max."

Michael shook Max awake, "Come on Max we need to shower and start our day."

Liz latched onto Max's neck and wouldn't let him move away from her. Both Max and Michael knew that something was going to happen. They found out in the shower when a glowing liquid rushed out of Liz. They both freaked, there babies were about to be born. Michael and Max quickly finished washing themselves and Liz.

Isabel came out of a dead sleep to the sound of the sweetest voices talking to her, "Aunt Isabel, our mommy and daddies need you." She watched Alex sit up beside her, "Oh my God, did you hear that?"

Tess sat up to the most beautiful voices in her head, "Aunt Tess, our mommy and daddies need you." Kyle jerked awake, "Did I just hear babies talking to me?"

They quickly dressed and ran to the master bedroom, nearly knocking each other over in their haste. Noone wanted to open the door to the bedroom, but the baby voices insisted that they were needed. They entered the room to find it empty.

They heard moaning coming from the bathroom Isabel rolled her eyes, "Please tell me that they aren't in that bathroom doing what I think they are doing."

Max heard Isabel in the room, and opened the door just far enough to stick his head out, "Oh thank god, she won't let us move away from her, Liz is in labor, can you guys toss us something to put on and prepare the bed. The stuff for the bed is in the top central drawer and just give me two pairs of sweats and t'shirts out of the top left drawer. Also, all of the stuff I prepared for the delivery is in a box just to the left inside the closet."

Kyle and Alex realised instantly what was going on and began to get everything set up.

After handing clothes to Max, Alex turned to Isabel and Tess, "Snap out of it ladies, we have babies to deliver."

Isabel and Tess jerked out of their daze, Isabel ran to prepare the bed and Tess ran to help Kyle get the box out of the closet.

Once they had gotten dressed and got a sheet tossed to them to cover Liz they carried her out. She was clinging to both of them .

Kyle and Alex prepared the table for cleaning the babies, while Tess and Isabel went to check on Liz.

Michael and Max connected with the babies to see what was going to happen. Max leaned up and kissed Liz's temple, "Matthew is coming first, can you hear him telling you to help him?"

Liz nodded, "Okay, I can do this."

Michael held Liz's hand while Max went to the foot of the bed and spread Liz's leg's apart. He saw the tiny head emerging, he caught his son as he came out. He put him on Liz's stomach, and connected with Liz to make sure she was okay. Another mild pain started, it was Emma's turn to come out and Michael caught her as she emerged. He placed her next to her brother on Liz's stomach and bent down just in time to catch Allie as she emerged.

Isabel and Tess had clamped each baby's umbilical cord and saved the honor of cutting them for Max and Michael. Isabel helped Liz to deliver the after birth and went to disintegrate it.

Max moved in to heal Liz's body. He connected with her and returned her abdomen and passage to the way it had been pre-pregnancy. Liz was tired but she certainly didn't feel like she had just given birth to three babies. Max put his arm around her as she walked over with the sheet rapped around her to where Isabel, Tess and Michael were cleaning the babies.

She turned into Max's arms, "They're so tiny, are you sure that they are okay?"

Max lowered his lips to hers, "They're perfect."

Max and Michael measured and weighed them for their personal records, but they would register their births on the date that they all reached a normal human weight and size to avoid any possible medical questions. They had also decided that Max's name would have to go on all of the birth certificates since they couldn't explain two fathers. Since Max and Michael had taken the same last name it wasn't a big deal. As soon as the babies were clean they were placed in a bassinet and Isabel, Tess, Kyle and Alex left the room to give them some privacy. Liz took a quick shower while Max and Michael changed their sweatpants for jeans.

Once she was dressed, Liz entered their bedroom to find Michael and Max rocking the babies. She went over and took one of the babies that Michael was holding and sat in her own rocking chair.

Liz had Emma, Michael had Allie and Max had Matthew. They were so tiny, Liz was the only one that looked natural holding the babies. They looked so much smaller in the men's arms. Their parental instincts had kicked in and it was like they had all done this before.

They took the babies to the family room to share them with their aunts and uncles. Everyone cooed over the babies, but they couldn't let anyone else hold them just yet. Something that they just knew instinctually.

Kyle and Alex stood up and faced their wives, Alex began, "Isabel, Tess, Kyle and I have a surprise for you two."

Kyle continued, "Alex purchased land down the road, and two houses are being built as we speak."

They both watched their wives faces and smiled when they realised what their husbands were telling them. Isabel covered her mouth with her hand, Tess quietly squealed, "You mean we will all be together again?"

Alex nodded, "That's what it means. The houses should be done in a couple of days. They have already passed inspection and the builders are just putting the finishing touches on the houses and the landscapers will be done tomorrow."

Kyle smiled at the stunned looks on their faces, "The movers will arrive any day now with our things."

Both woman threw themselves into their husband's arms. Tess and Isabel were so pleased with their husbands. Alex who had arranged for the land and houses had added an extra incentive to the payment for getting the work done quickly. Liz was so happy that they would be together again. Tess agreed that she would love to help Liz home school and take care of the babies.

No one noticed Isabel drag Alex from the room, she was pretty sure that she was feeling what Liz had told her and Tess about. She needed Alex now.

All of the sudden Tess stood, "Oh my god." She grabbed Kyle and drug him from the room.

If Max, Michael and Liz didn't have the babies to distract them they might have been embarrassed by the sounds coming from the bedrooms.

Matthew started fussing, so Liz exchanged babies with Max and lifted her shirt to place him at her breast. He latched on and started suckling. It was a really strange sensation, but Liz would not feed her babies any other way.

When Matthew fell asleep at her breast she handed him back to Max and put Emma to her other breast. Michael had retrieved a warm wash cloth to wipe off her breast. He then placed Allie at Liz's breast and layed the baby on top of her sister's. The babies were so tiny that Liz could easily hold both of them, she loved the feel of her babies suckling at her breasts.

Liz had Michael and Max connect to her so that they could feel completely what she was feeling, they were overwhelmed.

Liz looked at her loves, "It's a good thing that everyone will be going to their own houses soon, with trying to feed three growing babies I don't think that I'll be getting dressed very often." Max and Michael didn't have a problem with that.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: Thank you for all of the feedback. I saw "The Shipping News. It was a really good movie. I was lucky enough to be in one of the limited release areas. I definitely recommend it, it had some really funny parts and JB was great.

Part 13

Liz was exhausted, by the time she finished feeding one baby, another one woke up and wanted to nurse. They had tried bottle feeding to help Liz out, but the babies refused anything but the breast.

Max was holding Liz on his lap the night after the babies were born, Liz laid her head back on his shoulder while he helped to support Matthew and Emma, "I'm so tired, but I wouldn't give this up for the world."

Max smiled into her hair, "I know what you mean, it's a miracle. They are miracles. I just wish that we could do more, so that you weren't so tired."

Liz rubbed her nose against his neck, "It won't last for long, and then we will miss it."

Max chuckled, "Oh I don't know. We can just keep having children and then we won't ever have to miss this."

Liz smiled and mumbled, "I'd like that, I just hope that we can. If not I'm more than happy with what I have."

"Me too. I would have been happy to just have you", Max laid his head on top of Liz's realising that she had fallen asleep.

At least with Max and Michael helping the baby's nurse while Liz slept, she was able to get the sleep that she needed each day. Michael was having to do most of this, because Max was going to receive his MD soon and he couldn't miss work or school. Max had scanned every known medical book he could find. He had tested out of most of his courses and had earned his degree in record time, but some things you can't test out of so he was stuck going to work.

Michael was glad that he was the one that helped Liz the most, he loved every minute that he was able to touch the love of his life and to help with feeding his babies.

Max, Michael and Liz hadn't seen the other couples, because of the babies feeding schedule, since they had moved into their new homes right down the road.

Max saw them on the porch when he got home a little over a week after the babies' birth.

He waved at them as he approached, "Come in, it's great to see you guys. How are the new houses?" While he was talking he ascertained that Michael, Liz and the babies were in their room. Liz and Matthew were sleeping on the bed and Michael was rocking the girls after he had bathed and changed them. He knew that Michael and Liz were nude, to be honest he hadn't seen them clothed in the past week. Liz had just woken up and was nursing Allie. Michael put Emma in her bassinet and took Matthew to bathe and change him. He had gotten all of this in just a few seconds. He returned his focus to the four important people in front of him.

They all had smiles on their faces, and Tess and Isabel were absolutely glowing. Max looked back and forth between Tess and Isabel, "Let me guess you guys are pregnant."

Tess squealed and jumped up and down, "When did you become psychic?" Isabel grabbed Max and hugged him. Max was so happy for them, should he tell them how exhausting it is.

Max turned to Kyle and Alex and pulled each of them into a quick hug, "Congratulations guys."

Since Isabel and Tess carried the energy that the babies needed he was pretty sure that they wouldn't have the same side effects as Liz, you know the insatiable need for Max and Michael. Poor Kyle and Alex, they didn't know what they would be missing.

Just then Michael came around the corner dressed in sweat pants and t-shirt carrying Matthew and Allie, Liz was now feeding Emma.

Michael handed one baby to Isabel and the other to Tess, "Let's see if they'll let you hold them now."

Isabel smiled as she took the baby, "They're so beautiful."

Tess grinned, "Yes they are, I can't wait to hold my babies."

This was the first time that they had gotten to hold the babies, they were so tickled. They sat down on the couch and laid the babies on their legs so that they could look at them. The babies stared at them, and then started to cry.

Max and Michael went over to get their children, "Sorry, I guess they aren't ready to be held by anyone else yet. Your babies will be the same way." stated Max.

The babies calmed down immediately when their daddies picked them up. Liz came around the corner, dressed thankfully, Emma was in her arms. She had felt Matthew and Allie's distress and was concerned.

Max took the opportunity to greet Liz, "Hi love, did you get more rest today?"

She nodded her head, and pulled Max down for quick deep kiss and whispered in his ear, "I missed you." That statement went straight to a certain part of his anatomy, and that made Liz giggle and whisper, "Soon."

Max turned his attention to Tess and Isabel, "So tell us about the babies, what are you having?"

Liz squealed and woke Emma, who started to cry. Michael came over and took her from Liz so that she could hug Tess and Isabel. Michael snuggled Emma into his neck and she fell back asleep.

Liz was jumping up and down when she grabbed them. She looked at both of them, "So you guys paid attention to what I said, huh?" Tess and Isabel nodded. Liz continued, "So what are you having?"

Tess smiled, "Kyle and I saw a two identical little brown haired boys with big blue eyes."

Isabel hugged Alex to her, "We saw a dark haired little boy and a blonde little girl."

Liz turned to Tess, "Boy if we keep this up, we're going to have to build a school house."

Tess nodded, "Do you guys think that you can come to our house on Tuesday for dinner?"

Before anyone could answer Isabel jumped in, "Oh great idea, we could have dinner at our house on Thursday. Once all of the babies are born and past the frequent feedings we should make it a regular thing. Please say that you can, of course we'll understand if it's too soon."

Liz smiled up at Michael and Max, "I think that we should be able to make it, I've been getting a lot more rest lately."

Michael and Max walked them to the door, Liz had to go feed Matthew and Allie again. The babies had grown much faster than they had expected so they would be registering their births soon. Two days after the group visit, the babies stopped needing to feed so often. This allowed Liz and Michael to catch up on a lot of needed sleep.

Max got up quietly to go to work doing his best to not disturb them. Liz had fed the babies from 2am to 4am and had only been asleep for two hours. She had gone back to sleeping on Michael now that the feedings had lessened.

Max realised that he was standing there watching them sleep, Liz must have felt his need. She came into the bathroom and joined him in the shower. When he put his arms around her, she pulled her legs up and circled his waist.

Max leaned his forehead against hers, "Are you sure it's okay?"

"Max now is not the time to talk, I need you in me." she breathed in his ear. Max had never heard sweeter words.

In her opinion he entered her achingly slow, but it felt so good. He couldn't touch her enough or get close enough to her. He leaned her against the tiles and made love to her. His body demanded that he go fast because it had been almost two weeks since he had been in her, but he also wanted it to be special and last him the whole day.

Max chuckled to himself, 'Oh hell, who was he kidding, if he could manage to get off early he would.' He needed her touch, he needed to be in her, he needed her to kiss him passionately, and he needed her this morning.

After they caught their breaths, she told him to kneel. She washed his hair while he kept nuzzling between her legs, she then proceeded to wash his body starting with his face and neck and then moving down. She had him stand and she knelt in front of him. She saved his hard length for last. She soaped up her hands and washed him thoroughly.

After she rinsed him, she took him into her mouth. She moved up and down his length , then ran her tongue along the underside. Circling her tongue around the head, then plunging her mouth over him as far as she could. Max placed his hands on her head and started pumping in and out, she stroked him with her tongue as he moved until he exploded down her throat. He yanked her up to his mouth trying to show his need to possess her.

She patted his butt and smiled up into his face, "Your going to be late if you don't get going." He reluctantly stepped out of the shower, brushed his teeth, waved his hand over his face to remove the evening growth of hair, and ran into the closet to get dressed.

Max noticed Michael on the bed with hands behind his head and a huge erection, "Thanks for letting me have her to myself in there."

Michael stood up and headed for the bathroom, "No problem, she needed you and I'll get her to myself all day."

Max smiled, "You just had to rub that in didn't you."

Michael went and stepped into the shower with Liz, Max looked around the door and saw that Michael already had her impaled on him and was moving in and out of her. God he wished that he could stay, he loved watching Liz explode in climax and he could feel that she needed release after all of the attention he had given her when she washed his hair. He ran over and kissed the three babies good bye.

The babies smiled when he kissed them. They all looked so much like Liz when you kissed them in their sleep, she did the same contented smile thing.

Michael and Liz were finally cleaned and dressed after making love twice. Well Michael was dressed, Liz opted to just put on a short skirt. It was driving Michael crazy, she was walking around the house topless.

He almost passed out when he came around the corner and saw her bent over taking clothes out of the dryer, as usual no panties. He was unzipping his jeans as he walked toward her, by the time he reached her, he was free and pulling her back onto him. She had been waiting for the opportunity to do this to him, she loved for Michael to lose control. He had reached around her and was rubbing her clit.

God this felt good, "Harder Michael, yesss, oh god ......yessss".

Max was in the middle of a meeting at this moment, he needed to get home they were killing him. He was only able to get off an hour early. When he walked into the door, the sight of Liz with no top and wearing only a tiny skirt was too much. He picked her up and carried her to their room.

Michael saw this and chuckled. He had the babies in the family room laying under the baby gyms that Max had bought. He was laying on his stomach, periodically he would kiss each of their foreheads and make silly faces to make them smile.

Michael felt Liz and Max climax for the third time, and figured that it was time to start dinner. The only thing he cared to paint right now were the babies and Liz, he was already planning the sketches that he would do of her feeding the babies.

Michael carried the babies into the kitchen and put them in their swings. He and Liz had tried them out in the swings earlier and they really liked to swing. Michael was picturing the fenced in play area and the swing set that he and Max would put together in the back yard, when they entered the kitchen.

Max and Liz walked into the kitchen with their arms around each other, both had on sweat pants and no shirts. Liz had folded down her pants so that they rode low on her hips. All three babies started waving their arms and making gurgling noises when they saw Liz. Max went over and kissed each baby on the head. Liz kissed her daughters and picked up Matthew to let him nurse.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: I apologise for ignoring my story. I had to put my cat to sleep and I just haven't been in the mood to write or to go over what I have written.

Part 14

The babies were three weeks old now and weighed between 6 and 7 pounds each, normal birth weight for any baby. Max announced the home birth of his daughters and son at work and took maternity leave for six weeks.

Tess and Isabel would be giving birth to their children in aproximately 8 to 9 weeks. Max, Michael and Liz had not seen a lot of them after their dinners, because according to Kyle and Alex despite not needing energy from them they had become insatiable and demanded attention constantly. Tess was known to go to Kyle's office, lock his door and throw him on his desk. Isabel kept coming home from her shop to attack Alex. The guys were glad to do what ever it took to make their mates happy.

Max was so happy to be spending the whole day with his babies, he and Michael both claimed all of the babies. He was even more happy to be able to have access to Liz more often. He and Michael were taking turns between feedings making sure that Liz was thoroughly satisfied. Max and Michael took advantage of Max being home and put up a fence to enclose a backyard for the children. They had all of the posts installed and the support boards between the posts and had just completed one side, when they were both almost brought to their knees by the vision walking out of the house. Liz was putting a playpen up in the back yard making sure that it was in the shade, that wasn't what had them panting and holding themselves up. Liz was nude, her beautiful brown hair flowing down her back. They watched as she carried one baby at a time and slowly lowered them into the playpen and spent several minutes bent over at the waist as she cooed at each baby.

Max groaned, "Oh God, Is she trying to kill us?"

Michael couldn't take his eyes off of her, "Yes, but I'll certainly die happy."

Liz had hoped she would get the reaction that she was feeling from her loves, they were so easy. She never once looked their way as she brought the babies out, but she could feel their desparate need. She was inwardly laughing with joy, how did she ever get this lucky. When she placed the last baby in the playpen, and continued to stay bent over, she spread her legs slightly and that was Max and Michael's undoing. They ran as fast as they could across the yard Max reached her first, he grabbed her and as he spun her around she wrapped her legs around his torso and pulled him into a deep soul searing kiss, Michael had pushed up to her back and was moving her hair aside to lick, bite and kiss her neck. He put his arm around her waist to help support her while Max fumbled to get his pants undone, as soon as he was free he slid into her fast. It didn't take long for either one of them to climax after her earlier seduction of the men, Max pulled out of Liz and turned her around so that she could wrap her legs around Michael. He stayed behind her to support her for Michael who had entered her as she was wrapping her legs around him. Max stroked her folds as Michael pumped in and out of her. When they climaxed, it was suddenly hilarious to them all. They collapsed onto the ground laughing.

Michael was the first to speak, "You know it's amazing that we accomplish anything around this house, Liz girl you have got to put some clothes on."

Liz giggled, "I don't know that that would make a difference."

Max squinted his eyes at her, "You did this on purpose didn't you."

She looked at Max out of the corner of her eye and ran her hand up his chest, "I was missing you guys, I hadn't touched you in an hour." The truth was she had been watching them work up a sweat and was getting really turned on watching them flex their muscles while building the fence.

All eyes suddenly turned to the playpen when they saw three pairs of eyes leaning up staring at them. All of the babies had turned around at the sound of laughter and was pushing up to see their mommy and daddies. Liz squealed and ran to get the baby book, Max and Michael sat there with big grins on their faces. Liz came back and sat down on Max's lap, to write down the new thing that the babies had done. When she was finished she put the book aside, Max and Michael laid back to rest, Liz laid out on Max. She let out a sigh as Michael wrapped himself around them.

The babies crying woke them about an hour later. Liz took Matthew and Emma to nurse, now that the babies were bigger they had found a chair that would help Liz support two babies for breast feeding at the same time. She only used it when she had two crying babies demanding to nurse, she preferred to hold one baby at a time to give them the love and nurturing that holding them to her breast and body could give them. Michael and Max entertained Allie with silly faces, hugs and singing while she waited for her time with mommy.

About seven weeks later, they were woken up in the middle of the night by the cutest voices, "Uncle Max, Uncle Michael, Aunt Liz our mommy needs you." Isabel was having her babies. They dressed as quickly as they could. Michael calmly placed their sleeping babies in their carriers, while Max helped a frantic Liz find clothing. Michael picked up two carriers and waited by the door for Max to bring the other carrier and Liz. Then they walked through the woods to Isabel and Alex's house.

One of Max and Michael's other accomplishments when he was on leave from work was to light a path from their home to the two other homes, so that walking between the houses was easier. Kyle let them into the house and Liz went to help Alex and Tess with Isabel. Alex delivered his tiny son and daughter, Liz and Tess cleaned them up. After Isabel had passed the afterbirth and was cleaned up, Max came in to heal her.

When Max was finished, Isabel pulled Max to her and whispered in his ear, "I wish mom and dad were here."

He pulled back and looked at her, "I know Is, I know."

They still kept in touch with the Sheriff and they knew that the Evans, Parkers and Whitmans really missed their children. Maybe it was time to do something about it. Everyone hugged Isabel and Alex, then left them with their new family additions, they wouldn't be seeing them for weeks. As they were saying their goodbyes to Kyle and Tess, Tess bent over with a cramp.

Liz smiled, "Come on guys we have another birth to attend."

Kyle delivered his tiny twin sons, Liz and Michael cleaned them up. Max healed Tess once Kyle was ready for him. They kissed Tess and hugged Kyle and told them that they would see them in a couple of weeks, they would have dinner at Michael, Max and Liz's.

On the way home, Max turned to Liz, "Isabel wishes that our parents could have been here."

Liz nodded, "Oh."

Liz got a sad look as soon as Max mentioned their parents. She had had the same feelings when her babies were born, but had buried it instantly. She had made her life choice and she would never change that choice even if given the chance. Max saw the flicker of sadness in Liz's eyes and his decision was made. All of this had to wait a couple of weeks anyway, they would need Alex to do some research before any action was taken. The one thing that Max wouldn't do was put Liz or his children in danger.

Three weeks later, Michael saw Kyle and Alex coming up the back walkway. He yelled for Liz to put some clothes on, they had company.

She giggled and pulled a shirt on, "I've had clothes on all day Michael." He squinted his eyes at her, which made her giggle again, "Okay, well most of the day."

Michael opened the door for them and ushered them into the family room where the babies where happily swinging. They turned down offers of drinks, so Liz sat down to see what was going on. Max had talked with Alex, a few days ago about seeing if the FBI was still interested in finding them. Alex had been spending every spare moment finding out that information. This was important to Isabel. Michael thought that Kyle and Alex looked exceptionally happy, he knew how they felt.

Alex sighed happily, "Well, it seems as if the FBI is over us."

Michael jumped up, "What do you mean?"

Alex smiled, "It would seem that the Alien hunting Unit was disbanded about six months ago for lack of results, wasting government money, harming innocent people, unethical practices and many other reasons. Some of the guys in the unit are in jail, the clueless ones were moved to less important departments and the unit was closed down. They made a big mistake when they kidnapped and tortured a girl that they suspected as an alien, and the girl turned out to be completely human and the niece of a State Governor. One of the clueless operatives saw what was happening and called the Head Director of the FBI, they swarmed in and saved the girl. They had to take out a few of the die hard alien hunters. The might of the US government came down on the stupidity of the FBI for continuing to allow this to happen. All funding for the FBI is monitored by an outside agency and is handed out only after that agency approves."

Liz was so hopeful, "What does that mean, Alex? Does it mean that we can call our parents?"

Alex jumped in , "No Liz, don't call them yet. All of the houses were bugged a long time ago, and you never know if someone might hear. I propose that one or two of us go to Roswell, to sweep the parents houses for bugs. We will have to alter our appearances and pose as exterminators or an electrician. Anything to get us into the house, maybe Iz can dreamwalk them to ease us back into their lives. Our whole situation is going to be a big shock to them. Also, they need to know about the alien issue. I can't come up with any other explanation for them, they'll have to know if we come back into their lives."

Liz turned to Michael with concern, "Michael, Max has always been terrified of telling his parents. He would rather be away from them knowing that they love him, than risk them pushing him away in horror."

Michael pulled her into his arms, "We'll work on him, the Evans would never push him away." He turned to Alex and Kyle, "So what do we do first."

Kyle smiled, Michael had always been the one to refuse to go along but being with Liz and Max had made him more easy going, "Well, I think we work through my dad to set up as much as possible. It's just a little hard to do anything right now with all of the babies." Kyle turned to Alex, " I think the dreamwalking is a great idea. How about when Isabel has enough energy, she can start dreamwalking the parents. And if she can bring the children into the dreams it might just make them more understanding about having aliens and extra husbands in the family."

Alex was nodding his head, "That sounds good, knowing how much Isabel wants this she will do it whether she has energy or not. I will get the electronics needed to sweep the houses to find bugs. You guys work on Max, and...........figure out what you are going to say to Liz's parents about her being with two men."

Alex and Kyle were laughing after that statement. Liz had turned red in the face, she hadn't even thought about that. Her relationship with Max and Michael had begun and continued to be so natural. There had never been an awkward moment since Max encouraged her to allow Michael into their relationship. God her parents were going to freak, well her mom might understand. Wouldn't any woman want to be cherished by two men. But her dad might want to kill Max and Michael.

Alex and Kyle got up to leave, Michael walked them to the back door, "We'll talk later." He went back into the family room and sat down in a chair, Liz got up and crawled onto him. She was having trouble figuring out what she wanted to do. She wrapped her arms around him for comfort. She would rather not have her parents in her life if it meant having to pretend to deny Michael, and Max....he was going to have so much conflict over his parents knowing he's an alien. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

Max had felt Michael's concern and Liz's confusion all afternoon, when he walked in the family room he wasn't surprised to see Liz curled up on Michael's lap asleep. She was clutching his shirt like she was trying to prevent him from getting away from her. Michael told Max all of the details from Kyle and Alex's visit, leaving the alien and two men issue for last. He moved himself and Liz to the couch so that Max could be closer to them.

Max sat down next to them and put his arms around them, "That can't be what has Liz so worked up."

Michael looked down, "Kyle brought up an important issue about us and Liz, it's one thing to pretend to coworkers that I'm just a brother-in-law but to have to pretend to parents is another thing. She doesn't want to deny me, but she doesn't know if her parents can accept the situation. She's not sure if she wants to bring her parents into what she considers her perfect little world. I'm amazed that she loves me that much."

Max leaned his face against the side of Michael's face and ran his hand through Michael's hair. Max looked down at the angel in Michael's arms, he had to make this okay for her.

Liz opened her eyes and moved to embrace Max, one of her hands continued to clutch Michael's shirt. Liz pushed her face into Max's neck, "Did Michael tell you?"

Max nodded, "Yes, love, we'll work it out. Don't worry yourself sick about it. You know once your parents see their grandchildren, I don't think that they will even care about who you are sleeping with."

This brought a smile to her face, "But what about your parents?"

Max raised and eyebrow, "Why would my parents care if you sleep with two men?"

Michael cleared his throat, "Uhmmm, Liz I haven't gotten that far."

Liz pushed back into Max's neck, "Oh"

Max looked at Michael curiously. Michael cleared his throat again, "Alex feels that the parents will have to know about us being aliens. I'll support whatever decision you make about it, I just want to let you know that I'm okay with it."

Max felt like he had been punched, "I hadn't thought about having to tell our parents about being aliens. Give me some time to think it over."

Liz was determined to be strong for Max, she cupped his face with her hands, "Max, I love you and Michael loves you, our babies love you. You mean the world to all of us. We would never push you to do something that would make you sad, but I've always thought that your parents could accept you for who and what you are. They love you too. Noone that you have chosen to tell has turned away from you in disgust. They all care and love you. I trust your judgement in people, you chose me didn't you."

Max smiled and crushed her to him, he loved this tiny beautiful woman so much. Liz moved to straddle Max's lap, "You're my world Max and you Michael."

Michael had a thought, "You know Liz our decisions doesn't have to be made right now. We could slowly work on your parents in their dreams, and if we find out that they can't handle it then we don't pull them into our lives. Or at the most we have a limited relationship with them with them thinking that the babies are Max's and I just live here. And that also resolves the alien issue, we are the only reason that the parents have to know about us being alien. It's because of Liz giving birth to two different men's babies at the same time. But like Max said once your parents see the babies, I don't think that we will be an issue."

Liz reached over and pulled Michael into hers and Max's embrace, they stayed like that until one of the babies decided that it was time to eat. Of course, it was Matthew. Liz pulled off her shirt and while Michael went to get Matthew for her. Liz turned around and leaned back against Max so that she could put Matthew to her breast, Michael sat down next to them and pulled them both back against his chest. Max stroked Matthew's head as they all watched him nurse. Allie was the funny one, everytime Max stroked her head she gurgled, then would stop suckling and smile. Liz realised that Max and Michael were right, once her parents saw these precious angels they wouldn't care about her sleeping arrangements.

Michael seemed very pleased with Allie's response, "That's my girl, I like someone to run their fingers through my hair when I suck on mommy's breast too." This made everyone laugh, and Allie smiled at the sound of her daddy's voice.

It took almost three months of preparing the parents in their dreams. All of the parents just wanted their kids back. When Isabel and Max told the Evans about them being aliens, there only reaction was that they knew that their children were special. Jeff Parker was a little less understanding about Max and Michael, until Isabel brought Matthew, Emma and Allie into the dream. Emma and Allie looked so much like Liz that they stole his heart, he would put up with anything to have these three angels in his life. Even if that meant having his daughter sleeping with two alien men.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: I hope that this part isn't too bad.

Part 15

Planning how to get to Roswell and keep everyone happy took a lot of brain power. They first proposed that they guys go and sweep the houses, but the woman refused to let them be gone for several days. The guys didn't want to be away from them either. So it was finally arranged that they would fly to Albequerque on separate planes, using separate round about routes. They had reserved hotels as close to Roswell as they could. The men would go in and sweep the Sheriff's house first, bring him up to date and enlist his help in their tasks. The next would be the Evans house, the Sheriff went there first to visit, a disguised Michael and Max dressed as electricians came to the door, Mr. Evans was confused until the sheriff handed him a piece of paper explaining that the house could be bugged and that he needed to act natural. He invited them in, these two reminded him of Max and Michael, could it be? They immediately swept the house and destroyed any bugs that they found. Philip and Diane could not believe what they were seeing. How long had those bugs been there. As soon as the house was clean, Max and Michael removed their disguises. Max and Michael were crushed by the Evans and bombarded with questions. Once Philip and Diane allowed them to breathe again, Max explained that they needed to clean the Parkers and the Whitmans still. Then they would probably meet at the Crashdown.

As they were leaving Max smiled at his parents, "By the way, mom and dad I hope that you are ready for five little surprises."

With that they went to clean the Whitmans. The Whitman's were the easiest, It was no wonder that Alex was so easy going his parents were the same way. The Parkers demanded to know where Liz was as soon as the place was cleaned.

Max and Michael both sighed, "Mr. Parker, now that the house and restaurant is clean can we close the Crashdown and bring everyone here?" Mr. Parker ran down to close the restaurant as soon as possible, Max and the Sheriff made the necessary calls and everyone would be there in three hours. That would give Mr. Parker the time to not have to throw people out of the restaurant and he would be able to get the place cleaned up.

Michael had left to help Liz with the babies, and they were the first to arrive. Michael came in the door carrying two babies in carriers and another in a sling. Liz was right behind him, her parents hugged her like there would be no tomorrow. Then they realised that Michael had babies.

Nancy took one of the carriers from Michael with tears in her eyes, "I saw these babies in my dreams." Jeff also had tears in his eyes as he took the other carrier. As soon as his hands were free Michael pulled little Emma out of the sling and handed her to Nancy.

Nancy sobbed, "Oh God, Jeff they look just like Liz. What are their names?"

Liz came over and rubbed Emma's head, "This is Emma Marie" She leaned down to her son, "And this is Matthew Colin" then she ran her finger down her other daughter's face, "and this is Allie Diane".

Liz looked at her mom and knew that for these babies her mom would try to understand anything. Diane and Philip arrived, then the Whitmans, then Isabel and Alex, then Kyle and Tess both couple with babies in tow. The parents were floored, seven babies in all.

Liz noticed that Michael was hanging off to the side. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him, "Michael this is about you too, please don't pull away. I love you." He leaned down and kissed her forehead. All talking had stopped and everyone was looking at them, Max was smiling.

Liz chuckled, "Well I guess now is as good a time as any." All of the parents were given a baby to hold and told that loud outbursts really disturbed the babies. Diane was holding one of Kyle and Tess's son's.

Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess stood in front of the parents, Max looked his parents in the eyes, "Mom, Dad, Isabel has wanted you to know the truth about us for a really long time, but I wouldn't let her tell you. I was too afraid that you would stop loving us."

Diane started to say something, but Max stopped her by putting up his hand, "I'm ready to tell you now. Mom remember when you saw me heal the bird? Well you were right we, the four of us are different." Max went into detail about the crash, the pods, being found by the Evans and Michael running from them because of the car lights.

Jeff Parker asked actually amused, "What do you mean? Max you've lived in Roswell too long, Aliens don't exist"

Max looked at him, "Mr. Parker remember the shooting at the Crashdown and some people thought that Liz was shot?"

Jeff nodded his head, "Yes, but she wasn't"

Liz stepped forward and put her hand on Max's shoulder, "Yes, I was daddy, Max was there and he healed me. I was dying, but he saved me."

Jeff didn't believe it, "Liz no one can just heal you, you must have been mistaken."

Liz knew that they would need proof so she grabbed a knife and cut her arm, Max and Michael both yelled at the same time, "Nooooo" Max healed her arm and had her crushed against him, Michael had fallen to his knees and had his arms wrapped around her waist.

Max was repeating over and over, "Don't ever do that again."

Jeff and Nancy were looking at Michael and how he was clinging to Liz, both of them were thinking 'Why doesn't that look more unnatural.'

Diane got up from her seat and went to Isabel and Max, "Isabel, Max, I would love you no matter what you are, and what you are is my daughter and son, my babies"

The Sheriff came over and took his grandbaby from Diane so that she could hug her children. Isabel had tears in her eyes when she hugged her mother, Diane and Liz had to pry Michael and Max off of her so that Diane could embrace both of them. She embraced Max and told him the same thing that she had told Isabel, she pulled Michael into a hug and told him how sorry she was that they hadn't found him too.

The Whitmans had no problem with the four being aliens, they were just happy to have their son back in their lives, with a wife (alien or not) and two precious babies.

Max looked at Isabel, "Iz, why don't you and Alex go spend some time with the Whitmans, while we talk to mom and dad and the Parkers."

Isabel shook her head, "Max, I'll take Alex's parents into the back with all of the babies but I want to be here."

Isabel turned to the Sheriff, "You already know about this, so would you keep Alex's parents company in the back?"

The Sheriff agreed and helped to remove all but three babies, he had tried to take them but Liz stopped him, "Just leave them it might make it easier for them to understand."

Max pulled a chair up for Liz and himself and Michael pulled a chair up next to Liz, everyone else stood behind them with their hands on someones shoulder.

Liz started, "I know we haven't really explained everything to you guys, like why we disappeared right after graduation. We'll eventually get into all of the details, but there are things that we feel are more important for you to know first. Mom, Dad you know how much I love Max. He means everything to me, and to be honest with you none of us understand why things turned out the way they did. Max and I are bonded. As are all of the couples, bonding is much deeper and soul binding."

Jeff interrupted, "Liz that's wonderful, just go ahead and drop the other shoe. Stop trying to sugar coat it."

Liz pulled in a deep breath, "I'm also bonded to Michael, I have two husbands. Allie and Emma are Michael's daughters and Matthew is Max's son."

Nancy was confused, "Okay, I'm sorry Liz that's impossible these babies are the same age."

Liz nodded her head, "Yes, they were born at the same time. From what we figured, there are only certain times that we can conceive, if you are bonded to two then you can conceive from both of your bonded mates."

Liz knelt in front of her parents," Look, I can't deny Michael. I love him as much as I love Max. They both mean the world to me, and they gave me these precious gifts. I can't live with out either one."

Everyone heard Diane state, "Lord, Don't we all wish we had that?"

All of the sudden everyone burst out laughing. Matthew started crying, Max and Michael were afraid that Liz was going to whip off her shirt. They were so thankful when she took Matthew from Philip and sat back between them. Michael draped a baby blanket from one of the carriers over her and the baby for modesty, then Liz was able to raise her shirt and let Matthew nurse. When he was through nursing she handed Matthew to Max, who gave him to his mom. Jeff, Nancy, Diane and Philip had watched all of this, they could tell that the three of them were very close. Closer than most married couples. If they could make it work, who were they to object to it. Jeff and Nancy told Liz that if she was happy, then that's all they ever wanted for her. She hugged them to her, this had gone so much better than she expected.

Even though they hadn't told the parents everything, the parents were dealing with all of the issues thrown their way in the best possible way. Jeff asked if they would be staying. They hadn't discussed what they would do after talking with the parents. They had brought their luggage with them, in the hope that everything would go okay.

Michael knelt in front of Liz and caressed her face, while Max took her hand in his. Michael thought that he would let Liz in on his and Max's surprise for her, "Liz, sweetheart, Max and I bought a house here. We knew that if this went well, then we would all want to visit the grandparents for a while and as often as possible without putting a burden on them."

Max pulled Liz towards him and whispered in her ear, "Besides you can't run around naked at your parents, and Michael and I have been enjoying it too much to let it end." Alex, who was standing behind them almost choked, he had heard Max. Liz just smiled.

Kyle and Tess were staying with the Sheriff, who was thrilled. Isabel and Alex would divide their time between the Whitman's and the Evan's houses. Max, Michael and Liz would stay at their house. Michael gave everyone directions to the house. Both Michael and Max could tell that Liz was getting tired, plus she would need to get up in the middle of the night to feed the babies. So they asked the parents to come over to the house in the early morning for breakfast. Michael dropped Max, Liz and the babies at the new house to get settled in while he went to buy groceries and baby supplies. Liz fed the babies again in the hopes that maybe that would give her a little bit longer to sleep. Max made the bed, and put up the portable baby cribs. Max sent Liz into the bathroom to soak in the tub, while he helped Michael with the groceries. They came into their room to find a naked Liz asleep in the middle of their bed. They stripped and climbed into the bed on either side of her. Michael pulled her on top of him and Max snuggled up to them. They would love to have made love to her, but they knew that today had taken a lot out of all of them.

Liz woke up to feed the babies at around 5:00am, she watched her mates sleeping while the babies nursed. They were so wonderful, they had not had the house decorated but they had purchased basic furnishings, and a rocking chair for Liz and the babies. She finished feeding the last baby and started to crawl back into bed. Then she decided that she would have a little fun. She pulled the sheet off of both of them and started crawling up the bed as far between them as she could. She needed them, she started running her hands over both of their chests. Max moved to his back, so Liz moved to straddle him. She started licking and kissing his neck, then she would lean over and lick and kiss Michael's neck. Max and Michael were both getting very hard erections, Liz raised up and lowered herself onto Max and started moving. The next thing that she knew, Max had his hands on her hips guiding her, and Michael had sat up and was kissing her deeply. Michael reached down to massage her clit and bent to suck on her breasts. When Michael felt her and Max climax, he pulled her down onto the bed and rolled on top of her. Michael could be so forceful sometimes and Liz loved that. Michael sat up and was pumping in and out of Liz, Max moved in and licked her clit while Michael just moved the tip of himself in and out of her. She exploded from the feel of Max's tongue and mouth sucking on her. Max moved and Michael slammed completely into her, until he himself fell off the edge. He flipped them over, and Max moved in to kiss Liz. They all fell back to sleep holding each other tightly.

Michael got up and checked the babies, then showered and dressed. He had moved Liz over to Max before he got up. They looked so beautiful to him, he also knew that Max would make love to Liz before they came downstairs. It always made him feel good to know that Liz would start her day thoroughly loved.

He could feel the desire stirring upstairs, and smiled while he started preparing breakfast for the parents and his loves. He felt when Max sucked on Liz's clit for a while before he moved up her body to enter her. He also almost burned himself on the oven when they orgasmed and the doorbell rang at the same time.

Liz and Max were showering and once again making love in the shower.

Michael opened the door, to allow entrance to the Evans and the Parkers, "Max, Liz and babies will be down in about 15 minutes." He would probably have to get the babies, but he was suddenly feeling a desparate need to be with Liz.

Diane nudged Michael out of her way, "Go and get our grandchildren."

Michael laughed, "I can see where your loyalties lay."

Nancy pushed him out of the kitchen, "That's right, move it young man. We want our grandchildren and if you see that daughter of mine bring her too."

Michael ran up the stairs and into their bedroom. Liz and Max were in the room locked in an intensely passionate embrace. The sight of Liz brought him to his knees. He needed her badly at the moment, Max walked her over to Michael. Michael grabbed her around the waist and clung to her.

Max knew what was happening, "I'll just dress and take the babies downstairs."

Liz pulled Michael's shirt over his head as he fumbled with the button and zipper of his jeans, he needed to be in her so badly. He moved Liz back towards the bed on his knees licking her wet center as they moved, she fell back on the bed with her legs wide. Michael took full advantage, he loved the taste of her, the smell of her arousal always sent him into overdrive. He leaned in and ran his tongue up and down her, then sucked her lovingly into his mouth. He loved this but he needed to be in her, he pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and entered her. He moved in and out frantically, the surge of emotions too much to handle. They suddenly both began to have flashes of each others past. Michael was finally opening up completely. As they climaxed they both saw a flash of Michael with a beautiful little sandy haired boy with large chocolate colored eyes. Michael fell forward on Liz sobbing. She ran her fingers through his hair lovingly, until he could collect himself. Neither had noticed a smiling overly happy Max leave the room with three babies in his arms.

Liz laced her fingers in his hair and lifted his head, "I love you so much Michael, you don't know how much you have enriched my life. I was blessed when I just had Max, but I'm doubly blessed to have you. It should probably be a crime for someone to have this much love and happiness."

Michael was shaking his head, "No Liz, you deserve to be happy. I want for you to be beyond happy. You've given me so much. I can't imagine living life without you. I have so many people that care about me because of you, you brought those people to me. God, I love you, those words don't even seem like they are enough for what I feel for you."

She and Max had had a similar emotional experience when they discovered that Liz was pregnant with Max's daughter. Michael moved Liz up further onto the bed without removing himself from her. He still needed her, he was trying not to crush her but he just couldn't make himself move off of her. He began to make slow passionate love to her, and Liz was more than happy to accomodate him. After, they lay there just enjoying the feel of each others bodies and the feel of the emotions pouring off of each other.

Michael suddenly realised, "Oh no Liz, your parents are downstairs, get up, they are going to kill me. Oh geez, they probably know what we are doing. I'm so sorry, we invited them to breakfast and then I do this. They're going to hate me."

Liz stopped his frantic movements to get his clothes on, "They aren't going to hate you, they were young once too. Besides, once we tell them about the new babies they'll forgive us."

Michael leaned down for a quick kiss and lightly smacked Liz on the butt, "Woman, would you put some clothes on." He was laughing as she missed hitting him with a pillow as he left the room.

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Author's Note:

Fallin' - Maria shows up soon, when they are in Roswell.

WayLiz - Thanks, it is hard, especially when he's been your teddy bear for 11 years.

Their babies mature faster than normal human babies, so the older children will not need Liz as much. Their size may be the same, if not a little smaller. The problem is that they have no idea when conception is going to occur and Max and Michael refuse to be away from Liz so they'll keep having babies. It's a catch 22. They do figure out a pattern later, but some unexpected things are going to happen.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: I have been doing a lot of rewriting on this story, because I am having a hard time with the ending. Plus the shows have finally gotten really good, why oh why weren't the last three shows the first shows? The show has been providing my warm fuzzies lately, I think I've watched CDB about 5 or 6 times now.

Part 16

Michael walked into the kitchen and saw that Max had everything under control and went to help him. The parents were playing with the babies while Max was working on the pancakes and eggs. Liz walked in looking incredible to Max and Michael. She was wearing a tiny short cropped red sweater with little buttons up the front and black pants that rode low on her hips.

Max handed Michael a napkin and when Michael looked at him questionably, Max told him, "It's for the drool."

When Matthew saw his mommy, he started jumping up and down on his grandpa Philip's lap and waving his arms.

Liz walked over and took him from Philip, "How's my favorite little guy this morning?" She snuggled into his neck to make him giggle and handed him back to Philip.

Liz turned to Max and Michael, "Hey, where's breakfast? Are you guys slacking off on you duties?" They both turned red faced, and were actually tongue-tied.

But someone wasn't going to let her get away with her comments, she heard her own mother say, "Well if a certain young female would stop distracting them we might get some food in us today."

Her own mother, she couldn't believe it. Max and Michael were beaming at Liz's mother sticking up for them, and placing blame right where it belonged. Well sort of where it belonged, they certainly didn't kick and scream to get away from her. Max brought the plates of food over and set them on the table. While everyone tried to eat their breakfast, the babies did their best to grab whatever was in reach. They would definitely need to get high chairs for this house too. Max and Michael cleaned the kitchen, while Liz took the parents into the Living Room.

They put the babies on the floor to play. Matthew was the first one to get up on his hands and knees and start rocking back and forth, and then Emma. But Allie just sat their bouncing her little body like she was listening to music. Liz ran for the baby book to write this down, while the grandparents marveled at the babies.

Max and Michael joined everyone in the living room, they thought it was time to let the parents know that they were going to have more grandkids. They sat on either side of Liz and took her hands, Matthew scooted on floor and pulled himself up at Michael's leg. Michael picked him up and sat him on his lap.

Max got everyone's attention, "Mom, Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Parker"

Jeff jumped in, "Call us Nancy and Jeff"

Max continued, "Thank you, Jeff. We have an announcement. Liz is pregnant again."

All of the parents were shocked, Nancy spoke first, "Isn't it too soon? Are you okay honey?"

Liz smiled, "I'm fine, and we really don't think that it's too soon. We haven't told you the details of an alien/human pregnancy. It's actually much easier than a human pregnancy. You can't even tell I'm pregnant until after the second month and then I only carry the babies for another week or two. The babies are preemie size but are perfectly formed and healthy. And then Max is able to heal me completely back to pre-pregnancy shape and health."

The parents were astonished, Diane was so happy for them, "You're so lucky, do you know anything else about the babies?"

Max beemed, "I'm having a daughter"

Michael glowed while hugging Matthew to him, "and I'm having a son."

Nancy was still worried, "Wow five breastfeeding babies, how will you manage."

Liz smiled shyly, "Oh I have lots of help, besides these three will need me a lot less soon. We are going to start them on baby food and try to get them to drink out of cups during the day. So that will help a lot."

Nancy was a little relieved, but still worried for her daughter. "Can we be there for the births?" asked Diane.

Max smiled, "I don't see why not, but I have to warn you that the babies won't let anyone but us hold them for any length of time for a couple of weeks. Plus the feeding schedule is pretty exhausting for the first week or two. You might consider coming up a couple of weeks after the births. Or you can be there for these three, because with the new borns it's hard for Liz to even leave the bedroom the first week. But it shouldn't be as hard as the first time, there's only two babies this time." Max was thinking the he preferred that they wait the two weeks he didn't want to miss out on Liz running around topless or naked those two weeks.

"How far along are you, Liz?" asked Philip.

All the parents noticed Max, Michael and Liz turn beet red, Michael being the boldest, "Well we know immediately when the babies are conceived and what they are. We get images of the babies at the moment of conception."

Philip nodded his head and then it suddenly it dawned on all of the parents what had just been said, Diane whispered, "Oh my"

Nancy, "Good grief is that where he disappeared too."

Jeff questioned, "Are you saying...... never mind I don't want to know."

They enjoyed the morning talking to their parents and telling them about their lives and catching up on the things that they had missed in their parents lives. Their conversations were halted when Matthew crawled over to Liz's lap and was trying to pull her shirt up. Michael went to find a blanket for her, and the parents stood up to leave. Liz handed Matthew to Michael so that she could hug the parents. Matthew was furious that he was denied his mommy. Liz hugged her parents and the Evans, then went to calm down Matthew. Max walked them to the door and made plans to get together with them later. Liz sat back down on the couch and had Matthew straddle her lap, he was suckling at her breast by the time Max came back to the couch.

Liz raised her arms for Max to remove her shirt, "Man, I've missed this freedom. I really love having our parents back in our lives, but I really miss the ability to do whatever, whenever." Emma saw her mommy and Matthew and scooted over to the couch and pulled herself up. Michael entered the room and scooped her up to help her get to her mommy. Emma stood next to Liz and suckled on her other breast. Liz hugged both babies to her body. Matthew reached over and grabbed Emma's ear, which made Emma smile. Liz was beginning to think that the only baby that was going to be easy to ween would be Allie. Max had noticed that that little stinker must have figured out how to crawl while they were talking to the parents, because she was slowly crawling for the stairs. Michael noticed too when he saw Max scoop her up off of the floor laughing and would be buying gates for everywhere in the house today. House baby proofing time. The kids are becoming mobile, heaven help them.


Michael was looking for the baby gates in the children's store when he heard someone squeal and throw themself at him, "Michael, oh my god what are you doing here? I haven't heard from you guys in so long. Do you know where Max and Liz are?"

Michael was a little shaken, Maria was clinging to him and it really bothered him, "Maria, it's nice to see you too. Max and Liz are here with me, I was just..."

"Oh my god, do Max and Liz have a child? Is that what you are doing here?" Maria asked.

Michael wasn't sure how much he should tell Maria, her touch on his skin was really bothering him so he managed to disentangle himself from her, "Uhh yeah they do. They asked me to pick up some baby gates."

Maria was curious, "So is Liz okay? Can I see her? Where are you guys staying?"

Michael didn't just want to invite her over, "Hey let me give them a call and see if they are at the house. We were supposed to go over to Diane and Philip's in a little bit."

Max picked up the phone, "Hey Max, Uhmmm, you'll never believe who's standing in front of me. No, it's Maria, she wants to see Liz, is she available right now? Oh, okay I'll see what she says."

Michael pulled the phone down and asked Maria, "Would you like to come to dinner at the Evans with us?"

Maria was excited, "Yeah, sure I can do that. I don't have anything else going on right now, mom had to run a shipment out of town and won't be back until tomorrow."

Michael went back to the phone, "Yeah, she can come, no I'm okay, I'm almost done here, so I'll see you soon. Yeah, me too!!!!!"

Max could tell that something was bothering Michael and was worrying that maybe he still had feelings for Maria, so he had made sure to tell Michael that he and Liz loved him. But Max was sure he was worrying for nothing, Michael loved Liz and would never hurt her like that. Besides, Liz was pregnant with their children. Liz was going to be upset if she had to deny her mate again. She needed to touch them both all of the time, especially now that she was pregnant. The babies needed their daddy's touch too. Maria followed Michael around while he made his choices, she kept touching him and he kept moving away to remove her touch. While he was there he picked up three high chairs.

Maria raised her eyes at him buying three, "Michael, that's three high chairs, how many kids do Max and Liz have?"

Michael smiled, "Three beautiful babies. There is Allie, Emma, and Matthew. They're the most beautiful babies."

Was that pride in Michael's voice, "So is there a significant other in your life?" Maria had noticed him moving away from her, and he just seemed so calm, stable, serene.

Michael nodded, "Actually there is, and that's all I'll say about that." He wanted Liz to make the decision on whether Maria knew about them. Michael paid for the purchases and loaded them into the rented van.

Michael turned to Maria, "Did you want to follow me?" Maria nodded, "Yeah, that would probably work the best."

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Hi guys,

Thank you for all of the feedback. I can't tell how Maria is going to act, but I will tell that she has matured in her years away from home.

I'm sorry that it's taking me so long to get the next part out, but I've been messing with it because I wasn't satisfied with the outcome. There is still one part that is bothering me, but I will try to get it out by tomorrow.

Thanks again
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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: One of the reason's that Michael is uncomfortable with Maria's touch is because he is bonded to Liz, but the other reason is because she has feelings for him. Max doesn't have a problem giving Maria a hug, but Maria has never seen Max as anything but a friend to her. Also, the problem is that Maria isn't bonded to anyone.

Okay here it is finally.

Part 17

As soon as they arrive at the house, Michael jumped out and grabbed some of the bags to take in to the house. Max was coming out to help him, when Maria parked in front of the house.

She ran to Max and pulled him into a hug, "Hey girlfriend, I've missed you guys."

Liz came to the door and squealed, "Maria".

They ran to each other and embraced. Maria looked Liz up and down, "You gave birth to three babies, you don't look any different than you did in High School."

Liz rolled her eyes, "Ahhh, the wonderful joys of being with aliens."

Liz took Maria into the house, the babies were playing on the floor. Michael and Max started putting up the gates immediately. Michael saw Allie, bopping up and down again and went to the bag to get what he had purchased just for her, a baby boom box that played nursery songs. He set it next to her and turned it on. She giggled and started bouncing harder. Michael kissed her and blew a raspberry on her stomach and made her giggle louder. Michael then pulled out soft rattles for Emma and Matthew. He kissed each baby and went back to help Max, who was smiling at Michael.

Maria had watched the whole thing and was amazed, Michael had really changed maybe she would have another chance with him. Oh, but he said that he had someone in his life, she would have to meet this person. Liz had watched the emotions flick across Maria's face and didn't like it. Michael belonged to her. Michael turned around and smiled at Liz, he could feel her jealousy.

He walked over to them, "Maria can you excuse Liz for a moment, I have something to ask her." Maria nodded.

Michael took Liz's arm and led her to the kitchen. As soon as he shut the door, he pulled her into his arms and covered her mouth with his, "Don't ever doubt us, we belong together and no one can break that bond. Do you understand that? I love you and only you. No other woman can ever come between us."

Liz felt foolish, "Thank you"

She laced her fingers in his hair and pulled him to her again, "I wish we could make love right now."

Michael agreed, "I know, why did I have to go shopping, oh yeah to keep our angels safe. Especially, sneaky Allie."

Liz was nodding, "Uh huh, it's okay. I've missed Maria. She had just better keep her hands off of you, I can't stand to see or feel anyone else touch you or Max. That sounds so selfish, doesn't it? I'm such a bad person, she's always been my best friend. I'm just going to have to tell her. Pick me up you big hunk and carry me out there."

Maria almost had a heart attack when Michael and Liz came back through the kitchen door. Liz had her legs wrapped around Michael's waist and she was kissing his neck. Maria turned to see what Max thought of this and he was just smiling, with almost a relieved look on his face . As soon as they were in front of her Liz slid down Michael and caressed his cheek.

She turned to Maria, "I think that we need to tell you about the last couple of years. First let me introduce my babies, this is Matthew he looks just like his daddy" Liz smiled up at Max, who was looking very pleased.

Then Liz moved to one of the little girls, "This is Emma, she and her twin sister look like me and nothing like their daddy." She smiled up at Michael.

Liz went over to the child bouncing to the baby music, "And this is Allie, she's our little dancer, right Michael?"

Michael nodded, "Yes she is, but she doesn't get that from me."

Maria was confused and trying to decide if she was angry, " Are you saying that these children are Michael's?"

Liz just looked at Maria gauging what she was feeling, "Maria, what I'm saying is Matthew is Max's son, and Emma and Allie are Michael's. They belong to all of us. Michael is my husband and ...."

Maria cut in, very confused, "But what about Max? How did you and Michael get together?"

Liz realised that she needed to get to the point, "Maria, come sit down and let me explain. Just remember stay calm the babies don't like strong displays of emotions. Max is my husband, but so is Michael. I'm bonded to both of them. I know that is hard to understand, but I love these two guys and they love me back. I don't think any of us understand it, but it works. And to be honest we don't want to analyze it, we are just too happy."

Maria didn't know what she thought, her mouth opened and closed several times before she could speak, "So you're happy? That's....that's great. I'm glad Michael finally found what he was looking for, he does seem to have really changed. I'm just surprised that Max allowed it to happen. Wow, this certainly isn't what I expected. Of course, I don't know what I expected...."

Liz looked down and smiled, " Maria, your babbling. And as for Max allowing it ,well actually, he is the one that brought it up and encouraged it. I think it shocked even him, but he loves us both and he, Michael and I are so happy. Oh and the newest news is we're pregnant again. Please say you understand, I love you Maria. And I'd hate to think that this would ruin our friendship."

Maria looked at Liz and saw the concern and worry on her face, "I love you too, Liz. This is, wow, odd. But I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't jealous. Two men? Lord girl, I couldn't imagine, as a matter of fact I don't think I want to imagine that. Woah, what did your parent's think? Or have you told them?" Maria's demeanor seemed to be changing as she talked and, of course, Liz couldn't get a word in, "And Oh my god Liz, pregnant again? Your kidding, that's wonderful. I know that the czech's were so sure that they would never have kids, and now you are giving them more."

Liz jumped in as Maria took a breath, "By the way, Alex and Isabel have two babies, and Tess and Kyle have two babies. You'll probably see them tonight at the Evan's house. I know that this is a shock, trust me none of us ever imagined this. All I can say is that we are happy with it, and we want you understand. And my parents know and understand, all of the parents have been told the truth. The Czech truth and they are okay."

Maria looked at Max, Michael and then Liz, "Liz, you were always my best friend. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't hoping to at least try to get back with Michael. I would certainly never have imagined that you guys would tell me this, just give me some time to process this new info and to adjust to it. But one thing keeps coming back into my head, I don't have the right to pass judgement or to have expected to get back with Michael. We ended our relationship and I... me... I'm the one that left. I'm assuming that the parents are all okay with the whole otherworldly thing?"

Liz nodded, "Yeah, I think that the babies help. Isabel dreamwalked them for months preparing them for everything. So when they were finally told for real, it was like they had already dealt with any problems they would have had with the situation. It worked out better than we expected."

They talked for a while about the last couple of years, Maria and Rob had gone separate ways after college. She was teaching music and was off for the summer, so she was visiting her mother.

Liz told her about having to disappear and the hope that the FBI threat was over. They were still being cautious, they had children to protect now.

Matthew crawled over to Liz and pulled himself up, Maria asked, "Can I hold him?"

Liz laughed, "Why don't you hold Emma, I don't think that you want Matthew attaching himself to your breast." Liz lifted Matthew who proceded to lift Liz's shirt and do just that.

Maria started laughing, "Well it looks like you have more than two men attached to you."

Liz laughed, "You don't know how true that statement is."

Max and Michael heard the comments and laughed, "Cocky isn't she?"

Max agreed, "Well she's just stating the facts as we all see them". Matthew fell asleep almost immediately, he had just come to his mommy for comfort.

Michael asked Max and Liz to take the girls upstairs for their nap before dinner, he would like to talk to Maria. He felt that this was something that seemed to still need closure. Max scooped up Emma and Allie, and took them upstairs. Liz followed with Matthew sound asleep in her arms. She told Maria that they would be down after they got the girls to sleep, she was inwardly fighting insecurities about Michael and Maria talking privately.

Michael asked Maria if she would like to go outside and talk. Max and Liz put the babies down and went to their room. They knew that they were being silly, but they feared losing Michael.

Max pulled Liz onto the bed and wrapped himself around her, "He loves us. They just need closure."

Liz tried to smile, "I know, it's just hard. I love Maria, but she was always so possesive of Michael. I think that she really loved him. They always had some kind of spark between them. I know I'm being silly, please tell me I'm being silly."

She promptly burst into tears, "He's mine, tell me he's mine."

Max smiled into her neck, "and you say Maria was possesive, I think you have everyone beat in that department. But you're right he's yours, all yours and mine. The three of us and those precious babies in the other room, and..." He leaned down to caress and kiss her exposed stomach, "these angels, we belong together."

Max moved back up and laced his fingers through her hair, he pulled her into a soft kiss that she quickly deepened.

Liz looked up at Max, "Make love to me, I just need you right now."

Max lowered his hands and pulled her shirt over her head. Poor Michael, he was feeling all of this while trying to talk to Maria. Now he understood how Max felt when he could feel Michael and Liz making love when he was in meetings, but that wasn't going to stop him from enjoying his Liz. He knew that she was feeling insecure at the moment, but she had no reason to feel that way and he would show her that later.

Maria and Michael talked about her college experience, and Michael told Maria about crowding Liz in college and about all of the guys he intimidated in her classes.

She smiled and reached for his hand, "You're really, I mean you're really happy with this arrangement aren't you?" It must have been her attempting to accept the situation that allowed him to tolerate her touch. It still made him uncomfortable, but he would tolerate it for Liz and Maria's friendship.

Michael beamed, "You know Maria, words aren't good enough to describe how I feel when I'm with Liz and Max, and the babies. I feel complete, like I belong finally."

She saw the glow in his eyes, and she had noticed that he was distracted when they had first started talking, "You guys have a connection all of the time don't you?"

Michael squinted his eyes and little, "Yes we do, it's amazing to be able to feel everything that they are feeling."

She laughed, "So that's what was distracting you a minute ago, good grief. Are they as bad as they used to be?"

Michael laughed, "Yes, actually more intense. If you can believe that Max and Liz could be anymore intense than they used to be. But Liz and I are a lot worse, I have a lot of catching up to do. I just need her, I craze her touch all of the time. I want to make it known that she's mine, you know stamp "Michael's" on her forehead."

Maria burst out laughing, "I don't think Max would like that, okay scratch that. There's no way in hell that Liz would walk around with your name on her forehead."

"I just love her so much, Maria. God, the word love isn't even a strong enough word for what I feel for her and Max." Michael paused savoring the feelings coming from his mates, " Liz stays at home now because of the need to protect the children, I paint in my studio in our house, and Max works at a medical practice so he is gone most days. The days are mine, and we share the night. It drives him crazy, but he loves us. It's made him finally lose his control. But most of all he loves Liz beyond distraction, he wants her happy. The only time we have had conflict is when we are separated for too long. You know that I cared about you when we dated, but we both agreed at the time that something was missing. I just hope that one day you find what I've found and you'll know instantly what was missing."

Maria was humbled, this was not the Michael that she had known. This Michael was so much more, "Wow, you really do love her! She deserves to be loved. You know Michael I'm happy for you guys. I'm jealous as hell of Liz, but I'm so glad that you found what you needed."

Michael chuckled, "Yeah, Liz, she's amazing. And Max, too."

Maria nodded, "She is amazing isn't she." Max and Liz holding hands came out the back door, Michael's attention was immediately drawn to Liz.

Liz liked that he was looking at her, "So, did you guys talk?"

Maria jumped up, "Damn girl, you are the luckiest girl in the world to have these two panting after you. And what was possibly distracting Michael while we were talking?"

Liz turned her smiling face into Max's chest, and Max stroked her hair, "Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. You know Max does have one of the two hottest bodies in the world."

Michael looked at Max, who was looking very self satisfied, and said quietly, "Just wait until your next meeting, I'll keep her screaming for an hour maybe two." Max burst out laughing, he felt too good to worry about it. Liz walked over and wrapped her arms around Michael, she needed reassurance. He picked her up and kissed her deeply. Maria watched and was amazed at how right they looked together. She knew that Michael was where he belonged, and she was happy for him.

The Evans had decided that it would be easier with so many people at the house that they would cook out. Everyone was so happy to see Maria. Alex ran to her and pulled her into his arms, he felt Isabel's irritation with him for touching another woman but she would have to get over it. She didn't have a problem with him hugging Liz or Tess, so she would just have to deal with it. Maria was amazed with the babies. Michael had handed her Allie when they came in the door, and Allie seemed to really like her. Allie was really enamored with Maria when Maria played her guitar for Allie. Maria let Allie stay on her lap and tried to play with Allie behind the guitar, but Allie was so excited with the music that it was difficult to play. Max came over and stood Allie up in front of Maria and held her little arms to allow her the freedom to dance. Everyone was so tickled. Maria had lots of children's songs to play since she was a music teacher. Allie's favorite seemed to be the Raffi songs. She made a mental note to send Allie some of his CD's.

Liz and Maria spent time together catching up, even Alex sat with them for a while until Isabel's jealously was ready to blow up. Maria gave Liz her address and phone number, and understood that Liz couldn't give her their home address. Liz told her that if she didn't mind she would have Isabel dreamwalk her periodically to see how she was doing, and in case they had to disappear again. They had taken a risk by coming back to Roswell, but they had felt that the risk was worth it if they could have their parents back in their lives.

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Author's Note:


They aren't moving back to Roswell. They still aren't positive that they are completely safe in Roswell. Max and Michael bought the house so that they would have someplace to stay when or if they visit Roswell. It would also give the others a place to stay when they visit. Besides they have plenty of money and they like their privacy, which is impossible to have when staying at your parent's house.

But all of this will become unimportant soon.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: I'm sorry that it took so long, I was making a lot of changes to my rough draft.

Okay here it is.

Part 18

They returned home to their routines, Liz gave birth to the twins. Erin and Joshua were so adorable. Life could not get more perfect.

Michael was being asked to travel to different Art Galleries to show his paintings. The first time that he was asked to travel he refused.

