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Beyond Dreams A/I/Lo alternate MTD/MITC
Genre: Opie (Alex/Isabel/Lonnie)
Spoilers: Up to MTD/MITC.
I only own Izzy and Lonnie. (Or maybe they own me.)
Alternate (very different) MTD/MITC. Zan and Ava murder Rath. Alex must get Lonnie to confide in him in time to save Michael and Isabel, who have gone to the 'peace conference' in NYC.
PG-13? R? Certainly no worse than "Sexual Healing."
by: Brian/bkwrm79/AlexEvans

Part 1/17 - NYC

The four tattooed and multiply pierced freaks looked almost as Alien as they truly were. They struck a bold path through their 'hood, indulging in petty larceny for the sake of it and to spread terror rather than from any real need. With their powers there were much easier ways to get money when that was what they were after.

"What about the invite?" Ava asked.

"It's probably a trap," Lonnie answered. "Or an insult. It's so obvious."

"I say it's exactly the opportunity we've been looking for," retorted Zan. "To get off this freakin mud ball and get back where we belong."

"Yeah, we'd end up departing this world all right," Rath snorted.

"Yeah? You think I'm too stupid to handle this meet?"

Rath turned to meet Zan's glare. "Yeah."

"You're wrong. Who's the man here, anyway?"

"I'm not letting you get us all whacked," Rath retorted, daring Zan to push it further. "You can go yourself if you want." They all knew the invite was for the Royal Four.

"Chill," Lonnie advised.

Zan was the first to back off. "Think about, is what I'm asking."

"Sure bro," Lonnie agreed, the crisis seemingly past.

They continued on, Rath taking the lead. As they reached the street they found it conveniently empty and began too cross.

Too convenient, too empty. Lonnie strained. Ripples passed across her vision and she could make out the approaching truck. "Rath!" Lonnie raised her hand, gathering her power to throw him forward out of the way. Before she could act Zan grabbed her wrist and forced it back down, yanking her backwards. Then it was too late.

Lonnie struggled free. Zan didn't try to hold her. She stared at her brother and Ava. "You murdered him! He was one of us!"

"We need a new Warrior," Ava commented. "Ya got a choice. Come with to Roswell or join lover boy."

Seething with vengeful fury, Lonnie hid her true feelings with practiced ease. She wasn't stupid enough to begin a fight outnumbered two to one. "Rath was getting boring." Sorry. You know you were anything but. "Let's find out what his dupe is like.

Ava smirked. "Smart choice."

"Be nice to my sister now," Zan ordered. "She may come in useful to us."



Isabel ran on. Everyday she ran further, faster, longer, yet somehow she could never escape the inner demons she fled. Only one demon, really, named Vilandra. She was forced to come to a halt as Max pulled the jeep to a stop across her path.

"Want a ride?" he asked as if that was his reason for disturbing her.

"No thanks."

Max shrugged. "Suit yourself, Vilandra."

"Don't call me that," Isabel replied wearily, trying to catch her breath.

"Tell me why Nicholas called you that. Tell me about the Vilandra Project. Tell me why you've been hiding things from me."

Isabel raised a hand, asking for time to catch her breath, and glared at him. If only she knew enough to answer his questions.

"Forget it then." Max backed out onto the street and roared off.

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Part 2 - Roswell

Isabel resumed her jog, really running now, not paying attention to where she was going. She drew to a stop when she recognized the house she was passing. She tried to decide if she really wanted to talk to Alex. She'd kept everything to herself for so long... Besides, what would he think of her dropping in dressed for running? Isabel looked down at the black, curve hugging jogging suit and laughed at herself. He wasn't going to complain. Some judicious use of her powers to remedy the effects of her long run and Isabel decided she was fully presentable.

Alex started at the rapping on his window, dropping his pen onto his bed. Closing the notebook he'd been writing in, he grabbed his baseball bat and walked over to the window. He jumped when he twitched back the curtains to see Isabel perched on his roof. He quickly opened the window and stepped back to let her in. She cast a significant look at the bat he was still holding. Alex flushed and stuck it back in it's corner. "Sorry, I thought it might be a burglar or an Alien or something."

