I've decided that this Fic will be set before Te** arrives and its before Liz gets shot. So here tell me what you think of it

Wet.Push.Gooey and sticky.Hard floor.Cold.Wet.Woman bright eyes looking at me.Towel wrapped around me.Warm and Soft.Boy pushing out, like me.Friend.Hold his hand.Warm and Wet like mine.Man takes boy away from me.Boy scared.I'm Scared, without him.
"I think we'll call you Catherine" strange sounds I dont understand
"EY HINK EEL CAL OO ATHERIN" I tired to repeat what the woman said
"JOE! CATHERINE IS TRYING TO TALK!" the woman cheered all excited
"Well, let's see if Daniel can communicate the same" he put the boy down in front of me. I took his hand and held it, he squeezed my hand and I smiled.


"Dannnieeelll!" I whined as my little brother turned and started rooting through the closet for his buckets and spades
"NO! I'm not going outside without them! I always make sandcastles when we go out!" he made such a racket searching
"We wont be going out if we dont hurry up!" I roared
"Aha I got them!" he yelled for joy
"Okay! Come. On. Lets. Go!" I snapped and pulled him up by the sleeve of his white shirt. We raced out to the heavy silver screechy doors and found our parents waiting for us
"Here are you special goggles, put them on before the door opens because its very bright out today" dad handed us each a pair of our black specially made sun goggles. We were both had sensitive eyes so whenever we went out, which was rare, we wore those. Danny ran out like a child and set about searching for the perfect place to make sand castles. Mom and Dad settled down with him and left me to wander off and wander off! I jogged quietly away from their little settled spot and went off to explore. After ten minutes of extenuated running I calm across a dark gray path running right through the sand of the desert. I knelt down and reached out and touched it to see what it was. It was hot but it didnt move, it wasnt really hot but it wasnt cold either. It smelt disgusting but I didnt think it was edible. I stepped onto the path and walked along it, it didnt attack me or anything it just stayed there. I jumped up and down to see if it was an animal asleep, it still didn't do anything, I heard a noise coming from down the path. I quickly ran off it becasue I thought it had come alive, it was a strange thing moving along the path and it had two people in the front. The thing stopped near me and I jumped up and tried to pull the people out of the thing but the Spiky haired boy shoved me off
"Michael, you didnt have to shove so hard!" snapped the other boy who looked really fed up snapped at Spiky
"Maxwell I smell a fruitcake over here!" he whispered
"Oh, you have fruit cake, I dont really like fruit cake.I like chocolate cake though especially with Tabasco sauce!" I stated and both boys glared at me as if I had done something really amazing
Spiky grabbed hold of my shirt and pulled me into the moving thing and shouted at Maxwell to drive! I screamed and I heard Danny shout and yell and I saw my dad running up to the moving thing. But it was too late... the thing had sped off.
I was carried into a building surrounded by lots of other buildings similar to it. A girl was sitting on a big seat reading something. Spiky tossed me down in a chair opposite the big chair,
"Whats you name and where do you come from!" Spiky roared at me, I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs. I was terrified
"Michael, calm down your not going to get any answers out of her if you shout!" stated Maxwell
"I am Catherine Martian and I live in the LabRock with my brother Daniel Martian and my parents Joe and Lilly"
"Whats the LabRock?" asked the girl with blonde hair who looked a bit like Maxwell
"Its where we play all the games in the down rooms and we sleep in CellRooms" I stated, my fear was slowly going away
"It was a prison?" asked the girl, I shook my head
"No it wasnt a prison, I lived there and mom and dad wanted to do all those tests so they could have the data. They loved us very much and all they asked of us was that we do the tests in the Lab DownRooms"
"What kind of tests where they" Maxwell spoke up
"Well, there were lots of different tests and a lot of them I didnt like, but the ones we did were always seeing if me and Daniel could talk without our voices"
"Like mind to mind?" Spiky asked
"Yeah thats what they said and the other one was blasting cotton dummies five,ten and twenty yards and metres away"
"You can blast?" the girl asked I nodded
"She's an alien!" Spiky gasped

Part 2 SOON!