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Author:Lady_without_a_clue otherwises known as Sour Chilli Sugar babe
Rating:A little bit of sex, a little bit of violence... lit bit of this and a little bit of that.
Couple: Zan / Liz...... This is a Fic on the past lives of the podsters. a past life including Liz
Disclaimer:I own nothing
SummaryElizabeth can show a man passion unlike any he's ever known. When Zan takes Elizabeth as his wife, he thinks his life is complete. But people aren't always who they seem.

Prologue You cannot walk away from love. That was the advertising in the Antarian newspapers, and that was how he found her. She was a young woman looking for a husband, he was a man looking for a wife. No, this is not a love story, but it is a story about love. the power it has over our lives, the power to heal and the power to destroy. About who give into it and pay the price. About those who run away because they are afraid, or because they believe they are not worthy of it..............

"You can't Marry her Zan" Vahlandra exclaimed as she ran after her brother "I mean look at her... she isn't even that pretty" Rath nodded with agreement.
"I don't care if she's pretty or not" Zan answered as he walked down the stairs, a small bounce to his step "She's intelligent, sweet and......".
"After the throne" Vahlandra threw in, her brother quickening the pace in hope he would lose her down one of the corridors. he had no such luck "What do you really know about her? How do you know she isn't like all those other whores.......".
"I just know, all right" Zan snapped cutting his sister off "Would you stop harassing me, I'm as nervous as it is" Rath stepped forward and put a strong hand on Zan's shoulder.
"Were just looking out for you Zan" Rath answered looking down the hall towards the waiting carriage "And if you believe this... Elizabeth will make you happy. Then I trust she will".
"Rath" Vahlandra spat "he is about to marry some... girl, we hardly even know and your supporting him" Rath melted under Vahlandra fiery glare.
"You know how stubborn Zan is" Rath growled "Once his mind is set, it's pretty much going to stay that way" Zan turned and began to walk towards his carriage.
"Not if I can help it" Vahlandra yelped as she ran off after her brother "Zan.... Zan.... what about Love, Zan?" Zan paused and looked back at his sister.
"Love is for those who believe" he answered before jumping into the carriage and taking off. Watching the beautiful palace gardens flow by like the ocean, he reached into his pocket and stared down at young Elizabeth's picture. She wasn't exactly drop dead gorgeous, but she was reasonable attractive. Wavy brown hair. Boring hazel eyes. A long scrawny figure and buck teeth. Intriguing behavior. looking up he sighed and held her picture to his heart, A place as vacant as his bed.

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She stood me up, Zan thought painfully as he looked around from his new bride, but still she wasn't anywhere to be seen. Maybe Vahlandra was right, for once, he thought sitting down and staring at the sunsets. I rare sight for him, because he was always cooped up in the palace. Life's hard when your a king.
"Zan?" I soft voice inquired, Zan turned and almost swallowed his tongue, because before him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Long black hair, a curvaceous body and deep brown eyes that seemed to swallow everything he was. His pain for Elizabeth standing him up became the furthermost thing from his mind, now that this angel was talking to him "You don't recognize me do you?".
"No.. I... we..." Zan paused and took a deep breath, embarrassed by his sudden foolishness "Have we meet?".
"No" she answered simply "I am Elizabeth Parker" Zan was shocked.
"But your picture..." Zan stuttered looking at her picture "You look nothing like your picture".
"I'm afraid I have deceived you" she said, biting her beautiful bottom lip "I did not want you to marry me simple because I had a pretty face, so I sent my friends picture".
"I see" Zan sighed.
"I'm sorry if my deception has altered your intentions" she said picking up her small bag "I'd understand if you never want to see me again....".
"No" Zan said quickly, stopping her from leaving "I'm afraid I have deceived you also".
She giggled softly "But you look exactly like your picture".
"I know... but when I wrote to you I told you I was a servant for the king when I am not" she looked a little worried "I am the king..." she gasped and stepped away "I'm sorry if my deception has altered your intentions" she steadier herself and took a moment.
"I see" she sighed "Well it seems we are both not be trusted" she said throwing him a small smile, causing him to break out into an idiotic grin "Shall we?" I nodded and took her arm leading her towards the carriage "Now we have all the time in the world to get to know each other".
"Actually we don't..." Zan answered helping her into the carriage "We are getting married in a few hours".
"Oh my..." she exclaimed, settling into the carriage "Then I guess we better get started".
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"In sickness and in health..." Zan chanted after the priest, watching carefully as he slipped the small silver ring on to his future wife's delicate finger "In plenty and in want... Through joy and through sorrow" his eyes flicked up and looked deep into her warm chocolate eyes "So long as we both shall live". her lips curved into a small delighted smile.
"You may kiss the bride" leaning in, Zan kissed his beautiful enchanting Angel. But as quickly as he had initiated the kiss, he felt her pull away, he sighed reluctantly and turned to those who were praising their congratulations.
"To Zan and his lovely, lovely Bride" A drunk Larek praised louder than others "many happy days for the young lovers" he refilled his sudden empty glass and returned to finish his long drawn out speech "way the pitter and patter of little feet be...".
"sweety" Maya, his wife cut in "that's enough".
"but I haven't finished..." Larek grumbled.
"yes you have" Maya said, smiling at the King.
"fine" Larek huffed sculling his drink. Walking off, Zan run into Rath.
"Zan" Rath said pulling his best friend into a tight fierce hug "Congratulations".
"thank you..." Zan said looking around the ball room expectantly "where did Vahlandra disappear too?" Rath shrugged.


