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Title: Siblings?

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I wish I did but I don’t

Rating: ? I have no idea

Category: Mi/L. Kind of AU but still aliens

Summary: What would have happened if Michael was taken from Hank and placed with the Parkers when he was around 8?
Michael and Liz never got along as brother and sister but when she discovers he’s an alien everything changes between them.....

Author’s note: (Very Important, Please read): First of all it’s not about incest but if you find this offensive in any way please don’t read and let me know, I’ll get it removed from the board.
I had the idea for this fic while reading a CC one on the Imaginative Board and from a soap opera I saw once but it’s nothing like those at all except for the adoptive siblings thing.

I used part of the transcripts from the show but I don’t own them so please don’t suit me

This is the first time I post a fic here (not that I have many) so please be kind and leave feedback!!!!! Please??*angel*


Liz is sitting outside her balcony writing in her journal

November 15th, 2001. I’m Liz Parker and a couple of days ago my life was turned upside down, more I did something that turned my life upside down and I’ve been thinking ‘Can life ever go back to normal?’

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for the past year.

I’ve always been miss Lizzie Parker, perfect daughter, straight A student, conscious and active member of my community. Everybody in town knows me, but they don’t. They know the Liz Parker that I let them see but I don’t think any one of them would’ve thought that I would be capable of committing one of the most dreadful sins. To commit the ultimate betrayal. I cheated on my boyfriend, the man I claimed to love so many times and who saved my life; I betrayed my best friend, my sister of heart the one that has been by my side trough thick and thin. And if my parents would find out, they would be devastated...

Some time ago my mother asked me to never leave her, to be her baby girl forever, to never have sex....

I follow my heart just like gramma Claudia told me to. The tough thing about following your heart is what people forget to mention, that sometimes your heart takes you to places you shouldn't be, places that are as scary as they are exciting and as dangerous as they are alluring, and sometimes your heart takes you to places that can never lead to a happy ending. But even though I know that what happened was wrong and that my story probably won’t have a happy ending I can help but feel alive for the first time.

I thought I had discovered what love was that day that Max Evans saved my life but now I realized that it wasn’t true love. It was safe to think that, as safe as being in love with an alien can be, but safe non the less. Part of me wants that safety, wants to go back to how things were, to a life that I could predict, where I know how life is going to be. And the other part of me wants to go somewhere else, into the unknown. And that's not even the difficult part. The difficult part is when you follow your heart, you leave normal, you go into the unknown.
My conscience, the one that belongs to the perfect Liz Parker, keeps telling me that I should avoid what happened from ever occurring again but there’s this little voice in the back of my head, this tinny low voice that pushes me towards him, to his arms, to his love.

We try to live responsible, logical lives. But we can't tell our hearts how to feel. Sometimes our hearts lead us to places we never thought we wanted to go. Sometimes are hearts can make us feel miserable, angry, excited and confused. All at once. But why do I feel so alive?

You must be wondering where I’m going with all of this. Well three nights ago I finally gave in to my feelings, and I slept with the only man I’ve ever really loved and will always do. I made love with my ‘brother’........



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Title: Siblings?

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I wish I did but I don’t

Rating: ? I have no idea

Category: Mi/L. Kind of AU but still aliens

Summary: What would have happened if Michael was taken from Hank and placed with the Parkers when he was around 8?
Michael and Liz never got along as brother and sister but when she discovers he’s an alien everything changes between them.....

Author’s note: Thank you all for your feedback!!! It encourages me to write more

Part 1

Eight year old Liz Parker was finishing her homework when her mother called her

“Lizzie, could you came here for a minute?”

“In a minute!” she yelled back from her room. She put down her pen and walked out to the living room, where she found her parents sitting together on the couch waiting for her.

They had serious expressions on their faces yet a tinkgling light on their eyes.
She sat in the love seat across from them.

“We wanted to discuss something really important with you” her mother started. She just nodded and let her continue “Well...”

Liz realized that it was difficult for her mother to say what she wanted

Mr. Parker sensed her apprehension “We wanted to tell you that someone is going to came and stay with us for a while” Her father said

“Who?” She asked curious as why they seemed so nervous

“Well, the thing is, Liz, we’ve been thinking this for a while now and....”

“Yes?” Now she was really anxious to know who was coming to stay.

“It’s a boy. He’s name is Michael, he’s about your age and he doesn’t have a family” Mr. Parker thought there was no need to tell her Michael’s story for now, there’ll be plenty of time for that later.

“And your father and I decided to take custody of Michael, to make him part of the family” her mother continue

“So he’ll be like my brother?” She asked hopefully.

She had always wanted a brother or a sister to play with, someone to share things. Most of the kids in her class had siblings and she not always understood them when they talked or compliant about them.

“And how long would he be staying?” She asked after a minute of silence

“Well, that’s the thing. He’ll be staying with us for some time and we hope he feels comfortable enough to like to stay with us permanently. Would that be ok with you?” Her mother looked her straight in the eyes, she was looking for the most honest response.

This was really important for her and her husband, they’ve tried to have another baby for a very long time but after they have found it wasn’t possible they’ve discussed adoption. They’ve been on the waiting list for a long time and it was finally going to happen but not if Liz didn’t agree to it.

“Really? I’d love to have a brother!” she said excitedly

“So, when is he arriving?” asked Maria

“The day after tomorrow” she informed them.

Maria and her have been best friends since kindergarten, they’ve met on the very first day and immediately clicked, then Alex had joined them. They were like the three musketeers. They did everything together and went everywhere together.

“Wow!, you’re like going to have an instant brother” said Alex

“I know! Isn’t that cool?!” Liz was beyond excited. After their parents informed her about Michael, she had gone to bed but couldn’t sleep for hours wandering how he’d be, if he would like her, would he want to stay and live with them forever? She had a million questions running through her head.

Mss. Hobson, the teacher, entered the classroom interrupting her thoughts.
“Good morning class...” She turned her attention to the teacher.

The day finally arrived. She was going to meet her new brother. She was so nervous and excited at the same time. She had changed her clothes a hundred times deciding what to wear. She wanted to look perfect for their first meeting.

“Liz, they’re here” her mother came to inform her

“I’ll be right there” Liz smiled to her mother and she smiled her back.

Her parents were already at the door opening it only to reveal a young blonde woman.

“Hi Mss. Stevens” her father welcomed the unknown woman

“Hi Mr. And Ms. Parker” she greeted politely

She could see a young boy standing behind her. He was tall, with spiky hair and deep honey eyes. His eyes fasten on her, with such an intensity it send a shiver down her spine

“I’d like you to meet Michael” she stepped aside to reveal the scared little boy

“Hi Michael” Mr. Parker said

“Nice to meet you” her mother greeted him

“Hi” he said shyly, drifting his sight from Liz to look at the Parkers....


Please tell me what you think!!!!

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I'm thinking about not posting this fic here anymore, 'cause no one's reading it*sad*
But if you are, please give me a sign???*angel* Please??*angel*
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Title: Siblings?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Rating: ? I have no idea

Category: Mi/L. Kind of AU but still aliens

Summary: What would have happened if Michael was taken from Hank and placed with the Parkers when he was around 8?
Michael and Liz never got along as brother and sister but when she discovers he’s an alien everything changes between them.....

Author’s note: : Thank you all for your feedback!!! You guys are great!!!!!! And it encourages me to write more so keep writing them, tell me what you’d like to happen or what you think
Please, please, please leave feedback!!!!!

Part 2a

After a short conversation Mss. Stevens left to allow Michael to get acquainted with his new family. An awkward silence follow until Ms Parker said
“Ok Michael, let me show you you’re room”

It was the former guest room but she had painted the walls white and blue. The bed was settled in the middle and had a new plaid quilt white and blue matching the new curtains. A small desk was placed below the window, it was made of the same oak than the night stand, both had small lamps placed over them, one with a white lampshade and the other in blue.

Ms Parker noticed the small bag Michael was carrying

“Is that your cloth?” she asked


“Ok, I let you unpack. Why don’t you help him while I finish dinner?” she suggested turning to see Liz standing by the door

“Sure mom” Liz was happy of being left alone with Michael. She wanted to talk and get to know him better.

She went to sit on the bed and the Parkers left, closing the door with a small smile playing on their lips.

“So, I’m Liz” she wanted to start the conversation but didn’t know how.

He left the bag on the floor and started to pace around the room, taking it all in. He had never had his own room, well at least not one so beautiful, warm and comfy. He had one with Hank but it was in a trailer and it had never looked like this. The other one had sooty walls, while this seemed to had been painted recently. He never had a quilt, much less a night table or a desk. With Hank everything was dirty, full of dust and cockroach and here everything was so clean and neat you could actually see through the window.
Liz didn’t know what to say

“Would you like me to help you with that?” she asked pointing to the bag lying on the floor.

He had been so wrap up in checking the new place that her sweet little voice startled him, making him turn to look at her.

“No, I cant do it” but Liz hadn’t waited for his answer, she had take the bag, placing it over the bed and was already opening it. Taking some things out, she realized they were really old and worn out and not many items either. A pair of bleached blue jeans, two threadbare t-shirts, and an old thing that would have resembled a pj. She was reaching for the underwear but Michael was by her side in no time taking his old boy boxers and few frayed socks. It wasn’t his intention to be rude but he was already embarrassed about his poor second-hand wardrobe to let her see his underwear too. Most of the things came from the Salvation Army and charity, but he was used to it.

“Liz, Michael, dinner is ready” her mother said from the door. She had seen the interaction between the two of them and watch his reaction closely. She would have to remedy the cloth situation, or the lack of it in this case. “Wash your hands kids” she added before leaving them again

Liz showed Michael the bathroom and they went together to the kitchen. Her father was already sited in his usual place at the table and Ms. Parker was serving the food.

Dinner went uneventful. They made small talk.
Michael didn’t talk much, speaking only when a question was specifically addressed to him and limiting his answers to monosyllables like ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

That first night was strange to Michael. He had never been at a family dinner before, Hank was never there for supper and when he was he would be completely drunk; Michael didn’t want to be around during these ‘episodes’ so he would fix himself some sandwiches and lock himself in his ‘room’. Not that that would stop Hank from coming in and beat the hell out of him.
So when Ms. Parker went to his room to say goodnight, he wasn’t prepared for what happened. She tuck him under the sheets and kissed his forehead. Switching off the lights, she met her husband that was at the door frame

“Good night son” he said

“Sweet dreams Michael” Ms. Parker said smiling at him and closed the door behind her.

To say he was shocked was an understatement. Nobody had ever called him ‘son’ like that, much less kissed his forehead so lovingly.

Once in the privacy of their room and ready to sleep Nancy Parker asked worried to her husband
“You think he’ll be ok?”

“He’ll be just fine, we all be” he answered reassuringly, kissing her goodnight before drifting off to sleep. Both dreaming of their new family.

That night Michael went to sleep thinking maybe this people truly wanted him and someday he’ll be a part of this family.


AN: as I said before this is NOT about inscest so you don't have to worry about it.
Please let me know what you think, just don't be to harsh on me, I am a sensitive person *angel**sad*

Author’s note: (Very Important, Please read): First of all it’s not about incest but if you find this offensive in any way please don’t read and let me know, I’ll get it removed from the board.
I had the idea for this fic while reading a CC one on the Imaginative Board and from a soap opera I saw once but it’s nothing like those at all except for the adoptive siblings thing.


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Title: Siblings?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Rating: ? I have no idea

Category: Mi/L. Kind of AU but still aliens

Summary: What would have happened if Michael was taken from Hank and placed with the Parkers when he was around 8?

Michael and Liz never got along as brother and sister but when she discovers he’s an alien everything changes between them.....

Author’s note: : Please, please, please leave feedback, good or bad just let me know that you’re reading this and tell me what you think!!!

Part 2b

The next day was Saturday, a very busy day at the Crashdown. Being a family business Liz usually went down to help her parents, although she didn’t like it much, there were good things, like the tips. After breakfast they all went downstairs to open. The Parkers told Michael that it wasn’t necessary for him to be there, after all it was his first day and they didn’t want him to be overwhelmed, but he said it was ok. After a small introduction to the staff they all went to work. Michael stood there unsure of what to do.

“Michael, why don’t you go into the kitchen with Jose?” Mr. Parker suggested “ I’m sure you’ll find something to do”


He watched Jose work for a while, and by noon he felt comfortable enough, helping him with the orders that were coming in waves.

