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Title: Overprotected
Author: Me
Category: Zan da MAN and Liz.
Rating: Oh please. You are looking at the gutter queen right here lol. Definitely NC-17
Disclaimer: Agh, this is so annoying. If I owned anything, the show wouldn’t be over, and I would be…busy… doing other things. LOL
Summary: Not really that good at this. So uh…after being caught in a compromising position, Liz gets shipped off to an all girls’ school. Eek I know.
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Author’s Note: I know I have Lust Ed. 101 out there too. This is just one story that snuck into my head.


“Come on Lizzie. I thought we’s was friends.” He put on his best puppy dog face.

“We are Zan. But…I don’t know. Why do you want to?” She fiddled with her hands. They were sitting on her bed. She was asleep and he’d snuck in through her balcony.

“I just wanna. I don’t wanna have ta go to Pam Troy. Come on Lizzie, will ya or not? Please?” He pouted again.
“Oh alright. But I don’t know how. I mean…I’m only 12, I’ve never really kissed a guy before.” She blushed.

“Well I’ve never kissed a girl before either. So it’ll be our first time, and it’ll be betta cause we’s knows each other. We’s tight Lizzie.” He leaned in closer taking her little hand in his.
“So, ya ready?”

She nodded and slowly leaned in with her eyes closed. She felt his breath on her face and smiled a little. She was actually going to get her first kiss, and with her best friend.

Their lips brushed and they both sighed. Zan reached out, bringing her closer to him. They just pressed lips together.
“So, was it ok?” Zan asked as he pulled back.
“Yeah. So that’s kissing huh?” Liz giggled.
“Wanna try it again?” Zan winked and sat closer.
“Ok.” Liz smiled and in leaned in.

“What the hell is going on here?” They both sprang apart as Liz’s father burst into the room. “What is he doing in here? In your room? At this time of night? What were you doing to my daughter?” Jeff pulled the young boy off the bed.

“No…nothing Mr. Parker. I’s was just…just…” Zan tried to come up with something that wouldn’t get him into deeper trouble but couldn’t.
“Leave him alone daddy. He didn’t do anything bad.” Liz tried to pull her father away.

“Wasn’t doing anything bad? He was on your bed, it looked like you two were about to kiss. Did you sneak him in here?” He let go of Zan and turned to his daughter.
“No daddy. He just…”

“I don’t care. That’s it Lizzie. I never want you seeing this boy again. Never, you hear me. And you…” He turned back to Zan. “I better not see you anywhere near her. I knew you were trouble. Now get. Get out.”

Zan snuck back out the window, glancing over his shoulder to look into Liz’s tear filled eyes.
“I’ll come back to you Lizzie. You can count on it.”

Part 1

That was the last night Liz saw Zan. That morning he had her sent to Wilmant School for Girls’. Then 12, she was now 18. Free to go out into the world.
“I’m free! Free at last, free at last. Thank god all mighty, I’m free at last!” Liz yelled as she ran into her room.
“How nice that you turn a very inspirational speech for civil rights, into a personal statement about being able to leave this school.” Her roommate, Shawna, laid on her bed.

“Come on Shawna. I’m 18 I get to leave this rat hole. And you know what else? You and me are going out tonight. We are going to a club and get your groove on.” Liz opened her closet and began tossing clothes on her bed.
“That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day.” Shawna laid the book she was reading aside and sprung up to look for something to wear.

Liz bent down, reaching for her shoes when she pulled out a shoe box. Smiling, she sat on her bed and opened it.
“Oh no. Not the Zan box again. I thought you said we were going to get our groove on.” Shawna sighed.

“We are. It’s just…I miss him Shawna. I haven’t seen him in six years. He was my best friend, and first kiss.” She pulled out a small picture frame of the two.
“Well, he was cute.” Shawna smiled and put her arm around Liz. “You should look him up. You know, have a reunion of sorts.”

Liz’s eyes lit up and she smiled widely.
“That’s a great idea Shawna. But for now. Let’s go and partay.”


“Zan, yo we’re leaving with out you!”
“Wait! Wait up dammit. I’s comin’.” Zan shouted as he pulled his shirt over his head. “Ok let’s jet.” He strolled toward the door. “Shit. Hold up.” He sprinted back into his room.

“Damn it Zan. Let’s go.” Michael came into his room, finding Zan stuffing a picture into his pocket.
“Almost forgot my Lizzie.” He smiled.
“You are hopeless my friend.” Michael patted him on the back.
“Yeah. I’s hopeless. She was my first ya know. And my only real friend. And I’s got her sent off.” He sighed.

“It wasn’t your fault man. Her old man was crazy. You said it yourself. Now come on. Alex and Mar, are waiting in the car. And you know how Mar gets when we make her wait.” Michael laughed.
“Yeah. Yesterday she kneed me for taking up the bathroom. Let’s roll.”


Liz and Shawna pulled into the club’s parking lot at 10. Liz stepped out of her car wearing spiked knee high black boots, followed by a black leather mini skirt, and finished off by a baby tee exposing her taunt belly. Shawna stepped out, pulling the bottom of her short red dress down. Her dark legs balanced in red stilettos.

“Let’s not waste all this hotness in the parking lot. Let’s get this party started.” Liz took Shawna by the arm and they walked to the club entrance.


“Keep up boys. I’m not going to have you dragging on my fun.” Maria shouted over the music to her roommates.
“This is wrong in so many levels. You know I can’t dance.” Alex grumbled back as he tried to keep in step.
“That’s why it’s so fucking hilarious” Michael replied, openly laughing at Alex.
“Ya know. I’m gonna be at the bar. You guys are messing with my game.” Zan shouted to them and made his war to the bar.

He watched them nod and wave him off as he approached the bar.
“I’lls have a shot.” Zan told the bartender.
“I’ll have to see some ID son.” The bartender said.
“Awe, come on duke. I’s gonna pay ya.” Zan said, pulling out his wallet. The bartender shrugged and handed Zan his drink. “Thanks duke.” Zan said and handed the man the money.


Liz and Shawna stepped into the club, instantly falling into the beat of the music.
“You were right. This place is great!” Shawna shouted over to Liz.
“I told you it was. Now let’s dance.”

They walked over to the dance floor and swayed to the music. They immediate drew in all the guys as they danced. Liz and Shawna were synchronized in their movements. Shawna’s long braids swung around her, and she laughed when few smacked a few of the guys that got too close. Liz’s own long hair swung freely creating a veil around her of dark silk.
“We got ‘em drooling girl friend.” Shawna leaned in and told Liz.
“Did you ever doubt we would?” Liz laughed back.


Zan threw back another shot as he looked down into the dance floor. He had seen the small circle form and grew curious.
“Thanks duke.” He shouted to the bartender and made his way down. He had to push his way through the crowd, earning him some glares and insults. But he shrugged them off and continued through.

He finally made it close enough to see the two girls dancing in the center. He had a clear view of the ebony beauty with the braids and killer dress, but the other had her back to him. He could see her hair swinging before him, it was almost too much to just reach out and touch it. He’d seen that kind of touch worthy hair before, but he couldn’t place where.


“Girl there’s this major, fine ass, steamy looking man just staring at you.” Shawna told Liz.
“Really? Where?” Liz started looking around.
“Right behind you. He’s wearing some black jeans, white muscle shirt and hair all up in spikes. Kinda freaky, but way hot.”

Liz spun around and backed up into Shawna, keeping up with the dance and scanned the guys there. She couldn’t find anyone matching Shawna’s description. All she saw were scummy looking guys gawking at her.
“Where? I don’t see him?”
“He’s leaving over there.” Shawna pointed back behind her, and she turned just in time to see the back on his head. She could see a few tattoos on his back and arms. Sexy, she thought. She turned back around, shrugged at Shawna and kept dancing.


“Where ya been? I went to the bar and you weren’t there.”
“Just checking out the babes. You know me.” Zan grinned and patted Michael on the back.
“Yeah, well we gotta go. Maria isn’t feeling too good. I think someone put something in her drink or something.”
“What?” Zan yelled. Maria was like his sister. Some jerk tried to pull something with her. “Who? I’ll kill the little fucker.” Zan spun around searching for a guilty face.

“Let it go Zan. We have to get her home.” Alex appeared beside them, supporting Maria on his shoulder.
“Home. My head is throbbing.” Maria held her head and was grimacing. “Come on guys. Let’s go home. Sorry for ruining the night.”
“No Maria. This wasn’t yer fault. Come on girl. Let’s get ya to bed.” Zan stepped beside her and took her other arm.
“Hey I may but out of it, but I’m not sleeping with you.” She joked.

AN~I finally decided to post this, tell me what ya think*wink*

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Part 2

“Elizabeth Parker and Shawna Williams. Have you two forgotten the rules…again?” The head mistress stood before them as they tried to sneak back in to the school.
“No Mrs. Swanson, I just chose to ignore them…again.” Liz smiled and walked past her.
“Ms. Parker This is the last straw…”
“Yeah, yeah so put the camel to sleep already. I’m leaving, so I don’t care anymore. Not that I have since my dad institutionalized me here. So don’t you wrinkle that little face of yours anymore. I’m out of here!” Liz shouted the last past so that her voice echoed down the halls.
“Why I never…” Mrs. Swanson scuffed.
“Maybe that’s why you’re so uptight.”

“Liz that was priceless. The look on her face. Oh, you go girl.” Shawna have her a high five and collapsed on her bed laughing.
“It felt amazing. Very therapeutic. I’m so glad I’m leaving.”
“I’m so going to miss you girl. You are like the white sister I never had. What are you going to do after this?” Shawna turned on her side, resting her head in her hand.
“Not sure. College is a possibility, maybe get a job in the city.”
“You think your dad would let you?”
“My dad? No, he’d freak. But I’m 18 now. I’m legal. I can do whatever I want. And first thing on my list is to find Zan.”


Zan closed his eyes as the warm stream of water cascaded down his body. He rolled his head letting the water relax his stiff neck. He’d had the dream again. The dream where Liz wasn’t shipped off and he wasn’t sent to a boarding school. Where they were together. He’d climb up her balcony and through her window. She’d be on her bed, writing in her journal of course. She'd be in her favorite pajamas, which were some boxers and a little pink tee shirt. She always looked beautiful, even at 12 years old.

She’d tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and smile as she turned to him. She’d wave him in and he’d sit up on her bed. They laugh over what they saw on TV, then the silence would come. He’d lean in and ask if he could kiss her. She’d blush, but nod. Their lips would touch innocently, then they’d grow up. Zan would change from his younger self to the man he was now, and Liz would change from the little girl to the beautiful woman of his dreams.

The kiss became deeper and they’d grasp at one another. Clothes would be discarded and slick bodies would fit together so perfectly it were as if they were made for the other.
“Liz.” He would moan. He’d hear her voice calling for him, begging for him.

Taking himself in his palm and stroked himself, letting the pleasure wash over him. He pumped harder, faster, needing to find release.
“Liz!” He cried out as he emptied himself against the shower wall. Panting he rinsed himself off and shut off the water.
“You know, it’s disturbing to know you get off at the memory of a 12 year old girl.” Zan faced Alex as he stepped out of the bathroom.
“Shut up.”


“Coming.” Liz shouted as she heard the knocking on her room door. Shawna had gone to shower so she wondered who it was. “Dad?” Liz stood back as she found her father standing at the other side of the door.
“Yes Elizabeth. I received a very disturbing phone call from your head mistress, Mrs. Swanson. She said you were talking all this nonsense about leaving. Now I know you’d never do that, so I came by to see for myself.” He stepped into the room seeing a suit case on her bed. “What’s this Liz?”

“It’s called a suit case daddy. You know, those things you put stuff in when you go somewhere.” Liz said sarcastically.
“But you’re not going anywhere. I never approved such a thing.”
“Dad. I’m 18, my birthday was last week if you’d forgotten. And you know what that means? I’m legal now. I don’t need to ask for your permission to do anything anymore.”

“Elizabeth Parker, you are not going anywhere you hear me?” Jeff Parker stood up standing right in front of her, using his height to his advantage.
“I’m not afraid of you anymore dad. I’m leaving whether you like it or not. Now if you will, I have to finish packing.” She walked past him.
“If you go, I won’t be there for you. You’ll get no money from me.” He threatened.
“I don’t care about your precious money dad. And you’ve never been there for me. You’ve always been there to stop me from doing anything. You sent me away to this forsaken school, and you took me away from the only true friend I ever had.” She shouted at him, tears threatening to fall.
“You mean that ruffian Alexander? I did that for your own good Lizzie.”

“Don’t call me that. Only he could call me that. Zan, dad. You sent me here and then you even got him sent away. That wasn’t fair. We didn’t do anything.”
“He was on your bed! Look I’m not going to have this same discussion over and over again. What’s done is done. And that’s it.” His face was red with anger. “Look, just know that if you leave, that’s it. You’re on your own.”

Liz stared back up at him, nostrils flaring.
“Good bye then dad. It’s been nice knowing you.” She closed the door behind him and listened as his heavy footsteps faded away.

She slid down the door, letting the tears finally fall. She loved her dad. Despite it all she loved him. He was just so stubborn. If he wanted to be that way, so could she. She lifted herself off the floor and finished packing.
“You ok?” She turned to find Shawna. Shawna could see the tears and went up to her and pulled her into a hug. “It’ll be cool girl. You just wait and see. You’ll find that boy of yours and you’ll both be happy. It’ll be ok.”

“I hope so Shawna. I hope so.” Liz hugged her back.


“Are you’s doin’ ok now?” Zan asked as Maria stepped out of her room.
“Shhh, aspirin.” Maria walked past him and pulled a glass out of the cupboard. She filled it with tap water and downed it with the aspirin. “Drugs are bad.” She mumbled before burying her face in his chest.
“Sorry babe. I’s should have been lookin’ out for ya. I did ya wrong.”
“Not your fault. I didn’t follow the rule. Never leave drink unattended. Ugh, my poor little head.”

In one swoop he picked her up and carried her back to her room.
“You know, you getting heav…”
“Finish that sentence and die.” Maria warned as he laid her down on her bed.
“A’ight. You’s just relax. Chill for the day.” Zan kissed her forehead and closed the door as he left.

“Yo Zan, you got work today?” Alex came out from the bathroom.
“Yeah. George asked me ta go in. Why?”
“I was hoping you could drop me off at the music shop. I need some new pics, and more strings for Betsy.” Alex said talking about his guitar.
“Why ya give yer guitar a girl name?” Zan laughed.
“Cause I’d rather be strumming Betsy than Bubba.”

“You got a point there. Come on. I’lls give ya a ride over, but you’s on your own afta that.”
“Thanks man.”
“So where we goin’?” Zan asked as he grabbed his keys.
“Dark Realm.”


“OK Liz, before we go I have to equipped you with some proper tunes.” Shawna released her hold on Liz and searched for her wallet.
“Where are we going?”
“This excellent everything music, music store.”
“Cool what’s it called?”
“Dark Realm.”

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Tracy I already told you I would. Just waiting for the smut to proof read it LOL.
So you guys think they'll meet now?
Well...let's just see....

Part 3

“Ok, I’ll just go on and get my stuff.” Alex jumped out of the car.
“Wait, I need some new tunes anyways.” Zan followed Alex inside.


“You’re going to love this place. It sells all these great albums from these underground artists. It’s where I get all my stuff.” Shawna ranted on besides Liz on the bus. Liz only nodded looking out the window at the city. This was going to be her home. Urban life for little Liz Parker. Lizzie. She smiled recalling how it made her feel to have Zan call her that.

“Hey Lizzie.” She hears him loudly whisper from the desk behind her. Her best friend in the whole world. Alexander Evans.
“What Zan?” She whispers over her shoulder. It was the first day of their 4th grade. And they were finally in the same class.

“Ain’t this cool? We’re in the same class now.”
“Yeah. Too bad you couldn’t sit next to me.” Liz looked back and smiled.
“I know. That Mrs. Dupree, didn’t want girls sitting next to guys. It’s no fair. At least I can sit behind ya and touch ya hair. You got nice hair.” He reached out and took a strand in between his fingers. “It’s so soft.”

A little piece of paper landed on her desk and she turned to Zan.
‘Read it’ Zan mouthed and she opened up the little note.

‘Lizzie, Lizzie has nice hair
Lizzie, Lizzie does not swear
Lizzie, Lizzie has a great smile
Lizzie, Lizzie can run for miles.

Lizzie, Lizzie talks to me
Lizzie, Lizzie is nice to me
Lizzie, Lizzie plays with me
Lizzie, Lizzie will you run away with me?’

“Hello? Liz, wake up. We’re here.” Shawna waved her hand in front of Liz’s dazed face.
“Huh? Oh, sorry. Just remembering something.” Liz blushed and stood up with Shawna.
“Hmm, let me guess. Is it something Zan related?” Shawna laughed and they stepped out of the bus.

“Here we are. Dark Realm. Ain’t it great?”
“It looks kinda creepy.” Liz commented as she looked at the small store. Its windows were covered with black curtains and were decorated with skulls and other sorts of demon like things.
“That’s just the outside. Wait till you see inside.” Shawna took Liz’s arm and pulled her into the store.


Zan followed Alex around watching him in amusement as he practically drooled over the new guitars.
“Yo, I’m gonna tell Besty ya checking out other guitars.” Zan teased.
“I…I’m not. OK I am. Just look at these. They’re gorgeous.” Alex ran a finger over the curve of one of the guitars.


“They keep the music up front and the instruments in the back. They have a killer selection of guitars. I might get one, one of these days.” Shawna mused.
“Well, what CDs do you recommend? I don’t know any of these bands.” Liz picked up one of the CDs.
“Ooh get this one. Very trippy. Ooh and this one too. These guys are great. Oh and this…” Shawna trailed on picking up CD after CD. Liz couldn’t help but laugh.


Zan looked up at the sound of the laughter. That laugh. He knew that laugh from somewhere.
“Yo be right back. Gotta check somethin’ out.” Zan told Alex as he walked toward the front of the store. Peeking through the black curtain all he saw were two guys and a girl. Shrugging he walked back to Alex.


“How about this one?” Liz asked as she kneeled in front of another row of CDs.
“Definitely. That’s the one I couldn’t stop playing last week. I would give you mine…but I won’t.” Shawna laughed and helped Liz get back up.

They placed the CDs on the counter and waited till the guy rung them up.
“Will that be all today ladies?” The guy asked and winked.
“Yep, that’s it. Thanks.” Liz smiled and took her bag.

“He was cute” Shawna laughed as they walked outside.
“Yeah if you like the hairy, pierced, scary type. But knowing you, you do.” Liz laughed.


Zan left Alex at Dark Realm and headed to his job. He liked his job. He didn’t love it, but he liked it. His boss was cool with him and let him work there despite his initial attitude and appearance. He had walked into that restaurant in his baggy jeans and muscle shirt, hair all spiked, and demanded a job.

“You’re early Zan. I like that.”
“Woulda been here earlier ‘cept I had to take a buddy of mine somewhere. Busy day?” Zan stepped into the back and reached for his apron. Yep, he wore an apron. More like a smock, but still an apron.
“Nah. Just some regulars. Just go and clean some of the tables.”
“Sure thing boss.


