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Don’t Believe Everything You Heard
Author: LittleBit
Category: UC
Rating: PG-13 through most of it but rated R and even NC-17 for violence, sex, and language
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, if I did the show would still be on and Season 2 and 3 would have been a sick dream of Max’s in
The White Room.
Summary: During her investigation of Alex’s death Liz finds far more than she expected and starts to question everything. Set just after It’s too Late, It’s too Bad; so Liz found out that Alex didn’t go to Sweden and Max and Tess had sex but no baby yet and there probably won’t be one. And everyone is still against Liz’s investigation

Warning: Not for Max lovers



Liz walked away from the small plane as she hung up her cell phone with shaky hands. The Swedish Embassy had just told her that the building in the background of the pictures that she had been researching had been torn down years ago. This meant that Alex had never been there and to her meant that he had never gone to Sweden. So where was he for that time? And why had someone gone to such lengths to ensure that he believed that he had? What purpose did it serve?

Liz went to the front of the airport and hailed a cab. One parked just down the curb accelerated quickly to beat another one to her and Liz got in. She told him where she wanted to go and sat back for the drive. As the scenery went by she started to think things over. This search was getting bigger and bigger. She was going to need help but from who? The aliens were out of the question. Michael was too busy consoling Maria and didn’t believe her. Tess didn’t care and wouldn’t go against Max. She had seen that Isabel had at least been curious despite her anger at the funeral at Liz’s outburst. She didn’t put the idea of Alex being murder out of her mind. But like Tess, wouldn’t go against Max. And Max well…

Max and her were the closest things to enemies now that two people could get without killing each other. She realized after the last few days that she didn’t know Max anymore. He was like a complete stranger to her. The Max she knew would never have blown off Alex’s death like it was an unimportant event. He would have looked into it with vigor and need to help find out why their friend, who had stuck his neck out for them repeatedly, had died. She had thought that he would help her after they had talked on the first night after Alex had been killed. But after everything the last few days, she knew that couldn’t be. Ever since the funeral he had treated her like she and the investigation were nothing. Like she was some unimportant person who he was indulging. He had as much said so.

So that left out everyone but Kyle and Maria. Liz didn’t want to drag Kyle into yet another alien matter so she go to him last, which left Maria. She was sure that if she could talk to Maria calmly about all of this without her getting upset that she would see that Liz wasn’t imagining things. Especially when she saw the evidence Liz had accumulated. She would go to her first thing in the morning.

Liz came out of her thoughts when she realized she didn’t recognize any of the landscape. They were no longer on the highway and appeared to be going off into the desert. She cleared her throat as she spoke to the driver, “I think you’re going the wrong way.”

“Just following instructions.”

“But this isn’t the way to Roswell.” Liz stated.

“I didn’t say I was following your instructions.” He quipped back. Before he added. “Just sit tight and you’ll be fine.”

The hair on the back of Liz’s neck went up and she knew she was in danger. She hadn’t been paying attention and stepped right into a situation that might jeopardize her life. She didn’t know who this guy was or why he had taken her but she wasn’t safe. She had to get out of there. She thought first about her cellphone than dismissed it. She had no idea where she was to tell anyone. And she wasn’t sure of whom really to call. So the next idea was to get away.

She looked up at the dash and saw that they were going about forty miles an hour. Not the best speed to jump out of a car but she had to do something. If she could get away and back up to a main road she could flag someone down. She grabbed the door handle, yanked on it opening the door and leaped out.

She felt her feet hit the ground before her legs buckled underneath and she fell. She put her hands out in front of her body to catch herself and felt the ground biting into her palms. They didn’t stop her completely and she rolled a few feet. Once the rolling stopped she got up and started to run. She heard the car tires screeching and looked over her shoulder. The driver was in the process of turning the car around and kicking up a cloud of dust. It only took a few seconds for it to complete the U-turn and came barreling towards her.

Liz pumped her legs harder in an attempt to run faster. She knew that she couldn’t outrun the car but she had to try and reach the main road. She was about fifty feet away from road when she felt something hit her in the back that flung her to the ground again. But this time she didn’t get right up instead plunged into darkness.


Maria finally spotted Max in the hallway at school and headed towards him. She didn’t get far before she stopped suddenly. Next to Max was Tess. But what had stopped her was the sight of him holding her hand. Maria couldn’t believe it! She wondered what Liz would think after seeing them. After all if she was feeling this shocked, she couldn’t imagine how Liz would feel. Actually after seeing Michael with Courtney, she did understand a little but still. She had only loathed Courtney for a short time while Liz and Tess were enemies. That’s why it was so hard to believe even after all the times Liz had told her that Max and Tess had to be together, to follow their destiny, she had never believed it would happen. But it had. And despite how she felt about it, Maria needed to talk to Max.

Maria started moving towards the two aliens again and Max stopped when he saw her. His gaze flickered from her to Tess as if waiting for her to say something. He knew that the gang would be stunned when they found out that he was with Tess, he was surprised himself but after the night they had just spent together, he realized that there was no going back. He was surprised when Maria said nothing, only glared at him. Since she didn’t speak he just called out a quiet greeting. “Hey Maria.”

“Hey Max, Tess.” She couldn’t help but notice that Max seemed slightly uncomfortable with everything, from holding Tess’s hand to talk to her, but ignored it as she asked, “Have either of you seen Liz? I haven’t seen her all day and I called her phone but she didn’t answer.”

Maria was surprised when she saw what looked like anger flare up in Max’s eyes before she heard Tess say, “No, I haven’t seen her.”

“She went to Sweden.” Max answered.

“What?!” Maria asked. “Why didn’t you stop her?”

“I tried to stop her from going on her inane search but she wouldn’t listen.” Max argued. “I caught up with her yesterday as she was waiting for a cab to take her to the airport. She told me she was going to Sweden and I didn’t want her to go, so I ordered her to get into the jeep.”

Maria looked at Max with disbelief. “You did what?”

“I ordered her to get into the jeep. But she wouldn’t listen. Then I told her that if she went, our friendship was over. And she still decided to leave.” Max explained. He felt betrayed by Liz when she had turned away from him. And if she wanted it to be that way, then fine, he would too.

“Why did she go to Sweden?” Tess asked suspiciously.

“It had something to do with her investigation,” Max stated angrily. “I know she’s been talking to the Swedish Embassy about something.”

“I just can’t believe you let her go by herself.” Maria exclaimed but she wasn’t just upset with Max, she was mad at Liz too. How could Liz have just left? Did she not realize that she needed her? She had just lost Alex, she didn’t need Liz gone too.

“Oh, come on Maria. Liz is a big girl.” Tess stated interrupting her. Max and Maria looked at her as she went on. “She can take care of herself, and it’s not like she’s going to find anything. We all know Alex’s death was an accident. Liz just won’t admit it. She’s as hard headed as Michael.”

“Who do you think you are?” Maria snapped at her. “You don’t know anything about Liz, and don’t act like you do just because you’ve weaseled your way into our group.”

“Maria calm down.” Max said. “You don’t have to attack Tess.”

“Whatever. If you happen to see Liz when she gets back before I do, tell her to call me.” Maria snapped back before she turned around and stomped down the hall not bothering to say good bye. She decided to look for Michael and tell him how stupid his king was.”


**Please leave feedback if you like so far, I'm kind of nervous about this fic.**

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Peachykin originally wrote:
Oka now what happened to Liz. Is she dead or just unconscious? who attacked her and did it have anything to do with her investigation?

Who is going to help her? Believe her?

Must know more. Come back soo. This was a great start. *happy*



Okay, I've got a handle on myself, sorry about that but I love your polar stories.

Anyway to answer your question, Liz isn't dead. And yes it had to do with her investigation but not in the way that you think.

She will have some help but it's not the podsquad.
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Peachykin originally wrote:
How could I not read this. Its got an great start full of intrigue and mystery. Its a UC fic so I admit beingpulled in wondering who you were pairing up, but now I don't care. Well, I mean I do care who, but ack not making sense.

Doesn't matter who you pai up I just want more of this story... Extra help..non podsquad...Well you know what a polar pimp I am, but I'm thinking Kyle?

Come back soon!


All I'll say is that it is not going to be an Original Character. And that this story is going to be somewhat different than other ones. I like to do the total opposite of others.

And for those of you who know, don't say anything.
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Thanks to Calinia, ofwolfandman408, Anya, GWN, Peachykin, Lauren21, panthergirl2002, Lullaby, TabascoLiz, and RoswellSlayer for their feedback.

I usually don't update this fast on a new story but I couldn't resist.


Liz climbed out of unconsciousness slowly and felt like she was wading through fog. She became aware of the stinging and soreness from what she was sure was a bunch of cuts and bruises on her body. She knew they were from her escape from the cab. Remembering that made her also remember that the reason she had bolted. Because she had been in danger. But she hadn’t been able to get away, she had been stopped by something hitting her from behind. So now they had her but who were ‘they’ and where was she?

Her curiosity got the better of her and she cracked her eyes open slowly. The only thing she saw was a plain cream color ceiling. She tilted her head slightly and looked around. It looked like a typical bedroom. There was the bed she was lying in, a small table next to it with a lamp, a dresser, a chair and a small table with it. There were two doors, one she figured led to a bathroom and one she figured would let her out considering there were two guards stationed on each side of the frame. They noticed that she had woken up and she listened as one talked to the other in a foreign language. It didn’t sound like any Earth language that she had ever heard but what surprised her was that it sounded familiar.

She watched as the man who had done the talking stayed in his position while the other one got up and went out the door they had been guarding. She guessed it was to report to someone that she was awake. She slowly sat up and pulled her hair back away from her face. Deciding that her body needed to move around more and stretch, she pulled her legs out from under the blanket and got off the bed. The guy made no move to stop her as she walked the length of the bed then back. She was feeling anxious. She had no idea where she was and no one else knew that she hadn’t gone to Sweden. They wouldn’t be looking for her, which meant she was on her own. She would have to go up against evil aliens by herself.

She started to wonder who had her. Was it Nicholas? Possibly Lonnie and Rath? She had told the aliens that Khivar’s obsession with Isabel could have been the reason why Alex had been killed, so could it be him? Or was it a completely and new enemy? They didn’t know how many enemies the four square had.

Liz’s attention turned back to the door when it opened and a different man came through it. The new arrival rattled something off in the language that she had heard used before, before the guard he was addressing bowed slightly before saying in English, “Yes, my Lord Khivar.”

The guard left and the guy, Khivar, turned towards Liz. She had been right, Khivar had something to do with all of this. He had something to do with Alex’s death. Again Liz felt a sensation of familiarity as she took a moment to look over the man who had taken Max’s thrown. She didn’t know why but it was there.

Khivar was tall, although most people were compared to her, with dark blonde hair. He looked to be in shape, with wide shoulders and just enough muscle to not over do it. He held himself like a guy who was used to being in charge, which he probably was. His skin had a medium tone to it, not olive like her own however not pale like Tess’s but a healthy medium. Overall he looked to be in his mid to late twenties although Liz knew he was far older than that. She couldn’t help but be curious if this was really him or if he had taken over a human’s body like Larek had before. She looked into his blue eyes and saw something that made her think that it was really him. They didn’t look how Brody/Larek’s had. There was something in them that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. They looked like they contained a wide range of emotions. All in all she couldn’t blame Isabel for falling for him before, he was very handsome. She couldn’t believe that she was very attracted to her captor. She snapped out of it and said, “Khivar?”

“Yes.” He answered simply as he continued to stare at her. It seemed to Liz that he was trying to memorize her or something. Trying to learn every detail, something she found odd.

Before Liz knew what she was doing she moved to strike him. All the anger and grief she had been feeling over the death of her best friend, a guy she considered her brother, came out. It had built and festered ever since Valenti had appeared at the Crashdown to tell them about what had happened. And now she had looked at Khivar as an outlet for all of it. She felt her fists make contact only a few times before he grabbed her wrists. She used the small amount of weight she had to struggle against him. He kept his hold on her and shoved her back down onto the bed. But she didn’t give up and continued to fight back.

“Damn it Enola stop this or I’ll have to have you restrained.” Khivar declared.

Liz could see that her struggles were in vain so she did indeed stop. But although she stopped he did not immediately move from his position over top of her but made sure that she was pinned down. He looked down at her and asked, “Can I trust you to behave?”

Liz nodded, Khivar released her and stood back up. She sat up but stayed sitting on the edge of the bed. “I demand to know why I have been brought here and held prisoner.” Liz said. She didn’t want to show fear, although that was what she was feeling, and tried to sound braver than she was was.

“You are not a prisoner, you were brought here for your own safety.” Khivar stated.

“Yes, I’m sure my safety is the genuine reason for my capture.” Liz said defiantly.

“Believe me when I say it is true. You were getting too close in your investigation to be allowed to continue. It was becoming too dangerous for you.” Khivar explained.

“So you admit that you had something to do with it.” Liz spit out vehemently. “Why did you kill Alex? He’s did nothing to you, nothing at all.”

“You have my word that I nor any of my people are responsible for the wrongdoing you are referring to.” Khivar said, Liz could hear an air of disdain for her even suggesting it.

“Why should I believe you?” Liz asked.

“Because I am not lying.” Khivar said simply with a raise of his shoulders. “If you want to know the true guilty party you should look closer to home.”


“An enemy disguised as a friend.” He answered. “One in the midst of your small group.”

Liz thought about what he was implying to her. If she could believe him, he was saying that someone in their group of nine had been the one to kill Alex. It only took her a couple of seconds to eliminate the non-guilty parties and come up with the responsible one. “Tess.”

“Yes, Ava or as you call her Tess, is the one to blame. From what I have learned it seems that she was mindwarping him to decrypt a book that they possess but do not understand. One that came with them in their ship. She organized an elaborate setup to conceal the fact that he would be gone. She made it appear that he was out of the country.”


“You are right. But as you know he did not go there, as a matter of fact he wasn’t that far away. Only as far as Las Cruses.” Khivar explained.

“How do you know so much about this?” Liz asked. “Not just about Tess but of Earth and this area.”

“Not all of my men were destroyed last fall. They have been watching and observing until I arrived here five days ago.” Khivar said. He was still gazing at her intently but Liz ignored it.

“So this is your natural form and not a possession?” Liz half asked, half stated.

“Correct. As for my knowledge of this planet and the region, I have studied everything possible to understand it. Now back to my explanation. For a month Ava…Tess kept the mindwarp going, whether she knew it or not, it caused a slow deterioration. A month after she started her plans, the objective was achieved, he translated the book and she had the directions to use the granolith and get them home. Once that was done, she returned everything back to normal. But the deterioration was so advanced that the blocks on the memories of that month began to break down and he started to remember. He confronted her, told her that he knew what she had done and threatened to expose her.”

“So she killed him.”

“But first she attempted to mindwarp him again. The damage was too extensive and the mind can only take so much. Her last attempt was what did it in.”

Liz was trying to wrap her mind around what he was telling her. The whole time that Alex had been gone, Tess had really been mindwarping him to decode the book. And it had killed him. Why didn’t she just recommend having Alex try to Max rather than go to such extremes? She looked at Khivar and asked, “How do you know so much about her plan?”

“I have an inside source.” Khivar said before heading towards the outer door. He poked his head outside speaking quietly before coming back inside. And when he did he wasn’t alone.

Liz looked on in disbelief for several minutes before she found her voice, “Alex?”


The last part was not solely my idea, I got if from another story on the polar board but I'll go a different way then that author.
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Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm going to update on Monday and could possibly have a banner by then. Calinia is making me one and I think it'll be done by then since she was waiting for me to make up my mind about a font. Wait until you see it, it's very good.

I'm glad everyone seems to like this so far. I hope to keep you all here, this if my first UC story that is not a crossover and I hope I wrote it right.
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talena originally wrote:
LOL, anyway, is there a name for the Khivar/Liz shippers? Just a question I've been wondering.

There's not an official one, but Calinia came up with the name Traitors. What do you all think?
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Dedicated to: Anya, Calinia(2x), ofwolfandman408, panthergirl2002, Peachykin, TabascoLiz, FallinAngels, Lullaby, RoswellSlayer, Roslover2, tamira, talena, Kim_56Emotion, Asabetha, GWN, and MsSilvermucki

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful feedback. Hopefully the next part will clear up a few things.


Liz ran towards Alex and hugged him tightly. She felt his arms wrap around her tightly and it felt so good. She thought she would never see him again, certainly never hug him again. She thought he was gone forever. But here he was in front of her, alive. The reasoning part of her brain kicked in just then and she stepped back, “No, you are not Alex. Alex is dead, you’re just a shapeshifter or something.”

She saw hurt seep into Alex’s eyes before he said, “Ask me anything, I’ll prove who I am.”

Liz thought it over, trying to figure out what to ask. She wanted to make sure it was something that no one would ever know. After all if he was a fake they knew enough about him to do a very good job. He looked like the same old Alex, standing there dressed in baggy pants and a T-shirt. “When we were little, what was our favorite play thing to do?”

Alex’s smile wide as he said, “We used to take the pillows out of their cases before we’d climb in them. Then we go to the head of a staircase and use them as sleds to slide down the stairs. We got caught the first time in the back of the Crashdown so we only did it when we were at my house. Our parents said we were too old to be doing it since we were nine but we didn’t care.”

Liz’s smile was twice the size of Alex’s as she hugged him again, as she did she whispered, “I’m sorry that I doubted you. But I missed you so much.”

“I know, and I missed you too.” Alex said. “I’m sorry I couldn’t come and tell you but it wasn’t safe, it would have raised too many questions and so much more. Before I realized that I did connect with Isabel but I think she thought the whole message was a dream.”

“How are you standing here? I mean what happened?” Liz asked. She pulled him over eagerly to sit on the edge of the bed so they could sit down, and she didn’t let go of his hand. She didn’t want to let go of him, she was scared that if she did that he might disappear.

“Well I’d be dead if Khivar and his men didn’t save me.” Alex started to explain. At the mention of Khivar’s name, Liz recalled that he was still in the room. He cleared his throat and said, “I have something I have to attend to, but will return shortly.”

Alex just nodded and Khivar disappeared out the door. When she was sure that he was gone, Liz spoke. “You have to tell me everything.”

“Well I heard Khivar tell you about Tess’s part in all of this. About her plan and that she was the one who killed me.” Alex started but Liz interrupted him.

“I am so sorry that I didn’t realize that she was up to something sooner. I have never trusted her and should have known she would do something like this.” Liz said.

“It’s not your fault, it’s hers. But back to what happened. That last day that you and Maria were at my house, I started to break out of the mindwarp. I remembered everything but I still remembered what had supposedly happened as well so I was very confused as well as angry. I went to see her and confront her. You should have seen her, she was freaking out because she knew how close she was to being caught. She told me that she was going to fix me and started to warp me again. I remember feeling a sharp pain then collapsing. I was in and out of it but I do know that she mindwarped Kyle into carrying me out to my car and I remember part of the accident.”

“But how did you survive?” Liz asked.

“This is where it gets a little fuzzy, the impact with the truck knocked me out but Khivar’s men have pieced most of it together. They were there when all of you were outside of the morgue and saw Max go into the van. But since I was unconscious, Max couldn’t connect with me and heal me. The men who came out to retrieve my body from the van? They were really Khivar’s men, skins. They wheeled me into the building then back out another door. They brought me back here and none too soon. If they would have been another few hours, nothing would have saved me.” Alex said.

“But if you were unconscious still how did they heal you?”

“They have this healing tube, which happens to look like a coffin, that was able to repair all the damage. It works slower than the other way of healing but a connection was not required. I was in it for six hours but came out just as good as ever.” Alec stated as he patted his chest to show he was solid. “And I’ve been here ever since. They faked my funeral and checked up on what was going on in Roswell and about your investigation. They intercepted your phone signal and tapped into it. They followed you to the airport and knew when you received the call from the Embassy. They knew that you had found out that I didn’t go to Sweden, I knew you wouldn’t stop looking into things in Roswell and Tess would come after you. So we decided you needed to be safe and brought you here.”

