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Title: White Summer
Author: Ella
Category: Max/Maria, AU
Rating: R
Spoilers: None
Summary: Okay, in this story, White Room hasn't happened. They do know their destinies and Liz isn't there because she's in Florida. It takes place in
the summer around July. Max and Maria are close friends by now. One more thing: agent Pierce is still alive. Liz will be back latter on so I didn't just send her away.

Part 1

Maria DeLuca was in her room taking a nap; when she heard someone knocking on her window, "Girlfriend I know you know how to use the door. "

Max Evans was on the other side of the window, "I did, but I guess you didn't hear. How did you know it was me?"

"Well, for one thing, Michael's not talking to me, and you're the only other person who has used the window besides him," she told him as she helped him get through the window.

As Max came through the window his foot got caught on the ledge. Maria tried to help get him loose, which resulted in him falling on top of her.

"Are you okay?" he asked her. He thought that she might have hit her head.

"Besides being squished, I'm fine," she said with a strained laugh and he rolled off of her.

"What's the problem?" she asked as they both leaned against her bed.

"Parents think I'm crazy, sister's developing an attitude toward me, my best friend is at my throat, and I'm being stalked by a blonde terror; the usual, " Max said jokingly and looked over at her.

Maria turned and slapped him on the head and said, "No blonde jokes in present company just refer to her as the man stealing hussy-- like I do.

Is there anything else?" Maria asked, knowing that he was here for a different reason than his everyday problems.

"Well, my new best friend's mom left her home all alone, and with FBI agents running about Roswell," he said getting up off of the floor and sitting on the bed. He knew that the Sheriff would be watching Maria, but still, he didn't like the idea of her being alone, especially with agent Pierce still on the loose. Michael tried to kill him, but he got away. Max knew that with Maria being close to him and Michael, she would be a great target. He didn't want anything to happen to her.

"Max I've stayed by myself plenty of times before when things got a little crazy. I don't need a babysitter!" She was glad that he cared enough to check up on her, but she didn't want to be thought of as defenseless.

"Babysitting? Does that mean I have to tuck you in tonight? I know a couple of fairy tales I could read to you." For a response, he got a pillow thrown at him which started a 10-minute pillow fight that turned into a 5 minute wrestling match.

Maria was sitting on Max and had his arms pinned to his back, "Do you give?"

With a red face from laughing Max said, "No way am I letting a measly earth girl beat me." As he said this he broke one arm loose and started to tickle
her side.

"Max. Quit it. I. Can't. Breathe. " Maria said, out of breath from laughing.

He stopped, and Maria got up and said, "Now that we have gotten our exercise in for the day it's time to splurge. I'll race you to the kitchen. Last one there gets the last of the chocolate ice cream." Max nodded his head with a grin on his face.

Maria said, "On your mark, get ready, get set, go!" she yelled, and Max was half way to the kitchen.

When Maria got there, Max was had a spoon in the ice cream, "Never come between and alien and his chocolate," he said with a spoon full in his mouth.

"Ew, gross. Don't talk with your mouth full! You're supposed to be the one with manners," Maria said as she got another spoon and sat by him

"Agent Moss, do you have a visual of the subject?" a voice on the other end of a walky-talky asked.

"No, agent Pierce sir, but the subject is inside the apartment of one Maria DeLuca and her mother is away."

"Good, we'll take her, too. She may come in handy," Pierce told Moss in a cold voice.

"Very well sir, will apprehend both Max Evans and Maria DeLuca," Moss told Pierce while keeping an eye on the road and apartment.

"Oh, and agent Moss don't screw up. You know what happened to agent Topolsky," Pierce said hoping to put fear into the agent.

"Don't worry sir, the subjects will be in at the compound by Midnight," Moss told his boss in a calm voice.


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Thanks, for the feedback. I wrote this about a year and a half ago. I just hadn't finished it yet. Although I have more ideas for it now so it will be finished, so onto part two it's a little short.

Part 2

After splurging on all the junk food they could find, Max and Maria fell asleep during some dumb made for TV movie that they were watching. Max was resting his head on the couch arm and Maria was leaning on him. All of a sudden, Maria was yanked up violently from her resting place. " Hey! What's going on?”