“One last stop. I want you to be ready for the real world girl. You need some new clothes.” Shawna took Liz’s hand and led her into a little boutique. ‘The Real You.’ Nothing too fancy. Some jeans, skirts, all of the necessities. “Ooh leather.” Shawna picked up a leather skirt and held it up to Liz. “Looks your size. Go try it on.” She pushed Liz into a dressing room and waited.

Liz tried on the skirt and was surprised in how good it looked on her. She had another leather skirt but his one fit her like second skin. It hugged all the right curves and rested low on her hips. It was perfect.
“How do I look?” Liz stepped out and modeled for Shawna.

“Ooh girl you are working that skirt.” They both turned to see a blonde nodding in approval. “Don’t worry I’m not a dike. I just know style, and girl, you’re styling.” She smiled and stepped forward.
“Hi, I’m Maria. And I know the perfect shirt for that.” She looked through the clothes she was carrying in her arms and pulled out a small red tube top. “Try that on.”

Liz shrugged and took the shirt, which looked more like a head band than a shirt.
“Hi. I’m Shawna.” Shawna introduced herself to the blonde girl.
“Hi Shawna. And what’s your friend’s name?”
“Liz.” Liz called from behind the door and stepped out.

“Wow.” Both Maria and Shawna said and gasped.
“What?” Liz turned toward the mirror.
“You are working that outfit girl.” Shawna snapped her fingers and laughed.
“She’s right. Boy do I know how to make an outfit or what?” Maria smiled and clapped. “You know what? That outfit has to be seen. I’m having a party this weekend you two should so stop by. Here I’ll give you my address and number.” Maria pulled out a piece of paper and pen and scribbled down her information.

“Maria DeLuca.” Liz read out loud. “I’m Liz Parker, this is Shawna Williams. I’d love to keep in touch with you. I’m sorta looking for a place around here, would you happen to know of any openings?”
“Actually, I think there might be an empty in my building. Real nice location, not too far from here. Nice neighborhood too. Friendly people. I can ask around and put in a good word for you. Where do you live now?”

“We’re currently imprisoned in the Wilmant Academy. But I’m gone when this week is done. And thanks, I’d really appreciate if you could look into that apartment for me. I am so dieing to get out of that hell hole.” Liz smiled.
“I’d love to. Well, look I have to go. I really need to get back home before I have to report to the working mill. Call me tomorrow and I’ll tell you what I found out. See ya guys later.” Maria paid for her clothes, waved them off and skipped off.


They arrived back at the academy and collapsed on their beds.
“I never knew shopping would be so tiring.” Liz sighed.
“So it’s real. You’re actually leaving huh?” Shawna sighed.

“Yeah. Why don’t you come with me? It’ll be great. The both of us in our own apartment. Come on.”
“You know I can’t. I have to stay here and become this great doctor. I am going to miss living with you though. I love ya girl.”
“I love you too.”

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Well happy new year everyone. Here's a new part for ya

Part 4

Maria burst into the apartment, clothes bags in hand. She threw everything on the floor and went into the small kitchen.
“Hey where were you. I’ve been trying to call you all morning. Your boss called and said he didn’t need you today.” Michael came up behind her.
“Jeez Mike. You scared me.” She held her chest in mock fright. “I was out shopping, you know, for the party this weekend.”

“Party? No one told me anything about a party.”
“That’s because you’re never home to tell. So yeah, party, this weekend, be here. I met these two great girls today, they’re coming. Oh, and can you ask Jenny if that apartment is still free. I told one of the girls I’d look into it for her.”

“Well then shouldn’t you go ask Jenny, since you said you’d do it?” Michael chuckled and reached for a beer.
“I could, but I’m asking you to do it. Jenny would say yes to anything you said.” Maria winked and pulled out a water bottle.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means she’s hot for you bod Mickey. So just ask ok. Try to talk the girl up. She looked pretty nice.”

“Well do you at least know her name? I can’t just go in there and recommend a girl and not know her name.”
“Liz. Yeah Liz…Parker I think. Pretty nice, long brown hair, nice complexion, ok body.”
“Liz Parker? Did you say Liz Parker?” Michael spit out the bear and turned to her in shock.

“Yeah why? Do you know her or something.” Michael took her by the arm and ran to Zan’s room.
“What’s wrong with you?” She asked as Michael searched the room.
“Did she look like this?” Michael held up a small picture frame with a picture of a young Zan and a young girl.
“Yeah, yes that’s her. Oh my god. Do you think it’s her?” Maria covered her mouth to contain her scream.
“It’s Zan’s old friend. The one he raves on and on about. We have to tell him.” Michael started to leave until Maria stopped him. “What?”
“No. Don’t tell him. I have a better idea. You just go ask Jenny about the apartment, and don’t say a word about Liz to Zan. You just let me take care of things.” Maria smiled and rubbed her palms together.


Liz sat on her bed alone. She would be in class at that time, but chose since she was leaving, she didn’t need to go. She hated that school. Hated that her father sent her to it unjustly. He tore her away from her home. From Zan.

She sat out on her balcony, smiling at the warm summer sun. She always loved it out in her balcony. It was her special place.
“Lizzie bear, you up there?” She heard his whispered voice from below. She got up from her lounge chair and peeked over the edge. There he was in cut off jean shorts, carrying a towel over his shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m here.” She called back.
“I wanted to know if ya could come with me down to the lake. It’s a hot day and all.” He started to climb up her ladder. “Whatdaya say?”
“Um, I have to ask my dad.” She mumbled. She knew her dad didn’t like her playing with Zan. He called him and no good trouble maker.
“I could ask with ya. I’ll be good.” Zan looked down at his feet when he finally made it up to the balcony.

They walked down together to where her father was working his books for the restaurants.
“Daddy, can I ask you something?” Liz shyly spoke up. Zan stood right behind her.
“Sure sweet heart. What is it you…what is he doing here?” Jeff asked angrily.
“Daddy, Zan came by to…” She was going to tell him but Zan stepped up.
“Um, Mr. Parker sir, I…came by to ask if Lizzie could come down to the lake with me. It’ll just be for a little while. I’ll take care of her, nothing bad will happen.”

“What have I told you about hanging around Alexander Liz?” Jeff ignored the young boy and looked straight at his daughter.
“But daddy, he’s asking nicely. He’s not a bad boy like you say he is. He’s really nice and…
“I don’t care what you think he is Elizabeth. I know what he is.” Jeff glared at the young boy.
“Haven’t I warned you enough about staying away from my little girl?”

“But Mr. Parker, I’ll be good. I won’t do nothin’ bad I promise. I’m a good boy. I just wanted to invite Lizzie to the lake is all.” Zan looked back at him, though inside he wanted to cry. He hated being treated like some kind of monster. Just because his father was a bad person didn’t mean he was.

“Sorry Liz, but I will not let you go anywhere with him. And that’s final. I want you out of my house now Alexander Evans.” Zan looked at Liz then back at Jeff.
“Ok sir. I’m sorry if I got Lizzie in trouble.” Zan held back the tears and squeezed Liz’s small hand. ‘See you at school.’ He mouthed to her and ran out of the home.

Liz wiped her eyes as she recalled that memory. All she wanted to do was spend time with her best friend, but her father never understood that. He always kept her under lock and key. He was a single father. Her mother had died giving birth to her so it had always been the two of them. He treated her like a precious doll that had to be handled with care. He didn’t let her go out by herself and didn’t like her having a lot of friends. He would tell her that it wasn’t safe for her to go out alone, since they had a lot of money. He was the richest man in the state, running a chain of well established restaurant.

She hated her life. Zan and Shawna were her only real friends. Everyone else treated her like this little rich girl who couldn’t do anything for herself.
“Agh, if I have to hear another lecture of the reproductive systems of African tree frogs I will go on a killing spree.” Shawna walked into their room and through her books on the bed. “What’s up girl. You look bummed…again.”

“Just thinking about my life. I’ve always been so sheltered. I never got to have a real childhood. Heck I didn’t really get to have a real adolescence either. Now I’m supposed to get out on my own, with no help, and survive the real world?” Liz sighed and fell back on her pillow.

“You’ll be fine girl. Just watch.” The phone began to ring and Shawna picked it up. “Hello? Yeah she’s here. Liz it’s for you.” She handed her the phone and listened.

“Liz? Hi, this is Maria, from the boutique the other day. I just wanted to let you know that there is an opening in the building. Why don’t you come along later and I’ll show you.” Maria’s cheery voice came through the receiver.
“Um, sure that’ll be great. I’ll catch the bus later. What’s the address?”
“Bus? Uh no way chica. I’ll just drop by and pick you up then. I’ve driven by that place a million times. What do you say about 6?”
“That’ll be great. I’ll be waiting at the front of the school. Thanks again Maria.”
“Think nothing of it chica. See you then.”

Liz hung up and smiled.
“That was Maria. She said there’s a free apartment in her building. She’s going to pick me up at 6 to go see it. And you’re coming with me.”
“Me? Well if you insist.” Shawna laughed.


Zan went to the back and removed the very dirty apron. He’d been there all through his shift and he had to cover two hours for another waiter to arrive. He was dead tired.
“I’s leavin’ now.” Zan shouted toward his boss’ door. He heard a shouted ‘good bye’ and was out the door.

“Yo I’m home.” Zan called out. But got no answer. He groaned and went to his room. He knew he should take a shower, but he was too tired. So he just collapsed on his bed.

He always watched her. Sitting in the corner by herself. Reading or eating some kind of fruit. She looked so lonely.
“Hey. You’re Liz right?” He approached her slowly, hands in his pockets.
“Yes.” She looked up at him, but then looked away quickly.
“I’m Alex, but you can call me Zan.” He said. She didn’t look up. She looked nervous. “Can I sit with you?

She looked up at him and shyly smiled.
“Please.” She patted on the ground next to her. It was like she was almost pleading for him to stay. He sat down and scooted close to her.
“Hi Liz.”
“Hi Zan.”

He missed her. He looked over at his clock. 5:45. He could rest for a while he thought. Closing his eyes, he let the images of Liz soothe and put him to sleep.


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Part 5

Maria picked up Liz and Shawna in front of the school.
“Creepy joint.” Maria commented looking back at the gated school.
“Try living in it for six years. Now, come on. Let’s see this apartment of mine.”

“You’re going to love it. It has a great view of the city. Large bathroom, plenty of closet space, and very cozy.” Maria spoke as they rode up the elevator. “It’s on my floor so if you ever need anything I’m just down the hall. Well, here we are. Fifth floor.” The elevator door slid open and Maria jumped out first.

Liz stepped out into the hall and smiled. Mahogany doors, polished to a shine, mats in front of each, and some even had decorative wreaths hanging on them. Small tables lined the way, making it almost look like a hotel hallway. “This is my place. Well, actually mine and three other peeps. Remember, this number.” She pointed to the little number on her door. “Now, this is your soon to be place is just down here.” She skipped ahead and jumped in front of a door.

Maria reached into her purse and pulled out a key. Opening the door, she stepped aside letting Liz and Shawna go in first.
“Wow.” Liz and Shawna gasped together. The room was empty, but it was beautiful. The two large windows aloud a measurable amount of sun to light the inside. The walls were a sky blue, and alternately white on others. Hard wood floors laid beneath them.
“This place is amazing. It’s…perfect. I’ll take it!” Liz squealed, running inside the apartment.

“She’s very excited.” Shawna laughed as she looked on as her best friend dashed from corner to corner.
“I can see. So…how long have you known each other?” Maria asked as she turned to the other girl.
“About six years now. I was her roommate ever since her father sent her there. Real sad story too. Just because he wanted to keep her away from…”
“Zan?” Maria’s eyes widened.
“How did you..?” Shawna started to ask when she followed where Maria was looking.

“Yo what time is Mike getting’ home. I’m starvin’? Hey.” Zan stood in the hall. He had heard Maria’s voice and followed. He acknowledged the woman standing next to her with a nod.
“Oh, uh, Zan…he, Michael should be here in a few. Man you look like hell.”

Shawna just kept looking at the man before her in awe. This was the man Liz raved on and on about. The 13 year old boy in the pictures. He’d certainly grown.
“Yeah, had a double shift, and then couldn’t sleep. Dreamin’ again ya know.” He smirked.
“Let me guess. Certain brunette femme?” Maria teased him.
“So who’s your new friend?” Zan smiled at Shawna.

“Oh, sorry. Shawna this is Zan. Zan, Shawna.” Maria introduced them.
“Nice ta meet ya.” Zan took her hand.
“Why don’t you try to go back to sleep man. I’ll wake you when Mike gets home.” Maria tried to get him to leave before Liz showed up. She was still somewhere in the back where the rooms were. She had so much planned to get things ruined.
“OK. Bye there Shawna.” Zan waved them off and ran back toward their apartment.

“Where you guys talking to someone out here?” Liz stepped back into main room.
“Oh…” Shawna was about to spill before Maria stepped in.
“No, just us gals. So what do you think?” Maria eyed Shawna, silently pleading that she not say anything.
“Oh, this great. How do I go about getting this place?” Liz was smiling so much Shawna was afraid her face would split in two.
“It’s yours. I’m close with the manager. Let’s go talk to her now.” Maria said and looked out into the hall before quickly pulling Liz along with her.

Shawna walked along behind them thinking about what had happened. Zan lived there. He was one of Maria’s roommates. And when she tried to tell Liz what had happened, Maria had stopped her. She had to find out what that Maria girl was up to.


Liz kicked her feet in the cool stream water. It was summer, her favorite season. Her hair was held back in a loose ponytail as she sat along the water’s edge.
“Lizzie bear!” She smiled and turned in the direction of the voice.

She saw Zan running up to her in black trunks and a towel slung over his shoulder. “Sorry I’m late. Dad made me clean. Have you been waiting long?” He asked as he sat down beside her.
“Not too long. It’s really pretty out today.”
“You’re pretty. Is that a new swim suit?” Zan asked as he reached for the small frills on her suit.
“Yeah bought it last week. My other suit doesn’t fit anymore. I see you got new trunks too.” Liz smiled.
“Yeah. My shorts weighed me down too much and it was hard to swim. These are better.”

They swam around in the water, enjoying its coolness on the hot day. “So how did you get your dad to let you come down here? I thought he hated me.”
“I told him I was going to meet Pam Troy here. For some reason he approves of her. I don’t like her. She’s mean.” Liz pouted and paddled over to Zan.

“Yeah. I don’t like her either. She tried to kiss me a couple of days ago. I almost puked.” He laughed and Liz started to laugh too. But Zan saw something in her expression. “What is it?”
“Huh?” She looked up at him.
“There’s something wrong.” He took her hand and pulled her into the shore with him.
“Why do you say that.” She sat along with him. The air was getting brisk and she shivered a little.

Zan made her sit between his leg and wrapped her arms around her. “When I told you about Pam, you made a face. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. I don’t know. Do you like girls yet?” Liz turned her head to the side.
“I mean. Do you like, like them. Like want to kiss them and all.”

She saw Zan’s thoughtful expression then heard his sigh.
“Yeah. Yeah I do. Why do you ask? I don’t like Pam if that’s what you’re asking.”
“I’m just…wondering. Do you like a girl now?” She pulled herself away and turned around to face him.

Zan looked at her and smiled.
“Yeah. I do. Do you like any boys?”
“I…I…” She started to stutter and blush. “Who do you like?”
“Nah. I can’t tell you. Look. It’s getting late, and you’re cold. Let me walk you home.” He stood them up and wrapped her in her towel

Liz sighed as she searched on the Internet. She kept coming up with page after page of Alexander Evans’. She didn’t even know where Zan had gone to after he father had sent her off. She had only heard from other people that he’d paid Zan’s father to send him far away.

“Agh!” She groaned and closed her lap top. She had put in all the information on Zan that she knew. Birth date, place of birth, yet still nothing zeroed in. “How am I going to find him?”

Shawna sighed from her bed. She hated seeing Liz that way. She wanted to tell Liz so bad about seeing Zan, but after they had worked out the details of the apartment Maria had pulled her aside and told her about her plan. And it was a very good idea too, just that seeing her friend in so much angst was getting to her.
“Liz babe. Got to bed. We’ll work on it more tomorrow ok. Just…get some sleep. Remember, we have a party to go to in two days.”
“Yeah, yeah. Ok Shawna, I’ll go to bed.”


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Part 6

Zan moaned in his sleep. The others had gotten used to it the first couple of months when he moved in. They were already accustomed to his tossing and groaning in his sleep.
“Do you think we should wake him already?” Alex asked from across the room. Zan’s moans had gotten progressively louder and it was getting harder for him to eat his breakfast.

“Oooooohh no. I tried that last time and he nearly raped me.” Maria reminded him from her seat in the living room.
“Yeah, and I nearly lost some teeth when I woke him up the other time.” Michael said over his shoulder. “I think he really loves his sleep.”

“Yeah. I guess if it’s the only way he gets to see Liz, it’s worth it.” Alex takes another drink of his coffee and notices the look Maria and Michael exchange at his comment. “What is it? What was that…that look thing? You guys know something. Spill.” He rushes over to them and waits.

“Ok, but you can’t say anything.” Michael leans in and whispers Maria’s plan into his ear.
“Really? Wow, so you met her? Is she really as amazing as Zan so elegantly describes her? I believe his exact words were ‘She’s fucking beautiful’.”

“Yes. She’s very beautiful. And her spirit is so clean and pure. She’s a regular sweet pea.” Maria smiles. “Hey sleepy head. Another dream?” She winks at Zan as he drags himself into the kitchen.
“And I see you’ve forgotten to take care of your little problem before leaving the room again.” Alex turns away as his spies Zan’s regular morning erection.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Sorry ‘bout that.” Zan mumbles through half sleep. “There’s no more juice. I need some juice.” He complains.
“I keep forgetting you’re not a morning person.” Michael laughs.
“Ha ha. Shut the fuck up.”

“Hey now that wasn’t very nice Zanny boy.” Maria wags her finger at him.
“Yo, sorry ‘k. They just paged me saying I had to go in early and stay through my usual shift as well. Man, I need to get me a job where the schedule is constant. I can’t take this shit.” Zan groans. “I like the place and all, but the damn hours are too much.”

“Just ask your boss for a different position. Maybe even manager. You’re a hard worker, and you’ve worked there a long time now.”
“I’m just a bus boy. How am I gonna ask to be manager?” Zan ran his finger through his messed hair. It was flat and it came down to his neck.

“Just ask. It doesn’t hurt to ask. I had worked at my job for only a month before they promoted me.” Maria informed him.
“That’s cause you was one of three peeps that work there. I ain't the only person there tryin’ to get ahead.”
“Just try it ok. And stop with the whole ‘stick up your ass’ bit. Go shower and do what you gotta do.” Maria ushered him to the bathroom.


Shawna watched in a combination of awe, disgust, curiosity and finally fright. She had woken up to sounds coming from Liz’s side of the room. She figured Liz was just having a bad dream because she was lightly tossing and moaning. But as she sat up in bed, ready to wake her, she realized it was certainly no nightmare.

Liz’s hair stuck to her forehead from the sweat, and her lips were slightly parted. Moans escaped from them and her tongue would snake out to wet her lips. Her legs tangled themselves in her blanket and her arms were slung above her head. A look of pure ecstasy appeared in her face.

