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Title: 'Second Sight'
Category: In Crowders (Kyle and Isabel)
Rating: 'PG13'
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Summery: Isabel discovers Kyle has feelings for her and something else.
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Isabel sat down in a booth at the Crashdown and waited for Max to join her. They had been meeting on Tuesday mornings for breakfast since Jesse had died over a year ago. Max's return to Liz's and their parents good graces made things almost seem like they were before...but not quite. Max still lived with Michael, and Isabel was now on her own living in the apartment she and Jesse had shared. Nothing would ever really be the same no matter how much they wished they could be.
She looked up when the bell on the door tinkled expecting to see Max, but instead she saw Kyle Valenti walk in and nod at her before heading for the counter.
Isabel smiled at him and Kyle smiled back. Another ritual. She didn't know when Kyle had started coming to the Crashdown for breakfast or if he did it everyday, but on Tuesday's he was here like clock work.
The bell sounded again and Max walked in followed by Michael. They headed for the booth Isabel was at and sat down.
"Hey!" said Michael as he sat next to Isabel, and Max slid into the seat across from them.
"Hey. Are you working this morning?" she asked as she took note of his Crashdown T-shirt.
Michael noddded as he stretched his legs out.
"Yeah, Ralph called in sick so I get to fill in after a night of working security. I'm bushed so don't order anything big," he said as he lay his head back on the seat and closed his eyes.
"Michael!" Maria called out when she spied him cat napping beside Isabel. "Michael, what are you doing? We have customers and orders to fill! Get off your ass and start cooking!" she said as she marched over and grabbed his ear, pulling him to his feet.
"Ow! Damn it Maria, I can get up without you pulling my ears off!" complained Michael as he rubbed the injured appendage.
Max hid a grin and Isabel rolled her eyes as Michael followed Maria to the kitchen.
"They may not be together, but he still does what she says," commented Max as he watched them argue through the order window.
"It's pathetic if you ask me," said Isabel. "Why does Michael let her do that to him?"
Max's smile softened as he looked at Isabel. "He loves her in his own way Isabel just as she loves him. They get under each others skin in more ways than one."
"I know," agreed Isabel. "I just wish they would either get together or get over it. All of that tension is wearisome to have to watch."
Max reached across the table and took her hand in his. "Isabel, it will happen again. Just be patient."
Isabel pulled her hand back and looked away.
"I don't know what you're talking about," she said rather aloof, pretending ignorance.
"You're lonely. We all see it," said Max softly.
Isabel started to protest, but Max stopped her.
"No, you know it's true Isabel. After Jesse died you made sure you were not put in a position to have a guy ask you out or get close to you."
He took her hand again.
"Time to move on Isabel. Let the past go and move on. Jesse would want you too."
Isabel bit her lip, and with a quivering sigh said, "I don't know if I can Max. We were supposed to be together forever, and now he's gone. I can't and won't go through that again. It hurts too much."
Max sighed and nodded as he squeezed her hand again before letting it go.

Liz walked over to their table and said, "Morning you two! The usual?"
She glanced at Isabel and then turned her eyes to Max, who smiled as she leaned down to kiss him.
"Yeah Liz, that would be great," he told her.
Nodding Liz walked off and turned in the order and then walked over to where Kyle sat at the counter.
"Hey Kyle! What can I get you this morning? The usual?" she asked as she observed him watching the two aliens in the booth.
Kyle seemed unaware of Liz as he gazed at...Isabel! It had to be Isabel because Max and Kyle got along fine now.
Liz smiled to herself as she asked again, "Kyle! What do you want for breakfast?"
Kyle jumped slightly as Liz's voice registered with him.
"Oh uh, hey Liz! What?" he asked her glancing now and again to the booth.
Liz couldn't hold back a small grin as she asked,
"Are you watching Isabel?"
Kyle's head whipped around at being caught, a denial ready on his lips.
"No! No, I'm just...I'm... just...wondering if Isabel is going to need a ride to work!" he said quickly.
Liz's grin grew bigger as she pointed out, "Kyle, Isabel works around the corner for her Dad. I don't think she needs a ride."
Kyle bit his lip and then said, "Riiiight. Forgot about that. Well..." He didn't know what to say.
Liz took pity on him and said, "Kyle, it's okay if you like Isabel. Why haven't you asked her out?"
Kyle shushed her with his hands as he quickly looked towards the booth to see if they had been overheard. Seeing that the aliens were engrossed in their own conversation Kyle leaned over the counter and said, "Keep your voice down! I don't want Heckle and Jeckle to hear you say that or Isabel!"
"What's the big deal?" asked Liz confused, but lowering her voice anyway.
Kyle sat back and said as he glanced at the booth again, "It's Isabel."
Understanding began to dawn on Liz.
"You more than like her don't you Kyle?"
"It sucks being in love with an alien, especially one who only cares for you as a friend," he said feeling sorry for himself.
Liz couldn't believe it. Kyle Valenti was in love with Isabel.
"Why don't you tell her how you feel Kyle?" asked Liz.
"Because she is still hurting over Jesse," Kyle told her as he tore apart a paper napkin.
"But I think..." began Liz.
Kyle threw the napkin down. "Look Liz, I know you are just trying to help, but don't. Let me suffer with my broken heart from afar, and you get me some breakfast okay?"
Liz nodded and went to place Kyle's order as she thought about her two lonely friends and how she could help them out.

An hour later...

Max stood up and said, "Isabel, I really wish you would reconsider coming to the movie with Liz and me. I don't like you staying alone all the time."
Isabel shook her head. "I'm not going to be a third wheel Max."
"You won't be third wheel Isabel," Max told her, but he knew that she would continue to feel that way.
Liz walked up about then and over hearing the conversation said, "Isabel if you don't go then I won't enjoy myself. Please say you will come. In fact if you don't go then I'm not either."
And with that she crossed her arms and waited for Isabel's answer.
Max turned wide eyes to Liz. The movie had been her idea because she wanted to see it so badly, so he was more than shocked that she was going to refuse to see it if Isabel turned them down. He turned pleading eyes to Isabel.
Isabel did not like the position Liz had put her in and really resented it. One look at Max told her he would be really disappointed if she said no, so and ruined his date so grudgingly she said, "Fine, I'll go, but it is under protest, and I'm not promising to have any fun."
Liz and Max grinned as Liz said, "We will meet you at the theatre at 7:00 and then eat after. I'm glad you said yes Isabel."
"Like I had a choice, "mumbled Isabel as she got up and followed Max to the register.
"See you tonight Liz," said Max as he kissed her goodbye and followed Isabel out the door.

Liz hurried over to Kyle and nonchallantly said, "Kyle, Isabel is going to the movies with Max and me tonight and she feels like a third wheel. How would you like to come along and help her feel more comfortable?"
Kyle's eyes lit up and then he frowned. "I thought I told you to leave this alone Liz. Don't want to be forced on Isabel."
Liz shook her head. "Kyle, you're just a friend tagging along to see a movie with other friends. And if by chance you make some points with Isabel then all the better. You have to start somewhere."
Kyle thought about it and knew he couldn't pass up this opportunity to be Isabel's 'date' even if it was only in his own mind.
"Okay, I'll go, but I don't want her to know how I feel," said Kyle.
"Great! Meet us at the theatre at 7:00," said Liz.
She watched Kyle leave and then wished the night was almost here as she went back to work.


"You did what?" asked Max of Liz as they got out of his car.
"I asked Kyle to join us," said Liz.
"Why?" asked Max confused.
Knowing she was breaking a promise Liz said, "Because he likes her and won't ask her out."
"Kyle likes Isabel?" asked Max stunned. He knew they were friends, but he didn't think there was more than that.
Liz nodded, "This was a perfect opportunity for him to be near her, and also for Isabel to finally get out."
Max stopped and looked at Liz amazed. "You're playing matchmaker aren't you?"
Liz grinned. "Well I really only have to get Isabel to see Kyle as he sees her and then they are set."
"It won't work Liz. Isabel will fight it," said Max beginning to walk again.
Liz put her hand on his arm and stopped him. "Don't you want to see her happy again Max? Well Kyle doesn't just like her, he loves her."
Max couldn't have been more shocked at this bit of news.
"He would be good for her Max. You know he would," said Liz gently.
Max had to agree that Kyle was the perfect choice for Isabel. Now to get Isabel to see it.
"Let's go. I see Isabel waiting right now," said Max as he took Liz by the arm and headed to what now looked like was going to be two shows for the evening.

Isabel was wishing she had never agreed to this.
Damn that Liz for pushing her into it.
Seeing Max and Liz approaching from the front she was startled when she heard a voice from behind say, "Looks like this will be a good movie, what do you think?"
Turning she saw Kyle standing there smiling at her.
"Kyle! What are you doing here?" asked Isabel surprised, yet happy to see him.
"Kyle! What a surprise seeing you here. Are you going to the movie too?" asked Liz innocently.
"Well, I thought..." began Kyle when Max said, "You should come and sit with us. We're going to eat afterwards too." He gave Kyle a conspiratory look, but it also said, "Be nice to Isabel or else."
She had told him. Kyle knew without a doubt that Liz had told Max. Great! Well at least he could have tonight to be on as near a date as he could since they had spent that New Year's Eve together.
"Huh, yeah okay I'll go if Isabel doesn't mind," said Kyle looking at Isabel.
Isabel smiled at him. "I think that would be fun," she said relieved not to be the third wheel on this date anymore. Slipping her arm in Kyle's she said, "I'm glad to have my friend along."
"Great!" said Kyle hoping he sounded enthusiastic and not like a love sick puppy who had just been told he was a great friend.
Friend. She had called him her friend. Well hopefully that would change.
Leading Isabel and with Max and Liz following, he went inside the theatre.


"Can you believe what they make some guys do in these movies?" asked Liz taking a drink.
"Let's see in the first one he did a pie, this one he superglues himself, I wonder what else they can think of to do to this poor shmuck," said Kyle shaking his head.
"The whole time I was wincing. Can you imagine doing that to yourself?" asked Max grimicing.
They all paused then burst out laughing at the image it provided.
"No, I think maybe we shouldn't imagine it," said Max laughing.
"So I guess that means you've never tried those things?" asked Liz teasingly.
"Well I can tell you he hasn't super glued himself, but I can't say about the pie," said Isabel joining in the fun for the second time that night after what had seemed like ages.
"Isabel!" said Max pretending to be shocked.
He was glad she was relaxed and acting her old self.
"Hmmmm Max... and a pie," added Liz becoming intrigued at the thought of Max and no clothes, but without the pie.
Max leaned over to kiss her.
Isabel and Kyle looked uncomfortabley at one another and Kyle said, "Isabel, want a ride home?"
Isabel nodded greatfully at Kyle as they scooted out of the booth and left seemingly unnoticed by Max and Liz.
When the door opened Max and Liz watched them leave and Max asked, "Do you really think that Isabel will fall for Kyle?" He could honestly say he liked Kyle now, and if he pulled Isabel back into the world of the living then he would be forever greatful.
"I hope so," replied Liz. If not then a few hearts would be broken.

"Kyle, I can walk home, you don't have to drive me," said Isabel as they headed for the parking lot.
"No I'll drive you. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you walking home alone," said Kyle as he unlocked the door on the passenger side of the car.
Isabel smiled and said, "I can take care of myself Kyle. Powers remember?"
Kyle hesitated and then nodded as he got in on his side of the car and started the engine.
How could he have forgotten her powers? He was an idiot.
It took just a few minutes to arrive at Isabel's and the short distance was driven in silence.
As Kyle pulled to a stop Isabel asked, "Would you like to come in Kyle? We could watch some TV or a video."
"Didn't we just see a movie or was that someone else I was with?" asked Kyle straight faced.
"Is there some rule that says we can't see two in one night?" Isabel answered in a mock snooty sort of way.
Kyle gave her a sideways look as he said, "I don't know. The videos you choose are not what I would really call 'Man Worthy'. I mean the last one I watched with you was 'Rudolph's Shiney New Year'. What the hell kind of video is that for a grown man to watch?"
Isabel started to laugh as she remembered that New Year's Eve, and then smiled softly as she remembered Kyle giving up his hunt for 'Enigma' to sit and watch the video with her so she wouldn't be alone on New Year's. He always seemed to be there for her and she truly treasured their friendship.
"I understand if you don't want to Kyle," said Isabel as she started to get out of the car.
Kyle realized he may have sounded annoyed or complaining and quickly said, "I didn't say I wouldn't watch a movie with you, just that it needs to be more manly and not that chick flick stuff you like or worse."
Isabel turned her brightest smile on Kyle as she said, "I'll make popcorn or hot chocolate!"
"What, no goobers?" said Kyle teasingly as he followed her inside.
"No, or beef jerky!" laughed Isabel as she headed to the kitchen and started preparing popcorn and drinks.
Kyle sat at the table and watched her move about. She glided when she walked, her head held high and shoulders back like a woman with a purpose, not like one who had been suffering from a terrible loss.
Isabel, how are you doing?" asked Kyle as he watched her dump the popcorn in a bowl.
She hesitated and then recovered after his question.
Bringing the bowl to the table and then the drinks, she sat and said with tears in her eyes, "I feel like I'm sleep walking Kyle. Going through the motions and not feeling anything."
Kyle nodded and then beat himself up inside for asking the question and ruining the mood and her evening. As if reading his mind she said, "Kyle, he's in my thoughts every minute of everyday no matter what I do, so it's okay to ask."
"I just don't like to see you sad. You were laughing earlier like you were really having a good time and then I go and ask that. I'm sorry," he said and meant it.
Isabel smiled and said, "I had fun tonight Kyle. I have you to thank for that. Max and Liz....they try, but then they get all kissy and then it's just me again...alone. But I've always had fun with you...I've missed that," she said quietly.
Kyle sucked in his breath. She had missed him. Oh get over yourself Valenti, she missed having fun, not you. But I'll take anything I can get, he thought as he said, "I'm glad I can make you smile Isabel." Then he paused a beat and added, "But if you really want to thank me for being here then lets do a little mind trip and peek at some babes." He wiggled his eyes at her and grinned that cheshire grin of his.
Isabel laughed as she said, "Don't ever change Kyle."
Kyle smile turned into a frown as he watched her go get some salt for the popcorn. He was hopelessly in love and she didn't have a clue. What the hell was he going to do?

