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Category: AU Z/D
Rating: will probably get up to NC-17, but definitely R for pretty harsh language and situations.
Summary: ok, I'm no good at this part, so you're just gonna have to read.
Disclaimer: We all know that I own nothing even remotely related to Roswell or any of it's characters.
Author's Note: Ok, this is my first attempt at writing anything, so you guys really need to let me know what you think. I don't wanna waste my time on more of this if it totally sucks, and no one wants to read it. I started posting this about a year ago, but got caught up in having a baby, and wasn’t faithful, so I'm reposting under my new sn now. I've kinda edited some stuff from the original too. I really do want to see this through, and my muse has once again hit, so please let me know what you think.

Dylan ~ Liz (dupe) -she will be a little different in her physical appearance as far as her build, but she's still got the same looks. Just think of Liz built more like Isabel. Tall and curvey. (What? This is AU! I can do whatever I want.)

Veronica ~ Maria (dupe) -she's the same in every way, unless I otherwise describe in the story.

Jane ~ think Courtney

Part One

Two young men, who looked to be in their early twenties, were walking through the streets of NYC discussing their impending actions.

"We've known about his punk-ass for months now. What kinda info you get that makes us all a sudden gotta get rid of 'im?" the one with the light brown, mohawk looking hair inquired.

"Rath, he’s a Skin. That's all we need ta know. He knows he shouldn'ta f*cked wit us. He signed his own death warrant." the other one answered.

"Yeah, Zan, I already knew he was a Skin, but I thought he was harmless. I wanna know, why now?"

The darker-haired man stopped and turned toward his companion, getting in his face, "I said now. Thas'why!" He turned around and started walking again.

Rath still persisted as he followed, "Did you find somethin out that I don't know 'bout?"

"Loni found out that he's been workin with Nicko. Fact, he's right up there on Khivar's right hand with our old friend Nick." Zan informed him.

"Sh*t." was all Rath could say.

They stopped outside of the apartment building where they were supposed to be meeting Zan's sister, Loni, and their other 'family member', Ava. This is where he lived. Sean Deluca. 'He ain't gon know what hit 'im.' Zan thought. 'F*ckin Skins! When they gonna learn they can't out-smart the King? Not in this lifetime anyway.'

The two women showed up moments later and they discussed what each person was to do. Zan and Rath were going in to confront Deluca and off him. Loni was the look-out for anything suspicious. And Ava was hiding all of them with her powers. No one would know what happened. It would just look like he disappeared.

They went into action.........

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

At the same time.........

Dylan had just slipped into her new silver chemise. Her brown hair was held up loosely, with a few strands hanging around her face. She knew he liked her hair like this, and she bought the chemise last night just for him, well, maybe for her too. She was determined to seduce her boyfriend, of eight months, tonight. She knew that he cared a great deal for her. After all he did treat her like a queen, but their physical relationship had been close to non-existent lately. She was sick of it. 'Didn't he know that women had needs too?' She was just going to have to see to it that he met hers. And tonight was the night. When better to start than on their eight month anniversary. Although, she wasn't so sure that he even remembered that. Oh well, after tonight, he would never forget again. She'd make sure of it.

She looked at the clock. It was 12:17am. She walked to the bedroom door and stuck her head out into the hallway. "Sean, babe, aren't ya gonna come to bed? It's startin to get late."

In the other room, she heard a mumbled, "Yeah, I'll be there in five." and then nothing else. She knew he was probably watching football or something. She rolled her eyes, and went to look in the mirror one last time. She put a couple of finishing touches on her eye make-up - no she didn't usually put make-up on before going to bed, but tonight was special. She checked out her attire. Her best friend, Ronnie, had helped her pick it out. The chemise had spaghetti straps that were black, and the entire top of it - the part that covered her breasts, or didn't - was black, see through lace. Just under her bust line started the silver satin that fell down to just below her butt, then there was about an inch of the black lace again. She loved it. It just barely covered her in all the right places, while still being revealing in others. She slipped her panties off, and went to lay in bed and wait for Sean.

After a while, she drifted off into sleep.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Zan and Rath entered Deluca's building, going past the doorman completely undetected, thanks to Ava. Rath followed Zan, who seemed to know exactly where he was going. They headed down a long corridor toward their right and turned left at the end. Zan stopped at the sixth door on the right.

"Here we are. One fourty-two." Zan stated quietly. "No crazy sh*t. Let's try ta keep this a surprise attack." He looked meaningfully at Rath, who was not known for his stealth. Rath only nodded his understanding.

Sean had been sitting watchin the game when he realized what time it was.12:49. He stood up in front of the tv and was watching this one last play, when he felt someone walk up behind him, "Babe, I know I said five minutes. Lemme just finish this quar........"

"I know we close, man, but wouldn'ta guessed ya for the type ta call me babe." Zan stated sarcastically.

Sean was about to whirl around, but a hand on his lower back stopped him. "I wouldn't even try it if I's you." Rath said coldly.

Sean knew who it was and he was scared out of his mind. "What do you want?" He was surprised that his voice didn't sound as shaky as he felt.

"You ain't been completely honest wit us Deluca. Seems you ain't as unimportant as you was leadin us ta believe." Zan told him. "So now we gotta get rid of ya." He reached in front of Sean and turned the tv off. "First, I's gon get some info from ya tho."

