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Title: Confused Love
Author: StormyBear30
E-mail: StormyBear29⊕
Couple: Alex and Liz
Rating: NC-17 eventually
Summary: Two best friends…time spent apart…feeling emerge that are both thrilling and frightening as well. Will they be able to bridge the gap and realize the feelings they hold for each other…or will they just remain friends or possible not.

Chapter One

Did “I can’t believe that he is doing this” A clearly agitated Liz whines to her best friend as they sit at the lunch table watching their other best friend as he talks animatedly with the head of the science department of their high school. “I can’t believe that he is leaving us for the whole summer so he can go to some stupid science camp. It just doesn’t make any sense to me when he could be hanging out at the pool with us…he chooses to go hang out with other science geeks and ponder science crap”

“Geez Liz…why don’t you tell me how you really feel” Maria giggles as she watches her friend continue to rant madly before her. “And for the record…why are you acting like this anyway” she continues as she looks over to where Liz has her total attention drawn to. “Liz…this is what the science geeks of the world look forward to. Only one person from each state is chosen to attend this camp and out of all the participants they choose are best friend Alex. You should be proud of the fact that he was chosen…in fact you should be extremely supportive since we both know that he has been working towards this day from birth. Besides…” she waves her hand before her friends eyes to get her full attention. “Max will be coming back from college soon and I am sure that he will have other things to keep you occupied then thinking about Alex and geek camp”

“Right…Max” she responds lack lusterly as she once again draws her eyes towards the tall and lanky Alex Whitman. “Maria…don’t freak out or anything…but what if I told you that I didn’t want to date Max anymore”

‘What…what are you talking about. You and Max have been dating like forever. Liz…you are Junior…about to become a senior…who is dating a freshman in college. Girls our age cream their pants for shit like this to happen to them. Besides…it doesn’t hurt that Max is built like a Sherman tank and looks like a Greek God and you are talking about not wanting to date him anymore. Liz…honey…there are a million and one girls that would give their eyeteeth to be where you are…I included. You have no idea just how lucky you are”

“Yeah…your right” she giggles uneasily as she pulls her eyes away from where they continue to gaze at the man that has been causing such extreme and yet thoroughly confusing emotions to plague her recently. “I don’t’ know what I was talking about. Just forget what I said”

“Forget what you said what” Alex questions as he sits down between Liz and Maria.

“Max…what else” Maria counters as she gives Liz an evil look. “She is having second thoughts about…”

“Eating this goop that they call school lunch” she finishes for Maria…giving her an equally dirty look before she has a chance to utter another word.

“Well that my dear ladies that is why I always bring my own lunch” he quips as he opens up the brown lunch bag he is carrying in his hand. “Ham and cheese on white bread. Carrot sticks with a cup of fat free ranch dressing and for dessert a bag of BBQ corn chips”

“You made this lunch for us didn’t you” Liz questions as she greedily delves into her favorite type of sandwich after Alex hands it to her with an all knowing grin upon his face…then handing the carrot sticks and dressing to Maria”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. My mother made this lunch for me. I just don’t feel like ham and carrot sticks today…too healthy for my taste” he chuckles as he shoves another handful of chips into his mouth.

“You’re the best Alex” Maria sings out loudly as she plants a kiss upon his cheek…before attacking her bag of carrot sticks with vigor.

“You really are the best Alex” Liz speaks wistfully. “So Alex I saw you talking to Mr. Jackson…so I guess that means that everything is all set for your trip”

“Yes…can you believe it” he speaks proudly…arms flailing wildly before him. “I am actually going to Science Brigade. Me…Alex Whitman is going to the same place where some of the most brilliant minds of this century received their start. Do you know that this…”

She can’t help the impending feeling of doom that converts on her as she continues to listen to her friend speak animatedly about leaving her for the whole summer…leaving her with a boy crazy friend and a boy friend that she would rather eat broken glass then to spend another boring minute with him. She nods in the appropriate places…smiles where she feels she should be supportive and yet she can’t hear a word that he speaks for the sinking of her confused heart is louder then any surrounding noises.


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Chapter Two…

“Dammit…” she growls in irritation as she picks up the shattered plate at her feet. “This just isn’t my day”

“What the heck is your problem today” She hears Maria question behind her…sending her irritation level up another degree.

“Nothing…can’t I drop a plate without getting the third degree from you” she bites back as she tosses the shards into the trash as she pushes past a frowning Maria and reenters the Crash Down.

“Sure if this was the only plate that you have broken today. Come on Liz…this is your best friend here” she continues as she places her arms around her friends shoulder…leading her to an empty booth as she plops onto the fake leather seat before her clearly agitated friend. “So…tell me exactly what the heck is going on with you…because you have been in a really crappy mood all week and if you keep up on the track you are going on your father is going to be running out of plates soon”

“I don’t know” Liz lies as she lays her head upon her hands…staring at the picture of her and her two best friends dressed up for last years Crash Fest hanging on the wall behind Maria. As per the usual as of late her eyes linger on the goofy green alien located in between the two of them…with a smile so wide plastered across his face that you can make out every perfect tooth located in his mouth. “I mean…its Alex. I mean doesn’t it bother you that he is leaving in two days and that we won’t see him again for eight weeks and…”

“Liz…breath” Maria cuts in…placing her hand upon her friends flailing hands. “I can’t believe that you are still going on about this. Jesus Liz…this is an important step for Alex and instead of being supportive like a best friends should…you have been sulking around like a spoiled brat for the last week. You know if I didn’t know any better I would say that your in love with the man or something…but we know that can’t be true since Alex has been your best friend since like forever and you are madly…deeply in love with your boyfriend of three years Max…right”