"Well, you were right," said Isabel impatiently.

"That's not how I think of you... I meant it could have been a Skin or something." He tried to keep his stares from being obvious, but suspected he was failing badly. He knew that right now neither Liz nor Maria had their Aliens either... but he was still completely obsessed with Isabel. That never changed. His ability to deal with it and act cool about the whole thing was what varied, and right now it was at a low ebb. "So, you've taken up jogging?" Alex asked stupidly.

Isabel examined him carefully, eyeing his tight T-shirt and jeans. "Looks like you've been working out too," she observed.

"Yeah." It had taken her long enough to notice, considering he'd begun the first week of summer vacation. Not that he'd started exercising for her... oh who was he kidding?

She crossed to his bed, sitting down in the center and picking up his notebook. "What's this?"

"Just a story I'm writing."

"Oh! Let me read." Isabel was ready to seize on any excuse to delay bringing up what she'd come to talk to him about.

Alex desperately reached out to keep it closed. "No! I mean, it isn't finished... probably not any good." The truth was, he was afraid Isabel would figure out who the main characters were supposed to be all too easily. Alex stuck the notebook in his desk. "What can I do for you?"

"I need someone to talk to," she answered. "Remember how you told me how it's hard to be alone?"

"It's easier for two people to face the world together than separately than alone. I also told you I understand that there are things you have to do by yourself."

"There always will be," Isabel admitted. "But there are also times I need someone. I need a friend, Alex."

A friend. After all that, all she wanted was his friendship. But he couldn't deny her that. Especially the way she was sitting on his bed looking so desperately alone. "I'll always be your friend if you let me, Isabel."

"Sit down." Isabel tugged him down beside her. Alex was dubious about this, especially with her leg pressed against his, but didn't argue. "Can I ask you to keep a secret?"

"Of course. I've had lots of practice with that."

"Not just like that... this would be just between me and you. You can't even tell Liz or Maria. Not even Max knows what I'm about to tell you."

Alex thought about it for a few seconds. The group was already divided by secrets - whatever had really happened between Liz and Kyle, what Courtney had told Michael that he wouldn't tell the others, what Nicholas had told Isabel. Alex was on the outside of all the secrets - he'd even been the last one, except Kyle, to learn the big one. But one more wouldn't hurt... and when it came right down to it, against all logic, his loyalty was still to Isabel. "As long as it's nothing that will hurt Liz or Maria, you have my promise."

"Once you blurted out something about finding my home planet. You're going to be careful?"

Alex looked away. "I'm so sorry about that." He'd put the girl he loved at risk. He'd thought she forgave him, but it had been a long time before he'd forgiven himself.

"I know you are." Isabel sighed. "I'm sorry I brought it up. You've never given our secret away... unlike Max or Liz. This is just so hard."

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"No, I want to do this." Isabel took a deep breath, looking around. "Before I killed Whitaker she told me some things. Things Nicholas told me more about." She fell silent again.

Alex waited patiently. Finally he reached out and clasped her hand. "It's all right, Isabel. Go on. Or if you've changed your mind, that's all right too."

Isabel squeezed his hand. "I need to do this."

Alex said nothing, just kept hold of her hand.

"In my past life I was called Vilandra. That much you all know, now. Vilandra was a princess. 'Gems before studies' is how Nicholas described her. 'More beautiful than you are now' Whitaker said."

"Impossible," Alex answered loyally and truthfully.

Isabel smiled, then went on to the hard part. "I fell in love with the enemy, Kivar."


"She betrayed her brother, her husband, everyone. Lost everything, and it was all her fault."

"Say the Skins."

"Say the Skins," Isabel admitted.

"Look at me." Isabel slowly turned her head. "You aren't Vilandra."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I know you. Because you are the most loyal person I have ever known. Because this is a new life. Because you are Isabel, and I love you."


"No," Alex interrupted her. "I did have to say it. And I don't expect you to say it back. Not now. Maybe you won't ever. That's all right."

"Thank you, Alex. I just wish I had your certainty. To think I betrayed my brother..."

"Might have," Alex insisted. "And even if technically it's true... remind me what happened at your birthday party."

