Title: First Time
Author: StormyBear30
E-Mail: StormyBear29⊕cox.net
Pairing: Isabel/Liz/Tess
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This just popped into my head on Thanksgiving as I was trying to doze off my after a wonderful dinner. It is pure and unadulterated Smut…enjoy!!!

“Jesus Christ I have asked you guys to stop doing that shit in the living room” Liz Parker screams in irritated tones as she walks into the apartment that she shares with her two lesbian roommates…finding them having out right sex on their love seat.

“Looks like someone was left frigid yet again by her true love” Isabel taunts as she removes herself from atop her lover…now standing fully nude in front of a blushing Liz.

“Well he’s your brother…so it must run in the family” she returns nastily…refusing to step down from the woman that she has hated from the time she moved into the place…but extremely uncomfortable with her naked status.

“Oh baby I am far from frigid” she leers as she turns and pulls her still silent partner from the couch…kissing her deeply and hard. “You can just ask Tess here and she will tell you just how sexual I can be. See the thing is Ms. Think you are better then everyone else is that you don’t know how to relax…you don’t know how to let your inhibitions fly to the wind. You need to loosen up…need to stop worrying about what other people may think of you and do what you want to do. You need to leave my idiot brother and find someone else to relieve you sexual tensions because I can guarantee you that he never will”

“If you knew that he was like this then why did you fix the two of us up”

“I hate you…and what better way to ensure your misery then to set you up with the two seconds Max” is her reply as she takes Tess by the hand and begins to lead her to the bedroom that they have shared for the last four years. “However…I on the other hand can pleasure you in ways that you never knew existed…that is if you’re up to a challenge. Think about it…there is nothing more erotic then being pleasured by a woman…someone that knows what a woman wants…what a women needs. Tess and I have wanted you for so long Liz” she continues as she releases Tess’s hand and makes her way back to stand before a fully stunned Liz. “I may hate you…but I won’t deny that you are fucking gorgeous and I would kill to taste of your juices” and as if it emphasis the truth of her words…she slowly runs her hand down the front of Liz’s stunned form…giving her women hood a gentle squeeze before turning back in the direction of her bedroom.

“Tess…are you going to let her talk to me like that” she speaks quickly…shaking away her shock. “I mean she is your fucking girlfriend”

A deep crimson blush rushes down her porcline body as she tenderly takes Isabel’s hand into her own and begins leading her to the place where she knows she will be pleasured beyond belief…turning back momentarily to face the girl that she has lusted after from the first day that she had moved into their tiny apartment. “I’m sorry Liz…but I can’t deny that I don’t feel the same. Isabel shouldn’t have talked to you that way…but I have wanted to make love to you from the moment that you have walked into our home. I know that this makes you feel uncomfortable…but you have no idea what it is like to be with a women and I think that once you try it you will love it…I know I did” she smiles brilliantly at her first lesbian experience and now true love.

“Whatever” she retorts prissily as she runs into her room…slamming the door loudly behind her. “She has a lot of fucking nerve to talk to me that way” she talks to herself as she tries to block out the images of a very naked Isabel and Tess from her mind. Frustrated she rips her hindering clothes from her body…pulling on a silk robe as she throws herself tiredly across the bed behind her. Closing her eyes she lets out the breath that she didn’t even know that she had been holding as once again the images of the two blonde beauties invade her mind. Their was no denying that they were two of the most beautiful women that she had ever seen and the very sight of them making out like love struck teenagers had caused her to become wet in her most intimate of places…but it was wrong and perfect Liz Parker never did anything wrong. “Dammit” she growls…shaking her head in an attempt to clear her thoughts…only to find it a mute point at the sounds of extreme sexual play waft down the hallway. “SHIT ISABEL...” the high pitched squeals of Tess echoes around her…setting her frustration level at an even higher lever. “RIGHT THERE…THAT’S IT…RIGHT THERE”

Long and hard screams of passion continue to flow under her closed door as the fire deep within her loins begins to blaze out of control. With nimble hands she parts the outer lips of her vagina…instantly pressing the little joy buzzer of her sex in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure…only to grunt in extreme aggravation as it only serves to intensify the inferno. She has never felt so frustrated in her life as she silently curses the very name of Max Evans for yet again bringing her to the highest depths of their attempt at love making…only to fall short as he came mere moments later…leaving her frustrated and as Isabel had stated earlier…frigid. She knows that is she does not get relief soon that she will surely die from the tortuous pain and so as silently as possible she slides her way off the bed…opens the door to her bedroom as she tip toes down the hallway…standing before the partially open bedroom door of Isabel and Tess. She can still hear lusted shrieks of pleasure as she carefully peers inside…mouth falling agape as she comes face to face with the grinning likes of one Isabel Evans. “I knew that you would come to us” she replies assuredly as she opens the door completely…taking her hand and she ushers her into their sanctuary.

