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Title: Alternate World
Pairing: a little Max/ Liz and most Michael/ Liz.
Autor's Note: Alex is dead since not too long and not Futur Max too. What's happened if the Skins have a new weapon and test it on Liz?

Part 1
- So Nicholas, our new weapon is finished?
- Yeah my King and with it our enemies too.
- We should experience it on a person. An idea?
- Why not the precious Liz Parker who seems be the Love of our dear King Max Evans. She makes a perfect subject, says the little boy smiling evily.
- Very good choice.
And like Nicholas leaves, Khivar begins to laugh.

I'm setting on my bed, looking to the pictures of Alex. I can't think that he leaves me, that he's dead. It's too painful, it's hurt. Nobody want believe me when I said that it wasn't an accident, Max told me that I was ill, the Max who pretends be in love with me! Jackass.

I'm sure that Alex was killed by an alien and I'll prove it. Only Michael seems believe me, he hadn't turn his back to me like did Maria, my ex-best friend. How she could be so selfish. I feel water in my eyes but don't cry, I can't be weak.

Suddenly I heard a noise in the street, I look to my window but only too see a green colomn of light enters in my room and after that, all become darkness.
The skins laugh when they watch Liz dissapear in the vortex and they leave. The only thing they didn't seem is the form lying on the bed who is... Liz.

I wake up, feeling the sun's warm on my face. What a strange dream! I had the feeling that I was absorbed in a long tunnel of energy but it can't be possible after all, I'm ever in my bedroom. I decide to dress me and go in the kitchen. I begin to cook my breakfast, when suddenly I feel a pair of arms around my waist. I smile, Max, if he comes it's probably to apologize. Yeah, he was wrong and he know that.
I don't turn my head, closing my eyes letting him closing the distance between us, he begins to put soft kiss on my colorbone. I should say it's a little weird because Max isn't so espansive normally but I'll not stop him.
It's a great change, I have always want that Max stop to be romantic or shy, that he becomes more impulsive like an other alien who is one of my friend.
He kiss m neck and I leaned my head against his chest, putting my hand in his hair. I love his hair... What? Spiky, I open my eyes and see brown hair. How long Max has a brown hair? and spiky with that, it's more...
I turn my head to be face to face or should say nose to nose with Michael Guerin!!!!!!! What's the Hell?!

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Hope you like the part 2. *big**big**big*


I love his hair... What? Spiky, I open my eyes and see brown hair. How long Max has a brown hair? and spiky with that, it's more...
I turn my head to be face to face or should say nose to nose with Michael Guerin!!!!!!! What's the Hell?!

Part 2

It's a dream, only a dream. Michael can't kiss me, he is with Maria! God! What I have done? He leans to kiss me again but I push him away.

"Michael?! What do you seem you are doing?"

"Only say to you Good Morning Lizzie."

Lizzie? Where is go the "Parker"? I'm a little lost here. What does he think that he's doing? He cheated on my best friend and with ME!

"What about Maria?"

"Maria?" he asks me, rising his eyesbrow, "what has to do Maria in this?"

"Don't play the stupid boy Guerin! You know exactly what I mean! I yell angry, how dare he treat me like that?
I want leave but he grabs my wrist.

"Liz!" His voice sounds angry and desesperate. " Explain me."

"Max." I say finally.

"What Max, Liz? He is with Maria so what?"

I look at him. Not believing what I heard. Max with Maria? Where I am, in the fourth dimension? Oh!... Wait! I remember this green light... Yes, it's certainly this. I'm not in Roswell, I want say my Roswell.

"Oh, um... It's nothing... um. I just want know why you were kissing me. You know I have made a strange dream, you were with Maria and me with Max, and I wasn't very awake, and I had think I was ever in this dream, sorry, this is stupid, no?"

He smiles, putting his arms arounnd my waist, kissing my temple. " A little, why I let a beautiful girl like you to Maxwell. Now I should dreamwalking you, I don't want you dream of another man than me."


"Ever when it's about you."

I smile, I can't believe in this world I'm Michael's girlfriend. Ok, I should admit that some times I have think about his but... woaoh! I smile but I should tell him, that I do it's not fair.

"Michael I should tell you something." I breath slowly. " I know it's hard to believe but I'm not of here."

He laughs. " It's my sentence, you know. I'm not of this earth."

"No, you don't understand. Michael, I'm not of here, I'm not your girlfriend, I come of another world."

"Stop joke Liz."

"I'm serious, why do you think that I had react like this? In my world we are only friends, I'm with Max and you with Maria."

He loses his smile when he sees I'm not joking. "But how?"