'How'd they find out?' "Man, really. I'm not important. I'm just hangin out till it's time ta go back. I don't know anything. Khivar keeps me in the dark all the time. I don't want no trouble. I'll give ya anything. Money? I got lotsa money saved up and stashed in my closet. The girl. You can have her too. You won't be disappointed. It's like she was made for royalty, she's so amazin." He said the last sentence with a pointed look at Zan, that Zan wasn't too sure how to interpret.

"I wanna know where Nickolas is." Zan told him blankly. Then he raised his pierced eyebrow, "Then I's gonna go get ya money." He wasn't sure what Deluca was talkin about this girl, so he didn't really think much more about it. They weren't going to go hunt down some Skin b*tch just for kicks. They could take any ho off the street to do that.

"I don't know where he is. We have rendevous points. Never the same place." Sean answered.

"How's you communicate wit eachotha to know where ta rendevous, then?" Zan asked.

Sean was visibly shaking now 'F*ck, what can I tell them?' "Um, we correspond through a po box once a week." 'Yeah, that's buyable.' he thought to himself.

Zan was falling for it, "Numba?"

He made one up. He figured that by the time they found out that he'd lied, he'd be long gone anyway, so who cares.

Rath spoke up now, his hand still on Sean's lower back. "A'ight, now where's the money? And how much is there?"

"It's about fifty grand, and it's in my closet. The back left corner. I use simple molecular restructuring to seal it, but it's nothin either of you couldn't handle." Sean told him.

"Thanks." Rath said. He released a small amount of energy into that certain spot on Deluca's lower back, and then he was standing alone with Zan - dust flying around them.

"Mutha*t, Rath. I had more questions for 'im. GOD, you meathead!! Now how we gonna find out what Khivar's plannin for the summit? HUH?!?!" Zan was furious. Rath was always doing sh*t without thinking.

"Aw, ita be okay." Rath answered with a smirk."Now, les'go get the dough."

to be continued………….

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Littlebit, jeremiah, maxzhot, Fallin Angels ~

thank you for the wonderful comments!

here ya go............

Part Two

Rath walked into the bedroom turning on the light, followed closely by Zan. Rath stopped as he entered, noticing the form in the bed to the right, and Zan kept walking past him to the closet at their left - unaware that they weren't alone.

Dylan turned her head to look at the clock when she heard the closet door open. She squinted against the light and saw that it was a few minutes after 1am. "Sean, I thought-" She stopped when she turned and saw a stranger standing next to the bed with an evil smirk on his face. A chill ran down her spine.

"Hmm, looks like Deluca had his b*tch waitin right here fo us." Rath said to Zan, while keeping his eyes on the girl. The money pretty much forgotten to him.

She was sitting up now and had pulled the sheet tight against her chest, trying to hide how little she was wearing. What he called her had just registered when the one crouching down in the closet answered.

"What?" Zan said, as he turned and looked up at Rath who was staring intently at something on the bed that he couldn't see. Then he heard...........

"Who-? --- wha.....his WHAT?!?" Her eyes flashed. "What the hell's goin on here? And what is he doing in the closet?!?!" she said gesturing in Zan's general direction. Then it hit her. A little more quitely she said, "Where's Sean?"

"Uh, he's gone. You's aaaall mine now." Rath answered her question as he leaned over to grab her arm and pull her to the side of the bed where he stood.

She yanked her arm free and said, "Do NOT touch me. Where is Sean?" Her eyes started to mist up, 'What did he mean by -gone-? Dead? Oh GOD!'

"Fiesty, aren't we? S'ok, I like it." He reached over and grabbed her again, this time making sure she couldn't get loose. When he had ahold of her, he spoke to Zan. "Yo, duke, while you grabbin the green, I'ma get me a little sompin sompin. This b*tch tight!"

Zan was moving stuff out of the way, so that he could find where the money was. He was waving his hand over certain areas, trying to figure out where Deluca had sealed it. He was having some trouble finding it. "If that mutha lied ta me, I swear I'ma kill 'im all ova 'gain." he grumbled. Then he heard what Rath said, "Fine, do 'er. But make it quick. Soon as I find this sh*t, we out."

She was pullin on her arm trying to get free, "What then, HUH? I'm just gonna call the cops soon as you walk out that door!" She cursed herself for saying it out loud. Now they'd probably just kill her. She stopped struggling and gave in to the inevitable. 'Not like it would be the first time.' she thought.

When she stopped struggling, Rath threw her back on the bed, so that her legs were hanging over the edge from the knee down; they were spread slightly and revealed how little she was actually wearing. He took in the sight before him and licked his lips. "Damn, how come you was waitin like this for that slimy Deluca f*ck?" He turned to Zan, "You want me ta kill her when I'm done? Or you could have 'er first, then we could kill 'er."

Zan found the seal on the opposite side of the closet from where it was supposed to be. He waved his hand over it. He pulled up the rectangular piece of flooring and saw an old wooden box. He picked it up and slid the top off to reveal the money that he was sure Deluca had lied about. He smiled and turned to Rath, "I don't want no Skin ho. Hurry, I got the stuff. We been here too long." That's when he noticed the legs hanging from the bed. Nice, long, tan legs. 'NO! Don't even go there. She’s a Skin.'

