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Title: Two Worlds Collide
Author: Zansangel & Zansdivine
Rating: PG13
Category: Roswell Fan Fiction
Disclaimer: Max/Zan, Isabel/Valundra, Micheal/Rath, Tess/Ava, Liz, Maria and Alex etc. These characters belong to Jason Katims. I don’t claim to own any of them and I’m just borrowing them for the purpose of my story. However I do claim to own Tia (Lizs Dupe) Lana, Bern.
Summary: Max and Tess are a couple now. Liz begins to experience nightmares she can’t remember but she’s sure they point to betrayal but from who? An unexpected visitor urges her to help Max remember his past life, when it’s revealed their connection goes deeper than they ever imagined.

Hey all I know this probably doesn't make much sence at the mo but I promise it does have a story to tell and if you mite even get a happily ever after, that is if Zansdivine and I decide to end it that way....
This is just our view on things and believe us we really aren't Tess fans, but the only way to make this work was to explain her...hope we did a good job, thats it for now..Enjoy! (we hope so anyway)
Luv Zans Angel
When Two Worlds Collide/Part One

Liz couldn’t remember whether the dreams had always been with her, it certainly felt that way, or was just since Max had saved her life. Her mind wandered whilst trying to remember the details of the previous nights dream. She had awakened suddenly from what she knew to be a nightmare but could remember nothing of it. She had reached for the picture by her bed, not surprisingly it comforted her a great deal after all it was a picture of Liz’s one true love, the man she had to betray to save human kind but at what cost! Her love, her sanity? Her life was still in danger everyday because of what she knew yet she had no shoulder to be comforted on it was all gone now. All that was left were her friends “thank god for them” she thought.

“Liz LIZ!!”
Liz returned from her thoughts to the sound of her name, she turned as Maria spoke again.
“What’s wrong with you, you’ve been spaced out for about 10 minutes”
“Sorry I've not been sleeping very well” Liz replied rather sheepishly she’d wondered if she should tell Maria about her dreams but as she couldn’t remember anything, so she thought "what’s the point".
Liz and Maria were hanging out at the Crashdown; Maria was working while Liz was seated at the counter close to the kitchen, trying to get some homework done. As Liz worked she suddenly sensed someone watching her, she knew before she turned round who it was. Together or apart there was no denying that there was a connection between her and Max. She felt it in the very depths of her soul but Liz had glimpsed the future and knew the possibility that lay ahead so she closed her mind and turned to look!

Max opened the door to Crashdown; she was here sitting at the counter, as he knew she would be. He looked at her for a few moments while she was unaware of him, she was so beautiful it hurt to be near her. He knew he should hate her! Seeing Liz in bed with Kyle had crushed him he couldn’t deny that to himself it was like a light in his soul went out and there was sudden darkness. She was hiding something from him he knew it and had tried to get it from her and it hurt even more that she lied to him and would not trust him with the truth, for that he was not sure he could ever forgive her. Max became consciously aware of the presence besides him and the hand in his. He turned his head to look at Tess. She looked back at him he could see the love she had for him in her eyes, he knew she would never betray him, he trusted in that at least. She was his girlfriend now. He cared for her and was trying hard to love her, she was his destiny after all as everyone was so fond of reminding him, given a choice he knew who he would choose in a heart beat but that wasn’t the issues anymore the question was if he choose would she have him. The answer right now was no, the pain was there but less so around Tess so he stuck with her, kind, trusting Tess his destiny his wife.

“Max its ok we don’t have to stay here” Tess looked at Max she could see the dilemma in his eyes as he looked at her. They sat down at one of the booths.
“Its ok she needs to know that we are together now” He leaned over and kissed her. It was cruel to flaunt his new relationship in front of Liz but part of him felt like he needed to get his own back for seeing her with Kyle. If Tess guessed his motives she didn’t say she just kissed him back.
“Er hem”
“Can I get you to lovebirds anything” They pulled apart to see Maria standing over them ready to take their order.
“Yeah sure I’ll have some French fries and a coke”
“Tabasco included of course and Max what about you”
“Just a soda for me thanks”
“Ok if you change your mind let me know”
Maria turned to go but turned back suddenly as if she’d had some inner conflict and decided to say something anyway.
“Look you two seem really happy and were all pleased for you ok I just though I’d let you know”
He subconsciously replayed that last comment in his head searching for any hint of distaste or disgust, Tess was not well liked he knew that, she had barely been accepted by Isabel and Michael let alone the others, but then she hadn’t really tried she only ever been interested in Max. Finding none he wondered why? Maria was Liz's best friend and Maria had no worries about showing her dislike of another. Strangely she seemed fine, odd though if Liz was upset by his sudden involvement with Tess, Maria would definitely be spitting nails so why wasn’t she? It couldn’t be possible that Liz just didn’t care he could not and would not believe that. He eyed Maria suspiciously she knows something he thought what ever Liz was hiding she must had confided in Maria.

Maria took their orders and headed back to Liz
“Are you ok”?
“Sure I'm fine why wouldn’t I be. He’s with Tess now that the way it’s supposed to be remember”
“Sure what ever you say although I’m not completely sold on that idea. I love Michael and if he turned round and said that he’s with Isabel now I’d be pissed!”
“I know but Michaels not the king if makes a mistake it doesn’t matter but every choice Max makes has some kind of cause and effect he needs to put himself last and humanity first I don’t think he quite gets that yet.”
“Yeah! Future max blah blah balh I get it! I really do, I just don’t see why it all has to be at the cost of your happiness, and I don’t trust Tess I think your giving her way to much power”
“Power! Maria don’t be so dramatic”
“You shouldn’t be so naive she’s been after Max ever since the day she arrive I can’t help thinking you’ve played right into her hands by giving her just what she’s always wanted”
“Maria you make her sound like an evil genius, she been raised in a life with no friends and the belief that some where out there is her king, her husband, her destiny! Besides she does love him I’m sure of that” Liz turned to look at the love birds they were nuzzling in the corner oblivious of their surroundings only aware of each other, she remembered a time when that had been hers, she felt robbed some how.
“Looked I’m wacked, I’m gonna go and try to sleep”

Maria finished preparing Max and Tess's food and took it to the table. Liz got up and headed toward the back, before she went through the door she risked a quick glance over her shoulder to see Max’s gaze follow her as she left the room. Their eyes met and something passed between them, the sudden flash she had was intense but fleeting she regained some kind of balance and focused. Max must have seen the look on her face because he’d started to rise, she shook her head and backed though the door and ran up the stairs to the safety of her room. When she was there she collapsed on the bed and trembled as she though of what it could mean! She knew now all to clearly what her nightmares had been pointing to. It was Tess!!