"I really don't know, I remember just that this night, I have seen a green light comes on me and I have fainted, this morning, I'm awake on "my" bed, and I have think that it was only a dream but it wasn't."

"Where is my Liz?" he asks worried.

"I think that we have switching places. She must be in my world."

"Ok, we should contact the others."

He calls the others, and we wait. I look at him, he's worried.

"So how long you are with... "me" ?" I ask.

He smiles, I'm envious of me, Max has never been like this toward me. No! I can't be jealous of myself but I have always think that Michael is handsome. Stop this Liz!

"Two years, since the beginning of High School. "You" were shot and Max saved you. You dated him during few weeks and myself Maria but both of us broke up. We began to be friends you and me, before this I was ever rough with you, not very gentle."

"Exactly like you in my world. You were really terrible but now we are really good friends since Max and me broke up."


"You only believe me about Alex's death..." I said sadly. " It was only a three weeks ago"

"I'm sorry Liz. What's happened?"

"Alex was killed !" I tells with hatred, with a cold face. " Nobody thinks it was a murder, Alex killed a car accident, worst, comitting suicide. Can you believe this?" I look at him, feeling my tears in my eyes but not letting them fall.

He shooks his head and puts sits near me, putting an arm around my shoulders.

"You can cry. You'll feel better." He whispers in my ear.

I push him away. " I'm not weak, I can deal with that." I jump on my footh, I should be strong.

"So tell me about you." I continues, wanting change of subjects.

"We became friends, I was cooking to the Crash Down and a night we were watching Tv and we kissed. After that, we began to date, and we are very happy like the first day. Um... I'm sorry for earlier."

"It's alright, you don't knew."

The door opens and my hart begans to pound faster in my chest. There was Max with Maria and Isabel, Kyle and an other person. Alex.
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Michael is maybe a little too sweet but like the other Liz is his girlfriend, it's seem to me normal that he cares about Liz. *big**big*

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So now, see what the "other" Liz makes in the other world. I should find a way for no confusion in the two Liz but I don't know really how... *shy* So I'm open to all the suggestions. *shy*

Part 3

After sleeping late in the morning, I finally get out of my bed, going to the kitchen. My parents are in a meeting this week, cool I think maybe Michael will want stay during this time to watch Tv, smoochies and others things. A smile appears on my lips, yeah, it will be fun.

"Parker, don't you think you should wear your uniform. Customers wait."

"Ok, ok. Calm down Guerin." I say with a grin, he seems surprise to my reply. I look at the clock.

"Shit! Already 12 am, I am late!"

I heard him gasp, I look at him.

"What Michael?"

"Nothing." he grumbled.

"I know a man who get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning." I say before disappearing in my room.

Few minutes later, I walk in the kitchen, Michael cooks. I'll go take the customer's orders.

"Hello Maria, I say with a smile. How are you?"

"Fine, and you? Max comes here?"

"I don't know, whoudn't be you to know that?"

"Hum... not really. I take my break."

"No prob, Ria."

She walks to the kitchen, I speak with a girl in the High School, her name is Jessy, she's with me in litterature.

"Ok, I take your food fast" I assure with a grin.

I go to the kitchen, maybe Michael is in better mood.

"Hey Michael, the order of the 4 is wait..."I cut myself in the middle of my sentence, not believing what I see. Michael, my boyfriend... kissing my bestfriend Maria, no ex best friend in my proper house on MY table.
I feel the anger running in my body, Stay calm Liz.

"What's the hell do you thing you are doing?" I yell. Definitly I can't stay calm, I don't control myself, I heard the glasses broke under my anger. Ouch! Oh, they have stopped, they look at me stun.

"Liz. What's happened?" asks Maria.

"Don't talk to me! Bitch!"

Michael pushs Maria away and walks toward myself.

"Stay calm, Liz. it's ok, everything is fine."

"What?! You said I should stay calm after you cheated on me! Jackass!" I scream slapping him, right in the face and leaving them before they can do anything.

I run to Alex's house, I should talk to him, I let my tears fall, I can't believe that Michael cheated on me. We were so happy together. Mrs Whitman opens the door, she seems more older, tired and sad.

"Hi Mrs Whitman, are you ok?" I ask worried.

"It's ok, Liz. I think that you are here to put your stuff who is in Alex's room."

"Um... yeah. Are you sure you are ok?"

"Oh, yes, thanks dear." she hugs me tighly, I have a flash. A bir pain and the face of Alex. I climb the stair and go in his room.

"Alex. Alex" I take few clothes that I have let here and change myself of my uniform.