He was having a pretty good time, Jose was a nice guy and didn’t ask to many questions.
Before he realized it was dinner time; he grabbed a burger and went to sit on the couch in the break room but he stopped midway. Liz was sited on the couch, eating her old Will Smith with a vanilla milkshake. She looked up and saw him standing there. Liz had secretly hoped Michael would joined her but she was afraid to ask. Now was her chance

“Would you like to join me?”

He hesitated at first but finally went to sit by her side. They ate in silence, both to tired to speak and even if they wouldn’t Michael didn’t know what to say and neither did Liz.

On Sunday afternoon the Parkers decided to leave the employees in charge of the restaurant. They all went to the mall shopping clothes and toys for Michael.
He was amazed, he couldn’t believe these people would buy him so many new things and on top of it his own toys! That was the best weekend of his short life.

He couldn’t sleep that night he was too excited with all the events. Tomorrow he would go to a new school....

Ms. Parker drove them to school early in the morning and after all the paper work was done she left, but not before recommending them to have fun and behave.

“Come on” said Liz after her mother disappear behind the door “I’ll introduce you to some of my friends”

He nodded in response and walked with her through the hallways that were starting to fill with students.

She was meeting Alex and Maria by her locker like every day. She was anxious to introduce them to Michael. She wanted them to get along.

She was looking for her things when Maria’s high pitched voice made her turn around

“Liz!” and met her with a hug

“Hi Maria, Alex!” she greeted them; this was the moment “This is Michael, my new brother”

“Wow, we finally meet you” said Maria

“We heard a lot about you” Alex told him

But Michael wasn’t paying any attention. He had his eyes fix somewhere else or better on somebody else.
Liz follow his sight. He was staring at non other that the ever popular an beautiful Isabel Evans and she was looking right back at him. Her beautiful face transfigured.

Max was walking behind her, head down, he didn’t see her stopping and bumped into her; but instead of reprimand him she kept silence. He looked up at her and saw her eyes filling with tears and fix somewhere.

“Is, wha...” but he didn’t finished his sentence; he saw him.
It was really him.



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Title: Siblings?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Rating: ? I have no idea

Category: Mi/L. Kind of AU but still aliens

Summary: What would have happened if Michael was taken from Hank and placed with the Parkers when he was around 8?

Michael and Liz never got along as brother and sister but when she discovers he’s an alien everything changes between them.....

Author’s note: : Please, please, please leave feedback, good or bad just let me know that you’re reading this and tell me what you think!!!

Part 2c

He couldn’t believe his eyes.
‘It’s really them’ He would recognize them anywhere.
He started to walk towards them and they met midway.

The three of them just stood there, until Isabel broke the silence “It’s really you”, her voice cracking with emotion and hugged him, expressing what the three of them were thinking and feeling.

“We reached for you, but you wouldn’t take my hand....” Max was in the verge of tears and so was Michael. They’ve looked for him but never found him. Isabel had cried endless nights wondering about his destiny. Max had tried to stay strong for her sister but he was devastated in the inside and now he was finally here, standing in front of him.

Liz saw the exchange with happiness but also with a sense of worry too. She was happy for Michael, the Evans twins seem to be really important to him but she was worried they would take him away from her and her family. She didn’t know if they were related to Michael in any way.

“What was all that about?” Maria squeaked, ripping Liz out from her thoughts. “How rude of him, we were talking and he didn’t pay any attention to us!”

She just stood there never taking her eyes off of the trio.

Maria looked at Alex questioningly but he just sagged his shoulders in response. He didn’t know what was happening either but for Liz sake he hoped nothing that would take Michael away from her.

From that moment on they became inseparable. They were the other three musketeers, opposite to Liz’s. Max was really shy and reserved, and he rarely talk to any of them.
Alex liked Isabel and every time he saw her he was tongue tied, he couldn’t form a coherent sentence.
Michael and Maria were constantly bickering at each other.
The only ones who would keep some sort of relationship were Michael and Liz, after all they were ‘siblings’ and they lived together. They had their moments their were close, but never like Max and Isabel were and Liz would resent that at first but with time she would realized the real reason for that....


The bell rung and they all went to class.
Liz had saved a sit for Michael right next to her but he didn’t saw it, instead he walked with Isabel and Max by his sides and they all went to sit together at the end of the room.
Liz felt really sad and rejected by Michael but she let it pass. She thought she would sit with him at lunch.
But at lunch time there was no sign of Michael, Max or Isabel.
She went looking for him and saw them sitting close together under a tree.
She could tell they were talking, really talking , something Michael haven’t done at home yet. A silent tear run down her cheek.


After school Liz was sitting in the kitchen table doing homework, she was quiet and looked quite sad.

“Lizzie, honey, what’s wrong? Did something happened at school?” her mother asked worried
Liz told shortly to her mother what had occurred at school with Michael and the Evans.

“Oh, honey, I’m sure is nothing to worry about” hugging her she tried to soothe her daughter’s fears, she was so moved that Liz had such strong feelings regarding Michael although she hardly knew him. Ms. Parker knew Michael didn’t have any family.

Michael chose that moment to walk into the kitchen. After his talk with Max and Isabel he knew he had to behave and do anything in his power to stay close to them and that implied staying with the Parkers too. In order to do that he couldn’t let them know his true origin ‘They can’t know you’re a freak’ Besides, he really like the Parkers, they were nice to him and so was Liz....

“Hi” He said as he took sit across Liz “Homework?”

Liz nodded, that was the most Michael had said to any of them since he arrived. They went back to their books in silence but Liz couldn’t focus. She needed to put in the open the thoughts that were plaguing her mind, she had to know.

“So, how do you know the Evans?” she asked suddenly looking up to Michael.

He was caught out of guard

“Oh...I...I...” he stuttered a little “ I met them at the orphanage” he had to be careful about what he said. They had agree to tell the same story but never mention the dessert, the pods or their alien origin. The Evans already knew that Max and Isabel were found naked in the dessert but they didn’t know about Michael and it better stay that way

“Oh” was all Liz responded. She wanted to know more but didn’t want to push him.

Should I? I’m sorry, I know this part sucked. I’ll try to make the next one better.


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Title: Siblings?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Rating: ? I have no idea

Category: Mi/L. Kind of AU but still aliens

Summary: What would have happened if Michael was taken from Hank and placed with the Parkers when he was around 8?
Michael and Liz never got along as brother and sister but when she discovers he’s an alien everything changes between them.....

Author’s note: :

Part 3

Three months after Michael’s arrival Liz heard a scream coming from his room ‘What was that?’ .She looked at her alarm clock, it was almost two in the morning.
She got up from bed, and walked to Michael’s room, she knocked lightly and entered. There he was. Michael was sitting on his bed sweating on his forehead, and panting for air.
He looked up to her, his eyes shone with pain and unshed tears. He wouldn’t aloud himself to cry, not for this. Without a word Liz cautiously approached him and awkwardly hugged him. Michael didn’t know how to react. At first he didn’t return the hug but then he clung to her like she was his savior.
That night and many nights that follow Liz stayed with him.
They never talked about it, Liz would tried but Michael avoided the subject at all cost.
He didn’t want her pity, he didn’t want her to know what the two years with Hank had been like.
He never told her but having her by his side gave him pace.

Their parents found them once. Mr. Parker had gone to check on the kids when he woke up thirsty. He went to the first room Liz’s, but she wasn’t in her bed. He went to Michael’s then and saw them. Liz was asleep in Michael’s arms, her head on his chest, his arms protectively around her small frame, it gave him an indescribable sense of warmness and happiness, to see his kids like that. He thought they might get uncomfortable, so he went to pick up Liz, kissing Michael’s forehead he carried Liz to the comfort of her own bed, or that’s what he thought he was doing. Both Michael and Liz had quite a restless night. That was the end of their joined nights.
Liz didn’t go to him anymore and Michael didn’t asked her to either, but since then he made an habit of sneaking out of his room to check on her on her sleep.

Years later it would become a secret vigil, although not so secret. Liz hadn’t found out but a couple of nights later and since then she would wait awake for him, not being able to induce sleep till he came.


Michael spent a most of his time with Max and Isabel, either at their house or at the Crashdown but they never socialized with anyone else while being together.
Liz felt left out and jealous ‘He prefers her’ .

Four years later... .
Michael came home from school

“Mom!” he called “ can I spend the night at Max’s?”

It felt so good to hear him calling her mom. It took him a while to do so but he finally got used to it. Ms. Parker was used to his son’s closeness with the Evans, she knew how important they were to him so she agreed

“Sure honey, I’ll drive you in a few”

He was spending the night with them because Max and Isabel wanted Michael to practice his powers. From the three of them he was the only one who didn’t have control over them.

That night Michael waited for Max to fell asleep to sneak out through his window. He went to the Crash, careful to make no sound he climbed the metallic ladder to Liz’s balcony and stayed there till dawn, just watching her sleep, making sure she was ok.
Michael didn’t know what was happening to him. They were reaching puberty; he was almost 13 now, his body has started to change almost at the same time his feelings started to change, to transform into something he couldn’t define. All of them were growing included Liz. She had developed into a young teenager with small breasts and round hips. Michael thought she was beautiful, but ‘that’s what your suppose to think about your own sister, isn’t it?’ .

Their parents had already given them ‘the talk’ . It had been awkward to have that conversation but when his father called him apart for the ‘man to man’ talk and his mom stayed with Liz, he was grateful. During the conversation he couldn’t take his eyes off of Liz, He would have been to embarrassed to have Liz hear all that. What were Liz and his mom talking about, did she know all of what his father was telling him?


Hope it didn’t have to many mistakes and you enjoyed it. *happy*

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Title: Siblings?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Rating: ? I have no idea

Category: Mi/L. Kind of AU but still aliens

Summary: What would have happened if Michael was taken from Hank and placed with the Parkers when he was around 8?
Michael and Liz never got along as brother and sister but when she discovers he’s an alien everything changes between them.....

Author’s note: : Hi guys!!!!!
I wanted to thank you for your feedback!!! Please don't stop!!!!
Hope you like the new part!!

Part 4

Fourteen years old Liz was getting ready for her first ‘real’ date. Someone had finally asked her out. Bob Hobson, tall, blond, blue eyes, member of the football team had asked her to the movies. Maria had come early to get her hair and make-up done and helped her choose the perfect outfit.

Most of the girls in her class had already been out on their first dates, and second and even third ones and she didn’t understand why nobody had asked her out yet. Well that wasn’t entirely the truth. Tom Newman asked her on a date during a party a year ago and he even kissed her but when he came back from getting her some punch he took it back, with no explanation whatsoever.

She felt so angry and humiliated and sad that time, she had left the party crying with Maria following closely. She thought guys find her ugly.
What she didn’t know was the conversation Michael had with Tom that day by the table when he went to get her drink

“I saw you with Liz. Hurt her and I’ll make you pay for it. Stay away from her” He stood there looking threatening at him and sorbing his drink calmly. It was amazing how could he do that.

Everybody at school was afraid of Michael and nobody wanted to face him and his ‘brotherly’ overprotection.
Non of them would have guessed that that ‘brotherly’ overprotection like they called it, was plain and simple jealousy, that was what drove Michael to that state of rage and anger. He didn’t want any boy that wasn’t him near Liz. Alex didn’t count, he knew she saw him like a brother ‘Yeah, like you’ he used to remind himself. But his heart told him different. Michael knew it was wrong for him to have this feelings for his ‘sister’ but he couldn’t help it. It was beyond his control.

It was nothing like Max ’s obsession for Liz. Since day one Max had made it crystal clear that he liked his ‘sister ’ and after years of pinning for her, of admiring her from afar he claimed to love her.
With him it was different, Michael knew he would never hurt Liz, but it didn’t make it more likeable or agreeable for him. He still didn’t like much the idea of someone else holding her, kissing her but if he could choose someone he would choose Max, after all he was like his brother, his own blood. ‘Don’t lie to yourself, if you could choose someone to be with Liz you would choose yourself, Michael’

She was getting checking herself in the mirror giving the last touches to her outfit and makeup. Bob would be there any minute.
Michael was staring at her from the door, his side leaning on the door frame, his arms crossed over his chest. She looked up finally noticing him.

“You look beautiful” He was looking her right to the eyes through the mirror

“Thank you” she returned the stare with the same intensity as his.

That’s when the doorbell rung ending the stares contest.

She turned around to face him “Would you tell Bob I’ll be right there, I just need another minute”

He nodded and went to the living room, his parents were already there with Bob.