“What’s up with her?” Tess questioned, looking from Max to Maria
“Er not sure, she’s not be sleeping well just tired I guess” Maria walked away from the table having she hoped, satisfied their curiosity enough so that they left Liz alone. She took a moment to wonder about her friend but assumed she was probably right in the first place.

“Max are you ok, you’ve been really quite all afternoon? What ever is bothering you its ok you can tell me”
Max looked down at Tess they had returned from the Crashdown to Max’s because Tess had offered to continue helping him to remember his past. Tess so wanted him to remember her and in some ways he hoped the memories would help him forget about Liz. They had both become exhausted from the effort and where now relaxing on Max's bed, Tess was snuggled up close to him, he could feel the warmth of her body and wondered how it could be so comforting and strange at the same time.

“I’m fine just tired” Max said as he idly stroked his hand up and down Tess's back and stroked her hair. He felt her body tense as she looked up and kissed him. He knew she wanted him and consider how much longer he would be able to resist, before doing what he knew would divide him and Liz forever, but then she’d done it to him, hadn’t she? His mind raced at the thought of Liz and Kyle and he kissed Tess back more passionately than he’d allowed himself to previously. Finding himself lost in the moment Max was startled by a knock at his bedroom door.

“Max” said a voice for outside
“Is it ok to come in”?
“Sure” said Max
The door opened and Isabel entered
“Hi I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt anything,” she said, as she took in the scene. Tess had taken her time moving away from Max, slowly buttoning her shirt showing Isabel that no matter what Max said yes she certainly had interrupted something.
“Its fine” said Max
“What do you want?” said Tess
“I just needed to talk to Max about something, but if you’re really busy I can come back”
“Well actually…”
“It is fine we can talk now, Tess do you mind”
Tess although startled my Max’s interruption regained her self quickly
“No its fine I should probably go anyway call me later”
Isabel watched Max and Tess as they said their good byes. She wanted to like Tess; she was one of them after all. It was what she had always wanted growing up, a girlfriend just like her. Someone she could share all her secrets with but now Tess was here she wasn’t so sure anymore. Tess had grown up differently from them. Isabel sometimes felt sorry for her because she lacked the family that she and Max had. Tess seemed way to eager to go home and even though that was something they all had dreamed of over the years, now that they had the granolith and it was someday possible. The idea of leaving her mother, father and her friends appalled her she hoped daily that she’d never have to make that choice.

She sat down on the bed
“Max are you sure you know what your doing” She got straight to the point and hoped Max would be honest with her. Ever since he’d found out about her being Valundra and how she’d betrayed Zan. Coupled with the knowledge that Michael was thought by some factions to be a better leader and that these factions were trying to reach Michael. With the intention of turning him against Max the same way they tried to reach Isabel. Max had become more distant. Liz had broken his heart she knew that, but then Liz loved Max it was openly on her face when he walked in the room. Liz had her reasons and Isabel wondered what would drive her to hurt him so badly. All this information had kind of sent Max over the edge to Tess he’d been relying on her more and more.
“Why does everyone keep asking me that I'm fine”? Max replied, doing little to hide his annoyance. “Yes I’m with Tess now, I’m happy Izzy I really am, please be happy for me”
“Max are we ok? You’re my brother I love you, but I feel like you’ve been shutting me out, I can't do this alone I need you Max”
“Its ok” Max put his arm round Isabel feeling a pang of guilt. He had been avoiding her subconsciously. She was right they couldn’t do this alone he needed to bring the group back together. As a group they were strong, alone they were all dead. The truth of the statement hit him hard. He knew what he had to do.
“Can you get everyone to meet in the Crashdown later, and I mean all of us”
She looked surprised by his request but got up and left the room to carry out his instructions.

He lay back down on the bed and tried to concentrate on the exercises Tess had been teaching him. The memories so far had been kind of hazy he contemplated for a moment that Tess may be distracting him some how, trying to show him only what she wanted him to see but that was silly - why would she want to do that? He emptied his mind and concentrated on the past. The landscape changed around him, he must be improving it had never been so intense before. He took in the landscape and let the memories play out before him.

Part Two

He had arrived earlier on that day. Interstellar travel was always tiring but it was worth it to visit his childhood friend. A grand arrival ceremony had been arranged for him, both men found formal functions tedious and so had made their excuses and decided to spend the afternoon hunting in the forest. The forest its self was situated well within the castle grounds and so therefore both men had been able to ditch their usually heavy security and were enjoying the time to catch up and speak privately.

“Just wait until you see Ava she’s grown up so much in the last couple of years you’ll hardly recognise her” The man that spoke was the ambassador to the planet. He had slightly shaggy hair with kind friendly features the dark circles around his eyes gave away that maybe two many people took advantage of his kindly demeanour and he was paying for it by spending to much time worrying about the problems of everyone else.
His friend looked away eager to change the subject. “I can only stay a few days.” His hair was dark to match his eyes he carried himself with an air that indicated just how much of the world’s fate rested on his shoulders. Unbeknown to the dark haired youth his fair haired friend actually spent a great deal of time worrying about how it would all end for him, He was king but he was a young king he had ideals and wanted to change the world. He feared that this would unsettle far too many people, and it could only end in the death of his dark haired companion.

They raced each other through the forest. The dark haired man was the first to break though into the clearing containing a lake. They heard the roar of the bear at the same time. They looked at one another and mutually decide not waste the opportunity of some sport. Staying mounted they each cast an eye around the clearing hoping to have a clear shot.

