Title: Turning Back the Clock
Author: panthergirl2002
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Disclaimer: I own no rights to these characters
Rating: R (Just to be safe)
Category: Michael/Liz, Max/Serina, Alex/Ava, Kyle/Tess
AN: Just a few things. First off Alex is not dead. They saved him before it was to late. Tess is still gone however she did not go back to Antar. She just went to the Skins. Also that never left after Graduation. They still live in Roswell. Tell me what you think.

Chapter One

June 2023

Seventeen year old Jimmy and his ten year old brother Tyler stood on the porch next to his Uncle Alex and Aunt Ava. They watched as his Uncle Kyle and Aunt Isabel slowly made their way up the path. Jimmy could tell instantly that something was off. His mom and dad were not with them. The four of them had left together. So where were they now? Why were they not here?
He watched as Alex made his way down the steps and walked up to meet with Kyle and Isabel. The three adults began to talk amongst themselves. Periodically looking back at him. He could feel Ava’s hand gently pull him into the house. At least she had tried to. Seeing that he was refusing to go in she left him alone, and took his brother in. He wanted to confront the adults in the yard. Just by the look on their faces he knew that his parents would never come home again.
“Jimmy” Kyle, said walking up to him.
“Mom and dad are dead.” Jimmy simply said.
“Yes baby. Your mom and dad did not make it.” Isabel said as Kyle wrapped an arm around his wife’s waist. Tears forming in their eyes.
With out a word Jimmy walked into the house and straight to his parents’ bedroom. Sitting on the bed he began to look around at the photos that his mother had on the wall and on their dresser. He found him self focusings on the photos on her dresser. There were photos of Tyler and him, when they were younger. One was of the four of them at the park. They were all sitting on a blanket. His mother was sitting in his father’s lap with Tyler in her lap. He was standing behind his dad with his arms wrapped around his dad’s neck. None of them were even looking at the camera. His mother, Tyler and he were all looking at his dad laughing at him.
Another photo was of his dad, Uncle Alex, Uncle Kyle, and Uncle Max all standing in front of a jeep, with their arms around each other’s shoulders. Next to that was a photo of his mother, Aunt Marie and Uncle Alex sitting in a booth at his grandfather’s café. Then there was photo of his Aunt Ava and Uncle Alex on their wedding day. And next to that was his Uncle Kyle and Aunt Isabel’s wedding photo.
Walking to the dresser he picked up his favorite photo. It was of his mother and Aunt Serina. They were sitting at a table with his father and Uncle Max standing behind them. All four were holding up a Champaign glass to the camera. It was taken on their wedding day. He remembered how his dad would always laugh about how his mom and Aunt Serina insisted on a double wedding. In fact they even celebrated their anniversary together every year until the end. He did not remember his Aunt and Uncle, however he had always heard his mom talk about how much in love they were.
Suddenly it hit him. Running out of the room with the photo in his hand he knew what he had to do. Nothing was going to stop him. “I know what I have to do.” He said as he came to a halt in the middle of the room.
“What are you talking about?” Ava asked him.
“I know how to fix everything.”
“Fix what, Jimmy?” Kyle asked.
“Everything.” He simply said holding up the photo.
“Honey what are you talking about?” Isabel asked seeing the photo of her two brothers and their wife’s.
“Future Max.” Was all he would say.
“Jimmy we don’t even know how that worked.” Kyle said. “For that matter it never happened. You mother changed things.”
“Not everything Uncle Kyle. She still met Aunt Serina. Granted Earth is not at war with the Skins, but we are still fighting them.”
“And Michael still died.” Isabel whispered.
“Right.” Jimmy said.
“That may be, but we still do not know how it works.” Kyle said
“I do.” Looking at the confused Adults he said, “Mom once gave me her notes on the Granilith. Aunt Serina and her still did the research on how to use it as a time machine.”
“Do you think it will work?” Ava asked.
“One thing about Liz. When it came to science Liz knew her stuff.” Alex said.
“Don’t you see. I can go back and warn them.”
“How far back would you go?” Kyle asked.
“They all got married in 2004. Mom did not become pregnant with me until 2006. So about 2005? That’s three years before Uncle Max and Aunt Serina were killed. And you will all have been married by then. I could go back and warn them so they will be ready for everything.”
“What is it Uncle Alex?”
“If I remember correctly, Liz said that Future Max had disappeared once things changed. Won’t that happen with you.”
“Not if I don’t change certain things. Mom and dad will have already been married. There is no chance of me stopping them from…well you know.” He said blushing. “I just have to make sure I don’t change things other then their deaths.”
“But how will you get back?”
“Aunt Serina had discovered a way for me to come back. I would explain it to you, but no offense to you all it is way to technical.”
“Well there is only one thing left to discuss.” Kyle said.
“What?” Isabel asked.
“Who will you see? Future Max went to Liz. Who will you go to?”
“I will go to you two Uncle Kyle. Since there is no past version of me then I will not have to worry about running into myself. If I get desperate enough then I will go to mom and dad.’
Looking around the room at everyone, Kyle could tell that they wanted to do this. They would be able to stop Tess before she found them. That would save all their lives in the end. (Funny how once again, one of us are going into the past because of Tess.) “When do we leave?” He said placing his hand on his nephew’s shoulder.
“We leave first thing tomorrow. I will bring mom’s journal with me incase I need to look back on things.”
“Sounds like a plan. Just make sure you never loose that Journal.”
“I will have it on me at all times.”
“In that case I think we need to get some rest. We will go to the Pod Chamber at first light.”

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