Push.Cold.Bright and Loud.People looking at me.Two of them.Both smiling.Scared.Things wrapped around me, soft and warm.Boy next to me.Brother.
"Catherine" man smiles, Lady picks me up and takes the boy's hand.
"Come along now Danny" she says
"Were you parents, you can call us mommy and daddy" man looks tired.

Ten Years Later...

"Dannnnnyyyyy!" I whined "hurry up or they're going to go without us!"
"No they wont because its us they're taking out! And I just have to find my buckets! I am not going without them!" he said and rooted at the bottom of the very messy and very full cupboard which held our stuff.
"Fine! I am going without you!" I pouted and went to walk off but I stayed by the corner waiting for him
"Aha! I got it!" he turned and walked to the corner where I was waiting and he challenged me to a race to the doors, I always won.
Mom handed us our specially made sun goggles, for when we went out into the desert to play.
Danny and Me raced out, sinking our toes into the cool desert sand that heated our parents skin with a single touch. Danny found his spot and settled down to make sand castles with our parents. I was left to wander off and explore and wander off.
I came across a dark greyish path running right through the sand after fifteen minutes of heavy flat out running, there was a car aproaching, I had seen pictures of Red and Blue cars in the picture books but I had never seen a car like this, it was green and big. Not like I had imagined. There were two people in the front and they both had brown hair and eyes but one had spiky hair and looked angry the other had straight hair and looked tired and fed up. They slowed down to a stop and looked at me as if there was something wrong
"How the hell did you get all the way out here?" asked Spiky
"I ran..." I shrugged
"You ran all the way from town?" asked the straight headed boy
"Noooo!" I laughed "silly! I ran from the LabRock, its our day out today!" I nodded my head after telling them.
"LabRock?" repeated Spiky
"Yes, why do you not know what a LabRock is, everyone lives in the LabRocks all around this place. My mom told me surely you should know that!"
"What's your name?" asked the fed up boy
"I am Catherine, what is your name?" I asked politely
"I'm Max and this is Michael, do you want to come back to town with us... we want to show you to our friends" he smiled
"Okay!" I jumped into the back and waited for them to drive off
"I have never been in a car before, do not go too fast" I grinned
"Maxwell I smell a fruitcake!" Michael whispered but I heard him crystal clear
"Oh you have fruit cake, I like fruit cake especially with Tabasco sauce" they both turned and stared at me in disbelief. Max started the car and went really fast, I stood up and leaned against the roll bar and cheered. Max laughed, he thought it was funny and Michael, well he just smiled.
"Get down you gonna fall and have an accident!" Michael tried to grab my white shirt but I started to laugh nad put my hands on the roll bar and pushed myself up into a hand stand on the roll bar as the car sped along. I leaned back down and landed standing up in the back
"Dont ever do that again you could have been killed!"
"Oh dont be silly, I have always been able to do that, Michael... silly brother!" I had no idea where the brother remark came from but he reminded me of Danny.
"What did you just call me?" he snapped
"I called you brother by accident because you remind me of Danny my brother" I said and looked the other way out into the desert. At least that is the excuse I made.

A/N: This is set before Tess(The Pig Woman) came to Roswell, Alex is still alive and its just after Blind Date!