“Max!" she screamed as she was being pulled away. Max woke up to see Maria’s limp body being dragged away and felt four powerful arms grab him from behind and pull him off the couch.

"Maria!" He yelled. As he struggled to get loose, he felt one of the arms stick what felt like a needle into him. Then, all of a sudden every thing went black.

Max woke up several hours later extremely sore. He was glad to see Maria’s face looking down on him. She looked okay except for her tearstained face; however, he thought it was best to make sure.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Fine, except for a headache," she said with a forced smile.

Max set up and looked around the white room. He noticed that it was small with only a bed. He could see a small wooden door attached to the room and figured that it was the bathroom. He also saw the bigger steel door that led outside.

He looked back at Maria with concern, "Have they done anything to you?"

"Nope. When I woke up, you weren't here. About thirty minutes later the guards brought you in; you've been out since. I didn't think you would wake up," she said with distress in her voice.

He then wrapped his arms around her and tried to comfort her. "We'll get out of this, Maria. I promise nothing will happen to you."

After a few minutes of trying to reassure her he said, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" she asked.

"Sorry that we’ve got you into this. We've only seemed to bring pain to you, Liz, Alex, and Kyle. If you guys never knew who we were, then none of this would be happening to you," there was a great amount of despair and resentment.

"You listen to me Max Evans; I am not sorry to know you, Spaceboy, Isabel and even Tess. I am glad to help any way I can; even if it means keeping you company in this place."

He held her tighter to him, "I'm glad to know you too. You’ve made me feel more normal. You haven’t shoved destiny down my throat. You see me as a friend, not as a leader of some planet that we don’t know if it still exist or not."

Maria couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. She could only imagine how hard it must be for him; especially lately with Michael, Isabel, and Tess looking for him to lead, and him just wanting to go on with his semi-normal life and be with his true love. Maria could kick Liz for leaving. She knew the girl was hurting, who wasn’t, but she thought running away wasn’t a solution to the problem. She’s tried to drill that in to SpaceBoy’s head since they started dating. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the steel metal door opening up. She looked up to see Agent Pierce come in.

"Well, I hope you two enjoy your new accommodations," his voice was filled with enjoyment and he had a big grin on his face.

"Let her go! She has nothing to do with this!" Max hoped that Pierce would let Maria go. She didn't belong there with him she wasn’t an alien.

"Mr. Evans, Ms. DeLuca will play a big part in what we have planned, so she does have something to do with this," he said starring at Maria like a wolf fixing to devour it’s prey.

"What plans? I don't like that look on your face," Maria told Pierce hint of fear.

"Well, one of the schedule plans was to produce a hybrid, but that already exists. We know that Mr. Evans isn't fully alien. Then we thought, well what would happen if the hybrid mated? Would the offspring be genetically like the hybrid or the human parent? All sorts of scenarios could come to one's mind. You two are the lucky candidates for the project. We did check Ms. DeLuca to make sure that she wasn't already with child, which she wasn’t. You both turned out to be clean and we intend to start the project after a few more tests are run. I hope you two get well acquainted with each other because if you don't do this willingly, we can make it extremely painful for both of you. I'll be seeing you soon both again soon." He turned around and walked out the door, leaving a stunned Max and Maria behind. What were they going to do? They had to get out of there.


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Sorry I didn't update yesterday. I was going to, but I've been rewriting this part. I already have over 37 pages and it's not even close to being finished.

Part 3

"I can't believe this," Maria said, dumbfounded by the news. "I always thought if I had sex with an alien, it would be Michael. We can't do this!"

"What if we don't get that choice?" Max countered.

"Max, do you seriously want to sleep with me?" Maria asked, trying to talk some since into him.

Max stammered, "It wouldn't be that bad."

"So we'll just have some casual sex amongst friends? What happens when our other
friends find out about it, or my mother, trust me you'd be safer in." Maria couldn't believe that he was actually considering this.

