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Spoilers: All of season one. Although I didn’t go into the rest of the series, I did use some ideas from later episodes.

I know what you're thinking, she can write things other than crossovers. The answer is yet, they just don't happen very often. Anyway, this is my latest story; please enjoy.


Through the Never

Liz stood motionlessly on the opposite side of the security station from her parents and watched them through a thick plate glass window. They turned and waved once more before exiting through the automatic doors of the terminal. Once they had disappeared from her view she let out a loud sigh of relief and various muttered obscenities; it had taken a lot longer to get them to leave than she had wanted. If it weren’t for the recent security changes, she was sure that they would have personally escorted her to the plane.

Issuing forth another round of expletives, Liz grabbed her carry-on and spared a glance at her surroundings. It appeared that her momentary lapse of control had garnered the attention of an elderly couple standing immediately to her left; they turned towards her with looks of slight annoyance. Without thinking, she raised her head and sent an icy glare in their direction; they didn’t know the stress that she was under or the chance that she was about to take. Neither did her parents, for that matter; they would probably be ready to kill her by the end of the summer.

Taking one last look towards the exit showed that her mom and dad hadn’t retraced their steps and she could continue with her plan. It was now or never; the decision that she made would undoubtedly destroy her relationship with her parents, her friends and might even place her in danger. But what was life if you didn’t take a couple of risks?

Mind made up, Liz picked her way around the throng of people and walked back through the security gate and over to the ticket counter. “I’ve changed my mind,” she explained impatiently, “and would like to be refunded for my ticket to Florida.”

“Is there any particular reason why?” the clerk asked her while typing Liz’s information into the computer.

“I’ve decided not to run away from problems,” Liz returned with a tight smile on her face. She would get her answers and then she would be able to be with Max.

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When she arrived at the Mescalero Indian Reservation several miles outside of Roswell, Liz was hot, sweaty and caked with dirt. She had discovered that hitchhiking was not all that it was cracked up to be; in fact, she had plans to never, ever do that again. Men were swine when it came to young women and it had taken her quick thinking and one not-so-gentle knee to the groin to get her out of some of the predicaments she had placed herself in over the past three days. Luckily, the last segment of the trip from the Albuquerque airport had been somewhat relaxing as she got to lie in the bed of a pick-up and watch the stars.

Now it was nearing dawn and she had finally gotten to her destination. By now, her parents knew she was missing and she felt somewhat guilty about that, but they wouldn’t understand; no one would understand. Liz Parker needed to be with Max Evans and this was the only avenue left unexplored. That message from his mother had been a lie and she was going to be the one to prove it; he was not destined to be with Tess Harding. The thought of them together made Liz’s stomach clench; no, she silently screamed as she pushed the thought out of her mind. Positive thoughts only, she reminded herself.

Once freed from her treasonous brain meanderings, Liz examined her surroundings and noticed for the first time that she was not alone. Eyes were watching her back intensely; anticipating trouble, she swung around angrily to confront the observer. To her great surprise, it was the man that she had come looking for, the person that could lead her to the cave. “Riverdog,” she uttered quietly.

“Yes, child, I’ve been expecting you, although it took a little longer than I thought it would,” he replied chidingly. The old man’s eyes were bright and held a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, Liz could only hope that he would be able to help.

“I got held up on the road; transportation was not as forthcoming as I had anticipated,” she stated fidgeting slightly. She was not naïve but the thoughts of the trip made her shudder slightly; Max had better be worth all the trouble she was going through to be with him.

“I know that you’re anxious to get started, so I will take you out to the cave now.”

Riverdog turned and began to walk away but Liz didn’t follow him. When he noticed that she wasn’t beside him, he stopped to address her. “What is it? I’ll help if I’m able.”

Biting her lip, she asked, “I was wondering if you could tell me anymore about…my friends…before I get started? Anything at all?”

“I’m sorry to say that I’ve told you all that I know, but there are answers in the cave. There are many more messages left by the stranger, but you know that already,” he stated with a knowing look. Turning away, he restarted his trek into the wilderness.

Sighing, Liz followed Riverdog this time admitting to herself that her search could not have been so easy. He was right about the messages, though, she had sensed it in some sort of dream or premonition. The same vision had warned her about involving anyone else in this quest; it was something she was supposed to do on her own. She silently prayed that everyone would be able to forgive her brashness and thirst for knowledge.

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I just wanted to thank everyone for the good response to this!! I wasn't sure whether or not I should post this, it's a little different then everything else I've ever attempted. If it starts to get weird, let me know and I'll do whatever I can to correct it.

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Grunting in frustration, Liz pushed her sweat-soaked hair out of her eyes and knotted it into a haphazard ponytail. She had been looking at the cave drawings for three weeks straight now and she still didn’t understand what they said; she was also beginning to think that Max, in fact, wasn’t as important as she had once thought him to be.

Liz had spent day and night for the last three weeks enclosed in the cave only retreating out of it’s dark interior for water or to meet Riverdog’s nephew, Eddie, when he brought her supplies. The trips were only for a couple of minutes before she was compelled back into the caves and the mystery of their walls; Eddie had been lucky to get a grunt for hello the last couple of visits. To say she had become obsessed was an understatement.

When she had first arrived, Liz had been pleasantly surprised to find that the symbols further into the cave lit up on their own accord; how they hadn’t noticed them on previous trips was beyond her. Upon seeing them, she had gotten a very unsettling feeling that she was the one responsible for the play of light. The thought had been quickly dismissed, though, because there was no possible way for that to be true. The perpetual glow was very weird, however, and she remained uneasy about it.

The problems that she had with the Antarian language and various symbols were not that she couldn’t decipher them, that had come surprisingly easy to her; it was that the panels didn’t make any sense with the information that she already had. She had expected that the data she already knew was a lie, but deep in her heart she hadn’t expected her assumptions to be proven correct. Somewhat guiltily, she had admitted to herself that Max might not be the one for her, but that didn’t mean she wanted him with Tess.

From what she could decode of the cave walls, Nasedo had been writing a story; well, actually a couple of stories. The first dealt with the rising of a corrupt king that was eventually supplanted by a distant relative with his own claim to the throne. All signs indicated that the first king had been Khivar and the second, Max, or Zan as he was called on his home planet.

Another section detailed the retaliation of Khivar, and his supporters, and the deaths of King Zan and his family. It was after that particular illustration where things started to become bizarre. According to the etchings, Zan and Ava, presumably Tess, were married and in power for twenty years. It mentioned Rath, she knew instinctively that he was Michael, was Zan’s second-in-command only after his father, and the king’s best friend, had died in the realm’s service. Rath, though it appeared that he was well suited for the job, was seventeen years Zan’s junior; twenty-one when he assumed the position.

Finding herself softly stoking Rath’s written name throughout her translation of the tale, Liz wondered about its implications. During her weeks of isolation, she had found her thoughts wandering to the tall brooding alien instead of the man she had pledged her love to. Since when had she been attracted to Michael? She didn’t know but was certain it was not a new feeling; just one that she had pushed aside when Max had entered her life.

The were two other people listed in the deaths of the royal family; Zan and Ava’s identical twin daughters, Vilondra, her gut told her this was Isabel, and Ashedra. They were only four years younger than the king’s second and appeared to have grownup alongside him in the castle. Sadly, it seemed that Ashedra died several months before the rest of her family; her death had been the start of an all out war between Khivar and Zan.

Yet, a third panel spoke of the strife and hope of the kingdom under Khivar’s rule. It told of the rebirth of the beloved king, Zan, and his family and the means that were taken to ensure their safe arrival on the planet Earth. Further recordings stated that Khivar found out about the realm’s treachery and had one of his men infiltrate the resistance in order to destroy the attempt.

The three narrations confused Liz and were the reason that she was still examining the caves after three weeks. Although part of the stories coordinated with what they had been told, there were vital portions that were unclear. Take for instance, the fact that Isabel’s former self appeared to be Max’s child instead of his sister as they had been led to believe. Then there was the other twin, this Ashedra; who was she? Where was she?

Liz’s heart ached slightly; she was no closer to finding the definitive answer that she wanted. Max was getting further and further away from her; she was vaguely surprised to find out that it didn’t really matter anymore.

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Michael paced about his apartment in a daze. When he first learned of Liz’s disappearance, he wasn’t overly concerned, certain that she would show up in a couple of days at her aunt’s house. Four weeks later and there still wasn’t any word of her whereabouts; it bothered him more than he would admit. Sure, she was part of the group but he had never looked at her as more than Max’s annoying girlfriend.

Grunting, he admitted that wasn’t entirely true. There was something about Liz that he was attracted to; she was smart, pretty and could hold her own in a verbal battle with him. So what, if she was incredibly attractive? So what, if he enjoyed the way her cheeks flushed and her eyes lit up in anger when they fought? So what, if he wanted to throw her against the wall and kiss her breathless every time that he saw her? Those thoughts were better left unanalyzed; the group couldn’t afford for him to admit his feelings for the petite brunette. Besides, he had Maria waiting for him, right?

