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Its Before Tess and Nasedo arrived and Kyle doesnt know about the aliens.

Push.Cold.Hard floor.Bright.Loud.Cold.Bright eyes, kind smiles.Towels, warm and soft wrapped around me. Warm. Boy looking at me. Hand reaching out for mine.
"Catheryne" lady speaks, pats me on the head.My name, I am Catheryne.
"Daniel" man pats the boy on the head, that the boys name.Lady smiles and reaches out and put her hand on the man
"Daddy" she smiles, man puts his hand on the lady
"Mommy" he looks happy but angry as well. We are a family.


"Dannnnnnyyyyyy!" I whined at my brother and tugged his crisp white shirt
"Hang on! I know! I just have to get my bucket!" he said and pulled away from my grasp and began rooting through the small cupboard we had to keep our things in instead of our cellrooms.
"Ahhh I got it!" he cheered and stood up
"Okay lets go or we wont ever get to go out!" I moaned.
We ran through the grey passage way past our CellRooms and past the GamesLab to the metal doorway where mom and dad were waiting.
"Heres you sunglasses, make sure you put them on before the door opens" dad handed us each a pair of sunglasses, I slipped them on as the door screeched open, the light shone in; it was blinding even with the sunglasses on.
"Go on" smiled mom and she waved us off "GO!" we ran out together, our toes sinking inot the sand, they walked after usw carrying Danny's buckets and large water bottles to mix with it to make the sand castles. We found our spot and settled down; mom, dad and Danny set abotu making the sand castles and left me to wander off and explore.
After fifteen minutes of wandering off and exploring I came across a grey path running right through the sand. I looked one way and saw buildings and the other way I saw nothing. I stepped onto the grey path and began running along it. I reached the buildings and I went to the nearest one, there were lots of people there and they were looking at me. I saw words on the building 'West Roswell High' I went into the building, it was darker in here so I took off my sun glasses and walked along the hallway that was filled with lockers and scattered doorways. I came across a doorwat with Science written on it, maybe there would be games to play in there like the science games I played in the lab. I opened the door and it was different than what I expected; there were people who looked the same age as me sat down in strange seats and a man a few years older than dad was standing up at the front waving at the board. He turned and came towards me
"Can I help you miss?" he inquiered
"I'm Catheryne..." I stuck my hand out "whats yours?"
"Err Mr Steligman thats my cousin Catheryne she's not supposed to be here, she was supposed to stay at home. I think I better see what she wants" said a blonde haired girl as she jumped up from her seat
"Okay Maria..." said Mr Steligman and went back to waving his hand at the board. Maria pushed me outside, and pulled me to another door saying 'girls room'
"Stay in here and I'll be back in a minute" she pushed me in and shut the door. I waited for more than one minute and got bored, I sat down on the floor and began counting the tiles.
Maria came back and she walked in with five other people round our age. I smiled at the people who just arrived,
"Maria who is she and whats going on?" asked one of the boys, he had light brown spiky hair and mean eyes
"Calm down Space boy, I'm not sure but I think this girl might be the fourth Czechoslovakian" Maria stated proudly
"Your kidding" exclaimed the other blonde haired girl who was considerable taller that Maria
"I'm not called kidding, I'm Catheryne" I stuck my hand out again "Whats you names?"
"I'm Maria, this is Michael, Max, Isabel, Liz and Alex" she pointed out each of them.
"So what makes you think she might be the fourth Czechoslovakian?" asked Michael
"I dont know she just has this weird feel to her like you do" she wacked Michael on the chest
"Well she could be some loony escaped from the mad house" Alex said, and grinned
"oh I dont come from the mad house, I come from the LabRock, mom and dad dont know I'm gone, I ran along this grey path and found West Roswell High. What is the euphenism you keep using, what do you mean by that?" I asked
"Aliens, we believe in aliens and we think you might be one" Alex stated
"Oh, I dont know what an alien is but I'm sure I'm not one, I'm just me Catheryne PodderGirl"
"PodderGirl?" questioned Isabel
"yes its the name dad gave me when I was born from the pod"
"she IS the fourth alien!" gasped Max
"Her pod must have been left on the ship, we can go ask Larek how many pods were left on the ship and we have to change her clothes because if she was with the ship then she must have spent the last few years with scientists studying her" Liz said to the whole group.
"I'm not allowed to change my clothes, only mom can do that and I want to go back home, I dont like it here and I miss Danny" I pouted
"Whos Danny" asked Maria
"Danny's my brother, my baby brother and god is he a baby I went off because he was making sandcastles and its a real snoozer!" I moaned

To Be Continued...

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