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One Is Never Enough

Author: MoonieADT

Category: Max/ Liz / Liz

Rating: PG – NC17

Disclaimer: Roswell, Max, Liz etc. don't belong to me. Just borrowing them with thanks.

Summary: Liz has her own Lab and is doing experiments into the hybrid creation process. Just fluff.

Chapter One.
The Break Through.

She had done it. Liz had been researching the hybrid creation process for almost six years and she had finally charted the entire process. With painstaking detail, she had created the pod and all of the associated hardware she would need. Owning your own lab had its advantages. Not to mention the most important of them all, secrecy.

Liz had debated long and hard on the ethics of this project. When it came down to it, she was experimenting with a life. And once that life was created it was sentient. That life would have dreams, goals, wants, needs, likes, dislikes, the same as anyone else. The being would be as helpless as a child in the beginning. Finally she decided that if she were to do this, she would not ask anything from an outside source. Which meant that the genetic material used for the hybrid would have to be hers.

That had been twelve months ago. Now she stood before a fully developed hybrid. Liz had made one enhancement to the process. She had opted to create the hybrid in its adult form. Liz had to admit it was a very unsettling feeling to be staring at an image of herself that wasn’t reflected from a mirror.

Liz watched amazed, as the being inside the pod stirred and made its need for entrance into the world known. Slowly the hybrid emerged from the primordial muck that filled the chamber and stood before her. The being studied Liz with a look of knowing acceptance and seemed to realize that she was based on her creator.

Liz grabbed some towels and clothes and began the task of cleaning and clothing her companion. Liz realized quickly that she no longer could call the hybrid, it, being, or anything else impersonal. She had feelings and rights; she was a living breathing person.

“Hello Beth.” Liz said to the hybrid, finally deciding on a variation of her own name, it just seemed appropriate.

Liz was amazed at the learning capabilities that Beth showed. Within a matter of two weeks, she had learned, and had a mastery of the English language. She quickly moved on to more life sustaining lessons until finally she had a partner in some sense sitting before her.

Max had been very supportive of Liz’s work. He came down and visited her frequently. He had been amazed at the developments in Beth. He couldn’t shake the eerier feeling of looking at a carbon copy of his beautiful wife. He felt mortified for the fact that Beth stirred some of the same emotions that Liz did. For the amount of time Beth and Liz spent together, Beth had picked up all of Liz’s mannerisms. Her likes and dislikes were the same all of the way down the line. That development had been a slight shock but somewhat expected. After all same DNA, provided for the same disposition to certain tendencies.

One of those common likes had been Max. Right from the start Beth had been attracted to Max. Max for his part couldn’t help but reciprocate. In essence he wasn’t betraying Liz because this was Liz. Same genetic material would equate to the same natural attraction. At first Liz had been a bit uncomfortable with this, but as time moved on she began to realize that this was the nature of the project and it was only the logical progression to have taken place. The more she thought on it, the more she would have been shocked had the attraction not occurred.

The one thing Liz had not really counted on was the fact that Beth actually retained the majority of Liz’s memories. It seemed that genetic material not only has your structure but it also learns your experiences, in a way it acts as a living journal to your life. Beth seemed to instinctively know things that Liz knew.

“Beth, I’m going to call it a night. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Liz said tiredly.

“Good night Liz, I’ll see you in the morning.” She said in the same manner.

There had been an incident a week ago when Max had arrived at the lab to surprise her. He came in and found Beth working on an experiment and thought it was Liz. Max had turned her quickly and was kissing her firmly on the lips before she could say anything and once his tongue had invaded her mouth the will to fight completely left her. She did, after all, have the exact same attractions that Liz had. Liz walked in and saw them kissing passionately. At first she had screamed at them both. Max had pulled away completely mortified and hung his head in shame. He kept babbling he didn’t know and I though it was you. After an hour or so she had calmed down and could see why it had happened. How could she blame either of them? The hybrid process had been perfect; Liz and Beth were completely alike. Beth only responded on the same instincts that Liz would have.

Liz had had a long talk with Beth after that concerning Max. She expressed her understanding of the natural pull she felt but that the fact remained that Max was her husband, and she should respect that. And Beth being Liz or Liz being Liz, Liz being Beth, oh whatever, Beth understood completely and respected her. They had decided then on one visible feature that would be unique and that would be hairstyle. Liz had left her hair long while Beth had hers cropped to shoulder length. It was immediate and a quick way to tell the difference.

Liz locked up the lab and made her way to her car for the short journey home. She arrived to find dinner prepared for her and soft music playing in the background. Immediately her energy level was replenished to maximum in anticipation of the coming evening.

“Hello sweetheart.” Max called softly to her.

Liz made her way quickly to his arms and buried her head against his chest. She inhaled deeply the scent of him, it brought her comfort and told her she really was home.

“I missed you.” She sighed contentedly to him.

Max rubbed small circles on her back, trying to ease the tensions of the day away. He was really proud of his wife. She worked very hard and had achieved critical acclaim for her achievements in other areas of biological research.

“Rough day?” He queried.

“Not rough, just long. Beth is coming along great. She’s a real person now. I mean she always was but it seems more real now. It’s scary how much she’s like me, well I mean she is me in a twilight zone kind of way.” She giggled to herself at the less than clinical analysis she had just given.

“That is rather unnerving at times, I will most definitely agree with that.” Max couldn’t hide the mix of embarrassment and shame in his voice.

“Honey, it was an honest mistake. She is an exact duplicate of me. Her mannerisms, her smell, her essence is me. You couldn’t have known. Well unless she was nude then you would have, if you knew what to look for.” She said mysteriously.

Now his curiosity was piqued. “What does that mean?”

“Well if the little escapade you two almost shared had progressed any farther, you would have found out.” She said as she turned and left the room to go sit at the dinner table. She looked over her shoulder at him. She had been baiting him and they both knew it, but he was helpless but to take it.

“Liz, tell me.” It was a request but also a command. There was no mistaking the air of authority in his tone now. She did owe him that knowledge after all.

“Max, she has a tattoo on her hip. A birthmark in addition to the one she developed from my DNA.” It was just a little too weird to say Beth inherited it.

They shared a nice quiet dinner together; the conversation was light and romantic. Max had put on some soft music in the background to try and soothe his tired wife. After they had finished dinner, Max cleared the table and led them out into the living room. They sat, snuggled together on the sofa. Both of them were just soaking up the warmth and love the other had to offer.

Liz drew imaginary circles on Max’s chest as they partially lay on the sofa. Her fingers were doing magical things to Max’s senses. She was stirring up passion and desires that always lay just below the surface. Max brushed his nose through her hair inhaling the scent of her shampoo as it mixed with her own unique one.

“Max?” she cooed in a seductive voice.

“Yes?” His voice belied the effects of their closeness.

“I want you.” She purred as her hand started to drift farther down his chest.

“You can have me. Anytime you want.” Max assured her.

“Anytime huh?” she said as she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it from his pants.

“Umm hmm.” He replied. His mind was awash with the haze of want that Liz was building inside of him.

Liz began tracing the patterns on Max’s now bare chest. Her finger leaving a burning trail where ever it touched. Lower and lower still. she traveled until she encountered his belly button. She teased the sensitive skin there; enjoying the squirm that she had provoked from him.

Max was far from idle as his wife had free reign over his solid body. His hand had snaked up to caress her flat stomach. Each time his hand passed over the place he had healed her, she could feel a tiny spike in her passion. Their connection had yet to open, both of them wanting to incite a ravenous want in the other before complete abandon was released. Max glided slowly up her ribcage to just below her breast. Liz, frustrated by the hindrance of her top sat up quickly and peeled it over her head. Leaving her bra clad breasts exposed to his hungry eyes.

His hand found its way back to its previous home and traced the trial under her breast. The thin line between was where his fingers danced, frustrating and stimulating all at once. Finally he took on the full weight of her in his hand. Not satisfied with the contact, he undid the front snap on her bra. The cups sprang away from her body, her rounded, firm breasts now free for him to take as he saw fit. He cupped her; her flesh was hot to his touch and so soft. He kneaded the mound and gently squeezed. Her nipples hardened and pulled tight in the tips of her pert breasts. Unable to resist, Max dipped his head and took a nipple in his mouth. He sucked and licked the tip and then took the whole mound in his mouth. He squeezed and pinched the nipple of her other breast. He rolled the nipple between his fingers teasingly and lightly, but firmly, grabbed a hold of it and pulled

“Oh Max, yes. “She moaned at the unexpected tug.

Max moved his mouth to the other nipple and sucked it hard into his mouth, laving it with is tongue; the semi rough surface incited little sparks of pleasure to ignite inside her.

“Pull my nipple again. It felt so goooood” She moaned out as he promptly fulfilled her request. He sucked and nibbled, biting down on her red and hardened peaks, the skin surrounding had shriveled and the course feeling drove Max wild with excitement.

Liz had not been idle; she had undone his pants and continued her journey towards her ultimate goal. She helped Max kick off his pants and tossed them, forgotten, to the floor Liz’s eyes smoldered as she took in the sight of his rigid flesh just barely concealed by his boxers. Liz ran her tiny fingers up and down his length, just barely enough for it to register in Max’s fogged brain. Max bucked his hips reflexively, trying to gain better contact with the torturing appendage.

“Grab my cock.” He moaned to her, his breathing as ragged as hers had become.

Liz took hold of his rock hard cock and began to stroke it. After a couple of tugs, she pulled his boxers over his lean hips so that they too, could join the pile of clothes growing on the floor at their feet. Looking down with hunger at his now exposed flesh, she drooled over the precum that was weeping from the head. Without a second thought, Liz dipped her head as she wrapped her fingers around the base. Like a Popsicle, she began licking the head, drinking the creamy fluid as it flowed from him.

She loved the taste of his cum; she loved to drink it slowly, letting it linger in her mouth. With that thought in mind she set out to fulfill her desire. She slid from the sofa and Max’s wandering hands to the floor between his spread legs. Liz divested herself of her remaining cloths as she maintained a steady rhythm licking the bulbous head of his cock.