Isabel went along with his request. "It was a complete surprise. Especially you stripping for me." She grinned at the memory. "Even though you didn't get to finish."

"You had visions .Then Max and Michael left to look for Tess. The girls say you had another flash."

"That's right. I realized where Tess must be. Even though Max had ordered me to stay put I went after her. Rescued her. Confronted Whitaker. I had to kill her."

"I know you did. She was the enemy. But think about it. 'Even though Max had ordered me to stay.' You saved Tess."

Isabel grasped his point. "Yes," she agreed, smiling.

"There are a lot of explanations. The only one I find utterly implausible is that you, Isabel, are a traitor. Besides, you're not going to fall in love with Kivar again, are you?" Alex couldn't repress a shudder. He could survive Isabel dating that geologist, he knew she didn't truly care about Grant.

"No! I love... my family" she finished lamely. "Thanks Alex. You've made me feel a lot better." She stood, disentangling her hand from his. She paused halfway out the window and looked back at him.

Alex didn't think twice about whether it was a hint. "Would you like to stay a bit longer? Just hang out? You know, as friends?" His growing smile matched hers.

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Part 3 - Roswell, Several Days Later

Zan cursed as a siren sounded behind them. "You handle him, Lonnie," Ava ordered.

"Yeah." Lonnie rolled down her window in the back seat and gave the Sheriff a welcoming smile.

Valenti took one look inside and burst out laughing. "What is it, a costume party? I guess Michael decided to count himself out. Now, watch the speeding, ok? You guys shouldn't need me to tell you the importance of keeping a low profile. The Feds may be gone but Roswell is always swarming with amateur enthusiasts and Alien hunters."

"Actually, Sheriff," Zan interjected, "that's the problem. I think some of them are parked outside my house. Hopefully I'm just getting paranoid, but if you could swing by ahead of us and give us the all clear if things are okay that would be a huge help."

"Sure thing. That's smart. Speeding could have given you away, though."

"We get it," answered Zan sullenly.

Lonnie sighed internally. Zan was a ruthless sumbitch, but aside from occasional moments of cunning that was about all he had going for him. Still, she couldn't afford to let him mess things up until she was able to get safely away from him. She hadn't gotten any chances so far - she was pretty sure Zan and Ava both got off keeping her prisoner, although she'd managed to convey the impression that if they pushed her too far she wouldn't mind going out as long as she took one of them with her. She leaned forward to get Valenti's attention. "Thanks Sheriff, you da freakin man!"

The Sheriff burst out laughing again, then went back to his car and did as they promised, checking things out (and leading them to the Evans' home) and waving them in.

"Nice place," Zan commented.

"Yeah," Lonnie had to agree. "They've even got the local law on their side. They have it made here."
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Part 4 - Roswell

They entered, searching separately, Zan finding Max's room and Ava accompanying Lonnie on her search of Isabel's. Lonnie found nothing that would have given away the secret. The only thing that even hinted at it was a necklace that contained a symbol that had it's echo among their own tattoos. Lonnie slipped the necklace around her neck.

"I like," commented Ava, holding out her hand. Lonnie fixed Ava with a glare that stopped Ava in her tracks.

Lonnie moved over to examine the pictures. Her clone with Zan-clone and two older people. Their parents, I guess. The same two Alien teens with Rath-clone, and one with all four of the Roswell versions. And finally, tucked away, a picture of Isabel and a human boy, and a couple pictures just of the boy.

"She's got no taste in men," Ava commented.

"Yeah," Lonnie said distractedly, pocketing one of the pictures. Then they heard footsteps approaching. Ava backed against the wall, caught in plain sight but brow furrowed in concentration. Lonnie hoped it would be her own dupe, or even Zan-clone. Max. Have to remember their names. That would give her a chance to make her move.

No such luck. It was the older guy from the family photo. "Isabel, glad you're home already. I wanted to ask you something." Finally Philip Evans looked up. "Good heavens!"

Lonnie sat in the chair, crossing her legs casually. "Don't worry, they aren't real."

"But Isabel..."

"I'm not Isabel." She smiled at the guy, amused by his confusion and the thought of how Ava must be sweating. "I'm Juliet."


