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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, UPN, Jason Katims,
and all the wonderful people who we all love for starting this fabulous series. No infringement or disrespect is intended. I’m just borrowing them! I would like to thank Carol (spacemom) for allowing me to use her character names (Mason and Cheryl) from her story “Acting Alien" The character name, Niko Giuliani is Totally fictitious. I do not know anyone by that name and mean no disrespect to anyone who has that name. -jane
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

I am posting all parts to this story, on one string, on the Repost Board!

Thank you again and again for your wonderful feedback! I am so glad that my story brightens your day, all of you certainly brighten mine! Phil and Sue have been able to speak sub-vocally, ever since Sue found out the truth about Phil. Any Antarian can connect with a Human, if they are physically touching. I post on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (U.S., east coast time). It is a race to get two chapters out a week, I am afraid I won’t be able to bring them out any faster than that! ~jane

Was It A Dream? Part 22

When Phillip and Sue came running into the house, to get ready for the birthday party, Max took them aside to tell them that they had better use the master bath, as Libby and Dee were busy in the bathroom they shared with Phil. Phil told Sue to go ahead first, while he helped his parents in the kitchen.

“You aren’t going to be able to find your birthday cake and take swipes at the frosting, so why don’t you go to your room and get ready?” Liz teased her son. Phil gave her an injured look that said ‘me, sneak frosting? Never!’ And they all broke out laughing. Phil had a history of licking frosting.

A few minutes later, a freshly scrubbed and gorgeous Sue came into the kitchen, in her bathrobe and asked Phil if he could dry her long hair for her, as he had suggested. The two of them went into Phil’s bedroom. In the kitchen, Max and Liz raised their eyebrows at each other.

“Drying and brushing your hair is one of my favorite things to do and one of the most sensual, other than making love with you.” Max said softly into Liz’s ear.

“Yes, they really are getting close.” Liz whispered back, happily, as Max kissed her, just below her ear.

“Too close, too quickly?” Max asked and then blew into that ear.

“They’re good kids, they’ll be alright, unlike Phillip’s father, who is getting me all wound up, while we are in the kitchen, with a houseful of kids and lots more people coming back in just under an hour and we can’t go to our room, because he offered the use of our bathroom to his son!”

“Mmm sorry, love, it’s just that your neck tastes so much better than frosting and it smells like heaven too.” Max said, as he finished nibbling and moved away a little.

“Oh you always know just what to say to get yourself out of trouble.” Liz sighed.

“Not really, because I’m all wound up too.” He grinned.

Back in Phil’s room, Sue was sitting on his desk chair, while Phil gently drew a brush through her hair, which was almost dry.

“Now that I have had the great pleasure of playing with and brushing your lovely hair, I think we are going to have to find other occasions when I can lengthen it for you, once we go back to Cambridge.” Phil said.

“Oh could you Phillip? I’d love that, having long hair, but only when you…and your family could see it. It would be like in Victorian times when ladies wore their hair up, dressed and acted so prim and proper, until they were alone in their bedchambers, with their husbands and then they let their hair down and….”

“Well, I’m not your husband yet…” Phil started to say.

“Yet.” Sue specified, blushing.

They gazed into each other’s eyes, in the mirror, for several moments realizing what the other was thinking. Neither of them had mentioned marriage to the other; Phil hadn’t proposed and Sue hadn’t said yes, but both of them hoped that someday soon, they would be husband and wife and…

“…but I’d love to see your hair down…and be able to stroke it…as often as possible.” Phil finished his original sentence.

“I’d like that…very much, too.” Sue said, as she looked up at Phil, who was standing behind her. Phil turned Sue around in her seat, bent down and kissed her, lingeringly.

“If you two keep that up, neither of you will be ready for the party in time.” Dee said, as she and her twin stood at the door to Phil’s room.

“If you two don’t stop interrupting us when we are kissing, you won’t live to see your next birthdays.” Phil shot back, but stopped kissing Sue anyway.

“I’d better go get dressed.” Sue said, reluctantly.

And I’d better go get a shower.” Phil said as they both got up to leave the room.

The two sisters guided Sue into Libby’s room and Phil went in the opposite direction, towards his parents’ room.