"Look we can just wait it out as long as possible. Hopefully the others will rescue us before then,” it wasn't like he wanted his first time to be at gunpoint and with Maria he’d always thought it would be Liz, but what if they killed Maria because she wouldn’t cooperate? He’d have both Michael and Mrs. Deluca after him either way.

Back at the Evan's:

"Where's Max at?" Tess barged in Isabel’s room unannounced.

"Probably at Maria's, since he went there last night," Isabel told her annoyed at the intrusion. Who did little miss all high and mighty think she was?

"Isabel, I was just at the CrashDown and I heard Mr. Parker say that Maria
didn't show up for her shift," Tess’ voice was full of concern and distaste. She didn’t like the idea that Max spent the night with Maria. First that Parker girl and now this one what is it with humans anyway.

"Okay, that's definitely not good. Look, I'll try to get in touch with Maria. You call Michael, and see if he’s seen Max, or had his daily telephone call yet from Maria.

Isabel called both Maria’s home and cell phone and received no answer from both. As soon as she hung up on the cell phone, she called Alex because he may know where Maria was and she needed him he was like a human security blanket to her and much more.

Michael was watching motor cross when he received a phone call and thought it was Maria and decided to let the answering machine pick it up.

“Michael, if your home please pick up or call me back, this is Tess. We think Maria and Max are missing and want to know if you heard anything. I’m at the Evans’

Before the phone even clicked he was out the door and on his new dirt bike. Well it was semi-new, new to him anyways. Michael reached the Evans in minutes at the same time that Alex’s Rabbit Volts Wagon pulled up and Alex had some trouble getting out considering he forgot to unlock his safety belt.

Michael just shook his head, “ Whitman, what are you doing here?” As if he didn’t know.

“Isabel called me. I don’t care what you say about getting involved Maria’s my friend so I have a right to be here.”

“I’m not arguing with you at least until we figure out what’s going on.” Michael told him and headed towards the back.

“Hey, where are you going? Alex asked in confusion.

“The doors that way” Alex pointed towards the front door.

“ This way’s faster.” Michael told him and Alex reluctantly followed.

Michael walked around the house until he got to Isabel’s room after years of doing this he knew which room was what and belonged to whom.

Inside Isabel was pacing back and forth occasionally chewing on the ends of her hair, as Tess tried to call Michael again.

“Nothing,” Tess said in frustration. What if something happened to Michael too?

“Oh god, this can’t be happening. I can’t loose them both.” Isabel was nearly in tears when she heard a tap on her window. She turned around and ran to open it knowing it was Michael. She threw her arms around his neck.

“God I thought something happened to you too.” Her body was shaking with relief.

“Not yet.” He responded and she released him to let him in. She then saw Alex behind him and smiled. He smiled back and came in the same way as Michael did but he used her shoulder for a prop as he hoisted one long leg over the window seal.

Once inside he asked, “What happened to Maria and Max?

"We don't know for sure yet," Isabel, told him in a non-ice princess manner. She looked so broken he thought to himself.

“So let me get this straight, Max is having sleepovers at Maria’s now?” You could since t Michael’s anger in his voice.

“Maybe, what does it matter they’re friends. Alex spends the night over there all the time.” Isabel couldn’t believe that Michael was jealous at a time like this.

“What matters is that I’ve been staying away from Maria to keep her safe not for Max to mess it up just because he’s pinning over Liz!”

“Okay not to sound insensitive, but have you thought Maria and Max could be suffering form a sugar high crash, and just don’t care about anything, but sleeping? Alex knew what effect lots of sugar had on Maria. She gets really hyper and over active. If Max had to deal with her all night then it’s possible that they were just passed out, at least he hoped. Plus he didn’t want see Michael and Isabel get into a yelling match again.

Isabel sniffled trying not to get her hopes up she said, “Well that’s a possibility. I guess we should go and check out Maria’s to see if that’s the case.

Michael went with Tess in her SUV, and Isabel and Alex went in his Rabbit. They figured it would be best to take separate cars in case they need to start looking elsewhere. As soon as, they got to the door of the Maria’s house they knew something wasn’t right. The door opened with ease and once inside the living room was trashed.