“I…I was just going to the bathroom” she stammers as she tries to remove herself from the hold that Isabel has on her hand.

“The bathroom is at the other end of the hall” Isabel quips…wrapping her arm around the tiny waist of the petite girl that she wants to lick from head to toe. “So…it seems that either you have completely lost direction even after living her for that last two years…or you have decided to take Tess and I up on our offer to give you the greatest fucking of your life. So…which is it”

“I…I…” she stammers incoherently as her core begins to become saturated.

“I thought so” is her reply as she tightens the hold that she has around the girl’s waist…pulling her flushly against her fully over heated body…capturing her lips under her own. She feels Liz fight the hold that she has on her for a few seconds…but as she brushes her tongue over the suppleness of her bottom lip…she finds that fighting no longer becomes as option as she takes on the challenge and opens herself fully to her ministration. She can’t believe how perfect their mouths fit together as she deepens the passionate kiss that they are sharing…snaking her more then eager tongue around her tasty one. As much as she hates the girl…she has to fully admit to herself that she has wanted to do this for as long as she could remember. Their was always something about perfect Ms. Parker that hit Isabel the wrong way…but what she couldn’t deny was the sexual prowess that emanated from the beautiful girl. Guilt consumed her nightly as she held Tess…the true light of her life in her arms…but it was Liz that she was thinking of…but that guilt quickly disappeared as Tess one night had revealed to her her own want of the elegant Ms. Parker.

“Isabel…Liz…come to bed” they hear the drippingly lust filled voice of Tess call out behind them. Fear begins to consume her as Isabel makes her way towards the bed…kissing Tess just as passionately as she had kissed her not moments before. She doesn’t know if she is ready to do this…doesn’t know if she can let her inhibitions fly to the wind as they both lay in wait…kneeling on the bed before her waiting for her to make the final move. “Come to us Liz…come to us” they chant…eyes pleading for her to take those few steps and bridge the gap between their naked bodies.

With timid…frightful steps she makes her way towards the two beauties as they continue to kneel before her hands out stretched. Her breathing ragged she can’t decide if it is from the fear that still encases her or the way that two sets of hands gently untie the sash at her waist as her robe flutters to the floor below rendering her completely naked. Closing her eyes she moves atop the bed as the fire deep within her continues to grow to heights never seen before. She can’t believe the way that her body is responding to their exploration…but she finds that she can no more fight it then stop breathing as she allows them to lay her upon her back as they kneel before her in graceful observance.

Soft moans of pleasure eminent from her lips as warm skin touches flushed and heated skin as both Tess and Isabel lay besides the luscious beauty as they prepare Liz for the impending journey for which together they are about to partake in. Short in patience and long in need…Isabel chooses to forgo the tender exploration of her perfect body as she positions herself greedily between her legs and as spoken earlier takes her first taste of her juices. “Yummy” she teases as she looks across the vastness of Liz’s lean and taunt body…enjoying the look of pure shock mixed with wanton lust so easily readable in her eyes. Once again positioning her mouth at her center she leans in a run her tongue along the velvety folds of her pussy as Tess engulfs a pebbled nipple within the confines of her heated mouth as her hands begin to explore the supple skin of the women that she is dying to hear scream out her name in utter ecstasy. No crevice is left unexplored…no section of her upper region un-tasted as she continues to be true to her words of bringing her the most intense night of love making possible.

Her head is swimming…her body humming as the sizzling bolts of electricity brought on by Isabel’s and Tess’s ministrations continue to rage until she is almost catatonic from the shock and pleasure of it all. Never in her life has she felt so alive…so sexual as her body now attune to the pleasureful torture arches upwards in an attempt to assist her lovers in their actions. Whimpers of lust and need escape her fully open mouth…her eyes nearly pop out of their sockets as she watches the blonde vixen Tess leave her upper region…quickly joining the other beauty still lapping at her juices as if dehydrated and it her only form of replenishment. “Oh Liz…you smell so wonderful” she hears Tess purr seductively as she kisses her way from knee to thigh…stopping just short of her saliva soaked pussy. “I want a taste” she demands of her love as she winds her hands roughly within the mussed locks of Isabel…jerking her forwards as she greedily runs her tongue along the contours of her softness. “Delicious” she giggles…addicted already as she attacks those same lips with such passion that it causes Isabel to lose her balance as they both fall between the weeping pussy of Liz.