"Damn, where are you Alex?" I sit on his bed and touch his guitar. An other flash, Maria crying, all people in black. What does this mean? I see a card on Alex's desk.
It's a condolence's letter about... It can't be, it's impossible... Alex's death.

It's really painful to lose a child, Alex was ever a good boy, ever smiling and caring about everyone, Mr and Mrs Smith give you all their sympathy to pass this hard moment.

I don't understand, yesterday Alex was alive, joking with me and the others and today, he is died. No, it can't be true... I stay during severals hours in his bedroom, sitting on his bed. Finally, I leave the house, walking in the night, ignoring the rain, don't stopping. I should know if it's the truth, I arrive to the cemetery. And I found him.

Alex Whitman 1982-2000, beloved son and incredible friend

I collapse on the ground, it's not true. I stay here during hours, not moving, crying, sobbing incontrolably. It's not a real, it's a bad dream, yeah, it's a nightmare. Alex, you can't be died, you can't leave me. Suddenly I feel a jacket put on my shoulders, protecting me of the cold rain.

"He's can be died." I says finally.

I turn my head, to see Michael quiet. I'm too much in pain to yell at him about his behavior of earlier. I don't care that I'm wet, soaked by the rain, I want stay here.

"Liz, we should go back to the Crash Down. You'll be cold."

I push him away.

"No, I stay here. I can't leave him..."

"I know that you can't."

I don't hold his hand, he sits near me, holding me by the shoulders, shaking me hardly. I don't respond I just look the rain falls on his face.

"Damnit Liz!" he yells." Don't act like this, move! Don't stay like this. Come with me, you are exhausted and you know that."

"Why do you care?" I ask, my teeth shaking.

"Because you are a part of my family."

"Why you didn't love me anymore?" I whisper.

He looks at me, I don't know if he's surprise or worried.

"What did you say?" he questions me.

I don't respond to his question. I just leaned against me and kiss him softly. He didn't respond.

"You are so cold with me, Michael. But I understand, I'm not of this reality."

"Where is Liz?" he asks me, grabbing by wrist. " What are you doing? An alien who can change of appearance, like Nacedo."

"No. No, Michael. I'm sure that you have seen the flashs, that you have saw me... and you too."

"Yeah, and I'm worried about this. Come with me to the Crash Down, we should talk."

I nod and follow him.
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Finally the part 4! Hope you like it! *big**big**big*


"You are so cold with me, Michael. But I understand, I'm not of this reality."

"Where is Liz?" he asks me, grabbing by wrist. " What are you doing? An alien who can change of appearance, like Nacedo."

"No. No, Michael. I'm sure that you have seen the flashs, that you have saw me... and you too."

"Yeah, and I'm worried about this. Come with me to the Crash Down, we should talk."

I nod and follow him.

Part 4

When we arrive to the Crash Down, all people are here, all without Alex. I sit on the couch, having still Michael's jacket on me, he smells exactly like my Michael. Now, I'm feel stupid for acting like this, My Michael will not cheat on me, I'm happy in this moment, my boyfirend doesn't cheat on me and my best friend is ever alive. I'm sad for myself in this world, "I" losed my bestfriend and plus I don't date Michael but Max. I remembered when I went out with him, of course he was romantic and shy but it hasn't work, thanks to God because after this I dated Michael. Max is a caring friend but not a good boyfriend, for me of course, I hope "I" realise this soon.

During I was in my thoughts, Michael told to the group all was arrived. That I was from another world.

"Maria, I'm sorry for earlier..." I manage to say. She looks at me and smile.

"It's ok, I think that myself too I will be angry if I went in another world and found my best friend kissing my boyfriend."

I laugh.

"You know, you're exactly like this in my world."

"Tell me all about you."

"Ok, I dated Michael since two years and you Max, in the beginning we dated each other but it didn't work so we broke up. Oh and Isabel is with Alex."

"Alex is ever alive in your world?!" asks Isabel, tears in her eyes.

"Yes, you are really a cute couple. I'm sorry for... Alex."

"I'm happy for myself. Since how long we are together?"

"Since after Grant Sorrenson's thing."

She nods.

"Have you an idea for how you are here?" asks Max.

"Not of all. I just wake up here... Just after this weird dream."

"What's dream?" asks Michael.

"I don't remember it perfectly. I just saw a green light and after nothing."

"It's already a pist."

I yawn.

"Sorry but I'm really tired. I think I will go to sleep. See you tomorrow okay? "


They leave, I go upstairs when I notice that Michael was ever here.

"Michael, why are you ever here?"

"I want just ask if you were okay." he pass a hand in his hair. I gigle.

"What?" he asks.

"Nothing." I reply quickly.