“Liz? Babe, please wake up.” Shawna finally snapped out of her awe and walked over to Liz. “Girl, come on.” She shook her slightly and watched as the tossing stopped and Liz’s breathing slowly came back to normal. Liz’s eyes fluttered open and struggled to focus.
“Shawna?” Liz yawned and stretched out her limbs. “What is it?” She asked as she sat up in bed.
“You must have been having some dream girl. Tell me about it”

“Dream? What do you mean?”
“Oh come on, don’t tell me you don’t remember. You woke me up with your moaning and tossing around. It scared me a bit. But let me guess. Some erotic rendezvous with da man?” Shawna winked and laughed.

Liz’s brow wrinkled in confusion and concentration, but then realization appeared.
“Ooooh.” Liz blushed.
“Yeah ooooh. Tell me girl.”
“Well….yes it was about Zan. But…this dream was different. Usually I just dream of Zan from when we were kids. Almost like memories. Sometimes I dream about him being older, but nothing like now. Now he was…wild. I always knew he’d turn out to be an…independent man, but this is…wow. He was….oh so hot. He always kept his hair spiky, and it still was, only longer. He was built. Toned, lean, and, oh girl, he looked amazing. And….well he….was amazing, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh I know what you mean. I had visuals of you remember. Now, let’s get you washed up. You look like you actually did do it.” Shawna teased.


Zan scrubbed down the dirty table and pocketed the tip left for him. Just eight more hours, he repeated to himself as he wiped at his forehead.
“What’s wrong Zan? You don’t seem yourself today.” Zan felt the hand on his shoulder and sighed.
“Just tired.” Zan said as he turned around to face his boss. “Uh, look boss, cans we talk?” He asked nervously.

“We’re talking right now aren’t we?” His boss teased but caught the seriousness in Zan’s eyes. “Let’s go into my office.” He led Zan toward the back and told him to sit. “What is it you want to talk about Zan?”

“Well, ya see…I been workin’ ‘ere for like two years now, ya know. Don’t get me wrong, I love workin’ ‘ere, but….I need something’ a little more stable. I can’t take all the extra shifts ya make me work.” He sighed and continued. “I ain’t askin’ for a raise. I’s like to earn my keep. I’m asking for a different job. I heard ya been looking for a new assistant manager, and well…I’s think I be good for the job.” He finished the last words in hurried breaths and slumped on the chair.

He waited anxiously as his boss just looked at him. “Come on boss. Say somethin’.”
“Well Zan. You see, the economy these days is very rocky. Yeah, I was looking for a new assistant, but I already have someone in mind for the position.”

“Oh. A’ight then. I’lls just…get back to work then.” Zan stood up and reached for the door.
“Wait.” He heard his boss call out to him. “Don’t you want to know who I had in mind for the job?”
“Who?” Zan asked, but didn’t really want to know.
“It’s you Zan. Boy are you dense. I was going to wait till your shift ended, but since you were so eager to ask, I guess it doesn’t hurt telling you now.” He smiled at Zan a patted his shoulder. “You start your new position Monday morning. I’ll give you your new schedule, where you will have set hours. And of course go over your pay raise.”

The older man smiled in amusement as Zan’s continued to open and close his mouth but never say a word.
“Uh…th…thanks man. Wow, uh…jeez, thanks man. I’lls…I’lls just, just gets back ta work now.” Zan stuttered and opened the door. He caught his boss off guard when he turned back around and pulled him into an embrace. “Thanks.” Zan said again and rushed back outside.


“So when do we start moving you into your new place huh?” Shawna asked as she watched Liz pack up the last of her belongings. She laid on her bed, on her stomach, swinging her feet in the air.
“Well.” Liz bit her lip and looked at all her boxes. “I’m already packed up, I paid for the first months rent, and I have nothing planned for the rest of the day. Why not start heading over now? I can call Maria and ask if she could help us out. That way I’d be all settled in by tomorrow.”

“Yeah, and then you’ll have your mind free at the party tomorrow.” Shawna smiled.
“Yeah. And I can get back to my search.” Liz added. “I just don’t understand why with all the information I have on him I can’t find him. I thought the Internet was supposed to be helpful.” Liz complained as she plopped down besides Shawna.

“Tell me about it. Technology. It’s this big conspiracy too keep us on tap. The “web” is just that, a web that tangles the mind of today’s youth and turns them into mindless zombies.” Shawna announced as she turned over on her back, and waved her arms around for effect.
“Yes Shawna. This sounds just like your theory on cell phones.” Liz laughed.
“Them too. Oh don’t get me started on those evil devices…” Shawna started and went off into her world of raving.


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Once again. Thanx to Angel for checking my work
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On we go...

Part 7

Michael ran for the insistent phone, nearly tripping over the coffee table. He walked backwards toward the phone keeping his eyes glued to the television screen.
“Hello?” He shouted into the phone, causing a gasp from the person on the other end.
“Um, is…is Maria there?” Came the startled voice.
“Nah she’s still at work. Who’s this?”
“This is Liz, Liz Parker.” She answered, still a little frightened.

Michael’s jaw dropped and the phone almost fell out of his hands at the answer.
“Oh yeah. Liz, uh, yeah she told me about you. Sorry for yelling and all, I was just watching TV. What can I help you with?” He asked, sounding more polite.
“Um, I actually wanted to ask Maria if she could help me move in today. I just wanted to have everything set before the party. Can you just tell her I called?”
“How ‘bout I do something better. I can help you if you want. It’s the least I could do for yelling at you. Anyways, Maria won’t be home till seven tonight. I can head down and help you bring your things in. I have a big truck, and I’m bored.” He said laughingly.

Liz stayed quiet on her end, debating on whether or not she should take him up on his offer. She didn’t even know the guy. She’d only heard bits and pieces about the roommates from Maria. And she was guessing this guy was the famous Michael. “So, what do you say. I promise I’ll be nice.”
“Uh…ok, sure, why not. I’m up at the Wilmant Academy. Do you know where that is?”
“Oh yeah. I’ve been up there a couple of times. I know a few of the girls there.” He laughed. “What time you want to come down?”

“Well, I was kinda hoping right now. I want to get things over with.” Liz said and gave Shawna a thumbs up.
“Sure. No problem. I’ll be there like in thirty. Just look for a big dirty truck, with a big dirty guy driving it.” Michael joked and heard Liz laugh.
“Ok, will do. Thanks.”
“No prob.”


Thirty minutes on the dot, Liz and Shawna spotted a truck pulling up to the school gates. The driver had long, light brown hair and dark glasses. Yep, just as Maria described him.
“Liz?” He asked as he jumped out of the truck.
“Michael?” Liz stepped forward and reached out her hand to him.
“Yeah. Hi.” He smiled and shook her hand. “So, where’s your stuff?”

Liz pointed to the pile of boxes and bags. Michael sighed and began loading the truck.
“Thank you so much for coming down and helping me out like this.” Liz said as he tossed the last bag into the back.
“Hey it no big deal. I had nothing to do anyways.” He shrugged and wiped his brow.

“Hi Michael.” Came a chorus from a group of giggling girls from the academy.
“Hi girls. Long time no see.” He smiled, and slightly blushed when both Liz and Shawna cast him a look.
“Yeah, you haven’t called. And you haven’t come in ages.” One of the more outspoken ones said. She twirled one of her red curls around her finger. Her pleated skirt rose higher than the rest of them.
“Uh….yeah, sorry about that. I’ll call later.” He winked and they all giggled again. “Well, on that note. Let’s go.” He opened the door for them and held out his hand.

“Oh Michael, how oh so thoughtful of you.” Liz teased and jumped up into the truck.
“Oh yes, I so want to twirl my hair and hike up my skirt now.” Shawna added and they started laughing.
“Chicks.” Michael sighed and hopped in the truck.


Michael helped Liz and Shawna get the apartment fixed up. He carried everything to the apartment and even helped put things in place.
“Now all I need is furniture.” Liz said as she inspected the apartment.

“I know where you can get furniture for very reasonable prices. I know a guy.” Michael said as he pilled the boxes together.
“You know a guy?” Liz questioned.
“Yeah. Old friend of mine. That’s where we got most of our furniture.”
“Well, let’s see this furniture of yours, before I agree to anything.”

Michael led them to his apartment, looking in making sure no one was home.
“Here we are.” He let them in and Liz immediately went and looked over the place. “Uh, don’t go in…there.” Michael tried to prevent her from entering Zan’s room but she was already inside. He rushed after her and found her looking around.
“Whose room is this?” She asked with a thoughtful expression on her face. She sat on the bed and lightly bounced on it.

“Uh…that’s, that’s…” Michael blanked out. He couldn’t well say it was Zan’s room. “It’s Alex’s.” He said finally and sighed. He watched as she laid back, resting her head on the pillow.
“Comfy.” She said and got up. Michael had to hide the picture Zan always kept on his night stand before Liz turned in that direction. She couldn’t help but feel something by the smell of the room. It was strangely familiar. Shrugging, she went off into the next room.

Alex sat on the carpeted floor, leaning on his bed. He picked up Betsy and strummed a few cords, stopping only to jot down some notes on the sheet in front of him. He closed his eyes allowing the music to flow from his fingers out from the guitar.
“Nice tune. Yours?” He heard the female voice and looked up. Shawna stood under the door frame with her arms crossed over her chest.
“Uh…yeah. It’s mine. Just writing it right now actually.” He smiled and signaled for her to come in. “Alex Whitman.” He said and stretched out his hand to her.
“Oh, Shawna Williams. Sorry for just barging in or anything. I just heard the music and I had to see who was jamming it. You’re really good.” She said as she flushed. Not that it was easy to tell, her dark skin hid any blush very well.

As their hands touched Alex couldn’t help but gasp. She was definitely very beautiful. Her dark skin was so radiant and her smile was breath taking.
“So, uh, you know anything about guitars?” He asked, and kicked himself internally.
“I know a thing or two. Watch.” She sat beside him on the floor, and crossed her legs Indian style. She asked permission to handle his guitar and he willingly handed it to her. She strummed a few of the strings to check to tone and then went on playing it.

Alex sat back watching her play a song which sounded familiar, but couldn’t quite place it. She looked so into the music that he was drawn in.
“Wow, I’ve never seen anyone besides Alex handle Betsy.” Michael said as he walked in on the two. Shawna smiled and handed the guitar back to Alex.
“You were really good. Do you have a guitar?” Alex asked as he set Betsy on the bed.
“Nah. I’ve played a few because my brother played. But I’ve never actually owned one.
“What song was that?” He asked.
“Oh, it was ‘Here With Me’. You know, by Dido.” She smiled and Alex nodded.
“I knew it sounded familiar. You added your own little riffs to it. It was really good.”

“Wait a minute. If he’s Alex, why isn’t he in his room?” Liz asked from the door. Michael froze and looked to Alex.
“I’m the other Alex. But they just call me Whitman. It’s easier.” Alex said, guessing the girl beside Michael was Liz. She looked just like Zan and Maria had described. Liz’s lips formed an ‘oh’ and nodded.
“Well, nice to meet you.” She walked in and shook his hand. “We should really get going.”
“Yeah.” Shawna sighed and got up. Alex got up with them.
“So, are you two coming to the party tomorrow.” He asked but was looking only at Shawna. They both nodded and smiled. “Well, see you then.”


Zan made his way to his room after his last shift and simply fell into bed. He didn’t even bother getting out of his clothes. He buried his face in his pillow and inhaled the strange scent. Vanilla. He knew it certainly wasn’t from him. Instead of getting up to question anyone he simply breathed more of it in, and drifted off to sleep. He didn’t mind it much anyway.


Liz settled on the small mattress she’d taken from the academy and bunched up the pillow. Her first night on her own. And she felt so lonely. Sighing she reached for the small box and pulled out the picture of Zan. She traced his face and tried not to cry. She missed him so much.

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OK, this part I dedicate to Tracy, who is just about to kill me LOL.
Once again though, thank you Angel

Part 8

“Partay!” Maria shouted into the apartment. Today was the day. Her plan was going to pay off that night. She couldn’t wait.
“Will ya shut up red?” Zan said groggily as he stepped out of his room. “Today’s my day off. And all I want to do is sleep.”

“You can’t.” She almost shouted. “Tonight’s the party. And I invited some very important people.”
“So? I’lls just find somewhere else to crash. I don’t really feel like a party tonight.” He said and reached for an apple. Maria was panicking. He had to be there tonight.
“Please Zan. You have to be here. You…you’re the life of the party. It won’t be the same without you.” She pouted knowing guys were suckers for that. “Pretty please.”
“Damn it Ria. You know I’s hate it when you do that. Ok, ok I’ll be here. Just stop that.”

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.” Maria shouted and lunged into his arms. As Michael stepped out of the bathroom, he spotted her giving Zan a kiss on the cheek before she hugged him tighter. He didn’t know why he felt weird seeing them like that. He knew Maria was overly friendly, but somehow, seeing her kiss Zan made him feel uncomfortable. Pushing the feeling aside, he joined the two in the living room.


Liz woke up and cursed the small mattress. Her entire body ached. She stretched out her sore body and forced herself to get up. After picking out an outfit she made her way to the bathroom to take her shower. Maria had set her up with a job interview that morning and she didn’t want to be late.

After her shower she slipped into a knee length red skirt and black blouse. She slipped on her black mules and grabbed her small red purse slipping the essentials, along with a picture of she and Zan. Perfect, she thought and then made her way down to Maria’s apartment.


Michael kept eyeing Maria sat on Zan’s lap while he watched a rerun of Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central. He didn’t know why he was feeling that way. They were all just friends after all. He inwardly thanked god when there was a knock on the door and Maria got up to get it.

“Hey Maria…” It was Liz, and Maria slammed the door on her.
“Who was that?” Zan called out as he noticed the shocked look on Maria’s face.
“Uh….be right back.” She said quickly and went out into the hall with a confused Liz.

“Why did you close the door on me?” Liz asked as Maria stepped out.
“Um…one of my roommates was in his boxers. I didn’t want you to go through that.” She lied.
“I’m a big girl Maria. I’m sure I can handle a guy in boxers. Is he cute? Who was it?” Liz smiled and tried to look through the peep hole.
“Uh, just wait out here. I totally forgot about today. Let me just grab my purse. Stay out here.” Maria was signaling for her to stay as if Liz were a dog learning how to stay. Liz nodded and Maria slipped back in.

“Who’s out there?” Zan surprised her as she closed the door. He was trying to get to the peep hole.
“Uh, just a friend. I promised her I’d take her to find a job. She just moved in.” Maria said as she tried to push him away from the door.
“Oh the girl I saw last time? Shawna, I think?”
“No. Not Shawna. Look I’m already late. You go to your room and rest up for tonight.” She was now roughly pushing him backwards.
“Ok, ok. Damn girl. You’s rough, I like that.” He smiled wickedly and swiftly picked up Maria, carrying her over his shoulder.
“Put me down Zan. I really have to go.” Maria slipped from his hold and ran to her room.

Michael watched as Zan chased her and heard the door slam. He could hear Maria’s laughter ring loudly and he groaned. He got out of his seat and went to her room.

“Get off me Zan. I really have to go. She’s waiting out there for me.” Maria laughed as Zan tickled her sides.
“Well, invite her in. I’s don’t mind.” Zan laughed back. They both turned as they heard Michael clear his throat.
“You don’t want to keep your friend waiting Maria.” He said and glared at Zan.

Zan sighed and released Maria. She immediately jumped from the bed and grabbed her bag.
“Thanks.” She whispered to Michael as she brushed past him.
“I’s was just havin’ fun.” Zan explained as Michael continued to glare at him.
“Yeah, well sometimes you have too much fun. Now why don’t you get out of Maria’s room.”
“Nah. I think I’lls just stay right ‘ere.” Zan said noticing how tense Michael was becoming. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say Michael was jealous. But he couldn’t be. He hadn’t ever made a move on Maria. Not that Zan was interested himself. Maria was a great girl, but she was like a sister to him.
“Ok, I’ll go to my room. Just stop trying to kill me with your eyes duke. I’s was just playin’ around. You know it ain’t like that with us.” He got up and walked past the angry Michael.


Liz tapped her foot as she waited for Maria. It had been ten minutes and she swore she heard Maria laughing inside. She sighed and looked at her watch again.
“Sorry about that Liz. One of my roommates got playful. Let’s go.” Maria said as she tried to fix her hair.
“Hey, you dyed your hair huh? Nice.” Liz complimented as they made their way to the elevator.
“Yeah, I was in one of my moods last night. My roommates keep saying it’s red, but it’s more of a cherry/auburn, don’t you think?” Maria asked as they stepped inside the doors.


They made it to the small restaurant on time. Maria showed Liz to the back and knocked on the office door.
“Maria. It’s been ages since you’ve come down to visit. Did Z…” Maria stopped him by launching herself into his arms.
“George, this is Liz Parker. The girl I told you about.” She stepped back winking at him secretly.
“Oh. Yes, uh, Liz Parker nice to meet you. So let’s just get right into this.” He told her to sit.

He interviewed her, and was surprised by her attitude and confidence. “I think I’ve heard enough.” He stopped her and stood up. Liz looked at Maria then back at him. She was confused. “Welcome to The Spot, Liz. I’m sure you’ll fit right in.”

“Oh thank you so much. You have no idea what this means to me. I’ve never been on my own. Thank you so much.” Liz said excitedly and shook his hand.
“It’s alright. It’s my pleasure to have you join the team.”


Three hours till the party.

“Stand still damn it.” Maria commanded to Liz. She was applying her make up and Liz kept trying to see herself. “I’m almost done. Just a little more.” Maria held Liz’s chin as she applied the last of the eye shadow. “There. Perfect.” Maria smiled and let her look in the mirror.

Liz was amazed at what she saw. She looked absolutely gorgeous.
“Maria, that is amazing. I look like a totally different person.” Liz awed.
“Yes I know. This is my calling. Now let me pick out your outfit.” Maria stood from her seat on the floor and walked over to Liz’s closet. “Girl we need to get you furniture. You cannot keep sleeping on that nasty mattress.” Maria commented as she searched for an outfit.

“Well, I have to keep sleeping on it until I get enough money.” Liz sighed and blew on her wet finger nails.
“Why not ask the ‘rents for some cash?”
“That’s not an option.” Liz replied blankly.

Maria turned to see Liz become sullen. She mentally kicked herself when she remembered her relationship with her father. “So, find anything good yet?” Liz changed the subject.
“Um…yep, here we are.” Maria pulled out what she had found. “So? You like?”
“Yep. Now let’s get dressed.”


Zan stared at his reflection. He was very proud of his body. He flexed and watched his muscles move.
“Yeah. I’m da man.” He grinned to himself and reached for his tank.


Party time.

Michael leaned against the wall and watched the masses dance in front of him. He drank back another gulp of his beer, feeling the alcohol begin to take affect on his senses. The music dulled out and the partiers began to move in slow motion.
“So, no sign of Maria yet?” He faintly heard Alex ask.
“Huh? Oh, nope not yet. Wonder what’s taking…” He stopped mid sentence as he spotted Maria walking in.
“Wow. She looks…” Alex trailed off as he saw who was with her.
“Yeah. I know.”