“Hi Bob” he said with a threatening look on his eyes

“Hi Michael” he said not intimidated at all by Michael’s rudeness

When Michael left Liz sigh in relief ‘What was that about?’ . She composed herself and went to meet Bob.
His father was driving them to the movies and would pick them up afterwards.

Liz tried to forget Michael but her mind took her back to him. During the movie Bob hold her hand and when he walked her to the door he kissed her goodnight. By then Michael was far from her mind.

Michael watched the exchange with jealousy and anger, clenching his fists till his knuckles turned white. He was outraged.
He had to hold himself back from coming out and punch him right on the middle of his smug face. How dare he to kiss ‘his sister’, ‘his’ Liz ?
But what really got to him was seeing her returning the kiss.

Liz went inside. Michael was still there, he just glared at her. Without a word he turned around and left her standing alone in the dark.
Liz was stunned, why was he so mad?
She followed him to his room

“Why are you so angry?” He didn’t answer her “Michael...”

“How could you?” she was clueless, what was he talking about?

“What?!” she was starting to become exasperated

“And you still have to ask ‘what’? I saw you kissing him!” He almost screamed

“Michael, I...”

“Save it Liz. Letting him kiss you on the first date...if you want people to think your easy that’s your problem, but don’t came to me to defend your ‘honor’ when they start to call you names” he said in a tone of voice that denoted his anger

“I...” Liz was on the verge of tears. ‘He thinks I’m easy?’ It was more a statement that a question and it hurt her deeply.

She left to the solitude of her room and cried freely. She wouldn’t let him see her tears.

Michael regretted his words the moment they left his mouth, it wasn’t his intention to hurt her but he wouldn’t apologize, he was to proud for that and even if he wasn’t he wouldn’t know how to explain his actions without revealing his true feelings for her

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Title: Siblings?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Rating: ? I have no idea

Category: Mi/L. Kind of AU but still aliens

Summary: What would have happened if Michael was taken from Hank and placed with the Parkers when he was around 8?
Michael and Liz never got along as brother and sister but when she discovers he’s an alien everything changes between them.....

Author’s note: : Thank you all for your feedback!!!
Tell me what you’d like to happen or what you think.
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I used parts of the pilot and changed it to write this chapter. Please don’t sue me it all belongs to the writers of Roswel. This is how it would have happened in my world
Hope is not too boring and you’ll like it!!!!

Part 5

It’s funny how things can change in an instant.
One day I was Liz Parker student, waitress, friend, daughter, sister. Everything in my life was quite calm and normal and today...
I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. After that, things got really weird....

Liz and Maria were waiting tables. Michael was on his break sitting with Max at the far end of the restaurant who was staring at Liz. Again. He’d known her all his life, she was his best friend sister and he’d been in love with her for a long time now. He watched her constantly but every time she looks back he averts his gaze
Maria walks to a table with two men arguing but they send her away so she walks back to the cash register with Liz

“Liz, Max Evans is staring at you again” Maria pointed her

“No he’s not Maria, that is so in your imagination” she was aware of his stares and felt an attraction towards him. But he never acted on it and neither did she. And even if he did she was dating someone else. Kyle, the sheriff’s son. He was ok but she didn’t feel butterflies in her stomach not like she did when Mi... ‘No, you must not think like that!’

“Max Evans? This? No, un's not...”

“And with those cheeks! Preciosita tan linda!” Maria gibed pinching her cheek

“Maria!!” Liz squealed “And, and even if it weren't I'm going out with Kyle. I mean, he's steady and loyal, and he appreciates me”

“Sounds like you're describing a poodle”

Suddenly the two men that were arguing before started to yell to each other and one of them pulled a gun.
In the blink of an eye Liz was on the floor. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach and felt dizzy.
Max looks over at Liz laying on the floor and gets up to help her but Michael stops him

“What are you doing? Let go of me”

“No...” he said. He didn’t want his sister to die but didn’t want Max to heal her either. He was supposed to protect her not Max, but Michael also knew he didn’t have that power.
Max tears Liz's dress open and put his hand over the bullet wound. Flashes came in an instant.
People wanted to watch but Michael stopped them “Hey, get back!!”

“You're all right now. You're all right” Max told her and breaking a ketchup bottle and pouring the ketchup over her he pleaded with her “You broke a bottle when you fell, spilled ketchup on yourself. Don't say anything please”

“Lizzie. Oh my God!!” Mr. Parker hugged her “Michael, son are you ok?” he said making sure both his kids were fine

“No, dad, dad look, look at this. See, I'm fine, I-I just spilled ketchup, really, I'm okay. We’re both ok” Liz told her father without looking at him. She was looking at Michael from the corner of her eye but Michael was avoiding her stare.
He knew now there was no way back. She knew. He would have to tell her the truth or maybe not...after all she didn’t know about him or Isabel, Max was the one to heal her.

“Are you sure?” Mr. Parker asked again, not completely satisfied yet

“Yea” This time Michael was the one to answer and his father believed him.

Liz tried to talk to Michael but their parents didn’t leave them alone for one minute.
After dinner Michael excused himself saying he was very tired.

“You go too, Liz, it’s been a hard day” Ms. Parker said

“Ok. Night daddy, night mom”

Liz went to her room. Her mind was a whirlwind. What had happened? She knew she was shot. One minute she could feel the life going out of her body and the next thing she felt this warm feeling running through her body. She started to change in her pj but she stopped in the middle. Going over to the mirror she saw silver handprint on her stomach where Max healed her.

She waited for her parents to go to their room and went to Michael’s. She knocked but there was no answer. Cracking the door open she saw Michael in his bed sleeping peacefully. She would have to wait till the morning.
When Liz left Michael opened his eyes sighing in relief ‘ That was close’

When she woke up the next morning Michael had already left. Why? She usually got a ride with Maria and Michael with Max, but at least they had breakfast together. Sometimes they even went to school together too.
She had to walk to school that morning, the jetta was at the mechanic again.


At school...

She hadn’t been able to find Michael yet and she had to go to class. Reluctantly Liz walked to her next class...
After Biology class Liz run after Max who was clearly trying to avoid her. She caught up with him and pulled him into the band room. Unfortunately Kyle was inside.

“Kyle!” Liz was surprised to find him in there

“Hey!” He walked to her and gave her a quick peck on the lips


“Hey Max” Kyle greeted Max with a strange look on his face


“ So'd you get my message?” Kyle asked

“Oh yea, I did. I was uh, just a little....”she didn’t know why but the situation made her really uncomfortable

“Shaken up” he finished for her

“That's what it was”

“ I know, my dad told me about the gun going off. You okay?”

“Oh, yea I am, it was just load and then it was over”

“ So you guys are...??” he didn’t like when Max was close to Liz, he always seemed too focus on her, never taking his eyes off of her even when she was with him.

“Um, we're looking for a study, for our Bio midterm”

“ Oh right. Right okay, Biology. All right, I was leaving anyway” although he didn’t want to leave them alone “Great, um, that's good” she didn’t know what else to say to him

“ Oh, I got my costume for the crash this Friday it's great”

“Kyle. We've gotta study. Sorry” she couldn’t figure why he wouldn’t leave already, Liz was getting impatient

“Right. See ya Max” Kyle finally left

“'re going out with the Sheriff's son?” He already knew the answer. He had seen Kyle coming to pick her up at the Crashdown all summer long and knew from Michael they were dating. He was trying to pretend to be clueless.
It was useless, Liz already knew of his stares.

“Um. Well, it's kind of like this, this casual...okay, Max” she didn’t have to explain herself to him “Can we just focus here for one minute please?”
She lifted her shirt and showed him the mark on her stomach

“Wow” Max looked was surprised, he didn’t expect her to have a mark

“Um, I-I scraped some cells from your pencil. This is really hard to say, I'm trying to keep from blacking out here. Um, the cells weren't normal. So, Max, what I'm going to suggest to you is that we just go back to the bio lab now, so that I can take a sample so that I can see what I'm thinking is wrong, you know? That I got the wrong cells...” she needed to know, this couldn’t be true

“You didn't”

“Okay, um. So help me out here Max. I mean, what are you?”

“Well I'm not from around here” he answered calmly

“Where you from?”

Max pointed up with his index finger

“Up north?” she was still hoping she was misunderstanding him

So Max pointed higher to the sky confirming her suspicions

“You're not an, an alien, I mean. Are you?” This had to be a dream, aliens didn’t exist

“Well WE prefer the term not of this earth” he said jokingly but quickly apologized “Sorry, it's not a good time to joke. Wow, it's weird to actually say it” and it was, it’d been their secret for so long and now somebody else knew it

“We?” she was confused, who else was a...that’s when it started to sink...
“Isabel and Michael are also...uh...”

Liz started to leave

“Liz....” he called for her

“Um, Max, you know, I have, I'm gonna be late for my US Government class, so I'm just gonna...” she needed time to think, to process this new information

Max stops her at the door. He didn’t want her to leave yet “Liz, listen to me. You can't talk to anyone about this. Not your parents, not Maria. No one. You don't understand what'll happen if you do. Liz please? Now my life, our life are in your hands” he pleaded with her
Liz left and went to the cafeteria. Alex was talking to Maria who was rambling about the previous day events

“Well, it says right here that shots were fired but no one was injured” he marked her for the millionth time

“Then where's Liz?? I mean, why is she avoiding me?? Okay, first of all he walks into homeroom today, and goes and sits next to Pam Troy. She like, hates Pam Troy and you know like, goes around admitting it openly...and...Alex are you listening to me??” Maria was not going to accept this

“Yea, yea, Maria I'm listening to you. But this is just you being you. All right? Liz is fine, nothing happened it's all right here in black and white” he showed her the newspaper


Isabel, Michael and Max were having lunch together

“I can't believe this Max. You know, I finally feel like I have a quasi-normal existence and you go and blow it all with one random act of lunacy” Isabel was really pissed “How did you let my misguided brother do this?” she asked to Michael

“Hey don't turn this around on me. And besides, she is my sister and I didn’t want her to die”

“Look, I said I was sorry” Max wasn’t sorry at all, the truth was he would do it all over again if necessary
“You're sorry? You break a sacred pact and that's all you have to say? It's against the rules Max, the rules we made!” Isabel screamed at him

“You use your powers all the time” he pointed to his sister

“Recreationally” She said while heating her taco with her hand “The important thing is, to contain this. We just have to figure out what to say to Miss Scientist”
It bothered Michael when she called her like that but this time he didn’t say anything

Now Max really looked guilty “Oh my God, you told her” Isabel chided

“About the three of us? How could you?!” Michael was starting to panic “If I’d known you would be so stupid as to divulge our alien status I would have told her! After all she is MY SISTER and you know I’ve been wanting to tell her for...well, like for ever...”

“I didn't have a choice. It's gonna be okay” Max tried to calm them

“Don't you realize that everything has changed” Isabel told him

“No, it hasn't” was Max calmed answer

“Max, she's right, we're screwed” His worst fear was coming true “It's time to leave Roswell” He got up and the others followed him

“Michael, we can't just leave” Max tried to reason with him

“Yea we can. We've always known this day would come. We said when it did we'd be prepared”

“Michael, where are we gonna go. You know Roswell's home” This time Isabel was trying to make him understand
They got in the jeep. “Roswell's not home. It's not even in our solar system” Michael told them

“Well this is the closest thing we have to home right now” Max said angrily. Michael’s stubbornness was getting to him “I know we can trust her”

“I know, I live with her, remember?” Michael said with a bit of resentment in his voice

“ This is gonna be OK. We should just lay low. Go back to school and act normal”

“Act normal? That's your big plan Max? Don't you realize it's only a matter of time before they find us and turn us over to some government agency where they're gonna test us and prod us, and, oh yea, exterminate us” Isabel thought his brother was going crazy
Max pulled out and they left


In a school bathroom. Liz walked in and was splashing water on her face when Maria come out of a stall.

“Hey” Liz greeted her
“So I called like, 37 times” Maria said in a tone of reproach
“I know, I'm sorry” Liz apologized
“Liz, what happened?” she asked
“What do you mean Maria? You were there, you saw everything?” she tried to appear innocent, not knowing what her friend was talking about
“Did I? Cause um, this isn't ketchup” She said holding out the order pad “This looks a lot like blood to me. What did Max do to you?”