“Yeah…right. I mean you are being ridicules. Me being in love with Alex…that is so insane. I have Max. Yeah…I have Max and I love him…a lot. Um…yeah Max…I love him…yep I do”

“OMG…you are in love with Alex” Maria squeals…jerking Liz from her ramblings of her pretend love for Max. “When the hell did this happen…and why did we have to play this whole game when you should have just told me out right”

“Maria…your talking crazy as usual” Liz quips as she pulls her tired frame away from the booth…picking up her formally discarded broom as she begins to sweep the empty restaurant. “I love Max…remember…Max”

“Liz…” she speaks in determined tones as she lays her hand upon the ones clutching at the broomstick with such force that it causes her knuckles to whiten. “It’s me you’re talking to here. So come on…spill”

“I don’t know when it happened” she speaks truthfully as she allows Maria to take the broom from her. “I mean one minute we were just friend…and then the next minute I look at him and my heart starts to race. I mean this is Alex Whitman that we are talking about…my best friend since birth and yet now I can’t stop thinking about him from minute to minute and the dreams I have been having about him Maria…you should see some of them” she blushes as she recalls the wet dream that she had earlier this morning…causing her core to ache as she replays it in her mind.

“Well don’t just stand there and make me beg…tell me all about it and don’t you dare spare on single detail” she laughs heartily as she leads Liz once again back to the booth they were inhabiting moments ago.

“Gosh Maria…it was so intense and yet at the same time it was the most romantic thing I had ever witnessed in my entire life”

“Whoa…that good”

“That good…” she sighs as she recalls the way that dream Alex had kissed her senseless and the way that he had made love to her body.


“It started out here in the Crash Down and then…” A load knocking at the door pulls Liz from her thoughts as she turns and kinds a madly grinning Max standing on the opposite side of the door. “Holy shit…Max’s home early” she yelps as she looks from Max to Maria with a look of utter fear etched upon her face.

“What are you going to do” Maria asks as the two continue to sit there staring at the apparition now banging crazily upon the door…begging to be let in.
“What else can I do” she speaks as she reluctantly gets up from the booth and slowly makes her way towards her soon to be ex-boyfriend. “I am going to break up with him…tonight”

“LIZZIE” Max screams happily as he rushes into the restaurant…scooping his girlfriend into his arms as he quickly covers her lips with his own. “Man I’ve missed you so much”

“Max…um…what are you doing here” she gushes out as she tries to catch her breath after he breaks the hold that he has on her lips. “I mean…you weren’t supposed to be here for another few days and yet here you are…here”

“I know…but I couldn’t stay away from you any longer…so I traded in my bus ticket and purchased a plan ticket. We only have three months before I have to head back to school and I don’t want to waste a minute and besides I have something very important to ask you later…when were alone” he emphasizes loudly praying that Maria will get the hint and leave them alone.

“Right…I know when I am not wanted” Maria blushes as she grabs her coat and brushes past the two. “Um Liz…good luck and call me later…ok”

They both watch as the blonde leaves…one with a heavy heart for she knows that in a matter of minutes she will be breaking the heart of the man that she knows loves her with such true love and the other with a heart of pure joy for after tonight he was hoping to make their union official…in the form of a wedding ring.

“Um…so are you hungry” she speaks…stalling for time as she attempts to pull out of his embrace…trying like hell to come up with a nice way to break his heart…quickly realizing that there is none.

“Only for you baby…only for you” he growls as he hinders her escape by pulling her tighter against his body as he attempts to kiss her passionately. “You ok” he asks concerned when she does not return his lip lock in the spirit that it was intended.

“Max I need to talk to you” she sighs heavily as she takes his hand and leads him towards the empty booth.

“I want to talk to you too baby” he rushes on happily…oblivious to the look of pure upset now placating his girlfriends face. “So just let me get this out first before I lose my nerve and then you can tell me what you had to tell me” he continues…crimson red rolling over his flushed face. “Liz you know that I love you. You know that I have loved you basically for as long as I have known you…because it is true. I’ve been in love with you from the first moment that I stepped off that bus in kindergarten and saw you playing with Maria…and I think what he have is special…and I don’t know how to say this without just coming out and saying it…so here goes…”

Her eyes widen in complete shock as she watches the man that she thought was the man of her dreams pull himself out of the chair he was sitting on as he falls to one knee…taking her hand into his own as he places a tiny diamond ring upon her left ring finger. “Oh Max…” she whispers as she looks from the glittering stone and into the glittering eyes of the man that she knows loves her with all his heart and soul. “I…I…”

“I love you Liz…and I know that we are young but I know that you are the only girl for me. So with that said…Elizabeth Parker will you do me the honor of becoming my wife”

Tears flow from her eyes as she continues to stand before the man that has just declared his absolute love for her in the most intimate of ways…in the form of a life binding marriage proposal…but not for the reasons that she knows she should be. “I…I…I’m sorry Max but I just can’t” she cries out painfully as she hurriedly removes the ring…placing it in his hand and she runs off leaving him stunned and shocked beyond belief in her wake.

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Chapter Three…

“Liz…what are you doing here” Alex asks shocked as his best friend in the whole world stands outside his window with a look of pure sadness etched upon her normally radiant face. “Do you know what time it is”

“Hi Alex…” she whispers as she takes his out stretched hand as he assists her through the open window. “I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to talk to you about your trip”

“Sure beautiful” he quips with a bright warming smile. “Anything for my best girl”

She can feel her heart stop in her chest at the smile that is directed only at her and she knows that she should be at least a little upset about the fact that she just left Max after his marriage proposal hurt and confused…but she finds that if nothing else she could truly be happy as long as Alex graces her with his gorgeous smile for always. “Alex…about your trip” she edges lightly…trying to come up with the words to express herself as to the extent of just how much she cares for him…just how much she wants to take their relationship into the next level. “I…I…”

“I know Liz…I am so excited about this trip” he gushes with a goofy smile upon his face. “You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this. I mean I hate the idea of being away from you and Maria for two whole months but…”

“You do…you hate the idea of being away from me. I mean from us” she repeats…her heart once again stopping in her chest as she catches her worded blunder.