Some time later, everyone had arrived and then managed to all find a seat at the large dining table in the formal dining room.

“Wow, Max, this room and your living room are certainly impressive spaces. There are thirty-one of us here and we are all sitting at the same table!” Mason exclaimed.

“This room does come in handy for birthdays and holidays, otherwise it’s used to assemble pamphlets and store paperwork.” Max replied, smiling. “We rarely ever use these rooms for the formal functions they were built for.”

“Everybody ready in there?” Amy DeLuca-Valenti called from around the corner.

“Ready!” Everyone else called back and Amy and her husband, retired Roswell sheriff, Jim Valenti, came in, carrying an enormous cake between them.

“Happy birthday to you…happy birthday, dear Phillip, happy birthday to you!”

“Yah! What did you wish for?” Amy Guerin asked, as she did at everyone’s birthday.

“Can’t tell you Amy, or it won’t come true.” Phil said.

“What kind of cake is that?” Alex called out.

“I think Phillip was feeling extra patriotic this year.” Grandma Amy said. “He asked for a three layer ice-cream cake; one layer is strawberry, the middle is vanilla and the third layer is blueberry ice-cream; red, white and blue.”

“I just had a craving for strawberries and blueberries.” Phil replied.

“What ever…cut the cake!” Amy’s brother, Marcus yelled.

“All right, all right!” Phil said, as he got up from his seat. “Sue, will you help me, please? Hand me the plates, but you have to keep them coming, alright?” Sue nodded, a little puzzled. Where was the cake-knife? She wondered.

Then, she found out that Antarians don’t need cake-knives to cut birthday cake. First one way and then another; cuts were magically being made in the cake, as Phillip passed his hand over it.

“Ready with the plates, Sue?” Phil asked and then pieces of ice-cream cake began to peal themselves off from the main cake and float onto a plate, which Sue held out. She quickly passed the plate on and held up another, until everyone was served.

“Oh my word!” Aunt Susan exclaimed, from where she was sitting between Kyle and Sam Jones. “What great partners you two make!” She said, grinning at the two young people and the rest of the table chuckled along with her.

“We have Tabasco-laced chocolate sauce for the aliens among us and regular chocolate sauce to pour over your cake, if you’d like, for the rest of us.” Liz said, as she brought in several small pitchers and placed them around the table.

“Excuse me, Tabasco and chocolate?” Mason exclaimed, looking a little green.

“We like our food to be sweet and spicy at the same time.” Isabel explained and Mason nodded, smiling weakly.

After dessert, everyone moved into the large family room. Extra chairs were brought in, but the birthday-boy and his girlfriend still sat on the floor, right next to each other.

“Thank you for the gift certificate to the computer-store, Mr. and Mrs. Blair; there’s a new palm unit I’d love to get and your gift will allow me to buy it now. Thanks again.” Phil said, grinning at Sue’s parents for their generous gift.

“Open mine next, Phil.” Susan said, passing him her gift. “Actually it’s more a gift for Suzie, but…”

“Oh wow, it’s a whole set of the aftershave I use and other items made for the same brand, but how is this more a gift for Sue than for me?” Phil asked, puzzled.

“Suzie told me that she loves how you smell!” Aunt Susan said, laughing gently, as Sue was blushing from the roots of her hair to the tips of her toes.

“Aunt Susan, did you have to tell him that?” Sue exclaimed.

“You don’t like the way I smell after all?” Phil teased.

“No, I…I…” Sue couldn’t finish and just hid her face in his chest.

“Too bad we aren’t video-taping this, we could have sent it into the manufacturer, to use in one of their commercials!” Alex joked and everyone laughed.

“Here’s the gift from Mom and Dad.” Libby passed their gift to Phillip.

“Hey great, it’s the entire anthology of my favorite music group! This is great, Mom and Dad, thank you!” Phil said, but since Sue was holding Phil’s hand again, while Maria and Kyle fought over who’s gift to give to Phil next, she could tell that he had been hoping for something else.

Sue glanced over at Mr. and Mrs. Evans and caught them gazing at their son with a strange look in their eyes.