He stood up just as Rath yanked the girl to the edge of the bed, which caused what she was wearing to hike up to her smooth, golden stomach. She wasn't wearing anything underneath it either. 'SH*T!' he thought. Now Rath was undoin his pants. "Rath! Fa'get it. We outa time." He headed for the bedroom door. He had yet to look at her face. He had a strange feeling that he'd like that too if he saw it. He completely understood why Rath wanted her so bad.

"Come ON, man. Look at 'er. She so hot, I'm burnin up." Rath said.

"Rath, get rid of 'er, and let's go!" It was an order. They didn't have time for this. He looked at the girl's face as he was speaking. It was contorted into a tight grimace, like she was anticipating the pain to come. Even with her eyes shut tight and scruched up like that he could tell that Rath was telling the truth. For the first time he felt something he had only ever felt for his family - protective. After a second, he said, "You know what? Just leave 'er. No need ta kill 'er. She ain't got nothin to tell the cops." Then with a pointed look, he added, "But she will if you don't take your hands off 'er."

The one holding on to her let go, with a grunt, to fasten his pants back up. She opened her eyes as she said a silent prayer of thanks to whoever was up there watching over her. The other one was already out in the hall. She lept for the bedside phone. If she could call 911 now, they'd be here before these punks were half-way down the block. He was quicker though. She heard, "Sh*t!" Then he was on the bed next to her and had ahold around her waist, so she couldn't reach the phone. His other hand was on her lower back now. All of a sudden, she felt this burning heat that felt like it started at the base of her spine, then it spiraled outward to overtake every part of her body. All she felt was pain.

Rath saw her going for the phone, "Sh*t!" He lunged at her and grabbed her. He placed his hand on that Skin 'spot' and released some energy to kill her, just like he had Deluca. Nothing happened. He let a little more power go into it, then he heard her groan in pain. "Aw, f*ck. This is NOT good."

Zan came running back into the bedroom when he heard Rath's exclamation. He saw Rath half on top of the girl holding onto her. His left hand on her lower back. She was groaning, and barely moving. "What the hell's goin on? I said leave 'er and les'go! What about that can't yo f*ckin brain undastand?!?!"

"Chill! She tried to grab the phone when I let go of 'er. I stopped her and tried to kill her. She ain't a Skin." Rath explained. The girl groaned again. Then there was a knock on the front door. "Prob'ly Loni and Ava."

Zan looked up and silently communicated with Loni. They'd learned how to do it not long ago. It had something to do with them being siblings. Then he said, "No, they still outside. Le's jet."

Rath got up and said, "What about her? I gotta finish 'er." Another knock at the door was heard.

Zan thought for a second as he looked at her laying there. "No, bring 'er. We need ta find out who she is." He took his jacket of and went over to put it on her, so she'd be somewhat covered. Couldn't have other people seeing her practically naked.

She hurt so bad, she could barely think straight. They kept talking about her like she wasn't even there. Why couldn't they just kill her like they said before, then it wouldn't hurt anymore. And what were they talking about 'Skin'? They kept saying stuff about a 'Skin.' 'Whatever. Who cares. I am NOT going anywhere with these two.' She thought. The one that seemed to be in charge was pulling her up now and she looked at him for the first time. 'Hmmm, not bad........oh my god, what am I thinking?!?! This guy is gonna kill me, after he kidnaps me. He KILLLED Sean!! I have lost it. Must be the pain. It's making me dilerious.' He put his jacket around her shoulders and told her to put it on. He looked up at her face as he spoke and their eyes locked. She thought she saw something. She wasn't sure though. The pain was getting worse and she was having trouble moving. She wanted to die. That's all she wanted now. She looked at him again, "Please. Just kill me. The pain's too much. I would only slow you now anyway." She pleaded with her eyes.

Zan felt a pang in his chest at the look in her eyes. She was beggin him to kill her. That's crazy. 'Wait. Pain?' "Sh*t, Rath, what did you do to 'er?" He finished putting the jacket on her since she didn't seem capable at the moment. The knocking at the door became more insistent, and there were shouts accompanying it now.

Rath walked over to to window and held his hand up toward it. He looked over his shoulder and answered Zan's question, "I thought she was a Skin, so I tried to kill her." He shrugged, then released an energy blast that shattered the window.

"Oh f*ck! You're ALIENS?!?! God I should've known! So, you did kill Sean. What are these 'Skins' you keep talking about? Is that more alien sh*t?" Dylan had had enough. Her head was spinning. She saw the two men give each other a look. Then there was nothing.

to be continued.........

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Thanky to LittleBit, LixMix5, and maxzhot!!!!!

now on with it..............

Part Three

Zan caught the girl before she slid to the ground. She was right, she was going to slow them down, but he didn't have time to think about that right now. He followed Rath out the window. Rath looked up at the window and then at Zan. "Ya mind?" he asked. Zan nodded and lifted his right hand, with the girl's legs still flung over his arm, and waved it down the length of the window. There was no trace that it had ever been broken.

They headed around the side of the building and up the alley toward Loni and Ava, when Zan thought of something. He stopped, and silently called out to Loni. Seconds later she was walking down the alley towards them, Ava hot on her heals.

The two women joined Zan and Rath, and Zan quickly started giving instructions as they walked around to the back of the building. "Ava, go over to that window there. There should be a couple of people comin into that room any minute now. You seen Deluca before, right?" Ava nodded. "A'ight, I need them to see him and this one here." He said moving, so that she could see the girl's face. "Make it look like everything normal. They surprised to see strangas in the room."

