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Autor: Demonyte
Pairing:first Kyle/ Liz and after Michael/ Liz
Autor's Note: In this fic, Michael, Max, Isabel and Liz are aliens, no Tess. Max and Liz are twins like Michael and Isabel. Michael and Isabel were adopted by Evans, Liz and Max by Parkers. Maria and Alex are best friends of Liz since they were children (ten years) so they are firends with the four aliens but don't know about their secret.

Part 1
Isabel and Maria fight ever to have Michael's heart, I look at them, it's funny to see them like that but sadly for them, Michael act like he doesn't care about this. I giggle, during I take customer's orders. After all, Michael is nearly my brother in certain way, more grumpy but I know handle that. When he's with me, he let fall sometimes his mask of guy who doesn't care about nothing. I'm glad to arrive to do this.

The ring bells, I turn my head and smile seing Kyle.

"Hi." I say, kissing him on the check. " What do you want?"

"You." he smiles, kissing me. I smile too and push him away.

"Good choice, but I should work Kyle. But waiting for this, what do you want eat?"

"A Sigourney Wever and a cerise coke."

"Ok, I'll come back soon."

I go to the kitchen where Michael cooking.

"A Wever please, Michael."

"For Valenti?"

"It will be a month that I go out with him, you should perhaps begin to call him by his vorname, you know."

"I find ever it's not safe."

I grab his left arm, looking at me in the eyes.

"Oh, Michael, please, we had already this conversation. Stop acting like an overprotective brother, I know what I'm doing, I'm a big girl now. I know you worry about me but don't, I control totally the situation."


"Michael, stop act grumpy."

"Im not grumpy, it's just you are a part of my family. I just... I care about you, it's all."

I'm surprise, Michael isn't so spontaneous, it's hard to him to tell his feelings. I'm really happy that he told me this, I hug him tighly.

"Thanks Michael, that means a lot to me, I love you too."

I stay during few minutes against his chest, after tensed a little instant he hugs me back, I stop the hug rapidly.

"Damn, the Wever! It burns!"

Michael and me laugh in front of the pathetic hamburger all dark, I use my powers and it's ok, I have a perfect Wever.

"Thanks Michael. Oh, I take my break now." I say, leaving the kitchen. I take the plate and give it to Kyle and sit near of him. I smile to him, kissing him during he puts his arm around my shoulder.

"I take my break now." I tell him.

"I don't remember ask for a Liz Parker but it's good too."

I laugh and lean my head against his shoulder, when he talks to me of his futur rencounter of basket.

I look at them, I'm angry and jealous. Why is she with Kyle? He doesn't even know her! I know her, we are same, both aliens, we know each other since we left the pods. Kyle Valenti, stupid basketball's player, I don't appreciate him, he steals Liz away from me, does she love him? I heard her words again.

" I love you too."

Yeah, she loves me but not the way that I want.
End of this part. Hope you like it.*tongue**wink**wink**bounce*

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Oh, just a litte precision when in the beginning I have said that Maria and Isabel were fighting to have Michael's heart. The feelings of Isabel are purely sister-brother love, she doesn't want that Maria takes his grumpy brother away from her. *big*

By the way, the futur part will come soon, I promise! *bounce*

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Thanks for the feedbacks guys, really happy that you like this story! *wink*


Part 2

My name's Michael and I'm alien. I'm in love with the sister of my best friend, Max (they are aliens too but there is nothing to have with my feelings), so I was saying that I love Liz but I never tell her and now I'm pathetic. I just admit my feelings for her to myself and it's too bad that she begins to date this jerk of Valenti, for 2 months now, I don't like him. He's stupid, only think to sport! Yes, I'm jealous but hey! This guy doesn't deserve her.

So now we are Friday night and I'm alone, before the damned "Valenti thing" Liz and me, sometimes Isabel too were here, watching horror movies, eating chips with tabasco. I remember our longs debate on ET or Alien, yes, it's funny when you're an alien and that you talk about "little green men"'s movies. Why humans think that we are so ugly? I heard again her laugh, like the cristal. I sigh heavily, I'm really an ass, I should told her my feelings towards her but now it's too late, she seems really good with Kyle. Too bad. I turn the radio and listen Placebo.