‘Don’t look now, but I think that they may have something else planned for you.’ Sue told Phil, silently. ‘They have a very strange look on their faces.’ Phil looked closely at his parents and then Sue could sense both excitement and intense nervousness churning inside of him.

‘What is it?” Sue asked, silently.

‘We’ll have to wait and see. I can’t be sure they plan to do it, until they do.’ Phil said, cryptically.

“Well, since your Aunt Maria and Uncle Kyle are still fighting, why don’t you open my gift next?” Sue asked.

“Oh wow, what is it?” He asked, grinning at her, as he opened the small package. “It’s a…it’s a screen-saver with pictures of Airatan on it!” Phil said, awe-struck. “I didn’t know we had one of these on the market.” Phil said, as he brought up his hand to caress Sue’s cheek.

“We don’t.” Liz explained. “Sue called me up and asked if it would be alright for her to download the pictures from our website so that she could make that screen-saver, especially for you. Of course I gave my permission and voila!”

“I wanted you to have a little bit of your home, back in Cambridge.” Sue said.

“This was a wonderful and really thoughtful idea, Sue.” Phil told her as he moved in to kiss her. “Thank you very much . I can hardly wait to install it.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Sue said, smiling.

“I love it.” Phil replied, as Maria finally brought his next gift to him.

Phil continued to open his gifts until he was done. He looked around at all of the sweaters, jeans, shirts and especially the leather pants and vest; he had been given by Aunt Maria and Uncle Michael.

“Thank you for all these wonderful presents. I feel so lucky to have such a great big family and lots of good friends.” Phil said.

“Actually, you have one more gift from us, Son.” Max said, as Liz brought their gift to him.

“Happy twenty-first birthday to my handsome, wonderful son.” Liz said with tears in her eyes.

“Mom?” Phil asked, worried.

“It’s okay, Phil; open it.” She told him and Max got up to stand next to Liz, with his arm around her.

Phil swallowed nervously and then opened the box. Inside, Sue could see something white.

“What is it Phil?” But Phil didn’t hear her. His attention was focused on his parents.

“Mom, Dad, are you sure…you want to give me this?” Phil asked, as he stood up with the box in his hands.

“Are you sure you want to take it?” Max asked.

Both men looked at each other, took deep breathes, stood tall and straight and then said ‘yes’ at the same time. Phil took hold of the item and let the box drop to the floor. He unfolded it to show the room a long, white, sleeveless robe; unadorned as yet with any kind of decoration.

“But Phil isn’t getting married yet…is he?” John Evans, Isabel’s father, asked, confused. Sue, Mason, Cheryl and Susan looked on, also mystified by the significance of the white garment.

“John, these white robes are not only worn at our weddings, they are worn at certain special occasions and identify us with their decorations and markings.” Max explained. “Phillip’s is blank because he has yet to officially accept who he is; take up his birthright. He will do so today.”

“Max, if you would rather the four of us not be here…if this is a personal, family…thing…” Mason asked, uncertain.

“No Mason, I think that this ceremony will be very important for you all to see. It will show you an important part of who we are…who my son it.” Max said.

“Um, okay.” Was all Mason could say.

“The nine of us need to go and make a quick change. We will be back in just a few minutes. Perhaps the rest of you would like to move outside.” Liz suggested, as Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Isabel, Alex, Tess, Kyle and Phillip left the room.

Incredibly, it was only a matter of perhaps five minutes, before the group came back; and what an entrance (or exit) they made. The French doors from the family room opened by themselves and each couple walked through the opening.

Max and Liz came first, wearing their white robes and golden circlets. Phil walked right behind them, wearing his new, blank robe and a serious expression. Isabel and Alex, Michael and Maria and then Tess and Kyle all came out, walking as couples, also wearing their white robes.

“Libby and Dee, come stand up front, please.” Max instructed his daughters. Everyone else, please take the hand of a non-alien, so that they can be a part of this ceremonial connection, as well.”

Libby, Dee and Amy reached out to Mason, Cheryl, Susan and Sue and took their hands. Once everyone was settled, Max began.