Later that night...

Kyle stretched as he lay in bed thinking about his evening with Isabel. All throughout the movie he had been tense as he sat next to her afraid that any movement would be misconstrue. It was a good thing he had already seen the movie because all he had been aware of was Isabel and her scent, and how close she was to him, touching his arm or leg when she found something funny.
He had tried to play it cool when they had gone to eat, and he must have done a convincing job because no one seemed to notice him choking on his food or staring at Isabel.
Closing his eyes he could see her again laughing like she used too.
As he drifted off to sleep his last thoughts were that he wished Isabel wanted to be more than just friends.


Isabel pulled the covers up to her chin and sighed as she settled her head on the pillow.
She had fun tonight.
Sure she had dreaded it, but Kyle's showing up had put her at ease. He was a great guy and deserved a great girl. She really had to think about finding one for him. Something inside of her ached at that thought.
As she drifted off she vaguely wondered why Kyle being with someone else disturbed her.


The next day in the garage...

Kyle turned around to see Max and Liz approaching.
"Aw crap!" he mumbled under his breath as he put down his wrench.
He had had no sleep, the timing on the truck was giving him fits, and now the Alien Matchmakers show up. "What do you two want?" he asked aloud.
"How did it go Kyle?" asked Liz all excited.
"How did what go?" asked Kyle as he went back to working under the hood of a truck.
Max and Liz looked at one another before Max asked with quiet calm, "How did the rest of the evening go with Isabel?"
Kyle turned and wiped grease on an equally greasy rag before saying, "It was fun. We ate popcorn and watched a movie...nothing big." He turned back to the truck.
Both Max and Liz noticed he didn't seem excited like they had thought he would be.
"What else happened Kyle?" asked Liz sensing that something major had happened.
"Nothing," came his mumbled voice.
Max tensed as he frowned and asked, "You didn't try to...make any moves on her did you?"
Kyle banged his head on the hood as he popped up and yelled, "What!? Of course not! What kind of a guy do you think I am?"
Liz immediately jumped in and said, "Kyle, that's not what Max meant! Right Max?"
Max watched Kyle closely and then relaxed and said, "I'm just watching out for Isabel. No offense meant."
"Well offense was taken! I would never do anything to hurt Isabel! I love her or did you not get that message from Liz?" Kyle practically yelled.
Taking a deep breath to calm down he said, "Look, I have a lot of work to do so if you two don't mind..."
Max stared hard at Kyle as if trying to see into his very soul. Kyle really did love Isabel. Liz said he did, but he thought it was a crush. Now seeing Kyle's reaction to Max's question, he knew Kyle was a lost man and someone who would protect Isabel at all costs.
"Max." Liz took his hand and pulled him away.
After getting in the car Max said, "I feel sorry for him Liz. He loves her and to her he is just her friend. I know what that is like to try and be 'just friends'. It hurts."
Liz rubbed her hand along Max's arm as he started the car and they drove away.


Maria stood at the counter thoughtfully watching as Kyle finished off his second shake.
"Troubles Kyle? Why don't you tell Maria all about it?"
She picked up a rag and began to wipe the counter.
Kyle snorted as he put down the now empty glass.
"You're funny you know that Maria?" said Kyle as he tossed his napkin on the counter.
"Yeah, I get told that quite a lot. Now spit it out! What's bothering you? Is it Isabel?" she asked slyly.
Kyle's eyes nearly bugged out of his head and he paled as he quickly looked around and then whispered, "Liz told you didn't she? I knew she couldn't keep a secret!"
Maria took pity on him and shaking her head said, "No, it wasn't Liz. No one had to tell me that you have a thing for Isabel. I work here remember? I've noticed you coming in and sitting here staring at her when you thought no one was looking."
Kyle stared down at the empty glass feeling sick, and it wasn't from the two shakes.
"Does everyone know? I'm a joke to them all aren't I?" he asked looking up at her.
Maria shook her head said sympathetically. "No, no one else knows. Well I'm pretty sure no one else does."
At his forlorn look she paused in wiping the counter and told him, "Look, I've been there Kyle. You try to ignore them, but you can't because of who they are, and then before you know it you're falling for one of them whether you want to or not. They have this power over you that you try, but you just can't fight. So my advise to don't."
Kyle looked at her and said, "But you dropped Guerin. Doesn't that mean you can fight it?"
Maria shook her head. "No, it just means that for some of us it just isn't meant to be like it is for others. Like it is for you."
Kyle shook his head doubtfully. "I don't know..."
"You need to ask her out," she told him as she started to wipe the counter again.
"Nooo!" said Kyle wide eyed.
"Why not?" asked Maria surprised.
Kyle shook his head and shrugged. "It's Isabel."
Maria rolled her eyes, "So what? You've known her forever, and been friends with her a while now so there shouldn't be a problem."
Kyle looked at her with doubt.
Maria stopped wiping the counter.
"Look Kyle, just take her to do something not really date like. Go in the day and make it layed back, but fun and romantic."
"Fun and romantic?" asked Kyle unsure.
"Sure, she'll love it," assured Maria.
"What if she says no?" he asked her. He couldn't stand it if she said no.
Maria smiled. "She won't say no. Trust me."
Kyle nodded his head as he made his decision. "Okay, I'll do it."


"Now when you feel a tug then gently reel it in...not too fast, but not to slow either," advised Kyle as he baited Isabel's hook.
Isabel wrinkled her nose as Kyle ran the hook threw the crickets squirrming body.
"Doesn't that hurt it?" she asked as Kyle cast the hook into the water.
"I don't know," said Kyle as he picked up his own pole.
"Isn't it against Buddha's teachings to hurt living things?" teased Isabel.
Kyle looked at her and said, "Food chain. He was meant to be fish food and the fish are meant to be my food."
Isabel shrugged and awkwardly threw her line in the water. It wasn't long before she felt a fish tugging on it.
"Kyle! Kyle, I've got something!" Isabel said excitedly. "Quick! Do something!"
"Great! Just don't let it go!" he said as he secured his own pole and went to take her fish off of her line.
"It's big isn't it? I just know it's a huge fish!" she said unable to control her excitement. She was really getting into this and it was all because of Kyle. He was just so much fun to be around.
Kyle lifted a small fish that was barely big enough to call bait up in the air.
"What's that? Where's my fish?" demanded Isabel looking around.
Kyle grinned as he let the fish go. "That was your fish."
Isabel looked at him doubtfully. "Nooooo that was not my fish, my fish was a fighter. That was a ...a...piece of sushi."
Kyle started laughing.
"Bring me your line and I'll bait you up again," he said.
"No! I don't want to do this again. It's misleading. They seem like big fish and then they really are nothing. I'll just watch you," she said as she sat down on the rocks.
Kyle sat beside her and tossed a pebble in the water. "We don't have to do this Isabel. I just thought doing something together in the day would be fun. I should have known you wouldn't want to fish. You're not a fishing kind of girl."
Isabel felt bad. Kyle had tried to make a fun day for her, and she had been having fun, but now she had ruined it.
Placing her hand on his back she said, "Kyle, I wanted to have fun with you, so I'm just glad to be here. The fish would have been a great bonus though," she added wistfully.
He looked at her and smiled. "A bonus huh."
She smiled back at him. "Sure you were going to clean them and cook them and I would eat this great fish dinner."
"Oh really?" he said falling under her spell.
"Yeah, but since we don't have any fish for dinner how about I cook something for us at my place?" she asked him placing her chin on his shoulder.
"Uh, yeah great," Kyle answered hoarsely. He helped her up and gathered their equipment, then they drove to her place for a quiet, but friendly dinner.


After that day, Kyle and Isabel fell into the routine of meeting at the Crashdown or her house a few days a week to eat and talk or sometimes to watch videos that one of them would pick up. This went on for months with Kyle having to be content to just be Isabel's friend because he was afaid he would lose even that if she ever discovered his love for her.
At first Isabel occasionally made references to Jesse
and a sadness would come over her, but lately she didn't even do that.
They laughed and joked like in the days before Jesse died, but in the back of his mind Kyle suspected that Isabel still grieved. So how the hell did you compete with a dead man?


Isabel was sitting in the park eating her lunch when she noticed Kyle walking by apparently lost in thought.
"Kyle!" she called out to him waving when he looked up and smiled.
Kyle headed over to where she was and sat beside her.
"What's up?" she asked him as she offered him half her sandwich.
"Thanks," said Kyle accepting the half and taking a bite.
"You looked deep in thought there Kyle, what's up?" Isabel asked again as she took a sip from her water bottle.
Kyle watched a squirrel run up a tree before making a decision. "Isabel, would you like to go hear a new band tonight?"
"Are you asking me out on a date?" she asked him as she
looked straight ahead.
Looking at the ground and then at Isabel, he replied,
"Yeah, I guess I am."
Isabel felt her heart pick up beats and her palms begin grow damp.
Kyle was asking her out.
Somewhere along the way she had started to look at Kyle differently. He wasn't just her friend anymore, he was someone who made her heart speed up when he was near, and even when he wasn't. He made her laugh and feel happy, and she loved being with him and how he made her feel at ease. She had even started dreaming about what it would feel like to kiss him, to make love with him. But then she would have thoughts of Jesse and feel like she was betraying him which she knew was not rational, but she couldn't help.
Max's words came back to her..."You need to move on. Jesse would want you to."
Yes, she wanted to move on, and she wanted to do it with Kyle.
Making her decision she took a breath and said, "I would love to go hear a new band with you Kyle."
He didn't think he had heard her correctly. "You will?" he asked looking at her.
Isabel smiled at him as she said, "Yeah, I will."
A huge smile broke across Kyle's face as he stood and said, "Great! Then I'll pick you up around 7:30 if that's okay."
Isabel nodded. "That's fine. I'll see you then."
She smiled as she watched Kyle walk away. She could have sworn he had a spring in his step.
Standing up, she walked back to work, a spring in her step and a smile on her face.


Isabel was trying to deside what to wear when she heard a knock on her door. She opened it to let Max enter.
"Hey Isabel," he said in greeting. As he followed her into the apartment he said, "Liz and I are going to the movies tonight and I thought you might want to come. We could ask Kyle to come to if you feel funny about coming with Liz and me."
"No thanks Max," said Isabel as she sat on the sofa.
Max looked down at her and asked, "Why not? I know you keep thinking you're a third wheel, but..."
"I have plans, but thanks anyway," said Isabel looking up smiling.
Max couldn't help but notice how much happier Isabel seemed so he asked, "What's going on? What kind of plans do have?"
Isabel hugged herself and said casually, "I have a date." After she said it she glanced at Max as if afraid she had made the wrong descision to go out with Kyle.
Max saw the excitement turn to apprehension and as he sat down next to her he asked, "Kyle. Is it Kyle?"
Isabel nodded.
Max touched her arm and said, "Isabel that's great. I'm glad to see you moving on."
Isabel smiled and shrugged as she said, "You don't think I'm rushing it?"
Max shook his head, "No, it's about time actually and I know you have fun with Kyle."
"Yeah, I do. He's so easy to talk to and be with," sighed Isabel, smiling softly.
Max observed the changes in Isabel and wanted to ask if there was more to the situation, but he was afraid it would change her mind about the date and Kyle so he kept his thoughts to himself.
Rising he said, "Well then I'm going to go. I hope you have a great time Isabel. I really mean that."
"Thanks Max," said Isabel as she saw him to the door.
"You have fun too," she added before closing the door and leaning against it.
"Okay Isabel get a hold of yourself, it's just Kyle no big deal. He's your friend and you are going out...on a date with him. Oh gawd I can't believe I'm nervous," she said to herself as she went in to get ready.