“Of course silly” he laughs happily as he pulls her into his arms…placing a tiny kiss upon her forehead. “You know that I relish each and every moment that I spend with my girls…but I have to say that as much as I will miss you both I am so happy to not have to spend another summer with the two of you hanging at the pool”

“What…” Liz asks stunned as she pulls out of his embrace…her face beginning to redden from some unexpected hidden anger. “I thought you said that you enjoyed spending time with us and now you are changing your story and telling me that you are happy not to spend another summer with us. Talk about being shallow Alex Whitman” he huffs as she crosses her arms across her chest in a hateful manner”

“Liz…how can you say that” he questions just as stunned as she as continues to stand before him with a look of such anger that it just blows him away. “What I meant was that this summer…for a change I get to do something that I have been dreaming about doing for…”

Oh…so let me get this straight” she scoffs meanly as she pushes past him…heading for the window and her planned escape…before turning back to face the man with glimmering tears in his beautiful eyes. “Not only did you not enjoy spending time with your two supposed best friends…but we forced you to be our friends as well”

“What…no…that is not what I said at all. You are putting words into my mouth Liz. What the hell is wrong with you anyway” he questions sadly as he attempts to pull her back into his arms…tears freely flowing as she brutally rebuffs him without a second thought. “Please Liz don’t do this” he speaks through the sob lodged in the center of his throat. “I leave for camp in the morning and I don’t want to go on a sour note like this. You know that I love you and Maria with all my heart and that I didn’t say any of that stuff that you accused me of saying” With a small smile of hope…he once again reaches his arms toward the raven haired beauty…hoping against hope that she will fall into his loving arms. The smile quickly vanishes though as she turns away from her childhood friend and climbs silently out the window…leaving him confused and hurt more then he ever thought possible.

“Come on Chica” the bubbly voice of Maria...jerks her from her fitful sleep. “Alex’s bus leaves in twenty minutes and if you hurry and dress we can still make it to see him off” she continues to chirp loudly as she sits beside a strangely quiet Liz as she hides under the darkness of the comforter. “Besides you have to tell me what the heck happened with Max last night and…”

“Maria…please” she calls out from her shroud of darkness. “I don’t want to talk about what happened between Max and I”

“Fine…keep it to yourself…but at least get you butt out of bed long enough to go see off your best friend”

“No…you go and say good bye to YOUR best friend” she speaks angrily as the previous nights events consume her once again. “I am staying right here alone…all by myself…with no one else in the room jabbering on and on like an idiot” She can hear Maria’s breath hitch in her throat…can hear the tiny almost inaudible sob that expels from her mouth and for the moment she feels saddened by her meanness and spite…but as she once again replays what happened between Alex and her last night…it quickly disappears. “Look Maria I am sorry…but I just want to be left alone” she apologizes half heartedly and when she receives no reply she pulls the protection of the comforter from her head as she searches the room for the girl that she knows she has hurt with her words. “Fine…leave me too” she speaks loudly to the empty room as she pulls the covers once again over her head…allowing tortured slumber to once again over come her.

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Chapter Four…

“I said that I was sorry” Liz speaks loudly…clearly irritated with her friend as they finish the closing duties of the Crash Down. “What the heck else do you want me to say” she continues as she grabs Maria by the arm and forces her to look at her.

“What’s come over you Liz” Maria asks seriously as she gazes at the girl that she thought she knew better then anyone else in the world. “Your like this completely different person since this whole you have a thing for Alex bit and I have to say that I don’t like it…I don’t like it one bit”

“I know” she cries as she plops down in a nearby chair…covering her head with her hands as she tries to fight the tears that are once again threatening to consume her. “I know that I have been horrible to you and to Alex” Fighting them become unsuccessful as they begin to blaze a hot trail down her flushed cheeks. “It’s just that I am so frustrated with my feelings over Alex and Max hasn’t stopped calling or coming by my house at all hours of the day and night and you were the closet thing for me to take my frustrations on…and I know that it was wrong…but it was all I could do to help get me through each long and tiresome day” she gushes out as she looks at her equally tearful friend. “I’m sorry Maria. I never meant any of the things that I said to you. You’re my best friend and I love you”

“Oh Lizzie…” Maria cries as she rushes to pull her clearly hurting friend into her caring embrace. “I love you too…but you need to get a grip on your love life girl. You have more drama going on then any soap opera I know of” she laughs as she throws a napkin at her friend…trying to lighten the mood.
“Don’t I know it” she quips as she throws the napkin back at her. “And the sad part is that I have no idea what to do about either one of them. I mean I love Max…but I am not in love with him any longer and then Alex…I have no earthly idea what my feelings for Alex are…but I know that I am going out of my mind thinking about him all the time”

“Sounds like love to me” Maria answers truthfully…her heart aching at the look of pure frustration written on Liz’s face. “Don’t you think that you should talk to both of them. Max deserves the right to know why the women that he has been in love with for the last three years no longer wants anything to do with him. I mean come on Lizzie…I love you to death but that was awfully brutal of you to leave him the way that you did and not even give him the decency of letting him know why”

“I know Maria and I feel just awful about that…but I didn’t know what else to do when he pulled out that engagement ring” she speaks truthfully. “I mean with the way that I have been feeling about Alex lately and then for him to just whip out a diamond ring just sent my brain into overload”

“I know babe…I would have probably done the same thing” she sympathies. “But he still deserves the right to know and as for Alex you really should tell him as well. I don’t think that you will ever be truly happy until you tell him how you feel about him”

“I couldn’t” she blushes at the idea of telling Alex the true meaning of her feelings…especially when she really has no idea what the true meaning of her feelings are.

