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Title: Going To Make You Mine
Author: StormyBear30
E-mail: StormyBear29⊕
Couple: Rath/Isabel Lonnie/Rath
Rating: NC-17 baby!!!
Summary: This is a challenge that Future in the Stars threw out to me. So sit back…relax and enjoy my first attempt at a Rath fic.

The Challenge

NAME OF CHALLENGE: Going To Make You Mine
SHIP: R/I , Mi/I , L/R
SUMMARY: Rath finds out that Lonnie was going to leave him behind .But knowing that he cant live without Lonnie ,but not being able to get over her betrayal he decides to settle for the next best
thing Isabel.

Isabel needing to feel some kinda of connection with Michael even if it means being with his duplicate decides to take Rath up on his offer of emotionless sex.

When Michael and Lonnie find out about their sordid affair they become extremely upset. Michael can’t understand what's going on with his feelings but Lonnie soon points out the fact that he loves Isabel
as much as she loves Rath. Knowing that she speaks the truth Michael and Lonnie both know they have to get the ones they love back even if it mean doing something extreme.


1) Rath telling Michael he was a fool not to realize what was right in front of him
2) Lonnie begging Rath for forgiveness and admitting how much she loves him
3) Michael and Rath having a punch up in a club

Authors Note…Everything in italics is a flashback…everything else is in the present.

Chapter One…

“That’s right bitch…suck my big ⊕#%$” Rath screams out angrily as he watches his newest bitch going down on him. “Oh baby…you’ve done this before” His screams continue as he grabs both sides of her head and begins to ⊕#%$ her mouth…so much so that he can hear gagging as she tries to keep up with his pace. He watches as pink lips devour every inch of him…as they smear his throbbing dick with that very same color and he finds that he likes it. “What would your precious king think of you now if he knew what you were doing…Isabel”

“I don’t care what Max thinks of me and what I am doing anymore…or Michael for that matter. So…just shut the hell up and ⊕#%$ me already” Isabel screams madly as she releases Rath’s penis from her mouth…pushing him against the hard wall as she now attacks his stupid unnerving mouth. She hates this man…hates everything about him…from his nineteen eighties haircut to his piercings that she wants to rip from his body just to make him hurt the way that she is hurting. They were gone…Max…Tess…but most importantly Michael. It has been almost a week with no word and with each passing day Isabel found herself angrier and angrier…but it was more then just anger it was complete and utter shame and rejection.

It all started with Tess and her words of destiny and then the visions started…visions of a life that with each passing day she was remembering so clearly. They were in love…they were a family and despite the fact that she and Michael had decided to forgo destiny in order to be with the ones that they loved in this lifetime. Isabel never fully got over the gloriousness of those visions and the way that they made her feel each and every time that she had witnessed one. It was as if Tess’s words were a wakeup call for her very soul…a soul that longed for the love that Rath and Valondra felt for each other such a long time ago. She tried to keep her blossoming feelings for Michael to herself…even tried to find love in several different places…but it always came back to one simple fact…none of them would ever equal up to the man that Michael was…the man that she knew he would become. She loved him…she needed him…she wanted him…and when she finally got up the nerve to tell Michael…she was devastated at the result. In a manner that was so unlike her normal ice princess façade…she had opened her heart as well as her soul to the one man that she longed for more then she could breath and he had rejected her outright.

“⊕#%$ ME HARDER” she screams out as Rath pistons steadily within her…slamming her against the hardness of the wall with each thrust…but she doesn’t care for the physical pain is easier to deal with then the emotional pain. From the first night that they left in the wee hours of the morning her and Rath had been meeting in secret…⊕#%$ each other with utter abandonment as they desperately tried to found some sort of comfort in the identical twins of the ones that they loved…only to fail miserably with each encounter.

”Isabel what are you doing here” Michael asked confused as a nervous looking Isabel stood painfully pale before him. “What’s wrong…is everything ok”

She felt her heart squeeze at the concern that was openly apparent on his rugged face. She was nervous…she was beyond nervous for she was about to do the one thing that she swear that she would never do…she was about to let down her guard and let Michael…her predestined mate learn the true depths of her feelings for him and their destiny. Taking a deep breath…she took his hand into her own and with unsteady legs…led him over to his ratty couch. “Iz” she heard him utter uncomfortably as she continued to hold his hand…staring deeply into his expressive eyes. She knew that she had to say it…had to take the opportunity that had presented itself to her before she lost her nerve…before she lost her chance to follow destiny with the man that held her heart unknowingly in his strong hands.

“I love you Michael” she blurted out blindly…increasing the grip that she held on his hand. Holding her breath…she waited for his answer as she stared into shocked and confused eyes…eyes that told her that she was not going to like the answer that she was about to receive.