Neither man saw the girl at first she sat, almost laying at the top of the rocky outcrop looking at the sky. The attraction of one man was caught at the sound of the bear as it roared, crashed through the bushes and started to bound towards the girl. His breath caught as he watched her. She was startled out of her daydream and leapt up to face the on coming bear. She looked around wildly and backed towards the cliff edge. The bear saw her and slowed its pace ready to attack. The girl risked a glance behind her as she considered jumping in to the water.

The fair-haired man sprang from his horse and ran to the waters edge.
“My god that’s Tia”
His friend watched in awe as the raven haired beauty lost her footing and tumbled from the rock face into the deeper end of the lake. He leapt off his horse and ran towards the lake. Not wanting to waste time he dove into the water. As he swam towards her, he risked a look and saw her surface for moment; she splashed around weakly momentarily and began to sink back into the murky depths. He swam harder and dove; he grabbed the girl by the back of her dress and pulled her towards the surface. She spluttered slightly then lolled her head as he swam back for the shore as hard as he could.
The fair-haired man took aim at the bear and shot. He looked on with concern, as his friend rose up from the water carrying Tia’s limp form in his arms and laid her down on the grass.
“Is she breathing asked his friend? Dear god please let her be ok!”!
The fair-haired man knelt by his friend, begging for reassurance the girl would be ok.
“I’m not sure” The dark haired youth checked for a pulse and found none he looked at her seemingly peaceful face and some how knew he could not let her die here like this. Something drove him on as he gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, each time willing the girl to breath to open her eyes and look at him. Finally she rolled over slightly and coughed up some water as she turned back and opened her beautiful emerald eyes and gazed up at him. He opened his mouth to speak….

Liz was dreaming, She felt herself in the presence of a mind and body which felt like hers but which she knew in her dreamlike state were not. In her mind she knew she was looking for someone but was now unaware of whom. She looked around to see if she was supposed to be with anyone. Finding herself alone she realised that she was in a meadow, which wound down towards a forest it was a beautiful day so she found the path and followed it until it opened out on to what after closer inspection turned out to be the top of a rock face jutting out above the most beautiful lake. She sat down and looked at the beautiful clear blue sky it was nothing like anything she’d ever seen. Her mind wondered on the point of this dream it seemed so real. Her thoughts were interrupted by the largest bear she had ever seen as it bounded through the bushes towards her she backed away and found her self teetering on the edge she looked down and knew the only way out! “Some dream!” As she fell, she thought to her self “where’s my white knight to save me” She hit the water with enough force to wind her. She struggled to find the surface but slowly began to lose consciousness “wonder if you really can die in a dream” she thought as the blackness over took her.

Someone was calling her back she must be at the Crashdown her mind had switched her to the familiar nightmare of being shot. She took comfort that Max was there with her saving her life. She listened to the familiar soothing voice begging her to stay with him and not to die. She choked up some water “no wait that’s not quite” she thought. She turned her head and slowly raised her eyes to meet those of a handsome man leaning over her. Her eyes focused properly as she looked at him. She felt the chill as she recognised the loving gaze of the man looking back at her as he said
“Tia it’s Zan your gonna be just fine”

“Liz” Max’s eyes snapped open. The eyes were a different colour but it was her. For the first time the memory had come clearly and so detailed he wondered if Tess was a distraction, His mind drifted back to what he’d seen looking back at him from those beautiful emerald eyes as he’d mouthed those final words.

“Max” Liz woke the dream still clearly in her mind only one pair of eyes looked back at her like that, it hurt so, to think that even her dreams tormented her now. The phone rang
“Liz its Isabel, Max wants us to meet later, can we meet at the Crashdown?”
“Sure come round at closing time”
“Can you ask Maria”?
“Don’t worry we’ll all be there”

Tess was waiting, it felt like far to long but she knew it hadn’t been. She wanted to go home so bad, but the others were a hindrance. They all seemed to have lives here that they didn’t want to leave. She couldn’t help feeling bitter about that. Growing up she’d only had Nesado but that hadn’t been so bad he’d taught her a lot. It was obvious she was much better at using and controlling her powers than the others. They were weaklings hiding away, afraid of what they were but not her she knew who she was and what she wanted and best of all she had a plan! Now she had Max on her side things were falling into place so easily. Teaching him how to access his memories was risky. She of all people knew that better than anyone but at least she was around to guide him to remember what she needed him to! That damn girl though she was everywhere. At least when they returned home Tess knew that she would definitely not be there to distract Maxwell anymore, and he could be the king they all wanted him to be. She would not fail this time.

Liz was sitting on her bed looking at her photo of her and Max, smiling shyly to herself, she didn’t hear the gentle tapping at first. When she did she glanced up to see Max at her window she hid the picture under her pillow and went to greet him.
“Hey” She said quietly as she let him in. He stood uncertainly in her room for a moment looking at the bed. She new what he was thinking and was sorry about how uncomfortable just being in her room made him.
“Max your early the others aren’t here yet”
“I know I wanted to talk to you first”
“Max” She sighed
“I think we’ve said everything we needed to say its over,” His expression told her she said too much. He looked angry for a moment.
“I’m not here to beg for you if that’s want you think! We agreed to move on I’m with Tess now and I know I can trust her!!”
He regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth.
“I’m sorry I didn’t come here to fight with you but that’s all we seem to do lately I just wish you wouldn’t shut me out completely”
“Don’t be sorry Max you were right” Liz tried desperately to hide the hurt in her eyes Max was right all they did lately was fight it cut her up inside a little more every time they did. The more times they cut each other down the more she felt she’d lost him.
“I want us to be friends I know its hard but we don’t belong together, your words Max”
She was crying now she couldn’t help it. Max reached out and pulled her in to his arms, she laid her head on his chest as he stroked her hair. She felt her whole body relax in the moment.