Liz’s disappearance had wreaked havoc throughout the small group and they were exhausting all avenues of approach to locate her. He, as well as, the rest of the group, had been going on fact-finding trips for the past two weeks and still they had not heard a word about the missing brown-haired girl. Valenti had maximized his resources but had only been able to tell them that Liz had never gotten on that flight to Florida. She had cashed in her ticket and left the airport within fifteen minutes of being dropped off; she didn’t take a taxi or any other form of public transportation.

Michael was positive that she had hitchhiked somewhere; if he ever found that girl she was in for a piece of his mind. A sixteen-year-old woman had no reason to be risking herself in such a way and he was going to make sure she knew it. Women, this one in particular, were so troublesome and irritating, especially when they made his emotional wall begin to crumble.

The small collection of friends was taking Liz’s vanishing rather poorly. Max, and surprisingly enough, Tess were out of their minds with worry over Liz’s absence and Isabel had been growing increasingly antsy since hearing the news. Of course, Maria and Alex were blaming them every chance that they got and all the rest of their time was spent ignoring the aliens. Thankfully, Kyle was out of town for the summer and Valenti only concerned himself with Liz’s welfare, not her reasons for leaving. And Michael, well, he just couldn’t get Liz out of his mind. Something in the back of his head told him that he would know if something happened to the girl but it didn’t keep him from fretting.

To top off the constant state of anxiety that he was in, Michael had started to have dreams of his past life. They were entirely different than his dreams with Isabel; faces and places he didn’t recognize, a language he couldn’t speak and feelings that he had managed to barricade himself from in this lifetime. He could only assume that the woman who was the focal point in his visions was Isabel but in several there had been two of her.

Scowling at nothing in particular, Michael scratched his eyebrow and cast a glance to the door. His world was growing crazy and he didn’t know what to do about it. And now, he had this overwhelming pull to get on his bike and drive west.

Why west? Michael had no clue but he trusted his instincts. Grabbing his helmet and keys, he raced out of the apartment and to his bike. Gunning the engine, he peeled out of the parking lot and headed to the open highway.

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Before Michael had figured out his sudden need to drive, the feeling ended. Puzzled, he pulled over to the side of the road to find out where he was and why his compulsion had abruptly stopped. The fast perusal of his surroundings showed that he had driven to the Mescalero Indian Reservation; it could be a coincidence but so many things had led to them being here. Not wanting to waste the trip, Michael decided that he might as well try to locate Riverdog; it was an off chance, but maybe he would have some insight into Liz’s disappearance.

Slowly, he walked his bike to a small parking area before going off in search of the reclusive old man. Spotting Eddie in the distance, Michael picked up his pace and followed Riverdog’s nephew into the open desert. Intent on his purpose and weighted down with supplies, Michael managed to stay out of Eddie’s notice. Quietly, he crept along behind the man, curious as to where he was heading with all of that food.

Eddie stopped unexpectedly and Michael observed that he had led them to the cave where Riverdog had harbored Nasedo all those years ago. The man appeared to be waiting for someone, so Michael sat back and observed; he felt no need to make his presence known. Eventually, someone walked out of the entrance to the cave and took the packages that Eddie was offering. Squinting his eyes, he noted that the person was a beautiful brown-haired woman covered somewhat alluringly in sweat and dust. The sight irritated him, how dare Riverdog let someone into that cave without their permission.

No, not someone, Michael thought as his eyes narrowed further and anger continued to grow; the brunette was Liz.


Michael waited until Eddie was gone and Liz had vanished back into the mouth of the cave before moving from his observation point. As silently as he was able, he made his way through the opening in search of the missing girl and whatever explanation she might have for what she was doing out here. He was willing to bet that she had been here the whole time they had been hunting for her. She had been this close for over a month; the thought inflamed his already raging temper.

Stealthily, Michael slunk along the wall of the cave until he came upon Liz. His anger dropped a notch whenever he saw her features lit up in the murky light; she was more beautiful than he had remembered. With her hair pulled up off her neck, the extraordinarily short shorts and cropped tank top she was wearing, he could think of more pleasurable things to do with her than fight. And the way in which the clothes clung to her body…

Shaking his head, Michael cleared away the thoughts that would most probably leave him unable to ever function sexually again. When Liz had returned to just being Max’s girlfriend in his mind, he took a quick glance around the cave. Light filled the cavern, the eerie quality led him to believe it was not from the typical flashlight or lantern but, due to his angle, he couldn’t see what it was.

Keeping to the shadows, he was able to creep within a few feet of where Liz was standing. After another brief perusal of the room, he stepped out into the light and interrupted her intense study of, what appeared to be, a glowing wall.

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A slight movement of the shadows caught Liz’s attention and she shrieked loudly while jumping away from the sudden appearance of an intruder. Squinting in the dim lighting, she recognized the man that had scared her. In shock, she took a quick step forward and smacked him sharply across the face.

“What did you do that for?” Michael asked unable to keep his astonishment from entering his voice. As she watched, he raised his hand in disbelief to lightly touch the cheek she had just assaulted. Immediately, she felt guilty but that faded away when she realized that he had found her and interrupted her study.

“Damn it, Michael. You scared the hell out of me,” she yelled, annoyance quickly becoming rage at his presence. “Just what do you think you doing here?”

If Michael had been stunned by her outburst, it didn’t show; he quickly recovered from his earlier surprise and replaced his stoic expression and trademark scowl. Shouting back, he sarcastically asked, “What am I doing out here, Liz? Do you know that we’ve been searching for you for a month now?”

Remaining silent, Liz chose to let the man rant. Her quiet demeanor, however, seemed to be making the situation worse. When he continued his tirade, Michael spat disgustingly, “Your parents are beside themselves with grief and don’t even get me started on the rest of the group. Care to offer up an explain for yourself?”

Fighting back harsh words, Liz gritted her teeth and clenched her fists tightly until the nails dug into her palms. She counted to ten before she answered knowing that Michael was speaking out of worry not spite. As calmly as she could, she replied, “I don’t think that I owe you an explanation.”

Her answer only seemed to enrage Michael more; his body was trembling slightly as he stalked over towards her. “No, you’re wrong,” he spat towering over her. “Not only do you owe me an explanation, but you also need to explain this to Maria, Alex, your parents, the sheriff, Max, Isabel and even Tess. We’ve all been searching for you and worried out of our minds thinking that you had been kidnapped, or worse yet, killed. Did you even think about anyone other than yourself before you ran off?”

Sighing, she tried to think of an answer that would justify her actions but came up empty. She knew her parents would be angry but she had never considered the extent of their concern. Hanging her head guiltily, she replied softly while fighting back the tears welling in her eyes, “I’m doing what I had to do, Michael. I needed to come here; the dreams were driving me crazy and wouldn’t let me sleep at night. Something drove me to this cave; Riverdog was expecting me when I showed up. I was supposed to come here.”

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Yep, you guessed it, new part. I hope everyone is enjoying this fic as much as I'm loving writing it. I know some parts will probably defy logic and science, but go with it and let me know what you think.


When Liz finished her impassioned speech, Michael felt his resolve crumbling. He knew what it was like to be haunted by your dreams, but that didn’t excuse her actions. Reaching out, he gently cupped her chin and lifted her face until he could look in her eyes. “Liz,” he said quietly, hating that he was the one responsible for the tears, “why didn’t you tell someone; we would have helped you.”

“I don’t think I was supposed to,” she sobbed, “the visions were pretty clear on that point. I was to come alone.”

Michael dropped his hand and took a step back, “Regardless, you could have let us known where you were going.”

“Like you would have, huh?” she asked sarcastically. Michael frowned at Liz, hadn’t he taken off this afternoon without informing anyone? He knew that she spoke the truth but it still hurt coming from her lips. Besides, this was different; he had every intention of returning tonight before anyone noticed his absence unlike the stunt Liz had pulled.

“I’m sorry,” she continued quietly, her body quaking slightly, “but I don’t regret what I’ve done. I even think that I might have helped you guys out a little bit.”

Raising his head quickly at her answer, Michael looked at her questioningly. Liz was trying to distract him and if what she had to say was good, he just might let her. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve been able to translate your history,” she said motioning towards the wall with her left hand, the right one raising to scrub the tear tracks from her face. Yeah, this was definitely something that he wanted to hear.

Immediately, Michael realized what had been making the room glow dully in the darkness; it wasn’t the walls, it was the writing on them. Timidly, he reached out with his hands and traced the familiar swirling symbol of his galaxy. “This wasn’t here before,” he muttered absentmindedly as he continued to outline the designs. “What does it say?”

“This one,” she said gesturing to the wall in front of him, “talks of the removal of Khivar from power and the rising of Zan to the throne. The one to the left of it retells Khivar’s retaliation and the deaths of the royal family. What I don’t understand,” she told him while tapping her chin in thought, “is that it lists Isabel as Max and Tess’s daughter.”

That announcement didn’t make sense to Michael either. Shaking his head in disbelief, he asked, “Are you sure that’s what it says?”

Liz gave him a withering look before replying, “I’m positive; Isabel and Max are not brother and sister. It also says that Isabel, or Vilondra, had an identical twin sister named Ashedra, but where she is or what happened to her, I don’t know.”