".....No and that's final"

Liz walked into the family room as Michael was hanging up the phone, "Michael, what did the gallery want?"

Michael sat down and avoided looking Liz in the eye, "Nothing."

"Honey, I would think by now that you would have guessed that you can't fool me. What did they want?" Liz had sat in Michael's lap and wrapped her arms around him.

"Uhmmm, just .....they just....wanted to know if I have more paintings." Well at least that was the truth, thought Michael.

Liz stroked Michael's cheek, "Where do they want you to go?"

Michael turned his face away from her, "Nowhere, I'm not going anywhere."

Max walked into the room and Liz turned to him, "Max talk some sense into this big lug. The gallery wants him to go somewhere and he won't go."

"Is that true, Michael?"

Michael wouldn't look up at Max or answer him.

Max walked over and knelt on the floor in front of them, "Michael, why would you refuse to go? You deserve this, you're an exceptional artist. Liz and I are so proud of you, we want you to be recognised for your hard work."

"I don't want to go! I can't go!"

Max nodded his head understanding, "How long do they want you to be gone?"

"A week."

"Call the gallery and we'll go find out the details, maybe you can just go for a day or two." suggested Max.

"You'll probably have to let them set up the displays the way they want them set up, but that way you wouldn't have to stay for the whole week." suggested Liz. Liz knew that Michael was very particular about what paintings went together and he would hate for someone else to set up his show.

"Fine, but I'm not going. You and the babies need me here."

"Of course we need you. If I can't handle it alone, then maybe Max could take a few days off to help out. Of course, he can't cook as good as you. But it would allow Max time alone with me and the children. I love the time I have alone with you."

Michael realised that what she was saying was true, he had a lot of alone time with Liz. Max always had to share his time. He knew that Liz wasn't saying that she wanted him gone so that she could be alone with Max, she was just saying that maybe Max would like to have a chance at the special time that they shared everyday.

He looked at Liz and pulled her to him, "You're right, I'm just being.....I don't know what I'm being. I just hate to be away from you guys and the children. Nothing means more to me." He kissed her deeply, then picked her up off of his lap. He called the gallery and made the arrangements for the trip, he agreed to go for two days only.


The triplets were 14 months and the twins were six months. Liz was pregnant with Max's daughter. Michael had gone out of town to a show and had not been home for Liz's conception time. After charting her pregnancies and conceptions, Liz came to the conclusion that she conceives when the babies are around five and a half months old. But the number of days were different, so she could only approximate when she would conceive.

Liz was about to turn twenty-three and she would be the mother of six children, that always made her laugh. Who would have thought that she would wind up here. She was so happy with her life, her husbands, and her children.

Max and Michael had taken the children for a walk when Max had gotten home. This time was special for all of the men. The men enjoyed their early evening walks that allowed them to have special time with their children. They would all meet at a certain path and continued on from there. Of course, Michael and Alex were the only men that were home all day with their children, but they wanted this time with them too.

Liz was in the back yard putting away the children's toys in the toy shed, even though she had been told to leave them alone. Michael, Max and the children would clean them up when they got back. Liz bent over to pick up a set of blocks, she heard a voice that she had hoped she would never hear again, "Well if it isn't the little Queen." Sheer terror ran through her when she turned to face Nicholas.

Max and Michael had been enjoying the walk with their children when both of them were brought to their knees, sheer terror and panic running through them and it was Liz.

Alex and Kyle ran to them, Kyle demanded, "What's wrong?"

Max was able to choke out,"Lizzzzzzzz".

Michael was up, "God, Nooo". He swung around to Kyle and Alex, "Take the children and hide, don't go to your houses. Isabel and Tess aren't home, they'll be safe. You have to protect the children."

Michael and Max handed the children in their arms to the other men and ran towards their house. Kyle and Alex took off in the other direction, with babies in their arms it was difficult to keep Matthew from chasing after his daddies.

Liz was slowly backing up, several other skins had joined him. One especially disturbed Liz, he was standing beside Nicholas. He was a tall blonde with blue eyes and he was gorgeous.

The man turned to Nicholas, "I can see why Zan chose her over that other one, It's a shame really. I wouldn't mind adding her to my slaves."

Liz was terrified for her children, but she wasn't going let these monsters see her fear. She could feel Max and Michael's terror and that they were getting closer. She pulled herself together, "What do you want Nicholas? We are happy living our normal lives, we want nothing to do with your politics."

Nicholas smirked, "Well you see that's the problem, you are too involved in our politics as you put it. You're still alive, and so are the Royal four. That keeps the resistance going, right Khivar?"

Liz reeled with the knowledge that the man who had betrayed Zan was standing in front of her, but she calmly said, "So you're Khivar. Let me guess your lackeys couldn't do the job right so you had to come do it yourself. That's what happens when you trust morons and retards."

Khivar burst out laughing, Nicholas fumed, Khivar smacked Nicholas on the back, "I've changed my mind, I definitely have to keep this one. I definitely see what Zan see's in her."

Liz saw movement behind the skins in the yard, it was Max and Michael. They had already dusted the skins left on guard duty and who were waiting to ambush them.

She decided to distract Khivar, "What makes you think that you are a match for Zan's attentions to me. What do you have that he doesn't?"

Khivar was intrigued, could she actually consider a change in allegiance. These humans were so weak. She had thrown his concentration enough that Max and Michael were able to take out some of the skins behind Khivar and Nicholas.

Michael and Max moved up behind them, Max yelled, "Liz go to the house this is between us." Nicholas moved to block Liz, a purple shield went up around Liz when Nicholas got too close.

Nicholas smirked, "Look Khivar, I think the little Queen is carrying an heir. Does she really think that little shield will stop us?"

Max and Michael watched in horror as Nicholas sent an energy blast at their precious mate. Both men sent energy blasts at Nicholas in the hopes that they could weaken him.

Suddenly a large group of men swarmed the yard from the front of the house. Liz was thrown against one of the men as Nicholas's blast hit her and her shield collapsed. Michael and Max were terrified, there was no way that they could get Liz out of this situation. Max and Michael watched helplessly as a man picked Liz up and the group of men parted to allow the men surrounding her to slowly move to the back of their lines.

Khivar chuckled, "Interesting."

The man who had picked up Liz handed her to another man and returned to the front of the group, "Khivar, it's over."

Several men had moved to cover Max and Michael, who were confused about who these men were. They were terrified for Liz, they couldn't lose her.Were these men on their side? Michael and Max made their way towards the man holding Liz. The man handed her over to Max, then bowed deeply and backed off. Michael waited while Max made sure that Liz was okay, they both fed her energy to get her back on her feet. Then immediately pushed her behind them. She laid her a hand on each man's back, giving them strength and comfort. They both felt energy flowing between the three of them, a very powerful energy growing stronger by the second.

The man spoke again, "You either give yourself over to us, or we kill you now."

Khivar laughed, "You think that you can kill me, your puny attempts have never worked before."

The man agreed, "You are right Khivar, but you always had someone else to do the fighting for you. You are surrounded and all of your allies have been dispatched. If you don't believe me try to contact them."

Khivar didn't looked pleased, "You still can't defeat me." Khivar turned to where they had taken the little Queen. He noticed that Zan and Rath were now blocking her.

Khivar chuckled, "Do you really think that you can keep me from getting to her, you are just boys playing with your powers."

Max pulled himself up to his full height, "Do your worst Khivar, we won't back down." The power surging through his body felt amazing, it had started when Liz had laid her hands on him and Michael.

Khivar and Nicholas raised their hands to attack, Max threw up a shield and Michael started blasting Khivar and Nicholas. They had greatly underestimated King Zan and his Commander, they were astonished by the power behind the blasts. Even the men in black were in awe, all of the men joined Max and Michael in sending energy blasts at their enemy. Watching Khivar stumble after being hit with a blast from Michael, renewed their resolve. They blasted until they took out Khivar and Nicholas's shields. Max and Michael's final blasts turned them to dust.

Could it really be over? Max and Michael turned and crushed Liz between them. They still did not know who these men were. They turned to the men and saw all of them on one knee paying homage to their monarch.

Max spoke to the man, "Who are you?"

The man removed his helmet and shook out his long blonde hair, the man looked at him with large black eyes, "I am Larek a distant relative and old friend, your majesty. Antar will be happy to have you back."

Max looked to Michael, "We need to get the children." He turned back to the Larek, "We need to find our children. There may be more skins out there."

Larek bowed once again to Max, "It's taken care of already, they are being brought here this very moment."

Another group on men in black came through the back gate, each carrying a child. Little Matthew beat at the man holding him, until he put him down. Matthew ran to his mommy, and clung to her. She comforted him and told him that everything was all right, he had tears in his eyes, "Mommy scared and daddy ran and bad man no down."

She smiled through her own tears, "I know, baby, but they aren't bad men. They wanted to keep you safe, they knew that your daddies would protect mommy."

He threw his arms around her neck and clung to her, Michael helped her to stand back up supporting most of Matthew's weight. He and Max didn't want her picking up the other children without their help. The other children ran over to their parents. Max picked up Allie. Michael picked up Emma. Joshua and Erin were handed to their daddies by a guard. Both men cooing, kissing and humming to calm their children. The men were humbled by the closeness of the royal family. Royals never bothered with the upbringing of their children, but to see their King pick up and cuddle the children made them love him even more. It also made them realise that the Queen Mother was right, the Queen was double bonded and her consort was Rath.

Larek moved up to the Royal Family, "King Zan would you like us to prepare your things for transport to Antar?"
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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: You guys are good at reading my mind. Actually, Maria doesn't go with them, but you'll just have to wait and see what I have in store for Maria. Don't worry, she'll be made very happy.

Okay here it is.

Part 19

"Antar?" Liz looked at Max, "What does he mean? He wants us to go to Antar?"

Max looked at Larek, "You mean that you are prepared to take us to Antar? We's just that we never thought that that was possible. We need time to talk."

Larek understood,"The men will set up a camp around the house. Vilandra's mate was escorted home with their children to wait for Vilandra and return here. The same was done for Ava's mate and children." Max, Michael and Liz took their children into the house, Larek would join them in the house as soon as the camp was set up and the other Royals had arrived.

It took them a while to get the children to calm down enough to nap, Matthew was the hardest. He refused to let go of his mommy, so she sat down with him in a rocking chair until he loosened his hold in his sleep. Max and Michael sat in their rocking chairs on either side of them, they also needed to be close to Liz.

When she saw that Matthew was finally asleep she tried to get up only to have Matthew gently slipped from her arms to be placed in his crib and to have herself scooped up by strong arms .

She was picked up by Max and Michael followed closely behind them. They took her to their room, stripped her and laid her on the bed. She watched as they removed their clothes, and reveled in the feel of their bodies as they laid on both sides of her. Max and Michael needed to assure themselves that she was okay, and they just needed to be with her. They were both exploring every inch of her body, kissing and licking wherever they touched.

Liz was loving every second of their devotion, "Please I need you, please I need you both inside of me."

Max moved to spread her legs, and entered her. He sat up so that Michael would have more room for kissing her mouth, neck and breasts. Michael kissed her deeply, and then he remember what Max had done when their positions were reversed. He traveled down her body, paying particular attention to her breasts, Max slowed his movements when he saw Michael moving lower. He pulled out until only the tip of his length was in her. That's when Michael swooped in and sucked her clitoris into his mouth. She exploded almost immediately, Michael moved to capture her mouth, while Max slammed in and out of her until he reached his climax. Max moved to Liz's side and began to kiss her face and neck.

Michael needed to surround her, to feel some control. Michael entered her and laid down fully on top of her. He leaned up a little to suck her nipple into his mouth. Michael didn't want to share right now, he had almost lost her. That thought was too devastating to even think about.

Michael hooked his hands under her shoulders and pumped in and out of her. He felt Max kiss the side of his face, and then lean down to kiss the side of Liz's face.

Liz turned and touched her mouth to Max's. Michael put his mouth on both of their joined mouths.
Max turned and kissed him deeply, then Liz did the same. Liz was kissing one side and Max was kissing the other. Max and Liz tongues joined in exploring Michael's mouth for his tongue. It was extremely erotic, and sent Michael into an intense orgasm. Michael flipped him and Liz over, Max laid his head on Liz's back and threw his leg over them.

They had to get up. Too much was going on to linger in bed for too long, they just needed this comfort.

Max heard a hesitant knock at their door, he reluctantly got up to see who it was. It was Larek requesting their presence downstairs. The other families were here. They knew that they couldn't put this off any longer. Max and Michael helped dress Liz. They couldn't stop touching her. They put her in their favorite skirt and top, then dressed themselves and descended the stairs with their arms wrapped around Liz. Larek was pleased that their bond was so strong. He believed that is what gave them the strength and increased power to destroy Khivar, their was something about it though that kept tickling the back of his mind. He would need to do some research.

The other children had been put down for naps in the spare bedrooms. They decided that the family room was the best place to talk. Isabel and Tess ran over and pulled Liz into their arms. They both looked to Max and Michael to be assured that Liz was okay. Both Max and Michael nodded to them. Kyle and Alex embraced her next. Max and Michael sat next to each other on a love seat, Liz ran over and sat on Max's lap and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She put her legs across Michael, who placed his hand high on her thigh and on her calf. Kyle, Tess, Isabel and Alex took the couch, while Larek took the other love seat.

Larek looked at his King, "King Zan if I may start."

Max nodded, "Of course."

Larek tilted his head, "Your mother has kept tabs on you periodically for years, through the orbs. Every time one of you touches the orb, you implant memories to be retrieved by another orb on Antar. Your mother had become concerned when she had not received any new memories from any of you in a long time. She also became aware of Khivar leaving the planet with a small army. So she sent us to find you. We located his ship and destroyed it before landing, thankfully this took out most of his troops before they were able to land on Earth." He paused, "It is time for you to come home. It is time for you to take your throne back. I have been informed that after you dispatched Khivar, his people surrendered. The only ones that continued to fight were as evil as Khivar and Nicholas. They were no where near as strong as those two. They were dealt with easily."

Max saw the concerned faces of everyone, "What makes you think I want the throne. I'm very happy here. Besides, can a human even survive on Antar?"

Larek chuckled, "Antar is very similar to Earth, their are subtle differences. The Earth's sun is about the only difference, because it is so much bigger than Antars two suns the Earth is bombarded with a heavier amount of radiation. I believe that humans call it Ultraviolet Rays. We knew that this was harmful to Khivar's race, that's why we sent you here. They had more technology than we thought and came up with the skins to protect themselves. So the answer is yes they can survive on Antar, with no problem. As much as I'd like to give you the choice, the Queen Mother commanded me to return you, King Zan, your Queen, your heirs, Commander Rath, the Queen's consort, and his heirs to Antar. She requests that Princess Vilandra and Ava, with their mates and children also return. If you think about it your life will be much easier, you will no longer have to hide what you are."

Max still didn't feel comfortable, "But what about the humans, they will have to leave family and will they be accepted on Antar."

Larek smiled in understanding, "King Zan, we have had many other worlds visit Antar. Our world is not as prejudiced as Earth. Earth still has a lot of growing up to do, before they will ever accept the concept of aliens. So yes they will be welcomed, they protected and loved our precious Royals. Zan was very much loved by his people. Now about the families, they can come with you or a visiting arrangement can be made." Max stood up and pulled Liz into his arms and then extended his hand to Michael, "We need to talk. We'll talk to you tomorrow." Larek had stood and soon as Max had, he bowed to Max, "Then I will take my leave of you, and will return in the morning. I bid you good night."

They were all stunned. Liz pushed Max back onto the couch and straddled him, then pulled Michael into them.

Michael was the first to talk, "The Queen's consort, huh?" Everyone burst out laughing. It did sound ridiculous.

Liz smiled, "I'll consort with you anytime, anywhere, any planet." She placed a kiss on his face between each word.

Michael looked at Max, "From what I heard they aren't giving us a choice."

Max nodded, "I'm so sorry Liz, I never meant for you to be pulled into this ever, to be honest I thought that it was over." Max had his hands laced through Liz's hair, Liz wasn't going to let him shoulder this problem.

She lifted his head with her hands, "Max, you didn't cause any of this. I'm not afraid, remember me, the woman dodging bullets, jumping off of bridges, leaping over tall buildings (she giggled at their looks) , bearing your children. It's me, your bonded mate, your fate is my fate. And I'll happily accept it, as long as I'm with you and I have your love and devotion." She turned to Michael and smiled with superiority, "That goes for you too consort." Michael laughed.

The three turned to the other four, who had talked quietly among themselves. Alex had told Isabel that he would go wherever she went, Isabel looked at Max, "We'll go with you, your my brothers."

Kyle had told Tess the same thing as Alex, Tess turned to Isabel and then Max, "You're the only family, besides all of the parents, that I've ever known. We go with you." So it was decided that they would all go to Antar.

They all went to their own homes to make plans for the move. Larek had dispatched men to set up camps around the other two homes. The men escorted them home. Liz was asleep on Max by the time everyone left, Michael picked her up and took her up stairs. Max went to find Larek, he had a few questions to ask without everyone else around.

Michael undressed Liz and then put her in bed. The children had been in their room playing with a couple of Larek's men. Michael walked in and found his children listening to stories of Antar. He picked up Erin and Joshua, and told the other children it was time for dinner. Larek's men picked up the other children and followed Michael. Michael made dinner while the children listened to stories about Antar and the Great King Zan and his Commander Rath. The children were captivated, after dinner the children watched their favorite video's, Blue's Clues and Barney. They were rounded up for bed.

The men refused to leave the children, "We have been assigned to the King, Queen, and Consort's children."

Michael gave the men a stern look, "Stop calling me the Consort, you can call me Commander. You can even call me the Queen's mate, but drop the consort from your vocabulary. Understand?"

Liz was walking up behind him when she heard him say that, she wrapped her arms around him from behind, "But Michael" she teased, "consorting is so much fun."

He turned around to give her a stern look, when he noticed her in a short silky robe that didn't hide much, "Get back to our room and put on more clothes, good grief, woman. The children's guards will see you."

Liz giggled and dodged his attempt to force her compliance, "Oh please, lots of people have seen me in less. This covers as much as that silly uniform that I wore at my parents restaurant."

Both guards turned and exited the nursery after the angry look that Commander Rath shot at them. Liz tucked her babies in bed, and sang each one their favorite bedtime song.

When she attempted to leave the room Michael grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her. "You either wear this or I gouge out their eyes, for seeing too much of their Queen's body."

Liz laughed, "For all you know women may go naked on your planet."

Michael didn't like that at all, "Well I don't care if they do, you won't be, now be a good little Queen and put the blanket around you." Michael put his arm around her shoulders and led her back to the bedroom. He stood there while she put clothes on, he was not happy about so many men being around the house. She put on a normal outfit, a short top and low riding pants, Michael grumbled, "I think that we need to go clothes shopping for you before we leave, that's fine for us, but I don't like you wearing that in front of all of these men."

Liz ran over to Michael and jumped on him with her legs around his waist, "Michael, are you jealous?"

Michael had caught her easily, "So what if I am?"

She leaned in and kissed his neck sliding her mouth up to his ear, "You don't have to be, I love you and Max, and only you two. I could never feel this way about anyone else."

Michael was having trouble concentrating, "I know that angel, I just can't control my feelings knowing that so many men are seeing your body. It's mine and Max's to see only, I can't stand it. I want to hurt them all for seeing the beautiful skin on your stomach."

Liz hopped down and headed for the closet and found a t-shirt of Max's, she pulled off her tiny shirt in front of Michael and pulled the big shirt over her head, "How's that?"

Michael looked her over, "Well you can still see your nipples."

Liz rolled her eyes, "Michael, you can not see my nipples, this is a dark shirt."

Michael walked over and wrapped one arm around her waist, his other hand came up and he traced a circle around her nipple it became pebble hard, "See now you can see it."

She smacked his hand away and snorted with indignation, he chuckled and pulled her back into him, "I'm sorry again, I just love you so much, and I almost lost you today, behr with me, please."

She nodded and turned around to give him a kiss. Michael pulled away reluctantly and led her downstairs to eat the dinner that he had prepared earlier. Max came in looking a little better than he had before. He walked over to Liz and pulled her into his arms.

Liz noticed that Max was deep in thought, "So Max are you going to tell us what's going on? You went out and talked to Larek didn't you?"

Max nodded, "Yes, I did. I just needed to know what I was taking my wife and children into. It seems that Khivar's race has been rounded up and booted off of the planet or incarcerated for their crimes against our people. I'm going to be honest with you, this is not going to be easy. The planet has been oppressed for almost sixty years now, what was once a prosperous planet has been exploited and destroyed by Khivar. They have rebuilt a lot, but there is still so much work to do. I don't know what is there, all Larek could tell me is that the people trust me to bring the prosperity and peace back. They also know that I won't be as trusting as I used to be and neither will they. His statement earlier about accepting the humans might not be exactly the way all the people feel. Liz, there will be some people who won't accept you. But Larek says that they are in the minority."

Liz gave Max a thoughtful look, "My love, these people have had their Royal family killed, their homes destroyed, their wealth stolen and many of their own family's killed. I can understand their distrust, we just won't rub it in their faces that I'm an alien. It will work out, the kids and I will keep a low profile at first. I won't have my children subjected to bigotry and ignorance."

Max hugged her tightly, "God I love you, you'll win them over before you know it. You've certainly won the men here over already."

This made Michael stiffen, "About that Max, Liz needs to shop for some more decent clothing before we spend too much time with a bunch of men in confined quarters on a ship. You should have seen the tiny robe that she was wearing when she pranced down the hall in front of those men."

Liz glared at Michael,"I was not prancing, and if I was it was for your benefit. I didn't even know they were there."

Max saw her glare, "Michael, I'm not going to start choosing Liz's clothing for her. Besides, Larek said that he had images of what we should be wearing."

Liz jumped in, "Ohhhhh! Is that the image of the see through gown that the Queen wears or was it the skirt with no top."

Michael roared, "Over my dead body."

Max and Liz both collapsed on each other, laughing hysterically. Max looked up at a very mad Michael, "She's kidding Michael, well she had better be kidding. She's not going topless except in our room, and definitely nothing see through except in our room. Okay, we're going clothes shopping tomorrow. We need things for the kids anyway and the new baby. By the way, how is your energy level, my love?" Max raised his eyebrows up and down at Liz.

Liz smiled, "I think that it's getting low, I might need a lot of energy tonight. All the excitement we had today took a lot out of me." Both men jumped up and got the kitchen cleaned quickly while they gently pushed her upstairs to relax in a bath.

Both men ran upstairs to find Liz soaking in their Jacuzzi, hmmm, should they join her or shower? They both stripped and slid in the tub with her. She smiled when she felt their hands on her body. Michael was rubbing her feet, and Max had moved in behind her and was rubbing her shoulders. The children's guards got an ear full that night.


You guys are great, thanks for all of the feedback. I hope that I got all of the grammar errors out. Nothing bungee jumps on my last nerve than bad grammar. No I'm not a teacher, I just like a well written story, with lots of nookie. *wink*

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: I'm not completely satisfied with this one, but I thought that I had taken long enough on it.

Okay here it is. Sorry that it took so long. My child is involved in everything and it's the time of year when they have shows, tournaments, camping ......etc....etc....etc.....

Part 20

It would take a month to get to Antar, Liz was almost two months pregnant. That meant that their daughter would be born on the ship, she was hoping that their departure would be delayed so that the baby could be born on Earth. They would need to buy a lot of baby and toddler supplies. They would need toddler beds for the oldest children soon. Liz also realised that that meant she would be confined to their apartment until they reached Antar. She had better find something for entertainment. She didn't think that Michael or Max would allow her to run around nude on the ship. And they would probably not be around to be the entertainment.

The ship was in the mountains not too far from the homes. The men had started packing up the Royal families belongings. Max, Michael and Liz insisted on Michaels drawings and paintings in the house. Packing for their six kids and the other five was a major chore, plus one more would be added to that number before they got to Antar.

They all had to take care of their businesses. They sold them or turned them over to someone else or turned in their notices. The parents were flying in tomorrow to say goodbye. Isabel had dreamwalked Maria to let her know that they were leaving.

Isabel giggled when she saw that Maria was still dreaming of being a star, so she jumped up and down yelling, "Maria, Maria can I have your autograph?"

Finally Maria noticed her and stopped singing, "Very funny Isabel, what's up? Is everyone okay? How are Liz and the children, oh and those two husbands of hers?"

Isabel smiled, "Calm down Maria, everyone is fine." She went on to explain about Khivar and Nicholas's demise then about them leaving, "So you see we'll be leaving soon. Liz wanted you to know that she loves you, she's asked me to still dreamwalk you if it's possible. Is that okay?"

"Of course it is. Wow, Antar? You're finally going home."

Isabel stopped smiling, "Home? Yeah, I guess so. It just seems weird. I'm happy but afraid at the same time. I'll always see Earth as home. Would you consider visiting Antar one day? Liz wanted to know, she didn't think that she could live without ever seeing you again."

"Yes, just let me know and I'm there. Boy, I'd go with you if it wasn't the middle of the school year. I'll miss you guys. Tell Liz that I love her, those babies too, oh what the hell give Max and Michael a hug from me and tell them that they had better take care of Liz for me." Maria was crying by this time.

Isabel put her arm around Maria's shoulder, "I'll do that. I'd better go."

"Wait, tell Alex I love him too. Just tell everybody how much I'll miss them."

"Sure, go back to your concert. I'll be in touch with you to let you know what's happening. Goodbye Maria." "Bye Isabel."


Michael insisted on a shopping trip. Isabel had gotten the images of what Antarian Royalty should wear. She made sure that they purchased plenty of material for the outfits. Larek sent men with them to protect them , and they were very eager to help them find the right materials to make their Antarian clothing and Royal robes. But the guards started getting on her nerves when they started glaring at people if they got too close.

Isabel walked up to Liz, who had just moved away from Michael and Max, "Is it me or are these men driving you crazy?"

Liz smiled, "It is a little suffocating, isn't it? I thought they were going to club this poor woman who accidentally nudged me as she walked past me. I think that she thought she would be murdered right then and there. I'm so glad that we left the children at home, they would probably have pulled their weapons or used their powers if they thought the children were threatened."

Isabel nodded, "I do find it funny, though, how everyone is staring at them. Where do we come from a planet of Adonis'?"

"I've noticed that myself," Liz didn't know that Max and Michael had moved closer and were listening, "They are all gorgeous. Not an unattractive one in the bunch. Maybe that's a requirement for being a Royal Guard."

Isabel looked up and noticed that they had heard her comment, and decided to mess with them, "I think gorgeous is an understatement."

Liz nodded, "I'd have to agree." She suddenly felt both of her mates anger and their arms clamped around her.

Max spoke into her neck trying to control his emotions, "You do not need to find them attractive!"

Michael growled against her ear, "You won't find them attractive, you belong to us. I forbid you to look at them again."

Liz giggled and stroked both of their cheeks, "You two are so silly, don't you know that noone is more attractive than the two of you?"

Max smiled and kissed her cheek.

Michael grinned, "Damned right, and don't forget it."

Liz rolled her eyes, "I could never forget that, my loves."

Michael pulled Liz off to get her to buy some more clothing. He agreed to not make her buy huge sweatshirts and she didn't buy shirts that only came to the bottom of her breasts. She actually bought a lot of simple flowy soft dresses and a lot of slip dresses. They would be the easiest to get in and out of and were sexy too. They purchased all kinds of entertainment for the children and themselves, plenty of crayons, playdoh, videos, CD's, books, DVD's and anything that they didn't already have. And they bought whatever they would need for the baby. There stuff took up a whole cargo bay. They also brought earth foods. With Liz being pregnant they didn't want to have her sick because she couldn't eat the food, and the children were used to certain snack foods and some still eating baby food. The rest of them would eat the Antarian food.

Larek showed them around the ship, the children were all placed in two rooms.

The King was shown his chamber, and then the Queen was shown hers, the Commander's quarters were on the other side of the Queen's.

Max looked at the three rooms and turned to Larek, "We won't be needing three rooms. We stay in the same room."

Larek looked uncomfortable, "I know that you have lived on Earth, but the Royal family has always maintained separate bed chambers. That enables the Queen to have her privacy, and since our Queen is also bonded to the Commander it allows them to have time together."

Max looked annoyed, "I don't think you understand, the three of us stay together. We just need to make sure that the bed is big enough for the three of us."

Larek bowed, "Yes, your majesty."

Michael shivered, "Do they have to keep doing that?"

Liz agreed, "Tell me about it Commander, his Majesty might get a swollen head."

Max grabbed her to him and put his mouth to her ear, "Your right it's been swollen for a while now." He pushed his erection suggestively against her.

Liz eyed the King's chamber, "Do you think we dare?"

Max snorted, "I'm the damned King. Who's going to stop me. Are you coming Commander?"

Michael couldn't believe these two but he wasn't going to deny himself, "Of course."

Saying goodbye to their parents was not easy. The grandchildren loved their grandparents. They had visited them often the last year. Larek assured the parents that arrangements could be made for them to visit. The parents would make sure that the kids homes were taken care of. It was very hard to leave what was familiar and move forward to the unfamiliar. The scariest thing for Max, was that a whole planet would look to him to save them. And he thought that he had had it hard in the past. Liz was very concerned for Max, deeply saddened to be leaving their wonderfully peaceful life. They had been so blessed with happiness these last two and a half years. She was so afraid that they would lose that.

It had taken them a week to prepare for the trip. They had to rent trucks for their shopping trips. They knew that Earth was considered primitive, but they didn't want their children to miss their heritage. Did they even have bikes on Antar. They wanted to make sure that their children had the best of both worlds. The Queen's chamber had been turned into a baby room by Michael and Max, and they had turned Michael's chambers into a play room and Video room for the kids and families. Max, Michael and Liz had not had a lot of alone time. Max and Michael were kept in meetings everyday before and after they left Earth. Larek needed to bring them up to date on what was happening now on their planet, Kyle and Alex had been invited to attend. If they weren't in the meetings they were studying the archives to learn what had happened in the past, so that the same mistakes were not made again. Liz was usually asleep every night when they came to bed, and they left so early that they usually didn't get to talk in the morning. They did wake her a few times because they just needed her so badly, and they could feel her need. After they had been on the ship for a few days, Isabel and Tess became worried because Liz seemed to be staying in bed a lot. Isabel and Tess did the best that they could to comfort Liz's children, but they wanted their mommy and daddies plus some of the children were still nursing.

Isabel had had enough, she walked into the meeting and loudly stated, "Enough!! Max and Michael you need to attend to your wife and children. They are pining away if you haven't noticed. Have you forgotten that Liz is carrying a baby that she needs energy for, did you know that she hasn't been out of bed all morning?"

Max and Michael were out of the room in a flash. How could they have been so stupid, they didn't feel a great need from her and it was probably because she didn't have enough energy to even know that she needed them. Max and Michael had stripped in record time, this was a primal mating to save their mate. Max covered her body with his while Michael smothered her face with kisses. Liz was not even aware that they were there, both men had tears in their eyes. After they had reached their release four times, Liz finally began to stir. They crushed her between them, and openly cried. How could they be expected to save their people, when they had almost failed the most important person in their lives. They stayed with her for two more hours making love to her, now that she could participate. Then they all showered, and went to take care of their children. The children were used to having their parents with them all of the time. All five children clung to their parents, and refused to let them go.

After Max and Michael had run from the room, Isabel had laid down the law. First the meetings would start at a later time and end at a decent hour. The men were to have all meals with their mates and children, and they were to take an hour of play time to spend with their children. Isabel held them in place with a stern glare, "Is that understood?"

Kyle and Alex agreed immediately, the rest of the men stood and bowed to her. Isabel felt very powerful at the moment, "Kyle and Alex it's lunch time."

Liz and the children were still clinging to Max and Michael at lunch so Max sent word to Larek that they would not be back today. They spent the whole day playing with their children and every once in a while you would notice that a couple had disappeared, first Max and Liz, then Kyle and Tess, then Michael and Liz, then Alex and Isabel. That always left five parents lavishing attention on the children. Everyone was much happier and energetic the next day.

The next morning Max and Michael made love to Liz several times before they left their room. Liz got up and showered. She, Isabel and Tess were going to try to fashion the Antarian clothing for their families. They would do their work in the play room with the children. Larek had shown them how to access the ship's data base to pull up more images of clothing. The clothing wasn't very sophisticated, but it was beautiful. An everyday outfit was actually very comfortable looking. It consisted of loose pants and a fitted vest for the men. The woman could wear the pants with a low cut drapey tank top type shirt. But Liz wanted the dresses that the woman wore. She could have so much fun with the dresses. One dress in particular was draped over one shoulder, and was very much like a simple tube dress down to the floor with a slit up both sides. But what made it interesting was that some woman wore the slit up to their thigh. Liz begged Isabel to make the slit all the way to the top. They used a silky material so that none of Liz's body was hidden. That evening when Liz put it on to wait for Michael and Max to come to dinner. She was facing them when they walked into the room, and then proceded to walk to the bed to show them their clothing.

When she bent over the material fell forward and exposed her whole body, "How do you like the Antarian styles."

Michael and Max almost had a heart attack, and then it registered to Michael what she was implying, then he yelled, "There is no way in hell you are ever going to wear that, that , that.......piece of material out of this room."

Liz tried to look indignant, "But Michael it's what your people wear, all of the women dress this way. Isabel and Tess made themselves one too."

Michael yelled again, "Over my dead body, take it off. Take it off right this instant, Liz."

Liz squinted her eyes, "You prefer me to go naked."

Max was having a hard time not laughing at these two, but he knew that if he didn't say something Liz would eventually get mad and would probably wear the dress. He walked over to Liz and wrapped his arms around her, both arms going under the dress, "You look beautiful, but I don't think that I can handle sharing the vision of your beautiful body with anyone else but Michael. I want to know that this, " He placed his hand on her breast and made circles with his thumb on her nipple, "is for my and Michael's eyes alone. So would you please consider changing or putting more on. I would hate to have to kill every man on this ship for seeing what belongs to the King and his Commander."

Liz had gotten distracted as soon as he started playing with her breast, "Uhmmm, sure."

She pulled the dress over her head and threw her arms around Max, she pulled him down to gain better access to his mouth. Max pulled her to him tightly, Michael was at a loss for words at how well Max had handled the situation and at the sight of an undressed Liz with a fully clothed Max. He and Max agreed that their drive to be with Liz grew stronger everyday. Michael moved in behind them, Liz turned and pulled Michael down to her.

Michael loved this tiny woman too much to allow her to be mad, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled at you."

Liz giggled, "I did it on purpose, I knew that it would make you jealous. Your so hot when you're jealous, and Max is so hot when he's diplomatic."

Max and Michael looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

Liz jumped on Michael and wrapped her legs around him, "Make love to me, I need you both so badly."

She didn't have to even ask, Max was already almost out of his clothes, and Michael was taking off his shirt. Liz dropped her legs to the ground and helped him remove his pants. Then she laid back on the bed, Max moved between her legs loving her with his mouth, while Michael moved to her mouth. Max turned Liz over so that she was on her knees and moved up behind her, he entered her slowly while rubbing her moist folds. Liz got Michael to move around in front of her so that she could love him with her mouth. Liz leaned down and took Michael's very impressive erection into her mouth and felt Max slide into her. Max bent over as he moved in and out to place kisses on her back. Michael reached up and was massaging her breasts and pinching nipples with her fingers. They all exploded at the same time, Liz kept stroking Michael with her mouth even after their climax.

Michael finally had to pull her up to his mouth, "God I love you, I thank him everyday for you." He then sucked her tongue into his mouth. Max had gone forward with Liz, he wasn't ready to withdraw from her just yet, he was kissing her neck and back. Liz collapsed on Michael and Max collapsed on both of them.

They all burst out laughing, Michael was the first to speak, "If this is the results, you can make me jealous in our room any time you want my love." They knew that they were late for dinner, they got up and put on their new Antarian outfits. Liz pulled out the real outfit that she had planned to wear to dinner. It was a simple "A" shaped dress, clingy at the top and flowy at the bottom. She had thought this would work great for when her stomach increased. It was a very modest silvery material, and she could see the approval in Max and Michael's eyes.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: Okay, I think that I got all of the mistakes out. If I didn't, sorry.

I wanted to thank you guys for all of the great feedback. I'm actually having fun with this story. I just needed to give Liz some happiness in her life. That's why I gave her Michael. She going to become even happier later on. And Maria will be happy too, no Maria isn't going to join M/L/Mi, but she will come to Antar to stay. I think I told you guys too much. Okay, zipppppp, thafffffs allll ahmmm goin to say now. *big*

Part 21

Isabel and Tess had been warned to keep an eye on Liz, they were to make sure that Liz did not come searching for them when it was time for the baby's growth. They were afraid that she would come looking for them in the nude. Michael and Max made sure that Liz was wearing clothing before they left the King's chamber every morning. They usually dressed her while she slept, but they were afraid that she would strip herself. So they had Tess or Isabel stationed by the door after they left. They had been on the ship for seven days, when Liz came out of the chamber dressed thankfully. She was totally oblivious to Tess following her, she entered the meeting room and headed to Max who was the closest to her. She crawled onto his lap and started attacking his neck, she sensed that Michael was very close. She reached out her hand and grabbed him by his hair. She pulled him and his chair over to her and Max. Liz then proceded to try to take off her dress. Michael, who was being held in a head lock was using both hands to hold the dress down which was only frustrating Liz. She turned her face into him and growled. Larek and the other men in the room had never seen anyone's mate display this kind of behavior before and were stunned at first, then Larek managed to get their attention and led them from the room. Max and Michael stood awkwardly. Max was carrying Liz and Michael was still in a head lock. Max was the one having to keep her dress on now. The King, Queen and Commander were not seen again until a glowingly pregnant Liz and two exhausted lovers walked into the dining hall the next night.

Larek pulled them aside, "I apologize you majesty, I knew the Queen was s'loar I just didn't realise that it was time for the s'pao. I was negligent in my duties to not have the chamber prepared for the little one."

Max was confused, "I don't understand the problem, what are you talking about? What is saylore and sapow? And what chamber?"

Larek was very upset with himself, "Your majesty, s'lore is with child or when a mate conceives, s'pao is the time before the quickening or growth. The chamber is for the little one, the little one should have been transferred to the chamber and the chamber would give the child the energy needed to grow before their shun'yuan, or awakening."

Max smiled in understanding now, "So woman don't carry their babies on Antar"

Larek nodded, "They carry them long enough to bond, and then they are transferred before the quickening can occur and then they mature for a cycle. Forgive me for not anticipating the Queen's need. That is probably why the Queen has conceived so often. Since our mates do not give birth from their bodies we have managed to control our natural cycles. When a female youth reaches their maturity, which is 13 cycles, they are given an inhibitor. When a mate is found and they wish to have a child, they take an enhancer to start the process for one conception. A couple is not allowed to bond until the inhibitor has been in place for a year."

Max shook his head, "We will have to check into the inhibitors for Liz."

Larek looked up, "You had the pods that you were transferred to, they had been slightly modified but instructions were in the books sent with you to change them back. Why didn't you use them?"

Max smiled, "We never could figure out those books. But Larek you don't have to worry, we wouldn't want to miss our babies growing in their mother. Or their infancy. This isn't going to cause the people to turn away from Liz is it, and wait a minute are saying that 14 year olds are allowed to bond?"

Larek laughed, "It doesn't happen very often, but yes a youth who has reached 14 cycles is considered an adult. Several of the Royal guard are between 15 and 20 cycles."

Max couldn't believe it, "You're kidding right? None of these men look less that 28 years old."

Larek nodded his head, "Antarian physiology is much different from the human, that is why it is hard for you to comprehend. Once you have been around us for a while you will see, your own children have matured much faster than a human child."

Max nodded, "I noticed, but I don't know if I can handle any of my daughters bonding at 14. I guess that I have a while until I'll have to face that one. You didn't answer the question about Liz being accepted or not."

Larek was unsure, "I don't know, the little one will be born before we land. She already has the loyalty of every man on this ship. They are awed by her ability to bring you and the Commander to do her bidding. They are also in awe of the closeness of the Royal family, they have never seen a family who can anticipate the need of each other like you do. Maybe the people will see this and cherish it also. The men did not seem bothered by the Queen carrying the children. The children's guard tell the others how wonderful she is with her children, and how her children love her."

Max's heart was warmed by Larek's next admission, "Maybe the fact that the Queen carries her children until their birth allows for a stronger bond."

Max nodded, "Even without it Liz would be the most wonderful mother to her children, that is just who she is."

Six days later Liz gave birth to the newest addition to the royal family. She was back to breast feeding a newborn baby. Michael asked Max to give him tapes of the meetings so that he could be with Liz to help with the feedings. Max came to their chamber to find gifts set outside of the door for the baby. The men now understood what was going on and were eager to see an infant.

Michael knew that the men were curious about a newborn, so he took the baby around the ship once her feedings lessened and she had gained several pounds. Michael had trouble not laughing at all of these huge looking men's reaction to a baby. A lot of the men removed their gloves and stroked her head. When one of the youngest men stroked her head, he closed his eyes and inhaled sharply. Then a brilliant smile spread across his face.

The man looked up at Michael, "May I hold her?"

Michael eyed the man in front of him, "What is your name?"

He snapped to attention, "I am Juran, of the House of Vasjuran."

"Well, Juran, it's probably still too soon to allow anyone to hold her. Our children usually don't allow anyone else to hold them until they are a couple of months old."

"She'll allow me to hold her, please Commander."

Michael shrugged his shoulder and instructed Juran on how to hold her. He also prepared himself to take her back immediately, but was amazed when his daughter just smiled and turned her face toward Juran.

He couldn't understand why Leah was so content to be held by Juran. One part of him wanted to just snatch his daughter out of the man's arms, but a voice in his head told him to have patience. Maybe Juran just had a special gift with children.

Since all of the men on the ship had seen Leah, men would show up to stare at her all day long. Liz giggled everytime she saw one of the guards lay down on the floor next to Leah, Erin or Joshua. They were fascinated with how tiny the children were. By the time they reached Antar, Liz would have the children's guard's complete devotion. Max and Michael were becoming jealous by the attention of the guards were giving Liz and the children. But the one that was confusing them the most was Juran, he insisted on always being with Leah. Leah never cried when Juran was holding her, even when Liz could feel that the baby was hungry or wet. Juran would always stand up and hand her to Liz, Michael or Max and tell them what Leah wanted.
"Leah wishes to be changed", "Leah wants her mother to feed her" "Leah wants her father to play with her" he always specified if it was the king or the commander that Leah wanted, or "Leah just wants me to hold her right now."

Even though Leah was the most content of any of her children, Liz couldn't take it anymore. This was her child after all. She looked at the handsome young soldier. He had long golden hair and black eyes, she figured that he was around 27 to 30 years old. "Juran, how do you know what Leah wants?"

"I feel her needs, she lets me know." Liz watched as Juran kissed Leah's forehead and stroked her head. Her daughter just smiled in her sleep and snuggled her face closer to Juran.

"Do you have children of your own, Juran?"

Juran shook his head, "Oh no, my queen. I only reached my maturity the last cycle."

Liz looked confused, "What does that mean? Does that have something to do with your age?"

Juran smiled, "Yes, I am now 15 cycles. I never thought that my search would be so short."

"Your search?"

"Yes my queen, my search for my mate."

"Are you saying that Leah is your mate?", Liz was shocked and her temper was rising.

Juran smiled down at Leah, "Yes, she is. Actually, she will be when she is 14 cycles. I will enjoy watching her grow and it pleases me that I will be a part of her life as she grows to maturity."

Liz's eyes widened, "Are you saying that you plan on bonding with my baby when she is 14."

Juran nodded, "Yes my queen, she is mine."

Liz wanted to knock him upside his head and throw him out of the room. Max had talked with her and Michael about this Antarian custom, but she had been raised with different concepts. She left the room to get a handle on her temper. One thing that she was sure of was that Leah would come to no harm as long as Juran was with her.

Michael felt Liz's confusion and anger and found her in their sitting room, "What is it angel?"

"Juran, arghhhh, can you believe that he thinks that Leah is his mate?"

Michael understood now why all of the unbonded men had removed their gloves to stroke Leah's head. They recognize their mates by touch. Michael nodded to Liz, "Angel, he is her mate."

"What? And you're okay with this?", Liz crossed her arms and sat back.

"If I remember correctly, Max fell in love with you at eight years old and he didn't even have to touch you to know that you belonged to him. Was that a bad thing?"

"No, but he thinks that he is going to bond with her at 14. And did you know that he is only 15 himself? He looks older than me, for heavens sake."

Michael pulled her into his arms, "The fact that he seems older than you should tell us a lot. Obviously Antarians mature faster. If Leah isn't mature enough to bond at 14, then we postpone it until we feel she is ready. Do you agree? And I hate to bring this up but didn't you and Max bond when you and he were seventeen?"

Liz turned and sulked at Michael, "Okay, I get your point. I'll think about it. I guess that I should go let Juran know that I'm not going to kill him. Not that he seemed to care, and that we, her parents, decide when they bond. Leah is part human, and he'll just have to understand that she may not be ready to bond that soon."

Michael kissed her and let her go, he was happy to let Liz handle this situation. He knew that he would probably pick Juran up by his collar and toss him from the room, and then the oddest thing happened. He realised that he wouldn't or couldn't do that to Juran, geez, being with Liz had definitely changed him.


Max and Michael were so happy when they resumed their intimacy the third week after Leah's birth. Liz had woken up to realise that Leah had slept later than usual. So she thought she would have some fun. She slowly inched her way down Michael's body, paying particular attention to his nipples she then leaned over and sucked on Max's neck and ear, after watching him smile she moved further down to his erection and ran her tongue up the underside of it. Meanwhile, she had moved down far enough that she had two erections staring her in the face. She turned to Michael and ran her tongue around the head, lapping up the precum. Then turned to Max and licked him from his sack to the his rounded tip. Both men had a hand on her head at this time and were moaning. She ran her hands up and down their lengths, licking and kissing the end of each of her mates.

She sat up still stroking them, "Can we try something we've never tried before."

Both men were eager, "What do you want to try?" They laughed when they said it together.

Liz smiled, "It's a little unorthodox, but so is what we have. Are you game?"

They both nodded. Liz went to retrieve what was needed. She climbed back on the bed and straddled Michael, she slowly lowered herself onto his erection, and bent forward to kiss him. Leaning up she turned her attention to Max, she took his erection into her hand and applied a lubricant to it.

Max's eyes got big, he knew what she was asking him to do, "Are you sure Liz?"

Liz nodded, "You can use your powers to ease the way." Max kissed her deeply and moved behind her.

He inserted a finger into her, using his powers to slowly widen her passage. He withdrew his finger and positioned himself at her entrance. He entered slowly, but they didn't notice Liz in any pain. She was in heaven, it was a strange feeling, but incredibily erotic. She orgasmed while he was still just entering her. Max and Michael were amazed at how erotic she found this, they might have to consider this more often. Max was fully embedded now. Liz stayed still while Max pumped in and out slowly and while Michael pumped up into her from below. Max and Michael could feel each others movements through the thin membrane separating them and they knew they wouldn't last long. A few more times and they all exploded.

Max pulled out and pulled Liz to him, "That was incredible, Wow!"

Michael's only said, "Intense."

Liz was speechless. Max picked Liz up and carried her to the shower, they washed each other and then took turns making love to Liz once more in the shower. Both men were helping Liz to dry off when they heard Leah start to cry. Liz ran to get her, Michael propped pillows up on their bed to help support her back and the baby. Then Max and Michael slid onto either side and watched as their daughter nursed. Max and Michael cherished this time with Liz and all of their babies. Max and Michael would stroke the baby's heads while they nursed, sometimes running their fingers along her breasts. Then they would just need to kiss her. Watching their daughters made them more aware of how much trouble they were going to be in when their daughters grew up. They all looked so much like Liz, and were going to be the death of the King and his Commander. Especially Leah, now that Juran was in her life. Larek had informed Max that Juran had asked to made one of the children's guards on Antar.


Antar was in view and had been eagerly awaiting the return of the Royal Family. The whole group was outfitted in traditional Antarian Royal Ceremonial robes. Over their everyday clothes.

The children looked so adorable in their little robes with the Antarian Royal Seal on Max's and Isabel's children, the House of Kirath's Seal on Michael's and the House of Isara's Seal on Tess's .

Leah and the other's babies were put into christening type gowns and were carried by their parents or guards.

The guard exited first and lined the landing platform, King Zan would go first, Commander Rath right behind him on his right carrying Emma and Allie and Queen Elizabeth was on his left holding Matthew's hand. They were followed by Juran carrying Leah and guards carrying Erin and Joshua.

Vilandra was next with Alex to her right carrying baby Victoria , and their children behind them. Tess was next with Kyle carrying baby Charlotte, and their sons behind them and guards bringing up the rear.

The High Councilor met them with guard behind him. He and the guard bowed deeply to King Zan, and motioned for Max and the others to precede him. The halls were lined with people bowing as they went by, it really made them uncomfortable.

They were guided to a large room, almost like a sitting room. A group of people were talking anxiously in the far corner, they immediately stopped talking when the procession stepped into the room.

A beautiful woman with long platinum blonde hair and black eyes came towards them.

Liz had noticed on the ship that all of the people seemed to have black or silver eyes, and they all had long blonde or jet black hair and it was hard to tell how old a person was. Liz could not tell how old the woman was that was coming there way. The other people followed behind her, they all had looks of hope and wonder on their faces. One couple walked close to Kyle and Tess and another stood not too far from Michael.

The woman walked directly to Max, "My son, you're finally home. May I embrace you?"

Isabel stepped forward at those words and watched as Max hugged the woman. Max was having mixed emotions, she seemed familiar but he really didn't know this person. It would take time.

The woman then turned to Isabel, "My daughter? Come and allow me to hold you." Isabel ran forward with tears in her eyes, she was confused too, she felt something for this woman but she knew that it didn't compare to what she felt for her earth parents.

She turned to Michael, "Commander Rath, you are still as impressive as ever."

She then turned to Tess, "And Ava as beautiful as ever."

She then turned back to Max, "Zan, my son, come and present the rest of these people to me."

Max pulled Liz close to his side "This is my mate, my love, my life, Elizabeth. Her friends and I call her Liz."

The Queen pulled Liz to her, "Welcome, my child." She leaned back and scrutinized Liz and did not find her wanting, she turned to her son, "I felt when you bonded, my son, and I could tell that you were greatly loved. I also felt when your mate bonded to another and your joy in that bonding. Which is her other mate?"

Michael stepped to Liz's other side and put his arm around her, "I am your majesty, Liz and I are also bonded."

She was suprised, "Then who are Vilandra and Ava bonded to, it was felt when they bonded also.

Isabel stepped forward, "Mother, is that what I should call you?"

She nodded to Isabel, "You may all call me mother or you may call me Valan."

Isabel gently pulled Alex with her, "This is Alex, my bonded mate and the father of my children."

Tess stepped forward with Kyle, "Your majesty, this is Kyle my bonded mate and the father of my children." Tess heard an intake of breath from the couple closest to her, the woman and a man came closer to Valan.

Valan turned to Tess, "You may not remember your own parents, this is Avil and Isare."

She then turned to Michael and motioned to the other couple, "As well as you, these are your parents, my sister Valax and your father Kirath."

Michael actually had parents, Liz could feel his turmoil. Liz turned to Michael and stroked his cheek, "Michael, go and hug your mother and father. It's what you've always wanted."

He looked down at her and leaned into her hand, "No, you are all I've ever wanted, but it is nice to know that I have parents to share with you too."

Liz was touched, Max put his arm around her while Michael met his parents and Tess met hers.

Max took the opportunity to introduce his children, "Mother, I would like you to meet our children." Valan moved to a chair so that she could be on the young ones level. Max brought Matthew, Allie and Emma forward first, "These are the first born, this is Matthew."

Matthew having been tutored by his guards on how to act to the Queen Mother took her hand and laid a wet kiss on the back of it. Liz had to bite her lip, and so did Max. Allie and Emma remembering their grandmothers on Earth, ignored what their guards had told them and climbed up in her lap and wrapped their arms around her.

Max smiled, "Those little angels are Allie and Emma. Matthew, Allie and Emma go hug your other grandparents with your daddy."

Max took Erin and Joshua from the guards, "And these are Erin and Joshua" He set them both down on the floor next to her, where they both hugged her legs. Max took Leah from Juran and bent forward for his mother to see, "And this is Leah." Valan was speechless, no one had this many children on Antar, and they certainly didn't have any this small. Michael took pity on her and bent down on the floor to call Erin and Joshua over to him. They crawled to him with big smiles on their faces. Liz excused herself and followed the children after kissing Max and taking Leah from him. She pressed herself into Michael's side to give him support. Juran followed her and stood behind her.

Michael was so pleased, he didn't really know these people but he did feel something for them. He felt the love of his life press against his side. Liz could tell that Valax and Kirath were very pleased with Michael being back in their lives.

Valax moved her arms towards Liz, "May I hold the child?"

Liz smiled and placed Leah in her arms, "This is Leah." Juran moved behind Valax, and Michael gave him a stern look when he started to help Valax hold Leah. Juran took a half step back but kept a close eye on his Leah.

A tear slid down Valax's face, "We were so deeply saddened when our beloved son died, and we had so much hope that we would be with him once again. But to have him bring us his own children is more than we ever dreamed."

Kirath was so pleased with his son, "The One has smiled on you my son to have given you your mate. She is tiny, but she is beautiful and and bonded to our King as well. A double bond in the royal family is a blessing."

Michael pulled Liz into his side and smiled at his parents, "She is more than beautiful, she's everything."

Liz turned her smiling face into Michael's chest. Kirath looked at Michael, "She is isn't she, it's in your eyes. Will you visit our family House? Our home has been restored to it's former beauty as have many of the other Houses."

Michael nodded, "We'll see if that can be arranged. I will see you at the council meetings, and maybe mother can visit with Liz and the others to reacquaint herself with Vilandra and Ava. And she can get to know the children. A visit to your home might have to wait a while until the babies are older, and we are settled into our lives here a little better." He watched as Liz went to avert disaster from one of the twins about to pull a table over trying to stand up, "This is going to be hard on Liz, she is without her family now. So Max and I will need to see to her and the children first."

Kirath nodded, "Yes, I can see that your mate's happiness is important to you."

Valan was having trouble remembering all of her son, his mate and Rath's children's names, they were strange names to her, and then she met Valandra's three children. All of the parents were overwhelmed at the number of children, but were glad to see that their children were well mated and happy. They never imaged that sending their children to Earth would give them the chance to find the perfect lifemates.

Valax handed Leah back to Liz reluctantly, when Max announced that they should probably take the children to their rooms for a nap. Juran stepped up to Liz and she handed Leah to him with resignation. She was getting used to him, and was actually starting to count on his presence. She also knew that he just needed to hold Leah, he would not be as free to see her now that they were back on Antar until he was reassigned as one of the children's guards. She watched Juran put Leah on his shoulder and snuggle her face close to his neck.

Liz turned to Valax and smiled at her, "Please come and see me and the children, they will need their family close to them."

Valax nodded, "I will visit in a few days, and please call me mother. I have missed my Rath calling me mother for too many years."

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Good question, my own mother couldn't remember my name half of the time and she only had three. I thought that my name was my two siblings names and then my name at the end, said with frustration.
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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: Thanks for the feedback guys. I just wanted to comment about Juran and Leah. The only thing that Juran feels for Leah at this time is protectiveness and a need to make her life perfect and happy. He'll also get on Liz's nerves, because he includes her in his protective behavior. He has to protect Leah's mother and keep her happy to make sure that Leah has a happy childhood.

Sonia - Sorry it took me so long to respond. Most of the Antarians will accept Liz and her children, but a few will not. They are not openly hostile, though. Also, finding and bonding with more than one mate is considered a blessing from up above by the Antarians.

Also guys, I know that some of you think that this is a lot of kids. But if you think about it like it was two couples then three kids isn't a lot. It does seem a little hard for Liz, but look at all of the help and attention that she gets from her mates and guards. Their will be a couple of more kids before a inhibitor is created for Liz, I have my reasons for this. The only hardship that Liz suffers from the children is from being tied to breastfeeding. If she feels that she can't handle it, they could choose to pod the babies until they have matured for a year. But I don't see that happening.

On with the next part.

Part 22

They were shown to their rooms. Once again, Max was shown the King's chambers, then Liz was shown the Queen's chambers, Michael was shown a set of rooms across the the hall from the Queen's chambers. The servants started to take the children and leave. Juran turned his back to the servant that tried to take Leah from him.

Max was not happy, "Excuse me but where do you think you are taking my children?"

The head servant bowed low, "Your majesty, we were taking them to the nursery on the next level."

Liz and Michael moved to their children, while Max set the servants straight, "We are not used to being separated from our children."

He turned to the children's guards, "Can you retrieve the children's beds from the cargo bay and get help setting up the chambers assigned to the Commander as the children's room. Leah of course will stay in my chambers. After I check out the nursery upstairs, I will decide where the playroom will go. Thank you."

Max turned back to the servants, "All of the Queen's and the Commander's things are to be placed in my chamber."

The servant's didn't know what to think, this was not what they had been told to do by the Queen Mother. They weren't about to argue, this was their beloved King Zan.

Max looked at Michael, "Would you tell them how to set up the children's room, I would do it but I'm tired of all of the bowing and scraping."

Michael chuckled and bowed to Max, "As you wish, your majesty."

Liz grabbed Michael and pulled him down for a kiss and whispered in his ear, "Don't get lost, I'd miss you too much and it could take days for me to find you. We'll be in the Queen's chamber with the children when you get back."

Juran handed Leah to Liz, "She wants her mother, I will return later. I will also see if I can assist Commander Rath and make sure that he doesn't lose his way." Liz smiled at his comment.

Max and Liz took the children to the Queen's chamber and put the five older children down for a nap on pillows and blankets on the couches and the floor. Liz removed her top to feed Leah, who was very hungry. Max set up the pillows on the bed for her to lay back on while she fed his daughter. Liz held Leah and Max laid next to them and helped to support her.

Leah was laying on Max's chest cooing and gurgling, enjoying the attention from her daddy when Michael returned. Liz had fallen asleep after feeding Leah. Michael laid down on Liz's other side, and reached over and took Leah from Max. He loved to snuggle with the babies.

Max tried to look upset, "Hey, you know she is my daughter. I never get to hold her anymore. We need to keep Juran busy, so that we can spend some time with our baby."

Michael chuckled, "I know. But you did get to hold her before I came back so it's my turn now."

Someone knocked on the door and Michael went into the hall of the Queen's sitting room to talk with the person. The servant told Michael that the Queen Mother was requesting an audience with the King. Would he be available in an hour? Michael stuck his head in the door and asked Max, Max agreed and told Michael to get details. Was he supposed to go to her or would she come here.


Max, Michael and Liz were in the King's sitting room when Valan entered the room. Liz was wrapped in Max's arms resting on his chest, Leah was in front of her face sound asleep on Max's chest. Michael was in the chair across from them. Valan had never seen her son Zan so attached to anyone in his lifetime with her.

Max turned his head and noticed that his mother had entered the room, "Oh sorry, I'd get up but Liz and Leah are asleep."

Valan looked thoughtful, "Is there something wrong with the Queen's chambers?"

Max shook his head, "No mother, the children are napping in the Queen's chamber and they're moving the children's bed's into the Commander's rooms and we didn't have anywhere for the baby to sleep until the bed is brought in."

Valan looked shocked for a brief moment, "Was there something wrong with the nursery?"

Max was a little flustered, "Mother please sit with us and talk." He waited for her to be seated, "First, you have to understand that we don't remember a lot about our past lives. We were brought up totally different, we weren't royalty and we weren't privileged. We have a strong bond with our children, and we have a need to have them close to us. We don't want our children to be strangers. I'll be honest with you, we know nothing about Antar except what Michael and I were told on the ship. We were aliens on Earth, but we still feel like Earth is our home. We are not comfortable with all of this right now. We need what we know and what gives us comfort right now and that is each other and our children. Did any of that make sense?"

She tilted her head to the side, "You have a lot more passion in you than you did before, you were such a withdrawn boy. I understand your need for what is familiar to you. I know that you didn't get the information fed to you in the pod's because of the traitor who caused your ship to crash. And I'm very proud of who you seem to have become. I think that you will make a great King. Your Earth name is Max, isn't it?"

Max nodded, "Yes mother, my Earth name is Max, but you can call me Zan or Max. I seem to recognise both. You can choose which one you would prefer to call me, you may want to keep the memory of the Zan you knew so long ago and call me Max, or you can make new memories of Zan."

Liz snuggled closer to Max and kissed his neck before settling down again and sliding her hand to Leah's back.

Valan was moved, "She is a very attentive mother and mate isn't she?" Max looked at Michael and then back at his mother, "Yes she is, and neither one of us could live without her. She is our world. We need to be with her, she owns our hearts and souls." Liz smiled in her sleep. Max leaned into her face and pulled her closer. Someone was knocking on the door, Michael got up and answered the door. There was a servant with refreshments and several of the men from the ship with the baby bassinet and supplies. Michael pushed the door wider and directed the men to set up the baby things in the bedroom.

Valan raised her eyebrows, "Is this another comfort thing? Why is the baby staying in your room and not the Queen's? Are you afraid for her?"

Max shook his head, "Mother, Liz, Michael and I stay together. I understand that Antarians usually don't have to deal with infants. But since Leah is so young she needs all of her parents and the feedings can be tiring for Liz, so she needs both Michael and me to help her where we can."

While they were talking, Juran had entered with the guards. He had directed the guards on setting up Leah's things, then came back into the sitting room. He walked over to Max and put out his hands, "May I have Leah back now?"

Valan raised her eyes at the young guard's audacity, but Max just rolled his eyes as did Michael. Max wasn't sure that he wanted to give Leah up just yet and he knew that Liz wanted to spend some time with her.

Liz whispered into Max's neck, "It's okay."

Max removed his hand from Leah's back and allowed Juran to take her. He moved to the corner of the room and started rocking her back and forth in his arms.

Max turned and noticed the look on his mother's face, "He's Leah's mate."

Valan's face instantly changed, "I don't think anyone has ever found their mate this soon in life. The One has blessed Leah and her mate."

A few minutes later, Liz sat up and looked embarrased to notice Valan in the room, "Max why didn't you wake me, how embarrasing."

Max kissed her lips, "My love, your health is more important than anything. You needed to sleep. Why don't you go get the kids and bring them in here."

Michael stood up to go with her, when he heard Valan ask Max, "May I hold the child?"

Michael took Leah from Juran and handed her to Valan, "This is Leah."

He showed her how to hold the baby and then went to help Liz with the kids, Juran moved to stand behind Valan.

Max could see that his mother didn't know what to do with a baby, "They like to be held close to your body. Mother, did you have something that you wanted to talk to me about?"

Valan looked over at Max, "Yes, but right at this moment I can't remember. This is....I don't know how to explain , do all babies smell like this?"

Max was suddenly alert, he raised an eyebrow, "What does it smell like, good smell or bad?"

Valan looked puzzled, "It's kind of like a mixture of good things."

Max smiled, "Yes they do smell good don't they, only once in a while do they smell like a toxic waste site."

Matthew, Emma and Allie ran into the room straight for Max, all yelling, "Daddy."

Max turned in their direction and smiled. Matthew climbed onto the seat beside him, Allie and Emma went to stand by Valan after jumping up and kissing Max. Michael was carrying Joshua and Liz was carrying Erin, both looked like they had been woken up too early from their nap and were clinging to their parents with the faces in their parent's necks. Liz sat down next to Matthew, who leaned against her, and Michael sat next to Liz.

Liz looked at Valan and smiled, "If she gets too heavy let us know, we're used to carrying them around. Can you tell us what happens now?"

Valan watched Allie and Emma climb up on either side of her, they both laid their hands on Leah. Allie laid her hand on Leah's head and Emma laid her hand on her back, Valan was impressed with the children. They were protecting their little sister, making sure that she was holding Leah correctly.