In an instant she had another flash. Max looked down in horror as her whole body arched in his arms and she through her head back in pain. he gently lowered her to the floor as she began to lose consciousness.
“Liz wake up” Max leaned over her and gently shook her. Liz came round slowly trying to focus on the here and now.
“Are you ok? What the hell was that?” he thought for a moment
“This happened this afternoon didn’t it”
“Max please not so many questions I need to think for a minute” She sat up and took a deep breath
“I had some kind of flash”
“What of?”
“Hold on” Liz though for a moment and tried to focus her mind. The memory was strange it was of the dream she’d had that afternoon but she’d been watching herself fall.
“I saw a girl falling into a lake and being saved which is weird because…”
“You saw one of my memories you must have picked it up from me just now, I'm sorry I didn’t know I affected you like this.”
“Its ok and you don’t affect me, I’ve been having weird dreams I can’t quite remember and the flashes only started today. “Hang on you said you had a memory of saving a girl from drowning, how’d you mean memory?”
“I mean back when I was Zan, Tess has been helping me to remember things”
They both looked at each other slightly confused,
“Max I had dream this afternoon about being a girl who jumped into a lake and was saved by a guy who called himself Zan.”
“Its ok you were probably just dreaming the same time I was trying to remember. Ava did say that I changed you some how, maybe we have a stronger connection than we though. You were the only one who could reach me in the city remember.”
“I guess your right its just so weird and why the flashes”
“Don’t worry I’ll ask Tess about it she seems to know a lot! We’ll sort this out, until then I’ll try not to be around you to much” he leaned over and kissed her forehead.
“Lets go down stairs”
Liz regained some composure
“Max what did you want to say to me”
“I was just looking for my friend Liz,” he said with a smile.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need to work together as a team all of us. We have to stick together. Liz and Maria they know about us so they will always be in danger because of what they know shutting them out could get them killed.”
The two of them looked surprised that Max seemed so adamant to include them.
Michael squeezed Maria’s hand under the table
“I agree with Max, we all need to no what’s going on”
“Well then are we agreed, no more secrets”
Max picked up his coat and glanced at Liz.
“Max” Tess stood by Max catching his line of sight and interrupting his train of thought, She squeezed his hand. Max glanced down at Tess and knew what he forgotten to say, as always he was unsure but he had to make his point to Liz
“Tess and I are together now and I want you all to be ok with it”
They all looked for one to the other and seemed to mumble agreement.

To Tess’s annoyance nobody was really jumping for joy about her and Max being together. So they would always hate her for splitting up Max and Liz. She had him now, what they thought didn’t matter anymore. It was after all only a matter of time; Alex was off deciphering the book for her. It did cause a constant worry that she would be found out but she had all the help she needed to conceal his activities. With the death of Nesado she had for a while considered changing her plans but then she had found new allies. People who seemed to know her plan and were willing to aid her. Now everything was in motion Tess wasn’t sure she could go back on it now if she wanted to. Max didn’t love her; she held no illusions about that. He cared about her which was more than any one else did in this dingy town they called home. She loved him though and always had. He would grow to love her they had all the time in the world once they were home.

Part Three

Larac sat back at his desk. Tired of the never-ending paperwork. Swinging round slightly in his chair, he gazed out of the window. The view was breath-taking it never ceased to surprise him. The sun was shining down on the grounds of his estate. A smiled played across his lips as he spied his grandson playing down in the fields with friends. His heart filled with love for the boy, but his happiness as always was out weighed by his sense of loss. The boy was all the family he had left. His heart yearned for more carefree days when his family and friends had surrounded him and there was nothing but joy. When Antar fell the light went out of his life. The news of the death of his beloved sister and dear friends had crushed his spirit.
Hope flourished again when the information reached him that servants loyal to the royal family had arranged for the essence of the royal four to be reborn in human bodies on a far off planet called earth. Only the Ambassador of each planet knew this information.
As long as Zan lived Kivar feared him. Precautions had been taken and the enemies of Zan were hunting him. Larac had made his own arrangements and had prepared himself for astral-projection so that he could also gather information on the whereabouts of the royal four.
On his first few trips he quickly learned of the Alien crash site in Roswell New Mexico. If the pods had been hidden it would be some time before the occupants would gestate. Finally he had the control of a man named Brody. His fascination with the Roswell incident proved helpful to him. Carefully guiding him, Larac was pleased when Brody made the move to Roswell.

His mind travelled back to that fatefull morning a few months ago. Larac had known then the time was coming. A summit meeting had been called, the King was said to have been located and talks could commence. At the summit he would know for sure what he had suspected for some time…

Max had shown a great deal of strength at the summit. The same burdens he’d felt in his previous life were evident in his eyes. The youth standing at the head of the table was only 17. Much younger than Zan been when he had been crowned king. Was it wise to put so much faith in one so young? Looking round the table he saw the same resolutions in the eyes of his counterparts. Their slight annoyance quickly turned to anger when it was revealed that Max had been entrusted with the Granolith and would not give it up. It was a wise decision, but not one that would win him any friends.

The girl standing close behind him was Ava he was sure of that. He felt the loss of his sister and wanted so badly to hold her. She’d glanced at him a little confused as to why he was watching her. Max had moved slightly to block his vision.

His next encounter with them had been sometime later. They had tried to contact him for help. It was foolish of them to trust one so far away but he was always pleased to speak with his old friends. He was surprised to meet all four of them. They looked different but he knew them. The love and respect they held for each other was obvious, it raised his hopes that they just might succeed where they had failed before.

Back home his worries always lead him back to one of the few times he had encountered Max Evans. Larac had been exploring the UFO centre when he encountered Max and Liz hiding in the reference room. They were unaware of his presence, when he turned to leave a chill had run down his spine and he looked over his shoulder at the pair. Edging nearer he hid behind the bookshelves. It was wrong to spy on them but his curiosity got the better of him. He already had his suspicions about who Max was. Watching the two of them smiling lovingly, kissing and whispering gently to each other. Part of him had assumed or hoped that the girl was Ava.
Their conversation echoed in his ears.
“Its your destiny Max, I can’t stand in the way of that” Liz whispered
Max held her closer “I love you Liz, you are my destiny I chose you!”
Liz nibbled on her lower lip, “But what about the message Max, I was there, I know what it said. You are the King and Tess is your Queen. You have a war to fight and when you return Tess will be by your side. Its how it was supposed to be the four of you belong together”
Max kissed her desperately. “Liz your wrong, I’m not letting you go”
Larac turned and left as Liz relented and they’d held each other so closely, almost as if they were afraid one of them would disappear at any moment.

