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Hey Everyone!! I'm soooo SORRY! I've been gone for some time now and while I was gone, I thought of a concept for a new story. I'm also working on an update to "Cold".

Disclaimer: I only own my whacky ideas *happy*

Title:Save Me
Author: Vampiricheart!!
Rating: R
Category: Semi-AU/future
Spoiler: Post- Harvest
A/N: Lets just say that the whole Roswell gang where all a few more years older than they are in the show; like say.... 20-23. And instead of high school, there in college(Imagine there's a college in Roswell). So every thing has happened a few more years later instead of in high school. Which means -YAY- they all(but Liz) had a normal teenage life. Well... until after graduation. It'll work trust me.
Summery: Liz is from Roswell and lived there until she was nine, but moved away to Manhattan. Before she moved, she befriended Maria, Alex, etc. when she moved, she begun to live this whole other life. Her father dies, and Liz move back to Roswell when Liz is 19. She's always kept in close touch with Alex and sometimes Maria, but her Maria, and Alex are best friends. Years past, and everything with Liz and Max and the pod squad has happened as on the show. Lately, Liz and Max are on their bad terms b/c of the 'her and Kyle' thing. But now some people have come to town from Liz's past, and will reveal the hidden past of Liz Parker.


Just Outside Roswell, New Mexico

"Gabe, are you sure this is the place?" Dora asked as she turned to look at him in the passenger's seat.
"Yes Dora, I did the scan three times. I'm sure this is the place." Gabriel answered.
"Okay, wrong wording, my bad. What I really meant was, is this really the place we should be? I mean we can't really just barge back into her life after five years. I've talked to her on the phone about two months ago; she seems to be happy."
"Dora, you do realize that thats all wonderful and everything, but this is kinda on the important side." said Noel who sat in the back seat.
Gabriel, who was driving let out an light sigh. The last thing he wanted to do was shatter the happiness that Liz had finally found. It was rare that anyone of them could ever live a normal, good life, but Liz seems to had found it. And now, he was forced to deliver the most heartbreaking news to her.
"Gabe, what's your input?" Noel asked noticing his best friend's silence.
"Well we have to tell her. That's pretty obvious. But..." He sighed heavily, "I just don't want her to resent me for it. I don't want her to hate me. I don't want to ruin her life all over again."
"Gabe, you didn't ruin anything. Sure she thought she was just a normal girl before she move to New York and met us, but don't forget the prophecy, man, it's our destiny. Sooner or later we were all bound to meet and get our powers. She was never normal and there's nothing anybody could have done to stop what's destined to happen. Not for her and not for us." Noel finished in his 'the-truth-of-the-matter-is' kind of way. Dora just looked at him. He was right, Gabe couldn't keep blaming himself for all of their lives changing. He's just to damn hard on himself. At least her, Noel, and Liz had all had a mostly normal life. Gabe changed a long time before everybody else. ~Poor Gabe~ Dora thought to herself.
"Liz never did resent you, Gabe. We don't resent you." Dora consoled. She hated seeing him so conflicted with himself.

Gabriel smiled awkwardly at the both of them.
"Oh look, we're now entering Roswell, New Mexico!" Noel cheered, immediately brightening the mood. His outburst was followed by Gabe and Dora's cheers.

At the Crashdown

"Jesus, hurry it up with my orders! These people have been waiting for thirty minutes, I'm tired, and I'm dealing with them all by myself" Maria yelled over the counter.
"My name's not Jesus," Michael responded not looking up from the meat on the stove. "and where the hell's Liz? She's not off today." Michael added. Maria just shrugged and walked away. Michael sighed, he was getting more and more irritated by Liz every since word got out about her fucking Kyle and Max walking in. She had no right to do that to him. He glanced up and looked over to the table Max, Isabel, and Tess were sitting.
He heard the back door open and slam shut as Liz walked briskly to the brake room to change.
"I'm sorry I'm late, I got caught up." Liz said as she walked.
"Yeah, I'm sure Kyle kept you pretty busy." Michael said under his breath thinking Liz didn't catch it. He soon realize that she did when he heard her pause then quickly keep going.
Minutes later, Liz reappeared in her turquoise alien work suit. She walked right past without a glance and something in Michael felt a little guilty for her having heard him.

"Liz, where were you? I've been juggling these folks all morning." Maria complained walking over to Liz from Max's table. Liz looked over to the table where Max locked glances then looked away, Isabel was chatting with Tess and when she saw Liz, threw her the most vicious glare; Tess just Looked at Liz with a sort of triumphed gleam. It made Liz shudder. "I'm sorry Maria, I got caught up." Liz responded looking away. They all made her so uncomfortable. Even Maria had grown distant with her. Only Alex and Kyle stay the same. As Liz watched Maria walk away, she let out a long, deep sigh and got to work. All the while, wishing they all knew what she did for all of them. ~God, they make me so miserable~

Max watched Liz walk to the back room. Then resumed back talking to Isabel and then Tess, trying to get his mind of her. They heard the front door bell ring and to see three strangers walk in. Two were men and One was a woman. Half the women in the room nearly gasped at the two guys and half the guys at the girl.
Michael looked at them in his usual suspicion from the kitchen window as they sat down. Then he looked at Max and looked back to the strangers.