Sucker love is heaven sent
You pucker up our passion's spent
My hearts a tart your body's rent
My body's broken yours is spent

Carve your name into my arm
Instead of stressed I lie here charmed
Cuz there's nothing else to do
Every me and every you

Sucker love a box I choose
No other box I choose to use
Another love I would abuse
No circumstances could excuse

In the shape of things to come
Too much poison come undone
Cuz there's nothing else to do
Every me and every you
Every me and every you
Every Me...hee

Sucker love is known to swing
Prone to cling and waste these things
Pucker up for heavens sake
There's never been so much at stake

I serve my head up on a plate
It's only comfort, calling late
Cuz there's nothing else to do
Every me and every you
Every me and every you
Every Me...hee

Every me and every you
Every Me...hee

Like the naked leads the blind
I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind
Sucker love I always find
Someone to bruise and leave behind

All alone in space and time
There's nothing here but what here's mine
Something borrowed, something blue
Every me and every you
Every me and every you
Every Me...hee

Every me and every you
Every Me...hee

I love this song, the few girls (2 to be exact) with who I go out have ever told me that I was selfish and unkind. It's totally me this song. Suddenly a noise to my window made me turn my head. I'm surprise to see a familiar figure with dark and long hair. Liz.

"What are you doing here?" I ask her, helping her to climb my window. I look at her, she's not smiling like normally, she wear daark pants with a baby tank top blue, she's beautiful but think that she wears this to go out with Kyle make me sick, jealous and angry.

"I just want be here Michael. It makes a long time that we haven't had our "Horror movies" Night."

We sit on the couch and begin to watch the TV, I don't ask her, I know that in few minutes she'll tell me. She eats the chips, quitely.

"Liz, Kyle did nothing to you, right?" I ask concerned, ready to go kill him. I feel Liz's hand on my arm and look at her, she grins and shakes her head.

"No, don't worry, he did to me nothing of this sort." she assures me.

I let myself calm during she puts her head against my shoulder, watching attentively the movie, Interwiew with a Vampire. I really should pick another movie, again another comment on hoiw cute is Brad Pitt and I break the TV!

"Michael do you think I'm cute?" asks suddenly Liz, looking at me seriously. I try to stay expressionless.

"Why do you ask me that?" I say, trying to avoid the question.

"Just answer, please and be honest."

"Yes. You're beautiful Liz." I respond finally.

"Don't joke, Michael."

"I'm serious."

"Really, do you think that of me?"


She smiles to me and in the same moment frown, letting a small scream od rage escaped of her mouth.

"So what he did that to me?!!!!!" she yells, angry.

"What are you talking about?' I'm a little lost here.

"Do you want know because I'm here instead to be in date with Kyle?"

"He certainly can't go out tonight."

"No, I dump him." she tells me. Suddenly I'm more interested by the conversation, the first good nover since two months! Thanks God.

"Why did you broke?"

"He cheated on me with this blonde bimbo of Vicky Trelawney!" she confess angrily. " I found out after the lunch, they didn't see me so tonight I go to Kyle like if nothing was wrong and I dump him after slapping him in the face."

I laugh, seing the scene in my head.

"It's not funny Michael!" she tells me seriously, she leans her head on my chest, sighting heavily.

"You know Michael, I begin to believe what do you think, that never we can go out with someone, human. It's really frustrating, it was the first time I date a guy and look at it, I'm pathetic alien girl."

I lost my smile, taking her hand in mine.

"Liz, stop, it's not true. Look at me." I take her chin in my hand to force her to look at me. " You're perfect, change nothing."

She stays quiet during few minutes and after just smile to me. I grin.

"But you can't say I haven's warn you, Valenti is totally jerk I was right."

"Oh, shut up Michael!" she tells me, sending me a pillow in the face. " You guys and your male ego!" she continues, I take the pillow.

"You're dead Parker." I warn her before running behind her. I smile during she screams and laughs in same time. Yes, it's like before, like the old times. I decided, I tell her the truth about my feelings but now, I just enjoy our kid's play.

End of this part, hope you like it. Yeah, I know that Michael isn't so spontaneous but it seems right to me. How do you find it?????????