Larac shook his head and placed it in his hands as he rested his arms on the desk and slumped forward a little. The girl was not Ava he knew that now, in his soul he knew it had to be Tia. His heart cried out for them, it seems that fate had brought them together again for another chance and destiny had torn them apart as it did before. If Liz were like her counterpart she would do all she could to ensure Max followed his destiny and not his heart as she had begged him to do once before. Larac wondered if that had been their ultimate mistake. In not allowing Tia to be Zans queen with her bravery and strength guiding him the outcome may have been so very different, but that was the past he had to think of the future now. As a soul reincarnate he suspected that Liz had no idea of her connects to Max. She was doomed to relive her past errors. The royal four needed her, she deserved to know her past. Liz was the key to their success or downfall.

Liz was working late at the crashdown preparing to close up for the night. She glanced up from cleaning tables in surprise as she heard the door jingle and Brody walked in.
“Brody what’s wrong?”
Moving closer to her he said nothing at first.
“Its Larac and I need to talk to you”
“Larac! Is Max ok?”
Lizs eyes widened and she looked around nervously. She couldn’t her help herself in her obvious surprise to see Larac her first thoughts had gone to Max.
“Please can we talk I don’t have much time”
“Sure” She motioned for him to sit down, then moved over and locked the door. Sitting nervously in front of him she wondered why he wanted to see her.
“You may not know this but I was a close friend of Zan. Ava was my sister we all grew up together. You all need to know the truth. I had another sister her name was Tiana. She was very much involved in the lives of the royal four. Tia was Zans first choice for a wife.” He paused for a moment
“I believe that you are Tia, Liz!”
Liz eyebrows shot up in surprise,
“Zan and Tia were not allowed to marry. I don’t know what became of her after Zans wedding but I do know that she was there the day Antar fell”
Liz clasped her hands together in front of her and rested them on the table. Larac could see that she was trembling. Gently taking her hands in his he said.
“I could be wrong, I so very sorry if I am but Max deserves to remember her, they all do. Tia may have failed to help save Antar but she was the reason the royal four made it off the planet to earth."
“Max is the only person who can help you connect with your past life to remember.”
Brodys head arched back slightly his eyes rolled for a moment. Liz sensed that Larac was gone. Brody looked at her in surprise.
“Brody are you ok? You fazed out for a moment there. Perhaps you should go home and get some sleep.”
Liz guided the confused Brody out of the door and locked it behind him before he could ask any questions.
In her bedroom Liz paced the floor unsure of what to do making her decision she grabbed a jacket and headed for the window.


So what does everyone think shall Zans divine and I continue or not?

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Part Four

Liz held her breath and knocked at Max’s window. She could see him sitting at his desk trying to do some homework. Max looked up, seeing Liz he crossed the room to open the window.
“Can I come in?”
“Sure” he watched as Liz climbed in the window and sat at the foot of his bed.
Liz glanced around the room thankful that Tess was absent. She noticed for the first time a picture of Tess on his nightstand. Standing she clasped her hands together, picking up the picture and placing it down again. She said.
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have come.”
Max moved to stand in front of Liz laying the picture face down. One picture had spooked her if only she knew how many pictures of Liz he had hidden around the room.
“What’s wrong?”
“Larac came to see me tonight.”
“Larac why?”
“He said there’s some things about your past that you need to remember.”
“Yes I know! that’s why Tess has been helping me. But you already know that.”
He sat on the bed a little confused as to why Liz had appeared so late at night wanting to go over old ground. Sensing she had more to say he listened intently.
“Max what do you remember?”
“I remember a little of Michael, Isabel and…Tess” Max paused a moment before mentioning Tess. Talking of his past relationship always hurt Liz.
“What about Larac?”
“No not really” Liz sat down next to Max on the bed.
“He said…He said that there was someone else”
Max looked up at her in surprise
“Someone else who?”
“Larac said that Ava had a sister. Her name was Tiana.” Liz paused for a moment waiting to see if the name registered at all on Max’s face.
Max looked at her blankly, his mind still wondering the point of this conversation.
“Tiana was Zan’s first choice for a wife, Max don’t you see there was no betrothal Zan was given a choice, but some where along the line that choice was taken away from him. You deserve to remember her and why you couldn’t be together.”
Max stood and moved to the window. Someone else! before Ava. Was it possible? Max looked down and shook his head his life was full of enough heartache did he really want to fill it with more.
He turned on her angrily
“Is this because of Tess? Because you don’t like her!”
“Max I’m doing this for you”
“Why couldn’t Larac tell me himself? Why send you?”
Max had his doubts about the truth of the story but whatever Larac had said to Liz she believed him.
“Because there’s something else,” Liz had decided not to mention her possible connection to Tia it would be too painful for them both if it turned out Larac were wrong. Liz would feel like she’d lost Max all over again and she wasn’t sure she could handle that. Besides if she wasn’t Tia then somebody else out there was and that spooked her more than she’d cared to admit one rival for Max’s affections was enough.
“He also said it was possible that I was there as well”
Max was astonished it was more then he could hope for that he’d know Liz before.
“Max ever since you found out about your destiny. I’ve felt like I’d lost you to something bigger than us both. You have this whole past life with Tess and the others that I just couldn’t touch. Now I find out that maybe I had a small part to play as well. Maybe we never meet or became friends but I know in my heart that I was there and want to be able to see and remember. Then I can know what it was like for you and help you to understand,”
Max’s mind remembered the dream he’d had that afternoon. Was it possible that Liz was Tia? He looked at her, if she suspected she wasn’t telling him. Anger rose in him, just one more thing she was lying to him about.
“Are you Tia?”
Liz’s head jerked up, she could not lie to him anymore.
“Honestly! I don’t know but its possible. Larac said that you were the only one who could help me to remember.”
“Ok” He reached out for her hand and glanced at the bed. They would have to be close for this to work. Gently tugging her behind him he went over and sat on the bed and indicated for her to follow him. He propped the pillow up behind him and lay back as Liz carefully positioned herself next to him. Resting her head on his shoulder Liz watched as Max grasped her hand firmly in his.
Close your eyes and concentrate. Max closed his eyes and tried not think about how close Liz was. Relaxing his mind he was surprised how quickly the memories came to him. “Can you see?” He asked.
Liz watched Max’s hand glow beneath hers for a moment then closed her eyes. In an almost dream like state she saw Max trying to guide her to the window in his mind where they could look back. Suddenly the room changed around them. She was beside Max in an unknown place watching events unfold. Standing hand in hand they watched unable to change anything.