“What…” was his response…as he quickly removed his hands from where she continued to hold them in a vise like grip. “What the hell are you talking about” He began to pace the floor before her and with each pass she found her self becoming dizzy from the horribly uncomfortableness of it all. “Have you lost your mind” Tears threatened to expose themselves as she continued to sit upon the faded couch…to stunned to move…much less form a coherent word. “Look Isabel…I know that Tess has been filling your head with all these ideas about destiny…but we have discussed this time and time again. I love you…but I am not in love with you…I will never be in love with you in the way that a man loves a woman. I love Maria…I want to be with her and her only”

Here cursed tears finally won the battle that it had been waging against her…as she quickly pulled herself together and made her way for the door…only to give it a last ditch effort as she ran to Michael and kissed him unlike she had never kissed a man before…only to be brutally rebuffed as he pushed her away as if her kiss had scalded his ample lips. “Isabel…NO” he screamed out heatedly as he wiped her taste off his lips. “This is so never going to happen”

“Michael…you are mine…we are destined to be together forever. She screamed out hysterically as she once again threw herself against the hardness of his body and planted her lips upon his unyielding ones. She held onto him with a sheer desperation that was quickly spiraling out of control as he fought like hell to release her stranglehold…only to feel her tail end meet the floor as he finally succeeded in pushing her away. “I love you Michael…I just never realized how much until the visions started. I know you love me Michael…I know that felt the love that we held for each other when we lived before. We belong together…not you and that stupid bitch Maria” She regretted the words as soon as they escaped her mouth…but she didn’t care for they were words of truth and in her demented state of mind the truth would conquer all.

“Don’t you ⊕#%$ talk about Maria like that. I love her and I am going to be with her. I don’t love you Isabel…not like you claim to love me and I never will. The love that we felt in those visions was from another lifetime ago…was of two different people”

“NO…that love was us Michael…we just had to find it again”

“NO Isabel…what we felt in those visions was that of Rath and Vilondra…not US. I think that you need to leave…leave now before we do or say anything that we are going to regret” He said as he pulled her angrily off the floor and lead her to the front door…quickly opening and pushing her out as he slammed it even quicker behind her.

“I LOVE YOU MICHAEL” he hears her cry out as he continues to ⊕#%$ the ⊕#%$ out of her…but he doesn’t give two fucks for he don’t love her…infact the only reason that he is ⊕#%$ her at all is the fact that she is the spitting image of the bitch that has captured his ⊕#%$ heart. He knew that she was going to betray him…knew that once she found the true king and his second in command that she was going to leave his ass with out a second thought due to words and actions that he knows that he will regret for the rest of his life.

I love you Lonnie” he screamed out as she continued to ride his monster of a dick on a deserted subway car located deep witin the tunnels of the place that they had called home from the first day they emerged from the pods. Her screams echoed loudly around them as with one final thrust he brought them to a mind shattering orgasm…but they were not the type of screams that he wanted to hear fill his ears. Just once he wanted to hear the his own words of love repeated back at him as they flowed truthfully from her lips…but he never did. For Lonnie…Rath was just someone to bid her time with until she met her ultimate goal of returning back to their home planet…and he was not included in the equation and he knew it.

“Go get me something to eat” she yelled at him as she pulled herself quickly from his stilled dick as if his touch had scorched her alabaster skin…quickly re-arranging her hastily discarded clothes. Yet again dejected…he pulled himself together for he refused to let her see just how much her indifference to his love affected him.

“Go get your own ⊕#%$ food” he screamed at her madly as he stormed out into the night…desperate to pull much needed air into his lungs in an effort to repair his bleeding heart. She was going to betray him…he had seen it all…he had felt it all as she allowed him to ⊕#%$ her one final time. She had a plan and although he was already fairly certain before that that she was going to ⊕#%$ him royally in the end…his heart almost exploded from the sheer evilness of what he had waiting from her.

She was going to betray him…betray him in the worst possible way…she was going to kill him. They had known that there were other dupes out there just like them…and in the beginning he had been involved in the strategy to kill Zan in order to deceive their leader into going to the summit with them…but she had added an addendum to their earlier plan and it was to kill him off and have his dupe take his place. He could have ran…could have left her and his ⊕#%$ up little life…but he could no more leave her…despite her oncoming act of ultimate betrayal then he could stop loving her. No…he knew that his time with Lonnie was limited…but he was going to go along with the original plan to go to Roswell and dupe the dupe…but he had also added an addendum to their former plan


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Chapter Two

It was always the same routine each and every night. They would meet in the shadows of his apartment and ⊕#%$ each other senseless. In the beginning it was just to alleviate the pain that Michael and Lonnie had left in their shattered hearts…but eventually the hatred turned into something neither one of them had expected…friendship. It was a sick and demented friendship to say the least…but it was theirs and to each it meant more then any words could ever have meant.

It has been ten whole days since they have left and strangely enough Isabel finds that she no longer despises Michael’s look alike…nor the meaningless sex that she continues to have with him…but that she longs for it. She knows that she doesn’t love him…Michael would always hold that place in her heart…but with Rath she finds that they now share a connection of ultimate pain and rejection and it is the one thing that will forever bond the two. “Why can’t they love us the way that we love them” she sobs against his chest as he holds her tightly within his embrace. “Why is it that they can’t see that we belong with each other”

“Hey…we don’t ⊕#%$ need them” is his response as he pulls her tighter against himself…quickly covering her lips with that of his own and when she doesn’t put up any resistance…he increases the pressure of his lip lock. Back and forth their tongues battles…moving quicker and harder with each pass…until both are breathless from the sheer velocity of it all. With nimble hands…he removes the barrier of their clothing as he roughly sucks a pointed nipple into his biting mouth. He hears her cry out in pain…but instead of forcing him from her painful body…she crushes him even harder against the pinked skin of her body as he continues to mark her with his bites of frustration and pain.