Valan turned her attention back to Liz, "I think that all of you need to learn our ways, I'm not saying that you have to change your way of life. I think that if you understand us you will have an easier time here. There will be a formal ball in two weeks, your formal wear will arrive in a day or two."

Liz leaned over to Michael and whispered in his ear, "I wonder if mine is see through."

Max leaned over and whispered in Liz's ear, "Stop yanking his chain."

Valan heard him, "What does yanking his chain mean? or should I ask that?"

Michael had also heard and was glad that Max had stopped Liz in her tracks. Michael chuckled, "Liz knows how to make me jealous and she likes to say things to me to push my jealousy button. Or in other words, yank my jealousy chain. But I'm on to her."

Valan smiled at Liz, "It looks like I have a lot to learn myself. May I visit with you sometime to get to know you and the children."

Liz nodded, Valan continued," The guards that I sent to retrieve you from Earth have had only good things to say about the closeness of your families. Some of them will be assigned to your safety, but there will be a few that you don't know. Zan and Rath you are expected to attend the Council early tomorrow, a servant will wake you."

Max jerked his head towards Liz and then back to Valan, "They won't just walk in will they?"

Valan laughed, "No, my son, they knock and then wait for permission to enter."

Max was relieved, "Good, I'd hate for them to see something that none of us want them to see."

Michael got up and put Joshua in his seat and he snuggled into his mommy's side. He took Leah from Valan, Allie and Emma both leaned up and kissed her cheek. She was beginning to think that her son and the others were going to bring about a lot of changes.


The next morning Liz got up early to feed Leah, once she fed and changed her she tucked her back into bed. She was going to climb back into bed, when Max grabbed her and pulled her under him. He pulled her bottom lip into his mouth, while his hands wandered over her body. He loved the taste and feel of her. He spread kisses all over her face and neck, lingering over the sensitive spot below her ears.

Max ran his hand down to her moist heat. He always marvelled at how ready Liz always was for them. He spread her legs and settled himself between them. He moved down to suckle at her breasts, running his tongue in circles around her nipples. Moving lower he kissed and nipped at her stomach, he then spread her lower lips to gaze at her beauty, Max touched her clitoris with the tip of his tongue and pressed in, Liz laced her finger through his hair and tried to get closer to his mouth. Max ran the tip of his tongue lightly up and down, teasing her before he sucked her completely into his mouth. He sucked her softly while running his tongue up and down her in his mouth. Liz exploded, Max crawled up her body and entered her. He moved in and out, slow then fast, slow then fast. He kept running his mouth over her face, pulling her tongue into his mouth, dueling with her tongue. He started moving faster, until he let out a low roar and felt her pulsing around him.

He fell on her, he tried to move so that he wouldn't crush her but she didn't want him to leave her yet, "No Max I want to feel you like this for a while"

Max kissed her, "I'll crush you. "

She smiled, "I'm not crushed, I'm made for this, lay down and let me feel all of you on me."

Max still didn't put all of his weight on her, but she enjoyed this unbelievably erotic closeness.

They heard a low chuckle, and they both turned to Michael. Michael was laying beside them on his side with his head propped up on his hand, "I enjoyed watching that, thank you."

Liz and Max both had silly happy grins on their faces, Max turned back to Liz and kissed her, "Should we let him have it."

Liz nodded her head. Liz lowered her legs and Max reached over and pulled Michael down on his stomach. Max jumped to the other side of him, while Liz scooted into his side. They both kissed him from his neck to his ankles, then they ran their tongues back up him. Liz and Max dueled with each other's tongue at the juncture of his legs.

Liz told him to turn over, they gave his front the same treatment avoiding his obvious arousal. They ran their tongues around his nipples several times before lightly biting him. They then moved closer to his arousal. They could both feel his need for them to touch him, they moved slowly toward his arousal until they both felt a hand on each of their heads pushing them to where Michael needed them most.

Liz and Max's mouths met at the tip of Michael's length. Licking the tip while dueling with each other's tongues, they ran their mouths and tongues down each side of him. They could tell that Michael couldn't hold out much longer, Liz sat up and straddled him. She lowered herself agonizingly slow over him.

Max moved behind her, caressing her clitoris with one hand and reached down to caress Michael's sack. Liz only moved twice before she and Michael exploded. She lay down on Michael, and Max moved in to surround them both.

Michael was still floating on cloud nine, "Does this keep getting more intense? Maxwell, turn around is fair play. Later man, Liz and I will tag team on you. It's incredible."

Max smiled, "I'm glad that we have you Michael." Liz just smiled and kissed both of her men. The knock on the outer chamber came too quickly. They showered and the men dressed, Michael and Max hated to leave Liz alone.

Max pulled her naked body into his embrace, "If you need either one of us don't hesitate to tell a servant to get us. Find Isabel and Tess and spend the day with them."

Michael pulled her to him next, "He's right don't hesitate, you mean too much to us. We want you happy. " Liz kissed them both and pushed them out the door.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: Okay I've been going over the next two parts and the rest of what I had written months ago, and I have a lot of nookie in this story. I know that I've definitely read better nookie scenes than mine, so if you guys want me to imply rather than describe please let me know and I'll add more chapters with what's happening on Antar and them spending time with their family. I think this is the only part that doesn't have nookie. I must have really been depressed about Max and Liz when I wrote the rest of this story. So here is what I am trying to say, the next parts might take a little longer to get out, because I don't think that you guys just want to read nookie scenes.

Part 23

Liz nursed Leah again, and got dressed in a simple tank top dress made out of a shimmery material that came to just above her knees. She stuck her head out of the outer door to see if there were guards or if Juran was in the hall. She put Leah in a carrier and asked one of the guards to take her into the children's room, while she retrieved the things she would need for the day.

The two guards bowed, the tallest looked at her seriously, "As you wish little Princess, will the Queen be joining you?"

Liz was confused, "The Queen, do you mean Queen Valan?"

The guard shook his head, "No little one, King Zan's mate, Elizabeth."

Liz giggled, "Oh I see, she'll be out in a minute."

The guard picked up the carrier and looked confused. These men had not been on the ship, and had not been made aware of Liz giving birth to the royal children.

Liz saw that Matthew, Emma and Allie were just waking up. She went over and helped each one dress. She then nursed the twins and dressed them. Checked the diaper bag to make sure that it was stocked. She put Leah in a front carrier , she put Joshua in a hand carrier and picked up Erin. Allie, Emma and Matthew held hands and followed their mommy. Liz then stepped out of the children's room and turned to the guards. Liz was beginning to think that she was going to have permanent damage to her neck from looking up at these guards, they were huge. She came to about the middle of the taller guards bicep.

Liz set down Joshua and turned to the taller man with black hair and black eyes with a mischievious grin on her face, "Excuse me, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Liz, King Zan and Commander Rath's mate."

The look on both guards' faces was priceless. The taller guard apologised, "Please forgive us your majesty. We did not know that you are our Queen. We will send for someone to replace us immediately."

Liz rolled her eyes and giggled, "It's okay, you're forgiven. I'm probably the shortest adult that you've ever seen. It's perfectly understandable. It's nice to meet you, what are your names?"

The guard looked at her hand sticking out in front of her and just stared at it.

Liz sighed, "Sorry, it's an earth custom to shake someone's hand when you meet them."

The guard now understood, he bowed to her, "It would be inappropriate for us to touch you, your majesty, my name is Zulis and that is Malal."

Liz turned to the other black haired guard, "It is nice to meet you Malal."

He bowed to her, she turned back to Zulis, "Can you direct me to Vilandra and Ava"

The guards bowed to her, and Zulis answered, "We will escort you to Princess Vilandra's apartments, my Queen. We will also carry the children for you, may I have the child"

Liz nodded, "Thank you." She was going to have to break them of all of this bowing, it was getting on her nerves.

Zulis and Liz reached for Joshua at the same time and her hand accidentally touched his. When her hand touched his a strange look passed over his face, she noticed the look and jerked her hand back, "I'm sorry."

Zulis handed the child in the carrier to Malal with a heavy heart. Liz handed Erin to Zulis. Erin laid her head on Zulis's shoulder and wrapped her arms around his neck. Emotions shot through Zulis, emotions he thought that he would never feel.

Zulis closed his eyes to communicate with the guards at the end of the hall. He turned to Liz, "Zarin will carry the girls."

Zulis bent down in front of Matthew, "Hello, my prince, may I carry you?"

Matthew moved to Liz, "I walk wif mommy." Liz smiled down at the little version of Max and stroked his hair.

Zulis smiled at the princes' protectiveness. As they were about to walk away Juran ran up behind them, "May I carry Leah?" He then turned to Zulis before Liz could answer, "The Queen is tiny and could hurt herself carrying so much weight, don't you think that I should carry the baby?" Liz didn't know whether to be upset or touched.

She watched Zulis nod to the younger guard, "Thank you, Juran. You are right to point that out to me. My queen, will you allow Juran to carry the child?"

Liz turned to Juran, "I was going to let you carry her, you don't have to make everyone think that I'm some frail thing that needs to be taken care of, Juran."

"I didn't mean to imply that my queen, but I know that King Zan and Commander Rath would be upset if you hurt yourself. You should allow us to take care of you. That would make your mates happy. It is our resposibility to make sure that our King is happy. If he is happy then Antar prospers. I have been close enough to our King and the Commander to know that their happiness centers around you." Zulis and Malal both nodded their agreement to Juran's statement.

Liz rolled her eyes and pulled Leah gently out of the carrier and handed her to Juran. He took Leah and laid her on his shoulder.

Liz put the diaper bag over her shoulder, took Matthew's hand and followed the guards. It seemed to take forever to get to Isabel's apartments, Liz was exhausted by the time they reached it. She had plenty of time to think about what her life would be like on Antar. She appreciated the guards help with the children, but she didn't want to be coddled. And she certainly didn't want strangers 'taking care of her'.

Malal knocked and told the princess that the queen requested an audience.

Isabel yanked open the door and pulled Liz in to her sitting room, "God Liz you look like you just ran a marathon."

Liz smiled her thanks at the chair, "Thanks Isabel, I didn't think that I was that badly out of shape."

Isabel sat next to Liz, "Where are the other children, Liz?"

Liz ran back out to the guards to retrieve them. The guards took Joshua and Erin in to the room and set them down. Allie and Emma had been set down and had run into the room. Juran carefully handed Leah to Liz after insisting that she be seated, then he told her that he would return later.

Zulis had thought his queen was one of the children when he first saw her. He thought that she was a beautiful child with strange coloring. When she told them that she was King Zan's mate, he could not believe that this was his queen. And then she had offered her hand to him, he was not sure how he felt about that. She obviously didn't know that once you mate you should only touch your mate, family and only those that were already mated. When his hand had touched hers, he felt deep despair but also great joy.


Tess showed up a few minutes later, "So are Max and Michael in meetings all day."

Liz nodded, "Are you guys as clueless as I am, what are we to do all day? We don't have laundry or a house to clean or dinner to cook or shopping to do and we don't have our mates here with us all of the time."

Liz started to cry, "Oh god do something funny, make me stop crying. Max and Michael are getting upset and are ready to run out of the Council Chambers to search for me. Do you know how complicated it was to just walk here today. I can't see you guys every day. And...and these guards think they have to baby me. I'm going to be stuck in those rooms, with six babies all by myself. I don't know what to do."

Isabel and Tess were at a loss, Liz was used to having Michael's help with the children all of the time, and she was totally lost without her mates on this strange world. She had already given up so much to be a part of their lives. They also knew that she missed her parents and the life that they had all really loved.

Isabel jumped up, "We'll see if we can take the kids outside to play. I will also see about breakfast for the children."

Liz cried harder, "I just don't know who to ask to get things done, or if I can ask for things to be done. And I don't like having to ask to do everything. I know that your mother told me to come to her for anything but I don't know if she means it or if she is just saying it."


Valen was sitting to Zan's left and Rath was to his right. Their earth friends were next to Rath. Valen saw both her son and Rath stiffen at the same time and look at each other, she was pretty sure that it was their mate, Liz.

Valan motioned for a servant to come over, she whispered in the servant's ear, "Could you please find out where King Zan's mate and their children are at this moment?"

She placed her hand on Zan's arm and could feel his agitation. She leaned over and asked him, "Is there a problem?"

Zan nodded, "Liz,.....she's crying."

Valan nodded, "It's to be expected. I've sent someone to find her. I will go to her."

Max leaned over and told Michael. It helped a little, but not a lot. When the servant returned with the queen's location, Valan asked for a moment to talk privately with Zan and Rath.

She pulled them aside, "She is with Vilandra and Ava, I will go to her to see what is the matter. I already know the things they are discussing about restoring Antar to it's former glory, if she needs you I will send someone."

Max and Michael hesitantly agreed, Michael wanted to argue and go to Liz himself but he knew that Liz would want to work this out herself. Valan told the Council that she had some things to attend to and would not return for a while.

Valan swept into Vilandra's apartment, after talking with the guards, to find Liz being held in Vilandra and Ava's arms. The children were playing, or eating the fruit they had been given and some kind of bread looking thing with a colored filling (a pop tart) she made a note to have panan, a similar pastry, sent to the children for breakfast.

Valan motioned for Ava to move, "Liz, child, why are you crying?"

Liz was instantly embarrassed, "Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for you to be bothered."

Valan sighed, "Liz you are the queen, you are certainly not a bother. Your happiness means a lot to Zan and Rath. They need to know that you are happy."

Liz breathed deeply, "I am happy. It's just when I was walking here, it just kind of hit me. I felt so alone and useless. We just seem so clueless as to what is expected of us. Isabel's apartments are so far from us, and I don't even know where Tess's apartments are, and I'm just not used to being alone anymore. I don't even know if I can take my children outside, is it safe? Do I have to be afraid that someone will grab them? Can I have a swing set constructed? I don't know what I'm allowed to do, except feed, sleep, dress, and bathe myself and my children. I've never felt this helpless before." Isabel and Tess were nodding there heads.

Valan stood up, "I will send you someone that can help you with all of these problems. Her name is Terasta, she will be able to see that this swing set is constructed and whatever else you three want for yourselves or your children. She will also be able to arrange outings for you to pick up items. She will handle all of this. Terasta should also arrange dance lessons and protocol studies. I will also have her find a tutor and maids for the children. It is too much for you to handle by yourself. Your guard, Zulis, requested that maids be assigned for the children, he was concerned that you are too small to carry these children as far as you did today."

This made Liz giggle, "That's Juran's fault, I should have given one of them the diaper bag too."

Just the image of those huge guards with a diaper bag over their shoulders, sent Liz, Tess and Isabel into fits of giggling. Valan was happy that she had finally found something to cheer the queen with.

Valan stood, "Well let me locate Terasta and I will give her the details of what her staff needs to accomplish. My dear, please do not hesitate to ask for my help. My son's happiness is very important to his people and his happiness seems to be you. That goes for you, Vilandra and you also Ava. I will have Terasta sent to you within the hour."

Liz put her hand on Valan's arm to stop her, "Thank you, and once again I'm sorry for being so foolish."

Valan touched Liz's cheek realising just how young all of them really are, "You were not foolish, it was understandable and I should have made sure that someone was assigned to you."

Isabel was curious, "Mother, will our mates be allowed to leave the council to eat lunch, or the midday meal with us?"

Isabel knew that that would also help Liz, and even herself and Tess. They all felt like Liz, but Isabel and Tess were excited to finally learn about themselves and that is why they could tolerate the situation.

Valen nodded, "I will see that they are directed to your location at that time."

Isabel beamed, "Thank you, Mother."

After, Valan left. Liz turned to Isabel and Tess, "We need to do something, we should be helping the people too. When Terasta arrives, we'll find out if there is anything that we can do for the people. I know that the Council is working on restoring the infrastructure of Antar, but there has to be something that we can do for them too."

Isabel was suddenly excited, "Oh I know, we should ask about schools. I was listening to some of servants and education is very important to the Antarians. They were saying that they hoped that the education houses would be restored soon. We should find out about that."


Terasta arrived within the hour, she bowed to the queen and the princesses. She had heard that the Royal family had arrived with a lot of children and that six of them were the queen's children with her mates King Zan and Commander Rath. A double bond was very rare and more than two children within a cycle was unheard of.

Liz stood up, "I'm Liz, Zan and Rath's mate."

Terasta had heard that the queen was tiny, but she hadn't expected a child to be the queen. Terasta bowed to her queen, and turned to bow to the other two young women. Isabel and Tess introduced themselves, Terasta also thought that princess Ava was on the small side also.

She smiled at the royal family, "Where should we start?

Isabel, Tess and Liz had drawn a play yard with a fence while they had waited for Terasta. They drew the play set with swings and a fort, a playhouse, and a shed to store the children's outside toys that had been brought from Earth.

They handed their drawings to Terasta, who was totally confused, "You wish a house to be built?"

Liz had a thought, "Isabel do you have pictures of the children in one of our backyards?"

Isabel smiled, "Yes, let me get them."

Tess and Liz tried to explain that their children were used to playing outside everyday. The Queen mother had told her that she would be asked to do things that were strange to her, but that she was to make sure that it was done to the queen and princesses specifications and satisfaction. She didn't understand the swing thing, but it did look interesting.

Tess wondered, "Can we have a picnic lunch on the grounds?"

Terasta looked flustered, "What is a picnic?"

Tess smiled, "It's eating your midday meal outside. The children love it."

Terasta was amazed, the royal family seemed to be preoccupied with entertaining their children. She found that one interesting too. Children were to be educated and taught protocols, their happiness came from pleasing their parents. "I will arrange it. Have your guard take you to the King's door, and one of my staff will be there to guide you the rest of the way."

Once they had their children's needs taken care of they questioned Terasta about what would make the people happy. Isabel had been right about the schools. Isabel, Liz and Tess were so glad to have a project that they could work on and they would feel like Antar needed them. Liz told them that she would find out from Max and Michael if this issue was being addressed. If it wasn't they would start their planning.

Liz was glad the children would finally be outside, she laid her hand on Terasta's arm but immediately removed it, "Terasta, thank you for helping us with all of this. This is all so new to us, that we just need a little of the only home we've ever known with us."

Terasta beamed, she bowed to the tiny queen, "I will do my best to make you happy my Queen." Terasta felt blessed, the queen had touched her and thanked her. Royals never did that unless they truly trusted you as a friend, Terasta would make sure that the queen had what she wanted. She sent her staff to set up tables on the grounds, she sent one to the kitchen's to have food as close to the royals description as they could provide.

With the information that they had gotten from Terasta, they sat down and started making a list of things that they would need to put their plans into motion.

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There will be more children before the inhibitor is made for Liz. The inhibitor that is made for the Antarians won't work for Liz, she's human. It also won't work for Tess or Isabel, they are mostly human too.

There will be more children. Liz will be getting more help and something is going to happen that enable the guys to spend more time with her.

Also, I can't explain Zulis right now, that's a secret.
But I will give you a hint, pay close attention to the prophecy that I will introduce soon. I think that it is in the next part.

Thank you, I hope that you continue to enjoy the story.

Oh boy a new show tonight, I can't wait. Even though I'm spoiled and I've already the synopsis. I can't wait to see it.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback.

Terasta watched as the queen and her children arrived, they seemed pleased with the breads, fruits and meats that the kitchen staff had prepared. The children's toys had been sent for and had been placed on the lawns not too far from the tables. Zulis and Malal had moved onto the lawn past the children to make sure that they didn't wander off.

Liz smiled and leaned over to whisper in Tess's ear, "What happened to throwing a blanket on the ground." She was tickled, they had set up a dining room outside. She felt Michael and Max getting closer to her. Her happiness soared when four very strong arms wrapped around her, and two faces were pressed into either side of her neck. Liz's hands moved up to her lover's faces, enjoying the feel of their skin.

Max and Michael were suddenly attacked at knee level by three little munchkins all yelling, "daddy, daddy, daddy".

Matthew tried to pull them by their pants, "daddy come wook at the toys, day haf toys juf wike us."

Allie and Emma grabbed their daddies hands and pulled, "Tum on daddy." "Hurwy daddy."

Max and Michael picked up each child and hugged and kissed them. Max and Michael each took one of Liz's hands and allowed the children to pull them to their toys. The children showed them all of their toys. Max and Michael were so glad that Liz was okay now, they kept their eyes on her as they played with the children. Everything was still far from perfect, but it was obviously being worked on.

After playing with the children, Max and Michael scooped their three oldest children up into their arms and took them to the table. After placing them in their chairs, they made up their plates. Liz went out to the guards and asked them to join them. They declined Liz's offer, so she made them plates of food and insisted that they at least eat.

Max and Michael both noticed the men working on a fenced area, when they realized that it was for a play yard they felt a pang of jealousy. They were remembering building all of the things for their children, and then they were both were hit with a fierce desire remembering when they had put up the fence at home. Liz felt their desire hit her full force, she noticed the direction that they were looking and suddenly realised why they were sending her images of taking her in the backyard with tool belts on.

Max leaned into her ear, "Can we sneak away for a little bit?"

Liz looked at Isabel who was hugging Alex at the time, Isabel looked up at Liz, "Oh go on, I'll watch the kids."

Liz had nursed Leah and fed the twins their baby food before coming out and had laid them in a playpen in the shade, so they would be fine for a while. The guards didn't know if they should stay with the children or follow the queen. They decided that they should stay with the children when they realised that the King and the Commander could protect the Queen and they would protect the children. Zulis watched the two tall men and his tiny queen disappear through the door.


Max walked Liz backwards to the bed, while Michael closed the door. Max had unhooked the straps on top of her shoulder and watched as her dress slide down her body revealing a totally nude Liz.

Michael was enthralled, he fell to his knees and wrapped his arms around her waist. Max had pulled his shirt off and had moved around to her back. He pulled her back against his chest and began to explore her body. Michael had also removed his shirt and was exploring Liz's legs and stomach with his hands and mouth. He moved his hands around to her bottom and pulled her toward him, he laid the tip of his nose just above her soft folds and snaked his tongue out. He ran it up the outer edge of her lips, then moved his hands around to part her lips to reveal the jewel that his mouth craved. Michael swooped in and devoured her once he laid eyes on her beauty.

Meanwhile, Max was covering her face with kisses and was running his hands lightly up and down her torso, massaging her breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers. Liz exploded with an intensely satifying orgasm.

Michael moved up her body, he picked her up and laid her gently on the bed, he had something specific in mind. He had told Max that turn around was fair play and intended to follow through with it. He and Max stood at the end of the bed and removed their pants.

Max moved to Liz's side and Michael crawled up Liz's body and spread her legs. He hooked his arms under her knees and pushed himself into her as he laid down on her. Liz was overwhelmed, he was so deep with this position. Liz reached over and ran her hand over Max's length, revelling in the feelings that her touch sent through his body. She and Michael orgasmed explosively together.

Michael pushed Max onto his stomach while he was still trying to catch his breath. Max was anticipating what Michael and Liz would do to him. Michael moved to the other side of him.

Michael and Liz leaned over Max's back and kissed each other. They were running their fingers lightly over Max's body. Pulling away from each other they lowered their mouths to Max's body. Moving up and down his body licking and kissing every exposed inch of skin.

Michael moved to Max's bottom. He separated Max's cheeks and ran his tongue down the center, Liz joined him. Max groaned, he felt Liz leave the bed for a second and then return. He then felt a cool substance being rubbed over his opening, and then, oh god, someone inserted their finger. Max was about to die. The finger was removed, and he was rolled over.

Michael and Liz, proceeded to kiss and lick his entire front avoiding his painful erection. Their mouths finally met with the tip of his erection in the middle of their mouths. He then felt a finger being inserted into him again, it felt bigger than last time. The finger started pumping in and out, creating sensations in Max that he had never felt before. Max was moaning loudly. Liz moved over him and lowered herself onto him. Michael moved behind her. He inserted the finger back into Max and moved with the same rhythm that Liz was moving to on Max.

When Max and Liz orgasmed they felt like they were coming apart, Liz fell on top of Max and snuggled into him. Micheal moved up and wrapped himself around them. He kissed Max and then kissed Liz deeply. They lay like that for a short time.

Michael smacked Liz on the butt and then rubbed it, "We need to go spend time with the children." Michael got up and pulled Liz up and off of Max, they both helped her pull on her dress and dressed themselves quickly.

Max and Michael made sure that they were all presentable and guided Liz back out to the picnic. The children ran to them, they each scooped up children and ran with them like they were zooming through the air. Max had Matthew and Emma, Michael had Allie and had picked up Joshua before he ate something off of the ground. Liz was left with tiny Erin. Leah was currently napping on Juran, who had scooped her out of the playpen during her parent's absence. They played airplane for a few minutes, then Isabel suggested that they play soccer. Liz stopped a few times to watch her mates kick the ball softly to one of the children. Everytime she looked at them she fell in love with them all over again.


Valan and the High Councillor watched them playing with the children from a window. Valan turned to the Councillor, "We made the right choice to send them to Earth. Earth may be primitive, but they are so full of emotions and passion. That is what our world needs injected back into it."

The Councillor nodded and continued to watch as the four men and three young women kicked a ball around with their children after lunch. They watched as King Zan called a halt to the game and announced that they had to return to the Coucil Chambers.

King Zan grabbed his mate and looked like he was going to devour her placing kisses all over her face and neck, while Rath hugged and kissed their six children. Then Rath took the queen into his arms and kissed her with the same intensity as the King, while Zan hugged, kissed and tossled the six children. Valan was pleased that Rath no longer looked like he would like to throw a chair at someone.


That night Max and Michael returned late after the older children had been bathed and nursed, they read them stories until they each fell asleep. Liz watched them, while she nursed Leah. Things had gone better today than they had expected, especially after the initial uneasiness in the morning. Max and Michael had agreed that they would not leave for the meetings until they had spent time with the children and Liz in the morning. Alex and Kyle agreed with them that they would prefer to spend a little longer with their mates in bed and then have breakfast with their families.

Liz, Isabel, and Tess were much happier with the extra time in the mornings with their mates and the children were much happier with the time with their daddies too.

The women started learning the Antarian version of dancing later that day, they had the boring dances down after a week. The men joined them for two days, they had to know the dances, too. By the sixth day of the boring dance teacher, Isabel walked in with a CD player and put on their kind of music.

The children heard the more interesting music and came in to dance with their mommies, their guards followed. The women were dancing seductively and the guards just stood there with their mouths hanging open, that is the way Max, Michael, Kyle and Alex found them 30 minutes later. Max and Michael were mesmerized by Liz, as were Kyle and Alex by their mates. When the song ended, they all clapped for them. The guards were too stunned to react, they had never seen anything like that.

Noticing the guard's reactions, Max raised his eyebrows as he said, "I think that you will turn a few too many heads if you dance like that at the ball."

Michael suddenly looked fierce, "Don't even think about dancing like that at the ball, Liz. I'll turn you over my knee."

Liz had reached them just as Michael made the last statement, she walked up to him until her body was touching his and pulled his head down. She whispered in his ear, "Do you promise?"

She danced away from him quickly and ran behind Max. Michael was standing there with his mouth open, and then he suddenly smiled. He saw Liz looking at him from behind Max, and made to grab her.

The children had run over when they saw their daddies, when Michael made a grab for their mommy the children attacked him thinking that he was trying to start a wrestling game.

Allie and Emma attached themselves to his legs, while Matthew jumped at his arm trying to grab it. Max and Liz laughed at Michael's predicament. After Michael had pulled the girls off of his legs, he dropped to his knees to tumble the kids around and Max had joined him in play wrestling the children. When Michael managed to get close enough to Liz to grab her, he pulled her down in front of him to protect her from the children's wild antics.

He whispered in her ear while the kids were jumping on them, "Later, I'm going to make good on that promise."

Liz was instantly aroused, she loved how he did that to her. She wanted to drag him to their room, but she would have to wait until tonight. Max laughed at the fact that Michael had finally figured out how to get back at Liz. Make her squirm, Max had had a longer time to figure that one out.


That evening the men read bedtime stories to the children and had tucked them into bed. Liz nursed the twins and handed them over to their daddies to be placed into their cribs. She then nursed Leah while the books where read. They all kissed and tucked Leah into bed in their room.

Michael had his arm around Liz's shoulders and he pulled her toward their bed. He sat down quickly and pulled her across his legs.

Liz was not amused, "You wouldn't dare." She felt his hand lightly stroking her bottom. Max wasn't concerned he knew that Michael wouldn't hurt Liz.

Michael raised his hand and Liz began to squirm in earnest, "Don't you dare".

Michael lightly smacked her, then he ran his hand over her bottom. He ran his hand down her leg to the bottom of her dress, then moving his hand back up her leg. Running his fingers on the inside of both legs and bringing the dress with his hand. Liz was moaning as his hand moved higher. Max was fascinated by how aroused he and Liz were getting by this. Michael stopped the caress just short of touching her where she wanted it most. He pulled her dress up over her bottom and ran his hand over her cheeks. He then bent to place open mouth kisses were he had smacked her bottom. He ran a finger between her cheeks, up and down. Max went to get the lubricant when he saw where Michael's hand was going. Max held it out and Michael let Max lubricate his finger. Liz was moaning pretty loudly right now. Max bent down and spread her cheeks for Michael. Michael immediately moved to her opening and spread lubricant there. He moved his finger in a circle around the opening and pressed lightly. Liz moaned when he pressed down, he then began to push his finger into her. Moving in and out just slightly. He asked Max to put lubricate on another finger.

Michael inserted a second finger and wiggled them around, "Max take off your clothes and lay down." Michael removed his finger and cleaned them with his powers. He moved Liz over to Max and Max helped her to lower herself on him. Max pulled her forward and was kissing her when he felt Michael move up behind her.

Michael had lubricated his erection, he leaned down to whisper into Max's ear, "You might want to use your powers to make this easier."

Michael kissed Max on the ear and then the mouth when he turned to look at him. Max put his arms around Liz and connected with her, Michael slowly entered her other passage and pumped in and out slowly. Max could feel everything that Liz was feeling even more intensely than usual, there were no words to describe it. She climaxed when Michael was fully embedded. Max almost came at the same time, because of the sensations he was getting from Liz. But had just managed to prevent it, this was too incredible. He wanted it to last forever. Michael and Max began to pump in and out of her. Liz came two more times before they allowed themselves the same release. Michael pulled out and cleaned himself with his powers. Liz had collapsed on Max, so Michael curled around the two of them.

Max was not going to let Michael be the only one to sleep like this anymore, as much as he loved wrapping himself around both of them. Sleeping with a part of himself still in her kept an open connection to her that was so intense and yet comforting. No wonder Michael had changed so much, Liz had healed his soul all of those nights that he had slept with her like this. He was also realising that they were going to be the death of each other if the intensity of their need and love kept increasing.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: Two parts in one day. It's a miracle.

The day of the ball was moving closer and closer. Their clothes had arrived while the men were in the Council Chambers. Liz was feeling mischievous and wanted to mess with Michael and Max. She asked Isabel to make her gown diaphanous, Isabel was all for rattling Michael and Max's nerves. She loved Liz's ability to turn their world upside down. When Michael and Max came into their room before dinner that night Liz was in the dressing room. All of the lights were on in the room, she wanted to make sure that they got the whole affect of the gown. She walked out wearing the simple gown, that you could see her whole body through.

Liz was making sure the the clasp on her shoulder was closed, "Your mothers dress maker delivered my dress for the ball today."

Max didn't get sucked into Liz's trap, he covered his mouth with his hand to keep Michael from seeing his smile. Michael was just standing there with his mouth open.

Max watched Michael's jaw clench and unclench, but was suprised when he said, "It's beautiful, you'll be the envy of every woman there." He then walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Liz was standing there stunned, and then her mouth dropped open. Max couldn't hold it in any longer and burst out laughing. Liz snapped her mouth shut, and looked at him.

She started to get tears in her eyes, "He doesn't care if other men see my body anymore?" She ran to Max and threw herself at him.

Max was instantly contrite, "No honey, he just isn't falling for your tricks about nudity anymore. I think that he has figured out that you wouldn't dare walk around naked at a ball."

She sniffled, "Are you sure?"

Michael whispered in her ear from behind her, "Of course he's sure, now take that thing off and have Isabel or Tess change it back tomorrow to what it was in the first place. I don't know which one did it but I'm going to have a talk with both of them."

Liz pulled it over her head and threw herself at Michael, "I love you Michael." Michael crushed her soft body to his.

Max was coming out of the dressing room where he had hung the diaphanous dress, when Liz threw her naked body at him, "I love you so much Max."

Max ran his hand over her back very tempted to take advantage of her nudity, but realised that it was not the time, "Liz would you please put some clothes on, if you don't we will never make it to dinner and our children will starve." Liz smiled into his chest and went to put clothes on.

Liz spent her days with Isabel, Tess and all of the children. The play yard was completed and the children's toys were brought from storage and put into the shed. While the children played they worked on the plans for their schools.

Liz was also getting to know the women who had been assigned to help with the children. Lisat and Veran were waiting outside of the children's room the day after her crying incident. It wasn't anything like having Michael or Max to help her, they helped her on instinct. These woman had no clue how to raise a child, well at least not the way they were raised on earth. Zan, Rath, Ava, and Vilandra had been raised by tutors and a governess. Their parents spent three times a day with them for about fifteen minutes each or if they felt their child needed them.

Lisat remembered Zan, she told Liz that he was a very quiet, kind King. He always seemed to be gazing at the night sky. His tutor's called him a dreamer, looking for something more than what he had. They said that was why he trusted Khivar's race, he thought that they were genuine in their offers. But they were really just looking for Zan's weaknesses.

The children's guards were always with their tiny queen and her children, even when they were off duty. Max and Michael were constantly having to fight down their jealousy. Liz was always pulling them into the children's games, she felt the need to teach them how to play. They were always so serious. Plus her most embarassing moment with them helped to loosen them up.

Liz checked to make sure that all of her children were asleep and left instructions for the maids, then stepped out into the corridor, "I'd like to go for a walk. Can I do that?"

Zulis nodded and closed his eyes to the guards at the end of the hall. He looked back at Liz, "Malal and I will escort you, Zarin and Sunar will guard the children."

Liz used this time to get to know some of the nature on Antar. She asked the names of all of the plants that she saw. Zulis and Malal were happy to tell her all about their world.

Liz suddenly stopped in her tracks. She saw a bunch of round furry things that reminded her of the creatures in the movie "Critters". It scared her to death when they started heading their way very quickly. Liz started stepping backwards. Zulis and Malal saw the animals heading their way and could not understand the queen's hesitation. Liz looked up at Zulis with terror on her face, then turned and ran back the way that they had come from.

Zulis and Malal ran after her, Zulis yelled, "My queen, what did you see? I need to know if we need help."

Their running just made the animals move faster, Liz noticed and climbed on Zulis' back screaming, "Oh my God they're going to eat us."

This brought Malal and Zulis to a dead stop. They were totally confused. Their queen was attached to Zulis' back and was terrified of one of the most gentle life forms on Antar.

Malal looked at Liz, "You think that they will eat us?"

The animals were running around Zulis and Malal making a strange clicking noise. Zulis tried to reason with Liz, "My queen, if you would put your feet down you would see that they won't hurt you. They aren't eating Malal or me, are they?"

Liz kept trying to pull herself higher. Max and Michael had felt Liz's terror and ran out of their meeting to find her. As they got closer they felt some of her fear abate, and they had trouble not laughing when they finally saw her clinging to Zulis' back. Max and Michael knew instantly what had terrified Liz, they had seen the movie. But it was obvious that to them these animals were not dangerous.

Max and Michael watched Malal pick up one of the animals and try to coax Liz into touching it, she pulled her face out of Zulis' neck and looked at the thing in Malal's hands. It was small and round with long dark fur. It had four tiny little legs, two beady eyes and a pointed little snout.

"Are you sure that it won't bite?" Liz asked.

Liz reached her hand out and touched the animals fur, it clicked and rubbed against her hand.

Max walked up behind Zulis, "Liz, honey, it's okay. Let go of Zulis."

Liz just shook her head no.

Michael stepped up, "Angel, I'll carry you back to the building. Please let go of Zulis. You are probably causing him discomfort."

Hearing that she was possibly hurting someone got through to her, she moved her arms to Michael's neck and he lifted her from Zulis' back.

They took Liz back to the King's sitting room and invited Zulis and Malal into the room. They needed to try to explain her strange behavior. Liz was still wrapped around Michael, and Max was stroking her back.

Max turned to the guards, "I'm going to try to explain this. You see on Earth...."

Malal interrupted, nodding as if he suddenly understood, "Oh, you had life forms like that and they ate people on Earth!"

Max smirked, "Uhmmm, well no, no that's not it. Earth has....oh here let me show you." He took them to the TV and popped in a movie.

"This is called a movie. Someone made up a story and other people act out what this person wrote about. Well there is this movie about made up creatures from outer space that come to Earth and eat people. It's not real. But Liz got scared when she saw the animals." Max was having a hard time controlling his face.

Liz suddenly dropped her legs to the ground and smashed her face into Michael's chest, "Oh God, I'm so embarrassed."

Liz started laughing, "You must think I'm crazy, and then I jumped on Zulis. Over a stupid movie that isn't even real. Like I wouldn't have fallen to the ground when it bit his leg off." Liz was laughing so hard at this point that she had tears running down her face.

Max joined her laughter, "You should have seen yourself on Zulis......and they had no idea what was going on."

Michael was also laughing. Liz suddenly stopped laughing, "Oh Zulis, I'm so sorry. I hope that my touch didn't hurt you."

Zulis and Malal still weren't sure what was going on, but they were finding the laughter contagious and could not help but have smiles on their faces. Zulis looked down at Liz with a big smile on his face, "It's my duty to protect you, but you are right the animal would have gotten you if it had bitten my leg off. Next time jump on one of the trees."

This caused Max and Michael to start laughing again.

Liz just smacked Zulis on the chest, "Jerk."

Max and Michael were exiting the room, still laughing, when they heard her call Zulis a jerk. Max yelled, "I'll explain that later Zulis."

After that incident, Zulis and Malal became Liz's favorite guards. And she was determined to teach them everything that she could about Earth.


Liz, Michael and Max took time most evenings to discuss their day, after putting the children to bed. Max was especially exited to tell Liz about the things that they learned from the Council and how the reformation was going.

Larek had approached Max and Michael earlier in the day with a long forgotten prophecy. He told them that they might find it interesting.

Max chuckled as he read it to Liz.

In the time of need a small queen will be born in a distant land
at a like age the square will awaken
the mated souls yearn from afar
the queen and those near her, faithful protectors
the false queen immersed in deception then truth and love
a great bond of king and queen
to heal their souls
a great bond of king, queen and soldier
to defeat a past foe
a great bond of loyal protector to the three to save their heart
The might of the bond of three to the queen
the king and soldier past and present
The bond will have power with no equal
only then will the world be renewed
and the new square will endure for all time

Liz laughed, "You did that on purpose didn't you?"

Max looked as innocent as he could, "I don't know what you mean."

"You knew that I wouldn't be able to resist a puzzle. Jeez, I hate prophecies. It does kind of sound like us though, doesn't it?"

Michael nodded, "That's what we thought, too. But we couldn't see us in the parts after to defeat a past foe. It sounds like our power was increased by the three of us being mates and accepting each other completely. Max and I weren't just your mate, we have become each other's mate also."

Max nodded, "I just don't get the rest of it, except the king and soldier past and present. Michael and I have a past and present life. But the other parts, I just don't know. It almost sounds like we'll take on another mate. A loyal protector but it scares me when it says to save their heart. You are our heart Liz, and I can't behr to think of you in danger."

Micheal pulled Liz to him, "It would kill us if something happened to you. But I don't believe in these things. We won't allow anything to happen to you, and I can't imagine taking another mate. The intensity of what we have is close to 'heart attack city' , if we add more power to that equation we won't live very long."

Liz and Max both laughed at his comment.

Liz giggled and poked Michael in the ribs, "I don't know, it sounds like the other mate is a male. The thought is intriguing."

Max turned to Liz with a fierce expression, "What makes you think it's a male?"

Liz smiled, "Oh let's see, The might of the bond of three to the queen ,hhmmmmmm, that's me. Sounds like I'm going to get three men."

Michael laughed at her, "What makes you think that you can't bond to a female? Remember Max and I have bonded. That possibility sounds just as intriguing as another male."

"Oh your right, I've never considered that, I'll have to fantasize about that one. Do either of you want to help me?" Liz giggled at the expressions on their faces as she stripped on her way to their bedroom. Both men jumped up stripping their own clothes off as they followed her.


The day of the ball arrived. Michael and Max were to wear a military type uniform. Liz was in a simple scoop necked gown, the sides were slit to the top of her waist. The back panel was longer than the front and trailed behind her like a small train. Michael and Max admired the dress until she walked past them in it, the train would make her butt visible to everyone. Michael nudged Max and gave him a take care of that look. Max walked over to Liz and placed his hands on her hips, he sealed the dress to the top of her thighs while he kissed her senseless. She never knew what hit her, at least that's what she let him believe. Michael high fived Max, when she went back into the dressing room. Liz knew very well what Max had done, she was giggling to herself as she pulled her hair up. She put it into a french knot and pulled down some hair to frame her face. The last touch was the jewelry that Valan had insisted that she wear. A silver like necklace with the royal seal and earrings that matched, and a broach with Michael's family seal. Her dress was a deep burgundy, the same color as the uniform top on Max and Michael. Max and Michael also had on black pants. Max's uniform had a large broach with the royal seal, and Michael's broach had his family's seal.

They were led to a large door, which were thrown open by two guards. Liz was to Max's right and Michael was on her right. Zulis followed behind them, he had approached his King and asked that he be allowed to guard the queen at the ball. The king and commander might get separated from her and she would be vulnerable. Max and Michael agreed, as soon as Zulis mentioned that Liz could be hurt.

They stopped at the top of the stairs where a man was standing in the middle. The room went silent as the man proclaimed loudly, "Our beloved leader has returned. King Zan of the House of Ruzan, Leader of the Antillian Alliance, and Healer of the Heart, his lifemate Queen Elizabeth of Earth and the Queen's consort and lifemate, Commander Rath of the House of Kirath, Leader of the Antillian Force and Army. Several gasps were heard when it was announced that the queen had a second mate, it was a sign to the people that this monarchy was blessed. Only a few were not pleased. The announcer led them to an area set up for them so that they could receive all of the people at the ball. Valan was already there waiting for them. Max and Michael decided that it would be better to stand to receive their guests. They were overwhelmed with the number of people that they had been introduced to, but Michael's suprise had been meeting his sisters. They lived with their mates in the city. Valaxta and Valaxdra were very pleased to have their older brother back. Liz was thrilled that Michael had sisters and asked them to visit her with their mother.

Michael had arranged for a room right off of the ballroom to be set up with everything needed for Liz to leave the ball during the one feeding that would be necessary during the ball. Juran would stand guard in the room during the ball, and two other guards were stationed outside of the room to be able to send for a parent if needed.

Michael and Max escorted Liz to the room when they were informed that Leah was crying. Juran was rocking Leah and talking to her to soothe her while she waited for her mother. Zulis stepped into the room, and Juran stepped out to allow the queen to take care of her child. Zulis had no idea why the child was under the blanket and he was confused by the smacking noises coming from the baby.

"Zulis, would you take Leah while I fix my dress?"

Zulis was stunned, "I might hurt her, she is too small."

"Zulis, Juran doesn't hurt her. Here, just make sure that you support her head." Liz handed Leah to Zulis and watched him carefully place her on his shoulder just like Juran.

Liz fixed her clothes under the blanket and stood up. Liz went to the door to let Juran know that she was finished with Leah. Juran walked past Liz and took Leah off of Zulis' shoulder, then proceeded to act like she needed soothing. Liz could tell that it was Juran that needed the soothing, he didn't like Zulis touching Leah. Zulis and Liz returned to the ball.

Liz was really happy that most of the Antarians seemed very pleased with her as their queen, but she had met a few people that made her uncomfortable. Zulis followed her everywhere she went and stood behind her with his arms crossed over his chest. Almost as if he was daring anyone to say or do the wrong thing in front of his queen.

Antarian dancing did not have any touching, since it made so many people uncomfortable. So, Isabel had arranged for a couple of Earth songs to be played and they could dance with their mates. Liz and Max danced first, he led her to the middle of the dance floor. Max had asked Isabel to play "I Shall Believe".

Max pulled her close to his body, when she heard the song she looked up at him with tears in her eyes, "I love this song."

Max smiled, "I know, my love."

The Antarians stood to the side and watched the three couples dance, most of them enjoyed the music, even though very few of them understood the english words. Larek had connected with Max to give him the Antarian language. Max in turn connected with the rest of the group, so that they also would be able to understand Antarian. This also gave them an advantage, they could speak english when they wanted to speak privately in front of others.

At the end of the song Michael walked out and Max twirled Liz to him, he pulled her close and another Sarah McLachlan song "I Love You" played. Liz was so happy to dance in the arms of her loves. The Antarians were pleased that the King was happy with his mate. They were also intrigued with the slow dancing, several men had escorted their mates onto the floor and tried the dance.

Later in the evening, Zulis led Liz to King Zan and Commander Rath, "My King, the queen is tired and should return to her rooms. She is starting to look exhausted." Liz thought about kicking him in the shin, but she knew that he wouldn't feel it and she would just hurt her foot. The truth was, she was exhausted but she could make those decisions for herself.

Max turned to Liz concerned, "Michael will take you and I will join you soon. I have to stay until my mother is ready to leave, but Zulis is right you should get your rest."

"I'm fine Max"

Michael stepped up to add his support, "Zulis is right you look tired, and you will have to get up in a couple of hours to feed Leah. It is time for you to rest."

"Fine, I'll go to bed." She suddenly got a smile on her face and turned to Michael.

Michael grinned down at her, "Not going to happen angel, you're going to go to sleep."

Max pulled Liz into his arms and kissed her. Liz took Michael's arm and let him lead her out of the ball, with Zulis following. She was determined to change Michael's mind. She didn't know that Michael was just as determined to make sure that she rested, of course, he always forgets how persuasive she can be.

When she whispered in his ear, "I'll sleep much better with you inside of me, my love." He knew what she said was true, not only for her but for himself also.

Juran had returned Leah to her parent's room only moments before Michael and Liz entered. He exited quickly when he saw that they hadn't noticed him and were reaching for each other's clothes.

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I just wanted to thank you guys for all of the feedback. As far as what's up with Zulis and is he the one mentioned in the prophecy. My lips are sealed. You'll know in the next couple of parts. I have a small part ready, but I was thinking that I would wait to post it until I have part 27 ready.

Maxzhot - This is my first fan fiction. I started another one this morning that kind of popped into my head. I haven't posted it, I like to have a lot of the story written and then I can go over each part to make sure that it works as a story and has somewhere to go. It's a M/L/Z story, that takes place from the moment Liz blasts Tess into the wall at Michael's apartment. And it totally changes what happened in Season 2. I'm sure that you all know what I mean. I still haven't watched that scene, it makes me nauseous just to think about it.

Once again thank you for all of the feedback.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: Ladylou, the touching thing. They kind of figured out on their own from things that were said to them , and when Zulis wouldn't shake Liz's hand.

Part 26

Max and Michael had left the council chambers to join their family and friends for lunch, just like they did every day. The sight that Max and Michael came upon should have sent them into a killing frenzy, but they just looked at each other trying to figure out why they weren't bothered. Alex and Kyle were prepared to hold Max and Michael back when they saw Liz. Both were amazed when Max and Michael stood there calmly.

Zulis and Malal were always eager to play the games with the children, especially Zulis. They caught on to Liz's way of playing the games quickly. Malal usually sat out of the games that required contact with the adults, but Zulis was enjoying the games. Liz had been trying to keep the ball away from everyone, but the only ones that she was able to keep it from were the kids. Everyone was just so much taller than she was, so she wrapped her body around the ball and refused to give it to anyone.

Liz was having a blast, the kids had all piled on top of her and were trying to pry the ball from her hands. Zulis had come over and pulled the kids off of her and proceeded to pick her and the ball up and run to the goal line. He was very proud of his ingenuity. Being around the queen and her children made him forget that he shouldn't touch her.

Liz felt that Max and Michael were close and was concerned that they might get angry at another man's hands on her, she jerked out of her balled up position and jumped to the ground. Only to see Max and Michael walking calmly towards her, and Alex and Kyle walking behind them looking like they were ready to jump them at any time. Zulis also saw his King, and dropped to his knees afraid that he had gone too far. The kids thought he wanted to wrestle.

Liz ran to Max and Michael, she threw herself on Max running her fingers along his face soothing him. Her touch always calmed them almost immediately.

Max kissed Liz and pulled back, "Zulis shouldn't be touching you."

Liz was amazed, that was it, that was all he had to say, "You aren't angry? Why aren't you angry?"

Max and Michael both shrugged, "Good question!"

Liz giggled, "Well, maybe I'll get mad. I thought that I had them with that move maybe you should at least jail him for daring to thwart my well laid out plans to win."

Both Max and Michael looked at her with raised eyebrows, Michael chuckled, "You're a blood thirsty little thing aren't you."

Michael walked toward Zulis, who was being jumped on by most of the children. The only children not jumping on him were Matthew, Allie and Emma, they were hugging him and stroking his face. It looked like they could feel his anxiety and were trying to make him feel better.

Max and Liz followed Michael with their arms around each other. Michael put his hand out to Zulis to help him up, but was attacked from behind by Liz. She knocked him to his knees and all of the children swarmed him. All of the children started yelling, "Say uncle, say uncle". Michael roared like a lion and pulled Liz under him where he proceeded to tickle her, while the children jumped on him.

Liz whispered to Michael and the next thing that Max knew he was on the ground with Michael and Liz sitting on him. They held him down long enough for the children to jump on him and then Liz and Michael moved away to kiss.

Max managed to turn the children's attention back to Michael, so that he and Liz could have a minute together.

Max smiled down at her, "You're amazing. How did Michael and I ever get this lucky?" He kissed Liz once more and looked around for Zulis, he noticed that Michael had beaten him to easing Zulis' mind or so he hoped. He went over to join them.

Michael and Zulis were discussing the number of guards that were assigned to Liz and the children and their schedules.

Max walked over and patted Zulis on the back, "Zulis, I want to talk with you about Liz." Zulis nodded expecting to be removed from guarding the royal family. Max continued, "You have been wonderful for the children and Liz while we are away from them all day, and we want you to know that we appreciate it."

Zulis shook his head, "No King Zan, I should beg your forgiveness. I should not have been so bold as to pick her up like that."

Max laughed, "Zulis you didn't do anything wrong. She's a tease and needs to have her plans messed up once in a while. Keeps her on her toes, you know." Zulis had no idea what he meant, but he nodded his head like he did.

Max did wonder though, 'How does Liz and Zulis tolerate each others touch? And why are Michael and I so accepting of it.'

Now that Liz had more time on her hands, since the maids sat in the room with the children while they napped. Liz enjoyed introducing Zulis and Malal to Earth entertainment, when they got off of duty.

Liz had Larek connect with several of her guards that she felt were special, and they were given an understanding of the english language. There were five guards that were with Liz and the children during the day and they were the ones that she thought were special to her and her children. Juran because of Leah, Zulis and Malal because they had been privy to her most embarrassing moment and they were with her almost everyday, and Zarin and Sunar because they spent so much time playing with the children.

Malal was to be bonded in a couple of weeks, so he would not be guarding the children and her for a month. He and his mate would use that month getting to know one another, and Juran would take his place. Zulis would not talk about whether he was mated or not. Liz didn't push him.

Liz talked Zulis and Malal into watching a movie with her when they were preparing to leave their post one late afternoon. Max and Michael walked into the TV room to find Zulis and Malal sitting in chairs watching Star Wars. Liz was laying on a couch not too far from them trying not to giggle. Max and Michael stood there watching Zulis and Malal dodge and weave as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo fought the Imperial guards. Liz noticed them and went over to them, she pulled their heads down to her mouth, I've tried explaining that it's not real. But they just don't understand. If we had the Critter movie, maybe they would understand. They think that Earth is very powerful. Max and Michael smiled at that thought and at how silly the guards looked. Liz was looking forward to watching Star Trek next time. Liz was enjoying giving her guards a piece of her home, Max and Michael were happy that it made her happy.


Liz and Michael made plans to fly to visit his parent's house, Max decided not to go. He felt that one parent should remain close to the children. It was decided that the children would stay at the King's Home, and would visit at another time. They had only been on Antar for a little less than five months and they were still uncertain about the stability of their government.

Leah was now five months old and could go longer without breast feeding, so she would feed her for longer than normal so that she could last until she returned home later that day and express milk to put in sipper cups in case she was delayed. Besides Juran had jumped at the opportunity to spend the day taking care of Leah, he would be there to soothe her. Leah had begun to try pureed food and a sippy cup during the day, and Juran would have the pleasure of feeding Leah for once.

Michael decided that they would only take one guard, Zulis, and three guards would remain with the children at all times, in addition to Juran. Liz and Michael enjoyed spending time with his parents. Valax had visited at least once a month and had gotten to know the children and Liz well.

Valax and Kirath gave Michael the things that were his in his former life, and told Liz lots of stories about their Rath. After an hour, a shuttle was sent to bring Michael back early. Michael didn't like the idea of leaving Liz, but Zulis would see to her safety. Once again, Michael questioned himself about why he felt okay with leaving Liz with Zulis.

Max and Michael had both recognised that Zulis was acting just like Michael had in college, they just didn't think that another bond was a good thing. Two bonds were definitely plenty for Liz, and Liz didn't show any interest. Max pointed out to Michael that he didn't think Liz had an interest in him, until Max himself had accepted the possibility and saw the flashes. So neither of them talked about it anymore, because they didn't want to share their Liz with anyone else at least not yet. But both of them were not totally against the bond, especially with the prophecy continuing to echo in their heads.

Michael left after talking to Zulis, and kissing Liz until she was ready to pass out. Liz talked Valax and Kirath into telling her the more interesting stories that parents always had of their children. Liz was going to have so much fun teasing Michael. Valax and Kirath were sad to see Liz go, she was so bubbly and they were not used to people being that way but they liked it. They had grown to love the tiny woman who had captured their son's heart. It made them feel good, and they were happy that their son had found her.

Zulis followed Liz into the shuttle. She had hugged Valax and Kirath and promised to bring the children next time. They could never remember feeling this happy.

Zulis moved the shuttle into the air and headed toward the King's home. Less than half way into their flight home Zulis almost let go of the controls when he felt Liz's breath on his ear. She had moved forward to watch him fly the shuttle.

"Please sit down, my Queen", her closeness was starting to affect his body and he didn't want her to notice.

"Teach me to fly, Zulis", he turned to look at her face.

She had a huge grin on her face, and he couldn't stop the smile from spreading across his own face, "Why don't you ask your mates to teach you?"

"They're busy, and now is a perfect opportunity. Please, please, please teach me."

"Take a seat."

As Liz moved toward the seat beside Zulis. But she was thrown across the the cabin when the shuttle shook violently. Someone had fired at the shuttle and had hit it's mark. Liz was knocked unconscious, and Zulis was doing his best not to crash the shuttle.

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: Here is the answer about whether it's Zulis or not. *big*
Jendansuer - That was an interesting enterpretation, but you'll just have to read and see. *tongue*

Part 27

Zulis managed to land them with out too much jumbling around and he had managed to transmit for help. What he didn't expect was to see the men with weapon's heading their way so quickly. He grabbed a black sack with a roll and his weapons attached to it. He picked Liz up and out of the shuttle. He started running for the trees, the men were shooting at them and had hit several trees around them. He did manage to throw the men off of their trail. Zulis moved them up a hillside where he located an old hidden rebel cave. Zulis knew this area well, he had been stationed here while fighting Khivar's army. He laid Liz in the cave and covered the entrance back up. Picking Liz back up, he carried her as far back into the cave as they could go. He held her in his arms and then sat down listening to the men searching for them. Zulis was terrified for his queen, she had a nasty cut on her head and bump that was getting bigger by the second. Zulis heard several of the men mention the queen and he knew that this was a set up to get the queen. Zulis tightened his hold on her. He would die before they could take her. As time passed the temperature started to drop.

Zulis wanted to heal Liz, but if he connected to her he wouldn't be able to control himself. He concentrated on trying to contact his King or the Commander, anyone. He felt a presence in his mind and knew it was his king, he let him know what was happening. Max knew that if Zulis was a match to Liz, and if he connected to heal her they would bond.

Max turned to Michael, "He has to heal her, I can barely feel her." Michael nodded.

They both concentrated on Zulis, and sent their instructions.

Zulis took the bed roll and placed Liz into the blankets carefully.

Zulis took off his vest and laid it over the bed roll. He slid into the bed roll and sealed the seams together. Pulling Liz into his arms, he placed both of his large hands on the sides of her face. His mind left his body and entered hers, searching for her injuries and repairing them as he moved through her. Her eyes fluttered open and stared into his eyes.

Liz moved her hand up to cover his, "What happened?"

"We were attacked. Someone is after you. We are hidden in a cave, waiting for your mates to rescue us."

"You healed me didn't you?" Liz had moved her other hand up and was caressing Zulis's face. She could feel him.

"Zulis, I can feel you. Not just your body next to me, I can feel what you are feeling. Why do I feel you?"

Zulis lowered his eyes, "I had to connect with you to heal you."

"It's more than that isn't it? I can feel Max and Michael, and they are agreeing to us bonding." Liz moved her hand to his neck and stroked his shoulders, "Zulis, I wouldn't be able to touch you if my mates didn't agree to it and were mine. How long have you known that I belong to you?"

Zulis laid his forehead on top of her head, trying to control his body, "Since that first day when my hand touched yours when I took the child from you."

"Oh, Zulis", Liz was humbled, "Zulis, make me yours. Max and Michael have agreed to our bond, they had already figured out that I was your match. Will you bond with me Zulis?"

Liz pulled her dress over her head and was pushing Zulis's pants off of his hips when he lost his control and rolled her under him. She continued pushing on his pants until they were off of him. He wanted inside of her, but he wanted it to be special for her.

Oh God, he was a dead man. Zulis was having trouble breathing, "My queen, I would love nothing more than to bond with you. You are so beautiful, so wonderful." He had waited for 48 years for his match, his only hesitation was how he could share her with the mates that she already had and how his King and his Commander would react.

Zulis kissed her eyes and laid his forehead against hers, "My queen, this is too great an honor. I do not have to complete the bonding."

Liz put her fingers over his mouth, "Zulis, you know that we already started the bond when you healed me and if you don't complete it we will both be miserable. I can't tell you that I love you, but I can tell you that my mates have felt your need for me. And Max and Michael have accepted you. I am sure that with time I will love you as much as I love them. When we bond I want to hear you say my name. My name is Liz."

Zulis put his lips on hers tentatively, Liz ran her tongue across his lips. Zulis felt the touch of her tongue shoot through him like a very strong power. He moved his hands to her neck and held her so that he could touch every inch of her face and neck with his mouth. He would not be able to move very far down because of the restrictions of the bed roll. He bent down and kissed a woman's breast for the first time in his life, while Liz spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She didn't think that he would be able to bring himself to actually go through with the bonding. She reached down and moved his erection to her moist heat, and raised her hips to bring him in just a little. This was his undoing, he moved his hands to her hips and surged into her. He was only able to get half of his erection in, he pulled back and thrust forward again embedding himself fully.

Liz attempted to move her hips and felt Zulis' hands hold her still, "Please....please don't move yet....I just need....a second."

Liz ran her hands through Zulis' hair while he kissed her neck and face. He started moving in and out slowly with short thrusts.

Liz threw her head back, arching her back, "Oh god Zulis...yess".

His strokes became longer and faster. The heat and power coming off of them was immense. He had never felt anything like this, she was so incredibly tight. The friction so unbelievable. He pumped in and out of her, deep and fast. He knew that he couldn't last long. She could tell that he was about to release his life essence into her, she pulled his mouth to hers to keep either of them from crying out.

The power exploded like fireworks in both of their heads and warmed both of them completely. Neither of them were aware that Max and Michael had the same explosion in their heads at that very moment. Zulis released her mouth, "Liz, Liz, I'm a dead man."

Liz giggled, "You aren't a dead man, my mates are not overjoyed but they are not unhappy. They're just as confused as you about how this will work. They will come around, they love me too much. I'm just trying to figure out what I'm to do with another mate. None of us thought that that prophecy was real. I don't think that you will be comfortable with sleeping in the bed with the three of us and I hate being away from them. It is so hard when they are away from me during the day. But I know that I don't want to have you stay away either."

Zulis nodded, "I have slept alone for 48 years."

Liz was taken aback, "Is that your age?"

Zulis nodded, "What is your age?"

Liz smiled and snuggled into his neck, "I'm a baby compared to you, I'm almost 24." Zulis had known that she was young, but she was just a baby.

Liz felt him growing again, "It would appear that my mate wants me again. Take me my Zulis."

Zulis liked to hear her say he was her mate, his voice was breathless, "Your mate? Oh my beloved, my mate, my life. I can not believe that I have you finally."

As he moved in and out of her he whispered, "Liz, my Liz" over and over again in her ear. They were in the cave until the late evening, Zulis had made love to her almost non stop, he couldn't bring himself to withdraw from her. When Liz told him that she could feel the King and Commander getting close, he warmed her dress and dressed himself. She stayed in the bed roll and Zulis picked her up in his arms. Then held her against him and waited for his King to find them. Max and Michael found the cave at the same time and rushed in. Max took her from Zulis and cradled Liz in his arms. Michael moved up and wrapped his arms around them, crushing Liz between them. While still holding her, Michael and Max turned to Zulis.

Max spoke first, "Thank you, we will figure this out. If it had been anyone else, she could be dead."

Michael clasped Zulis's shoulder, "We owe you a debt, and some time alone with our mate. But first we need to be close to her."

Max said quietly, "We need to get you home to the children they are worried."

Liz looked at Max concerned, and then glanced at Zulis from lowered lashes, "Oh, we should hurry. My babies need me. "

Zulis had not even thought of children, but the idea of his Liz giving him children like she already had given her other mates was very appealing to him.


They returned to the King's home, and Michael asked Zulis to arrange to have his things moved into a chamber close to theirs. Max, Liz and Michael had tried to figure out the logistics of this situation. They were all in love with each other, but Zulis might feel uncomfortable with the arrangement that they had now. Max and Michael decided that the final decisions would be made after they had Liz home safely and they had thouroghly loved every inch of her body.

The children had been unable to sleep with their mommy missing and the babies were crying to be fed by their mommy. Liz took care of the youngest first, while Max and Michael soothed the older children. Luckily, Leah had Juran to keep her happy, but even he was almost to a breaking point when Liz walked through the door.

Once all of the children were fed, happier and asleep, Max and Michael led Liz to their room. Max and Michael both noticed the power when they were making love to her. The power had not been this strong before she bonded to Zulis. Even though it had increased after her bonding to Michael. It made them start believing in the prophecy, it was time to study it in earnest now.

Max and Michael made love to Liz most of the night and stayed with her the next day. The issue of how to deal with bringing Zulis into their realtionship had not been addressed yet. They spent time with their children and bathed them together.

As they were putting the children in bed, Matthew, Allie and Emma all asked, "Where is daddy Zulis? Will he kiss us goodnight too?"

Both men were amazed at their children and smiled at Liz, Max kissed her lightly, "You had better get Zulis in here to kiss his children goodnight."

Liz walked into the room that Zulis had moved his things into, he was putting his things into his closet.

She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him, "My Zulis, our children want their other daddy to kiss them goodnight."

Zulis turned around and pulled Liz to him, "The King and Commander's children want my touch?"

Liz smiled, "They are a part of you now too and they want their daddy's kiss."

Zulis pulled her up to his mouth and kissed her. He was numb from what this tiny woman had brought to his life, he allowed her to lead him to the children's room. She took him to each bed, where he knelt and kissed each child's cheek. As he stroked each child's head, he was almost moved to tears by the feelings of love coming from each child.

Max put his arm around Liz and turned to Zulis, "We need to talk."

