Title: White
Author: Alli aka Lavender
Rating: PG, there's really nothing here
Summary: Michael, Liz, thoughts. Could really take place at any time, I guess, but probably pre-Pilot.
A.N.: I have no clue where this came from. I'm practically the anti-Polarist. [lol] It's extremely short, and not particularly good. Oh well. It's my first, and probably last, foray into the world of polarism. [lol]


White teeth.

That was the first thing he thought of when he thought of Liz Parker. White teeth. Her lips would part, and even in simple conversation, they glinted, almost dangerously. They reflected light better than the fresh-swept tile floor of the Crashdown. He suspected that if he got closer, he might be able to see his own reflection in the tiny mirrors lining her mouth.

Sometimes he wondered what they would feel like bumping against his lower lip, perfect and smooth with little ridges between them as they ran under his tongue.

Yes, the only thing that rivalled Liz Parker's teeth in brilliance was her hair. Long, straight, thick, it hung just past her shoulders, swinging in time with her movements. It was a dark, rich color that made him think of the mahogany table in the Evans' dining room. It was simple. It framed her dainty little face like she was ready to be hung in an art gallery.

He would have paid to see Liz Parker framed and on display. Well, no - he wouldn't pay. He'd sneak in. And when he was sure no one was looking, he would use his own hands for a frame, and give her a little kiss, just to see what those teeth felt like.

But Michael knew he'd have to settle for viewing from afar, behind the glass case. He knew that if he ever got too close, he'd see something besides those teeth and that hair sparkling at him - her eyes.

And Michael Guerin knew that when you looked into the eyes of someone like Liz Parker, you were lost forever.