“You could…and you can” Maria argues. “Trust me on this…you won’t be disappointed” she giggles in a strange way as she pulls her frame tiredly off the chair. “And on that note I bid you ado. It’s late and I have to get some beauty rest before we lead off to the pool tomorrow afternoon. Night Liz…and don’t forget to speak to both of them”

Liz watches as Maria exits though the door leaving her alone with her thoughts and her confusion. She knows that she should tell Max the truth as to why she reacted the way that she did and yet she can’t help but admit that she is more then a little bit afraid to end that part of her life for Max had been a solid staple in her life for the last three years. “UGGGHHH” she cries out as she forces herself off the chair as she makes her way towards her bed room to change for the night and to contemplate just exactly she is going to do with the Max and Alex situation.

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Chapter Five

Her heart hammers in her chest…her pulse races through her veins and she finds that she has to fight the urge to run as she stands outside the window that she has entered on to numerous of occasions to count. With trembling hands she reaches forwards and knocks softly upon the paned glass. At first she doesn’t think that he has heard her as she yet again forces her feet to remain planted where they are…but as a small light quickly lights the room she knows different. She watches as he cautiously makes his way towards where she is standing…watches as the look of uncertainty turns to that out outright happiness and then just as quickly as it is there…it is gone.

“What are you doing here” she hears him question after opening the window just enough for him to stick his head out. She can hear the pain of her abandonment so clearly in his voice and it causes her heart to ache for him for she knows that it is she that has put it there.

“Max…” she whispers…tears glimmering in her eyes. “I know that I have no right to ask this but I need to talk to you. I need to explain why I acted the way that I acted the other night. Please…I know that you are angry at me…but if you would just let me explain…”

“Explain what Liz…” he snides as he opens the window even wider…a look of pure hurt and anger blazing across his face. “Explain how you acted like I was a freaking leper when I come to see you that night…even after all the shit that I had to go through so I could get here a few days earlier to see you. Explain how you bolted like a bat out of hell when I expressed my love for you and gave you a ring that signifies the amount of love that I hold for you. Explain how you have been avoiding me like the plague whenever I call you or stop by. Is that what you want to explain Liz…” he continues with his rantings as Liz continues to stand before him with tears blazing down her face. “Because if it is then by all means please speak”

“I’m so sorry Max” she sobs as she wipes as her blazing tears. “I never meant to hurt you the way that I did…but everything has changed since the last time you came to visit me”

“Changed…what has changed” he asks afraid of the answer that he will receive.

“Everything” she wails. “My life…my friendship with Alex…the way that I feel about you…just everything”

“What about the way that you feel about me”

“Oh Max…I never meant for any of this to happen. I was happy with you and I thought that you and I were going to be together forever just like we planned…but then Alex got accepted into Science Brigade and then…”

“Omg…” he cries as the true reality of what Liz is trying to tell him comes to light. “Your in love with Alex” he whispers afraid to speak above a whisper as he prays that she tells him that it isn’t true.

“Yes…no…I don’t know” she stammers her heart literally breaking in half as she watches the tears once glittering in his beautiful eyes trek their way down his cheeks. “I don’t know what I feel for Alex anymore…but I know that I can’t lie to you anymore Max. I am so sorry for everything…for not telling you sooner…but I was to afraid to hurt you”

“I don’t know what you want me to say to you” he tries to speak through his pain as she stands before him unspeaking…unmoving.

“Just tell me that one day you will be able to forgive me for hurting you the way that I did” she begs as she reaches out…laying her hand tenderly upon his tear stained face. Her heart breaks even more then she thought possible as he shrinks back as if her touch has scalded him.

“I don’t know Liz” is his truthful reply as he quickly wipes at the spot where her hand had laid not more then a moment earlier. “I just don’t know” With a crushed heart he slowly closes the window forever widening the gap of love that they once felt for each other forever. Pulling the curtain closed he stands there…leaning his head against the roughness of the material as he finally allows the sobs of absolute pain at the ending of the relationship that he thought would have lasted his entire lifetime comes to a final end.

Chapter Six

“So you told him huh” Maria asks as she sits down heavily upon the bed that Liz has been hiding in for the last two days. She had tried on several occasions to call her best friend and even stopped by to visit…but after the tenth time of being told by her parents that she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to be alone she gave up her quest for she knew that when the time was right Liz would reach out to her.

“Yes…” she sobs as she falls miserably into Maria’s friendship embrace. “Oh Maria it was the most horrible thing I have ever had to do to anyone. He was devastated and it killed me to know that it was me that did that to him. I didn’t know what to say to him…I didn’t know what to do to take away the pain and so I apologized once again and just left him there. I could hear him sobbing Maria…I could hear every heart wrenching sob and as much as I wanted to try and take away the hurt…I knew that I couldn’t and it was all because of me. I just want to die Maria” her own sobs over take her as she allows her friend to pull her even tighter into her comforting arms of understanding.

“Liz…sweety…you did the right thing here” she speaks truthfully as she gently moves her face upwards as she looks upon her emotionally wrecked friend. “Max will have to come to terms with your decision and I am sure that eventually he will realize that it was for the best. Besides…you have more important things to worry about then pouting over Max” she giggles as she wipes an escaping tear from her friends cheek”

“I do…what” Liz asks confused.