"Damn it!" said Kyle as he slammed the hood down on his car. "Piece of crap!" he said angrily as he hit the hood with his hand.
A blaring horn alerted him to an approaching van. Squinting his eyes he could make out Michael in the drivers seat.
Michael rolled down the window on the van and asked drily, "Problems Valenti?"
"Guerin? Yeah, I've busted a belt and don't have the time or materials to fix it. Think you can fix it with your alien voodoo?" Kyle asked hopefully.
Michael shook his head. "Naw, I suck at the under the hood stuff."
"Well then can you give me a ride to my find my Dad so I can borrow his truck? I have a date and don't want to be late," said Kyle .
Michael raised his eyebrows at Kyle's mention of a date. "Hop in."
After Kyle got in and they drove off Michael asked, "Who's the date with? Anyone I know?"
Before Kyle could answer Michael asked, "Is it that busty babe over at Sanderson's bar? I hear she'll go out with anyone and do anything if you pay her enough." Michael laughed.
Kyle shook his head and forced a grin at Michael's bad attempt at a joke at Kyle's expense. "No, it's not her."
"What are you doing driving this thing?" asked Kyle indicating the van.
"It was being painted and my boss sent me to pick it up," said Michael.
"They give you the really tough jobs don't they Guerin?" commented Kyle as they pulled on to Michael's street.
"You know it! Hey, I've got an idea," said Michael pulling up in front of his apartment just as Max was coming out the front door.
"What?," asked Kyle hoping what ever it was didn't take too long. He didn't want Isabel waiting and worrying.
Killing the motor Michael said, "Kyle, I'm going to do you one hell of a favor. I'll let you use the van tonight for some rockin' and rollin' if you know what I mean. Just have it back early tomorrow and don't leave any evidence behind."
"You're kidding!" said Kyle surprised at the offer. He knew that if Michael had any idea who Kyle's date was with the offer would never have been made.
"Look, I know you've been without for quite a while, I'm just trying to help you out here," said Michael as he handed the keys to Kyle.
Kyle looked at the keys in his hand and was tempted, but he then quickly squelched the desire to take the offer, and went in after his benefactor saying, "Michael, I don't..."
"Thank me later Kyle, just have a good time, if you know what I mean," said Michael as he opened the door to the van.
"Have a good time where?" asked Max walking up to Michael's side of the van. "Hey Kyle."
"Max," said Kyle before he turned to Michael and said, "I don't want this."
"Sure you do," said Michael getting out of the van. "Any guy would would jump at a chance like this. Take it."
"Kyle, Isabel said you two are going out tonight," said Max as he rested his arm on the top of the car door.
Michael quickly leaned back inside the van and grabbed Kyle's shirt.
"I told you I didn't want them," Kyle said in his defense.
"You never said it was Isabel!" accused Michael tightening his grip.
"You never gave me a chance!" Kyle retorted as he pulled away.
"You touch her and I will make sure you suffer before I kill you!" Michael promised Kyle as he grabbed the keys that Kyle held out to him.
"What's going on?" asked Max warily.
"You knew he was going out on a date with Isabel and you didn't stop it?" demanded Michael as he turned on Max.
At Michael's look, Max added, "She's been happier in the last several months Michael and that is Kyle's doing." He was trying to figure out what was going on.
Michael shoved the keys in his pocket and sat back in the seat.
"I can't believe I almost sent you out to boff Isabel in this van!" he said shoving his hand threw his hair.
"What?" choked Max shocked as he dropped his arm from the door. He quickly looked at Kyle and said, "I told you not to touch Isabel!"
With his nervousness about going out on an offical date with Isabel, his car crapping out on him at the last minute and now this, Kyle's temper had gone from smoldering to flaming.
"I don't believe you guys! I never said I was going to to do Isabel, I just needed my Dad's truck so I could take her out because my car busted. All I want is a nice evening listening to a band with Isabel! That's all! Nothing more!" he said angrily to the two aliens who would protect Isabel from him.
Max looked a little more at ease, but Micheal was still doubtful.
"Just remember what I said Kyle," he told him.
Kyle opened the door and got out of the van without a word, slamming the door as he walked off, ignoring Max calling his name.
He had walked a few blocks when he realized he still had no way to pick up Isabel. It was going to take at least 30 minutes to reach her apartment by foot. Cursing all the way, he wondered what else could go wrong?

Isabel paced as she wrung her hands, her mind imagining all sorts of things as to why Kyle was late. He was always on time when they made plans. Her top thought was that he had desided that he didn't want to take her out and couldn't bring himself to call. But what if he was lying hurt somewhere? Oh gawd she couldn't stand it if that was it! She had to go and look for him just in case. But what if that wasn't it and he really didn't want to see her? She would be a fool for looking for him. Making up her mind she
grabbed her purse as she headed for the door when a knock sounded. Opening it she found Kyle.
"Sorry I'm late. Car trouble," he said sheepishly as she opened the door.
It took everything she had not to grab him and hug him to her.
"I...I was getting a little worried," she admitted as she let him in.
Kyle shoved his hands in his pockets and looked at Isabel. She looked so beautiful in her leather pants and boots and a sweater that was cut to show off her shape.
" look really nice, and I'm sorry I worried you," he finally mangaed to get out when he realized he had been staring.
Isabel smiled as she gave him the once over.
"Thanks. I like what you have on too."
She couldn't believe she had feelings for a guy who lived in jeans and boots.
"We can take my car if we need too," Isabel offered.
Kyle grinned sheepishly with nerves and said, "Okay, I was kinda hoping you would say that. I'm just going to wash up and I'll be right back and we can go."
Isabel nodded as she clutched her hands and sat waiting while Kyle went in to her bathroom and closed the door.

Kyle washed off his face and hands and then ran his hands threw his hair. He was about to leave when he had an intense feeling hit him. He grabbed the counter and stared at the mirror in horror. It was Jesse and he was standing right behind him staring a him.
"Oh shit!" said Kyle, his blood running cold from fright.
"This isn't right," said Jesse.
"I...I didn't plan on falling for her. I never would have ..." Kyle stammered to the ghost with guilt.
"I should tell....her...that I'm ...sorry..." Jesse said before clutching his chest and falling to the floor and disappering.
Kyle realized he was seeing Jesse die from the heart attack that had killed him.
Kyle blinked and then fell against the counter shaking.
"What the hell?" he said as he again turned on the water to wash his face.
"Kyle? Are you okay?" asked Isabel from the other side of the door.
Fighting the fear he had just experienced, Kyle opened the door and said, "Hey! I'm ready to hear a great band what about you?"
Nodding Isabel went to get her purse, while Kyle looked one more time in the bathroom.
"Great," he mumbled to himself before heading out to Isabel.


Kyle and Isabel arrived at the club and luckily found seats near the stage.
"Would you look at this place?" said Kyle in amazement. It was beginning to fill up.
"What's the name of the band?" asked Isabel, moving her chair closer to Kyle to allow more people near the stage.
"I don't know. I heard some guys talking about this great new band that was previewing new material here tonight, but I didn't catch the name. They must be good though, I mean look at this crowd!" said Kyle looking around.
Kyle was relaxing despite still being chilled from what had happened earlier. He was going to hear a great new band and he was with Isabel. Maybe the evening would turn out okay after all.
Isabel felt warm all over just being near Kyle. She hadn't felt the guilt feelings since accepting his date, and she was having fun.
"Look, it must be starting," said Kyle pointing to a man taking the stage.
"Ladies and Gentlemen! The bands warmed up and ready to go! Let's hear it for 'Kit Shickers!"
Kyle and Isabel looked at one another.
"Tell me he didn't just say..." said Kyle shaking his head with dread.
"Yeah, he did," confirmed Isabel perplexed.
As Jim Valenti and his band took the stage and began to play the crowd went wild and rushed the stage.
"You okay?" yelled Kyle as they stood up and the band began to play. He had to shout to be heard.
Isabel nodded as she clung to his arm. They looked around at the crowd that was swaying to Jim Valenti and the Kit Shickers music and began to smile.
Apparently the band had a following.
"There good Kyle. I mean I knew they were good, but the crowd loves them," yelled Isabel as she began to move with the music.
"Well I'll be!" said Kyle amazed at the way the crowd cheered his Dad's band. He grinned with pride when his Dad spotted him and Isabel up front.
Jim nodded his head and grinned back at his son, his eyes widening at who Kyle was with. He knew Kyle had a date, he was just surprised with who the date was with.

Kyle's arm brushed Isabel's breast each time she moved and he relished the touch. He may not be making any moves on her, but it didn't stop Kyle from dreaming about her every night. True most of his thoughts were erotic, but he would never tell her that. He watched her dance as she lost herself in the music and thought she was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen.
The band began to play a slower song and Isabel turned to Kyle and said, "Dance with me."
Kyle hated to dance, he didn't think he was good at it, but not wanting to disappoint her Kyle placed his arms around her waist as she wound hers around his neck and he pulled her close. She stood a bit taller than he did, but he didn't care, she was with him and the envy of every man in the room. He had watched the eyes of the men follow her, and the dislike of the women as Isabel had entered. But she was with him and it made him proud.

After the band left the stage Jim came over to the couple and said, "Well how did we do you two?" He was still keyed up from the set and his eyes were glazed with excitement.
"You did good Dad, real good," said Kyle smiling, as he shook his Dad's hand.
Jim smiled in relief at Kyle's praise. "Thanks son."
Isabel stood and kissed Jim's cheek as she hugged him.
"You guys were great!" said Isabel smiling.
"Thanks Isabel," said Jim as he looked between the two.
"So I see you two have plans so I'm going to meet up with my band. I'll talk to you later," he said as he winked at Kyle and walked away.
Kyle hid a small smile as he asked Isabel, "Want to go get something to eat?"
Isabel nodded and smiled.
"Kyle, I'm having so much fun! Thank you!"
And feeling impulsive she kissed him.
True it was a chaste kiss on the lips, but to Kyle it was manna from heaven.
"Let's...let's go," he said as he guided her out.
"Let me run to the ladies room first," said Isabel as they neared the door.
As Kyle waited for Isabel, he observed a dispute out the window in the parking lot. Two guys were fighting over some woman. Drunks he imagined.
He turned away when Isabel approached him.
"Ready?" he asked.
"Yeah," she replied smiling.
They went outside and were walking to Isabel's car when Isabel stopped and said, "Wait! I left my jacket inside."
Kyle handed her the keys and told her, "Go ahead and I'll go back and get it."
Isabel smiled and went on as Kyle ran back inside and found the jacket where they had been sitting. Heading back outside he spied Isabel standing by the car when he heard a shot ring out. He turned his head in the direction of the sound and saw the people who had been fighting earlier run off. Turning back he started to call to Isabel when he saw her slumped on the ground next to the car.
"Isabel!" he cried as he ran to her and dropped to the ground beside her. He touched her and felt a sticky wetness on his hands.
"No! God, no!" he cried out. She was losing so much blood from the wound in her side.

Isabel had been standing next to the car looking at the stars and counting her good fortune to have found someone like Kyle when she heard a shot ring out and felt a sharp burn in her side. Looking down she touched her fingers to the area that burned and when she pulled them back she saw them covered in blood.
"Oh God, no," she whimpered as she fell.
"Ky-le," she whispered as her head hit the ground.

Kyle brushed her hair from her face and called to her, "Isabel! Isabel please say something!"
Isabel's eyes flickered and she said in a small voice, "Kyle, I've... been... shot?"
Kyle's blood chilled and he wanted to throw up. He took off his shirt and pressed it to her side.
"Isabel, I'm going to get you to Max! You hang on you hear me! Hang on!" he told her, his voice strong despite his fear.
"Hey man we've called an ambulance!" said a voice behind him. A crowd had formed and was staring at the fallen girl and the young man.
"No! I'll take care of her!" said Kyle.
He couldn't let them take her to a hosptial.
"Your going to kill her man! The ambulance will be here soon!" the voice said as a hand was layed on Kyle's shoulder.
"I said no!" yelled Kyle as he shrugged the hand off.
He opened the car door and gently picking her up he placed Isabel in the car before running to the drivers side and climbing in.
He realized he didn't have the keys.
"Shit!" he yelled as he slammed his hands on the wheel.
He got out and searched the ground for the keys while the crowd looked on.
"Come on don't do this to me! I've got to have those keys!"
"Kyle! Kyle!" said a voice next to his ear. He felt a firm hand on his shoulder and looked up at his Dad with relief and fear.
"Dad," he said plaintively.
"Pull yourself together Kyle and get in the car. Isabel needs you to get her to Max right now," said Jim firmly, his fear almost as great as Kyle's. He pressed the keys he had spotted on the ground into Kyle's hands. "Go Kyle! She may not have much time. I'll take care of things here."
Kyle nodded, and getting in the car he pulled Isabel over to him. She moaned and he hated himself for hurting her.
"Shhhh, I know. I'm sorry. I'm going to get you to Max just as fast as I can," he told her as he drove off to Michael's to get help from Max.