With each bite she cries out in utter pain…but it is a pain that in some strange sense helps to lesson the pain that has permanently invaded her broken heart. “⊕#%$ ME RATH” she cries out as she slams her hands hard against his broad chest…sending him crashing to the floor below as she quickly straddles the hugeness of his dick…impaling her self on it. They both cry out from the sheer furiousness of her attack…but their cries quickly turn to that of needed release as she increases the pace of her actions. “⊕#%$ ME BITCH” she hears him scream angrily at he plants his hands upon the tender skin of her ass. “COME ON…⊕#%$ ME HARDER” his screams continue as he smacks her once again. Following his bidding she increases the pace…as she digs her nails into the skin of his chest for added stability. Up and down she rides his rigid shaft…increasing the building pressure located deep within her throbbing ⊕#%$…as she removes one hand from his chest and impassionedly flicks her tiny nub…sending her over the edge with another pain filled orgasm. Rath not to be out done…quickly flips the sated girl onto all fours…painfully gripping her ample hips…plowing into her hot sex for all that he was worth…as he explodes deep within her.

She can feel him…can feel the very essence of him…as Rath lay on top of her back…pinning her on the hardness of the living room floor. “There back Rath…can you feel her” she asks already knowing the answer as he removes his limp dick from her depths…leaving her shivering from the loss of his warmth atop her.

“Yeah…I feel her” he answers truthfully…as he leans his back against the ratty couch behind him…trying to control his flying range of emotions. He was happy…ecstatic in fact that she was still alive and well…but more so he was angry beyond belief that she had tried to betray him…but mostly he was saddened that the love that he felt for her would never be returned. “I’ve felt her for awhile now. Their close…real close”

Both know that they should get up and leave…know that they should clear away any trace of their wild sexual encounters…but neither does as Isabel removes herself from the floor…falling into the arms of the man that he become such a huge part of her life. They continue to cling to each other as they wait for their predestined mates to arrive and find them together…each praying like hell that they hurt just as much as they have been hurting since they left Roswell.

Slumber encroaches them as they continue to wait their wait of payback…but it is short lived as the outrageous screams of shock and anger jerk them back into the present. They continue to huddle together…as they stare into the enraged eyes of the ones that they love. Neither says a word as rath pulls himself off the floor…then assisting Isabel as they force their way between the two stunned aliens making their way towards the still open door of Michaels apartment. With a quick wave of his hand…Rath quickly clothes the two of them as they make their way of the door…only to turn back and flip them the bird before slamming the door loudly behind him.

Stunned beyond belief Michael falls to the very same couch that he had found Rath and Isabel sleeping against totally nude. It was apparent that they had just had sex for the red marks covering both of their bodies had suggested it so. He finds that he can’t say a word…finds that the shock of finding Isabel…his sister in this position is almost more then he can fathom as the pounding in his head begins to increase.

“I will ⊕#%$ kill her” Lonnie screams out madly as she slams her fist into the thin walls of his apartment. ‘How dare she ⊕#%$ my man” her screams continue as with each word she punches another hole into the wall.

Michael was to into the image of a naked Isabel to notice the crazy Lonnie ranting like a mad man before him. Over and over it played in his head…the creamy skin of her body…the ample breasts that rose tauntingly with every breath that she took…the taunt stomach…leading down to a furrow of blonde curls still glistening with their juices. He doesn’t understand why…but just the thought of it makes him hard…quickly jerking him to the world around him. He is confused at the way that his heart is beating wildly in his chest…confused by the quickly consuming rage that is over taking his normally somewhat calm body. Running his hands over his face in frustration he jerks himself off the couch…finally realizing the damage that Lonnie has inflicted on the unsuspecting walls. “Feel better” he states evilly as he walks into the kitchen…flinging open the fridge door…looking for something to cool his fevered body.

“About as good as your feeling Michael” she snides…coming up behind him…pinning him within the confines of the coolness with her body. “How did it make you feel to find Isabel all naked and bleeding in the arms of my man…did it make you feel good” she continues…pushing his ass farther against the shelf of the refrigerator.

“I…I don’t care” he retorts just as evilly…shoving her out of his way as he storms into the cramped living room. “Isabel can ⊕#%$ who ever she wants to ⊕#%$. I don’t own her…I love Maria…I am with Maria”

“Really…well I don’t think that your glowing rod there is due to the love that you feel for Maria” she pans…pointing at his still raging hard on. “Just admit it Michael…you love her…you want her…you love Isabel”

“NO…you crazy bitch. I don’t…I don’t…love…I don’t know” he responds defeated as he leans heavily against the same wall that Lonnie has destroyed…sliding to the floor below. “I don’t know what to think anymore. I mean she came to me and told me that she loved me before we left…and I pushed her away. I was so nasty to her…I threw her out of my house…and into the arms of that…that piece of ⊕#%$”

“That piece of ⊕#%$ is my piece of ⊕#%$” she screams…throwing herself on the floor before Michael. “Just you never mind that…what you need to do it admit your love for the corn ball Isabel and then we have to come up with a plan to get them back”

“Get them back…you told me you were only using him to find me”

“I only wanted to find you so I could get back to our planet…nothing else. But…now that you and your leader have turned out to be just as worthless as mine…I want him back”

“Has anyone told you that you need professional help Lonnie” he states gruffly…glaring at the girl before him. “Max and I had nothing with this summit being a set up by Kivar. In fact you should be kissing both of our asses for saving yours”

“Whatever…” she cuts him off angrily. “None of that matters now…all that matters is that I get my man back…and you get your bitch as well”

“Yeah…and how do we do that” he asks.