She gave the head of his erection a couple more licks before finally engulfing it with her hot, moist mouth. Max almost shot out off the sofa at the intense sensation she was giving him. She swirled her tongue around the head and then concentrated swiping it on the very sensitive underside, just behind the head. Back and forth she dragged her tongue, all while her head bobbed slowly as she took him in and almost all of the way out of her mouth. She sucked him back in halfway and then stopped her bobbing and sucked on him like the straw to a milkshake, deep strong, pulls on his increasingly sensitive flesh. She pulled the head out with an audible pop as it escaped her lips. Liz looked at him with lust filled eyes.

“God I love sucking your cock. It tastes so good.” She emphasized her point by taking a few more desperate draws on his rock hard flesh.

“Umm…your cum tastes so good. Give me some more.” She purred.

“Oh Liz…” he choked out between ragged breaths.

Liz took him back into her mouth and started a steady but quicker pace. Her tongue swirled maliciously around the head and tip. The steady flow of his precum into her mouth was a great appetizer but she wanted the meal. She began to stroke his cock from the base to her mouth, her hand followed her head as it descended and pulled back. Liz could feel the juices starting to pool between her thighs. The mere though of having her mouth filled with his hot cum made her pussy weep with joy. The tears of her pleasure slowly rolled down into the crack of her ass, nicely lubricating her dark hole. She squirmed, clenching and unclenching her lower muscles.

Max’s hips were no longer moving under his control any longer, he was driven by animal need, the raw need to spill his seed somewhere, anywhere on or in his mate. He could feel the tightening in his balls as Liz continued her attack on his flesh. Liz reached down and gently started to massage them, cupping them and rolling them in her hand. She would squeeze them carefully each time she pulled back so that only the head of his large cock was filling her mouth. She started to feel them tightening more as they pulled up closer to his body, readying for his orgasm.

A continual flow of precum had been filling her mouth for the last few minutes. But now was the time she had worked for. Her jaws were a little tired but this was a labor of love. She thrilled at the site of him as he readied to unload his seed into her. No matter where, she loved to watch him.

“Oh god Liz…so close..” he pleaded to her. Begging her to make this exquisite pain end, to give him the final push over the edge into oblivion.

Liz smiled around the cock in her mouth, this made it all worth it. Now that he was getting real close, Liz snaked her hand down between her legs to her throbbing core. She glided through the dark patch of curls that stood guard to her center, on her way to her swollen clitoris. She started to feel Max’s cock swelling in her mouth. She knew it would be another forty seconds before the bottom fell out. Her searching fingers found their goal and she slicked her finger over the swollen bud. Reaching lower she let her fingers slide into her set slit, parting the folds of her pussy and drawing the nectar she found there up and over her pulsing clit. She began a furious pace on her clit rubbing in cycles of hard then soft, rapidly building to her peak.

She imagined Max watching her as she fingered her dripping pussy. Her fantasy Max smiled as she plunged two slick fingers deep into herself.

“Yes, that’s it…. You want my cum Liz?” he asked in desperation.

Liz growled her eager acceptance as she continued finger fucking her self. She knew she needed more, she couldn’t wait to have his rigid cock pumping inside of her, her pussy expanding and contracting around him, sucking him wantonly like her mouth was doing now.

“Ugh.” Max grunted, his chest rising and falling in great ragged breaths.

Liz brought her eyes up to look at his face. She watched in rapt awe as his face grew a deeper and deeper shade of red. His expression was a mixture of intensities, pain at needing the release and pleasure in approaching it. His cock swelled even more as her orgasm ripped through her, her fingers still pumping mindlessly into her hot passage. As she started to descend, Max completed the same journey she had just traveled. The head swelled one last time and she felt Max start to go rigid. His body began pulsing in rhythm to the muscles forcing his seed to the surface.

“LIZ!!! Oh God… Suck it. Suck…eat my cum, swallow it all.” He wailed in utter abandon.

Liz was more than eager to comply. Her mouth started to fill with his creamy essence. He released stream after stream of his cum into her mouth. She swallowed hungrily and waited for the next offering his body created for her. Again and again this scene was played out. She took the last mouthful and savored its thick creamy texture, letting it roll around her tongue before letting small amounts of it finally drift down her throat. Liz continued to lave his still hard penis with her tongue, increasing the intensity of the after shocks that were still shaking him. Slowly his cock softened as she cleaned him completely with her mouth. By the time she was done he had returned to his menacingly rigid length.

Liz made no move to hide the feral smile that lit her face. She crawled slowly up Max’s body. Her lithe figure moved so gracefully the higher she ascended to him. She placed kisses every few inches on his heated skin. Max caressed her back with his hands as she crawled farther up him. She licked her way up the column of his neck, nipping at the pulse point and along his jaw.

“grrrrrrr.” Max growled until she finally reached his lips. She crushed her mouth to his, plunging her tongue into its deep recesses. She explored hungrily, tasting and sampling all of the texture and tastes. She had him memorized but she loved to constantly refresh her memory. She pulled back a little but took his tongue with her as she sucked on it, drawing little moans from deep inside of Max’s throat.

“Umm.” Liz moaned at the taste of him before he slipped from her lips. Max placed his hands on her hips and started to pull her up higher. Soon he had her distended nipple right in line with his lips. Max let his hot breath bathe her nipple in its moist warmth, giving the hint of contact but it was never enough. Forcefully she reached down and snaked her hand behind Max’s neck and pulled him up to her, forcing her turgid peak into his moth.

“Suck my tit.” She growled at him.

Max sucked her deep into his mouth, scraping her tip along the roof of his mouth. Liz squirmed at the sensations he was causing in her. She kept grinding her dripping pussy into his chest; the rippled muscles there gave her a little friction against her swollen clit.

“Hmm Yes.” She moaned.

She pulled one breast from his mouth with an audible ‘pop’. She shifted slightly and cupped her other breast, she let her hand squeeze up to the nipple, rolling it between her fingers. She pulled at it until it was rock and ready for his mouth. She leaned forward and guided her breast with her hand into Max’s mouth. He latched on to her nipple and sucked repeatedly on it, doing to her with his mouth what she had just done with her hand.

Liz could feel the ache growing in her sex, a burning that she needed to assuage. Her hips kept making sweeps back and forth across his abs; with each back ward stroke she could feel his rigid cock press against her ass.

In an instant Max had released her tit and grabbed her by the hips to place her glistening pussy over his mouth. He held her there, suspended, only his breath caressing the pink sensitive lips of her sex. Liz smiled wantonly as she watched Max’s eyes blacken further. She knew the scent of her pussy was driving him crazy with want. If there was one thing that Max Evans could do perfectly, it eat was eating her out. She lost track one night of how many orgasms he had given her with that mouth and tongue of his. It seemed he was always hungry for her and it was no different now.

Teasing himself, he lowered her to his seeking lips, kissing hers in the most intimate of kisses. He kissed her chastely along the edge of her sex, making a complete circle around. He buried his nose in the thick, curly hair that formed a triangle above her heat and the sprinkle of hair that surrounded it. There were times when Liz would swear that her hair was one of his personal playgrounds. From out of nowhere he would thrust his hands into her panties and let his fingers sift through the downy mane that guarded her sex.

Finally he lowered her the rest of the way to his mouth and let his tongue peak out and lick through the wet folds.

“Hmmm you taste incredible.” He groaned as he finally dug in and started to eat her like she was his next meal. His tongue lashed at the lips of her pussy, taking long measured strokes trying to gather as much of her juices as he could. Liz loved to hear him as he devoured her, the slurping, sucking and kissing sounds that emanated from between her thighs was enough, by itself, to push her to the edge.

Max unexpectedly latched on to her clit and sucked firmly, pulling the little bundle into his mouth. He pushed back the hood with his upper lip, and proceeded to suck on it like it was a miniature cock. He took long, languid pulls on the sensitive flesh and he was rewarded with a gushing of her juices all over his chin. He felt her tense and he knew she was right on the brink. Sometimes he would tease her and let her back down only to build her up again but not this time. He was thirsty and he knew where to quench his thirst.

He released her clit and flicked it with his tongue repeatedly. It only took a few times until she went rigid and pushed herself down hard onto his mouth.

“Fuck…I’m cumming baby.” She mewed into the night air.

Max hungrily drank, as her pussy drowned him in the fruits of his labor. Her taste was slightly tangy but heady. Her cum was thick and clung to his lips as she took swipe after swipe with his tongue along the slit of her opening.

As the aftershocks passed from her body, Liz pulled back a little to see his face. It was covered with her juices and huge smile was plastered on his face.

“Think your pretty special huh?” She cooed to him.

“All because of you.” He retorted, taking a swipe of her heat for good measure.

“Clean me Max.” she moaned as an aftershock passed through her.

Max pulled her back down and began licking, cleaning her of her orgasm. He sucked her curly hair into his mouth and drew out the glistening droplets that had collected there. He laved her inner thighs and removed the streaks her pussy had wept onto them.

With one last swipe, he lifted her up in the air and brought her opening in line with his throbbing cock. Their eyes locked as Max slowly lowered her onto his hardened flash. Liz loved the moment with the large head of his cock first pushes through the lips of her pussy. The incredible feeling as she first stretches to accommodate him is indescribable. Teasing her, Max pulled her back off of him and lowered her once again. On and off he tortured her, he watched her head roll back in the throes of her pleasure.

“Oh god…one more time…so close…one more time…. UGH!” she cried as her orgasm ripped into her, pulling her legs out from under her and tossing her about like a leaf in the wind. She was powerless against this intensity of the feeling being torn from her tiny body. Liz never would have imagined that these feelings were stored somewhere inside of her.

When her thoughts finally became semi coherent, she fixed max with a steady gaze. Her eyes darkened again as she willed him to do her bidding.

“Now Max, fuck my brains out.” She growled, bearing her teeth at him.

Max immediately impaled her on his rigid cock. He pulled her down on him, until she was flush with his stomach, her lips suckling the root of his erection. Her eyes were closed but her eyebrows were raised in the bliss of the moment. Ever so slowly Liz opened her eyes and looked down at him, a lazy smile on her face. That meant it was time.