"The school's doing a punk version of Romeo and Juliet. Dress rehearsal was today."

"And my darling has the lead! That's wonderful!"

"You wanted to to talk to me about something?"

"That's right Isa, er, Juliet. You know Max has been trying to work through some issues. The therapist was wondering if you would be willing to go in. You know, joint therapy sessions. Your mother and I have been really concerned at how you've been growing apart lately."

Some things don't change much. "I'd be happy to."

"You sure?"

"If I can help my brother in any way..." preferably by helping him step in the path of a very large truck. Zan, not Max.

"Thanks. I really appreciate it. And congratulations again."

After he left Ava let her Mindwarp drop. "I'm not Isabel," she mimicked. "What are you trying to pull?"

"I handled him just fine," Lonnie answered, annoyed. "The Juliet story was inspired, if I do say so myself. I just wish I could be here when he asks Isabel when the performance is."

"You normally handle guys by flirting with them."

"Her father?" Lonnie gazed wistfully after him. Sweet, caring, clue less. He's perfect. "You're sick, Ava. Now lets go see if dear Nero has found anything more than we did."

Zan had been more successful. A pair of orbs (like those the dupes already possessed). A bag of yellow stones Zan decided to pilfer on the off chance he could figure out what they were for. An indecipherable book he threw back with the orbs. And the address to Rath-clone Michael Guerin's house.

They searched there quickly. Ava found the note by the phone about a meeting the next night at the UFO Center. Zan paid more attention to the photo of some human girl. Lonnie made sure Ava noticed.

Part 5 - Roswell, The Next Day.

Zan decided to kill time by scouting out the high school. He spotted the girl whose photo he'd admired and walked over. Maria looked up and started laughing. "What's with the get-up, Max? I thought you were into staying invisible and all that."

Does everyone in this town know our dupes are Aliens? Zan wondered. "Don't you like it?"

Maria took another look. "Okay, it's definitely got it's appeal. A whole new Max sorta thing. I really don't think Liz is going to go for it, though."

"Who said this is for Liz?"

"Who else... oh. Don't go there, girlfriend."

That did it. Zan wasn't going to listen to that. He put his hands on each side of Maria's head and kissed her soundly.

Maria leapt back, wiping her mouth and hopping up and down. "You did not just do that! You didn't even ask, or anything! What about Liz, not to mention Michael?"

Zan shrugged and walked away.

Liz found Maria still wiping her mouth. "Something wrong?"

"You won't believe it. I mean, have you seen Max today?"

Liz frowned, not understanding what Maria was getting at. "Yeah."

"He kissed me!"

"Max kissed you?"

"That's what I said. He just grabbed me and kissed me. I have never been so grossed out."

Liz turned away. So her ploy with Kyle really had worked. Max had moved on. She couldn't make herself be happy about it. Tess was one thing, but Maria? Her best friend?

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Part 6 - Roswell

Alex hurried into the UFO Center. He was looking forward to seeing Isabel again, and seeing if her behavior the other night had been just an aberration. Yeah, she'd said just friends, but she'd trusted him above anyone else, even her brother.

He found three Aliens on the landing halfway down the stairwell. "Hey guys! How come no one told me I was supposed to dress up. And Isabel, wow." It was 'Isabel' who moved slightly aside to let him see through the window, where four normal appearing Aliens and two humans awaited. Alex grasped the implications immediately. He'd spent most of the last year worrying about shapeshifters. He belted the rest of the way down the stairs. "Help!"

Isabel turned and ran to meet him, hand raised as she looked anxiously behind him. "What is it, Alex?"

Alex reached safety beside Isabel and turned around just as the dupes sauntered down the stairs.

"He means us, " Zan surmised. He surveyed Alex, Liz and Maria. "Just how many of them know anyway?"

"Those we can trust," Max answered calmly enough. The slight glow around his hand betrayed his tension.

"The other set," Michael guessed.

"That's us." Lonnie moved toward Isabel, noting the way she pushed Alex behind her, the way the human boy complied but stood ready to charge forward to defend her if he got the chance. "I'm Lonnie."

"Isabel. We didn't know you'd look like us."

