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I/various M/various T/various L/various
the guys
Sheriff Valenti
Nacedo (what?!don't look at me like that!! he's intense too!)
Deputy Hanson

Summary: Apparently the heat waves back it's pretty intense and this time it only effects the girls and strangely enough they lust not necessarily for only thier own men .........schools pretty much out for the moment and this is after the first season

Liz Parker froze when she saw Max and Tess harding come through the utterly ridiculous looking double doors of the cafe her heart lurched unhappily and turged dejectedly into kitchen glances back as Tess giggled and Max smiled at something she said to him in his ear ...... Maria was filling up tall glasses with cherry coke when she sighed loudly , Maria didn't turn but smiled "Another Max cloud, huh"
Liz slapped her hands on her thigh and sat down angrily
"I saw them comming in , do you belive the shiz kazam make up she's wearing , and that vest just has to go! yetch and I won't even go into foot wear..."
"MARIA!..Focus on me . Your friend!. focus. Help me get through this. This........period of..."
"jealousy?" Maria asked arranging the tray to serve an order "Truth hurts" Liz muttered under her breath
"Hang in there chica just ignore both of them and then you'll find someone who....." Maria stopped seeing the look on Liz's face "Ok so maybe you can't ignore them but don't go around popping unecessarily infront of them to add to your.....ummm misery...Liz?...." steam might as well have been shooting out of Liz's ears
"Gimme the order!!" she stuck a hand out Before Maria could say anything Liz snached the order out of her hands and headed out to the front. Table 6 conviniently happened to be Tess and Max's they werent exactly sitting very close but looked cozy. She suddenly felt a twinge of heat pass through her and shuddered to get rid of it it passed through her like current as if an earth quake struck her
"Liz? ok?" Max touched her arm she finally snapped back to reality and by the looks of it he hand't felt it but Tess seemed to be shaken as if it affected her too...what just happened ?...
"Fine! Wham! she brought down his plate of fries a few skittered off the plate startling him she brought down the glass of cherry coke with the same amount of force and some spilled on the table not enough too land on Max or Tess but she wasn't worried about them she felt hot volcanic hot!....and realized she didn't really caer Max gaping at her she had an impulse to change her clothes....... so hot....she had to get out of these when Max continued to ask her if she were alright but she ran back inside leaving a bewildered Max staring after her she almost pulled her uniform off over there.She ran past Maria who seemed to be having a fit of her own because of the heat she ran upstairs stumbling a little but as soon as she got to her room hse didn't even care about locking her door infact it was fairly well over wide open and anyone who wanted to have a view of her completely naked was in luck because she was tearing her clothes off as quick as she could and grimaced looking out the window "Heat wave! *groan*"

Max looked dazed back at Tess who was chugging down his cherry coke as well as hers in record time then got up the chair fell backwards but she didn't seem bothered "I gotta go Max see you later!!" she ran at full speed towards the door in high heels stopping before she smacked into the door then calmly opening the door and spazzing out again running at double dribble full speed to home.She needed ot get out of these clothes they were too hot.

Max looked aside to the adjacent table where Isabel had been sitting but for some reason she was standing infront of him like a hunter does before an apprized prey "(gulp!) Isabel?! what it is?!"
she plunged a hand into his pocket and pulled out something jangling "AHA!"
"What!? he cowered
"Keys!" Isabelle said looking flushed Excited and anxious and he could have sworn if it were any one but her they would have taken off running like it were a sale with 75% off on JC penny's but this was his perfectly grace ful sister who was walking disordinately to the the door telling him she had to leave as well and she too would see him later , sat there for a while scratching his head "Now why does this later sound like trouble"

"Maybe it's something in the air" the voice came from the kitchen door opening and Max looked up to see a scowling Michael "don't tell me" Max warned "Maria too?"
Michael snorted "we were ...*working* and then Miss Blondie suddenly had this spazz attack , she completely flipped when I asked her where did she think she was going.
"what do you think it is Michael?"
Michael thought about it for a while "that time of the month"
"Don't make me hit you Michael"
Michael rolled his eyes "What ever"
"I just can't get over this feeling that something evils comming our way" Max looked serious Micahel smirked
"Are oyu kidding me you wouldn't know if evil spat you in the face" he scoffed at Max's expense making him squirm uncomfortably till they heard the door bell jingle and Sheriff Valenti came in looking all serious
"Max, are you two today"
"Max pulled out a stool for the man while Michael mumbled a greeting "We're fine" Max said slowly
the sheriff nodded looking around "Alone much?"
"Don't ask" Max and Michael answered in unision.....