Liz didn’t know what to answer so she just dried her hands and left

In the jeep Isabel was sitting in the back listening to a CD by holding it up to her ear

“Isabel, could you please not do that?” Max said irritated

“Yea, like listening to a CD is the problem” she said sarcastically

“I couldn't just let her die. Michael?” he looked support in Michael but he didn’t answer

Valenti comes up behind them and turns his flashers on

“Is he pulling us over?” Isabel didn’t know how to react

“Max go, let's get outta here” Michael sound kind of scared

“We can't start acting guilty” Max always the calm leader pulled to the side of the road “He always pulls kids over he does it all the time. It's nothing”

“Yea, nuthin'” Michael mumbled. He’d been there after the shutting and see the sheriff’s face when that Larry tourist pointed about the missing bullet.

Valenti walked over “Your license and registration please” he asked with his deep voice

“Of course officer” Max said politely and handed them to him.

“Thank you Mr. Evans. We had a little trouble at the Crashdown Cafe yesterday. You kids be careful out there” Valenti asked

“Yes sir” Max moved his foot to the gas pedal and hit a half empty bottle of Tabasco sauce. Valenti saw it

“Watch your speed. Arrive alive” Valenti said looking at him suspiciously

“ We will” Max went to start the jeep, but Michael grabbed the keys “Michael, everything is gonna be okay”

“No it won't. Our cover is blown. And I'm not gonna hang around and wait for them to catch us”

“No one is caught yet. I mean, we don't even know if there is a ''them''”

“What happened to our parents?? What happened to everybody else on the ship? They were killed, and you know that”

“Liz won't tell anyone, she's different”

“Really? So how'd she react when you told her? 'Great you're an alien that's fantastic.'” He said sarcastically

Max looked away “No, I didn't think so” ‘I really lost her now’ Michael thought, but another voice inside told him ‘You never have her’ so why stay? He threw the key on the seat.

“Thought I was pissed” Isabel said with irony


After their date Liz and Kyle were walking to her door.

“Well, goodnight” Liz said awkwardly

“Oh right, right. Listen Liz, you've, you've been somewhere else all night”

“I know, I'm sorry. Kyle, do you ever wonder if....” the events had got her thinking, why was she still with him even when she knew she didn’t have real feelings for him, at least not romantic ones

“Do I ever wonder what?” As always Kyle was clueless

“When you see me, do you, do you feel things?”

“Yes, of course. I feel things. Like what?” ‘How could he ask what’

“Forget it, I don't know what I was talking about. I'm just gonna go get some sleep” she realized she was wasting her time

“All right” Liz reached up to turn off a light and Kyle saw the handprint.

“Liz?” She quickly pulled the shirt down

“Good night Kyle” she said pretending nothing had happened

“Goodnight Liz” He leaned down and kissed her, she wanted to turn her face away and she didn’t know why she hadn’t done it


Liz was on the roof when she heard a voice calling her name “Liz!!” She walked to the edge and looks over to where the voice came from.

“I have to talk to you” Max said looking at her asking for her permission to come up. She let him in.

“I can't imagine how you must feel right now, I mean, I've thought about telling you a thousand times”

“You have, me??” She was surprised by his revelation, she knew he kind of liked her but never would have imagine that he would have actually thought about telling her.

Max smiled at her “What?” she asked

“Sorry, I just, uh, I just keep picturing you in that dress, with the, uh, the cupcakes.....on it”

“What?” she smiled in spite of herself

“Forget it, it was a long time ago” but he kept smiling

“Oh my God. That's right. I can't believe I actually wore that thing!! I had that dress in kindergarten, I didn't know you until the third grade” she suddenly realized “Did you like, read my mind or something?”

“No, I-I don't read minds” he hurried to said “When I healed you, I made this, this, I don't know, this connection. And I got this rush of images.... An image of that dress flashed into my mind, and, I knew how you felt about it”

“How did I feel about it??” The scientist in her was waking up

“It was the single supreme embarrassment of your life. But your Mom made it for you, she was so proud of it, she'd never made a dress before, so you wore it. For her sake” Liz nodded in shock

“I've never tried this before, but maybe I can make the connection go the other way. So you can see, you know that, that I'm still me” Max offered her full of hope
He advanced until he was right in front of her “I have to touch you” Liz could only nod. Max put his hands on both side of her head
“Now just take deep breaths and try to let your mind blank out”
Liz got a rush of images, Max and Isabel walking down the road and the Evans finding them, Max on the first day, and how he sees her. In the halls at school talking to Maria, and since they were in third grade

I could feel everything he was feeling. I could feel his loneliness. For the first time I was really seeing Max Evans, I saw me as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful.
I can’t help but wonder, does Michael feel the same loneliness? Is he as scared as Max is? And if he is why wouldn’t he tell me about it? I felt so bad knowing he doesn’t trust me...

Max pulled away “Did it work?” There was so much hope and fear in his eyes. Liz was still speechless, she nodded and Max looked at her embarrassed. He turned around and Liz watched him walk down the stairs

Max Evans has put a force on me. It's like my whole life changed in an instant. It's just so ironic that when something like this finally happened to me, it was with an alien. It’s not just now that I know he wasn’t the right one...

Liz was determined to talk to Michael, she needed to and the sooner the better. If he was asleep she would have to wake him up, there’s no way she would let it pass from tonight.
Liz went to his room and without even bothering to knock she let herself in.

“Why?” she asked her voice almost a whisper
Michael was looking out of the window, he was expecting her, he knew there was no way to pull this off. He realized he didn’t want to, he wanted her to know.

Without turning around he answered her “We had rules”

“Rules? What do you mean?”

“Never tell and never use your powers in front of anyone. It could put us in danger”

“What danger?”

“Liz if anyone finds out they could turn us to a government agency to put us in labs and test us and who knows even kill us People are afraid of the unknown”

“I’m sorry” Liz hadn’t thought about that before

“No Liz I’m the one who’s sorry. I should’ve told you a long time ago”

“And why didn’t you?” she voice the one question that has been plaguing her mind since she found out about them

“I thought you’d be scared of me, repulsed and that you’d hate me” he said turning around to look her in the eyes

“Michael I could never hate you. You are my brother and I love you” she placing her hand on his arm without averting her eyes. She intended to comfort him but those words cause him much more pain that she could have ever imagined ‘What did you expect, Michael? She is your sister and you are her brother’ At least with that relationship she would be in his life forever, not like he wanted her to be but something is better than nothing

“No Liz you don’t understand. This puts you in danger too” He looked upset and scared of her reaction
Liz took a step towards him “Michael, I don’t care” she hugged him trying to reassure him, but she hadn’t really thought about that and it scared her.

Liz and Michael talked all night long.
She had tons of questions and Michael was up to answer them. He told her about the crash, about the pods and the dessert. She cried and kept crying with his story.
After that Michael told her about his loneliness and how afraid he’d been when the car came. How he hadn’t take Max’s hand and that’s how they ended separated. Max and Isabel with the Evans and he with Hank.
Michael had told her some years ago about Hank’s abuses but she now understood how deep his pain had been before he came to live with her and her parents and why he’d been so happy that first day of school when he saw Isabel and Max. She could see now the reason why the three of them were so close and her jealousy grew even more, making her blood almost boil. They shared a special bond, one she would never be a part of. Yes, she knew their secret now but something told her she wouldn’t be able to totally comprehend it.
But she wanted to try.
They spent the rest of the night awake, just talking. They were bonding freely in a way they’ve never been able to do before.
Michael was really happy for the first time, his life was almost perfect...


The next day at school Liz was in the band room looking for her bookbag when Alex approach her.
“Oh, hey Alex. Have you seen my bookbag anywhere? I can’t find it”
“No, I haven't. Can I talk to you for a second?” He asked seriously
“Yea, what's up??”
“Well, I'm you're friend, and I'm Maria's friend to, so if you lie to Maria, it's sort of like lying to me.”
“Alex, what did Maria say to you?” She loved Maria but man she had a big mouth
“Well, frankly it's vague. I mean, everything needs to be put through the Maria filter” he said with a funny look on his face “But, she said something about how she found blood on your order book. What's going on?”
“Alex, Maria is a total drama queen. You know that. Nothing is going on” She just needed to convince him that it was all in Maria’s imagination
“Ok, well look. All I care about is that you're OK. So you're you are right, you're okay?”
“I'm OK”
“All right”
“And whatever happened is ... over now??” he just wanted to make sure so he asked a last time
“It is totally over” she smiled reassuringly
“Okay” Liz hated lying to Alex but she couldn’t tell him the truth, she couldn’t betray Max and Michael’s trust, specially Michael’s not after their talk.
They stood in an awkward silence until the principal interrupted, he was with a police officer

“Ms. Parker, the Sheriff needs to ask you some questions” the deputy told her. It was more an order but she didn’t want to rise suspicions on them so she followed them to the office, where she sat at the desk till he walked in

“Afternoon Ms. Parker. Your father said it would be all right if I talked to you. I'm sorry to have to show you these” Her father, if he only knew....
The sheriff interrupted her trail of thoughts placing in front of her some pictures of a dead body with the handprint. “This man was found dead, no apparent cause of death. Except that. What do you make of that mark??”
She lied trying to cover it with an innocent look “I have never seen anything like that before.
“Kyle said he saw a similar mark on your stomach”
“He was wrong” Of course Kyle would tell his father she should’ve been more careful
“I'm sure, Kyle's got a pretty wild imagination. I'm gonna need to see for myself Liz” he used a tone that gave chills to Liz
“Come on sheriff, I mean, I told you that I spilled ketchup, and I, I said that like, a thousand times” she couldn’t let him see the handprint what was she gonna do, she needed time to think
“Liz, please?” He asked again. She stood up and pulled her shirt up to show him the mark When the sheriff didn’t say anything she looked down and saw the mark was gone. ‘Thank god!’ she had to hold back a sigh of relief
“The mark faded on the corpse too. What do you know about a kid named Max Evans?” Yea, too much good luck at once
“Max Evans??” ‘Think Liz, think!’
“Mmmm Hmmm...” he wasn’t that stupid, he knew the girl was trying to gain some time
“Um...He’s my brother’s friend but I don't really know him all that well”
“Was he one of the kids at the Crashdown that day?”
“No” she said without hesitation
“I see” He wasn’t convince
“Can I go home now sheriff??” She just wanted to get out of there but it was too late. Valenti put her bookbag, the one she’d been looking for all morning, on top of his desk the one where Liz had earlier put the dress with the bullet hole in.
“Just one more thing. Somebody turned in this bookbag, it is your isn't it??”
Valenti went straight to a Government agent that was waiting for him on another office

Liz went in search of Michael, she had to tell him about the picture but Michael was nowhere to be found. She even went to the art room, nobody knew about Michael’s love for art, except for Liz and it made her feel important for him.
She had discovered it casually a couple of years ago, she thought Michael wasn’t home so she went to his room to leave the laundry her mom had given her. She let herself in an caught him painting a beautiful landscape. It was a dessert and there was an amazing rock formation on the side...
“Michael that’s beautiful” she said startling him
“Liz, what are you doing here? Don’t you ever knock?” He was angry but she didn’t let it affect her. She walked closer to him
“I mean it Michael, it’s wonderful” That’s when she saw a pile of papers on the floor. She looked closer and took them. Going through them she couldn’t stop the Oh and Ah, they were captivating. “You made all of this?” she asked amazed
Michael nodded, he didn’t know what to do, nobody had ever seen his work, he didn’t thought it was worth look at them but Liz seemed to like them. Since that day Michael shared his paintings and drawings with Liz, her opinion meant the world to him. If she would’ve told him they were crap he would have stop painting that same day, but she enjoyed them, that was what encouraged him to paint more.

Max was at wrestling practice in the gym when Liz spot him. She took him to the art room
“I need to know the truth Max. I need to know, everything. Or I'll - I'm just gonna go to Valenti and I'm gonna tell him everything I know”
“Okay, But I thought Michael would have told you everything by now...
“He did, but now new things came up. Valenti talked to me...” she wanted to find out a few things before telling him about the picture “Um, what powers do you have exactly?
“We can connect with people, as uh, you know. We can manipulate molecular structures, and...we can....
“Wait, what does that mean?” She already knew most of this from Michael, but he never mentioned the molecular thing. She wanted to know what did he know about 1959
Max went to a clay sculpture on a nearby table and moved his hand in front of it, the shape changed
“That's, uh, that's how I healed you”
“Max, who else knows this?”
“No one”
“What about your parents?”
“We don't tell anyone. We sorta think our lives depend on it”
“Michael told me something.... So when you healed me you risked all of this getting out didn't you?”
“Yea” He nodded
“It was you” He said expressionless. Liz smiled him, maybe she could trust him
“Max, Valenti showed me this photo of a corpse. A murder victim. It had the same silver handprint on it's chest”
“That can't be”
“The photo was marked 1959”
“That's impossible”
“Kyle saw the handprint on my stomach and Valenti found my waitress uniform with the bullet hole in it. He just asked me if you were in the cafe during the shooting. Max, he suspects you” ‘Thank god he didn’t suspect Michael’
Max started to leave “Max”
“I have to go” He started to run away from her
“Max wait, go where?? Where are you going? Max wait!! Max!!” She ran out into the hall to stop him but lost him in the crowd of people who were running by dressed for the festival.