Back and fourth the two battle for dominance without regard as Liz squirms uncomfortably underneath them…attempting to ease the fire that they have built deep within her loins. Oblivious to her attempts they continue to explore deep caverns…as tongues clasp each other is luscious harmony….only to force them selves reluctantly apart at the insistent urgings of an extremely frustrated Liz. “You two promised me a fucking of a lifetime” she growls through clenched teeth…propping herself up on her elbows as she gives the two of them a verbal lashing so severe that it causes them to flinch from the harshness of it all. However…they quickly recover…smiles of mischief quickly forming on their faces as with one final kiss they both shimmy their way down her body intent of only one thing…and one thing only.

One by one they take turns tasting the essence of their willing lover…each driving her a bit madder with want of release as they taunt and tease her most intimate of areas. Where Tess is a bit more subdue in her antics…Isabel is a striving piston as she uses her tongue like a jackhammer…fucking her pussy for all it is worth. Screams of absolute please can be heard around them as Tess not to be outdone by her love…nudges Isabel out of her way and suckles Liz’s pleasure provider into her mouth with so much pressure that it causes her to nearly jump off the bed from its furiousness as she comes so hard that she nearly passes out from the force of it all. “Good job baby” she praises her partner in lustful tones as she lays her head upon the pulsing core of a still recovering Liz as she kisses Tess with such passion that Liz can feel the heat of it mixing with the fire still raging within her as she watches the two over the flatness of her stomach.

*I want some of that* Liz thinks to herself as she pulls her purring body up off the bed into a sitting position as she runs her hands through the softness of the shorter blondes hair…urging her to break her lip lock with the enticing Isabel. “Looks like she wants you” she hears Isabel giggles hungrily as she nudges her girlfriend forward…holding her breath as together their lips once again meet in a soft and simple kiss before Tess makes her way up her body. No words are spoken as blue depths stare into desire filled chocolate ones as inch by agonizing inch they come together in a soul searching kiss that leaves them breathless as wanting of more.

Isabel can’t believe how absolutely stunning Tess and Liz look as they continue to explore each others mouths…causing her own growing inferno to explode as glimpses of tongue are caught as they continue with their exploits. There is still no denying the amount of distaste that she holds for Liz…but she finds that there is also no denying how beautiful the two of them look together and it causes a smile to break across her face for their was only one way to make the picture perfect viewing even better. Leaning forward she ran her tongue around the intertwined tongues before her…causing the heat of the room to intensify to the next degree. Together they share in their awkward kiss as the fires burning deep within them continue to rage out of control.

Back and forth she shares a mind numbing kisses between the two of them until she is winded beyond belief that these two women are able to bring out such sides of her that she never knew existed until today. Reluctantly she pulls away from the blonde beauties gazing at them as they continue to plunder each other’s mouth with wild abandon and she finds that it is one of the most erotic things that she has ever witnessed in her life as she makes her way back into the mix. Once again tongues collide as hands begin to explore overly heated skin, bringing the passion index up yet another degree. Almost complete silence surrounds them as they revel in the gloriousness of their present situation...only it is a silence that is short lived as screams of pure and unadulterated passion flares out before them.

“HOLY FUCKING CHRIST” Tess cries out in explicit fashion as Isabel expertly cups her sex box, quickly inserting two long fingers into her juice soaked hole. “DAMN ISABEL…DON’T STOP” her scream of frenzied enthusiasm continues as she continues to thrust deep within her. “RIGHT THERE…FUCK YEAH…RIGHT THERE”

Isabel can’t help the giggles that invade her as the look of shock that now covers the beautiful brunettes face as Tess continues to voice her raving opinion of what she is doing to her. “She likes to talk during sex” she growls seductively as she plunges yet another finger into Tess’s pussy…while running her free hand over the smoothness of Liz’s ass. “Doesn’t it just turn you on when she screams like that” her taunting continues as she runs her fingers lazily between the crack of her ass. “I just cream myself whenever she screams out to me like that” Removing her hand from Liz’s ass she charges two fingers into her own dripping snatch, reluctantly removing them from the warmness as she holds the slickened digits before the still shocked women’s face. An evil grin graces her face as she coats the outline of her pouty lips with her juices…but it quickly disappears as Liz takes hold of her hand…devouring her coated fingers into her mouth as she cleans off every tasteful drop.