“Did you forget what today it silly” Maria shouts happily as she jumps up…taking Liz with her as she begins to jump on the bed. “Today is the day that Alex…your potential new love interests comes home from camp for the weekend. Remember he promised us that he would come home every weekend since he can’t spend the summer with his girls” he continues to speak and jump giddily as she grabs onto Liz’s arm…forcing her to get into her happy vibe.

“But…but…what if Alex doesn’t come back this weekend. I mean I said some pretty hateful things to him before he left and…”

“Liz…Chica…this is Alex that we are talking about. Trust me on this…he will come home for the weekend and I plan to make myself scarce so you have plenty of time to tell him just how you feel…oh and any other things that you may want to do…you know…things”

“Maria…” Liz shrieks blushing from head to toe at her friend’s implications. “He doesn’t even know how I feel and you already have us in bed doing…”

“Hey…this is me you’re talking to. I know about these explicit dreams that you have been having about him…remember. I know that once you two realize that you dig each other that it will only be a matter of time before you are consummating your relationship”

“Maria I’ve been dating Max for three years and we never consummated our relationship…what makes you think that things will happen so quickly with Alex”

“I just know my two best friends pretty well that is all” is her smirky reply as she jumps off the bed…taking Liz with her as she begins to shift through the over crowded closest in search of the perfect outfit.

Confused my Maria’s words…but excited at the fact that Alex is coming home…she for the moment puts all thoughts aside as she gets into the moment and begins her search of something cute to wear for Alex’s return.

“I don’t know about this outfit Maria” Liz whines concerned as she looks at her reflection in the mirror. “I mean doesn’t this outfit look a little to revealing for me to be just picking him up at the bus stop in. It practically screams I want to jump your bones”

“I know” Maria states triumphantly as she dabs a bit more lip gloss upon Liz’s already glossy lips. “When Alex sees you in this he is going to go crazy with want of you”

“I don’t know…you think so” Liz giggles as she finally picks up on the happy vibe that Maria has been trying to send off all afternoon.

“I think so…now get going. Alex’s bus will be here in exactly forty-five minutes and it takes at least twenty minutes to get to the bus stop”

“Thank you Maria” she shrieks as she pulls her best friend into her arms…planting a glossy wet kiss upon her cheek”

“Save that for Alex” she laughs as she wipes the gooey concoction off of her face…pushing Liz out the door of her bedroom. “Now go and do what you need to do girl”

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Chapter Seven

“Liz…what are you doing here” Alex asks a bit startled as he steps off the bottom step of the bus…coming face to face with a clearly nervous Liz Parker.

“I…I just missed you…and I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for the way that I treated you the night before you left and I hope that you can forgive me for the way that I acted and all those horrible things that I said to you”

“Hey…” he chuckles as he drops his backpack on the ground…quickly scooping her into his arms as he spins her around in crazy circles. “Of course I forgive you. I’ll always forgive you”

“Oh how I’ve missed you Alex” she sighs as she wraps her arms tighter around his neck…relishing the way that his body fits so perfectly against her own. “I’ve missed you too Parker…so where’s Maria” she hears him question as he places her begrudgingly upon the ground…disappointment quickly inhabiting her. “Her mother is forcing her to spend some quality time with her…so they are spending the weekend in Dexter at some spa there” she spouts the little white lie that her and Maria had come up with earlier.

“Great…that means I get to spend more alone time with my best girl” he quips as he takes her hand and leads her towards the parking lot. “Come on Parker take me to the Crash Down so I can get my fill on greasy food and orange soda. Can you believe that all they feed us there is healthy junk. They say it is brain food…I say it is their way controlling our minds as our bodies shut down from lack of processed food and sugar”

“God Alex I’ve missed you” Liz laughs easily for the first time in weeks as she once again lunges into the arms of the man that is causing such havoc on her emotions.

“I’ve missed you too” he answers truthfully as he purposely pulls away from the girl whom he has known his whole life and until recently thought of as nothing more as a friend…but in the last few years this friendship had grown into something more…something that he was not willing to think about. “Ok…to the Crash Down” he yells as he jerks himself fully away from the heat of her body as he jumps into the passengers seat of her car…praying like hell that she didn’t notice the growing bulge in the front of his pants.

“You look so beautiful today” he sighs…as he twists in his seat until he is facing the raving beauty before him. He longs to touch her…longs to run his fingers through the silkiness of her hair as he blows wildly around her striking features. His body begins to betray him once again in the form of a quickly hardening member as images of kissing her glossy lips as well as other forbidden places interrupt his normally clear thinking mind. “You must have a hot date with Max tonight” he continues…quickly sobering at the thought of Liz and Max being together.

“I have a hot date…” she counters with a small giggle as a blush races through her body at the way that Alex seems to be gazing at her. She knows that it has to be her imagination for he seems to be looking at her with a look of such longing that it takes every once of energy not to pull the car over onto the shoulder of the road and ravage his invitingly kissable lips. “but not with Max”

“If not with Max then who” he questions fearfully. He didn’t know what was going on with him today but if he didn’t know better he would have thought that Liz was looking at him a bit differently then she had ever looked at him before. He knows that his mind is playing tricks on him for she had been going out with his former rival for as far back as he could remember.

“You silly” she blushes even more as she pulls the car at a stop in front of the café. “Come on Alex…lets fill you up on large amounts of greasy food as I fill you in on what’s been going on since you left”

“You got yourself a deal” he speaks happily as he quickly exits the car in hopes to calm his spiraling emotions.