"All man, Gabe, We better be in the right one cause I'd hate to think we're in this dense ass place for nothin." Noel sighed.
Dora, who also noticed the stares, added: "Yeah um... those people over at that table are starting to creep me out."
"This is the place... I hope." responded Gabriel. Noel and Dora chuckled then silenced as they noticed a median size blond girl walking to their table.
"Hi, welcome to the Crashdown. I'm Maria, I'll be your waitress today. How may I help you?" Maria stated sounding only half welcoming.
The three looked over the menu while Maria exchanged eye debate with Max and Michael who was now at the table with Isabel and Tess.
Dora noticed this and quickly put up her defense mechanism.
"Um, yeah, Maria, is there something you and your friends want to ask us, cuz if so then why don't you just get on with it." Dora said coldly.
"Dora, stop." Gabriel said quickly not wanting to draw attention to them. Dora sighed quickly and sat back.
"Um... we'll have three alien blasts and three sprites, thank you Maria." Noel said quickly and handed Maria the menus. Maria and Dora eyed each other for a minute before Maria went off to get the food.

"Dora, why in hell did you do that?" Gabriel asked quietly and calmly.
"I'm sorry Gabe, I don't really know, I mean, I looked up and saw the way her and friends were studying us and got this really bad feeling. I was pissed before I could do anything about it." Dora explained.
Noel looked her and laughed. "Oh shit man, we forgot to ask for Liz."
"I know, I was going to before D here decided to get all offensive and icy to the waitress. I hope she doesn't spit in your food." Gabe said semi-sarcastic. Then he got serious very quick.
"How do you know she's here right now?" Dora asked after flicking him off for his previous statement.
"She's here, I can sense her."
In the kitchen

"So what did you find out?" Michael asked Maria when she walked back in from taking theirs orders.
"What could she possibly learn she was just taking there orders." Isabel asked in sarcasm.
"Well except that the two guys are hot, and the girl's a bitch, nothing." Maria answered.

Liz walked in from the back room and everyone stopped and stared at her for a moment. Isabel mumbled something to Michael and he snickered and gave Maria the food. Liz let out a sigh and started to walk into the front when Max's voice stopped her.
"Um Liz, we were just talking about there being some new strangers in town and....."

Back into front

"Here you go" Maria said placing their food on the table sounding fake-happy.
"Thank you." Gabriel responded and Noel gave her a small smile. Maria returned a huge smile to Noel and he quickly grabbed Dora's hand, sending Maria the 'I'm taken' message.
Her smile quickly faded and Dora's grew.

"Anything else?" she asked.
"Uh... actually, there is. Do know where We might fin Liz Parker?" Gabriel asked politely.
Maria eyed them suspiciously then replied shortly: "Yeah, just a moment." then she walked to the back where Liz was standing in awkward silence as everyone talked on what to do. When the noticed Maria had come back, they grilled her with questions.
"Well, they seem to want talk to Liz." Maria. Everyone turned to look at Liz and before anyone could start their ridiculous questions and demands, Liz decided to get out to get it over with.

Gabe was staring off at the kitchen door thinking about Liz. And as if on cue with his thoughts, she came walking right through the door before he could realize it was her.
But when he did, the sight of her almost knocked him off his feet. Gabriel let out a gasp and Noel and Dora noticed the gasp and expression, followed his stare and saw Liz who hadn't even seem them yet do to a complaining customer.
"Lizzie!!" both Noel and Dora at the same time. Liz stopped in her tracks at the sound their voices. She turned and dropped the plate on the floor.
"OMG! D! Noel!" Liz said excited as they both ran up to hug her.
Gabriel still sat at the booth taking in the sight of Liz as she welcomed Dora and Noel. His heart twisted when he saw her smile but then stopped as her eyes locked with his. She sobered and smiled weakly still staring into his eyes.
"Hey Gabe" She said quietly as if there was no one else there. Gabriel stood up and walked up to her.
"Hey Liz" He responded just as quietly, then embracing her tightly. Liz sunk against him because the moment he touched her, a relaxed warm feeling passed over her as if to say that everything would be all right. "I missed you." Liz whispered against his solid chest.
"I missed you too, Liz" he whispered back breathing in the scent of her hair. ~Still vanilla~ Gabriel thought to himself.

The foursome stood in the middle of the Crashdown Cafe' silently reacquainting themselves with each other and completely didn't noticed the whole Pod Squad including Alex and Kyle who had just showed up. They stood in complete shock and curiosity, well, all except Max, who stood in silent jealous rage.

"AHEM" Michael said loudly. The foursome stopped and turned to look at the pod squad. Liz instantly realized her error.
"So, Liz, who are your new friends?" Max said in quiet fury.

OKAY! That's all I'm writing for today. I hope you like it. If you do, then send FEEDBACK!! And I'll continue. LATA *bounce*

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