Ava turned and watched the bedroom door through the window. She didn't understand what was going on, but she trusted Zan to know what he was doing. She heard Loni start asking questions about the girl Zan was holding. She tuned them out so that she could concentrate.

Not even a minute later, Zan, Rath and Loni watched as three men - one in a security guard's uniform, and the other two in dark suits - burst into the room. The first one in the suit, a tall thin man with dirty blond hair, stopped in the doorway with the other two behind him. He was looking at the bed and saying something. He looked confused. He motioned to the other two and they entered the room, looking around. The uniformed security guard, an average height man who was a little on the thick side, walked toward the window and began to inspect it closely. The three watching from outside, held their breath. The guard turned and walked back over to the door, joining the two suits. The tall one said something to the bed again. Then they saw a strange look cross his face as he very obviously flushed and swallowed hard. Then they left the room, closing the door behind them.

Ava turned around with a smirk. "They shouldn't be botherin 'Mr. Deluca' anymore."

Zan was glad. "Good." Then he narrowed his eyes at the devilish smile on her face, "Why? Wha'd you do?"

She smiled and put her hand on his cheek, "I let 'em know it's not nice to barge in on people in the privacy of their own home." Zan thought that was a good enough explanation, but Ava wasn't finished.

Their eyes locked and she connected to him. Zan was seeing and hearing everything as if he were standing in the room, his mind being manipulated like the three men. He was stunned. When the connection was broken, he shook his head a little, trying to rid it of the images that, for some strange reason, were quite disturbing to him.

He didn't have time to dwell on it though. Loni was asking questions again. He ignored her and headed toward to corner of the building, "Yo, les'bounce." and they were once again heading down the alley, on their way home.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

They arrived at the small hole in the abandoned subway that they called home. Zan knew that the girls wanted answers. They'd been asking questions the whole twenty minutes that it took them to walk home, but he'd ignored them. He'd decided he would explain everything when they got back to the crib. He was getting really worried about the girl in his arms. She hadn't moved a muscle, and her breathing had slowed considerably. He layed her on the old, worn, quilt covered sofa. He grabbed another beat-up blanket, and threw it over her exposed legs, and watched her for a few seconds before he turned to Rath, "A'ight, tell me exactly what you did when you tried to kill her."

Loni and Ava looked back between the two men, and then looked at each other. Loni shrugged at Ava and tuned back in to the conversation unfolding before them.

"Man, I told you - I thought she was a Skin." Rath countered. He didn't like how upset Zan was about this. It shouldn't be a big deal.

"I KNOW YOU THOUGHT SHE WAS A SKIN. TELL ME HOW YOU TRIED TO KILL HER SO'S I CAN FIX IT!" Zan yelled. He was getting sick of Rath's vague answers. She was running out of time. He could feel it, for some reason.

"A'ight a'ight. Chill, yo. I sent energy into that Skin 'sweet spot' on her back. When nothin happened, I sent a stonger blast. Tha's when I realized.........ya know-" Rath told him, but he stopped when he saw Zan had tuned him out.

Zan turned around abruptly. He felt this strange cold run through his veins. He ran to the sofa and found that she had stopped breathing. He sat down next to her and lifted her into a sitting position, supporting her back, "Yo, help me out!" He was trying to take the oversized jacket off of her, but having trouble doing that and holding her up.

Loni ran to his side and helped him get the jacket off. Now she saw why he had put it on her. She shook her head. She could tell that having this one in their life was going to change their world. Zan was acting too strange about her.

Still hugging her to him, he lifted the back of her chemise and ran his hand along her lower back. He found where the damage had started, and where it was the worst. He slowly worked things back to normal. He layed her back down and ran his hands, hovering just above her body, all over trying to find out what was still wrong. It had been too long since she had stopped breathing. With one hand on her head and the other on her stomach, he did everything he knew to do. He finished, mumbling, "Come on. Everything should be a'ight now. Come back."

The others watched in awe. Zan had never healed a stranger before, especially no one with that much damage. He just simply didn't care enough about humans to do anything like that. Rath was fidgeting, Loni was just curious, and Ava didn't miss how careful he was with this stranger. This was not like him, and it un-nerved her somewhat.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Zan checked her over one last time. She was breathing normally now. Probably exhausted from the drama her body had been through, she was sleeping soundly. He stood to retrieve his jacket to cover her back up, but had no strength left and stumbled. Loni rushed to his side and helped him to the chair that sat across from the sofa. As soon as he was seated, he told Loni to put his jacket back on the girl and cover her while she rested. As Loni walked over to do as instructed, he fell into a deep sleep, his thoughts on all of the images he had seen in the girl's head, so he never saw Rath leave or Ava walking deeper into the sewers in a huff, to sulk.

Loni picked up Zan's leather jacket and pushed the girl into a sitting position to put it on her. As she did this, the girl's flimsy attire rode up making a tattoo on her lower back visible. It was just to the right of her spine, on her right, back hipbone. Loni's eyes widened as she took a closer look. She quickly covered the girl and went to her makeshift bedroom. She pushed some things aside on an old desk and waved her hand over the top left corner, revealing a translucent silver handprint. She reached through the handprint and pulled out a silvery-purple object that was almost egg-shaped. She looked closely at it, studying the symbol on the top of it. Her face scrunched in confusion.

to be continued...........................