Michael heard someone kicking his back door and went to answer it yelling, "Quit kicking the hell out of my door or I'll be kicking your ass!"
Opening it he quickly moved aside as Kyle pushed past him carrying an unconscious and bleeding Isabel.
"Take her to the bed!" ordered Michael as he followed Kyle.
"What the hell happened?" he demanded as he rushed to Isabel's side. "Oh shit!" he said in a panic when he saw just how much blood she was losing.
Kyle swallowed hard. The smell of blood was strong and it was soaking the bed.
"Where's Max?" he asked, barely hanging on to what little nerves he had left.
Michael rushed to get towels to press to Isabel's side.
"Out with Liz!" he answered. "What happened?" he asked as he pressed the towels to Isabel's side with shaking hands. She was so still and pale she almost looked dead. Swallowing hard, he tried to get a grip on himself. Isabel needed him.
Kyle wiped his bloody hands over his face without thinking, smearing Isabel's blood in the process.
"We were leaving the club and she forgot...her jacket. I went back to get it...these guys were fighting...over a girl...they must have had a gun...she was down before I knew it!" he managed to get out. His heart was pounding was so hard with fear.
"She can't die," he said.
Michael shook his head and pointing his finger at Kyle said, "Hey! She won't die!" He wished he knew that for sure though. He went for more towels leaving Kyle with Isabel.
Kyle knelt down by Isabel and took her hand in his.
"Don't you die on me Isabel!" he whispered threw his tears. "I've finally found you and I don't want to lose you now." He paused and then said next to her ear, "I love you Isabel, please don't leave me."
Michael walked over to Kyle and pulled him to his feet and said, "We've got to find Max! I'm going to call Maria to see if she knows where they are. Go wash that off before she sees it and panics," indicating the blood on Kyle.
Kyle nodded and headed for the bathroom where he threw up at seeing Isabel's blood on his face and upper body.
If she died it was his fault. Earlier he asked himself what else could go wrong and now he knew. He could lose the woman he loved and had never told her his feelings.


Maria heard her phone ringing and looking at the caller ID and saw that it was Michael.
"Can't stay stop calling can you Space Boy?" she said to herself. She shouldn't answer it, but she wanted to hear his reason for calling. It should be good.
She answered her phone and said sarcastically, "I thought you were going to quit calling me?"
"Shut up and listen Maria! Isabel's been shot and I need to find Max! Where did he and Liz go tonight?" said Michael urgently cutting to the point of his call.
Maria froze. "Oh my gawd! I think they were going to stay in because Liz's parents were away! I'll call over there and find out! If they aren't there I'll go and find them!"
"Thanks!" said Michael greatfully.
"Michael? She's going to be okay, I mean she has to be right?" said Maria afraid.
Michael sighed raggedly his own fear barely being held at bay, "I hope so Maria." And he hung up.

Maria called Liz's and thanked God that they were there.
"Liz! Max has to get to Michael's fast! Isabel's been shot!" Maria said urgently when Liz answered the phone.
"Oh my gawd! Yeah we'll get right over there!" said Liz. Hanging up she turned to Max and said, "Isabel's been shot!"
Max quickly stood up, his body shaking. "What?" he asked hoarsely.
This couldn't be happening. Not to Isabel.
"Maria just said she's been shot and to get to Michael's," said Liz as she hugged Max.
She could feel him trembling and said, "Max, she'll be okay."
Max nodded as he pulled out of her embrace and headed for the door.


Michael sat by Isabel and pressed more clean towels to her side. He had tried to do a little healing himself to try and slow up the blood loss, but so far he had not done any good.
"Where's Max?" he asked Kyle, his own anxiousness for Isabel growing with every thready breath she took. He felt so helpless. So human. He didn't like that feeling.
Kyle placed his fingers at her neck and said, "Her pulse is really weak." Then answering Michael's question he said, "You just called a few minutes ago. He'll be here. He has too."
"Hold this to her while I clean these towels," said Michael. When Kyle took over pressing the towels to her side, Michael took the soiled ones and used his powers to clean them.
"Shouldn't we take the bloody clothes off of her?" asked Kyle noticing how some of the blood was drying and causing them to stick to Isabel's skin.
"Hey!" said Michael pointing a finger at Kyle.
"I just thought she would be more comfortable! Some of the blood is drying on her!" said Kyle in disgust at Michael assuming he had other motives in mind.
Michael looked down and noticed Kyle was right.
"I'm afraid to do anything about that. Normally I would just use my powers to get rid of it, but if Max heals her the blood will be reabsorbed. I hate to do anything until Max gets here," said Michael.

The door suddenly opened and Max and Liz ran in with Maria close behind.
"It's about time!" said Michael as he wiped sweat from his brow. "She's bad Max, real bad!"
Max knelt down by Isabel and bit back nausea at seeing her pale form covered in her own blood. This was their nightmare come true. He removed the towels and shuddered.
"You can heal her right Max?" asked Kyle as he looked at Max with hope.
Max rubbed his lip and shook his head.
"I...I don't know. It's worse than I thought. I just don't know," he said nervously as he placed his hands over Isabel's wound.
Kyle stood up and watched as Max focused his energy on Isabel.
Beads of sweat gathered on Max's brow as he gave all he had to heal Isabel's body.
Suddenly she gasped and lay still.
"What happened?" asked Liz quietly.
"Is she dead?" asked Maria moving closer to Liz. "She isn't is she? She can't be dead."
Max and Michael looked in devestated horror at Isabel's still form.

Dead. That's all Kyle heard as he stared at Isabel and then he headed to the bathroom and closed the door.
He couldn't hold it in anymore. He cried for the love he had lost. He cried for his Isabel.
Lifting his head in dispair Kyle gasped. In the mirror he saw Isabel standing behind him.
"Isabel?" he asked in whispered in shock. It couldn't be. His eyes must be playing tricks on him. He turned quickly to comfront her, but she was gone just as fast as she had come.
Shaking from what he wasn't sure had just happened
he heard a commotion in the other room and opened the door to see what was going on.

Everyone was gathered around the bed hugging.
He hesitantly approached the bed expecting to see Isabel's dead body, but instead he was greeted with her pale and tired eyes looking up him.
"Isabel," he said with quiet joy.
The others parted as he came to the foot of the bed.
"I...I thought you were dead," he managed to get out.
"She was. For few seconds she...she died," said Max quietly, still shaking from the exertion, and shock of losing and regaining Isabel. He had almost lost her forever.
"Don't scare us like that again," said Michael wiping his eyes. He couldn't believe that they had almost lost her, and it had nothing to do with aliens.
Isabel looked at Kyle and gave him a slight smile as she lifted her hand to him.
"Kyle, my hero. You helped save my life. Thank you," she said in a shaking voice.
Kyle took her hand in his and touched her fingers lightly with his own.
"I didn't do anything. In fact I almost got you killed. What am I saying! I did get you killed! I should have been more alert to those guys in the parking lot fighting. I'm sorry," he said feeling a mixture of guilt and relief as he let go of her hand.
Isabel touched his face and said, "No, you couldn't have known. It just happened. It wasn't your fault."
She couldn't let him think this was his fault.

"So tell us what happened Kyle," said Michael.
Kyle relayed the story and Isabel filled in what she remembered.
"Others saw her get shot?" asked Max.
"A few. It was a packed house and the crowd was just letting out, but the parking lot where we parked was mostly empty. Why?" asked Kyle.
"The blood," said Max rubbing the back of his neck as if it ached.
"The blood? What about it?" asked Maria confused.
"Since Isabel lost so much blood and that many people saw her get shot, the police are going to be looking for her. You said an ambulance was called?"
asked Max wanting to clarify the facts.
"Yeah, some guy said they had called an ambulance. I knew she couldn't go to a hospital so I brought her here," confirmed Kyle.
"That means the Sheriff was called too," said Micheal, seeing where Max was heading.
"My Dad's band was playing there. He said he would take care of it," Kyle told them.
"Was there anyone you knew at the club?" asked Liz.
"Yeah, some people from town. They Oh hell, I didn't even think. I'm sorry," said Kyle understanding.
"You did the right thing bringing her here Kyle," reassurred Max. "They will be looking for her though regardless of Valenti's intervention, and when they find her she won't be wounded," said Max looking at the others.
"Max, if the Sheriff takes samples of the blood they will know it's not human," said Liz.
"I'm on it!" said Michael heading for the door.
"I'm going with you," said Kyle, the tone of his voice letting everyone know he wouldn't be dissuaded.
"Michael!" called out Max.
Michael and Kyle turned at the door.
"Be careful. We don't know who may still be out there looking around, and we don't want to arouse suspicion," said Max.
Michael nodded and he and Kyle headed out the door.


They rode in silence for a bit before Kyle said, "You blame me for her being shot don't you? You can go ahead and say it, I agree with you. I didn't protect her and we almost lost her forever."
Michael glanced sideways at Kyle before answering.
"Yeah, I could blame you, but I'm not."
"Why not?" asked Kyle confused as some of his anger was difused.
Michael pulled to the side of the road several feet from the club and looking at Kyle said, "Because you're blaming yourself enough for the both of us."
Kyle looked away and Michael said, "It was an accident that could have happened to anyone. You got her to us in time and that's important. Plus," he paused and then added, "You really care about her and I know you wouldn't let anything happen to her if you could help it. That means a lot."
Kyle looked at Michael and nodded. "I'd die for her."
"I know," said Michael as he opened his door. "Let's go."

They followed a beaten trail around to the back lot and spied the Sheriff's men just leaving the area.
Jim was with them.
They waited for what seemed like hours until everyone was gone, and then headed down to the parking lot.
"Where?" asked Michael looking around.
"It was here. She was shot right here, but all I see is oil," said Kyle looking around.
"And that's all the Sheriff's men saw too," said Jim walking up in front of them from the side of the club.
"What did you tell them?" asked Michael as he stooped and waved his hand over the stain making it disappear.
"I told them that she was startled by the shot and fell into some oil left by a truck which explained the stain on her. She hit her head and was groggy. Thought she was shot because of the pain from falling.
The Deputies sent out here bought it," he said with disgust. His department that he had taken such pride in was now a mess of imcompetents.
"We need to leave the oil stain then," said Michael.
"I used some old oil in the back of my truck I was going to take to be diposed of. We can use the rest of that," said Jim going to get the oil.
"What about the people who saw it happen? The ones who recognized us from Roswell?" asked Kyle.
"You'll just have to stick with your Dad's story and hope no one figures it out," said Michael not sure what they could do about that.
They covered the area that Isabel's blood had fallen on with the oil provided by Valenti, and then they left as they had come.


Isabel stood at Michael's backdoor looking up at the sky, and vaguely listening to the conversations behind her. Outwardly she appeared calm, but inside she was still reeling from all that had happened to her.
"How are you feeling Isabel?" asked Kyle as he came up beside her.
"Fine," she answered still unnerved by everything. "I would never know I had even died."
Kyle flinched at her words.
Isabel immediately apologized. "I'm sorry, that was uncalled for." Then feeling the need to explain herself, she said, "I know we died on Antar and were sent here to be reborn, but I don't remember that. I remember this and it's unnerving. I feel like a cat who has used up two of it's nine lives."
Kyle felt a chill come over him by her words.
"You remember dying?" he asked her hoarsely.
Max and the others in the room fell silent in their conversations as they picked up on Kyle and Isabel's.
Isabel swallowed and nodded embarrassed. "Yeah, well I guess dreamed it is more like it. I could swear I saw you leave the room when the others said I was dead, and I followed you to the bathroom. Isn''t that a morbid dream?" She lauged nervously.
Kyle stared at her.
"It wasn't a dream. I saw you," he barely got out.
The others slowly began to gather around.
"I saw you standing behind me in the bathroom. I was crying and angry and then I looked up and there you were, and then just as suddenly you were gone. That's when I heard the others and you were alive," Kyle told her.
"What? Kyle are you sure about that?" asked Max.
"Yeah, and it's not the first time I've seen someone...dead in a mirror," said Kyle looking at the others.
"You mean Alex," said Maria sadly remembering Kyle's vision of Tess killing Alex.
Kyle shook his head, and then looking at Isabel he said, "I saw Jesse."
Isabel's gaze flew to Kyle's face.
"You saw...Jesse?" she asked in a small voice.
"Yeah. When I went to wash up before we went out I looked in the mirror and there he was. I thought he was talking to me, but I think I was watching him die."
Isabel walked slowly to the couch and sat down.
"What...what did you see?" she asked.
Kyle sat down beside her, "He said, 'This isn't right,' and that he should tell you that he was sorry. He grabbed his chest and then he was gone."
Isabel raised her fingers to her lips as tears gathered in her eyes. "We had a fight. I said he was working too much and needed to spend some time relaxing. I was worried because he didn't look good. He had been working night and day on this case and I wanted him to go out and have fun with me. I hounded him actually. He got mad and said he had a brief to finish and that fun could come later. I stormed out and that was the last time I saw him alive."
"Isabel..." said Max consolingly as he layed a hand on her shoulder. "None of us knew he had a family history of heart problems or that he would die of a heart attack like his father. It just happened. Your fight had nothing to do with it."
"I know that's what the coroner said, but to know the last time we saw each other we were fighting just makes it hard," said Isabel sniffing.
"He was sorry he had a fight with you Isabel. He wasn't angry. He loved you and you know it," said Liz.
Isabel nodded. "Yeah, I guess."
"She's right Isabel," said Kyle. "He loved you. Don't think about anything but that."
Isabel smiled at Kyle and nodded.