“No clue…but it has to be something extreme…something that will get their attention…something that will let them know that they belong to us…and no one else”

Into the wee hours of the night the two conspire to get the ones that they love back…until they are both exhausted from the sheer weight of it all. However…they have a plan and plan that they think will be fool proof…a plan that has to work no matter what the costs.

TBC...their plan??? Check back soon to find out what it is. Stormy!!

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Chapter Three


“Are you sure that this will work” Isabel questions Rath as they sit huddled together in a corner booth at the Crash Down.

“Can’t you see the death glares from hell that they are shooting at us…trust me this will work. Just play along with everything that I do. If they don’t want us…then we will show them exactly what they are missing”

“Ok” Isabel replies shocked that in a million years that she would trust this mohawked freak sitting besides her.

Peeking out of the corner of his eyes he checks to see if Michael and Lonnie are watching…seeing that they are he begins to put his plan into action. He knows from experience just how Lonnie reacts when she can’t get what she truly wants and even though he has no idea why he wants her back after all the ⊕#%$ that she has pulled on him…he hopes against hope that this works. “You are so hot today” he drawls…leering at Isabel as he places his arm around her shoulders and pulls her tightly against his body. “So ⊕#%$ hot…aaaaaaaawwwwooooooo” he screams out…quickly covering her laughing lips. Back and forth the two of them swap spit in the most vulgar of ways…making sounds to go along with the mix. “Lets get out of here” he gasps finally breaking the lock that he has on her now familiar lips. “We have some serious ⊕#%$ to do before we head out to the club tonight” he says a bit loudly…ensuring that the glaringly pissed off two are falling into his trap.

Taking the hand that is our stretched to her…Isabel allows Rath to pull her from the booth…allows him to kiss her madly before placing his arm around her waist as they exit the Crash Down. They have to stifle their laughter as they reach the outside at the looks of hate and want that they each have received from their significant others. “Omg Rath that was classic” she giggles hysterically…trying like hell to control her laughter. “Did you see the look that Michael gave me. I could actually feel the lust radiating from his body. He wants me…he finally ⊕#%$ realizes that he wants me and Lonnie...OMG Rath I thought that she was going to kill me with her death glare. It’s working…its really working”

“It ain’t worked yet” he speaks truthfully as he walks ahead of her. “We still have tonight to deal with. Come on lets go crash at your parents place and get our plan straight”


“OMG…this place is kicking” Isabel scream above the sound of Linkin Park reverberating around the crowded club. “I can’t believe that I’ve never come here before”

“Well this place ain’t exactly the type of place for ladies” he grins as he takes her hand and leads her out onto the dance floor. For the next hour they work up a sweat as they bump and grind together as the lights and the music surrounds them. Rath hates to admit it…but he knows that he will miss his time spent with Isabel. Despite the way that the two of them has come together…she has become an important person in his life but he knows that once their game of jealously is over that it will be better for the two of them to keep apart for the sake of the people they love. “We have company” he whispers loudly in her ear as he crushes her against the hardness of his body. “Are you ready”

“Ready” she nods giving him a huge fear filled smile. Taking a deep breath she wraps her arms around his trim waist…planting her hands upon his leather clad ass as Rath does the same. Increasing the pace of their previous bumping and grinding the two look as if they are having very public sex on the open dance floor. She automatically arches forwards as he licks and nips his way down her neck. Reaching her cleavage he pushes his face into the ample mounds of the girl riding his leather-covered dick with her movements of dance.

Sneaking a glimpse over his shoulder…Isabel finds a very pissed…very hungry looking Michael gaping at the almost sex show before him and she can’t help but smile. She knows that she loves him…knows that she wants to be with him and only him…but she can’t help but derive some pleasure from the look of regret and want so readable in his eyes. Grabbing Rath by his hair she jerks his face from her cleavage as she shimmies down his body…making sure to stay for an extra minute at his crotch before working her way back up. “Lets go to the bar” he whispers in her ear as he gives her a playful smack upon her ass…leading her past the two as they make their way towards the bar.

He can feel her eyes blazing into his very soul…can feel her want of what she can’t have and he can’t help but smile as they walk past them as if they don’t even see them. For once the tables were turned…for once it is he that has the control and he was going to use that control to make her say the words that he has longed to her spring from her lips for as long as he has loved her. Tonight was all about making her realize the true depths of her love and her need for him…and he was going to do everything and anything is his power to make sure that it happened. “I’m going to head off to the head. You gonna be alright here till I get back”

“I’ll be fine Rath” she answers…giving him a large and sloppy kiss upon his lips. Winking he leaves her at the bar…making sure to walk past the two who still have not left the very same spot they have been standing in all night. “Michael…ISABEL” he taunts as he changes his mind and turns around to face them. “What the ⊕#%$ are you doing here”

“I…we came to make sure that you and Isabel aren’t doing anything that could jeopardize our existence” Michael lies…trying to curb the urge to beat the ⊕#%$ out of the dupe standing so smug before him.