Zulis's face fell and his head lowered, in what Liz could have sworn was fear, "Yes, your majesty."

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Thanks for all of the feedback, I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. I thought the prophecy prepared you guys for a third. As far as future conflicts go, I'm not talking and no one can make me.

kittens - breathe deeply and count to ten, it'll work out. The Max in my story doesn't mind sharing as long as Liz is happy. At least my Max didn't sleep with that lying skanky, murderous ***** *big* , or break Liz's heart over and over again. Of course, that Liz isn't blameless either. So cheer up and think happy thoughts.

I managed to save my data today. My computer crashed, I don't know if it was the downloader-w virus that managed to get on to my computer or something else. I have online virus protection, but even that isn't full proof (obviously). Luckily, I was able to do a system recovery without losing my data. I really didn't want to have to re-write the rest of this story, or try to remember what I had written on the other story that I've started. Talk about a tense morning, and trying to find the diskette with my ethernet driver nearly drove me crazy. I now have all of my disks in one place, the cd's were easy, its those silly diskettes that seem to get lost. What drove me crazy was that I was able to download the driver onto my husband's laptop, and then I find out that the stupid thing doesn't have an A: drive and of course he only has a cd reader. Since when did they stop putting disk drives into laptop's. My son's computer has a password on it so I couldn't use it, probably so I can't see where he's been on the internet *wink* , and my daughter's isn't hooked up to the network. *sad* What a nightmare!!!!!!

On the upside, I did get to see Star Wars, I'm still trying to decide if I liked it. I'll have to see it again and again to decide. *wink*

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TITLE: Meant to Be
RATING: NC-17 , M/L, M/L/Mi, and other surprises
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned the rights to Roswell, but I don't (boohoo)
SUMMARY: This is a post EOTW to future AU fic. I can't really summarize it without giving away the story. This is a fluffy story, I needed some warm fuzzies in Roswell.

AUTHOR NOTE: Sorry that it took so long to get this out. The next one shouldn't take as long. I hope that you enjoy. It isn't as long as it normally is, but it's another part. Thanks.

Part 28

Liz didn't know that Zulis feared that he wouldn't be allowed to touch her again. Michael led the way to the King's sitting room, Max and Liz behind him. Michael sat down on the couch and Liz sat next to him, with Max on her other side. Zulis stood looking uncertain.

Liz got up to reassure him. She placed her hand on his chest, "Zulis please sit down, they aren't going to hurt you or keep you from me. We just need to figure this out."

Zulis's heart beat sped up when Liz touched him, and Michael and Max could feel it. That suprised them.

Max smiled encouragement to Zulis as Liz came back over to sit with him and Michael, "Zulis to be honest this is as hard for us and it is for you. With Michael and me it was easier because we knew each other, but we don't really know you. We respect you, and trust you. It's just that we were raised on different planets. So what the three of us can accept in ourselves, you may not. I'm just hoping that you will be of the same mind as us and will do whatever it takes to make Liz happy."

Max turned to Liz laughing, "Good Lord Liz three husbands, who would have ever thought I would allow it."

Michael chuckled and pulled Liz into him, "I think that she can actually handle it, of course, you realise you are going to spend a lot of time in bed." Liz smiled up at Michael and caressed his cheek.

Michael turned to Zulis, "We are trying to figure out the sleeping arrangement, the three of us are very happy and comfortable with each other. We are not embarrassed to touch each other or to please each other. Do you have a problem with that?"

Zulis was clueless, "Do you mean that you and my King are okay with pleasuring each other?"

Michael nodded, "That's what I mean."

Zulis thought for a moment and then smiled, "Actually, it doesn't bother me. There aren't a lot of multiple bonds, so knowledge of what is normal is not widely known. It could be that the queen's....."

Liz jumped up startling Zulis and went over to him, "Liz, say Liz"

Zulis accepted her sitting on his lap and was aroused by her closeness, "...Lizz, Liz, uhmm, Liz, oh.... it could be Liz's strong desire for each of you that allowed your minds to be open to something that you would never have considered before. I don't know if her desire for me is strong enough for you to accept me. But I can feel her desire for you two and I am not repulsed by the thought of touching either of you." Michael and Max smiled when they felt Zulis's strong desire for Liz, and they could feel Liz's as soon as she sat on his lap.

Max turned to Zulis, "You need to open yourself to her, because we can certainly feel her desire for you and it's making me want to take your clothes off right here, right now."

Michael nodded his agreement, "Well I guess that settles that." Zulis was speechless, it amazed him that they could accept him that easily.

Liz stood up and led Zulis to their chamber, he was really nervous. He had never been intimate with anyone before yesterday and these two had been pleasuring Liz for years. Michael and Max came into the room behind them. Michael walked over to Zulis and helped him remove his vest, while Max removed Liz's dress.

Zulis's sharp intake of breath brought everyone's attention to him, "She's breathless, this is my first sight of her." Michael and Max moved back while Liz moved into Zulis's arms, he seemed to be content to just hold her in reverance.

He looked up at Max and Michael, "Is this how it felt for you the first time?" They both nodded.

Zulis continued, "It's like a flame is being lit in my chest and my skin has been set on fire."

Max and Michael moved forward to wrap Zulis and Liz in their arms. Max reached down and lifted Liz to encircle Zulis's waist with her legs. Michael had to steady him, he was being overwhelmed by the emotions and feelings that she was causing in him. Max pulled Liz back to lean on his chest, her legs still wrapped around Zulis, Max started massaging her breasts and kissing her. Michael leaned down and ran his mouth over her stomach and once in a while would flick her clitoris with his tongue, his tongue also hitting Zulis's stomach. Zulis jumped from the jolt of energy shooting through him everytime Michael touched her so intimately with his tongue.

Zulis moved his hand to her moist center and touched her, marveling at the increase in her moans when he stroked her a certain way.

Michael reached under Liz and unfastened Zulis's pants and lowered them so that he could step out of them. Michael had already removed his clothes and had helped Max remove his. Michael then took Zulis's erection in his hand and Max lifted Liz away from him enough that Michael could position him at Liz's center. Michael's hand slid down his length as he entered her and then moved his hand out of the way. Michael then showed Zulis how to only move in her a little so that Michael could pull her clit into his mouth. She exploded as soon as Michael touched her, Michael moved and Zulis slid into her completely. Max thought that he looked like he was going to cry, and he understood his feelings. Zulis started moving faster, and watched as Michael reached forward to massage her center with his hand. Zulis exploded when he felt Liz's walls squeeze tightly and then pulse around him.

Michael took Liz in his arms and laid her on the bed. He laid down and pulled her on top of him and lowered her onto his erection, Max left the room for a second and came back with something in his hand. He lubricated his erection and slid into her other opening. Zulis was fascinated, he didn't even know that this could be done. He wanted to try this sometime. Zulis laid beside them and pulled Liz's face over to him for a kiss.

Zulis leaned up to watch as Max moved in and out of Liz, it was then that he felt her mouth on him. She pulled him into her mouth, he was rock hard in seconds. Michael and Max could feel Zulis's almost choking wonder at the feelings of the first blow job. Liz did this little tongue swirling thing that sent you over the top. They all four climaxed together, feeling like a bomb had gone off inside of them.

After their explosive orgasm they were completely drained. Liz collapsed on Michael and Max moved to their side. Max curled around them, but Zulis laid on his side facing Michael and Liz. He took Liz's hand in his and fell asleep.

Zulis and Liz woke up first, Zulis was watching her sleep. She smiled at him when she saw that he was awake. She pulled herself off of Michael and moved into Zulis's arms.

Liz got out of bed and pulled him into the shower and showed him how to make love to her in the shower.

After they climaxed Liz whispered in his ear, "I love you Zulis. If you hadn't been able to accept Max and Michael then I don't know if I could have loved you, but I do love you and I hope that I can give you children soon."

Zulis's heart soared, he never dreamed that she could love him and desire to give him children.

Zulis was becoming aroused again, he bent put kisses all over her face, he then heard, "Hey move over we've got children to dress and feed."

Liz could feel Zulis growing in her, she started moving up and down and brought his attention back to her. After their orgasm washed over them Max and Michael helped to wash Liz. Zulis had gone to the other room to get clothing for himself, while Max, Michael and Liz dressed.

When Zulis returned to the room, Max asked him to sit down, "We need to discuss your new responsibilities. As a mate and father, you will probably agree with me, Liz and the children come first. And even though you haven't experienced childbirth, our children see you as their father."

Zulis nodded as he watched Michael and Liz walk into the room and take a seat.

Michael took up his mantle as Commander, "You need to have another guard assigned to your post, someone that you completely trust. You will see to Liz and the children's safety at all times."

"Yes sir"

"Zulis, my name is Michael. This isn't an order, it's a reality. If something happened to Liz, none of us would be able to go on with a complete life. We might be here for the children, but we wouldn't be a complete person. There are still people that want us dead."

They all went across the hall and dressed the children, then ate breakfast with them. Zulis stuck by Liz, learning how to dress a squirming, full of energy child.


"Is everything in place?"

"No sir, we haven't been able to get any of our men into the royal guard. King Zan and Commander Rath are fanatical about their queen and children's safety. The guards are always with them, and all of them are loyal to Zan. They are also fiercely loyal to the queen. I don't understand how they can want to protect that pitiful human and her children. They make a mockery of our throne."

"Many do not agree with us, but they can be made to see it our way. If not they can be punished. Have you been able to get the details for the secret passages in the King's palace?"

"Once again, we haven't."

"Don't fail me again, I expect a better report from you next time. They have to make a mistake sometime. They will eventually feel safe and will let their guard down, that is when we will strike even if it takes years."

"Yes sir."
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Author's Note: Awww shucks, guys. You're going to make me blush with all of this wonderful feedback. Here's another part for you, I'm not really happy with it but the story must go on.

Part 29

Zulis took the order from his King literally. He was very serious about following orders.

Zulis met with Terasta and arranged tutoring for Matthew, Allie and Emma to begin immediately. He had her arrange instructors to show them how to use their powers. He pulled the maids aside and instructed them on play time for Leah and the twins. Even though this was not how Antarian children were raised he liked it and wanted the children to have a lot of play time.

Zulis was actually a big help in knowing exactly what the older children required, he had just never felt comfortable with speaking to Liz about their needs.

Max and Michael sent word that they would have to miss today's lunch they had a few problems that needed to be dealt with.

Liz was excited that she and Zulis would have some time alone when the children napped. They laid the children down after lunch and Zulis proceeded to sit in a chair in the children's room. Liz had tried to talk Zulis into taking her to their chambers several times, but he told her that her and the children's safety was his responsibility.

Liz was beyond frustrated at this time, "Zulis what are you doing?"

He turned to her, "I am protecting you and our children."

Liz stamped her foot, "Zulis get up and come with me, there are two guards outside of this door that you can instruct to protect the children."

He shook his head, "It is my responsibility, you can nap on my lap or with one of the children."

Liz turned to exit the room to go to the King's chamber, "Fine but you don't know what you are missing by being so stubborn, and how can you protect me if I'm across the hall."

Zulis couldn't believe that she was disobeying her king, "Liz, you are not to leave this room!"

Liz threw her shoulder's back and lifted her head up high, "Watch me!" She then exited the room as quickly as possible, startling the guards at the door. They watched their queen run across the hall and slam the door behind her. She had left a stunned Zulis staring at the door, he couldn't believe that anyone would disobey his king.


Liz entered her bedchamber, she couldn't stay angry at any of her mates. Zulis was only doing what he thought was best. Liz giggled thinking about how she was going to make him squirm.

Liz was actually very tired, she pulled her dress over her head and laid on the bed. She started sending thoughts to Zulis, very erotic thoughts.

Max and Michael were actually pleased that Liz was being so frustrated by Zulis, they were looking forward to a Liz full of sexual energy tonight.

Zulis was getting more and more uncomfortable. He couldn't stand the thought of Liz being alone in the room across the hall. He finally gave in and told one of the guards to sit in the room to protect the children. He needed to protect his queen.

Zulis walked into the room to find Liz sleeping. He was stunned by the beauty of her laying naked on the bed. He removed his clothing and laid beside her.

Liz automatically moved closer to him. He ran his hand down her arm, just enjoying the feel of her smooth skin. He had wanted to touch her skin for so long.

Zulis then ran his fingers through her hair, it was as soft as he thought that it would be. Liz had woken up when he stroked her arm, she wanted to see what he would do. He finally pushed her to her back and moved off of the bed, and walked to the end.

Zulis stood there looking down at her, then bent over and moved her legs apart. He moved closer to her center, and ran his fingers lightly over her. She couldn't pretend anymore, she moaned loudly. He felt her moisture build up with his touch, the more he ran his finger up and down her center the wetter she got.

Zulis leaned in and ran his tongue up and down her center, he had watched Michael kiss her there last night and he wanted to taste her too. Her taste was unbelievable, he wanted more. He moved his hand higher to caress her stomach as he pulled her clitoris into his mouth, he pulled on it very lightly. He could feel Liz's pleasure from what he was doing, and this pleased him. He moved up her body exploring her stomach with his mouth. When he reached her breasts, he ran his tongue along the underside and then around the top. He went in a spiral until he reached her peak and sucked her nipple into his mouth. He then traveled to the other and started the process all over again.

Liz was panting at this point, "Zulis you're killing me, please I need you inside me."

Zulis ignored her pleas for the moment, he moved to the her neck and collarbone and then he reached her face, "Do you know how wonderful you taste? I could do this all day."

Liz moaned. Zulis's erection hit her center and her body tried to follow it.

Zulis smiled, "My pleasure is not important, what do you want my beloved?"

Liz was having trouble breathing, "Please don't make me beg Zulis, I want you in me. I want to feel you move in and out until I scream."

Zulis whispered in her ear, "I hear and obey, my beloved." He entered her fully and then held himself there. He leaned up and held her face in his hand, "Look at me my beloved I want to watch you scream my name. I have waited too long to not do this slowly and to not enjoy this fully."

Liz stared into his black eyes as he started to move. He moved slowly at first, then increased his rhythm. Liz orgasmed, but Zulis kept moving. He moved faster and faster, making longer and harder strokes.

Liz climaxed again just as she felt him explode inside of her. He captured her mouth as if his life depended on it.

Zulis held his weight with his elbows so that he wouldn't crush his tiny beloved mate, and ran his face along her neck memorizing her scent, "If I died tomorrow, I will die a happy man."

Liz grabbed his face in concern, "Zulis, I love you. Don't talk of death."

Zulis moved down her body and laid his head on her stomach, nuzzling his nose along her sensitive skin.

Zulis smiled and turned to Liz, "I hope you are ready for more children because it will be soon."

Liz looked suprised, "You can tell when I can conceive."

Zulis smiled into her stomach, "Yes, my beloved, and it will be soon that you conceive my child. I never thought that I would have this, I thought that my match had perished before I could find her. And then when I found my match, she already had two mates, and her mates were my king and his second."

Liz pulled Zulis's face up to hers, "Zulis, my love, I admit that I probably wouldn't have bonded with you if the need had not arisen, but I'm glad that it did. And I've always heard that everything happens for a reason, You, Max and Michael were all matched to me as mates for some reason. I don't know if we will ever know why, but I know that I'm going to enjoy this for as long as I live."

They lay in each other's embrace for a few minutes when Zulis broke the silence, "Beloved, I have decided that I will not join you in the King's chamber tonight."

Liz was concerned that last night had bothered him in some way, "Oh Zulis, if we offended...."

Zulis covered her mouth with his fingers, "Beloved, it has nothing to do with you or your mates. I was aware that the three of you slept together and enjoyed last night very much. I have decided that I can enjoy time with you during the day, when your other mates can not. The evening should be for them. I have you now, and I can join you guys once in a while. And we will all be with you when you carry our children. "

Liz understood, "How did you become so wise and patient?" Liz giggled, "Oh that's right, it comes with your wisened old age."

Zulis had never been called old in his life, "Beloved, do you think me old?"

Liz realised that he wasn't going to be easy to tease, "Well after a few moments ago I can't say your too old for me, can I?" Liz began kissing his neck and moving down his body. She ran her tongue over his nipples, flicking them back and forth. Then lightly biting down on them, then licking them again to soothe them. Zulis was rock hard as soon as she kissed his chest. He didn't want to continue to sleep alone, but he knew that it was the right thing to do for now. Zan and Rath had been very accomodating, but like his king had said they don't really know him. So he wanted to give them the time to gradually let him in, instead of feeling like he's here we have to let him in for our mate. He wanted their love too. They obviously loved each other and he wanted what they had, so if time is what was needed he would give them that.

Zulis had been thinking and gasped when he felt his Liz wrap her hand around his erection. She ran her tongue around the rounded top, licking away his precum. She wrapped her lips around the end and created a vacuum, then ran her lips and tongue down one side. Zulis was already overstimulated when she touched him with her hand, but her mouth on him was too much. He tried to pull her up his body, but she pulled out of his arms.

Liz straddled his hips and raised up on her knees. He watched as she reached down and raised his erection, he then watched as it slowly disappeared as she lowered herself onto him. The feeling of her incredibly tight passage slowly swallowing his length was so intense. He had never seen anything so beautiful as this tiny beloved woman lowering herself onto him.

Liz reached up and massaged her own breasts as she started to move on him. His hands went to her hips to help guide her rhythm, he felt two other people in the room. He looked up and saw Zan and Rath watching Liz move on him.

Rath smiled at Zulis, "She's amazing isn't she, I will never get enough of watching her pleasured."

Zan agreed, "She's stunning. I wish that we had time to join you, we just had to see her. We felt her pleasure and we needed to see."

Liz turned, "You can at least kiss me my loves."

Max and Michael moved to do her bidding. Max framed her face with his hands as she continued to move, and lightly kissed her then deepened it searching for her tongue. Michael nuzzled her neck and stroked her clitoris from the other side, Liz turned and attacked his lips.

She whispered to both, "I love you and Zulis says that soon we will conceive a child." Both men beamed.

Max looked at Michael, "We need to get back. Zulis take care of our love." Zulis pulled her down to kiss him like she had her other mates, she gladly obliged him.


Earlier that day as Michael and Max were preparing to go to lunch with their family, Larek approached them, "Your majesty, I have some startling information. Someone has been trying to access the data files for the King's residence. I don't know if you have been told, but this place is riddled with secret passages. Some are in the data files, but some were known only to the King and his descendants. The ones in the data files, do not lead to any of the Royal family's rooms but it could get a person closer to them."

Michael frowned with concern, "Do we know who trying to get access? Is there some way that we can trap them and find out?"

Larek nodded, "Alex has taken over that job, he has learned our systems very quickly. A brilliant man, he and our data scientist should be able to do something."

Max nodded, "He is definitely brilliant when it comes to computers, he's saved our butts numerous times."

Larek turned to Max, "I've heard that you promoted Zulis to the Royal Head Guard, and personal protector of the queen. You couldn't have picked a more devoted man."

"He has always shown that our mate's safety is important to him, and we are pleased to give him the recognition that he deserves. Also, the children adore him. He can protect Liz when we can not be there for her. We are considering moving him to the Queen's bedchamber. No one is using it, and it will make his protection of the queen less noticable. Would that be improper or would that cause a problem?"

Larek shook his head, "No, I will make it known that you are concerned for the queen's safety and an all day guard has been assigned to her."

"Thank you, Larek. Michael, send word to Liz that we have something to attend to and we will not make lunch today." Michael nodded to Max and left the room.

Max and Michael had decided that only the immediate family would be informed that Liz had bonded with Zulis. They were concerned about what would happen if the news got out. They were beginning to believe that the prophecy really was about them. The king and her other mates were made very powerful through their mutual bond with the queen. Max and Michael didn't want to tip off the traitors in their court, if they did actually have a secret weapon in their queen.

Max and Michael questioned Liz when Zulis did not join them that night, and she explained that he felt that this was their time, he had the day. Their respect and their love rose greatly with Zulis's selfless act. They could feel his longing while they made love to Liz that night, but they could also feel his resolve. For two weeks, Zulis made love to Liz during the day, then after putting the children to bed he returned to his room or joined his friends in the Royal Guard's common room. He could feel Max and Michael making love to his beloved and their need for him, but he remained where he was.


"Sir, I believe that I will have the data on the passages in a couple of days. I will try to get the data tonight. Larek is becoming suspicious, so I have to be careful. If I am caught they can link me to you very easily."

"Hmmm, you are right. Give your information to me, I will have someone else work on it." The codes that had been figured out were handed over. "Is this everything?"

"Yes sir, what are doing sirrrrr?" His words trailed off as he disintergrated.

"Getting rid of someone who can be linked to me."

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Okay, I have a question.

Do you want all of the guys to be with Liz during the next conception, or would you rather that only Zulis and Liz be together and Max and Michael go to his parents to explore each other? Just keep in mind that I'm not sure that I'm any good at writing slash.

I have it written both ways, but I can't decide which I prefer. The number of kids doesn't matter to me because it's so easy on Liz and she has so much help. Plus they all have so much love for the kids.

You decide for me. Thanks

posted on 28-May-2002 5:24:40 PM
LOL, yes I'll send it to you Linda. I knew what your vote would be, you had asked earlier if I was going to have M/Mi together. So, I can say that you were my inspiration for that part. But like WayLiz, I wasn't sure if it fit.
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Kittens, I can't even respond. I'm too busy ROTFLMAO.

No seriously, LOL, you've inspired me. I could come up with a second prophecy that has the whole royal guard mated to Liz. Just kidding, don't shoot me. (I'm hiding behind my couch in fear)

Actually, Max and Liz have a moment coming up. I'll even give them some more alone time just for you. Would you like Michael and Zulis to sit on the sidelines and watch? Or just the two of them alone?

Thanks for the feedback. You always seem to be able to make me laugh.

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Author's note: Okay guys this is the part that has the four together. I still need to proofread the other version before I let it go out. The story will follow the version with the four of them together.

I can post the other version or just send it to whoever wishes to read the other version. I can't promise to get the other version out until Sunday. I'm really busy today and I won't be home this weekend. I hope that you enjoy this part, and I hope that I got all of my mistakes out. Have a great weekend and I'm looking forward to reading all of your feedback.

Part 30

Zulis entered the King's chamber early every morning to watch them wake and make love before they left to eat with the children. They tried to get him to join, but he insisted that he wanted to watch them pleasure their Liz. They were beautiful to him. When his king and queen made love, they glowed. At least, to his eyes they did.

This morning he pulled Liz over to him and kissed his way down her body. He could sense that tomorrow would be the day that she conceived his child, and joy surged through him. His joy brought Max and Michael fully awake.

They watched as Zulis kissed Liz's stomach and then laid the side of his face on her wrapping his arms around her body.

Michael ran his finger's through Zulis's hair, "Are you okay Zulis?" Zulis nodded.

Max was a little concerned, "Is Liz okay Zulis?" Zulis nodded. Liz was stroking his hair and face.

Zulis leaned up to look her in her eyes, "Tomorrow you will carry my child, I feel so unworthy of this blessing."

Max and Michael were so relieved by his words, they moved closer to him and ran their hands up and down his back.

Max was moved by his feelings, "Zulis, Michael and I know exactly how you feel. We cried the first time Liz conceived our children, and the second time too. We were a little more stable the third time. You're right it is a blessing, one that we also never thought that we would have. That's one of the reasons that we haven't been concerned with preventing the conceptions."

Max and Michael kissed Liz. Max turned to Zulis and kissed him, "Thank you for being a part of our lives, and for considering our feelings about Liz."

Michael pulled Zulis to him and kissed him also, "Yes thank you. Max and I do love you Zulis."

They left Liz to soothe Zulis and to get ready for their day. Zulis finally let go of her after a few minutes and let her go shower, after he had kissed her senseless. Max and Michael helped her wash her hair and body, then made love to her in the shower.


Max put his hand out to stop Michael as they were walking to the Council chambers, "I've been working with the doctor's to come up with an inhibitor for Liz, but they won't give it to her until they know that they can reverse the effects. They're almost done with Tess and Isabel's, theirs was much easier to produce. How do you feel about that?"

Michael shrugged, "I don't know. You know that I love our children, but it would be nice to have a little more control over when they are conceived."

Max nodded, "I agree, we'll discuss it with Liz."

Max started walking and Michael followed.


Max was the first to wake the next morning and the sight of Liz was intoxicating, he needed her badly. He pulled her under him and slid into her before she had even woken up, as they exploded he saw his precious little girl with dark hair, amber eyes and protruding ears.

Michael reached for her and pulled her under him and slid into her, when they exploded he saw a little girl with long sandy brown hair and chocolate eyes.

Zulis had entered the room at this time and reached for Liz, he pulled her out from under Michael and sat her down on his erection. Then turned and laid her on the bed, he moved in and out of her fast and hard. He had never felt such a strong need for release. He exploded and saw himself holding the hand of a little brown haired boy and girl both with black eyes.

Liz felt tears hit her face, "Zulis, we are blessed my love." She turned to Max and Michael, and reached out her hand to them.

Max was so happy, "Wow, four?"

Liz smiled, "Three girls and a boy."

Zulis looked to Max, "Will you have the pods prepared?"

Max and Michael shook their heads, "Zulis, you get to experience your children. We don't put our children in pods. We prefer to nurture them ourselves, and I don't believe that Liz would allow the pods anyway. She loves her time with her babies and so do we."

Max smacked him on the back, "Oh Zulis my man, you are in for a treat before and after the babies are born. You'll see, she's insatiable. Well more than usual."

Max and Michael got up to shower and dress, they left Zulis and Liz making love. He needed to bask in the knowledge that he was finally a father. Michael and Max were moved again by Zulis's compassionate character, they remembered their first reactions to finding out that they would be fathers and the tears that it brought to their eyes.

Liz and Zulis joined them in the shower, when she entered she went into Max's embrace. Max was her first and deepest love. She loved Michael deeply and her love for Zulis grew every second, but Max was a large part of her soul.

Liz pulled Max down to her, "I love you so much, my Max." Liz attacked his mouth.

As they were dressing for the day, Max turned to Zulis, "You know now that Liz is pregnant you are no longer responsible for protecting the children personally. Please choose who you would trust the most to be responsible for them and you are to oversee that they are doing the job correctly. I would suggest Juran, but he is only concerned with Leah. So I'm leaving the choice to you." Max paused, "You are totally responsible for protecting the queen, that means that she is your most important responsibility. She needs a lot of energy when she is pregnant, so you and she will have to arrange the children's schedules to allow for you to give her energy and to spend time with the children. Michael and I, of course, will see that she has all of the energy that she needs at night, but you are certainly welcome to join us. As a matter fact you should be with us, it is part of the experience."

Zulis bowed deeply to his King, "Yes your majesty, it will be a great sacrifice but I think that I can make you proud of me."

Max laughed and looked over at Michael kissing Liz as he massaged her breasts to not allow her to get dressed, "Zulis, I think that you're making fun of me. You've definitely been hanging around Liz too much.
What's next, you pulling pranks on us?"

Zulis chuckled, "I've had a thought or two."

Max rolled his eyes, then he turned serious suddenly, "I'm sorry that I haven't brought this up earlier, but I want you to move your things to the queen's chamber. By moving to that chamber you will have access to our chambers without anyone noticing. You and I will speak about this later, right now one of us needs to rescue Liz so that she can pull her dress over her head. And then we need to spend time with the children."

Max had backed up and wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her from Michael who groaned from the abrupt loss of contact. Liz started attacking Max's neck and mouth, Max reciprocated for a moment enjoying the feel of Liz's intense love, "My love as much as I want to take you back to bed and make love to you again, we have children who need our love and attention, too. You and Zulis can come back here after the children start their studies."

They all loved their time with the children, all of the older children loved talking to their mommy and daddies. They really loved that they had another daddy now. The five oldest children told all four of their parents what they would be working on in school and what powers they were working on.

Zulis told Max and Michael stories of the children's acheivements. The children beamed with the praise, Max, Michael and Liz all hugged the children, Zulis was still reserved.

Allie walked over and climbed into his lap, she looked into his eyes and put her hand on his cheek, "Daddy, it's okay to hug us. We don't bite. At least I don't, you might have to protect yourself from Joshua over there."

She giggled when Joshua stood up and ran over to hug Zulis. Erin, Emma, and Matthew ran to him and hugged him too. Next, Leah crawled over to him and tried to climb into his lap. He hugged Allie and put her down, then picked each child up and hugged them.

Max, Michael and Liz's love for Zulis grew a little more, watching their children accept him as a daddy so easily. Children know if they can trust someone and it said a lot about Zulis that the children already loved him.

Max and Michael left to meet with the Council. The teachers came in and took the older children to the classroom. The woman responsible for Leah came in to take her to the play room to play with Isabel and Tess's younger children, Juran followed them. Zulis excused himself to attend to choosing more guards for the children, and told Liz to stay in the King's chamber until he returned. Two guards were stationed outside the door.

Liz had no idea how long Zulis would be gone. She decided that she would take advantage of her time alone. Max and Michael had turned the queen's sitting room into a small library for the books that they had brought with them from earth. They had raided a book store and bought books that they loved, books that they would love to read, and tons of childrens books. Liz chose a book and went back into the King's sitting room. She laid down on the couch and opened her book. She had just pulled a book off of the shelf and she just happened to pull "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy". She started laughing, and wondered who bought that book, probably Kyle or Alex.

She was really getting into the book when Zulis entered the room. He stared at her while he waited for the doors to close. Zulis walked over and sat on the floor by her head, "What are you doing, beloved?"

Liz smiled at the endearment, "I'm reading a book, we brought a lot of books from earth with us."

Zulis smiled, "You seem to be enjoying this book, will you teach me how to read your language one day."

Liz ran her hand down his face, "Of course, will you do the same for me?"

Zulis leaned into her hand, "Of course, beloved."

Liz looked into Zulis's eyes then sat up, "Zulis, I know that Max ordered you to keep my energy level up, but you know what I would really like right now?" She had felt his desire surge when she mentioned her energy. Zulis smiled and shook his head no.

Liz traced his mouth with her finger, "I want to get to know you, we are bonded for life. I want to know who you are, I want to know the man that I have fallen deeply in love with. Sit with me and tell me about yourself. I've known Max and Michael forever, but I know very little about you."

Zulis's heart expanded with her words, he grabbed her hand and kissed her palm, "You are so special, my beloved. I do not deserve you." Zulis moved up onto the couch and told Liz about his parents, they were members of the original King Zan's court, he had a sister who was living with her mate in the city.

Liz interrupted, "Once our bond is announced I'd like to meet your family, and then you can tell them about our children."

Zulis kissed the top of her head. He told her about joining the rebellion, what life was like fighting Khivar's troops, how the people suffered. Liz had tears running down her face, and Zulis wiped them with his thumb as he pulled her head to his shoulder. He told of their hopes that King Zan would return and the news that King Zan and Commander Rath had destroyed Khivar when he became over arrogant in his abilities. He had been disappointed that he had been unable to travel to earth to bring back King Zan and his family and friends. He was honored when he was chosen to guard his tiny queen and her children, and his family was proud of him. Liz told Zulis about earth. Max adoring her from afar for years, then saving her life.

Zulis pulled her into a tight embrace when he heard that she had almost died, "I would have never known you, I would never have had a mate and known this pleasure."

Liz smiled. She told how Max told her the truth about himself, about their trials and tribulations in their relationship. How they finally resolved it. She told him about college, and Michael's annoying behavior. Then she told him how Max had asked her to bring Michael into their relationship, because he couldn't be selfish.

Zulis listened and could tell that Liz had a very deep love for Max and also Michael. He hoped that he would have that from her one day also. She told of finally getting pregnant and the tears of joy that it brought to all of them, and how they welcomed the second pregnancy. How they didn't know if they would only have a small window to have children. She told him about the importance of her children to them all and how she choice them over a career. She told him about her love of science, and how she would love to teach it to her children one day. She told how the group had to hide and separate and how her pregnancy brought them back together. And the joy of Isabel and Tess's pregnancies.

They heard a knock on the door and Zulis went to answer it. Lunch was ready, so Zulis led her to the dining room where they were reunited with the children. Max and Michael appeared, and each pulled her into a deep kiss.

Max pulled her aside and rubbed her belly, "How are you doing my love? How are our babies?"

Liz leaned into him, "They are fine, but they can always use your energy. Do you want to slip out?"

Max looked down at Liz with desire and need shining through his eyes, "God yes, just a second." Max walked over to the table and grabbed a bowl of fruit.

Liz giggled when Max grabbed her hand and walked briskly for the door. Michael and Zulis just watched them leave with smiles on their faces.

Liz had to run to keep up with Max. One guard, Sunar, followed to stay with the queen if the king was called away. Sunar couldn't help the smile that was on his face, watching his king drag the queen to their chambers. He moved ahead of his king and queen to open their door and to close it quietly behind them. Neither really noticed that he was there.

Max set the bowl of fruit on the table next to their bed and pulled Liz into his arms. Liz started kissing his neck and undoing the buttons on his vest. As the last button came undone she pushed the vest off of his broad shoulders and attacked his chest. Max had very sensitive nipples and Liz loved to make him squirm.

Max reached for the hem of Liz's dress, but Liz had other ideas. She spun out of his reach, "Uhnn, uh, It's my turn to play."

Liz walked around Max letting her eyes carress his body as she move around him. Max followed her with his head. Liz stepped in front of him and ran her fingers down the middle of his chest, "Take off the rest of your clothes."

Liz stood and watched as Max removed his clothes, using her eyes to caress instead of her hands. Liz was driving Max's senses wild, if she didn't touch him soon he was going to attack her. Max breathed deeply and closed his eyes and heard a whisper close to his ear, "Yes, close your eyes and feel me."

Liz removed her dress, and walked behind Max. She ran her hands over his back slowly, millimeters from his skin but not touching him, "Can you feel me touching you?"

Max answerer breathlessly, "Yesss."

"Do you know what I'm doing now?"

Max smiled, he could feel puffs of air running up his leg and then the other. Max was so hard that his erection was standing up against his stomach. When he felt the puffs of air move over his length, he growled. His hands reached for Liz, but she wasn't there, "This is my game, no touching until I say."

"Liz your killing me, please I need you."

Liz ran her hands lightly over Max's butt, "I don't think that this is killing you yet, I need to play some more." Max groaned, but was enjoying this too much to stop it.

Liz moved around the front of Max and knelt in front of him, and chuckled when she heard Michael and Zulis both complaining. 'What are you doing to him, just put him out of his misery. Your not only killing him your killing us.'

Liz leaned and blew air on his erection, watching it jerk with each puff of air. She could tell that Max wasn't going to be able to stand much longer. She ran her tongue from the base to his tip then plunged her mouth over him. Max almost collapsed when he felt her mouth engulf him, he grabbed the side of her head and opened his eyes. Then wished that he hadn't the sight before him sent over the edge, causing him to explode into her mouth. Once Max stopped shaking from his orgasm, Liz pulled her mouth from him and stood up.

Max pulled her to his chest and her mouth to his, "Thank you, that was....that was.....God there isn't even a word to describe how that made me feel."

Liz smiled into his neck and fiercely aroused when she heard him whisper, "Do I get to play now?"

Max picked Liz up and tossed her on the bed, then walked over to the bowl of fruit, "Turn over onto your stomach please."

Max put pieces of fruit on different parts of Liz's body, Liz giggled, "What are you doing?"

"Having lunch on you." Max bent over and licked his way to the first piece of fruit on her calf, then to the next piece on the back of her knee causing her to giggle, "That tickles."

Max followed the path of the fruit up her body with his tongue and mouth devouring each piece of fruit as he sucked each delicious piece off of her body.

Max turned her over and placed more fruit on the front of her body putting most of them on her breasts and abdomen. Max moved her legs apart and moved in between them. He began the same way he had begun on her back, but this time as he sucked a piece of fruit into his mouth he licked a trail to her center to include her juices in the taste of the fruit, "So sweet."

Max had heard Michael and Zulis earlier and was ignoring their pleas at the moment, 'Please let us join you.' Max thought back, 'She's mine stay away.' He felt bad and soothed them, 'You can have fun with her later, let me have my time.' He felt Liz giggling in their minds and smiled.

As Max pulled the last piece of fruit into his mouth and headed back to her center, Liz felt like a quivering bowl of jello. He couldn't help the smile that formed on his face as he continued to bring her higher and higher with his mouth, he could feel her nearing. And was looking forward to the rush of feeling her orgasm against his mouth. As she exploded he pulled her into his mouth, tugging lightly to keep her pulses going longer. When he felt her calm, he moved over her and slid into her body.

"I don't think you could ever know how much I love you, Liz. You are the heart in my body." Max bent down and captured her mouth as he made love to his beautiful wife and queen.


The children had already gotten hugs and kisses from Zulis and Michael and were heading for Max and Liz, after they returned from their private lunch. They both knelt down and scooped children into their arms.

Zulis and Liz took the children to the play yard. They sat with Leah and played with her at the sandbox making sure that the sand stayed out of her mouth. The other five were playing spaceman and the aliens. Liz and Zulis laughed at their antics. Allie always played the bad guy, she was the spaceman chasing the aliens. Juran walked over to the sandbox and took Leah out of it.

Liz had gotten used to Juran, but she loved to irritate him, "Juran, what do you think you are doing with my daughter?"

He turned to her, "I don't like her playing in the dirt, she might eat it. My mate shouldn't be sitting in the dirt."

Zulis hid his smile behind his hand as he watched Liz face off with Juran, "I'll have you know young man that your queen played in the dirt a lot when she was growing up."

Juran rolled his eyes, something he had learned from his queen, "That's because my queen was raised on a backwards planet, but my mate is being brought up on Antar. So no dirt."

Liz watched Leah put one of her dirty hands in her mouth and slobber all over it, then she raised it to Juran's face and smeared across his nose and mouth.

Liz burst out laughing, "It looks like your mate wants you to enjoy her dirt with her. Do you want to take her in to clean her up or should I do it?"

Juran nodded, "I will do it, it appears I am in need of cleaning too."

Liz sat down across from Zulis and noticed that he was having trouble with his face, "Zulis are you okay?"

He nodded, "Yes my queen, I was just admiring the way you become a hissing spitting little merskwat when it comes to defending your children."

She smiled, "What's a merskwat?"

"Remember the animals that you thought would eat..."

Liz smacked him in the chest, "Don't you dare remind me of that incident, Zulis. I was embarrassed enough that day."

Liz jumped and ran to the children, "How about a game of red light, green light?" Zulis kept losing.

The next game was duck, duck, goose it was one of the children's favorites. Zulis decided that Liz had had enough running around and led her to a bench, the children ran off to swing and slide.

Liz turned to Zulis, "Can you teach us any Antarian games."

Zulis didn't know what to say, "We don't really have any games, even before King Zan was overthrown. Our children did not play games, they were educated, taught protocol, and they were taught logic games and how to paint and sculpt. But nothing like what you teach our children, I like this way the best. I can see the advantages to playing outside. I certainly look at things differently, and while I respect my parents and sister. I have never felt the need to hug and kiss them ever. Our children require this touch and I like that."

Liz smiled, "I think that we might bring about a lot of changes, I've heard that Terasta has already constructed several other play yards around the city and that she has her staff instructing parents that they should allow their children to play there. Maybe we could take the children to the playgrounds to show the other children how to play."

Zulis turned his head sharply to her, "NO, that would put YOU and the children in danger. I won't allow that." He then lightened his tone, "Maybe we could invite children here, a few at a time. Then they could show the other children."

Liz nodded, "You're right, I don't want my children in danger."

The children's tutor's called them in for more studies, they ran to Liz and Zulis for their hugs and kisses. Zulis was getting the hang of this hugging and kissing. He was picking up the children and growling as he kissed them on their necks. They all squealed and ran to their tutors laughing.

Liz turned to Zulis, "I think that I need a nap now. Will you join me?"

Zulis smiled, "Of course, my queen."

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Author's Note: Since so many of you showed an interest in reading the other version of Part 30, I thought that I would just post it. Just remember the story isn't going to follow this version, but it was already written and some of you want to read it so here it is.

WARNING: The following version of Part 30 contains male slash and is NC-17. If this offends you in any way, please do not read this. BTW, this is my first attempt, so if it stinks, sorry.

PART 30 (Max/Michael, Zulis/Liz Version)

Zulis entered the King's chamber early every morning to watch them wake and make love before they left to eat with the children. They tried to get him to join, but he insisted that he wanted to watch them pleasure their Liz. They were beautiful to him. When his king and queen made love, they glowed. At least, to his eyes they did.

This morning he pulled Liz over to him and kissed his way down her body. He could sense that tomorrow would be the day that she conceived his child, and joy surged through him. His joy brought Max and Michael fully awake.

They watched as Zulis kissed Liz's stomach and then laid the side of his face on her wrapping his arms around her body.

Michael ran his finger's through Zulis's hair, "Are you okay Zulis?" Zulis nodded.

Max was a little concerned, "Is Liz okay Zulis?" Zulis nodded. Liz was stroking his hair and face.

Zulis leaned up to look her in her eyes, "Tomorrow you will carry my child, I feel so unworthy of this blessing."

Max and Michael were so relieved by his words, they moved closer to him and ran their hands up and down his back. Max was moved by his feelings, "Zulis, Michael and I know exactly how you feel. We cried the first time Liz conceived our children, and the second time too. We were a little more stable the third time. You're right it is a blessing, one that we also never thought that we would have. That's one of the reasons that we haven't been concerned with preventing the conceptions."

Max turned to Zulis and kissed him, "Thank you for being a part of our lives, and for considering our feelings about Liz."

Michael pulled Zulis to him and kissed him also, "Yes thank you. Max and I do love you Zulis."

They left Liz to soothe Zulis and to get ready for their day. Zulis finally let go of her after a few minutes and let her go shower, after he had kissed her senseless. Max and Michael helped her wash her hair and body, then made love to her in the shower.

As Max and Michael were walking back to the council, Max stopped Michael, "I'm not going to sleep with Liz tonight. Now that we know she will conceive tomorrow, I think it would be best if I wasn't near her. I've been thinking that Liz needs a break, and with the babies so close together I don't want Liz to be harmed by too many childbirths. I guess you understand what I am saying. Besides I'd like to wait a year or two before having anymore children. I've been working with the doctor's to come up with an inhibitor for Liz, but they won't give it to her until they know that they can reverse the effects. Tess and Isabel's inhibitor is closer to be produced, theirs was much easier to produce."

Michael nodded, "I was thinking the same thing. I think that we should allow Zulis to stay with Liz tonight and we can sleep in the other bedroom. We'll talk to Liz and Zulis tonight. You know that this isn't going to be easy, maybe we should sleep in a chamber in another wing or we should go visit my parents."

Max chuckled, "I think leaving the palace is a good idea. This is going to kill me but it's for the best and it's not like we can't comfort each other."

Michael grinned, "That's true, like that one night when she went out of town. I don't know if I can make myself do this Max. I don't like being away from Liz."

Max smiled, "We're pathetic aren't we?"

Michael shook his head, "No not pathetic, just in love." Michael paused, "You know that I love you, we'll just have to make sure that we're too busy to think about being away from Liz."

Max nodded, "I love you too Michael, I was thinking the same thing, then it's a plan. You'd better contact your parents. I have been wondering what it would be like to make love to you."

Michael smiled, "Yeah me too. But I don't know if we're their yet, Max. I see you rubbing your chest, like your heart is being ripped out. Believe me I feel the same way."

Max looked at the floor, "It's so hard to think of not being with her, but we have be strong when we discuss this with her."

Liz wasn't overly happy about Michael and Max being away from her, she wrapped her arms around Max after he announced his and Michael's plans, "I know your right, but it is so hard to not be with you."

Max kissed her forehead, "Trust me, we know. That's why we are going to Michael's parents home. We wouldn't be able to stay away if we were still here. And none of us will be alone, we'll also still be connected and we will feel when you conceive our child tomorrow."

Michael wrapped his arms around them, "Besides, I've been wanting to attack Max's sexy body."

Max's blush made Liz giggle, "He does have a sexy body doesn't he? But I'm sure that Max is looking forward to your sexy body too. And I'm looking forward to feeling it."

Michael and Max enjoyed a quiet dinner with Michael's parents, and Max loved the stories that Valax and Kirath told him about Michael as a young Rath. But despite their enjoyment, both of them felt like they were going to hyperventilate any moment.

When Michael couldn't take the stories any longer he stood up and held his hand out to Max, "Come on I'll show where you will be sleeping."

Michael hugged his mother and father, "Goodnight, we'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight son, goodnight Max." Max insisted that they call him Max in their home.

Michael and Max could feel Liz and Zulis making love, so Michael was pulling Max to his room as quickly as he could. He pulled Max through the door and slammed it shut.

Michael pulled Max's lips to his, his tongue entered Max's mouth when Max gasped from his surprise at Michael's intensity. Max pushed his tongue at Michael's, dueling with him. He could feel Michael erection pushed up against his.

They both fell on the bed. Michael looked into Max's eyes, "I want to make love to you and I want you to make love to me. Do you want that?"

"I....I guess's scary, but yes Michael I want you."

Michael stood up and helped Max to stand, "Take off your clothes, and get back on the bed."

Both men removed their clothes, watching the other. Max moved to the center of the bed and watched Michael move onto the bed.

Michael moved between Max's legs. Max leaned up and ran lubricant up and down Michael's length. He laid back expecting Michael to enter him, but instead he felt Michael take him into his mouth. He lubricated his fingers and inserted two into Max, moving them to the same rhythm as his mouth moving on Max's length. When he felt Max about to explode he thrust a third finger into him and felt Max explode into his mouth. Michael swallowed everything that he had to give and continued to suck on him. Max was hard again in no time, he reached down and pulled Michael's mouth to his.

"Please Michael, I want to feel you in me. Liz has felt you, I want to too."

Michael pulled Max's legs around his waist and inserted the head of his length into Max and slowly rocked back and forth until he was fully embedded into him.

Michael started to move faster, as he felt Liz and Zulis's orgasm explode through their connection. Michael reached down and stroked Max's length. Michael could feel Max getting close. Max felt Michael suddenly swell and then release into him, sending him over the edge.

Michael collapsed on Max, "God, that was intense."

"Yeah, who would have guessed that we would still be so in tune with each other so far away." Max replied breathlessly.

Michael pulled himself out of Max as he felt Zulis and Liz starting up again.

Max turned to Michael, "Are you still okay with me making love to you?"

Michael nodded, "Yes". To emphasize the point he reached down and lubricated Max, then flipped onto his back.

Max had other ideas though, "Turn over onto your stomach."

Michael complied with Max's wish. Max ran his hands down Michael's back and legs, then ran them back up. Giving Michael a light massage, as he neared Michael's bottom he pulled his cheeks apart. Max lubricated his fingers and inserted one into Michael. Then a second followed soon after. Max moved his body over Michael's and started kissing his neck and ear.

Michael was becoming frustrated, "Just do it Maxwell."

Max smiled, "Impatient aren't we? Turn on your side, I want to spoon in behind you."

Michael turned on his side. Then he felt Max move his erection to his opening, as soon as Max was positioned he felt him move in just a little. Max's hand moved around Michael's body to his length and began stroking. Max worked his length into Michael's body and began moving with deep strokes, his hand on Michael's erection matched his strokes. Michael was moaning and pushing back onto Max. Building their desire higher and higher, until they both exploded while feeling Zulis and Liz explode at the same time.

They fell asleep in that position, with Michael wrapped in Max's arms.

Max woke up with the need to get back to the King's residence. He tried to pull himself away from Michael, but was immediately pinned on the bed, "Where are you going?"

"Home, I need to get home to Liz."

"Max we can't, stop and think. This was our decision. Calm down." Max had been trying to push Michael off of him, but stopped when his words sank in.

"Get off of me. I can't take this all day. I need to be with her."

Michael started stroking Max's hair, "I know it's bad, I'm hanging on by a thread myself. Let me make love to you."

Max nodded.


Max and Michael returned home once their drive to be with Liz ended. They walked into their chamber only to be attacked by Liz throwing her naked body at them, "Don't ever do that again. I missed you too much."

Max chuckled, "I don't think that we could do it again. We are just going to have to get that inhibitor for you or repopulate this planet."

Michael and Zulis laughed at that comment.

Max turned to Zulis, "A boy and girl, huh?" Zulis smiled at Max, "You know now that Liz is pregnant you are no longer responsible for protecting the children personally. Please choose who you would trust the most to be responsible for them and you are to oversee that they are doing the job correctly. I would suggest Juran, but he is only concerned with Leah. So I'm leaving the choice to you." Max paused, "You are totally responsible for protecting the queen, that means that she is your most important responsibility. She needs a lot of energy when she is pregnant, so you and she will have to arrange the children's schedules to allow for you to give her energy and to spend time with the children. Michael and I will see that she has all of the energy that she needs at night, but you are certainly welcome to join us. As a matter fact you probably should, it is part of the experience."

Zulis bowed deeply to his King, "Yes your majesty, it will be a great sacrifice but I think that I can make you proud of me."

Max laughed and looked over at Michael kissing Liz as he massaged her breasts not allowing her to get dressed, "Zulis, I think that you're making fun of me. You've definitely been hanging around Liz too much.
What's next, you pulling pranks on us?"

Zulis chuckled, "I've had a thought or two."

Max rolled his eyes, then he turned serious suddenly, "I'm sorry that I haven't brought this up earlier, but I want you to move your things to the queen's chamber. By moving to that chamber you will have access to our chambers without anyone noticing. You and I will speak about this later, right now one of us needs to rescue Liz so that she can pull her dress over her head. And then we need to spend time with the children."

Max had backed up and wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her from Michael who groaned from the abrupt loss of contact. Liz started attacking Max's neck and mouth, "My love as much as I want to take you to bed and make love to you over and over again, we have children who need our love and attention, too. You and Zulis can come back here after the children start their studies. Michael and I missed you, I don't think that we could stand staying in the Council Chamber's all day today."


They all loved their time with the children, all of the older children loved talking to their mommy and daddies. They really loved that they had another daddy now. The five oldest children told all four of their parents what they would be working on in school and what powers they were working on.

Zulis told Max and Michael stories of the children's acheivements. The children beamed with the praise, Max, Michael and Liz all hugged the children, Zulis was still reserved.

Allie walked over and climbed into his lap, she looked into his eyes and put her hand on his cheek, "Daddy, it's okay to hug us. We don't bite. At least I don't, you might have to protect yourself from Joshua over there."

She giggled when Joshua stood up and ran over to hug Zulis. Erin, Emma, and Matthew ran to him and hugged him too. Next, Leah crawled over to him and tried to climb into his lap. He hugged Allie and put her down, then picked each child up and hugged them.

Max, Michael and Liz's love for Zulis grew a little more, watching their children accept him as a daddy so easily. Children know if they can trust someone and it said a lot about Zulis that the children already loved him.

Max and Michael left to meet with the Council. The teachers came in and took the older children to the classroom. The woman responsible for Leah came in to take her to the play room to play with Isabel and Tess's younger children, Juran followed them. Zulis excused himself to attend to choosing more guards for the children, and told Liz to stay in the King's chamber until he returned. Two guards were stationed outside the door.

Liz had no idea how long Zulis would be gone. She decided that she would take advantage of her time alone. Max and Michael had turned the queen's sitting room into a small library for the books that they had brought with them from earth. They had raided a book store and bought books that they loved, books that they would love to read, and tons of childrens books. Liz chose a book and went back into the King's sitting room. She laid down on the couch and opened her book. She had just pulled a book off of the shelf and she just happened to pull "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy". She started laughing, and wondered who bought that book, probably Kyle or Alex.

She was really getting into the book when Zulis entered the room. He stared at her while he waited for the doors to close. Zulis walked over and sat on the floor by her head, "What are you doing, beloved?"

Liz smiled at the endearment, "I'm reading a book, we brought a lot of books from earth with us."

Zulis smiled, "You seem to be enjoying this book, will you teach me how to read your language one day."

Liz ran her hand down his face, "Of course, will you do the same for me?"

Zulis leaned into her hand, "Of course, beloved."

Liz looked into Zulis's eyes then sat up, "Zulis, I know that Max ordered you to keep my energy level up, but you know what I would really like right now?" She had felt his desire surge when she mentioned her energy. Zulis smiled and shook his head no.

Liz traced his mouth with her finger, "I want to get to know you, we are bonded for life. I want to know who you are, I want to know the man that I have fallen deeply in love with. Sit with me and tell me about yourself. I've known Max and Michael forever, but I know very little about you."

Zulis's heart expanded with her words, he grabbed her hand and kissed her palm, "You are so special, my beloved. I do not deserve you." Zulis moved up onto the couch and told Liz about his parents, they were members of the original King Zan's court, he had a sister who was living with her mate in the city.

Liz interrupted, "Once our bond is announced I'd like to meet your family, and then you can tell them about our children."

Zulis kissed her cheek. He told her about joining the rebellion, what life was like fighting Khivar's troops, how the people suffered. Liz had tears running down her face, and Zulis wiped them with his thumb as he pulled her head to his shoulder. He told of their hopes that King Zan would return and the news that King Zan and Commander Rath had destroyed Khivar when he became over arrogant in his abilities. He had been disappointed that he had been unable to travel to earth to bring back King Zan and his family and friends. He was honored when he was chosen to guard his tiny queen and her children, and his family was proud of him. Liz told Zulis about earth. Max adoring her from afar for years, then saving her life.

Zulis pulled her into a tight embrace when he heard that she had almost died, "I would have never known you, I would never have had a mate and known this pleasure."

Liz smiled. She told how Max told her the truth about himself, about their trials and tribulations in their relationship. How they finally resolved it. She told him about college, and Michael's annoying behavior. Then she told him how Max had asked her to bring Michael into their relationship, because he couldn't be selfish.

Zulis listened and could tell that Liz had a very deep love for Max and also Michael. He hoped that he would have that from her one day also. She told of finally getting pregnant and the tears of joy that it brought to all of them, and how they welcomed the second pregnancy. How they didn't know if they would only have a small window to have children. She told him about the importance of her children to them all and how she choice them over a career. She told him about her love of science, and how she would love to teach it to her children one day. She told how the group had to hide and separate and how her pregnancy brought them back together. And the joy of Isabel and Tess's pregnancies.

They heard a knock on the door and Zulis went to answer it. Lunch was ready, so Zulis led her to the dining room where they were reunited with the children. Max and Michael appeared, and each pulled her into a deep kiss.

Max pulled her aside and rubbed her belly, "How are you doing my love? How are our babies?"

Liz leaned into him, "They are fine, but they can always use your energy. Do you want to slip out?"

Max looked down at Liz with desire and need shining through his eyes, "God yes, just a second." Max walked over to the table and grabbed a bowl of fruit.

Liz giggled when Max grabbed her hand and walked briskly for the door. Michael and Zulis just watched them leave with smiles on their faces.

Liz had to run to keep up with Max. One guard, Sunar, followed to stay with the queen if the king was called away. Sunar couldn't help the smile that was on his face, watching his king drag the queen to their chambers. He moved ahead of his king and queen to open their door and to close it quietly behind them. Neither really noticed that he was there.

Max set the bowl of fruit on the table next to their bed and pulled Liz into his arms. Liz started kissing his neck and undoing the buttons on his vest. As the last button came undone she pushed the vest off of his broad shoulders and attacked his chest. Max had very sensitive nipples and Liz loved to make him squirm.

Max reached for the hem of Liz's dress, but Liz had other ideas. She spun out of his reach, "Uhnn, uh, It's my turn to play."

Liz walked around Max letting her eyes carress his body as she move around him. Max followed her with his head. Liz stepped in front of him and ran her fingers down the middle of his chest, "Take off the rest of your clothes."

Liz stood and watched as Max removed his clothes, using her eyes to carress instead of her hands. Liz was driving Max's senses wild, if she didn't touch him soon he was going to attack her. Max breathed deeply and closed his eyes and heard a whisper close to his ear, "Yes, close your eyes and feel me."

Liz removed her dress, and walked behind Max. She ran her hands over his back slowly, millimeters from his skin but not touching him, "Can you feel me touching you?"

Max answerer breathlessly, "Yesss."

"Do you know what I'm doing now?"

Max smiled, he could puffs of air running up his leg and then the other. Max was so hard that his erection was standing up against his stomach. When he felt the puffs of air move over his length, he growled. His hands reached for Liz, but she wasn't there, "This is my game, no touching until I say."

"Liz your killing me, please I need you."

Liz ran her hands lightly over Max's butt, "I don't think that this is killing you yet, I need to play some more." Max groaned, but was enjoying this too much to stop it.

Liz moved around the front of Max and knelt in front of him, and chuckled when she heard Michael and Zulis both complaining. 'What are you doing to him, just put him out of his misery. Your not only killing him your killing us.'

Liz leaned and blew air on his erection, watching it jerk with each puff of air. She could tell that Max wasn't going to be able to stand much longer. She ran her tongue from the base to his tip then plunged her mouth over him. Max almost collapsed when he felt her mouth engulf him, he grabbed the side of her head and opened his eyes. Then wished that he hadn't the sight before him sent over the edge, causing him to explode into her mouth. Once Max stopped shaking from his orgasm, Liz pulled her mouth from him and stood up.

Max pulled her to his chest and her mouth to his, "Thank you, that was....that was.....God there isn't even a word to describe how that made me feel."

Liz smiled into his neck and fiercely aroused when she heard him whisper, "Do I get to play now?"

Max picked Liz up and tossed her on the bed, then walked over to the bowl of fruit, "Turn over onto your stomach please."

Max put pieces of fruit on different parts of Liz's body, Liz giggled, "What are you doing?"

"Having lunch on you." Max bent over and licked his way to the first piece of fruit on her calf, then to the next piece on the back of her knee causing her to giggle, "That tickles."

Max followed the path of the fruit up her body with his tongue and mouth devouring each piece of fruit as he sucked each delicious piece off of her body.

Max turned her over and placed more fruit on the front of her body putting most of them on her breasts and abdomen. Max moved her legs apart and moved in between them. He began the same way he had begun on her back, but this time as he sucked a piece of fruit into his mouth he licked a trail to her center to include her juices in the taste of the fruit, "So sweet."

Max had heard Michael and Zulis earlier and was ignoring their pleas at the moment, 'Please let us join you.' Max thought back, 'She's mine stay away.' He felt bad and soothed them, 'You can have her later, let me have my time.' He felt Liz giggling in their minds and smiled.

As Max pulled the last piece of fruit into his mouth and headed back to her center, Liz felt like a quivering bowl of jello. He couldn't help the smile that formed on his face as he continued to bring her higher and higher with his mouth, he could feel her nearing. And was looking forward to the rush of feeling her orgasm against his mouth. As she exploded he pulled her into his mouth, tugging lightly to keep her pulses going longer. When he felt her calm, he moved over her and slid into her body.

"I don't think you could ever know how much I love you, Liz. You are the heart in my body." Max bent down and captured her mouth as he made love to his beautiful wife and queen.


The children had already gotten hugs and kisses from Zulis and Michael and were heading for Max and Liz, after they returned from their private lunch. They both knelt down and scooped children into their arms.

After lunch, Zulis and Liz took the children to the play yard. They sat with Leah and played with her at the sandbox making sure that the sand stayed out of her mouth. The other five were playing spaceman and the aliens. Liz and Zulis laughed at their antics. Allie always played the bad guy, she was the spaceman chasing the aliens. Juran walked over to the sandbox and took Leah out of it.

Liz had gotten used to Juran, but she loved to irritate him, "Juran, what do you think you are doing with my daughter?"

He turned to her, "I don't like her playing in the dirt, she might eat it. My mate shouldn't be sitting in the dirt."

Zulis hid his smile behind his hand as he watched Liz face off with Juran, "I'll have you know young man that your queen played in the dirt a lot when she was growing up."

Juran rolled his eyes, something he had learned from his queen, "That's because my queen was raised on a backwards planet, but my mate is being brought up on Antar. So no dirt."

Liz watched Leah put one of her dirty hands in her mouth and slobber all over it, then she raised it to Juran's face and smeared it across his nose and mouth.

Liz burst out laughing, "It looks like your mate wants you to enjoy her dirt with her. Do you want to take her in to clean her up or should I do it?"

Juran nodded, "I will do it, it appears I am need of cleaning too."

Liz watched Juran walk off with Leah, instructing her on the reasons to not like dirt.

Liz sat down across from Zulis and noticed that he was having trouble with his face, "Zulis are you okay?"

He nodded, "Yes my queen, I was just admiring the way you become a hissing spitting little merskwat when it comes to defending your children."

She smiled, "What's a merskwat?"

"Remember the animals that you thought would eat..."

Liz smacked him in the chest, "Don't you dare remind me of that incident, Zulis. I was embarrassed enough that day."

Liz jumped and ran to the children, "How about a game of red light, green light?" Zulis kept losing.

The next game was duck, duck, goose it was one of the children's favorites. Zulis decided that Liz had had enough running around and led her to a bench, the children ran off to swing and slide.

Liz turned to Zulis, "Can you teach us any Antarian games."

Zulis didn't know what to say, "We don't really have any games, even before King Zan was overthrown. Our children did not play games, they were educated, taught protocol, and they were taught logic games and how to paint and sculpt. But nothing like what you teach our children, I like this way the best. I can see the advantages to playing outside. I certainly look at things differently, and while I respect my parents and sister. I have never felt the need to hug and kiss them ever. Our children require this touch and I like that."

Liz smiled, "I think that we might bring about a lot of changes, I've heard that Terasta has already constructed several other play yards around the city and that she has her staff instructing parents that they should allow their children to play there. Maybe we could take the children to the playgrounds to show the other children how to play."

Zulis turned his head sharply to her, "NO, that would put YOU and the children in danger. I won't allow that." He then lightened his tone, "Maybe we could invite children here, a few at a time. Then they could show the other children."

Liz nodded, "You're right, I don't want my children in danger."

The children's tutor's called them in for more studies, they ran to Liz and Zulis for their hugs and kisses. Zulis was getting the hang of this hugging and kissing. He was picking up the children and growling as he kissed them on their necks. They all squealed and ran to their tutors laughing.

Liz turned to Zulis, "I think that I need a nap now. Will you join me?"

Zulis smiled, "Of course, my queen"

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Author's Note:
I didn't have a lot of time to spend on this part, I haven't been home for the last three weekends. So just ignore any mistakes that I made. My husband thinks that he can expect that we will be out again next weekend, just because it's father's day. My response, "Okay take the kid, you're not my father." *big* I'm tired of packing food and clothes, I still haven't gotten everything put away from the last three weekends. I love sailing, but not every weekend and definitely not overnight every weekend.

I also wanted to say something about Zulis' not feeling equal. It is hard to write him as an equal when he can't act like one in public. He is coming around though, and he will act more like an equal as he develops his relationship with Michael and Max.

Thank you for all of the feedback. *wink* And yes they are rather like bunnies aren't they, said with a heavy sigh.

Part 31

Liz and Zulis started walking toward the door, when a council guard walked up to her and bowed, "My Queen, the King requests that you attend him at this time."

Liz nodded and she and Zulis followed the guard. The guard noticed Zulis was following and stopped, "There is no need for you to come with us, I will see to the queen's safety. The King wished you to return to your duty with his children."

Zulis pulled Liz behind him, "How dare you instruct a member of the Royal Guard." Zulis pulled himself up to his full height and looked down on the council guard, "You are not appointed to the royal's personal guard, we take our orders from the king, queen or Commander Rath only. Never presume to give orders again. Now lead us to our King."

The guard bowed looking uncertain and wary, "Yes lord Zulis, I meant no offense."

Zulis was not fooled. He looked down at his beautiful mate, she read his thoughts easily and stuck to his side.


Max looked up as Zulis and Liz entered his office, "Liz, I'm glad that you're here. I thought that you might wish to check out the labs. They are working on the inhibitor for you and I think that you can be a big help to them."

Liz's smile grew bigger thinking about working in a lab again, "Really? Will they let me help?"

Liz ran to Max and hugged him, "Thank you." She turned to Zulis, "I'll finally get to share my love of science with you."