Michael frowned as a thought came to him.
"Why did Kyle see Jesse and Isabel when they were dead? Does anyone else find that kinda strange?"
"He also saw Alex," reminded Maria.
"Kyle must be getting these visions because Max healed him. This is some sort of alien thing," said Liz.
"Oh great. You get cool powers, and I see dead people," dead panned Kyle. "What's up with that?" He looked at the others and then admitted, "To tell you the creeps me out."
Isabel touched is arm and said, "Well it may creep you out, but you let me know that Jesse was thinking about me when he died and he wasn't angry. I know that doesn't help you, but it helps me. Thank you Kyle."
Kyle smiled at her, melting at her touch. "Yeah, sure. I'm glad I could help."
"Maybe that's what Kyle is supposed to do, help people. You know he helped us find out Tess was Alex's killer, and he just told Isabel about Jesse. You know what I mean?" asked Maria looking ay yhr others.
"Then why did he see Isabel? She wasn't dead but a few seconds," asked Michael.
Kyle had his own idea as to why he had the visions, but he needed to talk to Isabel first.
"Uh, could I talk to Isabel alone?" he asked the others.
Confused, the others all agreed to go to the Crashdown and wait for Isabel and Kyle. They had all agreed that Isabel being seen healthy in public was important.

When the others had left, Kyle began to pace as he searched for the words he wanted. Finally he turned to Isabel where she still sat on the couch and said, "Isabel, I have wanted to tell you something for a long time now, and I think now is the time to do it."
Isabel waited nervously as Kyle continued to pace.
Kyle bit his thumb nail as he stopped and said, "Isabel, I think the reason I saw you dead in the bathroom is because I have feelings for you."
Isabel stared at Kyle and made an 'O' with her mouth.
He had feelings for her. She was both nervous and excited, her own feelings for Kyle having grown deeper.
"I love you," he told her in a rush. "I know you are still grieving for Jesse, I understand that, but I want you to know that no matter how long it takes I'll wait for you if you just tell me that someday you could love me too."
There! He had said it and now he held his breath as he waited for her answer.
Isabel didn't know which had grown bigger, her eyes or her heart at Kyle's words.
"Kyle, I..." she said breathlessly.
"I don' don't feel the same. That's okay, we can still be friends...I think," he said trying to sound like he was fine with only being friends. But he wasn't and never could be.
Isabel stood up and went to Kyle.
"Kyle, I love you too," she said as she wound her arms around his neck.
Kyle looked in to her eyes and said, "You do? Really?"
"Yeah, really. Jesse's dead and I've moved on with my life because I love you."
Then Kyle kissed Isabel for the first time, not as a friend, but like a man loves a woman with all the passion and desire that goes with it.
When they parted Isabel rested her head on Kyle's and asked, "Do you think we should tell the others?"
Kyle smiled and said, "Actually, they already know."
"They do?" asked Isabel surprised.
"Yeah, they've been encouraging me. Apparently I can be read like a book when it comes to you. Does that bother you?" he asked her, suddenly wondering if he had said too much.
"No, I'm just happy you finally let me in on the secret," she said smiling back at him before kissing him again.


"So Kyle sees people he is emotionally attached too?" asked Maria confused. "Is that good?"
"I don't know, but I'm sure in time we'll find out," said Max as he generously saturated his fries with Tobasco.
"Here's your drink Kyle," said Liz as she placed it before him, smiled at Max, and headed for the kitchen.
As soon as Kyle touched the glass a vision hit him of Liz standing by the fryer talking to Michael as she prepared to empty the fryer, flames rising up out of control and burning her.
"What the hell?" he said aloud as he let go of the glass.
"What is it Kyle?" asked Isabel, when she saw the look on his face.
"I... I don't know. It was weird, I..." he looked up and saw Liz threw the order window talking to Michael and preparing to gather the fries. It was just as he had seen it in the flash.
"Oh God...Liz!" he yelled at her as he ran threw the kitchen door, pulling her out of the way as the oil caught fire, sending a flame shooting up that would have certainly burned her.
Liz was breathing hard in Kyle's arms as she realized he had saved her.
Michael quickly doused the flames with his powers before anyone else was aware of what was going on. Then as the others came in to the kitchen he turned to Kyle and Liz and asked, "You okay?" as Liz went in to Max's arms.
"Yeah, Kyle pulled me out of the way just in time,"
said Liz. She looked at Kyle. "Thank you! I don't know how you knew, but thank you."
"How did you know?" asked Isabel as she stood next to Kyle holding on to his arm as if to make sure he was okay.
"I saw it," he told them.
"But I thought you could only see dead people," said Maria.
"Me too, but I guess I get different types of visions," he told them.
"So you see the past and the future," said Isabel thoughtfully.
"I guess so. I guess I just have to wait and see how it develops," Kyle replied. He was not crazy about the power he had developed, but if it was what he had, he hoped it was going to be a good thing and not one he regretted having.
He and Isabel slid their arms around one another.
The move was not lost on the others.
"What's this?" asked Maria smiling.
Isabel and Kyle smiled at each other and Kyle said, "They want to know what this is."
"So they do," she replied, her eyes shining with love for him.
The others smiled at them and followed them out of the kitchen, Liz and Max being last.
"So they are finally together," said Liz beaming with satisfaction.
"Proud of yourself and your matchmaking?" asked Max.
"Immensely!" said Liz as the door shut behind them.

(Move on down to 'Broken' for the conclusion)

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Name: Lori R
Email: Gussywussy55⊕
Title: 'Broken' (Sequal to 'Second Sight')
Category: In Crowder (Kyle/Isabel)
Rating: 'Hard R' Due to some of the subject matter.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JKatims and UPN. I borrow them for my own enjoyment and no infringement is intended.
Feedback: Yes please good or bad*happy*
Summery: This is a sequal to 'Second Sight'. It follows Kyle and Isabel's now acknowledged love, and further looks at Kyle's new power. This fic will be more intense due to subject matter, so please be aware.


'Just For' Nickelback (Silver Side Up)

I want to take his eyes out
Just for looking at you
Yes I do
And I want to take his hands off
Just for touching you
Yes I do

And I want to rip his heart out
Just for hurting you
And I want break his mind down
Yes I do, yes I do, yes I do

And I want to make him regret
Life since the day he met you
Yes I do
And I want to make him take back
All that he took from you
Yes I do

And I want to rip his heart out
Just for hurting you
And I want to break his mind down
Yes I do, yes I do, yes I do, yes I do, yes I do

And I want to rip his heart out
Just for hurting you
And I want to break his mind down
Yes I do, yes I do, yes I do, yes I do


Kyle and Isabel sat at the counter in the Crashdown with their friends. It was after hours and they were just chilling and having a good time listening to music and talking.
Isabel unconsciously traced a pattern on Kyle's hand as she talked with Maria about the new day spa that had opened in town.
"I can't believe we have a day spa in Roswell," said Maria smiling at the thought. "I could use some major pampering."
"I know, I just hope it's a good one. I could really use a good massage," said Isabel shifting her shoulders.
"Hey, I can fix those shoulders," said Kyle as he wiggled his fingers and then placed his hands on her and began to gently massage.
"Ohhhhh Kyle....yes....mmmmmore...oh yes that feels so good," sighed Isabel as she closed her eyes and relaxed under Kyle's hands.
Snickering caused her to open her eyes and glare.
"What are you laughing at?" she asked unaware as the others stared at her and tried to smother their laughter.
"If that's the noise you make getting a massage I can just imagine you having sex," said Michael smirking.
He realized what he had said and quickly amended that statement at the others looks. "I mean I don't want to imagine you having sex, but ...never mind," he said walking off.
"That's right Spaceboy, put your foot in that big mouth of yours," said Maria shaking her head at his remark.
Isabel blushed as she realized she had sounded rather naughty, but Kyle's hands on her had felt so good.
They had not moved beyond kissing and hugging. Kyle had not even tried to make any moves on her and now that she thought of it she wondered why.

Kyle rubbed his hands on his pants and sat back down as Max glared him. Kyle had been effected by Isabel's pleasurable sounds and Max had noticed. Great! Evans may want him dating his sister, but he doubted that he wanted him to screw her. Besides, Kyle wanted everything to be right with Isabel before they moved to a more physical relationship. Kyle may be ready, but he didn't know if Isabel was. Well he thought she might be, but he didn't want to wreck anything they had by pushing her.

"Kyle, I take it you haven't had anymore visions," said Liz, sensing Max's reaction. She would try and take things in another direction.
Kyle shook his head. "No, it's been weeks now and nothing. Maybe it was just a fluke," he said hopefully.
He had been unnerved by the visions of Jesse, Liz, and Isabel and he didn't want to relive any of it. If he had to have a power he wanted a cool one, not one that made him see dead people or bad things before they happened.
Max shook his head as he took Liz's lead and moved on. "I think they were most likely real Kyle. Nothing bad has happened lately so that is why you haven't seen anything since. But I suspect you will have more visions though. Sorry," he told him with sympathy.
Isabel touched Kyle's arm as she said, " I still think you have those images for a good reason Kyle. I mean you saved Liz because you saw her in a vision, and you helped us to know that Tess killed Alex. You just need to learn to go with them and not learn to dread them."
"Easy for you to say, you aren't seeing this stuff. I mean it gets pretty bad," he told her.
At her stricken look, he put his arm around her and said, "I know you're right, you just have to give me time. I haven't spent my whole life with powers like you guys have."
Isabel smiled at him and lay her palm on his cheek. "I know, and we promise to help you in any way we can to make it easier Kyle."
Kyle kissed her gently on the lips and lay his forehead on Isabel's. "Ready to leave?" he asked her.
Isabel nodded and they stood up, walking hand in hand to the door.
"Night you two!" called out Liz.
"Night!" they called back.
"Hey Isabel!" called out Michael as he stood at the pick up window.
"Yeah?" she asked turning back.
"Try to be more quiet would ya?" he teased her.
Maria hit him on the head and as Max frowned.
Isabel blushed again as Kyle smiled and pulled her to the door.
"Don't frown Max. She's a big girl and she's in love with a good guy who loves her. Tell them good night and don't frown while you do it," said Liz looping her arm in his.
Max realized Liz was right. Isabel had been married and widowed and was now happy with Kyle. He wouldn't want her unhappy again just because he was protective of her. So he smiled as he held up his hand and called out, "Night Isabel...Kyle."
They waved their hands over their heads as they glanced back. "Night Max." Then they went out the door.
Liz hugged Max's arm to her as she smiled and said, "I'm proud of you Max."
He smiled down at her and kissed her nose. "Thanks. Now let's get this place cleaned up."


Kyle walked Isabel to her door and unlocked it, holding it open so she could enter before him.
Isabel snapped her fingers and the lights came on.
"Now why can't I have a power like that?" he asked her as he flopped down on the sofa.
Isabel sank down next to Kyle and kicked her shoes off, tucking her feet up under her. She lay her head on his shoulder when he put his arm around her.
"Kyle, we didn't know you and Liz would be getting powers when Max healed you. But if gaining a power means you are alive then be glad, no matter how disturbing your power is. I can't imagine not being in love with or not having your arms around me," Isabel told him, her eyes swimming with tears.
Kyle lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her, his hand cupping her neck.
Isabel opened her mouth eagerly to Kyle, her arms going around him as she leaned into him.
Kyle felt himself growing hard and pulled his lips from Isabel.
"I've got to go," he said relunctuntly.
Isabel frowned in confusion as her heart pounded within her chest. "Why?"
Kyle looked at her and stroked her cheek. His eyes softened as he told her, "Isabel, you are so beautiful and I love you so much, but I need to go."
Isabel's hand held Kyle's to her cheek. "Please don't go."
Kyle closed his eyes as he tried to fight down his growing need for the woman he loved.
" don't know what you are asking of me."
"I do know. Stay with me Kyle. Stay the night with me," Isabel asked him quietly, her eyes showing how much she loved him.
Kyle looked at her. "Isabel?"
Isabel stood up and held out her hand. "Please?"
Kyle looked at her hand and then placed his in hers.
Standing he followed her to her bedroom as Isabel snapped her fingers to put the lights out.
Outside a shadow moved away from the window. It's owner seething with anger at seeing Isabel in the arms of another man.

The next morning...