Liz took a minute to absorb what he had told her. He had still been alive when they had been in the morgue parking lot. And Tess had stood there and let them believe that she was as concerned as they were but she had been the one who had inflicted the injuries on him. If she despised Tess before she all out hated her now. She should have let her leave town months ago and not listened to Future Max. They were better off with her gone, she was more of a danger to them than the enemies that had attacked them. That thought made her think of her current captors and she asked, “So what are the skins going to do with us now? Hold us prisoners to use against Max and the others?”


“And how can you be so at ease around them?” Liz went on. “These are the people who killed and have tried to kill Max and the others. True, I’d be willing to give them Tess but what about Isabel, Alex? I’m sure that Khivar is going to make another move to capture her.”

“They saved my life, plus there are a lot of other factors and things going on that you don’t know about. Things that if you knew would help you to understand why I don’t feel threatened while I’m here.” Alex said. Alex looked away then and back to the door where Khivar came through again. This time he was followed by two individuals one who carried a large tray of food and the one that followed who was carrying one of her bags she had taken to the airport. The second individual put the basket down quickly and left while the other one laid the tray on the small table, bowed to what look to Liz like all three of them, and left. The door shut softly as Khivar spoke, “I thought you maybe hungry, since you were out for so long and clean clothes were also brought so that once explanations are complete you can clean up.”

Liz was about to state that she didn’t want anything to eat when she suddenly realized she was starving. She couldn’t remember the last time she had eaten plus how long she had even been there. “How long was I out for?”

“About twelve hours, it’s the day after you supposedly left.” Khivar answered. Liz couldn’t believe the amount of time that had already passed. No wonder she was starving. She eyed Khivar as she cautiously made her way over to the tray of food. It smelled wonderful. There was nothing strange about the food, it looked to be a simple stew with some bread but to Liz it was a gourmet dinner. She dug into it enthusiastically and was half way through when she noticed Khivar and Alex staring at her, “What?”

“Just wondered if you were going to come up to breathe.” Alec said.

“Sorry,” Liz said embarrassed. “I haven’t eaten much over the past few days, food was the last thing on my mind. There were far more important things to think about.”

“That’s Enola, determined to a fault. When there is a goal to achieve, she does everything possible to reach it, to the point of obsession.” Khivar said. He didn’t look like he had meant to say it out loud, but he had. And if Liz wasn’t mistaken, there was affection in his voice. Plus he had acted like he knew her personally when they had never met. It was odd. But what struck her the most was that he had called her by the same word or name as he had before and she didn’t know why.

“What does Enola mean?” Liz asked addressing Khivar. “That’s the second time you have refer to me by that word, Enola.”

Liz noticed Alex and Khivar glance at each other quickly before Khivar answered her, “Enola is not a term or word but a name on Antar.”

“But why are you calling me that when you know my name is Liz?” Liz asked confused.

This time it was Alex who spoke. “That’s part of what I was saying before, about things you don’t know about. If you’re willing to listen, Khivar and I will tell you, are you willing?” Liz nodded and he went on. “You know that Khivar was the one who overtook Max’s throne, and that they were killed then were reborn and sent here. Now what we didn’t know was that they weren’t the only ones. Khivar also lost people who were reborn and sent away for safekeeping. Liz, you and I were those people. I know what you are going to say, we’re human but believe me it’s true. My name was Ardeth and yours was Enola. Khivar is my older brother. That’s why he sent his men to save me from Tess when they found out what she was doing. They had been watching us and saw I was in danger.”

Liz’s eyes were the size of saucers at Alex’s words. “Say I believe this, that I was this Enola, who was I to you both? A sister or something?”

“No, not a sister.” Alex said uneasily. “You weren’t related to us. You were involved with Khivar, in a romantic way.”


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I'm glad you all like where I'm going with this story. I thought about making Alex Liz's brother but decided that had been done so I decided that it would be better if Alex was Khivar's brother. And the whole thing with Vilandra and Khivar will be explained in further parts.

As for Liz's reaction, you'll find out right away in the next part. All I'll say is that she is definitely surprised. After all wouldn't you be?

And btw I plan to update tomorrow. Thanks for reading.
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Dedicated to: MsSilvermucki, Asabetha, panthergirl2002, ccrswll, Anya, Calinia(3x), TabascoLiz, Peachykin, Kim_56Emotion, talena, and GWN

Thanks everyone for the feedback, and I hope this next part helps a little in explaining everything.


“What? You’re insane!” Liz exclaimed at Alex’s statement. He had just told her that she had been involved with Khivar that couldn’t be. She looked between Alex and Khivar. “This can’t be true, you’re wrong. Alex, you can’t really believe this?”

“Yes, Liz I do believe it.” Alex stated. “You and Khivar were together, I was Khivar’s younger brother and also had a twin sister. And he has no reason to lie about this.”

“He is the enemy of our friends!” Liz argued.

“In war isn’t the opposing side always the enemy? Otherwise they wouldn’t be at war.” Khivar said, which only pissed Liz off more.

Alex saw this and tried to calm Liz down. “I know what you’re thinking, that it’s some ploy to get me to tell him stuff about Max or to get to Isabel. But it is the truth. We are those people and we did live before. You know me, Liz. I wouldn’t fall for something like this or lie to you about it.”

“No! I’m human and so are you!” Liz reasoned. “Your blood proves it. And our parents, they have baby pictures of us, the others didn’t come out of their pods until they looked like they were six.”

“Eno…Liz, you are partly right, you were infants but you were not born at least not in this life. You were recreated and did come from pods. But for you to blend in you had to come out as babies.” Khivar explained. “There is more to this than you know and if you will calm down, we’ll tell you all of it so you will understand and believe us.”

“I guess I don’t really have a choice, do I? Considering you’re keeping me here and I don’t know how to leave.” Liz said defiantly. “Go on.”

Khivar waited for her to calm down a little more before he started. “Enola and Ardeth were killed before the Royal Four. So they were the first to be recreated, a prototype if you will. This was before I came into power and the scientists were not the same ones who later worked on the others. They were scientists who were on our side of the mounting dispute. It was actually part of the work that Enola herself had helped research. It was an experimental procedure that they didn’t even know would work. But I was desperate to make them live again.”

Khivar cleared his throat before he continued. “One consequence of the recreation was that it would take them a long time to mature so they needed to be safe for an extended period of time. So once the planning started I had to figure out where would be safe to send them. Earth was far away enough that no one would think to look for them there. And humans were close enough to our make up that you could blend in.”

“I thought Earth’s atmosphere was poisonous to you.” Liz questioned.

“It is to the skins. On Antar there are three different races, as there are on the other four planets in the system. The skins are what are called Electrians. The largest concentrations live in the wet areas of the planet but Antar’s atmosphere contains a lot of moisture and they can live anywhere on it. The other two races are Aloritans and Alorians. The Alorians are the aliens you are familiar with, the ones that the Royal Four are. Ardeth and Enola were also Alorians. They as well as the Electrians have a wide range of powers while the Aloritans or shapeshifters can only change their physical appearance as well as manipulate matter and some limited mental abilities.” Khivar explained.

“So Alex and I are supposed to be a mixture of Alorians and human?” Liz asked.

“No, you are not hybrids. You are pure Alorians.” Khivar answered.

“But our blood, it appears to be human while the others is green.”

“Yes it does. And none of Earth’s standard tests short of a DNA profile would say different. As I said before, our makeup is very similar. The main differences are our powers, and a few other characteristics.”

“If the other four are Alorians, why did the scientists who created them mix human DNA into them?” Liz asked. While she was unsure whether she believed the story, her scientific mind was vastly absorbing the procedure they were talking about and found it fascinating.

Khivar’s expression turned to an unreadable expression before saying, “From what my scouts have told me, after they were killed and smuggled away, Zan’s mother decided that since she knew people would be looking for them once the secret was out, that they needed to look different. So they came to Earth and collect DNA samples here and mixed. The other’s blood have a green appearance as a side effect of mixing Alorian, human and the gandarium.”

“Now as I was saying. Earth was decided on as a secure location to send Enola and Ardeth so a team of eight was sent down with them. These eight were Alorians, people I trusted who would be the best equipped to be guardians. They came to Earth in what would have been 1945 here. Their ship landed in Arizona not far from Copper Summit. The pods had to be kept hidden so that they could mature. The plan was for them to mature and the occupants to be raised until they were able to take care of themselves and be sent back to Antar.” Khivar explained.

“So what happened to these eight protectors or ‘guardians’?” Liz asked. “How come we’ve never seen them?”

“I’ll answer this one.” Alex butted in. “You have seen them, they are our grandparents. They were the guardians who were sent with us. As they were watching over us, they made lives for themselves. Got married by Earth traditions, years later had kids, our parents. They decided it would look better if they raised us.”

Liz shook her head, “No, that can’t be. My parents and my grandparents are not aliens!”

“Yes, they are.” Alex reiterated. He knew he was hurting Liz but she needed to know the truth. “Grandma Claudia was an alien, she had actually been your nanny. Her death was unexpected, she had a genetic disorder that occurs in some on Antar that ended up killing her. The others could not get to her before it was too late. The doctors and nurses who treated her were told that there were religious reasons behind them not being able to do certain tests and the authorities were not alerted. Courtney wasn’t hired by accident, they knew who she was except that she was a Rath supporter. It’s also how you went to work with Whitacker.”

Liz’s eyes filled with tears. One of the people who she loved the most was turning out to be a complete stranger to her. It was then that she realized she was starting to believe what they were telling her. Their story seemed to fit together. Of course she knew that for her them to want her to believe them that they would cover all the bases. And it explained why she had always felt on the outside of things. It wasn’t something she could explain easily but it was just a feeling. And their story explained it. But if it weren’t true, if he didn’t have proof, why would Alex go along with it? She noticed that they had both fallen silent and she wiped her eyes to encourage them to go on.

“We received reports that they had landed safely and were well. They gave similar reports for two years until they informed us that a ‘supposed’ crash had occurred in Roswell New Mexico. They were still in Arizona at the time but Jonathan Parker and Colin Whitman went to Roswell to see if there was any truth to the tale. By the small evidence they heard, they realized that it was an Antarian ship. After they reported it to us, we looked into it and found out about the recreated Royal Four. It wasn’t until some time after that a large group could be assembled, mostly of Electrians, and sent to Earth to make sure that the first group was sent and to find the Royal Four. That was the group of skins that you encountered in Copper Summit. In that time the Parkers and Fishers decided to move to Roswell to keep watch out for any signs. By the time the second group landed in 1950, they were set in Roswell and didn’t want to move back. They had purchased the café and had settled. The next thirty years were spent building Copper Summit, watching over the pods and looking for the missing royals.”

“And all the while the war was still going on Antar?” Liz asked.

“Time in this galaxy is different than ours, we have multiple time dimensions. Where a day on Earth consists of twenty four hours, a day on Antar consist of one hundred and twenty Earth hours but appearing to be the same length. The time here moves five times as fast. So just over ten years has passed on Antar during the time that you have been gone, and yes the war has still been going on, in my favor. I am still on the throne although it has been a meaningless existence.

“So what was the plans once the pods hatched?” Liz asked.

“To raise the two of you without any knowledge of who you were. It was for security more than anything, it is hard for a young one to keep secrets and also so that you would not be raised with any problems due to the imminent isolation you two would have felt about being different than others. Then on your eighteenth year you would be told, and your memories restored.”

“But things changed.” Liz stated.

“Yes, we did not know exactly where the Royal Four were or when they had hatched so you becoming involved with them was not expected. I should have planned for it to happen.”

“Why would you have planned for it?”

“Because I should have known that if you were close, that Zan would find you.”


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Hey Guys, I just wanted to add a little note onto here.

First off, I just want everyone to know that I'm not going to do anything bad with Michael. As a matter of fact, he's not really even going to be in this much until the end. In this story I'm mainly going to bash Max and Tess.

Secondly, before anyone asks, Maria is not going to be Alex's twin. I thought about making her the twin but I figured that everyone would expect that so I didn't want to do it. His sister will make an appearance but she is an OC.

The next several parts will be explainations for everything along with some memories.

Thanks for reading.*happy*

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Dedicated to: Calinia, Asabetha, TabascoLiz, MsSilvermucki, TabascoSauce, Peachykin, panthergirl2002, talena, Kim_56Emotion, GWN, and RoswellSlayer

Hope you guys like the next part, I switched POVs so we could see something that was going on back in Roswell. But don't worry, part 6 goes back to Liz. Oh, and in case you didn't see it before, I left a little note before this and it gives a few answers.


The last bell rang and Max headed for his locker. He caught himself before he looked into Liz’s last class of the day. At least it what would have been if she was in school and not off on her quest that would find nothing. She had been gone only a day but it seemed longer.

As Max maneuvered through the halls and approached his locker he saw Isabel standing at her just a few down. “Isabel, I wanted to…”

“Sorry Max, I have to go. I’m catching a ride with Kyle.” Isabel said in her best ice princess voice before she moved to walk by him.

But Max didn’t let her get that far. He grabbed her upper arm to stop her, “I’m sick of this tantrum you’ve been throwing ever since I told you that you weren’t allowed to go away to school. You have to understand where I’m coming from with what I’m saying.”

“No Max, you understand.” Isabel said forcefully. “Everywhere I look, I see Alex. Here at school, at the Crashdown, and I’m reminded of how stupid I was for not letting him in sooner. Of all the time I missed out with him. Plus I’m reminded of someone who was so full of life but it was cut short. And you’re forcing me to stay here so sorry if I don’t feel like being around you right now, actually I’m not sorry at all.”

She wrenched her arm out of his grip and stormed down the hall towards a waiting Kyle. Max watched as they left the building before returning to drop stuff off at his locker. His frustrations at Isabel were still strong and anyone close could hear the slamming of his books against the back or see the vibrations of the door shaking from impact. But Max didn’t care and went about his business. He was still doing it when Tess showed up.

“Max, you might want to go easy or people are going to you have something personal against the locker.” Tess said trying to break the ice.

“I’m just angry at Isabel. She still won’t talk to me.”

“Well she’ll come around,” Tess said. “She just has to realize that your word is law especially when we go home. Speaking of home, I thought since you weren’t working tonight maybe we could work on more memory retrieval? You did so well on your last time.”

Max thought it over. Ever since the incident with Larek/Brody, the memories of his past life had been nagging him. There was something off about them. True, he had been telling Michael the truth when he said that Tess had played a large role in them but there was more to it. With those memories and the ones he had gained from the one retrieval session he had found that he had been attracted to Tess and cared for her but he also felt lingering feelings as if she was only a replacement for someone else. It was a strange feeling that he wanted an answer for but the only person who had memories was Tess and he couldn’t very well ask her if he had been in love with someone else. Especially not after their night together at the observatory. They had been working toward something of a relationship ever since and although it was strange to be with someone other than Liz, he was giving it a try. He looked over at Tess’s eager face and said, “Sure, I’m not sure if Isabel will be there or not but we can just go into my room and work from there like last time.”

The two left than and headed out to the Jeep. As they left they saw Michael and Maria in the Jetta and Tess asked, “So has anyone heard anymore from Liz?”

“Not that I know of.”

“So no one knows if she’s arrived in Sweden?”

“No.” Max answered.

“I don’t know why she went, I mean, what did she think she was going to find?”

“I don’t know. I know she was looking into some picture of a building that Alex was at when he was there. She sent it off to the Embassy there to see if they could find it because she couldn’t. She thought that a missing building had something to do with what she thought happened to Alex.”

Tess’s brow furrowed but she turned away so Max couldn’t see. If Liz figured out that the building no longer existed, then she might figure out that he had never been there. But there was no way that she’d be able to figure out where he’d really been, what he’d been doing or that she had anything to do with it. They pulled up at the Evan’s driveway a few minutes later and they made their way into Max’s room. As Max arranged everything like before, Tess couldn’t help but smile at how well her plan was working. She had Max to herself now, no Liz interfering where she was supposed to be. She wondered why Max always seemed to fall for the dark haired ones. She remembered him being infatuated with someone back on Antar with dark hair but her memories weren’t strong enough to give her any details. Of course she hadn’t told Max or the others about that. What was so good about brown hair? It was boring.

Once Max was ready the two sat down and began. “Is there anything else that you got from your memories that you want to focus on?” Tess asked.

“One thing I remember was a long corridor in what I think was a palace. It wasn’t like a normal hallway but like the Great Halls I’ve read about in medieval castles.” Max explained.

“I think I know what you’re talking about.” Tess stated. “Now close your eyes and concentrate on the image.”

Max closed his eyes and pulled up the image from his sparse memories and took a deep breath. He could hear Tess saying something but he ignored it and concentrated on the hall, the look of the stone, the largeness of the area and felt something starting to flutter at the back of his mind. He held onto it and tried to expand on it.

He saw through his own eyes as he ran quickly into through the entrance to the great hall and looked around. He had to find her, had to get her to understand. He didn’t see her so he called out, “ENOLA! I just want to talk to you.”

He caught sight of a flash of color ahead and rushed that way. He saw Enola hurrying a head of him and quickened his pace even more. He only ran a short distance before he was able to grab a hold of the back of her dress. It caused her to slip and she fell to the ground. Her head was hung down, her hair hiding her face as she said, “Zan, just leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you anymore, I want to go home."

“But I love you.” Zan said as he leaned in to kiss her but like before she pulled away.

As she got up off the floor she rejected his hand of help and did it herself. As she did she turned away from him, “Zan, I told you that I don’t see you as more than a friend. Please respect that. If you can’t then we can no longer be friends.”

“This is because of him isn’t it? Things were great before he came back and poisoned you against me.” Zan said furiously. She wasn’t listening to him but at least she wasn’t running away anymore.

“He did no such thing.” Enola said sternly. “My feelings and thoughts are not influenced by anyone.”

“Yes, he has. Have you not noticed or think I haven’t noticed how he looks at you? How he’s always has to be within arms reach of you, like he’s scared that you’ll run away if he let’s you go.” Zan stated. “ And you spend so much time with him you hardly come to the palace at all anymore.”

“My time is my own and I spend it the way I chose. And as for how he looks at me, it’s none of your business.” Enola snapped.

Zan stood there in shock as she defended him, “You care about him don’t you?”

In barely a whisper she said, “Yes, I do, very much.”

“But he’s only a council member. You would rather have him than be a queen?” He asked.

“I wouldn’t care if he was a pauper.” She turned towards him then as she said, “I love Khivar.”

But before he could see her face Max snapped out of the memory. He took a deep breath to clear his head and saw Tess staring at him, “Did you remember anything?”

“Yeah, um just a meeting with Michael in the great hall. Nothing big.”

“Yes, it is. It was a memory and it’ll help bring up more later.” Tess said enthusiastically. She left not long after that and Max played the memory over in his head. Who had this Enola been? It had hurt him in his memory that she had spurned him so he must have cared a lot about her. But she obviously didn’t feel the same way. She didn’t want him, she wanted Khivar and that confused him even more. They had talked like her and Khivar had a relationship but that didn’t make sense with what he knew. Hadn’t Khivar been with Isabel?


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GWN originally wrote:

Hopefully you will explain Isabel's relationship with Khivar, how does she fit in the picture now that we know that Khivar was in love with Enola/Liz?

Yeah, it'll be explain. Hopefully it's plausible
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Dedicated to:panther2002, TabascoLiz, GWN, Peachykin, FallinAngels, talena, Anya, and Calinia

Hope this gives you guys a little explaination. And sorry but I won't be updating again until Monday.


