Liz Parker scrubbed furiously at the small stain on the restaurant table. Never noticing the every watchful eye of one Michael Guerin. They were closing alone for the first time since she got back from her job working for the skin Whittiker. He never realized how much he watched her until she wasn’t there to be watched. He missed her, but he wasn’t about to tell Liz that. So in the normal Michael fashion he pushed her buttons instead.

“Hey Parker you going to clean the rest of the tables tonight, or do I have to start doing your work too?” Liz growled and threw the towel onto the table. She had had enough, it was Friday night and through out the coarse of one week she saved the world, crushed the heart of her supposed soul mate, attacked a race of Aliens, lied to her best friends, attended a fake funeral and lost her job, forcing her to take back her position serving greasy food at her parents restaurant. She was tired to say the least.

“Please don’t let ME keep you, you must have such important things to attend to. Like working your ass imprint into your couch!” If Michael wasn’t good at keeping in his emotions his eyes would have became two sizes larger and his mouth would have dropped open. But because he learned long ago to keep his thoughts to himself he only stood there staring her down.

“Go home Michael, I don’t need you. . . . I don’t need anybody.” And before he could think of a reply she stomped through the restaurant and up the stairs to her apartment, leaving him to wonder what the hell just happened.

Maria Deluca set the telephone down with a giddy smile on her face. Austin James Conrad had just called to ask her on a date. A normal date with a normal guy, she couldn’t be happier. Picking up the phone she started to dial Liz’s phone number to share the wonderful news but she stopped half way though and placed the phone back on the cradle. Even though her first instinct was to call her best friend she wasn’t sure if Liz was the right person to celebrate with right now. The haven’t really been talking lately, and Liz has been keeping to herself. Would she want to get a phone call her? Maria knew that Liz would be happy that she was getting on with her life away from Michael, but did she really care?

Her smile started to fade when she realized that it had been to long since she had carried on a real conversation with her best friend. She quickly grabbed her coat and made her way out the front door. Her mom, Amy, yelled to her just as she reached it.

“Maria where are you going, it’s almost 10:00 and you have school tomorrow?”

“I’m going to find my friend.” And with that she made her way to Liz’s house, determined to get their friendship back on track.

Max sat in his room staring at the ceiling, Tess had left 30 minutes ago and he still wasn’t any closer to figuring out what the hell was going on in his life. He had sex. With Tess. Liz had sex. With Kyle. Was he living in an alternate universe? This isn’t how things were suppose to happen! Liz was HIS! She was suppose to be with HIM, loving HIM! Not Kyle or any other guy for that matter. And Tess, Tess claimed she was his, she loved him, but he felt nothing for her. The only way he was able to go through with sleeping with her in the first place was closing his eyes and thinking of Liz.

So is this how his life is going to be, changing Tess into Liz to get through the day? Watching his love from afar? Or could he find it in his heart to forgive her? Let it go what she did? Sure they weren’t dating at the time, but he knew she loved him and would be there waiting. But if she loved him how could she do that with Kyle!

Rolling over Max buried his head deep into his pillow and fought back the tears that still fell at times. He was so confused, he loved her and hated her so much.

Somewhere along one of the dirtier streets of New York city a teenage boy sat in an alley with his head in his hands. He had just lost his best friend, no he had just watched his best friend get murdered by his sister. Squeezing his eyes tight he failed at trying to stop the memory from playing over and over in his mind.

Zan, Lonnie, Ava and Rath were all heading out for a bite to eat in the old part of china town. He wasn’t really hungry though all he could think about were the dreams he was having.

-Come to the summit, you must. You’re people need you and are counting on you soldier! Bring them to the summit!-

He didn’t even know what the damn summit was but he was jumping out of his skin to get there.

-You must bring the King, Queen, and Princess. YOU MUST!! We’re counting on you soldier, millions of lives are on your head if you don’t. Bring them! Bring them to the summit!-

He had told Lonnie about the summit and she was falling over herself to get there, now all they had to do was get Zan to go.

“Yo Zan I have a question.” He looked over to Lonnie and her eyes told him it was time. “There’s a summit coming, we have to go.” Zan stopped and turned slowly. Rath stood a little taller as his King and best friend stood nose to nose with him.

“Are you giving me orders? Because you and I both know who Da Man is. I’m Da Man, the King, I’m the one who gives orders, soldier.” Even though they were best friends Zan was his King and always made sure Rath knew his place.

“I know who Da Man is, but we have to go. They want to talk about our people! Remember them that small planet way the fuck up there, where millions of helpless slaves are waiting for the Royal four to save their sorry asses?” Zan took a step back and bounced the basket ball from hand to hand.

“Where’s this summit at? What time?”

“warehouse corner of 32st and Broadway. 10:00 pm a week from Thursday.” Zan stood motionless as his thoughts ran through his mind. The only sound was Lonnie popping her gum.

“Sounds rotten, we ain’t going.”

“What about all the shit back home and-” Zan turned quickly and slammed the ball into Rath chest, not really doing much other than stopping him from going on.

“I said we ain’t going, so that means we ain’t going, end of story.”

that was the last thing he ever said to his best friend, his king. Five minutes later Zan was lying dead in the gutter. Lonnie pushed him into a moving semi, then turned around like she just swatted an annoying bug.

“So we have 9 days to find the other king. We’s going to Roswell tonight.”

That was two hours ago, Lonnie took Ava and went back to the sewers to ‘pack’ while throwing orders to him to get them a ride. He quickly made his way back to where they had left Zan’s body and pulled him out of the gutter. There was nothing left but a hollow corpse, Zan’s lifeless eyes watched him as he carried the body deep into central park. Using his powers he turned his King’s body into ashes and buried him under the trees. He made it 12 blocks away before turning down an alley way and collapsing in grief. Lonnie had gone to far, and he would go with her to Roswell play her little games but she wasn’t coming back to New York. He wouldn’t let her fuck up anyone else’s life, like she did his.