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Thanks, dragon7 and maxzhot!!!

Sorry this part is kinda short. Please try to bear with me.*angel*

Part Four

Zan woke up three hours after passing out, to find Loni sitting on the loveseat next to his chair. She was watching him closely. He looked at her strange and said, "Wha's your prob, sis?"

"I wanna know who she is, and why she here." She looked thoughtfully at him and added, "And why you put yourself through all that to heal 'er."

He told her everything that had happened while they were at Deluca's, and that he decided to bring her along instead of leaving her there to call the cops. When he was done with that explanation, he said, "I got this strange feelin that she important somehow, to the Skins. She don't know it tho. We could use that."

"So, you just decided ta take Deluca's b*tch, cause you had a feelin?!?" she could not believe this. Zan was usually way more careful than this, and now she knew they weren't human. This couldn't be good.

"Hey, she got a name! It's Dylan Knight." With a smirk he added, "She a chef."

Rath, who had walked in just as he said this, asked, "How you know dat? She ain't said what 'er name was."

Loni looked at Zan. She knew he didn't find it out any time after they got home, cause she's been with him the whole time.

"When I fixed 'er." He shrugged, "I connected to 'er. Saw sh*t from 'er life. Which was way messed up, by the way."

Loni's eyes went wide. "You connected to a human? I didn't know that was possible."

"Neitha did I. Till now." Zan told her. Rath was just standing off to the side shaking his head. Zan looked over at him, "Wha's wi'chu?"

"I don't like it. She's gonna mean trouble. She already know too much. We need ta just get rid of 'er." Rath was nervous about this connecting thing.

Zan stood up, "She wouldn' know so much if you used yo f*ckin brain ever once in a while. It was YOU that used ya powas in front of 'er. Ramemba?"

"Hey, I was savin our asses. We had ta get outa there! 'Sides, when I did do it, she didn't think twice about callin us aliens. She already knew somethin before we eva showed up." He turned and looked at her on the couch. "I still say you lemme do 'er and off 'er."

Zan got up in Rath's face now, "You will not touch her. Undastood?"

Rath locked eyes with him for a couple of seconds, then seemed to relent. He nodded and half smiled, "Yeah, I undastand. You da king, duke."

Zan walked past Rath, slapping him on the back in a friendly gesture, and stood by the sofa. He stared down at Dylan. He shook his head thinking about all the flashes he'd gotten while he was healing her.

----- --- ----- --- -----
*at age six or seven - sitting alone in the corner of a room full of other kids feeling afraid and alone*

*a kind woman in a foster home asking her if she liked the name Dylan, and the woman giving Dylan her last name - Knight*

*being taught how to speak by the same woman*

*riding in an airplane scared about going to a new city*

*at age eight or nine - being abused by a drunken foster father, then crying under her bed*

*being taken advantage of as a pre-teen, by yet another foster father*

*being raped by "family members" and just wanting to die all through her teen years*

*meeting Ronnie in junior high*

*finding an outlet for the hurt in cooking, and figuring out that she's good at it*

*hanging out with Ronnie and having a blast*

*going to cooking school and getting a job at a nice restaurant*

*meeting Sean and feeling like a queen whenever he was around, then later feeling like there was something missing in the relationship*

*finding out that Sean was an alien and telling him that it only made him special, not any less human*

*telling Ronnie all of her secrets, and feeling a weight lifted getting it out*

*terror when she saw Rath standing there leering at her in bed*

*anger at he and Rath calling her names like she wasn't there*

*grief and saddness when she realized that they had killed Sean*

*wanting to just get it over with when Rath decided he was going to 'have' her*

*her thoughts and feelings when she first saw him*

*confusion when they kept calling her a 'Skin'*

*everything she felt when Rath tried to kill her*

*a mixture of confusion, anger, and fright when she realized that he and Rath were aliens*

----- --- ----- --- -----

Zan was shaken out of his thoughts when Ava came in demanding answers about the human. He immediately spun around and said, "Shut up! Can't you see, she's sleepin?"

Ava flinched, hurt by his outburst. She was his mate and all he was worried about was waking up this human? "Why's it matta if I wake 'er? I wanna know why she’s here." She demanded.

Loni cut in, "Ava, chill. It's been a mad long night. Zan's ti'ed. Leave 'im be. I'll tell ya everything he told me. Just keep it down, yo."

Ava nodded curtly and walked over to the bedroom she shared with Loni. She plopped down on the bed as Loni followed her in. "A'ight, so tell me. Wha's so f*ckin important 'bout girly girl in there?"

Loni connected to Ava and showed her the whole conversation, including the one between Rath and Zan.

to be continued.......................

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Thanks to dragon7 and Asabetha! I'm so honored that you're reading!!!

Ok, this part is totally dedicated to jeremiah.You SO rock!!! Thanks for all the bumps, and the wonderful fb.

k, 'nuff chit chat...................

Part Five

Dylan started coming to, and the first thing she noticed was the smell. She had never smelt anything like it before. She kept her eyes closed and concentrated on it. It was kind of a musky smell. Incredibly masculine and strong, and what else was that? Leather? That's when she realized that she was wearing a jacket. The man from Sean's. He put his coat on her. Everything came flooding back. It was all she could do to keep from groaning.

