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Title: Passions
Author: Anya
Disclaimer: Don't own them... just borrowing them for now.
Summary: Never thought I would actually write a smut fic.. but here it is.. Please tell me it didn't suck much???
I dedicate this to all my buddies LGB, Goddess, Shell and last but definitely not least Stormy.... Hope you all will like this???

Liz is beyond drunk.. She never thought that day would come when her so called

bestfriend would turn out to be two timing backstabbing whore... She couldn't

believe she caught her so called soulmate in bed with that slut. She manages

to swipe some bottles of vodka from Valenti's liquor cabinet and drinks

like there's no tomorrow..that is until she found herself a new drinkng buddy.

Liz drinking more vodka.. "Here, finish it.. I don't think I drink anymore."

"I can't believe Max cheated on me with that whore? Oops, sorry.. I forgot

she was your girlfriend."

"S'okay.. She is whore.. " He finishes the drink."

"Come here... I got something to tell you.."

He walks over and sits down..

"No, closer to me." Liz whispers.

He moves closer. "I wanted to tell you.." Liz leans up and kisses him.. He

is shocked but soon starts kissing her back.. He pulls her on top of him and

shows her just how much he is pleased with her actions.. He begins sucking on

her neck making Liz moan.. "Wow.."

"Thank you.. but you haven't seen anything yet." She laughs.. but then gets

quiet when he looks at her with passion filled eyes.

"Come on, Liz.. let me show you how fun this bed can be."

He pulls her towards the bed... where he immediately tears her shirt off. He

flips her on on the bed with her underneath him. He is very pleased that she

isn't wearing a bra. He starts sucking on her breast causing Liz to moan..

Feeling more daring he bites her breast and is shocked to realize just how

pleased he is with marking her as his own.

"My turn." Liz pushes him onto his back and begins kissing him working her

way down his body.. She notices how hard he's become and decides to help him

out. She pulls him fully into her mouth and begins sucking his dick. He moans

and puts his hand on her head pushing his dick further into her mouth.

"You better stop.." He pulls up to him and kisses her.. forcing his tongue in

her mouth.. tasting himself on her. He pushes her down and puts two fingers

in her entrance. He begins working them fingers... in and out ... making Liz

squirming underneath him.. He works them faster and faster..

"Stop teasing and just fuck me already!" He stops and agrees with her.

"Whatever the lady wants.. the lady gets.."

He places himself and thrust himself all the way.

"She begins to scream with passions as he thrust wildly in and out.

"Faster.. harder.." Liz screams.

He does and is shocked to see that Liz is meeting him thrust for thrust.. Liz

pushes her legs on top of his shoulder giving him even more access. He is very

pleased and giving it to Liz even harder.. They begin to moan and yell.. The

neighbors banging on the walls telling them to shut the hell help but it just

gives them even more pleasure...

"Cum for me, baby.." he pants.

Soon Liz is going over the edge with him cumming right after her.

"That was fucking amazing, babe."

"You weren't bad yourself, Guerin."

Liz feels him hardened once more.. "Looks like you're not finished yet."

"Oh, believe me.. I am only just getting started."

So, what do you all think??? *big*

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Guess you guys want more???
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Are you sure?????
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Thanks for the feedback!!! I will try my best to have some more written and posted it in a couple of days???
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Disclaimer.. in first part..

I was convinced to continue with this.. Hope you all will like this?? Thoughts are in italics.


Liz sees those traitors but decides to have some fun with them. Both of you are

going to wish you were never born once I am through with you both.

"Max I had such a great time last night." Maria whispers.

Max holds her hand. "Me too.. You know that I love you and not Liz."

"I love you to.. Let's just keeps this between us for now.. I don't want anyone to

find out right about us." Get real, Max.. I love Michael.. You are just a rebound

fuck until I get Michael's attention back on me.

"Okay." I can't believe she's buying this?? Liz is the only one for me.

"Hey guys.. What are you guys doing today??"

"Oh.. nothing Liz.. we were just waiting for you, chica.. Maybe you wanted to go

that new club that just opened?" ]Liz sees Max giving Maria all his attention.

"Max.. Oh Max? Liz smacks him on his head..

"Why did you hit him, chica??"

Because you weren't closer to me, bitch! "There was bug on his head. "

"Are you okay, Max?"

"Of course he's okay, Maria.. He's not a baby.. Max will be fine."

Not once I'm through with you, YOU BASTARD!!!

"How about I give you something to drink??"

"That'll be great.."

"The usual??"

"Sure, thanks Liz."

Liz walks to get their drinks.. She is about to put their drinks down when

someone "accidently" knocks into her spilling the drinks all over Maria and

Max. Keeping a straight face. "I'm sorry guys... Michael accidently ran into


"OMG!!! Look at what you did, Liz?? You ruined my dress!!" Maria runs out of


"Liz.. clumsy much?"

I am so going enjoy torturing you, smug bastard!! "Geez, Max.. It was

just an accident. You act like you can't use your powers to clean that mess up?"

"Okay, I'll see you later.. Max leans in for a kiss but Liz moves. "Sorry, Max..

but there's too many people here right now... Don't want an audience watching

our every move." "I'll call you later then." Max leaves after Maria..

"Yeah, run along like the dog that you are Max after your bitch.. You think you

are having fun now.. You ain't seen nothing yet."

Liz goes to the bathroom and starts to clean the alien bastard's touch from

her body when she feels someone's familiar arms wrap around her body. He

begins to kiss her neck.. knowing that's her weak spot... making Liz moan. She

starts to grind her butt into his body make her feel his bulge.