We started a slow rhythm, Liz used her legs to push herself up and then Max would pull her back down. Max looked down at where there bodies were joined and he felt his pulse quicken even more. Watching his cock disappear into Liz’s pussy was maddening. He found himself drooling as he fixated on her clit, the little nub running up and down the bottom length of his erection. It seemed to reach out for the contact with every time Max pulled her back down to imbed himself fully in her once again.

Slowly the pace increased. Liz leaned back to watch the show Max had once described to her so erotically. Her new angle forced her to take his cock into her in a forward roll as she enveloped his erection. Even she liked watching her folds part to receive his thickness. It amazed her that her tiny pussy could swallow his cock, whole. The thought alone made her heat ooze more of her juices down his length. There bodies were pounding harder and harder into each other. They would grunt with the strain of their efforts.

“Oh Yes…Max…Harder…” she moaned.

“I love it when you say…Ugh.” He grunted.

“You like it when. Uh…tell you to…fuck my pussy.” She cooed.

Max growled a little louder at her words. She was inciting him and they both knew it, but that was the fun part. Liz had been riding his cock of over thirty minutes now. She wanted the prize.

“Ram you c…uh…cock into me…” She pleaded, as the sweat was raining off of her forehead.

Max was starting to become erratic with his thrusts; they were so close, well more appropriately Max was. Liz had been having mini orgasms almost every ten minutes but she knew the big one was building. Ever since Max had helped her gain better control over her powers she had been able to control her release.

“C’mon Max…fuck my hole…. fuck it.” she cried out. She was so close.


Max started to buck wildly into her, all grace of movement gone. His face was contorted in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Liz could feel Max’s cock swell and pulse with each stream of cum he pumped into her thirsty pussy. Her release rode on the back of his. With the first feeling of his essence filling inside her, her walls contracted rhythmically, sucking and coercing his seed from his body. Liz felt a rush of warmth as the last of his cum filled her. Her silken walls continued to pulse in the aftershock of their orgasms.

Spent, she flopped down on top of Max’s hard chest. His pectorals worked amazingly well for a pillow. She listened to the steady rhythm of his heart as it beat in time to her own. This was bliss; this was what they had all worked so hard for.


“Hmm.” He replied lazily.

“I love you.” She said softly as she briefly lifted her head to place a kiss on the chest she had been using for a pillow, laying back down she sighed into his warm skin.

“And I love you.” He murmured back contentedly.

They lay in silence for a while listening to the steady breathing of each other as the shadows climbed the walls.

“You are ravenous.” He said in awe out of nowhere.

Liz giggled before replying. “I can’t help it.”

He could feel her eyes drooping even as they talked. “Tired you out huh?” He asked her, feeling pretty proud of himself.

“Hmm…” Was all she said, out loud.

“What ever happened to shy, innocent Lizzy Parker.” He mused, humorously.

“She became Liz Evans, and got you as a play toy.” She purred.

She had to smile to herself as she felt his laughter quietly rumble in his chest.

‘Wait till he hears about the experiment.’ She mused to herself; her pussy just quivered and gushed thinking about. ‘We’ll see who tires who out.’ A devilish smirk curled her lips as sleep claimed her.



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For disclaimer and summary see chapter 1

Chapter Two.
It’s Like looking In The Mirror.

“Everything all locked up?” Liz asked tiredly.

“Yep, just finished in the front lab.” She said pleasantly.

The one thing that seemed to be peculiar was Beth’s endurance. She seemed to have an unending supply of energy. She rarely showed signs of being tired or fatigued. The only thing Liz could think of was that even though Beth looked exactly like her, she didn’t have the years on her body that she had.

“Its been a long day.” Liz sighed, stretching her arms over her head.

“Let me help.” Beth offered compassionately.

Beth started to massage Liz’s shoulders. Her fingers danced over Liz’s blouse, the cool feeling of the silk a stark contrast to her skin. Liz sat stiffly in the high backed lab chair, her body refusing to release the tension coiled inside. Beth pushed deeper into the taunt muscles, her thumbs moving in little circles.

“Liz, you’ve got to try and relax, you’re really tense.” Beth coaxed her.

As Beth’s words sunk in, she forced her weary mind to cooperate. She could feel the tension beginning to drain away at Beth’s gentle touch once she relaxed into it. Liz closed her eyes and lost herself in the soothing warmth of Beth’s massage. She sat back on the lab chair and sighed with the beginning of contentment.

Beth moved from Liz’s shoulders to the velvety flesh of her neck. She could feel the tense muscle all knotted in her neck. She used her thumbs to wok the center of her neck, moving from top to bottom and then expanding outwards. Her fingers were gently but firmly kneading the tension away. Beth spent a few more minutes working there before slowly moving back down to Liz’s shoulders.

After one more pass over her shoulders, Beth moved farther south to Liz’s back. The knots had relaxed a little from the previous work Beth had done but there was still a ways to go. She moved in a circular pattern around the expanse of her back, tracing up and down the column of her spine. Liz was starting to feel really good; her muscles were rejuvenating at Beth’s touch. She was most definitely going to have Max give her another massage when she got home.

“Liz, I can’t get this spot where your bra strap is. Can you move it?” Beth asked innocently, braking Liz out of her revere.

Liz was so involved in the massage she just mutely nodded her head. Almost mechanically, Liz unbuttoned her blouse and let Beth slide it off of her creamy shoulders. Beth reached around to the front snap of her bra and flicked it open. The cups silently fell away from Liz’s firm breasts. Beth slid the straps down her arms and set the bra with her blouse on the lab table.

“That’s better.” Beth commented softly, as she began to gently knead the muscles that had been hidden by the strap. Slowly she worked her way out from the center of Liz’s back, her fingers pressing gently into the smooth flesh. She moved up to her shoulder blades the descended down to the middle of her back again.

Using her open palm, Beth began rubbing her back in ever expanding circles. Her hands slid easily over Liz’s smooth, supple skin, warming wherever she touched. Beth moved her attentions to Liz’s sides and began to stroke them up and down. Her fingers gently working the sensitive skin there. A wonderful warmth was spreading through Liz, her tired body was reveling in the sensations.

Liz couldn’t help the sigh that escaped her lips. She was in heaven. Max gave the greatest massages, but Max wasn’t here. Liz felt a measure of comfort allowing Beth to touch her body; after all it was like touching herself. And her touch was doing wonders. She felt Beth’s hands slide up and down her sides and then move forward again near the swell of her breast. Liz felt that familiar tightening in her breast as her nipple hardened slightly.

“Hmm, that feels so good.” Liz said contentedly.

“Thank you, glad you enjoy it.” Beth said appreciatively.

“You have no idea.” Liz sighed.

Beth slid her hands further around Liz and cupped the full weight of her breasts in her hands. Her fingers found the hardening nipples and gave them a gentle tug.

“Oh I think I can tell.” Beth said close to Liz’s ear, her warm breath tingling the skin on her neck.

“Ohh.” Liz said at the shock of her breasts being fondled. Liz was a little unsure as to where this was going, but her traitorous body was enjoying the feeling too much. Liz began to relax into her touch and closed her eyes, letting this take her wherever it would go.

Beth continued her assault on Liz’s nipples. Gently she rolled the now hard buds between her thumb and forefinger. She used her other fingers to lightly massage the flesh of the underside of her pert mounds. She placed little kisses along Liz’s neck and behind her ear.

“That feel good?” Beth cooed to her, her warm breath tantalizing the shell of her ear.

“Um hmm.” Was all Liz could manage to say.

Beth gave Liz’s nipples a couple more good firm tugs and them released them, letting Liz’s tits jiggle slightly from the lack of support. Shrugging quickly out of her own blouse, Beth moved to stand in front of Liz. Liz’s eyes went slightly wide at the sight of Beth’s firm tits. ‘No I know why I like to play with mine so much.’ Liz thought to herself.

Before Liz had a chance to reach for them, Beth bent down and latched onto one of Liz’s erect nipples. She sucked the hard peak into her warm mouth. Liz was unable to stop the low moan coming from the back of her throat.

“Yes, suck it.” Liz groaned.

Beth giggled slightly at Liz’s words but then began to suck earnestly on the ruby tip. She tongued the bud, flicking it back and forth. She cupped the breast she was working and pulled the nipple from her mouth with a little ‘pop’. Liz’s glazed eyes opened slightly when Beth blew warm air across the wet skin. Liz’s responsive flesh tightened a little more at the extremes in temperatures. Beth moved forward again and began to lave her with the flat part of her tongue. She took long slow stokes, working from the underside to completely over the nipple.

Liz was starting to feel the fire spreading throughout her body. Liquid heat was pooling at the lips of her pussy, soaking her cotton panties. Liz was shocked slightly as Beth assaulted her other breast, her own hand coming up to cup the abandoned one. Liz pulled hard on her nipple, the feeling bordering on pain, but so wrapped up in pleasure. Her eyes fluttered close as the sensations washed over her.

“I can smell your pussy.” Beth said dreamily to her.

Liz felt another gush of her juices wet the flesh around her heat, some of it running down her thigh and ass. Liz wanted to grind her thighs together to try and alleviate some of the ache. She wanted to reach into her panties and thrust two fingers deep into herself, to flick her thumb over the top of her swelling clit.

Beth was having the same reaction Liz was. Her own pussy was begging to be stroked, fingered, licked; she didn’t care as long as it was being touched. Beth hiked her skirt up and brought her hand to the soaked crouch of her panties. She began massaging her slit though the cotton, pushing some of the material into her slick pussy. Over and over again she stroked herself but it just wasn’t enough.

Liz had followed Beth’s example and hiked her own skirt up around her waist, exposing the simple fabric covering her aching cunt. She pulled the crouch aside and slid a slender finger through the slick folds.

“Oh…” They both moaned.

Liz put her hand behind Beth’s head and pulled gently towards her. “Beth, eat me out.” Her voice was thick with abandon.

Beth didn’t need to be told twice. She reached up and pulled Liz’s panties quickly off and buried her face in the dark hair and sopping lips of Liz’s pussy. Beth lapped at her with pleasure. Her tongue slipped between the folds and entered the inner part of her core. Beth made her tongue into a point and began fucking Liz with it. Liz’s hips began to push back against the rhythm Beth had setup. Again and again she thrust into her excited flesh.