“All Antarians; wherever you are and all citizens of Airatan, please here me.” At these words, Mason looked around him and he was certain that he saw hundreds of ghostly forms standing on the lawn, listening to what Max Evans had to say.

“I asked you all to be available at this time, because we have something very important to tell you.” Max continued. As none of us has ever done this or seen this done before, I will need to give some explanation. As you know, we, your king and queen, have three children; our oldest, Phillip and our two daughters, Diane Elizabeth, or Dee and Liza Belle, or Libby.” Max indicated each of them as he said their names. “By our laws and our customs, either of our children could have asked to be recognized as our heir, your next king or queen. Three years ago, when Phillip turned eighteen and the girls were sixteen, we spoke to them about their futures and asked each of them to think carefully about whether or not they would want to take the thrown…sometime in the future.”

“One year ago, Phillip came to us with his sisters and they gave us their decisions. Phillip asked to be made my official heir and Dee and Libby asked to be made his royal counselors. I am a lawyer and have ruled using my expertise in the law; but Phillip realized, as have many of us, that in the last twenty-five years, our community has grown here on Earth and out in space. We live under the laws of the land and countries we live in; plus we are a peaceable people, so we need a leader who is versed in business rather than the law. Therefore, our son has been studying towards his Masters in business administration and has been taking summer jobs with some of you, so that he may better understand how you run your businesses and how best to incorporate our entire community into a co-op or corporation, while keeping our individualized identities.”

“Phillip will continue his studies as will his sisters; Libby is an artist and Dee will become a lawyer, enabling them to council their brother and king…when the time comes, in the many different facets of this community. Our plan then is for us, your king and queen to retire and abdicate the thrown, in twelve years, when we are both sixty years old and Phillip is thirty-three. In the meantime, Phillip will finish his studies and continue to work in some of your shops and studios, during the summer and train with us, his parents after he graduates. Phillip, with all of our help will build this community into its new earthly identity over these years, as well. Now that all of that has been explained, there is a ceremony we need to perform.” Max said, as he and Liz walked up to their son and Phillip instinctively knelt before them.

Isabel, Michael and Tess stood with their right hands on his shoulders, witnessing the ceremony as a princess of Antar and the current royal counselors to the king and queen.

“Phillip Jeffery Evans, I ask you formally; do you wish to be named as my official heir, to become the next king of all Antarian people, at the proper time and to take on all the responsibilities and duties of that position and honor?” Max asked, taking the Oath of Birthright from Antar’s historical records.

“I do so wish it, My Liege.” Phillip replied, taking his response from the historical records, as well.

“Do you pledge to support and protect your liege lord…and you queen while they reign; while they live?” Liz asked, formally.

“I do so pledge to support, protect…honor and love…” Phil added. “…my liege lord and my queen, as long as they live.” Phil replied.

“Then rise up.” Max instructed as he and Liz placed their right hands over the left side of Phillip’s chest.

“Receive the mark of Royal Heir on your robe and wear it in your heart, as well as on this cloth.” Max said, as their hands glowed, before they removed them from his chest to show a gold emblem; the Antarian Royal Seal, but with a special symbol, which proclaimed him as the heir to the thrown.

Before Max and Liz could give into their emotions and hug their son, they turned to all of their people, to ask for their oath, as well.

“All Antarians and citizens of Airatan, do you pledge to support and honor your prince in his preparations towards his future position?” Max asked.

“We do so pledge.” Everyone said firmly, yet happily.

Mason heard even the senior Evans couples; the Parkers, Valenties and Sam Jones give their pledge towards this young man and felt a profound sense of awe…and trepidation. Then he was listening again, as Max continued to speak.

“The Princesses Dee and Libby will receive their robes and take their vows when they turn twenty-one, in two years…unless something…happens and they must take their positions before they are meant to.” Max explained.

With those words came the end of the ceremony and Max and Liz moved in to hug their son as did his aunts, uncles and friends. The crowds of ghostly spectators all broke out into applause and happy cheers for their royal family. Their thrown was secure with another generation ready to take its place; to lead all Antarians into a more prosperous and settled future.