Then it registered that there were people talking behind her. She heard the tail end of the conversation between the two men. She also felt one of them standing over her, and then when the other woman came in demanding answers. She was as still as she could will her body to be. It was hard to keep from shaking. She didn't understand what they wanted from her and she just wanted to cry - for Sean, for herself, for this situation, for everything. She could hear the voices of the two women several feet in front of her now. She could also hear someone moving around behind her, this person was much closer.

She opened her eyes and saw the colored patches of a quilt that covered the back of the sofa that she was lying on. She lifted her gaze toward the other end of the sofa, and saw a bookshelf with random knick-knacks on it. It was leaning against what seemed to be a stone wall. She raised her gaze higher and saw that they seemed to be in some sort of tunnel.

"Was wondering when you would wake up." She heard someone say. She thought it was the one who seemed to be in charge, Zan, but wasn't sure.'How did he know I was awake?' She hadn't moved a muscle, except her eyes. 'Must be something alien.' she guessed. 'Instincts maybe.' She went to turn and then groaned loudly as her hand flew to her head.

He studied her closely, "Somethin wrong?"

"My head." she said without looking up. "It feels like - like Grand Central parked itself right in the middle of my brain."

He smiled at her comparison, and walked over to her. He laid his hand on the crown of her head and moved it around slightly.

She felt a warm, almost comforting sensation, and then the pain was gone.

"That betta?" He asked.

She nodded, and looked up at him. "How did you - neva mind. Why am I here?" Then she rushed on, not giving him a chance to answer. "I won't tell anyone about you. I knew Sean was an alien. I never told a soul."

He sat down on the couch next to her as she pulled her knees closer to her chest. "You tol' that blonde chick. Ronnie." He raised a pierced eyebrow at her.

"She doesn't count. She's my-. Wait, how did you know that? Have you been like stalkin me or somethin?!?" She was freaked now.

He laughed. He could have some fun with this. "Nope. Just saw it in ya head." he reached over and tapped her temple with his finger as he said it.

Her eyes widened, "Oh my god!"

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Zan turned, following Dylan’s gaze, just in time to duck the hockey puck that Rath sent flying his way.

Rath sneered, "I hate ta break this up, but we got sh*t ta do, yo."

Dylan jumped up and took the jacket off. “I am getting out of here NOW!” She wasn’t sure what was going on between these two, but she knew she couldn’t hang around to find out. She was pretty sure that she wanted to see tomorrow and she didn’t think that was gonna happen if she stayed with this bunch. She got up just as the two women that she had heard earlier, walked out of the bedroom. She didn’t so much as glance their way as she walked past Zan and Rath, heading towards the tunnels of what she was pretty sure was the New York subway. She had left Zan's jacket on the sofa, so she was wearing next to nothing.

Loni was gaining respect for this girl by the moment. Nobody just got up and walked out them, especially when they’re as scared as she knew Dylan was. Ava was just glad that Dylan was gonna be out of her hair. She knew that that one was gonna cause trouble for her, so she already didn’t like her.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Dylan was shaking. She hadn’t realized how cold it could get down in the abandoned subways. That’s when she noticed what she was wearing, or wasn’t. She wrapped her arms around herself to fend off the cold. It wasn’t working. She was out of sight now, but she could still hear their voices behind her.

She was just trying to decide which way to go at a cross in the tunnel, when she heard a distant male voice, “Ya know, you could keep goin sweet thang, but I’d hate t see who, or what, ‘ll find ya out there all by ya’self. Specially dressed like 'at. I'm sho they's plenty a street trash that'd like ta get they paws on your sweet flesh. Not to mention the rats that'll get ya when they done witcha." There was a pause, then, "Yeah, babe, I'd say we 'bout ya safest bet 'round here. If ya don't believe me though - by all means, keep on goin." She knew it was the one they called Zan, and just as if to prove his point, a pack of five or six rats ran past here bare feet just as he finished up his little speech. She fought the urge to squeal, and turned around to see if he was using something alien to make her see things, but there was no one there.

She walked back toward their lair, and there he was. He hadn’t moved from the spot that he was in when she walked away. Now she was just frustrated. She knew he was right. She wasn't gonna make it out of this place alone. She walked purposefully up to Zan, and looked down on him with more confidence than he'd ever dreamed of having.

He just smirked at her as the other three watched with interest.

"Take me home. There is no reason for me to be here." She scowled, because he was still smirking. "I am of no use to you. I mean, yes, I knew Sean was an alien, but it wasn't made into a big deal. We just sorta went on like normal after I found out, only he didn't have to lie to me anymore. I didn't know any specifics or anything." She knew she was rambling now, but she didn't care. She just wanted to reason with him. If that was even possible. "All I know is that he didn't know why he was here, but he knew someone who was trying to find a way back to his planet. There. That's all the info I have for ya. But you already knew that, didn'tcha? Since you saw in my head and all. So, once again, I demand that you take me home!"

Zan stood up and looked down on her, much like she'd done to him. She was a little more affected by the tactic than he had been, but regardless of how intimidating he was, she looked him straight in the eyes. He stood only a few inches taller than she did, but he radiated a confidence like she'd never known. And she'd met a lot of arrogant men in her life. But, damn, if he wasn't the most beautiful one she'd ever seen. Her own confident stance began to falter -but only enough for him to see it- as he began to speak in a low steady tone.