Liz and Shawna trailed behind Maria as they entered the apartment.
“I didn’t know it was going to be so crowded.” Liz shouted over to Maria.
“Yeah. Isn’t it great?” Maria beamed back. “You guys go dance. I have to look for someone.” She waved at them and made her way through the crowd.

“Mikey, have you seen Zan?” Maria had walked up to him, and he was entranced. He was hoping she was looking for him. But no luck. She wanted Zan.
“He’s somewhere out there.” He pointed out to the dance floor/living room.
“Good. My plan is finally going to have a finish. Liz is out there.” She smiled and settled next to him. “Been drinking?” She asked as she saw the beer in his hand. He nodded. “I don’t like it when you drink. You shut yourself off. I don’t like that.” She pouted and wrapped her arms around his waist.


Zan found himself the center of female attention. Women surrounded him on all sides. Yet he couldn’t get into it.
“I’lls be right back.” He called out to his admirers and watched them pout in protest. Smiling he turned and headed toward the fridge.

Shawna looked over Liz’s shoulder and spotted Zan.
“Uh, Liz I’m thirsty. Let’s go get something.”
“Ok.” Liz nodded and followed Shawna.


Reaching in for a beer, Zan felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He slowly turned around to see the girl he’d met a few days back. But what caught his eyes was the swinging brown hair behind her. He froze in place and reached for his back pocket. Pulling out his wallet he pulled out the picture he was looking for. “Liz?”


Liz stepped around Shawna tired of trying to look over her shoulder and her eyes met with two pools of honey. Shawna heard her friend’s gasp and smiled to herself.


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Ok, OK, without further delay....
The Reunion part 2...

Part 9

Michael sighed, feeling Maria’s arms tighten around him. If she only knew. If only she knew what she was doing to him by that simple gesture.
“You’ve been acting weird lately. Why?” Maria looked up at him and felt him take a deep breath. He wouldn’t answer, instead he took another drink of his beer. She sighed, taking the bottle from his hand and tossed it away.
“Hey. I was still drinking that you know.” Michael complained.
“I know. That’s why I tossed it. Michael, look at me.” She forced his head down. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing is going on.” Michael grumbled. “That’s the problem.” He added under his breath.
“Well then, talk to me. It’s like lately, you’re mind has been off in space. It’s like I don’t know you anymore. What ever happened to the sweet Michael who offered me a place to stay? We hardly even talk anymore.”
“Well if you got your head off of Zan’s sack for just a minute, we’d talk.”

The loud crack of Maria’s hand connecting with Michael’s face reverberated even over the sound of music. Before he could apologize, Maria was already making her way through the crowd. He felt so stupid.


Zan couldn’t believe his eyes. Glancing down at the drink in his hand, he was certain it wasn’t that. He looked back up at her, seeing her eyes tear up and seeing his name form on her lips.
“Lizzie bear?” He asked as he slowly approached her.
“Zan.” She smiled as tears streamed down her face.

They were instantly in each other’s arms. Zan held her lower back and back of her neck tightly as she desperately clung to him. Zan couldn’t blink back the tears that formed in his eyes as he breathed in her scent. It was the same one he’d gotten from his pillow.
“You…you were in my room. You knew I was here and you didn’t come sooner?” He asked shakingly.
“I didn’t know it was your room. I didn’t know you were here. Oh Zan I’ve missed you so much.” She cried and held him tighter, fearing that he’d be cruelly yanked away from her again.

“Why were you here then?” Zan pulled away just enough to look down at her face. He wiped a tear that streamed down her cheek.
“I…I met Maria. She didn’t tell me anything. She helped me move in. I live in the building now. Just down the hall. I met all your roommates, why wouldn’t they tell you they had met me? Or did they even know about me.” She felt her heart sink at the thought of him not talking about her.
“Of course they do. I talk about you everyday. I dream about you everynight.” He couldn’t believe the words flowing out of his mouth, but he couldn’t stop himself. “I keep a picture of us next to my bed.”

Liz blushed by his confession.
“Then why didn’t they say anything. To me, or you?”
“Probably one of Ria’s schemes.” He laughed. His expression turned serious. “I’ve missed you so much.” He pulled her back to him.
“Me too.”


Shawna smiled as her best friend reunited with her first love. This was the payoff Maria was talking about.
“So they finally meet again.” She turned to find Alex also smiling at the couple.
“Yeah. I’m so happy for them. I know from her that she missed him so much.”
“And I heard the same from him too.” He smiled at her. “Makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside don’t it?” He grinned impishly and nudged her.
“Yep.” She smiled back. “Wanna dance?”
“Sure, why not?” He took her hand and led her into the crowd.


“So your dad sent you to a boarding school because my dad told him to?” Liz asked, not believing what she was hearing. They sat on his bed, music blaring right outside the door.
“It was supposed to be a boardin’ school, but it looked like a prison to me. It felt like one too. Once I hit eighteen, I was out of there.”
“Yeah me too. I was stuck up at Wilmant Academy. Just uptown.”

“Yeah? Then why couldn’t you find me?” Zan popped another cheese doodle in his mouth.
“I don’t know. The computer kept feeding me so many Alexander Evans’, that it was hard to track you down.” She saw him start to laugh. “What?”
“Lizzie, my real name is Alejandro Pedro Evans.” He reminded her and she groaned. “It’s ok. I went by Zan for so long that I even forget my real name. No worries.” He tipped her chin up and smiled. “We’re together now, and that’s all that matters.”
“Yeah.” She sighed and leaned into his touch.


“Ok folks, party’s over. You ain’t gots to go home, but you gotta get the hell outa here!” Alex shouted as the music went off. The people groaned and booed in argument, yet refused to move. Alex shouted again, only causing a few of the people to laugh. He put his head down in defeat and Shawna patted him on the back for support.

“You heard the man. Get the fuck out!” Michael’s forceful voice bellowed and everyone made their hasty retreat. Even Alex was about to leave, but Shawna pulled him back.
“He’s powerful like that.” Alex explained causing Shawna to giggle. She tried to stifle a yawn which only made her look like she was about to cry. “What’s wrong?”
“Just tired I guess. We did a lot of dancing.” This time she did yawn, stretching her arms over her head.
“Uh…” Alex felt his throat, and pants, tighten. “…you can…if you want, you can crash here.” He cleared his throat.
“Really?” Shawna asked surprised.
“Yeah. I’m pretty sure Liz is staying over. So why don’t you?”



Sleep was slowly taking hold of Michael, but he couldn’t go to his room knowing he’d hurt Maria. He couldn’t bear to know that he’d hurt her.

He stood outside her bedroom door, hearing the soft music behind it. This wasn’t good, he thought. Alanis’ voice wafted in the air. He had screwed up royally. Before he was about to knock, the door opened slowly.
“You really hurt me, you know that?” She said in a whispered voice. Her eyes wouldn’t even look up at him.
“I know. I’m sorry.” He whispered back and sighed. “I…I was drunk.”
“It doesn’t matter. You meant what you said. And it really hurt.”

He leaned on the door frame, looking as she shifted around.
“I made you play Alanis. I know I really messed up this time. I don’t know why I said that. It’s just…I don’t know. My mind has been going crazy lately.” He let his hand brush against hers. “How can I earn your forgiveness?” He asked honestly.
“I don’t know.” She sighed and finally looked up at him. She could tell he was really sorry. “Do you want to talk? You know, like we used to?”
“I’d like that.” He smiled and stepped into her room.


Maria woke up before anyone else that morning. She smiled at Michael’s sleeping form at the foot of her bed. He had fallen asleep there after a chat marathon.

She slowly stepped out of her room, making sure not to wake Michael. She smiled as his arm fell over the edge of the bed. She closed the door behind her and tip toed into the hallway. She could hear Alex’s snoring just across the hall and peeked inside.

There Alex lay, still fully dressed, with Betsy settled right next to him. But they weren’t alone. She noticed Shawna’s head laying on his pillow, also fully dressed, minus shoes. ‘Nice’ Maria thought to herself and closed the door.

Once again sneaking down the hall she made it to Zan’s door. She pressed her ear against it trying to listen. Nothing. Taking a breath, she slowly opened the door and sighed.

Zan and Liz laid in a spoon position. Liz curled up with Zan right behind her, his arm draped over her waist. Maria had to cover her mouth to keep from screaming in delight. Then, she had to keep it covered when she remembered Zan’s routine morning erection. Then, as if on cue, Zan began to move behind Liz. His hand began to wander and Maria could hear the faint moans. Oh no. She didn’t want to risk waking him, knowing just how he got when disturbed, but he wasn’t alone on the bed.
She began to remember what had almost happened to her once.

She opened her eyes as the sunlight shone on her face. Weird, she didn’t remember having a window. Then, it all came back to her. She was in Zan’s room. Oh no. Glancing at her watch, she realized she had to get out of there, and fast.

She looked over at him, satisfied to find him deep in sleep.
“Ok, now I must get out.” She whispered to herself as she began to slide off the bed.

It was then she felt an arm snake around her. She tried pulling away, but he only held her tighter. She tried not to scream in horror as he began to rub against her from behind.
“Mmm, Liz.” She heard him moan. He was having another “Liz” dream.

Next thing she knew, Zan had her pinned on the bed, arms over her head, and his lips on her neck. It took a knee to the groin to get him off.

“Shit.” She cursed and quickly left the room.


She was dreaming. Then again, she always was. Another dream of Zan. But it felt so real. She could feel his hands on her, driving her wild. Could almost feel the warmth of his body, and his scent. His unique scent. Oh god, she could almost feel his lips on the back of her neck.

He could almost feel her little body against his. Feel the tautness of her belly under his fingertips. Could almost feel the silk of her hair on his cheek. He could swear he heard her soft whimpers.

“Zan.” She whispered as she began to wake up. What a dream. But they always ended when it was starting to get good. But wait, if the dream was over, who was touching her, and kissing her. Who’s warm body was pressed behind her so much that she could feel him, all of him. She tried to turn over, to see who it was, and it was pretty difficult with the vice grip he had on her. But she managed to shift.

“Zan” She sighed again as she saw him. He was smiling, but there was something else. Then she remembered. She glanced down and saw what she had earlier felt. She blushed, both flattered and awed. She could cause such a reaction? And from Zan? Her best friend, her first love. Although he didn’t know that last bit of information. She always kept it from him, not wanting to scare him off. Anyways, what did a 12 year old girl know about love?

“Zan. Zan wake up. Zanny. The sun’s shining and it’s a new day.” She whispered cheerfully. She brushed his hair back, as it had now settled over his face, hiding his beautiful features. “Zan. Wake up.” She said a little louder and nudged him. Which only made him hold her tighter. “Zan, it’s time to wake up. It’s me, Liz.” She tried to push him again, but he wouldn’t budge.
“Liz.” He sighed and nuzzled into her neck. “Liz?” He asked as he began to gain consciousness.

His eyes focused in the dark area he was hidden in, and inhaled. Sweet.
“Zan?” He heard her speak and pulled back. There she was, no longer a dream, but a reality. She was in his arms.
“Hey.” He smiled.
“Hey yourself. And good morning.” He noticed the blush she had, then guessed what could have caused it. He pulled away just enough so that he wasn’t so pressed against her.
“Uh sorry about that. It always happens.” He confessed and tried to hide from her suspicious look.
“So…you hungry?” He asked.
“A little.” She sweetly smiled at him., missing the intimate contact.
“Come on, let’s get ya somethin’ ta eat.”


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Hey guys. Well I'm back. Went home for the weekend and I come bearing a brand spanking new part.
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Part 10

Maria was already dressed and eating in the kitchen as Zan and Liz strolled in, both giddy and very happy.
“So what do you two have to say to me?” She mused teasingly as she sipped her coffee.
“Thank you Maria.” They chorused and laughed.

“Really. Thank you so much Maria. It means so much to me to have Zan back in my life.” Liz said and hugged Maria, feeling the tears come.
“Don’t mention it chica. What are friend’s for anyways. At least now I don’t have to hear Zan mumble and complain anymore. So I basically did this for my own benefit.” Maria joked and pulled back. “So, are you happy now papi?” Maria looked over at Zan.

“Si mami. Thank you very much Ria.” Zan beamed and went to hug her too. “I owe you big time.” He placed a kiss on her cheek and gave her one good squeeze before pulling back, moving besides Liz.
“Huge time. But that’ll be another day. Right now I’m off to work. See you guys later.” She waved them off and hurried out the door.

Liz giggled as she felt Zan’s arms snake around her. Oh how she had missed him. Six years of wasted time, all because of her overbearing father. She pushed that thought aside, as it only made her feel bad, when she wanted to be happy.
“What ya thinkin’ ‘bout?” He asked as he noticed her mood shift. He probably could already guess what it was, but he wanted to hear her.

“Six years Zan. All that time gone, and just because of my…father.” She hissed the last word as if it were pure venom. “We weren’t doing anything bad. And….he always treated you bad, for no reason. Ever since the first time he saw you. And he made it perfectly clear too. We were just kids and he was acting as if we were committing some unforgivable sin against nature.” She let his embrace calm her and took a deep breath.

“You was always over the top weren’t ya Lizzie bear? ‘Some unforgivable sin against nature’. You was always like that.” He smiled behind her and sighed. That’s one of the reasons he missed her. She was incredibly smart, and she had the tendency to blow things out of proportion.

“It was so nasty Zan. It was the most disgusting thing in the world ever. I mean it. It was so nasty that I could have just died right there.” She huffed over the phone.

Zan simply snickered as she recounted the story. He had been home from school sick, and she was catching him up on the day’s events.
“I don’t think it was that bad Lizzie.” He replied and went off into a coughing fit.
“It was. You weren’t there. That meanie made me get up in front of the whole class and clean the ferret’s mess. It wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t the one who left the cage open. It was that stupid Sean.”
“Yeah, he is stupid.” He said remembering a conversation he’d had with Sean the previous week, in which Sean confessed he had a crush on Liz. His Liz.

“I’ve missed ya Lizzie bear. Like you have no fucking idea.” He laughed as she gasped. “Oops, almost forgot little Lizzie doesn’t swear.”
“I…I do. Just, I don’t make it a normal thing.” She sighed and pulled out of his arms. “I still have it you know?” She said.
“Have what?” He asked not knowing what she was referring to.
“The poem. You know, the one you wrote for me back in Mrs. Dupree’s class.” Zan nodded and smiled.
“You actually kept it? I was just goofin’ around when I wrote.” It made him feel good. She nodded and excused herself.

He waited as she quickly left the apartment, only to return a couple of minutes later. She was smiling brightly and held up a paper. “Is that it?” He asked as she carefully unfolded it. She handed it to him and re read it. “Man how corny was I?” He began to laugh and carefully folded it back up.

“You were just nine. And it’s not corny, it’s sweet. You were always the sweet heart.” She giggled as he blushed slightly and tried to shrug it off. “So tell me Zan, what have you been up to lately?” She asked as she took a seat at the counter.

Zan sat across from her on the other side of the counter.
“Not much. A little bit of this, little bit of that. Mostly thinkin’ ‘bouts you.” He smiled slyly. “What ‘bout yous princess? What’s my Lizzie bear been up to?”

“Mostly the same. Thinking about you. Having to put up with that god forsaken school. Got me a place of my own. And, thanks to Maria, a job which I start Monday.”
“That sounds like a hell of a lot more than what I said.” Zan smiled. He loved to see her smile. “I actually got promoted yesterday. Gonna be makin’ more cash ya know. Hey, your birthday just passed huh? Yeah I remember, about two weeks ago. You legal now.” He smiled wickedly and winked.

“Yep, I’m legal.” She winked back and burst laughing. “And your birthday is coming up in a few months too. Wow, you’ll be turning nineteen. You’re old Zan.” Liz stuck out her tongue and laughed.
“I’s just a year older than you. So don’t goes ‘round callin’ me old.” Zan wagged his finger in front of her, although he ached to be doing something else to her with his finger.
“What were you thinking about just now?” Liz caught him off guard.
“Huh? What do ya mean?” He asked, sounding a little nervous.
“You had that face. The one you make when you’re thinking of something. And by that little twitch from your lip, it was something good.” She teased. She could always read him so easily.

“It was. But I ain’t gonna tell ya. You still too innocent anyways. Got virgin ears.” And hopefully somewhere else too, he added in his mind.
“I’m not that innocent.” She pouted, placing her hands on her hips.
“Awe, quotin’ Britney Spears. Now I believe ya.” He started laughing and didn’t expect what happened next.

Next thing he knew he was flat on his back, with Liz straddling his lower half. Flashbacks of all his previous dreams flooded his mind of the times he’s dreamt of her in that exact same position. He had to bite his lips to keep from moaning out loud. He stared up at her as she simply sat on him, unmoving. Oh he just wanted to reach out and pull her down to him. He watched her face transform from pure innocence into alluring, and mischievous. He smirked himself, waiting to see what she was going to do.

“Say it.” She told him. As she wiggled over him. She watched his eyes roll back from the slight movement.
“Say…what?” He asked hoarsely.
“I’m not innocent.” She bent down her lips hovering over his left ear. Zan could feel her breath tickling his neck, and he sucked in a breath. “Say it.” She repeated as her hands traveled down his sides.

“You…you’re…you…” He tried to form thought but found it incredibly hard while her hands were on him.
“Say it.” She whispered seductively. Her small fingers traced his ribs lightly and a smiled curved her lips. She pulled herself back up, still smiling. She could see Zan’s torn expression. And giggled.
“You…” He stopped when he saw her smiling and felt where her fingers were. He cocked an eye brow and looked down at her hands.

“Don’t.” He warned her as her fingers curved and scraped down. He jumped a little at that and he heard her giggled over him. Her body lightly shaking on him. ‘Basket ball, football, boxing…’ he trailed in his mind trying to keep his body in control. He felt her dig deeper into his side, finding that extra sensitive spot. “Don’t.” He warned again, but she didn’t. Instead she went on full assault

Zan wiggled and screamed under her. He tried throwing her off but she now had her legs secure around his waist. He managed to flip over on his stomach, but not even that stopped her. He got up on his hands and knees, bucking about like a bull at a rodeo, with Liz trying to stay on. “Stop!” He shouted through laughter, until he finally collapsed in front of Alex’s door.


“Hi.” Alex whispered as Shawna’s eyes fluttered open. He had been waiting for her to wake up for the past half hour, but didn’t have the heart to wake her. He had heard Maria enter his room, but chose to feign sleep.
“Hi. Good morning. Have you been up long?” She asked as she stretched out on the bed.
“Not too long.” He lied and settled Betsy on his lap. Strumming a few cords he hummed.

Shawna simply smiled and watched him play. He was such a great guy. He was sweet, talented and funny as all heck. She watched as his eyes closed and fingers found their way on the guitar as if guided by something else. Obviously one of his own songs. He put all his heart into it.

Alex couldn’t stop the flow that poured out through his fingers. It was like he was possessed to keep playing. He had only meant to tune it a bit, and maybe just play a little something, but he’d gone out into this trance state. He finally stopped himself and looked up at Shawna.
“Wow.” He gasped and put the guitar aside.
“You can say that again. That was intense. Don’t tell me you just came up with that on the spot.”