After everyone settled down and the Connection was broken, the partygoers got ready to leave, after they made sure that Liz needed no help in cleaning up. Liz thanked them as her children and their friends made light work of neatening up the house; a few waves of their hands and everything was back in order.

‘Now there’s a talent I wouldn’t mind learning.’ Susan Nelson thought to herself, as she watched her two best friends speaking quietly, but urgently to each other. When they walked over to Phillip and Sue, she followed them.

“Well, that’s a birthday party we’ll ever forget. I bet you won’t either.” Mason said.

“No sir, I won’t forget this whole weekend as long as I live.” Phillip replied.

“Well, we just wanted to wish you happy birthday again and say good night to our daughter, before we head up to Sam’s house.” Cheryl said.

“Of course, good night to all of you and thanks again for your generous gifts.” Phil said, as he turned to Sue.

‘They don’t just want to say good night to you, Sue. I sense that they are worried, almost scared for you.’ Phil warned in the split-second speed of sub-vocal speech.

‘I know, don’t worry, everything will be okay and I’ll come by your room before I turn in.’ Sue said.

“See you in a few minutes, Sue.” Phil said out loud, as he let go of her hand.

“Yeah, I’ll be right back.” Sue said, as she moved into the living room to speak to her parents.

“I’m sure everything will be alright, Son.” Max said, as he and Liz came to stand by Phillip. “Better that they get their worries and their questions out in the open now.”

“Sue is an intelligent young woman, who knows her own mind. She knows what and who she wants in her future.” Liz assured him.

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I will post all parts to this story, on one string, on the Repost Board!

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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, UPN, Jason Katims,
and all the wonderful people who we all love for starting this fabulous series. No infringement or disrespect is intended. I’m just borrowing them! I would like to thank Carol (spacemom) for allowing me to use her character names (Mason and Cheryl) from her story “Acting Alien" The character name, Niko Giuliani is Totally fictitious. I do not know anyone by that name and mean no disrespect to anyone who has that name. -jane
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

Was It A Dream? Part 23

September 14, 2031

Sue followed her parents and aunt into the Evans’ living room.

“Mom, Dad, is something wrong? You’ve never needed privacy to tell me good night.” Sue said.

“I guess we are just feeling a little overwhelmed.” Cheryl told her daughter, while indicating that they all should take a seat.

“Why? I thought you liked and accepted the Evanses for whom and what they are?” Sue asked.

“We do, Sweetheart, we do.” Mason assured his daughter. “Max and Liz are our good friends and they, their family and all of the people here are good, honest folk. We’ve seen how alike us they are and their differentness, as well and your mother and I are truly okay with that.”

“Then what has you overwhelmed, Mom, Daddy?” Sue asked, confused.

“We are worried about you…and Phillip, Suzie.” Cheryl said.

“Why? Phillip is wonderful, he…”

“He is an alien prince, who will one day follow in his father’s footsteps and become king of an alien race.” Mason came to the point.

“We see how close you are to Phillip and we are torn between wanting to see you happily married to this fine, young man you are in love with.” Cheryl paused on a questioning note and Sue nodded, smiling shyly. “We want to see you happily married to him, but we are also worried about your future with him. You would become the queen of a people who seem to take their royalty very seriously, unlike any other country on Earth does, anymore.”

“There would be so much responsibility, which comes with that position; are you ready for that, to help Phillip when it lands on his shoulders?” Mason asked. “What about your dream of becoming a molecular biologist; would you be able to do both and raise a family?”

“Max has told us that they are part of an interplanetary alliance. What if their enemies attack Earth?” Cheryl asked, wringing her hands.

“We are just worried about you, Suzie. We love you and want you to be safe and happy, living the kind of life you want.” Mason finished.

“I love you too, all three of you and I do understand that all of this might be a lot to take in…That ceremony this evening was…unexpected, incredibly moving and disconcerting at the same time. It also made me face Phillip’s…true nature, as well and what my life with him might be like. I have the same questions you have, but I think that I have some answers, as well.”

“What are they, Suzie?” Aunt Susan asked, encouragingly.

“I look at how hard both of you have worked at your careers. You put in an insane amount of hours, when you are shooting a movie; then there’s the lack of privacy and the stress of having to deal with people like Niko on a daily basis. But you love acting and so you work those long hours and make those sacrifices.”