They found themselves back at the point where Zan had saved Tia's life. Max studied Zan's features knowing this man to be a part of himself. Trying to find something that made their connection more real. Liz looked on and paled at the hauntingly familiar scene, Zan was trying desperately to save Tia’s life and succeeded. Max made the connection; he knew Zan’s thoughts and feelings and some how he understood.

Zan scooped Tia up into his arms and made his way over to his horse. Turning slightly towards Larac he said “Ride on ahead tell them whats happened”
Riding back to the castle, Zan looked down at her peaceful face. Thankful that she had remained unconscious and he could really look at her. The soft features of childhood were gone and they had left behind the beautiful face of a young woman.
Tia had always been a close friend to him and he had grown to care for her a great deal. She opened her eyes and looked up at him, a loving smile spread across her face that was just for him. Looking back he knew that it was in that moment his love for Tia had really blossomed. Zan smiled gently but said nothing. Something had happened when he saved her life. He had connected with her in a way he never thought possible. She’d felt it too he was almost sure of that. Tia wrapped her arms around him to steady herself and rested her head on his shoulder for a moment before looking up at him again. All her emotion was clear in her eyes. She tilted her head up slightly. Zan drew in the horse reins so that they stopped moving for a moment. Stroking the side of her face he said.
“I nearly lost you today!” Tia trembled in his arms and nodded as she touched the side of his face. Zan kissed her then, he felt whole with her.
“Marry me?”
“You know I will”
He smiled at her then unable to contain his joy. Reaching up to his neck he gently tugged a chain into view. Tia watched in awe as Zan undid the chain and a ring slide in to his hand. He held it up between his thumb and forefinger.
“I’ve wanted to give this to you for so long”
Tia touched the delicate gold band that seemed so plain and simple on the outside, closer inspection allowed her to see what was engraved inside. Lifting her hand softly he slid the ring on to her finger. Kissing her again, she wrapped her arms around his neck unable to contain her joy. Reluctantly pulling away from her he said.
“I’ll talk with Larac as soon as we get back.”
For the rest of their journey they talked briefly about their hopes and dreams for the future. Tia had her hand entwined with Zan’s, mesmerised by the ring she now wore. When they returned Tia was whisked away to be examined by the family physician. Seeing his chance Zan headed down to speak with Larac.

Larac looked up and smiled with pleasure as his old friend entered the room. He did not bother to rise in the presence of the King; they had decided long ago that such protocol in private was unnecessary. Zan hurried toward the desk eager to share the news.
“Good news my friend I am to be married”
Larac rose from his seat and moved round the table to shake Zan’s hand.
“Congratulations, It’s about time you asked Ava to marry you! You’ll both be so happy”
Zan’s face darkened in surprise and anger, so it was true they had been expecting him to propose to Ava. Zan was no fool he knew there was a reason Avas company had often been pushed on him. On some occasions though through no fault of Avas.
“NO I’m to marry Tia”
His words were slow and carefully timed for them to have full impact on Larac. Realisation crossed his face and Laracs smile faded. Backing away from Zan he went to stand by the window. He had always suspected Tias affection for Zan but was unsure until today if the admiration was felt by on both sides. Over the last two years he had tried desperately to guide Zan and Tia away from each other. Tia had been sent away to study. When Zan visited, which Larac insisted he do often. Larac would always try to insist he spent a great deal of time with Ava.
Zan had chosen badly, it had pleased him to see his friend so happy when he’d entered the room now it pained him to be the one that crushed him. Ava was the choice that had been made for him since birth. She was the one that had been brought up to be a queen. Ava knew of course and it helped that she loved him also and had been waiting patiently in the last two years for Zan to indicate some feelings for her or propose.
Zan had not been informed of his betrothal because it was supposed that with the belief that he could chose for himself he would come to love Ava anyway. Not come to resent her because she was he only choice.
“What’s wrong? You were happy when you thought I wanted to marry Ava what difference does Tia make”
Larac turned and indicated for his friend to sit. Pacing the room he explained to Zan the situation with Ava.
Zan listened carefully anger rising in him, he been lied to by his family for years while they tried to manipulate him into do doing what they wanted, even his trusted friend had known about it.
“None of that matters I love Tia”
“Ava has been raised to be your queen, she’s your destiny”
“No your wrong you choose you own destiny, it doesn’t choose you.”
Larac had hoped to convince Zan quickly and easily but he saw now that was futile.
“Tias not suitable”
“Why because she hasn’t been trained to be my wife” Zan spit out angrily.
Larac sighed “Because she my half sister, her bloods not pure. Her mother was one of my father’s mistresses, she died in childbirth and my mother took pity on Tia. She agreed to take her into our family. Tias real mother is even unknown to her. She’s a bastard child if it wasn’t for my mother she wouldn’t even be here.”
Zan jumped up from the chair and punched his friend
“Never speak about her like that”
Larac rubbed the place on his chin where Zan had hit him.
“I’m sorry a bad choice of words but no less the truth”
“Zan you know as well as I do that as the king you can’t marry just anyone. Whether your in love or not, you have the welfare of a kingdom to consider. There are rules to follow. Your enemies would certainly use Tia and her shady background against you. It could cause anger and unrest amongst the people. The King and Queen are symbols of all that is good and pure you must have someone by your side that symbolises that with you and Tias not that person. I’m sorry my friend but to marry Tia is to abandon your people to the whim of fate. They need your guidance more than Tia needs a husband.”
Larac looked Zan square in the eye and said.
“Could you give all that up”?
Zan’s reply chilled him and he knew he would never forget those words
“For her in a heart beat”
“Zan please”
Zan backed away; clenching his fists together a few times he grabbed a chair and smashed it against the wall, all his shire anger and frustration bubbling on the service. Trying hard to control himself, with his back turned on Larac he headed towards the door.
“Bring Ava to Antar in 2 months” Growling the words he said.
“I’m leaving tomorrow. I won’t see anyone before I leave, not even….”
Zan shook his head and gritted his teeth, he couldn’t think about her now he had to get out of here. Slamming the door behind him he headed back to his own quarters.