“God I can’t believe that I ate this much” he whines hours later as he leans heavily across the table as Liz sits before him sipping on a diet soda. “But man every bite of it is worth the stomach ache from hell that I know is going to hit me” his whines turn to that of laughter as he falls back against the softness of the pleather material of the booth. “Thank you so much for this awesome welcome back Liz”

“Your welcome Alex…anytime” is her reply as she gazes longingly at the man who she longs to feel his arms wrapped around her lust filled body. “Um Alex…” she continues a bit fearful and yet she knows not why. “I need to tell you something…something that I have wanted to talk to you about for a while now. I..I…”

“Oh man…is that the time” he shrieks shocked at he stares at the watch on his arm. “Can it wait till later Liz. I mean I am having the time of my life…but if I don’t get home soon my parents are going to skin me alive. I’ve been back in Roswell for almost three hours and I just know that they have the search party out looking for me about now”

“Sure Alex…it can wait” she pouts…fully disappointed as he watches him jerk his frame out of the booth…running towards the front door.

“Tonight…you and me…hot date” he yells as he turns back to face the beauty…giving her a flirty wink as he turns back and runs for the door once again. “I’ll call you later so we can make plans. Bye Liz”

“You and me” she repeats silently a smile gracing her face as she picks up the numerous empty plates sitting before her as she comes up with a plan to show Alex just how much he means to her.

Chapter Eight

“That sounds great Alex” Liz gushes excitedly as Maria fidgets with her hair trying to listen in on the phone conversation that had her best friend beaming from ear to ear. “Ok…meet you at the movies at seven. Yeah…me too. Ok…bye”

“Ohh…tell me already” she shouts as Liz sits before her with a dreamy look upon her face.

“He wants to take me to a movie and then dinner at Senior Chows afterwards”

“Do you really think that it is a good idea for you to be going out on a date with Alex to the one place that is you and Max’s place” she asks worriedly as she sits down besides the still grinning girl.

“It will be fine Maria” she sighs dreamily. “Besides if I run into Max he will only think that it is two best friends eating dinner together”

“Um honey…Alex only thinks that it is two friends eating dinner together as well”

“I know Maria…but once I tell him how I feel about him then all that will change. I just know that it will”

I hope that your right Chica…I hope that your right”

Two Hours Later…

“Geez Liz…you look awesome” Alex gushes as Liz races across the empty street as she makes her way towards where he stands gaping at her beauty like an opened mouth fish.

“Thank you Alex…you don’t look so bad yourself” she counters as she takes in the full effect that is Alex Whitman. She can’t believe how handsome he looks dressed in a pair of kaki slacks with a black cable knit sweater to end the ensemble. The look made him look more distinguished…more mature…but most importantly it made him look even more handsome then she ever thought could be possible.

“Shall we…” he asks as he places his arm out before her in a gentlemanly manner…a goofy grin placating his face as she takes his arm as she allows him to lead the way into the theater. “So Liz…what movie would you like to see” he questions as they stand before the ticket booth”

“I don’t care…you choose” she flirts as she tightens the hold that she has on his arm. She finds that she can’t stop a smile from spreading across her face as he looks down at her with a look that she can’t quite read…but knows that it is a look that he has never graced her with before as friends and it causes her smile to grow even wider. However…it is short lived as out of the corner of her eye she catches Max standing off to the side with his sister and her snotty friends. “Um…you know Alex” she stammers as she leads him quickly out of the lobby and into the cooling air of the night. “I’m really not up for a movie tonight…how about we go back to my place and just hang out…maybe catch up some more”

“Yeah…sure” he replies hesitantly as he allows her to pull him quickly across the street towards her home. “You ok…”

“I’m fine Alex…really” she fibs as she unlocks the door to her empty house. “I would rather just spend some alone time with you here then in some crowded movie theater” With nervous steps she continues to lead him into her home…down the hallway and into the bed room that he had visited her in millions of times before…but this time felt different and oh how she wanted it to be different. “Besides…I still have to talk to you about something really important”

“Right…ok…tonight is your night Liz…so whatever you want to do”

“Ok…sit down and I will go get us some sodas from the Crash Down and maybe if your lucky something to snack on”

“Oh Liz…you know exactly what I need” he winks as he sits down upon her bed as all sorts of crazy notions cross his crazed mind. Laying back against the softness of the pillow he closes his eyes as he inhales the scent that is only Liz Parker. He didn’t know what was coming over him lately…but he knows that he has to get it under control for fear that if she learned his true feelings for her she would no longer want to be his friend. Mere moments pass before slumber encroaches him…leaving him completely clueless to the girl sitting besides him with a look of pure disappointment upon her face.

“Alex…” she whispers as she gives him a little shake in an attempt to jar him from his unexpected nap. “Alex wake up” Disappointment fills her once again as she receives no reply as she gazes lovingly down at his slightly snoring body. She knows that she should be angry with him for hindering her attempts yet again to try and tell him her true feelings for him…but she finds that she can’t as she gazes down at his peaceful form. With tender strokes…she runs her fingers softly over his manly bone structure relishing the way that his skin feels under her own. Continuing with her exploration she moves to his perfectly proportioned lips as she lightly traces the outline of them…drying to kiss them…but not realizing that she now in fact has an audience…a very confused audience at that.

“Liz…” she hears him whisper the word uncertainly as he looks up at her through extremely shocked eyes. A heated blush races through her body as she looks away for the briefest of seconds before throwing caution to the wind as she leans forward and covers his stunned lips with her own. She can feel his hesitation at first…but then it is fastly replaced as he quickly returns the fevered kiss just as passionately. She feels that she may die from the heat that their two bodies is creating as he snakes his hand up her back…cradling her neck in his hand as he with swift motions turns the tables on her…pinning him under the bulk of his frame.