He simply nodded and ran his fingers through his already messed hair.
“I hadn’t done that in a long time. It felt like…inspiration coming up and smacking me in the face. Felt good.” He laughed nervously.
“Well, I’m glad I got to be here for this grand moment.” She smiled and rested her head on hands, right on the edge of the bed.
“I’m glad you were here too.” He sighed and leaned closer.

Their faces were mere inches apart, eyes never straying from the other. Shawna licked her lips in anticipation, as did Alex. Just a few more centimeters.

“Stop!” Thump. They jumped apart and Alex raced toward the door.
“What the…” He swung it open to find Zan flat on his stomach, laughing, with an equally giddy Liz laughing on top of him.
“Get off.” Zan groaned as the pain from falling on his member made itself present.

Alex recognized the grimace on Zan’s face and winced in sympathy. That musta hurt. He helped them both to their feet and stood aside.
“So what exactly was going on?” Alex question, amusement in his eyes. He knew they’d hook up, but didn’t think it be so soon. Now if that wasn’t the pot calling the kettle black. Whatever hell that meant.

”Just a little tickle attack.” Liz replied with a smile. She looked over to find Shawna on Alex’s bed. “And what exactly was going on in here huh?” She saw Alex flush red and Shawna bury her head in the covers.


Michael woke up at the sound of laughter. It had come from right outside the door. But this wasn’t his room. Nope he certainly didn’t have satin sheet and bottles of various lotions on his night stand. And he certainly didn’t own any red laced bras that he knew of.

He forced his still tired body off the bed and opened the door.
“Hey.” He said as four pair of eyes turned to look at him.

“Hey. What are you doing coming out of Maria’s room?” Alex asked from his spot under his door frame.
“Fell asleep in here. What is everyone doing out here?” He looked around and realized Maria’s plan had worked. Liz and Zan were smiling next to each other. He’d never seen Zan smile like that. Kinda weird, but nice.

“We’re going out for some breakfast. You up for it?” Liz smiled at him.
“Uh, sure. Where’s Maria?”
“She left for work. So, go on. Get dressed and let get some grub."


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Ok guys, here's a new part coming at ya.
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Part 11

After breakfast, Zan accompanied Liz and Shawna to the furniture store Michael had recommended.
“Ok, if you don’t like that one, how about this one?” Liz moved on to the next sofa.
“Hmm. I don’t know.” Zan inspects the sofa and launches himself on it. After flopping around on it a few times, he gets back up. “That’s the one.” He smiles his approval.

“Why should you have so much say in this? It is her furniture.” Shawna grumbled.
“’Cause I’s gonna be stayin’ ova a lot.” He grinned and bumped sides with Liz.
“Well, so am I. You don’t see me telling her what to buy.” She crossed her arms and huffed.
“Awe, I think she’s jealous.” Zan laughed. “Don’t worry, she’ll still need a gal around, too much of me and she’ll go crazy.”

Once all the furniture was bought and scheduled to arrive the next day, Zan offered to take them to lunch wherein Shawna declined.
“Awe, why?” Zan pretended to be upset.
“I have to get back before they realize I’ve been missing from the academy. I’ll come by tomorrow, or I’ll call you. Bye.” Shawna waved them off as she climbed on the bus.
“I guess it’s just you and me.” Zan smiled at Liz and took her hand.
“I guess so.”


Michael grunted in frustration as he worked under the latest car. It was still early and he was already covered in oil.
“Hey, ahoy down there, space boy.” He heard Maria’s voice cheerfully greet.
“Hey Ria, what can I help you with?” He looked back to see her feet from under the car.
“Well, first you can come out from under that jalopy. Here, I bought food.”

Michael rolled out from under the car and wiped his face on an already dirty rag. He noticed Maria was waiting for a hug.
“I’d hug you, but I’d get you dirty.” He smiled and noticed her shrug.
“I don’t care. Now come over here and give momma some sugar.” She outstretched her arms and pulled him into a big hug.
“See I got you dirty.” Michael sighed and tried to clean a spot he’d left on her.
“Don’t worry about it. I like it dirty sometimes.” She winked and started laughing.

“So, what ya bring me?” He rubbed his palms together and hungrily eyed the brown paper bag.
“Well, a certain artery clogging food consisting of dough, a disgusting amount of melted cheese and various toppings.” She reached into the bag and pulled out a small container with two huge slices of pizza.

Michael snatched the slices away and immediately went on eating them.
“I knew there was a reason I loved you.” Michael said with his mouth stuffed. It took him a while to figure out what he’d blurted out. His eyes went wide and he turned to Maria.
“It’s ok Mike, it’s the pizza talking.” She winked at him and smiled.


“So where did you get the job at?” Zan asked as he took another bite of his burger.
“Uh, I can’t remember the name of it. Maria didn’t give me enough time to check the place out.”
They finished their burgers quietly and decided to walk around.

Liz caught him staring at her a couple of times.
“What? Do I have part of my burger on my face? Some ketchup maybe?” Liz asked feeling her face for any signs of left over food. Zan laughed, removing her hands from her face.
“There’s nothin’ on your face. I was just…I guess trying to see how much you’ve changed.”

Liz blushed slightly, and tucked a strand of hair behind her hair as she always did.
“So? Anything different?” Liz stopped and made a little turn.
“Lots of stuff.” Zan grins and places a hand around her waist leading her along.
“Like what?”
“Well two of the more prominent changes lie in that small excuse for a shirt you wearin’.” He pointed to her top and laughed as she gasped. “What? You asked.”

“What else?” She asked after getting over his first comment.
“Well, also that tight little ass back there.”
“Ok, what else?”
“Um…” Zan stopped and looked her over up and down. Liz could only stand there and try not to laugh. “I’s guess…you’re hair is even more beautiful, if that’s even possible.” He laughed and saw her blush. “Ok, what ‘bout me?” Zan spread his arms and turned around.

“Well, let me see.” Liz smiled and tapped her finger on her chin. “I guess, your hair. A lot longer and spikier. You’re taller, and more built. And your accent. What’s up with that?”
“Hey what’s wrong wit how I talk?” Zan feigned hurt.
“There’s nothing wrong with it. I like it. Makes you sound all rough neck and all.” She winked.
“I am rough neck girl. I’s thought you knew.” He laughed and picked her up, tossing her on his shoulder.


“So, you want to sleep over again? I’s don’t like you sleepin’ on some no good mattress.” Zan asked as they stepped into his apartment.
“Oh and your mattress is so much better huh?” Liz giggled as she settled unto the couch.
“Haven’t had any complaints yet.” Zan regretted saying it as soon as the words left his mouth.

Liz looked away from him, biting her lip. He could notice that she understood the implied statement.
“So, have you had many on that mattress of yours?” She asked, staring at the carpet.
“Uh…it’s. I’m sorry Liz, I didn’t mean it like that.” He tried to explain.
“You’re not a virgin?” She asked already knowing the answer. Zan simply shook his head and sighed. The atmosphere suddenly tense and uncomfortable.

“You still are?” He asked and mentally kicked himself the second time in less than five minutes.
“Not that it’s any of your business, but yes. I haven’t had sex. Heck I haven’t even had a boyfriend.” She sighed and crossed her arms. She felt hurt. She thought he’d wait for her. She had.

“None of them meant anything Liz. They were just flings. I never got serious with anyone. I was waiting for you.” Zan tried to explain. He tried to get closer, but she would scoot away.
“No you didn’t Zan. I waited for you. I held out hope. You went out and fucked who knows how many sluts. Maybe I was just being naïve thinking you’d actually wait for me, care about me. But hey, what do I know? I’m just some stupid little girl who still holds on to the idea of true love. I’m just some fucking girl who thought you’d love me. How stupid could I be huh?” She stood up, tears streaming down her face, hurt, angry and confused.

“How can you say that Liz? Of course I care about you. Damn it Liz. You have no idea. You want me to stand here and tell you that no matter how many chicks I “fucked”, the only person I thought about was you? How each and every time I would scream out your name? Liz, I went to sleep thinking about you and woke up from a dream about you. You can ask anyone, how many times they’d walk in on me dreaming about you. How many times I’ve ran through crowded halls, markets, clubs, thinking I saw you only to find out it wasn’t. Fuck Liz, how can you say all those things? I love you!” He shouted, feeling his own eyes start to well with tears. He angrily wiped them away and turned away from her.

“Hey guys what’s up?” Alex walked in carrying bags of groceries. He looked between them and could feel the emotion hitting him in waves. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” Zan hissed and stormed out of the apartment without even looking back.
“Liz?” Alex looked at her, crying and broken.
“I don’t want to talk about it.” She sniffed and walked out herself.

Alex simply put the bags on the counter trying to figure out what had happened.


“Hey chica. How was your…day?” Maria walked into Liz’s apartment to find her crying on the floor. “What’s wrong girl?” She rushed to her side and pulled her into her arms.
“Nothing. I’m just being stupid.” Liz tried to control her tears.
“Look I know I haven’t known you for a long time, but I already know that you are not stupid. So spill. What happened?”

“It’s just….just…Zan, Zan isn’t a virgin.”
“Yeah. Oh.” Maria gasped in realization. “Sorry. But to his defense, not that it can excuse him, it wasn’t many and, well…he really loves you. I should know. I was the one who had to meet up with the girls after, hearing them complain about him saying some other girl’s name. Your name.”

“I don’t know if that’s supposed to make me feel better.” Liz sighed and cupped her face in her hands.
“I know it’s hard chica. But you have to cut him some slack. He suffered just as much as you did. He lost you and was sent to some terrible boarding school. He’d been alone for so long. When Michael met up with him, he was a wreck. Practically on the streets, carrying only a duffle bag with clothes. He’s had it rough.” Maria sighed and placed a kiss on Liz’s cheek. “Take it from someone older, guys mess up. It’s up to us women to help them along.”

“Thank you Maria. You’re a great friend.” Liz smiled and wiped her eyes.
“No problem. I should really get my own talk show. Or at least write a book.” They both laughed.

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Hey all. I'm back with another part. Hopefully this can make everything better.

Part 12

“Buddy? Yo Zan, food’s here.” Michael called out through the locked door. Zan had been locked in his room all day. Only coming out to use the bathroom. “Come on man. I know you’re hungry.”
“What is it?” He heard Zan’s soft voice.
“Mexican. From your favorite place.” Michael waited patiently and finally Zan opened the door. “You look like hell.” He commented and Zan smiled slightly.
“Feel like hell.”

Michael led him out to the living room where everyone was already eating. Even Liz.

Zan’s eyes widened when he saw her. He certainly didn’t expect to see her there.
“What do ya want?” Michael asked him as he rummaged through the food containers.
“Burrito.” Zan mumbled in replied, only occasionally glancing over at Liz as he sat on the floor.
“Zan why don’t you come sit over here?” Maria patted on the couch she shared with Liz.
“Uh…I…I’s ok here.” Zan stuttered, not wanting to look up.”
“Awe come on Zan. Sit.” He looked up at Liz’s voice and saw her smile.
“You sure?” He asked as he got up and walked over. She nodded and moved aside giving him room.

“So, we cool?” He asked uncertainly as he sat down.
“Yeah. We’re cool.” She smiled.
“Still friends?”
“Best friends.” She grinned wider and bumped his side.


The room was lit by the flicker of the TV screen.
Alex laid on his stomach with his face cradled in his hands, with Maria settled next to him. Michael sat on his recliner watching the two with a smile.

Zan and Liz settled on the couch. Zan laying behind her, both on their sides, propping himself up on his elbow. He could see over the top of Liz’s head. She had her right hand under her head and her left resting on her hip.
“You comfortable?” She whispered to him.
“Yeah. You?” He whispered back into her ear, watching her slightly shiver. He smiled and leaned closer against her body.


“Should we wake them up?” Alex whispered not wanting to wake up the couple on the couch.
“Nah, leave them there.” Maria smiled and kissed him on the cheek. “Good night.”
“Hey what about me?” Michael protested and held his hand over his chest in hurt. Maria giggled and kissed him good night as well.


Sometime throughout the night Liz had shifted. She now faced Zan. Their breaths mingled and arms ended up around one another. She cuddled closer needing to feel more of the delicious warmth that engulfed her.

Zan moaned as something brushed against his lower region. It nudged between his legs and settled there as something else draped itself around his waist. He could feel something warm and soft in his arms and he pulled it closer. A soft moan sounded against his throat and hummed through his body. His blooming erection strained further in his jeans.

“Mmm.” Liz purred as the warmth splayed out across her back, rubbing and caressing. She buried closer, her left leg wrapping tighter around whatever it was she draped it over. Something edged closer to her center and she desperately drew it nearer. Her lips were parted allowing the hot air to enter her lungs, feeling puffs hit her face.

Zan’s hands traveled along what his mind now registered as skin. Hot, smooth skin. Skin that moved and stretched under his palms. The legs that tangled with his drew him closer. Jeans rubbing against jeans. His legs rubbing between the legs of the person who copied his moves. He could hear the feminine whimpers and feel her breath on him. Small hands scratched at his back, bunching the material of his shirt. He mimicked her, moving his hands under her shirt. No one had yet to fully wake.

“More.” Liz whimpered feeling the ache within her grow until tears streamed down her face. This dream felt so real. She could hear the male sounds and feel his rough hands under her shirt, his leg pressing against her core. She pulled him closer, frantically wanting to feel more and more. “Please.”

Zan slowly opened his eyes, needing to prove that it was no dream. It was hard to see in the darkness of the room, but he didn’t need to see to know who it was. Her throaty pleas gave her away. It was Liz. He could see the glimmering tears slide down her face by the street light that shone through the window. He leaned in kissing her eyelids before following the wet trail down to her lips. Entry was not hard since her lips were already parted. His tongue slid along hers earning him another moan.

“Liz. Lizzie bear. Wake up. Please.” He whispered against her lips. He wanted to have her there with him. “Liz.”

Slowly but surely, Liz opened her eyes to find another pair looking back at her. She was scared at first but then remembered all she had been feeling. It had been Zan all along. She smiled and leaned in for another kiss.

“Liz? You…you ok with…this?” He whispered hoarsely. His hands had found the strap of her bra and were now unconsciously working at it. He felt her nod and once again their lips fused. Her body clung to his tighter and she was desperately riding his leg. “You hurtin’ babe?” She nodded and whimpered helplessly. “Want me to help you?” He asked, his lips just touching hers.
“Please.” She pleaded, her breaths coming out labored. “Help me Zan. It’s hurts so much.”

“OK babe.” He smiled and kissed her lips. One hand left her back and slid down to the waistband of her jeans. “Lay back.” He told her and slid over so she lay under him on her back. He sat up, smiling as she moaned in protest, quickly forgotten as his hands worked on her fly. She lifted her hips as he pulled the material down.

Zan moved back down against her bringing one hand up to her cheek while the other slowly inched under the panties.
“But…still on.” She tried to explain but he kissed her again, smiling as he looked into her eyes.
“Yeah. They stay on or I will lose it.” He winked as he reached her moist curls. He shook his head when he felt her face heat with a blush. “If you want me to stop, just say it.” He whispered.
“No. Don’t stop, please. Don’t stop.” She bucked under him as a skilled digit slipped within her folds. “Don’t stop.”

“I won’t.” He promised and pushed deeper, letting his thumb work on her sensitive nub. He couldn’t believe just how hot and slick she was. He’d never thought his little Lizzie bear could ever be so responsive. A little too responsive, he smiled as her hips desperately bucked and her moans increased in volume. He decided to kiss her to keep her moans from waking up anyone else.

Liz couldn’t believe anything could feel that good. She was glad he was kissing her now because she was sure she would be screaming right about now. She felt him insert another finger and pump into her faster. It was like he was reading her mind. And just like that, he lightly pinched her bundle of tight nerves, allowing her to find that sought after release. A rainbow of colors exploded behind her eyes and her legs trapped his hand where it was, and tightening her arms around his neck.
“Better?” He asked as he drew back.
“Mmm…hmm.” She nodded. “Thank you.”
“Thank you.” He sighed. “Can I have my hand back now?” He laughed. She sighed and loosened her legs enough for him to extract his hands, to her disappointment. “Thank you.” He smiled and kissed her forehead.

He reached down and raised her jeans back into place and fixed her fly. He eased back in besides her, turning her on her side facing him again. “You’re so beautiful.” He sighed and ran his fingers through her damp locks. “So fucking beautiful.” He kissed her once more before cuddling and closing his eyes.

Liz waited until his breathing settled into a steady rhythm. He looked so sweet when he was sleeping, but the image of him hovering over her as he worked his magic was going to be forever burnt into her brain. She leaned in pressing her lips against his. His arms instinctively wrapped tighter around her.
“I love you.” She whispered, knowing he wouldn’t hear her.

“I love you too.” He moaned back, back it was obvious he was still sleeping.


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Part 13

When Liz woke up she was surprised to find herself alone on the couch. Was it all just another dream. But it was so real. She frowned as stretched out like a cat.
“Hey there sleeping beauty.” Maria’s voice fully woke her up.
“Hi Maria.” She smiled and sat up.
“Zan went out just five minutes ago if you’re wondering where he is. Said he got to get something.” Maria told her knowing she wondered where he was.

“Thanks. What time is it?” Liz stood up and made her way over to Maria.
“It’s just a little past eleven. What time are you supposed to be at work today. You do start today right?”
“Oh yes! I have to be there at twelve. I almost forgot.”

“Hello ladies.” Alex stepped out of his room, hair all disheveled, sleep still resting in his eyes.
“Good morning Alex.” They chirped together.
“Well. If Zan comes back soon let me know, if not tell him I had to leave for work.” Liz waved and rushed to her apartment.

“So what do you think happened here last night?” Alex motioned over to the couch.
“Oh, something happened. That’s all I know. Zan was in an extra happy mood this morning and when she woke up she looked like if she was missing her lover. I don’t think they…you know, but they did something.” Maria clarified. “And on that note, I’m off. I told my mom I’d visit her today. Can you believe that. On my day off I have to spend it at home.” She sighed and put her glass down in the sink. She waved Alex bye and left.


Zan came into the apartment and immediately scanned for Liz.
“Ya just missed her pal.” He heard Alex say from the small kitchen. “She just left for work ten minutes ago.”
“Damn. I’s forgot. Speaking of, I have to be at work right about now too. Look if Liz gets here before I do give her this ok? Bye.” He set the small bag on the counter and sprinted off.

Alex peeked into the bag and smiled. Inside lay a small brown teddy bear. But something else caught his eye. He reached in and pulled out a small box. Alex almost choked on his laughter as he looked at the condom box. ‘For extended pleasure for Her’ He was sure Zan didn’t mean to give that to her so he went and placed them in Zan’s dresser.


“Zan, my new assistant manager, you’re late.” George said as Zan ran in.
“I know, I’m sorry. I had something real important to do in the morning and I lost track of time. But I’s here and ready. What do I have to do?”

“Well, first I’d like to introduce you to our newest waitress. She’s at table three let me take you to her.” George smiled slyly. Zan didn’t have a chance to question him as he walked ahead. “Liz let me introduce you to your boss.”
“But I thought you were my boss.” She smiled.
“I am but this is my new assistant manager.” He stepped aside to reveal Zan.