Zan stood in the shadows on Tias balcony. The rain poured down on him but he hardly noticed. Larac was pacing up and down trying to explain things to her. She sat nodding occasionally her face getting paler by the second. Zan knew he shouldn’t be there. He’d gone back to his quarters but the sudden loneliness he felt had drawn him here. He had to see her before he left to explain, apologise or something. He had to be sure he’d made the right choice. In his heart he knew she would never ask him to stay to give it all up for her. He wished so much they could forget everyone and live happily ever after but those thoughts were unrealistic. He had be born into a role that stole away his freedom of choice and he was only now realising how much being a good King for his people would cost him.
Zan watched helplessly as pain appeared on her face and her tears began to fall. Larac tried his best to comfort her but she jumped up angrily and ordered him out. Chasing him out of the door she locked it behind him. Turning her back on the door she sank down to the floor buried her head in her hands and sobbed helplessly.
Zan could bare it no longer he entered the room and softly approached her. Kneeling in front of her he placed his hand on her head in comfort. Her head jilted up in surprise. When she recognised him she threw herself into his arms and held him tight. Pulling out of his embrace she glanced nervously at the door.
“You shouldn’t be here, if they knew!”
Zan shivered a little; the rain had soaked him through. Tia looked at him with worry in her eyes.
“How long where you out there you’re soaking” She jumped up and went to get him a blanket to warm him. He let her fuss over him saying nothing at first, when it became too much for him he grabbed her hands and pulled her close.
“Tia I… I…” He let go of her hands and walked to the window clenching his fist he rested it on the window pain and looked out. He felt Tias hand on his back as she moved round to stand in front of him. He continued to look out of the window unable to meet her gaze.
“Its Ok, I understand I can’t stand in the way of your destiny, and you can’t give it up not for me”
Tears ran down his face, Tia kissed him softly trying to take away his pain.
“Now is all we have”
She kissed him more urgently. Kissing her back felt so right; sweeping her up into his arms he carried her to the bed. He stopped to look at her a moment as he leaned over her unsure if he should continue. Tia nodded gently and kissed him urging onwards. He made love to her that night for the first time; in Tias arms even the king could feel safe.
Before he left her room he kissed her hungrily, unwilling to leave her ever. “I love you, I’ll never stop I promise”
Tia was crying pulling her forehead against his; she shut her eyes tight and said “You have to! You won’t see me again after your wedding”
Zan pulled away and looked at her surprised, he hadn’t thought, maybe he had just assumed but to never see her again that was more than he could stand. But she had said after the wedding his hope flourished they still had time, maybe time for things to change. Tia slowly slipped the ring off her finger and tried to press it into his palm.
“I guess you should have this back” She said through her tears. Zan felt his heartbreak.
“No my love, it belongs to you always”
Giving the ring back to her, all Tia could do was nod and accept it.
“I’m not giving up on you, we can work this out!”
Tia shook her head and kissed him tenderly. “Goodbye my love” Tia backed away from him and turned her back so she wouldn’t have to watch him leave. Zan reached out his hand as she walked away frantic to pull her back to him. Clenching his fist he let his hand fall to his side and left her.

When Two Worlds Collide/Part Five

Zan's anger and frustration hadn’t dispersed much on his journey home. His family were overjoyed with his news. Valundra had hugged him close and babbled for a while about how happy she was to be gaining a sister. Zan hid his true feelings allowing them to believe there plan had succeeded. His mother and sister bombarded him with meaningless questions. Finally he could stand it no more, made his apologises and left the room.
He was pleasantly surprised when Valundra followed him and suggested they take a walk in the garden.
They didn’t speak at first until, they were sure, they were alone.
“Loni would you like to help mother with the wedding arrangements. I have to go away again. I have things I wish to discuss with Rath. Ava will arrive in 2 months. I’ll be back by then.”
“Certainly” Loni started to walk away from him she hadn’t gone very far when she turned to face him again
“I know you Zan, I know your hiding something”
She looked at him questioningly, searching his eyes desperately for the truth.
“Do you love her”?
Zan stared at her for a moment. He so wanted to confide in Loni, shout and scream. Place blame for his current predicament, but he knew it was no use. It wouldn’t change anything
They couldn’t know about Tia, Ava had to be accepted by his mother and Valundra; they had to believe his was truly happy.
Tearing his gaze away from her he said
“She’s very dear to me”
Loni smiled at him and walked away. He was sure she didn’t believe him but she knew he was stubborn enough never to tell her the truth if he chose not to.

Zan spent the next two months going over army issues with Rath. Inspections of his troops were carried out. Rath informed him of some unrest amongst the skins. They were rumoured to have a new leader but he was as yet unnamed but had been linked to some attempted bombings and rioting. If Rath suspected any unrest in his friend he did not question it. Zan buried himself in the problems surrounding him and sometimes for a few moments he could even forget the wedding was happening.

The day of Ava's arrival soon came. Zan had arrived a week earlier at the insistence of his mother and sister. Everywhere he turned now there were reminders of his wedding. The realisation that Tia would be coming also had raised his sprits considerably and his family were glad to see him so happy about his forthcoming marriage.