"I missed you today." Liz turns around and wraps her arms on his neck.

"Not as much as me." He pulls her up and wraps her legs around his body

making his bulge feeling even harder.

"So, what ever shall we do???"

So, what do you think?? Should I continue on???


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Before Michael can even respond.. Liz's father called her.

"Liz, you got a phone call."

"Thanks dad.. I'm coming."

"Not yet." whispers Michael.

Liz turns red. "Sorry, babe.. *kiss* but I *kiss* have to *kiss* take this

*kiss* phone call. *kissing him harder*

Liz rubs her hands all over his body working her way down to his bulge.. giving

him a squeeze.. making his dick even harder.

Michael growls at a Liz who runs upstairs laughing.

"I'm a so going to get you back, Parker!!!" Michael heads to restroom to get

his release..

Just before he heads to restroom, Maria stops him..

Maria sees him all hard.. "Michael is that gun in your pocket or you're happy

to see me. Maria licks her lips.

"What the fuck???" Maria pushes him into the restroom and immediately pulls

his jeans down.

Michael pushes Maria on her butt.. "Maria, get over yourself... I sure as hell

did." Michael is pulling is jeans up when someone comes in.



Liz grabs her phone.. “Hello?

"Hey Liz.. Its me, Kyle."

"Oh hey, Kyle.”

“Don’t seem to excited to talk to me.”

“Sorry, I was just getting luc... I mean busy.. I'm just busy.. What’s going


“I was wondering if you could do me a favor?”

“Depends on what it is.”

“I know that you are going out with Max.. but I need you to pretend to be my

date to make someone jealous.”

“I don’t know…you know how jealous Max is of you.” *being the pathetic loser

that he is*

“Of course.. It must kill him to know I was your first.” Kyle laughs..

“Besides the point, Kyle." Liz smiles.. "Who are trying to get jealous??”

“Promise not to laugh.”

Already grinning.. “I promise.”


“Please tell me you’re joking, right??”

“I’m being totally serious here, Liz. We’ve been seeing secretly for a while

now. But she refuses to let everyone about us.”

That fucking whore, I am so going to kick her ass... First, Michael than Max

now Kyle..

“Kyle there’s something you out to know.. I caught Maria last weekend sleeping

with Max.”


“Apparently they’ve been fucking for a long time now...”

“I’m going to kill them.”

“It’s a good thing I never had sex with Max.. That bastard.. I told Michael

what happened and we‘ve been coming up with ways to make their lives a living

hell. Want to join us??”

“You better believe, it.. To think I was finally getting over you and falling

for her..”

“I’m sorry, Kyle.. You certainly didn’t deserve to be treated like you did by

that whore.

"Why don’t you come over so we can think up better ways to get our revenge?”

“I’m already here at the Crashdown.. “I’ll be right up, okay?”


Kyle heads to the back and hears voices coming from the bathroom.. That sounded

like Maria, moaning… I can’t believe the nerve of her and Max screwing here

where Liz can catch them.. They got another thing coming if they think they can

do this to us. Kyle slams open the door.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?? Maria, Michael.. You guys better start

explaining what the hell is going on and be quick about it!!!"


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Kyle heads to the back and hears voices coming from the bathroom.. That

sounded like Maria, moaning… I can’t believe the nerve of her and Max screwing

here where Liz can catch them.. They got another thing coming if they think

they can do this to us. Kyle slams open the door.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?? Maria, Michael.. You guys better start

explaining what the hell is going on and be quick about it!!!"


Back in the diner.

Three new girls come into the diner. They see one of the guys they've been

looking for. One of the girls goes behind her target and covers his eyes.

"Guess who, Alex?"

Alex is startled to feel someone cover his eyes. "Wait, I know that voice.


She lets go and he turns around. "Anya?? Its so great to see you. WOW! You

look great."

She gives him a hug. "WOW! You certainly gotten more hotter since the last time

I saw you. Oh, how rude of me. Alex, you remember my cousins, Donna and Shell

don't you??"

"Oh, wow.. Beauty definitely runs in the family." Anya smacks him.

"Stop flirting with my cousins.. They're after someone else." Anya hugs him

and whispers. "Beside you know that Donna is so in love with Kyle Valenti."

Donna hits Anya.. "I heard that."

"Good, because you we're suppose to." Anya laughs and hides behind Alex.

"You can't hide behind Alex forever, Anya.. I'll get you back."

"Yeah, Anya.. I feel sorry for you once Donna gets a hold on you. Anyway,

Alex, let me introduce to my boyfriend, Alec Logan."

"Nice to me you, man." Alec and Alex shake hands.

"Alex, where's my girl, Liz??"

"Oh, she's upstairs with her parents. Oh, she is going to be thrilled to see

you all."

"Is she still dating that boring Max Evans??"

"Yeah. But you should know by now how stubborn she can be."

Before Anya can respond they hear someone screaming coming from the backroom.

The gang head back there to find out what's going on.


"Well, what are you guys waiting for?? Maria, how could you do this to me??"

"I don't you any explanations, Kyle. What my boyfriend and I do is none of you

damn business. Michael finishes putting his jeans back on while trying to get

Maria's slimy hands off of him.

"We'll you sure weren't thinking about your boyfriend this morning now were


"Man, you really are a slut.. Liz is right.. You are nothing but a two bit

whore. Is there anyone in this town you haven't slept with???"

"Liz would never say that about me, Michael."

Liz's room.

Liz is changing her clothes. She's unaware of the peeping tom on her balcony

watching her undress. She is about to but her skirt on when she hears a noise

coming from the balcony. "OMG.. Its you." Liz screams.