Liz’s brow creased in confusion at what Khivar said about he knew that Zan would find Enola. It didn’t make any sense to her. “I’m confused, if Enola was with you in your past life, I mean as a girlfriend or whatever. Why would you think Zan would find her…uh me?”

“Zan was obsessed with Enola from the first time he saw her,” Khivar explained. “He thought he was in love with her and wanted her to be his queen.”

“And it wasn’t reciprocated?” Liz asked. She found it hard to believe that she had not loved Max before, after how much she loved him now or at least did until he changed.

“At first, Enola had known him since they were young and had had a crush on him. But later her feelings changed to one of just friends and he wouldn’t accept it.” Khivar stated.

“Can you tell me more about before Enola and Ardeth were killed? You mentioned earlier that Ardeth had a twin sister, was Enola close to her? Is she still alive?” Liz asked. She felt this overwhelming urge to find out as much as she could about this person she was supposed to have been. There was so much to find out, she didn’t know where to start.

“Yes, she’s still alive and yes you were close to her.” Khivar stated. “On Antar there were several families who although were not related were considered to be the royal class. Zan and Vilandra’s family was first in line, so that was how their family came into power. If their family failed to produce heirs other families could come to power. There were several other families under them, Rath’s, Enola’s, Ava’s, mine, as well as a couple more including Larek’s. It is similar to the noble classes among the monarchies here on Earth. Enola’s father and mine were very close as were our mothers so of course we knew each other. We played together as kids during our parents’ visit with each other.”

“As I said, Enola was good friends with our sister, Katrin and Ardeth until he was sent away. The males of the higher families were sent away to an academy, to train us for what was to be expected of us. We were sent away for several years, Zan being the crowned prince was the only one allowed to come home on a regular basis that was when he and Enola became more friendly.” Khivar explained trying to detail it out for her.

“And the girls? What was their education?”

“Mostly they were trained with tutors back at their homes as well as attend classes at an ordinary school. Don’t think that the females were looked down upon at all. On Antar women have as high positions as any of the men, except for king of course. I’ve told you that Enola was a brilliant scientist, she was top of her class, much to Ava’s dismay if I recall. When they were growing up, Ava was always very jealous of her. She liked to think she was smarter than anyone so when Enola took the top rank in her class, Ava was livid. Not that she was in the running; Vilandra was second after Enola. And Katrin or Kat as we called her was in third.” Khivar stated before smiling. “Enola’s parents were so proud.”

“Are they still alive? The parents?” Liz asked.

“They are all alive except for my mother. She actually died right before Ardeth and I left. Your mother took on the role as a surrogate mother especially to Kat.” Khivar explained. “We were very lucky to have her. Kat really needed a mother as she got older.”

Khivar smiled. “It brought the girls closer together. Enola was only child and loved being around people. And everyone loved to be around her. Her parents pampered her but she was far from spoiled. She used the advantages to learn everything she could. She was very independent and strong willed. Her families’ home was in a wooded area that she loved. She said it was more beautiful then the cliffs that were close by. She could be seen out there all the time exploring on her own most times usually dragging Katrin along with her.” She noticed a slight sadness in his face when he mentioned the woods but continued.

“During the years he was gone, Ardeth kept in touch with Enola. I was two years older as was Zan and Rath then them but in the close circle of families a few years meant nothing. When Ardeth and I came back the first place he went after visiting our father was with Kat to see Enola. I did not see her until a couple of months later when our father threw a ball in celebration for our homecoming.” Khivar smiled at his memories and looked at Liz. She saw his eyes roaming her face like he was remembering how she had looked. “She was wearing this gown of deep red, the color a deep red wine here, and looked so beautiful. It not the most modest dress and hugged her just right. Well anyway I came upon her while she was talking to my brother and sister. I asked her to dance and we stayed in each other’s company for the remainder of the evening. There was just something between us from the beginning and I wasn’t going to let that slip away. I asked her if I could see her again and she said yes. After that we spent quite a bit of time together, at her home or mine.”

“But we were told that you were involved with Vilandra. That she betrayed Zan and her family to be with you. Both Whitacker and Nicholas told her that.” Liz said.

Her statement caused Khivar to have a look of amusement on his face. “I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at you. Just your words. You see I was no more involved with Vilandra than that of a friend and at the time just before her death, hopeful to soon be a brother in law.”

It took her a minute but when she figured it out, Liz ’s eyes swung over to Alex, “Ardeth and Vilandra? I’m right aren’t I? You were together?”

“Yes.” Alex said unable to stop from blushing.

“Now it makes sense why you’ve always been in love with her.” Liz joked. “Even when we were younger and before you found out about girls you were obsessed with her.”

“But when the events before the war started Zan forbade it and I wasn’t allowed to see her. Then he arranged her engagement to Rath, who of course was loyal to him and he could keep an eye on her. He wasn’t happy when he found out that even after I was killed that she was still loyal to Khivar and met with him in secret to give him inside information.” Alex stated. “She wasn’t supposed to be killed, she was caught in the crossfire.”

“Her brother and mother could not stand that she had politically aligned herself with our cause, said that she had been influenced and used by us. But she was stubborn and knew her own mind so she continued to see Ardeth in secret. When Zan found out he considered it a betrayal.”

“What about Rath? You haven’t talked a lot about him.” Liz said.

“There’s not much to tell at least not in relation to Enola. They knew each other but that’s about it. They were sort of friends at first when she was friends with Zan but when her and Zan fell out of sorts, she fell out of sorts with Rath. He was Zan’s bestfriend and extremely loyal to him. Unlike Zan's sister.” Khivar explained before moving ahead.

“When Vanessa and Nicholas approached Isabel, they were trying to help her get back to where she belonged. With who she had chosen to be before, we thought she could be in danger if she stayed with her brother. When we found out that they also had no memory of their pasts, Nicholas tried to jog it for her. He told her that he wanted to take her back to her lover, which he meant Ardeth, and Khivar, me, which meant the cause she had fought for. When she refused, they couldn’t risk her finding out who Alex really was and was treated the same as the others.”

“What about the dupes? We know that they were working with Nicholas, and that they were more advanced than the other group. If they were more advanced, then I figure they might have more of their memory. And if they did, why didn’t Lonnie know who Alex was?”

“Alex told me that you are aware that one of the two batches of Royals were defective, the ones in New York were those ones. Nicholas didn’t trust Lonnie completely. He determined that while Lonnie had somehow retrieved her memories, they were jumbled up and she never was able to unsort them.”

“What happened to them?”

“After they failed repeatedly to meet the demands of the agreement, to kill both recreations of Zan. Nicholas became upset and killed them.”

“Is Nicholas still alive?” Liz asked, Khivar nodded and she said. “But the Harvest was destroyed and then Tess destroyed the other skins .”

“True, the rest of his people were destroyed. But Nicholas is very powerful. He has the ability to teleport himself and managed to do so before he too was destroyed. He reached a secondary base and contacted me. So I came to clean up his mess, get the granolith and of course to find the two of you. The latter being the most important.”

“What about his skin, his husk?”

“At the base they were able to help him until we could arrive with a fresh husk. He was weak when we arrived a week ago but he survived the shift. He’s here.” Khivar informed her.

Liz nodded her head. “If they knew who I was, why wasn’t anything said when I was at Copper Summit? Why was I attacked along with the others?”

“You were perfectly safe, nothing would have been done to you. Nicholas would have taken care of Isabel while Ida or one of the others took you away from Tess and Max. After you and Isabel were separated from the others, your guardians would have come with Alex and told you everything early. But things didn’t work out that way. Courtney ended up betraying us and destroying the harvest which you know aided their escape and doomed the skins.” Khivar explained before going on. “Then the attack on Roswell was designed so that you two would never be in it. The device Nicholas used had human and added your DNA to what would be taken away. You were both supposed to be gone but of course you were out of the boundary of it so you were excluded for a time while Alex disappeared. The whole thing ended up failing since they were unable to take care of the others and retrieve the granolith. ”

“What is the granolith?” Liz asked. “I know everyone wants it but why?”

“The most basic explanation of it is an energy force. But it’s an energy force that is almost sentient. It can sense whoever enters its chamber and can program itself to do whatever the command given to it. No one really knows what it is but it was one of your ancestors that discovered it in a deep cavern on Antar. He studied it for the rest of his life trying to learn everything he could about it. And while he made some progress, its true history and nature as well as real purpose are not known but it can be used as a regeneration chamber, a weapon, and even a transport if needed. People on Antar look on it as a symbol of power, the closest thing they have to a religious icon. Whoever has the granolith has the power over the people.”

“You said its chamber? Do you mean the whole thing isn’t the granolith?”

“No, just the cone in the middle. The rest is just safety casing.”

Liz nodded, “That covers that. Tell me more.”

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MsSilvermucki originally wrote:
I love your explanations but I have one really important question for you what caused the war on Antar? On the show they gave no real explanation?


The next part explains how the war got started. Then a little later you'll learn why Zan, Ava, and Rath were killed. (Remember ALex said Vilandra's death was an accident.)
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Dedicated to:ccrswll, Asabetha, panthergirl2002, TabascoLiz, MsSilvermucki(2x), Lullaby(3x), talena, *~*Lizzie*~*, Peachykin, GWN, RoswellSlayer(3x), Calinia(2x), tamira, Lauren21, and Mariiska

And welcome new readers!


Khivar tried to figure out where to start in his description of their planet. “Antar is a very rich planet, that is in resources and the biggest of our system. We have one sun but three moons. The sky is a different shade of blue compared to Earth’s, more of a slate color. There are many other differences. Too many to explain it all now.”

“And Max was ruler over the whole planet? Until you took over?” Liz asked.

Khivar nodded. “Zan became King less than a year after we returned from the academy so we were still young. Too young for him, as it turned out. His father was a great king, our world was thriving. Our technology was advancing even faster than before. Space travel had been achieved long before but we were trying to enhance it more, such as faster speeds etc. But it was put to a halt when he died and Zan took over. He started making mistakes right off, and wouldn’t listen to anyone to change them. Not Rath or me, or anyone on his council. He wanted the change but he didn’t want to wait for it. He wanted results immediately. And he didn’t like when the people he asked of it didn’t provide results. When I finally spoke up and started to disagree with him, the friendship we had started to deteriorate, but it was only the beginning.”

“Zan was always stubborn, but also a spoiled little prince. He felt that he should have anything he wanted because of who he was or who he would be someday. And as I said before, what he wanted the most was Enola. He and Vilandra were at my father’s homecoming celebration and was not pleased by what he saw. Enola in the arms of another, enjoying herself and having a good time. Then later at his coronation Enola accompanied me, and when he saw we were together, he was further enraged. He used the friendship they had to talk her into coming to the palace for visits. She agreed to it after all she was good friends with Vilandra and was there often anyway. I tried to tell her but she said I was imagining things. She did not realize his intentions until one visit. From what she told me, he attempted to kiss her. She pulled away and told him that she didn’t care about him in that way, that she saw him only as a friend. He didn’t listen. He kept insisting that she loved him the way that he loved her. They argued until she finally told her that she loved me. Zan saw red.”

“He banished me from the council, made it clear that I was no longer welcomed there. It angered quite a bit of people. We might have lived in a monarchy, but the council members were something like public officials. Not elected but still did whatever to gain community approval. Enola was the first to notice this, and it’s what put the idea of overthrowing Zan in my head. After all, I was of royal class as well and had right to the thrown. So we started planning, and finding out how many others, of all species and such, were against him as well. That was actually when I first became involved with Nicholas, he was in the army under Rath’s command and brought over the soldiers that agreed with us. I talked to Rath as well but he would not be swayed away from Zan. It’s a long story about our struggle so I won’t bore you with the details. When Zan found out that I was speaking against him, even gaining approval from some of the general public, he banished Ardeth as well from the palace and forbid Vilandra from seeing him. It was a petty thing for him to do really and only added to the quarrel that had already start brewing between himself and his sister.”

“But what I think infuriated him more was when he found out that Enola was at my side the whole time that I was doing this. It infuriated him to know that she was against him and was a part of the fight to overthrow him. If I had known at the time how far he would go to keep her away from me, I never would have let her become a part of the fight.” Khivar said looking grave before turning at Liz more intently, directly into her eyes. “You will remember all of this one day and I hope that you will forgive me when you do.”

Liz was shocked by the sincerity in his voice and the almost plea for forgiveness. She didn’t know how to respond to it so she asked something else, “What were her powers?”

“Enola was like other women Alorians, her powers were mental in nature. She had the ability to pick up on peoples’ emotions as well as another power that is similar to mind warping. She could access someone’s memories, at first by touch and then just by focusing on their eyes and use what she found to project it back to them.”

Khivar could see that Liz was confused so decided to elaborate, “It’s like you could go into my head, find a memory of mine and then make an image of that memory or anything in it appear. As I said, it’s like a mindwarp except instead of creating any illusion you are limited to what is in a person’s memories. Granted that gives a wide range of options but it can still be limiting. Does that make it any clearer?”

“Yes.” Liz answered.

“Enola was powerful with these powers but not completely comfortable with using them. She felt that they could be very intrusive so she would often block people from her. She learned at a young age how to control them and would only let her guard down she used to block others emotions around the people she trusted the most. People that trusted her but even then not always. She didn’t like knowing peoples’ feelings that way. She wanted to find out how people felt on her own, without using her powers.”

Liz thought over what he said and small things started to come together, “The flashes.”

“What?” Khivar asked.

“Um, flashes.” Liz repeated suddenly feeling embarrassed. She felt strange talking about them to him, uncomfortable to tell the guy you were in love with in your past life that you kissed and loved his enemy. “Ever since I was shot and Max healed me, I’ve got these flashes of memories when I’ve …come into contact with the others. Actually just Max and Nasedo, one of their protectors, I never got close enough to any of the others to see if it worked on them. And I never tried to form a connection, the only one I did wasn’t originated by me but by Max.”

“His healing you probably broke through the block that kept your powers locked away. From your explanation it was more like cracked it. Your powers then started to leak out and you were picking up peoples’ memories but didn’t do anything with them.” Khivar said through gritted teeth obviously uncomfortable as she was at the admission.

“So Enola’s life is locked away inside of me? Like from the time she was born until she died? Her loves, her hates, the knowledge of her powers and the science that helped recreate her?”

“Yes.” Khivar answered her. “It is all inside you, just locked away. When you came out of your pods your guardians connected and pooled their energy to lock your memories away.”

Liz looked over at Alex, “Do you have yours?”

“Yes, I remember everything and I have my powers.” Alex said. “When I was healed they came out.”

Absorbing everything in, Liz looked at them both before saying, “I want to remember too.”


From her spot outside the pod chamber, Isabel had a perfect view of the night sky. It was clear out and the stars sparkled unrestricted. But as beautiful as it was, it felt empty without Alex sitting next to her. They had spent many nights last summer doing exactly what she was doing now, just sitting in different parts of the desert and staring at the stars. So she had come out there to try and make herself feel better. She had been here for hours, she had asked Kyle to drop her off at the podchamber. She knew that she wouldn’t want to go home, she had felt like she had to get away. If she stayed home she would have had to deal with Max, and later her parents asking her how she was. How did they think she felt? Alex was dead, and if Liz was right it was because of her.

She looked up to the stars as if they held the answer to Alex’s death. As she stared up she asked, “Come back and talk to me, please.”

But no answer came, Alex didn’t pop up to visit her again. And although she knew it was a figment of her imagination, she would have been happy with that little bit of Alex. It helped her heart some to know that she could at least confess her feelings for him in those illusions. She knew she had only herself to blame for it. If she had fought her feelings for so long and gotten over her paranoia then she would have had more time with him. But she had let years of not trusting anyone except Michael and Max influence her, and kept him out. Nevertheless however much she had kept herself and her feelings locked away, Alex had known more about her than anyone.

She saw lights in the distance and knew it was Kyle. She had felt bad about it but he had insisted on coming to get her. She climbed down the rock face and hopped in the car when he stopped. They had been driving about ten minutes before Kyle said, “You want me to drop you at home?”

“Unfortunately yes. Looks like I’m going to be stuck there for a long time.” Isabel complained as she watched the desert scenery go by.

Kyle glanced over at her for a minute before turning his eyes back to the road. “I thought you wanted go to college, you shouldn’t let Max stop you.”

“Kyle you don’t understand.” Isabel said. “As much as I don’t agree with Max, I have no choice. He’s going to make sure that I don’t go anywhere. And he’s the king.”

“Isabel, did you ever think that he shouldn’t be in charge?” Kyle asked.

“What do you mean?” Isabel asked. “Max always has been the leader, it’s just a role he assumed when we came out of the pods. I guess it’s some ingrained thing since he was king before.”

“It’s no secret that Evans and I don’t get along, but don’t think that I’m saying this out of spite. But just because he was king before doesn’t mean that he deserved to be or the best man…alien for the job.” Kyle explained trying to proof his point. “After all, you four died before. That’s why you were sent here. Have you ever thought that maybe it was King Max’s leadership that got you all killed?”

“No, I haven’t.” Isabel said. They didn’t talk anymore on the drive home. She thanked him when he dropped her off and she crept into the house. It was silent and she was thankful for it. As she snuck past Max’s room she saw the light was off and she breathed a sigh of relief. He was the last person she wanted to see right now. She managed to get up to her room without waking anyone up. She undressed and fell into bed with the hopes of dreaming of Alex.

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Peachykin originally wrote:

Its funny how when you only hear one side of the tale, you put so much faith in it, but now Liz is getting the other side and while she's got to still be in shock, you can feel her acceptance of the truth.

You hit the nail on the head. That was how I came up with the story's idea. It just popped into my head and I had to write it.

You can even feel her softening around Khivar. Him letting his emotions, love for Enola seep through his tale. Showing Liz that he truly loved her former self and Liz seeing how she could have loved him as well.

Liz is going to be confused for a while because of all of the history between her and Khivar.

Its too bad they couldn't get Rath on their side, he would have been a powerful ally, but I understand his loyalty to Max. Its always been a part of Michael no matter how much he disagreed with him, Michael always stood by him.

I really love Michael and would love to have him be on the right side but I didn't want the whole group to suddenly switch alligences. I just didn't think it was right. He'll mostly be inbetween.

Isabel. My heart broke for her on those rock. Longing for her love and we know he's alive. Kyle is a good friend, being there for her, making her think about things, not avoiding the uncomfortable notion that Max might not be destined for greatness.


You'll see more of Kyle and Isabel in the following parts.

Thanks for all the feedbacks! I plan to update tomorrow.

And Welcome Sternbetrachter! Calinia told me that she recommended the story and I'm glad you like it. If you're patient, you'll have some stargazer moments later.
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Dedicated to: Calinia(2x), RoswellSlayer, Asabetha, Peachykin, panthergirl2002, MsSilvermucki, GWN, talena, tabascosauce, Sternbetrachter, and Mariiska.

This next part is a transitional part so it might be a little boring.


“I want to remember too.”

Khivar and Alex looked at each other for a minute before Alex asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’ll prove it too me that I am indeed Enola. And if I am then I’m going to remember efficiently anyway. What’s a few less months?”

“Liz, when you do this, you’re going to be out again for a little bit. It’s draining, and when you awaken its going to be really confusing. Enola and Liz will have to mesh.” Alex explained.

“But you did it, even after a massive head trauma and you came out okay.” Liz stated.

“True, I just want to warn you is all.” Alex said. “Just think a little more on it.”