“Oh my god,” Isabel was shocked at what saw. She spied Max’s jacket lying over the recline chair’s right arm. She picked it up and clutched it to her with dear life.

Michael went over to Isabel and grabbed her shoulders this was no time for dramatics,“ Okay Isabel now is not the time to have a break down. We got to find Max and Maria first then you can have a breakdown. Why don’t you go and collect yourself, and maybe if you try to dream walk Max we can find out where he is?”

Michael put his hand on the cushion of the couch and had a flash of Maria being yanked away in one direction and Max being dragged in another. He saw a vision of guys in suits and figured they were FBI.

“Dreamwalk? What do you mean dream walk?” Tess didn’t like the fact that they have been keeping important stuff like what powers they have from her.

“Isabel has this ability to go into people’s dream. She’s done it to me before and Maria” Alex explained to her thinking that she should have already known about it. Evidently it wasn’t an ability that she was told about.

“Okay that’s good. So now you can just go and dream walk Max and find out where he is. Problem solved. Let’s get this thing started okay. The more time we waste. The less chance we have of finding them.

Isabel looked over at a very dazed Michael, “ Michael what is it?”

“I just got a flash. It was the F.B.I. They have them.” Michael told her. Now more than ever they had to hurry no telling what these guys would do.

“F.B.I! Okay, Alex can you watch me why I sleep please.” Isabel was afraid of what she would see with if the F.B.I has them. Max could already be dead.

“Sure, why don’t we go up to Maria’s room that way we’d be more comfortable.” Alex suggested as he automatically went by her side.

Isabel nodded, “Yeah that will be good.”

Isabel, Michael, and Tess followed Alex upstairs to Maria’s room. Her bed was still made so Isabel laid down on top of the thin flowered spread. Alex gently threw one of Maria’s Indian blankets over her to keep her warm and comfortable. Isabel breathed in the sent of cedar it reminded her of the cedar bottle that Maria made for Max that he kept on his dresser drawer.

Isabel didn’t need to have a picture of Max to dream walk him like with others. This was due to the special connection she had with him. As soon as she was in the dream state she found Max’s dream orb with ease. It was all hazy and she knew immediately something was as she entered it she saw Max in white scrub pants his shirt was off and he was in a daze.

A man who she’d seen before was questioning him.

“Max, why are you here?”

“ I don’t know.” Max replied groggily.

“Max why did your people send you?” the man said in a more demanding voice. He then pulled out a small surgical knife.

“ Max, you know what happens when you don’t cooperate and once I’m through with you I’ll move to your little human friend.

“ How can I tell you any thing I don’t know?” Max questioned in agony.

Not satisfied with that answer the man took the knife and made in incision right down Max’s stomach. Max screamed out in pain.

Isabel panicked she couldn’t let her brother stay here any longer. “Max, wake up it’s just a dream! Max!”

“Isabel?” Just as he registered that it was just a nightmare and his sister was here he through her out of his mind with what little strength he had.

“Max!” Isabel screamed as she bolted out of the bed. Alex and Michael were both trying to calm her down.

“Michael, they are hurting him, and they are going to hurt Maria if they haven’t already. The dream was hazy so I think they had him drugged. I recognized the guy that was hurting him. I also saw a name on the wall.” She said panting. That was the most intense and scariest thing she felt in her life. If Max’s is that afraid in his dreams she didn’t want to know what it was like when he was awake.

“Okay,were dealing with the F.B.I, so we're going to need help.” Tess told them trying to take hold of the situation. The F.B.I had gotten Max and she didn’t know where the hell Nasedo was. He was supposed to protect them.


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Thanks again for the feedback. This is another short part I didn't change it much.

Part 4

It'd been about a month and Maria was getting really worried about Max. She didn't know what they were doing to him, but at times he looked near death. He'd tried to make a connection to Isabel, but he'd been too weak. He had told her that she managed to get into his dream but he through her out. He knew he shouldn’t of but he didn’t know how the drugs would affect her. Maria and Max knew that they were at some place called Eagle Rock, but they didn’t know where it was. All they knew that the place was a fortress.