Max grinned at Zulis, "She amazing Zulis, but make sure that she doesn't work too hard. Once she starts it is hard for her to stop herself." Max turned to Liz, "Only an hour, my love, no more. They will expect you for an hour every day, and after the babies are born and older we will work out a longer schedule."

Liz was a little put out, "Max, an hour isn't enough time to do anything. It's unacceptable of you to think that I can accomplish anything in an hour."

Max shook his head, "Start with the hour, I don't want you wearing yourself out. You have a learn how things are done in the labs here and get used to their ways, so I think an hour a day is perfectly sufficient. You have enough with the children and the pregnancy. If you think that you can work in more time without it draining you then the four of us will discuss it."

Liz walked over and kissed Max, "You're right, an hour is more than I've had or wanted in a long time. I just got caught by the science bug when you mentioned lab work." Liz ran her hand up Max's arm sending images of the time he had brought her to orgasm in biology lab by just touching her hand, "You know how much labs turn me on."

Max pulled Liz to him and kissed her deeply, then moved her away from his body, "You had better move away from me or you'll never make it to the labs today."

Liz giggled and moved toward the door. She waited while Zulis talked quietly to Max, she could feel Max's agitation and concern. Zulis was obviously telling Max about the incident with the council guard.


Zulis watched Liz work with the men and women in the labs. She learned their methods quickly, but he could tell that she was fading fast. He walked over to his queen and Mershan, the woman assigned to show her around, "My queen, it is time to go."

Liz looked up at him with tired eyes, "It hasn't been an hour."

Zulis gave her a no nonsense look, he could feel her energy leaving her quickly, "You did not rest this afternoon and I can see you are tired. You do not want to make a mistake and set these people back do you?"

Liz looked at her lab partner, Mershan, who was looking at her with concern, "No, I wouldn't want to mess things up. I could just watch."

Mershan saw the look on the guard's face and intervened, "My queen.....Liz.....I have heard that you are carrying another heir. Rest is very important at this time, you should listen to your guard. You will not miss much we are almost done for the day, and I thank you for your help today. I have never seen anyone learn so much in one day, it will be an honor to work with you."

Liz stood up and swayed slightly, "Maybe I am a little tired, I will see you tomorrow. Thank you Mershan."

Zulis was glad that they were close to Max and Michael, he mentally called for either one that could make themself available and was relieved when he saw Michael walking briskly toward them. Michael scooped Liz up into his arms and carried her back to their rooms. She was asleep before they reached the room.

Zulis helped him pull her dress off as he laid her on their bed. Michael covered her with a blanket before he and Zulis left the room to talk in the sitting room.

Michael turned to Zulis, "I told Max that she would exhaust herself. Wake her in an hour, she and the babies will need energy. Max and I will try to join you."

Zulis smiled at Michael as he left the room and removed his vest. He laid down next to Liz and pulled her into his arms.


Zulis opened his eyes to see Liz exploring his body with her hands. She marveled at how solid his chest was, Max and Michael had muscles but her Zulis was bulging everywhere. Her hands looked tiny touching him, even to her eyes.

Liz moved her hands to his stomach. She smiled into his chest when his stomach muscles quivered under her touch. She moved her hands slowly to his pants. His erection sprang out when Liz unhooked his pants. She reached for him, encircling him with her hand. She lightly ran her hand up and down a few times, then leaned down to lick the precum off of the end. Zulis couldn't take much more, he was still very inexperienced and his body was still humming from Max and Liz being together earlier. He removed her hand and laid her back on the bed, standing to remove his pants. She laid back with her arms above her head as she watched him pull his pants off. He lay down beside her and leaned up on his elbow. He ran his hand down her body, reveling in the feel of her skin. Liz reached up and ran her hand along his face, pulling him into a kiss.

She whispered to him, "Zulis my love, I need you. What would you like?"

Zulis looked in her eyes, "I would be happy with just my name on your lips, everything else is just a dream. I want to touch you, to taste you, to have you reside in my body, heart and soul, and to know that it is the same for you."

His words touched Liz's heart, "I think that you will get what you want." Zulis bent down and kissed her, Liz deepened the kiss. Showing Zulis how she liked to feel his need just from a kiss. Zulis discovered the sensitive spot behind her ear, he discovered how sensative her nipples were, he found that he craved the taste of her, and he knew that he couldn't live without her.

Liz pushed Zulis to his back, "I get to explore too, lay back and put yourself into my hands."

Zulis moaned, "Please, my beloved." Liz discovered that his ears were sensitive, just like Max.

She licked and sucked on his ears until he tried to turn her over and enter her, "Uhnn, Uhh, I'm having my turn touching you. You have to behave."

Zulis thought, 'Now I know I'm a dead man.' Liz licked her way to his nipples, he was not as sensitive as Michael and Max, so she moved lower. She dipped her tongue into his belly button and felt strong desire shoot through her, she had just found one of his sensitive spots. She continued licking and dipping her tongue into his belly button until his hands slid under her arms. He flipped her over and slid into to her, he was a man possessed and Liz was the possessor. He moved fast and hard, they both heard the door open and close, then felt the bed dip on either side of them. Liz felt a hand slip between there bodies and move to her clitoris. She exploded when the hand lightly brushed over her once, Zulis fell with her.

Max and Michael were heading to their chambers when Michael had felt Zulis and Liz, he decided that he had had enough. He grabbed Max's arm and practically drug him down the corridors.

Zulis collapsed on her, "Oh my beloved, Oh my beloved, I'm definitely a dead man." He suddenly realised that he was crushing her and someone elses arm was crushed between them.

Zulis turned to see a smiling Max, a nude Max. Max leaned in and kissed Zulis, at first Zulis was suprised. But then he groaned and pulled Max back in for a deeper kiss. He liked the taste of his King.

Zulis felt a hand on his back, and turned to see a nude Michael on the other side. Max bent down and was kissing Liz, Michael leaned in and kissed Zulis. Zulis welcomed his kiss and deepened it. Zulis looked down at Liz, then swooped down to devour her mouth and face.

Zulis turned back to Max, Max smiled, "Michael couldn't take it anymore, the powerful desire coursing through us was too much. We had to come here."

Michael chuckled, "Yeah that would have been a sight, one of us attacking the other in the council chamber or the corridor."

Everyone burst out laughing. Liz was already working a plan out in her head. She noticed that Max was closer the the center of the bed, so she whispered to Zulis so that Michael could hear, "Let's explore Max's body."

Zulis's erection surged to full size in her causing her to fall back and moan. Michael chuckled and Zulis thought his heart was going to explode.

Michael walked around to Max and pushed him to his stomach. Max knew what was coming. His painfully hard erection became even more painful. Michael reached into the night table and removed the lubricant, while Zulis and Liz explored Max's body Michael moved his lubricated finger in and out of Max.

They turned Max over, Michael reinserted the finger, then inserted another. This made Max's erection grow even bigger. Zulis was a little hesitant at first to place his mouth on Max's erection, but when he saw Liz's mouth there he needed to be there too. He captured her mouth, with the tip of Max's erection between them. Liz moved over him and slid him down her throat, then she allowed Zulis to do the same. After taking several turns, she deep throated him and hummed. Max's orgasm shot through all of them, it was incredible. All eyes turned to Michael, who willingly moved to lay down on the bed. He wanted his turn to be cherished, if it felt anything thing like that orgasm that had just hit all of them. Max lubricated his fingers and inserted two into Michael while Zulis and Liz explored his body. Liz leaned up and watched Max insert a third finger into Michael. She reached for the lubicant and ran it up and down Max's hard length, Max's eyes widened with understanding. He had never thought of this, but if Michael would allow it he would try it. It was certainly incredible with Liz.

Liz turned Michael over, Max inserted the three fingers back into Michael. When Liz and Zulis started sliding their mouths over Michael's length, Max removed his fingers and positioned his erection. He entered slowly watching Michaels face, Max used his powers to ease the way. Michael knew what was happening and his eyes flew open, to see Zulis and Liz sucking on his length, and Max inserting himself into him. Max and Michael's eyes met and Michael nodded slightly giving permission. Max moved in, then pulled almost all of the way out, then started a rhythm to match Liz and Zulis.

Liz moved over Michael and positioned him at her center. Max wrapped his arms around her waist as Zulis leaned in to pull her clitoris into his mouth as she moved slowly up and down. Max, Liz and Michael's orgasms exploded through all of them. Max removed himself and they all collapsed feeling like wet noodles.

Liz looked over Michael and saw that Zulis still had and erection. She crawled across to Zulis and lowered herself onto him. The moment that she was embedded he turned her over and slammed in and out of her. Their orgasm washed over the other two, it was not as explosive and when the four of them were involved. It was still intense.

Max laughed, "I think this is why multiple bondings are rare, it sends you to an early grave."

Michael snorted, "Well at least we'll have smiles on our faces."

Everyone burst out laughing.

Michael nudged Max, "We have to get back, move your butt. I need a shower."

Max and Michael went to shower quickly and returned to dress. Zulis had flipped Liz over on top of him without removing himself, Max and Michael left the room with the picture of Liz and Zulis sleeping in their favorite sleeping position. Max pulled a sheet up over them so that Liz didn't get cold. Max and Michael both felt a deep complete contentment.

After making sure that Liz was in a deep sleep, Zulis turned her over on her side and pulled himself out of her. He took a shower and dressed. Then stood at the end of the bed, gazing at the beauty of his mate. She had pulled the pillow into her embrace and he moved another behind her so that she felt surrounded like she was used too. He covered her and went to the sitting room.

As Zulis was entering the room someone knocked on the door, the Queen mother was requesting an audience with Zulis. Zulis lowered to his knee to pay homage to the great queen and bowed his head. Valan waited until the door was shut.

Valan looked at Zulis kneeling on the floor, "Zulis, get up. Your are the queen's mate now and you no longer need to bow so lowly to me."

Zulis shot to his feet, he was shocked that she knew, "Your majesty, what do you mean?"

Valan snorted, "Zulis sit down, even at my height you hurt my neck. Elizabeth must look like a child next to you."

Zulis tried to keep from smiling at the mention of the queen, "Your majesty, how did you know?"

Valan looked him in the eye, "Her connection with my son is so strong that I can feel her also. I felt when she bonded to Commander Rath, and I felt her bond to you. I also felt Zan and Rath's uncertainty, but their acceptance. You saved their life by saving their queen. For that I am in your debt."

Zulis was humbled, "Your majesty, you owe me no debt. I have received the only reward worth living for. I am 48 years old and had resigned myself to never having a mate. And then to discover that I was pulled to a double bonded queen, no less, I knew I would never have a mate. I could never have dreamed that I would be allowed into there life, and I know that I wouldn't have been if my bond had not been necessary to save my beloved's life."

Valan looked thoughtful, "I know that the tiny queen in the other room is capable of making you all happy just with her smile. She has come to mean a lot to me, also. She brought my son happiness on earth, and then also to Rath. When they died and we recreated them, I did not know what life I was sending my son too. I am so glad that he found that precious tiny woman in the other room. She has become a daughter to me. I came here to make sure that you knew how important she is to us all. Do not let her out of your sight, send someone else to do your bidding. I have arranged for you to have this authority at my son's request. You are of the royal court but you will be given a higher status in the royal court when the bonding is announced. My son has told me that he has not talked with you about why it must be kept a secret for now, but he will talk to you soon. You must be a special person to have been chosen for Elizabeth. She has a deep and abiding love of family and friends. She and I have had time to get to know each other since she arrived and I care deeply for her and my grandchildren."

Zulis smiled at the word children, "Did his majesty tell you about the children?"

Valan shook her head, "We have not had a lot of private time lately."

Zulis smiled, "Then I apologise, I shouldn't have said anything."

Valan raised an eyebrow, "You aren't going to get away with that, tell me about the children."

Zulis smiled, "Don't tell them that I told you, please? Liz is with child again. My deepest joy comes from knowing that my beloved carries my son and daughter." A tear slid down Zulis's face.

A dressed Liz slid into his lap and wiped the tear from his face, then snuggled into his chest, "I missed you."

His arms tightened around her. Valan was satisfied by what she saw, Zulis was totally under Liz's spell. Valan stood, and Zulis stood with Liz in his arms.

Valan walked over and ran her hand down Liz's hair, "Be well my child." With that said Valan left the room.


Liz slowly came awake, realising that she was in Zulis's lap. She smiled into his chest. Zulis's head was laying on the back of the chair, and he was sleeping. Liz leaned back and studied Zulis's face, she thought he looked at the most 30 years old. His face was beautiful, perfect. She wished that her skin was that beautiful. His features were sharp, and his chest was massive. His chest tapered to small hips, well small compared to his chest. Liz reached up and ran a finger over his full lips, any woman on earth would die for such full lips. Zulis opened his eyes and noticed that his beloved mate was scrutinizing him. He smiled at her, she noticed that he had perfect white teeth. She pulled her dress up enough to allow her to put her knees on either side of his legs and leaned up so that she could be eye level with him. He was taller than Max and Michael, who she was already at a disadvantage with but Zulis made her feel even tinier. She ran her hands over his face looking into his eyes, noticing that they were larger than a humans and slightly slanted. She also noticed that his iris was totally black and larger than a humans. Zulis had run his hands up her legs when she moved to this position, Liz just realised that they were under her dress.

She leaned forward, "You're sinful, did you know that?"

His hands caressed her botton and moved very close to her center, "Whatever do you mean my beloved?"

Liz captured his bottom lip and sucked it into her mouth. "You know I always enjoyed working, and I loved today in the labs. But it still doesn't compare to the time I spend with my mates and children. I love being a mother and mate. I never saw myself in this position. God, Zulis you have a beautiful face."

Zulis smiled, "I'm glad that it pleases you, but it could never compare to you. Your are a goddess, too beautiful for words."

Liz lay her face on his and rubbed her cheek on his face, "You, good sir are digging into my heart very quickly."

A knock on the door pulled them apart, Zulis picked Liz up and deposited her on the couch and went to answer the door. It was Tess and Isabel, he allowed them entrance and moved to stand against the wall in the far corner. Liz did not like seeing him so far away, but Tess and Isabel were not aware that they were bonded yet. She saw them at lunch and dinner every day and at play time with the children, but they had not had a chance to visit since she had returned from the incident after leaving Kirath and Valax's home.

Liz ran to them and hugged them, "I've missed you guys so much."

Tess rolled her eyes, "Liz you see us every day, several times a day."

Isabel was eyeing Zulis, "Why is he still in here?" Liz's protectiveness of her mate started to flare, but she immediately pushed it down.

She smiled at Isabel, "I think that you guys should sit down." Tess and Isabel sat down , Isabel still didn't like Zulis being in the room.

Liz turned to Zulis, "Zulis could you give us a moment to talk privately."

Zulis looked like he was going to object, "I will be in the library, but I will leave the door open. I will not hear your conversation, but I will still keep my eyes on you as Queen Valan commanded." After he exited the room, he sat in a chair in the library and stared at her. Studying her features like she had done to his, only he wasn't able to touch her.

Isabel sighed after Zulis left the room, "Liz isn't he being a little over protective."

Liz laughed and looked at Zulis, "You have no idea."

She turned back to Isabel and Tess, "So tell me all of the things that we haven't been able to talk about since I returned and then I 'll tell you my news."

Isabel rolled her eyes, "Let me guess those two lugs got you pregnant again? Geez, Liz I have one mate and he's too much for me, how do you stand two mates?"

Liz grimaced and smiled at the same time, "Well you are right I am pregnant."

Isabel sighed heavily, "I knew it."

Tess just beamed at Liz, when Liz noticed that Tess hadn't said anything yet she looked at her hard, "Oh my gosh, Tess you're pregnant too aren't you?"

Tess nodded her head with a silly grin on her face, "Two girls, Kyle and I are so happy. Isabel already had a third pregnancy, but we kept missing my time. Wait a minute, you aren't telling us something. I can tell."

Liz sighed with a smile on her face and glanced at Zulis, "Well remember when my shuttle was shot down?" They both nodded. "Zulis was my pilot and guard, he located an old rebel cave for us to hide from the people chasing us."

Isabel interrupted, "We know all of this, Liz. What are you not telling us, in other words, dear sister get to the point."

Liz smiled at Zulis again, "Well what I say can not leave this room, and will not be announced until our enemy has been identified. Something about a prophecy."

Tess jumped in, "Oh is this the one about the queen with three mates, Oh, Ohhhhhh? Oh my, Liz, have you.......oh my."

Isabel made a disgusted sound, "Oh my god, your kidding right? Three, you have three.... no way, no one can.... you I don't even believe that Max allowed that to happen, and then there is Michael. No way, they allowed that."

Zulis could feel Liz's agitation and came to comfort her. He knelt down by her, "Is everything okay?"

She caressed his face, "It's fine, they are the one's having trouble." Zulis got up and went back into the Library.

Isabel turned serious, "Please tell me that what I'm thinking isn't true."

Liz looked at Tess and then Isabel, "Isabel, it's not like I went looking for this. Max and Michael had noticed for a while that Zulis was acting strange around me. Michael had brought up the point that I did not act attracted to Zulis, but Max reminded him that I didn't act attracted to him either. Only after Max recognised Michael's desire to be with me and accepted it, did my acceptance manifest itself. I had only looked at Zulis as a guard and friend, he was a lot of fun to play with when we were outside with the children. When the shuttle was hit, I was thrown and hit my head. Max and Michael could barely feel me, so they told Zulis to connect to me. They knew that if he connected to me and was my mate then we would bond. So they accepted him. Zulis has known since the first time his hand touched mine that I was his mate, but had resigned himself to never mating since I was already double bonded. When they accept the bond they feel no jealously of each other. Because they approved, I was moved to bond with Zulis just as I was moved to bond with Michael. Even with their approval he tried to talk me out of it. Please give him a chance, Isabel. We spent the afternoon getting to know one another, he is a wonderful person. He accepted Michael and Max, and in doing so he forever has a place in my heart."

Isabel realised how selfish she was being, "I'm sorry Liz, it is your life. I just can't imagine sharing myself with more than Alex."

Liz laughed, "And you think I imagined anyone beyond Max. I didn't. Max is my soulmate, the love of my life. Michael is too now, and so is Zulis. I can't explain it. By the way two of the babies are his. He is so happy."

Tess giggled, "I have seen him smile, but I don't think I've seen him happy. He's always so serious."

Liz smiled, "He is serious isn't he, can you believe Max put him in charge of the children's protection yesterday. And he wouldn't leave the children's room during nap time, until he couldn't stand being away from me any longer. Max had to change his order, so that Zulis is with me all of the time now. Max made him my personal guard. And mother Valan was here earlier and told him not to take his eyes off of me. He takes his orders so seriously."

Liz looked devious for a moment, "Hey Isabel have you made any new clothes. I haven't shaken up Zulis yet. Michael won't fall for it anymore, but it might give him a laugh watching me mess with someone else besides him."

Isabel nodded, "That was another reason that we came here. Mera should be here any minute with my new creations, and we can make any adjustments necessary." When the new clothes arrived, Liz moved out of Zulis's sight and had Isabel take side seams out and turn a couple of her new dresses diaphanous. She then took them to her closet, noticing that Zulis had moved to the doorway when she moved out of his sight.

Liz moved to the Library door, "Zulis it's play time, are you coming?"

He stood, "You know that I am, my queen."

They went out to play games with the children before dinner. She nursed Leah while watching them play. Zulis and Liz brought the children in to get cleaned up for dinner, and left them playing in the playroom while they went to get cleaned up. Max and Michael were coming in when Liz walked out of the closet in a new dress. Zulis was coming out of the bathroom, he turned to Max and Michael to see if they noticed Liz's dress. They acted like nothing was wrong. The side seems were missing and you could see her body through the material.

Zulis walked over to Liz and touched his hand to the back of the dress, "It is time for dinner, Max, Michael are you ready?"

They turned just in time to see the seams coming together and the dress turning opaque. Max and Michael fell on the bed laughing, Liz looked so disappointed.

She turned to Zulis, "You're no fun, Zulis." Zulis was afraid that he had done something wrong,

Michael came over and put his arm around his shoulder, "Zulis my friend, I wish that I had thought of that the first time she pulled that stunt on me."

Max took pity on Zulis's confusion, "The dress, Zulis, she has been torturing us with indecent clothes since we got here. Michael went balistic and ordered her out of the clothes, and I negotiated with her. You definitely have the touch man, you just took care of the problem."

Max walked over to Liz and pulled her up into his embrace, "Poor baby, he isn't going to fall for your practical jokes."

Liz smiled, "Damn, and I had so much fun with them too. I'll just have to find one to get him with, or come up with new ones for you guys." Michael and Max groaned.

After dinner, Max and Zulis went into the library to talk. Michael and Liz took on the task of bathing all of the children. Allie, Emma, Erin and Leah were bathed first and dressed in their pajamas. Then Matthew and Joshua were bathed. Liz and Michael were soaked by the time the boys got out. The girls were playing with their trucks and dolls. Michael helped Liz put the boys in their pajamas.

Michael used his powers to dry their clothes. Liz nursed the twins then handed them to Michael. She sat in a rocking chair with Leah snuggled on her lap, the other children were still playing. She nursed Leah and was singing a lullabye when Zulis and Max entered the room. Michael was rocking Joshua and Erin while reading their favorite book 'Green eggs and ham', they no longer fell asleep while nursing.

Matthew, Allie and Emma ran to Max and Zulis when they came into the room. Max picked up Allie, while Zulis reached down for Matthew and Emma. Max realised that they would need to bring in another rocking chair.

Zulis went to the window seat and began to sing an Antarian song. Everyone stopped what they were doing to listen, he had a beautiful voice. Matthew and Emma were sound asleep in his arms when he finished the song. Liz looked down and saw that Leah was asleep, the two in Michael's arms were out too, but Allie was wide awake looking at Zulis with wonder in her eyes. She pushed down out of Max's arms and ran over to the window seat and crawled up next to Zulis.

Allie took Zulis' face into her little hands, "Daddy, that was the mostest wonderful song that I've ever heard." She then kissed his cheek , got down and ran back to Max. She wrapped her little arms around his neck, "Daddy it's time to put everyone in bed, we have lots of work to do in school tomorrow."

Max hugged her tightly, "I love you my little princess" She giggled and kissed him goodnight. Max went over and took Leah from Liz. He then took Matthew from Zulis while Liz tried to take Erin from Michael.

Michael shook his head, "You're pregnant, you shouldn't be picking them up. Max came over and took Erin. Each one made sure that they had kissed each child goodnight before leaving the room. In the hall Zulis bowed to his King and Queen then excused himself to go to his chamber. Liz was a disappointed until she saw him come through the door of the queen's chamber.

Liz turned to Max, "Will he be with us from now on?"

Max hugged her tightly, "Yes, my love, I insisted. He shouldn't be away from us and he agreed. You have been exceptionally amorous since you conceived. I think that it is just fair that Zulis share in all of our love."

Liz rubbed her face against Max's chest, "Thank you. Now we are complete."

All of them felt as if something snapped in their heads with Liz's words and their total acceptance and love for each other.

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Leah ~ almost six months
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Matthew, Allie and Emma are 22 months

Their children are very advanced, compared to normal human children. Antarians reach their adulthood by the time they are 14, but the royal's children are not 100% Antarian and will mature a little slower. The royal children seem like normal infants until they are 1, then the accelerated maturity starts. Remember the Antarians are in their pods until they are 1.

As far as making the four of them together seem so natural, thank you. I try, I just needed to see Liz happy. I may have gone over board, but the show was making me so sad. They should have let Max and Liz be together. Oh well, it's too late to cry over spilled milk.

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Part 32

Zulis and Liz were strolling through the gardens, just enjoying the quiet and being next to each other. Zulis turned to show Liz a plant that he was sure that she had never seen, "This plant is called betu." He expected Liz to walk up beside him and examine the plant. He could feel her excitement, so he turned to look down at where she should be and saw nothing.

Zulis' heart starting pounding hard in his chest, he could taste his own fear. He called out, "Liz, please show yourself."

He heard her giggle, "You have to find me."

Zulis realised that she was playing a game, that hiding game. He smiled, "You know that I can find you easily. I will always win this game."

He moved in her direction when he was hit with pain and fear from his beloved. He ran as quickly as he could to her. He could not believe what lay ahead of him, Manuth of Kir had a hold on Liz's arms. Manuth released Liz as soon as he saw Zulis.

Zulis bowed to Liz, "My queen I will escort you back to your rooms?"

Liz was so relieved, "Yes, thank you."

Zulis turned back to Manuth, "Please excuse your Queen, she has important matters to attend to." Zulis had to stop to control his anger, "Also, Never touch her again if you value your life."

After they managed to get to the building, Zulis put his arm around her. Liz almost collapsed, "He has so much hate for us Zulis."

Zulis scooped her up and took her to the King's chamber, he was beyond caring if anyone saw him carrying the queen. The royal guard knew that she was carrying a child and would think that she was momentarily weak. Max and Michael ran up behind Zulis just as he entered their chambers. Juran and Sunar had seen Zulis carrying the queen and had thrown open their chamber doors, both were deeply concerned for the queen's health but they retreated from the room as the king entered.

Max saw that Zulis was carrying Liz, "What happened?"

Zulis put Liz on the couch and bowed his head over her, "My king, she went off on her own, it is my fault. I should have been more aware."

Michael was angry, "But what happened, what caused her pain?"

Zulis continued, "When I felt her unease I followed her, Manuth had his hands on her arms. And then after we walked away, she said that he hates us."

Max looked confused, "Manuth.....Manuth of Kir?" Max turned to Michael, "We didn't even suspect him."

Zulis knew he had failed his king and mate, "Your majesty, I am so sorry."

Max interrupted him, "Zulis this is not your fault, It's mine. I was trying to give you two time together, without always being watched. It looks like you will need guards with you when you leave this room, if you want time alone with Liz then it will have to be in these rooms only."

Michael had walked over to Liz and pulled her into his arms, crushing her to him. He stroked her hair, and placed soothing kissed on her forehead. Liz whispered in Michael's ear, "It's my fault, I wasn't thinking. I just wanted to mess with Zulis, I was the one playing around."

Michael hugged her tighter, "It's not your fault, it is ours. We've almost failed you twice now, but never again."

Max had walked over and tapped Michael to hand her over to him, Max pulled her into his tight embrace, "He's right, never again will we fail you Liz. You have all of our hearts residing in your body, if something happened to you. Our lives would be nothing." Max turned to Zulis, "Post extra guards on our chambers, even when you are here. Increase the children's guards, also. The children are to be well protected, especially when they are outside and vunerable to attack. We will stay with her until you take care of that, and then I would like you to make sure that she rests and gets energy for our babies. I don't like that she almost collapsed. I will check her to make sure that she is okay, while you are gone." Zulis kissed Liz's forehead, and bowed to his King.

Max picked Liz up and carried her to the bedroom. He turned to Michael, "One of us should return to the meeting, but I won't tell you to go. That is the second time that we have run out of a council meeting, they probably think that we are lunatics. Also, send word to the lab that Liz will not be there today and possibly tomorrow."

Michael nodded, "I'll retun to the meeting. Now that I know she's okay, and you will take care of her. I'll just cut out of the meeting early, while you are stuck there. I'll stop by the classroom and playroom to check on the children. I will also inform the guards to keep their eyes open and I will send one of the council guards to the lab."

Michael pulled Liz to him again and kissed her deeply, "I love you, my angel." Michael left the room.

Max pulled her dress over head and laid her down. He laced his fingers through her hair and gazed into her eyes. They connected immediately, the flashes started, their first time, college, her and Michael the first time, the children, the first time with Zulis, her exploration of Zulis, her talks with Zulis, her deep love for him and her other mates. He went deeper and checked the babies, they were fine. They communicated their love for him, their daddies and mommy. Max made sure that she was healthy and that Manuth had not done anything to her. Except needing energy she seemed to be fine.

Max pulled out of the connection, "I love you so much Liz."

She smiled, "I love you too, my Max, my King, my Zan, my husband, my life. I wouldn't be here if you hadn't saved me that day."

Max put his forehead against hers, "Lets be honest, I saved myself that day."

Liz pulled him into a kiss, he deepened it. Liz looked at his clothes, "Can you stay with me for a little bit?" Max nodded, "Even if I shouldn't, I would today."

Liz helped him to remove his clothes. Max laid her back and stroked her hair while he kissed her face and neck. She loved when he sucked her bottom lip into his sensuous mouth. He caressed her neck and moved his hand slowly to her breast. He leaned down and drew her nipple into his mouth, suckling softly.

Liz's hands were not idle either, she ran her hands over his body stimulating his need for her. Max started to move lower, but Liz pushed him to his back. She straddled him, rubbing against his erection. She leaned down and ran her mouth over his face and neck. She paid particular attention to his sensitive ears. She smiled when she felt his length jerk everytime she sucked or tongued his ear. She moved down his chest and licked his nipples, then lightly bit them.

Max flipped her back over, and moved down her body. He ran his mouth and tongue over her stomach, moving lower until he reached her center. He ran his tongue up the outer lips, and watched them swell with need. He flicked the little bit of her clit that had swollen and was starting to protrude. He spread her lips apart and running his tongue up and down her swollen clit, then sucking it into his mouth. She had her hands laced through his hair , holding him to her until she shattered with her orgasm. He moved up her body kissing her deeply. Thrusting his tongue into her mouth to find hers. He moved to position his length over her and entered her. He always loved the feeling of first entering her, she was so tight even after all of these years and three mates. They had been together the longest and they knew how to play each other's bodies like an instrument.

Max moved in and out, bending to suck on her breast until they both reached an earth shattering orgasm. Max collapsed on Liz, and she held him there. She loved the feel of her mates after they had made love, but they usually wouldn't stay like this. They were afraid of hurting her. Max tried to move, "No Max, please I just need you to lay here like this." He stayed and supported most of his weight with his arms, "Would you just stop trying to coddle me and drop your weight on me, I'd like to feel you."

Max shook his head, "Honey, I'm too big and I'll suffocate you."

Liz gave him her best impression of a puppy dog, "Please????" He gave her most of his weight, but not all. That seemed to make her happy. They were laying in the same position after having made love three times when Max felt a hand on his back other that Liz's.

Zulis had returned, he entered the sitting room and the bedroom door was open. He was mesmerised by the beauty of his King and Queen in the throes of passion. He had never seen anything that captivating. He stayed in the sitting room watching, but giving them this time together alone. Each of the queen's mates needed some time with her alone, once in a great while. When he felt the power of their orgasm for the third time, he smiled. These two were definitely meant for each other.

Zulis entered the room and put his hand on Max's back, Max turned to him and smiled. Zulis stroked his back, "How is she?"

Max moved to sit up but Liz held him to her, "She's wonderful, very healthy and the babies send their love. Zulis I want you to know that I saw your talks with Liz. Is that okay? I know everything about you that she knows."

Zulis nodded, "Of course that is fine, my king. I want you to know who I am, just as I want to know you."

Max put on a mock fierce face, "Zulis, don't make me have to beat my name into your head. In these rooms, I'm Max. I don't want you groveling to me. It's annoying enough from everyone else. But I don't want it from you, especially in these rooms. I know that you have to keep up appearances outside, but in here I'm Max."

Liz reached out a hand to Zulis and caressed Max's cheek, "Max you need to get back, my love. Give me a kiss and find out if we have traitors in our home. Zulis will take care of me."

Max leaned down and kissed her then smiled at Zulis, "You lucky dog."

Zulis raised his eyebrow, "I don't know what a dog is, but it is you who are the lucky one. You have known her forever, and you have had her love for longer."

Max removed himself from her body, and got up to get dressed. Liz was watching the interaction between her mates. The lack of jealousy or modesty with each other always fascinated her.

Max walked over and kissed her, "You my love should rest, take advantage of Zulis today. Michael and I will take care of the children at lunch and I will have food sent here." She helped him dress, and watched him leave the room.

Liz turned to Zulis, "Make love to me, my Zulis"

After, Liz lay in Zulis's arms. She was making patterns on his chest, he finally laid his hand on hers to stop the torment. She looked up into his face, "I don't want to stay in this bed all day, despite having three mates who occupy enough of my time in this bed, I do like to do other things."

Zulis tried to argue, "Beloved, Max wants you to rest, and so do your other mates."

Liz gave him an exasperated look, "Zulis, nothing happened. I just didn't like the feelings that I got when that man touched me. Please, my love, I want to do something. Oh I know, I can teach you the alphabet today and you can start teaching me Antarian. We have all kinds of English language books, that we brought for teaching the children."

She jumped out of bed, "Come on, we'll even do it in the nude and if you are a good boy you might get a reward."

Zulis smiled a genuine smile, "Beloved, I would do anything to make you happy, and if rewarding me makes you happy I am a willing vessel."

Liz rolled her eyes, "You've been hanging around Michael and Max for too long."


Michael followed Max into his office, and stood beside him waiting for Manuth to be summoned to the King's office. Michael stared harshly at the man as he entered the room.

Michael wanted to punch the man for causing his angel pain, he clinched his hands behind his back trying to control his anger.

Max didn't even look up when he started talking, but when he did look up Manuth feared for his life, "I will get straight to the point, Manuth of Kir. If you ever touch my mate again, I will kill you. If you so much as cause harm to even a hair on her head, you will spend the rest of your days in agony." Max paused and turned his eyes up to Michael, "Do you have anything to add Commander Rath?"

"Only that the same goes for our children. And Manuth, if I am the one to kill you it won't be as easy a death as it would be at your King's hand."

When Manuth started to speak, Max held up his hand, "Do not even try to make excuses for your behavior, there is no excuse. You were born Antarian and would not be ignorant of something that is instinct to every Antarian. And don't even try to say that you didn't know that she was your queen, I know that you attended the ball. Leave my sight before I change my mind and have you thrown in prison."

Manuth bowed and left the room.

Max sat back and sighed, "Did I make a mistake by confronting him?"

Michael put his hand on Max's shoulder, "I don't know, I honestly don't know."


Liz had a ball teaching Zulis the alphabet song, and he had all of the letters and sounds down in an hour. Liz gave him and herself a much deserved reward, when she lowered herself onto his erection while he was trying to read a children's book. The book dropped forgotten. A little later, Liz bent over to pick up the book and snuggled back into Zulis's chest, "Read to me." She could feel him stirring again inside of her, and she smiled into his chest. She would never look at books the same way again.

They had decided to put off teaching Liz Antarian. Liz led Zulis to the couch and had him lay down and she laid beside him. She pulled out her book and read to him. She had to stop his exploration of her body several times, but after the fourth time her desire for him had built to a peak. She dropped the book and laid back pulling him onto her, "God Zulis, I need you. Now, please just take me."

This is how Michael found them later. Locked in an embrace on the couch, Zulis once again pumping in and out of Liz's willing body.

Liz's voice could be heard saying, "Oh god yessss..... Zulis my love.....yes.... harder.....oh god". Michael just smiled, and he was impressed. He had felt them all day, and Zulis was still at it. When they climaxed, Michael walked over and knelt down beside them and rubbed his hand up and down Zulis's back. They both turned, but Liz spoke, "Michael my love, I missed you today."

Michael turned to Zulis, "I'm here to relieve you. Why don't you go shower, and then join Max with the children. I've already spent a little time with them, tell them I'll bring them their mommy in a little bit."

Zulis kissed Liz deeply, then pulled himself from her body. Michael pulled Liz up and led her to the bedroom, he stripped as they walked. She turned to help him with the clothes that remained on his body. She unhooked his pants and knelt to lower them. She kissed the tip of his erection running her tongue up and down his length, and then taking him into her mouth.

Michael was on the edge because of feeling her with Max this morning and then with Zulis all day. The only break that Zulis had taken was when he retrieved Leah to nurse.

Michael pulled her up, "That isn't what I want right now, I need to be in you. I have felt you all day and I just need the same right now. Lay down please, my angel."

She laid back and spread her legs for him. He leaned forward and ran his fingers up and down her center, "God your beautiful." She had thrown her head back when he touched her. Michael moved even closer, and sucked her clitoris into his mouth. He could taste her and Zulis's juices mixed together. He enjoyed the taste, it wasn't as intoxicating as just her. He moved up to her breasts and suckled as he positioned himself. He moved into her slowly, wanting to take his time.

Zulis had come out of the bathroom just as Michael entered her, he watched how she responded. He needed to go and see the children, so he dressed quickly and left the room before he was pulled into the mesmerising scene. Max and Zulis felt Michael and Liz climax for a second time, they were showered and dressed when they came to dinner. That night after the children were tucked in bed, Michael asked to talk to Zulis. He just wanted to give Liz and Max a little time together. He and Zulis talked about the safety precautions that Zulis put into effect. When Michael felt Liz and Max climax, he told Zulis that it was time to join their partners.


The next day Zulis took Liz to Isabel and Tess, he took books with him to work on. Isabel and Tess used their powers to make the children new clothes. Zulis would come to Liz to ask about a word. Some of his coming to her was to ask her about a word, but other times it was just to touch her or the check on her.

Liz could not believe how quickly he picked up reading english. He was already reading chapter books, he really liked the fantasy and mystery books.

Isabel and Tess smiled every time he came over to Liz. Liz saw their smiles, "What are you guys smiling about?"

Tess giggled, "He's worse than Max."

Isabel nodded her head and spoke with a dreamy voice, "Worse than Max all of those years he was mooning over Liz from afar."

Liz smiled, "I've come to really love him, he's really wonderful."

Isabel laughed, "Honestly Liz, Michael is the same way, how did you get three perfect husbands? Most people are lucky if they find one."

Liz smiled, "I'm just so blessed to have them." Zulis walked in at that time to ask about a word and Liz stood up to pull him down for a kiss, he lifted her to deepen the kiss. Liz was breathless by the time he put her back down, so he asked Tess what the word was. He didn't even notice Tess and Isabel fanning themselves.


Liz had begun to really appreciate and love Isabel and Tess in college. The beginning of their relationships had been rocky, but living closely together had allowed them to really get to know each other. All through college Isabel had pulled her Christmas Nazi routine, and Liz had really missed that when they had to run from the FBI. She had actually found it funny, how Isabel could whip everyone into the Christmas spirit. It was a wonderful tradition.

Liz had missed not celebrating last year because they were on the ship. She turned to Isabel, "Are we going to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know that it doesn't have anything to do with Antar traditions or religion, but I kind of miss it. I want to have Christmas."

Liz could see the wheels turning in Isabel's head, "Oh I love Christmas, we could do something special for the people, and the children could put on a Christmas pageant."

They had all learned about the Antarian religion, there was only one. They had temples, well the ones that hadn't been destroyed, and everyone went there to meditate and to study about God. There was only one true God, and your relationship with God was personal. Gatherings at the temple were for socializing or studying, not worship. They had no desire to change any of that, they just needed a part of the traditions that were a part of their only other home.

Tess perked up, "Oh maybe the parents can come here, and bring the children things from earth from us. We gave them the authority to access our money, so they could bring new bikes, Oh and those motorized cars and jeeps, and Liz you are going to need more cribs and bassinets."

Liz hadn't thought of that, the thought of her parents coming thrilled her, "That's such a great idea." Then Liz seemed to deflate, "Oh, my parents are going to die, when they find out I have another husband. Do you think that they can handle it?"

Isabel didn't know, "Well since the people don't know maybe they don't have to know. It probably is best if too many people don't know, after Max explained the need for secrecy. I'll start making the list of all of the things we would like to be brought from earth. I bet we've missed a lot of good movies, books, CD's and computer games. I just hope that it can be done."

Zulis came into the room, "Beloved, it is time to nap before lunch."

Liz's face lit up, "Oh yeah, a nap sounds good."

Isabel rolled her eyes, and Tess giggled, "I think I'll call Kyle and tell him that I need a nap too."

As Zulis and Liz neared their chamber, Liz noticed Juran was standing guard. She also noticed that Leah was in a carrier on his chest. Liz could see that Leah was sound asleep, and looked very peaceful.

She stopped in front of Juran, "Shouldn't she be in her bed?"

Juran rubbed Leah's back, "She is safer here, I don't like her being in the room alone."

Liz smiled up at Juran, "Thank you for protecting her Juran." Juran beamed at her praise.

Liz turned and entered her chambers.

Zulis took Liz's hand and led her to their bed. He helped her pull her dress over her head, then removed his own clothes while she watched from the bed. She admired his body as he pulled off his clothes. Max and Michael both had impressive bodies, but Zulis had had 24 more years to tone his. He made love to her slowly, touching and tasting every inch of her skin. He turned them over so that she could sleep on him, then pulled the covers up over them.
He remained awake, he was not used to getting a lot of sleep. He laid there enjoying the feel of his precious mate laying on him, the feel of a part of himself still in her, the feel of her soft hair falling over his chest, her intoxicating smell, and he worked on controlling his need to make love to her again. She needed to sleep, she was carrying his babies. She got plenty of energy yesterday from all of her mates, she needed sleep now.

Liz woke with a smile on her face. She kissed Zulis awake. Zulis twisted them around so that she was under him. Liz wrapped her legs around him when she felt him grow inside of her. Liz hoped that she could wake up like this forever.

Zulis and Liz showered and dressed, then went out to play with the children. They met Max and Michael as they were walking down the corridor, they each took her hands and led her outside. Zulis walked slightly behind, as a royal guard would do. They all played ball with the kids and their guards while lunch was set up. The children told them all of the things they had learned this morning, and even showed them some of their powers. Max and Michael were very impressed with their progress. The only child that they felt like they weren't providing for was Allie, she needed a music teacher. Antar had music but it was not an important part of life, like it was on Earth. The song that Zulis had sung to the children every night was one of only a few songs for children. Liz had a thought as they listened to the children, would Maria be willing to come to Antar? Liz knew that she wasn't happy, and maybe she could possibly find happiness on Antar. Who would have thought that Liz had a match on Antar. She would have to talk to Max and Michael about Maria coming to stay.


Manuth watched the scene from a window, King Zan, the Queen's consort, and the Queen were a ludicrous sight to him. How dare they make a mockery of the monarchy. The queen was not even Antarian, and they flaunted the fact that she had two mates. Allowing her guard to eat with them and be with her all of the time was unacceptable. The guards also ran around with the children, they actually had the nerve to touch the King's children and throw them in the air. This was not a monarchy.

Manuth felt a presence behind him, "Did I not tell you they are our doom? Will you join me now?"

Manuth tensed, "I may not agree with their ways, but I don't know if I'm willing to commit what most of the people on my planet would consider as treason."

"Do you think it's treason? She is only a human, she is not even Antarian."

"Neither are you. What do you gain from this?"

"I will leave you to your thoughts, you know who to contact if you change your mind."

Manuth had always disliked Zan's methods. He blamed Zan for all of the deaths on Antar, for the death of his mate. If Zan hadn't allowed his past future wife to choose his, Zawthu, as one of her circle of friends then she would still be alive. The truth was that Zan had not cared what Ava did, and she took full advantage of his disinterest in her. If Zan had paid attention to his wife, then she wouldn't have needed to surround herself with young woman.

Manuth continued to watch the royals, he had no idea that his interest was being observed by Kyle.


That night after the children were put to bed, the four of them sat in the sitting room to talk. Zulis had gone to his chambers and joined them through the connecting door. Liz was excited about what she wanted to talk about, "Max, do you think that our parents can visit at Christmas?"

She was sitting in a chair across from Max and Michael on the couch. Max raised an eyebrow, "Christmas? Please tell me that we aren't going to be visited by the Christmas Nazi!"

Michael had a look of horror on his face and Liz smirked, "Too late, we already talked about it today. She's psyched and ready to go."

Max and Michael groaned. Zulis hadn't understood a word, and looked totally confused. Max turned to him, "Liz will have the pleasure of explaining all of this to you. Michael and I will be in hiding until it's over." Liz threw him a dirty look, which he just smiled at.

Liz turned to Zulis, "Oh your going to love it Zulis"

She walked over and sat in his lap hugging him tightly in her excitement. He loved her excitement, "It's about our religion on Earth, not that Max or Michael ever believed,they won't admit it but they love Christmas too. Even though they do like to act like the Grinch. Oh we have that book, we'll read it tomorrow." Liz giggled when she felt him start to harden at the mention of reading a book.

Liz wiggled her hips and kissed Zulis hard, "I think that I'm going to enjoy reading that book."

Liz jumped up and ran over to sit on Max's lap, kissing his neck. "Can we invite Maria, too?"

She looked at Michael when she said that. He didn't look pleased, "I don't have a problem with it, as long as she keeps her hands to herself." He shuddered.

Liz looked thoughtful, "I thought we were past that. You never know maybe someone here is her match and she'll find true happiness. Then she can stay, and teach our children earth music. Allie would love to learn music. "

Michael groaned and Max rolled his eyes. Zulis was curious about this person, "Who is Maria?"

Liz was very excited now and Zulis liked that, she knelt in front of him and took his hands, "Oh she's one of my best friends in the world, Alex is my other best friend. We were inseparable. Oh and Maria and Michael used to date, that's why he has a problem with her. Michael never looked at me like that, until we were on the run and the three of us relied only on each other."

Michael cleared his throat, "Actually, you're wrong about that. I had feelings for you for a long time, why do you think that I wouldn't commit to Maria. I just couldn't figure out why, you were Max's soulmate and queen. I assumed that I was doing my duty and it was feelings of protectiveness. Until that night that I heard you and Max making love in our house in Albuquerque, I kept picturing the two of you together. Then I saw you with me and I ....."

Liz had moved to him and straddled his lap, she framed his face, "Oh Michael I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I love you and I don't want you to ever feel left out." She pulled him to her and kissed him. Michael pulled back and looked at her then pulled her into his embrace, no words were needed.

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I'd like to know who the bad guy is too. *big*

The babies will be born in part 33.

I just put part of the border up, never try to put 15 feet of border up by yourself.

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BTW, that's my daughter's name too. But it's spelled Lindsey.

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I'm sorry that I haven't gotten the next part out it's just a little hard to update with your father looking over your shoulder. I'll try to get it out in the tomorrow or the next day. Thanks for the bumps guys.

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Author's note:

Okay, I'm going ahead and posting this. I got up early to go over the part, hopefully I corrected all of the mistakes and didn't add any. My cat has been sitting beside me for the past hour meowing nonstop, driving me crazy.
Their isn't a lot happening in this part, except the babies are born and the parent's arrive.
Oh geez, I had better hurry I think my dad just got up. Is he conspiring against my story? And that was pretty funny, no I don't want to share my story with dear ol' dad. My cheeks would be red forever, how embarrassing. I will say that he was a Roswell fan, but was disgusted with S3 centering around Isabel. I think he's a dreamer.

Part 33

Isabel dreamwalked all of the parents, they were all more than eager to come. The Parker's hired a manager to handle the restaurant, so that they could travel.

Philip and Diane wrapped up their case loads and hired another attorney so that they could travel with the Parkers. The Whitman's had retired so were available. The Sheriff took personal leave, and put Deputy Hanson in charge.

The ship was sent and rooms were prepared. Isabel also dreamwalked Maria and told her Liz's idea. Would Maria be willing to stay on Antar for a while to teach Music? Maria jumped a the chance to be with her friends again. She phoned the Parkers the next day, to tell them that she wanted to travel with them. She emailed them a list of all materials, instruments, sheet music and recording equipment needed to teach music.

The Parkers had told her to go all out, so she did. Maria was so excited, Isabel had told her that Liz was expecting again. By the time they all arrived Liz would be the mother of ten young children. Maria was impressed, she really was happy for Max, Michael and Liz. Maybe she could find the same happiness, well maybe not that much happiness. She couldn't figure out how Liz handled it.

Zulis remained watchful of his mate and his children's safety. Max and Michael were closing in on the traitors, but the leader was still alluding them. They were finding it difficult to flush him out.

Liz and her mates calculated the day that they would all three would have to be available for the babies' quickening.

The three men were exhasted after two and a half days of non stop love making. Liz got up to order food, she was starving.

Later that evening she walked into the bedroom to find them laying all over each other. She smiled at the sight. If she hadn't been so sated she would have crawled back into bed and taken advantage of them. Instead she walked to one side and kissed Max.

Max's eyes opened and she smiled at him brushing his hair out of his face, "Max, it's time to get up the children need us." Max groaned, he was laying on his stomach and half of Zulis's body was covering Max's back. Zulis's head was laying between Max's shoulder blades.

Liz leaned up and kissed Zulis, "Zulis honey, It's time to get up."

Michael had his leg and arm thrown over Zulis, Liz walked around and kissed him, "Michael my love, time to get up."

Not one of them had moved, "Okay if you guys don't get out of that bed I'm just going to have to strip and join you."

Every one of their faces broke out into a huge grin. Max laughed, "Is that supposed to be a threat?"

Liz leaned over and said as suggestively as possible, "Are you saying that you have enough energy for more?"

That got them all moving. Michael rolled over and sat up slowly, while Max rolled to push Zulis off of his back. Zulis fell to his back and stretched, as Max sat up on the other side of the bed.

Max and Michael stood up to move to the bathroom, when they heard Liz, "Uh,uh,uh Zulis you have to get up. Your children would like to see you, they haven't seen any of you for two days."

Max and Michael turned around, and each of them took an arm and pulled Zulis to his feet. Max nudged him toward the bathroom, "Don't tell me that our precious mate wore you out that bad, you're in better shape than I could ever dream of being in. Or are you too old for this?"

Zulis snorted, "I'll show you old."

Zulis turned to Liz and pulled her into his arms and proceeded to kiss his senseless. Max and Michael were amazed when they saw Zulis start to harden. They watched Zulis lifted her up and pulled her down on his erection. Liz reached down and lifted her dress out of the way, then threw her head back as he completely embedded himself in her ,"Oh God".

Zulis moved in and out as he walked to the bathroom and leaned Liz's back up against the wall just inside the door. Liz's tummy made it a little more difficult than it normally was, but since Zulis was so much larger than her it wasn't too much of a problem.

Zulis bent over and captured Liz's mouth as he felt her orgasm approaching, as her tight, wet walls squeezed him he was pulled over the edge with her.

Liz held onto Zulis until she could catch her breath. Zulis lowered Liz back to the floor but kept her wrapped in his arms.

Liz turned her face to Max and Michael and giggled at their facial expressions. She would say that they looked amazed, astonished, exhausted, jealous and in love all at once. She turned back to Zulis, "Nope, definitely not too old."

Zulis let Liz pull out of his arms. Liz could only describe his walk as a swagger as he moved toward Max and Michael. She watched him wrap his arms around Max and Michael's shoulders and lead them into the shower.

Liz couldn't keep the smile off of her face as she went to the children's room.

While she waited for her mates to join her, Liz bathed Leah, Joshua and Erin and listened to the other children tell her about the past two days. Matthew, Allie and Emma tried to help wash their younger siblings. Her mates found her in the bathing room with three little ones in bathing rings, and three little munchkins hanging on her or over the tub splashing water. They immediately took over the chore, each man scooped a baby out and dried them.

Max, Michael and Liz had used the last two months to educate Zulis on caring for a baby, his favorite part was watching them nurse. The children were diapered and set on the floor with toys to wait for Liz to nurse them. They dried Liz's dress and sent her out to the younger children, then proceeded to bathe the other three children.

A very naked Matthew, Allie and Emma came running out of the bathroom squealing. The fierce daddy monsters were after them. Liz was just putting Joshua and Erin on the floor after nursing, and was picking up Leah to nurse. All of the monsters stopped to stare, and were immediately jumped on by a naked child.

They finally got them into pajamas, Zulis sat down with Allie and Emma in a rocking chair to sing to the children. Max had Joshua and Erin, and Michael had Matthew.

As usual, Zulis put all of the children to sleep except Allie. She hugged him tightly, "I missed you so much daddy, I love you." Michael had put Matthew in his bed and took Emma from Zulis. When all of the children were tucked into bed and kissed by each daddy, they turned to Liz. She was just putting Leah in her crib, and she had turned on the monitor.

Zulis pulled her into his arms and kissed her goodnight. He left the children's room and went to his chamber. Max and Michael put their arms around Liz and walked her to their room, to find Zulis coming through the adjoining door. Liz laid down on the bed, with Max snuggled up to her to her back. Zulis wrapped his arms around Max to reach Liz and Michael lay on her other side. They all still had a lot of sleep to catch up on.


Liz went into labor while Max and Michael were in the Council Chambers. Zulis ran to the door and yelled for a guard to get the Queen's mates. Liz was clutching his vest and arm. As soon as she could touch Michael and Max also, she calmed down some. They had prepared Zulis's chamber for the birth, so that it remained prepared. They took her to the room and tried to lay her down. She had her arm wrapped around Zulis's neck and was clutching Max's ear, her other arm was around Michael's neck. They all laid a hand on her stomach.

This birth was happening fast. Max bent down and helped his daughter come into the world, then Michael did the same for his daughter.

Isabel and Tess came running into the room just as Zulis caught his son as he slid down the birth canal. He couldn't move, this was his son.

Max handed his daughter to Isabel and rushed over to Zulis. He put his arm around Zulis, noticing how Zulis was enthralled by his son, "Zulis you have a daughter waiting for you, may I hold our son while you bring our daughter into the world."

Zulis turned to Max and nodded while handing him his son.

Max took the baby while Zulis delivered his daughter. Zulis wouldn't hand her over to Isabel, "No, I just need touch her, to hold her right now." Zulis smiled, "She's beautiful isn't she."

Isabel couldn't help her own smile, "Yes, she is. She looks like a perfect mixture of your's and Liz's beauty."

Zulis shook his head, "She looks like Liz, that's why she's so beautiful."

Isabel smiled at him.

Michael helped Liz to deliver the afterbirth, then Max healed her. Tess and Isabel showed Zulis how to clean the babies. He cleaned and diapered the babies then wrapped them in blankets.

Only then did he ask Isabel to watch the babies for a second. He went to Liz, who was cleaned up and starting to get up, he pulled her to him.

Zulis buried his face into her neck, "Thank you, you have given me more than I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you my beloved."

Liz smiled, "No thank you, Zulis. You gave me something precious too."

Once Zulis let her go, she left the room to clean up and to get dressed.

If the babies had looked extremely tiny in the men's arms, they looked even tinier in Zulis' arms. He could hold a baby in each hand. Isabel handed the babies to Zulis when he sat down and she and Tess left the room. Max and Michael were already rocking their daughters.

Liz once again was the only one that looked natural with her babies. Liz walked over and took her son from Zulis and sat in her own rocking chair.

Zulis turned to Liz, "I know that Antarian tradition is for children to be named after their parents, but I think that I would like for them to have a name that you have chosen. What would you name our son and daughter?"

Liz looked down at her son, "I think that Rhys and Rhiann would be the names that I would choose. Do you like them?"

Zulis smiled, "Yes, Rhys and Rhiann. I like them." (Rhiann is pronounced Ree on)

Liz and Max had chosen Riley for their daughter and she and Michael had picked Regan.

When Rhys started crying Liz pulled off her top and moved to sit on Zulis's lap, she showed Zulis how to hold the baby to her breast. He had his arms crossed around her holding both of his tiny babies as they nursed. He watched them over Liz's shoulder, she could feel tears hit her shoulder periodically. Max came over to take Rhiann and to give Riley to Liz, and then sat down to rock the baby. Michael did the same, exchanging Regan for Rhys.

Max said a silent prayer that they weren't on earth, they would be in so much trouble with all of their daughters. Having seven miniature versions of Liz would be a nightmare, but here on Antar they wouldn't have to worry. They would only be attracted to their mate, thank you God.

When the babies were fed, they moved the bassinets to the King's chambers, Zulis had carried Liz to the chamber. He wouldn't let go of her.

Michael was a little upset that he didn't get to help with the nursing. Zulis wouldn't let go of her for most of the first week. Max and Michael usually wound up hugging Liz and Zulis together, kissing them both before they left for their morning in the council.

Max and Michael spent extra time with the other children the first two weeks, and made sure that Leah was able to nurse before they went to sleep at night.

Max and Michael would come into the room to find Liz asleep on one side of the bed. Zulis would have all the babies in the middle of the bed while he lay their staring at them and stroking their heads. Max and Michael remembered doing the same thing. After the two weeks were up and the feedings were down to every four to five hours, Liz and Zulis took them to see all of their brothers and sisters.

Allie sang them Zulis's song and stroked their heads. The babies seemed to be soothed by all of their brother's and sisters being so near.

Juran had carried Leah over to introduce her to the babies.

Leah wanted to pick the babies up like a baby doll, and Juran tried to explain that she couldn't hold them.

Zulis heard the conversation and picked up Rhys, "Juran sit with Leah in the chair."

Juran shook his head, "I don't think that that is a good idea, it might upset the baby. They don't like others holding them. The Commander told the that himself when he brought Leah around after she was born. He kept refusing to allow me to hold my mate. I don't think that this is a good idea."

Zulis gave him a stern look, "Just sit down, Leah wants to give her brother her attention and you are going to help her."

Juran sat down and placed Leah on his lap. Zulis placed Rhys in her arms and showed her how to hold him, he watched as brother and sister almost sighed with contentment.

Brother and sister looked into each other's eyes, when Leah brought Juran's attention to Rhys. Leah was oohing at something. Juran looked down into black Antarian eyes. He was shaken at first. He immediately looked up into the eyes of the only one that could be this baby's father.

Silent communication passed between Juran and Zulis. Juran knew the prophecy that everyone seemed to be studying so closely among the royals. Juran looked down at Rhys and then at the baby that Zulis had just picked up and realised that he was going to have to help protect them.

Juran looked back up and Zulis and nodded, letting Zulis know that they were safe with him.

Zulis and Liz began their everyday routine again. Only they now had four newborns, one eight month olds, two 16 month olds, and three 2 year olds. And their parents from Earth would be arriving in two weeks, just after Liz received her inhibitor that they had managed to complete before the babies birth.

The adults gathered to wait for the ship to land. Isabel had pulled out her christmas outfits, everyone was forced to wear red and green. The only one that was not brow beaten by Isabel was Zulis, he was allowed to still wear his black vest and pants. He had to leave the room to keep Michael and Max from seeing his face when they walked out of the bedroom wearing shiny bright green pants and red vests. Liz on the other hand was adorable, in her tiny green skirt and short cropped red top.

Zulis had carried her back to the bedroom to make love to her after seeing her in that outfit. Max and Michael used their powers to mute the color of their outfits, and had not noticed Liz. When they saw Zulis zoom past them they turned and saw what had him so enthralled. They both returned to the room and stripped out of their silly outfits to eagerly join them. Liz, Max and Michael were dressed again in their christmas outfits, and Zulis had remained lounging in the bed watching them dress. He was going to stay with the babies. Liz had fed them before she had dressed the first time, so they would be okay for a couple of hours.

Zulis couldn't help himself, "Max, you and Michael are looking exceptionally attractive today. You should wear those colors more often."

Michael wasn't amused, "Ha..ha..ha, laugh it up for now, but it won't be long before you're in Isabel's clutches."

Max and Michael enjoyed the look of horror on Zulis' face as they walked out of the room.

When the door of the ship opened the first thing that everyone heard was Maria yelling "Lizzie"

Maria ran to her, hugged her and then pushed her away to look at her.

Maria snorted, "God your gorgeous, and you just gave birth to four babies. We heard the news on the ship that the King, Queen and the Queen's consort were now the parents of a son and three daughters."

Nancy and Jeff moved up to her and pulled Maria out of their way, "Let us at our daughter Maria, you're staying so you will have plenty of time with her. "

Maria laughed, "Mr. Parker, you can't order me around anymore. I'll give her up for a minute, just a minute though."

Maria turned to Michael and Max, "Hey girlfriends." Then she pulled them into a quick hug, she had found out about the touching intolerance and she didn't want to make them uncomfortable.

What suprised them the most was seeing Amy Deluca step out with Jim Valenti. He and Maria had told her the truth after Jim proposed to her. She had taken it suprisingly well and was looking forward to traveling through space.

After everyone was settled, they met in the Kings sitting room. Isabel had the closest to a Christmas tree that they could find brought into each family's sitting room. They had waited for their loved ones to arrive to help decorate the tree in the King's sitting room. The older babies and children were brought into the room by their maids and guards, and as soon as there was only family and Juran in the room Zulis started bringing in the baby bassinets. Max and Michael went to help.

Maria was next to Liz and clutched her arm when Zulis walked through the door, "Liz girl, who is that hunk?" Liz was hit with such intense jealously, all three of her mates eyes turned to her. Liz had to get control of herself, and the look of appreciation on Maria's face was not helping.

Zulis walked over and bowed, "My Queen, I need your help with what the babies will need out here." He then turned to Maria, "Please excuse us for a moment."

Zulis guided Liz to the bedroom with his hand on her back. He shut and locked the door, as he turned around she attacked him. She had already removed her outfit and was frantically trying to get his clothes off. Zulis wasn't about to stop her, she obviously needed this to help her calm down. Zulis was in her and moving hard almost before they hit the bed. Their climax was explosive. Max and Michael both were having trouble keeping up with their conversations with their parents, and were having trouble hiding their erections. Isabel saved them, she called for attention and said it was time to decorate the tree. They slipped into their chamber when everyone turned their backs and locked the door again, then joined Zulis and Liz. Max pulled her to her knees and surged into her from behind. Michael moved in front of her, so she could bend down and take him in her mouth. Their orgasm was unbelievable.

Liz pulled each of them into her embrace, "I'm so sorry, I love you all so much. I've become so possesive and clingy. I'm so sorry. "

They took a minute to soothe her and then realised what they had just done. They had just made love with their newly arrived parents in the other room, and they had left their newborn babies without a parent.

Max and Michael jumped up, made themselves presentable then returned to the sitting room. Their first thoughts were for their precious babies. Luckily, they had slept very peacefully. Their second concern was if their absence was noticed. Their own children would know that mommy needed comfort, so wouldn't say anything.

Everyone acted like they didn't notice, until Nancy walked over to them and snorted, "You two are unbelievable, is it something about us visiting or is this just the norm?"

Max thought he would play ignorant, "I haven't got a clue as to what you are talking about Nancy. Oh, Erin don't eat that." He rushed over to Erin, who wasn't trying to eat anything.

Michael just stood there laughing and told Nancy, "It's the norm." Nancy liked Michael, especially with his smug self satisfied attitude.

Nancy just rolled her eyes, but when she saw Liz and Zulis enter the room her eyes grew very big. She walked over and put her arm around Liz's shoulders and grabbed Zulis's arm, then led them back to the bedroom. "Mom, I need to check on the babies."

Nancy gave her a stern look, "Max and Michael already did that. Is there something that you should tell me?"

Liz looked back and forth between the floor and Zulis, "Mom, I...I....well I.....I don't know what to say."

Zulis put his hand on Liz's shoulder, "My queen's mother.."

Nancy interrupted, "Please call me Nancy."

Zulis looked pleased, "Nancy, what my queen is trying to tell you is that she is unsure how or if she can tell you."

Nancy smiled, "Well Liz you might as well tell me, it's fairly obvious."

Tears threatened to roll down Liz's face and Zulis pulled her into his arms. "Nancy, she is having trouble telling you because very few have this knowledge. My King still has enemies in his home and we do not want to give away our advantage. I can tell you aren't going to let this go, are you?."

Nancy shook her head, "Liz, why don't you go back out. I think that this young man and I need to have a talk."

Liz shook her head, "I don't think that's a good idea mother."

Nancy pushed her out the door, "I won't hurt him, now go away." Max and Michael cast worried glances her way, she went to their sides to be wrapped in their arms. Maria had sat back and watched the whole scene, and was pretty sure that she could strike that hunk off of her possibles list. Oh well, there are plenty of gorgeous hunks from what she had seen so far.

Nancy turned back to Zulis, "Let's sit and get to know each other." Zulis led her to chairs in the room, "What would you like to know?" Nancy gave him a serious look, "Are you her husband too?"

Zulis looked at the floor, "Yes, the first time I touched her hand accidently I knew she was mine. She didn't know, but I knew. I would spend the rest of my life watching and protecting her, but she would never know. If someone had not endangered her and her mates had not agreed to our bonding to save her, then she would not be here today. Please Nancy, she is my heart and the mother of my babies."

Nancy's heart went out to this gentle man, "Which baby is yours?"