That night everything changed and changed everything.
The normal life we used to live no longer existed, it vanished, but I don’t think I would change a single thing...

Isabel was getting ready on her bed when Max opened the door “Forget the festival. It's time to leave”
Max and Isabel went to pick up Michael, he hopped in
“Where's your stuff??”
“I'm wearing it” He didn’t need cloth all he took with him was his silver pencil with his name engraved, it was Liz’s present for his fifteenth birthday, and two pictures one of his ‘family’ and of him and Liz that were in his pocket.
They would have never guessed what the future hold for them....

Maria confronted Liz that night threatening her with finishing their friendship if she didn’t tell her the truth. So Liz told her about the aliens, but when she did Maria ran out of the Crash screaming from the top of her lungs and Liz right behind her. She couldn’t allow anyone else to find out because of Maria’s outburst “Maria!!”

Michael was sitting in the back seat of the jeep
“So is this picture what we're seeing is there's more of us?” He didn’t say goodbye to Liz, he wasn’t strong enough. Michael thought if he told her he was leaving she would asked him to stay and he couldn’t say no to her, much less when she used her puppy look. Which she knew he couldn’t resist and made use of it more than often.
“One more, at least there was in 1959”
“Well then there's hope. I mean if we can find him, he can tell us where we came from, what we are...”
“Michael calm down, we had one potential relative 40 years ago, all we know about him is he was a potential killer” Isabel said irritated
Maria was rambling while driving and Liz let her, it was her way of processing the new information which she knew wouldn’t be easy
“Liz, Liz what happened to you? You were on this whole like, valedictorian path. You were on your way to be like, this world renowned scientist and I was gonna be your wacky friend. I can't be a wacky friend to someone who's already whacky!! It'd be like repetitious....”
“Maria you're babbling” That was enough for Liz
“I think I've earned the right to babble, all right so just deal with it”
Max, Isabel, and Michael drove past
“Oh my God Maria that's them!! Cut a U-ie!”
“Cut a U-ie?” she asked perplexed
“Maria!” Liz shrieked still looking where the jeep had disappeared
“Who are you? I mean.....”
Liz grabbed the wheel and made Maria do a U-turn in the middle of the road.
“Oh my God, you're a crazy person” Maria didn’t know what had happened with her old responsible, calm, self-controlled friend
“Maria I am not!! Please, just catch them!!”
“Catch them? Liz, we're in a Jetta”
The aliens saw Valenti patrolling and hastily Max turns down a side alley, that is blocked by another car, but before they can back up, Maria pulled in, blocking the path with her car.
“Great” Isabel said with irony
Liz and Maria got out and started to walk towards them, Max, Isabel and Michael followed suit meeting them half way
“Maria knows” Liz said looking into Michael’s eyes
“Unbelievable” Michael returned her look
“Look, I promise I won't tell anyone” Maria told them saucily
Michael advances on them and Maria backs up behind Liz. She’d always been a little afraid of Michael as well as attracted to him even when she didn’t admitted it
“Get your car out of the way, NOW!” demanded Michael
Liz was hurt. She just assumed that after their talk Michael and her would finally get close. That he would trust her but she was wrong. Here he was treating her like a stranger, like he didn’t care he was leaving their parents, that he was leaving HER
“I really don't think that you should try to leave. It's just gonna show people that you're guilty”
“Guilty of what? Saving your life?” he told her rudely. Liz looked hurt by Michael’s words ‘Why is he treating me this way? I know I told Maria when I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone but I didn’t have a choice ’
“Michael....” Max said in a warning tone
“Look, I think I have an idea here. If we can just all work together here maybe we can throw Valenti off ”
“We're not together. Our lives are at stake, not yours. Now move your car ” He knew he was being hard with her but it was for her own good. She didn’t have to be in the middle of this mess, Michael didn’t want her to risk her life but secretly he was happy she would do it. She was brave, that was one of the zillion things he lov.... ‘Stop it Michael!!! Stop it!’
“Michael, this can't last forever. This secret, and I don't want it to” Max spoke again
“Look I can't change what happened. But if you run, Valenti is gonna know it's you. You'll be proving it for him” she was pleading with them but secretly she couldn’t care less if Max and Isabel left all that mattered was that Michael stayed by her side, if she couldn’t have him at least he would be near her, always as a brother but she would be able to always see him, talk to him, being held by him, comforted, loved ‘No! No! No! This thing ends right now Liz!, you know is wrong’
“She's right”
“I should've known you'd side with her” Max agreed with Liz and it didn’t surprised Isabel at all
“Isabel I'm not on anyone's side all right” Max justified himself
“Get on a side Max because time is running out” Isabel said with anger
“She should move her car. I'm turning myself into Valenti” Max knew this would soften his sister
“Max we said we were leaving” Michael said trying to appear anger and rude but he was glad that now they wouldn’t be leaving
“Max I can't leave without you” Isabel pleaded with him, her voice cracking
“What's your idea?” Isabel asked Liz


They planned a scam.
Maria would pretend to be run over by a car and had a silver handprint painted on her chest. Michael walked away dressed in the same outfit as Kyle and then threw it away in a port-a-pottie.
Everyone thought it worked out but Valenti realized it was ink on Maria’s chest and confronted Max about it but he never told the others. Valenti would have want to arrest him but Max knew the law, and the sheriff didn’t have a single thing to arrest him for.
Michael didn’t believe it would work but nobody listened him.

The Festival host started to count off the seconds to the crash
Everyone screams when the little spacecraft takes off and crashes sending smoldering alien bodies all around
Isabel, Michael and Max all watched sullen, aching for what could have happened to the others that were in the spaceship, maybe their own parents
Max saw Liz and went to talk to her


“Hey” Liz was a little disappointed, she was expecting Michael would come to talk to her sometime along the night
He walked up and pushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear. Oblivion to an envious Michael that was staring across the yard.


“You had a, uh....” Max excused himself but he felt in heaven, he was finally talking to the girl of his dreams, she was so sweet and beautiful and he’d touch her hair too

“Hair thing, right. Thanks”

“Sure. Liz, it's not safe. I mean, for you and , and me's not safe”

“I don't care”

“Liz I really, really wish that this could be something, you know, more. But it can't. We're just...”

“Different” She really didn’t care, all she cared about was that she could be having this conversation with Michael.
He should be the one pushing her hair behind her ears and touching her but that was not only impossible but wrong to even think about. She had to push those thoughts and feelings aside.

“Yea” he didn’t know what else to say to her but he didn’t want to leave her side either “I'll see ya at school” He wished she would say something else, anything so he could stay there close to her, admiring her

“Max??” She called him “I never got to thank you, for saving my life” She could feel that someone was watching her from somewhere but she didn’t see a single soul

“Thank you”

It's September 24th, I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. But then the really amazing thing happened. I came to life...

It was a beautiful starry night. Liz was startled by a thud that came from her window. There he was.

“Hey” Her voice almost a whisper like she was afraid that if she raised her voice he would disappear


He went to sit next to her on the lawn chair “So...”

“Michael, I....” She started

“No, Liz let me get this out please” He interrupted her. A few minutes of silence followed. Liz was looking at him, all his emotions displayed on his expressions for her to see but Michael wasn’t looking at her. Finally he turned to look at her

“Liz, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have treated you that way, I just...

“Shhh, Michael, it’s ok” She put his fingers over his lips. They froze there, looking into each others eyes. Michael took her hand on his, he wanted to kiss those fingers, that small hand, he wanted to kiss those full lips...
Holding hands he looked up the sky, and Liz followed his gaze...

Or that’s what I thought at that time...


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Title: Siblings?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Rating: ? I have no idea

Category: Mi/L. Kind of AU but still aliens

Summary: What would have happened if Michael was taken from Hank and placed with the Parkers when he was around 8?
Michael and Liz never got along as brother and sister but when she discovers he’s an alien everything changes between them.....

Author’s note: : Ok, I know you said the last part was long and I know this one is too (sorry!) but there are some parts I just couldn’t cut, they’re from the episodes, like the talk between Maria and Liz about the Eraser room, it’s just too funny.(Please don’t suit me) Hope you like it!!

Feedback Please!!!!! :read

Part 6

The weeks after Max Evans saved me were crazy, but also exciting. I started to live a double life. One where I was still Elizabeth Parker, citizen of Roswell, alien capital of the world, who made fun of alien believers and the other one were I was Liz Parker believer, knowing, keeper of a secret, part of a new group of people (we weren’t really friends yet) whether I wanted or not.
I think that during those weeks was when I first realized I was in love with him but I couldn’t pursue those feelings so I buried them deep inside of me and tried to live my life as normal as possible given the circumstances.
After Max told me ‘I see you at school’ I just started to convince myself that I was falling in love with him and eventually I succeeded. It was just too painful to know that the one person I truly loved was out of my reach, impossible, forbidden.
But I’m jumping ahead, I’ll try to explain what happened...

September 27. I'm Liz Parker and I will never look at the stars in the sky the same way again. I'll never look at anything the same way again. What did Max Evans mean when he said, "I'll see you in school?" Was it "I won't be able to breathe until we meet again" or was it just something someone says to, like, fill space? And what is he thinking right now? Is he also obsessed, tortured, going through one sleepless night to the next, wondering what's going to happen between us?
And Michael, my brother who I thought I knew, is another person I have come to see him in a totally different light. I can understand now why was he so apprehensive when he first came. Mom and Dad never suspected a thing and I hope they never will. I know how much they mean to Michael and how much he would suffer if he lost them. It was a stiff relationship at first but now dad and Michael are really close, and mom adores him and I know, even if he doesn’t always express it, that the feeling is mutual. He’ll always be her little boy, scare sometimes, reserved others but the one who would protect his sister in any circumstances, yes, his sister...

That first week was one of changes. Topolsky came to the school passing first as a substitute teacher later as a guidance counselor, worried about Michael’s low grades.