“Liz? You…you’re the new waitress?.” He looked at her and then at George. “Let me guess. Maria?”
George laughed and nodded.
“She brought Liz in a couple of days ago. She had told me her plan before, but that’s not why I hired her. She was well prepared and I can tell she’s going to be a great edition here. Well, now that the introductions are over with, I’m off. Good luck Zan. Liz.”

“Well, this is a surprise.” Liz smiled brightly as she cleared the table. So Zan was her boss. This could prove to be interesting, she thought to herself. “So, what happened to you this morning?” She peeked over to still find him behind her. She leaned a little further as she wiped the table. “I woke up and you were gone.”

“Uh, yeah. I went out to buy something.” He followed her as she carried the dirty dishes to the back.
“For me?” She grinned. She was loving this. Zan was trailing behind her like a little puppy. He looked so cute.
“Maybe. Sorry for just leaving but I wanted it to be a surprise. So when do you get off?”
“Didn’t I already do that last night?” She asked innocently and watched as Zan stared wide-eyed at her. “I’m off at six. How about you?”
“I close. Assistant Managers have to stay. But hey I can’t complain. The money’s good.” He grinned. “Um, looks like table four needs some service.” He pointed over as a group settled into the table.
“Got it boss.” She winked and sauntered off.


Zan found himself gawking helplessly as Liz worked. He couldn’t concentrate on the paperwork on the desk. He would sneak out and make rounds around the restaurant floor, talking to the patrons and looking at Liz. The red skirt of her uniform clung to her hips and thighs, and inched ever so as she walked and bent. Her black blouse allowed a peek at a measurable amount of cleavage. But the sexiest thing was the way the high heels made her legs look. He loved her legs.


She could feel his eyes on her. It sent chills down her spine to know that he was watching her move from table to table, bending over to retrieve dishes and tips. Even leaning over to allow a better view.

She would sneak a little peek at him herself. His black slack pants fit him perfectly, and his black button down shirt gave him that sexy sophisticated look. Even as the top three buttons were undone revealing his white shirt beneath, he still looked clean cut. He walked around talking to customers and then disappearing back into his office. She would sigh as he left only to perk back up a couple of minutes later when he resurfaced.


Clearing her last table and collected her tip, Liz was relieved that her shift was done. She untied her small apron and went to the back. She sat down on the small sofa and took off her shoes, massaging them.
“Some of the other girls bring extra shoes.” She looked up to find Zan leaning against the door frame. His sleeves were rolled up, and more buttons were undone.
“I’ll take that into consideration. My feet are killing me.”
“Here let me help.” He walked over and sat beside her on the sofa.
“I thought you already did that.” She winked and smiled, letting him reach down and place her feet on his lap.

“I’m very good with my hands.” Zan smiled and commenced massaging her sore feet. He watched as her eyes drifted shut and a smile played on her face.
“Very good.” She moaned and sighed.
“I…I uh…better get back to work.” He abruptly shoved her feet down and stood up.
“But…” She looked up at him and noticed his flushed face, and the very apparent bulge in his slacks. “Let me help you.” She stood up and walked towards him only to have him back up.
“Liz, please. Just go home now.” He pleaded and rushed into his office.

Liz didn’t know what had happened. One minute things were ok, and the next Zan is springing up and running away from her. Was it something she said, did wrong? Sadly, she put her shoes back on and left out the back way.


Zan landed in his chair hard. He needed air, lots of air. Who knew giving a foot massage could be so erotic. But it was. Seeing Liz enjoy his touch so freely, just did it for him. But instead of giving in to the pleasure he found himself backing off. He read the look of hurt and disappointment clear on her face, but he still turned away.

It was almost painful to sit, his pants felt too restrictive. Oh if he could only go back out there and drag her into the office to have his way with her. But he cared about her too much to have her first time be like that. Urgent and hurried along. He wanted her first time to be special, not like his. He wanted everything to be perfect.


Alex heard footsteps going down the hall and he snuck a peek. Seeing that it was Liz he quickly snatched the bag Zan left and ran over.
“Liz! Wait Zan left this for you.” Alex jogged up to her and handed her the bag.
“Uh, thanks Alex.” She smiled and looked in the bag. “Awe.” She sighed and pulled out the teddy bear. It was so soft and cuddly. Brown with a red ribbon around its neck.
“If you want, I’m cooking tonight. It’ll all be ready in about an hour.”
“Thanks. I’ll be there later.”

She waited until Alex was back in his own apartment before entering hers. Setting everything aside she carried the bear into her room. She set it down on her newly set bed and smiled wickedly. She popped a CD into her stereo and turned back to the bear. As the music pumped she started undressing to the rhythm. In her mind’s eye the bear turned into Zan, watching her strip.

She laughed to herself as she swayed before the plush animal. She took off her bra and tossed it to the bear, knocking it over. “Oh Zan, can’t handle that?” She giggled and skipped into the bathroom.

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Hey everyone. Well I'm back at the dorm so I'm posting a new part. Sorry for the delay on this new part. Hope you like it

Part 14

Zan finally trudged home, carrying his black shirt in his hand.
“Long day?” Michael looked up as he came him. “There’s some leftovers in the stove. Alex cooked.” He warned and started laughing.
“Hey be nice. It was pretty good tonight.” Maria spoke up from her seat on the floor. Before Zan had a chance to reach in for the food Maria sprang up. “Hey, be a dear and send some to Liz. She was supposed to come over but she said she was tired.” She smiled. Zan nodded and loaded two plates of food and headed over.
“Another one of your plans?” Michael smirked. Maria winked and settled down beside him.

“Whoa!” Alex jumped out of the bathroom, spray can in hand. “I’d give her about thirty minutes before ye enter.” Alex started laughing and went into his room as the other laughed.


Zan stood before her door wondering how to knock seeing that his hands were full. He started to kick the door hoping she’d hear. Soon enough he could hear the sound of slippers making their way across the floor and the door opened. He nearly dropped the plates when he saw her.

She was only wearing a gray sports bra and black briefs, leaving her creamy smooth belly free for view. Her hair was held back in a ponytail, that was already almost undone.
“Um, food.” He raised the plates.
“Oh. Um, ok come in.” She stepped aside and let him in.

“I’ll be right back.”
“What, why?” Zan looked up as he set the plates on her counter.
“I’m going to put something else on.” She blushed.
“Nah, you ain’t gotta do that. Here I’ll make it even.” He pulled off his shirt and pants, and kicked off his shoes, leaving him in only boxers and socks. “There.” He grinned.

Liz smiled and took a seat at the counter across from him. “It’s still warm.” He said and picked at the food. Liz took one bite and made a face. He started laughing as he saw her trying to chew. “You ain’t gotta eat it. Alex cooked.”
“I take it Alex isn’t the best cook then.” She smiled and spit the food out in her napkin. “I wasn’t really that hungry anyways. I guess working with food all day does that for you.”

“Were you’s asleep?” He asked as she yawned. She nodded and yawned again. Zan smiled and moved over beside her. In a swoop, he picked her up and walked into her bedroom. Her eyes were already closing as he laid her down.
“Zan…” She whispered as he started to pull away. "…stay. Please.”
“You sure?” He said, even as he climbed onto the bed.
“Yeah.” She sighed and snuggled closer to him. Her leg draped over his and her arms around his neck. “Just stay here. Don’t…go.” She drifted off to sleep.
“I won’t, babe. I’s not going anywheres.”


“Zan’s been over there for a while now.” Michael whispered.
“He’s staying the night.” She smiled and snuggled closer.
“You’re like some kind of panderer, you know that. Why have you made those two your newest project.?”

The TV was off now. It was just Maria and Michael sitting together on the sofa. Alex was long asleep, and they had been talking since.
“I just like seeing people happy. And those two are happy together.”
“What about you? Why haven’t you tried to make you happy?” He turned to her. He’d never even seen her with other guys. The only guys he’d seen her talk to have been Alex, Zan, and himself.
“I am happy Michael. Right here. Right now.” She smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek. “I’m sleepy. Good night.”

Michael remained on the sofa after she went off to her room. Laying down on the spot where she’d just been. He could still smell her. She’d just been gone for like five minutes and he already missed her. Then everything fell into place. Why he felt weird when Zan and Maria would goof off. Why he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Why he was currently sniffing the sofa cushions. He liked her. He was head over heels over Maria DeLuca.

His heart started to beat out of his chest. And he sought out her room door, and felt like running through it and telling her what he felt. That was a thought. Burst in there in full Jerry Maguire mode and tell her she completed him. That only made Michael laugh. He could never do something as cheesy as that.

Sighing he rose and walked over to his room. He’d sleep on it, and think things through some more.


She heard his footsteps stop at her door. She knew he wouldn’t walk in thinking she was already asleep. When she thought about getting up, his footsteps faded away towards his bedroom. She’d fallen for Michael the minute she laid eyes on him. She could remember that day clearly.

She had been looking through the paper all day. Still she couldn’t find a place in her price range. She had decided that living at home with her mother was no longer and option. She needed out.
“Damn.” She cursed.
“Uh, you ok?” She jumped at the sudden sound.
“Sorry, you scared me.” She gasped and looked up. When she did she discovered a god.

“Sorry about that. I’m Michael.” The handsome man stuck his arm and she took hold of his hand.
“Maria. Sorry for the outburst. I’m just having trouble finding a place.” She tossed the paper aside and sighed loudly. She saw the man before her make a strange face. It was as if he was battling within himself. Then finally he spoke.
“Um, me and my roommate are actually looking for someone else. We got lucky and got this great apartment. So far we have two empty rooms. You can check it out if you want.”
“Thanks. I’d like that.”

And she’d lived there ever since. She’d dubbed Michael the homeless shelterer. He’d taken everyone in. Alex’s story was not that different from how they found Zan. He’d been out in the streets with Betsy, his guitar, playing for money. Michael talked to him for five hours and took him in.
He was such a great guy.

“Oh Michael.” She sighed and settled back into the covers.


Liz stirred in her sleep. Something was making it hard for her to breathe. Zan. She remembered. She smiled and tried to shift so she was no longer crushed into his chest. But she only got far enough to move her head. His arms wouldn’t release her. Sighing, she simply held him back.

She could feel something hard probing her thigh and looking down between she and Zan, she found what it was. Zan. She tried to pull away again, only to have him groan in protest. His eyes finally opened.
“What?” He asked sleepily. He could see her smiling.
“Something has been poking me for the past twenty minutes or so.” She giggled and moved her leg so it grazed him. He gasped and moaned. “Been wondering when you’d wake up and ask for some help.”

Sleep totally left him, and his eyes widened at her words.
“Liz, you ain’t gotta do nothin’…” He started but Liz covered his mouth to stop him from talking. She pushed back a bit more and began to slide her hand down his body. He tried to stop her progress, but she kept on. “Liz.” He groaned as her hand finally reached down to cup him through his boxers. “Liz you don’t…ah…” Her hands slipped through the flap in the front of his boxers. “Liz..”
“Shh. You helped me, I’m just returning the favor. What are friends for?” She winked and stroked his hard member.

Liz smiled as Zan laid back and allowed her to continue her ministrations. She enjoyed hearing his moans and seeing his face contort into pleasure. Feeling him grow even more in her hand. Without thinking she let go of him.
“Wh…what…why are you stopping?” Zan sprung up, breathing hard.
“Lay back down. I just want to see…you.” She waited for him to understand, and as he laid back she pulled down his boxers.

Zan now lay before her, nude for all to see. But of course, only she could see him now. She studied the thick, dark patch of hair that revealed his manhood. And what a manhood it was, she awed. She'd never really seen a man like this. Maybe a few glimpses from the photos in books, but that could not prepare her for what she was looking at right now.
“Liz…please.” She heard him groan and how tightly he clung to the sheets. She held him again. And gasped when he moaned. He sounded like some wild animal. And that excited her. She stroked him again, slowly, enjoying the feel of him, until she felt his hand on hers. “Let me help.”

Liz looked up at him, she wasn’t doing it right. “No. Liz, you’re great. You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s just…slow right now is torture. Let me help you.” He smiled and showed her how much pressure and the right pace. Once she had it, he let her go. He was trying his very best not to grab her and bury himself deep inside her. He couldn’t touch her just then.

“Zan?” She asked as his face changed and he bit his lip. Before she could ask again she felt something warm and sticky coat her hand, and even her stomach.
“Sorry. I…I couldn’t hold it in any longer.” He breathed out and wiped the sweat from his face.
“It’s ok.” She assured him and continued to look at the liquid on her hand. Without thinking she brought her hand up to her mouth and licked her palm.
“Liz? What…what are you doing?” He sat up to see her lick her palm again.
“I…I just wanted to see…” She felt embarrassed and blushed.
“If it tastes like anything?” He grinned and wiped her hands and stomach of his semen. “Well? Does it?” He teased.
“I don’t know. I don’t know what it tastes like. Can I…?” She glanced down at his now flaccid member.
“Can you what?” He followed her eyes and gasped. “You want to...?” His eyes widened. And without wanting to he felt himself grow hard again.

Liz nodded and smiled shyly. “As good as that sounds…I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Zan smiled and reached for his boxers, putting them back on. “Now just go back to sleep.” He kissed her on the nose and pulled her down beside him.

“Thank you.” He whispered as he held her. They faced each other.
“What are friends for?” She mumbled sleepily and closed her eyes. Zan laughed softly and kissed her.
“Good night.”

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Yep thing are definitely getting hot. So here's another brand spanking new part.
Thanks as always to my BETA and honoray big sis Angel

Part 15

Liz and Zan woke up in each others arms. They stayed looking into the others eyes for a while, just watching one another. The silence only broken, when Liz started to giggle.
“What?” Zan couldn’t help but laugh with her. Her laughter was contagious.
“Nothing. This is all just….nice.” She beamed brightly at him then ducked under the covers.
“Oh no you don’t.” He laughed and followed after her.


The insistent ringing woke Shawna up from her sleep. She’d been having the best dream, although now it was more of a feeling than any real images. Groaning loudly, she rolled over and reached for the loud, shrieking beast.
“Hello?” She mumbled, half angry half still asleep.
“Did I wake you?” Alex’s voice came through, sounding ashamed.
“Kinda, but it’s ok. What’s up?” She sat up with a big grin on her face. Now that she knew it was him, she felt better about being woken up.

“I’m sorry. I just…” Alex felt bad now. He knew it was too early to call, but he just had to. His fingers were already dialing the number before his mind decided to call.
“Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you called. It gets pretty lonely here now that Liz is gone. Only good thing is that they decided to leave me be instead shoving in one of those princesses.” She could hear Alex’s laugh and smiled. “So, what are you doing up so early?”

“Just thinking…” About you, he thought to himself. “..I just found myself calling you up and before I had a chance to think, you answer.”
“Yeah, well I had no choice. Either answer, or let it keep ringing.” She laughed. “Like I said before, I’m glad you called.” She could see his silly grin right over the phone. “Hey, I uh, I got today off. Teachers’ meetings or something. Are you free?”
“Actually, I do work today.” Shawna sighed despite herself and Alex continued. “But I got the night shift today. I don’t have to be there till six. So I’m all yours till then.”


“Zan, get out!” Liz squealed as she tried to close the door Zan was trying to get past. “I’m going to take a shower!”
“That’s why I’m trying to get in.” He laughed and finally pushed his way in. As soon as he closed the door behind him he began to undress.

“Zan!” Liz gasped as he reached for his boxers. “What are you doing?”
“What does it look like I’s doing? I’m getting nekkid.” He laughed and with one quick tug, his boxers pooled at his ankles. Stepping out of them, he jumped into the shower. “Well, what you waiting for? An invitation?” He said peeking out from behind the shower curtain.

He started to sing loudly, and rather badly from inside the shower. Liz couldn’t help but laugh. “Come on. It’s pretty lonely in ‘ere.” He peeked out again with a pout on his face.
“I don’t know.” Liz sighed.
“You have to shower anyways. Come on, we used to shower together all the time when we was little.”
“Yeah, the point is that we were little. We’re not little anymore.”
“Ya got that right.” He laughed.

“OK then. I’m going to come in. No funny stuff.” Liz turned around and peeled off her clothing. When she stepped behind the curtain she met with a very soapy Zan. His hair with all lathered up and he was even lathered down there. She began to giggle nervously. “I see you’ve already started without me.”
“Well, yous was takin’ too long. Hope ya don’t mind.” He winked and moved under the stream to rinse the soap away.

Liz stood transfixed as all the lather slid down his body, revealing more and more of him to her. His head was bent back to rinse the shampoo from his hair and all she wanted to do was throw herself at him and nibble on his neck. But instead she opted to just stand by and enjoy the view.
“Ya just gonna stand there?” Zan brought her attention back. “ Or do ya needs help washin’ up?” He asked with a grin.

“Hmmm.” Liz tapped her chin in thought and smiled. “I think I might need some help. I’ve seemed to have forgotten just what I’m supposed to do with such things.” She pointed to the soap, shampoo and conditioner.
“I think I can help with that.” He spun her around and reached for the shampoo bottle, emptying a small amount into his palm. “You just relax now. Let Zan take care of ya.” He cooed and slathered the liquid into her scalp.

Liz was in heaven. Feeling him massage her scalp was so good. She felt him back up and pull her head back so that the water rinsed her hair. She was then moved forward as Zan reached for the conditioner. Slathering her hair with that now, he spun her around to face him. Liz couldn’t help but take a peek down under, and sure enough there he stood. Proud and strong.
“Babe you keep looking at me like that, and yous gonna regret it for sure.” Zan said. His tone serious and strained. Like he was forcing himself to hold back.
“Why would I regret it?” She asked, leaning into him. His erection pressing low on her stomach.

He groaned then pulled her close and slightly rubbed himself on her to relieve some of the painful pressure.
“Damn girl, yous gonna kill me ya know that.” He hissed through clenched teeth. He bent down to rest his forehead on hers and looked right into her eyes. “Do you know how hard it is not to just take you right ‘ere?” He was breathing harder now. Liz raised her hand up to his chest and felt just how fast his heart was beating.
“You’re shaking.” Liz raised her hand up to his cheek. “Zan?” She could see the pained and torn expression in his eyes.
“I can’t Lizzie. I can’t do this to ya.” And then he did something she hadn’t seen in six years. He started to cry.

Liz wrapped her arms around him, holding his shuddering body. “Yous too good for me. I’ll only hurt ya. I didn’t mean for it to get this far. I’m sorry Liz. I’m sorry. I…I just want ya so bad. I always have.” He let his hands feel her. Down her sides, over the curve of her butt, and back up again. Liz could see his eyes change from the warm amber, to hot fire. “Yous feel so good. So pure. Yous all I’s ever wanted and more.”
“Zan, you’ve always been the one I wanted. Ever since we were kids. Zan you don’t have to fight it anymore. I want you. Always have, always will.” She cupped his face and kissed him.