Isabel opened her eyes to find the sun just peeking threw the window. Her head was on Kyle's chest, her legs tangled with his and the sheets. Kyle's arm was around her and she never felt safer in her whole life.
She knew when he awoke, his breathing and his heartbeat sped up. She raised her head to look up at him.
"Morning," she smiled at him. His hair was all spikey and she loved it.
Kyle smiled back, his hand caressing her back. "Morning." She was so beautiful! Even after a night of love making, she looked like a goddess.
Isabel lay her head back down and closed her eyes. She loved Kyle Valenti with all her heart and right now was the best time in her whole life.
"You okay?" he asked her as he played with her hair.
"Yes, I'm wonderful," she said contentedly as she kissed his chest. "You?"
Kyle's grin spread over his face as he answered her. "Are you kidding me? I'm the luckiest guy on Earth right now. I've got my woman and she is the most beautiful thing in the morning that I've ever seen."
Isabel smiled as she scooted up next to him and kissed him.
"I love you Kyle."
He grew serious as he looked at her and touching her face he said, "I love you too, Isabel. More than I ever thought possible."
He made love to her again. Slow, sweet love that made Isabel forget everything but Kyle. She had never felt anything as powerful as she did when Kyle was kissing her, stroking her, when he was inside her.
Kyle had only been with one other girl in his life and she was nothing compared to Isabel. Isabel was his sun, moon, and stars, his light when there was darkness. He knew as he came inside her that he never wanted to be with anyone else.
As they lay their in each others arms he asked her, "What if we made this official? You know, tied the knot?"
Isabel's heart almost stopped at his words. "What?" she asked him leaning up on her arm and looking down at him.
"Would you marry me Isabel?" Kyle asked her quietly. Maybe he was doing this all wrong? He shouldn't have asked her after making love to her. Then heard her sniff. Looking down he saw tears running down her face. Oh crap! She was crying!
"Isabel?! Oh man, I didn't mean to upset you! I take it back! I don't want to marry you! We'll just have sex and stuff and pretend this never happened, just don't cry!" he said as he gathered her in his arms.
Isabel laughed. "I'm not crying because I'm upset, I'm crying because I'm happy! Can't you tell the difference?" she teased as she wiped her nose and eyes with a tissue from the box by the bed.
"So is that a yes to the marriage thing or what?" he asked her a little confused.
"Yes! It's yes!" she cried as she kissed him.
Kyle's heart swelled as he kissed her.
"So we're getting married," said Kyle suddenly feeling like it was all a dream. He couldn't be so lucky as to have his come true.
"Yeah, we're getting married," sighed Isabel happily. She never thought she would be happy again, but Kyle was the best thing that had ever happened to her.
They lay together talking about how to tell the others when Kyle asked, "When is this wedding going to be?"
"Soon," said Isabel snuggling next to him.
"Soon huh, how come?" he asked her as he caressed her body.
"Because I want everyone to know you belong to me," she told him happily.
"Are you going to tag me too?" he asked her grinning.
"Maybe," she laughed.
Kyle looked at the clock and swore. "We were supposed to be at Michael's for lunch 20 minutes ago. You know there is such a thing as being with your friends too much."
Isabel stretched and stood up. "I'll share a shower with you to save time," she said innocently.
Kyle smirked. "Oh yeah that will really save time...but let's do it anyway!"
That's why they were an hour and a half late to lunch.


"Where do you suppose they are?" asked Liz blowing a strand of hair out of her face as they waited for Isabel and Kyle to show up.
"I don't know. You did tell them what time didn't you?" asked Max looking at his watch. They would never be this late unless there was trouble. "Maybe we should go look for them," he said to Michael.
Michael snickered and then coughed when Maria sent him a withering look.
"What?" asked Max giving his attention to Michael.
"Nothin'," said Michael throwing a hand over his mouth and looking away, grinning.
"No, you seem to know something, so what is it?" persisted Max.
"Nothing. I don't know nothin'," said Michael seriously.
Maria could kill Michael for saying anything, but instead she said, "You know Max, their in love and they may just want to be alone."
"Alone to have sex," said Michael under his breath as he looked away.
Maria kicked him which made Michael gasp in pain.
"What'd you do that for? You know that's what they have to be doing. At least someone is gettin' some around here!" he said rubbing his shin.
"You're an idiot did you know that?" said Maria as she kicked him again.
Max ran his tongue over his lip as he glanced first at Michael and then at Liz. He suspected what Michael said was right, and he didn't know if he should be happy or alarmed at the development. Isabel had been through so much and he didn't want to see her hurt again if things fell apart with Kyle.

About that time Isabel breezed in the door with Kyle right behind her.
"Sorry we're late, we had huh...something come up," said Isabel quickly. Then she took in the faces in the room and instantly grew alert.
"What's wrong?" asked Kyle as he stood by Isabel. He had seen the looks too, and he wondered what had happened.
"Did you keep us waiting so you could have sex?," asked Michael point blank. He looked at Maria and pointed a finger at her warning, "Don't you kick me again!"
Maria stuck her tongue out at him and then kicked him.
"Ow! Would you stop that!" he growled at her as he nursed his bruised shin.
Kyle and Isabel's eyes grew huge as they looked at each other, and Isabel blushed. Kyle scratched his head as Isabel placed a hand to her throat.
"N-no! No, we were late because...because I...I couldn't make up my mind what wear," stammered Isabel uncomfortably.
Kyle looked at her and grimaced. It was the first time he had seen her lie and fail to convince anyone.
Isabel knew how bad the lie sounded and that made her blush even more.
Kyle put his arm around her and said, "We were late because I asked her to marry me."
"What?!" screamed Liz and Maria as they jumped up, and ran to Isabel and Kyle to hug them.
Max and Michael looked at one another and then both stepped up to Isabel and Kyle.
Isabel looked nervously at the two men who were as close to her as the one she was going to pledge her love and life to. If they didn't give their blessing she would die, because she wanted this so badly.
"We were going to tell you over lunch, but we didn't expect to be this late," Isabel told them as she wrung her hands. Max and Michael had been so opposed to her marrying Jesse that she was afraid they would be the same with Kyle even though they both liked him.
Max looked at first at Isabel then at Kyle, his own face revealing nothing. Isabel glowed from love and something else. He knew Michael was right. Isabel and Kyle were late because they had been having sex. He also suspected that it hadn't happened before. He also noticed how nervous she was and suspected that had to do with him. She was happy and Kyle was the reason, and so Max was happy.
"Congratulations Isabel...Kyle. I know you two will be very happy, because I've never seen Isabel happier," he told them smiling, as he enveloped Isabel in an embrace, relieving her fears.
"Yeah, congratulations," said Michael as he shook Kyle's hand and then kissed Isabel.
"Thanks guys," said Kyle as he shook Max's hand, relieved not to be on the receiving end of an alien glare.
Isabel's eyes shone with happiness. "I'm so excited! We're not going to have a big wedding or anything. We just want you guys and our parents. Nothing flashy, just really simple," she gushed.
As the girls went off to plan, the guys went out back.
"So, getting married," said Max to Kyle. "Take care of her Kyle. She's been hurt enough and I won't see that happen again."
"Max.." Kyle started to say.
"I know...I know you love her, just take care of her," said Max seriously.
"I will, you can count on that," assured Kyle.
"Just make sure that you do," said Michael slapping him on the back.
"With my life," said Kyle looking threw the window at the woman he loved. "With my life."


"I can't believe you are treating us to a day at the spa with you!" said Maria excitedly. "I want a massage so badly."
"I've never had a real facial!" said Liz getting in to the spirit of things.
"Well ladies this is our day, so enjoy. A day of pampering is what we should all have," she told them as they were led down a hall to private rooms to undress.
As Isabel was about to enter her room she noticed a man enter the room next door. She barley gave him a glance before entering her room, and closing the door.

Isabel drew a robe on over her naked body and proceeded out to where the masusse waited.
She was instructed how to lay and soon her muscles were being relaxed with a deep massage.
Unbeknownst to Isabel someone was watching her through a two way mirror, his eyes taking on a wild quality as he observed her.
"I knew you show up here eventually. You never could resist anything to make you more beautiful."
His eyes gleamed and he smiled knowingly as Isabel went to stand, her towel slipping to reveal one perfect breast. She quickly covered herself, checking to make sure the masusse was otherwise occupied with putting away the oils used in the therapy.
"Soon...soon you will be mine."

The three girls sat in chairs near one another as they sipped fruit drinks and had their nails done.
"Isabel, this has been the most relaxing experience. I never want it to end," sighed Liz closing her eyes.
"I should have this done everyday," said Maria picking out a polish.
"It has been great," agreed Isabel. "I still can't believe Roswell is where this paradise has opened. I was half expecting to be let down, but this has been wonderful," she confided to them.
"I think we should make standing appointments and make the guys pay for them," said Maria holding up a hand to inspect.
Liz and Isabel smiled at that thought.
Isabel looked at her watch and made a little face.
"Oh no, I've got to go! Kyle and I are going to dinner and I need to get home to change," said Isabel admiring her manicure. "I'll see you two tomorrow."
"Bye Isabel, and thanks again," said Liz.
"Yeah, thanks! Let me know when you want to have a girls day again," said Maria waving her nails at Isabel.
Isabel smiled and went to dress. She was getting ready to take off her robe when she suddenly had the eerie feeling that she was being watched.
Looking for some sign that she was being observed and finding none, she hurriedly finished dressing and left.

The man behind the mirror smiled. Soon he would have what he desired.


A few days later.....

"Isabel? Where are you?" called out Kyle as he stood staring at the stacked moving boxes in front of him. He could barely see over the top, Isabel had them stacked so high.
"I'm in the kitchen!" she called out to him.
"K!" Kyle replied as he worked his way threw the maze of boxes.
"This sure is a lot of stuff! Do you really think we need all of this?" he called out to her as he continued to follow the trail to the kitchen. He picked up a rice cooker and frowned. What the hell? Rice needed its own special pot to cook in? Kyle replaced the cooker and continued on until he spied Isabel in the corner of the kitchen packing some boxes.
"Isabel, do we really need all of this? I mean some of this stuff just seems like clutter to me," said Kyle looking at the piles of dishes on the counters.
Isabel sighed as she stood up and looked at the mess and then at Kyle. She had to agree it was a bit much. She didn't even know she had some of this stuff.
"Maybe we can give some of it away to the needy. I just didn't realize there was so much," she said ruefully as she looped her arms around Kyle's neck and kissed him.
Kyle's arms slid around her waist as he returned her kisses. He looked around and grinned. "We never did it in here," he said slyly.
Isabel smiled, but shook her head. "Kyle, we have to get this stuff ready to move to our new apartment. Max and Michael are coming over later tonight to help move it. We can christen our new kitchen," Isabel said smiling.
Kyle ran his hands down to Isabel's bottom and cupped it, pulling her closer to him. She could feel his hardness and desire rose in her. "Kyle..." she almost purred, fighting the need to give in.
"Whaaat?" he asked her kissing her exposed neck and upper chest, his hands pushing apart her shirt buttons to reveal the swells of her breasts.
"Kyle," she sighed as his tongue flicked over her skin, his hands pushing her shirt off of her shoulders.
"Hmmmm" he hummed as her hands ran up under his shirt to caress his back.
Coughing and the clearing of throats brought the two heated individuals quickly back to the present.
"Bad time?" asked Michael drily.
Max looked uncomfortably at them.
"We came early in case there was a lot to move. I guess we should have called."
"That would have been nice!" said Isabel, as she quickly turned away to fix her clothing and gather her wits about her. Kyle turned a few shades of red at having been caught in a moment of passion by the two men he least would liked to have seen it.
"Soooo you came to help us out," said Kyle blowing air out and looking around.
"You didn't look like you needed any help," said Michael eyeing the human.
"Michael!" said Isabel turning around and glaring at him.
"Michael," said Max quietly, shaking his head at him.
Michael nodded and then said, "So do you have to have all this crap?" he asked looking at the boxes.
Kyle exchanged looks with Isabel and said, "See."
"I said we would get rid of some of it," said Isabel rolling her eyes. "Start over there by the door and just start taking stuff over. Everything is labeled with the room, cabinet, or closet it goes to."
The men began moving things out while Isabel started on more boxes.
Kyle came back in and said, "We've got a truck load so we're going on over. You sure you don't want to come and tell us where this stuff goes?"
"I'm sure you three can handle it just fine. Just read the labels Kyle and don't open anything. I will put it all where I want it later," said Isabel kissing him.
"Okay, but if we don't get them in the right places I don't want to hear about it," said Kyle leaving.

Isabel smiled as she sealed the last box up. Rising to her feet she realized it was getting near dinner time. She would clean up and then order some take out for all of them.
She walked to the bedroom and took off her clothes and walked to the bathroom. Turning on the shower she stepped inside and let the spray wash off the dust. She could have used her powers, but she loved a good shower. She washed her body with the scented bath soap she loved and then washed her hair. She picked up a towel and was drying off when the shower door behind her opened.
"Kyle! Back already! Are Max and Michael still here? Im ordering take out so it should...." she turned around..."Oh gawd! You!" she said fearfully clinching the towel to her with one hand and throwing out the other to use her powers.
Before she could protect herself, a man using his own powers, subdued her. Aware, yet powerless, Isabel could do nothing but scream inside her head as she was raped by the man she had seen at the spa.
A man she now knew was Kivar.


Kyle, Max, and Michael carried in the last of the items to the kitchen. Kyle walked over to a counter and was putting the microwave down when he was hit hard by a vision. Staring at the front of the microwave, he saw Isabel with a man in the bathroom and he was horrified by the image.
"Oh gawd no!" he said shaking, as he backed away from the image.
"Kyle? What is it?" asked Max as he and Michael stared at him.
"Are you getting a vision?" asked Michael.
Kyle was still shaking as he headed for the door and answered, "It's Isabel!"
"Isabel?!" said Max and Michael coming up behind Kyle.
"A man is attacking her!" Then with horrible realization and tears in his eyes he stumbled towards the door as the vision ended, but the image remained.
"Kyle!" called out Max as he Michael started after him.
Kyle turned with tears streaming down his face.
"He was...he was raping her! I've got to get to her!"
Max and Michael's hearts grew cold at Kyle's words as they all quickly headed for Max's car and he quickly drove them towards Isabel's apartment.
"We have to get there before it happens Max!" said Kyle urgently.
Max pressed the pedal to the floor of the car trying to speed to Isabel's aid, praying that they were not too late or that Kyle's vision was wrong.