Ashedra, that name struck a chord through Michael’s soul; it wasn’t Isabel in his dreams, it was her sister. “What does it say about me?” he queried curiously.

“This is another strange part that’s been bothering me. Your former self, Rath, was not Zan’s original Second-in-Command, your father was. As a matter of fact, you were seventeen years younger than Zan and had only taken that charge when your father was killed in action.”

They had been told another lie, at least an omission of the truth; why hadn’t Nasedo been honest with them? “Now don’t get mad at me,” he said scratching his eyebrow, “but how certain are you in your translations? And how were you able to read it in the first place?”

Scrunching up her nose in annoyance, Liz replied snidely, “As I told you before, I’m positive that I’m reading it properly. As for your second question, I just don’t know and I would rather not think about the implications, all right?”

“I’ll drop it for now but you know that we’re going to need to talk about it.” He waited for Liz to reluctantly nod in agreement before gesturing to the last depiction. “What about this one?”

“The third panel is more scientific than the others; it tells of your recreation and Khivar’s trickery. It’s rather…”

“Shush,” Michael warned waving his arm at Liz to get her to be quiet. “Did you hear something?”

She opened her mouth to answer him, when he heard the sound again. It was a distinctive rattle located immediately behind Liz’s bare legs. Both froze in place at the noise and he raised his hand to blast the snake that he could barely make out in the dim cavern. “Don’t move,” he whispered encouragingly. “I’ll get it.”

“What’s it doing in here?” she asked quietly. “It should be outside in the sun, soaking up the heat.”

“I’m sorry, Liz,” he grumbled in irritation, trust her to play scientist when her life was in danger. “I’m not familiar with the inner workings of a rattler’s mind, but I’ll be sure to ask.”

Bitterly, Liz rotated her head to glare at him then raised her right hand and gave him the finger. What had gotten into that girl, he wondered amusedly; she was acting like him. His pondering halted when he realized that her slight movement had enraged the snake. Before he could release a blast, the coiled beast had launched itself at Liz and clamped down on her right calf muscle.

Finally able to free the blast, Michael fired and directly connected with the snake; it disintegrated before his very eyes. The blast, however, had too much energy behind it and punched a hole through the cave floor.

“Are you alright?” he muttered breathlessly, but Liz wasn’t where he had last seen her. Leaping forward, Michael tried to grasp her outstretched arms as she disappeared through the hole. The action was too late, he found out, as he lost his own footing and tumbled in after her.


Back in Roswell, Isabel bolted upright in bed screaming. The vision was too clear to be a figment of her imagination, not to mention the fact that her right calf was burning furiously.

When Max rushed into her room to see what was wrong, she collapsed in his arms and began weeping uncontrollably. “Something happened to Liz, Max; she’s hurt really bad.”

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Slowly, Michael began working his way out of the fall-induced daze. The first noticeable feeling he had was that something was wedged under his back uncomfortably. Shakily, he climbed to his feet and rubbed the tender area with his fingertips. Looking up to assess the cave-in, he found that he had fallen about fifteen feet into a cold underground stream; he had the best luck, Michael thought humorlessly. It was another couple of moments before he remembered why he had dropped through the cavern’s roof and been lying on a heaping pile of rocks.

Flicking his eyes about the chamber nervously, Michael caught sight of a sneaker barely peaking out from under another pile of rubble. Rushing over to Liz, he began to dig frantically at the dirt and rock until she was completely uncovered. Fortunately enough, she had landed face up in the stream but was submerged up to her neck in the bitterly cold water.

A quick check of her vitals told him that she was still breathing just unconscious. Carefully, he moved her out of the water to a dry spot against the wall of the cave to check her over for further injuries. Atop her forehead he found a large purplish bruise, which, thankfully, was not bleeding and appeared superficial. Other than the goose egg, she had a broken wrist and a couple of cracked ribs. Although severe breaks, those were not the wounds that scared him, it was the bloody teeth marks and swollen patch on her leg that he was worried about. Bones he could fix, he couldn’t do anything about the poison coursing through her body.

Placing his hands overtop of Liz’s shattered ribs, he sent healing energy into her body and re-knit the damaged bones. When finished, he fixed her arm but left the bruise on her head; his energy was running low and he didn’t want to cause any further damage, he’d done enough for one day. The poison, well, he could only hope that Liz’s body was strong enough to fight it off. There was no way he could climb up fifteen feet of sheer cavern wall, carrying Liz with him and he wasn’t about to leave her alone. Shaking his head violently, he wondered what he had been thinking when he blasted that snake in such close proximity to Liz?

Sitting back against the wall tiredly, Michael pulled Liz in close to him and tried to fight off sleep. No wonder she had come alone; it wasn’t as if he was capable of keeping her safe.

It wasn’t until he noticed that his clothes were soaked that he felt the shivers. Turning to look at Liz’s face, he noticed that her teeth were chattering and her skin was pale. Shit, he thought as he reached out to feel her forehead, her body temperature was dropping. He hadn’t even taken the time to think about hypothermia; they were in the middle of the desert in July for crying out loud. Briefly, he considered the absurdity of the declining temperature; it wasn’t all that cold in the cavern, although the water had been down right icy, and with a snakebite didn’t the body heat up to fight off the venom?

Knowing of only one method, that didn’t require tapping into his defective alien powers for heating another person up, Michael climbed to his feet and quickly stripped himself of his wet and torn clothing. Kneeling beside the still unconscious Liz, he divested her of her own garments then, after a slight hesitation, he curled his body around hers. Not exactly how he pictured getting naked with Liz Parker; he could only hope that he’d have another chance.

Pressing a reassuring kiss to her temple, Michael pulled Liz closer to his abnormally high body heat. The unconscious woman whimpered in her sleep slightly before turning over to bury her head against his chest. Sighing, he cast a glance at the ugly wound on her leg and mentally berated himself. He really wished that he had told someone where he was going today; Liz’s life might depend on his oversight.

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I meant to post this section with my earlier one but somehow I overlooked it. If I haven't said it lately, thank you. The feedback I've been receiving for this fic is terrific; keep it coming.


“What is it, Max?” Tess asked worriedly as she ran into the Evans’ living room. Something had felt out of place for the past hour and his phone call had only confirmed that thought. Without the slightest hesitation, she had jumped into her vehicle and made the journey to the Evans’ house.

“We’re not sure,” he stated uncertainly looking up at Tess. “Isabel had a dream about Liz an hour ago.”

Tess sank down into a chair; there was something eerily familiar about this news but what it was, she couldn’t place. “Is she alive?” she queried terrified of the answer; for some unknown reason she did not doubt the veracity of Isabel’s dream. Some feeling had changed with the disappearance of Liz; she no longer felt threatened by the small human that held Max’s heart.

“Yes,” Isabel said speaking up for the first time, “but she’s been hurt pretty badly.” Tess noticed her bloodshot eyes and again thought that there was something very familiar with this setting. Ashedra, Tess thought sadly.

Where had that name come from? Weird.

“Were you able to find Michael, Tess?” Max asked dejectedly, stroking his sister’s hair.

“No,” she answered simply. Tess had the distinct feeling that he had disappeared too.

“He’s with Liz,” Isabel chimed in slightly more cheerful then she had been a minute ago.

“How do you know that?” Max asked puzzled that Michael was with his girlfriend.

Isabel forehead scrunched in thought; she looked as confused as Tess was. “I don’t know; I just do.”

Yeah, things were definitely getting weird.

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A loud piercing scream awoke Michael from his fitful slumber and he instinctively tightened his arms around Liz. Quickly, he surveyed her condition; she was sweating profusely and thrashing in her sleep. Her breathing was somewhat erratic and her core temperature had risen remarkably but the wound on her leg was still the angry purple welt from earlier. It had been over a day since the injury but her status had yet to change and she had not woken up once. Michael wasn’t sure if it was a good sign or not.

So as not to disturb Liz, Michael carefully unwound her arms and legs from his body and climbed to his feet. Finding a suitable rock, he reformed it until it resembled a bowl before walking over to the stream and retrieving some water. After ripping off a portion of his discarded T-shirt, he made his way over to Liz and knelt beside her.

Taking the cloth, Michael dipped the end into the cool water and bathed Liz’s forehead with it. The ministrations caused his patient to whimper and jerk away in protest. “Liz,” he murmured, “this is for your own good, now stay still.” He knew his words were falling on deaf ears but he needed to talk to her.

“You have no idea how sorry I am about this,” he mumbled hesitantly fighting back tears. “I didn’t mean for you to get hurt; it all happened so fast and before I knew it, you had been bitten and we were crashing through the floor of the cave.” Michael rewetted the rag and washed her arms and neck. “Please,” he continued weakly, “you have to wake up. Who else can keep me in line like you do? Certainly not Maria or Max; your quiet, scientific outlook has saved my ass on more than one occasion. Don’t you even dare to think about leaving me…I mean us.” Michael turned away at his admission; he did need her but he hadn’t intended to tell her, or anyone else, that particular fact.