“Well if ⊕#%$ like bunnies is jeopardizing our very existence…then all I can say if take me the ⊕#%$ away” he pans…wiggling his tongue in a grotesque fashion.

Unable to control himself any longer…Michael lunges for the unsuspecting man. “I will ⊕#%$ kill you” he screams as he plants his fist upon his face…sending the two of them falling to the floor as a scuffle begins. “Look what you have done to her…you’ve turned her into Lonnie” he screams madly as he attempts to punch the much stronger man on top of him. “You couldn’t handle the real one so you had to turn my Isabel into one of your whores. You ⊕#%$ ⊕#%$…I am going to kill you for doing that to the woman that I love”

“The woman that you love…the woman that you love” Rath screams madly as he pins Michael to the glowing tiles of the dance floor. “You love her so much that when she told you how much you meant to her…how much she loves you…you kicked her ass out into the street. “You love her so much that made her feel like a worthless piece of ⊕#%$ instead of the beautiful woman that she is. You don’t love her…you only want her because you can’t have her and the truth is that she doesn’t deserve your sorry ass” his rant of madness continues as he places his fists over the weaker of the twos body. He can’t explain the devotion that he holds for Isabel…but he knows that he would do anything to make sure that she was happy…even if it meant killing the one that could probably hurt her with his love.

“Rath…stop this ⊕#%$ now” Lonnie screams loudly above him as she grabs him painfully by his mohawked head and jerks him to his feet. “Who the ⊕#%$ do you think you are…”

“Who the ⊕#%$ am I” his cuts her off…stepping over Michael as he continually tries to catch his wind after the severe beating he has just received from Rath. Grabbing Lonnie by the throat he forces her backwards until he has her pinned against the blackened walls. “I am the one that you were planning to kill. I am the one that loved you despite the way that you treated me. I am the one that would have done anything to have you love me the way that I loved you…but now I am the one that is leaving your sorry ass. ⊕#%$ you Lonnie…I hope that you ⊕#%$ rot in hell for all the ⊕#%$ that you have given me all our ⊕#%$ lives. I don’t need you anymore. I found someone else…someone that accepts me for me”

He has to fight the urge to kiss her ruby red lips…has to fight the urge to ⊕#%$ her against this very wall where she stands before him wide eyed and fearful as he crushes the very life from her air starved lungs. He had never seen this look from Lonnie and he finds that surprisingly he hates it…that it is he that has put it there…but he pushes her away before his traitorous heart gets the better of him as it forces him to try and rid her of her pain. With quickened steps he runs for the rest room for he knows that he needs to compose himself before he can face his true love again. Throwing open the door of the filthy room…he once again comes face to face with a badly beaten Michael.

“Coming back for more…fine just get it over with because I can’t stand to see you and Isabel together anymore” Michael cries as tears form in his black and blue eyes. “I love her…I didn’t realize it until that night we found you…but I love her. I was a fool to not realize what I had right before me and now it is to late” he continues defeated as he walks past a stunned Rath. “I just ask you this…please take care of her”

Rath watches as he leaves the room…realizing that at least one side of their plan had worked. With Michael’s realization that he loves Isabel…he knows that it will be a matter of time before the two are together and it cause a smile to break across his blooded lips. However…it is a smile that disappears as soon as it appears as he looks into the mirror and sees a crying Isabel standing there. “What…what is it” he asks panicked as she rushes into his arms. “Are you ok”

“Yes…no” she sobs as she clings to him. “I saw Michael. I was wondering what was taking you so long and I ran into him and Lonnie. He was bleeding…and the look in his eyes was more then I could bear. He…he told me that he loved me and then he just left me standing there”

“Hey…this is what you wanted. You wanted him to express his love for you” he replies angrily…trying to remove the hold that she has on him.

“I know…but I didn’t think that it would turn out this way” she sobs even louder…still clinging on to his shirt as if for dear life. “I never thought that we would hurt them this much. Did you see Lonnie…Rath. Did you see the look defeat and pain in her eyes as well. We hurt them…we hurt them so badly”

“They hurt us first” he reacts in a childlike way as he finally pushes her away…leaning against the wall for support for he knows that if he doesn’t he will fall to the floor and bawl from the sheer weight of the regret in his heart.

“Yes…but the way that we went about this was wrong…really wrong. We have to find them and make this better. I love Michael and I need him…and you know that you feel the same about Lonnie. We have to get them back Rath…if we don’t we will regret if for the rest of our lives”

“Lets go” he says with much determination as he grabs her hand and leads her out of the dilapidated bathroom. He knows that she is right…knows that he could never be happy without the one that has owned his heart from their very first kiss.

“Where do you think they are” Isabel asks…tears still present in her eyes as Rath assists her into his car…closing the door behind her as he does.

“She’s close…I can feel her”

“Thank you Rath…thank you for everything” Isabel whispers as she runs her hand tenderly along his stubbled face as she slides into the front seat.

“For what…for ⊕#%$ you when your bastard was nowhere to be seen” he speaks gruffly…fighting the tears that are threatening to spill from his eyes at her words. “Trust me on this Isabel…it was more then my pleasure”

“Don’t…don’t do that Rath. I know how you feel about me…I can feel it and I feel the same about you” she whispers…still fighting the tears that have been plaguing her eyes from the moment they left the club. “You’ve become my best friend and I love you Rath. Promise me that once this is over that you and I will still continue to be friends”

Looking into her eyes he finds that he has to fight his own tears for he knows that in order for the relationship that she is trying to build with Michael and the one that he is trying to rebuild with Lonnie that what she is requesting is not remotely possible. “Sure babe” he replies with a sad smile as he quickly turns his attention back towards the road as they drive in complete silence until they reach the apartment complex of Michael. “You want me to go up with you” he asked concerned as he once again turns to face his best friend.