Beth pulled her own damp underwear off and cast them aside. Without hesitation she plunged two fingers into her tight hole and began a steady thrusting that matched her mouths. She could feel Liz start to tense as her orgasm neared. Beth couldn’t wait to have her mouth filled with Liz’ cum. She tasted so sweet and the scent just got better and better with each orgasm she had. Beth wanted her prize as soon as possible.

Liz felt like her pussy was on fire, Beth’s tongue was plunging into her like a miniature cock. She could feel her folds parting with each thrust of her tongue. Liz was getting closer and closer, but she just couldn’t seem to reach.

“Uhhh.” She growled in frustration.

Beth smiled inwardly and she knew what she had to do. Beth licked up parting the lips covering Liz’s clit and pulled the bundle of nerves into her mouth. At the same time she brought her free hand, her other one was now pumping fervently in her own dripping cunt, up and plunged two fingers into Liz’s slick passage. Beth began to thumb her own clit as her fingers sunk their deepest in her body, and pumped a little harder into Liz’s. They were both so close, so close. Beth pulled out all the stops and sucked hard one last time and then bit down lightly on Liz’ nub. That’s all it took, just the thought alone of having that done to her sent her spiraling over the edge.

“Oh my fucking god.” Liz cried out to the empty lab.

“UMMM!” Beth growled from her throat, unwilling to release the hard clit she was sucking on.

Liz’s hips were locked forward as Beth released her sensitive flesh from her mouth, but she still flicked her tongue randomly across her clit. She pumped her fingers into her a few more times before pulling her hand away and replacing it with her face. Beth lapped at her hungrily, cupping her tongue to capture all of Liz’s juices. They poured from her gushing pussy in a waterfall of cum. Beth could have cared less about being graceful she wanted efficiency.

Liz found it surprisingly erotic listening to Beth lap hungrily at her cunt. She definitely loved to eat pussy; there was no room for doubt there. Going on instinct she pulled Beth’s head from between her still quivering thighs and exchanged places with her. Once Beth was seated she pulled her forward and began to clean Beth’s pussy. She loved the taste of it. Reaching up, Liz took her fingers and spread Beth’s lips and licked frantically at her inner walls, cleaning them of their essence. She took a few hungry sucks on Beth’s clit and was rewarded with a small orgasm from her. Her body shook as her pussy pumped more of the succulent nectar into Liz’s waiting mouth.

“Your pussy tastes great.” Liz said appreciatively.

“I can tell from eating yours.” Beth complimented her maker.

Liz gave her a few last licks on her lips and them made her way north. She sucked on the hair that thickly covered the apex of her thighs. She licked her way up Beth’s stomach, she could taste the mixture of sweat and sex as it coated her skin. When Liz reached her breasts, she took each bud in her mouth and bit down lightly and tugged. Beth arched her back into Liz’s mouth. She let each nipple pop out of her mouth and then stood in front of her.

Both of their faces were covered in the others cum. A testament to the wanton abandon that they had attacked each other’s bodies with. Liz looked Beth in the eyes, she saw so much of herself yet another person entirely.

As if magnetized, they leaned in until their lips met. It was a soft brushing of moist flesh. Tentatively Beth let her tongue peak out and she licked along Liz’s bottom lip. She could taste herself along with the flavor of Liz’s sweet mouth. Liz followed her lead and let her tongue brush against Beth’s. Their tongues swept slowly against each other, each taking turns swirling around the tip. The last inch disappeared and their lips crashed together. Beth’s tongue dove insistently into Liz’s mouth, demanding entrance and submission. She explored the recesses of that warm, moist cavern. The mixture of their juices filled their taste buds with an overload of exotic flavors, only leaving them hungry for more.

Liz broke the kiss, her chest heaving in ragged breaths. Her pussy was again quivering and wet with the re-ignited lust from the mating of their tongues. She boldly reached down and ran a slender finger along the slit of Beth’s cunt. She curled her finger to gather some of the fresh nectar she found there and brought it to her mouth.

“Hmm, more for me.” Liz purred.

Liz reached down again sticking her finger in deeper to Beth’s pussy and pulled her up from the lab stool and led her over to the wide couch that was against the far wall. On her way there she picked up a couple of test tubes and a pestle that were still in their boxes sitting on the counter. Slipping her finger from its sheath, Liz pushed her gently down on to the couch.

“Lay back.” She coaxed, he hand putting a gentle pressure on Beth’s shoulder to ease her back.

Liz sat herself between her legs and took the pestle from its box. She took the large rounded end and placed it on Beth’s stomach just above her feminine curls. She traced little circles and designs on her skin and moved lower into her wiry hair. Liz pushed through the dark mass of curls and ran the cool tip of the pestle over Beth’s distended clit. The contact caused the hood to withdraw more and her bundle of nerves to swell. With lazy strokes Liz drew the tip down through her pussies silken lips and back up again, circling her clit and starting all over again.

“Oh god…” Beth moaned, her head falling to the side in pleasure.

“You like that?” Liz teased her.

“Yesssssss” Beth’s confirmation came out as a hiss when Liz plunged the bulbous end into her pussy.

Liz started a slow rhythm pushing the clear glass rod in and out of her sopping passageway. She used her other hand to start massaging Beth’s clit. She traced circles around the hardened flesh and then she would use her thumb to lightly grind over the top. Unable to help herself, Liz bent down and ran her tongue along the dripping folds of her pussy, lapping at the juices oozing from her partner. Once Liz’s tongue came into contact with Beth’s heated flesh, she exploded in a shattering orgasm. Cum gushed in pulses from her throbbing cunt, running down her thighs and into the crack of her ass, lubricating her there.

Liz pulled the pestle from Beth’s sex and placed it in her mouth, cleaning the glass of her essence. Liz set the rod down and slid herself forward. She brought her intimate center in contact to Beth’s. Their juices flowed into each other, mixing as they started to slowly grind their slick pussies together. They moved their hips in a little circular motion, their cunt lips meeting in a soulful kiss. Faster and faster they ground themselves together, their breasts swaying slightly with the force of their efforts. Liz reached up and cupped her tit, her fingers naturally going to her nipple, rolling it and pulling it. It was like looking in a mirror as Beth mimicked her every move. She reached down and began to rub her clit in earnest as she neared the edge. They both were so close, just a few more strokes, a few more thrusts of their hips into each other. Their eyes locked as they both began the long tumble over the edge into their orgasms. They both felt the sudden wetness that exploded from their pussies. The quivering of their lower bodies increased, as the restrictive friction was now replaced with smooth gliding flesh. With a few more thrusts they both tumbled over again. Their eyes rolled back and their heads hung like wet rags from their shoulders. Their tits jiggled from the force of their ragged breathing as they both collapsed back on the couch and just lay there.

As they came down from their orgasm, Liz felt a presence in the lab. She lifted her head, still heavy from her release, and scanned the lab. She scanned the room slowly, looking for the source of her feeling when she spotted two golden amber eyes looking at her with intense want from the doorway.

“Max?” Liz exclaimed surprised.


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For disclaimer and summary see chapter 1.

Chapter Three.
All Together Now.

“When you didn’t come home I got worried.” He said in a reprimanding tone as he approached both of them on the couch.

His gaze swept over them, Max still couldn’t get used to seeing a mirror image of his Liz. It was all of his fantasies come true. He never wanted to be with any other woman besides Liz, but this just blew his mind. Beth was an exact replica, at least from what he could see so far. Even the hair guarding their pussies was trimmed the same way.

Both Liz and Beth felt their faces flame at the way Max was looking at them. They had lost complete control; all of the normal inhibitions had just slipped away. Liz didn’t consider herself to be a lesbian in any sense of the word, or bi-sexual for that matter. It was just something about the fact that it was herself she had shared the experience with that made it acceptable. Hell, she would be wiling to do it again if she wanted to be honest with herself.

“So, is this a private party or can anybody join?” Max asked with mirth threaded through his voice.

Liz looked over at Beth, who simply smiled and shrugged her shoulders. She was going to leave it all up to Liz. Beth had been attracted to Max from the start; it was only natural after all.

“Well, this is a private affair, but I believe we can extend the invitation to one who is as handsome as yourself.” Liz said coyly.

“Yes, we welcome you with open arms.” Beth added with an approving nod from Liz.

Liz realized that her pussy was still rubbing slightly against Beth’s; her hips seemed to have a mind of their own. It was just enough to keep the embers warm for what was to come. Beth had felt the same light touches as well, but her restraint was non-existent. She began a slow luxurious grind against Liz’s perfect pussy. The feeling of their hair touching and brushing each others sex was intoxicating in and of itself.

Max stood shocked for a moment as he watched his wife and her mirror image rub their lower bodies together. He could hear the slight swish as their moistened lips kissed against each other. Without conscious thought his hand went down to massage the swelling cock in his pants. He stroked himself a couple of times before grasping hold of himself and squeezing his shaft, letting his fingers curl under the head to rub their briefly.

Liz looked up at her husband with glazed eyes and motioned for him to come closer. Like an automaton he obeyed obediently, moving until his crotch was even with her head. Liz reached up and unceremoniously unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down. Max kicked off his shoes and then let Liz push his slacks and boxers to the floor in one motion. As he stepped out of them, his cock bounced slightly up and down with his actions. Both women stared with open lascivious gazes at his rigid erection standing proudly from his body.

“You’re big.” Beth exclaimed innocently. “Is that going to fit?”

Liz couldn’t stop her giggle as she looked appreciatively at Max’s body.

“Believe me, it will fit, and you’ll love it.” Liz said with a sigh, her hips still mindlessly grinding into Beth’s. Both of them were nearing the edge again, they could feel their pussies start to slide a little easier as their excitement increased. Max fisted his cock, giving it a couple good long strokes.

“Max, put your cock in my mouth.” Liz said in a breathy voice.

Max thought he was going to come all over both of them right then. He took the last step and rubbed the head of his cock against her soft lips. She eagerly parted them and engulfed the engorged tip into her mouth. She worked the head with her tongue and lips, taking swipe after swipe at the sensitive underside. Max could feel the first drops of precum drip into Liz’s wonderful mouth. She made little noises in the back of her throat as her excitement kept building. She ground her pussy a little harder into Beth’s, the added effort brought their clits in more direct contact with one another and that’s all it took.