this is not a love story, but it is a story about love...... About who give into it and pay the price.


laughing, Zan's smile doubled when he felt a small hand slip into his "I want you to dance with me" she whispered.
"I can't dance" he replied, as she began to drag him away from his friends and towards the dance floor "You know I can't dance Elizabeth" pulling him close and wrapping her arms around his neck. She began to sway.
"I believe you can dance" she said forcing his body to sway in time with hers, instinctively he wrapped his arms around her petite figure, never wanting to let go of his goddess "I told you, you could dance" she gave him a small kiss on the cheek.
"you bring out the best in me" he replied, pulling her close. A feeling of peace and love flooded his system, but at the same time he felt a stab of jealousy and hate. Pin pointing the feeling, Zan looked up and watched his sister glare at Elizabeth with Rage. he had never seen her so... angry. meeting his eyes, she turned and walked out of the ballroom.


"It's so beautiful here" Elizabeth said as she looked around the palace, like she was a little girl on Christmas.
"I can show around tonight" he said watching as she yawned "Or if your too tired, I can show you around tomorrow" she bit her lip in a deep thought.
"Where is my room?" she asked.
"it is down that hall.... 5th door on the left" she nodded and turned to look down the hall "my room will be over there" she nodded again.
"Tomorrow" she smiled, before walking off towards her room. Zan stared after her, until her body disappeared into her room.
"Tomorrow" he whispered.
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"Morning sleepyhead" Elizabeth exclaimed as she walked into Zan's large room, with the breakfast his servants had prepared for him. Zan lifted his head and smiled lazily at his wife "drink this! I made it this morning".
"Okay" sitting up, Zan watched his wife take a sip of her coffee "You don't drink coffee in the morning, you always drink tea" she cocked her eye brow at him.
"My sister drinks tea in the morning" she sighed, looking away from him "I absolutely love coffee".
"I can see that" Zan smiled as he laid back down.
"Come on get up" she said poking him in the side, rolling over he grabbed her and began to tickle her. hurling them both into a fit of giggles, Elizabeth launched herself at him and in a matter of minutes they had managed to wrestle back and forth on his large bed. Landing with him on top of her, the faces barely inches away "You promised you'd show me around today remember".
sweeping her silky her off her face Zan nodded "I know" leaning to kiss his sweet angel, when the doors open.
"Morning your... Oh my goodness" Rosita, Zan's maid gasped when she caught the two "I'm sorry! I'm sorry" the doors closed, Elizabeth looked up at Zan. Zan looked down at Elizabeth. Both of them burst out into laughing.

This is not a love story......

"these are the stables" Zan announced as he escorted Elizabeth into the stables, still mesmerized by her midnight blue dress. turning Elizabeth threw him a million dollar smile making him feel like he was the luckiest man on earth.
"what is his name?" she asked, pointing to a grumpy looking horse with pale white features.
"that is 'thunder'" Zan answered, never hesitating, Elizabeth took off towards him "Elizabeth.... be careful he's..." Zan watched Elizabeth stroke a usually agitated 'Thunder' "dangerous".
"he's not dangerous" she sighed "he's beautiful".
'Your beautiful' Zan thought as he walked up beside her "We should get going..." her eyes flicked up at him with alarm "If we want to make it back to the palace before dusk" nodding, Elizabeth allowed Zan to escort her towards a horse named 'Mesmarelda' while he rode 'Knight'.
"you know..." Zan said as he followed Elizabeth out of the barn "most woman ride their horse's side saddle" Elizabeth laughed.
"Only mermaids ride side saddle, because they have too" she shouted, taking off at great speeds.
"Elizabeth" Zan called "wait up".

but it is a story about love........

"why did you pick me?" Elizabeth asked, as she and Zan walked through the palace gardens in perfect silence "I mean from what I understand, woman through themselves at you everyday and I guess I was just..... I sound so stupid".
"No you don't" Zan answered looking around. Plucking a beautiful rose from one of the trees, Zan held it to Elizabeth, like a candle to a flame "here on Antar, the past means a lot to my people.... Tradition in a necessity..... I want to step out of the past and make a better tradition. Embrace the future" taking the flower between her fingers, Elizabeth inhaled it's sweet scent.
"and you think I can help you..." Elizabeth paused, searching for the right words "create this future".
"yes" he answered "Your intelligent, funny... beautiful....".
"and as red as a tomato by now I imagine" she giggled, as she danced a distance between them.
"why did you pick me?" Zan asked moving towards his wife "You are a beautiful girl, you cannot lead me to believe that men would not fall at your feet simply to steal a glance at you" Elizabeth giggled softly.
"you flatter me" she said clenching the rose between her finger tips tightly "I guess I'm trying to escape my future" looking deep into Zan's amber eyes "Do you understand?".
"More than you can know" he said leaning into kiss her. Biting her lip she laughed before closing the distance with a soft kiss that blew them into another dimension.