"Max you have to eat something. Please?" Maria begged him. He'd done nothing more than sleep whenever they brought him back to the room. Maria had noticed how skinny he'd been getting and it made her worry.

"Everything taste weird," he said in a weak tone.

"I don't care if it tastes weird. I won't have you dying on me, Max Evans. You've lost weight, and you don't look healthy. I don't know what they are doing to you, but you have to fight it, " she cried. She didn’t want to loose him. He was one of her best friends and if he’d die then she’d be alone and she hated being alone.

"Maria don't cry, please," he begged her weakly.

"I can't help it Max. I don't want to be left in here alone and that's what I'm afraid will happen," she said, turning her back on him so he wouldn’t see her tears.

"Maria, I won't leave you in here alone. I promise. We'll both make it out of here," he said, laying a hand gently on her back.

"Max, we don't know where we are. It's been a month. My mom probably thinks I
ran away. God she's all alone," she said laying her head against the cold wall.

"Come here," he told her. She leaned backed against him and he held her in his arms and let her cry. Maria had been strong through all of this up until now. Max had relied upon her strength. She took care of him every time they brought him back after the experiments were done on him. She made it a little better, especially at night when the nightmares would come. He didn't care how many experiments they did on him, just as long as none were conducted on her.

Max and Maria had both became closer. Max was seeing Maria in a totally different light. He thought that she may just still see him as a best friend, but deep down Max knew he was falling in love with her.

Max had recently been thinking about the experiment that Pierce talked about when they first came to this hellhole. He wouldn't mind having a child with Maria; but he also knew that Maria wasn’t willing to be a teen mom any time soon. Plus there was no way that he would allow the child to grow up as a science experiment.

He gently rubbed Maria's back in a soothing manner as her tears stopped. He looked at her face and could see that her eyes were closed. ‘She must have cried herself to sleep,’ He thought to himself. He leaned back in the bed gently with her still in his arms. He hoped that she would sleep well, because he knew that she stayed up those nights that he had nightmares. He prayed he wouldn't have another one tonight. Maria had asked him since the first one, what caused them, but he couldn't tell her. He couldn't let her know that what was giving him nightmares was images of hers and everyone else he loved death that Pierce had installed in his mind.


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Not an update, but I will post one tonight. I haven't forgot this story I've just been busy with trying to find a job and I've also been playing around with Paint Shop Pro 7. Thanks so much for the feedback and the bumps.
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Hey, Here's the update. I know it may seem slow but in the next two or Three parts ( I may make them as one long part) are naughty and then it picks up more.

Part 5

Isabel was so worried it had been close to a month and even though they had a name, they didn’t have a location as to where Max and Maria were. Nasedo was no help he seemed to have disappeared on them. Then a few days ago he reappeared with no explanations as to his whereabouts. Tess was pissed off at him for leaving her along for so long.

“I know that Max is missing. I’ve been undercover in the F.B.I to find out his exact location and I have. He’s still alive.” Nascedo told them with no emotion.

“You could of told us. You could of told me. You left me alone. You told me you wouldn’t do that again.” Tess was nearly in tears.

“ Tessie, I stayed away for your protection. Plus my main concern is Max he is the King and you three are nothing without him.”

“Gee Thanks,” Michael mumbled.

“What about Maria?” Liz asked in concern for her friend. She had been back since Alex called her three weeks and told her about Max and Maria. She was really worried about her friends.

“The human girl is fine as well but she isn’t my concern.” Nasedo responded.

Michael became furious, “Not your concern! She’s part of this so make her your concern.”

Maria meant a lot to him and not knowing if she’s hurt was killing him. He walked away to protect her but a lot of good that did.

Nasedo ignored him and started to explain his plan. “ First we need to get you two, referring to Isabel and Michael, more acquainted with your powers. I can’t have you going in there haphazardly. Plus there’s a power you’ve yet to learn that will come in handy and that is shape shifting it’s going to take some practice since the powers you posses now are nothing more than that of an advanced human being.”

“You mean I’m human.” Michael asked in disbelief.

“Apart of you is.” Nasedo answered the boy who was once a great General.