Their orgasms ripped through them, like a hot knife through butter. Wave after wave of pleasure soared in and out of their bodies. Beth’s forehead was beaded with the sweat of her efforts. She reached down and began to pet Liz’s mound, running her fingers through the silky hair guarding her creator’s cunt. She let her fingers dip, once every couple strokes, down over her still hard clit, the hood still back and waiting for more.

Liz gave Max’s cock a couple good last sucks before letting it pop out her mouth. She smiled devilishly up at him and gave the head one last hard lick. Both Liz and Beth sat up on the sofa, side by side. Max felt like he was in the best fantasy he could have ever dreamed of. Being with two women is most every male’s dream, but to have them both look exactly a like, was something that just boggles the mind.

“Can I try it?” Beth asked Liz a little shyly, very little.

“Um hmm, just suck on it like I did. He tastes great.” She told her with remembered satisfaction.

Beth grasped Max right at the base of his cock and gave the head an experimental lick. The taste of his precum was heady on his overly aroused flesh. The smile on her face gave everything away. She loved it, without any hesitation she took him inside her mouth and began a steady rhythm. Going on instinct and just wanting to taste more of him, she began to stroke her tongue in circles around the tip with each bob of her head.

“Oh God, you’re …good at …thisssss.” Max hissed out.

Beth smiled around the cock in her mouth and then concentrated back on the task at hand. She brought her free hand up to cup his balls. She took the weight of his heavy sacs in her hand and gently caressed him. She squeezed the flesh behind his sacs, and ran her finger down his perineum.

“Umm.” Max moaned.

Liz stood up and pulled her husband’s head down to her and crushed her lips to his. She thrust her tongue quickly into his mouth, taking control of the kiss. Liz loved the taste of his lips; it was an addiction she would not soon be rid of.

Liz tore her lips away from his as she took a ragged breath at the same time Beth released his cock from her talented mouth. Both women stood and shared a short but intense kiss before pushing Max back onto the sofa, laying him flat on his back.

“Lay back and relax, we’ll do the rest.” Liz purred to him, her eyes sparkling with devilish delight.

Liz bent down and gave his cock a couple nice long sucks, milking some more precum from his delicious meat. She released him and made her way to her final destination.

“His cocks all yours…for now.” Liz said as she mounted Max’s face, grinding her aching pussy into his open mouth.

Beth settled herself on the sofa, between Max’s legs. She took his length in her tiny hand and began to stroke up and down. Every time she reached the swollen head, she would run her thumb over the sensitive tip, spreading the oozing precum around. His cock became slick with it, allowing her hand to glide with greater ease. Unable to resist, she lowered her head and started a languid rhythm, enjoying the drams of cum she was able to coax from his rigid dick.

Max was in heaven. His beautiful wife and her hybrid duplicate; both of them were highly aroused, and doing amazing things to his body. What more could he ask for? Beth was sucking his cock like it was the last one on earth, trying to draw as much from him as possible. Liz was fucking his face, riding him with swift strokes of her pussy. She was undulating her hips, rubbing her cunt from his chin to his nose. She was so wet; Max’s face had already become coated with her essence.

Beth pulled her mouth away from his cock for a moment. “Liz, do you mind if I make him cum?” She asked innocently.

Max groaned, at just hearing her simple question, he had felt his balls contract, wanting shoot his seed into her mouth.

“Go ahead, just save some for me.” She said between moans.

Liz loved the feel of his tongue as it penetrated her, plunging into her slick hole. Liz reached down and pulled her lips apart, letting Max drive deeper into her. He surprised her by sucking her hard clit into his mouth. He drew on it as she had on his cock. He released her and flicked his tongue rapidly over the swollen nerves. The hood had completely pulled back, she was ready and they both knew it.

“Max, I’m gonna com.” She mumbled more to herself than anyone.

Liz groaned as he sucked her into his mouth once again. She released the flesh she had pulled back and put her hands on the wall to support herself. Max flicked his tongue on her once more before he tenderly bit down on her. That was all it took and she flew over the edge into her orgasm.

“Max…. Yes…cumming…” she babbled. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy, her long silky hair flying wildly around as she rode out the aftershocks. Her breathing was ragged from her efforts and the mind numbing orgasm she had just experienced.

Max swallowed all she had to offer him. He loved how her pussy tasted; he closed his mouth over her entire opening and suckled on her. He made sweep after sweep with his tongue through her folds, capturing her juices, thirsting for them. Max pulled each of her lips into his warm mouth, tending to them as a hummingbird to the pestle of a flower. He drew his sustenance from her and she was more than wiling to provide it, her body craved to nurture his addiction.

Beth had established a steady rhythm on his aching cock. His precum was flowing in a steady supply into her hungry mouth. She had no idea how much she had swallowed already, but she knew it was a lot. She felt his balls begin to contract up close to his body and instinct told her that it wouldn’t be long now. She swirled her tongue around the head a couple of times before going back to her previous torment on his swelling dick. She felt his cock get a bit more rigid and the head began to swell, she could hear Max’s breathing start to become erratic.

Max felt the burning at the head of his cock. He had tried to hold out but she was very good, after all she was like Liz, and she gave the best head he could have imagined. He could feel his body start to stiffen in readiness for his release. The cum pulsed through his cock and erupted in long streams into Beth’s waiting mouth. She swallowed each rope as it hit the back of her throat. His cum was thick and slightly salty. It amazed her as she swallowed another pulse, how much it tasted like Liz’s cum, and she definitely loved that. She sucked hungrily on him, draining every last drop from his cock, leaving him spent. She continued to bath his cock in the warm recesses of her mouth, cleaning him and bringing him back to his full rigid length.

“Liz, my god. You didn’t tell me there was so much.” She admonished her.

“Oh yea, its definitely more than a mouthful.” She cooed, still coming down from the high of her orgasm. “You wanna trade spots? I’m sure Max is still hungry.”

“I thought you’d never ask. “ She replied eagerly.

Liz moved backwards down Max’s body to let Beth take her place. As Liz backed further down her aching cunt encountered a long lost friend. With practiced ease, she positioned herself over him and slid his cock home into her pulsing core. The walls of her pussy relaxed to accommodate his girth. Deeper and deeper he entered her; she kept pushing until her hair mixed with his, until she had been completely filled. She knew she fit him like a glove, a very tight glove, she thought. She gave the words in her head added meaning by squeezing her inner walls tightly around him a couple times. Max felt like he was in a silken vise and he loved how tightly she held him in place.

“God Liz, you are so fucking tight.” He moaned in intense pleasure.

“You like that huh?” She teased him.

“When you squeeze me with your cunt I want to explode. God, just feeling the lips of your pussy finally letting me in you is beyond words.”

“Max, shut up and eat, I have a cock to fuck.” She giggled at him.

Beth now knew why Liz had said it was nothing she could describe, that it had to be experienced. The things Max could do with his tongue seemed limitless. He licked steadily at her opening, the feeling was driving her on, and pushing her to extract everything she could from him. She felt herself flood his mouth with her honey, the elixir that he needed to survive.

“Oh Max…right there.” Beth cooed.

“You taste sooo good.” He sighed. “You’re just like Liz, even your pussy tastes the same. Now I just have to have a sample of your cum.” He said devilishly.

“I’ll see if I can arrange that.” She purred as she began the grind onto his waiting mouth.

Max licked all over her pussy. She was exact, right down to the little freckle right next to the hood of her clit. He had to admit Liz did great work; he would definitely be taking her out for a long vacation for this one. Max refocused on the work at hand; he slipped his tongue between her folds and licked in circles around Beth’s swelling clit. Her scent was making him dizzy with want for her. The thick chocolate brown hair rising in a perfect triangle from where it circled around her heat, brushed against his face, the curls glistening from her own and Liz’s orgasms. It was an incredible mix, one he wanted to take part of again. He pulled some of the wiry curls into his mouth and sucked the essence that was trapped there into his ravenous mouth. Max edged his way down a little and began to concentrate on her clit, he was done fucking around, he was going to eat her cunt until she came, hard.

“Ugh…. Max…so good”

“Hmmm” Max groaned from the lips of Beth’s pussy.

Liz had set a steady pace as she rode her husband’s wonderful cock. She loved how he felt when he was sliding in and out of her pussy. The way her walls would expand and contract as he filled her. She really loved it when he would slip out of her and she would guide him back in. The feeling of him first bridging the entranceway to her cunt was indescribable. Liz was rising and falling on him, taking him all the way to the hilt. Every time she hit bottom she swiveled her hips, grinding her hardening clit into the coarse hair surrounding the root of his dick. Liz could feel the fire burning steadily hotter in her stomach, the coiled energy just waiting to be released. Her pace quickened as she felt the intensity build.

“So close….” She pleaded to whatever power would release her from this torturous pleasure.

“Harder.” She heard muffled from between Beth’s thighs.

She pushed down harder and harder. The sweat was dripping from her forehead; her lungs were on fire from the ragged breaths she was taking. She felt the first sign of her coming fall, so she drove down harder onto his thick cock. Her muscles were already starting to tremor as her orgasm tried to take hold.

“Fuck me with that thick cock, split my fucking cunt wide open.” She cried out wildly as the orgasm finally grabbed a hold of her and threw her to the four winds. She was smashed with wave after wave of release. Her body was like one nerve, everything was alert and aware and trembling with ecstasy. Her pussy was contracting fiercely on his swelling cock. She rose up and slammed her herself down one last time and he exploded into her; he flooded her with his hot seed. She could feel each shot of his cum as it bathed her silken depths in his creamy essence.

“MMMPPPPHHHHHHH” Max growled out fiercely as he poured his cum deep into his receptive wife’s body.

“OH. …Again.” Beth pleaded with him, the vibration of his growl stimulated her clit in a way she had never known before, and she wanted it again.