At school in Geometry class. Liz was talking to a bunch of girls. Max was sitting at his desk across the room.
Liz glanced over at Max
The thing about Czechoslovakians that you sorta have to factor in, is they have these incredibly soulful eyes.
“OK, that is totally not Mr. Singer” A girl told Liz as Ms. Topolsky walked in. The bell rung
“Hi. I’m Kathleen Topolsky. I’ll be substituting for Mr. Singer who’s out sick for a couple of days” She started
“I hope he’s seriously ill” The girl spoke to Liz again
“So the infamous Roswell, New Mexico. Before we get started, let me just ask: Does anyone here actually believe in aliens?” All the class started to laugh. Max glanced over at Liz
“OK, let’s take roll. Uh... Bartley” she started to pass muster
“Here” Another voice answered
“Parker, Liz”
“Parker, Michael” nobody answered “Michael Parker? Is he here today? Does anyone know where Michael is?”
Everyone looks over at Max then at Liz
“Evans, right? Max Evans?”
“Do you know where Michael Parker is?”
“Uh, Michael’s not really into Geometry” The class burst into laughs
“He's not into it. I guess I can understand that. Pretty uninspiring stuff” Ms. Topolsky said
“Parker, Liz, any relationship with Mr. Parker?”
“Well, yeah, he’s my brother”
“Don’t you know where he is?” Liz moved her head negatively “Ok, so let’s open our books to page 228”
After class, in the hallway Liz approached Max “Hi” She greeted him
“Hi. How’s it going?”
“Good, um, you know, things are just things are just normal, you know? Completely normal” she said in a not normal manner
“Um, was that weird?”
“What?” He asked her clueless
“That substitute just asked all of those questions about Michael. What was that about?”
“I’m sure she was just taking attendance”
“Liz, don’t worry about it. No one's suspicious of Michael. It’s me” He tried to keep her from jumping to the wrong conclusions
Isabel saw them from across the hallway and walked up to them
“Hi Liz”
“Hey Iz” Max greeted his sister
“We should go” Isabel said talking to Max. She wanted to take him away from her. She grabbed his arm and they left

During lunch Liz talked to Maria about the new substitute, but instead of calming her fears Maria started to make suppositions about Ms. Topolsky being a spy or something like that
Kyle approached them, Maria left and he started to talk to Liz ‘God, doesn’t he take a hint?’ she thought annoyed.
That’s when Liz noticed Topolsky coming out of the Registrar’s carrying a stack of files.
“Kyle, I really want to talk to you right now, I do, but it’s just not a good time. I’m sorry, I gotta go. I’m sorry” she apologized while she left walking briskly through the halls to catch up with Topolsky and bumped into her, sending the files flying to the ground.
“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry about...”
“Parker, Liz”
“Yeah” She was surprised that this woman remembered her
“Photographic memory” Topolsky explained
“Wow, that’s interesting. I’ve never met anyone with a photographic memory before” Yeah, right, photographic memory....
“Helps in my line of work”
“Here, let me help you with that”
“That’s ok” She refused Liz’s help
Liz picked up an open file and saw Michael’s picture attached to the file.
That night Liz went to Michael’s room
“You’re sure it was my records, it was definitely my records?” He asked again
“Yeah, I’m sure”
“ And she asked about me in class?” He was getting suspicious, nothing good would come out of this
“Oh, well she was just taking attendance and so when you weren’t there, she asked the class if anyone knew you” she knew what Michael was thinking and wanting to soothe him
“So she’s looking for me”
“I don’t know what’s going on, Michael. I just thought I should tell you”
“Sure” She didn’t know what else to tell him so she left the room

She even went to their home to talked to him and his parents but he wasn’t there.
Mr. And Mss Parker didn’t take the news that well specially when they heard he had ditched school a few times, because of that Michael was under strict parental supervision till he improved his school grades and proved to be reliable again.

In the Evans’ living room Max, Isabel and Michael were talking
“Are you insane?!?” Isabel shouted.
Michael had been telling them how he went over to the police station pretending to be selling cookies for charity. He wanted to get the picture Liz told Max about
“I didn’t just wander in, all right? I had a cover story” He justified himself
“And what was your cover story?” Max couldn’t believe what he was hearing
“I was selling candies for charity. Peanut cluster?” He offered them a cookie
“And they bought it?’ That was even more unbelievable for Max
“No, they all seemed to be on a diet” Michael joked trying to lighten up the mood
“Not the candy, Einstein, the story” Isabel always the ironic one
“Yeah, they bought the story. Why are you wearing that?”
“Because, Michael, I have a date...with a guy...that I like. In fact, I like my whole life here. In fact, I have a date next Friday that I’m hoping I won’t have to miss because I’m running from the law”
“You two, the point is this. That file has got to be in Valenti’s office. All right? He leaves for the day at 7:30. There’s no one else in the entire wing of the Sheriff’s station. We go in, we find the file, we get the info, we put the file back—“ Michael explain, in hopes to get Max on his side
“So how do we break in? Hypothetically” Max asked
“The window. It’s got a lock on it. Nothing you can’t handle” He got Max
“Alarm system?” Max said looking at Isabel who was giving him a warning look “Hypothetically” he added
“Piece of cake. Even I could deactivate it”
“Max, don’t humor him. I can’t believe you’re even considering this” Isabel told him reprovingly
“I just want to know how feasible the plan is...which it’s not...feasible. It’s not feasible, Michael” Max lied to Isabel
“This is what we’ve been waiting for our entire lives. I mean this is the first time we’ve ever had any clue that might tell us who we are. We don't have a choice” Michael wanted them to understand what he was saying but it didn’t seem to getting through them
The Evans parents came home “Hey!” Mr. Evans shouted from the door “Anybody here?” Mrs. Evans asked
“And with government agents after us, we had better get our asses in gear, don’t you think?” Michael was still trying to convince them to brake into the sheriff’s office
“What are you talking about?” that caught Isabel’s attention again
“I’ll tell you later” he finished when the parents entered the living room.
“You guys hungry?” Their father asked
“Hey guys, we got pizza. Hey honey, you look…pretty” she said talking to Isabel. She noticed Michael was there “Oh Michael… hi” Mrs. Evans greeted him attentively
“Hey, I was just leaving” he quickly said
“We got plenty of pizza” Mr. Evans offered
“My mom’s waiting for me. Thanks anyway” He thanked politely
“Well, I’m starved. C’mon guys. Plates, napkins, let’s eat!” Mrs. Evans said

The next day after Geometry class in the hallway
“But she pulled other students’ records” Max said trying to convince Liz
“Well, yeah, but the point is that she pulled Michael’s” She was worried about MIchael
“How many others were there?” He wanted her to reason
“I don’t know, maybe 10”
“Well, 10’s a lot” He sound hopeful, maybe she’ll drop this
“OK it might have only been 5. I’m not sure how many there were” She knew it had been a mistake to tell him the truth, now he’ll have another excuse to take the significance away of it
“You can’t just tell all that stuff to Michael and get him riled up like that. You don’t know him. He’s not big into "let’s go over our options." He acts on things”
“Look, I’m sorry, I just thought that Michael was in danger and that I’d better tell him. And I think I know him pretty well to know what to tell him and what not” ‘How dare him? Why does he cared?’ She was just looking after Michael
“In danger of what?”
“I don’t know. I have no idea. Look, I am just saying that if there is a spy among us, don’t you think it behooves us to do something about it?” She asked him, she was getting frustrated.
“Spy?” he asked biting his cheek to contain his chuckles
“Well yeah” First she got reprimand for talking to Michael, and now he was dismissing her thoughts and opinions
“No, Max, that sort of thing exists, doesn’t it? There’s like special branches of the government...alien hunters, you know, that sort of thing”
“So you think Ms. Topolsky is an alien hunter”
“When you say it like that, it sounds ridiculous”
“Liz, thank you, you know, for looking out for us. But we have to go on with life as it was before this happened. And we have to be careful now. All of us. You, too”
She was first looking out for Michael, nobody was more important than him, who did this guy thought he was?
Max walked through the hallway and looked through a window. He saw Ms. Topolsky talking to Sheriff Valenti and another man. Max wondered if Liz might have been right after all.

In the women’s bathroom Maria read a note from Max to Liz that said "Meet me in the 2nd Floor Eraser Room 6th Period, Max"
“The Eraser room, huh? Liz, do you know what the 2nd floor eraser room means?” She asked lifting her eyebrows
“Of course I know what it means... What does it mean?” Liz asked innocently
“It’s where Greg Coleman gave Marlene Garcia that hickey the size of a softball. It’s where Richie Roher and Amanda Lourdes consummated everything...” She was starting to babble
“OK, Maria, you know what? You’re just making this into something it’s not” She had to shut her up before it got out of hand
“Liz, I don’t think you should do this. OK? I mean, we don’t know what can happen. I mean, the guy touched you and you saw into his soul. How do we know what happens if he kisses you? How do we know what it is to be kissed by a Czechoslovakian? You don’t” she squeaked
“OK, Maria, no one is kissing anyone here. I mean, Max isn’t even the least bit interested in me. You know, he said that things were just like they used to be before. Nothing’s changed. He said that” was she trying to convince Maria or herself?
She had heard the stories about the Eraser room but nothing like that would happen with Max. Would it?
“Oh my God, it’s not just kissing that goes on in the Eraser Room” How could Liz be so naive
“She’s got that right” A Voice said from behind. It was the same girl Liz was talking to in geometry
“The Eraser Room does two things: cleans erasers and takes our innocence. Do you know what I mean by "takes our innocence," Liz? The Eraser Room has taken some of the best of us. And what if Michael hears about it? He’d kill you both you and Max and ask questions later.

In the eraser room
“So, um, this is the Eraser Room. I’ve never been here before” She said locking the door. It was really awkward to be alone with him in there. She didn’t know why Max had asked her to meet him there but Liz couldn’t take out of her mind what Maria had said about Michael earlier in the bathroom? What if he found out? Would he get mad? ‘Why do you care? It’s not like you owe him any explanation as to who she kissed or don’t!’ she reminded herself but she didn’t want Michael to get the wrong idea
“I just thought we should be somewhere private”
“You were right about Topolsky. She isn’t who she appears to be”
“Oh” Max was admitting his mistake?
“She’s been using this office. I thought we should find out why she’s here”
“She has off 6th and 7th period, so we might be here a while”
“OK, I’m still confused. If you crash-landed in 1947, are you really 16 or are you like 52 in a 16-year-old’s body? Or do you guys just age differently? I mean, is like 1 alien year equal to 3 human years?” She still had so many questions
“You’ve thought about this a lot, haven’t you?”
“Kind of ”
“Well, we know we came out of the pods in 1989. We just don’t know how long we were there. When we came out we looked like 6 year olds” He was going to answer all her questions
“So were you like green?” She realized too late what she had just asked
“Green?” he repeated bewildered
“Before you took human form, were you 3 feet tall and green and slimy?” she laughed at her own ridiculous question, embarrassed “You know, I’m very sorry for asking you that. It’s Maria’s question” She was going to kill Maria for putting those ideas in her head
“No, we just always looked like this. Except for the, uh, third eye” Max was quite amused with Liz so there was no reason to have some fun at her expenses. Max looked down at the ground as Liz casually looked over at him. Max then leaned over as if to tie his shoelace and Liz leaned forward staring at the back of Max’s head. Max peeked over and saw Liz looking at his head. Kidding!”
“Yeah, I knew you were kidding” She laughed and playfully shoved him. “You’re such a jerk!” She didn’t know at that time how much truth there was in that statement
“So uh, you really have no idea where you’re from, like what planet, or who your people are besides Michael and Isabel?” She couldn’t even begin to imagine what that must have feel like
“No idea”
“Well, that must be kind of freeing in a way” And in some sort of way she envied them
“Freeing?” He didn’t understand what it was like to be her either
“Um, well just with me, you know, my parents own the Crashdown, so everyone in town knows who I am. Like, if I so much as get a haircut, everyone seems to notice, and they have to give me their opinion on it. It kind of makes life claustrophobic. It’s like, you know, how am I ever supposed to become whoever it is that I’m gonna become while everyone is looking? You know? Sometimes I wish I could just be invisible”
“Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to be so invisible” They were looking at each other when they heard Topolsky entering her office, and they turned to look through the grate and talk to an unknown man.
Outside the police station, Michael was watching as men remove files.

Max and Liz pulled up in front of the Crashdown Café. Michael approached Max.
“Five minutes” Max said talking to Liz
“Right” She made a beeline to Maria
“Michael, something’s up” Max was talking to him outside the cafe
“They’re taking things out of the Sheriff’s office” announced Michael
“I don’t know. Some guys in suits. So we gotta get in there. It’s now or never, Max”
Inside Maria was talking to a customer when she saw Liz “You know, I’d steer you to this side of the menu. Oh excuse me” She turned to Liz “Where have you been?”
“I need you to cover for me”
“Oh, no!. It's a zoo!”
“Excuse me, I’ve been waiting for my hot fudge blast off for like 20 minutes” another customer interrupted them
“Yeah, like you need 80 grams of fat” Maria said under her breath before turning to Liz again “OK, so one trip to the eraser room and you’re like above working? Go get your uniform on, Madonna. The masses are demanding alien-themed, greasy food and by God, it’s our job to serve it to them. And your irresponsible brother decided not to show up tonight”
“No look, Maria, this is really important. I promise I will tell you everything later. You’re the best, but right now I’ve gotta go” Liz said from the door leaving an irritated Maria alone with all the tables
In the parking lot, Max and Michael were still talking, almost arguing
“Michael, it’s important to me, too”
“All you want to do is protect what you've got here in Roswell” ‘You want the same Michael’
“That’s right, I do” Max stated. They turned to see Liz waiting by Jeep
“Look, the woman who pulled your records, she’s on her way here”
“What?” No matter what she wanted, it couldn’t be good
“Just stay away from here tonight. Isabel is waiting for you at our house. Just go there and wait” Max told him
“Wait for her to find me?” ‘Great idea’
“Don’t do anything stupid” With Max last recommendation Michael stalked off.
Kyle Valenti pulled up in front of the Crashdown as Liz and Max were hiding the jeep from view
“Liz!” He called.
Topolsky pulled up in front of the back of the Crashdown. Liz moved closer to Max in order to watch her.
Topolsky disappear for a good half an hour, she was talking to the Parkers inside, when she finally came out Liz drop her ring and bent down to look for it, Kyle got the wrong idea and went to the car but to make matters worse he revealed their presence to Topolsky.

