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Author: Lori R 1/03
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Title: 'Whipped Cream and Other Delights'
Category: Cliffie (Michael/Isabel)
Rating: NC17 So don't read it if you are under the legal age.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, but I use them for my own enjoyment.
Feedback: It helps, so please do so good or bad.
Summery: It was requested that it be just smutt so I'm trying to oblige. Don't look for a plot in this one because you won't find one ;)


Isabel rushed to answer the phone and was breathing heavy when she finally picked up.
"Isn't the heavy phone breathing supposed to work the other way around?" asked Michael on the other end.
"Very funny. I was outside and had to run to answer. What do you want?" Isabel asked as she set her keys and a grocery sack on the table.
"What are you doing?" he asked her as he leaned against the wall of the motorcycle shop where he worked.
"I thought I might try making this new dessert that I found in a magazine," said Isabel as she sat down on the sofa.
"In other words you're going to ruin it," said Michael half joking as he made some notes to himself.
"That was uncalled for, Michael," said Isabel, her feelings hurt.. She knew she wasn't that great of a cook, but she was learning.
"Hey, I'll be your guinea pig. If I don't die you'll know you can feed it to everyone else," said Michael.
"If the dessert doesn't kill you I still might," Isabel said a bit too sweetly.
Michael knew he had pushed her too far with his half teasings and decided to be nice. "If you want I could help you make it. You know, give you some pointers. I should be there about five."
"Okay, I'll see you then," said Isabel. She bit her lip as she waited a minute for him to say more. When he didn't, she said, "Bye', and was about to hang up when she heard his voice again.
"Isabel?" He looked up and saw some people approaching and turned away.
"Huh, never mind," he said looking around.
"Are you sure?" she asked him as she bit the nail on one hand and gripped the phone with the other.
"Yeah, well you know," he said quickly.
Isabel smiled. "Yeah, I know."
She could hear Michael's sigh of relief.
"I'll see you at seven," she told him before hanging up the phone.