"Spill out Parker." he tells me.

"Okay, you both... Michael and you... have the same tiwitche, you pass your hand in your hair when you're nervous."

"I'm not nervous."

"You are."

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

I laugh.

"Michael, stop, I date you for two years now. I know you."

"Okay, maybe. But it's a weird situation, I mean, you date another myself... and well... It's strange."

"I understand that and thanks for care about me. But give me the other reason for what you are here."

He groans a sentence under his breath somthing like You know mee too good.

"Um... I just want know... um of course if you want too... um... tell me how we went together in your world."

"It's ok with me."

I wait for he gives me his hand but he didn't.

"Michael... You don't want."

"It's not that, it's... I don't arrive to connect woth other persons without kiss them."

"Oh." it was all I can say.

I think about this, few seconds, if I kiss him, it's like I cheated on Michael, but not really because it's himself. After all, why can this Michael see my past with MY Michael. It's not cheat and the kiss it's just the way to have a connection, my thoughts are good, not bad and in the cemetary I had already kiss him, and I'm think ever that my "other" me and Michael will be good together.

"Ok, Michael." I whisper.

I look at him when he leans toward me and kiss me. The flashs comes, he saw all my memories, of Michael and me, severals minutes later we stop. I smile to him, beginning to blushing... um... I hope even that he didn't seem "all" my memories with Michael.

"Wow... Um... Thanks Liz. See you tomorrow."

I watch him leave quickly and grin. Yes! I can't wait to return in my world and that my other myself comes here, I think that she will find new changements. Yeah, during the connection I have glance a little in Michael's thoughts. And what I saw, I just can say it's good for the futur.

*big*End of this part! *big* Next soon.
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thanks for your feedbacks guys, guess what? It's the new part, hope you'll like it. *big* I don't know ever call the two Liz so it's maybe a little confious.

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Part 5

In the world where Liz and Michael date each other (Autor's note: Sorry it's all that I find to be not too confious between Liz and Liz.)

I look at them, there was Isabel, Max, Maria and another person. Alex!

I can't help myself and hug him tighly, I know it's not really My Alex but I missed him so much. I have the bad thought to think it will be great if I'll can return in my own world. I mean here Michael is the perfect boyfriend, caring and loving "me", Alex is ever here too. What can I ask again? This world is perfect.

"Wow, Liz! I don't know that you love me so much." jokes Alex. I smile, they even make the same jokes.

"It's not the time to joke, Alex we have a problem." tells shortly Michael. He explains to the other the situation and now they look at me, surprise.

"So... I'm dead in your world?" asks Alex, not very happy to learn that he was killed in another world.

"It's exact." I finally answer.

"And how do you think you came here?" asks Isabel.

"I don't know. I just remember that the night before, I was in my room and I heard a noise, I turn to look at my window when a column of green light entered in my room and I was in a long tunnel of energy and after when I woke up, I was ever in "my" room so I had think it was only a dream."

"It's certainly an alien's thing." says Max.

"It appears that you were in a vortex Liz." announces Alex, holding his chin, thinking. " It's the only possibility."

"A vortex doesn't appear like this Alex." I answer, my scientific side coming back.

"Skins have the technology to make that." cuts us Michael. " I remember now, they used it on Antar and it's like this they won the war."

I look at him, ow, it's bad that. It's exactly to this moment that I saw that one person was missing in the meeting.

"Where is Tess?" I ask. The other look at me, stun.

"Who?" they ask.

"Tess. Max's wife in your other life. You know, short, blonde, blue eyes."

"You mean Tessa?" questions Maria.

"Tessa? Who is Tessa?" I ask. Tess is Tessa in this reality? Maybe it's a possibility.

"The Queen Tessa was destinated to be Max's wife on Antar, they married but later when Khivar was in war against us, we discovered that Tessa was betraying us, she was with Khivar and the Skins. We confronted her and finally she died in same time than us. Khivar decided to make her live again so he made the same thing that the Antariens made for us, he mixed her DNA with human DNA and send her on Earth too. After we left the pods, few years later me met her again and we killed her and Khivar too in the same time and the Skins died few days later without their King."

I stay here speechless.

"So it's not Valondra who betrayed you?" I ask.

"No!" yells Isabel. " I mean... it's me who discovered in our past lifes first she was betraying us so she killed me but I had the time to told Michael what she done."

"So Tess and Tessa are the same person so it means..." I look at Alex, my anger growing inside of me to trust this bitch. " It's her who killed you."

So how do you find??????????????? I know it makes a long time that I didn't write on this fic but I was working on my others fics, but with FB I'm sure to post more soon. *big**bounce**big**bounce*