"You's stayin right here where I can keep my eye on you. Got that?" She opened her mouth to argue, but he continued before she could get anything out. "See? You know too much now. So you got three choices. One, you can stay here and keep us company till I say you can go home. IF I say you can go home. Two, I can just let Rath here f*ck ya, then kill ya. Or three, I can just turn ya loose to the sewer bums and let the rats finish ya off." Then, with a small smile, he added, "So, it's your choice. What'll it be?"

Dylan knew she wasn't getting out of this. Not alive anyway. So, now she was pissed. With an exaggerated huff, she stomped over to the sofa and plopped down next to a very amused Loni. "You at least have to take me home to get some clothes. I can't - no, I won't go around dressed like this-" she indicated her current state of undress "-for however long you decide to keep me here."

Zan seemed to think it over for a few seconds, then he looked her up and down and said, "Oh, I don't know. I kinda like whatcha got on. And I know Rath here's enjoyin the view." He stopped abruptly at that thought, then quickly added, "You know? You may be right actually."

At this Rath stepped in, "Oh, come on Zan. Don't tell me you listenin ta her! Ya know this whole thing's prolly a set-up. Nickolas planted her at Deluca's, 'cause he somehow found out we was comin. I don't trust her."

Zan looked at him. "I don't either. That's why she stayin here where we can watch her." He walked over to the sofa and told Dylan, "Stand up." She did, but with fire in her eyes. This did not go unnoticed by Zan -or Loni. "Turn 'round."

"Excuse Me?!?! I am not here to entertain yor every horny little whim! Now are you gonna take me ta get my sh*t or not?" She didn't back down even a little, as she waited for his answer. He seemed to be thinking about it.

Zan was getting frustrated with Dylan's defiance. He was used to getting whatever he wanted, especially from women. She was not cooperating one bit and he hated it. For some reason though, he was kinda liking her. She had a spine, unlike most women he knew. He decided to put her in her place this time though. He grabbed her arm and yanked her around so roughly that she almost fell over. Through clenched teeth, he said, " I said, turn 'round!"

At this point, Ava jumped up from her chair and ran over to Zan. She did not like him touching that human, in any way. She put her hand on his arm, and Dylan was thankful that the girl had enough compassion to at least try to help. That is until the girl opened her mouth and started speaking.

"Come on, baby. Why don't we just let Rath take care of her? We don't need no fifth wheel 'round complicatin our sh*t any more, right?" Ava was quite proud of what she considered a sound argument.

Zan's voice dropped menacingly low. Dylan thought that it should have been frightening, but for some reason, it didn't bother her. She figured it was because his anger wasn't directed at her, for a change. Through clenched teeth, he said, "Ava, don't call me that. And you know that we don't kill anyone unless it's absolutely necessary." Ava started to protest, but he continued, "I already said I connected to her. She's not lyin. I KNOW it." Ava flinched, and walked away.

He looked back at Dylan and spoke to Loni. "Loni, she looks 'bout your size, yo." He let go of Dylan and shoved her toward Loni. "Take her and find somethin ta put on her. Don't let 'er outa your sight!" Then he looked at Dylan, "Try ANYTHING and you will be sorry. It's much better ta have me on your side. Trust me. You don't want me as yo enemy." He watched as the two women walked away. He had to get her away from him. He wasn't used to the way her body was affecting him. He always knew he could have any woman he wanted, but for some reason he knew that Dylan was different. Maybe that's what attracted him. Or maybe it was because she had the most amazing doe-like eyes that flashed fire whenever she was talking to him. He rubbed a hand down his face and turned to talk to Rath. He needed to stay away from her as much as possible.

Ava watched as Zan stared at the human girl walking away with Loni. This was not good and she knew she had to do something before everything that she had worked for was ruined.

to be continued......................................

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Part Six

Dylan followed Loni to the bedroom, grumbling. She just sort of stood there once they entered. She still wasn't too sure about this Loni chick. Loni rifled through some stuff in an old dresser. She found what she was looking for and threw a pair of black cargo pants and an army green cut-off tee with the sleeves torn off at Dylan.

Loni looked at her and asked, "Yo, what size shoe are you?"

"Eight." Loni waved her hand over a pair of her boots to resize them from her size nine, and Dylan stood there amazed. She came to her senses and said, "That's handy." Then, with a small smile, she asked, "What else can you do?"

It was Loni's turn to be amazed. Even though Dylan knew what they were and was still somewhat scared of them, she didn't make her feel like a freak. Just the opposite, she acted like it was cool. With a twinkle in her eyes, she waved her hand down the front of herself and the shirt she was wearing went from being solid black to a multi-green camouflage. She waved it back up and the shirt was black again.

Dylan let out a small giggle. Then her look changed completely, to something that Loni couldn't interpret, and she said, "Those powers woulda been convenient to have a few times in my life." Her expression changed again just as suddenly, as she grinned and asked, "Can ya zap things too?" She put on the socks, that Loni had given her, as she watched Loni.

Loni laughed. She walked over and pointed to an I HEART NY mug sitting on a desk. She walked back over to Dylan, then raised her hand toward the mug. Dylan watched as the mug shattered. Then her eyes went wide when Loni walked back over to the broken pieces, waved her hand over them, and the mug was good as new.