“Phillip has told me about how hard his parents have worked too. Mr. Evans would be a lawyer and Mrs. Evans would be a molecular biologist…during the day; come home and be wonderful parents, spending their evenings and weekends with their family and then quite often work late at night, being a king and queen, helping their people. But they love it and so they do it. And the fact that their people are so serious about their royal family; so supportive and loyal has made it all worthwhile for them. Phillip says that they have never regretted all the work.”

“Anything important is worth the hard work. I’ve learned that through being on the swim team; studying all the hours I do, to earn my degree. Phillip is very important to me; I love him, so any of this would be worth being with him.”

“As far as the worry of an attack from outer space; that is the same worry we all live with here on Earth, with the threat of nuclear war or terrorism. You have taught me not to just stand on the sidelines, but to take a stand and take part in trying to make this a better world to live in. Maybe by becoming the queen of an alien race; having a seat on an interplanetary council, I can help keep the peace, or help stop an attack on my planet.” Sue had been serious and earnest up until then, but now she paused and grinned.

“Anyway, none of this may ever happen. I believe that Phillip loves me, but neither of us has said anything to the other about how we feel. Maybe it’s time for that to change.” Sue said the last, thoughtfully.

“How did you become such a wise and thoughtful person, at your age? I know most of that didn’t come from us.” Mason asked, almost in awe of the young woman his little girl had become.

“You’re wrong, Daddy. An awful lot of who I am comes from you and Mom and Aunt Susan.” She said, as they all converged for a group hug and a few tears.

“Well that Phillip of yours had better love you or he isn’t the wise and thoughtful young man I think he is; who would be the perfect match for my wonderful daughter.” Cheryl said.

“Well I feel better now that all of you have discussed your worries. Shall we go and bid our hosts good night?” Susan asked.

“Yes, they must be wondering what we’re doing in here.” Cheryl smiled, as they all walked toward the family room and their friends.

“The four of you take your good nights seriously!” Liz smiled. “Is everything all right?”

“Yes, everything is fine now. We did have some…concerns, which we needed to speak to Sue about, but she was able to help us lay them aside.” Mason explained.

“Well, if your concerns ever point in our direction, I hope you know that you can ask us any questions that you need to.” Max said and his friends smiled and nodded.

“Actually, before you go, we wanted to tell you about an idea we’ve had for some late-night entertainment.” Liz said. “Phil told us that you know about Sue’s seeing “something”, that night, so long ago. We were wondering if you would like to come and see what she saw.”

“Uh yeah, sure, but what did she wee?” Mason asked, cautiously.

“We teach our children how to use their powers as we teach them how to read and write. But they like to get together and try out their gifts with their friends. There is a clearing nearby, where they like to go, shortly after sunset. These activities are closely monitored and there have never been any accidents, but it gives the kids a chance to do some pretty neat stuff. Sue followed Phillip that night, when he went to the clearing for the first time with some older friends.”

“Wow that sounds intriguing, I’d love to go!” Susan piped up.

“Yes, so would we.” Cheryl said, with more enthusiasm than her husband had used.

“Great, why don’t you go home and change into some more comfortable, warmer clothes and then Sam will bring you down when you’re ready?” Everyone agreed to this and Mason, Cheryl and Susan left.

“Why don’t we change and I’ll take you to the clearing when you’re ready. We won’t want to go as a big group, tromping through the woods. Mom and Dad will split us up anyway.” Phillip suggested.

“Okay, let’s do that.” Sue agreed, happily.

A short while later, Sue heard a tapping on the window, in her room. She smiled, walked over to the window and drew back the curtains. Phillip stood outside, as she had hoped he would, beckoning her to slide out the window, as she had done, so many years ago. She opened the window, slid out and took Phil’s hand, as he guided her on their way.

When Sam brought his three guests back down to the Evans’ house, Max did indeed split them up, saying that a large group would only attract the kid’s attention and they didn’t want to disturb their fun by letting them know that a bunch of grown-ups were watching. Max took Mason, Liz took Cheryl and Sam volunteered to take Susan. They headed out to find their own, separate spots, from which to watch the kids.

