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Title: This Is The Real Me
Author: Ana-bell
Category: Zan & Liz AU
Disclaimer: Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz.
Summary: Liz is the girl that has everything ,but the one thing she wants.
Part 1

You want to know the real me? The real me does
not like Jimmy. Why am I dating him? Because I
want my parents to be proud of me. Stupid, huh?
Try to live in a family where your parents tell other
parents how you are going to make it in this world.
You would do the same too. Trust me. I go horse
back riding with my Dad and shopping with my
Mom. So how can, I, the girl who has everything
want something more? This "something" is a
someone, and I can’t have him. We are both from
the other side. We do things that are not the
same. Why should I want him? He is just a street
rat. That’s what I keep telling myself, but I know
that it is not true. I see him as more. I see him as
the person that he can be, the person that he will
be. He can be a real pain in the ass sometimes,
telling me that I can’t live the way that I do now.
That I have to get out there. How can he tell me
this, but not do it himself? Is it hard for him? If it is
I can help him. He knows I will.

Now here comes the part where we can’t be
together. My father belives that I should wed with
another family that has just the same amount of
money as we do. My father thinks that I should
marry Jimmy. He is a jerk. He thinks that men are
higher then women. Sometimes I just want to
punch him. I don’t, because I can always see Zan
to my right, glaring at me. He knows what I want
to do. See the thing with Zan is that where ever
we go he sits to my right. I don’t know what is up
with that. I’ll have to ask him one day.

You think that we could some way be together, if
we just run off some where no one will find us.
That only happens in fairy tales. Plus, Zan is dating
Tess. What we like to call the Town's Slut. Well,
more like Maria and I. Get this. Tess knows what
we think of her. She says that we are snobs and
that we have nothing better to do than to call her
that. Get real Tess. We are only telling the truth.
Sometimes the truth hurts.

Today is the ball. Zan said that he will wait for me
by the punch bowl. Oh, and I forgot to tell you
something. Zan does not know how I really feel
about him.

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Part 2


Maria helped me get ready for the ball. Maria can
ether be your best friend or the worst thing that
ever happed to you. I went there with Jimmy. He
wouldn’t stop talking. I wasn’t really listening any
way. I was thinking about what I was going to say
to Zan. As we walk in I see Zan by the punch bowl
and Tess is right by him with a smile. What is up
with that girl? Dose she not have a clue? How
much you want to bet she is looking at Tommy? He
is the guy that Tess has been cheating on Zan
with. What a slut! Dose she not see what she has?
Zan is every girls' dream or maybe just mine. Any
way. What right does she have to do this to him?
He is a great guy. One day some one is going to
take him away from her. I just hope that it is me. I
can dream, can’t I? Maria said that I have a
chance. I don’t think that I do. He has showed no
sign that he likes me. Well, nether have I towards
him, but Maria
and Isabel think that I have. Just so you,
know, Isabel is Zan’s half sister.

Now lets get out my thoughts for a sec. Zan is
walking up to me. Tess is with Tommy. That
slut. “So how is your night so far Liz?” Zan asks me
with a smile. What is up with that? He is always
smiling. I'm thinking, It is great now that you are
here. “Its ok. How is yours?” I ask instead. “So far
good. Oh, hey, Jimmy.” Zan said as he puts his
out for a shake. Jimmy does not take it. He just
says “Zan.”
Then he takes my arm and we go to our table.
What a jerk. Zan keeps up with us. He sits down to
my right. He smiles at me and I smile back. Jimmy
does not see this. He is too busy talking to Tommy.
What is up with those two? When we were in 1st
grade they hated each other, now they are buddy

Author's Note
If you haven't notice by my Icon I'm getting married. *big**happy**bounce**big**happy*

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Author's Note
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