“No…” she whispers…taking a deep breath as she tries to control her rapidly beating heart. “I need to face Michael by myself. What about you…are you going to be ok with Lonnie”

“Hey…I’m Rath” he chuckles uneasily. “I will always be ok”

“I love you Rath”

“I love you too babe…now get the hell out of here and get that man of yours to ⊕#%$ you senseless. He watches as she exits the door…watches as she makes her way towards the place where the friendship and love they feel for each other began to grow out of utter hate and resentment…only to watch her run back. Jumping out of the car he catches her in his arms as she slumps tearfully against his broad chest.

“I’m never going to see you again am I” she questions sobbing as she pushes herself even tighter into his embrace.

“No…” he chokes as he once again bites back the tears he has been holding at bay. “We both know that it is for the best that we don’t. Now…” he says wiping at the cursed tears that have escaped down his face anyway. “Get you ass out of here before I change my mind and kidnap you ass back to New York with me”

With saddened steps she reluctantly leaves the warmness of his arms…watching from the curb as he jumps back into his car and speeds off screeching like a banshee at the top of his lungs as he does. She can’t help but smile…for she knows that he is hurting as much as she is. “Good bye Rath” she whispers into the night before turning and running in the direction of the man that she loves with all her heart and soul.

A depression unlike he has never felt before lays heavily upon him as he lies in front of the TV as the regret of his words and actions continue to haunt him. He knows that he was wrong…knows that he should have listened to his heart because it told him long before his stubborn mind that he was in love with Isabel. “NO” he growls under his breath as he wipes his hands frustratedly over his face. “I’ll get her back…I have to. I…” A soft rap upon the front door jerks him out of his oath to make amends with Isabel and he knows who it is before he even has a chance to open the door. It is her…the love of his life and she is hurting. Through some strange connection he can feel every emotion that is swirling through her body. He can feel her pain from his earlier rejection. He can feel her fear at the possibility that he may do it again…but he can also feel the love that she holds so dearly from him. He can feel it all for it is the same emotions that are consuming him just like she.

Fearfully he pulls himself from the couch and with anxious filled steps he makes his way to the door and opens it. “Isabel” he whispers as she stands before him with tears flowing down her beautiful face. “I…I…” she doesn’t give him a chance to finish as she lunges herself forward…wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. He can’t speak…can’t breath…can’t even form a coherent thought as she clings to him with utter desperation and pain. Closing his eyes he relishes the form of her body against his…relishes the scent that is only she as it invades his nostrils. He wants to speak to her…wants to say the words that he knows will alleviate some of the pain that he still feels wafting off of her…but the words do not come and so he continues to hold her hoping against hope that his emotions will convey just how much she means to him.

Sob after mind numbing sob rolls over her as she continues to cling to him. She is in his arms. She could feel his new found love and need for her radiating from his strong soul…and it causes her tears to flow even harder as the reality that they being together may be a high probability. “I’m so sorry Michael” she gushes out…finally getting some sort of control on her spiraling emotions. “I never meant to hurt you the way that I did…never meant for this to get so far out of control. I was just so…”

“No…no…don’t do this Isabel” he whispers as he pulls the warmth of her body away from his own. “Don’t make it seem as if this is your fault because it isn’t. I did this…I pushed you away when you told me that you love me because I was afraid. I pushed you into his arms due to my cowardess and stupidity. No Isabel this isn’t your fault…it’s all mine”

“Michael please…” she begs heart broken at the look of devastation on his face. “I love you…I always have. I was using Rath as a substitute for you and he was doing the same for Lonnie. We loved the two of you so much that we naively thought that we could find the happiness we longed for from the two of you in each other…but we were wrong. There is only one person that I love…only one person that I want to be with and that is you Michael” she cries…stepping away from him as she leans heavily against the wall behind her. “Can you ever forgive me Michael” her sobs consume her once again as she falls crestfallen to the floor below.

“I don’t have anything to forgive you for Isabel” he answers tenderly as he sits beside her on the floor and gathers her into his arms. “Maybe we can just start all over again. Maybe we can forget that any of this ever happened and give us a try. How about it Isabel…would you be willing to give us a try”

She doesn’t answer as she stares at him dumb founded for it is the one thing that she has wanted every since the visions started. “I love you Michael” she whispers terrified as she looks at the floor in wait of his response.