"Zan." "Max." "Ava." "Tess." "Alex." "Liz."

"Maria. And I think Zan and I have already met. You're the one who kissed me!"

"Wait a minute! You thought I kissed you?" Max glared at his counterpart.

"Hey!" Michael moved up beside Max, glaring at Zan, glowering jealously.

"We're here for a reason," Ava interjected. She quickly Mindwarped a message to Zan. *Remember we need Michael.*

"Sorry man, it won't happen again," Zan promised. "Alien hormones are a pain, you know that."

"Yeah." Michael decided he really didn't like Zan much. He was a combination of the worst parts of Max and Brody.

Lonnie looked at her dupe. "We have to talk," she mouthed. She then turned and walked towards Michael, swaying her hips as she moved.

Isabel elbowed Alex sharply in the side. He grinned and stopped staring. She has to care to get jealous. Of course, she's probably never been in the same place as a girl as beautiful as she is before.

"We need your help," Lonnie address Michael seductively, eyes peering up at him from her lowered head.

Michael smiled, ignoring Maria's eyes glaring between his shoulder blades. "Tell me what's going on and where my dupe is."

Just then the lights came on. The dupes darted for cover as Brody came down the steps. "What's going on here?" he demanded. "Max?"

Lonnie stepped into the light. "It's my fault."

"And who are you?" Brody looked between her and Isabel.

"Lonnie, ah, Capulet. I just found my long lost sister." She stepped over and hugged Isabel tightly.

"Lonnie is an abductee too," Isabel added. "She really wanted to see this stuff, and we didn't think it would hurt anything..."

"We didn't, did we?" Maria asked.


"Lets go get that lunch."

"Nice to meet you, Juliet. We should compare stories sometime. Please look around, Max knows where everything is, hopefully some of your questions will be answered. All of you, please stay as long as you like."

As they departed, Lonnie, still holding Isabel close, whispered in her ear. Isabel nodded and turned to Alex. "Run cover for us. Please."

Alex nodded, trying to hide his disappointment. He wanted to get to know this Izzy-clone, but he could refuse the original nothing. As they walked away he intercepted Zan. "So," he began loudly, "you were going to tell us why you need Michael."

"Just let me check where Lonnie is going..."

"Isabel is showing her to the ladies room. They'll probably be forever." Alex rolled his eyes at the mysteries of the other sex, not to mention other species. "Why don't you get us started?"

"Right," Zan agreed, displeased. He could hardly blast this insolent human with Max, Michael and Tess standing there, even if he didn't need to fool Michael for a while.

"So what happened?" Michael asked.

Ava took over. "You... I mean Rath... got hit by a truck. Really tragic. We'd just gotten an invite to this peace conference, see, and Rath was real excited. Bringing peace to the four worlds, sorta his dream ya know. He wasn't even paying attention to where he was going. Lonnie saw the truck, tried to save him, but she wasn't in time."

"It has to be the Royal Four. A complete set," Zan continued. "So we came here to see if Michael would help us make sure that Rath's dream of peace doesn't die with him."

Michael was nonplused. "Wish I'd gotten the chance to meet my dupe... give me a chance to think."

"Of course," Zan agreed graciously, not having much other choice.

Max stepped forward and addressed Zan. "There's something the two of us need to talk about... privately."


Part 7 - Roswell

"So Vilandra betrayed her brother?" Isabel asked for confirmation. "I don't want to go just by what the Skins said. Alex convinced me of that."

"Smart of him. But it's what Zan remembers, too. Though lately I've been wondering..."

"Wondering what?'

"Who betrayed who." Lonnie's voice was so faint Isabel couldn't be sure she'd heard correctly.

"Want a frosty beverage, ladies?" They looked up to see Alex approaching slowly.

Lonnie grinned at the way he was looking at them, sneaking a peek at the images on top of his mind. She definitely liked what she saw... it gave her a whole new appreciation of her twin. Unfortunately, she was going to be quite busy. "Sorry Opie, no three ways tonight." Isabel joined in her laughter, but Lonnie was sure that her twin couldn't be that different in her thinking. They both liked Alex, after all, that was clear from the way Isabel had reacted when she thought Alex had been in danger.

