Push.Cold.Smile.Bright eyes.Hard.Real.Head wet.Mirror.Boy.Smile.Cold.Lady.Man.Warm.Soft.Towel.Boy
"Catherine" speaks.Words.Sounds.Name.My name?
"Catherine" repeat to find out.Lady nods, I am Catherine. Boy, who is he? Is he a friend? Hold his hand.Wet like mine.
"Danny" man speaks.Boy's name,
"Mommy and Daddy" lady talks.Parents, Danny is my brother and these are my parents. Metal, cold all around.New place.Clothes.Danny gone, me with mommy. Need Danny. Scared.
"Shush, you're okay just in here with me, I'm your mommy and thats your daddy and Danny is your brother" she says too much. Too bright in this room, too loud, too cold even with clothes.

Ten Years Later...

"Dannnnyyyyy!" I whined "hurry up, theyre in the lab and they're waiting for us! we're going outside today and I dont want to miss anything!"
"Yeah Yeah! I know how much you love going outside despite how bright it is, I'm looking rforward to it too but I gotta grab my buckets!"
"Youre seventeen and you still get all excited about making sandcastles in the desert!" I teased
"Sooooo, you used to like making sandcastles too" he moaned
"Yeah back when we first went out!" I pulled his arm and he jumped up and joined me running barefoot through the cellroom halls. We reahced the metal door and mom and dad were waiting for us
"Okay you can go out for an hour but we're going with you, Danny we collected some rainwater for you to make some Sandcastles and heres your sunglasses" Dad handed us each our sunglasses and we quickly put them on to avoid the brightening light when the doors opened.
We ran out into the desert and felt the sand between our toes. Danny sat down and began filling his bucket with sand, slowly pouring in some water and patting it down with his hands. Mom and dad sat down with him and they left me alone to explore. I always loved coming outside to explore, or more like wander off through the desert.
I walked through the sand till I came to a grey path. I stamped my foot on it and it was hard and unbelievable hot in the heat of the day. I heard a noise and ducked down, it sounded like an engine. Like the jeep mom and dad drove when the left the labrock to go out into the night desert. This engine was coming closer, it was a jeep had been built about five years ago and was using diesel. Mom had a jeep, they didnt drive the same car when the left, strange but I had never given it much thought becasue sometimes they would come home in the same car. When I turned seventeen, mom had let me out in the jeep. Before the doors opened I explored every inch of the jeep and learnt about the engine and how it worked.
The jeep came into view; it was green and had two passengers in the front. Two men like dad and Danny, I stepped onto the grey path and stood in right in its path. The jeep slowed down and I went to the drivers side
"Hello" I smiled cheerily as I leaned on the side of the jeep, the two men were young like Danny; I had never seen men this young in or out of the labrock before so it was exciting
"Hey" said the brown spiky haired boy in the passenger seat, he smiled and looked at the driver who had black hair and brown smiley eyes like mom.
"My name is Catherine, whats yours?"
"Maxwell lets get going its going to be dark soon and we cant talk to every stranger we meet by the road!" snapped Spiky head
"I'm Max, how did you get out here" Max asked nicely
"Mom and Dad let me and Danny come out for two hours, its a break from all the games we play in the sci-lab"
"Sci-Lab?" Spiky questioned
"yeah that's in the LabRock were we all live, Over there!" I pointed to the Labrock and they both turned to see.
"You live in that rock?" Spiky teased
"Yes all my life, I was born there... ten years ago. Mom and Dad said we were specially and we had to play games for the nice people who let us live in the LabRock"
"Catherine, can you do special things?" Max inquiered
"No, I can do things everyone else can, Mom and Dad says everyone in the world can do it but I've never seem them try"
"Catherine? Do you want to come and see the world?" Max smiled
"Maxwell what are you doing?!" Snapped Spiky head
"I'd like to see where mom and dad go at night, Dad said once it was called Roswell, can you take me to Roswell?"
"Sure!" Max smiled "Climb in the back" I went to climb in the back but I heard dad calling me
"Cathy! Cathy where are you we gotta go back in Danny's sick!" I heard Dad call
"Oh I cant, my brother is sick and I have to go back into the LabRock" I sighed miserably
"You dont have to go back into the LabRock, you can come with us and we'll show you Roswell. Your mom and dad wont mind" stated Max
"Well if they dont mind..." I smiled and climbed into the back. They turned the jeep around and drove back down the hard hot grey path.
Roswell was a town, I had read about it in the picture books of places to go and see my dad had given Danny, I had nicked them off him because Danny kept ripping out the pictures to stick on the walls. It was bright and shiny and there were lots of people walking with shoes on. The jeep pulled up outside a place called the CrashDown Cafe
"Max whats a cafe?" I asked, I had never heard of the word let alone knew what it meant
"It's a place where people go to eat and drink. they can meet their friends there too"