“I love you too”

Looking up…she sees the truth of his words flashing hungrily within his eyes. He loves her…he actually loves her and there is nothing more important then feeling his lips upon hers at this time as she lunges forward…capturing him unsuspectingly under her small frame as she devours his just as needful ones. Back and fourth they share their first soul-searing kiss as they cling to each other as if they may disappear into the vastness of thin air. Lips hold as tongues express the true excitement of their encounter with sizzling shocks of pleasure with each point of contact. She is on fire as with each swipe of his tongue as the fire within her continues to rise. It is as if an inferno has consumed her as she releases his succulent lips only to attach hers need fully to the sensitive sides of his neck and shoulder. The taste of him is exquisite as she continues to nip and taste the salty sweetness that is only he. She tries to control her smile as her ministrations cause him to writhe and moan underneath her and with each movement the all-consuming fire rages even more out of control. “Make love to me Michael” she sighs against his ear as she straddles his hips and begins to remove his chest-covering shirt. “Please”

Without anymore urging…he places his hands gently behind her neck and shoulders as he easily flips her to the floor below him. Now lying fully atop her…he with the use of his powers vanishes her cursed clothing…as his breath catches in his throat at the sheer beauty that is Isabel Evans. “Your…your so beautiful” he murmurs against her pouty lips. “So…beautiful” snaking his tongue along them…she eagerly parts them once again allowing him access to her hot mouth. The kiss is an all consuming kiss of knowledge and want…proving to the two of them that this is in fact where they are meant to be. “Let’s move to the bed” he growls hungrily against her ear as he nips playfully at it. know what happens next...Stormy!!!!
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She doesn’t waste a second as she pushes him off her fully over heated body…taking his hand as she leads him into the bedroom. “To many clothes” she pouts need fully as she uses her powers to remove the hindering clothing…gaping at the power strong body so magnificent before her. She finds that she never realized just how finely tuned his body was until this very night. “Your absolutely exquisite” she gushes aloud before her mind has a chance to comprehend what it is that she is saying as a blush spread across her already heated body. Her embarrassment is short lived as with strong hands…he picks her up and lays her lovingly on top of the bed.

Kneeling before her he continues to gaze at the sheer beauty of the one that is his predestined mate as he once again mentally scolds him self for wasting so much precious time. “Michael…make love to me” he hears her impassioned words around him as he lies down besides her. “I love you” he feels the need to speak once again as he leans forward and gently takes her lips under his own. The connection is immediate… feelings of love and lust… need and want and it was all directed at him as he increases their lip lock.

Hands explore her curvaceous body…relishing the supple skin as it lingers over his fingertips. Reluctantly he tears his mouth away from her heated one as he nips and suckles the tender skin of her neck and shoulders, causing his need to consume her fully to rise as she wiggles and moans besides him. Moving atop her body he continues with his exploration of alabaster skin as he trails his tongue down a ample breast…tracing the roundness of her nipple as it hardens into a pointed peak under the softness of his lips and he can’t help but smile as her cries of approval reach his ears. This was all about making her happy. All about making her feel as if she is the most beautiful women in the world, for there is nothing as important as stressing to this beauty just how much she means to him and always will.

Her body is heated…her vision blurry as he continues to taunt and tease her protruding nipples with his gloriously hot mouth. She feels as if she could literally float out of their love nest from the way that his ministrations are making her giddy and lightheaded and she finds that it is a sensation that she never longs to lose as he ends his breast play and kisses his way down her quivering stomach towards the one place that she wants to feel him most. Thunderous screams of pleasure waft around them as he gently nudges her legs apart with his face, before delving into the deepest recess of her constricting core. Ripples of extreme pleasure ricochet crazily within her as he continues to taste and eat of her honey as he explores every nook and cranny, making sure to ignore her screaming nub with every swipe of his tongue. “Michael” she huffs need fully as she locks her long legs around his neck…intent on making him finish the job of pleasuring her before she dies from the pleasureful torture of it all. “Please…”

He needs to be inside her, needs to feel her very essence surround him…but tonight was all about her as he gently licks his way around the inflamed center, before wiggling his tongue blazingly atop it. Her screams continue to get louder…her lock around his neck continues to get tighter as he persists with his actions until he feels he may pass out from the strength of them both and yet he continues as her orgasm rapidly washes over her. Catching his breath as she releases her hold…he kisses his way over every exposed bit of flesh as he makes his way back towards lips that he needs to devour more then he needs to breath. Lips lock, as tongue tango in extreme re-exploration as together their bodies begin to rock to a rhythm that soon has them both teetering on the edge of wanton insanity.

With secure hands…she reaches in between their two sweaty bodies as she leads his ragingly hard boner towards only one intended target. Her breath catches in her throat as she guides his tip to her entrance…encouraging him inside her as she arches her body upwards in needful want of him. He quickly takes control of the lead as he pulls himself into a kneeling position, placing her legs against the firmness of his chest as he fully sheaths himself into her molten depths. They both cry out from the wondrous feelings invoked with each maneuvered thrust…until one can’t make out on unadulterated moan from the other.

Gripping onto her beautiful thighs for added support he quickens the leverage of his thrusting…as he brings them closer to the edge of eternal ecstasy. He knows that she is close as the walls of her womanhood constrict fully around his bulging penis as he once again accelerates his pace until he is a frenzied maniac of a man intent on bringing the women that he loves the most intense pleasure possible. Placing his moistened finger upon her nubbin he gently massages it as he continues to fuck her with wild abandon as together they both give into their desires and allow explosive orgasms to rip throughout both of their sweatened and exhausted bodies.


He knew that she was close for he could feel her deep within his heart and mind as he drives down the random streets of Roswell in search of his bitch. He feels his heart flutter as he spot her dark form walking with determined steps before him. “Get in” he speaks in gruff tones as he pulls up besides her.