Loni then turned to Dylan with a serious look on her face. "People can't know. You don't understand what they'd do to us if they did." Dylan nodded her understanding. It was then that she realized that they were only trying to protect themselves by keeping her here. She pulled on the pants that Loni had given her, then she turned her back to Loni and pulled her chemise over her head.

Loni gasped as Dylan took her top off. There, on the center of her back, just a little higher than her tattoo was a glowing silver handprint. It disoriented her a little. The only time she had ever seen that mark was when one of them had killed someone with their powers. She shook her head to clear it. She also got a better look at Dylan's tattoo, as her pants hung low on Dylan's hips. Dylan was pulling the shirt over her head, when Loni commented, "Epic tat you got there."

Dylan turned her back toward a mirror against the wall behind Loni. She then lifted her shirt so that she and Loni could get a better look. She didn't raise it high enough to see the handprint though. She had no idea it was there. "Thanks." Loni walked right up behind her and noticed that the color of the tat was pretty much the same color as the orb she had with that symbol on it. Dylan replaced her shirt and turned around, as Loni asked, "What is it? I mean, where'd ya see it at?"

She put the boots on. "If I tell you, you'll laugh. It's so f*ckin stupid." Dylan told her, rolling her eyes.

"Naw, it can't be that bad." Loni said with a smile. She wasn't really sure what to think. For some reason, she wanted to trust Dylan, but she didn't understand why she would have a tattoo of that symbol if she wasn't alien related. She had decided not to say anything to Zan about the tattoo until she found out how Dylan got it. Now she would know.

"Well, it's actually something I came up with all by myself. Can you believe something that tight came from this little brain?" She said the last while tapping her forefinger against her temple.

Loni gave a fake smile. "Really?" 'Does she actually think I'm gonna buy this sh*t?'

"Yeah. See, I have this really annoying habit of doodling when I talk on the phone. And I don't mean just every once in a while. I have a notebook that I take out every time I get on the phone with someone. I actually have several full of drawings I've done over the years, while on the phone. That's the only time I do it too. Anyway, I was talking to Sean one day-"at this her demeanor changed notably, and it was not lost on Loni. She almost felt bad - almost. "-and I started drawing this swirly thing. I drew it three times, but still felt like something was missing. I finally added the spot you saw there in the center. Then I re-drew the whole thing on it's own page." She shrugged. "I had been wantin ta get a tat for a while, but I didn't know what to get. When I showed my drawing to my best friend, she commented that it would make a beautiful tat. So, that's what I did. The color, I just picked out of the guy's book at the tattoo place. I figured it would be cool, because no one else would have one like it. You know. One of a kind."

Loni still didn't know if she should believe her or not, but then again nobody could make up a story like that. She decided to give her a chance. "Wow. That is a crazy story."

"Maybe, if 'his highness' in there ever let's me go back to my place to get my stuff, I can show ya some of my drawings. They're mostly weird stuff like this one, but Ronnie, my girl, seems to think they're pretty good. I let you judge for yourself though." She smiled at Loni. She was starting to kinda like her. Behind the punk, badass cover, she seemed to be a pretty decent person. Dylan could see herself being friends with her under different circumstances.

"That sounds- Wait. His highness?" She narrowed her eyes. "You mean Zan. Why would you call him that?"

Dylan shrugged. "I don't know. It just - is he always so irritating? The guy acts like he's god's gift or something. - I just heard that other guy, Rath, say somethin about him bein the “king” earlier. I just figured it was somethin between the two of 'em. It just sorta came out. I didn't mean anything by it. I'm sorry if I offended you somehow."

Loni waved her hand in dismissal and her appearance softened. "You didn't offend me. It's just that he is, ya know? The king."

Dylan looked at her, "He is." Then she rolled her eyes. "Says who? Is this just some self appointed title? He gets ta be the boss 'cause he's the meanest alien?" This was just too much for her. 'Who does this guy think he is?' "You don't have to listen to him, ya know."

"Yeah, well, he's the only family I got here. 'Sides, he's not so bad as you think." Loni said. She was really amused by how much Dylan disliked Zan. It was a refreshing change, since most women just fell all over themselves for him.

"Family?" Dylan asked.

Loni smirked, "He's my brotha. And he is the king where we come from. He-"

She was cut off by Ava's declaration behind them. They both turned around as she spoke. "That's right. He's the king and I'm his queen. Don't eva fa'get that! And if I eva hear ya talkin sh*t 'bout him again, Rath won't get a chance at ya. I'll kill ya myself." They weren't sure how long she'd been standing there, but it was obviously long enough to hear what Dylan had said about Zan.

Ava didn't take her eyes off of Dylan as she spoke to Loni, "Le's jet. I waited long enough. Or did you fa'get about our little shoppin trip? You havin too much fun with ya new friend to hang out with your good ole sista anymore?"

Loni was towering over Ava in a split second. "You best check ya'self, sista. You fa'gettin who's got the royal blood runnin through 'er veins. You gonna find yourself out in the cold - alone - if you go mixin up who's the sh*t 'round here! As far as our 'shoppin trip', I didn't forget. We gonna have ta postpone due to unforeseen circumstances." She said the last sentence with a glance in Dylan's direction.

"I’ll talk to Zan." Ava stated. Then with a pointed look at Dylan, she put in, "He does whateva I ask."

to be continued...................

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