Couple : M/K
Rating : PG
Spoilers : Alternative Departure ending
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This is my first attempt at UC….Just a short little tale about a couple I always thought should be put together.

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‘Where in the world, tell me, where in the world
Can I live without your love
Where on the earth, tell me, where on the earth
Can I stay now that you are gone

Why did I have to meet you, love you
Why can’t I rid you from my mind
Why did you have to want me
Won’t you let me put my life behind me

How in the world, tell me, how in the world
Can I live without your love
Why on the earth, tell me, why on the earth
Should I stay now that you are gone’

-From The Secret Garden
-Lyrics by Marsha Norman

Maria had always loved The Secret Garden. The story about ‘lost loves, lost lives, and the miracle rebirth of love anew. But that was all it had ever been. A story. And then it became her life.

Her father had left her as a child and never returned. Alex, her best friend, had been killed by… well, to this day no one knows for sure. And then Michael. Her first love. Gone. Gone with Max, Isabel, and Tess. Gone to find his home.

True, he had only been able to promise her “now”, and he kept that promise. And secretly she loved him even more for his honesty.

The day that he left was the same day that Liz had left. The town had just held too many memories for her. She left to live with her aunt in Florida.

Maria and Kyle were the only two left to deal with their new, empty lives. It was about a month after everyone had left when Kyle finally realized exactly the toll it all had taken on Maria. He had come over to pick up Maria that evening. They were going to visit Alex’s grave. As they had done every week since his death. But Kyle arrived to an open, seemingly empty house. Jim and Amy had gone out to dinner that night.

It was in her bedroom that he found her. At first he thought she was asleep. Until he saw the empty bottle of pills near her open hand on the bed.

“Maria! NO!” Kyle cried out and rushed to her side. He felt for a pulse. It was faint, but it was there. He quickly dialed 9-1-1 and waited for the ambulance. Holding her hand, with unshed tears in his eyes he spoke. “Maria, please. You can’t leave me, too. Please.” He repeated this as a mantra until he heard the sirens in the street.

He held her hand on the ride to the hospital and fighting with doctors and security, never left her side except to call his dad and her mom at the restaurant.
As soon as he hung up the phone, one of the doctors came into the hallway. Kyle rushed up to him.

“Well, she’s awake. And very lucky I might add. We pumped her stomach and ran some bloodwork. It looks like she’ll be fine physically.” He paused then continued, “You can go in and see her if you want, but only for a few minutes.”

The doctor walked away with her chart, furiously scribbling notes. Kyle walked to her door. As he opened it, he saw her small body on the bed. Her skin was almost as white as the hospital sheets. He walked over to her. Why hadn’t he noticed how much weight she’d lost? He knew she’d been sad, hell, they’d both been sad. But how could he not have seen this coming?

Maria’s soft voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Maria, thank God. I was so worried. Why? Why did you do it?”

Maria’s eyes started to water. “I couldn’t stand it anymore, Kyle. Everyone I ever love leaves me. I just couldn’t take it. First my dad, then Alex, Michael, Liz… I miss them so much.” The tears were flowing freely now.

Kyle reached out and gently pushed back a strand of her hair. “I don’t know what I can tell you. I wish I could just snap my fingers and make everything alright for you, but I can’t. I can just be your friend. We can make it through this. I know you feel all alone right now, but always know I’m here. It’s just us now.”

He paused, trying to find the words to comfort her. To give her hope. The tears he’d been able to hold back started now to fall. “You know, Maria, back when Alex and I were trapped in that cave?” She nodded slightly. “Well, there we were, thinking we wouldn’t make it out, and then Alex asked me something. He asked me if I would ever want to back to just being some dumb jock. And I told him no. Even through everything that has happened, I’m not sure I would change things. It hurts like hell sometimes, yeah. But I’m a better person from it all. You’re a better person. And we made a difference when we didn’t have to. And now it’s time to move on. But I need you to do that. So if you won’t be strong for yourself, could you please be strong for me? I need you.”

Maria looked up into his watery eyes. Over the next few hours she thought about what he had said, and how much her life had changed in the past two years. And she decided. She decided she’d be strong. For Kyle, for her dad, for Alex, for Liz, for Michael. But most of all for herself. So, together, over time, they cried, they grieved, and then they overcame it.

Now, five years later, she’s standing in the cave, looking around. It was her closure. She’d said her goodbyes at Alex’s grave and now she was silently saying goodbye to Michael. She knew that they had both loved her. And for whatever reasons, had both had to leave her. She understood that now. With a sad smile she whispered. “I’m okay now Michael.”

She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around.

“Ready to leave yet?” She took one last look around at the cave and nodded. “Yeah, I’m ready.”

Kyle put his arm around his wife’s swollen waist and led Maria out to the car. All packed and ready to go. And Maria smiled. She wasn’t sorry anymore. Things had turned out well. She’d known loves, lost loves, then found the strength to love again.

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