“No Liz. You don’t know that. You ain’t never had anyone else. You coulds change your mind down the road, and I don’t know if I could handle that.” He was pleading with her now.
“I’m not going to change my mind Zan. I want you. I love you.” She kissed him again with more force than before.
“I love you too.” He kissed her back and tightly wrapped his arms around her waist. “I want you to be my girl. My only.” She saw his expression change again, and his teeth clenched even tighter. “Ah, I just want to sink into you. But I can’t this way. I’s want your first to be special.”
“Zan, as long as it’s with you it will be special.” She smiled sweetly.
“Thanks babe, but I’s don’t want your first to be all about me. If we do this now, I’ll be all me. My body’s too strung tight right now to be slow and soft. I’s don’t wanna hurt ya.” He smiled despite the frustration his body was going through. “I think I’lls just let ya finish your shower now.” He kissed her again and quickly tried to exit the shower. He only got one foot out the tub when he felt Liz’s hand on his arm.

“You actually think I’m going to let you go out like that. You must not think too much of me.” She winked at him and pulled him back in. “Just because we aren’t going to go all the way just yet, doesn’t mean we can’t do other things.” She lowered him down on the edge of the tub and sat him down. “Now last night, you didn’t let me do something. But now is a good a time as ever.”

Zan watched as she kneeled before him and spread his legs apart.
“Ah, Lizzie…” But even before he could finish his protest, her tongue gently flicked over the tip if his penis. He gripped at the sides of the tub until his knuckles turned white. Liz continued to lick, suck and swallow him whole. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. He reached one hand up to run through her hair. “Ah, Liz…I…I’m not going to make it.” He growled.
“Let go Zan.” She looked up at him and winked, giving Zan that extra push he needed.

Liz felt the warm, sticky substance fill her mouth and stream down her throat. She waited until he went limp to pull away.
“Where did you learn to do that?” Zan panted as he tried to regain his breath.
“Uh, I didn’t really know if I was doing it right. But I guess I did.” She confessed with a shy smile.
“Ya certainly did do it right.” He pulled her in between his leg and kissed her. He shyly pulled back when he tasted himself in her mouth. “That’s weird. It’s me in there.” He laughed.
“Yep.” She licked her lips. “And I’d never tasted anything like that.”
“Ok, now I’ll let you get back to your shower.” He kissed her quickly again and jumped out of the tub.


“Hey stranger.” Maria greeted as Zan tried to sneak back into the apartment. He’d been hoping he could just sneak back into his room without anyone catching him. He should have known.
“Hi Maria. What are you doing up so early?” He tried to play it off, but knew from the twinkle in her eye that Maria was up to something.
“Early bird gets the worm. What about you? Didn’t come home last night. And looks like you’ve showered, but not here.” She grinned. “What happened?”

“Come on Maria. You had it all planned out. You tell me what happened.” He grinned back and started laughing.
“You didn’t? Did you?” She gasped. Yeah, she had planned it to happen, but for it to actually go through, was unbelievable.
“No Maria. We didn’t have sex.” He shook his head.
“Ok, I know how you play word games. How about making love? Did you do that?”
“No. Damn girl. You act like you want us to. What’s it to you if we do?”

“Nothing. I just like seeing people happy. And, you my hermano, I love seeing you happy for once.” She smiled and pinched his cheek.


“Yo, Zan haven’t seen you in a while.” Alex teased as he stepped into the apartment.
“Well I figured I’d grace ya with my presence. It ain’t fair depraving ya’ll of all this.” Zan laughed. “And where you been all morning?”
“Out.” Alex tried to avoid the subject, but he knew Zan wouldn’t let it drop there.
“Out where? With who?” Zan pressed further.

“A friend.” Alex continued to avoid the subject.
“Do I know this…friend?” Zan grinned.
“Well, who the hell is it?” Zan stopped Alex from moving past him. Alex sighed and relented.

“Shawna? Liz’s friend Shawna? Ok ya gotta tell me.” Zan laughed and crossed his arms.
“You know, you’re beginning to sound more and more like Maria every day.” Alex teased earning him a glare. “And yes, Liz’s friend. We went to the book store.”
“So since when have yous two been all chummy? You hitting it?” Zan winked and nudged Alex.
“No I’m not ‘hitting it’ as you so eloquently put it. We started talking when Liz first started looking at the apartment.. She’s pretty cool.” Alex couldn’t help but smile as he remembered their day.

“So you like her eh? She’s cool. I approve.” Zan laughed and patted him on the back before disappearing into his bedroom.

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I can feel the love. And it's a beautiful thing. Thanks so much for the bumps and comments. I don't like to say much in the beginning because I'm always afraid I'll let something pivitol slip. So let me just say thanks and begin...

Part 16

Liz glided out of the apartment building in a euphoric haze. She was on cloud nine, and not about to come down anytime soon. She walked over to the bus stop and sat down on the bench. They were going to be a couple. After years of wanting just that, it was finally going to happen.

“Liz Parker?” She looked over to see two men in suits looking down at her.
“Yes, that’s me. Who are you?” She asked puzzled by them. She’d never seen those men before in her life. She saw them nod to each other.
“Your father wishes to speak to you ma’am.” The tallest one spoke. He pulled out an envelope and handed it to her. “He is staying at the Marriott down town. He asks that you meet with him this afternoon.”

Liz took the envelope and frowned. How did her father know where she was?
“Is he having me followed?” She asked angrily. She stood up and stared straight into their eyes. She was by no means intimidating them though. She was a very petite woman.
“Your father only wishes you be protected ma’am.” The other answered. They looked straight out of Men In Black. Even equipped with sunglasses.
“You tell my father, that I don’t need his protection. I’m very well on my own. As for meeting him, you can tell him to forget it.” She turned as the bus pulled up and climbed on board.


“What do you mean she won’t meet with me? I’m her father!” Jeff Parker shouted angrily at the body guards he had assigned to Liz.
“She said she will not meet with you sir. She was pretty angry.”
“I won’t have her disrespect me in that way.” Jeff slammed his fist on his desk. “Where is she now?”

“She is employed at a restaurant named The Spot. Her shift started an hour ago.”
“She works in a restaurant?” Jeff asked incredulously. The men nodded. “Mark, Justin, I want you to keep following her. I want to know who she socializes with. As a matter of fact…I want pictures of them. I want background checks on everyone she comes in contact with. You hear me?”

The men nodded and quickly left the office. Jeff took several deep breaths to control himself. His daughter could have taken over the business. Could have been successful. He pounded his desk angrily again.


Liz sulked as she took the orders and cleaned the empty tables. Ever since her little encounter with her father’s goons, she was in a bad mood.
“Is everything alright Liz?” Her boss came up and asked.
“Yes. I’m fine. Just had some trouble this morning.” She sighed and put on a smile. “Thanks for asking though.”

The chimes sounded announcing someone’s entrance. Liz looked up and grinned seeing who it was. Zan looked over and saw Liz and strode over to her.
“Hey babe.” He grinned and swooped down for a kiss.
“Hey yourself. I like this.” She smiled and kissed him again.
“Me too.” He hugged her tighter and sighed. He finally had Liz Parker. He noticed her face change and pulled back a bit. “What’s up?”

“Huh?” She came back from her haze and looked up at him. “Oh, I had an unfortunate encounter this morning on the way here.” She pulled away and finished clearing the table.
“What happen?” Zan followed her as she took the plates to the back.
“Well, I had an unfortunate encounter with two of my dad’s henchmen. Seems he’s having me followed. Can you believe that? And then he has the nerve to want me to meet with him.” She placed the dirty plates in the sink and wiped her hands.

“What did he want?” Zan followed her.
“I don’t know and don’t care. He practically said I was on my own, why should I meet with him now? They gave me this envelope. Haven’t opened that either.” She turned to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m so glad I found you. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t.” She smiled and kissed him.
“Me either.” Zan grinned and leaned down for another kiss.

“Back to work kiddies.”


Michael stepped out of the bathroom, a solitary blue towel covering him around his waist. He looked both ways down the hall and listened for any sound. Once satisfied that he was alone he stepped out and walked toward his room. When he opened the door he found Maria sitting at his desk.
“Uh…” Maria looked him and over immediately forgot why she was in his room.

“Uh, Maria, what are you doing in here?” He asked suddenly aware of his lack of clothing. He clutched the towel securer in his hand, keeping it from slipping.
“I…I…I forgot.” She admitted and felt her face flush bright pink. His hair was still soaking wet and tiny droplets fell from it, traveling down his naked torso. “Oh yeah…um, some, some girl called for you.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. “Samantha something or other, I couldn’t really understand her. She said something about meeting with her at 5 in the shop.” She handed him the paper.

“Oh yeah. I’m was supposed to meet her at 7, but I guess she had to move it up.” He nodded and reached into his drawer to pick out some clean boxers. He could see Maria out of the corner of his eye, as she looked him over again. He smiled and turned back. “Anything else?” He watched as her eyes snapped back to his face.
“Uh, no that’s it.” She smiled and stood up. She was just about out the door when she turned back. “So…who is this Samantha?”

“Just some lady from work. She wanted to talk business or something. Didn’t say much.” He walked around picking out his clothes, still just wearing the towel.
“Lady huh? So how old is she? Nice looking?” She asked. Ever since she got the call she felt a stab of jealousy.
“She’s in her thirties I guess. Why?” He turned to face her and saw her cross her arms. Maria’s defensive stance. “You…jealous or something?” He grinned.
“Jealous? Me? Ha! Now why would I be jealous?” She snapped. She watched as he walked up to her. “I…I was just wondering. You know how protective of you guys I am. Not just any woman can mess with you…uh, any of you.”

“Any of us, or me?” Michael stepped closer. He could feel his lower region wake slightly just by her presence. “Are you jealous Maria?” He was now within arm’s reach.
“Why should I be jealous Michael?” She breathed, her lashes heavy and her breathing picking up. “I don’t have…” She didn’t have a chance to finish her sentence as Michael closed the remaining distance between them and crushed his lips on hers.


“Come with me.” Liz pulled on Zan’s arm.
“Where we goin’?” He asked as he let her lead him away.
“Store. I need to buy some things. Come on, I hate riding the bus alone.” She pouted and batted her lashes.
“Ah, no fair Lizzie. You know I’m a sucka for that.” He pouted and started to laugh. “A’ight. We’ll go shoppin’. But we goin’ in my car. I ain’t traveling in no stinkin’ bus.” He laughed.

They arrived at the store and Liz gleefully jumped out of the car and made her way inside with Zan trailing behind. He watched her skim through the aisles, dumping random products into the cart.
“Zan, can you go and get the milk please?” She smiled over at him. He nodded and jogged over to the dairy aisle.

Liz ran over to the next aisle and slipped an item among the others in the cart. She made her way back to where she was before just in time to see Zan jogging back with the milk.
“Here ya go.” He grinned and placed the milk in the cart.
“Thanks.” She smiled and blushed slightly.
“Nothing.” She smiled innocently.


“Maria? Hello, Earth to Maria.” Michael waved his hands in front of her face.
“Huh? Maria blinked and looked at him.
“I said I need to get dressed can you just step out for a sec.” He looked at her and waited for her to leave the room.
“Oh, yeah…uh sure.” Maria said quickly and exited the room. Whoa, that was one hell of a day dream.

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Part 17

Zan helped Liz put her groceries away, not noticing the way she intentionally set one particular bag aside. She kept her eyes on him, watching him bend and put the things away in drawers and fridge. ‘Nice ass’ she thought and smiled. She eyed the bag again and felt her cheeks slightly blush.
“I’ll be right back.” Liz said and quickly took the bag into the bathroom. Zan simply thought it was her “unmentionables.”

He continued to put the products away, thinking about her father. He remembered how that man would look at him with hate. He never understood why.

Zan shifted on his feet as he waited for Liz. They had a project to do in class together and he stood under her balcony.
“What do you think you’re doing boy?” Zan swallowed hard and slowly turned around. There stood a very pissed off Jeff Parker.
“Um, me and Liz have a…a project in, in class and…”
“I thought I told that good for nothing father of yours that I wanted you nowhere near my daughter.” Jeff glared at the nine year old boy before him.

“I know sir, but we…we have to work on this project and…”
“I don’t care!” Jeff shouted causing Zan to jump back in fear. “I’ve told you before Alexander. I don’t want to see you here again.”
“It’s Alejandro sir.” Zan slinked back.
“I know what your name is. Now get out of my sight.”

“Zan. Zan?” Zan shook the memory away and looked up at Liz. His jaw nearly hit the floor.
“Lizzie bear?” He continued to salivate over her. Liz leaned on the door frame leading to her bedroom, wearing a white tank without a bra, and a pair of very, very skimpy white panties.
She knew exactly what she was doing. She slowly stepped away from the door frame and approached him.
Zan was still squatting in the small kitchen, holding a loaf of bread. He had totally forgotten what he had been thinking about as Liz sauntered up to him.
“What, what, why, what…” Zan tried to speak but found it incredibly difficult.

“Zan put the bread down.” She spoke huskily as she stopped a foot away from him. Zan nodded and dropped the bread. He wanted to run to her, to sweep her off her feet and throw her on her bed, but his legs wouldn’t move. He was glued to the spot. “Come here Zan.”
“I’m trying. God I’m trying.” Zan said through clenched teeth. He could feel his slacks becoming smaller by the minute.

She was now slowly kneeling down in front of him, her long brown hair sweeping over her shoulders. She took his hand in hers and smiled. “Get up Zan.” She began to stand back up, bringing Zan up with her. Zan could only stare and nod as he rose to his feet. She smiled sweetly at him and began to lead him toward the bedroom.
“Wha, what are you doing?” Zan finally managed to speak again.
“Shh, just come with me.” She smiled and squeezed his hand. “Don’t speak, just come.”

They stepped into the bedroom and Zan immediately noticed the flickering light of candles. It was still daylight outside, but with the curtains shut and lights off the room was dark. Liz let go of Zan’s hand and moved toward her dresser. She turned her small stereo on and walked back to Zan. Slow music filled the room, finishing the romantic atmosphere.
“Lizzie…” He was silenced by a warm palm covering his mouth.
“What did I tell you about talking?” Liz sighed and moved her hand to cup his cheek. “Zan, you said you wanted it to be special. This is special. It’s with you.”

Zan smiled and looked back around the room.
“Looks like you put a lot into this.” He grinned and looked back at her.
“I certainly did. Now don’t put all my hard work to waste.” She smiled and leaned up to kiss him. Zan welcomed her kiss, letting her direct it as she pleased. He couldn’t deny it any longer. He wanted her. Wanted her for a long time. And he wasn’t going to fight it anymore.

Liz walked backward towards the bed, still kissing him. She smiled inwardly that he wasn’t fighting it anymore. She was nervous, yes, but she wanted this. Wanted him. Loved him. She pulled away from him and sat down on the bed. Watching him pull his shirt up over his head, she moved back on the bed toward the pillows. She could feel that familiar ache building between her legs as Zan crawled on toward her.
“You know I love you right?” He said seriously as he hovered over her quivering body. Liz could only nod as she watched his lips descend over hers.


“So? What have you found out?” Jeff Parker’s voice boomed over the cell phone.
“We have their names sir. There is a Maria DeLuca, Michael Anthony Guerin, Alexander Whitman, and an Alejandro Pedro Evans.” Justin the body guard/henchman replied from the office. Mark, the other henchman sat in front of the computer gathering as much information about them as possible.
“Evans? Did you say Alejandro Evans?” Jeff shouted angrily.
“Yes, yes sir.” Justin had to pull the cell away from his ear.

Jeff slammed the phone back in its place and poured himself another drink. They’d found each other.
“Damn it!” He yelled angrily. Gaining back his composure, he redialed the number.
“Yes sir?”
“Keep a close eye on that Evans boy. I want to know how often he sees my daughter and where he lives.”
“Sir, we can tell you that now. Mr. Evans lives just down the hall from your daughter, along with the three aforementioned parties.” Again the phone hung up.


“I love you too Zan.” Liz whispered as the last layer of clothing that separated them was discarded. She could feel Zan’s rough hands trailing up her leg from her ankle. His strong touch sending shivers all through her body.
“So beautiful. You have no idea.” Zan revered looking into her dark eyes. They had retrieved a condom earlier from the mysterious bag from the market. She confessed that that was why she’d drug him to the store. “So pure.”
“Thanks.” She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. She could feel his arousal pressing intimately against hers.

“Are yous sure you want this?” Zan asked praying she wouldn’t change her mind.
“Positive.” She smiled and pulled him closer by wrapping her legs around his hips. “Please Zan.” She cooed and bit her bottom lip.
“I’ll be careful. I’ll try not to let it hurt that much ok. If you wanna stop tell me, ok?” He saw her nod and positioned himself at her entrance. She gasped at the initial contact and told him to keep going.
Zan sheathed himself in until he reached her maidenhead. He looked into her eyes searching for any protest, instead finding an overwhelming sense of love and acceptance. Lowering his lips on hers, he pushed the rest of the way in, swallowing the gasp of surprise and pain.

It killed him to have hurt her, but in a strange way he felt elated to have been the first to have her in this way. “You ok Lizzie?” He stopped moving allowing her body to adjust to the new intrusion.
“Uh, yeah. Yes, I’m fine. It hurt, but I’m ok now. Don’t stop Zan.” She encouraged him by moving her hips against his. He took the hint and pulled away, only to thrust back in to the hilt.

Liz moaned as he found just the right pace that satisfied both of them. She found herself meeting his thrusts each time. Getting more aware and comfortable to being so open and vulnerable, she explored Zan’s body seeing what he felt like all over and what he liked. She would rake her nails lightly over his chest and harder down his back and shoulders seeing how positively it affected him.

“So perfect.” Zan moaned as he continued to move in and out of her. This had to be a dream. He would wake up any minute now in his room, sweating and reaching out to an empty bed. Nothing this good could be real. He could feel her hands all over him, like she was trying to memorize every contour. He knew that if he looked at her too long he would lose it too fast, and he certainly didn’t want that to be a memory of her first time. Every time he dared to look at her, she was biting her lip, or her lips were parted and eyes closed blissfully. Once he looked down at her and she was looking back, and he nearly lost it there.

“Zan, oh Zan!” Liz moaned out loud as she was over come by the earth shattering explosion going in inside her. Her legs tightened around him and she pulled him down for a kiss.
“Ah Liz!” He groaned as her walls tightened even more around him. At last, he could no longer hold out and rode the wave with her.

“Oh Zan. Zan, Zan ,Zan. Oh god I love you so much.” Liz sighed and kissed him deeply. Zan kissed her back eagerly.
“Ah Lizzie I love you too. So much.” He was still buried within her. “Let’s…let’s rest a while.” He suggested, knowing there was no way he’d be able to leave the bed.
“Sounds good to me.” She smiled. They both rolled on their sides and settled.


Michael sat in front of the television set. He had met with the women from work. She had told him how she was leaving the business in someone else’s hand, and suggested that he might be the one who received it. He was elated, and he wanted to celebrate watching a hockey game and drinking a nice cold beer.
“Whatcha watching?” Maria flopped down beside him. Michael smiled as he looked over and smiled at her appearance. He never knew Maria to look nothing but glamorous, but now she was wearing a pair of over sized gray sweat pants, a black sports bra, and her hair pulled back into a bun.
“Hockey.” He grinned.
“What?” Maria frowned and looked around.
“Nothing. You look cute.” He tugged at her pants.

“Well I didn’t have work, and I’m feeling kinda blah. You think I look cute?” She blushed and smiled.
“Yeah. You always look amazing Maria. You don’t need all that stuff you put on your face. You’re beautiful just the way you are.” He couldn’t believe he’d said that. He was being more open than he was comfortable being. He smiled and turned his attention back to the hockey game.