Liz did what he suggested and thought on it. She had only just found out that she was an alien and lived a past life. A past life where she had been in love with the man who up until now, had been called the enemy. That the people she had thought she had to run from were actually her people. She knew her story but it was from another person and not her memories. And there was even more that she didn’t know. She wanted to know her life stuff like what their home looked like. But was she ready to remember it all? In her past life she didn’t feel the same way toward Max as she had in this one. Hell she had helped to start the fight to dethrone him. But hadn’t she told Max that they weren’t supposed to be together? Future Max’s visit had shown that they were not to be together, it had brought the end of the world. Had Khivar been upset that she had chosen Max? Did she even know in the other time line that she was Enola?

She shook her head to clear those thoughts. She wanted her memories, they were a part of her and not knowing that part of herself would drive her nuts. “I want to know.”

Khivar nodded, “I’ll go to set it up now. It will take a little time so if you want to get freshen up you will have time.”

“Thank you.” Liz said suddenly uneasy to be around him. When this was over, she would remember their time spent together. By the way he acted, they had probably been lovers. Ever since she had said she wanted her memories back she saw a glint in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. He nodded slightly towards her before he left. Alex stayed behind wanting to talk to Liz. He watched as she started to go through the bag of her stuff looking for fresh clothes when looked up, “What it’s like? When you got your memories back?”

“Like I said, it’s disorienting. But once you remember that you are both people, and one doesn’t have to be put aside for the other one.”

“What did you remember?”

“Everything. Not just snatches here and there but my whole life as Ardeth. I have as many memories of that life as I do for this one.” Alex explained.

Liz nodded, as she thought about it. She couldn’t wait to find out about her past self. Then she remembered something and said, “My parents. They’re going to wonder where I am.”

“Khivar already told them what was going on and they know you’re safe.”

“So your family knows of course that you’re alive?” Liz asked.

“Yes, they have come to visit once but to keep up appearances they couldn’t come more.” Alex explained, “My supposed grandparents have been able to come more often.

“I wanted to ask you something that I didn’t think to ask before, my aunt in Florida, is she really my aunt? And if she isn’t my aunt, who is she?” Liz asked.

“She is your aunt, she is your grandparent’s child.” Alex answered. “She moved to Florida to help run a base there. A small group were sent down there years ago to set up the secondary base in case something happened to Copper Summit. Which was a good idea.”

“It’s strange to think that while we were battling skins, they were the side we were on before.” Liz said. She looked at Alex and said, “You know Isabel has been miserable since the night of your accident. She’s really kicking herself for not telling you sooner how she felt about you.”

“I miss her and Maria too.” Alex said.

“Oh God! What are we going to do about Maria?”

“I don’t know, but for now, nothing.” Alex said. “And I wish I could tell her. But at the moment your safety was the bigger issue. I have no doubt that Tess would come after you if you got any closer to finding out the truth.”

“But you got to me first. And now we can expose her.” Liz said thinking of what they could do.

She watched as Alex’s expression turned serious. “Liz, I know that you and Max have been fighting.”

“How do you know about that? Wait, don’t answer that. I forgot that Khivar has been having everyone watched.” Liz said answering her own question. “You’re right, we have been fighting. At first when I talked to him about it, he listened but then he talked to Valenti and looked through what I’m guessing was fake evidence he changed his mind. I mean Max wouldn’t listen to me. It’s like he just closed his mind to any idea that they could be the reasoning behind your death. He’s changed Alex. He’s changed so much. You know what’s kind of funny? When I brought up that I thought you were murdered by an alien and they all said I didn’t know anything about ‘their’ world or Khivar.”

“I just want to make sure that you’re not doing this because you’re upset with him.” Alex said.

“I can’t believe you’d think that!” Liz exclaimed. “I want to get my memories because that’s what they are, my memories. If I was this other person than I want to remember. My relationship with Max or lack there of has nothing to do with this. Max and I have moved on. We’re not supposed to be together, end of story.”

“Okay, okay. Then I feel better about what I’m about to tell you.” Alex said. “I wouldn’t tell you about it at all but I think you should know.”


“The night you supposedly left for Sweden, when you were actually brought here, Max and Tess slept together at the observatory.” Alex said.

Liz’s eyes widened in shock at his words. She looked at Alex and said, “I’m going to clean up before Khivar comes back and I have to go.”

Liz grabbed what she needed and went through the second door that did indeed go into a bathroom. She let the tears fall and tried to compose herself. But she couldn’t, the information was the straw that broke the camels back. Whatever she still felt for Max didn’t matter anymore, there was no going back. What they had was gone, there was no fixing it and she accepted it. Sean had been right when he said she’d been suffocating, living in this limbo with Max had taken it’s toll on her. Stomping out the feelings she had held on to.

She finished changing her clothes and went back to join Alex in the main room. He looked her over before he got up and came up to her. “If you’re going to lie and go cry, you should take care of your eyes.”

Alex shocked her when he ran his fingertips under her eyes and she felt the puffiness fade away. He smiled at her surprise, “Having powers are cool and come in handy.”

The door opened then and Khivar came back in, “We’re ready.”

“We’ll talk later.” Alex said. Liz nodded before the two turned to follow Khivar. She looked around to see they were in a long corridor similar to an apartment building and Liz realized she hadn’t asked where they even were before. She leaned over to whisper to Alec, “What is this place?”

“It used to be an old nursing home between Hondo and Roswell. With all of the rooms, it was a perfect place for Khivar to set up when he got here.”

Liz noticed them getting stares from several people as they walked by, “Are they skins or like us? And why do they keep staring at me?

Alex smiled, “They’re a mixture of both skins and Alorians. And they are staring at you because they recognize you of course. They are loyal to Khivar.”

“Oh,” Was all Liz said. They continued to follow until they reached what Liz thought had probably been the medical treatment area before and she saw a table that looked like a cocoon or coffin like Alex described earlier. “Alex, is that where they are going to put me?”

“Yes, the healing cylinder is the safest way to restore you memories and also the most complete. You could connect to Khivar or I but that would only open up your memories that we shared with you and not all of yours.” Alex explained from the knowledge Khivar had previously informed him of. “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. It’ll be like taking a long nap in a warm soothing bath, and I know how much you would like that.”

“I’m not afraid.” Liz said. Khivar spoke for a few minutes to someone nearby until he turned towards her and told her it was time. Alex helped her to get inside and the tube closed in on her. After a moment of claustrophobia Liz relaxed as she felt herself beginning to get sleepy. She fought it for a little while but then she could no longer and drifted off. But she didn’t dream, instead her mind was flooded with memories of her life as Enola.


**I plan to update on Friday at the latest. The next two parts will be some of Enola's memories**

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Dedicated to: Calinia(2x), Asabetha, Peachykin, GWN, panthergirl2002, RoswellSlayer, talena, and Cinder


But she didn’t dream, instead her mind was flooded with memories of her life as Enola. All of them came back to her but several were more potent than other.

Ten year old Enola made her way down the steps of her house looking for any signs of Kat, or Ardeth. They were playing and at the moment to two were hiding from he and it was her turn to find them. She heard a faint rustling and saw a small pair of feet peaking out from under her mother’s new hangings over the large window in the main sitting room. From the shoes she could tell it was one of her best friends Katrin. Her other best friend was Ardeth, Katrin’s twin although they didn’t look it. Katrin had long blonde hair while Ardeth had dark. But their eyes were identical, both shades of blue like others in their family. She crept over to it intent on grabbing the one hiding there but before she did, she saw a small movement over to her left and knew that it was Ardeth. She snuck up behind his hiding place and jumped out at him.

Ardeth jumped high into the air and screamed, “Aahh!!”

She couldn’t help giggling at his hysterics. “I found you!”

“You didn’t have to scare me to death.” He exclaimed.

“Shh, I have to get Kat.” Enola chastised.

Ardeth’s face changed from fear to one of glee at the thought of Enola doing what she did to him to his twin, he lowered his voice and said, “I’ll be quiet.”

Enola smiled as she crept back to the hangings and saw the small pair of feet still there. Using her powers she swept them back quickly before reaching out to tag Katrin. “I got you too!”

Kat pouted slightly at being found before admitting defeat. “Okay, okay, you won.”

“Enola! What do you children think you are doing playing around here? Your mother will be very upset.” Her nanny Cladya
reprimanded as she entered the room. She could be stern but kind as well. Enola loved her like a second mother. She smiled at the children before saying. “Now your mother wants to see you in your father’s study.”

“Her and father are back?” Enola asked excitedly.

“Yes, they are.”

“Come on,” Enola grabbed Ardeth and Katrin’s hands and pulled them to her father’s study. She burst through the door and saw her parents sitting inside. She ran to them and her father gave her a big hug, “There’s my little one. What was all that yelling we heard?”

“We were just playing and I scared Ardeth.” Enola told him before hugging her mother. Although she looked like both of her parents, with her dark hair and eyes, it was her mother who she favored most.

“Well it’s getting late and I believe the twins’ are expected at home so say your good-byes.” Her mother stated.

“But I don’t want to, if I do then Ardeth will go away.” Enola said.

“He has to, but don’t worry he’ll be back in no time.” Her mother said trying to placate her young daughter.

“Okay,” Enola huffed. The three of them walked the twins out to where their transport was waiting for them. She hugged Ardeth tightly before saying, “You better write me all the time!”

“I will don’t worry.” He said before whispering to her, “Take care of Kat for me.”

Enola nodded before the two left.


Enola was so happy that she felt like she was about to burst. She had graduated with honors at the top of her class, her parents had been very proud of her, she was going to be helping at the science labs soon and one of her best friends had come home from the academy a few months ago and was home to stay. She had been so happy when Ardeth came to see her when he arrived home and him and Kat had been by to visit every day since. Now she was their house at the celebration their father was throwing for the homecoming of his two sons, Ardeth and Khivar.

The celebration was a large formal ball and she had a new gown. Her mother had picked the color but had let her have free range over the design. Kat had talked her into going a little more risqué and the dress only covered half of her. Thankfully the half that covered her were parts she didn’t want seen the most. She grabbed another drink before returning to chat with Ardeth and Kat.

She was there for some time watching the guests when she saw someone moving to approach them. Her eyes locked on him, he was one of the finest looking males she had ever seen. He had a strong build, tall with broad muscular shoulders she could see even with his formal wear on. He had light hair as well as eyes. Eyes that looked like sky during a cloud storm. Their color looked familiar to her but she was too busy looking him over to think about it. As he came up she saw him smiling slightly in Kat’s direction. Was he a romantic friend?

When he finally arrived in front of her, Kat hugged him before turning to her, “Khivar, you remember my oldest friend Enola, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. You have certainly grown up. I see the girl I knew in the woman before me.” Khivar said as he took her hand and kissed it.

Enola suddenly felt foolish for her assumptions about him and Kat and couldn’t help but smile bashfully at him. “Welcome home, Khivar.”

“Thank you.” He nodded to her in gratitude. “Kat has caught me up on what I have missed and what Ardeth did not tell me from his letters from home. Congratulations on your academic achievement even if you did beat out by little sister.”

“Thank you.” She said blushing. “I enjoy learning very much.”

“It is delightful to see a woman that is intelligent as well as beautiful.” Khivar said still smiling at her. “Do your gifts extend to dancing as well?”

“I can hold my own, that is if someone was to ask me?” She said coyly.

“Well, then would you do me the honor?” He said gallantly. She nodded and took his proffered hand. He led her out onto the dance floor. Khivar whirled her around and they had a marvelous time. He did not leave her side, nor she his and she found herself enjoying it immensely. When they weren’t dancing they visited with the other guests and she felt she further impressed Khivar when she contributed to the different conversation with what she thought were well-informed views on the subjects. She was separated only a few times when she danced with Ardeth. She joked with her friend as she noticed him peeking glances at the Princess Vilandra.

The night flew by and soon they were on the last dance and Enola was back in Khivar’s arms. She was absorbing it as much as possible when something caught her eye. It was the dark look on Prince Zan’s face. She had never seen him looking that way and wondered what had gotten him so upset.

When the night was over Ardeth, Kat, and Khivar all walked her out to meet her parents so she could go home. She was about to go when Khivar seized her hand, “May I come to visit you?”

Enola smiled and said, “I would enjoy that very much.” before she got into her parents’ transport and sped away. She watched him until he was out of her sight.


Enola loved each of Khivar’s visits. He had visited six times since the ball, which had been only been three weeks ago. A few times he had come with his brother and sister but the last few it had just been him. And as much as she loved her friends, she was glad for the private time like now. They walked through the gardens on her families property talking about the illness of the king when Enola noticed the way he was looking at her, “What?”

“You are one of the most considerate person I know. It makes you even more beautiful.” She dodged her head down but his fingers placed on her chin pulled her face back up to look at him. “And that increases ten fold when I realize that you are clueless to the fact of your affect on people. You don’t even realize it.”

They stood there gazing at each other for want seemed like forever before he lowered his head to gently brush his lips against hers. She was surprised that his lips were silky and wonderfully warm. They gently caressed hers while he brought his hand up to cup her cheek. She returned the kiss with vigor and brought her hands up to lock behind his neck. The kiss broke before they could be deepened and they pulled away. He must have seen the disappointment in her face because he said, “Don’t worry. There is more to come.”

**Next part on Monday, it'll be more memories and is rating R-Nc17**

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Glad you guys liked the memories. Like I said, the next part will have them too. And the part will be a little longer, hope you don't mind. See you Monday!
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Dedicated to:Asabetha, Calinia(4x), RoswellSlayer(2x), Lullaby, GWN, MsSilvermucki(2x), Mariiska, and talena

**WARNING: The next part is NC-17 for sex and later violence. **


Enola raced to the door when she heard the loud banging. She flung it open and was so happy to see the person on the other side. “Khivar.”

Khivar caught her as she flung herself into his arms. She started to cry then. He let her cry it out and he ran his fingers through her hair to try and soothe her. He guided her inside shutting the door behind them and moving farther into the house. “Shh, it’s going to be okay.”

“How can you say that?” She sobbed. “Things are going to be in chaos. King Xavier is dead. He is, was a great king who did his best to move us forward, to advance us. And now he’s died too soon leaving only Zan to reign. And he can’t do it, he’s not ready yet, too naïve.”

“And selfish.” Khivar added causing Enola to give him a fierce look. “He is.”

“He’s also your friend,”

“Who has been increasingly hostile towards me.” Khivar interrupted.

“A friend who just lost his father.” Enola stated.

“You’re right. I’m sorry.” He said apologetically.

She knew he hadn’t meant to upset her but his opinion of Zan had just came out. She knew he was right though, everything from the fact that Zan could indeed be selfish to the tension in their friendship. A tension she felt was her fault. They stood in the entranceway of her house, in front of the grand staircase but it didn’t matter as she settled back his arms to relax. “How are Ardeth and Kat?”

“Coping. Kat stayed at home but Ardeth went to be with Vilandra.”

“I spoke to her earlier. She’s taking it hard, I can’t imagine what it is like to loose a parent.” She stopped when she realized what she said and looked at Khivar, chastising herself for bringing up bad memories. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to be hurtful, and you’re right. It is difficult.” Khivar said. “There’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about my mother. I think about what she would think of Kat, Ardeth, me. She would be so happy to see me with you, she always loved you. Just like I do.”

Enola pulled her head away from Khivar’s shoulder to look up into his eyes, “Really?”

He nodded slightly as he said, “Yes, I do. How could you not know?”

“I’ve blocked myself from reading your emotions, I wanted you to tell me on your own, to hear it from your mouth..” She said. “And now that I know…I…”

Enola couldn’t find the words to express herself so instead she pulled him close and crashed their mouths together. This kiss was very passionate, and soon got carried away. Khivar broke away from her, “Enola…”

“Shh,” She said pressing a finger to his lips, “I want to be with you, in the most intimate way.”

“We can’t, not here.” He said although she could tell that it was taking all of his control to do it. He wanted to be with her like she wanted him. But he was worried about them being together in her families’ house.

“My parents are gone, Father gave everyone else the day off to grieve. The house is empty, and I want you to show me how much you love me.” Enola said before she kissed him again deeply. She felt him give up his struggles. Khivar swept her up in his arms and carried her back to her bedroom. Gentle kisses and soft touches slid across skin as it was revealed to their hungry gazes. Warm, silken limbs entwined as they moved together in the dance of the ages.

Once they were there, clothes came off swiftly, as if their passion would consume them in its fiery embrace. Once she was naked, and her dark skin was bathed in nothing but the light filtering in from the windows, Khivar laid her back on the bed. The first touch of his mouth to her breast caused her to moan loudly. Her fingers fisted in his hair, as he nibbled slowly on the hard peak, and sending delicious shivers racing over her and straight to the very center of her being. His fingers danced along her flesh, the roughened digits memorizing every silken curve. He trailed his tongue across the valley of her breasts, to the other soft mound, giving it equal attention. She mewled softly when his fingers brushed the soft curls of her sex, and she surged her hips up to urge him on. She gasped when his tongue slid lazily down her stomach, dipping playful into her belly button, and then lower. Their eyes locked when he kneeled on the floor between her thighs, his large, warm hands sliding between the bed and her buttocks. He gently kneaded the swells of her ass, his eyes burning hers before he dipped his head to taste.

She reared off the bed at the first swipe of his tongue across her heated core. Her legs came up to wrap around his neck as he feasted greedily on her juices. Her fingers plucked uselessly on the bed as she tried to hold on to it. Her breaths came in shallow gasps as the throb in her center mirrored the strokes of his tongue on her sex. Alternating between her clit and her entrance, Khivar slowly, languorously brought her to the edge. When she was writhing beneath him, her hands desperately trying to push him closer to her, he stiffened his tongue and attacked her with ferocity like no other. The sound of his name broke his own hold on his control. While she was still trembling from the force of her climax, his nude body skimmed over hers, his shaft sliding into her tight, fluttering heat.

They both groaned as he filled her. He kissed her deeply as he began to move, his hands gripping her knees and spreading her wide to his plundering thrusts. Her nails dug into the strong muscles of his shoulders, her hips grinding against his. Thrust for thrust, stroke for stroke they met, equal in passion. She felt him stiffen and knew he was close. He tore his mouth away from hers, and buried his face in her hair. One of his hands moved between their sweat slicked bodies to where they were joined. With a gentle touch, they crashed over the edge together.

"I love you, Enola," he gasped into her hair, shuddering violently. When he raised his head to look at her, she ran her fingers through his hair and she knew that her eyes were shining with unshed tears. He brushed a thumb over her lashes, gathering the moisture on it.

"I love you, too.” She smiled at his slightly dumbfounded expression, and leaned up to kiss his surprised mouth. Slowly, they began to move together again, the force of their feelings pushing them to reiterate it, over and over. The room filled with soft moans and whispers of love as they fell into oblivion again.


Enola and Ardeth walked through the woods, enjoying a peaceful stroll. Khivar had told her that he didn’t want her to go but she had insisted. She argued that she knew the woods by her home like the back of her hand and there was almost no safer place except with him. She told him that she needed a break, a few minutes away from talk about their plans for his rise to power, and away from Vilandra trying to help her plan their upcoming wedding. Many of times she snuck out of the palace to see Ardeth she also came to see her. She appreciated Vilandra’s help but she was trying to talk her into a big one when Enola just wanted a small one, since they had so much else going on. Khivar had told her that he would give her whatever wedding she wanted but she had said as long as the people they cared about were there that was good enough for her.

As they walked she noticed that Ardeth was looking around uneasily, “Enola, are you sure about this? That we should be going in so deep.”

“I can’t understand why you never liked these woods.” Enola smiled as she picked up how uncomfortable he was, “It’s just nature, science, Ardeth, nothing to worry about.” She loved being in the woods, she could drop her block without having to worry about picking up stray emotions and such from others.

“I’m just more of an inside kind of man. You know, solid walls, floor beneath my feet.” Ardeth trailed off as he started to look around them. “Shh, I think I heard something.”