Zulis broke into a big grin, "Rhiann and Rhys are both mine, they are as beautiful as all of my beloved's children. She has blessed me with so much."

Nancy smiled, "Yes they are. All of my grandchildren are precious."

Nancy walked over to Zulis and placed her hand on his shoulder, "How did my daughter ever find three men who love her so much? Zulis give the grandmother of your children a hug and let's go join the family."

Zulis pulled the small woman into a hug, "I can not join the family, our bond was never announced. Only Isabel, Tess, Kyle, Alex and Valan know of the bond. And of course, the children. But they seem to understand the need for secrecy."

Nancy gave him a stern look, "I know my daughter and she isn't going to want you left out. If we have to do everything behind closed doors then we will, but you will be involved. When you guys tell the family, you can explain the need for keeping it a secret."

Nancy took his hand and pulled him into the sitting room, Liz turned and walked to them. She hugged her mother, "Thank you, mom. I love you. Now why don't you come and see your new grandchildren."

Nancy hugged her back, "Please tell me that this is the last one, Liz." Nancy then burst into laughter at the look on Liz's face. Nancy pulled Liz over to the bassinets to meet her new grandchildren.

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I just got back from Monticello (Jefferson) and Ashlawn-Highland (Monroe) and saw your message about the names of the children.

I have a few minutes so let's see if I can remember this.

Matthew (Max)
Allie & Emma (Michael)
Erin (Max)
Joshua (Michael)
Leah (Max)
Riley (Max)
Regan (Michael)
Rhys & Rhiann (Zulis)

Max has 1 son and 3 daughters
Michael has 1 son and 3 daughters
Zulis has 1 son and 1 daughter

Liz has her inhibitor now and they will probably wait a while to have any other children.

I haven't had much time to work on the next part, but I promise to give you a long one next or two parts.

Well, I'm off to soak in the jacuzzi. We're off to either Mount Vernon or Montpelier tomorrow. Woohoo one more stamp to finish off Linds' Virginia Time Travelers. We did the State Capital building yesterday. My daughter tickled the tour guide, everytime the woman would ask if anyone knew something about a particular Virginian my daughter's hand went up. My mom and dad were so proud of their granddaughter.

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I've been staying up late, and have been able to work on the next part some. My parents are going home on Friday, it's a holiday week and my daughter's birthday is this week, and to top it off she isn't feeling well. But I will try to get the next part out soon.

Debbie, I got a pair of the dangling silverhand earrings in Williamsburg today. They finally had a pair. Woohoo.

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Authors Note:

I might be a wee bit rusty with this story. But here is the next part. I hope that you enjoy.

Part 34

Isabel clapped her hands to get the children's attention, "You guys did such a great job decorating the tree, now it's time to put the star on. Max would you pick up Matthew.
He is the first born and should have the honor of putting the star on top of the tree."

Emma and Allie ran to Michael and Zulis to be picked up so that they could be up high too. Emma watched Matthew put the star on top and everyone clapped their hand. She turned to Zulis and wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, "I love you daddy. Rhys wants mommy." Zulis hugged Emma to him.

Zulis put Emma down and went to the bassinets when he heard a baby cry, he picked up the bassinets one at a time and took them back to the bedroom.

Liz soon followed him and removed her top as soon as she locked the door. Liz picked up Rhys and Riley. Zulis sat in the rocking chair and helped Liz to get comfortable on his lap. She leaned her head back on his shoulder as she fed her babies.

Zulis helped her support the babies, even though they still weren't that big. He enjoyed caressing their little heads while they nursed, he always felt a kick in his chest when he watched the children nurse. He understood the first time he saw this why they didn't want the pods.

Once Rhiann and Regan had been fed, they placed the babies in their bassinets. Zulis stood behind Liz and pulled her back against him. His hands moved up her body to caress her breasts, "I want to make love to you."

Liz smiled and sank into him, "I do too. But if we disappear again, my mother might barge in on us. I will make it up to you tonight, it feels as if I'll have to make it up to Max and Michael also. I hope that you didn't want to sleep tonight."

Zulis smiled, "I only need your love and touch. Put your shirt on before I throw you on the bed and keep you there. If that happens you will miss your parents visit. I don't think Nancy will forgive me for that."

Liz giggled and went to retrieve her top. Zulis carried the babies back into the other room, and everyone turned to them.

Max, Michael and Nancy had just announced the bond to the family. They also told the family about the prophecy. They didn't know if it was them, but they were not taking any chances. They had certainly felt an intense power coursing through them since Zulis and Liz bonded. They also explained discreetly and without details why the bond occurred. Max then began to recite the prophecy.

In the time of need a small queen will be born in a distant land
at a like age the square will awaken
the mated souls yearn from afar
the queen and those near her, faithful protectors
the false queen immersed in deception then truth and love
a great bond of king and queen
to heal their souls
a great bond of king, queen and soldier
to defeat a past foe
a great bond of loyal protector to the three to save their heart
The might of the bond of three to the queen
the king and soldier past and present
The bond will have power with no equal
only then will the world be renewed
and the new square will endure for all time

Max told the family, "We don't know if it is us, we can certainly justify it as us. What we do know is that if we announce Zulis's bond to Liz, then our enemy may not show their true face. We will never feel safe. We are so close to finding the traitor, he is someone close. We believe that he is linked to Manuth of the House of Kir somehow. Liz felt Manuth's hatred and Kyle saw him watching us from a window. He also saw someone talking to Manuth but could not see the person. The leader just keeps alluding us. When he is caught we will celebrate Zulis's bond to Liz. Then we will have a formal bonding ceremony with all of us."

Diane walked over to Liz and hugged her, "You are a very lucky girl." She turned to Zulis and hugged him, "I don't even need to tell you take care of her, because I know that my two sons over there will see to that. What I will say is welcome to the family Zulis."

After Zulis had been welcomed into the family by everyone, he went to Liz and wrapped his arms around her. She was talking to Maria.

Maria had apologised to Liz for her earlier comment, Liz laughed, "No Maria, I'm sorry. You had no reason to believe he was mine. Having to deny he's mine has been hard and the big green monster hit me when you showed interest. You are right though he is gorgeous, isn't he?"

Maria laughed, "Liz, all of the men on this planet are gorgeous. Even Kyle and Alex are looking good. What is it with this planet? I hope I get some of this good joujou. Everyone just seems more beautiful and taller, except you aren't taller but definitely more beautiful if that's possible. I'm so happy to be back with you guys. I hope that I can find happiness here."

Liz smiled, "I hope you can too. It wouldn't be fair for me to be this happy. We will have to see if anyone matches you."

Maria could see scientist Liz working it out in her head and rolled her eyes. Zulis had just wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her neck. Maria was amazed that he was able to make that look natural. The man was huge compared to Liz, as a matter of fact, Maria noticed that Max and Michael seemed larger too. Even Alex, Kyle, Isabel and Tess were bigger, she wondered why Liz was still so tiny. She herself had continued to grow and was six inches taller than Liz. The more she studied Liz, the more it sank in that Liz looked right with her three hunks.


They celebrated Matthew, Emma and Allie's second birthday with a cake. Each child received the same present, a new toddler bed with teddy bear sheets and comforters and a new teddy bear.

Max, Michael and Zulis had trouble keeping the three off of the beds while they were assembling them.

Allie ran up to Max, "Daddy can this one be mine?"

Allie stepped in the middle of the frame, "Is this where my bed goes? I get to take a nap. Can I take a nap? Hurry up daddy, I haf to take a nap. Ask mommy, she'll tell you. Mommy knows eferyfing."

Matthew was hanging on Zulis with his arms around his neck. Matthew giggled everytime Zulis stood up and he hung from his shoulders, "Daddy, stand up again. Do it again."

Zulis had a big grin on his face, "What is that noise that I keep hearing? I think there is a bug on me."

Matthew giggled when Zulis swung him around like he was looking for a bug on him.

Emma was sitting on Michael's lap trying to do the work herself, "Let me do it daddy. I can put it together. Is this how you do it?"

Liz sat in one of the rocking chairs talking with Maria, and watching the show.

Maria laughed, "I always knew that I would see Max like this, but I never thought I would ever see Michael this happy. You have done wonders for him. I realised after I found out about you two that I was never in love with him. I loved him and I still do, but I thought that it was love. In reality, it was sort of an obligation because I knew their secret."

Liz nodded, "I know, I figured that out too. But you were strong enough to pull away, even though you thought that you were in love with him."

Maria smiled, "Thanks, you were the best thing that could have ever happened to him."

Liz blushed, "They are the best thing that could have happened to me. I was lucky to get my life turned around with Max, but to find out that someone else loved me just as much and then another. Wow, it's amazing......."

"Woah, girl. No details. Please!!!"

Both burst out laughing, and looked up to see three men staring at Liz. Maria noticed Liz's blush, "None of that, you are visiting with me. Tell them to stop thinking that way."

This just made Liz's blush turn redder.

Maria jumped up in front of Liz to block their view, "Stop that, she's talking to me right now. You guys have her all of the time, get back to work." She could hear Liz giggling behind her.


Since the King had a whole wing of rooms that were his, they found a room and had a music room set up.

Four upright pianos were placed against the walls and one grand was placed in a corner position. Shelves were built for all of the other instruments that Maria had purchased.

All additional equipment and instruments were placed in an adjoining room. She had managed to purchase at least one of every type of instrument made on earth and instruction books to go with them.

Maria had found many unique instruments and was looking forward to learning them with the children.

The instruments were organised in varied degrees of difficulty. She had noise maker instruments for the tiny ones, and a little harder instruments for the older children.

The stereo system was put up and a tv/vcr/dvd was set up.

Maria thought that the youngest would benefit more from just watching music videos. She had them all, every imaginable children's sing along. She would start with that to observe the children.

Liz had told her that Allie was the one she should observe the most. She could tell that this was going to be so much more fulfilling than her job on Earth. She was with her best friends and their mates, even if she never found anyone for herself she was still a much happier person. She chuckled thinking about Liz and her three husbands, there was no way she herself would go for that and was truly amazed that her innocent friend had ever agreed.

Maria was going to spend some time with the older children today to get to know them.

Michael brought Matthew, Allie and Emma, "Liz wante me to apologise that she couldn't come this morning, but with five babies to nurse she is still breast feeding and didn't want the children to be late."

Maria waved her hand, "Michael tell Liz that it's not a problem. I'm sure that she'll come by later when the babies are sleeping."

Isabel brought Bryan and Brianna, and Tess brought James and Jonathan. Maria played some rhythm games with them, then she let them watch a video.

Maria noticed a man in the doorway, she was so glad that the guards were right there, "May I help you?" She made sure that the children's attention was on the video and walked to the door.

The man bowed to her, "I am Manuth, I had heard that the Queen's friend from Earth had joined the royal house and that your beauty had no equal."

Maria wasn't fooled for a second, she recognised the name, "Thank you, but the queen's beauty is greater and isn't it treason or something to say otherwise."

She saw one of the guards, the one with blonde hair and black eyes, smirk at her words.

Manuth reached out his hand, which made her raise her eyebrows, "I was told that touching other people was not allowed."

He smiled, "You are right, but that only applies to the bonded. They will let you know if they are bonded, I have heard that you are not bonded. So I wished to shake your hand which is the Earth custom when you meet someone, right?"

Maria didn't see anything wrong with shaking the creeps hand, "I see, well then let's start again. I'm Maria, the queen's oldest and dearest friend."

Manuth smiled and reached for her hand, "I am Manuth of the House of Kir, loyal subject of the House of Zan."

Maria wanted to jerk her hand out of his, he sent chills up and down her spine. "Well it was nice meeting you. I have a class in progress and we don't like an audience. I'm sure that I will see you around."

Maria had noticed the same guard's eyes squint when Manuth had said he was a loyal subject.

After Manuth was out of sight she walked up to the guard, she noticed that he was probably a few inches shorter than Zulis, "May I ask your name?"

The guard looked at her, "You may ask."

Maria rolled her eyes, "Well what is your name?"

The guard looked back at her, "It is Sunar."

Maria nodded, "It's nice to meet you Sunar, I'm Maria. May I shake your hand? It's for experimental purposes, of course."

Sunar raised his eyebrow, "I am not bonded, you may shake my hand." Maria was curious if she would feel the same thing from everyone on this planet if she shook their hands, she didn't want to run to Liz and tell her that Manuth sent creepy chills up her spine if everyone made her feel that way.

Maria reached out her hand to his, the moment her hand touched his his eyes went to hers. They had grown in size and intensity. He also looked like he was about to burst with happiness. She had just felt a jolt of power run through her.

It wasn't the same, this was more soothing. Like he touched her feelings or something. Oh well, file that one away to think about later.

Maria didn't notice the intense look that Sunar was giving her or that he was holding her hand tightly, she was too busy trying to figure out what the different feelings meant.

Maria turned and looked at the children and then turned back to Sunar, "Thank you Sunar, I should get back to the children." Sunar released her hand reluctantly and watched her return to the music room with a smile on her face.


The grandparents had so much fun lavishing attention on the children. They had met Valan, Valax, Kirath, Avil and Isare. Michael and Tess's parents had come to stay at the King's house to join the festivities.

The Antarians were enjoying the holiday, despite their lack of understanding it. Liz wished that Zulis's parents could be involved, but that would come later. She still had to meet them.

The children were thriving under the constant attention of their grandparents. Liz and Zulis brought the babies in one day and told the grandparents that the babies would let them hold them now.

Valax was first to take a baby, she had loved holding the little ones. Holding Leah that first day had moved her deeply. Even Kirath had relented and found that it was an experience that he liked repeating. Avil, Isare and Valan agreed.

All of the grandparents, even the ones that weren't related took a turn holding the babies, including Tess's new babies Rebecca and Megan. When the babies started to fuss, they were taken back by their parents.

Zulis took Rhys and Rhiann to a rocking chair, Liz had Riley and Regan. He sang the children's song, everyone grew quiet as he sang. All of the children had moved to him and sat at his feet.

When he was done, all of the children were sound asleep except Allie. She just walked over and kissed her daddy, then stood there with her head resting on his chest and her hand rubbing baby Rhys's back. Tess and Isabel stood there with their mouths open.

Maria couldn't resist, "Wow, every mother's dream man." Everyone laughed quietly.

Tess and Isabel both said at the same time, "We need to borrow him." That made everyone laugh again. Max and Michael just stood there too happy for words.


A couple of days later, Zulis showed up at the music room. He waited for Maria to notice him, "Zulis what can I do for you, who's with Liz?"

Zulis smiled at her concern, "Michael is spending the day with her, he's feeling neglected. And he wanted to be with her and the babies. Max has decided to spend a day with her too, hopefully tomorrow or the day after. I will visit my family, and take care of gifts that I need for the Christmas morning. I would welcome your help."

Maria was excited, "Oh boy, I haven't been to the shops here. Can we go? This won't upset Liz will it?"

Zulis shook his head, "No she is past that, she says that she can feel that you see us all as family now."

Maria smiled, "That's great, so would tomorrow be good for you?"

Zulis nodded, "That is a good time. Now for the other reason that I am here, the King would like an audience with you in his Council Office."

Maria raised her eyebrows, "Oh my, that sounds so formal, I wonder what I did wrong?"

Zulis wasn't about to elaborate, "I will stay with the children, and have a guard escort you there."

Maria smiled, "Okay, are you sure?"

Zulis nodded, "I will watch the video with them. Allie has been singing the songs to me and I've wanted to watch them." He stepped out of the door, "Sunar, would you please escort Maria to the King's Council Office. I will stay to protect the children, I am not on duty today. Commander Rath is spending the day with her and their babies."

Sunar snapped to attention when spoken too, "Yes, my Lord Zulis." Zulis watched Sunar and Maria walk away, then went in to watch the video. Allie, Emma and Matthew ran to him to sit on his lap.

Sunar knocked on the door, and heard permission to enter. He opened the door and bowed to his King, "My King, I have brought Maria as you requested."

"Thank you, Sunar. Would you wait outside for her. I have a few things to talk to her about." Max saw Sunar's smile as he bowed.

Maria moved into the room, "Impressive office Max, what can I do for you? Or have I done something wrong?"

Max chuckled, "I didn't think you would care if I thought you had done something wrong."

She shrugged, "Well actually girlfriend, I don't. So whats up? Do you need help Christmas shopping too?"

Max had suggested that Zulis ask Maria to help him, "I've never needed help shopping for my Liz. Now, I've heard that you have been shaking hands."

Maria perked up, "Oh my God, I forgot about that. That creep gave me the heeby jeebies."

Max looked perplexed, "I don't understand."

Maria continued, "That Manuth guy showed up one day introducing himself, and then wanted to shake my hand. I told him that I thought that it wasn't allowed. He told me that that rule only applied to the bonded. After I got rid of him, I asked Sunar to shake my hand to see if I got the same feelings from him. It was not the same, that Manuth is.....I don't know, there's just something wrong with him."

Max looked relieved, "So what was different when you touched Sunar?"

Maria looked like Liz when she was in analyze mode, "Well Manuth sent these chills up and down my back and just weirded me out. But when I shook Sunar's hand it was like a jolt of power hit me, it felt soothing."

Max nodded his head, "Maria, I have been asked for your life bond."

Maria jumped up, "There is no way that I would bond myself to that creep. Manuth should just crawl under the rock he was born under."

Max hid his smile behind his hand, "Uhmmm, Maria, you misunderstand. Sunar has asked for your bond. He felt the match when you touched him and he does not wish to wait any longer to be with his mate. He sees you as his mate already, the only thing required is the bond."

Maria was speechless, "Sunar? Sunar mean we... he....I match with Sunar?"

Max nodded, "What is your answer?"

She was still dumbfounded, "I don't know, Max. I don't even know him. God I just got here, this is so fast."

Max sighed, "Liz didn't really know Zulis either, but she has found a deep love with him. I think that you will find the same thing. He will do everything to make you happy, just as we do for Liz."

Maria was coming around, "I do find him attractive, are you sure that we match? What exactly does that mean?"

Max smiled, "It means that when you bond your bodies, heart, soul and mind, will be tuned to each other. Nothing else will matter to you, but the happiness of your mate. Do you want that Maria?" Maria nodded.

Max asked, "Can I tell Sunar that he can bond with you?" Maria nodded.

Max got up and opened the door to his office, "Sunar will you join us."

Sunar came in, he had eyes for Maria only. Max closed the door, "Sunar I would like you to know that I appreciate you coming to me to ask for Maria, but I really can't give you an answer."

Sunar's attention snapped to Max, with a deeply saddened look then his eyes went to the floor, Max continued, "That is why I asked for her answer, when would you like the ceremony to be?"

Sunar looked at his King and then at Maria, "You mean she said yes? I was so afraid that she wouldn't because she's human and....she said yes?"

Max nodded, and watched Sunar grab Maria and pull her to him. He pulled her mouth to his and as soon as his mouth touched hers, she went limp. She lost all thought and reason.

Max almost laughed, someone had actually kissed Maria senseless.

Sunar turned to his King, "Can we be bonded tomorrow?"

Max nodded, "Are you sure that you don't want it right now?"

Sunar smiled, "I would like to right now but I must contact my family. My family will be pleased that I have finally found her. The least that I can do is wait one more day."

Max nodded, "Since she is the queen's best friend, I will see to it. Why don't you go get to know each other, I will go to Zulis and tell him to bring another guard onto duty."

Sunar tried to argue, "My King I will take care of that, you should not take it upon yourself."

Max waved him away, "It gives me a good excuse to escape to see my children and my mate." Maria was still trying to have a coherent thought, but all she could think about was she wanted him to kiss her again.

Max went to the music room to tell Zulis that Maria had accepted Sunar as her mate.

Max stood for a moment and watch Zulis with the children. Zulis was sitting on the floor with Allie, Joshua and Erin on his lap. Matthew and Emma were leaning into his sides. Max could not believe how easily Zulis had become a part of their lives, and Max had to chuckle at Zulis watching the sing-a-long tapes. He and the children were singing along with the songs and laughing when they made mistakes.

At the end of the song Zulis kissed and hugged each child and went to talk to Max.

Max was smiling at him, "It looks like you are having fun."

Zulis looked back at the children and smiled, "I have never been this happy, our children are so precious. And the Earth way of raising them is so much fun."

Zulis pulled Max into a hug, "Thank you for letting me be a part of this bond."

Max hugged Zulis back, "Zulis we are very pleased to have you. Oh, by the way, Maria and Sunar will be bonded tomorrow."

Zulis was so pleased for Sunar. Sunar had given up on a mate just like he had. Zulis grinned, "Really, I am so happy that Sunar will know the happiness that I have found."

Max smiled, "I need you to arrange for another guard to be on duty the rest of the day in Sunar's place. He and Maria are getting to know each other before they commit to a life together tomorrow."

Zulis walked over and hugged the children again and told them that he would see them later. Max picked up Joshua and Erin, he and the other two guards took the children to dinner. Liz and Michael were already there.

Michael was enjoying his day with Liz, he hadn't had a day with her like this in a long time. They had made love, he had read to her while she lay in his arms, they had spent time with the children, and had just sat with their arms around each other and talked. He was going to make a routine of this, he had missed it too much. He would also have to insist that Max do the same.

Zulis entered the room after arranging for the other guard. Max wrapped his arms around Liz, "Well my love, Maria has found what you have. She and Sunar will bond tomorrow."

Liz squealed, "Sunar? Really, Sunar is her match? Where is she? I want to see her. We need a girls night, oh my god, this is so great."

Liz hugged Max while jumping up and down. Then she ran to Michael and hugged him, then Zulis.

Liz squealed again, then turned to Zulis, "Well, Zulis you know him better than anyone. Is he worthy of my best friend?"

Zulis smiled, "Beloved, no one is worthy of your friend. Just as none of us are worthy of you."

Max nudged Zulis, "Well said." Michael was nodding. The children got excited by their mommy's squealing and jumping up and down. They ran over to see what was happening.

The four adults knelt down to tell them that their Aunt Maria might not be giving them music lessons for a while, she was bonding with Sunar tomorrow.

Matthew, Allie, and Emma nodded their heads like they had known it would happen. Max sent word to the rest of the family that their would be a bonding ceremony tomorrow for Maria and Sunar.

Liz grabbed Max's vest, "You never said where she is, I want to see her."

Max shook his head, "She and Sunar are getting to know each other."

Liz pouted, "But we should have a girl's night."

Max laughed, "You my love will have to wait, and have it another time. Besides we don't want you sleeping anywhere but with us, we would miss you too much. It was bad enough when Zulis stayed away, but when you are gone our heart is missing."

Liz leaned into him, "You're a hopeless romantic Max Evans, but I adore you for it."

Max leaned down to her and nipped at her ear, "I know you do." She playfully smacked his arm.

Zulis came over, "My King did she hurt you, do you need protection?"

Liz turned around and gave him sinister look, "Oh do you think that you can take me, let me see what you have fiend."

The children heard their parents playing and starting cheering, "Get him mommy" "Get daddy" "You can take him" "We believe in you"

Emma leaned over and whispered to her siblings then she yelled, "Yeah mommy, we'll clap to let you know we believe in you just like Tinkerbell."

Liz stopped, turned and ran at the children, "Tinkerbell? Tinkerbell?"

She grabbed Emma and was playfully wrestling her around. Matthew and Allie joined in laughing, Max, Zulis and Michael didn't mind the children playing rough with them but they didn't want Liz hurt.

They started pulling kids off of her, "Hey you guys are no fun."

Michael whispered in her ear, "We are a lot of fun, and we'll show you how much in a little while."

Liz turned and attacked his mouth, after spending the day with him she realised how much she had missed him during the day.

Michael jumped up, "Bath time and then bed. I'll bathe the babies tonight." Zulis filled the bathtub up with water and bubbles, Liz brought the girls in and put them in the tub.

Max was waiting to dry them and put them in pajamas, then shooed them into the bedroom. The same was done with the boys. Liz nursed the babies. Each child had their favorite story read to them, and then Zulis sang them to sleep.


Maria and Sunar had found a private place to talk. Maria was in love by the time they were done talking. She realised that she needed to tell her mother, "Sunar, my mother and step-father, Kyle's father, are visiting. We should go talk to her."

At first Amy was not sure she liked what was happening, then she looked at her daughter and she saw what she saw when she looked at Liz. She pulled her daughter into her arms, "I wasn't really happy with you staying here, but now I'm not so worried. I can see you already love him don't you?"

Maria nodded. Amy hugged Sunar and told him that he had better take care of her baby.

Sunar assured her that Maria would come first in everything, besides his King and Queen.

Amy understood his need to protect the King and Queen. Sunar excused himself to inform his family that he was to be bonded tomorrow, and the King would be there.


The ceremony would be held in the evening in the garden. Zulis and Maria went shopping just like they planned. Zulis helped Maria get a present for Sunar, and Maria helped Zulis pick out presents for everyone. The children's gifts had been bought on Earth, but he wanted to get the parents, friends and his mates gifts.

Max took the day off to spend with Liz. Michael did not want to leave her this morning, but he wanted Max to have his time with her too. She and Max watched Zulis and Michael leave the room reluctantly that morning. They wanted to linger in bed since the babies wouldn't be up for a while and because of how late they were up pleasuring each other.

They talked about Maria's bonding, and about what they wanted for their own ceremony. Max kept kissing her neck, she had to stop his hands from wandering down her body several times. And then realised that she didn't want to stop his hands, she loved his hands. He moved over her and slowly kissed her face and neck,. His hand moving slowly down to her breasts, while she ran her hands over his shoulders and up through his hair. He could never get enough of her, they knew each other bodies so well.

Max turned her over, massaging her back and legs. Then kissing her from her neck to her toes, he turned her back over and gave her front the same treatment. "Oh god Max....I love you.....yess"

Max had bent to kiss her breasts, he moved his erection close to her center, "Tell me what you want my love".

Liz smiled, "I want you, my Max, my everything."

Max smiled and slid into her, and reveled in her sigh. He brought her to a peak several times before he allowed her to fall. They laid like that until they heard a baby cry. Max got up to get the baby, Liz had plumped up the pillows on the bed. Max brought her Rhys and helped him to latch on to Liz's nipple, Rhys grabbed his finger and held on to him.

Max loved laying there rubbing Rhys's hand and then kissing it. Max had to pull his finger away when Regan started to cry.

He put her to Liz's other breast and helped to support her. When Rhys was through nursing it was Rhiann's turn and then Riley's. Max could do this the rest of his life if Liz was at his side.

Max kissed Liz while Rhiann and Riley were still nursing, "I could watch you do this forever. I wish that we never had to stop having babies."

Liz laughed, "I know what you mean, they are amazing aren't they. But on the other hand now that I have the inhibitor, it is nice to know that we can control when the next pregnancy occurs." Max nodded kissing her tenderly.

Max brought Leah in to nurse. When she was done he took her to Juran, who had been waiting outside patiently for her.

Max and Liz spent the rest of the morning in bed making love and talking. They enjoyed washing each other's hair and bodies while they showered.

Max helped Liz pull her dress on, she laughed, "You and those hands are lethal. What did I ever do to deserve you?"

Max pulled her into his arms, "I think it's the other way around, my love. I would be a shell of a person if I didn't have you, look at what I was before I healed you that day. You brought so much to my life. Please Liz, I know how stubborn you can be and I don't blame you for not liking the loss of your freedom, but please don't take any chances."

Liz pulled him down to her and kissed him, "That goes for you too, my Max. I would be nothing without you too. I will try to not take chances." They finished dressing and went to join their loved ones for lunch.

Isabel and Tess were there making sure that everyone's robes were in perfect condition.

Liz was sad to know that she wouldn't wear Zulis's seal beside Max and Michael's, and that Rhiann and Rhys would have Max's seal on their gowns. She hoped that they could remedy this situation soon.

Isabel knowing that Liz would feel this way had put his seal on the inside of Liz's robe.

Max and Michael were impressed with Isabel's ingenuity, they couldn't wait for Zulis to see.

Zulis and Maria were a big help to each other in choosing gifts. He got Antarian art for the parents, and art supplies for Michael, for Max he found a portrait of Ruzan and Valan with a young Zan and Vilandra, for his beloved he bought a beautiful silky dress.

Zulis had noticed Maria admiring a scent shop and went in to buy her a gift from him and his mates. He escorted Maria to her mother's chamber, and went to find Liz. He had put his gifts to the family in his bed chamber.

Zulis found everyone outside playing with the children.

Zulis approached his love, "Maria is in her mother's chamber and is waiting for her friends to prepare her robes. I will escort you to her."

They followed him to the chamber. Liz pulled him inside of the chamber,then pulled him into a kiss and showed him his seal. He felt his heart soar, seeing his family seal on his beloved.

Zulis walked over to Isabel and hugged her, "Thank you."

Isabel smiled, "It was my pleasure, I can't stand to see those three sulk."

Liz insisted that Zulis needed to leave them alone, she would be safe with the four women, and Diane and Nancy would be joining them soon. Besides she did manage to take care of herself before he came along.

Zulis ignored her and took up a post outside of the chamber.

After he had left the chamber, Liz ran to Maria, "I'm so happy for you Maria. How did this happen?"

Maria told them the story, she saw Liz shiver when she mentioned Manuth.

Liz giggled when she heard Maria say she ran a test, "You've definitely been my best friend for too long and it's a good thing too. If you hadn't picked up my need to analyse everything you might not have asked to shake Sunar's hand."

Maria nodded, "You're right, I'm so happy Liz. He's amazing. He worships me the same as those big hunks worship you. I didn't think that I would ever have that. Thank you."

Liz hugged her, "You don't need to thank me, I'm so happy that you're happy. So let us tell you about how to recognise your conception time. It certainly took us long enough to figure it out. That is unless you want the inhibitor immediately?"

Maria laughed, "Liz you have babies on the brain, who would have thought that the class valedictorian would be so into having kids."

Liz smiled, "They are just so amazing."

Maria nodded, "They certainly are, I've spent enough time with them to be amazed by them. They are so young but so advanced. I can't wait to have my own. I'll talk with Sunar, but I'd rather not wait."

When Liz came out of the chamber and started to walk down the hall by herself she heard, "I thought that you would not be alone and that you would be protected."

Liz had jumped at his voice, "Zulis, you scared me to death. I could feel that you were close. I just didn't know where."

Zulis was not happy, "You are not to take chances my queen. You go nowhere alone. Your mates do not want anything to happen to you. I know it is time to nurse the babies, I feel their need for you. I will escort you to the King's Rooms."

Liz knew that he was right she remembered Max's plea to her earlier, they hadn't caught the traitors yet so they all had to sacrifice some of their independent freedom. It was just so hard to be dependent all of the time. They had several of the suspected traitors under suveillance but nothing had happened yet. She just didn't like being treated like a child, but she also understood their need to protect her.

When they entered the chamber, Zulis pulled her to him, "Please my beloved, don't do this to me. I would not live if something happened to you." He was right, she shouldn't take risks.
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Author's Note: Next part, I hope that you enjoy. Thank you for all of the feedback, and the bumps.

Part 35

Maria and Sunar entered the garden from different directions. Maria was surrounded by her family and friends, Sunar was following his parents, sister and her mate. The family and friends made a circle around the couple. Max and Liz stepped forward. Sunar's family all bowed to them. Liz hugged and kissed Maria then joined the others in the circle.

Max smiled at Maria, "Please hold hands." He held up a blue ribbon and wound it around their joined hands, "This ribbon is to join your souls in loyalty and honesty."

Max held up a red ribbon and wound it around their other hands, "This ribbon is to join your hearts and minds."

As soon as the ribbons were wound around their hands, Sunar raised his and Maria's arms above their heads moving his body closer to hers. Max placed a hand on both of their heads, "May the One bless this union, and bring joy and happiness to their lives."

Sunar formed a connection with Maria. Both of their bodies began to glow. Maria's body was surrounded by a vibrant green aura. Sunar's body was surrounded by a pale blue.

Family and friends watched as the two colors touched. Images started to form in their minds, the families could see flashes of Sunar and Maria growing up.

Soon the flashes stopped for the families, but continued for Maria and Sunar. They lived each others lives in those few moments, they had no more secrets and were linked for eternity. Sunar lowered their hands letting the ribbons loosen around their forearms. He reached foreward and framed Maria's face with his large hands. She smiled up at her husband, yearning for his kiss. Sunar lowered his lips to hers and had to quickly wrap an arm around her waist when her knees turned to jelly.

Sunar pulled back to look at his mate. Maria just wanted his mouth back on hers. She stared at his lips thinking that they were the most beautiful things she had ever seen.

Amy stood to the side fanning herself, and whispered, "Good Lord."

Jim heard her and chuckled.

All of Maria's family and friends were amazed that Maria was so tongue tied, they had never seen such a quiet Maria. They all followed Maria and Sunar into the dining room for dinner. Well, they followed Sunar who was leading Maria to the dining room.

After entering the room Isabel, Tess and Liz met each other's eyes. Each of their eyes said the same thing, 'we want that ceremony too.'

Max saw the exchanged and wrapped his arms around his precious mate and whispered to her, "Me too, we'll get our ceremony soon."

Liz smiled and turned into his embrace.


Maria's only thought was that she just wanted to take Sunar to their chamber, she didn't want to waste anymore time having dinner. Who needs food?

After the meal, the women took Maria to her chamber. If was difficult at first to get her to leave Sunar's side until Liz whispered in her ear, "If you want to consummate this union then get your fanny up and come with us." Maria almost knocked Liz, Tess and Isabel over getting up to leave the room.

They sent her to shower and set up the room, Liz set candles around the room, Tess put flower arrangements on the tables, Isabel put on soft romantic music then lit the candles.

Maria came out wearing a beautiful almost sheer white gown with robe that Isabel and Tess had made for her, she hadn't felt this surrounded by love in a long time. She had made the right choice when she came to Antar to stay.

Sunar walked into the room with the men behind him to retrieve their wives. They all grabbed their wives and left quickly.

Sunar was mesmerized by the sight before him. The bonding ceremony was to allow the couple to see and know each other almost instantly, but the actual bonding occurred when the couple consummated the bond.

Sunar walked over to her and placed his hand on the side of her neck, he tilted her face up to his and took in every adorable inch of her face. She studied his face and realised just how beautiful this man was. He lowered his lips to hers for a light kiss, his other hand coming up to cup the other side of her head. Maria opened her mouth slightly and touched his lips with her tongue.

When she felt his mouth open she darted her tongue into his mouth to taste her husband. God, her husband. Sunar had begun to explore her shoulders, pushing her robe off and letting it slide to the floor. He moved his lips to her neck, and continued to move lower kissing the tops of her rounded breasts.

Maria was almost gasping for breath at this point and they had just started. Despite having been with Rob in college she was a virgin, that is what had finally sent them on their separate ways. He wanted sex and she wanted commitment from the person that received such a precious gift as her first time .

Maria began unhooking his vest as he kissed his way down to her chest, she felt him push the straps of her gown off her shoulders, then slowly lower the material that covered her breasts. He continued kissing the top swell of her breasts, finally he flicked his tongue out and touched her nipple. Her legs turned to jelly from his touch, he scooped her up and laid her on the bed. He continued to pay homage to her breast working the material of the gown down to her stomach, his mouth followed.

Maria gasped, "Sunar take off your vest, I want to feel your skin against mine." Sunar pulled his vest off without removing his mouth from her stomach. He had worked the gown to her hips and was kissing and licking her tender skin. She giggled once when he hit a ticklish spot, he glanced up at her and smiled.

Maria raised her hips to allow him to pull the gown off all of the way. He sat up to look at her, running his hands from her shoulders to her knees. He pushed her legs apart slightly and ran a finger up and down her wet center, he pulled the outer lips to expose her clitoris then bent and pulled her into his mouth.

Maria arched off of the bed, "Oh God Sunar, yess......." and then she exploded.

Sunar smiled against her, hearing his name called out like that sent a jolt of excitement running through him. He moved up her body kissing her skin as he went, he captured her mouth, dueling with her tongue.

Sunar felt her hands at the waist of his pants and couldn't help smiling against her mouth. Maria managed to undo them and captured his erection as he sprang free. Her eyes grew big when she wrapped her hand around him. He had to get her hand off of him before he exploded. He stood up and removed his pants.

She leaned up to see his body, "Sunar your breath taking."

He smiled, "No my love that's you. I am just a man."

Sunar laid back down and pinned her hands above her head, "If you touch me it will be over too quickly, I want this to last."

She smiled and captured his bottom lip in her mouth. Sunar moved between her legs and laid there kissing her mouth and face, memorizing the feel of her under him. He moved his erection to her opening and moved just the tip into her. She moaned and tried to move closer to him. He pushed another inch into her, she was so tight. He pumped that little bit in and out of her to help ease her passage. Another inch then another, in and out, then he felt her barrier.

Sunar wasn't sure if she had done this before or not, he had seen her kissing other men including the queen's consort. He was so pleased she was completely his, he pulled back and buried himself in her body.

He watched a tear slide from her eye, he held as still as he could but it was killing him not to move. He felt her pain ease and then he felt her pleasure, he pulled back a little and moved back in.

When he felt her need for him he started moving in and out fully but slowly, then increased his pace. Maria could feel everything he was feeling, it was like a loop running through their bodies. She could feel that they were both about to have an earth shattering orgasm. His pace increased then she exploded as she heard his roar of release. He attacked her mouth and face, kissing everywhere that he could reach touching her because he could. Maria had finally found happiness.


Michael and Max had taken Liz back to their chambers where Zulis had set up a similar seduction chamber. Candles and flowers. They all wanted their bonding ceremony, and had thought of nothing else during the ceremony.

A warm bubble bath was waiting for her in their large sunken tub. Michael combed his fingers through her hair and pulled it twisted on top of her head then fastened it with a clip. Max pulled her dress over her head and helped her into the tub where Zulis was waiting for her.

Max and Michael stripped quickly then entered the tub. Zulis had pulled her onto his lap and began placing kisses on her face, ears and neck. Max and Michael moved to either side of her and began washing her hands, moving up her arms with a light massage.

Zulis gave her back the same treatment, then he turned her around. They each took a foot, washing it then moving up her legs with a soothing massage. They both avoided her center, she was already moaning and trying to get one of them to move between her legs, when that didn't work she tried to raise up to have Zulis enter her.

Max and Michael washed the front of her body, paying particular attention to her breasts, then they moved to her center. They had both soaped up the hands and to wash their half. Zulis reached up and was massaging her breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers. As soon as both hands slid down her center, she burst with her climax.

Liz grabbed Max and attacked his lips, then did the same with Michael. Now that the soap was gone, they both inserted a finger into her at the same time, moving in and out together. Liz had raised her arm to caress Zulis hair. Zulis raised her a little to allow Max and Michael to have access to her with their mouths, they took turns nibbling, sucking and licking her clitoris as they pushed their fingers in an out of her. She orgasmed hard again.

Michael got out of the tub and pulled Liz out with him. Max and Zulis followed them to the bedroom where they dried her body off with a soft towel, they had all dried themselves with their powers. Zulis lay down on the bed and Max and Michael helped Liz to position herself over his erection and Michael moved up behind her. Michael eased himself into her other passage. Max had moved to the side and pulled Liz's mouth to his mouth.

Liz was breathing heavily and pulled her mouth to his ear, "Please Max I want you too, lean up." He held his erection for her to take into her mouth. As they moved within her their thoughts and feelings joined even more intensely than normal. Their rhythms became the same. Their thoughts and needs joined.

Feeling what they other three were feeling, so in tune with each others bodies. They could all feel that Liz was going to orgasm and that sent them all over the edge at the same time. The power that shot through them almost knocked them out, they lay there exhausted and awed by the power that they had felt.

Max made the decision that they would have a private bonding ceremony with only family. Remembering the looks exchanged between Isabel , Tess and Liz, he realised that Liz deserved to have the ceremony.


Sunar walked Maria to the King's chambers, when he was going on duty two days after their bonding. Normally, a couple would take a month, but Maria needed to spend time with her family before they had to leave.

Zulis answered the door and let Maria in, "She's in the bedroom nursing the babies, just a moment and I will give her a skirt to put on." Zulis motioned for Maria to come into the room.

Maria came and sat in the chair next to Liz, "God Liz, why didn't you tell me?"

Liz laughed, "That good, huh? It is amazing isn't it, the connection, the feelings,the total vibe thing."

Maria laughed, "Okay has my mother been hanging around you. No your right, the connection that you always feel is indescribable."

Liz raised her eyebrows, "See indescibable, that's why I didn't tell you. Maria, I'm so happy for you."

Maria beamed, "Thank you Liz, you seem to be the one to make us all happy."

Maria jumped up and looked down at the nursing baby, "Can I hold one of the babies that has already nursed?"

Liz nodded, "Rhys of course is always first, the little piglet. He's in the bed at the end."

Zulis stuck his head in, "Is everything okay beloved?"

She felt her heart quicken at the sight of him, "Yes, my love. Maria can help me." They both saw the disappointed look on his face.

Maria turned to Liz, "I hope that Sunar is that attentive."

Liz nodded, "I'm sure he will be, he loves you. I can tell." Maria blushed and rubbed her nose on Rhys' forehead.

Liz stuck her bottom lip out, "You know, I wanted a girl's night the night before your bonding. Max told me that you weren't available. I don't think that we'll ever have another girl's night. I miss that."

Maria snorted, "Liz, you are the reason for those three men to be sleeping in one bed. They may not find offense with each other, but let's face it you're their everything. I can't see them letting you stay away from their bed. Michael told me that day in Roswell that the only time you guys have conflict is when you are separated for too long. And a girl's night would probably be too long for your mates. It's probably killing Zulis to sit in that other room to give us privacy, and it probably drives Michael and Max crazy to have to go to the Council everyday."

Liz smiled shyly, "I know, I just haven't had a lot of time with you. We were at separate colleges, and then different planets. I missed our talks, maybe now that you're staying we can get together regularly. I've enjoyed this time."

Liz got up and put the last baby in the bassinet, then went to the dressing room to get a top. Maria put Rhys in his bed, then stroked his head for a minute.

Liz stood in the doorway of the dressing room for a minute and watched Maria stroke Rhys' head.

Liz moved out of the doorway, "Are you ready for one?"

Maria looked up at her, "I would like a little time with Sunar first, but if it happens I won't be upset." Then she added with a look of mock horror, " I don't know if I want as many as you have."

Liz laughed, "I don't think your in danger of that, unless you pick up two more mates. You know talking about mates, would you watch the babies for a second. I won't be long." Maria nodded.

Liz walked into the other room and straight to Zulis. Zulis was instantly concerned, "Beloved, did you need something?"

Liz nodded her head, "Uh-huh"

She walked up to him and straddled his lap and leaned up on her knees, wrapped her warms around his neck. His hands automatically went under her skirt to her bare bottom. She looked into his eyes for a few seconds then leaned down to taste his lips, she felt him sigh. She thrust her tongue into his mouth needing to kiss him deeply. She pulled away, gave him a quick peck on his mouth then went back to the bedroom.

Maria laughed, "Liz, what did you do to that poor man?"

Liz smiled, "I just needed to kiss him, they all three take my breathe away. Sometimes it's so overwhelming."

Maria stayed and talked with Liz until lunch time, then she helped gather the children together and went to lunch with them. Of course, that allowed her to eat lunch with Sunar. She was having her own urge to kiss her mate senseless. After lunch the children were taken to the music room for their music lessons.

Zulis and Liz carried the babies back into the bedroom and put them in their beds. Zulis pulled Liz into his arms, "What was that kiss about earlier?"

Liz smiled up at him, "I missed you." She had already started undoing his vest. He lifted her off of the floor and crushed her to his chest. Rhys started crying for his mommy, Zulis groaned as he slid Liz down his body. He pulled her top off and pulled her onto his lap after she picked up Rhys.

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Honey Behr,

I meant to tell you when you first posted that your english is just as good if not better than people who speak english as a first language. *big*

That's an interesting idea, I just don't know how I would work it into my story. I'm still trying to figure out the bad guy plot and how I can work that.

I might be able to have them go back to Roswell when the children are older, but I hadn't planned on them ever going back.

I'll have to put on my thinking cap on and have a discussion with myself to see if I can do that. *wink*

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Anyway, I should have another part out in a couple of days. Definitely this weekend, my husband is giving me a break. The girl will be at camp and he's going sailing so that I can be home alone for once. Woohoo.

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Part 36

Max and Michael left Zulis and Liz sleeping in their chambers, Max turned to Michael, "Can we talk in my office before we go into the Council Chambers today?"

Michael looked at Max with concern, "Of course, what's this about?"

"I just have some things running through my head and I want to know what you think."

Michael nodded, "Okay."

Michael followed Max into his office and sat in a chair. Max sat in the chair next to him, "I want to give Liz her bonding ceremony."

Michael straightened in his chair and a big grin suddenly spread across his face, "Really? I want that too."

Max smiled, "It would just be family, nothing formal. It isn't what she deserves, but at least her parents are here to be a part of it."

Michael reached over and squeezed Max's shoulder, "Liz will think it's perfect. Isabel is the one that scares me, she will want to make a big deal out of it. She'll go all wedding nazi on us. Hey, that might be fun to watch, she can finally bully Zulis."

Max shook his head, "I want it to be a surprise."

"Okay; then it's a surprise. Damn, that ruins my fun Maxwell."

Max shoved Michael, "Stop calling me that. I don't need you making my life more difficult."

Michael stood up laughing and pulled Max into his arms, "What's the matter Maxwell, don't you like being treated like your special."

Michael was kissing his face, making Max laugh, "You had better mean special as in important and not deficiently special."

Michael laughed and attacked Max's mouth. Michael could feel Max's erection rubbing against his and he pulled him closer. He plunged his tongue into Max's mouth. They were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Michael pulled away from Max reluctantly and went to the door. He walked back to Max and pulled him back into his arms, "I told them that we would be there as soon as we could. Now where were we?"

Max laughed, "Lock the door, I'll clean off the desk. You don't know how many times I've thought about throwing you on the desk....."

Michael choked out a laugh, "God Max......I've pictured you the same way."

Michael moved into Max's embrace and lowered his mouth to Max's....................


Max hated to ask Zulis, but for the safety of his wife and children he had to, "Zulis, is your family loyal to me?" Max explained that he wasn't questioning Zulis's loyalty, he just wanted to make sure that their advantage wouldn't be leaked.

Zulis understood, "My father fought hard for your return, Queen Valan can vouch for his loyalty."

Max nodded, "I'm sorry that I had to ask."

Zulis placed his hand on Max's shoulder, "I understand, I would do no different. She and the children are my world too."

Max smiled, "Michael and I want to have a bonding ceremony with Liz. Family only. I thought that you would want your parents to attend."

Zulis grinned, "Yes....yesss....a bonding ceremony with Liz. Yes, I want that."

"I thought that you would, we will have the ceremony on Christmas morning. Invite your parents to be a part of the Christmas celebration, but don't mention the ceremony. It is a surprise for Liz."

Max gave in and told Isabel. He allowed her and Tess to make the arrangements for Christmas day, after everyone had opened their presents. That way the children wouldn't care if their parents disappeared for an hour or two.

Max had removed the seals from Liz's robe, they would be added by each of her mates during the ceremony. The list seemed to grow longer of people who knew their secret, but Max was positive they were totally loyal to him.

Max had called Sunar into his office and invited him to the ceremony. He would let it be a suprise that Zulis was bonding with the queen.


Two days before Christmas, the Education building was reopened. Isabel and Tess gave the building to the people.

Isabel stood at the doors, "Good people of Antar, I wish that we were giving you more than this. You have given us so much. I want everyone to know that our queen wished to be here to present you the building, but a mother's first duty is to her children. She wished you to know that by restoring this important building first, she was putting the needs of all Antarian children first." Max and Michael beamed at Isabel's words. The crowd cheered.

"Ava and I were very pleased when the queen suggested this project, and we look forward to restoration of many more buildings."

Liz was disappointed that she was not able to go with the others, but her mates were adamant that she stay with Zulis to keep herself and her children safe.

After Isabel's speech, the people started bringing forth books and materials that they had rescued from the building before it was destroyed. The educators showed up without having to be asked.

The royals were so pleased to learn the educational materials had survived.


Christmas Eve the families gathered to sing Christmas carols. Maria played her guitar with them. The Antarian family members were enjoying learning the songs, even if they didn't completely understand them.

Max had the honor of reading the story of Christmas to the children, so that they would understand what the holiday meant.

They had celebrated Christmas Eve with a large meal, and each child was given one present to open. They had each received a new stocking with their name on it to hang on the chimney.

Philip Evans sat in a rocking chair and read 'The Polar Express', Jeff Parker read 'The Christmas Candle', Jim Valenti had the honor of reading 'Twas the Night before Christmas'.

All of the children were camping out in Liz's children's room, so Zulis sang his song. The children were asleep before he finished. He walked over and tucked Allie under her covers and told her to close her eyes and at least pretend to be asleep. They kissed their children goodnight, and all of the grandparents went to bed.

The children's parents had the responsibility of filling the stockings and putting all of the presents in the family room around the tree. Juran, Sunar and Maria helped.

Zulis had guards bring the presents from the room they were stored in. Liz sat in the corner nursing her babies under a blanket. Sunar did wonder about the closeness that he saw between the Queen and Zulis, but Zulis was her personal guard so it was understandable that they would talk and get to know each other.

Max and Michael helped Liz to put the babies in their bassinets after she had fed them.

When only the four were left in the room, Max wrapped his arms around Liz, "Well we should get some sleep, the children will be up early."

Liz turned in his arms and started kissing his chest as she started unbuttoning his vest, "I can think of more interesting things to do than sleep."

Max stopped her hands as they reached for another button, "Sweetheart, as much as I love you and want you. I'm really tired, it's been a long day."

Michael walked up and rubbed her back, "Angel, lets just go to bed. I know that I'm tired too."

Liz turned to Zulis close to tears, "Zulis? Are you tired too?"

He wanted to tell her the truth, but they had agreed, "Actually, beloved I am tired."

Liz lowered her eyes to the floor and started walking the the bedroom. Her mates followed her. Max felt like a heel, and the death glares that Zulis and Michael were sending at him didn't help.

Liz was totally confused. The only nights that they had not been intimate was right after she had given birth.

Liz couldn't understand why her mates didn't want her tonight, she could feel their desire. Max had laid down in the middle of the bed and pulled her on top of him, Zulis and Michael laid on either side of him on their stomachs.

None of them ever slept on their stomachs unless they were exhausted. Maybe they were really tired.

The three had decided to refrain from making love to Liz to make tomorrow even more special. Max could smack himself for coming up with that stupid idea.

Zulis and Michael had told him since it was his idea he was the one that could deal with the torment of Liz sleeping on him and not being able to make love to her.

Liz was confused, you would think that with three mates at least one of them would have the energy to make love to her. She had to breathe deeply to keep herself from crying, Max's arms would tighten around her every time she had the urge to cry.

She could feel love from all of her mates, and after she fell into a fitful sleep Michael and Zulis turned to wrap their bodies around their precious wife and Max. Once all of her mates were touching her she fell into a more peaceful deeper sleep.

Liz put on a happy face after she showered alone, her mates had gotten up early, showered and left the room. Zulis was in the sitting room waiting for her to wake up, he didn't trust himself in the same room with her this morning.

Zulis came in to get her once she was dressed. He wouldn't be able to touch her because of Sunar attending the festivities.

Zulis walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her, "Good morning beloved, I hope that you enjoy today."

Liz hugged him back tightly and did not want to let go of him. He leaned down and kissed her quickly, "We need to go, the children are waiting for their Christmas morning."

Of course, today was for the children and they just wanted it to be perfect for them. They were just distracted last night, yes, thats it. She perked up a little after that pep talk, she just wished that she really believed it.

She and her three mates followed all of the children into the family room. The babies had been taken to the family room before Liz had gotten up, she had fed them about two hours earlier and had gone back to bed. Zulis led Liz to a couple that she had never seen before, but she knew that they had to be part of Zulis' family.

The man looked just like Zulis, she turned to Zulis, "Is that your brother, I didn't know that you had a twin brother."

Zulis looked down at his beloved and laughed, "That's my father and mother."

Liz stared at the man and woman, they didn't look any older than Zulis.

Zulis chuckled and told her before they were in hearing distance, "Close your mouth beloved."

Liz snapped her mouth shut.

The couple bowed deeply as she and Zulis approached them. This always embarassed Liz , her red face amused Zulis, "My queen, these are my parents. King Zan asked that they be allowed to join in since I would be here."

Zulis turned to his parents, "Mother and Father this is our Queen, Elizabeth"

He looked down at Liz, "My queen, this is Lisfa and Xarlandra, of the House of Lisfa."

Liz was so pleased to meet Zulis's parents, she lost her embarrassment immediately, "Lisfa, Xarlandra may I call you that."

Lisfa was humbled and bowed," Of course, my queen."

Liz smiled, "Please it's just Liz, I'm really not used to being called a queen."

Lisfa smiled in understanding to the tiny queen, "You may not be used to it, but knowing that our King is back and has brought a mate and children with him gives us so much pleasure. Allow us the honor of calling you queen."

Liz smiled shyly, "Thank you. I hope that you enjoy our Christmas celebration, I've explained it to Zulis so hopefully he can answer any questions that you have. I had better return to my mates, I see that it is time for the children to open presents. I'm so pleased to have met you."

Xarlandra finally spoke, "As are we your majesty."

Liz slid into Max's arms,"Thank you."

Max bent and kissed her. The children gathered around their parents with wonder in their eyes, they were in awe of the presents. Liz, Tess and Isabel handed each child a present to open.

Juran was sitting on the floor helping Leah unwrap her presents. Liz had explained everything to him and had also told him that Leah would probably have more fun with the boxes and paper than the toy. When a box hit him in the head, he looked down to see Leah smiling at him. So he started putting discarded bowes on her head. She'd pull one off and he'd put another in it's place.

Liz laughed and was also relieved. The earth grandparents were not sure what to think of this young man claiming their grandbaby as his mate. They had seen him in Leah's company constantly, or rather Leah in a backpack carrier on Juran's back.

Each child would receive a bike and riding toys appropriate for their age and motorized riding toys, but they were already in a new shed outside. They and the grandparents would take them out their later.

The gifts under the tree were dolls, games, trucks, and other toys that were popular for their ages. Everything was cleaned up from the children's gifts. The grandparents were presented with their gifts by the children, and then the couples gave their gifts to each other. The grandparents were really pleased with the art that Zulis had bought them.

Maria loved the gift from Zulis. She jumped up and hugged him, "Has Liz been telling you about my obsession?"

Sunar stood and pulled Maria back to him, "Stop touching him, it isn't proper."

Liz was going checking out the oils and started giggling at Sunar's remark, "Actually Maria, I haven't told Zulis about the scent obsession. How did you know, Zulis?"

Zulis smiled, "It wasn't difficult, she stood in front of the shop drooling. It was obvious that it meant something to her."

Liz moved closer to Zulis and whispered, "Thank you, Zulis."

Max and Michael had told Liz and Zulis that they would exchange their gifts in private.

Max, Michael and Liz had made a ring to match their rings for Zulis. He wouldn't be able to wear it on his finger, but he could wear it on a chain inside his vest.

When all of the presents were opened and the room cleaned up, they all went to the dining room to have Christmas breakfast. The children were bouncing off of the walls and would need to go play outside soon.

Michael walked over to Liz, "Angel, can I have your ring. I wanted to clean it up so that ours looks as good as Zulis's ring."

Liz smiled up at Michael and pulled her ring off, "You can't just wave your hand over it and make it perfect?" Liz wasn't going to give him too hard of a time, she figured that he and Max wanted to do something special to the ring as a gift.

Michael kissed her forehead, "It warms my heart to know that you would trust my powers to not blow your hand off. Just give me the ring."

Liz laughed and handed him the ring.

Max announced that they should all return to the family room for another suprise. The furniture had been moved out of the center of the room and a small block was in the center of the room. They all entered the room, and Isabel walked up behind Liz and put her robe on her.

Everyone else put their robes on and formed a circle around the couple, Liz had tears in her eyes.

Her parents led her to the center of the room and had her step up onto the block, this put her at a better height for the ceremony.


"Has there been any progress?"

"A little sir, we have plans to some of the passageways. We have been mapping out what we haven't been able to acquire. It is a very slow process and we haven't gotten anywhere near the king's chambers."

"What about the human?"

"That is going to be harder. She's never alone. Zan and Rath are terrified of losing her, they have even moved a personal guardsman into the adjoining rooms so that he is available to guard her if they are called away."

"Just one guard?"

"Yes sir. He's powerful though."

"But he's still only one guard. We might have to use that to our advantage."

"Yes sir, what about Manuth? Have you been able to get him to help from the inside?"

"The fool is still clinging to old beliefs. I have played on his anger at losing his mate, but he is still hesitant to turn on his king."

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Author's Note: Okay don't faint people 2 new parts in one weekend. I'm amazed myself, considering that I didn't get that weekend alone. I had a whopping 4 hours alone before the hubby showed up back home, saying that there was a little itty bitty whole in the boats muffler.

Linda, You aren't allowed to have writer's block at this point in your story. I love your stories, they have been my inspiration to write from the beginning of my Roswell obsession. BTW, the M/M makeout scene was written just for you to help you recuperate faster (hint,hint we need a new part to LKNB). I just had them talking originally, but I knew that you would like them making out.

Part 37

Zulis had arranged for his parent's robes to be sent to him.

He handed his father his robe and helped his mother into her robe.

Lisfa pulled his robe on and turned to Zulis, "What is going on?"

"The queen has not had her bonding ceremony, and the king thought today would be the right day. This way her parents can be a part of it."

Xarlandra smiled, "That was very thoughtful of him."

Zulis moved to stand by his mother in the circle.

Max joined Liz in the center of the circle and stood in front of her.

Philip came forward with the ribbons. He looked at Max and then Liz, "Please hold hands."

Philip held up a blue ribbon and wound it around their joined hands, "This ribbon is to join your souls in loyalty and honesty." Then he held up a red ribbon and wound it around their other hands, "This ribbon is to join your hearts and minds."

Philip placed his hand on both of their heads, "May the One bless this union, and bring joy and happiness to their lives."

Max lifted their arms above their heads and moved his body closer to his precious wife, and gazed into her eyes. He formed a connection and his body began to glow a beautiful amber color, Liz's body began to glow a brilliant yellow.

Everyone saw the original Zan, they saw his life from his awakening to his death. Max and Liz could feel what he felt, and he was so lonely and sad.

As Liz was gazing into Max's eyes he changed to Zan, she whispered breathlessly, "Zan?"

He smiled and bowed his head regally to her. His love for her was very evident in his eyes.

He had the same build as Max and almost the same face, but his hair was shoulder length and black. His eyes were a silvery-black, much larger than her Max's eyes.

The images showed how Zan was made even sadder by the fact that he was forced to bond with someone who wasn't his match. Then the families watched Max and Liz growing up.

Liz watched Zan change into Max, she smiled, "Max."

They could all see the intense love that started the day Max Evans stepped off of the school bus and gazed at his future wife. They saw the same loneliness and sadness in Max.

The images showed that Liz had always been attracted to Max but didn't think that she was his type.

The Parkers sucked in their breaths when they saw Max save her life, and they felt their intense love for each other.

The images stopped for the family, but Max and Liz continued to have flashes of their lives together. Max lowered their arms still gazing into her eyes with her hands still held in his, he placed his fingertips on the back of her neck. She felt a tingling warmth and then he was kissing her deeply. He pulled back slightly then lowered their clasped hands to the front of her robe and placed his seal on the front panel.

Liz looked up and into Zan's eyes, "Oh Zan, you were always mine. My Max, my destiny."

Zan held out his hand and Michael walked forward to place Liz's ring in his hand. Zan looked down at his love, "I would wait a million lifetimes for you, you are the heart in my body, you make my life mean something." Zan slipped the ring on Liz's finger.

Liz looked at the ring and saw that Max had added an amber colored stone to the center of the ring.

Michael cleared his throat and Liz noticed that he was holding out Max's ring. Liz took the ring and looked into Zan's eyes, "I.....I..." Zan smiled and kissed her forehead. Liz breathed deeply, "You mean everything to me, whether you are called Max or Zan. You have brought so much love and happiness to my life. I'm glad that you took the chance and saved my life, and I thank God that you are mine." Liz slid the ring onto his finger. Liz gasped when she noticed that the rings had a soft glow to them.

Zan pulled her to him and kissed her deeply again. He didn't want to let her go, but Michael and Zulis needed their time.

Michael stepped forward, Zan kissed Liz again then reluctantly pulled his hands from her grasp after kissing her palm and whispering in her ear, "My queen."

Zan handed the ribbons to Jeff Parker and Kirath, then stood behind Liz. Michael and all the others in the circle were a little shaken by Max's change into Zan.

Michael stepped in front of the love of his life, gazing down into her beautiful eyes. All of Liz's emotions were clearly seen in her eyes.

Michael reached out and took Liz's hands. Jeff held up a blue ribbon and wound it around their joined hands, "This ribbon is to join your souls in loyalty and honesty."

Kirath held up a red ribbon and wound it around their other hands, "This ribbon is to join your hearts and minds."

Jeff placed his hands on Michael and Liz's head, and Kirath placed his right below Jeff's. Both recited, "May the One bless this union, and bring joy and happiness to their lives."

Michael raised their arms above their heads. Michael glowed a deep red, while Liz's brilliant yellow seemed to have a ring of amber around it now.

Just as with Max, they saw the image of Rath and his life. Liz watched as Michael became Rath, with long blonde hair and silver eyes.

Rath's build was a little different than Michael's, Rath shoulders were wider and his hips were narrower.

Then he changed back to Michael. The images of Michael's childhood saddened his parents, but they weren't all bad. They saw Liz trying to befriend the withdrawn, defiant little boy, and the little boy wanting to be her friend. Then the images ended.

Michael and Liz saw deep into each other's souls, Michael could see her deep love for him and Liz could see how much Michael loved her.

Michael lowered their arms and placed his fingers on the back of her neck just like Max and pulled her in for a deep kiss, she felt the same warm tingle on the back of her neck but in a different spot. She looked up into Rath's eyes. Rath moved his hand to the front of her and placed his seal on her robe.

Liz looked at Rath and smiled, "My Rath, my Michael. I was always your destiny too!"

Zan stepped forward and handed a ring to Rath. Rath slid the ring onto Liz's finger, it was thin band with a deep red ruby that nestled beside the amber stone. Rath raised her chin with his fingers and looked into her eyes, "I never thought that I was worthy of your love, you healed my heart and soul by loving me. Without your love I am nothing."

Zan handed Michael's ring to Liz. Liz had tears running down her face. Zan reached up and wiped the tears from one side while Rath wiped them from the other.

Liz looked back into Rath's eyes, "I would never have believed that you could love me. I am so blessed to have you in my heart, you are my power and strength. I would be lost without you." Liz watched the glow of the rings intensify as she slid it onto Rath's finger.

Rath pulled her to him and kissed her again, then whispered, "My beautiful angel."

Then Zulis stepped out of the circle and moved toward Liz, his parents inhaled sharply as did Sunar.

Juran had a feeling that this would happen. He was happy for Zulis.

Rath handed the blue ribbon to Zan and he kept the red ribbon. Zulis stepped in front of his beloved and extended his hands to her. Liz placed her tiny hands in his.

Zan held up a blue ribbon and wound it around their joined hands, "This ribbon is to join your souls in loyalty and honesty."

Rath held up a red ribbon and wound it around their other hands, "This ribbon is to join your hearts and minds."

Rath and Zan placed their hands on their loved ones heads, then they seemed to go into a trance, "May the One bless this Union, and bring joy and happiness to their lives."

Rath and Zan did not step back as the others had done. They moved their hands to Zulis and Liz's shoulders.

Zulis raised their arms and looked down into his beloved's eyes. As he connected to his beloved his body started glowing a pale purple, and Liz glowed a brilliant yellow with first a ring of amber then a ring of red. Rath glowed red and Zan glowed amber.

