this story is about liz and kivar

ok liz never fall in love with max but there good friends
after alexs death she leaves roswell looking for the missing part of her she finds it in the worst person


new york

liz walked around the srteeets of new york she had been here for two days she wanted to go homw but she just coundn't handle walking around remembering alex every where


the ringing of her phone joted liz out of her thoughts

hello"lix said putting the phone to her ear

"liz were are you I've been so scared"the voice of her bestfriend said

"I'm fine maria I just had to get away "liz said she knew maria understood

"ok I just go scared your parents said you just left without saying any thing "

"well tell them I'm fine I just need to think tell evrybody that but I got to go "liz said not waiting for an answer she put the phone in her bag

she walked around the coror and ran right in to sombody

"sorry miss didn't see you there "the mans voice said

liz looked up real quik she knew that voice

"KIVAR"liz screamed