A soft, warmth brushed his cheek and Michael looked back to Liz startled by the touch of her hand. “Rath,” she mumbled drowsily through half-masted eyes, a smile emerging on her face. Her pronouncement rattled Michael further and while he was still puzzling over his former name coming from her lips, Liz dropped off into a peaceful sleep.

Leaning over, Michael touched Liz’s forehead with his lips, relieved to find that her temperature appeared normal. A quick scan of the bite on her leg showed that the swelling was going down. Finally, he could relax; Liz was out of danger, she had fought off the venom. Michael’s exhaustion washed over him and he lay down beside Liz to pull her into his arms.

Without any urging, she burrowed into his chest and threw a leg over his hips, drawing them closer together. Michael’s body reacted to the close proximity but he was too tired to push Liz away from him. As his eyes shut, he sleepily mumbled, “Ashedra.”

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***Rath gazed into Ashedra’s eyes, would she say yes; he wouldn’t know unless he asked. Working up his courage, he began, “I love you, Ash; I have since we were little. I remember the first time we spoke, the first time we played together, the first argument and the first time we kissed. I could never ask for a more perfect woman.”

Ash’s mouth opened to protest his last words but he stopped her with a soft brushing of his lips. “Hush now, love; let me finish.” When she nodded her consent, Rath continued, grabbing her hands in his, he dropped to his knees, “I have waited for this moment for five years, Ashedra, and now I only await your answer. With your father and mother’s blessings, I ask this of you.” Rath paused and raised a hand to wipe away the tear creeping out of his love’s eye, “Will you marry me?”

The reply was instantaneous, as was her smile. Ash dropped to her knees in front of Rath and kissed him until he was breathless, “Yes, most definitely yes; I could have no greater joy in this world then to be your wife.”

At her words, salty drops began to leak out of Rath’s own eyes; he now had everything that he had ever wanted. He closed his eyelids against the tears only to feel butterfly kisses washing them away…***


Awakening had never been difficult for Michael but this dream had been a cherished memory from his former life. As with the dream, his tears began to fall; he had once loved someone so deeply and now they had no idea where Ashedra was, or if she was even alive.

A soft brush of lips on Michael’s cheek prompted him out of his reverie and his eyes snapped open. Peering at him with the same love and adoration he felt from his dream were Liz’s chocolate-hued eyes. Michael breath caught in his throat as she leaned forward and kissed away another tear. “Don’t cry, Love,” she whispered soothingly. “I’m here.”

“Ashedra,” he murmured; it couldn’t be her, wouldn’t they have known.

“Yes, Rath,” she mumbled against his neck, “it’s me. I don’t know how this is possible but I know it’s true. I have her memories; I am Ashedra. Can’t you feel it?”

He could feel it; it was just the barest brush against his mind, but it was there. Liz was Max and Tess’s missing child, Isabel’s sister and his lover.

Words caught in his throat and he found himself unable to express the jubilation that he was feeling; she understood. Slowly, she brought her mouth to his and pressed the lightest of kisses to his lips. “Is this okay?” she asked huskily.

Michael’s answer was more primal then he had intended, but got the point across; the kiss was definitely okay. Raising his hands up to Liz’s head, he drew her towards him and claimed her in this reincarnation. “I’ve waited for you in two different lifetimes, I’m not about to deny you in this one.”

Reverently, he kissed both of her eyelids before returning to her lips. The gentle manner in which she returned his kiss stoked the fire deep inside of him; he had finally come home, this was what was missing, this was where he belonged.

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Once again, I want to thank everyone for the feedback that you've provided on this fic. I wasn't sure how well it would go over as it was slightly different than anything I'd ever read. If any questions pop up while reading, let me know and I'll try to straighten them out.




Bringing her hands up to rest lightly against Michael’s chest, Liz noticed for the first time that neither of them were clothed. With an amused smirk on her lips, she raised her eyebrow and purred, “Already had plans for me, did you?”

Sputtering profusely, Michael met her eyes fearfully, “No…you were cold…our clothes were wet…I didn’t have any other choice.”

“Shh, Baby,” she cooed trying to contain her amusement at his response. “I’m not angry, it just makes my mission all that much easier.”

“Wha…what?” he mumbled distractedly as she nipped along his collarbone. “Mi…mission?”

“Shh,” Liz whispered seductively into his ear, “just follow my lead.”

“But…but,” Michael stumbled brokenly when she chose to run her hand across his chest and down his body to rest just below his waistline. Hissing, he asked with a quivering voice, “What about the bite?”

“All better,” she roughly murmured, her desire was growing with each of Michael’s muttered words. “You don’t have to worry about anything, Michael. The venom involuntarily served as the catalyst to my awakening process; once my alien side took control, it fought off the poison coursing through my veins. Right now, I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and I want to feel your body touching mine.”

With a shudder, Michael finally seemed to give into her demands; he sighed contentedly as his stance relaxed significantly against her body. Lying back on the ground, Liz pulled him on top of her form and, with sure hands, she guided him until his hips rested between her spread thighs. The movements rekindled the fire that he had had in his eyes moments earlier and he leaned in for a kiss. Although still gentle, it was evident that his caution and fear had slipped away to be replaced by raw passion and need. The kiss was all lips and tongue leaving Liz breathless and wanting more.

Michael’s hands roamed over Liz’s body, scorching her soul, marking her as his for eternity. Involuntarily, her hips rose off the hard floor of the cavern and ground into his. The motion elicited a low growl from her lover so she repeated the action, this time unable to hold back a moan of her own. Their bodies began to move in tandem, rehearsing what was soon to come.

A ragged gasp escaped from Michael’s mouth as he broke away from hers panting. Deftly, he guided his hand down Liz’s body trailing fire across her breasts before delving further down her torso. She felt him grip her hips firmly with his hands before halting her rocking motion. Scowling in annoyance at the interruption, she whimpered for him to continue; the ache between her legs could not be denied, she needed him inside of her.

“Liz?” he asked softly. “Are you sure about this? I know my emotions are running high and I don’t want to rush this, I’ve only just found you again.”

“Michael,” she growled teasingly stroking the fingers holding her pelvis still, “your concern is noted but unwarranted. You’re not the only one that has waited two lifetimes for this moment and I’m not going to let you stop now.”

Gently, she pried his hands off of her stomach and positioned them above her head. Once Michael was situated, Liz trailed her own hands down his back and rested them on his rear in encouragement. “Do I have to beg?”

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Accepting Liz’s confirmation, Michael settled onto her warm, inviting body and guided himself to her warm center. Carefully, he penetrated further into her depths fighting the desire to completely encase his cock with one hard thrust. Noticing his hesitancy, Liz raised one hand to his cheek and drew him in for a gentle, reassuring kiss. He was afraid that he would hurt her but the glimmer in her eyes showed that she did not have that fear; she trusted him completely.

Michael’s doubts and worries were allayed by that one loving look from Liz. Slowly, he moved himself further inside his lover and pushed through her barrier. Liz’s breath caught in her throat and he paused to give her time to adjust to his intrusion. Before long, her eyes had regained that look of impassioned desire and she lifted her legs to wrap around his back.

Putting his full weight onto Liz, Michael sought out her mouth as he began thrusting his hips slowly into hers. The kiss was wild, given with abandon, while the movements of their conjoined bodies were languid, cherishing their first time together on both worlds. His orgasm was building quickly and from the moans emitted from deep within Liz’s throat so was hers. Soon, their bodies lost the smooth, gentle rhythm and began pounding into each other until they fell over the brink, their names echoing off the walls of the cave.

“I love you, Michael-Rath.”

“I love you, too, Elizabeth-Ashedra.”


Once again, Isabel jolted out of a restless sleep but this time a smile lit her features. Reaching out for her brother’s hand, she quietly informed him, “Liz is alright, Max; whatever was wrong has been fixed.”

Her brother gave her a puzzled look before glancing over to Tess. “I don’t understand how you are doing this, Isabel. Do you know?”

“Not entirely,” she replied biting back a smirk; she did know, at least she thought she did. “But Liz will be able to tell us, once we go and get her.”

“Wait,” Tess spoke up excitedly, “do you know where she is?”

“Yeah,” she said this time unable to hold back her grin, “but I think that we should give her and Michael a little time before we head over there.”

“What the hell do you mean by that?” Max asked angrily tossing away Isabel’s hand. Blanching slightly, she realized she probably shouldn’t have publicized that little nugget of information.

“Shh,” Tess told him putting a calming hand on his shoulder, her irritation at his outburst evident by her tone, “Where are they, Isabel?”

Isabel dropped her eyes and let out a long breath; she couldn’t avoid this answer. “They’re at the Mescalero Indian Reservation, in the cave.”

“Come on,” Max stated while climbing to his feet. “We’re going to go get Liz and demand some answers.”

Sighing, Isabel followed behind him and climbed into the backseat of the jeep. Her dreams had told her who Liz was and she couldn’t wait to see her sister; it had been too long. She only hoped that Michael was dressed and prepared to run for cover whenever Max and Tess learned the truth. Her poor brother, no father she corrected herself, what was he going to think.

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Regretfully, Liz climbed to her feet and pulled Michael up beside her. “We have to get dressed, Isabel knows where we are and they’re heading here in a couple of minutes.”