Enola picked up his change of emotion from uneasiness to alarm but before she could ask him about it, she picked up that they weren’t alone. She dropped her block so she was completely open to what or who was around her. Then she could distinguish at least six men, one, which was familiar. “Zan!”

She spun around looking for him, all she could see was trees but she knew that they were hiding what was there. She yelled out in the direction her powers were directing her. “I know you are here! Show yourself!”

He stepped out of the trees surrounded by six men all their hands ready to fire. She could feel his anger at her pouring off of him but found it odd that it was mixed with love as well, or at least what he thought was love. As he moved closer Ardeth pushed her behind him to try and keep her protected, to keep as much as possible between Zan and her. Zan only smirked as he said, “Enola, it is a pleasure to see you, looking beautiful as always.”

“Pour it on thick there Zan.” Ardeth said sarcastically.

“Shut up traitor! Your big brother isn’t here to protect you anymore.” Zan snarled.

“I don’t need Khivar to fight my battles.” Ardeth said angrily.

“Really?” Zan said smirking. “I’ve always known you being more brains then brawn. I think that’s why Vilandra is so happy now to be with Rath. To have an actual man who can take care of her and not have her be stronger than him. She can’t wait for their wedding day.”

Enola was almost knocked out by the wave of anger that hit her full force from Ardeth as he lunged at Zan. Zan put up his hand and his shield popped up but Ardeth didn’t make it that far. A blast from one of the guards sent him flying backwards until he hit the ground with a horrible thump. Enola watched in horror, “Ardeth!”

She ran forward to go to her friend’s side when Zan seized both of her arms. She started struggling against him. “Let me go! I have to help him!”

“Calm down Enola, you’re getting all worked up.” Zan stated.

“Of course I’m upset. One of your guards just attacked one of my best friends!” She said angrily.

“They were just doing their job, he was trying to attack me!”

“You egged him on!” Enola snapped. She felt Ardeth’s emotions weakening even more and she knew he was close to dying. She looked up at Zan and pleaded. “You have to help him, Zan. You can heal him, please!”

“Why would I? He’s been helping Khivar take over my throne!” Zan said.

Enola was about to argue more when she felt the sudden emptiness inside her, it was caused by Ardeth’s death. Her eyes filled with tears as she ripped herself away from Zan and rushed to his side. She could see the damage done by the guard’s blasts, a large hole was in the middle of his chest and when she looked away and up to his face she was met by the sight of empty eyes. Her tears fell then as she cried for her friend. But soon her grief turned to anger as she turned towards Zan, “He was a good man, all he wanted was to live a life with Vilandra and be happy.”

“He was a conspirator and a traitor. And a traitor deserves to die a traitor’s death.” He spat out.

Enola felt the anger in Zan but ignored it. Her anger was far stronger with in her and took over. “Who are you to sit in judgement on him?”

“I am the king!” He roared.

“You won’t be if I have anything to do about it.” She said defiantly. Then before Zan could grab her again, she took off in the opposite direction. She ran as fast as she could trying to get back to safety. But his longer legs allowed him to catch up with her quicker than she would have liked. He grabbed her leg and she felt herself falling forward. As she did her head hit a large rock and she was stunned. Her head began to throb and she felt disoriented as she felt Zan roll her over.

“Enola, I never wanted this to happen I didn’t come here to hurt you.” Zan said but she tried pull away from him, but he would let her out from under him.,

“All you’ve done is hurt me today! You just let my best friend die in front of me when you could have helped him.” She cried. She tried to move but he had her effectively pinned underneath him. Even if she did get away she didn’t think she would get far, the small movement she had made had caused her extreme dizziness. The blood from the big gash on her head was now streaming down her face. “You wonder why I say I could never love you! You’re a heartless spoiled little boy!”

She knew she had gone to far when she felt his anger come back at her like a punch to her chest. But it was nothing compared to the blow to her face and he hit her. “A little boy am I? At least I’m not a whore!”

“How dare you?!” Enola screamed.

“Don’t act all virtuous. I know that you are not as innocent as you pretend to be. I’m sure you gave yourself to Khivar very quickly.” Zan said angrily. “But he will not have you ever again! If you won’t love me, than you shall be with no one.”

Enola felt his fists come up to strike her again but he didn’t stop with one. She brought her arms up to defend herself and she tried to fight back but he was bigger and stronger than her and his anger was fueling him, making him even stronger. He hit her over and over again, she felt bones brake, and the lashes bleed so much so that she felt it half covering her body. With the last ounce of strength in her body she yelled as loudly as possible. “KHIVAR!”

**I know the last part was kind of violent but it just kind of wrote itself. I think if S2 showed us anything was that Max had a temper when things didn't go his way**

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“KHIVAR!” Liz screamed out as she bolted up. She felt arms wrap around her and a feminine voice say soothingly, “Shh, it’s okay. You’re okay, it’s just a memory. You’re safe.”

Liz blinked a couple of times in the attempt to focus on the source of the voice. It was a blonde woman and after a moment Liz figured it out, “Kat?”

Kat smiled at her recognizing her, “Yeah, it’s me. Good to see your brain wasn’t fried. How are feeling?”

Liz put a hand to her aching head, “Like there are too many people in here.”

Kat laughed, “That’s what my brother said when he woke up. He said between Ava’s meddling and his memories, his brain was going to resemble a fired circuit.”

“Where is he?”

“I kicked he and Khivar out hours ago. They were driving me nuts the past ten hours waiting for you to wake up, pacing back and forth.” Kat explained. “Do you want me to go get them?”

“No, not yet, just give me a minute to get my bearings.” Liz answered. As she sat up more and leaned against the headboard her body felt like she’d been sleeping for days instead of hours. She looked around to see that she was in the bedroom where she had first been brought to.

“You don’t know how good it is to see you.” Kat said.

Liz looked at her best friend from her life as Enola. By looking at her, you’d never think she was an alien as she was simply dressed in jeans and tanktop. She, like Khivar, looked to be in her twenties with long blonde hair and bluish gray eyes just like both of her brothers. It was strange to think that her friend who she had been slightly older than was now a lot older than her. Her memories were still sorting themselves out, she remembered growing up with Alex and Maria but also with Katrin and Vilandra. Descriptions of Earth mixed with what she remembered about Antar and the events that started of the war. And she realized that she was indeed glad to see Kat as well, to know that she was still alive. “You too. I’m glad that nothing happened to you.”

“Are you serious? After what happened Khivar wouldn’t ...” Kat trailed off when she realized what she was saying. “Let’s just say he made sure that there was tighter security when the attack on you happened.”

“Tell me about it.” Liz asked.

“I can’t tell you exact details because I wasn’t there. You’ll have to ask him for the whole story. But I do know that after, he wasn’t the same even with me. It broke something inside him, and he became ruthless in his mission both of our missions actually, and that was to bring down Zan. And we did.” Kat explained.

“What about you?” Liz asked, “How have you been these past years?”

Kat sighed, “Better now than I have been. Knowing that you and my brother are okay although things aren’t expected to be as I thought.”

“You’re talking about me being friends with Zan?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, that threw me.”

“I bet. So besides being under the watchful eye of Khivar, what have you been doing?” Then Liz realized her question must have sounded to Kat, “Did that sound as ridiculous out loud as it did in my head? I asked that like we’ve just been apart for a few months.”

“It’s okay, I understand. And it didn’t sound asinine.” Kat assured her. “I’ve been doing whatever I could to help Khivar. I helped oversee your rebirth, then pretty much any other job. I helped infiltrate the palace when he went after Zan, and fought along side him. Ever since we took the palace, I’ve been in charge of it.”

“What about you? Did you ever get married? Meet anyone? ” Liz asked. Kat had often been in the company of different men, including Larek but had never been serious with any of them. She hoped that her friend had found happiness any the years that had gone by.

Kat smiled sadly as she said, “Yes, I met someone who I loved very much. He was one of the bodyguards assigned to me for protection after the two of you were killed. After we admitted our feelings, things became difficult. He thought he couldn’t protect me as well with a personal stake in it. It was either his job or me, so he resigned his post as my protector and joined the regular soldiers. He became one of the army commanders. He was killed in battle a few years ago.”

“Why didn’t you have him recreated like me?” Liz asked.

“I thought about it. I even suggested it to his family but we both agreed that he wouldn’t have wanted it. He died in the way that he would have wanted. In battle, fighting for what he felt was right.” Kat explained.

“I didn’t mean to drag up bad memories.” Liz apologized.

“It’s okay, it’s the past.” Kat said trying to assure her that she hadn’t upset her. “I’ve known for a long time that life doesn’t always have a happy ending.”

Liz thought of something to say to change the subject. She then remembered something Alex had said when she first got there and asked, “So I guess it was you who helped your brother contact Isabel.”

“Yeah, he wasn’t satisfied with what the scouts told him and wanted to check on her for himself.” Kat answered. “So we went for a little visit. It almost broke my heart to see them. But I stood back in a corner and let him talk to her, trying to comfort her but she thought it was just a dream.”

“Isabel doesn’t know that there are different degrees of dreamwalking aside from what she could do.” Liz stated. One of Kat’s powers was a type of dream walking called dream control. She could enter someone’s dream and manipulate it. She could change an existing dream to anyway she wanted. Her other power was to astral project but she could do more than project herself. She could also project anyone or anything she wanted. Such as project the image of something she was holding to appear on the other side of the room or even greater distances.

Before she could say more the door opened and Alex and Khivar walked in. They both smiled when they saw that she was awake and appeared to be fine.

Alex rushed over and plopped down on the bed next to her, “Feeling okay?”

“Yeah, just jumbled.”

“Yeah, I know the scrambled egg feeling.” Alex said as he hugged her with one of his arms.

“So what do I call you now? Ardeth or Alex?”

“Whichever you feel comfortable with,” Alex said. “I answer to both. What about you?”

“Either one will do but I think I prefer Liz for right now, just until it sinks in a little more.” Liz answered and glanced over at Khivar who was sitting quietly, watching them interact. She wasn’t sure how to act around him. It wasn’t as simple as it was with Alex and Kat, they were just friends. Friendship could easily be reestablished easily enough. But with Khivar, she remembered how it had felt to be with him, to make love to him, to be in love with him. But as much as she had loved him and a part of her wanted to go to him now, she had lived an entire life since then, and Kat had said he had changed. If they were ever to be with each other again, they would have to learn each other again. Khivar looked up as she watched him and smiled, a full smile, which caused her to blush.

Kat saw the two staring at each other and decided that her and Alex had better leave the two alone for a moment. “Well I think we’ll be going.”

Alex looked at her confused, “What? Why?”

“Because I think Liz has some questions that we can’t answer. And we’ll have plenty of time to visit after she gets some stuff resolved.” Kat explained tugging him away, “So come on.”

Alex knew what Kat was talking about, he remembered all the questions he had asked after his own memory retrieval. He hugged Liz before following Kat out of the room.

As they left Alex couldn’t help but ask, “What do you think is going to happen between those two? There’s been a lot of stuff happen since they were together.”

Kat shrugged. “You are more qualified to answer that then I am, you’ve known her in both lives where I’m just getting to know Liz. But I do know that when she woke up, she was screaming his name. And ever since she looked like she was trying to figure out somethings.”

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.” Alex said.

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Here's the talk, hope everyone enjoys


When Alex and Kat left Khivar asked, “I guess by my sister’s not so subtle way that we need to talk. Would you like to go for a walk? Go outside?”

Liz realized that she hadn’t been outside in two days, not since she was brought there so she nodded. He opened the door and led her out into the hallway. They went in a different direction than she had been led before and again Liz saw people watching them pass. Only this time she could understand what they were saying. They were speaking in Antarian and she could now understand it as clear as if they were speaking English. It wasn’t long before he opened yet another door and she felt the sun on her face. She saw that the building was on a hill that over looked the desert. They sat down over looking the desert. Liz asked, “What happened? After I died…”

Liz looked over at him and saw sorrow come across his face. Like with Kat, she felt bad for bringing up such sad memories that had to be hard to live with. She saw a glazed look come over his eyes as he started. “When you and Ardeth did not return by the time you were supposed to, I had a bad feeling and took some men out to look for you. We found Ardeth first, and we knew that you had been attacked by the blast wound in his chest. As I squatted by his body, I saw a small set of footprints going off if one direction and recognized them to be yours. I followed them hoping that you had gotten away as the men looked around for clues as who attacked although we knew. I was alone when I found you.”

His eyes shut for a minute as if trying to block out the memories. But he went on. “I found a ripped piece of your dress first, torn as you ran and left behind. You were a short distance away and I was in shock when I first saw you. You were covered in blood and bruises, so much damage that you were almost not recognizable. I knew that Zan had done it that his jealousy had been too much and he took it out on you.”

Before she realized what she was doing, Liz was telling her side of things. “We were surprised during our walk. Everything was fine, and then Ardeth heard something and I picked up on Zan and some of his men. He was being his normal self. He harassed Ardeth until his anger snapped and he made a grab for him. He didn’t stand a chance because one of the guards blasted him. I begged Zan to save him but he said no because he was a traitor and helping you. I took off, tried to get to safety but he caught up with me. I fell when he grabbed me and hit my head. I was dizzy when we began to argue. He said I was a whore when I yelled that I would never love him. He kept getting angrier and angrier and that’s when he started hitting me and he didn’t stop until….” Liz said. She knew she was probably telling him what he had guessed at a long time ago but hadn’t known for sure.

It was bizarre to think that Max, the person who had saved her life a year and a half ago possessed the essence of the man who had killed her before. She knew that he had been raised differently here so it had made him different then before but she still thought it was very ironic. The killer became the savior. She pushed it away from her thoughts as Khivar went on.

“We took your bodies back, your parents were in shock and your mother burst into tears. I managed to get word to Vilandra, Zan had barricaded her inside the castle after Ardeth’s death. We buried you but not before the scientists and Kat took enough samples to recreate you. I don’t think Kat would have made it through the beginning if she hadn’t been working so hard. And I wasn’t that helpful either. My grief overwhelmed me, I barely remember the days that followed. Just that I kept expecting Ardeth to come running in to tell me some bit of news or when I’d actually sleep, I’d wake up surprised that you were not next to me. I finally broke down one day and my grief turned to hatred for the one man I blamed, Zan. My need for revenge was so huge that I was consumed by it, hardened me.” He looked at her like he was worried she would turn against him for what he said. She just smiled slightly to show him it was okay and to go on.

“After the recreation was successful and I knew you two were safely sent away, I started working harder to achieve our goal. It took some time but we made progress. In the meantime I heard reports that Zan had become reacquainted with Ava after she arrived home from wherever she had gone. He and Larek had been out on at the rock faces when he ran into her. His mother was still pressuring him to marry and since you were gone…I guess he settled for her. I heard that he did actually care for her, if he could actually care for anyone but himself.”

“They had a quick engagement and a large royal wedding, but they didn’t get to celebrate for long. It was during Ava’s coronation that we finally attacked the palace. They weren’t expecting it, which was the reason for our plan and we were inside before they could mount a defense. The battle didn’t last long. I don’t know if it was one of our people by mistake or one of Zan’s that killed Vilandra but she was killed as well. Both sides lost a great amount of people but we won. Ever since the war has still been going on although the battles have gotten fewer and fewer over the years. Now it’s more political debates and meetings then battles and combat.”

“And Zan?” Liz asked. “Did you get your vengeance?”

“Yes.” Khivar answered simply.

Liz nodded, knowing that his answer meant that he had killed Zan himself. And she found herself not finding it as appalling as she thought she would. Not that she praised violence but she felt she understood how he had felt. Zan had taken his love and his brother away from him. Just about anyone would want to pay the person responsible back for that. She noticed him staring intently at her as he said, “I said earlier that I would ask your forgiveness when you remembered for bringing you into all this and I hope that someday you will.”

“You don’t need my forgiveness because it was not your fault.” Liz said but she could tell he didn’t believe him.

She reached up, cupping his face with her hand and looked him dead in the eyes, “It’s not your fault, Enola chose what side she wanted. The side she believed in and the man she loved.”

It was then that Liz became away of how warm his skin felt in her hand and she pulled it away. She hadn’t meant to touch him. She also realized that she had just spoke about herself in the third person. It showed that she was still getting used to it all. Alex had been right when he told her that Liz and Enola had to merge. She was both of them and they would have to find away to come together. Thankfully the two were similar in personality but she still had two lifetimes to combine. She looked up and saw Khivar watching her, it was obvious that he had caught her slip up. She smiled shyly and said, “I guess it’s kind of strange to hear me call myself and talk about me like I’m a different person.”

“I won’t pretend to understand.” Khivar said. “I’m sure you have to experience it to do that.”

“I’m still getting used to my memories. I mean I have them but it’s hard to…I feel like an amnesia patient. Like one day I just forgot who I was, started over and lived for seventeen years then all of a sudden the amnesia is gone and I’ve got to figure it all out. I mean I’m Liz Parker but I’m also Enola.”

“It’ll come, my brother felt the same way.”

“But with Alex there’s a difference, in both lives he loved one person, Isabel and Vilandra. But while I’ve been living my life as Liz Parker, I fell in love with Max. He saved my life and risked his and the others existence to do it. True what we had is over and my feelings have changed for him but it still happened. I loved the guy who I came to hate and ended up killing me in my past life. And then there’s you. Over the past year since they found out their identities all I’ve heard is that you’re the enemy but now I find out that you’re not.” Liz huffed out.

Khivar leaned forward and brushed a piece of her hair away from her face as he said, “I’m glad you don’t still consider me the enemy.”

Liz shifted around uneasily in her seat, wanting to turn more into his hand. He leaned in closer and Liz knew that he was intending on kissing her and she felt herself wanting to feel more of his touch again like in her memories but she had to force herself to stop from acting on those feelings. She pulled back and said, “I remember loving you, wanting no one else except you. And I still feel that love for you. But there has been so much that has happened between that time and now. You said so yourself how affected you were by mine and Ardeth’s death. That had to have changed you, and living the last seventeen years the way I have, has changed me. Because of that I don’t think I should be with you right now. Not until we learn each other again otherwise it might cause problems down the road.”

Khivar looked disappointed but seem to understand. “I’ve waited for you all this time, and seeing you alive relieves my heart a great deal. I can wait as long as it takes.”

“Thank you for understanding.” She smiled although she couldn’t help but feel a little dissatisfied with the situation. Even if it was her idea. She turned her head and gazed back out into the desert as she asked, “So what do we do now? Where do we go from here?”

“I thought you just said…”

Liz tried not to laugh at his confused expression, “I meant what’s your plan now? Alex and I know the truth and we’re safe, you’ve rescued Nicholas. You mentioned about getting the Granolith, which Alex and I know the location of but what else? I know we will all be going back to Antar, and I want to.” Liz said truthfully. She did want to go to Antar, to a place where there were others like her and she wouldn’t have to worry about the FBI looking for her. Her dreams of going to college seemed minor now. She had wanted to go so that she could learn more about the science that she loved. But now since she remembered her past life, she already had the knowledge. “So before that what are you going to do about Tess?”

“Oh, don’t worry about Tess. She will be dealt with.” Khivar stated.


“Now that you two are safe, she’ll be picked up and brought back here. Then when we leave she’ll be taken back with us and be charged for the crimes against her. She won’t go free after what she tried to do. With my brother’s testimony, there will be no problem” Khivar explained.

“No.” Liz said firmly.


“No, that’s not good enough. I want her to pay for what she did to Alex.” Liz said with venom in her tone. “I know I don’t sound like myself but I can’t stop thinking about it. I want Tess to suffer for what she did to Alex. I want her head messed with like she does everyone else’s.”

“And you can do that when she is brought here.” Khivar stated.