Officially he wasn’t to meet with Ava until the evenings banquet. Leaving the reception of his guests to his mother and Valundra he made his way up to one of the side rooms he knew overlooked the entryway into the palace, where the guests would disembark to be greeted.
He watched with anticipation as Laracs transport arrived. The passengers disembarked and his heart leapt as Tia emerged.
Tonight he would see her again. He could almost feel her touch and taste her kiss.

Making his way back through the corridors to his private chambers he was astonished when Tia rounded the corner and ran into him. They looked at each other stunned for a moment to be so close once again. His smile turned to concern as he took in her obvious distress. Finding they were close to the roof conservatory he guided her inside. There was an enclosed area down the far end where he knew they could speak privately. He felt her sigh and lean all her weight into him as she let him guide her. Slumping down on the bench Tia bowed her head away from him. Sitting cautiously, he placed his arm around her drawing her as close as he dared. Sobbing she rested her head on his shoulder, His free hand brushed the hair away from her face looking down at her he asked
“What’s wrong?”
Her bottom lip trembled as she cried some more. Rubbing his hand softly on her back and rocking her tenderly he said
“Please don’t cry I can’t bare to see you cry.”
Moving his hands to cup her face he brushed away her tears with sweet kisses finding there way softly to her lips. He pulled her closer as they kissed.
“What’s wrong?” He asked again as gently as he could.
Her face changed as she regained her composure and pulled away from his embrace.
“I….I should go”
She rapidly left the bench; clasping her hands his eyes questioned her again.
“No really I..” She shook her hands free and fled.

The Banquet hall was huge. The Thrones stood dominating the room at the top of a small run of steps. The King and Queens stood top most and two slightly smaller thrones were placed lower down for the queen mother and Valundra. Zan sat in his throne watching and waiting his entire world turning into a dream he couldn’t wake from.

Shadows are chased away by candlelight. Silhouettes danced on the soft blue walls. The new queen, the king’s choice in wife would arrive and her pathway was paved in soft white rose petals. The man who has become a king over night, stands to greet the woman who will soon help to bare the burden of the war. She raises her small hand and he returns the gesture, by planting a small kiss - as is the custom- on the back of her hand.
His eyes briefly meet hers, but he quickly shifts his gaze, as if looking through her, until he can see Tia.
He smiles briefly, but straightens quickly as he remembers all eyes are on them.
Then he spoke.
He had said the words in his mind a hundred times or more, but saying them aloud made them permanent. Made the pain real.
Tia held her head high, her eyes revealing nothing of the pain she felt slowly killing her inside.
The magic of their romance had died as these words were spoken and now Tia's only strength was doing the right thing. Letting go.

Rainbows danced around the room, Tia would catch a glimpse of Zan or Ava as they made their way across the dance floor.
She stood to the side with Larac and Valundra, barely paying attention to what they were saying, but she was so lost inside that not much of it made any sense.
She was brought out of her daydream when she felt Valundra link arms with her.
Tia smiled, but her smile didn't quite reach her eyes.
"Oh! Tia they will be so happy together" Valundra sighed, trying to bring her out of the darkened mood that had seemed to have settled on her friend.
"Yes they will!" Larac chimed in.
He didn't want to cause Tia any pain, but he had to play along, so no one would notice, the hurt in Tia's aura.
Tia was aware of two people joining them, she looked up to see Zan hugging his sister, his eyes fixed on her. Tia spoke to him-don't say a word, just play along- her eyes said and he understood.
"Come Zan, dance with our dear Tia" Valundra said as the old group of friends gathered at the edge of the dance floor.
"Just think, soon she will be our sister"
Valundra watched as Zans usually expressionless eyes seemed to shift, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not discover the emotion she had seen pass.
"Zan dance with my sister" Ava chimed in trying to hide her discomfort and jealousy she felt inside.
Zan held his hand forward, he could she the battle of emotions raging in Tia’s heart, but slowly she stepped forward placing her delicate hand in his, before he lead her proudly onto the dance floor.
The music emanated around the room, Zan savoured the emotions that seemed to rush through his veins.
Her eyes sparkled and he could see his besotted smile mirrored in her perfect face.
The rest of the world seemed to dissolve, like ice as the familiar warmth leaked into the atmosphere, casting them into their own perfect world of make believe.
Rose petals fell around them, containing a rich magic that made every second even more perfect than the last.
"Zan" he heard her soft voice whisper.
He could feel everything she was feeling, it was like he was seeing through her eyes.
He knew that would be the way he would always remember her.
Bathed in an endless golden light, while soft rose petals tangled in her cascading dark hair and the music bringing delicate tears to her ethereal gaze.
In his eyes she would never age, she would always hold an eternal beauty that went against the laws of both man and god.
She was his angel, the portrait of his dreams, she held the world on her shoulders and she would bare that burden like a queen. His queen.

Valundra stood enthralled in the scene before her.
Her brother whose face had been taught to disguise every emotion, seemed helplessly lost as if he wished he were frozen in time.
He had only appeared jovial before, but now she could see every secret and every emotion that passed between the two.
Valundra felt a pang in her heart, for the doomed love that they shared.
She had always known her brother cared for Tia a great deal, but now she knew it went deeper.
So deep that even she -the princess whose heart had been compared to ice- could tell it was more than friendship, that it was more than love, so much more, because what they shared had no name.

Standing alone in the gardens later that evening Zan watched as Tia walked away from him. He turned as he became aware of a presence at his side and a soft hand placed in his. Ava smiled up at him lovingly, hiding well all the emotion she felt. Guilt raged as he looked into Avas trusting eyes, smiling at her he guided her over a near by bench. Zan finally realised how important it was to let Tia walk out of his life forever if he was to remain true to his wife. Sitting Ava down he was touched when she shyly leaned over and whispered her love for him in his ear. Turning to face her, he knew he had to make it real. Gently touching her cheek, he closed his eyes and tenderly kissed her. Holding back so much of his true feelings he wondered if he would ever be able to bring himself to forget Tia be a real husband to Ava. All the love Ava had for him poured into that moment and she knew she’d never forget in this life or the next.

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