"So what are we making?" asked Michael eyeing the ingredients laying about He picked up a strawberry and popped it in his mouth.
Isabel slapped at his hand when he reached for a cherry.
"A banana split cake. It looks pretty easy and it doesn't require cooking," said Isabel grinning.
"In other words, you aren't really cooking, you're just compiling the ingredients into something that should taste good," said Michael picking up the whipped creme and squirting it in his mouth. He grinned at her with a big white foamy smile.
"I'm cooking!" said Isabel miffed. "Not all cooking requires heat, Michael," said Isabel getting a bowl to make pudding in.
She poured in the required milk and added the instant pudding. Picking up the beaters she began whipping the pudding.
"Hey, you're splattering!" said Michael putting up a hand to deflect the mess.
"I think I had it on too fast," said Isabel, hastily taking out the beaters while they were still spinning.
"Isabel!" yelled Michael as pudding went flying. He grabbed the mixer and turned it off, then unplugged it and pulled out the beaters to place them in the sink.
"How could I be so stupid?!" moaned Isabel dragging pudding mess from her hair. She looked around the kitchen. "What a mess."
Michael stood there looking at Isabel with pudding all over her and something inside him began to stir.
He reached up and used his finger to remove some pudding from her cheek and brought it to his mouth.
Isabel blushed then gasped as his finger went to the barely covered swell of her chest, scraping pudding from there as well. "Good," said Michael sticking his finger in his mouth. He realized what he had done and slowly removed his finger from his mouth. "I didn't mean to...."
Isabel's hand moved to the spot he had touched then she turned away nervously. She picked up a rag to wipe up the mess she had made, clutching it tightly in her hand. "That's...that's okay."
"I can't do this, Isabel. I know we agreed, but I can't keep my promise," said Michael moving up behind her.
Isabel closed her eyes as he placed his hands on her waist and nuzzled her neck.
"Miiiichaellllll, we agreed....oooohhhhh that's not ....fair," she sighed putting her hand up to caress his neck while he began to lick pudding from hers.
Michael turned her to face him. "Tell me you don't want to do this too, and we won't," he told her.
Isabel sucked in her upper lip as she looked away. Her gaze fell on the whipped creme. Picking it up she squirted his mouth with the creamy foam and then leaned up to began eating off.
Michael's hands began to pull at Isabel's shirt until it came off over her head. Her breasts were nearly spilling from the low cut bra she wore, the site inflamming him. He reached for her straps and slid them down her arms. Reaching back he deftly unhooked the offending garmet and pulled it from her, tossing it away.
Isabel ripped the buttons from Michael's shirt in her haste to strip him of it.
"Hey, that's new," he said as he watched it fly across the room.
"I'll get you another one," Isabel replied as she splayed her hands across his chest and began to kiss the exposed skin in between.
Michael grinned and then spied the chocolate sauce. Grabbing it he squirted it between them covering them both.
Isabel began to lick and nibble at him hungrily.
Michael's hands moved to Isabel's breasts and began to rub the chocolate around the full globes, lightly pinching the nipples as he came to them.
"Mmmmm," moaned Isabel as his hands caressed their way lower to tug at her shorts. Her own hands were busy trying to divest Michael of his baggies. Both were kicking their shoes off as they tried to get out of their clothes and next to one anothers bare skin.
Isabel gained her goal first since the baggies dropped easily to the floor and Michael never wore underwear.
She looked at his throbbing member and swallowed hard before sliding a chocolate coated hand down to his hardness and grasped it causing him to jump. "It's so hard," said whispered.
"Damn," he moaned as she began to pump him, the slickness of the chocolate aiding her.
Michael finally succeeded in pushing Isabel's shorts down to the floor where she kicked them off.
His hands met bikini underwear and he cursed. "Why can't you go without like I do?"
Isabel smiled as she released him. "I thought men liked challenges."
Michael grinned and ripped the panties along the thin seam tossing them away.
"Michael! I don't want to buy more undies!" said Isabel in dismay.
"Then don't," said Michael as he pulled her to him, their bodies sliding against one another.
"You taste good," he said bending to lick a breast. "How about we add more to the mix?"
Isabel looked at him mischieviously as she popped a cherry in his mouth and reached for the pudding. She placed her hand inside and came up with a hand full which she smeard on Michael's chest and thick cock.
His hips bucked at the cool feel of the pudding her hand as she worked him again. "Hhhmmmmm."
Isabel giggled. "You're humming."
He stopped. "I am not."
"You are too."
"I don't hum," said Michael.
"I bet I can make you hum again," said Isabel seducively as she slowly stroked him. She knelt down to take him in her mouth, the pudding mixing with his own special flavor.
"Hhhhhmmmm," moaned Michael, relishing her mouth on him while he weaved his hands in her hair.
Isabel slid her tongue over Michael's long length and then sucked the head, swirrling her tongue around it like an ice cream cone.
Michael's hands clinched in her hair as he bucked at her mouth.
She grasped his sacs in her sticky hands and began to gently squeeze while she used her teeth to graze him, sliding him out of her mouth until her lips smacked.
"Enough!" he gasped pulling her up. "I'm going to explode."
Isabel grinned. "You hummed."
He started to disagree then slowly grinned. "Yes, you did," he said as she pulled her close for a kiss.
His tongue delved deeply inside her open mouth, while his hands cupped her bottom and pulled her tighter so he could rub his throbbing member against her mound.
The fell against the wall in their growing need to be one. The stickiness of their boides left an imprint as he moved her over to the counter, knocking things to the floor in the process.
"Our dessert," gasped Isabel glancing at the mess on the floor.
"Screw it," said Michael spreading Isabel's legs so that he could run his hand in between to the dripping heat of her opening.
Isabel's back arched as she leaned back on her hands. She brought her feet up to rest on the edge of the counter, her knees falling open more to allow Michael better access to her.
Michael kissed and sucked his way down her body while his fingers worked their magic on her clitors.
"Mmmmiiichael," she hissed as his finger slid between her folds and his thumb teased her nub.
His mouth replaced his fingers, his tongue swirling and lapping at her juices while his teeth nibbled at her nub now and then.
"Please," she whimpered, her bottom coming off the counter.
Michael moved a hand back between her legs while the other grasped her hair as his mouth covered hers.
He picked her up and moved her to the slick floor, the food squishing on the floor beneath them.
Isabel raised raised her legs, opening them wide to Michael. He moved between them and entered her slowly, sliding inside inch by inch until he was buried deep within her.
Isabel ran her fingertips over his back as he began to move his hips against her. They started a rocking movement that grew in its rhythum and speed until they were sliding against one another frantically seeking release.
Isabel suddenly locked her legs around Michael and flipped them over, holding his hands over the surprised alien.
Isabel grinned as she began to move slowly over Michael, her body rolling over his, driving him deeper within her.
Michael's eyes rolled back as he moaned in pleasure, "Oh ffftt!"
Isabel sat up straighter and arched her back as she reveled in the feeling of him inside.
Michael's hands went to her hips helping to guide her in her movements. She was clinching her walls around him, sucking him in and out of her heat until he wanted to scream.
Isabel felt the delicious burn of an orgasm building inside and her movements sped up.
Michael could barely breathe as he watched her large globes bob up and down as she road him.
His hands moved over them, the slick mixture aiding him in caressing her body.
Isabel raised off of Michael, to barely touch his engorged staff ready and pulsing to explode with her dripping slit.
She plunged down and the both cried out as he met her core and burst inside her.
Michael rolled them back over and pulled out to plunge once again deep within Isabel to convulse and empty his body in hers.
Isabel shivered as Michael stilled and her own body responded to his then stilled as well.