‘So I’m not like you.” Michael was disappointed. Was there anyone out there for him?

“Look with all due respect we need to find them and soon. Mrs. Deluca is flipping out. The sooner we get Maria and Max home the better.” Alex interrupted the conversation between Michael and Nasedo. They could talk about genetics and stuff later right now they needed to find Max and Maria.

"I know, my parents aren't any better. They're starting to think that Max and Maria ran away together since she's missing as well, " Isabel said, noticing Michael's unpleasant look at the mention of Max and Maria together.

“ Then we’ll start planning tonight for the rescue mission tomorrow.” Nasedo started to take charge of this situation again. He didn’t like the idea that they were involved with humans and what the involvement had done to them, but Max was still the King and he was supposed to protect him and the others.

Back at the compound:

Maria was awakened by another one of Max's nightmares. She wished she could help him. It's always the same. He'd be yelling, "No, don't!" and he would be covered with sweat.

"Max, wake up it's just a nightmare," she said gently caressing his cheek."

"Maria," Max said as he woke up.

"I'm right here," she said to him gently. She could feel his arms tighten around her more. She tried to wiggle out of the embrace but he had no intention of letting her go.

"Max, let me go for a minute so I can get a wash cloth to wipe the sweat off of you," she told him in an attempt to get up.

"What are you implying?" Max asked with a little grin on his face.

"I'm implying that I am not sleeping by your sweat-smelling body," she told him, straightforward.

"I am not smelly," Max replied to her comment.

"No, not really, just sticky," she said going to the bathroom.

"Sticky?" he said as he sat up on his elbows. " So now I'm sweaty, smelly and sticky!

You're hard to please."

Maria came back with a washcloth and started washing off his face with gentle caresses. Maria noticed Max staring at her, "What?" she asked him.

"Nothing, it's just you have beautiful eyes," Max told her with a little embarrassment.

"Thanks Max, you have beautiful eyes too," she said in a teasing manner.

"I meant it, Maria! You do have beautiful eyes, and a beautiful face,” he ran his middle finger down her face and cupped her chin. He then leaned into place a kiss on her lips.


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Thanks so much for the feedback again. I really appreciate it. Here's the next part. I'm going to tell you I'm not good at writing these type of scenes and I'm not happy with it.

Part 6

Maria couldn't believe it! Max Evans was kissing her. ‘ Oh, God, he must be

Maria broke the kiss and stared at Max with a questioning look, "Max’ what
was that?"

"A kiss Maria, I know you’ve been kissed before so don’t act like you don’t know what it is, " he told her as he gazed into her emerald eyes.

"I know that Max! I mean, why me? Are you horny? I mean we've been
locked up for a little over a month."

"Maria, I've been kind of wanting to kiss you for a nearly two months," Max
interrupted her rambling.

"So this has nothing to do with the fact that were locked in this asylum," Maria asked him, still not believing that Max wanted to kiss her. All they’d talked about all summer was their relationships with Michael and Liz.

"Max, did they drug you?" she questioned, just to be on the safe side.

"Maria, yes I've been drugged, but the drugs haven't made me want to kiss you. Like I told you before I've wanted to kiss you for a while now. I know I've talked a lot about Liz this summer, but at some point I've started developing these feelings for you. I just haven't said anything because I know how you feel about Michael, and I didn't want to hurt anyone." He felt a wave of relief hit him. He had been harboring these feelings for a little over a month. He’s kept it bottled up inside and it felt good to let them out.

"Okay, Max, that may be fine and dandy in here, but what happens when get out into the real world? You know you'll just realize that it's Liz that you want," there was pain in her voice as she spoke the words.

Max couldn't believe what he was hearing. Maria shouldn't be considering herself as second best. Max figured that it had to be because of the abandonment issues. First, there was her dad, and then Michael, and next came Liz- in a way. Max was grateful for Liz's
leaving. If Liz didn't go to Florida, then he would have never would have never been as close to Maria as he was now. He wasn't going to leave Maria behind. He needed her. She’d been his salvation all summer.