"Max what are friends?" I inquiered the words Max was saying were new to me
"Michael, Michael is my friend a friend is some one who likes you and is nice and kind to you"
"Oh I get it, so you and Spiky are my friends?" I asked and Max laughed
"Oh I gotta tell Maria what she just called you!"
"Haha Maxwell very funny! My name isnt Spiky its Michael!" he growled and I frowned and stepped back.
"Just ignore him, he's always like that!" smiled Max and he pulled me through the doors of the Cafe. There was lots of people in here eating food and drinking hot things in cups. There were people pouring out hot drinks and setting plates of food down on tables for people to eat. Max went towards one of the servers and kissed her, she had brown hair and was wearing a mint green tight dress with a little funny shaped head apron on tied around her waist.
"Liz, this is Cathy. We found her out in the desert she needs some clothes and a place to stay"
"You bringing home strays now Max, am I not good enought for you?" she joked with a big grin
"I think she's a czechoslovakian and she has been used in some government secret underground testing lab out in the desert" he whispered
"Oh! well why didnt you say so!" she whispered to Max then turned and faced the window where she got the food
"Dad, I'm getting off my shift now Maria's going to be here soon!" she yelled and a man with brown hair like Liz fronwed at her and nodded. Liz took Max and Me into the back and up the stairs
"This is my bedroom and I'm sure we can find something for you to wear" she smiled as she rooted through her cupboard
"You have a nice CellRoom, but it had too much way too much stuff in it and the walls are not transparent!" I commented and Liz looked at Max
"This is a bedroom, its supposed to have a lot of stuff becasue the stuf belongs to you"
"oh, I dont have any of this stuff, I just have a bed and a table with a pencil and paper on it"
"hmmm" muttered Liz and she pulled out a red t-shirt and pale blue pants called Jeans. I took off my white lab shirt and put the shirt on and removed my white baggy pants and pulled the jeans on. I looked down to see how I looked and I noticed Liz and Max where wearing shoes and I wasnt and my feet had gotten really dirty. I put one foot out up in the air and wiggled my toes
"You are wearing shoes and I'm not!" I pointed at my dirty foot
"We found her with no shoes on, she was by the side of the road and she wanted to drive the jeep" Max stated
"You said she was an alien, and I dont see any sign of it, she could be a deranged escaped convict for all we know!" said Liz as she flopped herself down on the bed.
"She said she was a person who had abilites to play games in the lab. Catherine why dont you show us some of your abilities like the stuff you do when your playing games in the Lab" Max asked and I sat down on the floor nodded and the door slammed shut. I closed my eyes and thought of the beach I had seen in picture books and when I opened my eyes all through of us were on the beach
"This is my favourite place, I always wanted to see the beach but mom and dad never took me out that far. I had never even seen the grey path before today!"
"Grey path?" Liz asked Max
"I think she means road" he replied, I blinked and we were back in Liz's bedroom
"Okay its official she's an alien!" Liz stated and left the room
"Whats an alien?" I asked Max and he stared at me in disbelief
"What?!" I snapped
"Your an alien, like me and Michael and Isabel. You dont come from earth and your mom and dad arnet you real parents they are scientists using you finding out why you exist!"
"No! its a lie how dare you lie to me! it's not true you lie!"
A blonde girl wearing the same thing as Liz walked in followed by a really tall, thin and amazing boy with light brown hair that stuck up at the front and blue eyes
"Okay whats going on, who's she and why is Liz crying down stairs! Max what have you done this time?!" she snapped at Max but I couldnt take my eyes off the boy who had just walked in
"I havent done anything, This is Cathy, she's another alien. Be nice, I'll be back in a minute!" Max jogged out the room and probably down the stairs to Liz.
I held out my hand at the boy who was leaning against Liz's wall, he was wearing jeans like me but his were baggy and he had a jumper with a hole in it at the bottom on
"I'm Cathy! Whats your name?" I giggled
"Err I'm alex and thats Maria" he waved at the blonde haired girl
"Oh, Max says I have to tell you the name I call Michael"
"Oh so you two have met then, so what is it? Grump, Moaner Mike, Ditz, Bored Boy?" she joked
"Its Spiky, becasue of his spiky hair, Max thought it was funny!"
"well he would, Max isnt a fun guy he doesnt know how to party like I can!" she grinned
"Parrrrr-teeeee!" I repeated what is that
"Its... well... when... you" she began "its a place where you dance and have fun and sing and meet people and make friends" I turned back to Alex who was still leaning against the wall, but he was smiling now at Maria. I sat down on the bed and crossed my legs and stared at him not blinking.
"Alex I think some one likes you!" Maria teased and I looked away.

Part Two if you want it and give me good feedback, before Tess arivves but its based on the theme that there are two more pods.