Max lapped heartily at her, drinking all she had to offer. When he heard her cry for more, he knew exactly what she wanted. It was one of his favorite things to do with Liz. She would crawl right out of her skin when he did it. It was like having a vibrator that could blow warm, moist, air on you at the same time, very intense. He took a deep breath and began to hum directly over her clit. He felt Beth’s instant shock at the sensation and her bodies immediate response. Liquid heat poured from her body, raining down on Max’s lips. She squirmed with building passion and desperation to find the release she so urgently needed. Max could feel her tense as she neared her end and immediately sucked her clit into his warm mouth and tugged firmly with the suction he created.

“Ahhhhh YES…. YES…. YES…. YES!” She chanted mindlessly.

As all three of them came down from the high of their orgasms, they became aware of the each other. The smell of sex, cum and pussy hung heavy in the air. It was overpowering and did nothing but increase their desperation for another release. The air was swimming with the energy from the connection circling around them. Most directly between Max and Liz, but they both could feel Beth out on the edges. They had never experienced pleasure of this type before, not better, just different. Max and Liz sent constant reassurance through their connection to each other that they were the only one and never would there be another. Beth was the card that they never thought would be played, and now that she was here, they would be careful to not damage their deep relationship because of it.

Both women moved off of Max and sat on either side of him. All of them were covered with a glistening sheen of sweat and arousal. They’re breathing was returning to normal but Liz had other plans. She stood and leaned down to Max, taking his lips in a deep, passionate kiss. She could feel the longing and love he had for her, his overflowing pride at her accomplishment. She pulled back, leaving light kisses on his nose and eyelids as she pulled him up from the sofa. Beth followed and kissed Liz on the cheek and trailed down her neck.

“I want to eat you, see what …you and Max …taste like… together.” Beth whispered shyly into Liz’s ear.

Liz’s eyes darkened at her erotic request and she laid down on her back on the sofa, beckoning Beth to lay on top of her in the opposite direction. Max looked on with rising lust as he watched the two must beautiful women he had ever seen, begin to lick and clean each other’s pussies. They both made loud slurping sounds as they devoured the others juices, lapping at the folds of skin, sucking the lips into their ravenous mouths. Max began to stroke his cock at the scene unfolding before him; it was the ultimate male fantasy with an incredible kick, two of the exact same woman. It just took you to the other side of incredible and then kicked you in the ass.

Liz pulled her mouth away from Beth’s heated cunt and began to slide a finger up and down the slick folds. She rubbed the tip of her finger on the bundle of nerves peeking its way out from under its protective hood. Liz reached up with her other hand and pulled the obtrusive skin back gently and fingered her clit down its entire length.

“Oh god Liz…” She moaned, her building excitement clearly in her voice.

“Max, c’mere.” Liz called to him between little moans.

Beth was eating hungrily at Liz’s opening. She had used her fingers to part Liz’s folds and drank directly from her passageway. Liz’s taste was more powerful now that she had been fucked. The mixture of flavors and aromas was pushing Beth further along in her pleasure; of course the fact that Liz was drinking hungrily at her cunt helped a lot too.

“Liz, your taste is ….UH!” Beth paused when Liz sucked firmly on her clit at that moment.

Max climbed on the sofa above Liz’s head where she had beckoned him to. Liz reached back and began to stroke his thick cock, rubbing her hand up and down his length, swirling her thumb over the head at the end of each caress. She felt his excitement begin to build, but she didn’t want it to end that quickly. She gave the head of his cock a hard squeeze to push back the urge for him to cum.

“Ugh…” Max grunted out at Liz’s unexpected grasp.

Liz pulled him forward, closer to her mouth. Her tongue peeked out and gave him a few licks. She could taste herself on him, the flavor pushing her desire that mush closer to the breaking point. She pulled him a little closer still and took the head into her warm mouth. She sucked greedily at him, urging some precum to the surface. When she had sated her quick thirst, she pulled his dick from her mouth and placed it at Beth’s pussy. She rubbed him up and down her pink folds, coating him in her essence. Liz used the head to stroke Beth’s clit, massaging it, and driving her further into abandon.

“I don’t know what you’re… doing… but. …don’t….stop.” Beth called from between Liz’s legs.

Beth couldn’t keep her hips still; they seemed to have a mind of their own as Liz was pleasuring her. Then she got the shock of her short life. The thing that Liz had been using to rub her clit with was now pushing at the entrance to her pussy. She had never experienced anything like this before; she could tell that what ever it was, it was big by the way it pushed at her folds.

“What are …you doing?” Beth cried out excitedly.

“You’re about to get fucked.” Liz said dreamily. “You’re gonna love it.”

As Liz finished her announcement, Beth felt the tip, of what she now knew was Max’s cock, push through the tight ring of muscles at the entrance to her pussy.

“Shit!” Beth exclaimed breathlessly.

She felt an incredible feeling of fullness take over her, and he was barely inside her.

“Liz, she’s so fucking tight.” Max breathed in pleasurable agony.

“Beth, honey, try and relax.” Liz coaxed her; she rubbed her index finger over her clit to distract her a little.

“More…I want more.” She pleaded to them.

Max pushed another two inches into her tight passage. Her walls were gripping him like a vice. It brought back memories of his first time with Liz. She had been so tense, she had actually been tighter than this, but eventually he worked his way in and they had made love all night that night, the nice thing about alien powers is the ability to remove soreness. Liz was still as tight now as she was then, but she’d learned to relax, plus she had such incredible control over her PC muscle that she could do things to him he had never dreamed could be done. He was broken out of his revere by Beth pushing with frustration back onto his rigid shaft. Max grabbed her hips and stilled them, he pulled out a little and began to work his way into her cunt. He took little strokes and she began to loosen as her excitement began to build, the fact that Liz was eagerly tonguing her clit didn’t hurt either.

“Oh god…I feel so full.” She breathed.

“You are honey.” Liz assured her.

“More …” Beth pleaded with them, anyone, who would listen to her.

“Beth, I’m so close.” Liz purred to her.

Beth hadn’t stopped sucking on the folds of Liz’s pussy through any of this, only to moan or beg for more. She was falling quickly into sensory overload; she didn’t know what end was experiencing the most pleasure. All she knew was that she was rapidly approaching a cliff that she was willingly going to dive off of.

Liz felt her walls start to quake in the familiar way, the one that was so fleeting. The warm rushes of her arousal began to coat her walls and flow out to wet her pink lips. Liz could feel Beth increase her efforts on her tender pussy, the nectar she was now drinking spurring her on for more that Liz was eager to give her. Liz cried out as Beth flattened her tongue and licked the entire length of her pussy, sucking her clit in at the last and drawing eagerly on it. Beth shook her head slightly and it sent Liz off the edge into oblivion.

“Oh …Beth.” Liz managed to choke out, as her release rained down her in a torrent of cascading emotions.

Beth’s own climax was not far behind. At last Max pulled back and firmly planted the last two inches of his thick cock into Beth’s warm body. He bottomed out and paused a moment for her to adjust. He felt her begin to move against him and he took that as his cue to set a rhythm for them. Max had only taken two or three strokes when Beth’s orgasm ripped through her. She was left a writhing mass of over sensitized flesh. Max continued to drive into her, more firmly now that her cum had lubricated her tight hole to allow him to enter her with greater ease.

“Oh god Max, fuck me…fuck me harder…make me cum again.” she wailed. “Liz, suck my clit…bite it.”

Liz flicked her tongue on Beth’s clit, manipulating the hard bud into her mouth. She looked up a saw her husband’s massive cock sliding into her creations pussy. It was like watching when Max was driving into her; she would sit up and just watch in amazement as his thick length disappeared into her enraptured body.

Liz reached up and placed her hand on Max’s hip, getting his attention. She parted her lips and he instinctively pulled his cock from Beth’s dripping pussy and placed the tip into her waiting mouth. She sucked with earnest on his rock hard flesh, the combination of Beth’s juices, and Max’s cum, drove her to the edge of another climax. Could this day get any better? When she heard Beth’s’ whimpers, she removed Max’s dick from her mouth and placed it back at the entrance to Beth’s fertile sex. Max drove into her without hesitation.

“Oh FUCK!” Beth cried out as Max buried himself in her to the hilt.

Max set a faster pace this time; the women had had their pleasure fulfilled countless times. He wanted to experience that sweet bliss one more time before his body gave out. He may be an alien, but he wasn’t superman. The sounds of their moans and the slapping of bodies faded into the background. He became aware of the rush of blood in his ears. His nerve endings were crying out from being inundated with the sensations they were being asked to comprehend. The silken walls surrounding him, squeezed tightly as Beth rode out another orgasm, they were coming quicker for her now, her body wasn’t getting a chance to come down from its high, so it remained peaked. Max was sure that Beth was going to explode but he couldn’t stop the drive to fuck her. His mind was running completely on instinct now; his instinct told him to pound into her, to drive his cock so deep he would kiss the entrance to her womb, to pour his cum into her, wash her clean with the issue of his release.

Max’s mind rushed back to the present as he felt his cock begin to swell. It was the beginning of the end. He could feel the liquid fire begin in the slapping sacs of his balls. The sound as they smacked into Beth’s pussy only drove him on harder, and faster. The tingle traveled to the base of his cock and waited, teasing him, frustrating him. And then it happened.

Beth’s pussy cinched tightly around Max’s throbbing cock as she flew into the most powerful orgasm she had had in her all too short life. Her passageway was flooded with the nectar so freely created from her climax. Max had no choice but to react to the contracting walls that were cradling his dick. The rush of liquid fire through his cock caused him to swell a bit larger, the head growing inside, was filling Beth’s already tight pussy to the limits of its existence.

“ughhhhhhHHHHH” Max cried as he started to cum.

Beth felt stream after stream of Max’s seed fill her hungry cunt. Her walls were milking him of everything he had to offer her, and she wanted it all. Max’s cum warmed her as it immersed her core. She whimpered as Max withdrew from her, but quivered anew as she felt his hot seed spray the lips of her already sopping sex. She could feel it dripping through her folds and washing over her erect clit that Liz was suckling. Beth smiled as she felt the now familiar warmth of cum from Liz’s pussy, Max’s climax must have triggered hers. There was no denying that Max’s had set hers loose.

“Yes…shit….” Liz cried out to the stillness of the lab.