Michael raised his head and looked down at Isabel who was trying to breathe. He started to move off of her to help her breathe better, but she wouldn't let him move.
"That was the best dessert I've ever had," said Michael panting.
Isabel's body shook as she giggled. "It turned out a lot different than it was supposed too."
Michael grew serious. "Are you pissed at me?" At her questioning look he added, "You know, because we agreed we wouldn't do this anymore."
Isabel's look matched Michael's before she shook her head. "No. I wanted it too. But what do we do if the others find out?"
Michael shook his head. "They won't find out." He looked in her eyes. "I don't want to be 'just friends' with you anymore, Isabel. We tried to and we couldn't do it. I love you."
Tears formed in Isabel's eyes as she wound her arms around his neck. "I know. We were foolish to think we could stop loving each other. I don't want to be 'just friends' anymore either. I love you too."
Michael bent his head to kiss Isabel, neither of them hearing the knock on the door.

The door of the apartment opened and Liz and Max walked in. "I don't think Isabel would like us just walking into her apartment, Max," said Liz looking around.
"We knocked forever, Liz. She's not here. If she was she would have answered the door," said Max.
"Her cars here, Max," said Liz.
"Someone might have picked her up," said Max. "Mom wants to borrow that deep dish of Isabel's and sent me to get it. She'll have my hide if I don't bring it back."
A moan sounded from the kitchen.
"Max, someones in here?" whispered Liz clutching his hand tighter.
"Maybe it's Isabel. Maybe she's hurt!" said Max making his way to the kitchen with Liz close behind.
They walked to the kitchen door and suddenly stopped in shock before quickly making their way back through the apartment and quietly leaving.
Outside Max stood stunned.
"Breathe, Max!" ordered Liz, her own mind blown by what she had witnessed.
"I really didn't need to see that," said Max disturbed. He slowly made his way to the car with Liz by his side.
"Michael and Isabel!" said Liz quietly. "I never thought...I mean he and Maria...he and Isabel never..."
She and Max stared at one another before their shoulders started to shake with laughter.
"Did you see that kitchen? Oh my gawd!" said Liz covering her mouth.
"I'll never look at food the same way again," he laughed. Then he sobered remembering what he'd seen. "Or Isabel and Michael."
Liz knew how he felt.
"We can't let them know we were here," said Liz.
"I don't know if I can," said Max. He felt the need to protect Isabel, yet Michael was his friend.
"We have too. If they've chosen one another and we tell them we saw them then they might not give themselves a chance," said Liz. She wanted to tell Maria, but she and Michael had finished a long time ago so what was the point.
Max realized she was right. "Okay, but it will be hard. I mean it's Michael....and Isabel."

Michael raised his head. "Did you hear somethin'?"
"No," said Isabel as her hands ran up and down Michael's back.
"You sure?" said Michael frowning.
"Just my heart," whispered Isabel pulling him back down.


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