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Autor's note : Few months after the rencounter with the Dupes. Maybe a little Nc-17 later, don't know really well to this moment.

Part 1

I look at the girl under me, who is moaning. Can't just stop to scream like a cow?! I should tell she's not too ugly, maybe it's why I choosed her in my past life. I can't definatly believe that I was married to her. There was drugs on Antar? Because now, when I look at her, I just see sex, nothing more nothing less and now I use it a lot because I'm frustrated. I don't know why, yeah, I haven't too much think about this. But during this last months, I feel like there was a empty thing, a thing that I need. So I'm frustrated and it's why I fuck Lonnie. I kiss her in frustration and wanting shut up her big mouth.

Suddenly a weird thing happen, when I look at her, it's not the same girl, more tiny, with dark eyes glowing, long and soft hair, I smile in the kiss. I know finally what I need and it's not a damn blonde bitch who can give me that. I stop myself and push Lonnie away, dressing me quickly, ignoring her. I jump on my feet and open the door and leave. I heard her scream to me but I don't listen her.

"Rath!!! What are you doing?! Come back!"

"Never Princess , I'll prefer die."

"You can't leave me!"

I turn to her laughing, ironic, she's really pathetic, she had really think that I loved her? The little evil princess is definatly blind. And she's terrible now, a towel around her waist, in front of the motel's door. The girl is near of a princess to this moment.

"Really Lonnie, did you really think that I loved you? It's sad to say, not really in fact, but I never done this toward you. And don't act like a little girl lost without me, I know perfectly about your little deal with Nickolas during the summit, you aren't alone to have your memories."

She gasps. Did she really think that I was stupid? I figured her little plan weeks ago before she convince me to kill Zan. Yeah, I'm not very proud of myself, but Zan wasn't really so perfect. It's him who made us killed in our past lifes so I just exterminate the problem. I definately don't let kill myself for his ass.

"Don't say a thing, I just leave. I can't take it anymore, you make me sick, I just used you for sex. And now you aren't even good at that."

I left quickly, not letting her the time to stop me. After all, I'm late if I want hope catch my flight. Taking the money that I keeped of my "dearest ex", I buy a ticket to the airport and go to the plane. I sit near of the window, watching the sky during that we fly, taking my earphones and listening my music, I ignore the glare of grand-Mama and let Mettalica sing "Unforgiven".

Bye bye New York, hello New Mexico.


*tongue* End of my part! *big**tongue* I really hope that you like it. Michael/Liz/ Rath is my preferest threesome. *big*Rath is really cute when he's evil. *big**big*

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Thanks for all the reply. Nc-17 soon.*big* Certainly in the next part. I really hope that you don't find too sweet!

Part 2

I arrive to Roswell at 8 ap, after the making land I go to the toilet and cut my hair to look like my dear and beloved twin Michael Guerin, I erase my tattoos and piercings. I really loved my piercing but I can't keep them.

One hour later, I was standing in front of the Crash Down, in it I could see my dear "brother" talking animatly with his ex-girlfriend, Maria if I remember, which bad taste he has I should say! How could he have a crush on a girl with a fish's fish and old spaghettos yellow for hair!?! And who stop never to critize him, I think he's a masochist!

My glance goes in the room, she was here, sitting to a table writing in her eternal diary, I really should read it soon because I want know her thoughts, I want know all of her. But for the moment I must be careful, I should wait the propicious moment. For the moment I can only devour her with my eyes, her long dark hair, black like the night who is leaning on her white shoulders, goddess with a brown and sweet look. Have you a thought for Rath who is outdside and who waits for you? Or don't you remember that I'm exist? Ah! Why had I kiss you the last time?! You haunt me now, I want you, I want you so bad, so bad.

Your little friends finally left you and you close the restaurant and goes to your room, luckily you let the curtain open, thinking that there is nobody who can see you but I'm here on your balcony. I watch you during that you change yourself in a big green shirt certainly belonging to your father, I hope it's belonging to your father! God! I really must used all my strengh to control myself to not open the wwindow and tear away of your bed. But I wait, this moment will come and you will be mine.

End of the part, I know it's short but I hope you like it and I promise the Nc- 17 in the futur part!