“Shit,” Michael mumbled distractedly as his eyes darted about the cave in search of his discarded clothing, “Max is going to kill me.”

“Yeah,” she said grinning while pulling on her clothes, “my dad will probably want your hide for deflowering his daughter.” Involuntarily, she shuddered, yuck.

“What is it, Liz?” Michael asked in concern wrapping an arm around her waist. “I thought your body had fought off the venom.”

“It did, I was just thinking,” she replied quietly leaning into his touch. “Did you realize that all this time I have spent mooning over Max, that he was my father?” Liz shuddered again, “I’ve even made out with him. God, I think I’m going to be sick.” Doubling over, she quickly tried to push away that thought and struggled to make her stomach stop roiling.

Michael’s eyes grew wide as what she was telling him sunk in and, blessedly, he tried to change the subject. “Ew, can we just not think about that, I have enough problems of my own; thank you very much. My death is going to be in less than an hour,” he joked half-heartedly, “not to mention the beating that Isabel and Tess will give me before Max finishes me off.”

“Don’t worry about Lonnie,” Liz reassured him, “she’s happy for us.”

“How do you know that?” he questioned casting a bemused glance in her direction while scratching his eyebrow.

“Call it twin sense,” she replied haughtily tossing him what remained of his shirt. Giving him an apprising once over with her eyes, she continued, “And as much as I love looking at your nude body, you had better finish dressing. The last thing we need is for my family to find you naked.”

With a lot of grumbling, Michael gathered the rest of his clothes and began to put them on. While he was preoccupied, Liz walked around the chamber eventually stopping in front of the far wall. Confidently, she raised her hand and waved it over a slight depression in the rough rock exterior producing a silver handprint. Without hesitation, she pressed her palm to the cool surface and a doorway appeared.

Sensing Michael walk up behind her, she stepped through the archway and led him into the chamber beyond. Nestled securely on the opposite wall was a dimly glowing, green pod. “What is this place?” Michael asked in wonder.

“It’s my pod chamber,” Liz replied as she walked over to touch the incubator. Awe filled her features as she caressed the structure, “I was born here.”

“Why weren’t you placed with the rest of us?” Michael asked aloud, moving to join Liz in her examination.

“I don’t know,” Liz stated chewing on her lip. Why had she been placed in a chamber all alone?

As if in answer to her silent question, the cave lit up showing the presence of more Antarian symbols. “Maybe these will tell us,” she mumbled reaching out to trace the designs.


Isabel shuddered involuntarily as Liz’s thoughts strayed to a less than savory note. Ugh, that was disgusting. Well, at least Max and her sister had never gone further than those make out sessions. To think, she had been teasing him for years about the crush he had on Liz Parker. Shivering once again, Isabel fought back her own urge to retch.

“What’s wrong with you?” Max asked snidely as he looked at her in the rearview mirror.

“I was just thinking,” she mumbled in irritation at his tone.

“About what?” Tess questioned with concern in her voice. Meeting the woman’s eyes in the rearview mirror she thought, this was her mother; after all those years of waiting and wondering, she was right here.

Isabel smiled warmly, surprising Tess. “Nothing in particular,” she lied, they would find out soon enough. Reaching out she squeezed Tess’s shoulder and gave her a reassuring look, “Things are just going to be changing, that’s all.” Now that was an understatement if she had ever uttered one.

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Thanks once again for the wonderful feedback that I've been receiving for this fic. I hate to say it, but it will be another couple of parts before the confrontation between all of the involved aliens.


“This panel,” Michael heard Liz say, “I believe, is the story of Nasedo. It talks of his redemption for failing the royal family.”

“Redemption,” he repeated out loud. “What did he do wrong?”

Michael looked up from the etchings and turned to Liz, she had tears in her eyes. Folding her into his embrace, he asked again, “What did he do?”

“It’s what he didn’t do,” Liz replied, her tears were soaking through the fabric of his T-shirt. “He was Ashedra’s personal guard since she was a child.”

The words went unsaid between them; Nasedo had failed to keep Ashedra alive. Softly, he stroked her hair and queried, “What else does it say?”

Liz choked back a sob and pulled her body out of his arms. Taking a deep breath, she began the tale that was laid out before them on the wall. “When he failed to protect…Ashedra…Nasedo took it upon himself to see to the safety of her recreation. After the rest of the royal family died, he led the mission to Earth to redeem himself.”

Pausing in her narration, Liz looked briefly at another set of characters before continuing. “There was a traitor on the ship and they caused it to crash. Nasedo killed the traitor then took my pod to secure it somewhere safe before going after the others; he was determined not to fail me a second time. By the time he got back to the crash site, another had taken the four remaining pods and hidden them. While he was searching for your pods, I hatched early and by the time he returned there was no trace of me.”

“Eventually, he found the other pod chamber but it was too late; the only one left was Tess. When she had hatched, he took her and went in search of the rest of the royal family and that’s where the story ends.”

Michael released a deep breath, he now knew the entire story. Why hadn’t Nasedo told them all of this already?

“Michael,” Liz spoke up timidly, “there’s one other thing that you should know.”

“What?” he questioned. She seemed afraid to tell him so he pulled her back into his arms.

“Nasedo is your older brother, Vither.”

Michael sunk to the ground and tried to grasp all this new information. Those six words had changed his world yet again; he had a brother.


“Hurry up, Isabel,” Max yelled back at her. “You’re slowing us down.”

“I’m sorry that I’m not as speedy as you and Tess,” she replied once again finding herself biting back a smile. “You can leave me behind.”

“Damn it, Isabel,” he growled in irritation at her obvious obstinacy, “you know I won’t do that, just hurry things up a little bit.”

Pretending to trip, Isabel splayed out on the desert floor and looked up to see the exasperated face of Max as he reached out a hand to help her to her feet. She wanted to run to Liz but she and Michael needed a little bit more time so she was giving it to them; she hoped they used it wisely.

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Sorry it's so short but there will be another part tomorrow, I promise.



Liz sank down to the floor beside Michael and ran her fingers soothingly through his hair. Knowing that no words could pacify him, she leaned forward and placed a kiss to his lips. The room lit up brightly at the contact and when she turned her head towards the new source of light, she noticed something different; there was another panel of writing.

Quickly, they both climbed to their feet and hurried over to the wall. “The Story of Rath and Ashedra,” Michael read. Liz gave him a curious glance and he shrugged; he could read the Antarian language now.

“Rath and Ashedra fell in love at an early age,” he recited. “They had been raised together in the castle separated only by four years of age. Vilondra, Ashedra and Rath were inseparable until he was sent away for military training at the age of fourteen. When he returned two years later, Rath realized his feelings for the younger twin had changed although it would be three more years before he declared his love.”

“Vilondra was happy with their romance and helped out whenever she could; distracting their parents and making sure no one disrupted their time together. It wasn’t until Ashedra’s seventeenth birthday that the couple declared their intentions to each other and became engaged. Several months later, Rath’s father died and he assumed the role of Second-in-Command.”

“Rath and Ashedra were happy together for about a year and were to be married in a week when she was killed. Khivar had long since been obsessed with Vilondra and in a fit of rage murdered her twin sister by mistake; if he couldn’t have Vilondra’s love, no one could.”

“The kingdom became enraged by the act and retaliated against Khivar, but it was too late; he had gathered too many supporters still loyal to his throne. In the meantime, Zan and Ava announced the betrothal of Vilondra to Rath; they believed that they would find solace in each other. The pronouncement was the last straw for Khivar; he attacked the castle and killed everyone, including Vilondra.”

As Michael’s narration came to an end, he realized that Liz was gripping his shirt tightly with tears running down her cheeks. He wiped away the falling drops with the pads of his thumbs and gripped her tighter; they would not be separated in this lifetime.

It seemed, however, that fate had other plans.

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AN: *'s represent pathing


“Rath, get your bloody hands off of my daughter right now.”

The loud bellow echoed across the chamber and through the doorway to Liz’s ears. Turning her head slightly, she observed Isabel stepping through the entrance all smiles while Max, the man behind the shout, and Tess were standing puzzled in the middle of the outer chamber; the former had his hand positioned ready for any indication of trouble.

Before Liz could protest, Michael had pushed her away from him sharply and directly into Isabel. Colliding with the tall blond, she turned to snarl at her lover’s actions only to notice the very uncharacteristic expression of terror that crossed his face. Catching her sister’s eye, they both collapsed to the floor in a fit of giggles.

Once they were able to contain their mirth, Isabel caught Liz’s hand in hers and spoke excitedly, “It really is you, isn’t it? All those dreams were telling me the truth.”

*Yeah, Lonnie* Liz replied telepathically pulling the girl into a hug, *it’s me, Ash*

Isabel’s eyes began to drip tears and Liz was unable to keep her own from falling. Their joyful reunion was interrupted, however, when Max again shouted into the room, “What the hell is going on here? Isabel, what dreams are you talking about?”

Ignoring his questions, Liz preferred to watch Tess as she stepped into the chamber. Without a word she walked towards her and Isabel, the knowledge of who they were clearly etched on her features. “Vilondra,” she said whispering first to Isabel then to Liz, “Ashedra.” Both girls nodded silently and she took them into her arms, “My babies.”