"Maria, I am not going to change my mind. Liz was my first love, but she gave up on us. I realized that it's time to move on. Maria, we aren't that different. We are more alike than most people realize. I'm not going to leave you," he said looking into her eyes directly so
that she would know that he was telling the truth.

"Max, don't make promises you can't keep. One day you will leave." She knew that one day his people would need him.

Max leaned over and whispered into her ear, "I'd come back for you".

Max nuzzled his nose against her hair. Maria could feel his breath on her ear and that sent shivers down her back. She turned her head around so that their foreheads met. Max placed a gentle kiss on the tip of her nose.

Maria kissed both of his cheeks and then forehead. Max then started to kiss her chin making a trail down her neck. Maria moaned in pleasure. Max grabbed her shirt with one of his hands and started to kiss a path down her shoulder. He felt Maria's hands go around his neck and he pulled his head up. Then Max leaned in and gave Maria the most passionate kiss she'd ever had in her life.

Max couldn't believe this was happening. Maybe Maria was right; that it was the drugs that were making him want her like this. He was falling in love with her, but he wouldn't in any normal situation make love to her this soon and in this place.

He loved the feel of her skin and the smell, which was like a mixture between baby powders and vanilla. He lifted her shirt up off her and thought that she was perfect. He ran he cupped her breast with his hands and slightly brushed his thumbs over the both of her hardened nipples. Max heard Maria let out a moan of pleasure. Taken that as a sign, he bent his head down and started to suckle on one nipple while squeezing the other one
between his fingers.

Maria couldn't believe the amount of pleasure she was feeling it was undeniable. When Max placed his lips on her nipple and started to administer little nips with his teeth she thought she'd die right there. She went weak but Max grabbed her around the waist, tight pulling her closer to his erection, which sent an electric jolt of pleasure through her body. Maria wrapped her arm around his head and attempted to hold him there.

Max lifted his head from the first breast and Maria whimpered but sighed when he then applied the same ministrations to the other one. Max continued this for a few more minutes but he needed more; he needed to be inside of her. He felt extremely hot like a fire was rushing through him.

"Maria, I need you now, " he said with urgency.

"Then take me, Max," Maria told him with lust in her eyes. In an animalistic
move, Max pushed Maria under him and removed her scrubs quickly and then removed his. He ripped her underwear off quickly and she helped pull down his boxers.

"Are you ready?" Max asked Maria with fear that he may hurt her if she wasn't ready. He'd heard that the first time could be very painful.

"Yes, Max, I'm ready," Maria, wrapped her arms around his waist pulling him closer.
Max then entered her with a hard thrust. Maria let out a cry of pain as he broke her barrier.

Max heard and saw the tears in her eyes, "Oh God, Maria are you okay?" Max asked not really knowing what having sex with a human would do to the human.

"Yes, Max I'm fine! Just start moving, okay?" she reassured him.

"Are you sure? I'm sorry I didn't even think what could happen if we have sex with a human. I thought since were part human that it would be okay, "Max said not reassured that she was fine.

"Max, I'm fine, honestly," Maria said arching her self into him. She let out a
moan in pleasure and hoped that it would reassure him. Max sighed in relief as Maria moved him deeper into her with the movement of her hips. He then started to move in a rhythm, which went faster with time. Maria had her arms around his shoulder, and her legs wrapped around his waist holding him to her.

"Oh god, Max! Faster, harder, please!" Maria yelled in a panting

"Maria, Maria, Oh, " Max said speeding up his movements. He felt the bed move with them. Max looked down at Maria's face and saw a look of pleasure and a smile on her face. He bent down and kissed her like it would be the last time they'd be together.

As Maria was near the edge she started to have visions.


Max and Isabel walking alone in the desert.


Max watching Liz step of the bus in awe.


Max as he healed Liz in the Crashdown.


Max as he watched Liz leave after finding out about


Max and her bonding over their loss.


Max in his room confused about his new relationship with her.


Finally she saw an image of her lying on the floor and Max screaming her name.

Maria was disturbed by he last one, but all of a sudden as the flashes ended, she came clamping around Max. She felt his warm seed enter her as Max collapsed on top of her. Maria heard him say in her ear, "I love you," before he passed out.