“Fuck you mother fucker” is her reply as she crosses her arms over her chest and continues to walk away from the man that she loves and yet is still unwilling to admit it to.

“I said get the fuck in the car Lonnie” he continues in pissed off tones as he quickly catches up to her determined strides.

“Go fuck yourself” she yells out, stopping only for a second as she flips him the bird before partaking on her journey once again.

Anger unlike anything he has ever experienced before consumes him as he throws the car in park and sprints from the driver side door. “I said get the fuck in this car” he screamed in madden tones as he easily plucks her off the ground, tossing her over his shoulder as he makes his way back towards the car. He can’t help but wince at the pain that she is inflicting upon his body as she kicks…screams and bites him in futile attempts to escape his grasp. With lightening speed…he pins her against the passenger side of the car door…his face hovering mere inches from lips that he wants to suck face with more then anything in this world. “This is how things are going to work now that I am in charge” he growls in the back of his throat as he stares down at the former queen of their relationship. “I am the man now and you will do as I say. If I tell you to suck my big fat Johnson…then you will fall to your knees and suck my dick…got it”

“You fucking wish” she spits out evilly…trying to avoid the way that her body is responding to the new and demanding man crushing her painfully against the car. “I won’t ever suck your…” his lips crush brutally against her own, cutting off the ranting of a lifetime that she was about to inflict upon him and for once in her life she finds that she likes it. She likes the way he is taking control…likes the way that he refuses to let her have her way as he with the flick of his wrist uses his own alien powers to render hers useless as he traps her unmoving against the car.

“Oh you will bitch…and so will” he leers as he grabs the front of her shirt and rips it easily away from her heaving body. The brightly colored spots bra goes next as he once again uses his alien powers to dissolve the leather material covering her most intimate of areas. “You is my bitch” he coos evilly as he squeezes tits the size of grapefruits within his clenched hands…smiling at the look of pure madness and lust radiating so vibrantly from her dark eyes. “These is my tits” he continues as he replaces his mouth for his hands…as they stretch their way down towards her clean shaven pussy. “This is my pussy” he chuckles lustfully as he bites and nips his way down her taunt body before parting her pussy lips and diving in for a much needed taste.

She longs to kill him…longs to beat the living fuck out of him as he continues to eat her pussy as if there is no tomorrow and yet she knows that there is only to be one victor in this little way and as much as it kills her to admit it…he and he alone will be that victor. Her screams boom loudly for all to hear as he continues to tease her clit with his pieced tongue…until she is cumming as she has never cum before. “Holy fuck” she pants as she tries to recover from the best mouth fuck she has ever received.

“You like that don’t you bitch” he taunts…licking the outline of her mouth before sucking her bottom lips into his suctioning mouth. “You like me being the man don’t you. I said don’t you” he yells…twisting her already swollen nipple between his two fingers.

“Yes…” she whispers in defeat.

“That’s what I thought bitch” he growls…twisting them again for added amusement. “Now you be a good bitch and suck Rath’s big dick. Don’t try any shit bitch…or you will so live to regret it” With a swipe of his hands his clothes disappear as he stands in glorious nudity before her drooling lips.

Tumors of wanton lust surf through her at his words and she finds that she longs to be the obedient one…longs to have him treat her like common gutter trash for she knows that true extent of his love for her as it flares brightly between the two of them. As any true obedient would do she does as her master has asked as she kneels in adoration before the hugeness of his dick. Taking it into her moist hands…she begins to massage it before gorging it deep within the confines of her throat. She can hear his lust filled groans all around her as she quickens the pace…not only for his benefit…but for hers as well for the need to have him fuck her senseless was almost more then she could stand. He didn’t hesitate as he grabbed her painfully by the hair as he flipped her over the side of the car as he plunged his dick so far up her pussy that she just know that was going to feel it for days afterwards.

Her tits ached from the constant grip that his hands held upon them…but she loved every minute of it as he increased the pace of their fucking as well as the hold on her red and tender breasts. “Fuck me harder” she cries out in elation as he places her hands atop of his as he increases his forceful friction between the two of them until they both give in to vengeful need. Falling on top of her…he pulls needed air into his lungs as he smacks her playfully on her ass cheeks. “Good bitch” he huffs as he reluctantly pulls him self off of her equally winded form. “Now get that beautiful ass in that car and drive us back to New York and don’t even think about using your powers to cloth yourself. Only good bitches get to wear clothes and Rath is so not through having his fun with you just yet. Now tell Rath that you love him”

For the briefest of moments she stands defiantly before him…only to quickly give in as he plants his hand once again upon her already reddened ass. “Tell me that you love me bitch” she hears him growl once again as he goes in for another round. “I…I…love you Rath” she speaks in truthfully tones as she turns to face the man that she knows will hold her heart for always. “I love you for always”

Tears glisten in his eyes…but he quickly wills them away as he finally hears the words that he had longed to hear for all time. He knows that her words are true for he can feel it radiating off of her welted body and although he knows that the love that they hold for each other can go either way…he finds that he doesn’t care for as long as he had the one that he loves by his side nothing else matters. “I loves you too” he replies as he pinches her already tender ass…pushing her towards the driver’s side of the door. Quickly he replaces his vanished clothing as he jumps inside the revving car…placing his hand on top of her quivering pussy as she sits beside him…claiming it as his own. “Now takes us back to New York and steps on it”