“Would someone please tell me what is going on?” Max asked impatiently. “Who is Rath and why did I call Liz my daughter?”

Out of the corner of her eye, Liz noticed Michael take a hesitant step forward, “I’m Rath; at least I was in my past life.”

Receiving a nod from her mother, Liz detached herself from the embrace and walked to stand in front of Max. “Do you know who I am?” she asked softly. She wanted him to find the answer on his own, just as Tess, Isabel and Michael had.

As she watched, Max’s gaze flicked about the room landing briefly on each face before coming to rest on the pod at the back of the room. Gently, he pushed past Liz to stand in front of her capsule. “It’s yours, isn’t it?” he asked quietly.

With his question, Max looked away from the pod to Liz. “Yes,” she replied meeting his eyes, “it’s mine; I was supposed to be in the chamber with the four of you but I got separated.”

“I can’t believe I didn’t see it before,” Max stated after a significant pause. Cupping her cheek and looking deeply into her eyes, he said with conviction, “You’re Ashedra, my daughter.”

Tears filled Liz’s eyes for the umpteenth time that day, “Daddy,” she mumbled as he pulled her into a hug. Beyond his shoulder, she could see Isabel and Tess smiling happily; their family had been reunited after fifty years. In the distance, Liz saw Michael taking a step out of the room; with eyes shining brightly she shook her head and brought him to a halt.

Max pulled away and Liz felt her chin tilt upwards in his hand. “How long have you known?”

“Since we fell into this cave,” she replied honestly. “I think being this close to my birth place woke something up inside of me. Michael helped, too.”

Frowning, Max looked over to analyze Michael then questioned roughly, “What exactly do you mean by that?”

Fearfully, Michael took another step out the door but was stopped by Isabel; she grabbed his hand and led him back into the cave. “Does it really matter, Dad?” she asked grinning. “Liz knows who she is now and I have my sister back.”

“Sister?” Max repeated skeptically.

“Quiet girls,” Tess said reprimanding Isabel while casting a warning glance at Liz. “Max doesn’t know everything yet, give his memories time to surface.”

*She sure takes the fun out of everything, doesn’t she, Liz?*

*Mom means well* Liz returned. *Now that feels weird; I’ve spent so much time hating this woman and now I find out she’s my mother*

*Just like any maladjusted teenager*

Chuckling, Liz looked up to a knowing glance from Tess. She hung her head sheepishly; this was going to take some getting used to.

Casting a glance over to Michael, she realized that he was just waiting until he could bolt out of the chamber unnoticed. With a shake of her head, Liz walked over to him and wrapped an arm around his waist. “Nuh uh, Lover, you’re not going anywhere.” He scowled down at her but his expression softened significantly when he looked into her eyes.

“I thought I told you to keep your hands off of my daughter, Michael,” Max said clenching his fists and starting forward to knock them apart.

“Max,” Tess warned stepping up and placing a restraining hand on his shoulder. “Let them be. They were in love back on Antar and engaged to be married; it looks as if that carried over into this life, too.”

Liz gave Tess an appreciative look and pulled Michael tighter; it really didn’t matter if her father disapproved of their relationship, she was not giving him up now that she had found him.

Suddenly, Max shivered violently and averted his eyes. “Liz, you’re my daughter and we…”

“Please, don’t say it,” she pleaded emphatically. “As far as I’m concerned, it never happened.”

“Right,” he replied but not before they both shuddered at the unpleasant implications of their past interactions. “I think that we all have a few questions for you, like where you’ve been for the past month?” he said his voice rising in volume.

“No problem,” she answered cheerfully tugging Michael towards the cave exit, “but can we do them while we walk back to the reservation, I’ve seen about as much of this place as I ever want to.”

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Hey, thanks again all my readers, with you all things, or new parts, are possible. In this part we see Maria and Alex's reactions; I'm not sure where Kyle is, but I do know that he left for the summer.



“So you’re telling me,” Maria asked hysterically, “that Liz is an alien, too? What about her parents? And me? I’ve known Liz since preschool.”

“I asked my parents about that,” Liz replied slowly. They had been angry, and relieved, when she had returned home but answered all the questions that she presented them. Jeff and Nancy Parker did not know anything about Liz before she was three years old; they hadn’t cared, they had only wanted a daughter.

Grabbing Isabel’s hand for support, she silently wished that Michael was there with her now, but the five of them had agreed that it was best if he wasn’t present when they told Alex and Maria about her otherworldly origins. Maria didn’t know about their relationship and Liz didn’t think it would be wise to confront her with him there.

*I’ve got your back, Sister* Isabel pathed while squeezing her hand tightly.

“From what I can put together, Maria,” Liz stated, resuming her tale, “my grandmother, Claudia, found me in that cave on the Indian Reservation. She took me to my parents and they adopted me. When I disappeared they worried that I had found out the truth and was seeking out my birth parents.”

“I can understand that,” Alex mused, “but how do you know you’re a Czechoslovakian?”

“That’s where things get weird,” Isabel stated when Liz didn’t respond right away. “Liz didn’t go to Florida, that much we knew, but what we didn’t know was that she went to the cave on her own and stayed there for a month.”

With a smile, Liz pathed to her sister *Lonnie, I can handle this*

“Then do it already, Ash,” she replied out loud in false irritation, Liz could see the humor in her eyes. “Quit stalling.”

“Did I miss something? Did she call you Ash?” Maria questioned as she looked between the two girls.

“I’m getting to that,” Liz replied before Isabel could chime in. “I went to the cave to study the drawings and text that Nasedo had left behind…”

“But she didn’t find exactly what she thought she would,” Isabel said interrupting.

“Hey,” Liz said lightly punched Isabel’s shoulder, “I thought I was telling the story.”

“I thought you needed some help, dearest,” she retorted tossing her hair to her back. “It seemed that you might be stumbling along a little bit and since your lover isn’t here…”

*Isabel, don’t you even think about going there.* Liz was amazed at the speed she and her sister had fallen back into their old roles. It had only been a day and a half since they had discovered their relationship and already they were squabbling over anything, and everything, not to mention finishing each other’s sentences.

“I don’t mean to interrupt whatever’s happening between you,” Alex interjected impatiently, “but could one of you tell us what’s going on.”

Both girls nodded in the affirmative and Isabel sat back to let Liz continue. “As Izzy was saying, I didn’t find what I was expecting. I was searching for some way that Max and I could be together,” she shivered at that statement; how stupid she had been.

“Did you find it?” Maria asked excitedly. “Can we send Tess packing now?”

“No,” Liz and Isabel shouted simultaneously. “Tess is not going anywhere…” Isabel started.

“…not now, not ever. We need her here,” Liz finished for them.

“Okay, Liz, Isabel,” Alex said clearly perplexed. “What the hell’s going on? You’ve been finishing each other’s sentences since you arrived and, if that wasn’t weird enough, you like Tess now?”

Casting a hesitant look over at Isabel, Liz said, “I’ll give you the short version, then you can ask questions.” Both of her confused friends nodded for her to go on. “Max and Tess were married on Antar. Michael was the Second-in-Command. Still with me?”

“Yes,” Maria hissed impatiently. “We know this already, now continue.”

“Isabel was not Max’s sister, however; she was he and Tess’s daughter.” Alex and Maria appeared to be hanging on to her every word but she was about to shake them pretty good.

“I was not the only child,” Isabel stated, taking over the story. “I had a twin sister; an identical twin sister who was killed only months before the rest of us.”

“And…” Maria said indicating for them to finish. Alex seemed to understand though, apparent by his jaw swinging open and dropping to his chest.

“You’re sisters?” he asked hesitantly. They nodded and he clamped his mouth shut to process the information.

“What?” Maria asked in irritation. “What just happened here?

“Maria,” Alex stated soothingly, rubbing her back as if she were a child, “what Isabel and Liz are trying to tell us is that they are Max and Tess’s twin daughters.”

“Oh,” she said mouth mirrored Alex’s former pose. “Is that all?” she asked in relief. At her last word, Maria’s eyes rolled back into her head and she fainted to the floor.

“Well, that went well, Sis,” Liz stated wryly shooting a glance at Maria’s unconscious body.

“Just wait till she learns about Michael’s role in all of this,” Isabel replied laughing.

“You mean there’s more?” Alex asked dejectedly. When they nodded, he collapsed back on the chair, his eyes fluttering shut.

Isabel and Liz shook their heads and went to attend their fallen friends.

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I wasn't too sure about this next section, so please forgive me if it's completely horrible.



*Are you sure that you want to do this by yourself, Liz?* Isabel pathed from the living room where she was sitting with an, as of yet, unconscious Alex.