Michael thought she was beautiful? Maria jumped for joy inside. She tried to keep the huge grin on her face hidden.
“You’re not so bad looking yourself.” She nudged him with her shoulder as she leaned in to him. Michael smiled and put his arm around her shoulder, bringing her closer. He kissed the top of her head, and turned back to the TV.

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Part 18

Zan yawned and stretched. He’d had the best dream ever. As he continued to stretch he noticed that one, he was naked, and two, he wasn’t alone. And that’s when he realized that he was still embedded in said person. As he opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was hair. Lots of brown hair. He opened his eyes more and saw lots of skin as well. Beautiful, gorgeous, glowing skin. He brushed the hair aside and looked at his angel.

Just watching her made his lower region start to come alive. He couldn’t help but move within her, loving the way her tight walls enclosed him.

Liz could feel something slipping through her sleep. Something screaming at her to wake up and see what was happening. She felt something pulling her tighter into something warm. A slight moan escaped from her lips and she could hear softer grunts and moans. As her eyes opened she was encountered by two hazel eyes shining back at her. She now noticed him moving within her and moaned again.
“Hi.” She smiled and ran her hand over his arm. “Someone was eager weren’t they?”
“What do you expect. My dreams are finally coming true. Ah, and yous feel so good baby. I can’t get enough of ya.” He rolled them both over and pulled Liz on top of him. He could see the confusion in her face. “I want to see you like this. Is that ok?” He placed his hands on her hips and sighed.

“O…ok. I just, I don’t know what…what to do.” She bit her lips and felt her cheeks turn pink.
“I’ll show you.” He grinned and began to help her move. “All you gotta do….is pretend you’re ridin’ one of them mechanical bull things.” He smirked. “And every once in a while, you move like in a circular motion. Yous in control like this.” He winked and noticed that she was getting it. “That’s it.” He grinned and moved his hands up her sides.

Liz balanced herself by placing her hands on his chest. She followed his instruction, looking at him to make sure she was doing it right, and by the look on his face she was. She threw in some circular motions, watching as he arched up into her and held to her tighter. She could feel his hands on her ribs, moving higher. His warm touch getting closer and closer to where she craved they would be. The higher they went the faster she moved on him.

Watching her throw her head back like that was enough to make Zan lose it. His hands were just at the curve of her breasts now. Reaching up he cupped them and ran his thumb over her hard peeks. Liz cried out and rode him faster.
“Ah!” Zan groaned feeling himself strained beyond belief, but he didn’t want to let go. Not yet.
“Zan!” Liz cried out one last time and collapsed on his chest. Her breaths coming out in hot puffs on his already heated skin.

She yelped in surprise as she found herself flipped and pinned. She looked up at Zan’s grinning face and moaned as he began to pump furiously. She could feel the wave building up once more and rode it out along with Zan. “Oh Zan. Zan, that was unbelievable.” She breathed and smiled.
“Well yous best believe it babe. You….are…so…amazing.” He kissed her after each word.
“You too. Now I think we should get up.”
“I’s always up wit you Lizzie.” He grinned, but reluctantly pulled out of her. “Awe, I wish I could stay inside you all the time.”
“If you did that we’d never get anything done.” She giggled and sat up.
“I’d always be doing you. That’s getting somethin’ done.” He winked and ducked as a pillow flew at his head.


Alex knocked on the window again. He’d climbed the very tall tree and hoped that he had the right room. He saw a light turn on inside and held his breath.
“Alex? Is that you? What are you doing?” Shawna whispered.
“I ah, I came to see you but they don’t allow boys in after hours. So I climbed the tree.” He laughed nervously and nearly lost his footing.
“Oh my god, be careful Alex.” Shawna looked down and saw the possible fall. “You better get inside before you fall and kill yourself.” She stepped back and let Alex climb inside.

“You are crazy you know that?” Shawna giggled and watched Alex stumble in. “You have to be quiet, or the angry nuns will come in with rulers.”
“Angry nuns?” Alex whispered and ducked, making Shawna laugh. “You should have told me that before I came down. I’m not messing with no angry nuns.”
“Well, not really nuns, but a scary head mistress. What are you doing here anyways?”
“Came to see you. I hadn’t called, and I felt bad, so I wanted to come down, but a scary woman with a green mask and rollers wouldn’t let me in.” Shawna laughed and covered her mouth to keep quiet.
“That would be the head mistress Ms. Swanson.”

“So…I really had a great time the other day.” Alex admitted and smiled.
“Yeah, me too. I never knew how many great places there were here. I’m glad you showed me around.”
“It was my pleasure. Who else can you get who can take you to the best guitar shop in town?” They laughed quietly.


“It’s quiet.” Maria whispered against Michael’s chest.
“Yeah.” Michael sighed, his eyes fighting to stay open.
“Too quiet.” She whispered again.
“You’re right.” Michael sat up and looked around. “Zan hasn’t been home since he left for work, and I haven’t even seen Alex today.”

“Alex left two hours ago while you were screaming at the set. He didn’t say where he was going, but he left in a hurry. And I haven’t heard from Liz either.”
“Do you think they…” Michael trailed off, looking down at Maria.
“I don’t know. Maybe…” They both sat up as the door to the apartment opened and in walked, looking very worked out.
“Uh, I’m just going to get some stuff.” He smiled awkwardly and disappeared into his room.

“Maria and Michael looked at each other knowingly and smiled. “Laters.” Zan waved and exited the apartment.
“I knew it.” Maria cheered and hugged Michael. He hugged her back full force.
“I got to admit. I only don’t know what took them this long.” He laughed.

Maria smiled and pulled away from his embrace slowly. She loved the warmth of his arms. Sighing, she stood up from the couch and stretched.
“It’s late. I guess we better head off to bed.”
“Yeah.” Michael agreed disappointed.

They headed to their own rooms. Michael sighed and rubbed his hand on his face. He loved holding Maria like he had been. Feeling her breathing rise and fall, and how good she smelled. He pulled off his pants and shoes and climbed in bed. Two minutes later he heard a soft knock on his door.
“Hi.” Maria whispered as she stepped in. “Were you sleeping?”
“Maria it’s been three minutes, of course I’m not asleep.” He smiled into the darkness. “What?”
“The place is too quiet. It’s scary.” She shifted and that’s when he noticed she was holding her pillow.
“Come here.” He moved aside and patted on the bed. She grinned and quickly hopped onto the bed beside him.
“Thanks.” She yawned and cuddled closer to him. Michael smiled and pulled her closer.
“No problem. Good night.” He kissed her forehead. She mumbled a ‘good night’ and fell asleep.


Zan stepped back into Liz’s apartment, carrying new clothes for the next day. He couldn’t bear having to leave her so he told her he’d stay the night. He walked into the bedroom and found Liz asleep. Setting his clothes down on her dresser, he tip toed back to the bed. Striping his clothes, he climbed back in and snuggled close to Liz. She mumbled something and moved closer to him in her sleep, making Zan smile.
“Shh, goes back to sleep Lizzie. I’s here. I’s not going nowhere.” He kissed her and wrapped his arms around her.
“m’kay.” She sighed and went back to sleep.

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Part 19

The alarm clock blared to life in the quiet room. Liz groaned and rolled over instantly regretting it. All her muscles protested any sort of movement, especially her lower regions. Her thighs burned and it felt like someone had kicked her really hard, down there. She moaned in discomfort and turned off the noisy appliance. She tried to stretch out again and winced. Then it was that she remembered the cause of her soreness. Turning to the other side she smiled as she looked at Zan. The thin, cotton sheet just covered him, exposing a generous amount of tanned flesh. The curve of his butt was visible and she held in her gasp when he began to stir.

The sheet moved even lower on his body as he turned on his side, now facing opposite her. She took in the contours of his well defined back and his supple cheeks. She bit her lip trying to suppress the moan she knew would surface. She moved closer and winced again at the pain between her thighs.

“Lizzie?” Zan mumbled against the pillow. He’d heard her moan, but could tell it wasn’t from pleasure. He slowly turned around to face her and could read the discomfort in her face. “You hurtin?”
“Yeah.” She nodded and tried to smile. “But just a little. Don’t worry.” She tried to sit up and winced again.
“I hurt ya. I’m sorry Lizzie. I knew I shouldn’t have pushed for a repeat. It was your first time. Damn, I’s sorry babe.” He sat up and kissed her face, neck, and shoulders.

“It’s supposed to hurt the first time Zan. You knew that. Now stop fussing. I just need an aspirin and I’ll be good as new.” She placed a sweet kiss on his lips and slipped out of bed. “Oh my.” She gasped as she looked down at the bed and her inner thighs. There were red spots on the sheets and some dried blood on her thighs. “Guess I have to wash today.” She blushed and covered the mess.
“Come on, you can help me shower again.” She winked at him, noting the guilt building in his eyes.


Maria made her way into the kitchen. She’d been woken up by the smell of food wafting into Michael’s room. Noticing that he was no longer in bed, she figured it was him cooking, and she did love it so much when he cooked. Once she checked herself in the mirror to make sure she didn’t look too horrible, she stepped out.

“Good morning. Waffles?” Michael asked as she shuffled over to the counter. She yawned her acceptance and sat down. He smiled and poured more of the mixture into the waffle maker. “Coffee?” He offered her the hot brew and she nodded with another yawn.
The smell of the waffles filled the room and Maria began to respond.

“Mmm, those smell so good. What kind are they?” Her stomach rumbled and he laughed.
He shrugged and served her two waffles, setting the syrup beside her plate and coffee. He watched and waited as she took her first bite. “Mmmm, mis is so goof.” She said with her mouth full of waffle.
“What?” Michael chuckled as he placed some waffles on a plate for himself.
“I said…” She swallowed the remaining waffle. “…that this is so good. Blueberry right?” He nodded and began to eat his own waffles. “God these are so good. You’re too good to me Mickey.”
“Nothing can be too good for you.” He smiled shyly and shoveled more of the waffles into his mouth to keep himself from saying anything else stupid.

Maria smiled and could feel her heart skipping wildly in her chest.
“Michael…” She started but was interrupted by the opening of the front door and Alex rushing in.
“I’m late!” He yelled as he ran to his room. They could hear the clatter and crashing and then he stumbled back out, tripping as he tried to pull up his pants. Michael rushed over to him and helped him up.
“Whoa, you ok man?”

“I’m late! I fell asleep on the floor at Shawna’s and now I have ten minutes to get to work.” He tried to explain while pulling up his pants.
“Shawna’s? You were with Shawna all night?” Maria got up from her seat, standing in front of them with her hand on her hips. “She’s in a private, all girl’s school, how did you manage to get in and manage to spend the night?”

Alex looked up at Michael and saw that he would get no help there.
“I…I climbed a tree to her room.”
“You what?” Michael and Maria asked at the same time.
“Yes, I climbed a tree, climbed through her window and fell asleep on her floor because we spent half the night talking. Now I have to go to work. Bye.” He said quickly and ran out the door.

“Can you believe that?”
“I know. Never knew he had it in him. I always thought he was afraid of heights.” Michael laughed.


“Zan I can’t do my job with you following me like this.” Liz cooed as she tried to clear the table while Zan kept his arms wrapped around her waist.
“But yous smell so good Lizzie. How can yous expect me to leave you?” He murmured into her ear.
“You better not leave me.” She teased and turned her head to look at him.
“I’lls neva leave yous Lizzie. Never.” He said seriously and kissed her temple.
“I know. And I’ll never leave you either. Ever.” She smiled and turned to place a quick kiss on his lips.


Jeff held a picture frame of a much younger Liz in the arms of her mother. Nancy Parker died a year after giving birth to their daughter. She had gone in for a routine appendix removal and left dead. Something had gone wrong while they were operating and she ended up bleeding to death.

Jeff had to raise Liz on his own with some help from his mother, but she too died when Liz was six. Liz was all he had left of family, and she hated him. He set the frame aside and picked up his phone.
“Mr. Parker, we’ve set all the preparations you asked for.”
“Good, I will see you in a week.” He hung up and took another look at the picture. “Oh Nancy, where did I go wrong?” He sighed and walked out of his office.


Zan walked behind her with his arms around her waist. They walked together like that back to the apartment building. After work, they’d gone to get some ice cream and to rent some movies. Both of them had the day off the next day, and they were going to make the most of it.

“Oh, wait. I gotta get some more supplies.” Zan stepped beside her and took her hand. He took them into a small market and headed directly to his destination. Liz raised her eye brow when he started getting packages of condoms.
“Hmm, someone thinks he’s getting some.” She teased and giggled when he winked at her.
“You’s like a drug Lizzie. I’s addicted, gotta keep doin’ ya.” He grinned and paid at the register.

Once they reached Liz’s apartment, Zan was practically pulling off their clothes.
“Slow down bucko. We’ve got all night and all tomorrow.” She calmed him and placed a chaste kiss on his lips.

Zan relaxed and smiled. She was right, they had all night, and hopefully more than that. He gave her a light squeeze and walked over to the television. Liz served their ice cream and then settled at his side.

They popped in the first video, and immediately forgot all about it.
“Zan….” Liz cooed as Zan nipped at her ear, his breath tickling her neck. The movie had not even started, only in the previews, when Zan started his ministrations. She squirmed as his mouth now gently sucked on her neck.

He couldn’t take it anymore. Every stupid preview had some kind of sex scene in it, and he’d had enough. He turned his attention to the only thing he could keep it on. Liz. She had been intently gazing at the screen when he slowly leaned over and started kissing her neck. Her soft moans and pleas only making the fire inside him burn even more.

“Mmm, Lizzie…” He sighed as he felt her pulse quicken beneath his lips. His hand made its way up her bent leg, up to her stomach, until finally resting just below her breast.
“Higher.” Liz managed to breathe out as Zan’s lips reeked havoc on her senses. Zan smiled against her neck and reached up to cup her through her shirt. He could already feel her bud poking out through the fabric.

Zan slowly help Liz lay back on the carpeted floor and brushed her hair back never looking away from her eyes. They still held the innocence he loved so much. They held so much hope, knowledge, love.
“You’s so beautiful Liz.” He felt his way down her right arm. “So soft, perfect, my angel.”

Liz blushed under his gaze and looked away, only to quickly look back into the hazel depths of his eyes.
“You’re my everything Zan. You always knew that. Even when we were kids. You were my only friend.” She pulled him down and kissed him thoroughly.

Soon they both lay naked with each other, the only light coming from the forgotten television screen. The soft light creating the shadows on their bodies. Zan had rushed to the bedroom and retrieved the box of condoms he’d purchased earlier. Now they were both in synchronized movements, their breath in tune and hands moving over each other.

Finally the last sigh came and they were both spent.
“Oh Zan. Oh god that was…oh god.” Liz tried to get her breathing under control. Her arm was tossed over her face, with her chest heaving. She felt Zan’s hand on her pull and smiled.
“Don’t cover ya face sweets, I wanna see ya.” He pulled her arm away from her face and kissed his way up her body to her lips. “You’s all salty.” He grinned.
“Well, so are you mister. We should go shower.”
“Shower?” Zan perked up and in one swift motion, picked her up with him, and ran to the bathroom.


“Have you seen my red thong?” Maria burst into Michael’s room wearing only a baby blue towel, that barely covered her moist skin. Michael had been at his desk and nearly fell off his chair when she walked in like that. Her hair was piled up by a clip and her skin was blushing. A warm glow emanated from her. “Hello? Did you hear me?”

“Huh?” He swallowed the lump in his throat.
“Have you seen my red thong? I need it, I’m wearing my red mini and I need my red thong.” She pulled the towel as it was slipping. She blushed slightly but shook it off. “So?”
“No I haven’t seen your stupid thong.” He grunted and turned away.

“What crawled up you ass today. You were fine this morning.”
“I was. I have a lot on my mind. Now if you don’t mind…” He waved her off.
“Gees, ok, ok. Sorry to bother you, your royal asshole.” She snapped back and slammed the door behind her.

Michael cursed to himself as the sound reverberated throughout his room. He waited until he heard the sound of her door being slammed shut before reaching into his pocket and pulling out the little red thong. He bunched it in his palm, and brought it up to his nose. How can one tiny piece of fabric cause such a stir in him. He felt aroused and angry all at the same time. Aroused because he knew how good she looked in it, and angry because he knew how good she looked in it. He knew very well how all the guys tried to catch a glimpse of it under that thing she called a skirt.

“You know, I don’t know what your problem is but if you think…is that my thong?” Maria asked as she burst back in. Michael was so stunned he didn’t have time to hide the incriminating evidence.
“You found it? Where was it?” Maria snatched the thong away from his hand.
“Uh, yeah. I found it. It was, uh…under the desk, in the corner. Don’t ask me how it got there.” He replied offhandedly.
“Well, whatever. Now I can finally get dressed.”
“Yeah if that’s what you call dressed.” Michael retorted.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Maria walked back over to him, still sporting just the towel.
“It means, that what you call getting dressed, I call going out naked. Now go on and put on your ass floss and your Band-Aid you call a skirt.” He shouted and felt his face burn.
“Well I’ve never heard you complain before. Not that you should be concerned with what I do or don’t wear.” She huffed.

“It’s none of my concern. You don’t care about what I think. So just go get dressed damn it.” He was losing it by the sight of her still in his room in a towel.
“What do you mean I don’t care what you think. I hold your opinion high. What you think means a lot to me.” Maria shouted back, but her tone was softer.

“Not at the moment. I’m telling you what I think and you’re biting my dick off.”
“You wish.” She snorted. “I’m pissed because you’re acting like a total ass for no reason.”
“I’m acting like a total ass because you think it’s perfectly fine to go around town naked.”
“Naked? Oh you want to see naked. Here’s your naked.” Maria yelled and let the towel drop.

The moment the towel hit the floor, so did Michael’s jaw. Maria was standing in his room, naked, breathing heavily, and looking incredibly hot.
“What the hell are you doing?” Not exactly what he was thinking, but it was the only thing he could say.
“You say I enjoy walking around naked, well I’m naked now buddy. Now what do you have to say?”

Michael was on his feet in a flash, crashing his body against her very naked one. He kissed her roughly and they both fell back on the bed….
At least that’s what he wanted to do, instead he continued to sit in his desk chair, staring at her.
“You act like you’ve never seen a naked woman before.” She scoffed and picked up the towel, wrapping it around herself again, to Michael’s disappointment.

“I haven’t.” He mumbled, but she’d heard.
“What?” She turned around.
“I haven’t.” He admitted and sighed.

She started to laugh hysterically, the towel almost falling off again.
“You’re kidding me right? You’re pulling my leg.” Maria laughed.
“I’m not kidding.” He put his face in his hands to shield himself from further humiliation.
“Come on, you’re 23 and you’re telling me you’ve never seen a naked woman?”
“That’s what I’m saying.”
“You’re lying.”
“Why would I lie about that? You think I get off at humiliating myself?”

Maria stopped laughing and wrapped the towel tighter.
“So you’re telling me you’re a….a…”
“Virgin. Yes.” He finished for her and watched as Maria’s jaw now hit the floor.
“Tell me about it.”
“But even Alex has had sex.”
“Not helping.” He sighed.