Liz would finally have Zulis residing in her soul with Max/Zan and Michael/Rath. She would know his whole life. She experienced his childhood, certainly not an earth childhood. Zulis experienced her childhood. Then they experienced each other's young adulthood, Zulis's life was much longer than hers so the visions lasted a lot longer for her.

The things that Zulis saw made his love for Max and Michael grow. When the visions finally ended, Zulis lowered their arms and placed his fingertips on the back of her neck.

Once again she felt a warm tingle as he pulled her into a deep tongue dueling kiss. He then placed his seal on the inside of her robe, caressing her breast with the back of his hand. Liz smiled at Zulis, "My Zulis, my love"

Zan handed Zulis a ring with a pale purple stone, it would lay on the other side of the amber stone. Zulis slid the ring onto her finger and looked down into his beloved's eyes, "I am still in awe that you are mine, every touch, every kiss means so much to me. You have given me more than I ever dreamed was possible."

Rath handed Liz a ring for Zulis, she smiled when she noticed his surprise, "You have brought so much joy to my life Zulis, I was just as amazed as you were. But having known your touch and having you with me has made you a part of me that I cherish every day."

He pulled her to him and kissed her again, she turned and kissed Zan and then Rath.

Zan and Rath moved closer to Zulis and Liz. The glow from their rings brightened and began to surround them causing the four to glow a brilliant gold. They could feel themselves changing. Liz's eyes changed to solid deep brown, then changed back to her normal eyes.

Zan and Rath began to recite, "The One has blessed this union of four as was told to the people long ago. The love and power of the four will have no equal. The four have become one and will endure with the One for all time."

They didn't know what had just happened, but they could hear each other's confusion and they knew that Liz was no longer human. She was now full Antarian. Zan, Rath and Zulis made a mental note to start training her to use her powers. Liz heard her mates all make the comment that they would need to train her powers in unison, and giggled. This brought their attention back to her. Then they noticed their children moving in their direction.

Their children moved toward them as if in a trance and they also started to glow, the babies were glowing in their bassinets. Juran had put Leah down so that she could join her siblings. The children to their parents, leaning against their legs.

The glow slowly faded, and the families rushed forward. Juran scooped up Leah and examined her to make sure that she was okay. After Juran was sure that Leah wasn't hurt he hugged her to his chest and helped move the children back to their toys. He sat down to play with the children until their parents figured out what happened.

Zulis's parents moved forward quickly with Sunar and Maria following. Zulis had Liz in his arms again, when his parents reached him.

His father Lisfa was confused, "Zulis, my son, what is this? You bonded with our queen. How did this come to be?"

Zan and Rath had moved behind Liz.

Liz looked up at Lisfa, "Zulis has known that I was his mate since the first day he met me. He thought that I was one of Zan's children and kept calling me princess." Liz paused to look up at the embarassed Zulis.

Lisfa nodded, "It is understandable, you are small."

Liz pulled her gaze away from Zulis and turned back to his parents, "He had to save my life. It's actually more than that, though."

Zulis' arm tightened around her and she gazed into his eyes, " Zulis touched my hand accidentally the day he met me and discovered that I was his mate. He had resigned himself to never knowing me, until the day my shuttle was shot down. He was my pilot and guard, we were chased by traitors to my beloved Zan."

Her eyes turned to her Zan and he smiled encouragement to her. She turned to Zulis's parents and continued, "Zulis managed to allude the traitors and found a safe place for us to hide. All we had was one survival pack, and I was severly injured when the shuttle was hit. Zan and Rath accepted his bond to me and instructed Zulis to connect to me and heal my injury. When I woke up, I realised that I could feel him and that our bonding needed to be completed. That is when I discovered that I was his mate, my mates agreed to the bond to save my life. They had already realised that Zulis was a match to me, but had decided that if they ignored it they didn't have to deal with it." Zan and Rath actually looked embarassed about that comment.

Lisfa and Xarlandra were amazed. Sunar stepped forward, "Why has it not been announced? And what was that at the end of the ceremony. I've never seen anything like that."

Zan stepped forward and explained. Zan explained the prophecy, and their roles in it. He had no doubt in his mind that they were the four in the prophecy. The past and present now made sense, Zan and Rath also needed to be a part of the union.

Liz turned to Xarlandra, "May I give you a hug, it was so hard earlier not saying anything to you. I want everyone to know that Zulis is my mate."

Xarlandra nodded to her queen and stepped toward her, Liz wrapped her arms around Xarlandra's neck and whispered to her, "Thank you for Zulis, I hope that I make him as happy as he makes me."

Xarlandra was speechless for a second, "May I call you daughter?"

Liz smiled, "Yes, may I call you mother?"

Xarlandra was so pleased that her queen would even want to call her mother, "Yes daughter and thank you for the honor."

Isabel came forward with Rhys and Rhiann in her arms, Liz stepped off of the block.

She took Rhys and Rhiann and walked to Zulis's parents, "These are your son's children." The smiles that broke out were amazing.

Xarlandra could only stare at the babies, Lisfa had heard that the queen gave birth to her children, "They are so small, aren't you afraid of hurting them?"

Liz giggled, "We have ten children and we haven't hurt any of them yet. We prefer to nurture and love our children their first year. Would you like to hold them?"

Xarlandra stepped forward with her arms extended, Zulis handed her Rhys, "Mother this is Rhys, my son"

He then took Rhiann from Liz and placed her in his father's arms, "Father this is Rhiann, my daughter." He showed them how to hold them correctly. They were both so stunned, but you could see them caving quickly babies tended to do that to adults.

Zulis's parents turned to Zan and bowed the best they could with the babies in their arms, Lisfa straightened and looked Zan in the eye, "We will protect the secret with our lives if necessary, my King. Thank you for allowing our son happiness and for giving us all of these beautiful grandchildren."

Sunar stepped forward, "As will I my King."

Maria hugged her husband and whispered, "Thank you."

Liz moved to Xarlandra, "Would you like to meet your other grandchildren?"

Xarlandra was so happy, "Yes I would love to meet all of them."

Liz knelt on the floor, "Children come and meet you new grandparents."

Matthew, Allie, Emma, Joshua, and Erin ran over. Juran brought Leah to them. Kyle and Tess brought Regan and Riley.

Zulis pulled Liz to him, he didn't think that he would ever be happier than he was at this moment. He watched his parents trying to learn all of the children's names, and all of the children trying to tell them about themselves and what they are learning.

He pulled Liz up to his level and crushed her to him, "Thank you my beloved." He crushed his mouth to hers and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Zan and Rath moved over and wrapped their arms around Zulis and Liz, kissing the side of her face and neck.

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Nookie? What's that?

Of course there is nookie, in the next part as a matter of fact. I was just working on it.

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Author's Note: Thank you for all of the bumps and votes. It just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. I can't believe that I am posting another part. I'm not pleased with it, but I just couldn't write a lot of nookie for the "honeymoon". These guys are on a permanent honeymoon in my mind, so it was hard to make it special.
I hope that you enjoy, the next part will probably take me longer to write, I am having trouble deciding which direction I want to go with the story. So you might just get a few parts of day to day life with the others.


Isabel told everyone that they were taking the children outside to see their other suprises.

Zulis turned to his parents, "I will take Rhys and Rhiann now."

Lisfa stood up, "No, that's not necessary, we will carry them."

Zulis looked his father in the eye, "It would be easier to put them in their carriers, so that you do not have to hold them the whole time. They may be tiny, but after a while they become heavy."

Xarlandra moved behind Lisfa, "We want to hold them. Don't spoil our enjoyment Zulis. We've never held a baby before and it's wonderful."

Zulis smiled and nodded, "It is isn't it."

Lisfa nodded and moved carefully toward the door, he made sure that little Rhiann didn't get jostled in any way.

Nancy had already taken Regan and Riley outside.

Zulis realised that his parents had left the room with the babies and he hurried to catch up with them. It wasn't that he didn't trust them. This was just so new to them, and he wanted to be there to help them.

Liz had walked over to Maria and Sunar, "Sunar, my friend, you look dazed."

Sunar snapped out of his astonishment,"I'm just so pleased for Zulis, I have wondered about his change. He has seemed so happy lately, but I thought it was because he was not wanting to make others unhappy."

Liz smiled, "He makes me happy, that's for sure."

Sunar nodded, "My Queen if he makes you happy then he is worthy of the honor that you and your mates have given him."

Liz blushed at his reverence, "Sunar, I feel honored for the opportunity to have him as a part of my life. He's wonderful."

Liz then turned to Maria, "Maria would you look at the back of my neck when my mates aren't looking. I have a suspicion that those big lugs branded me."

Maria burst out laughing, "I wouldn't put it past them."

Sunar interruped, "That is an old custom, to place your family seal on the back of your mates neck."

Liz squinted her eyes, "I knew it."

Maria moved behind Liz to block her mates view of her and snickered, "Actually it says, Property of the Great King Zan, Commander Rath and Lord Zulis."

Liz spun around with as much indignation as she could muster and hissed, "What?"

Maria fell against Sunar laughing, "I'm joking, Liz. It is their seals."

Liz fumed for a second, "Isn't that the same thing?"

Sunar smiled at her reaction, "Actually it is a great honor to wear your husband's seal, It means that you see them as your heart, body and soul. The seal would not show if they did not completely reside in you." Sunar had reached up and placed his hand on Maria's neck. Liz watched Maria's eyes get big as his hand was lowering.

Maria reached up to her neck, "You didn't do what I think you did. Liz look at my neck."

Liz started giggling, "Well Maria it looks like Sunar has wormed his way into your heart completely."

Maria was outraged, "He branded me, what is this the dark ages?"

Sunar grabbed her and kissed her speechless. Liz giggled at Maria going limp in Sunar's arms and went to join her mates. Zan looked like Max again and Rath looked like Michael. Would they keep changing back and forth? This was going to get confusing very quickly.

Liz went over to Max and Michael, "You branded me, huh? Do I get to brand you guys?"

They started laughing, Max pulled her into his arms, "You didn't see the big tattoo on our butts that say 'LIZ' ?"

Liz watched Michael quickly place his hand on Max's butt and remove it just as quickly, "Oh can I see that? Please Max that's such a turn on, and since I was neglected so horribly last night you should let me see it. Can I see my name on your ass?"

Max still had no idea what Michael had done, Max shook his head, "Such language, my queen. Horribly neglected, huh? "

Liz nodded, "Today did make up for it, and I'm sure that you all will make it up to me tonight. Right?"

Michael leaned into her from behind and wrapped his arms around her, "Oh definitely, but right now we need to join the children outside."

After playing with the children, Max walked over to Michael, "I think that it is time to nurse the babies, and then we can most likely disappear for a little while after."

Michael smiled, "I'll go get our daughters from the mom's, but I'm not going to be the one to pry our son and daughter away from Lisfa and Xarlandra. Zulis will have to do that."

Max chuckled, "I'll talk to Zulis and grab Liz."

"Oh, I see, you get the fun job."

Max noticed that Rhys was starting to fuss and Rhiann wasn't far behind. When he walked up to Zulis, he heard him already trying to take them to Liz, "Mother, Rhys needs to nurse. He's hungry."

Xarlandra looked down at the baby, "But I don't want to give him up yet. Can't he nurse later. What is that anyway?"

Lisfa moved Rhiann to his shoulder, "Can't you just bring their food out here, or we could take them where they need to go."

Max zeroed in on Liz and went to get her, Zulis would have to handle his parents. Max scooped Liz up into his arms and started walking towards the entrance to their home.

Zulis saw Max carrying Liz into the building and turned to his parents, "Well their source of food was just carried into the building by your king and I don't think that he's going to bring her back here. Besides I don't think that he would like his queen sitting on your lap to feed her children."

Zulis smiled at the flustered look on his father's face, "I promise that I will bring them back to you after they have finished."

Zulis took his babies and laid them on his shoulder, trying to calm them. Letting them know that they were on their way to their mommy.

Manuth stepped into Zulis's path, "Why do you have the queen's children?"

Zulis had no patience for this possible traitor, "I am the queen's personal protector, this is none of your concern. Step out of my way. Before I call the rest of her guard to place you under arrest for endanging her children." He immediately blocked Max, Michael and especially Liz from his mind, they had all felt his fear. They were all talking at the same time and he couldn't understand a word. He did send them the thought 'I'm okay', then he tuned them out.

Kyle had seen Manuth earlier and had told the guards to be watching for him. A guard came around the corner behind Zulis and asked, "Is their a problem, my lord Zulis? The queen is wondering where her babies are?"

Manuth stepped aside, Zulis spoke to the guard over his shoulder, "There is nothing wrong, would you please walk with me. I do not feel I can protect the babies with them in my arms."

The guard followed Zulis to the King's chambers and opened the door for him. They had all felt his terror at the possibility of not being able to protect his babies. Max and Michael took Rhys and Rhiann from him then pulled him into a hug.

Max kissed his cheek, "Go to Liz, she needs to know that you are okay." They followed him into their chamber. Max and Michael turned their attention to Rhys and Rhiann to soothe them.

Liz had just finished nursing Regan and Riley and had placed them in their beds. She ran to Zulis, "My love, what happened?"

Max and Michael were behind him, he explained what had happened and his fear.

Liz pulled him to her, "I would never doubt your ability to protect us, but you are right with the babies in our arms we are vunerable." She took Rhys and Rhiann into her arms, and sat down on Zulis's lap. He needed her soothing touch right now.

Max and Michael got the room ready for their seduction of Liz. They prepared the tub, and the bed. When the babies were done nursing, Zulis and Michael took the babies in their carriers to the grandparents. Michael and Zulis pulled Alex, Kyle, Juran with Leah in her backpack carrier, Jeff, Philip, Jim, Sunar, Kirath, and Lisfa aside and asked them to not let the children out of their sights. Zulis told them about his run in with Manuth.

Lisfa moved to the babies in the carriers and Xarlandra was not far behind him. Kirath, Sunar and the other men moved to watch the children playing with their new outside toys. Juran moved into the center of the other children and helped Leah to play on a riding toy.


continued on next post

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Michael and Zulis returned to their room. Max had stripped Liz and himself and had her in his embrace. Liz had watched Max turn back into Zan as he removed his clothes.

Liz looked up and noticed Michael's smirk and Zulis's puzzled expression. Zulis tilted his head to the side and sounded out a word, "Llll, Iiiii, Zzzz, that says Liz with pink flowers around it. Max, I mean Zan why does your bottom have Liz on it?"

Michael and Liz lost it at that point. Zan was trying to see his butt. It didn't take a mind reader to figure out how this happened, "Michael, I should have you arrested for defacing the body of your King. Instead, You'll be lucky if I let you touch our mate this night."

Michael was still laughing, "I don't think that she'll allow that after we neglected her so badly last night. Isn't that right, angel?"

A very naked Liz ran to Zan and jumped to wrap her legs around his waist, he was completely engrossed in her immediately. Max had made love to Liz for years but Zan had not, even though they were the same. Zan wanted his own memories.

Liz was attacking his neck and ears, "You are not keeping me from Michael or Rath this night. I told you it was a turn on. You'll have to make sure they get matching ones."

Zan laughed, "I'll see that they do, my love."

Liz was presently ruining their well laid out plans, Zan just wanted to bury himself in her. Liz was nipping and sucking on his ear and neck. He fingers were threaded through his hair to hold him in place.

In reality, Zan had never had sex. He felt inexperienced and pulled up Max's knowledge of Liz's body. He walked her to the bathroom and stepped into the tub. As he entered the water he lowered her onto his erection and almost exploded from the feeling of her surrounding him. Zan closed his eyes, laying his head on her breasts savoring the feeling as she slid down onto his body, "Oh God...Elizabeth...oh God... this is so amazing".

She smiled and arched her back, offering her breast to him. Liz turned to see Michael become Rath.

Rath and Zulis entered the tub as Zan pulled her nipple into his mouth, "Oh God Zan, yes....I love you so much." Liz felt Zan's joy surge through her.

Rath had also never had sex and was using Michael's knowledge of Liz. Rath moved up behind her to support her back, Zulis reached down to stroke her clitoris. Liz exploded, Zulis and Rath closed their eyes savoring her orgasm as it swirled through them. Her orgasm pushed Zan to his own intense orgasm, he clung to her savoring the incredible feeling.

Their formal bonding had made them even more in tune with each other. Zan was finally able to loosen his hold on Liz and let Rath pull her from his body.

Rath turned her to him and lowered her onto his erection. As he lowered her inch by inch, he was having trouble breathing, "Oh.....oh.....oh without this."

Liz was overwhelmed with their emotions, their need, their desire. Liz started moving up and down on Rath and watched the different emotions on his beautiful face. He became wild and took over the movement, he pumped in and out of her hard and fast bringing them to an intense orgasm.

Rath clung to her laying his head on her breasts, "Thank you, thank you my angel."

Liz lifted his head and ran her hands over his face, "There is nothing to thank me for, I belong to you as you belong to me." Rath pulled her to him for a deep tongue dueling kiss.

Liz could feel Zulis behind her and leaned back into him, she raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck. He ran his hands up her body and caressed her breasts, rolling her nipples with his fingers. He pulled her off of Rath and turned her to allow wrap her legs around him. Zan and Rath moved up behind her and ran their hands over her body.

Zulis pulled back and moved his hard length to her center and slowly entered her tight body. He loved the feel of her body.

Zan had turned her face to him and was exploring her with his mouth. Rath was kissing her neck and ear, running his hand through her hair. It didn't take long for Zulis to bring her to an orgasm, he continued to move in and out of her body bringing her to another mind shattering orgasm.

The feeling of her clamping down on him was his undoing, he roared as he released his essence into her body. Liz washed each of her lovers making love to each of them as she washed their bodies. They returned the favor and three sets of hands ran over her body cleaning it and arousing her to a fever pitch.

Rath had the honor of carrying her to the bedroom. Zan didn't want to let her go, but he wanted Rath to have his memories too.

Rath took her to the bed and slid up her body entering her swiftly. Zan and Zulis laid on either side of them and watched Rath make love to Liz. Zan pressed his face into Liz's neck to breath in her scent and to touch her skin. Then Zan and Rath watched Zulis make love to their Liz. They both pressed their faces into the sides of her neck, their joy and happiness were almost overwhelming to Liz and Zulis. Then Zan took his time loving his precious bride's body. They did not come out of the room until they could feel the babies need for Liz, and they knew that the other children would like to have their parents with them also.

They entered the family room sated but still wanting Liz. Zulis saw that his parents were holding Rhys and Rhiann, he was so pleased that they had accepted his mating with the queen. Valax and Kirath had Regan and Riley.

Diane and Nancy were playing hand games with Joshua and Erin. Valan was sitting with them learning the games.

Jeff was teaching Juran and Leah, the itsy bitsy spider.

Alex and Kyle were playing with one of the new game systems, all of the Antarians were fascinated. Kyle was trying to tell Sunar how to play.

Xarlandra and Valax helped Liz take the babies to the King's Sitting room. The Antarians liked the concept of having holidays to spend with the family. Liz sat down to nurse the babies, Xarlandra and Valax couldn't help but be fascinated. This tiny woman gave so much of herself to her mates and children.

Liz turned to Valax, "I know that you are happy to see your son."

Valax had been pleased to see Rath, she nodded her head, "Yes daughter, I thought that I would never see his beautiful face again. I love Michael just as much though and would have been just as content to have just him in my life. But to see my Rath again."

Liz giggled, "I am pleased that it makes you happy, it was a little unnerving at first. But they are the same, I can feel Michael in Rath. Rath seems to have been hidden. He does feel almost like a separate person."

Valax laughed, "Oh no, my daughter, I don't think that you need five husbands."

Liz laughed. She turned to Xarlandra, "How are you handling the bonding."

Xarlandra smiled, "I was shocked at first, but I could see the joy on my son's face and I know that he belongs with you, our King and Commander Rath."

Liz talked with her two mates parents, but mostly Xarlandra. She needed to know his family, and she wanted them to know how much she loved Zulis. Liz finished nursing the babies, they returned to the family room with the babies. Max, Michael and Zulis were playing on the game system. They each had several children on their laps giving them instructions on what they were doing wrong.

When she was able to Maria pulled Liz to the side to tell her that she was expecting a baby boy. Liz squealed with happiness and hugged Maria tightly. Liz leaned back and looked Maria in the eye,"You're really happy aren't you?"

Maria nodded. Liz hugged her tightly, "I'm so happy, how did we become so blessed? My life is so full and now so is yours."

Maria giggled, "My life is definitely full, but your cup runneth over Liz. It's like you have five husbands now. Do they have to keep changing like that? I mean they looked like Zan and Rath when you guys came into the room and now they are Max and Michael. And Zan and Rath can't seem to take their eyes off of you, I didn't think that I would be allowed to talk to you privately."

Liz smiled shyly, "They're so intense, it's like two different people but they aren't really. That doesn't even make sense does it? Anyway, when they look like Zan and Rath they are literally the originals, but I can feel Max and Michael are there too. Zan and Rath were never intimate with anyone, so this is all new to them."

Maria laughed, "Oh I see, you're their new toy."

Liz laughed, "It's more than that, I'm the only toy that they ever wanted. I suddenly have this need to tell them that I love them. That was Max trying to get me come and sit on his lap."

Maria halted her, "Are you going to get pregnant again anytime soon?"

Liz shook her head, "No, I have the inhibitor in place now. We had planned on waiting a year or two before having more children, but Zan and Rath may not want to wait that long or they may be content with no more children. They may have the same thoughts as Max and Michael, I just don't know yet."

Liz looked liked she was concentrating really hard, "It would be easier with all of the children weaned and then I can spend more time with the children.. Four was really hard this time, and then one is still breastfeeding at night and in the morning. I wonder if I will have children that look like Zan and Rath. Things are getting more and more intense, and their power is getting stronger. We all almost passed out after we orgasmed together."

Maria snorted, "All of mean....never mind. I don't think that I want details, good grief girl, I admire your stamina."

Liz giggled, "You wouldn't believe my stamina, I've been well loved today but I still have the urge to go over and jump them. There is this strong draw to just let go and be with them all of the time, even before Zan and Rath appeared. We have to force ourselves to do our duties and take care of the children. We love them so much, but our love for each other is.....what are the words.....well it's like our love transcends everything else. It's amazing and it scares even us sometimes. Now that Zan and Rath have appeared it's even harder, they seem to think that they need to catch up to their other selves even though they are the same and have the memories. I don't want our children to suffer, because we can't stop touching each other."

Maria looked thoughful, "Liz you have something very special, and trust me you and those hunks spend a lot of time with the children. They are not suffering from lack of attention. They love all of you very much."

Liz smiled, "Thanks, I needed that reality check. Sometimes I wonder if having so many children is a good idea. We can afford them, they are happy, and we love all of them and it doesn't physically harm me with the multiple births. I don't regret giving up my career for them, they are worth so much more than a career. When all of them are older, I'll be able to teach them the wonders of science and I will be fulfilled. Thanks Maria, I was wondering if I wanted anymore and you helped me a lot. I love my husbands and my children. But most of all I love bringing precious life into this world from our love. I love being pregnant and love nurturing and growing my children. I don't want to stop having children. I know we have a ridiculous amount, but I do have three husbands, or is it five, so it should be expected. Right?"

Maria nodded, "Most definitely, and I'm here to help you just as everyone else is. I love you girlfriend."

Liz turned to Maria, "Oh, I just had a thought what if all five of them can make me pregnant, okay, that would just be too many."

Maria shrugged her shoulders, "If it happens it happens, you'll just have to bring in more help." They hugged and went to join their husbands.

Sunar and Maria announced her pregnancy, and Tess and Kyle let everyone know that she was also expecting a boy. Then Alex and Isabel joined in with their announcement that she was expecting another girl. Everyone was so happy for the couples.

Liz turned and saw her three mates looking at her. They looked like they wished they were announcing the same news, especially from Zan and Rath. It looked like she wouldn't be waiting as long as she had planned to have more children. She could also feel their desire for her. They would drag her out of there and make love to her again if they could, but they needed to be with their children and parents.

end part 38
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Liz isn't pregnant again. And I don't really have plans for her to be pregnant any time soon. I just have Zan and Rath lusting after and wishing that she was having more of their children.

As someone said they are kind of like horny teenagers chasing after Liz.

The bad guy, what can I say? *sad*

The bad guy, Khivar, that killed Zan and Rath is dead. So my bad guy is someone different.*sad*

I haven't really given a lot of info about the bad dude, so I think that we are all confused about him. Me probably more than anyone. *big*

Lucky for you guys I don't think that I'll take my husband's ideas about the bad guy. A genetically mutated doberman to isolate Liz for the enemy, or poisonous crickets let loose to kill the royal family. I roll my eyes, the man needs therapy if he thinks that you guys will enjoy something that dumb.

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Author's Note: I am so sorry that it took me so long to get this out. I didn't like where I had started taking the story and I was trying to decide where I want to go.

Once again I want to thank all of you for your well wishes for my daughter, she is doing much better. That's a relief.

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Part 39

Maria sat up in her bed and looked down lovingly at her mate. She never imagined that she could have someone mean so much to her. She thought that she was in love with Michael, but what she felt for Sunar was so much more.

She reached down and stroked her stomach, smiling at the thought of the precious baby growing inside of her.

Maria felt movement behind her. Sunar's large hand moved around her waist. She watched as his fingers intertwined with hers over her stomach. She smiled as he started kissing her neck.

Sunar moved his mouth close to her ear, "I missed you."

Maria laughed, "I didn't go anywhere."

Sunar chuckled and bit her earlobe, "You left my arms."

Maria giggled, "You need to get up and get dressed."

Sunar pulled her down on the bed, "I have time for this."

"But......." Sunar covered her mouth with his and completely silenced her protests.


Sunar walked Maria to the royal library, as she had dubbed the queen's sitting room. She grabbed a book and headed for the gardens. She had begun exploring the gardens every morning before starting her first class of the day.

The gardens were beautiful and she enjoyed the quiet time. Maria heard a rustling to her left, expecting to see one of those adorable little creatures that Liz was terrified of but instead she saw Manuth sitting on the ground leaning against a tree.

She was instantly suspicious, but thought she might use this coincidence to her advantage. She called out loudly, "Excuse me........Manuth, right?"

She noticed that she startled him, so he obviously didn't know that she was there.

He stood and walked her way, "Ah, yes, Maria the queen's best friend from earth."

Maria moved over to the end of the bench, "Please sit down."

Manuth moved to sit down and looked straight ahead.

Maria watched him, "You seem troubled. I'm told that I'm a good listener.........Okay maybe that's not what I'm told. Look, I have ears and if you need someone to listen....."

The corners of Manuth's mouth kept moving like he was trying to keep himself from smiling, "I can see why the queen likes you."

Maria cocked her head to the side, "I may be overstepping the bounds here, but the way that you just said queen leads me to believe that you have a problem with her. Why?"

Maria watched as he sucked in his breath and then let it out slowly, "Even if I did have a problem with her, I wouldn't discuss it with her friend. It's just complicated."

Maria couldn't help the snort the pushed it's way out of her, "Those words." She shuddered, "If you only knew how many times I heard those very same words come out of Liz's mouth."

Manuth turned questioning eyes to Maria, "What is so complicated in her life?"

Maria sighed heavily, "If you only knew. It really isn't my place to tell you her life story. I will tell you that she is the most unselfish person I have ever known. She gave up Max when she found out that he had a greater destiny, a planet to save, and that he supposedly belonged to Tess. It broke her heart and his to be apart. She remained strong in her belief that he should do what was best for his people, even if that meant that they could never be together. They had to wait for Tess to realise that she had been lied to her whole life. When Tess discovered that she was in love with Kyle, her world changed and she became a totally different person. Tess was the most stubborn, pig-headed, self centered......sorry.....anyway, Tess changed. Liz does that to people. Even though Liz had to give Max to Tess, she still couldn't hate her. Liz is the most optimistic person that I have ever known. This planet is lucky to have her. I think that when Tess saw how Liz even protected her, the person that she should hate, it helped Tess to become a better person."

Manuth looked away from Maria, "If only Ava had learned the same lesson in her other lifetime."

"What did she do in her other lifetime?"

Manuth turned to Maria, "She caused my mate's death." Manuth stood up and walked away.

Maria didn't know what to say. She got up and went to find Liz. Of course, that wouldn't be hard considering her mates didn't let her out of their sight.


Maria waltzed into the king's sitting room and banged on the king's chamber. She almost burst out laughing when she heard two male voices yell, "WHAT?"

"OH Maxie, girlfriend, I need to talk to Liz."

Maria heard Liz giggle and a man or was it men groan. She heard movement and Liz yell out, "Give us a minute Maria, we'll be out there when we are decent."

"Okay, but don't make me listen to any moaning. Oh and no oh Max's or Michael or Zulis or Zan or Rath. God girl just get your fanny out here."

She heard Michael yell, "Then move away from the door, better yet, go away."

Maria almost jumped out of her skin when a voice close behind her said, "Is there a problem that I could help you with?"

Maria turned around, "Zulis, what are you doing out here?"

He smiled down at her, "I just took Leah back to Juran in the nursery."

"Oh, I just needed to talk to Liz."

Maria watched how Zulis's eyes sparkled when just the name Liz was said, "She's probably busy. Max and Michael are with her this morning. She insisted that she see Max and Michael more often."

The door opened behind Maria and Michael walked out closing the door quickly, "I see you are getting your perfect timing back."

"Well Michael if you guys gave the girl some breathing room, I wouldn't need to interrupt your, uhmmm, activities."

Michael scowled at her and walked away, he sat down on a couch and smiled at Zulis, he knew that what he was about to say would irritate Maria, "Zulis, come and sit down. She'll buzz around the door until Liz comes out."

The door opened behind Maria again. Liz was attached to the front of Max, his mouth devouring hers. Maria's mouth dropped open at their ability to be oblivious to everything around them. Liz pulled her legs up and wrapped them around Max's waist. His hands helping her to move as close to his body as possible.

Maria cleared her throat, "Liz, girlfriend you two need to find other entertainment."

Max and Liz pulled apart reluctantly and turned to Maria. Liz smiled, "Good morning Maria, did you need something?"

"I've only been yelling that I need to talk to you through the door for a while now."

Liz looked sheepish and dropped her legs from around Max. He refused to let her step away from him, "Good morning Maria, would you like to join us for breakfast?"

"I suppose that I don't have a choice if I want to talk to Liz."

"Then let's go into the dining room."

Maria nodded, "Fine, but I get to sit next to Liz."

Michael groaned, "That's my place Maria, can't you talk to her after we eat."

Maria stamped her foot, "NO, this is important."

Liz disentagled herself from Max, and pushed her arm through Maria's. She leaned into Maria and whispered, "If we walk really fast you might be able to beat Max or Michael to a seat next to me."

Maria laughed and she and Liz started running. Liz threw open one door and they ran past the guards.

The guards were startled when the queen and her friend ran past them without an escort. But then the king ran out of the door behind them. His eyes searching for his queen and mentally relaxing once he could see her. Both guards were nearly knocked over when Michael and Zulis threw both doors open and stormed out of the room, both men's eyes also searching for sight of the queen.

Maria and Liz were holding their sides laughing as they dropped into a chair at the table.

Michael stopped behind Liz's chair and bent down, "Don't do that again. Don't ever leave our sight again."
Michael framed her face and kissed her deeply.

Max reached over and took her hand.

The children came in and ran to their parents.

After the children had been settled into their chairs to eat, Maria leaned over and told Liz about her conversation with Manuth.

Max heard and leaned toward Maria, "Manuth's mate was killed in the palace?" He turned his eyes to Michael, "Find out what happened."

Michael nodded, "I suppose this might be worth giving up my seat this morning."

Maria turned to Michael and stuck out her tongue, "See I told you it was important. You never listen to anyone........." Maria went on chewing Michael out.

Michael wanted to pick her up and physically dump her out of his chair. He glanced at his precious Liz and saw how happy she looked, he settled for grumbling under his breath, "I said it might be worth giving up my seat. We'll see."

Liz felt every emotion that Michael was going through, and she appreciated his restraint. Liz gave Michael a seductive smile, sending him thoughts of what she wanted to do to him. Liz giggled when she noticed that all of her mates were squirming in their seats giving her a strange look.

Maria turned to Max and noticed that Zan was now in his seat. Zan leaned over and pulled Liz onto his lap. He was holding her tightly, while Liz stroked his face and neck to soothe him.

Maria rolled her eyes, when Michael moved to Liz's abandoned chair and changed to Rath.

Maria watched as they spent time with the children. Zulis walked over and told her that the children were ready for music.

Zan stood up with Liz in his arms and carried her back to their rooms. Rath was close behind them. Zulis made sure that Maria had enough guards to accompany her to the music room, then he went to check on all of the other children.


Zan had entered the sitting room and made it to one of the couches. He sat down with Liz straddling his lap. Rath sat in a chair across from them, he was still trying to calm his racing heart.

Zan reached for the hem of Liz 's dress just as the door started opening, "Your majesty, the queen mother would like to speak with you."

Zan groaned then glared at Rath, who was sitting across the room chuckling at Zan's predicament. Liz tried to slide off of Zan's lap, but he held her in place. Pulling her against his chest. One hand caressed her back while the other stroked her hair.

Valan stepped into the room, "Good, you're up. Let's go. You need to present yourselves to the council."

"But mother, I've been in those stupid meeting since we got back to Antar....."

Valan gave her son a stern look, "No Max has been attending council, they do not know that you....Zan and Max are one and the same. Max didn't have all of your memories until after the bonding ceremony. It will help us to see who is not pleased that you are completely whole now they you have all of your memories plus what you have learned since returning to your throne."

Rath walked over and pulled Liz up from Zan's lap. He smiled down at Zan, "Have fun, I'll stay with Liz."

Rath was pulling Liz closely to his body, when Valan gave him the same stern look that she bestowed on Zan, "You will attend the meeting also young man, Zulis will stay with Liz. Now one of you take care of finding Zulis so that we can get to the council chambers some time today."

Zan stood and pulled Liz back into his arms, "Well, go take care of it Rath." Zan was having a hard time not laughing out loud, he pushed his face into Liz's hair to keep Rath from seeing his laughter.

Rath kissed Liz and went to find Zulis, throwing a disgruntled look Zan's way.

Liz lightly pinched Zan's side, "Would you guys stop tossing me around like a volleyball. What's next? You guys beating your chest to see who's the toughest?" She turned to Valan, while still in Zan's arms, "I apologise for my mates behaviour, they are still in the caveman stages. I haven't had a lot of time to train Zan and Rath yet. You would think that Max and Michael's good mate training would be absorbed by Zan and Rath, but nooooo......."

Valan smiled at her son's indignant look, he looked down at Liz, "I'm not a caveman......"

"I'd say that your mate knows you very well, my son."

Zulis and Rath walked into the room hearing Valan and Liz's laughter.


Zan turned to Rath as they walked behind his mother toward the council chambers, "Do you think that we act like cavemen?"

"What? What do you mean?"

"Liz says that you and I act like cavemen. I want her to love me, I don't want her to think that I'm treating her wrong."

Valan couldn't take it anymore, she slowed her pace and walked beside her son, "Zan, I can't believe that I'm having to explain this to you. Let Max's experiences with Liz help you. She loves you, nothing could ever make her stop loving you. She was pleased about the way you and Rath were trying to be the one to stay with her."

Zan smiled, "Ohhhh, so she likes the caveman attitude."

Rath nodded, "I can do caveman all of the time."

Valan shook her head, "Don't get any ideas about acting like that all of the time. It's cute sometimes but not all of the time."

Both men nodded, causing Valan to shake her head in disbelief. Had her son and her nephew always been this naive about women.

They reached the council chambers. Valan stepped toward the council guard, "Announce King Zan and Commander Rath's presence."

Both guards eyes jerked to the men behind the queen mother, then threw open the doors.

"King Zan is entering the council chamber. All hail King Zan." All of the men and women in the room were startled by the announcement. As Zan entered there were startled gasps around the room.

All eyes turned to the door as they heard, "Commander Rath is entering the council chamber."

Zan, Rath and Valan all noticed who was pleased and who was not.

The head councillor walked to Zan and bowed, "Your majesty? We don't understand."

"Tanu, you haven't changed in all of these years. Now, as to you understanding I don't know if I can help. We had a formal bonding with our queen and this is the result. Just so you know, we are also Max and Michael. Now that we have our memories back we will not attend daily sessions, you may keep us apprised of any issues that need our attention."

Zan turned to Alex, "Alex, Rath has a matter to discuss with you. We will need you to do some research on a matter that came to our attention this morning. Come to our office to do your work." Zan eyes flicked to Kyle, silently communicating what Kyle was to do.

With that said, Zan turned around and left the room. Rath, Alex and Valan followed him out. Kyle moved back against a wall to try to be inconspicuous. He wanted to see what happened when Zan left.

They met in Zan's office to make note of everyone's observations, then Zan left Rath and Alex researching the death of Manuth's mate.

Zan burst into the king's sitting room, ran to Liz and threw her over his shoulder. Liz was so stunned she didn't even protest or say anything to him. Tess and Isabel sat in stunned silence as they watched Zan carry Liz into their bedroom and slam the door shut with his foot.

Zulis walked in from the library when he saw Zan kicking the door shut, he turned to Tess and Isabel, "I guess your visit will be cut short today."


Zan dropped Liz on the bed and immediatley crawled on top of her. Pinning her tiny frame to the bed. He kissed her deeply plunging his tongue into her mouth, when he finally came up for air he looked down at her, "I missed you. I kind of like this caveman attitude, how about you?"

Liz turned her head to the side, "I don't know, I might need some more demonstrations.........."

Zan had covered her mouth again and moved his hand under her dress.

Liz pulled her mouth away from his and ripped his vest open.

Zan eyes widened with desire, "Oh God yes." He went back to kissing her senseless.


The next day Maria and Sunar entered the children's room. Maria walked up to Liz and hugged her, "Liz I need your help, I'm getting scared. You have to teach me how to be a mom."

Liz understood Maria's concern, "Of course I'll help you. But you might regret it. You'll only have one to deal with, but I've got plenty for you to practice on."

Maria laughed, "And I'm sure they aren't the last." Maria started spending the day with Liz and Zulis. At first Liz spent a lot of time hiding her smiles, but after a week Maria was a pro. She had even made Sunar help with the children, instead of standing outside the door. Sunar was so happy with the knowledge that he was to be a father that he would do anything for Maria, and Maria loved every minute of it. Liz was confident that Maria and Sunar would be great parents.

The day finally came that Maria walked into the room with a swollen belly dragging an exhausted Sunar behind her. Liz could not hold in her laughter at the sight of poor Sunar, but stopped laughing realising that she had done the same thing but with more mates. She was also starting to need her mates just thinking about the constant love making that they enjoyed during the babies growth.

Zulis could feel her need and turned his gaze to her, Zulis approached Maria, "Maria would you mind staying with the children for a little while. I need to to Liz." Maria burst out laughing, "Of course, you take your time......talking to Liz." Zulis just smiled to Maria and walked over to Liz and whispered into her ear. Maria watched Liz smile and walk quickly from the room with Zulis.

As soon as they entered the room, Zulis pulled Liz's dress over her head. She attacked the buttons on his vest as he removed his pants. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck as soon as she pushed his vest off. She was trying to pull herself up his body, he bent down and scooped her up and layed her in the middle of the bed.

Zulis spread her legs and knelt between them, enjoying the view of his beautiful mate. He ran his hands up and down her legs, ignoring her attempts to pull him on top of her. "Please Zulis....your torturing me."

Max entered the room removing his clothes, he laid beside Liz on the bed. Max pushed his fingers into her hair, stroking the soft length as he watched her face.
Zulis smiled, leaned forward to run his tongue up her center. She arched her back off of the bed, "Oh God.....yes Zulis." He inserted a finger into her and sucked her clitoris into his mouth, he loved feasting on her this way. She exploded in his mouth, "Please Zulis."

Zulis just continued smiling as he moved up her body, kissing and licking her skin. He reached her breasts, kissing the underside with wide open mouth kisses. She had her fingers threaded through his hair, trying to pull him to the tip of her breasts but he was determined to take his time. It was always so hard to take his time with her, she drove him crazy with need. The tip of his erection hit her center causing her to moan, but he still refused to enter her. He moved his mouth slowly to the tip of her breast and heard her sharp intake of breath when he finally captured her with his mouth.

Max was watching Zulis as he pleasured Liz. Just watching the sensual expressions on both of their faces and feeling their emotions was driving him to lose his control.

Liz's hands were not idle, she ran her hands over his face, neck and back as far as she could reach. Zulis finally couldn't take the torture of her touch any longer and surged into her wet center, the tight friction was almost his undoing. He rested his forehead against hers for a moment trying to regain his control and realised that it was Max that was making him lose control.

Zulis leaned up and looked at Max, as he watched Liz's face. Zulis moved toward Max and started kissing his neck. Max turned and pulled Zulis's mouth to his. Max pulled away gasping for breath, "Zulis.... move...... in and out of her.......... I want to feel it."

Liz groaned at Max's words, she moved to attack Zulis' neck, face and shoulders with her mouth and hands, as Zulis continued to kiss Max.

At Max's words, Zulis began to move, pulling almost all of the way out holding himself there and then surging back into her over and over. Watching the emotions that played across Max's face

Max reached down and ran his thumb lightly up her clitoris and felt her walls clamp down onto Zulis. Zulis moved faster enjoying the feel of her orgasm as he exploded into her body.

Zulis moved to the side and Max moved over Liz. Max looked down at Liz still pulsing from her orgasm. He sat back onto his knees and watched Zulis pull Liz's mouth to his, savoring her orgasm and his.

Max ran his fingers over Liz's legs in a light massage, and smiled when she arched her back. Who would have thought that this would be erotic.

Max bent over and started kissing Zulis's neck and ears. Zulis pulled his mouth from Liz, "Max, she needs you now, can't you feel it?"

Max smiled against Zulis's neck and placed the tip of erection against her opening. Liz moaned, "Please." As Zulis pulled her mouth back to his.

Max started kissing Zulis's shoulders and ran his hands up to Liz's breasts, then slid into her. Causing both Zulis and Liz to pull away from their kiss, both had closed eyes as they breathed out a raspy, "Yes."

Max moved slowly, feeling their bodies being pulled closer and closer to the edge. Max turned at looked at Zulis's body, noticing his erection. Max moved his hand to Zulis's body, sliding his hand down Zulis's chest. He didn't want to startle Zulis, he wrapped his hand around erection and felt Zulis and Liz's surge of desire.

Max bent to Zulis's ear, "Sit up so that I can take you in my mouth."

Max and Zulis both turned to Liz when they felt her orgasm at Max's words. Zulis sat up and watched Max slide his mouth over his length as he moved in and out of Liz.

Zulis took over the rhythm of moving in and out of Max's mouth, allowing Max to concentrate on Liz's body.

The emotions and erotic images soon became too much, Max was pistoning in and out of Liz's body. Zulis was also picking up speed. All three exploded together. Zulis pulled out of Max and laid beside Liz.

Max rolled them over despite Liz's protests, he knew that she wouldn't be able to breathe if he laid completely onto her. He felt her drifting into a peaceful sleep. She needed to rest, Zan and Rath were insatiable and had kept her up most nights and days making love to her since they had appeared, Liz loved the attention that her mates gave her and craved their touch.

Zulis realised that he should let Maria know that Liz was sleeping. Zulis stood there for a moment watching Max and Liz sleep, then dressed and left the room to return to the children's room for a moment to let Maria know that Liz would be napping for a while.

Zulis watched them sleep for a while and then got an earth book to read. He really enjoyed the books that they had brought from earth. He saw the door to the bedroom open and knew that Rath was on the other side. Rath and Zan both had a deep fear that something would happen to Liz, both of them would show up at different times of the day to check up on her when they went to the council.

Rath stepped into the room and walked over to Zulis, "Is she okay?" He asked the question even though he didn't need to ask it.

Zulis smiled, "She's just tired from all of her late nights. I thought that I would let them sleep for a while, or at least until one of the children needs her." Rath nodded and sat down with Zulis to watch Max and Liz sleep, he really wanted to strip and join them in the bed even if it was just to touch her. Zulis knew what Rath wanted, he could feel his need to touch Liz.

Zulis stood up, "If you are going to be here for a while, I can go check on the children."

Rath smiled, "I can stay as long as I'm needed." As soon as Zulis left the room, Max woke up and turned Liz on her side. He got out of bed and watched Rath remove his clothes and crawl into bed. He pulled Liz to his chest and felt her make herself comfortable. He lay there for a little bit enjoying the feel of Liz in his arms, and then sleep claimed him.

Max smiled and left the room to get cleaned up and dressed.

Liz woke from a wonderful sleep, she could feel her babies need for her. She looked down onto Rath's face and smiled. He was so tender hearted. He was considered a fierce warrior, but Liz knew that when it came to his feelings for her he was hopelessly in love. Liz leaned up and kissed his lips and watched the smile form on them.

She felt his hands start to move up her back to pull her back to his mouth, so she leaned close to his ear, "Rath, the babies are hungry and want their mommy."

He opened his eyes and pulled her back to his mouth, he kissed her deeply, "I want you too."

Liz laughed, "I know you do my love, but it will have to wait until the babies are fed and the sooner that I feed them the sooner you can make love to me."

Rath kissed her and jumped out of bed, threw on his clothes and left the room to get the babies.

He was met at the door by Zulis carrying Rhys and Regan, and Max carrying Rhiann and Riley. Both men had smiles on their faces, they knew that Rath was eager to make love to Liz and they were eager to join them.

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2crazy4roswell - I hadn't thought about writing Maria giving birth, but now that it's in my head I'll probably write it.*wink*

BTW, I hope that your meeting went well and you have your answers for your next part.

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BelevnDreamstoo, is today your birthday? Happy birthday. It's my sister's birthday also, thanks for reminding me to call her.

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I want to thank you guys for all of the bumps. I've just been having a little writer's block. The story is kind of at a turning point and I can't decide which way to go.

On top of that my daughter's stomach problems came back with a bang. We spent the first day of school at the doctor's office. She is now on medicine for ulcers and acid reduction. If this doesn't work we are off to a specialist. She has only been having minor tummy aches, except the morning I had to pull the tick out of her eyebrow. So obviously her stomach aches are worse when she's anxious. And then the little rat had to go and make her Karate Demo Team. That's a six month commitment. She's already committed to Black Belt Club, Violin, Girl Scouts, Bowling (the one fun, non practicing activity), Homework, plus GT homework, and golf. That's a lot for a ten year old. She'd do soccer too, if she could have figured out how to fit it in her schedule.

So needless to say, my mind hasn't been able to focus on my story. I do have about a third of the next part written, but I'm stuck. I need a jolt of inspiration. I'll do my best to get at least a half part out this weekend. I just can't make promises.

Once again, thank you, thank you for all of the bumps. You are the best.

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Author's Note:

Not completely happy with it, but here it is. I'm sorry if there are grammar errors. I haven't had a lot of time to go over as thoroughly as I like to. I hope you enjoy.

Also, thanks for the thoughts about my daughter. The medicine seems to be working. We'll see. She goes back to the doctor on the 24th for a recheck.

Thanks for all of the bumps.

Part 40

After breakfast, Rath went to work with Alex on their mystery. Zan and Zulis went to the nursery with Liz to play with their babies.

Juran was holding Leah's hands letting her walk to Zan. Liz stood for a moment and watched Zan's face as his baby girl walked to him. When she was in arms length he scooped her up and hugged her to his chest, when he bent his face to nuzzle her she gave him an open mouth baby kiss on his nose. Liz watched Zan's heart melt. He turned and looked at her with moisture in his eyes. Liz smiled and turned to take care of her newest business.

Sunar sat in one of the rocking chairs with Riley on his shoulder. Liz sat in the rocking chair next to Sunar, "Hi, are you having fun?"

Sunar smiled, "Fun? Awed is more like it. I don't know how you are always so calm, they are so tiny. I'm afraid that I am going to break her if I move her."

"Babies are pretty flexible, they just like to be touched and loved." Liz stopped and looked around the room to see if Maria was near. Maria was playing with Joshua and Erin at the moment, so Liz turned back to Sunar, "I......I want you and Maria to move into the queen's chamber until the baby is born. She's due in the next day or two, so you won't have to stay there long. Maria can get a little emotional during a crisis and her mother is even worse. We are the only ones that have delivered a baby and I want her to be close to us."

Sunar started to protest, but realised that arguing with his queen was futile. Sunar nodded, "Have you told Maria what you want?"

Liz shook her head, "Not yet, but I know that she'll agree. My mates think that it is best also. Well maybe Michael was a little opposed but that's just because he doesn't want her barging in on us. You can keep her busy so that that doesn't happen, right?" Liz smiled at him.

Sunar nodded, "I'll do my best, but I know how much she enjoys annoying Michael. I would hate to take away her enjoyment. But I will try to keep it to a minimum."

Liz nodded, "They've annoyed each other since the day they met. They would both probably miss getting on each other's nerves if we took it completely away. If I didn't know it wasn't possible, I would think that they were brother and sister."

Sunar laughed, "Is that the way brothers and sisters act on earth?"

"Not in every family, but in most families there is always sibling rivalry for something. Would you like me to take Riley for a while?"

Sunar shook his head, "No thank you, I was told that I should hold her until she wakes."

"You can put her in her crib, I don't think that Maria meant that you had to hold her the whole time."

"But that is what she said, so that is what I will do. It makes her happy to see the baby here."

Liz nodded, she had noticed Maria watching Sunar holding the baby and the pleased gleam in her eye, "Well we want her to be happy. I'll just go talk to her about moving."

Liz walked over to Maria, " really want....well we really want you and Sunar to move into the queen's chamber for the baby's birth."

Maria turned to Liz and raised her eyebrows, "Weeeee, did you say weeeeeee want us to move into the queen's chamber?"

Liz smiled at her theatrics, "Yes, Maria, I said we. But you have to promise not to barge into our room."

"Let me guess Michael, right?"

"Well....he is the one that stated it, but it would be a little awkward for the others too."

Maria laughed, "Liz, honey, it would be awkward for all of us. Don't tell Michael, but I won't be barging in to your room. I don't need sex education at this point in my life. To be honest, I was kind of hoping that I would be closer to you when the baby was born. If Isabel doesn't get there in time, I'd like someone else there who's gone through it. I was hoping that it would be you."

Liz wrapped her arms around Maria, "I'll always be there for you."


Maria gave birth two days after she and Sunar moved into the queen's chamber. They would move back to their rooms a few days later.

After cleaning the baby and giving him to Maria, then tucking an very exhausted and distraught Sunar into bed. Liz, Tess and Isabel joined their mates in the kings sitting room.

Jim had to make Amy leave the room, but assured her that they could visit later.

The group sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Noone wanting to be the first to speak.

Several of them had opened their mouths, but stopped themselves from saying anything.

Michael couldn't take it anymore and turned to Max, "Can you please make a royal decree that will allow only one birth for Maria?"

This caused the group to release their laughter.

Tess started, "What was with Amy leaping all over the room?"

Isabel clutched her stomach, "And Sunar, passing out...."

Alex wiped the tears from his eyes, "What were you doing to the poor girl? Liz you know that she doesn't tolerate pain very well."

Liz fell against Max laughing, "She wasn't even in pain...."

Kyle looked shocked, "Then what was all of that yelling that we could plainly hear?"

Liz tried to compose herself, "You know Maria, in her mind it was supposed to hurt so she put on a good show. She just over did it."

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm going to make sure that a doctor sees her as soon as possible about the inhibitor. She doesn't need to have anymore children.", Michael huffed.

They all nodded and burst into laughter.


Manuth was sat thinking about what Maria had told him about the queen. The human queen was generous and willing to sacrifice for others. She was nothing like Zan's past queen, Ava.

He felt the presence behind him, "What do you want?"

"Your answer."

"Maybe I'm not sure, why do you keep bothering me?"

"I need your answer."

"Why do you hate the queen so much?"

"She's human and has no right to be queen!"

"What do you care, you're Katonian."

"Antar rules all of the planets. Humans are inferior and have no right to rule."

Manuth let out a deep sigh, "Why bother to destroy her? All she's done is work at rebuilding Antar and take care of her children."

"Those spawn are not worthy of ruling Antar!"

Manuth thought about turning around, "Those spawn as you call them are the king's children, and even the queen mother accepts them. She also has embraced the king's human mate."

"We are going nowhere with this discussion, what is your answer?"

Manuth's shoulders lowered in defeat, "I have no choice but to help you."

Manuth knew that that was the only answer that he could give. If he hadn't given the right answer he would be incinerated on the spot.

"Good, you will be contacted periodically. We are still trying to get close to the queen, that has been a challenge. But a challenge that I am enjoying. I have been told that the King is planning on visiting other cities to let his people see him. I am hoping that he will take the human with him."

Manuth knew that he was alone once again. He had a lot of thinking to do and he also found that he wished that he could talk to the queen's friend again.


Zan rushed into the children's play room to find Liz and Zulis playing with the children. He had already spoken to Zulis and Rath about his idea and they agreed with his plans.

Now that Maria's son was older, she and Sunar could stay with the children to keep them safe. And the grandparents had agreed to stay a little longer to allow this trip.

Zan sat behind Liz on the floor and enveloped her in his arms. He rubbed his face into her neck, breathing in her scent, "How would you like to get away for a day or two? Just you and your mates."

Liz smiled and stroked Zan's cheek, "And what exactly do you have in mind? And what about the babies?"

"Well they can either go with us or you can wean them. They are old enough to be away from you now."

Zulis had moved closer and put his arm around Zan's shoulders, "We will do what you think is best."

Liz smiled and grabbed Zulis's hand, "They are almost weaned as it is, the only problem will be at bedtime. But I suppose that they could take a bottle. So where are you taking me?"

Zan whispered in her ear, "It's a secret for now. Let me work out the details. Rath and I might have to make a few appearances. You should also, but I'm not going to expose you to the public yet. I won't put you in danger. I will allow the people to see you only if we can guarantee your safety."

Liz turned in his arms, "And what about yours and Rath's safety? Hmmmm, can you guarantee me that you will be safe? Won't we all be safer if the four of us are together?"

"I don't know, my love. I just don't know."

Zulis spoke up, "We should at least be close, so that we can protect ourselves as a unit."

Liz squeezed Zulis's hand, "He's right, remember the love and power of the four will have no equal. We can't be the four if we aren't together."

Zan shook his head, "I don't want to risk the possibility that we have misinterpreted the prophecy."

Zulis squeezed Zan's shoulder, "I don't think that we have, the three of us will keep her safe."

Zan still wasn't sure but he let them think that he agreed, forgetting that they could hear his thoughts if they wanted too.

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Nobody knows yet. We just have to wait and see.

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Author's Note:
Thank you for all of the feedback. I'm glad that you guys are enjoying the story. I can't tell you guys who the bad guy is yet, and I haven't decided if it will be soon or not.

I thought that I would give you guys shorter parts. That way I might be able to get them out more frequently.

My daughter is doing okay. She passed her red belt test on Friday and was so excited. She and I thought that she was taking her advanced brown belt test, but after thinking about it the red belt is the right belt for to have received. She is a 3rd degree brown belt in Kenpo, and when we moved she had to switch to Tae Kwon Do. So she has been wearing an advanced brown belt since she started TKD. She still had to move up in belt levels but that was indicated by a piece of tape on her belt. You should have seen the smile on her face. Now all she has to do is pass Adv. Red and her Sondoja (temporary black) and she can take her 1st degree black belt test. That was her goal from the time she was 6 years old. Right after her ballet recital she told me that she wanted to quit ballet and take karate, she wanted to be a black belt. Like a 6 year old knows what they want. Boy was I wrong, she's going to get that black belt. I'm so proud, can you tell?

Okay, enough about karate and on to the next part.

Part 41

Max bent down and slid his arm around Liz, "Liz, sweetheart, the children will be fine. They have plenty of people to love and protect them while we are away."

Michael looked at her watery eyes, "If you'd rather stay with the children, we'll understand. Max and I will go, and you and Zulis stay here."

Liz hugged Matthew, Allie and Emma one more time and stood up shaking her head, "No, I want to go with you. It's just so hard to be away from my babies."

Zulis was holding Joshua and Erin. Both of them had their arms wrapped around his neck kissing him.

Max looked at the scene before him, "Maybe none of us should go, I didn't realise how hard it is to leave the children."

Nancy stepped forward, "Nope, I don't think so." Diane walked over and took Joshua and Erin from Zulis.

Nancy moved to take Matthew and Emma's hand. Jeff picked up Allie. Nancy turned back to her daughter and her mates, "Go, you should have your honeymoon. We will take care of the the children. We'll even sleep in the room with them." Nancy pushed Zulis, Michael and Max toward the door. "Go on, we'll be fine. Just make sure that my daughter will never forget her honeymoon."

Zulis stopped, that was the second time Nancy had said honeymoon, "What is a honeymoon?"

"Oh for heavens sake, Max and Michael can explain it to you on the way. Or better yet, let Liz explain it." said Philip as he pushed him out the door and pushed it shut.

All three men stood at the door staring at it, a second later it was opened and Liz was shoved out the door.

Diane smiled, "Sorry". Then the door was closed once again.

Liz turned toward the door, "I forgot..."

Max picked her up, "You didn't forget anything. They're right lets go."


Zulis took the pilot's seat and Michael took co-pilot. Max sat in the back with Liz snuggled in his lap.

Liz leaned up and lightly kissed Max's lips, "You still haven't told me what we are doing!"

Max smiled and hugged her to his body, "We have a residence in the Atulia province. It is a smaller residence and was forgotten. So luckily it wasn't destroyed. I remembered it and thought you would enjoy time with us there. It's beautiful and was always one of my favorite places. I know that you will love it. I sent a team ahead of us to prepare it and our guard should be arriving there within the hour."

Max laid back in the seat and pulled Liz's head to his shoulder, "Why don't you rest. I have a feeling that you won't be getting a lot of sleep once we get there."

Liz chuckled and kissed his neck. She moved her mouth to his ear and started biting his earlobe.

Liz heard chuckling coming from the front of the shuttle. Max's body reacted immediately, "Liz, sweetheart, you should rest. We shouldn't.......what was I saying...."

Liz had moved her mouth to his chin, while her hands unbuttoned his vest.

Liz slid off of Max's lap and knelt between his legs. She leaned up and placed deep open mouth kisses on his chest, paying particular attention to his nipples. Her little fingers ran lightly over his muscles, causing his skin to quiver.

Max squirmed on the seat, " should.....oh God......"

Liz had unzipped him and taken him in her mouth. Liz knew that she was driving him crazy, she was also enjoying the power that she had over him.

The thought that she, little Liz Parker, the smallest of small town girls could bring the king of five planets to his knees was exhilirating to her.

Max yanked Liz up and sat her back on his lap, he attacked her mouth. Searching for her tongue, dueling with her for dominance. He moved her dress and lifted her, holding her just above his length.

He allowed only an inch into her, then withdrew. He did this several times, until she grabbed his head, "Stop playing with me. I want you in me now."

Max pulled her down onto his length and held himself still. He pulled her mouth to his, then moved his mouth to her ear and whispered, "I'm all yours."

Liz smiled and started moving on him. Liz could feel her other mates, they were one with each other. It didn't matter whether she was pleasuring Max, Michael or Zulis. They could all feel what the others were feeling and it was beautiful.

Max moved his hands to her hips to encourage her to a faster pace. He leaned forward to pay tribute to the curve of her neck. He licked and sucked on her sensitive skin. He couldn't take her slow movements any longer, so he stood and laid her out on the seat without removing himself.

He needed to take control. Max started at the same slow pace, but increased to a fast hard thrust. Max moved his hands to her bottom to lift her to a better angle. He thrust into her as deeply as he could and attacked her mouth.

Max could feel Liz's sheath tightening around him, he could also feel Zulis and Michael's need for release. He thrust into her one more time as they all exploded from their orgasm. All four yelled with their release and the shuttle shook from Zulis losing his grip on the controls. He quickly placed his hand on the panel in front of him to steady himself and to regain control.

Zulis turned to see Michael breathing heavily in the seat next to him, "What was that?"

Michael smiled and turned to Zulis, "That was the most intense orgasm I've had yet. I wonder is it was more intense for Max and Liz?" Michael chuckled, "I guess we'll have to just find out on this trip."

Max and Liz heard them and laughed. Liz snuggled into Max, "Now I can rest." She promptly fell asleep on his chest.


Michael knelt beside Max and Liz. He was still amazed by their beauty together, even though he had seen it many times. It always kicked him in the chest and he just wanted to sit and watch them all day.

Michael reached out his hand and stroked Liz's hair and because he had to he leaned forward and kissed her forehead. He just needed to feel her skin against his lips. Then he bent down a little further and kissed Max's forehead, the need to feel his skin just as strong.

Michael watched as Max and Liz both smiled at the same time and there eyes started to flutter open. They opened their eyes together and gazed into Michaels eyes.

Liz and Max reached out and stroked Michael's face, they both felt their heart's constrict when he smiled at their touch.

Michael kissed them again, "We are almost there, you should get cleaned up before we land."

Max looked embarrassed for a moment, "Oh, thanks, we should just get cleaned up. Right."

Liz giggled and rubbed her face into Max's chest, his shyness always touched her heart.

Max looked down at her giggling at him and stroked her hair. He lifted her up and straightened her dress, then combed his fingers through her hair using his powers to brush it out.

Liz was fixing Max's pants and his vest. Max finally had to stop her hands or they would never get off of this shuttle.

He bent down and kissed her lips, "Stop that or we'll spend all of our time in this shuttle. I want you to see this house. I think that you'll want to bring our children here one day."

Max had pushed Liz's hands away from his body and proceeded to finish fixing his clothing. She giggled and kept trying to take over.

Michael came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her away from Max, "You will get plenty of that once we are off of this shuttle."

Liz turned in his arms and started kissing his neck. Michael wanted to crush her to him and let her have her way. He had to fight himself to move her away from his body, "God.....Liz.....give me a minute.......we'll all have to walk to our room with our desire for you sticking out for everyone to see if you don't stop for a second."

Liz looked up into his eyes with her innocent puppy dog look, "I'm not doing anything, but just in case I get the urge to do something" Liz stopped and moved her eyebrows up and down for effect, "We should hurry to our room."

All three men groaned at the same time at the thoughts in her head and the images she was thinking about.

Zulis landed the shuttle and opened the door after shutting everything down. Michael picked Liz up in his arms and followed Max out of the door, Zulis followed Michael.

The four were greeted by their guard bowing to them. Larek approached Max and bowed, "Your hideaway awaits you, your majesty. I hope that you and your queen and the commander enjoy your time here."

Max smiled, "I think that we will, I always loved this house. Is everything in order?"

Larek lowered his head and smiled, "Everything is as you wanted it to be."

Max's excitement jolted through his mates. Zulis was having a hard time acting casual. With Max and Liz on the shuttle, Liz trying to attack Michael, and with Max's excitement over something he had planned. Zulis needed help or everyone would know he was also the queen's mate, he sent the image of a merskwat chomping on a leg to Liz. All of the sexual tension left them immediately. Three sets of eyes turned on him, he just smiled at them.

Michael snorted, "Like that's going to last for long. Move it Maxwell, we need to get to our room while this lasts."

Max nodded and led them to their room.

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Aw shucks, you're going to make me blush.

The next part should be out in a couple of days, unless I get inspired. I'm having trouble with how I want the next nookie scenes to develop.

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Here is a partial part, I thought that it was a good stopping place. Enjoy!

Part 42

Two guards opened the door to the sitting room between the queen and king's chamber. Max turned to Zulis, making sure that the guards heard his words, "You will take the queen's chamber, we will be in my chamber."

The guards shut the doors and Liz pushed out of Michael's arms and ran to Zulis. She hadn't touched him since they had left their chambers at the capitol.

Liz wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up at him, "Kiss me Zulis, I need you to kiss me."

Zulis gladly complied with his beloved's request and then let her pull out of his arms.

Liz looked around the room and inhaled sharply. She walked into Max's arms, "It's breathtaking."

The outside wall looked like it was missing and it was like living in a garden.