Liz looked down at Maria’s motionless figure lying on the bed and suppressed a groan. *No, I’m not sure, but I think it will be better if I’m alone with her. We’ve been best friends forever, surely a man won’t come between what we have.*

*I hope for your sake that you’re right; if that doesn’t work maybe we can get mom to ‘talk’ to her.*

*Very funny, Isabel* Liz sarcastically replied through their connection. *I’m just going to be honest and she’ll respect that.*

*Yeah, keep telling yourself that, sis* Isabel replied wryly. *Are you prepared for Hurricane Deluca?*

*Armed and ready* she retorted flippantly. *One full vial of cedar oil, alien powers energized and, if that doesn’t work, a full syringe of Thorazine.* The topic of their conversation eyes began to flutter and Liz chewed on her lip thoughtfully. *Well, wish me luck, Izzy, sleeping beauty is about to wake.*

*Remember I’m here if you need some moral support, a shoulder to lean on or a bat to knock some sense into our over reactive friend.*

Chuckling slightly, Liz closed her verbal connection to her sister and stroked Maria’s hair tenderly while she regained consciousness. She knew that the girl would be angry but she prayed that their friendship was strong enough to overcome the aftermath of her announcement.

Finally, after several minutes of waiting, Maria’s bright green eyes opened wide and focused on Liz. “What happened?” she asked tiredly.

“Well, chica,” Liz responded slowly, “you passed out after Izzy and I made our huge proclamation.”

Groaning, Maria pushed herself into a sitting position and leaned heavily against the headboard of her bed. “So it wasn’t a dream then?” she asked meekly.

“Afraid not,” she grinned, “I’m a reincarnated alien princess, Isabel is my twin sister, Tess is my mother and Max is my father.”

“Yuck,” Maria replied sticking her tongue out in disgust. “Listen, I’m sorry…”

Liz cut her off before she could finish her sentence, “We’re not talking about it now, not ever, and as far as my father and I are concerned, we’ve never thought of each other in more than a platonic way.”

“Gotcha,” Maria smirked, “we’re using denial as a means of coping with the disgusting prospect of incest.”

“Maria,” Liz whined, “I said we’re not discussing it.”

“Really,” she answered sincerely, “I’ve got it; these lips will never utter another word about those intense make-out sessions that I’ve had the displeasure of interrupting over the course of the last year.” As she finished talking, Maria pretended to lock her mouth and throw away the key.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying my discomfort so much, Maria,” she returned wryly.

“You know I’ve got your back, chica,” Maria said reaching out to wrap her in a tight hug. “Alien royalty or not, you’re still my best friend.”

“Remember you said that,” Liz mumbled under her breath. “There was actually one other thing I needed to tell you that I didn’t get to before both you and Alex fainted.”

“Alex passed out, too,” Maria said bursting into laughter. “Boy, am I going to have to rib him about that later.”

Biting back her own grin, Liz foraged ahead and took on a more serious tone. “This is important and I want you to know that I had no intention of hurting you; even so, I wouldn’t take it back if I could.”

Maria’s giggles ended immediately at Liz’s statement and she sat back stiffly. “What is it?” she asked in a tremulous voice.

Just like pulling off a Band-Aid, Liz told herself; got to be quick about it. “Rath, I mean, Michael and I,” she corrected herself, “were engaged to be married on Antar.”

“Is that all?” Maria asked sounding somewhat relieved. “It’s not like it’s new news that he led another life on some other planet.”

“No, that’s not all,” Liz told her. She hadn’t been blunt enough with her narration. Cringing, she spoke again, “The love we had for each other in our past lives has carried over into this one.”

“What do you mean?” she queried; Liz could see the tears glistened in her eyes.

Deciding to be brutally honest, she replied, “Michael and I are in love and pursuing a relationship; as in romantically.” Finishing, Liz breathed a sigh in relief and proffered a vial of cedar oil to Maria.

Maria’s lips drew into a tight line and she turned to look at Liz’s extended hand. At the site of the small bottle, her temper broke; the tension in the air was almost palpable and Liz winced at it. “What the hell is this?” Maria yelled gesturing to the vial.

“A peace offering?” Liz stammered; maybe she should have had Isabel talk to Maria after all. As she watched, Maria grabbed the bottle in her fist and flung it across the room. As the small glass container exploded against the wall, Liz seriously began to weigh the moral consequences of having her mother interfere.

“A peace offering, she says, a peace offering?” the enraged blonde shouted. “So you get my boyfriend and I get a lousy bottle of cedar oil? What a fair trade, why didn’t I think of it earlier? It would have saved me a lot of heartache,” she spat.

“Now, Maria…” Liz started.

“No you don’t, Liz,” she interrupted in irritation, “you can’t say anything that will make me feel better about this. While you’re off having your first kiss…”

Liz couldn’t help but flinch at the statement, an action that Maria picked up on immediately. “You’ve already kissed him,” she stated in shock. “Then I suppose it won’t be long until you’re in each other’s beds.”

Again, Liz grimaced; she had never been a good liar and hadn’t ever been able to keep a secret from Maria. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed in anger, “you two have already had sex.”

Lurching across the bed, Maria grabbed a hold of Liz’s shoulders and began to shake her violently. “How could you, you slut,” she screamed in accusation.

Pinned to the mattress, Liz remained silent and let her friend invoke her wrath; she knew that she had betrayed her. She was, however, greatly surprised when Maria relaxed her grip and collapsed on her back beside Liz laughing hysterically.

“Um, Maria?” Liz asked somewhat fearfully, turning to look at the manic woman.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she managed out between guffaws. “I really have no right to be angry with you and the truth is, I’ve been over Michael for a while now.”

Liz’s eyebrows quirked up in confusion, “What do you mean?”

Maria turned her head until she was looking Liz in the eye; she was astonished to see that her merriment was reflected in the green depths. “I mean that I haven’t talked to Michael in over a month. That I accepted his pronouncement that he no longer wanted to be with me. And that I have moved on.”

“Moved on?” Liz asked inquisitively. “So why did you try to strangle me?”

“Old habits die hard, I guess,” she replied with a slight smile. “Besides, I always knew that he was waiting for someone else; just my luck it happened to be my best friend.”

“So you’re still my friend?” Liz asked timidly.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily, chica,” she said smugly. “If you want to try a relationship with Stonewall Guerin, go right ahead; I won’t let a little thing like a boy get between us.” Grinning, she wrapped Liz in a hug and asked, “So ice cream?”

“Definitely,” Liz answered with a smile of her own. Everything was going to be all right.

Laughter coursed through Liz’s head then the sound of her sister’s voice. *You two are so weird*

*Tell me about it* she stated dryly. *How’d Alex take the news?*

*Won’t know until he wakes up again.* she replied humorously.

Stifling a chuckle, Liz climbed to her feet and followed Maria into the kitchen. Alex was such a pansy some times.

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“Hey, girls,” Max called out from the booth at the back of the Crashdown. “Isabel, Liz, we’ve been waiting for you to get here. What took so long?”

“Isabel insisted that since I was her sister I needed a better wardrobe,” Liz grunted as she tossed her purchases aside and sunk down on the bench beside Tess; her mother wrapped a supportive arm around her shoulder and leaned over to kiss the crown of her head. Liz’s spirits lifted immediately and she snuggled into Tess’s embrace; she always knew how to make her feel better.

“It’s not my fault that I got all the fashion sense in the family. I mean have you seen her closet; I had to throw most of it out,” Isabel joked feigning a look of disgust. Dropping her bags, she climbed in the booth next to Alex.

“You better not have,” Liz yelled lurching across the table to throttle Isabel.

“And if I did?” she asked innocently hiding beside Alex.

Before Liz could protest, Tess pulled her back down into the booth and spoke up, “Now ladies, no fighting at the dinner table.”

“Yes, mom,” they chimed in simultaneously.

Maria groaned as she set their orders on the table and collapsed into a nearby chair, “I really don’t think that I’m ever going to get used to this.”

“Tell me about it,” Alex commiserated. “Not only do we have to listen to all the family jokes but now I have to get used to Max and Tess’s relationship as well as Michael and Liz’s.”

“Where is my boyfriend, anyway?” she asked cheekily. She knew exactly where he was, behind the grill. Once Jeff had discovered their romance, he assigned Michael more duty time; not that it had interrupted their time spent alone whatsoever. What her adoptive father didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him but what he didn’t know was what kept her moaning all night long.

Surprisingly enough, Maria had been true to her word and wasn’t upset with their announcement; she was currently dating a guy from The Whits and would help Liz and Michael evade the ever-present authority figures. For the past two months, Michael and Liz had lived a relatively happy existence only having to worry about the many sets of parents that looked out for them: Jeff and Nancy, Max and Tess, and Philip and Diane, once they had been informed that Liz and Isabel were sisters. Sometimes there were so many people around that she could liken it to sneaking out of a prison.

Liz’s attitude had changed dramatically, as had the other four members of her family, over the past couple of months since she had found out about her alien origins. She was still the smart, science-geared woman of her current reincarnation but parts of her predecessor had leaked into her demeanor. The conflicting memories of both lives had merged to create a Liz that had more free spirit and biting wit.

“Liz,” Max warned in his fatherly tone and she rolled her eyes. “You know that you and Michael are grounded from each other.”

“What did you do this time?” Maria asked, clearly intrigued that they had gotten into trouble again; their exploits were far from secret within the group.