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Heat Wave Madness

Max continued to talk to the Sheriff about everything and nothing , pointless but who wanted to make sense right now?.....and he was beginning ot wonder if he should go and find Liz and ask her if she were ok....sure she'd avoid him push him away or what ever in the name of forgetting him and starting off a new life came to her what he didn't understand was that if Maria and Michael could get back together then why was it so hard for thme to relent to each other.......
the bell jingled and again and both Max and Sheriff Valenti turned to see an unhappy Alex come through the doors looking less than happy
Max waved and the Sheriff said hi he was unresponsive to either and sat down on a table next to Max and Valenti......
"Alex..?..son you alright?"
"what the difference between me and a grasshopper?"
Max and the Sheriff exhcanged glances "ummm blue eyes?" Max tried he felt Sheriff wagging his finger at him.
"whats with the grasshopper?"
"Oh nothing Isabelle told me to go around asking and I might understand.." Max looked apologetic while Jim Valenti gave his best look on the bright side smile....
"Put on some wieght you'll do just fine" he assured to a droopy eyed Alex he sighed "yeah an then I'll be in the guppy league....oh thats not somehting Isabelle said I just made it up"
"oh" they both said looking around uncomfortably "So...where are the girls?"
"Actually...." Max satrted but was cut off my Alex's screech
"EEEP!!" he pointed up stairs Max and Sheriff Valenti followed looking up seeing a skimpily clad Liz wearing something right out of Arbian nights Max gaped and the Sheriff gulped while she slowly made her way down past an almost drooling Max and a head scratching sheriff she smiled at Alex sneakily
"uh...ummm..hi ok?" he asked her worriedly why was she staring at him like that it was giving him a funny feeling....and a fuuny feeling was one of those when you get caught by your parents or the one you get when you're parents are called to talk to a teacher
"Of course I'm ok....but you look sexy to night" she ran both ahnds down his chest he struggeld to get out of her grasp how could someone so thin be so strong he leapt out of her hands and started backing up
"LLLLL....Liz it's still morning and err thx for the compliment but don't you have work to do know??'s the boss...sees you like this..."
She wasn't listening to him much .
"Dad's out of town for a day......we have this place all to ourselves" she made a swipe to grab him by the neck but failed as he again darted out of reach .......
"Liz???you know I'm with Isabelle don't you?"
"Isabelle? who's isabelle I hate her already!" she grabbed his hand and brought it to her chest "You belong to me Alexxxxx"
ALex jerked his hand but she didn't let go "jesus Liz...stop doing that and I don't belong to you! arrrrghhh me I'm a worm you don't want me"
Of course you belong to me sexy worm!!!"
"Holy crap!"
Liz shoved him into the kitchen he landed on his back "ouch!" she jumped on him and started wildly kissing his face neck trying to rip off his shirt..."Hey that's my favorite shirt !!!...oww stop that ..hey that tickles!.ahhh.jesus Chirst LIZ!!!!!!.HELP!!"
Franctic stumbling and random calls for help from Alex could be heard from the kitchen Max looked at the sheriff who looked back at him shrugging
Max plopped down on a seat "I want a recap! and sheriff? what the hell was the difference between a grasshopper and Mr. guppy!!?"

A suave looking man in a suit walks out of a certain fedral building and is whistling to himself he's headed over to the crash down when he sees his car "pod people better be ona look out or I'll..." he turns to see the door open and his mouth really does drop open for a second but regains his compusure or does he
"Hi nacedo!" the voice was sexy, seductive it was Maria De Luca, Miss Parkers friends...what is she wearing? he didn't know they even made dresses like that furhter more he didn't even think that wearing such a garment was even held legal around town....face he thought focus on the face!..... legs,...Dammit! Face!!!
"Miss De Luca? can I you...if it's in convenience to me that is"
"o yeah you can help me by helping your self " she slinked closer to him winking he rereated suspiciously to his door he cleared his throat "is it about your friends?"
"no it's nothing to do with them it's about you...and only you"
"Some how I sensed that too"
Dammit Dammit and Dammit again those huge red lips were coming closer her face and those... legs...DAmmit! man the face!! see the face!! Humans are such stupid primates and so is there bodies!!!
he put a hand on the door "Ms. De Luca I don't think it's appropriate to..."
She slapped his hand away from the handle "Bad boy..."
"pardon me?" he choked slightly "do you have any idea who....?"
she put a finger on his lips so quickly he could turn away "lets play...big boy"
"Really Miss Deluca I don't think your friends would....."
"the names Maria and stop ruining the mood"
"I would Ms..ah Maria if you just stopped draping your self over me"
she looked indignantly at him "what you don't want me draped over you?!!"
"Well actually I wouldn't mind but it's just that you SHOULN"T be draped over me!"
"oh come on Nacedo you know you want it she jumped into his lap
"Then use it" she said sdeuctively nibbling his throat!
"CURSE THOSE POD PEOPLE AND THESE HUMAN BODIES....but what the hell! I'll do it listen blondie! we play by my rules"
Maria straddled his lap "what ever you say BAD BOY"
"and stop that wiggling before I break some dememnted human law at my expense!"
he started the car with Maria still residing in his lap she refused to budge and he drove weaving out of control through out the entire New Mexico breaking every traffic law in existence..."MISS DELUCA!!!"