Zulis and Michael moved beside their mates and put their arm around them, all of them admiring the beauty in front of them.

Liz looked up at Max as he changed to Zan, "Are we safe here? I mean no one can get to us that way can they?"

Zan was looking down at her, "There is a force field that will allow only the four of us to pass through."

Liz smiled, "Really, that's so interesting. Is there anyone here that knows how it works.......I mean that can explain it to me?"

Her three mates laughed, Michael pulled her from Zan, "I love your mind."

Liz rolled her eyes, "Right! My mind." Liz started lifting her dress, "So my legs are what, second?" She lifted her dress higher, "And my ........."

Michael covered her mouth with his, he pulled away and looked at the others, "Bedroom!"

Michael scooped Liz into his arms and was turning when he heard Zan, "Wait Michael!"

Michael changed into Rath and turned on Zan, "What?"

Zan held up his hands in surrender, "Rath, we have plenty of time with Liz in the bedroom, I just have some things planned to make this as pleasurable for Liz and us as possible."

Rath scowled and let Liz slide down his body, but he held onto her tightly, "What do you have planned?"

Zan smiled, "Well I thought Liz would like a stroll in the garden."

Liz turned her face into Rath's chest to keep herself from laughing at Rath's outrage, "The garden?"

Zan gave him a go along with me here look. He spoke slowly as if Rath should understand what he was saying but not saying, "Yes, Rath, the garden. You know the garden, right?"

Liz felt Rath's sudden understanding and he started leading her to the garden, "Oh yeah, I remember the garden. Let's go, come on Zan and Zulis we're going for a stroll in the garden."

Rath and Liz took a few steps before Rath scooped Liz back into his arms so she wouldn't have to run to keep up with his long stride.

The four moved through the force field into the garden. Rath turned to Zan, "Well lead on my fearless leader."

Zan glared at him, "You should show me more respect."

Rath nudged him with his shoulder, "I'll show you my respect later, now move it."

Zan continued to bait him, "A stroll in the garden is done at a leisurely pace, Rath. Why don't you put Liz down so that she can actually stroll?"

Rath glared at him and let Liz slide down his body once again. Liz was enjoying the banter between Zan and Rath, she could see that Zulis was also finding them amusing.

Liz took Rath's hand and looked up into his eyes, her hand stroked his cheek, "Rath, my love, why don't we let Zan and Zulis lead us into the garden. I have never seen some of these plants, can you tell me what they are?"

Zan and Zulis chuckled at Liz's ability to turn Rath to mush instantly. He nearly fell over himself showing her the plants in the garden.

The garden was huge. Liz came to abrupt halt and had to stop the tears from rolling down her cheeks when she spotted Zan's suprise. There was a small intimate pool surrounded by candles, a table with a lot of different foods was set up to one side. Zan had obviously been thinking about this for a long time, he must have had the ship that brought their parents bring the plants from earth. The pool was surrounded with white roses, they had been placed on risers so that all you saw around the pool was white roses on top of white roses. The ground was covered with white rose petals and the air was filled with their beautiful scent.

Liz covered her mouth and whispered, "Oh Zan, did you do this for me?"

Zan smiled and walked over to her, "I'd give you the stars if it would always make you this happy."

Liz ducked her head shyly, "Thank you, you don't know how much this means to me. I'm so lucky to have all of you....." Liz didn't know what else to say.

Zan bent down and kissed her lips lightly, "Why don't we see what foods they have prepared for us? And then we can enjoy the pool." Zan turned to Zulis, "Why don't you make Liz comfortable while Rath and I make up a plate of food to tempt her."

Zulis lead Liz to a little alcove that was filled with pillows, picked her up and laid her down on the pillows. He helped her adjust several pillows to make sure that she was comfortable.

Liz reached up and framed his face with her hands, "Thank you Zulis, now kiss me before I wither from wanting your touch."

Zulis smiled as he bent over Liz. Zulis had planned on just kissing her but Liz wanted something more from him.

Liz tugged on Zulis until he was lying over her. Her small hands went to the front of his vest, Liz giggled, "Oh to hell with it." Liz grasped the edges of the front of his vest and ripped it open. Zulis smiled down at her and pulled his vest off as Liz was shoving him backwards and climbing onto him.

Liz straddled his hips. Zulis groaned when he felt her heat against his hard length, and groaned even louder when she started moving against him and her hands started caressing his chest and neck.

Zulis pulled her down to his mouth. Liz and Zulis were deeply into their kiss and it took a second to register what they had heard. Zulis let her pull away from his mouth but kept her close to his chest.

Zan laid beside them and leaned up on one elbow. He placed a platter of food in between them, "I'd say you look comfortable, my love."

Liz smiled and turned her face into Zulis's chest, she placed several kisses on his skin before turning back to Zan.

Zan smiled, "We have food to tempt your taste. Sit up Zulis and let Liz lean against you."

Zulis and Liz adjusted their positions, while Rath laid down on the other side of them. Rath and Zan both had platters of food in front of them. Rath and Zan took turns feeding Liz and Zulis their delicious morsels of food, after each bite they would lean in and kiss their way from their necks to their mouths.

Zulis moved his hands down Liz's body and pulled her dress up and over her head, leaving her deliciously nude before her mates. He reached over and picked up a piece of fruit drizzling the juice over her chest.

Zan and Rath stilled their movements to watch what Zulis was doing. They smiled and leaned forward licking the juice from Liz's breasts. Liz arched her back causing her bottom to press tighter against Zulis's obvious erection. Her hands speared through both of her torturers hair.

Zan and Rath leaned back and looked at Zulis, waiting for his next move. Zulis drizzled more juice over her stomach and her aroused folds. Zulis moved his legs between Liz's, he moved his legs apart completely exposing her to her mates. Rath moved between their legs, licking the juice that had splashed onto her thighs first. Zan moved to her stomach, licking agonizingly slow toward her center. Zan and Rath met at her center at the same time, their mouths met in a deep kiss just above her. She moaned watching them kiss so close to her clitoris, but not touching it. When both of their tongues touched her, her body exploded.

Liz's arms moved up and around Zulis's neck as she rode out the longest orgasm that she had ever had.

As her body started to calm down, Zan and Rath attacked her center with a vengence. Each one taking turns pulling her clitoris into their mouths.

Zulis moved his hand to her body and caressed her hips, moving his hands up until he had the weight of her breasts in each hand. He stroked her nipples with his thumbs, then proceeded to roll her hard nubs between his fingers. Once again Liz's orgasm ripped through her body, and her mates watched as she rode out the pleasure that they had given to her.


Thank you for all the feedback and the bumps. Hello to my new readers. Let's see I saw Anya and luvjb, I'm sorry if I left someone out. And of course thank yous and hellos to my faithful audience.
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Author's Note: I actually have another part done. I know it's astonishing that I've found the time. I hope that you enjoy.

Part 43

Zan stood and pulled Liz to her feet, leading her by her hand to the pool. He pulled her into his arms at the edge of the pool and kissed her lightly.

Zan pulled back and looked down into her eyes, "Step down into the pool, my love."

Zan held her hand until she reached the bottom step. Zulis and Rath joined him at the edge of the pool and watched Liz submerge herself in the water. It was like watching slow motion as she emerged from the water face first. Her long brown hair slicked back by the water.

Liz looked up at her gorgeous mates and lifted her hand. Moving her fingers back and forth inviting them to join her, "The water's wonderful, don't you want to come and play?"

All three smiled and began removing their clothes. Zulis finished first, since Liz had already ripped his vest off of him.

Liz moved toward him, sliding her hands up his chest and around his neck. She pulled herself up with his help and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Zulis captured her lips with his, kissing her softly. Liz smile against his lips as she felt two more hands join Zulis's on her back.

She turned searching for Zan, "What do you have planned now?"

Zan moved closer and captured her lips, "Choose who you want to pleasure, my love."

Liz frowned and let her legs drop from around Zulis, "Don't make me choose, I don't want any of you to feel that you are less in my heart."

Zan smiled and leaned his forhead against hers, "Okay, then I'll choose."

Zan's eyes turned to Rath, "The three of us will pleasure you first."

Rath moved in and caressed Zan back, "I'll gladly go first." Rath turned to Liz and bent to capture her lips, then he pulled Zulis down to him with Liz in between them. Zan pulled her out as Zulis and Rath embraced each other. Both men turned and growled at Zan when they felt the loss of Liz's physical touch.

Zan had Liz in his arms, just caressing her back. He smiled at their obvious annoyance with him, "Zulis, we want to watch you play with Rath. Just play with him, but don't give him any relief."

Liz reached out and stroked Rath's arm, his gaze jerked to her face and then Zan's, "I thought the three of you were going to play?"

Zan leaned forward and kissed Rath, "Oh, we're going to join in, we just want Zulis to start."

The heat of Rath's gaze turned to Zulis as he felt Zulis stroking his back. Zulis pulled Rath into his arms and kissed his forehead as his hand framed the other side of his face. Rath leaned into Zulis's hand, while Zulis continued to place soft kisses on Rath's forehead. He moved to downward until he reached Rath's mouth. He nibbled on his lips but pulled back when Rath tried to deepen the kiss.

Rath sucked in his breath and his eyes jerked open when Zulis pulled away. Zulis chuckled at Rath's obvious frustration, "I believe that our king and queen put me in charge of this pleasurable endeavour."

Zulis's eyes snapped to Liz, when he saw Liz reach out to soothe Rath. Zan pulled her hand back and held it to his chest. In that moment, he knew what Zan had planned. He was actually building Liz's desire by frustrating her mates. Zulis looked into Zan's eyes letting him know that he knew what he was doing.
Zan smiled and pulled Liz and close to him as possible.

Zulis looked back at Rath, "Now where was I?" Rath groaned and allowed Zulis to continue his torture.

Zulis placed soft nibbling kisses all over every part of Rath's body that was above the water. As Zulis moved around to the front of Rath's waist he moved to the last piece of flesh above the water, the tip of Rath's obvious arousal. Zulis had to keep Rath from collapsing when he starting nibbling on him.

Liz groaned and pushed at Zan, "Please Zan, let me go to him."

Zan smiled down at her, "I think he's ready for us now."

Zan moved around to the back of Rath, while Liz moved into his side. Zan started massaging the back of Rath's legs and the hard cheeks of his bottom.

Rath pulled Liz into a deep kiss, while he enjoyed the other two caressing his body. Rath couldn't take anymore and pulled Liz up his body, pushing Zulis to the side. Liz wrapped her legs around his waist, while Zan led Rath to the stairs.

Rath entered Liz as Zan helped him sit on the stairs of the pool. As soon as he was seated and imbedded in Liz he tried to grab her hips to help her move on him. But Zan and Zulis both grabbed his arms and started placing deep open mouth kisses on his biceps, while Liz leaned forward and doing the same to his chest.

Rath threw his head back and heard Liz groan into his chest.

Liz was having a hard time. Rath's frustrastion was causing him to swell larger than normal and Liz felt all of it.

Liz turned pleading eyes to Zan and he gave her a slight nod. She grabbed onto the back of Rath's head and started moving on him. She felt his length swell inside of her. She moved her whole body against his, moving harder and faster than she had ever done on her own before. When she felt Rath nearing his release. She watched Zulis and Zan move closer to Rath. They bit down on his neck, while Liz thrust her tongue into his mouth. Rath and Liz exploded with their release. Liz continued to move until she couldn't anymore, she collapsed on Rath.

Rath wrapped his arms around her and they both slid under the water. Rath emerged from the water with Liz still tightly in his arms.

Rath turned to Zan, "God, Zan, what made you think of that?"

Zan chuckled, "You'd be amazed at what Max and I have been dreaming about."

Zan turned to Zulis, "Your next."

Zulis stopped breathing and turned his eyes to Liz. He finally sucked in his breath and turned back to Zan, "I think that we should give Rath and Liz a minute to recuperate." And he thought to himself, I need a minute to calm my racing heart.

tbc......where to continue, hmmmmm?
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Hi Guys,

I do have another part. I'm just trying to get my friend to read it first. I don't know if I like it and I'm trying to find a way to come to a conclusion.

I've also been a little distracted by this sniper thing, and it's made my daughter's stomach hurt a lot during the day. *sad* Her school is in lock down, parents and sheriffs are patroling the grounds. She was afraid that they would cancel Halloween, because her karate studio cancelled their Safety Day Festival since they are located just a few blocks from one of the shootings. So now that they have caught him maybe we can get back to our laid back normal lives and I can think about new nookie scenes *big*

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Authors Note: I'm beginning to think that I'm jinxed, can anything else go wrong? I took a nose dive down the stairs in my house and hit my head at the bottom. My right wrist is probably sprained, the back of my left hand is black and blue, the left side of my head is bruised, and my legs are killing me. My husband almost had a heart attack when saw me on the floor. He's so cool under pressure, ice packs were applied instantly. My daughter kept asking if this meant that we would be late for the movie? I started laughing, but it hurt too much..Must have hit my jaw, found that bruise today.

Well, I'm finally posting the next part. I'm going to go with what I already had written. I just got a new computer and I'm still copying all my files from the old one. And I'm having to do all of my typing with one finger on the right.

So here it is, I hope that you enjoy.

Part 44

Some time later.......

Michael raised his head off of Liz's back, "I've never been this exhausted in my life, or so full of energy."

Max nudged Zulis and moved Liz onto him, then moved to sit on the edge of the bed with Michael, he chuckled at Michael's statement, "Yeah."

Max stroked his hand up and down Michael's back, "We need to get up, we have to present ourselves to the people of this province."

Max felt two slender arms wrap around his waist and a head of long hair lay against his back. Liz kissed his back and moved up to his ear, "You aren't going anywhere without me."

Max sighed, "Liz, we've talked about this...."

"No we haven't, you gave an order and you expect us to follow it. Zulis and I need to be with you and Michael, end of subject."

Michael kept his mouth shut. He agreed with Max, Liz had to be kept safe but there was this nagging feeling that Liz and Zulis needed to be with them.

Max pulled Liz onto his lap, "It's not the end of the subject. You are to remain here. That is the end of the subject."

Liz snorted, "Hah, I'll just follow you."

Max glared at her, "YOU WILL NOT, you are to stay here where you are safe."

Liz pushed off of his lap and stomped to the bathroom, shouting over her shoulder on the way, "You don't tell me what to do Max."

Max stood up, "I'm your husband and your king."

Liz stopped and turned around, she knew that Max would play the king card, "Fine, and I'm your wife and your queen. So what does that have to do with anything?"

"Liz don't make me lock you in this room."

"As if you could." She continued on to the bathroom.

Max turned when he heard Zulis behind him, "She's right and you know it."

"No, she needs to stay here. Michael, you understand......"

Michael placed his hand on Max's shoulder, "Max, what I see is that you want to keep her under glass and keep her safe. But Liz was never one to hide from danger."

"Michael, you remember what it felt like when Khivar almost got her. I..I..can't lose her. Please support me on this."

Michael shook his head, "Your need to keep her safe is blinding you from the facts, Maxwell. We need her with us, we are a true four square and we need to stay together to be safe. Liz was vunerable to Khivar because she wasn't with us. We only defeated him when she was by our sides. I just feel that she would be in danger if we leave her here."

Max hung his head, still not accepting that Liz would be safe if she went with them.

Max got up and moved to the bathroom and Liz. He watched her raising her arms, stroking the water through her hair. She felt him move towards her and looked up at him.

Both spoke at the same time, "I'm sorry." "I'm sorry."

They both reached for each other, holding tightly. Max kissed the top of her head, "I'm so sorry for yelling at you. I just love you so much Liz."

"I love you too Max. You are my everything, but I have to be included."

Max nodded, "I know, I'm trying but the thought of you getting hurt just kills me."

"Just as the thought of you, Michael or Zulis getting hurt kills me. You can't leave me and Zulis here."

"Fine, you can come. But no one is to know that you are with us. Deal?"

"I guess that I can deal with that."


As the shuttle landed Zan turned to Rath, "What were you telling the guards when we left and why did they enter our rooms?"

Rath shook his head, "It was just a thought. Only five guards know that Liz is with us and those five are in our chambers."

Zan eyed Rath curiously, then nodded his head realising that Rath would not tell him anything else.

Zan sat next to Liz and handed her a tablet. He gave her his best smirk, "You can watch your handsome king on this."

Liz pushed on his shoulder, "I'd rather be kissing my handsome king."

Zan pulled her to him and gave kissed her deeply. He smiled at her again while running a finger down her cheek, then the smile left Zan's face, "Don't leave this shuttle, you can see everything on the view screen. Don't even look out the window. I don't want to chance anyone seeing you."

Zan turned to Zulis, "You are to make sure that she does as I say."

Zulis laughed, "I'll do my best, but she really doesn't like you telling her what to do, or haven't you noticed in all these years."

Zan's mouth dropped open, "I've noticed, I notice everything about my queen. I'm going to have to do something about the disrespect that you and Rath and even my queen are showing me lately."

Zan looked into Zulis's eyes and Zulis could see his fear. Zulis placed his hand on Zan's shoulder, "Don't worry, I'll keep her safe. And I will also be prepared for the two of us to join you if the need arises, but meanwhile maybe I can keep her distracted so that she is obediently following your orders."

Zan nodded and turned to Liz, who had listened to the whole exchange. She stroked his face, "Zan, I'll be fine. Even if the four square isn't touching, I bet we still have the power to keep us safe."

Liz watched Zan and Rath leave the shuttle. They closed the door and posted guards outside. Liz pulled Zulis down next to her and they made themselves comfortable. Liz watched the people's reactions as Zan and Rath were announced.


"Something isn't right, there should be more guards. I think that a mistake has been made."

"Let's shutdown the force field, maybe they feel Zulis is enough to guard her."

"I don't know, from what I hear Zan is fanatical about her safety. One guard doesn't sound right."

As they entered, they noticed the quiet stillness.

They moved to the sleeping chamber, "Where is she?"

A guard stepped out of the shadows, "It looks like you'll never know." Four more guards stepped out of the shadows. The men were subdued quickly.

The head guard ordered two of the guards, "Take them to the shuttle and return them to the council to await judgement. It looks like Rath's instincts were correct, someone is definitely after the queen."

The head guard turned when he heard the commotion from the hall. He and the remaining guards ran to help with the prisoners, only to find them dead in the hallway. The head guard grabbed the closest guard to him, "What happened here?"

"I don't know sir, they just collapsed."


"We failed."

"How could this plan fail."

"Zan took her with him. Damn Rath and his intuition."

"So she's in the shuttle? Draw her out. Make her think that Zan or Rath has been hurt. She'll come running." He paused, "Why are you still standing here? Move, I want the queen and I want her now."

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I wish that you could send Max this way too.

Strawberry Shortcake - Happy early birthday. As a matter of fact it was my birthday on Friday, the day that I dove down the stairs. I was laying their singing a not so nice version of happy birthday while laying their with my body covered in ice packs and of course only so my husband could hear me. But the new computer definitely made by birthday, even if I only got to play with it for about 1 1/2 hours.

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I think that I'll take it slow going down the stairs from now on.

Thanks to everyone else for your concern also. Well it's time for me to start jotting ideas down for the next part.

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I should have the next part out soon. Zan isn't cooperating with the nookie scene, so I'll have to whip him into shape.
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2crzy4roswell - you haven't read Harry Potter? My mind can't comprehend such a thing. My daughter's 1st grade teacher told me to buy it for my daughter when it came out, she felt that my daughter should be reading that level book. The runt took one look at the size of it and refused to read it, so I read it and was hooked. (Not many six year olds want to read a book that size) Then my stepson noticed the four books on the shelf his senior year of High School and asked if he could read them. He was hooked. I've read the first book a second time, because we have the first trivia game (it's a lot of fun) She's getting the second trivia game for Christmas.

My daughter finally read them in third grade, she wanted the school supplies with HP on them. I told her for every chapter that she read I would buy an HP school supply. After the first chapter she was hooked. She read the first three books in a couple of weeks, but then things got busy and she is only in the middle of the fourth. And then she bought "The Hobbit" to read, and was trying to read both. But she can't finish either, no time.

Oh, and the girls thought "Apollo13" had too many cuss words and was boring. And I was so disappointed with "Star Wars" they cut a whole bunch of scenes. Don't mess with my SciFi. I'm just swimming in happiness, Harry Potter, Star Trek Nemesis and Lord of the rings. I can't wait and I hope that they live up to my expectations. Okay, back to working on Zan and his stubborness.

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Author's note: Finally! I'm not sure about it, but I'm posting it anyway. I hope that you all had a great turkey day. Mine was great, we didn't set the oven on fire this year. But my parents and sisters kept up the yearly family tradition and set my parent's oven on fire.

Anya don't worry, I'll use the nookie later.

Here it is:

Part 45

Rath constantly scanned the crowd and the shuttle that held his angel. He felt off, something was going to happen. He just couldn't get a fix on it.

Zan kept glancing at Rath, he could feel his nervousness, "What is it? I don't feel any problems with Liz? Are you okay?"

Rath smiled, "No, I mean yes. Well, Liz is okay. But something is off, I just feel like something is going to happen. We should leave."

Zan nodded, he leaned over and told the Province leader that something had come up and they needed to depart immediately.

Zan and Rath began moving to the shuttle.


Zulis was kissing Liz's neck, trying to distract her from her uneasiness.

Liz jerked out of his arms, twisting this way and that looking for something, "Where is it?"

"Where is what, beloved?"

"The viewer, something is wrong. Can't you feel Rath? He feels upset, I don't like what he's feeling."

Zulis placed his hand on her shoulder as she bent down to look under the seat for the veiwer, "I have it right here."

Zulis pulled Liz against him and they both looked at the viewer hoping for the best.

Relief washed over them as they watched Zan and Rath moving toward the shuttle.

Liz sagged against Zulis, "Thank God, they are okay. But Rath is still uneasy."

"They will be here soon....." Zulis felt the shuttle vibrate and frowned.

He pulled the viewer from Liz and watched Zan and Rath disappear in the crowd. Zulis frowned as he observed the assembly, with the smoke and chaos outside he couldn't tell what was happening.

Liz reached for the viewer, "What is it? Zan and Rath aren't hurt, they are just confused and angry. Rath is terrified for me, why is he thinking of my safety?"

Zulis pulled Liz into his arms, "Shhh, we need to calm ourselves so that we can feel what he's thinking. Let's sit down and calm ourselves. Concentrate on Rath, he seems to be the one with answers."

Zulis sat and pulled Liz close to him, "Breathe deeply and feel Rath."

Zulis laid his head on top of hers, "He fears for you."

"Should we go to them?"

"Beloved, you must calm yourself. You would know that that is what both Zan and Rath fear, that you will rush to them. Let them know that you love them and that you are staying here."

Zulis smiled and kissed the top of her head, "I can feel their relief." Zulis picked up the viewer, "See, they are moving to the shuttle again."

Liz stiffened in his arms,"Zulis, that man has a weapon. He's going after them we have to help.....Zulis they'll die....we have to go." Liz was fighting to get away from Zulis.

Zulis grabbed Liz's shoulders,"Stop, you aren't going anywhere. Look, Zan felt your terror and put up his shield. He and Rath are safe."

Liz was crying uncontrollably. Zulis turned when the door to the shuttle slid open and Rath stepped in followed closely by Zan as he dropped his shield.

Liz threw herself into Zan's arms. Zulis ran to the controls, with Rath right behind him.

Liz was hugging Zan tightly, "I could have lost you." Liz twisted around, "Where is Rath? I need to hold him."

Zan framed Liz's face, "He's doing what needs to be done at the moment, keeping the four of us safe. You can hold him when we get home."

As soon as the shuttle landed Liz and Zan were surrounded by guards. Rath noticed the guards that he had chosen to stay in their rooms, were the closest to Liz and Zan.

Zan watched Rath talking to one of the guard as they were led to a meeting room, and he didn't like what he was feeling from Rath.

Zan led Liz to a couch and walked over to Rath, "I demand to know what is going on!"

Rath turned to Zan, "Just give me a second to process this information." Rath turned back to the lead guard, "Did you identify the bodies yet?"

"No sir, their essence has been sent for identification. I can tell you that they are not Antarian."

Rath turned to Zan, "This morning, after we talked and agreed to allow Liz to accompany us I had the feeling that it was the right thing to do. I couldn't help but feel that if we left her something would happen. I had five guard positioned in our chambers. Two men disengaged the force field and entered our rooms. Their intent was to kill my angel, our queen." Rath paused as he watched the horror and guilt on Zan's face, "The men were apprehended, but as they were led to a shuttle they collapsed and died."

Zan looked broken, but raised himself to his full height, "We leave for home. NOW! At least I know she's safe there, and we need to get to the children."

Rath nodded, "We should go home. It is easier to keep her safe there." Rath felt Zan's withdrawal, "Zan, you can't blame yourself for not knowing. It's my place to protect my king and queen."

Zan just turned away without meeting Rath's eyes.


Zan walked over to Liz and pulled her into his arms, "We are going home, I'm sorry that our honeymoon is over."

Liz was concerned about Zan, he seemed withdrawn and he was blocking her from his mind, "Zan? Our honeymoon will never be over. Let's go home, I miss our children."

Zan smiled down at her sadly, "I miss them too."

On the shuttle, Liz noticed Zulis and Rath both kept giving Zan looks of concern. Liz walked over and sat in Rath's lap, "Is he blocking you too?"

Rath nodded and turned to Zulis, "You?"

Zulis nodded, "He's no longer in my mind."

Liz stood up, "Well we need to clear this up, he can not continue with this selfishness. I need him with me and he will no longer deny me."

Liz walked over to Zan and stroked his hair. She became upset when he didn't respond to her touch.

Liz stepped back, placing her hands on her hips she yelled, "ZAN, you will stop this right now!"

Zan looked up at his mate, "What?"

"You will lower this silly block that you've put up right now! Or so help me....."

Rath walked up behind her, "Lower it Zan, you can't keep yourself from us."

Zan looked at Rath angrily, "I can do whatever I want, Rath. I need to think right now and I can't think with the three of you inserting your thoughts and feeling into my head all of the time. I don't know what my own thoughts are anymore."

Liz sucked in her breath and turned into Rath's arms. Rath glared at Zan, "That was unkind."

Zan realised his mistake and stepped toward Liz, "Liz, I didn't mean......"

Liz wiped the tears from her face and turned around, "It's okay, I'll just go sit with Zulis and give you some peace."

Zan moved toward her, but was held back by Rath, "Liz?"

"Leave her to us, we at least don't mind having her thoughts in our heads."

"I didn't say.."

"You said exactly that. Get your thoughts straightened out and drop the block. Your block is causing Liz pain, maybe not physically but she's hurting. I won't allow that to go on for long."

Rath went to the cockpit and pulled Liz from Zulis's lap to his, "You know that he loves you, he is just afraid. His confidence is at an all time low right now and he is ashamed that if he had played the king this morning, you would have been hurt or killed."

Rath held Liz hoping to calm her, he could feel Zulis letting her know how much she was loved.

Rath felt Zan at the entrance, "Did you want something Zan?"

Zan nodded and knelt beside Rath. Zan stroked Liz's hair, "I'm so sorry, my love. I would have lost you this morning, if you three hadn't changed my mind. I just....I'm just so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you, please forgive me. Liz....Rath...Zulis please forgive me." Zan dropped the block, and they were hit with his emotions.

Liz slid into Zan's arms, "I love you Zan." Liz kissed him softly, "You aren't responsible for every decision, we work together and we decide together. You may be king of Antar, but you are our mate. You don't decide for us, you decide with us."

Zan nodded, "I have a lot to learn from my mates."

Liz smiled, "And some making up to do." Liz rubbed her face against his neck, "After we kiss the children goodnight you can make it up to the three of us."

Zan smiled, "Okay."


It took a lot longer than they expected to calm the children down and to explain their early return to their parents.

Rath was bothered by Matthew, Allie and Emma's clinging behaviour. Once again he felt off, like something was just waiting to happen.

Liz finished tucking the last child into bed and walked over to Zan, "You have some making up to do."

Zan managed to look sufficiently remorseful of his behaviour and led Liz to the door. Zulis had already gone to his room and would join them through the connecting door.

Liz turned around when she noticed that Rath was not following them, "Rath, what's wrong? You are worrying again."

Rath shook his head, "I just think that it is everything that has happened today. I just need to be close to the children."

Liz walked over and kissed him, "Then we will stay here."

Rath pulled Liz into his arms, shaking his head, "No, go to our chambers. Zan needs you right now."

Liz smiled and pushed out of his lap. She bent down and whispered, "I'll miss you."

Rath smiled, "Go take care of our king and make him suffer a little."

Liz laughed as she pulled Zan into their room behind her, "Well it looks like it's just the three of us." She turned and smiled at Zulis as she pulled Zan's arms around her body.

A loud knock on the door brought them out of their erotic thoughts. Zulis walked quickly to the queen's sitting room and listened from the door.

Zan pulled the door open and noticed that Rath was opening the children's door at the same time, "What do you want?"

The first thing that Zan noticed was a guard that he didn't know, he raised an eyebrow at his guards but both men indicated that they didn't know him either. The guard bowed, "Your majesty, you are needed in your office. Commander Rath's presence is also requested."

Zan looked at the man warily, "Who is requesting our presence?"

Zan noticed a look of distress flicker in the man's eyes, "Lord Danouf of Katonia, he has information about the men that tried to kill the queen."

Zan and Rath were instantly alert. No one but their guard and the lead council scientist knew of the incident. Both nearly screamed in each other's head, 'Could they have their traitor?'

Zan looked the man in the eye, "You may go to your lord and tell him that we will see him. You may leave us now, and we will follow shortly."

The man hesitated, "But your majesty, won't you need an escort? My lord told me to stay and protect you."

Zan looked at the man sternly, "Is that so? Is he implying that the Royal guard are incapable of protecting their king?" Zan paused and watched the flicker of anger come and go across the man's face, "Leave us. We will come when we are ready."

Zan slammed the door and turned, "Zulis?"

Zulis stepped out, "Yes, my king?"

Zan smiled, "Call the guard, they are to be discreet. I don't want to appear alarmed or like we are forewarned."

Zulis bowed, "Gladly, my king." He walked to Liz and pulled her against his body, "Do as your king commands, at least this one time." He turned to Zan, "I will have guards posted in the children's room, if Rath has not done so. Your safety is important to all of us, do not go without me, Liz or Rath."

Zan smiled, "I've learned my lesson. Go and do your job, and hurry back to us."

Liz walked into Zan's embrace and watched Zulis exit the room. She reached up and framed Zan's face, "I love you, so much." Liz watched him change to Max.

Max looked down at her, "I love you more."

Liz giggled, "No, I love you more."

Max nuzzled her neck, "I love you to infinity and back."

Rath entered and rolled his eyes, "You certainly don't love her more than me."

Max and Liz laughed at him, then Liz stroked Max's face, "It feels good to laugh." She took Max's hand and put her other hand out for Rath to take, "We'll wait for Zulis and then we plan."

Liz let go of their hands and turned in a circle, "Has anyone seen a notepad and pencil. We can make notes while we wait for Zulis."

Rath and Max both rolled their eyes and laughed. Rath wrapped his arms around her, "I don't think that we need to write down our plans." He paused and tried to look dramatic, "It could fall into the enemy's hands."

Liz covered her mouth, "Oh my, you are so right. We should put our heads together and whisper..."

Zulis walked into the room and Liz quickly pulled him into the group discussion, "You're just in time, we are going to put our heads together and whisper our plans."

Zulis looked confused, "Uhmm, okay?"

Liz pulled them into a huddle, "So, what do we do?" Her enthusiasm was becoming contagious.

Max looked at Rath, "Rath tell us what you feel and we will go from there."

Liz and Zulis nodded.

Rath looked at each of them, "Well, I'm not sure but I feel......."
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Author's Note:

2crzy4roswell, thank you for all of the bumps.

Sorry that this part isn't very long. It's the holidays. I will be in Florida for two weeks visiting family and having fun in Orlando. So I probably will not update while I'm there. My dad uses a phone line to connect and that will drive me crazy. If I can talk him into a cable modem, I'll try to find time to write the next part. So here it is, sorry no nookie in this one either.

I hope that everyone has a great holiday season.

Part 46

Liz pulled them into a huddle, "So, what do we do?" Her enthusiasm was becoming contagious.

Max looked at Rath, "Rath tell us what you feel and we will go from there."

Liz and Zulis nodded.

Rath looked at each of them, "Well, I'm not sure but I we are walking into a trap. I think that Matthew, Allie and Emma are upset for a reason, I just don't know if it is because they are in danger or they feel the danger to us."

Max looked at Rath and then Zulis as he pulled Liz into his side, "Did you post extra guards in the children's room?"

Zulis nodded, "Rath had already taken care of it. They are out of sight, but the older children know that they are in the room."

"Well all but Juran, he found out that we were posting extra guards and is personally protecting Leah. He was glaring at the other guards, until I explained that he would give them away if he kept that up." Rath chuckled.

Liz smiled with relief, "Juran will make sure that they are all safe. He may be Leah's mate, but he will protect all of the children."

Max turned to Rath, "Do we take Liz and Zulis with us, or do we have them come to the office through the tunnels? Do you think Liz will be safer with us or in the tunnels?"

Rath shook his head, "I don't know, I think they are both in question. I will have guards take the tunnel route quietly, to make sure that no one is hiding in there."

Max sighed, "That's a good idea. Do they go with us or not?"

Rath breathed in deeply, "They go with us. We are stronger together, and the guards can protect the children. I would feel better knowing that Liz has the three of us to protect her."

Max nodded, "That is what I thought too." Max turned to Liz and Zulis, "And you?"

Zulis nodded, "I agree, she is safer with the three of us protecting her. They also do not know that she is bonded to me, so we have the advantage of them not knowing about the four square." Max could sense Liz's agreement to the plan.

Max stood and pulled Liz up beside him, "Then we all agree?" Max felt Liz nodding her head, and he saw Rath and Zulis's nod. Max changed back to Zan.

Zan moved to the door and turned around, "I will walk in front of Liz, you two walk on her sides. The guards can walk in front of me and behind you three, that way Liz is protected on all sides." Zan pulled Rath aside, "Make sure that the guards understand that Liz's life is the most important."

Zan felt something hit his back and turned around to a very annoyed Liz. That is when she pulled out her finger and poked him with it, "Don't you dare.....don't you dare make all of those giants put my life first. They protect us all. You guys are more of a target than me anyway, so they had better be guarding you three."

Zan spread his hand in surrender, "Now Liz, I'm not.....well...we are only trying to protect you. We would be nothing if something happened to you."

Liz thumped Zan on the chest, then turned to glare at Zulis and Rath, "I believe that we've had this conversation before. Have I not made myself clear?"

All three shook their heads, "Clear" "Very clear" "Perfectly clear"

Zulis placed a placating hand on Liz's shoulder, "She is right, we all need each other. We are bonded for a reason, so we all need to be protected."

Zan looked at Liz, "I have always agreed with that, but I will say this once again....nothing is to hurt you."

Liz rolled her eyes and moved to Zan, "Okay...okay, we get it. I love you too. Let's get this show on the road. I'm tired of this threat and if this is our traitor, which is doubtful, maybe we can end this."

Rath smiled and pulled Liz from Zan, "I agree angel, besides we need to get back here so that Zan can make up with us."

The four stepped out of their chambers, two guards stepped in front of them and two behind. Rath made eye contact with them and then turned his eyes to Liz. They understood his message.

Rath took Liz's hand and pulled her into a protective position.

Liz could feel Rath's building tension and tried to ease it by rubbing his arm.

There were several unknown guards outside of the kings council office. The council guards pulled the doors open for their king.

The front guards entered first and took up a defensive position on either side of the room.

In front of them was the man who claimed to have information. Liz wanted to laugh when she saw the quick look of annoyance pass over his face when he saw Liz.

The man bowed, "Your majesty, it is not safe for the queen to be out. You should send her back to your chambers."

"Excuse me, are you one of my advisers?" Zan was having trouble controlling his anger at this man's audacity.

"I beg your forgiveness, majesty. I only meant to warn you of the danger to your mate."

The four watched the man move closer to them.

Zulis stepped behind Liz, while at the same time Rath stepped in front of her.

Zan looked the man over from head to toe, "What I would like to know is why a Katonian lord, is in my council office summoning me to his presence?"

"I believe you were informed of why I am here."

Zan glared at the man, "Amuse me, and tell me Lord.....?."

The man bowed again, "I am Lord Danouf, my mother rules Katonia. She learned of a plot against your mate and sent me to warn you."

"That explains your arrogance, but it doesn't explain your obvious rudeness to your King and Queen."

Lord Danouf bowed, "I beg your forgiveness your majesty, I meant no disrespect. I should not have allowed my annoyance to be so evident, I have recently been mated and my mother sent me on this mission without my mate."

Zan snorted, "Well then maybe you should tell us you information quickly and return to your mate."

"Your majesty, you seem to be on guard. I can assure you that you are in no danger from me."

"And why should I believe you, Lord Danouf?"

"Because, I could have had one of my men throw a Katonian kator blade at any one of you at any time. The poison on the blade is lethal."

Zan waved his hand, "Get to the point, Danouf. I tire of your word games. Give me the information that your mother has sent and then I want you off of Antar."

"I am only here to warn you of a plot against your mate. My mother found evidence of a plot, she does not know who the person is but she knows that the person is Katonian. We have information about your recent trip to the Atulian Province. The man who designed the force field in your residence there went missing and was found dead three days ago by a patrol. She wanted me to convey to you that she has no part in this plot and that she will do whatever she can to find the culprit. Your majesty, I will admit that some are not thrilled with you choosing a human mate and that is their motivation to try to destroy her."

"Is that it? You drag us down here for this?", Zan turned around and looked at Rath questionably, "Is that it?"

Before Rath could answer, Zan, Rath and Liz felt Zulis ripped from their minds. The three cried with rage at having their mate torn from them. Liz turned and threw her body on Zulis as he fell to the ground, she had felt something hiss past her very closely before she felt the pain of it entering Zulis's body.

Rath and Zan dropped to their knees on either side of Zulis. Rath pulled Liz off of Zulis and stroked her face. She nodded and moved to kneel by his head, lifting it tenderly and laying it on her legs. A golden shield had shot up surrounding the four as soon as Zulis was hit.

Everyone in the room watched in amazement as the three circled the guard Zulis, lying prone on the floor. Their hands reached for each other's immediately after Rath reached down and pulled the blade from Zulis's body.

The royal guards surrounded them just outside of the shield. Lord Danouf could only catch a glimpse of what was happening. He could see their hands glowing over the guard's body.

The shield disappeared and the three stood. Zan and Rath reached down and helped Zulis to stand. Liz wrapped her arms around his waist, while Zan and Rath wrapped their arms around his shoulders.

Then all four turned to Lord Danouf. Zan touched the guards that were still surrounding them and they allowed him to move forward.

Zan could still feel his mate's hands on him, "You are a dead man...." Zan turned in a circle, "He is not in this room, how did he get close enough to throw a kator blade at Zulis."

"Your majesty...."

"You attacked my mate, for that you die."

"Your mate is fine, she was not touched. I did not order this attack."

Zan flicked his eyes in Rath's direction, "Does he lie?"

Rath shook his head, "He tells the truth, he didn't order the attack."

Zan continued looking at Rath out of the corner of his eyes, "Zulis was hit with a kator blade, and he mentioned it only minutes before."

Rath nodded, "He has a traitor in his ranks." Rath turned to Lord Danouf, "Assemble all of your men."

Lord Danouf turned to his second, "Assemble the men."

Rath's head jerked to his left, "Assemble them in the corridor, leave this room now."

Zan turned to Rath, "What is it?"

Rath ran to the wall that concealed the secret corridor, "The guards have something."

Rath flipped a switch and the door fell open, a guard fell to the floor. Zan leaned down and helped him to his feet. "Are you hurt?"

The guard bowed his head as he shook it, "There were two in the tunnel. We didn't see them, they had blended into the walls somehow. They shot the blade through an opening in the wall. The others are following them."

Zan's head shot up when he heard his guards returning. Zan stood and looked at the guard who lowered his head, "They got away, my king."

Zan patted the man on the back, "You did your best."

All of the guards stilled when they noticed the queen in Zulis's arms.

Zan breathed deeply and turned to his guards, "We need to go through Lord Danouf's men."

Zan and Rath walked over to Liz and Zulis. Zan placed his hand on Liz's back, "My love, you need to let go of Zulis."

Liz shook her head, "He almost died. I almost lost him."

Zulis stroked her head, "Beloved, we do not want Lord Danouf to realise that I am mated to you three."

Liz turned when she heard a gasp, "He is mine, I am tired of denying it."

Zan stroked her hair, "I know my love, it is almost over. We will explain to the royal guard after we take care of Lord Danouf's men."


Zan pulled Liz into his side as Rath and Zulis walked back and forth in front of Lord Danouf's men.

Zan turned to the lord, "Are these all of your men?"

Lord Danouf shook his head, "Three are missing, Lord Divar's sons and his nephew. They have been in my service for five years."

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Behr Obsession

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Holy Moly, 2crzy4roswll, have I really been writing this story for a whole year? Thanks for the bumps.
We had a great time in Orlando, my sister and I did our best to embarrass our 10, 12 and 14 year old daughters. It was amazing, they just laughed at us and even joined me when I started doing a goofy dance at the park. My sister and I even did stupid dances while sitting in our booth as we were waiting for our dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, and that didn't even faze them. I'd say that they have a pretty great sense of humor to put up with us.

I should get the next part out in a couple of days.
I hope that everyone had a great holiday

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A small part since I said that I would get a new part out in a few day. I'm trying to conclude this part of the story and maybe I'll think about a sequel with the children older.

Part 47

Rath stilled and turned to Zan with fear in his eyes, "The children!" Knowing that men were missing from Lord Danouf's guard worried him.

The guards heard Rath and moved quickly to surround their king and queen. The moment Rath completed his statement the four took off running. Zan had grabbed Liz's hand to keep her at his side and Rath moved to her other side.

Zan was the first to see their three oldest children running down the hall toward them. All four ran to intercept Matthew, Allie and Emma and the two guards following them. But the children had their own agenda, they side stepped Zan, Liz and Rath and slammed into Zulis.

Zulis scooped the three into his arms and was hit with their deep concern for him. Three little hands laid on top of each other in the area where the blade had pierced his skin. Their little hands glowed as they made sure that he was healed properly.

Zan, Rath and Liz watched their amazing children as they made sure that their daddy was not hurting any longer.

Allie kissed Zulis and whispered in his ear. He put the three down and watched them run to his mates.

Allie jumped into her mommy's arms and wrapped her arms around her neck, "Daddy's okay mommy, you don't have to be scared." Tears slid down her face as she hugged her daughter to her.

Zan hugged Matthew to him and asked, "Are your baby brothers and sisters okay?" Matthew nodded and hugged his daddy tighter.

They entered their children's room to find all of the children awake.

Juran approached them holding Leah tenderly against his chest, "Thank the One, you found them. The three jumped up and ran out of here and the guards followed them immediately. I thought that it was best to wake the children and have them ready."

Zan nodded, "Thank you Juran." Juran backed up allowing the parents to go to their children. Juran walked around to soothe Leah back to sleep.

Liz took Rhys from Zarin and watched her mates take their other children from the guards.

All eyes turned to the door when Maria burst through and ran straight for Liz. She pulled Liz to her, "Everyone is on their way to help with the children." Just as she finished that statement family started entering the children's chamber.

Tess and Kyle had taken their children to Isabel, and she would stay with her children and theirs. Tess moved to take Rhiann and Riley from Zulis, as parents walked in and took the other children.

Liz watched her loved ones move in to the chamber and take over making her children feel safe.

Nancy embraced her daughter, "Are you okay?"

Liz hugged her mother tightly and felt her father wrap his arms around both of them, "We almost lost Zulis.....I couldn't bear to lo....lose them, mother."

"Sshhh, you won't lose them." Nancy and Jeff did their best to comfort their daughter. Nancy looked up into the eyes of Liz's three mates standing behind Jeff.

Max put his hand on Jeff's shoulder, "Thank you, she really needs her parents."

Jeff smiled knowing the truth, Liz needed her mates. He moved back to allow Max to move closer to Liz.

Max moved his body close to Liz's back and felt her relax. Liz shifted her body from her mother to her Max and turned to him. Nancy stepped back and watched the others step forward. The three embraced her protectively, intimately conveying their oneness.

Max kissed her forehead, "My love, my precious love. Once again, I've put you in danger....."

Liz's hand covered his mouth, "Don't start Max, I'm okay. I won't be left out so that you can protect me. Tell me the plans."

Max nodded as his eyes flicked to Zulis and Michael getting their nods of approval. Liz turned in Max's arms quickly and glared at her mates, "Not you two too, you actually considered leaving me here."

Michael scratched his eyebrow, Zulis looked at the children and Max just looked at Liz sheepishly. Liz smiled slowly, "I love you and I do understand that you just want to keep me safe, but it should be obvious that I'm needed with you. You may not have been able to heal my Zulis if I hadn't been there."

Max nodded, "She's right, I think that I finally get it. That doesn't mean that I won't keep trying to keep you under glass..."

"I know and I love you for it." Liz embraced Max and held onto him tightly, "So, do we have a fix on these guys yet."

Max nodded, "Remember that Michael and Alex were researching the tunnels?" Liz nodded and Max continued, "They went a step farther and put in motion sensors in some of more sensitive tunnels."

"But....." Liz started in confusion.

"I know, you want to know how they got so close to my office. That's my fault. We hadn't actually activated them yet in that area, I didn't feel that I was a target and you rarely come to my office. I had them concentrate on the tunnels that are in the living areas and the children's areas."

Michael stepped in to finish, "When Alex was informed of the situation he immediately activated the sensors and began tracking the movement in the tunnels. We need to move quickly if we are to corner them."

Max, Liz and Zulis nodded. Max turned to Liz, "Don't be a hero Liz, please stay by us."

Liz smiled trying to lighten the moment, "I'll stay close to you, don't worry. You still have some making up to do."

Max smiled at her, "And I'll love every minute of it."

The four moved to the door. Alex noticed their movement and stepped out of the door with them.
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Would Liz be D'Artengnon?
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How many more parts? Your guess is as good as mine. I have started writing a final chapter, or epilogue to close this part of the story. I'm going to take a guess and say maybe 5 to 10 more parts, I could be being generous but you never know.

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Part 48

Rath stopped them after they exited the children's room, "They are moving through the tunnels . It appears that they are heading for the transport bays. They either have a shuttle with Danouf's or one hidden outside of the grounds. I have guards in both areas, they were told to be discreet. The men in the tunnel have been injured by the royal guards and are moving slower. We will try to intercept the two in the tunnel." Rath turned to Zan, "Where do you think they will come out?"

Zan felt a tug on his leg and looked down, to say that he was shocked was an understatement. Allie, Emma and Matthew were standing there, he knelt down and wrapped his arms around the three, "Babies, you need to stay here..."

All three smiled at him, Allie and Emma kissed their daddy but Matthew had something to say, "Daddy, we should help you. We know where they are going."

Zan hugged his son to him, "Then tell us and go back to your room and play. We will handle this, I won't watch someone hurt you."

Allie giggled, "They can't hurt us or you."

Zulis bent down, "What do you mean baby?"

Emma turned and wrapped her arms around Zulis's neck, "They don't have the strength to harm us, they only hurt people when they can hide."

Allie giggled as Rath and Liz bent down to their level also, "We just keep a shield up. We knew that the bad men wanted to hurt us, so we showed our brothers and sisters how to keep up a clear shield even in their sleep. Only family and Juran, of course, can touch us."

All four were stunned, Liz pulled Allie to her and Rath wrapped his arms around the two. Liz leaned her head against her little girl, "Show us this shield."

Matthew, Allie and Emma stepped out of their parent's embraces and took their hands. Closing their eyes they showed their parents how to keep the shield up and use almost none of their energy.

Zan let a big breath out, "Wow, who taught you that?"

The three giggled and spoke together, "Noone, we just did it."

Liz put her lips against Rath's ear and whispered, "Did you feel what I felt when they connected with us?"

Rath nodded and stood, pulling Liz up with him. He picked Matthew up and kissed his cheek, "Back to your room, now. No arguments and no following. We can handle this. Thank you for opening our eyes."

Alex had stood back and watched. He moved toward the four as they watched their children enter their room. "What just happened here?"

Rath snorted, "Our babies just showed us how blind we have been. I don't know what to blame for our blindness, but if they hadn't opened our eyes we could have walked into a trap again. Alex you should go to your mate and let her know what is happening. She is worried about you and everyone else. We won't need to track the men in the tunnels."

Alex hesitated and Zan put his arm around his shoulder, "We will be fine, our children have shown us what we have overlooked so many times. We need you to go to your mate, my sister is pacing the floor and is ready to pull her hair out."

Alex nodded, "I'll go, but I want to know what we overlooked. I thought that we turned over every rock."

The four laughed. Zan pushed Alex in the direction of his apartments, "You will smack us in the head at our obvious stupidity. Now go home and calm my sister."

Zan took Liz's hand and watched Rath and Zulis move in behind them, they were a four square now and nothing could harm them.

Zan took a step then stopped and turned to Zulis, "Put your ring on, Zulis. I want everyone to know that you belong to us."

Liz moved to Zulis, "Let me do it." She pulled open his vest and unclasped the chain holding his ring. Liz couldn't help the smile on her face, she gazed into his eyes as she slid the ring onto his finger. Liz felt two other hands circle hers as she slid the ring onto his finger, "Now we are one."

Rath moved behind Liz, "Just one more thing." He pulled her hair up and twisted it on top of her head, making their seals visible for all to see. Each man reached back and touched their seal. They watched their seals pulse with the color of their auras.

Liz smiled at the feeling of her loves auras and energy running through her body. Closing her eyes she couldn't help the erotic moan that escaped her throat. Three sets of eyes jerked to her face. Zan smiled, "I think we found a new pleasure for Liz."

Carefully keeping his hand on his seal he moved around her and hovered a hair's breadth away from her lips. Then attacked. Liz's knees started to buckle but three arms held her up, while Zan devoured her mouth.

Zan hesitantly pulled away from her mouth and looked at his other two mates. Words were not needed as he told them with his eyes exactly what would happen later.

Zan looked down at his queen, "Well my love, are you ready to finish this?"

Liz nodded as she tried to regain her composure, "You know that I am."

The four moved down the corridor. Each one knowing where they were going and what the outcome would be. Guards fell in step behind them with wide eyes at the beauty of the four. Their rings softly glowing on their hands and the seals pulsing with color on the back of their queen's neck.


I know it's short. I've been so busy. I took my troop snowtubing at Wintergreen last weekend. Even though this was planned for a long time, I had to put everything off till the last minute because of the snowstorm heading our way. Thankfully we didn't have to cancel, I would have had 19 very unhappy girls. We had a blast, next year they want to do an overnight on a submarine.

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Authors Note:
BehrObsession - you inspired me. I didn't do exactly what you wanted, but hey, we can't all get what we want. I hope that you enjoy.

Part 49

The four entered the transport bay with total confidence. They would not have stopped until they reached their destination, but the path was blocked by Manuth.

Manuth stood in front of them with weapon in his hand.

All four looked him in the eyes. Zan moved one step ahead of the others and raised his eyebrow, "Do you think to shoot us, Manuth?" Zan looked him up and down with disdain in his expression, "Do you really think...."

Manuth looked at the weapon in his hand as if he was suprised that it was there, "Your majesty, must leave. They want to kill you. I admit I thought about joining them, but I can't do it. You have to leave, they'll kill you..."

Liz stepped next to Zan and turned to Manuth, "I'm glad to see that you couldn't betray your people. Now step aside and let ....."

"Oh good, Manuth, I'm glad to see that you have come to your senses. I might even let you have the honor of killing the little human."

All eyes turned to the man. Zan and his mates knew everything about the man instantly, but wasn't about to let this man know that, "Do I know you?"

The man raised his eyebrows, "You don't recognise me? I'm hurt Zan, we played together as children a time or two when I was visiting my uncle."

Zan nodded, "Your uncle would be the traitor....."

"Uhn, uhn, uhn." The man waved his finger back and forth. "Not a traitor, a purest is more like it. Your father and you were allowing too many other races access to our worlds. But that is beside the point my uncle had the finesse of a, let's say, T-Rex." He turned his attention to Liz, "Did a little research about your pathetic little planet."

Liz just continued to watch the man, her lack of reaction seemed to annoy him, "My uncle became power hungry and began to destroy exactly what he was trying to protect. I on the other hand, will not. I wouldn't have had a problem with you returning to rule if you hadn't brought that human with you and put her on the throne beside you. Once again, other races are infecting us. You are a fool to allow the humans on Antar. Therefore, it is my duty to remove you from the throne."

Zan took Liz's hand and the two felt Zulis and Rath join their connection as they moved to either side of them. Zan smiled, "Divar, I'm sorry that you feel the way that you do. I guess that if you feel you must remove me then I can only say......The One will never allow it to happen again."

"The One has nothing to do with this, you were taken out before and you were just as gullible this time as you were in the past...."

Zan nodded, "Awwww, I assume that you refer to the fact that I am standing here in this bay exactly like you planned?"

Divar faltered in his superiority for a second, "Exactly, you were always the fool. Running to save everyone, risking your own life. I'm a little suprised that you brought your spouse with you, that is just an added bonus for me. My men will no longer have to search her out."

Zan looked down at Liz and smiled. Liz reached up and carressed his face.

"Very touching, saying your goodbyes?"

Zan raised his eyebrows, "I have no need to say goodbye to my love, and my farewell to you will certainly not be good......"

"Zan, you may have powers and the other two may also, but it is no match for the number of men that I have with me."

Zan tilted his head as if he was sizing up the men with Divar, then he nodded, "That's a lot of men. It saddens me to know that even that number of my people could believe you drivel." Zan raised his voice so that all could hear, "I am sorry for their mates, but I will make sure that they do not suffer for your actions."

Divar was disgusted with Zan at this point and turned to Manuth, "This is ridiculous, kill the human."

Manuth shook his head, "I can....." Manuth started to raise the gun, but was stopped by an unknown source. Then he heard in his head, 'Move behind us, you are not a part of this.'

Manuth moved woodenly behind the four, he tried to repeatedly tell the voice that he was going to shoot Divar. Then he heard, 'Silence, we do not need your protection but we are honored that you wished to help.'

Manuth watched Zan and Liz slowly take Rath and Zulis' hands, then realised that the queen had three seals glowing on her neck. Three? His eyes jerked to Zulis and he could not believe what he was seeing. Zulis was wearing a glowing ring just like the others. Zulis was mated to the queen? This was the four square, the one that all of Antar and the five planets had only dreamed would ever exist. Manuth dropped to his knees, "Thank the One."

Manuth heard his queens voice in his head, 'I am truly sorry for the loss of your mate Manuth, but I believe that you have another waiting for you. We will have a ball so that you can find her..' Manuth wanted to drag her behind her mates. Was she daft, she's talking about balls and mates when her life is in peril. Then he heard her laughter in his head joined by the other's laughter, and realised that they had all heard his thoughts.

This time it was Rath talking to him, 'You don't need to fear for us Manuth, and especially not your queen. She can take care of herself. If she wants to think about giving you a ball, then let her.'

Manuth covered his face with his hands and shook his head, thinking that they were all losing their minds. The laughter roared through his head again.

Zan could not help the smile on his face as he faced Divar, "I believe that it is time to end this. I am your king and I don't remember you showing me the respect that I deserve. On your knees."

Divar started to give his men the order to advance when he felt himself fall to his knees. He watched all of his men fall to their knees. His body was frozen and no longer his to control. That is when he took the time to really study his opponent. He had noticed the glowing rings on the human and her two mates, but he had failed to notice the ring on the guard. At his realization his eyes widened in terror.

Zan smiled, "Finally noticed?"

Zan turned to Zulis and let go of his hand, he moved his hand to Zulis's neck and pulled him down to his level. Zan studied Zulis's lips for a second then began nibbling his lips. Zulis deepened the kiss and felt Liz and Rath release the hands that they were holding and move to him. Liz wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head against his chest. Rath moved to his other side and threaded the fingers of one hand through Zulis's hair and began nibbling on his neck.

Zan broke away from the kiss, and Zulis pulled Liz to his mouth. Zulis thrust his tongue into her mouth, wanting to pull her into himself. Zulis released Liz and turned to Rath, pulling him to his mouth. Kissing him deeply. Rath pulled away from the kiss and the four moved back to their original position, clasping each other's hands.

"Did we forget to introduce our other mate, Zulis?", Zan smiled up at Zulis, "I suppose that we will have to rectify that oversight. It saddens me deeply that none of you will be here to witness our coronation." Zan felt Liz lean into his side, "Oh wait, there seem to be a few of you that will be set free today."

Zan shook his head and looked at Divar, "Forcing these men to do your bidding and threatening their mates if they didn't. You should be ashamed."

More than half of Divar's men were instantly released from the hold on their bodies, but they remained on their knees.

Zan looked sad for a moment, then looked Divar in the eye, "I no longer have need of you. Your mind is an open book and I have already pulled out what I need. I have removed your powers and the powers of those that remain loyal to you."

Zan turned to the royal guard that had entered the bay at this time, "Restrain them until they can be brought before the council."

Rath bent and kissed Liz, then turned to the guard, "I need four men to accompany me. We have a council member to arrest. We have removed her powers and she is waiting for us in her rooms."

The head of the guard moved to Rath, "I will accompany you. Who?"

"Danar, his mother. She hid her identity well, they made us believe that she was mated to the house of Tahoun but she is not. Tahoun has always had a seat on the council, but has never really had a lot of power. That is why no one ever would have suspected."

While Zan took care of Divar and his men, Liz moved into Zulis's arms. Manuth stood and approached them. He bowed, "My queen.....I...."

Liz looked him in the eye, "You need not say anything. I know that you feel sorry. You are forgiven." Liz turned and rubbed her cheek against Zulis.

Manuth still needed to know, "My queen...."

Liz smiled and looked up at Zulis, "Should I tell him?"

Zulis chuckled, "I don't know, maybe we should make him suffer a little more."

Liz gave a mock frown, "I think that he's suffered enough." Zulis nodded.

Liz turned her attention back to Manuth, "She's very young, and you will have to wait for her time...."

The look of joy on Manuth's face almost made Liz laugh, "How long do I have to wait?"

"She's not full Antarian, Manuth...."

"I don't care about that, she belongs to me. Who is she?"

Zulis frowned at him, "We can't give you her name, you must find her. But I will tell you that she will wear blue to match her eyes at the ball."

"Thank you my queen, my lord Zulis.", Manuth bowed and returned to his chambers to begin getting his life in order again.

The guards led their prisoners out of the transport bay, as Zan informed the men being released that they were free to go home to their mates.

Zan watched the men as they entered their ships and left Antar.

Liz and Zulis walked over to him and wrapped their arms around him. Liz ran her hand up his chest and turned his face to her, "I believe that you have something to atone for now."

Zan smiled at her and pulled her in front of his body. He turned and looked up at Zulis, "I think that I should listen to my queen."

Zan put his hands on Liz's waist, picked her up and promptly threw her over his shoulder. He turned to Zulis, "Coming?"

Zulis laughed, "I think that you already knew the answer to that question? If she gets too heavy for you, let me know and I will throw her over my shoulder."

Both men laughed at Liz's indignant yell, then her laugh, "Nice view, Zan. Too bad I can't see my tattoo....hey....I am not too short.....Oh God......I could.....keep up....Oh God Zan....don't stop." Zan had moved his hand under her dress and was pushing his finger up and down the juncture of her legs.

Zan stopped when they were nearing people in the corridor. The sight of their king carrying their queen over his shoulder shocked everyone.

Zulis opened their door, while Zan walked through. Zulis stood their a moment and waited for Rath to walk through the door, then he closed it.

Zan dropped Liz on the bed and crawled up her body. He pressed himself intimately against her lower body and let her moan sink into him.

Zan moved his hands to her waist, slowly he pushed her dress upward. Liz reached out and touched his clothes dissolving them off of his body, then did the same for herself.

Zan chuckled, "Slowly, my love, slowly." He bent and pulled on her nipple with his lips.

Liz speared her fingers through his hair, holding him to her breast trying to get as close to him as she could, "Zan, I don't want slow. I want hard" She reached down and wrapped her hand tightly around his length, "I want fast" She pulled on him trying to get him to move into her, "And I want you now." Zan surged into her body. Liz arched her body off of the bed, "Yesssssss."

Rath and Zulis watched the two, amazed at their beauty. Rath turned to Zulis, placing his hand on his chest. He dissolved Zulis's clothes and then his own, "Shall we join them, my Zulis?"

Zulis smiled, "Yes, my Rath."

Rath grabbed Zulis's hand and started pulling him to the bed, but stopped when the banging on their door started.

Rath groaned when he heard, "Oh my God, please tell me that you guys aren't in their bopping Liz's brains out." They heard a couple of protests from the others and then, "Sorry Mr. Parker." The screeching resumed, "Knock it off you guys, Lizzzz you need to tell us what is going on. Alex brought Isabel and the children....we don't understand what's going on."

Rath turned his attention to the bed as Zan and Liz climaxed. Rath turned to Zulis, "Do you think Sunar would miss her if I kill her?"

Zulis laughed, "Yes, I do believe he would."

Rath turned his head back to the bed, "We could always clothe Zan and shove him out the door."

"That idea has merit.......but I think that we are going to have to deal with this." Rath smiled when it looked like Zulis was actually thinking about throwing Zan to the wolves.

Rath placed his hand on Zulis's chest, Zulis pulled him close. Zulis bent and kissed him deeply as Rath clothed both of them.

Rath and Zulis approached the bed and pulled Zan out of Liz's arms. Liz tried to hold onto him, "Noooo......."

Rath pulled Zan up and was attacked by Zan. Zan was kissing and licking his neck, running his hands over his body. Zan's arm went around Rath's waist, pulling his lower body close to his and dissolved his clothes. Zan dropped backwards onto the bed, pulling Rath on top of him. He bit Rath's ear and purred, "I want you in me Rath....I want you now." Rath gave in, moving his hands over Zan's hard body.

Zulis was getting the same treatment from Liz. Liz had already dissolved Zulis's clothes again and was climbing onto him, she had managed to lower herself onto his length. Zulis walked her to the wall and was moving in and out of her tight body.

Zulis noticed Liz wave her hand at the door and chuckled at what she had just done.

The people outside of the door looked at each other and couldn't remember why they were standing there.

Maria spoke up, "We should be with the children." They all nodded and went back to the children's room.

Zulis turned with Liz in his arms and moved cautiously to the bed. He lowered her tenderly without removing himself.

Zulis laid her closely next to Zan. His rhythm began to match Rath's. Zan twisted his upper body and pulled Liz's mouth to his as her hand moved down his body and began a stroking motion on his length.

Each felt the pressure building in their bodies, spreading outward, reaching for each other.

Rath nipped Zulis's shoulder, "Do you feel it....Oh God....this is amazing."

The pressure built and exploded.

Zulis felt like he was swimming to the surface water. As he became more aware of his surroundings he could feel the warm flesh beneath him. He tried lifting himself but didn't have the strength.

He felt hands trying to help him, but it was the words that gave him the strength to move, "Zulis, you're crushing Liz."

He rolled off of her and turned to study her face. She and Zan were passed out. Rath was conscious, weak but conscious.

Zulis moved and laid his head on Liz's chest, "She's okay." He barely had the strength to move, but he managed to wrap his arms around her torso as he watched Rath collapse on Zan.

When Zulis next opened his eyes. Rath was staring at him from his place on top of Zan. Rath smiled when he heard Zan moan, "Rath, you're heavy."

Liz turned and snuggled her back closer to Zan and Rath, while clutching Zulis to her chest and pulling him with her.

Rath moved to Zan's side and watched Zan turn to spoon his front to Liz's back. Rath spooned in behind Zan and wrapped his arm around Liz pulling her closer to Zan. He heard her sigh and couldn't help the smile on his face as nuzzled the back of Zan's neck.


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