*Who knew that Liz Parker knew how to kiss this well* the idea keeps rolling round and round in his head as she parts his lips with quick expertise before attacking his tongue with a massaging madness that soon has him dizzy from the splendor of it all.

Warm…yet wet tongues gently explore each other as hands and limbs explore as well until they are intertwined into one writhing body. Neither can understand the massive amount of heat that is bolting through their thoroughly confused bodies…but neither cares as they continue with needful exploration. Before they can fathom what it truly going on…both teens are shirtless as they explore new…yet wildly imagined upper bodies.

His hands are everywhere as he continues to plunder her mouth unlike she has ever experienced before. Moans of pleasure erupt unknowingly from the deepest recesses of her soul as he releases her lips as he moves his way past the sensitive spot on her ear…around the smoothness of her cheek…nipping lightly at her jutted chin before attaching his glorious lips to the tender juncture of her neck. “Alex…” she sighs as she shifts her head to the side in order to allow him more access to the sensitive spot that he continues to lave with his tongue…the same spot that is driving her mad with want of him.

Realization quickly splashes over him as she continues to call out his name. “What…what are we doing here Liz” he cries out as he jumps off of her beautiful body.

“Alex…it’s ok” she tries to sooth as she takes his hand and tries to lead him back atop her needful body. “I love you Alex” she whispers so low that she wonders if he has even heard her words of love.

“Ok…no this is not ok” he screams out madly…clueless to her words as he grabs his formerly discarded sweater off of the bed…quickly pulling it over his head as he begins to pace wildly before her. “You…you have a boyfriend and I…I have a girlfriend and you and I have been…”

“What…girl…girlfriend” she stammers as she stares at the frantic boy before her.

“I’ve met someone at…”

“Get out…” she screams as she scrambles for her shirt…jerking it over her head before jumping off the bed and shoving a clearly shocked…yet still rambling Alex out of her bedroom door.

“Liz…I…I don’t…” he stutters as he tries to figure out just what the hell happened between he and his possibly former best friend.

“Just go home Alex” she cries through the door as she turns the key in the lock…before sinking to the floor where a torrent of embarrassed and heart wrenching tears overtake her rapidly cooling body.

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Chapter Nine

“Go away Michael” Mara yells through the closed window after being jerked awake but a persistent banging upon it.

“You have a lot of explaining to do DeLucca” she hears the voice of Alex scream madly from the other side of the house as she quickly jumps from her bed…throwing open the window to find a very disheveled Alex standing before her. “What the hell is going on” his scream continue as he pushes his way past the still silent Maria…once again taking up his early pacings. “I mean first she is mad at me…and then she is not…then she is lying about you being out of town and then we are making out like bandits on her bed…and then…”

“Wait you were making out like bandits on Liz’s bed…and now you’re here” she questions already having some idea as to what happened tonight between the two. “If you were making out like bandits on her bed…then why in the hell are you here when you could be still making out like bandits on her bed”

“I shouldn’t have been making out with her like a bandit in the first place” he mocks…falling to the floor in a heap…placing his head in his hands as the images of her invade his thoroughly confused mind. “I mean…this is Liz Parker we are talking about. Long time girlfriend of Max Evans…and best friend to me…Alex Whitman. Liz has no interests in me…I mean look at Max and then me…we are as different as night and day. He is popular and good looking…a freshman in college and then there’s me…geeky…unpopular…ugly Alex and then there is Anya…”

“You are not any of those thing Alex Whitman…you are…wait who the hell is Anya” she questions as she rushes to his side…jerking his hands away from his head as to evaluate the situation here. “I said who the hell is Anya”

“She’s my girlfriend” he replies as he falls backwards…landing with a thump upon the floor.

“Girl friend…since when do you have a girlfriend”

“Since two days ago” is his earnest reply.

“Jesus Alex…you just left five days ago and you already have a girlfriend. Does Liz know about this…”

“She does now…and wait just a second here” he growls…pulling himself into a sitting position as he prepares to grill his soon to be ex-best friend if she does not start giving him some answers soon. “Just what the hell happened here tonight DeLucca”

“What…nothing” she feigns innocence as she quickly removes herself from besides him as she makes her way for the bedroom door.

“Oh no you don’t” he scowls…hindering her attempts to leave. “Five days ago Liz was in a happy relationship with Max and then tonight I feel as if she was a tigress on the prowl and I was her intended hunt. So start spilling or I swear I won’t have anything to do with either one of you any longer”

“Alex I can’ t really tell you anything…that is for Liz to do…but I can tell you this…things are not as happy between Max and Liz as you think. In fact…she broke up with him two days ago…about the same time that you decided to go and get a girlfriend” she counters as she smacks him on the back of the head. “I mean could you have planned that any better or what”

“Liz broke up with Max…” he recounts as he falls back to the floor in shock. His heart begins to beat furiously in his chest as he tries and figure out just what the hell is going on between him and his best friend. “She kissed me…I kissed her…we…we kissed each other. None of this makes any sense”

“No Alex…that is where you wrong” she replies…laying her hand upon his shoulder. “You have been in love with Liz for so long now and now that she feels the same about you and you…oh ⊕#%$ forget it…forget that I said anything”

“I need to go…I have to leave for camp early tomorrow morning” he speaks obviously distracted as he removes himself from the floor and rushes towards the window.

“Alex you don’t leave again until late Sunday afternoon”

“I need time to think and I sure as hell can’t do it here”

“Alex don’t do this...” Maria screams after the retreating figure of Alex…but her screams fall on deaf ears as he continues with his escape.

“⊕#%$…this did not turn out the way that I expected it would” she grumbles as she slams the window shut.