Mr. And Ms. Parker didn’t take the news very well, specially when they found out he had ditched school a few times, because of that Michael was under strict parental supervision till he improved his school grades and proved to be reliable again.
That night during dinner Mr. And Ms. Parker had a conversation with Michael

“Look, I can understand that you don’t like school but your mom and I had discuss this and we think that Liz should help you to improve your grades, so we want to see a good one in two weeks otherwise we’ll have to start cutting your going outs and visits to friends” it was an order “Are we clear?”

“Yes dad” Michael said looking at him then at Liz. Spending time with her would be really difficult

“Your grandma will be visiting us next week” Ms. Parker announced trying to lighten the mood by changing the subject

“Grandma Claudia is coming?!” Liz’s face lit up and so did Michael’s

“Will she be staying long?” Michael asked. Grandma Claudia was one of Michael’s favorite people. She was funny, nice, caring and understanding.

Even with all the parental watch he managed to broke into the sheriff’s office with Max and found a key that could’ve mean nothing if it weren’t for the flashes Michael received from it. When Liz found out about his she got really mad.

“Are you out of your mind?!” she said in an angry whisper, they didn’t want their parents to wake up “Are you trying to get yourself killed?!”

“Liz it’s non of your business” He said in a harsh tone

“Hell it’s non of my business. You are my brother and Max is my...”she couldn’t finish her sentence, he didn’t let her

“Your what?! Your new boyfriend?” He was mad

“No, I was not going to say that, so don’t put words in my mouth” He had always been really overprotective when it came to boys and Liz but over the last year it got really worse. He made a scene every time she got on a date.
She secretly liked it, felt like he cared but she would never let him know that.

He took a step forward, lowering his face to her “Look Liz, just stay out of this ok?” ‘God she smells so good’
Liz was lost in his beautiful deep eyes and her sight traveled down to the way his lips curved when he was angry. She wanted those lips on hers, kissing her fully... ‘No!!!’ She came out of her state, how long had she spaced out?
She look back into his eyes, they were looking right back to her “What am I suppose to tell mom and dad if something happens to you, if you get caught? Don’t you ever think of that?” She asked him in a much softer tone

“I won’t get caught, so don’t worry? He said leaving her to rush into his room. Slamming the door he leaned his head on it. If he wouldn’t have left then he would have kissed those luscious lips of her and that was something he wouldn’t be able to explain to her or his parents...

Next day on the school grounds. Liz was walking through the hallway when Topolsky appeared behind her
“Miss Parker! I have some questions for you about Michael. He is in serious trouble. I’m not a substitute teacher. I’m the new guidance counselor”
“Guidance counselor” Liz murmured
“And Michael is a boy who’s in serious danger of being expelled from this school. Being your brother you’ll talk to him. You’ll have him come in and meet with me. Soon. I already talked to your parents about this but I thought it wouldn’t harm to tell you too. Are you with me Miss Parker?”
“I’ll tell him” Liz answered
“Thank you” As Topolsky walked away, Liz saw Kyle staring at her. ‘What now?!’ she thought annoyed

Ever since I found out about Max and Michael and Isabel, I’ve been thinking a lot about secrets.
That for everyone who has a secret, there’s someone else who needs to know what that secret is.
How sometimes secrets keep people from feeling like they belong.
And sometimes secrets make you feel like you do belong.
And now even I, Liz Parker, the smallest of small town girls with the simplest of lives-- even I have something to hide...

The rest of the week went by fast Michael and Liz studied together every night after dinner. It was torture for both of them but worst for Michael. He didn’t know how he’d managed to get through this for another week. Everytime Liz bent down to his paper he could smell her hair, see her cleavage from under her top and all he wanted to do was carry her to bed and make love to her all night long. What would it feel to kiss those lips, those breasts? It was getting harder to control himself. He saw her everyday, in clothes, sexy nightshirts or manly pjs and he couldn’t help but dream how she’d look without clothes on. Everynight was torture.
It was hard for Liz too. The way his t-shirt clung to his every muscles. To see him shirtless, wearing only his night boxers. How’d it feel to run her hands over them, to be able to cuddle with him in bed and lay her head over his chest and sleep.

Finally the day was here, grandma Claudia would be there later that night.
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It's October 19th. I'm Liz Parker and this is what I've been thinking. Can life ever go back to normal?
I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t look for it but I wouldn’t change a single thing

At Crashdown Cafe
“It's crazy” Maria said. The place was packed with hungry people
“It's an orthodontist convention” Liz explained
“Why would orthodontists want to convene in Roswell?”
“That's a good question” It seemed ridiculous. But there were other things on Liz’s mind “Oh, my God. I forgot to tell you. Grandma Claudia is coming on Friday”
“I have been going through Grandma withdrawal. I just love Grandma Claudia”
“I know. She's like the basis of my existence” Liz and her grandma had always had a very special relationship

Part of me wants safety, wants to go back to how things were, to a life that I could predict, where I know how life is going to be. And the other part of me wants to go somewhere else, into the unknown. The place were my life would be complicated but full of happiness and I dream of a place where my love would be just normal and uncomplicated, but that place doesn’t exist and will never do. Am I making any sense?

Liz walks over to Max's booth
“It's an orthodontist convention”
“So, are you waiting for Michael or... ‘cause he isn’t here, he had to do some errands for dad”
“No, no” Max looked over menu, pretending to be picking something up “I'll just have an Alien Blast”
“Me, too” ‘Did I just say that out loud?’
“Excuse me?” ‘Did I just hear right?’ He was getting the wrong idea
“Nothing...ok, one Alien Blast” Liz covered it up
Some Jocks were looking over at Liz and Max and one of them said “He's the guy”

After the Crashdown closed, Max walked across the street where these jocks were waiting for him and they beat him up. He didn’t defend himself, instead he walked home
“It's those jocks from the football team, right? Kyle and his friends?” Michael asked for the tenth time
“Kyle wasn't there” Max clarified
“I've seen them giving you those looks. It was them, wasn't it?”
“It doesn't matter who it was”
“I'm going to kill them. They had no right to do this” Michael was furious, he was the only one with the right to do this kind of things when it came to Liz
“So what are we going to do?” He’d wanted to beat Kyle up for some time now
“What do you mean we're going to do nothing?” Michael couldn’t understand Max reaction
“Michael, listen to me. This is bad. Kyle does something to us. We do something back to him. This kind of thing gets all over school, all over town. Rumors start flying. The whole thing about what I did to Liz starts coming up again. We get exposed.”
“That's exactly what I'm saying. We go and we shut up those guys right now” He knew Max was right but still he needed to do something
“Michael, we have to stick together now, more than ever before. We have to go back into our shells. We can't do anything to those guys. I have to stay away from Liz” That was the best thing Michael had heard in a long time
“Then I’ll tell Liz” He had to push a little more just to keep up appearances
“No Michael, I mean it, lay low”

At school, in the hallway, Liz was apparently looking at a calendar of athletic events but she was actually waiting for Max. She didn’t know why was she doing it, but there she was. Before she realized, Max come along and Liz walked up to him
“Hey, Max”
“What happened to your face?”
“I fell” Max lied
“Are you ok?” She was genuinely worried
“When did this happen? It looks really bad” She could feel there was something he wasn’t telling her
“Yesterday. Uh, look, I got to get going. I have an English midterm. Bye” He saw Kyle coming their way, adn left as a coward
“Bye” Liz didn’t understand his abruptness until Kyle walked up to her
“Liz, hey” He pecked her on the lips
“So, tonight's movie night, right?”
“Yes” Why had she agreed to it?
“Video store at 6?”
“Sounds great”
“All right. Ok, see ya”
The Jocks were walking down the stairs and Michael walked toward them and run into one of them, giving him an itch

At the Crashdown Cafe, Mr. Parker was singing to an old song when Grandma entered
“Grandma!” Liz squealed
“Honeybear! Oh, hello Jeffrey....oh, you're still listening to them. You're dating yourself.”
“Well, you know, some things defy time” He joked back
“Oh, look at you” Ms. Parker said taking Liz in her arms
“Last year when I left, you were a child. Now I come back to find a beautiful young woman” It was amazing how time went by so fast
“Grandma, let me help you upstairs with your stuff” Liz offered, she was neverr too good at taking compliments
“Oh, Jeffrey will get it, won't you dear?” She asked her son. Mr. Parker nodded

“I thought you weren't supposed to be here until Friday” Liz said “Ok, so tell me what's going on. Did you finish that book you were working on last time?” She wanted to know everything that had been going on in her grandma’s life
“Oh, book, schmook. Let's dish” grandma was more interested in her granddaughter’s life.
Right then Mrs. Parker walked down the stairs with a basket of laundry
“Hey Claudia” she greeted her mother in law
“Nancy, oh it's so good to see you. Hey, come with us. We're going upstairs to catch up” Claudia offered
“Really? Should I?” Her daughter never talked about her love life with her
“Yeah, definitely. C'mon mom” She didn’t want her mother to feel excluded from their girl talk
“I don't think so...I have a lot of laundry to do so...” She knew her daughter too well
“We'll be back just as soon as Liz has told me about all the boys who are head over heels in love with her”
“Don't waste your time because she never talks about that stuff” She was convinced Liz didn’t talk about that kind of stuff with anyone that wasn’t Maria

In Liz's room
“So, in any case, Kyle's not somebody that I'm going to marry or anything. But it' know. We have a good time together. It's good” She was telling her what her relationship with Kyle was like. Grandma was waiting for Liz to say more
“What?” Liz asked
“Well, not every relationship has to be the be-all and end-all”
“ doesn't?”
“No...everybody wants to find her soul mate, but there's so much time for that. I think it's nice that you have somebody you can have fun with” She knew Liz wasn’t telling everything
“What if there was something else?”
“Something else?”
“Someone else” Liz finally said
“Now, this is worth the price of the airfare” she said with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Liz looked a bit embarrassed
“What if this someone else could potentially know, what you said”
“Is there?”
“But what if were like incredibly, incredibly complicated? Impossible”
“Well, one thing I can tell you....if it isn't complicated, he probably isn't a soul mate”
Maria opens the door and entered and launch herself into grandma’s arms exclaiming “Grandma!”
“Oh, Maria! Look at you. Another beauty. God help this poor little town with you two running around”
“Ok, I love this woman” Maria said to Liz
“Wait...look at this. It's an article on the first findings of the Navajo Indians in hundreds of years. Lost Treasures by Claudia Parker. It's going to be in the American Journal of Archaeology” Liz was so proud of her
“That is so cool.....ok, alright, so let's talk about me. The hair thing...does it work for you? I kind of see it as a Meg Ryan style after an electric storm” Maria the always self centered asked
“I think it's you”
“She's good. Ok, so what were you guys talking about?” Maria asked to them
“Nothing” Liz rushed to say. She knew Maria the chatterbox would come to the surface if she didn’t stop it on time
“Boys” Grandma said
“Oh...Kyle or Max?” There it was, Maria’s big mouth. Liz gave her a "gee, thanks a lot" look, the one that said will talk later. She wasn’t even referring to Max but she couldn’t exactly tell them who it was....
“Thank you...”
“Aha...Max” Ms. Parker was surprised, she thought Liz was referring to... ‘No, of course not, that was all in your imagination’
“No...Max...he's so not possible. He's just like this whole different...”
“Life form?” Maria finished for her
“Type’ Liz corrected her with a reprobating look
“How intriguing. A dangerous man?” Grandma asked
“Spacey man” Again Maria talking without thinking
“A mystery man” Claudia was thinking about how all these qualities applied to Michael too
“Ok, you're out of control” Liz needed to stop this “Besides, you know him, he’s Michael’s best friend”
“So, speaking of the devil, where’s my little boy anyway? Ms. Parker asked