Alex retreated. Isabel stopped laughing and stared after him. "I didn't mean to hurt his feelings, laughing at him."

"I'm sure he'll forgive you. If not, well, we could give him the three way after all." They laughed together again, this time less convincingly. "Now, how did Max take the Vilandra thing?"

"I haven't exactly told him."

"I see. And I assume he doesn't remember anything?"

"Not a thing. Nicholas called me Vilandra in his presence, though - do you know Nicholas?"

"Yes." Lonnie didn't elaborate. "Zan says he remembers. He never let me forget it, never trusted me. Ava of course is his other half. Without Rath..." She let Isabel hold her close, stroke her hair, accepting the comfort her twin offered. She'd never been able to discuss this before, even with Rath. "I miss him so much. I'd say never tell Max. The problem is, Zan knows. He's got a big mouth too."

"You think Zan will tell Max? I've got to tell him first."

Lonnie pulled her back down. "You're probably too late. Don't confront him when his anger is hot. If he's anything like Zan, it's better to face him after he's cooled down."

"Yeah," Isabel agreed. "I love my brother dearly, but he has anger issues. And control issues." She'd tried telling Max that once, but she'd never admitted her problems with her brother to anyone else, even Alex or Michael.

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Part 8 - Roswell, The Next Day

The eight of them gathered again at their outdoor river-side discussion spot the next day after school. "I'm thinking of going to New York with them," Michael announced.

"That's crazy!" Maria objected. "Why? Because that Lonnie slut was flirting with you?"

"I want answers! I always have, and after all this destiny crap I need to know who and what I am. This is my chance."

"If Michael goes, I'm going to," Isabel suddenly decided. "For the same reasons." And because I need to know who Vilandra was.

"Because Lonnie was flirting with you?" Alex asked. "She was, and a lot more seriously than she did with Michael. But that's not what's important. What's important is that this is to dangerous. Even if the dupes are on the up-and-up, the conference itself is probably a trap."

"So if Michael goes he needs someone to watch his back," Isabel countered.

"Then I'm coming too. To watch your back."

"No Alex. I'm sorry, but you can't fight Aliens. I'd worry about you too much. You can't come."

Alex heard echoes of Tess. Liabilities.

"No one is going." Max ignored the stares at his heavy foot. "I don't trust Zan. It's too dangerous. I forbid it." He stopped pacing and regarded Michael and Isabel. "What are you really after? Michael? Hoping to find more traitors like Courtney, who want you as king instead of me? How about you, Isabel? Are you hoping to run into Kivar at this conference?"

"Courtney died for us," Michael answered angrily.

"I thought you didn't trust Zan," Isabel added.

"The debate is over. No one is going to New York with them."

Isabel closed her eyes briefly, then shook her head in despair. It really was Max. "Alex, I need a ride home." She'd arrived with Max.

Alex simply nodded.

"I'll buy you one of those Statue of Liberty paperweights," she promised.

"Just come back to me - just come back," he amended."


Part 9 - Roswell

The five got ready to leave early the next morning - a Saturday. Max was up to see them off. "What am I supposed to tell our parents, Isabel?"

"I told them I'm going to a theater camp." If Lonnie hadn't fessed up in time, Isabel would have gotten into big trouble after the Juliet story. As it was, it had given her an idea. "While I'm away I'll call and talk to them." She'd also promised to call Alex. "Go back to bed, Max." She was already going to be stuck in a car with Zan for an interminable amount of time. It was far too early to deal with two of them. Max gave her and Michael a final measured look and went back inside.

Lonnie looked at Zan and Ava for a second, then blanched. "I'm not going."

"What!" Zan exclaimed. Lonnie took off.

Isabel grabbed Zan's hand. "What are you going to do, kill her?"

"No! I'm just worried, she hasn't been entirely rational since Rath died."

Isabel nodded, releasing him now that Lonnie was safely away. "She'll be fine in Roswell. Safer than us. Besides, having two of me might have tipped off the others to the existence of two sets. Lets get going."

"Isabel and I will sit in back," Michael added, looking distrustfully down at Ava.