Chapter Ten

Confusion coats him as he sits huddled in uncomfortable silence on a bus headed far away from Roswell…his mind working a mile a minute as he tries to figure out just what his real feelings for Liz are and if it was even possible for them to have a relationship after all their years of friendship.

His mind is a cluttered mess of confusion as he now sits upon his bed in empty silence replaying over and over the events of the last day. He studies every minute detail as if a criminologist looking for the final clue to some great mystery and in a sense this is the greatest mystery of all for him. He has no idea where or when life that he knew as the norm changed for better or worse. When did the women that he has silently loved for as far back as he can remember…but only had eyes for one…decide that she wanted to maybe return the love that he felt for her.

“Is it even possible for her to want to be with me when she can be with Mr. Perfection” he questions aloud as he falls backwards on his bed…quickly covering his face with his pillow in frustration. “No…this is Liz Parker were talking about…get a grip on yourself Whitman” his rantings continue as he removes the pillow from his pained face…laying it behind his head as his mind continues to work a mile a minute.

*“Alex…it’s ok” she tries to sooth as she takes his hand and tries to lead him back atop her needful body. “I love you Alex”*

“OMG…SHE LOVES ME” he screams out in astounding shock as her words finally hit his confused heart. “She told me that she loved me and I just left her there…great ⊕#%$ job Alex” jumping off the bed he once again grabs his backpack…running in haste for the door. “I have to get to her” he cries out into the empty hallway as he races out of the building and towards the empty bus stop.

“Sorry man” he hears the man sitting behind the desk speaks in a bored manner. “No more buses until the morning and besides all Brigade personal must report for lab first thing in the morning” he drones on onto deaf ears as Alex ignores the man…his brain trying to calculate another form of attack for he had to see Liz tonight…before it was too late.

He has no idea what he is going to do as he makes his way down the lonely stretch of highway. Since the bus was no longer an option there was really nothing else to depend on. There were no taxi’s this far out in the desert…with it being the weekend he had no one to drive him…so that left only one extremely scary option…hitch hiking. He quickens his speed as he continues on his journey down the empty highway…praying that a car…a truck…anything would drive by and pick him up. “Wait for me Liz” he whispers into the wind as he spots a set of headlights before him. Jutting out his thumb he hopes against hope that whom ever this person is takes pity on him and leads him to his utmost destination.

“⊕#%$” he curses as the small car whizzes past him. “Just ⊕#%$ great…at this rate I can be back in Roswell by next week” he continues to rant as another set of headlights comes into view. “PLEASE STOP” he screams as he jumps in front of the oncoming machine…winching in fright as it barrels to a stop before him.

“What the ⊕#%$ you doing kid” the cranky voice of the driver screeches as she jumps out of the cab of her truck with the intention of inflicting a severe tongue lashing on the idiot that almost got them both killed. “Are you trying to get yourself killed”

“Look Maam…” Alex stammers as he tries to get his heart back on track after staring down the grill of a semi truck. “I am sorry for what I just did…but please I need a lift as close to Roswell as you can get me. I have money and can pay you…but please it is a matter of…”

“Whoa honey…breath” the lady chuckles at the look of frustration so clearly evident on this young persons face. “What’s the emergency…someone sick…dying”

“She loves me…” he states wistfully as he looks deep into the old ladies eyes. “She loves me and I was too stupid to realize it until now and if I don’t get to Roswell soon…it…it…it may be too late. Please Maam can you help me” he pleads…tears glimmering in his eyes as he looks upon his last resort.

She can feel her heart soften as she continues to look at the kid standing before her…a kid who could be no older then eighteen years of age. “Sure kid…I can help you” she replies with a smile as she makes her way back towards her rig. “I’m only going as far as Dexter but once you are there you can hop a bus that should bring you into Roswell early tomorrow morning”

“Oh thank you so much Maam” he whoops as he rushes forward and gives this perfect stranger a thankful hug.

“Well get in already” she grins as she pushes the kooky kid away from her…blushing from head to toe as she does. “You can fill me in on the rest on the drive down”

For the next three hours Alex proceeds to fill his newest friend Maggie in on all that has transpired between him and Liz. “Whoa kid…that is one hell of a story”

“I know…” he sighs in agitation as he recalls all the time that was spent wasted…time that could have been spent with Liz. “I have been in love with her for so long and now that she returns my affection…I may have blown it”

“Nah honey…if it was meant to be it will happen. This Liz girl sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders and I am sure that she will realize that you will come to your senses sooner or later”

“I hope your right Maggie…I hope your right” he replies…his face grimacing in confusion as they continue to trek down the highway. “Hey…you just missed your only exit to Dexter” he cries out…looking from the passing exit ramp towards his wayward driver.

“You know I haven’t been to Roswell in years…I think it is time that I reacquaint myself with it” she winks as she glances quickly at the one she know knows as Alex…before pulling her eyes back to the road.

“Thank you” he whispers as he lays his hand upon her wrinkled one. “Thank you so very much”

“Go get her tiger” he hears her speak happily as they sit before the entrance of the Crash Down Café.

“I’m afraid” he speaks truthfully as he continues to sit in the worn seat of the cab.

“You’ll be fine son…just go in there and tell the girl everything that you feel about her. From what you have told me Alex…Liz loves you as much as you love her”

“I hope that you’re right”

“I am honey…I am”

“Thanks again” he replies as he leans in a give the kindly lady a kiss upon her cheek.

With nervous steps he makes his way down the alley…the same alley that he has walked down millions of times as it led him to his best friend…but tonight he finds as he makes his way that this time is different. This time this same pathway is leading him not only towards his best friend…but also to his hopeful lover and soul mate.

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