“No, I want to hit her when she least expects it. She deserves it, she tried to kill Alex and mindwarped Kyle who trusted her, had him dump his body and then made it look like he comment suicide. People who knew him his whole life thinks he killed himself. And I can’t stand that.” Liz argued. “I’ve made up my mind, I’m going back to Roswell to get her.”

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Fallin Angels originally wrote:
I can't begin to understand how Liz must feel finding out her 'soulmate' beat her to death in her last life. (how can someone to that to a person?) I can see how Khavir would totally foucs on taking over Zan and Antar. Glad to kow he got his.

Can't wait to 'see' how Liz responds to Tess when she see's her, knowing everything she does.

Is Liz gonna go to Isabel and Kyle when she gets back to Roswell??


Is she gonna go to Maria?

Is Maria still gonna act like a self centered bitch to Liz when she gets back beacuse 'Liz isn't there for her', 'Liz didn't cry like she did', and last but not least 'Liz can't seem to accept the fact that Alex killed himself'.

Is Max gonna remember Enola and then go true stalker boy on Liz.I hope so, I really wanna see Max get his ass kicked, that abusive controling Zan is already making an appearence)
(I have Maria and Max issues as you can see*big*)

Post a new part soon

Maria is still her self centered self and you'll see what happens between her and Liz.

As for Max, I hadn't thought about him remembering more yet but reading your feedback made me change my mind and am going to write it into the story.

As for Liz's responses to Max and Tess, she's probably going to surprise you. Because at first, she's not going to let on that she knows anything. She's going to be sneaky.

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“No, out of the question.” Khivar stated. “It’s too dangerous.”

“I’ll be fine, I’ve got my powers back and I know how to use them. I can read her at any time I think she’s getting suspicious. I’ll be fine,” Liz explained.

“I brought you here to get you out of her path, I’m not about to put you back into it.” He argued. “She thinks you are an insignificant human, she won’t hesitate to get you out of her way.”

“I can’t believe you!” Liz erupted. “This is the person who tried to kill your brother, and would have if your men hadn’t gotten there in time. And you just want her to go pick her up like she robbed from someone. I want everyone, Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria, and Kyle, to know what she did. I want her to feel guilty for trying to take his life. For her to know that life is important, it means something whether you’re alien, human or hybrid.”

Khivar saw the determination in her face and knew that she was set in her task. He also knew that nothing was going to change her mind. He should have known she would do this, Enola had always been fiercely protective of the ones she cared about. She would do anything within her power to help, protect, or stick up for someone she cared about. According to all the information he had from different sources along with Alex, she was the same way now. Perhaps even more since this life had been harder for her. All he could do was make sure that some of his men were around her to keep her safe and he would alert her guardians as to what she was doing. And he knew that even if he wanted to, he couldn’t deny her anything. He nodded, “I’ll help in any way that I can. But you have to promise to be careful.”

“I will, she’ll never know what I’m doing.” Liz said already thinking of what she could do to Tess. “Thanks for not fighting me anymore on this.”

“I know there’s no point in arguing with you about it. If I told you not to, you’d go against my wishes and do it anyway.” Khivar stated.

“I’m going to do a little bit of other stuff too. I don’t think Isabel is a lost cause, things have been tense between her and Max since he found out about her alleged betrayal. Then after Alex’s death she was very torn up about it. I think she may come back to him if she knew everything.”

“Liz, I trust your judgement but I don’t want you doing anything that will risk your safety.” Khivar said with concern and worry in his voice. “You have to be careful how you approach her and what you say. Isabel may go running to Max if you tell her that you’ve been around me.”

“I will, I’ll make sure I tread carefully.” Liz said, “I won’t underestimate any of them.”

She didn’t wait for him before she turned to head back into the facility. She wanted to get started as soon as possible, which meant going back to Roswell now. She heard him following her but didn’t turn around. She grabbed the first skin she saw and in Antarian asked where Alex was. He knew who she was and didn’t hesitate telling her although his eyes did flicker to Khivar behind her as he gave her directions to where she could find him. As her and Khivar headed that way he said, “The cab that brought you here will take you back. That way it won’t look as suspicious when you are dropped in front of the café. I’ll call Jeff and Nancy when you leave and let them know you are coming back. As you know there are still some of our people staking out the rest of the others and they will also be updated Don’t try to loose them if you spot them.”

“What makes you think I’d do that?” Liz said sarcastically.

“Because I know that you wouldn’t want someone following you.” Khivar answered.

The two didn’t talk anymore until they reached where they were going. To Liz it looked like a small apartment and from what she could tell Alex, and Kat were all staying there. Kat and Alex were lounging in the living room and sat up when they saw Liz and Khivar come in. “What’s up?”

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m going back to Roswell.” Liz stated.

“WHAT?” The twins said simultaneously. “What are you thinking?”

“That was my reaction as well.” Khivar said.

“I’m going back to Roswell because I have some unfinished business to take care of. I’m not going away forever, I’ll be back.”

“What unfinished business?” Alex asked curiously. He recognized that look in her eyes; it was a look she had had in both lifetimes. It meant that she was coming up with a plan. But he wasn’t sure what it might concern, Tess? Max, perhaps? What was she thinking?

“Yes. I want to talk to Isabel. I want to check on her and see how’s she’s doing. She was in a bad way the last couple of times I saw her and I doubt Max has been doing anything to help her. And I don’t think she’s a lost cause, her and Max have been fighting a lot and the distance between them has gotten as big as the quarry this year. I want to talk to Kyle and Maria too. I want to check on Kyle to see if Tess’s mindwarping has any effect on him. He’s a good friend, I don’t want to leave him alone. And despite how much at odds Maria and I are at the moment, I want to talk to her too.” Liz explained. She saw Alex’s eyes sparkle when she mentioned talking to Isabel. She knew he was hopeful that Isabel would come to their side and against her brother once again to be with him.

“And she plans on confronting Tess.” Khivar added.

Liz saw that Kat and Alex were both about to say something and she held up her hand to stop them. “Don’t say anything. Yes, I’m going back to Roswell partly because I plan to face Tess. I’m not going to go right up to her and ask her straight to her face or anything. She’d just lie and say I was coming up with an insane theory. No, I plan on doing what she’s been doing to us since she came into town. Mess with her head.”

Kat’s face brightened, “Oh, I want to help!”

“This isn’t a game Katrin.” Khivar said sternly with no doubt in his voice that he was telling Kat that she could not help Liz.

“Don’t call me by my full name using that tone with me, Khivar. The only person that can get away with that is Father and you’re not him. So don’t try to use it and tell me what to do.”

“Am I wrong or am I the one in charge?” Khivar said back. Alex and Liz just sat back and waited for Kat’s outburst.

“In case you don’t realize it, we’re not on Antar.” Kat said before pointing down, “This is Earth, E-A-R-T-H.”

Liz decided she better step in, Kat had always been able to rile her brother’s temper and if they kept going then she’d never get out of there. “If you want to help, it’s fine with me. You can do it from here. Tonight, can you dream manipulate Tess? Not too big yet, just something small like seeing Alex?”

“Sure.” Kat said happily although Liz saw her glare at Khivar.

“And if you’re up to it, Isabel too. Maybe something to trigger her memories of Ardeth, I’m sure Alex can help you.” Liz said. She normally wouldn’t want anyone messing with others minds but unlike mindwarping, dream walking or manipulation didn’t leave any ill effects if done repeatedly. “And I’ll check in from time to time. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”


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The trip back to Roswell was an uneventful one. She had said goodbye to Alex, Kat, and Khivar who had given more warnings before she headed back. Just before she left Khivar pulled her aside as he pulled something out of his pocket and Liz recognized it as her cell phone. "Hit *9 on speed dial here and it'll connect you straight to me. Don't hesitate to call me even if you just want to talk." He added with a slight smile before pulling something else out of his pocket. "This is a locator I had programmed for you. If anything happens, anything at all, just grip this and send a jolt of energy into it. It'll send your location to everyone in Roswell including your guardians. And I'll be there as soon as I can."

Liz nodded as she took the phone and the device. "Thanks."

"I'm not going to let anything happen to you." Khivar said.

Liz smiled at the memory as she got out of the cab and looked around at the darkened streets of Roswell. All was quiet and looked the same as always but she couldn't help but think of how much was lurking under that illusion. It seemed that Roswell had quite a few more aliens then she thought when she left. She went to hand the driver some money but he shook his head and refused to take it. "No, it's not necessary."

"I know but I have to keep up appearances." Liz said reminding him. "It would be unusual for me to get a cab ride without paying, wouldn't you think?."

He smiled at her as he took the few dollars she held out. She grabbed her bags before shutting the door. She watched the cab pull away before she went inside. The café only had a few people inside and she could see that two of the day waitresses and one night waitress was working, probably called in to cover her and Maria. She glanced through the pick up window and saw that Jose was managing the kitchen. Deciding to see if her dad and mom were in the office, she headed to the back. They might just be her guardians or the off springs of her protectors but she had lived the last seventeen years as her parents and she would still think of them that way.

When she got there she found the office was empty so she took her bags upstairs. Once inside the apartment she called out. "Mom? Dad? I'm back!!"

They walked out of the kitchen and looked ecstatic to see her. Her mom ran forward and hugged her before her dad did the same. Once the hugs were dispensed her parents turned to reprimand her', "What were you thinking going off on your own like that? You should have come to us."

"I didn't really think I could come to you about this." Liz asked. "It's not like I knew we were aliens."

"Liz, we wanted to tell you but we couldn't. Your grandparents were under orders that you not be informed unless they got word from Antar. We couldn't break their words." Nancy explained.

"I understand, I really do. It's just hard to believe that I was lied to for so long." Liz said.

"We're sorry, Liz. But it was necessary." Jeff said.

"Did you always know you were aliens? That your parents were and about their mission?" Liz asked curiously.

"We learned about what we were when we were about eight. Sure, I'd noticed that sometimes strange things happened in our house." Jeff explained. "Objects that had been across the room suddenly appeared in one of my parents' hands or a home improvement project or café repair getting done in a quarter of the time that it should stuff like that. And I noticed that my father always left for one night a week and never said where he was going, at least not to me. But as a kid, I trusted my parents and didn't ask."

"Aside from that our lives were normal, we had regular human friends as well as each other. Our parents were always together so Nancy and I were close as well. I noticed them talking quietly with a few of their friends that came in but just assumed that it wasn't something kids weren't supposed to hear. Then when I was eight I got into a fight at school, it's kind of funny actually because I was helping out Jim Valenti defending his father's name from some other kids who was saying he was an alien loony. I got yelled at when I got home and made the mirror in the living room explode. I was shocked. Nothing like that had ever happened. I didn't know that it was coming into my powers but the parents did and knew it was time."

Her mom took over then in the explanation, "They took us out to Frasier Woods on what was supposed to be a camping trip. When we got there we were joined with two other families, the Whitmans and Bertrams. We knew that they were old friends of our parents as well but they lived in Arizona and we didn't see them that often. That's when they told us. About Antar, the war, Khivar, and the precious pods they were carrying. We didn't believe them at first but after a small display of powers, we did. Not to mention seeing you and Alex in your pods definitely convinced us. After that night it was decided that they would leave their home near the headquarters in Copper Summit and move to Roswell. They still weren't positive where the occupants of the crashed ship were so they thought they could keep a look out for them while the group of skins traveled around the surrounding states doing the same thing. We learned how to use our powers, grew up, fell in love, and when it was time we raised you."

Liz just nodded in response to the story, seeing that they were done she said, "I'm going to go to my room, the last few days have been tiring."

They both nodded and then her dad said, "You know Khivar contacted us right?"

"Yeah, he said he would call and let you know that I was coming back. I figured that he told you to keep an eye on me. He didn't agree with my decision to leave. He mentioned that the others who are around watching would be on their guard and not to try and loose them if I spotted them."

"He's worried for your safety, he wants to make sure nothing happens to you. And since you have your memories, I know you know why." Her dad explained.

"Dad, I'm not going to do anything dangerous. I'm not going into this blind, I know how dangerous Tess is." Liz stated starting to feel like a broken record.

"Liz, I'm not going to stop you, I care about Alex. He's the closest thing I've ever had to a son so I understand the bitterness you feel towards the girl who tried to kill him. It was all I could do to not say or do something every time I saw her in the café after I found out what happened."

"I know. It'll take a lot of control to not try anything when she's around but I have other plans for that." Liz stated.

"You and Maria are covered for the next week. Amy called earlier and told us that Maria still wasn't in any condition to be working and she's working on Alex's memorial." Jeff said.

"I'll call her tomorrow or I plan on going to see Isabel so maybe I'll stop by there too. But I can work if you need me." Liz said absently. She turned then and headed down the hall to her room. When she was inside she saw that everything was as she left it, all her charts and notes concerning her investigation were still up. She moved to take them down but realized it might look strange if it all disappeared since everyone knew she didn't give up easily when she was set on something. So she just moved them aside and out of the way.

Once that was done she took a quick shower, got into a pair of pajamas, and climbed out onto her balcony. She had pulled the loose brick out of the wall and retrieved her journal. She had a lot to write down and sort out. She turned on her little Christmas lights and used her powers to light the candles before she settled down to write.

It's April 30th and I'm Liz Parker, but the strange thing is I just found out that I'm not only her but another person as well. My name is also Enola. I was what you would consider a Lady or even Countess here on Earth. I lived another life before I was killed by the last person I expected, Max. Well not Max exactly but the person whose essence, Zan's, he was made from.

I think I'm starting to adjust to all of this except for one element, Khivar. I found myself attracted to him even before I found out about our past, and having these memories amplifies that a hundred times. I feel myself wanting to go back to his command center to crawl into bed next to him and just not leave his side again. But there's this part in my head that is overruling my heart saying that we need time to get reacquainted. I don't know which is going to win in the end, it's hard not to be with him. I think I'm probably the only person on the planet who knows what it's like to make love numerous times but still be a virgin. Maybe I should just listen to what my grandma Claudia/ nanny Cladya had told me before she died, to follow my heart, wherever it took me. And it's taking me to Khivar.

I guess I should push it to the side at the moment and concentrate on my payback on Tess. I'm not usually a vengeance kind of person but the fact that Tess just thought she could use anyone she wanted just to, to reach her goal is driving me insane. She didn't care that she took away a month of Alex's life and controlled what he did. Then when she killed him, she just disposed of him like she was throwing away a piece of paper. I think she lived too many years with Nasedo. Ava hadn't been the nicest of people but Tess is so much worse.

The more I think about all of this, the more it sounds like something out of a Science Fiction book. But I guess it should considering our lives contain what sci-fi is based on.

Liz stopped writing for a minute and looked down at her journal and let out a soft chuckle. Without even realizing it she had wrote the entire entry thus far in Antarian. The symbols were printed boldly on the paper and she of course understood every word of it. At least now if Michael found it, he wouldn't be able to understand it although it would cause problems when he recognized them as the same symbols on the cave in Riverdog's cave. She figured he had bigger things to do then search for her journal so she didn't worry about rewriting it.

She quickly capped her pen and put it back into it's hiding place except when she placed the brick back, she sealed it with her powers. She lay back on her chair and looked up at the stars, she knew that she couldn't see Antar but it comforted her to look at the V constellation. Her parents were there, waiting for her to return and she smiled. She was still thinking of that as she fell asleep under the stars.

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After working all day and spending the evening with Tess doing memory retrieval, Max was wiped out. The session had been in his eyes a success even if Tess didn't. The memories he had recovered that night were of his childhood. Of times spent with his family including Isabel up until he guessed about the age of seven. He knew Tess had been upset that he hadn't remembered any later memories, she was anxious for him to remember more about their lives together. After all remembering their first meeting and kiss had gotten them to where they were now.

Thinking of that made Max remember his conversation with Liz the night she had come to talk to him, the last time they had spoke decently to each other. She had told him that she had seen him kiss Tess at prom. He had felt so horrible that she knew let alone had witnessed it but she had just blown him off and told him that he was doing what he was supposed to, move on. And he had, he was with Tess now. Things weren't the same as with Liz. There was no lovey doviness, as Michael would say. But Tess was there for him when he needed her.

But despite being with Tess, Liz kept popping into his brain. He couldn't believe the way she had been since Alex died. She wouldn't listen to him when he tried to reason with her. And then the anger she had showed him at the roadside had been another surprise. Liz had never acted like that but he realized it was his fault. He was the one who had given her the ultimatum that day. But when he had, he had never thought she would go through with it, but it looked like he was wrong. She hadn't done what he ordered her to do. He knew that technically he wasn't her king but her, Maria, Alex, even Kyle had looked at him as the gangs' leader and had listened pretty much before. He needed to talk to her. When she got back from Sweden. He had to convince her to stop her search. It wouldn't lead her anywhere and it was dangerous. He had failed to convince her before but he wouldn't fail again.

He rolled over onto his stomach and pushed it all out of his mind. Once he relaxed he drifted off to sleep. As he did, the memories he'd been trying to uncover rose to the surface.

Zan was glad to be home for a short holiday away from the academy. He missed living in the palace all of the time. In the palace he was senior to everyone but his father and mother including Vilandra. He didn't have to do anything in the palace that he didn't want to do unlike at the academy where things were different. There were still servants and such to take care of laundry, cleaning and cooking but he along with the others were still expected to do chores. And he hated to do chores. At the academy his position only got him one advantage, the ability to go home for holidays.

As he wondered down the hall he heard feminine giggles coming from the families' private library. He recognized one as his sister's but the other one was just as familiar. He walked into the room and the two girls looked right at him, "Vilandra, you didn't tell me Enola was visiting today."

He wasn't sure but he thought he heard her mutter something along the lines of, "I didn't tell you so that you wouldn't be hanging around."

"How are you Zan? Enjoying your time at home?" Enola asked giving him a smile that warmed his heart.

"Yes, even more now." He said as he got closer to her. "Would you like to go for a walk on the grounds?"

"No thank you." Enola declined. "Vilandra and I have a lot of work to do for classes."

"Which we would like to get back to. Good bye brother." Vilandra said but he didn't pay any attention to her, he didn't take his eyes off the beautiful girl in front of him.

"Please Enola?" Zan pleaded.

"Zan I can't."

"Come on. You're not really going to deny me the pleasure of your company for a short while, I don't have much time left at home and would love to spend some of it with you." Zan implored.

He saw her look at him for a minute before her shoulders slumped in defeat. She pushed her book back and looked at Vilandra, "We won't be long."

"Enola you don't..."

"Don't worry I don't mind. And I know most of this stuff anyway." Enola stated before taking Zan's arm and letting him lead her away, a large smug smile plastered to his face.


From the moment he entered the celebration, Zan wanted to go back home to the palace. There was something in the air that made him feel like it was not going to be a good night. Maybe it was just something as simple to the fact that the celebration wasn't for him and he was used to being the center of attention. He wouldn't even have come if his father hadn't insisted. He had told Zan that he had to go since it was two of his academy mates that were the guests of honor not to mention the fact that he was to accompany his sister. So here he was.

The only consolation he found was that he would be able to see Enola. He had overheard his sister telling to his mother that she was also attending and was looking forward to spending some time with her. Now only if he could find her. He had inquired about her whereabouts and knew she had arrived but was unable to track her down. Enola seemed to continually be one-stepping a head of him.

He gave up momentarily to grab something to drink. As he did he watched the dance floor and the crowd. He saw one of his academy mates who the ball were thrown for, Khivar. He was dancing with a girl but he was unable to see her face for her back was turned to him. It prompted him to think about asking Enola to dance when he found her.

He was about to go in search of her again when Khivar and his dancing partner turned and he saw the face of the girl. And when he did he saw red, red that was not from the color of her dress but for the fact that she was in someone else's arms. The girl was Enola, his Enola. He didn't approach her, instead he watched her. The two continued to dance for a little while before moving off and chatting with other guests. His rage only grew more and more as he watched her smile and laugh. If he looked past his jealousy he would notice that her smile lit up her face like he had never seen before. But he didn't see that, he just saw another man going after what was his.