When they arrived at Isabel's, Kyle jumped out of the car before Max had even stopped. He hurried inside calling Isabel's name as he ran to the bathroom, pulling up short at the sight of Isabel laying in a huddled heap, naked on the floor of the shower, her eyes staring at nothing.
They were too late.
Kyle fell down beside her to gather her in his arms, but Isabel flinched away shaking, turning her head from him.
Max stared down at Isabel and started into the room when Michael stopped him with a hand on his arm. He shook his head when Max turned to pull away so he could aid Isabel.
"Max, she's terrified. As much as you and I want to help her, Kyle is the only one she needs to be near right now. All three of us in there might push her over the edge even more."
Max hesitated, but then nodded at Michael's reasoning. He turned to look tearfully at the woman he had been closest to all his life and vowed to kill whoever had done this to her.
So Max and Michael stood helplessly looking down on Isabel as Kyle carefully spoke to her, his voice breaking as he covered her with the towel laying near her head.
"Isabel? It's me...Kyle," he gently told her trying to keep his voice from breaking. His throat burned from the effort, and his vision was blinded by tears at seeing the woman he loved broken like this.
Hearing Kyle's voice, Isabel whimpered and curled up even more into herself.
He tentively touched her hair, flinching when she did. Finally she allowed him to touch her as he quietly soothed her with his words.
"Shhhhh he's gone now. We're here to take care of you Isabel...shhhh," he said as he stroked her hair. When Isabel finally slowed in her shaking, Kyle stood up and carried her to the bed. Thank God, they had not moved the furniture from the bedroom yet.
He covered her up and turned to Max and Michael.
"I'm going to kill whoever did this to her!" he vowed quietly.
"I don't understand why she didn't use her powers on the guy to protect herself," said Michael as he looked down at Isabel. He didn't know which of them would get to the guy first, but whoever it was who did this was a dead man.
"Yeah, that's what I'm wondering too," said Max squatting next to the bed and putting his hand gently on her head. "I'm here Isabel. I'm going to take care of whoever did this."
Kyle turned to Michael. "She wasn't fighting him," he said thinking back.
"What? She would never have let anyone attack her like that!" Michael stated strongly.
"I know, but that is what I saw! She was laying there helpless," insisted Kyle furiously, sure of what he had seen.
Max stood up and said, "Kivar? It couldn't be. Isabel sent him back."
At the mention of Kivar's name, Isabel began to shake uncontrollably.
"Max!" said Kyle as he rushed to Isabel's side, and she allowed him to put his arms around her.
Max and Michael moved closer to the bed as Max again squatted down and he asked, "Isabel? Isabel was it...Kivar? Did Kivar do this to you?"
"She's shaking like crazy Max! We can question her later, right now she needs rest," said Kyle wanting to spare Isabel from anymore trauma right now.
Max stood up and motioned for Michael and Kyle to follow him to the door.
Kyle reassured Isabel he was still nearby when she clung to him. She released her hold on his arm, and Kyle followed Max and Michael to the door, but he kept his eye on Isabel.
"If it's Kivar that's raped her there is only one reason for him to do that," said Max grimily as he looked at the other two men. "He's trying for an heir and this must be the only way he thinks he'll get one."
They all looked at Isabel, and Kyle struggled with the war within himself at this new added problem
"Do you think he succeeded?" he asked Max.
"I don't know," answered Max truthfully.
"Well can't you find out? Use your powers and find out!" demanded Kyle.
"And if she is, what then?" asked Michael of the others. "What do we do? She can't have Kivar's kid!"
"We find out first, then we worry," said Max heading back to Isabel and kneeling down.
He placed his hand on her hair and smoothed it back from her face as he said, "Isabel...we..."
"Not now Max. Leave it for tomorrow...please. One more day won't matter," said Kyle changing his mind. He couldn't stand to see her this way, and if she was carrying Kivar's baby then at this point it might push her straight over the edge. It could wait one more day.
Max looked at Michael who nodded in agreement with Kyle.
Max kissed Isabel on the forehead and stood up.
"I think we should move her from here. It might help her," Max told them.
Kyle and Michael agreed, and so Kyle wrapped Isabel in the blanket and carried her out to Max's car.
He held her as they drove to Michael's apartment, and then carried her to Michael's bed and placed her in it, holding her until she fell into a fitful sleep.
He would kill Kivar if he ever got his hands on him.


Screams shattered the night waking the two aliens who slept, and startling the man who guarded his love.
Michael and Max raced to the bed as Kyle tried to calm Isabel. Finally she settled down, but she had a haunted look to her. Each man wondered what if anything else Kivar had done to her.
"I think we need to find out Kyle while she's this way," said Max.
Kyle nodded and sighed. "Yeah I think you're right. Do it." He closed his eyes a moment and prayed before opening them to watch Max.
Max gently and slowly moved the sheet just enough to bare Isabel's abdomen. He took a breath and then glancing at Isabel's face he placed his hand over her belly and concentrated. Perspiration gathered on his brow and upper lip as he searched inside. Gasping he broke free and fell back, catching his breath and saying, "No! There's no baby!" He closed his eyes in relief. She was spared having to carry Kivar's child.
Kyle closed his eyes and thanked the stars that Isabel was not going to have a child by Kivar.
"He'll be pissed when he finds out," said Michael stating the obivious.
A thought struck Kyle and he asked, "Why didn't he just kidnap her instead of raping her and then leaving her?"
Max and Michael shook their heads. Neither had an answer.
Since it appeared Isabel had worn herself out, they all settled down to rest while they could.

Isabel lay there listening to the voices of the three men, some of what they said beginning to register with her.
She wasn't pregnant. Kivar had failed. Thank God. She didn't know what she would have done if she was.
All she wanted to do was die.
She felt dirty, and her abused body could still feel Kivar on her, and inside of her. His scent lingered on her body. He had left her when he heard the others coming in, but she just couldn't tell them that yet.
Kivar had raped her mind as well as her body, trapping her so she was helpless.
And Kyle.
He was trying to help, they all were, but she just wanted to be left alone.
They couldn't help her.
No one could.


Isabel took the rag and scrubbed her body until it felt raw. She wanted to let the showers hot water wash away the smell and feeling of the Kivar on her, but she couldn't risk it. She was afraid if she turned on the shower that it would wake the men in the next room and she didn't want that to happen.
She scrubbed harder as hot tears coursed down her face. Kivar had ruined her life with Kyle. There was no way Kyle could love her or want to touch her after Kivar.
Isabel grabbed some clothes and put them on then with one last look at Kyle, she left.

The next day Kyle woke to find Isabel gone.
"Max! Michael! She's gone! Isabel's gone!" he said as he scrambled from the bed. He didn't think he would sleep that hard and hated himself for doing so.
Max and Michael ran to the bed.
"Where could she be?" he asked them.
"Did you check the bathroom?" asked Michael.
He went to check and came back saying, "My clean T-shirt and boxers are missing from the shelf."
"I can't believe I slept and didn't hear her!" Kyle said beating himself up.
"None of us heard her Kyle. She snuck out on purpose," said Max rubbing his face, feeling just as bad as Kyle.
"Where could she be?" asked Kyle with worry.


Isabel walked into her apartment with trepidation. Her breath caught in her throat, and her stomach rolled as she neared her bedroom. Stepping inside on shaky legs, she quickly scanned the room before moving tensely towards the closet to get her overnight bag and some clothes. She moved to the dresser and gathered what she needed from there, quickly dressing in jeans and a long sleeve shirt. She slipped her feet in her shoes and picking up her bag she started for the door.
She paused and then turning she slowly headed for the bathroom. She stood staring at the shower, bile rising in her throat, her body shivering as she recalled what had happened to her here.
"What are you doing here?" asked a voice from the door.
Isabel screamed as she turned and raised her hand to release her powers, shattering the door. It wasn't until too late that she recognized the man at the door.
"Oh God! Michael!" She clutched one hand to her mouth and the other to her chest as if to still her racing heart.
Michael realized his mistake as he jumped from the blast.
He had spooked her and she had almost killed him.
"I didn't mean to frighten you," he apologized. "What the hell are you doing back here Isabel? Why didn't you get one of us to come get these things for you?" he asked her.
Isabel picked up her bag that had fallen when she turned. She headed wordlessly out the door. Michael watched her walk by him and then followed her.
"Kyle's worried sick about you! All of us are! Why did you just up and leave like that?" he asked her.
Isabel placed her bag on the floor and said, "I needed to be alone Michael."
"That's the one thing you didn't need Isabel," said Michael eyeing her. She was pale and shaking.
Isabel twisted her hands as tears gathered in her eyes.
When she spoke her voice was strained and cracking.
"I can't be near....Kyle."
Michael frowned. "Why not?"
She whispered, "I'm..." Her face scrunced up in pain at the memory of Kivar, her hands running over her arms and neck as she stared unseeing through tear filled eyes. She was shaking uncontrollably.
"Kivar...I can't with...Kyle...not right..."
Michael's mouth fell open at watching Isabel break down like this. When she had killed Whittaker she had been in shock, but nothing like he was seeing now.
He moved slowly to take her in his arms. She stiffened at first and then she broke down hard, crying hot tears onto Michael's shirt as he held her.
"Kyle loves you Isabel. He is kicking himself for not being here to protect you. We all are. We are so sorry for not getting to you in time. Kyle had a vision, but it came to late." He cried with her, knowing her pain was nothing he could imagine.
Sniffing Isabel pulled out of Michael's arms and said, "I love Kyle, but Kivar has taken my life and ruined it. I can't ask Kyle to wait while I try to regain my life. I can't do that because I don't know if I ever will."
"Don't you think you should discuss that with me?" Kyle asked from the door.

Kyle stood at the door watching and listening to Isabel and Michael, and his heart wrenched at her words.
Michael walked to the door. "I'll go." Then to Kyle, "Watch out for her."
Kyle nodded as Michael left.
"So you were just going to leave? Not talk to me or anything?" asked Kyle looking at her bag.
Isabel glanced at the bag and then at Kyle.
"I was going to my parents."
Kyle nodded as he looked around, his eyes tearing up, his hurt and anger growing.
"Because you think I don't want you now that....Kivar that Kivar has?" he asked her, stumbling over Kivar's name. "Well that's crap! I love you and will always want you. I can't believe you think I'm so shallow that I wouldn't love you! This was not your fault."
He walked towards her and placed his hands on her shoulders.
"I love you, and you are coming to 'our' home, not your parents. I can't help you if we aren't together."
Isabel swallowed hard, the knot in her throat making it hard.
Kyle stared at her, his hands dropping to his side.
"No?" he said stunned she was rejecting him.
"No," she repeated with pain.
Isabel picked up her bag and said, "I can't be with you Kyle when I feel like ...dirt." She paused then said, "He used me, Kyle. I love you, but I can't change how I feel right now about what he did to me. I can't be with you." And saying those words, Isabel left.
Kyle stood alone in the apartment and cried, his pain at losing Isabel and all that had happened to her, causing him to fall to his knees and cry with rage.


Jim Valenti looked down on his son and sighed. Kyle had just told him that his engagement to Isabel was off and why. Jim sat down and looked at his clasped hands in front of him.
"Give her some time Kyle. What Isabel went through is a terrible thing for any woman alien or not."
Kyle stood up and began to pace as he spoke. "I know that Dad, but don't you think I should be with her to help her out with this? I mean we love each other, so why won't she let me help her?"
Kyle stopped and looked at his Dad. "You know why? She blames me."
"What? That's crazy Kyle. Isabel doesn't blame you for this. Why would she?" said Jim looking up at his son with concern.
"Because I didn't get there in time to help her! I have this power to see the future to protect people, and I couldn't save her from Kivar! said Kyle pushing his hands threw his hair. "I let her down, and now she thinks I can't protect her. And you know what? She's right!" said Kyle as he stormed out the door.
"Kyle!" shouted Jim alarmed, heading out after his son. But Kyle had already started his UV and sped off, dirt flying in his wake.
Jim put his hands on his hips and stamped his boot in the dirt with frustration as he watched the dust settle back down.
His heart ached for his son and Isabel, and now worry for his son grew at Kyle's words.
Making up his mind, he decided he would head over to Isabel's apartment and see if he could find anything that would lead to Kivar.


Isabel sat on the bed in her old room and held her pillow to her. She looked around the room that no longer resembled what had once belonged to her. She felt like a stranger here. She guessed it was true that you really can't go home again.
A knock on the door made her sit up straighter.
"Come in."
The door opened to reveal her mother.
"Are you okay sweetheart? You never really said why you are here, but you know you are welcome to stay as long as you want."
Isabel nodded, but she didn't smile. "Thanks Mom."
Diane sat next to her daughter and put her arm around her. "Did you and Kyle have a fight?"
Isabel didn't want to tell her mother what had happened because it opened up too many questions and her Dad would want the police involved. That couldn't happen, so she said, "Yes...a fight. We had a fight."
"Well honey that's normal you should know that," said Diane.
"Mom...I just really need to be by myself right now if you don't mind," said Isabel. She thought she might lose it if her mother kept on talking about Kyle.
Diane sighed and nodded as she patted Isabel's knee and stood up.
"Okay honey. You rest and I'll call you when dinner is ready."
"Thanks Mom," said Isabel as she watched Diane leave.
Isabel fell back on the bed and curled up in a ball.
She felt like her life was spinning out of control with no help in sight.