“Mmm…Mmm…good” she whispers lustfully as Isabel continues to kneel before her…mouth agape from the shock of her actions. “I want some more please” she coo’s as she moves even closer towards Isabel…taking her own finger and tracing the outline of her fully saturated womanhood before sliding two fingers into the slicked depths. Uncontrollable shutters inhabit the curvy blonde as she continues with her exploration…once again licking her fingers clean after she has removed them. “You taste so good Isabel” she teases…loving the feeling that she is now in control of the hateful women. “Want to taste how delicious you are”

Isabel can’t believe the attitude change in the one that she hates with an undying passion and yet it turns her on so completely that she feels that she may explode from the want of it all as she leans in and captures her sumptuous lips under her own. The taste of her self…mixed with the warmth of Liz’s mouth is almost more then she can bear as she reaches down and tries to alleviate some of her pent up frustration. “Uh…uh…uh…” she hears Liz moan seductively as she quickly breaks the kiss that they were sharing. She can feel her wetness as it slides down the insides of her leg as Liz gazes at her with such lust filled eyes that it causes them to flow even more.

“Move Tess forward” Liz commands as she playfully taps Isabel on her luscious ass. “Good girl” she teases as she rubs her hands over the now reddened cheeks. “Now spread your legs for me Isabel” A smug smile crosses her face as she watches the former bitch do as she is told. Quickly she lies on her back as she shimmies past her beautiful ass cheeks, now located directly under her dripping sex. The smell of raw sex is pungent…but she inhales deeply the essence that is Isabel before wrapping her arms around supple thighs as she goes in for a further taste.

Instinctively her knees tighten around the head located deep within her heated pussy as Liz continues to taunt and tease her unlike anyone…even Tess has done before. Her tongue is heavenly…her heated breath divine as she sends ripples of extreme pleasure through out her thoroughly slated body. “WOULD YOU FUCK ME ALREDY” she hears the true love of her life scream out madly as she quickly does as is ordered and captures Tess’s engorged nub between her lips…creating a suction that she knows will bring her explosive pleasure.

“FUCK ME BABY” Tess screams out in extreme delirium as Isabel cleanses her overly saturated core from tip to stern with her wondrous tongue…only to have to go at it again as her advances quickly produce even more of her delectable honey. “I LOVE IT WHEN YOU EAT MY PUSSY ISABEL” her screams of wanton lust radiate around the three of them as she pulls herself into a seated position…watching as her love continues to devour her…while being eaten alive by their roommate. The sight alone causes her juices to flow even more as she clamps her hand painfully upon Isabel’s head as she forces her face even farther into her depths. “FUCK…FUCK…FUCK” she cries out in the throws of passion. “F…U…C…K” Exhausted…but satisfied she falls heavily against the sheets as she tries to regain some semblance of self.

With her face still embedded within Tess’s pussy…Isabel bites her lip in an attempt to control the screams of outright pleasure that are threatening to expel from her as Liz continues to eat her out like there is no tomorrow. Trying proves wasteful as with a final swipe of her tongue…it sends her so far over the edge that she nearly loses consciousness from the sheer explosion of it all as her cries echo out for all to hear in a five mile radius. As Tess…her energy zapped she slinks against the bed as Liz removes herself from under her frame…now laying her body atop the sweat sheened body of the woman that she just brought extreme pleasure. “You lied to us” she hears Isabel pant as she lays her head wearily upon Tess’s womanhood “You’ve done this before” She can’t help but giggle as she in a weakened state slides herself off of Isabel’s body and lays down besides a slightly dozing Tess. “Is it true” she hears the sleepy girl ask. “Have you been with a woman before”

“In college…” she responds as she looks between the two women that now have her full attention. “With my friend. We were drunk and horny and since we had no boyfriends to ease our needs…we decided to try it on each other. Maria was horrified and never spoke to me after that night…but I enjoyed it greatly” she blushes as she snuggles into the opening arms of Tess. “I guess that is why I used to get so irritated whenever I saw the two of you making love…since I never tried it again after that night”

“Don’t worry we won’t hold it against you” Isabel chuckles easily as she comes and lies down next to the women that slowly is worming her way into her once maddened heart. “Infact any time that you want to come and have a fuck fest like we did tonight you know just where to come”

“Here here” is Tess’s response as she leans in closer to Liz…taking Isabel’s hand within her own as it lays lightly across the trim figure of Liz’s waist. “I love you Isabel” she mouths over the head of a lightly snoring Liz as she gazes into the love filled eyes of her life partner.

“I love you too” she mouths back as she gives her hand a gently squeeze. Closing her eyes she allows the need for slumber to over take her…but not before taking a final glance at the blonde beauty holding the petite frame of her possibly newest friend…or maybe even more.

THE END…or is it???