Zan and his small group of men snuck into the palace by way of the passages that ran underneath the large structure. He didn't want to be seen, didn't want to answer any questions if his mother or sister saw him. As he approached another tunnel that would lead up to his rooms, he gave the senior officer orders to not let the Princess out and that he was not to be disturbed. He then followed the small passageway to go to his rooms. When he got there he allowed the facade he put on in front of his men crumble away.

The excursion had not gone as planned, nor had it ended remotely close to how he had planned it. Why couldn't she listen to him? Didn't she know that they belonged together? That she was supposed to be by his side as his queen? Why did she have to fight him about it? Why did she have to choose Khivar over him? Why had she made him do what he did?

He felt his hands shaking and fisted them in the attempt to stop the tremors but it didn't work. He brought his closed fists up to his chest, his palms facing up. As he did, he opened them slowly and stared at the stains on his hands.

Max jolted awake from his dreams or his memories to be exact. He could feel his heart beating rapidly in his chest. No doubt from what he had saw in the last few seconds of his memory. His hands had been covered in blood; blood that he knew wasn't his own. So whose was it? The memory hadn't exact been clear. Had his former self just killed someone? He knew that he had probably had killed during the war but the memory didn’t seem to be have been after a battle. His men didn’t look like they had been in a battle or anything so the only thing he could think of was that something had happened when they had been outside of the palace. He was sure his state of mind at the time wasn't sane during the memory. His shaking hands, which he now remembered had a few cuts and scapes on them like people got when in a fight, and irratic thoughts proved that to him. Zan had done something that shook him up. A sickening thought came to Max’s mind, he had a feeling Zan had either hurt or killed someone who meant something to him and in a very violent way.

Was the ‘her’ he had kept thinking of, Enola? Had she been the one whose blood had been on his hands? It couldn’t be, Zan had loved her, why would he kill her? Of course Max had felt all of the jealousy Zan had felt during all of the episodes where he thought about Khivar and Enola, had that jealousy spurred him to kill her? Again his stomach felt queasy and he ran to the bathroom.

After he emptied his stomach of all of its contents, Max sat on the cold bathroom floor and tried to calm down. He focused instead of the first memory, of when he saw Enola and Vilandra together. Vilandra didn’t look like Isabel but the strange thing was that Enola looked so much like Liz. But how could that be? Liz hadn't been on Antar. The rational part of his mind reasoned that he had only imposed Liz's image over Enola's face because of what he had been thinking about before going to sleep. About Liz and the divide between them. Just like the divide Zan had felt between him and Enola. That had to be it.

The last memory surfaced once again when he thought about the divide Zan had felt between him and Enola and Max knew he wasn't going to be sleeping any time soon.

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The next day Liz waited until she thought Isabel would be awake as well as her parents before she headed to her house. It was Saturday so they didn't have to worry about school and she really wanted to confirm that she was doing okay. She borrowed her mom's car and left. It was around noon that Liz appeared at the Evans' front door and rang the bell. After a few moments the door opened but instead of it being one of the elder Evans or Isabel, Liz found herself face to face with Max.

Her breathed hitched when she saw him and felt a little bit of fear spark within her. She knew that at some point she was going to have to face him but she hadn’t expected it to be so soon. He looked startled as he asked. "Liz? What are you doing here? I thought you were in Sweden."

"You thought wrong." Liz stated simply. She noticed that he appeared to be very tired and pale. She didn't want to know nor did she care what had kept him up. It felt bizarre to be standing there in front of him now, but she wasn't backing down. She would not let the memories of her past make her fear him. And the influence he used to have over her as well as the love she had held for him in this life was now cold. Knowing that he held a part of the man who killed her inside of him had helped it along. She wondered what his fate would be.

She knew now where her mind as well as her heart was. She knew both sides of the war and she had chosen her side. And again it was Khivar's. Not because of how she felt about him but because what he stood for. He was more qualified to be king, his concerns were for the people despite what some of them thought. Zan had tried to do too much too soon and didn't care how it had affected the general populace. He was too spoiled and wanted what was best for him, and wouldn’t accept anyone who went against him. He proved that so long ago in the most violent of ways. It was his pride that had led to her demise as well as Ardeth's. He had ended two lives of people who just wanted to be with the ones they loved. She pushed back all those thoughts and memories and saw Max was staring at her angrily.

"Evidently. So why aren't you in Sweden?" Max asked. He was doing his best not to show how uncomfortable he was talking to her. The dream from the night before was still fresh in his mind.

"It’s none of your business." Liz said truthfully trying not to show how uneasy she felt. She opened up her block on her ability to read emotions and felt his surprise as well as the anger he still felt towards her for not bowing to his will.

"So then why did you come by here? To tell me that you weren't searching anymore?" Max asked in a spiteful voice. Quieter but similar to the way he had talked to her the last time she'd seen him.

"No. Just because I didn't go to Sweden doesn't mean that there's nothing to do here." Liz answered.

"I was just on my way out." Max said uncomfortably. "Tess is waiting for me to take her to the mall to get Kyle a late birthday present."

"Well you shouldn't keep her waiting." Liz said sarcastically. It made her sick that Tess was still pretending to care about any of them. Like buying Kyle a present. She didn't care about anything but herself and probably Max. She hoped that Tess was feeling guilty about mindwarping Kyle. If she didn't now, she will soon.

"So is that why you're here? Because you heard about Tess and I?" Max asked.

"No." Liz stated plainly. "You and Tess’s relationship is the farthest thing from my mind. You may not realize it Max but not everyone cares what’s going on in your life. And as to why I'm here it's to see Isabel. Is she in her room?"

"Uh, yes." Max said surprised at Liz's reactions to their conversation and the fact that she was there to see Isabel. Liz never came by to see Isabel, they weren't even friends. Liz nodded and she pushed past him into the house as she walked by Max couldn't help but ask, "Liz, are you okay? You're acting weird."

She turned around to look at him at his statement, "Why do you care? We're not friends anymore remember? What little friendship was between us ended before I left. And you know what? I'm glad."

Without another word, she spun back around and headed up to Isabel's room. Max stared dumfounded at her until she was up the stairs and out of sight. He stayed glued to his spot. He couldn't help but remember his memories or dreams and think of Enola. The two women were very similar in their independence. He was sure that was why he had seen Liz's face in his dreams. He cleared his head before going out to the jeep and left, after all why should he stay in a house that had two women in there that were pissed at him.

Liz could feel him leave the house and was glad for it. She really didn't feel like arguing or even talking to him. She concentrated on the feelings of grief and despair that was coming from Isabel's room. When she approached she knocked lightly. She heard Isabel's muffled voice through the door, "Go away Max. I'm still not in the mood to talk to you."

"It's not Max, it's Liz." She said back, "Can I come in?"

Isabel said yes and Liz opened the door and entered. She saw Isabel sitting on her bed. She didn't look good, her eyes were puffy, her hair thoroughly rumple and her clothes disheveled. It was the worst she had ever seen Isabel look. She gave her a small smile as she asked, "You and Max aren't on the best of terms right now, huh?"

"No, not exactly." Isabel answered. "I'm surprised to see you here."

"I wanted to check up on you. I hope you don't mind." Liz stated. "Max let me in."

"No, I don't mind. You just surprised me is all. I thought you were mad at all of us because we didn't have the same opinion at Alex's funeral." Isabel said.

"But you did Isabel. I saw it in your eyes that day. Although you were upset that I was blaming you guys, a part of you that something was suspicious about Alex's death. I'm right, aren't I?" Liz asked.

"Yes, but the thought of Alex being killed because of us was too much and I didn't want to admit it. That's why I went against you and yelled." Isabel confessed. Inside of her she had known that Liz spoke the truth that day, that they were the reason that Alex was killed. That's why she had approached the subject to Max, who of course hadn't listened to anyone else and only paid attention to his own opinion.

"So how are you?" Liz asked. She knew she had been right about Isabel. She hoped that reviving the friendship they had once had was not a lost cause.

"I'm coping same as you and Maria. I keep expecting him to walk through the door or call at any minute. And then I realized that it's not going to happen and my heart breaks again like I just found out." Isabel said with a cracking in her voice. She cleared her throat as she looked at Liz and added, "I know you probably think that I have no right to be so depressed and stuff because I treated him like crap for so long."

"Isabel, I don't think that. You have every right to mourn Alex." Liz said. "Everyone has the right to mourn the ones they love when they're gone."

"You're a lot more forgiving than I would be." Isabel added. "If the situations were reversed I would probably yell that you didn't give a crap about him."

Liz thought about her words carefully, and the best way to explain how she felt. "I'm forgiving because Alex was. He wouldn't have continued to be friends with you, taken you to prom, or started a relationship with you if he didn't let you off for the past. He might wear his heart on his sleeve but he wasn't stupid or gullible."

"No, he wasn't." Isabel said. "You know I think this is the longest conversation we've had. Even when we were on our way to Marathon."

"It's nice." Liz said smiling.

"Yeah it is."

"This doesn't have to be a one time thing. If you ever want to talk, or just have some company, just call me or come to the Crashdown. But don't bring Max when you do." Liz stated.

"You two are still at war?" Isabel asked.

"Let's just say that what Max and I had, our friendship and more is over. We're not the same people we used to be." Liz stated.

"I'm sorry, Liz."

"Something's just never were supposed to be." Liz said with conviction. "Will you do me a favor?"


"Don't let your sadness overrun you." Liz answered. "We both know that things can change in a heart beat and you might find something that makes you happy."

"I don't know if I can but I'll try."

I know you guys think Liz went easy on Max but if she's going to mess with Tess's head, she can't very well announce who she is yet.
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I have a question for all of you wonderful readers. Is it a sign of my obsession with Roswell when my 4 1/2 year old son knows the words to the theme song during the opening credits of the show and can sing it?


Liz and Isabel got off to a good start on being friends. They hung out in Isabel's room for the rest of the day. After Isabel told her about how Max had been acting, Liz got her talking about other things than Alex and she could see Isabel's mood lightening significantly. Without having the tension between them because of Max, they were at ease. Liz could also see that Isabel had changed since the whole thing had started, Alex had really opened her up and brought out the nice person that Liz remembered in Vilandra. They had been there a couple of hours when Liz felt Max return along with Tess. It was all she could to stop herself from going downstairs and confronting Tess but she collected herself and focused on Isabel.

The afternoon turned to evening and Liz knew she should be getting home but she didn't want to leave Isabel there miserable. "Isabel, would you want to come back to the Crashdown with me? You can stay with me if you want, get away from Max for a little while."

Isabel smiled slightly and said, "I would like that a lot. Thank you."

Isabel packed a small bag before writing a note to her parents about where she would be. She knew that they wouldn't object to her going. They had been very understanding through everything and would be glad she was out of her room. After she was done, her and Liz headed downstairs.

As they reached the bottom of the stairs, Liz ran right into Tess. She used the collision to her advantage and quickly accessed Tess's memories. They were painful for her to see but she knew that enduring them would give her what she needed to start working on her plan for Tess. Once they parted Liz smiled as she said, "Sorry Tess, I didn't see you there."

"Yeah, whatever." Tess said before adding smugly. "I was too busy trying to get back to Max, I was just getting him something to drink from the kitchen."

"I'm glad he has a little maid to get that for him, after all it's quite a walk from here to the kitchen. Wouldn't want him to strain himself." Liz said sarcastically.

Isabel held back a snicker as Tess stomped back into Max's room. Liz definitely didn't seem to be the pushover that her and Michael had tried to treat her like. She looked at Liz and said, "Come on Liz, you promised me a milkshake and I'm ready to collect it."

"Actually, I need to use your bathroom before we leave." Liz said thinking it was a perfect opportunity to start her plan. "If you want to go, go. I'll be right out."

"I'll wait for you out in the car." Isabel called out to her as she hurried into the bathroom. She shut the door, and went to work. She concentrated on the feelings she was getting from Tess and focused on replaying the memories to her. This was the first time she had used these powers since she had been recreated but it was like second nature. She could have done it in the hall but it might have made Tess suspicious.

Tess lazily flipped through her magazine as Max finished whatever homework he had to do on his computer. They had already finished her shopping and had come back to relax. She glanced up to see if he was almost done but when she did, what she saw chilled her.

Instead of Max's figure sitting at the desk punching away at the keyboard, it was Alex. He looked just like he had whenever she had checked on his progress at Las Cruses. Everything was as she remembered it, from the size of the computer to the clothes he usually wore to the destiny book lying next to him on the desk. She couldn't believe what she was seeing and sat up suddenly. As she did, the image didn't waver.

Tess shut her eyes and tried to block out the image. When she opened them again, Max was back and Alex was gone. It had only lasted a few seconds but it felt a lot longer. She looked around making sure that everything was back to normal and saw Max staring at her. "Tess, are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost or something."

"No," Tess said quickly although that was indeed what she had seen. "It's nothing, just felt dizzy for a moment but I think I just sat up too quickly."

Max noticed her odd answer but didn't push her to tell him more. It wasn't something completely unusual. He had noticed that sometimes she acted strangely but he had just chalked it up to never letting her human side out. He turned back to the homework he had been working on.

Tess took a deep breath and tried to keep herself calm so Max wouldn't look at her strangely again. What had just happened? Why had she suddenly seen something that had happened months ago? It wasn't Alex's ghost or anything like that. Tess didn't even believe in that sort of thing whether she was an alien or not, she didn't believe in ghosts. So what was it? Was something inside her trying to remind her of what she had done to him? To try and tell her to confess to what she had done, even if by accident. Between what just happened and the dream she had last night, she was confused. It couldn't be her conscience, could it?


Liz felt Tess's emotions spike to surprise then shock and finally a mixture of panic and fear. There were some other things also combined with it but that was mostly what she felt. Once she felt it, she shut down the illusion. She didn't want it to go on for too long, this way Tess would think it was something from her memories other than an illusion that someone else was making her see. And Liz didn't want her to know that yet.

She left the bathroom then and headed out to Isabel. They drove back to the Crashdown and after gathering some food and shakes, headed up to Liz's apartment. They decided to watch some TV and turned on a prime time show. As they munched on some snacks, Liz couldn't help but noticed how relaxed Isabel seemed to be. She couldn't remember her ever being like that in the last few years. She felt bad when she asked, "Isabel, if you could have Alex back, would you want him?"

"What?" Isabel asked in shock. "Of course I would want him back."

"No, I mean. Would you be with him?" Liz asked.

"Yes." Isabel answered. "I realized too late how much I love him and I wouldn't want to waste anymore time. I would do anything to have him back. Anything."

Liz smiled, Isabel had told her exactly what she wanted to hear. If and when they told her the truth, Liz was pretty sure that she would be on their side. Especially after what she had told her about Max forbidding her from going to college. "I've been wanting to ask you something else."


"Why haven't you tried to remember your past life?" Liz inquired. "I mean I know Max has been remembering and working with Tess by why haven't you. I would think you would want to know."

"You mean after what Whitacker and Nicholas told me?" Isabel said.


"I'd be lying if I said that I never thought about it. But it scares me. I mean, I was this horrible person who betrayed her family. I don't know if I want to remember that." Isabel stated.

"But what if you weren't as horrible as you thought?" Liz asked causing Isabel to look at her strangely. She held up her hand and said, "Hear me out. There are many degrees of betrayal. Max thinks that I betrayed all of you by searching for the truth about Alex. And we're not friends now because of that. But other people wouldn't see that as a betrayal or at least a minor one. And he probably feels the same way about your decision to leave Roswell. You going against what he wants but that doesn't mean that you are evil. You just have differences of opinion. So what if Vilandra's betrayal was something similar? Just a difference of opinion? That doesn't make you evil. That makes you an individual."

Isabel just stared at her for a few minutes before saying, "You have this way of putting something into such logical terms that a person can't argue with your reasoning."

"But you see my point?"

"Yes, I see your point."

"I'm not trying to pressure you or anything." Liz assured. "Just wanted to find out what you thought about it all. I mean it would drive me nuts not knowing. I don't know how you three handled it all those years not knowing practically anything about who or what you were."

"We didn't have much of a choice. We didn't have anyone to ask." Isabel stated. Liz nodded and the girls went back to watching TV. Except for comments on what they were watching they didn't talk much more. It was late when they finally turned off the TV and crashed for the night.

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ccrswll originally wrote:
I just saw you question. Uhmm, yes, I'd say that you're obsessed if your child knows the words to the opening song. My daughter just rolls her eyes and says, "Haven't we heard that song enough?" I made a Roswell CD of my fav Ros songs and I play it everywhere we go.

I didn't realize at first what he was saying but my husband overheard him and commented on it. I thought I was going to die from laughing. Then to add to it, when I watched Destiny last night and they replayed the song at the end, my son came running in to sing it again.
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The next day Liz and Isabel overslept and didn't get up until late. Liz had woken in the middle of the night when she had heard Isabel's voice. At first she had thought that she was awake but had quickly realized that she was talking in her sleep. And from what she was saying, it seemed that Kat had been working up some memories.

Isabel had to get home so that left Liz on her own. The café was busy so she decided to help her parents out by waiting on the customers at the counter. Doing the work felt good, she didn't have to think about anything other then serving customers.

The lunch crowd had just left and Liz was talking idly to Kyle who had came in for lunch. They were chatting about Isabel when the bell over the door chimed. Kyle was the first to look over and said, "Buddha help me."

"What?" Liz asked not looking at the door as she wiped down the counter.

"The most beautiful girl just walked through the door." Kyle answered sounding like he wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying. His attention was too much on the beautiful blonde that had just walked in.

Liz looked up at the door to the girl Kyle was gawking at. She smiled as she hurried around the counter; "She's a little old for you Kyle."

"What?" He asked confused as he watched Liz hurry towards the girl and called out, "KAT!"

Kat heard Liz's call and smiled back as she rushed forward. The two hugged and when they pulled back Liz said, "What are you doing here?"

"Thought I'd come by for some food." Kat answered simply as she looked around the café.

"No, silly. I mean in Roswell." Liz lowered her voice as she said, "I thought Khivar instructed for you to stay there."

Kat rolled her eyes. "And you think I listened?"

"Good point." Liz stated. "How about some lunch?"

Kat nodded thinking some lunch sounded good. Liz led her to the counter and Kat took the seat next to a very good-looking human boy. He appeared to have been watching the two of them as they talked and Kat figured he was one of her friends. But she wasn't sure; she hadn't looked at the surveillance photos that Khivar's people had taken.

Kyle managed to break away his gaze from the good-looking girl's blue gray eyes and looked at Liz. As subtlety as possible he motioned to Liz to introduce him.

Liz tried not to smirk at Kyle obviousness as she said, "Kat, let me introduce you to a good friend of mine, Kyle Valenti. Kyle this is another good friend of mine, Kat..."

"Whitman." Kat spoke up as she stuck out her hand. "I'm a relative of Alex's."

"Kyle." He said again as he shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you. Is there anything on you would suggest I have for lunch?" Kat asked.

"Me." Kyle said before realizing what he was saying. He then quickly tried to fix his mistake and stuttered out, "I mean um...any of the burgers are good. And the pie. The pie is good."

"Thanks." Kat said giving him her biggest smile. "They must be good if they're as sweet as you."

Kyle reddened some at her compliment but smiled back at her. "So you said that you're a relative of Alex's?"

"Yeah," Kat answered not offering any additional information. She recognized Kyle's name from Alex and knew that he was aware of the aliens. But she didn't know how she would explain that she was Alex's sister from Antar.

"I'm sorry." Kyle said offering his condolences.