Kyle and Liz were walking on the street towards Crashdown Cafe
“I can't believe you actually rented this. This looks like the worst movie in history” Liz told him
“Well, ok, for your information, "Massacre at Sunset Village" is a modern day classic. And the serial killer homes in on this retirement community so it's got something for your grandmother” he defended
“I am not showing this to my grandmother” ‘What am I doing with this guy?’
“Well, twenty minutes of "Wings of Boringness" and we'll all be ready for some action”
There was a crowd gathered outside the Crashdown and an ambulance outside. Liz got really scared
At the hospital, some nurses were wheeling in Grandma on a stretcher down the hall. Doctors and nurses were talking some incomprehensible technical stuff. Jeff Parker wanted to go in with her but a nurse stop him at the door “I need you to wait out here”
In the hospital lobby the Parkers, Liz and Kyle were waiting for news about Grandma
“I'm gonna go...’Liz got up from her sit and went to buy a soft drink. She decided to make a phone call to Max, they hadn’t been able to find Michael yet.
“Hi, it's Max...I'm not here right now, but please leave a message” His machine answered
“Hi,'s Liz. I'm at the hospital. Something happened to my grandmother. We don't know if it's serious, but it seems really bad. Is Michael with you? If he is, could you please tell him to came to the hospital? I'm just scared. Look, I don't even know why I'm calling you. I guess I just wanted to hear your voice or something and to see if you’ve seen my brother. Now I just feel completely stupid. Look, don't come here or anything because everyone is here. I'll just see you in school tomorrow. Sorry for the weird call. Bye.
In hospital lobby Mr. And Ms. Parker were talking with the doctor. He told them she had a stroke but that she was stabilized.
After Dr. Sanchez left Max entered
“Max” for some strange reason Liz wasn’t surprised to see him there
“My grandmother just had a stroke” Liz told him, she had to, Kyle was by her side
“I heard and I'm are you doing, you ok?”
“Yeah, thanks...Look dad, Max is here”
“Hi there” Mr. Parker greeted “Have you seen Michael?”
“No, I thought he was here. I came to keep him company” Max answered
“We hadn’t been able to find him yet” Ms. Parker said apologetically

Outside the hospital Max went to start the car and saw Kyle waiting to talk to him
“So, did you find Michael?”
“You didn’t come here for that, did you?”
Max kept silence
“Max...I know that something happened between you and Liz the day of the shooting. That you helped her out or whatever. She was shaken up and you calmed her down and I appreciate that. But what I don't appreciate is that ever since then, you've been all over her. I see it, Max. My friends see it, the entire school sees it. Now, I like Liz...a lot, and I don't want you around her”
“Believe me, I can see that” Max told him and with that he drove off

It was midnight. Michael entered grandma Claudia’s room.
“Hi grandma” He said even though she seemed to be asleep
“Hi Mickey” she answered startling him, Michael smiled. Th only person who called him Mickey was her. Liz used to do it when they were kids but not anymore.
“You worried us”
“I know, I’m sorry” she said regretfully, she didn’t like her family suffering and worrying, much less because of her “So, what’s bothering you?”
“Come on Mickey, I know you pretty well” she said in a sweet voice “ You can tell me anything, you know that, don’t you?”
He nodded and smiled her “I can’t keep anything from you, can I?” he teased her
“You know you can’t” she teased back
“Well, there’s this girl...” he started
“I knew it!” she exclaimed
“ But it’s complicated, impossible I would say”
“There’s nothing impossible when it comes right from your heart Michael”
“No grandma, it’s not possible, we’re not meant to be together like I want us to” he was afraid to continue
“Look Michael, life is too short to worry about what other people say or think. If yours is a true love, you’ll find the way to be together”
Michael was silent for a moment. He walked to the window. Everything was dark outside. Maybe if he told her it was Liz, if he voiced his deepest feelings he could overcome them, forget about her
“So who is it?” She knew who it was, she’d been right the whole time. Grandma Claudia waited, she knew he would tell her.
He turned around to face her but she had fallen asleep. He walked to her and bent down to kiss her forehead “I love you grandma” He walked to the door and was about to leave when he turned around and whispered “Liz” then he left.

Exam going on in classroom. It was a really important one and Mr. Parker insisted Michael took it. He took the chance to change the answers of one of the jocks that beat up Max

At Max's locker
“Max, hey”
“Hey, how's your grandmother?
“We're waiting, but I think she's going to be ok. I mean, if anyone can pull through this, it's her. She's so full of life. I was thinking that when she gets better, I'd really love for you to meet her again”
“I hope she's ok”
“So, about last night” Liz didn’t know why she was bringing last night up
“Yeah, I shouldn't have come. You told me” Max apologized
“ No, I'm glad you did. It really meant a lot that you were there. And I know Michael would have wanted you there too. I'm just really sorry that it got so awkward”
“It was a mistake. I mean, you had your family there...and Kyle”
“I know I shouldn't have’s just we couldn’t find Michael and...”
“Yeah, you shouldn't have probably. But I understand it’s just that we said we agreed to, you know...see ya later, Liz” Max left a bit frustrated, he didn’t know how to tell her what he wanted without going too far
In the bathroom, Max knocked down a stall wall
“Ow” Michaell exclaimed “Gandhi feeling frustrated?”
“Shut up” He said in a harsh tone
“Let me're in love with a girl and she's with another guy” Well that was the story of his life too
“You realize that you can be really annoying, right?” Max said irritated
“I got something else that's gonna cheer you up” Michael pointed to Kyle who couldn't open his locker
“What the hell are you doing?” Max asked eyes wide open
“What am I doing?”
“What are you doing?” he was angry now
“I'm helping you out” ‘And myself’
“No, you're not helping me out. You promised me that you wouldn't do anything to those guys” Was he stupid?
“I promised I wouldn't hurt those guys” Michael reminded him
“You're putting us in danger, Michael”

Liz was sitting on a couch in a hallway at school when Maria came by “Liz, how's she doing?”
“She's ok...we're just going to wait and see”
“Come here. So what are you doing at school?” Liz lie down on Maria's lap and Maria started twirling her hair
“I was at the hospital all night. So was Michael. My parents just wanted us to take a break. Mom said she'd page us if anything changed”
“Well, you know, you should be at home then...binging on junk food and Rosie”
Liz sit up “Maria, I'm getting this really weird feeling from Max” She needed to take her mind out of the other problems
“What kind of feeling?”
“It's like he's pulling away or something...he can't even be pulling away because we're not together to begin with, but I feel him like avoiding me” ‘And so is Michael’
“Well, wasn't that the whole agreement, that you guys wouldn't be seen together for awhile?” Maria asked
“Yeah, but it's different. I saw Max before and he had this tone like I was his enemy or something” She really didn’t know what that had been about
“Maybe you're just reading into this too much. I mean, with everything that's going on”
“Maybe” Liz wasn’t so sure. The bell rung “So, I'll just, I'll see you at work”
“Work? No way you're working tonight, Liz” she stated
“No, Stephanie's on vacation, Karen's pregnant, and those tooth people are going to invade. I cannot leave you by yourself”
“Liz, you should be with your family, ok? I can handle the Crashdown” Maria tried to convince her
“Are you sure?”Liz really wanted to be with them
“Absolutely, and besides, I'm not alone. I have Agnes”

At the hospital, Mr. Parker was telling a story about grandma Claudia “Well, your grandmother was hiking in Yosemite. And she came across this guy who was deer hunting”
“And it wasn't even deer season” Ms. Parker added
“Well, I think it was. But anyway, he's hunting inside the national park” Jeff Parker spoke to his wife
“And it was off season, too” Nancy observed
“Anyway, she arrested him” He kept with the story
“Who, the hunter?” Liz asked. Michael was silent, hearing the story
“Yeah, it was him and his brother and their buddy, too, right?” Her dad answered
“Right” Nancy confirmed her husband’s statement
“Made a citizen's arrest”
“And you should have seen your grandma. She's dragging these 3 gun-wielding, beer-guzzling hunters into the sherriff's office. It made national news, right?” Ms. Parker finished the story
“She's so incredible” Liz said. She and Michael were smiling.
A voice in the Pa/Intercom said “Code Blue, ICU, Room 104, Code Blue, ICU, Room 104”
“Oh my God. It's her”Mr. Parker panicked

Later on at the hospital, after Crashdown closed, Maria visited and offered to stay but Liz said it wasn’t necessary her parents were there and so was Michael
“Ok, I love you” Maria told Liz hugging her
“I love you, too”
She walked back to sit next to Michael.
“She’s strong, she’ll come out of this and will be fine” he told her reassuringly taking her hand in his
She smiled at him “Yeah, she is but you dont have to be like this, I know you’re worried about her too”

At Max's house. He went to answer the door, there she was
“Can I talk to you for a second?” she said and he noticed the tear tracks on her cheeks “So I've been thinking about why I called you, you know, that day from the hospital. Because I knew it was against the rules and it led to that whole awkward moment. But, I called anyway. Sort of couldn't help it. Because when something like this happens, what's happening to my grandmother, you don't listen to logic to what you're supposed to do. You listen to your heart, and my heart told me to call you. Because you were the one person in the world that I really wanted to talk to. Max, I've been thinking something, and I'm really not going to be able to get it out of my head unless I just say it. I'm really sorry for asking you this, but is there, is there anything that you could do for my grandmother, you know, do?” She knew it was wrong to ask him this but she had to
“Liz, when I saved you, it was because you were shot, and there was a bullet in you. Something was happening to you that wasn't supposed to happen. It was before your time. But I can't just heal people. I'm not God” He would have wanted to do it but some things were inevitable
“I know”

Back at the hospital, Liz came out of Grandma's room
“How's she doing?” Kyle asked
“She's ok” she took a deep breath
“Listen, I need to talk to you” Kyle said. They went outside hospital, and Kyle told Liz about Tommy and Paulie beating up Max, that’s when she realized she really needed to end this relationship with Kyle, and she did, she broke up with him

In Grandma's room
“Mom, Dad? Hi guys. I got you a cup’ Liz gave them the coffee, Michael was there too
“Thank you” her dad thanked her
“Why don't you guys go outside and get some air?” Liz offered
“You sure?” he asked unsure to leave them alone
“Yeah, we'll be fine, ok?” Liz responded. She went to sit down on the other side next to Grandma's bed
“Grandma...grandma...” Liz said, her eyes misting up
Max entered “Hey” He looked at them, both holding each of grandma’s hands. “I can't stop, you know what's going to happen, but maybe I can help you say goodbye” He told them. Michael stood up and Max took his place. Liz was close to the door and he went to stand next to her. Max tried to revive grandma, but can't
“I'm sorry” He apologized
“Thank you” Liz said
“Honeybear” She would recognize that voice anywhere, she looked up and saw her Grandma, then looked back to the bed and saw her Grandma still lying on bed. Michael eyes filled up with tears
“Let me guess...Max” Claudia Parker said
“Grandma, I guess the thing I wanted to say to you more than anything else is just how much you mean to me, and somehow you just always manage to make me feel really special, and I, I just don't know what I'm going to do without you” Liz poured her heart out
“You're going to do just fine, and I want to tell you something. When I look at you so excited about life, I see myself, and that's a gift, a gift that I will take with me, that I'll always treasure. Promise me one thing, that you'll follow your heart wherever it takes you. Trust it. Will you do that?” She asked
“I will” Liz promised
She turned to Michael “My boy...”
“Grandma, I just wanted...”
“Shh, I know sweety”
“No you don’t grandma. I’m not who you think I am” He needed for her to know the truth
“Somehow I’ve always known you were different”
“And you don’t care?” It was so important for him that she would accept him even knowing who he was
“Why should I, your still my sweet, handsome grandson. Just remember what I said. Follow you’re heart, he’ll never betray you”
“I will”
“One more thing before I leave, remember not only to trust your heart but also to trust the people that love you, will you that for me Mickey?”
He nodded and smiled through his tears, that were now running freely down his cheeks. Then the machine showed a flatline and grandma disappeared.
Liz was by his side, sobbing disconsolately. She reached for him clinging to his neck and Michael hugged her back both crying on each others shoulders.
Max was still holding grandma’s hand watching the scene in front of him saddened
Outside Crashdown Cafe. Max walked Liz Home, Michael wanted to stay in the hospital a little longer and Mr. Parker asked Max to take Liz home to have some rest.

The tough thing about following your heart is what people forget to mention, that sometimes your heart takes you to places you shouldn't be, places that are as scary as they are exciting and as dangerous as they are alluring, and sometimes your heart takes you to places that can never lead to a happy ending

“Max, thank you for...”
“Shhh. It's ok” Max hugged her
“Good night” Why wasn’t Michael with her, he should be the one hugging her and comforting her
“Good night, Liz”

And that's not even the difficult part. The difficult part is when you follow your heart, you leave normal, you go into the unknown.
And once you do, you can never go back.

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