Liz shuddered as her orgasm tore through her with lightning quickness. Her thighs twitched as Beth licked her of her arousal, the prize she had earned for her efforts. Liz felt the drip of Max’s cum on her upper lip when he had pulled out of Beth. Liz quickly reached up and stroked his cock once, causing another jet of his seed to spill on Beth’s swollen pussy. Loath to waste any more of his essence, she quickly placed the head in her eager mouth. She sucked him hard and drank hungrily from him. He filled her mouth twice before he reached completion.

Liz let her head fall back against the soft cushions of the sofa. Her body was exhausted from this amazing experience. Beth slumped, boneless, over to the right of Liz, her head resting on Liz’s thigh. Max leaned over both women and placed gentle kisses on their skin, the taste of sweat and sex clung to them like a protective blanket. He leaned back on his heals and gazed down lovingly at them.

“I love you.” He said thickly, his chest still heaving slightly from his efforts.

Both Beth and Liz said, “I love you too.” The room went still at the declaring from Beth.

Liz had known that this was a possibility when she had started this project, she had had no idea how she would handle it if it did occur. Liz felt bad for Beth; she had the same instincts and drives that Liz had. Before Liz could say anything Beth relieved the mounting tension in the room.

“Sorry.” Beth said sadly. “It just seemed like the natural thing to say. I know he’s your husband Liz. Nothing will ever happen unless you’re okay with it.” She explained quietly, the hint of loss sprinkled in her voice.

“Come here.” Liz said to her, compassionately.

Beth lifted herself up and spun around to lie next to Liz. Liz looked up at Max and motioned for him to lay behind her and spoon her. As they all settled into their positions, max wrapped a protective around both of them. Pulling them closer to let them know they were safe. Liz reached up and caressed Beth’s face tenderly and placed an affectionate kiss on her lips. Their nipples brushed against each other as they drew closer in the embrace.

“I’m sorry Beth. I thought something like this might happen.” At both Max’s and Beth’s shocked reaction she elaborated. “Not the sex part, the emotions part. You are based on me. My though patterns, my likes and dislikes, my dispositions, I expected you to inherit all of it. I just hoped it wouldn’t be too difficult to handle.” Liz said kindly.

Beth smiled and nodded her head, she understood and she would get over it. But then the next words out of Liz’s mouth brightened her spirits immensely.

“I will say, that I wouldn’t mind if this happened again.” Liz said demurely.

“I’m with Liz, what ever she’s comfortable with is okay.” He said calmly.” At least with what’s happened so far.” He quickly qualified.

Beth smiled thankfully at both of them. “Thank you, you both great.”

Beth snaked a hand down between herself and Liz and began to tenderly brush her hand through Liz’s dark curls. Liz seemed to have had the same idea as she reached back behind her and began to stroke Max’s, now growing cock.

The flames started to lick at their heels once again as their hands wandered over each other’s bodies. Beth paused and asked, “Who’s for ordering in?”

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For discalimer and summary see chapter 1.

Sorry for the long wait.. hope it was worth it..Enjoy!

Chapter Four.
Making Sure It Works.

“You want me to what?” Max asked is disbelief.

“You heard me the first time.” She said calmly.

“And you’re okay with this?” He ventured carefully.

“Would I be offering if I wasn’t?” She asked rhetorically.

“You want me to have sex with her, just the two of us. Right?” He asked, trying to clarify her request.

“That’s what I said.” She said distractedly.

“Why?” he asked, still stunned by her request.

“Why what?” Liz asked him tiredly.

“Why do you want me to do this?”

“First, and this should put your mind to rest, I don’t consider this cheating. It is me after all. Besides, Beth and I had our little thing, alone, before you got there. It’s only fair.” She said brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. “Second, I want you to be able to concentrate on her. I want to know how close she is to me. I already did observations on her other traits, and so far its pretty balls on accurate. I can’t test this one for myself, so I need your help.”

“When are we supposed to do this?” Max asked curiously.

“Now is fine, hold on a sec.” And then Liz disappeared into the supply room.

Max was left standing there with his thoughts, he loved Liz and was willing to do almost anything for her, but this was a little extreme. Yea, it had been fun when the three of them fucked each other senseless. He had never cum so many times in his life. Plus, the simple fact that he could eat pussy and fuck it at the same time, was just mind blowing. His cock had hurt for two days after that. That had been another one of Liz’s requests, no healing anything.

It was one thing to do this stuff when they were all together, but just one on one seemed a lot more intimate. He hated to refuse her anything, but this was just a bit much. His conscious just wouldn’t let him do it. Hell, if there was a duplicate of himself, there would be no way in hell that he was gonna let it stick its dick into his Liz. No way that any other man was going to leave cum inside her sweet pussy. He knew that seemed a bit hypocritical, but he had to be honest with himself, even if it wasn’t rational.

Now a dup for Beth to play with wouldn’t be too bad, but this was getting dangerously close to playing God. On the other hand, what kind of life was Beth doomed to here in the lab. Not a very pleasant one. It had been fine so far, but it was only a matter of time before the resentment would set in.

Liz coming back into the lounge shook Max from his revere. He looked up at her expectantly.

“She said she didn’t mind but not right now. She’ll be finished with her work in a couple hours. She said she would do it then, is that okay with you?” She asked him softly.

“Liz, listen, I’ve been thinking about this and I just don’t feel comfortable. I mean, I wouldn’t let another guy make love to you. So ….I’m sorry, but I just can’t.” He said regretfully, hoping that she would understand.

“Max, it’s okay. I don’t want to be with another man, so you have nothing to worry about.” She reassured him. “If you’re that uncomfortable about being with Beth, I understand, but I really need these results. I won’t ask you to do it again. I’ve been thinking that maybe creating a dup of you for Beth would be a really good idea, that way she won’t be alone. Truthfully, I don’t plan on sharing you with her on a permanent basis anyways.”

Max felt a little more at ease with that knowledge. Beth was a lot of fun and a really good fuck, but she wasn’t Liz.

“Good. A dup of me may not be a bad idea for Beth. That way she wouldn’t be alone, they would have no problems together. I mean just look at us, we’re perfect together.” He said thoughtfully.

Liz looked up at him hopefully, “So will you do it this one last time?”

Max gave her a pained look but grudgingly agreed.

“Max, don’t look so down, she is me after all.” She said, giving him a little kiss to cheer him up.


Beth finished up her work about two hours later and came out from the back. Liz filled her in on what was going to happen. Beth gave Max a heated look at the mention of them being together again, she had loved how it felt to have his hard cock ramming into her. She had been hoping that she would have the opportunity to feel it at least one more time. She was a little worried about the look on Max’s face though; he didn’t seem to be as overjoyed as she was about this.

“Max, is everything okay?” Beth asked concerned.

“Yea, I guess, I don’t know. It’s just a little weird.” He confessed.

“Max, Liz said she was okay with this right?” She prompted him.

“Yea, but…” He started.

“Max, there’s no buts, it’s what she said. She loves you, you know that. I’m as close to her as you can get, I know how she feels about this. She doesn’t want to be with anyone else, not even a dup of you. So don’t worry about this and just enjoy what she is giving you. Okay?” She coaxed.

Max nodded his head in agreement, she did have a point; Liz was okay with this and had told him not to feel guilty about it, to just enjoy it. His train of thought was broken when Beth removed her lab coat and she was completely naked underneath it. He felt his balls constrict and his cock begin to harden at the sight of her beautiful body. He hadn’t even been aware of the fact that they had moved towards the bed that had been setup for Beth while they were talking. Max couldn’t stop his eyes from running hungrily over her body, her pert breasts, so nicely rounded and full for their size, the nipples pouting and hard. The hair between her legs so curly and glistening with her arousal, its fluffy fullness begging for him to bury his nose in it and inhale the scent of her pussy.

Beth walked over and stood in front of him, she cupped him through his jeans and gave him a squeeze, his cock pushed back against the palm of her hand. She could feel the ridges of the shaft and head chiseled in the course denim material.

“God.” Max moaned, his head fell back, enjoying the feel of her tiny hand massaging his hardening flesh.

Beth smiled at Max’s exclamation and unbuttoned his jeans. She slid the zipper down and pushed the denim over his slender hips. Max stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

“What do we have here?” Beth said hungrily, looking at the tent in Max’s boxers.

She reached out and began to stroke Max through the thin material of his boxers. Beth dropped to her knees and placed light kisses along the outline of his cock through the cotton fabric. She could smell his arousal and her mouth was watering to taste him. Her patience could no longer take it and she pushed his boxers down his legs. His cock sprang free and lightly smacked her in the forehead in her haste to rid him of the offending garment.

“Hey.” She giggled.

Max chuckled softly at her actions, at least until he felt her warm mouth close around the head of his cock.

“Umm.” He moaned as she began to suck earnestly on him.

Beth swirled her tongue around and around the head of his cock, tasting his skin and the musky flavor of him She curled her fingers around the base and bobbed her head up and down as she swallowed more and more of him down her throat. She pulled him from her mouth and licked his entire length; her eyes gazed deep into his as she traced the throbbing vein up the middle of his swollen cock. The head was weeping tears of cum that Beth eagerly swallowed, drop after sweet drop she drained from his aching flesh.

Max was in heaven from the torture her tight mouth was putting him through. His knees were getting weaker and his mouth was hungry for the taste of her that was filling the air around them. The smell of her pussy was wafting up from her spread legs, her body was so aroused from giving him head she had begun to drip onto the lab floor. Max placed his hands on either side of her head and pulled her up to him. He bent down and captured her lips in a searing kiss as he picked her up and deposited her on the bed.

Max unceremoniously laid her back onto the bed and dove between her thighs, taking advantaged of her spread legs. His nose buried in her hair as his tongue shot out and licked a deep path between her damp cunt lips.

“Oh yes, Max…eat me.” she cried out.

Beth squirmed frantically as Max licked and sucked hungrily on her pussy. Sounds of him lapping desperately at her warm, musky center filled the quiet air of the lab. Max used two fingers to spread the lips of her pussy open wider and drove his tongue deep into her, swirling it around. He hardened the tip of his tongue and thrust it into her tight hole, fucking her like he would have if it had been his cock that he was plunging into her.