Kyle walked into the Crashdown and headed for Max and Michael sitting in a booth.
"I need to talk to you two," he said as he sat down.
"What's up?" asked Max sitting up straighter.
"I want to know where I might find Kivar," Kyle said.
"We don't know Kyle, if we did we would have had him by now," Max told him. "That's what Michael and I were just talking about. We don't know where to begin since we haven't talked to Isabel about the particulars."
"Well I want you to find out and let me know, because she sure isn't going to tell me."
"And what makes you think you can do anything to stop Kivar? The only powers you have are in the mind, not something that would stop Kivar," said Michael.
"Just find out where he is or I'll do it myself, but I'm going to kill him for what he did to Isabel, and I'll do it with or without your help!" said Kyle rising from the table and leaving.
Max and Michael watched him leave and then Michael said, "He's a loose cannon right now Maxwell. I don't even want to think about what Kivar would do to him if Kyle ever found him."
"Kyle won't find him, Michael. We need to talk to Isabel," said Max.
They left a tip and paid their bill, then headed to the Evan's home.


Maria and Liz sat in the sauna at the spa talking. They were the only ones in the room so they felt free to speak about Isabel and Kyle.
Maria stretched her arms and lay her head back against the wall of the sauna.
"Did Max say anything to you about Isabel?"
Liz looked towards Maria and wondered how much she knew. Max had told her everything because he was afraid Kivar might try to come after her to get to Max. She hesitated and then said, "Yeah, did Michael talk to you?"
Maria nodded. "I can't believe that she was raped by Kivar! Oh my gawd! I would have been ...well I don't know what I would have been actually. It's just so terrible. Thank gawd she wasn't pregnant. At least that bastard couldn't do that to her."
Liz agreed. "I know. I just feel so horrible for her. I can't imagine what she went through. Max said when Kivar figures out Isabel's not pregnant he might try again."
"I hear Kyle's not taking this well. He wants Isabel to move into their apartment like they had planned so he can take care of her and she won't hear of it," said Maria.
"I know. Max said that Isabel won't have anything to do with him and Kyle is about to lose it," Liz agreed.
Maria stood up and wrapped her towel tighter about her body. "I'm out of here Liz. I've got to meet 'The Kit Shickers' for a gig in an hour."
"Yeah okay." Liz stood up and followed Maria out of the sauna.
Neither woman noticed the camera that had video taped them or the microphone that had allowed an angry alien to listen in.


Jim Valenti opened the door to Isabel's apartment and began to look around. His trained eye left nothing unscrutinized as he combed the apartment for signs that would lead to Kivar. He headed for the bathroom and looked around. Finding nothing he headed back to the front door. He walked around outside searching for clues when he stopped, squatting down for a closer look at a footprint. He didn't see the man until it was too late. The hand on his chest searing a glowing handprint on him as it sucked his life away. His last thought was of the safety of his son and Isabel.


Kyle sat the bar drinking his third beer. He ran his hand over his head and blew out his breath. He was out of ideas on where to look for Kivar. Laying his head down on his arm his mind he closed his eyes. He was so tired. He hadn't slept since Isabel had left Michael's. If he could just rest, his mind might be able to figure out where that bastard was.
An arm shook him as a voice said, "Kyle! Kyle wake up! Where's your Dad? We go on in 5 minutes and he isn't here yet!" said Maria shaking him harder.
Kyle looked up. "What? What do you mean he's not here?"
He sat up and asked her again. "What do you mean he's not here? He's always the first one here to set things up," said Kyle.
That's when he glanced at the pitcher of beer in front of him. In the glass pitcher he saw his father and a man outside Isabel's apartment. The man pulled back his hand and his father fell to the ground, a glowing handprint on his chest.
"No! Oh gawd no!" Kyle shouted as he lunged off the bar stool, tripping in his haste to get to the door.
"Kyle! Kyle what's wrong?" yelled Maria following him.
Kyle ran, never looking back as he yelled over his shoulder, "Get Max and Michael! Oh gawd I saw a man....killing my Dad! I've got to get to Isabel's apartment before this happens!"
Maria immediately went to call Michael, her heart thumping loudly in her ears with fear.


Kyle's SUV screeched to a hault outside the apartment. He saw his Dad's truck and ran to it calling out, "Dad! Dad where are you? Answer me!"
Finding nothing he ran to the area in his vision and drew up short. He then ran to where his father lay and pulled his lifeless body into his arms, his cry of pain pouring from his burning lungs.
Michael and Max rounded the corner of the apartment building just as Kyle cried out.
"Dad, oh gawd no!" sobbed Kyle as he rocked his father's body.
Max and Michael stopped at the sight of Kyle rocking his father's body in his arms and crying.
Both aliens had tears streaming down their faces for the man who had first hunted them, then protected them, and finally had become their friend.
They approached Kyle and knelt down.
"Kyle," said Max quietly touching Kyle's shoulder.
"I saw it and couldn't save him! I saw Kivar kill my Dad and I couldn't save him! I have this &%^&%()& power to see the future to help people and I couldn't save my own Dad or Isabel!" he cried.
"It wasn't your fault Kyle," said Michael. He was devastated to see Valenti laying there dead. He had been like a father as well as a friend to Michael and the loss was weighing heavy. If it was this bad for him, he could only imagine how Kyle felt.
"It is! It's all my fault! I was drinking and not paying attention! I got my Dad killed," cried Kyle bitterly.
"Kyle that's not true! This is all Kivar and we will get him and make him pay!" said Max with determination.
"He may have done the killing, but I let my Dad down by not being here for him," said Kyle lowering the body to the ground.
"We have to get rid of that handprint Max," said Michael looking around.
Max nodded and used his powers to hide the handprint.
"We can't let anyone know about this Kyle. We have to make it look like an accident or there will be questions," said Max hoping Kyle would understand what that meant.
Kyle stared down at his father an nodded. He knew what Max meant. He stood up and then bent and picked up his father's body and carried him to his SUV and placed him inside.
"We'll meet at the bridge near Tucker's bar," said Max.
Michael drove Valenti's truck, and Max drove his own car.
It was dark now and so no one saw Michael driving Valenti's truck. Taking back roads they drove to a bridge out of town and stopped and got out. They rolled the truck to the edge of the bridge at an angle and positioned Valenti behind the wheel.
Kyle touched his father's hair and then kissed him, "I love you Dad," he said as a tear fell down his cheek.
Then he joined Max and Michael and nodded.
Michael sent the truck flying down the bridge and they all watched as it broke threw the railing and went over the side falling to the rocks below.
Michael and Max had a sense of dejevu at watching the truck go over. It was much like sending Max's jeep over the side when they were preparing to go home, but now Valenti was inside dead instead of seeing them off.
Kyle watched the truck burst into flames and then he turned around and started walking to his SUV.
Max and Michael ran after him.
"Where are you going Kyle?" asked Max.
"It doesn't matter," said Kyle starting his engine.
"Kyle, don't do anything stupid," said Michael with his hand on the downed window.
Kyle gave them a look and sped off, Michael's hand falling away from the window to his side.
"He's going to get killed Maxwell," said Michael.
"I know," said Max grimly.


Kyle sat at the bar in the next town downing his drink. He was trying to get himself drunk so he could forget what a failure he was when it came to saving the people he loved.
He knew when someone seated themselves next to him, but he never looked their way until he heard his name.
Isabel's voice was full of sorrow and something No that couldn't be it, thought Kyle. How could she love a failure or had she forgotten she had left him for failing to save her from Kivar. His mind was soggy with drink and sorrow.
Isabel placed her hand over Kyle's and said, "Kyle, I'm so sorry about your Dad. I loved him too, you know. He was so kind."
"Yeah that was my Dad...kind. He didn't deserve to die the way he did by that bastard's hand. You know what? I'm going to get revenge for you and my Dad, Isabel," said Kyle slamming his glass down on the table.

Isabel was alarmed at Kyle's words.
When Max and Michael had informed her of Valenti's death and Kyle's reaction to everything, she thought they were exaggerating, but now sitting here with Kyle she could see they were right. He had lost all reason.

"Kyle, you can't go after Kivar alone! You don't have the powers needed to go against him," said Isabel hoping to make Kyle understand.
Kyle shook her hand off.
"I'm going after him and I won't be stopped by you or anyone!" he said standing.
Isabel stood as well and said, "Kyle this is foolishness! You're grieving for your Dad! Don't go out and do something stupid!"
"What do you care? You left me because I couldn't protect you! So don't go and tell me what I should and shouldn't do!" He stormed out of the bar, the patrons watching him go with Isabel on his heels.
Isabel was devastated at his words. "I don't want to see you dead Kyle, but that's what will happen if you try to fight Kivar! He's too strong!"
"Then I'll die," said Kyle rashly as he got in his SUV and slammed the door. "I've done it before. The only difference this time is no one will care."
"Kyle! Kyle, I care! I love you! " cried Isabel. She had no time to deny his words before watching helplessly as Kyle sped out of the parking lot. Her heart was breaking for the man she loved.

She raced to her car and opened her door just as a hand was placed over her mouth. A voice near her ear said with low, moist whisper, "I've come back to make sure that what is mine will be mine forever."
Isabel's heart stopped as Kivar ran a hand over her and then shoved her into the car and lay on top of her.
"I somehow failed in my mission before, but not this time," he vowed as his hand tugged at Isabel's pants.
"No! No! Get off of me!" she screamed as she fought Kivar.
Kivar raised his hand to her head to use his powers on her, but she was prepared this time and fought him.
"I will have my son!" said Kivar with certainty as his claw like fingers reached for Isabel's head yet again.
"Kylllle!" cried Isabel, her strength weakening against Kivar.

Kyle drove off down the road, his speed accelerating with every mile. He had one thought in mind.
Kill Kivar. He looked up in rear view mirror and gasped at the image he saw there.
Isabel was screaming and fighting Kivar in her car. She was calling his name.
"No!" he yelled as he quickly spun his SUV around and headed back to the bar.
"I can't fail this time! I have to get there!" he kept repeating.
He spun into the parking lot and screeched to a hault beside Isabel's car, jumping out and running to her car.

Kivar was so intent on possessing Isabel's body and planting his heir in her that he did not hear Kyle until it was too late.
"You bastard!" yelled Kyle as he pulled Kivar off of Isabel and tackled him to the ground.
"You sorry, sick, murdering bastard!" said Kyle as he hit Kivar over and over with his fists, the surprised alien trying to regain his wits. He flung Kyle from him with one wave of his hand, throwing Kyle into the side of the building.
Kyle managed to stand and stagger, his determination to kill Kivar sustaining him.
"You'll have to kill me," he told Kivar as he Kyle went at him again.
Kivar was out raged that this human was interfering with his objective. He again sent Kyle flying and then proceeded back to Isabel who was now standing outside of the car.
"You stay away from me!" she yelled at him, her hand outstretched to protect herself as much as she could.
"I will have you and my heir Vilandra!" seethed Kiavr as he advanced on her.
"NO! No you won't! I won't let you touch me ever again!" she told him, with a sudden deadly calm.
Kyle stood up, and began to step cautiously behind Kivar.
Kyle's rage, grief, and a sudden surge of strength aided him when he picked up a board he found against the building and swung it at Kivar's head.
Kivar realized to late that his attention should have been on both Vilandra and the human. The blow to his head cracked open his skull. The force of the blow so strong, that Kivar's brains were exposed. He had had no time to react.
Isabel stared at Kivar's body then raised her eyes to Kyle. He stood frozen to the spot, the board still clenched in his hands. He was breathing hard with anxiety and adrenaline. The board dropped from his hands and he staggered to Isabel.
"Are you okay?" he asked her, his eyes going back to Kivar's body.
Isabel nodded. "Are you?"
Kyle nodded. "I promised I would kill him for you and Dad....I kept my promise," he said quietly.
"Yes, yes you did," said Isabel, tears in her eyes.
They could hear people laughing and coming their way.
"We have to get rid of him," Kyle said, looking around.
Isabel leaned over and placing her hand over Kivar's body, burned it until nothing was left but ashes.
Then sweeping her hand, the ashes dispersed in the air.
She looked at Kyle.
"I want to go home," she told him.
"I'll follow you to your folks," said Kyle opening her door.
Isabel touched his hand.
"Kyle, I want to go to our home," she said softly.
Kyle looked her in the eye and said skeptically, "So now that I can protect you you want to come home with me?"
Tears sprang to her eyes.
"I never stopped loving you Kyle or believing that you wouldn't stop at anything to protect me. I left because Kivar used me and I wanted someone better for you."
"That wasn't your choice to make Isabel," said Kyle. "I thought you hated me for not protecting you. For not seeing him in time."
"I just want us to be like we were Kyle, but I know we can't," said Isabel softly, her hand gripping his tightly.
"I don't blame you or look at you like you are used goods Isabel. I only see the woman I love and want to be with for the rest of my life," he told her touching her face.
"I want to go home with you to our home Kyle," she whispered again, touched by his words.
Kyle pulled her into his arms and kissed her.
"I love you Isabel," he said as he squeezed his eyes shut and hugged her tightly to him.
"I love you too," Isabel said, her hands caressing his neck, a feeling of safety flowing through out her body.
Everything was going to be all right.


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