"Thanks." Kat said before giving Liz her order. Liz had been watching the whole scene with interest and couldn't wait to talk to Kat later by herself. The food didn't take long and Liz watched Kat and Kyle chat while she waited on her other customers, yep, she was definitely going to have to have a chat with Kat later.


An hour later, the café's business had died enough that Liz didn't need to help. So she led Kat away from Kyle and up to her room.
Seeing her reaction and overhearing bits and pieces of their conversation, Liz couldn't help but take a jab at her friend. "Sorry if I'm torturing you by dragging you away from Kyle."

She couldn't believe it when Kat actually blushed. "He's nice, I haven't gotten out of the compound a lot so it's nice to be able to talk to someone."

"I bet. And I bet because of that you haven't had a lot of contact with humans." Liz said.

"No, not a great deal." Kat said. "I didn't know that you could just click with someone like I did with him, he was just so friendly and nice."

"Well Kyle is a great guy and a good friend. He's really stuck by me in hard times. And as you could tell, he's got a wicked sense of humor." Liz explained feeling vaguely like a matchmaker but not caring about it. "I feeling kind of bad for him though, he didn't ask to be in this whole alien mess and he's right in the middle of it. Khivar would probably like him since he's not Max's biggest supporter. Of course I think some of that is stemmed from the fact that when I first became friends with Max I was dating Kyle and lying to him all the time."

"That's right, Kyle was the one you were dating." Kat stated when Liz looked at her questionably. "The reports we got about you and Alex were very thorough, we kind of knew everything going on in your lives."

"As if living in a small town wasn't bad enough." Liz grumbled as they entered her room. "Yes, Kyle and I dated but it wasn't anything serious, and we make much better friends. So in case you try to become whatever with him for the time we're still on Earth, don't let me get in your way. Just know that since you're both my good friends, I don't want to be stuck in the middle if it turns ugly."

"I understand. But speaking of being in the middle of two people. What's going with you and Khivar?" Kat asked as they entered her room.

"I told him that I wanted to get something's settled before we got back together." Liz explained. "I don't think he actually agreed with me, but settled for it."

Kat snorted then as she said, "And that's going to last a total of five seconds." She saw Liz glaring at her and she added, "Oh, come on. You two could practically never stay apart let alone keep your hands off of each other, do you honestly think that this little understanding is going to last?"

"Yes, no, I don't know." Liz stated honestly. She had felt so torn since she had gotten her memories back. Her heart and her head were pulling her in two different directions. It seemed strange to be having this conversation, she could remember having a similar one at the beginning of the fall with Maria about Max.

Kat smiled, "Okay, okay. I'll drop the subject now before your face permanently changes to that shade of red. So how's the whole plan against the evil she bitch that must be destroyed?"

"Not bad, I ran into her yesterday when I was visiting Isabel. I got into her head and replayed a memory of Alex when she was mindwarping him. It got the desired effect according to the emotions I felt from her. What about you? Did you dream manipulate her?"

"Yep, and I must say this about her dreams. Euhh." Kat said making a disgusted face. "When I came in she was having this really disgusting about her and Zan.... Max. But Alex and I broke that up and messed up things. I think she was sufficiently freaked out by the time I was done."

"Good, if we keep this up hopefully she won't last much longer." Liz said.

Kat looked at Liz's clock and said, "I should be going. I'm staying at Alex's parents house to help with my cover so I better head on over. Alex gave me a whole list of his stuff he wants me to bring back and I guess I better get started on gathering that stuff together."

"Why don't I go with you? I've got nothing else to do here." Liz said. "I could show you more of Roswell, and while we sort you and I can catch up more?"

"Sure, I could always use another hand. I'll just drop you off later." Kat agreed. Liz left a note as to where she was before the two friends set out for the night.

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This is just an author recommendation but as you're reading this, you should listen to 'Breathing' by Lifehouse. The song lyrics(which aren't mine) are used in this part.


Later that night after a long night of sorting and packing, Kat dropped Liz back off at the café. She went upstairs and after a long bath, tried to get some sleep. But it would not come to her. She tossed and turned restlessly in her bed. She just couldn't get to sleep. Talking to Kat earlier had brought Khivar back to the front of her thoughts, not that he was ever far away, and she couldn't seem to relax. She knew Kat's words had hit home, but she was too stubborn to admit she had never had any willpower where he was concerned.

She knew why she couldn't relax though. Her mind and her heart were battling again. And this time her heart wouldn't give up. Deciding there was only one thing to do if she was going to get decent nights rest, she pulled on a sweatshirt, slipped on some shoes and padded down the hall to her parents' bedroom

I'm finding my way back to sanity again
Though I don't really know what I'm going to do when I get there
Take a breath and hold on tight Spin around one more time
And gracefully fall back to the arms of Grace
I am hanging on every word you say
And even if you don't want to speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me
'Cause I want nothing more than to sit Outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing
Is where I want to be

Liz told her parents where she was going, if they were surprised, they didn't show it. She hurried down to their car and jumped inside. She drove out of town and when she hit the highway, she swung the car in the direction she needed to go. The roads were quiet; she only passed an occasional semi as she drove. The only noise was the music coming from the radio. In front of her, the bright stars led the way.

I'm looking past the shadows
Of my mind into the truth and I'm trying to identify
The voices in my head God which one's you?
Let me feel one more time
What it feels like to feel alive
And break these calluses off of me
One more time

It didn't take much time before she reached the compound. As she went inside, no one stopped her but a few did look at her strangely. She couldn't blame them, she was only wearing a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt. They probably weren't expecting her to show up in the middle of the night, dressed as she was. She didn't know where Khivar's quarters were so she headed for where she knew Alex's were. When she reached that corridor she saw a pair of guards at the opposite end and took that to be his room so she headed straight for them like she knew for sure he was inside.

"Is he inside?" Liz asked as she reached the guards on Khivar's door.

"Yes, ma'am." The guard to her right answered.

"Thank you." Liz said as she walked past them, swung the door opened and went inside. She of course had never been in Khivar's quarters before and found herself inside a good size living room. There was only a small lamp on but it was enough to guide her to another door, one she was sure would lead into Khivar's bedroom. She opened up her powers slightly, allowing her to feel him on the other side. She felt him there and his emotions told her that he was sleeping peacefully. She paused with her hand on the doorknob, took a deep breath and pushed the door open. The room was completely dark but the little bit of light that spilled in from the door allowed her to see his sleeping form. She walked forward to where she was only a foot away from the bed as she watched him.

His dark blonde hair was mussed and fell just over his face to remind her of when they were kids back on Antar. During the time he had been asleep, the blankets had fallen down around his waist and Liz was able to see that he slept in Earth clothes while here. She felt herself blush remembering that whenever they had slept together, he hadn't worn anything let alone the wifebeater and boxers he was wearing now. It had probably been smarter to wear clothes when he was sleeping so that if they were attacked suddenly he'd be prepared.

He must have felt her eyes on him because he started to stir. His eyes cracked open just a little and focused on her. His face twisted in bewilderment, "Enola?"

Hearing him speak her name, not that it mattered to her which one he called her, triggered her to move forward and she dropped down next to him on the bed, "I need to feel your arms around me, can you just hold me?"

He nodded as he slid over a little to make room. She kicked off her shoes, shed her sweatshirt and lay down. He was lying on his back and she curled up on his chest. She felt the internal struggle that had been raging inside almost instantly soothed. She hadn't felt this content for a long time, this was where she wanted to be.

'Cause I am hanging on every word you say
And even if you don't want to speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me
'Cause I want nothing more than to sit
Outside your door and listen to you breathing
Is where I want to be

Khivar was so shocked to find her in his arms and so pleased with it; he just laid there content. This was the closest she had been to him since she had found out the truth, even closer than when they had almost kissed. And he wasn't going to take a moment of it for granted he had waited so long for this moment. He didn't even realize what he was doing as the hand on the arm that was wrapped around her came up and started absently stroking her hair.

I don't want a thing from you
Bet you're tired of me waiting
For the scraps to fall
Off your table to the ground I just want to be here now
'Cause I am hanging on every word you say
And even if you don't want to speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me

When she felt his hand playing with her hair, Liz couldn't hold in a sigh of contentment. She rotated slightly so she was facing him and propped her hand under her chin to watch him. He smiled a small smile at her but said nothing. She wondered what he was thinking, he'd been sound asleep and then she had suddenly appeared at his bedside wanting to climb in next to him. The Khivar she remembered would not mind at all, understanding her motives. But he might have changed too much for her to do that. Grief and loss did funny things to people.

'Cause I want nothing more than to sit Outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing
Is where I want to be I am hanging on every word you say
And even if you don't want to speak tonight
That's alright, alright with me
'Cause I want nothing more than to sit Outside heaven's door and listen to you breathing
Is where I want to be

Finally gaining the nerve to speak, she said, "You must think I'm insane. First I give you that whole speech the other day about staying apart then I appear in the dead of night and get into bed with you."

"Right now, why you are here is the farthest thing from my mind. I'm just 'on cloud nine' to use an Earth term." Khivar said, the slight smile on his face grew bigger. "But just so you know, I don't think you're insane."

"I'm glad about that, wouldn't want you to think I'm certifiable." Liz said.

"But now that you brought it up, why did you suddenly decide to visit?"

"That sounds vaguely like a complaint." Liz teased.

"No, you can come at any time you want or never leave." Khivar said. He noticed the ease between them while they talked and he was glad for it, he had missed her more than she would ever know.

"I know." She brushed her hair behind her right ear before she said, "Back to why I came. I was talking to your sister earlier and in the bluntness that is Kat, she pointed out to me that the little arrangement we had wasn't going to work. I think her exact words were 'You two could practically never stay apart let alone keep your hands off of each other, do you honestly think that this little understanding is going to last?'"

"That sounds like my sister. What did you say back to her?"

"Uh, I kind of changed the subject." Liz said as she bit her lip. "But I didn't stop thinking about it the rest of the night, even when we were going through Alex's stuff. So when I tried to sleep later, I couldn't. I just felt this pull to come back here. I borrowed my parents' car and drove here. You know the rest."

"Remind me to thank Kat later." Khivar joked. "And to think I was trying to keep her from going to Roswell."

"Now you know to always listen to her."

"She's never steered me wrong before, she's part of what led me to you." He said softly as his eyes caught her gaze. The small amount of light that was still creeping in from the door that Liz had forgotten to close made his eyes look darker than usual. They appeared to be a warm gray and stared at her with so much love it was almost overwhelming. But it wasn't suffocating, it was quite the opposite. To know that he still loved her now after everything as much as he ever had made her heart swell. She realized that she was falling for him, again. Before she realized what she was doing or listened to what her brain was telling her, Liz pushed up off of his chest and leaned forward to kiss him.


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Welcome new readers!

THis is the last part I'm going to post until the board moves. But I will be back so don't worry.

I think you guys are probably going to be mad at me for this part because of the lack of Kh/L but Tess suffers so maybe you'll forgive me.


Kyle had found that going for a long run every night seemed to help him unwind before he'd take a shower and go to bed. Plus it helped him to keep in shape something that he wanted to make sure he did whether it was for various sports or running from evil aliens.

He would also use the time to probe his own thoughts and stuff that had been going on around him. And there was plenty of that to keep his thoughts going for a whole run. First the whole thing with him realizing that he wasn't attracted to Tess while they had been at Prom, then Alex's death and the aftermath not to mention his new found friendship with Isabel and the new development of Tess and Max. Yep, he had plenty of things to consider.

He felt a faint beginning of a cramp in his calf and stopped to massage it. It was especially late so the streets were deserted so it was no big deal for him to sit down on the sidewalk to rub his sore leg. As he did he looked around to see exactly where he was. It was then he realized he was a few blocks from home, and that Alex's house was only two doors down from the corner he was perched on.

As he sat there, he noticed a SUV coming in his direction before it passed him and turned into Alex's driveway. The driver door opened and he watched as Kat got out. She was looking directly at him curiously and asked, "Kyle, what are you doing here? Studying the streets?"

Kyle suddenly felt embarrassed at how he must look standing outside of the house she was staying at, very stalkerish. "No, I was out for a run when I cramped, I mean my leg got a cramp in it. So I stopped to work it out, I just noticed where exactly I was when you pulled up."

"So you usually run around Roswell without knowing where you are?" Kat teased him although she could tell from his expression that he thought she was serious.

"No. I usually just set my watch for a half an hour and when it goes off I set out for home. I've always lived in Roswell so I know every nook and cranny of it and don't get lost."

"Kyle, it's okay. I was just joking." Kat said.

"Oh, right." He said feeling even more embarrassed, if that was possible. "I think I'll just pull my foot out of my mouth and head for home. Night."

He had just turned to go but Kat's voice halted him, "Actually, would you like to keep me company for a little while? I just dropped Liz off at home but don't feel like going to bed and no one else is home."

Kyle felt like jumping up and down at her question. Of course he'd like to keep her company. It was either run home and go to bed or stay in the company of a beautiful girl. Did she think he was insane? He turned to look at her, "I'm up for it but are sure? I mean I've been running for a while and I'm a mess."

"If it doesn't bug you then it doesn't bug me. We could sit back by the pool, even take a swim if you want to." Kat said smiling thinking that he looked good sweaty or not. She wondered how he would look... Kat stopped herself before she finished that thought. She didn't know what was up with him, there was just something about when she was around him that made her feel different. Better than she had felt for a long time.

Kat decided to not go through the house so the two walked silently towards the side gate. There was only one light on in the back until Kat flipped on the others. More lights including a few in the pool softly illuminated the porch. She motioned Kyle over to a nearby bench.

"I've never been back here at night, actually I've only been here once." Kyle said thinking about Alex's funeral a few days before. It definitely looked better now.

"Alex told me he loves sitting out here at night." Kat said thinking about the talks she had had with her brother in the days after he had come to the compound. The two of them would talk for hours; most times Khivar joined them too. It was nice, like when they were young before the boys went to the academy.

"I bet he did. It's beautiful." Kyle commented.

Kat realized that she had spoke of Alex in the present tense. She was going to have to watch herself from now on. "So do you want to got for that swim?"

"Uh...sure." Kyle said shrugging. He was wearing a pair of jogging short that would work for swim trunks in a pinch so he slid off his shoes and socks before shrugging off his tank top. He didn't think to look over at Kat, instead he just took off for the pool and dove in.

When he came back up to the surface he blinked the water out of his eyes and searched for Kat. When his eyes found her, he was glad he was already in the cool water. Because instead of going inside to retrieve a swimsuit, Kat had just shed her jeans and sandals and was about to slip into the water in only her white tanktop and underwear.

Kat saw his expression when she got in and realized she was probably being bolder than most other human girls he had known. But she had never been a modest kind of girl. Not slutty or trying to use her body to gain attention like Ava had so often done, she just thought that nakedness was a natural state. She was about to slip back out when she saw that his gorgeous blue eyes had become very dark with what she hoped was desire. Because that was what she was feeling.

Kyle tried to advert his eyes but it was hard. She looked so beautiful. He finally snapped his attention away from her and decided to try and talk. That is if he could get his mouth to work. "So is Kat short for Katherine?"

"No, Katrin." She answered. "It was my grandmother's name."

Kyle nodded, "I have my father and grandfather's name as my middle name."

The two continued to chat idly as they leisurely swam around the pool. Kyle noticed that the longer they swam, the closer they got to each other until they were right next to each other reclining against one of the walls. He watched her floating relaxed, her face holding an expression that was tranquil. It enhanced her beauty more and before he realized what he was doing, he leaned in and kissed her.

He expected her to push him away or at least stop him but found himself pleasantly when she kissed him back. Her lips were soft and he could taste the faintest trace of the chlorine but mostly just the taste of her. He had kissed many girls before but kissing her felt different. It was the best kiss he had ever had.

Kat's mind was whirling by the feel of Kyle's lips on hers. It had been years since she had been kissed and she realized how much she missed it. But she wouldn't want to be kissing just anyone; she was glad that it was Kyle whose lips kissing her. Although she couldn't help but wonder if all humans were this good at kissing.

They finally broke apart when they heard someone clearing their throat. They looked up to see Alex's dad standing above them on the patio. "Kyle, nice to see you."

"Hello Mr. Whitman." Kyle said feeling very uncomfortable.

Kat could see that Charles was trying to keep the smile off of his face as he said, "It's late, I think your dad will be looking for you. You may want to head for home."

"Right." Kyle said before hefting himself out of the pool. Alex's dad nodded to Kat before heading inside.

Kat got out of the pool too and Kyle tried to avoid looking at her, her wet top clung to her like a second skin and kept pulling his eyes back to her. He dressed quickly and stood up. "I'm sorry about that."

"Don't be, I liked the kiss a lot."

"No, I mean getting caught in the somewhat compromising position." Kyle explained then realized what she had said. She had liked the kiss. "I know you probably aren't going to be in town long, but I was wondering if you might want to go out with me sometime? Maybe tomorrow."

"I'd love to." Kat agreed. She found some paper and a pen and Kyle wrote down his cell phone number for her to call him. With a smile on his face, Kyle headed for home.

After Kyle left the yard Kat went inside and saw Charles standing in the kitchen. She didn't know him very well since he had been born on Earth but they had talked some whenever he and his wife came to the base to visit Alex. She had made sure that they knew how grateful she was for them taking care of him for so long. He had been so nice to let her stay there but now she felt bad about being caught, "Sorry about out there."

"Don't worry about it. I told you to act like the house is your own." He said brushing off her apology. "Just be careful, I don't think Alex would appreciate it if I told him that I let his sister be seduced by Kyle."

"I don't know what happened but I'll be careful." Kat said as she went to change out of her clothes. She had one thing left to do before she went to bed, make a little visit to Tess.


Kyle hadn't realized how right Mr. Whitman had been about how late it was until he reached his house and saw all of the lights out. He crept as silently as possible inside and took a quick shower. He knew he smelled like chlorine and his dad would ask questions if he smelled it in the morning.

He pulled on a clean pair of shorts and headed down the hall towards the living room. As he passed Tess's room, his old one, he heard something strange. He stopped rubbing the towel over his head and leaned closer to the crack between the door and its frame. He heard a faint whimper and knew it had came from Tess.

He pushed the door open to check on her when he saw that she was still asleep. She appeared to be dreaming about something, something that wasn't pleasant. When the whimpers grew in volume, he thought he even heard her say something and she began to thrash Kyle knew he had to wake her up. He moved to shake her gently. "Tess...Tess."

Her reaction surprised him. Her hand came up and he felt himself being thrown backwards. At the same time he heard her say, "NO! You're dead!"

Kyle's head finally cleared from the ringing inside of it in time to see that she had finally woke up and staring at him wide eyed. "Kyle? What are you doing in here? And why are you are the floor?"

"You threw me here when I tried to wake you from your nightmare." Kyle said still stunned by what happened. "What were you dreaming about? You were yelling in your sleep."

"What did I yell?" Tess asked panicked.

"You said, 'You're dead'. What was that all about?"

"Um, I was dreaming about when Whitacker took me." Tess lied as quickly as she could. She ran her hand through her hair and noticed it was wet from sweat. She also noticed that her hand was also shaking. She couldn't believe that the dream had traumatized her so badly but it had seemed so real. It was as if Alex had been right in front of her, talking to her. But that couldn't be, it wasn't possible. He was dead. She knew that her mind knew that, she was after all the one who had killed him. So why was all of this happening to her?

She noticed that Kyle was staring at her and knew that she needed to get him out of the room before he got more curious, "Um, I think I'm going to try and go back to sleep."

"Okay, I'll be out in living room if you need me." Kyle said uneasily. He knew that Tess had lied to him about her dream. But why? Was she embarrassed? He didn't think so. In the time that she had lived there, Kyle had found out that not much embarrassed Tess. She wasn't modest or reserved. So what was it? What was up with Tess?