Seeing Michael walking out of the back, Liz climbed to her feet and gave him a light kiss on the mouth. Her boyfriend then sank down onto the bench beside Tess and pulled her with him. Ignoring the evil glare Max was giving them, she answered Maria’s question, “My dad found us alone at Michael’s apartment locked in a very delicate embrace, if you catch my meaning,” she stated winking at Maria and nodding her chin suggestively.

The skin of Max’s cheeks and ears lit up in a bright red hue. “I told you not to talk about it, Liz.”

At his embarrassment, the gang started laughing until a man in a suit interrupted them. “Excuse me, but could we move this party into the back; I have something the king needs to know.”


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You guys are great, you know that right? Anyway, I have been properly persuaded so here is the missing part. Remember, any questions or helpful tips, let me know and I'll work them into the story.



Opening up the car door and sliding into the passenger’s seat beside Isabel, Liz let loose a frustrated sigh. The last thing she wanted to be doing today was shopping, especially since Michael had actually been able to get a day off from working the grill.

“There, there, little sister,” Isabel soothed, her eyes sparkling mischievously. “What seems to be the problem?”

Casting an irritated glare at her twin, Liz replied, “As if you don’t know what’s wrong with me, puh-lease.”

Isabel’s only reply, while starting the engine, was to chuckle amusedly. “There is nothing funny about it, Isabel,” Liz growled.

“So you find no humor in the fact that your three sets of parents have found every viable excuse to keep you from seeing Michael alone for the past week?” she snorted in reply.

“No, I don’t,” she grunted in annoyance.

“You’re just angry that you haven’t been able to get any lately,” Isabel teased.

Glaring icily at her sister, Liz ranted, “I don’t know why it is that they feel the need to keep me away from my boyfriend while you are free to see Alex on a nightly basis. It’s just not fair.”

Straightening out the wheel after turning a corner, Isabel gave Liz a pitying look. “It’s your own fault, you know,” she told the brunette matter-of-factly. “Alex and I are of little concern to our families because we are taking things slow, not to mention the fact that my boyfriend is, and has always been, the perfect gentleman when it comes to me. You just happen to be dating the town bad boy and those little “make-out” sessions that you were caught in didn’t help the situation any.”

Liz couldn’t help the evil smile that crossed her face at the memory of her and Michael’s escapades. Yeah, she guessed that she did earn more parental intervention than her sister, but at least they had fun while they were disobeying them.

The car stopped abruptly and pulled Liz out of her meandering thoughts. Looking out of the window, she noticed that they were not at the mall but at Michael’s apartment. Giving her sister a bemused look, she asked, “What are we doing here?”

Breaking into a wide smile, Isabel yelled, “Surprise!! I’m not really feeling like going shopping today so I’m going to drop you off here and see a matinee with Alex.”

Grinning appreciatively, Liz launched herself over against Isabel and wrapped her in a tight embrace. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she exclaimed excitedly. “But why?”

“Believe me,” Isabel stated shoving Liz out the now open car door, “this is for the benefit of interplanetary relations. If you and Michael are denied for much longer, I fear for the safety of Earth due to the pent sexual energy.” Raising her eyebrow, she continued mockingly, “I’m sure that you can find some way to spend your afternoon.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Liz smirked while turning to enter the apartment complex, “I know exactly what to do with my time.”

“And Liz,” Isabel said seriously, stopping her forward movement, “please remember to sever our connection, I really don’t want to have another orgasm in a public establishment.”

Smiling wryly, Liz replied, “You didn’t seem to be complaining so much last time.” Isabel sputtered in response and she took that as her cue to leave. Calling over her shoulder, she yelled, “Maybe you should rethink that movie, Iz.”

By the time that Liz had found herself at Michael’s door, she had managed to contain her mirth about her sister’s request. There was absolutely nothing that she could do about it; they felt each other’s pain and pleasure. It was for this reason that she knew the extent of Alex and Isabel’s relationship; Isabel had said they were progressing slowly, it was more like waiting for a glacier to thaw. There was no pun intended on her part, she was actually somewhat happy Isabel wasn’t rushing into things. Anyway, there was no way Liz would be able to block out Izzy this time, or any time for that matter; Michael made her lose all control and focus.

Quietly opening the door, Liz stepped inside and found Michael sound asleep on the living room sofa watching a recording of a last season hockey game. Shaking her head at his overwhelming predictability, she walked over to the television and shut it off. Turning back to analyze the sleeping form of her boyfriend, Liz felt her libido kick into overdrive.

Asleep, she imagined that he looked like the angel he was named for. His blondish locks were brushing against his forehead, his lips puckered invitingly. His long lashes twitched slightly against his cheeks as he lay dreaming and the low, guttural moans that escaped his mouth left no question as to the subject of his visions. His broad, toned arms, chest and stomach were bare and Liz had to forcefully keep hers hands to herself while she continued on with her perusal. Holding her breath, she admired the bulge beneath the thin pair of soccer shorts he was wearing; they proudly strained against the pressure of his full arousal. Slowly releasing the air through her mouth, she admired his long muscular legs and the tiny blonde hairs that covered them; inside, she was aching to reach out and caress every line and curve of his warm and pliant body.

Deciding that she had held out for as long as possible, Liz stripped out of her clothes and approached the man before her. With a feather light touch, she traced Michael’s jaw line and ran her fingers over his chest and down the front of his shorts. Her attentions caused her boyfriend to moan loudly; in response she squeezed his cock gently. At the increased pressure of her hand, his eyes slid open demurely and Liz couldn’t resist leaning forward and capturing his mouth with her own.

Breaking the kiss, Michael huskily spoke, “Hey Gorgeous, I was having the most incredible dream.”

Pushing him over onto his back, she straddled his waist and coyly asked, “Oh, just what was this dream about?”

As she waited for his reply, Michael’s hands crept up her body tracing slow, tantalizing circles across her skin. After what seemed an eternity, his hands came to rest on Liz’s neck and pulled her down for another kiss. At the touch of their bare chests, they both released tortured hisses before their mouths fused together ferocity. With a loud gasp, Michael broke away from the fervent kisses and trailed a wet path with his tongue to her ear. “Why don’t I show you?” he whispered roughly, nibbling on the lobe.

At her nod of approval, Michael wrapped his arms around Liz’s hips and climbed to his feet. Once standing, he attacked her lips with renewed fervor and slowly walked them towards the nearest wall. Catching on to her boyfriend’s intentions, she used her hands and feet to push the last obstructing garment away from his body.

As the material pooled around Michael’s feet, Liz whimpered at the hard, velvety touch of his cock against her stomach. Stepping out of the discarded clothing, her lover slammed her body against the wall causing both her and the structure to quiver. Letting loose a breathy, “Michael,” she jerked her hands up to entwine in his mane and pulled him down for a deep, probing kiss.

Momentarily, Liz’s senses went into overload; the pleasurable sensations pulsing through her body, the heat radiating from Michael’s skin, the rhythmic movement of his body against hers. Sweat began to spill out of her pores, pooling between her breasts, the small of her back, the area yet to be conjoined by one quick thrust of her boyfriend’s passion. Hands slid over her slick skin, teasing her nipples, enticing her most sensitive areas and causing her body to quake with anticipation.

Not to be outdone, Liz grazed Michael’s back with her fingernails and drew them down his back before cupping his butt. With a small slap, she released the firm backside and was pleased to her him groan at the loss of her touch. Trailing her fingers around to his chest, she pulled his nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and rubbed the nubs until Michael was grunting in frustration.

Attaching her mouth to a sensitive part of his neck, she nibbled and sucked on the area until Michael forced her mouth away and up into a violent, fiery kiss. Pulling away from the fury of lips melding, he stoked her passion with a smoldering smile and a quirk of his eyebrows. Returning his look with a fiercely smug version of her own, Liz batted her eyes and challenged the alien to get on with it; her muscles were coiled with tension and aching for release.

In a second, the teasing and waiting were over and Michael lifted Liz slightly before encasing himself into her depths. The contact and connection was out-of-this-world, she thought as she threw her head back against the wall. Her boyfriend pistoned in and out of her body with barely restrained violence, biting and sucking on her neck, driving Liz to the brink.

Unable to move or aid in any way, she focused her attention on the tantalizing feel of his cock rubbing back and forth in her core. Gasping, she began to yell, “Yes, Michael. Harder, harder.” In response, Michael increased his fervency and pounded Liz into the wall roughly; her name had become a mantra from his lips.

As she felt the blissful release of her orgasm coming upon her, she became distantly aware of someone banging away on the door. Michael hesitated in mid stride and she spoke up angrily, “Don’t you even think about…” Her voice trailed off as he smirked down at her and resumed the frantic pace from before. His motions became erratic and as he plunged one final time into her body, he hit just the right spot and she fell over the edge screaming his name.

With heavy breaths and weak bodies, they slid to the floor in a jumble of arms and legs. The sweat began to dry on Liz’s body, the chill forcing her to snuggle more firmly into Michael’s loose embrace. Contentedly, she tilted her head to place a kiss on his swollen lips when she noticed the figure in the doorway.

Standing motionless and stunned just inside the apartment, he had his eyes clamped tightly shut and his jaw opened in shock. Raising her eyebrow in amusement at Michael, she spoke up giggling, “Hello, Dad.”