Beth rocked her hips back and forth on his face. She laced her fingers into his hair and pulled him closer to her core, grinding her pelvis into the soft flesh of his lips and chin. She could feel the slight scrape from the stubble of his beard, as it brushed on the over sensitive lips of her pussy, making them swell with greater arousal. She reached down and ran a slender finger over the swelling bulge of her clit. She stroked it in circles as Max continued his eager meal of her hot, dripping cunt.

Max knew she was getting close, the taste of her juices were getting sweeter. He swirled his tongue around the hardened nub of her clit, chasing her slender fingers as she flicked the swollen bundle of nerves. Her motions had become jerky as she neared her release; her muscles contracted making it harder for her to move smoothly. Her hips pushed up, trying to drive her pussy deeper into the mouth that was attached to her. Her fingers tightened convulsively in his hair as the first signs of her orgasm began to tear through her.

“Fuck, yes!” She cried out, her hips locked in an upward stroke.

Beth could feel the juices draining from her body; her pussy was pushing every bit of fluid it had created into Max’s awaiting mouth. She felt as if her entire lower body had turned to liquid as what seemed like a river poured forth from her. Max latched onto her clit and sucked hard, pulling another small orgasm from her already quivering pussy.

“Umm, you tasp gweat.” Max mumbled against her core, his lips brushed lazily against her clit, stoking the flames that had not yet begun to recede from before.

“You…have…to…stop.” She panted, her body couldn’t catch up to all of the pleasure it was being asked to experience.

Max gave her pouting lips a couple long, luxurious, strokes; slowly he eased his way up from her core. He took a couple mouthfuls of her hair and sucked the glistening remains of her orgasms from the silky strands.

Beth pulled Max up her body. He slowly followed, stopping for samples of her ruby nipples along the way. He sucked each rigid peak into his mouth eagerly and drew the puckered bud into the roof of his mouth. Beth arched her back; driving the swollen peaks deeper into the warmth of his lips embrace. He sucked them hungrily and was surprised when he felt his mouth slightly fill with a warm, sweet liquid. He pulled back and looked at the drops of milk oozing from her nipple. Max moaned hungrily and attached his mouth to her swollen peak again and sucked harder, drawing as much of the sweet liquid as he could into his mouth. Beth bucked her hips against Max’s stomach as he switched breasts and began to draw out the white nectar form her other ripe mound.

Beth finally was in a frenzy trying to appease the ache in her cunt, she grabbed Max and pulled him bodily up, grabbing his cock and rubbing the mushroom tip along the slit of her pussy. She rubbed the head in circles around her engorged clit, stroking herself onto the edge of an intense orgasm.

“Max…. close.” She moaned.

Max closed his eyes tightly at the sensation of having the head of his cock swirled around in the folds of her pussy. He was slipping slightly into her with every circle Beth made. The feel of her tiny hand gripping him was incredible, her hand flexed with every stroke she gave herself.

Beth let go of his cock, leaving it positioned at her entrance. Her eyes met his as she thrust her hips forward to take the head of him into her

“You’re ready?” Max asked her with a feral gleam in his amber eyes.

Beth nodded her head and grabbed his hips, without hesitation, she pulled him completely into her.

“Ugh…that answer your question?” she asked rhetorically

Max smirked at her and started to drive solidly into her, setting up a steady rhythm. The room was filling with the scent of pussy as Max slammed into her over and over again. The wet sounds of their bodies coming together broke the quiet of the room, punctuated by the grunts of their efforts.

“Fuck me harder.” Beth cried out, as she thrust her hips harder up into his.

“God, your pussy is so tight.” Max mumbled.

Sweat dripped form his forward, raining down in tiny droplets onto Beth’s face, her tongue darted out to capture the salty wetness. Her fingers dug into the muscled flesh of his hips as she pulled him desperately into her, trying to drive his cock into her womb. Beth tilted her pelvis up, causing the next stroke Max took to bury the head of his cock into the upper side of her passageway, right along her Grafenberg spot.

“Oh fuck, right there Max, fuck me right there.” She called out, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

“Where?” Max asked through a pant.

“Right…just keep doing what you’re doing.” She just couldn’t explain anything right now, not with him hitting her sweet spot so perfectly. “You stop fucking me and I’ll cut your balls off.” She wailed as he nailed her again.

“What?” Max asked wide eyed, but not missing a stroke or changing his angle.

Beth just shook her head and dug her fingernails deeper into the tender flesh of his hips and pulled him back and forth into her. Her motions were frantic as she fucked him for all she was worth. In and out, back and forth, she pounded him into her without mercy or restraint.

“I’m gonna cum, holy fuck.” She cried out as her orgasm began to take hold of her.

Max thrust deeper into her as he felt her walls start to clamp down on him. He dug his toes into the mattress and drove into her with almost painful force. She had wrapped her legs around his back and kicked her heels into his ass like a cowboy would spur a horse faster into the sunset.

“Fuck me, Max. Split my cunt wide open.” She wailed with abandon.

Max’s eyes were bugging out of his head; he had never heard such things before. He and Liz had a very incredible sex life but she had never uttered such things. Part of his mind wondered if his Liz was holding back. Beth was an extension of Liz’s psyche, therefore the things that Beth felt and desired were somewhat based upon what Liz would want to experience.


Liz looked on through the two-way mirror that separated the rooms. She had her hand down the front of her sweats as she stroked the lips of her dripping pussy. Watching her husband fuck her dup was an incredible turn on, she had to admit to a twinge of jealously but she kept telling herself that it was a copy of her, not another woman.

The groans and slapping of their bodies was driving Liz to the edge. She plunged two fingers into her hole, pumping them in and out of her. Liz leaned back on the chair with her feet planted on the wall, her legs spread to accommodate the hand that was pushing furiously into her pussy. She switched hands and placed her slick fingers into her mouth, cleaning the juices from her hand. Now that she had gotten a taste of pussy from when she had eaten Beth, she really enjoyed the taste. She didn’t want to be with another woman, but she could enjoy what her own body had to offer.

“Beth is saying all of the things that I want to say.” She mumbled to herself.

Liz always held a part of herself in check, she was a little afraid of how Max would react to some of the things that she felt like crying out at times. She knew that Max would never look down on her for expressing herself but she didn’t want him to look at her different for saying something outrageous or off the wall. Now, after watching the way that he seemed to get excited by the things that Beth was saying, she knew that she didn’t have to hold back any longer. If she knew Max, he probably already figured out that she was holding back, after all, Beth was only an extension of herself anyways.

Liz closed her eyes and enjoyed the rush as her orgasm neared. She reached down with her other hand and ran a finger along the distended bud of her clit. She flicked the swollen nerve center with her finger, pushing it back and forth. Her hips began to buck a little wilder as she felt her walls begin to clamp down on her thrusting fingers.

“Oh, fuck.” She hissed as her release tore through her.

She pulled her sticky fingers from her cunt and licked them clean. She looked out at the couple on the other side of the glass, as they continued to fuck each other with abandon. She was definitely going to have to have some one on one time with Max when they got home tonight. It was a good thing that he was an alien, his recovery time was incredibly short, so she knew that he would be ready for the long night she had planned for them.

But in the mean time she might as well go out there and clean up the mess that she knew was going to be made. ‘Um’, she thought, ‘I am bit thirsty now that I think about it.’


“More…just like that.” Beth panted; her head was thrashing about from side to side.

Max pulled out and smacked his cock on the tip of her clit.

“FUCK!” Beth shuddered.

Max rammed his length back into her and picked up at the same pace he had been fucking her at before. Every few strokes he would pull out and slap the large head of his cock on her pussy, sometimes on the clit and other times on her opening. She gasped each time; her senses were spiraling into overdrive as she tried to predict where the next attack would come from. The feeling was only made better each time he withdrew from her; because he would have to plunge completely back into her again, pushing into her like it was their initial joining.

“I’m close.” Max groaned, his breathing was coming in ragged gasps.

“Um…” Beth purred, “Fill my pussy with your cum.”

Beth pumped her hips harder, taking as much of him into her as she could. She could feel her release coming. The muscles of her cunt were staring to burn with the unreleased energy of her coming orgasm. Her inner walls were starting to twitch. The ridges of Max’s cock were becoming more defined with each stroke as she felt him begin to swell within her. She knew he was close, the thought of having all of that hot cum shooting into her, coating her walls, was making her writhe with anticipation.

Max closed his eyes and his face contorted into a grimace of painful pleasure. He thrust into her once, twice and a third time, and then the world went silent. The blood roared through his ears as he felt the burning rush of his cum shoot out of the head of his cock. His balls constricted again and again as he pumped spurt after spurt of his creamy essence into her receptive pussy.

The first stream of cum that hit the back wall of her pussy sent Beth flying over the edge into the oblivion of her release. Her inner wall began milking his rigid cock for every last drop of his nectar. Her lips sucked him dry of all that he had to offer her, leaving him spent and completely sated.

Neither of them heard Liz come up beside them. Max rolled off of Beth and lay on his side on the bed. Beth lay there, legs spread wide open, her pussy dripping with Max’s and her own cum.

“Well, looks like you two made a mess.” Liz offered with an amused smirk.

Max smiled weakly at her and took her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. Beth looked up at her through tired and sated eyes, her smile was only half hearted but completely conveyed the feeling of contentment that she felt.

Liz looked between the two of them and just decided to go for it. She kneeled down onto the bed and buried her face in Beth’s pussy. She lapped hungrily at the mixture of cum oozing from Beth’s tired body. The taste of Max’s cum was something she never would get enough of, but mixed with pussy was an added bonus. It wasn’t that it was better, just that it was different. She sucked and swallowed everything that Beth could give her; she attached her lips to Beth’s clit and brought her to another small orgasm before setting up and wiping her face.

Max pulled her over and kissed her deeply, tasting all three of them on her lips.

“Someone had busy fingers.” Max said as he stroked her hair from her face.

Liz giggled and curled into his side, pulling all three of them close as they settled together on the queen size bed. They room smelled heavily of sex and pussy, an intoxicating aroma, sure to arouse them into another round of love making if they weren’t careful.

“Well,” Liz said thoughtfully, “that went well.”


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