Max and Mason and Liz and Cheryl reached their spots and were quickly filled with awe and wonder as they watched the children make fireworks out of rocks and ghostly images float in the air. Max and Liz had come to the clearing many times, but they never tired of watching a new generation of Antarian children learn how to use their gifts and have fun using them, as well.

Phil and Sue found their spot. Phil put his arms around Sue, as she stood in front of him, snuggled up against him; her head tucked under his chin. They were connected, so that they could ohh and ahh, silently. As they watched though, Sue could feel Phil’s questioning thoughts and concerns, about what had gone on earlier in the living room. Sue told him; sharing her memories with him. When she finished, Phil turned her around in his arms, so that she was facing him.

‘You are right; it is way past time that we tell each other how we really feel about each other.’ Phil said, sub-vocally. ‘I have wanted to tell you, since the first day I met you; after your swim-team practice. But I’m glad I didn’t tell you then how attracted I was to you and how something about you was drawing me to you. I’m glad I didn’t tell you then, because you weren’t ready to hear those words…and because my feelings towards you have grown so much, as I have gotten to know you; how special you are; intelligent, sweet, strong, caring, brave and just plane beautiful, inside and out. We have known each other for only three weeks, but I have fallen in love with you, Susan Elizabeth Blair.’ Phil kissed her sweetly, cherishing every touch, every taste.

‘Oh Phil.’ Sue groaned, sub-vocally, as they came up for air and she was able to think again. ‘I have fallen in love with you too. I used to watch you from afar, but thought that you would never notice anyone like me. And then we met and you were so kind and gentle. You knew just how to act to make me feel safe with you; open up to you, feel confident and beautiful whenever I was with you. That day we played together, when we were seven years old, was one of the happiest days of my life until I met you again, three weeks ago. And knowing that you are that little boy, all grown up only increases our connection and my love for you. You are the one who is special; your heritage, your birthright, your kindness, intelligence and your gentle strength. You are a true gentle-man and a prince among men.’

They kissed again, holding tight to each other. Once again, they moved apart just enough so that they could look into each other’s eyes.

‘That is what your parents are worried about, isn’t it? That I am an alien prince.’ Phil asked, needing to know.

‘They are just a little overwhelmed. That birthright ceremony was…something else! They were worried that if we were to…marry…’ Phil could see Sue blushing, even in the scant moonlight. ‘If I became your queen…I might not be able to follow my dream of becoming a molecular biologist. But I told them and I will tell you now, that you are very important to me and anything important is worth the hard work.’ Sue looked deeply into Phil’s eyes. ‘Being with you is worth everything to me.’

‘Oh Sue, how did I ever get to be so lucky as to have you in my life? It is you, who are worth anything. I will do everything in my power to make sure you get your dream and any other you might have. Sue, I don’t have a ring, we are out in the middle of dark woods…’ Phil fell to his knees in front of her. ‘…but I love you and want you in my life from this day forward…will you marry me and be my princess?’

Sue fell to her knees as well and took Phil’s face in her hands.

‘I don’t need a ring or candlelight and it would make me the happiest woman in the world to marry you and be your princess, wife, lover and mother of your children!’

‘Sue!’ Was all Phil could groan out, before their lips met again.

They kissed and caressed until all of a sudden, an announcement came over the Connection, to all Airatan adults.

‘Security alert: We have a tunneler; eastern most sector of the outer perimeter fence!’

“Oh man, that’s just on the other side of the mountain!” Phil exclaimed, quietly, after both he and Sue had heard the announcement.

“If that’s Niko, can I punch him out for interrupting us?” Sue asked, angrily.

“Sure, but then I get a turn, too.” Phil said, through clenched teeth.

“Deal.” Sue said, as they started running through the woods, their way lit by Phil’s glowing hand.


A few minutes earlier, in another part of the woods.

Sam had led Susan through the woods, until they found a good spot to watch the kids, who had come to the clearing, that night. Sam had used the need to guide Susan through the dark woods, as an excuse to take her hand in his. As they watched, they oohed and ahhed quietly, not wanting to disturb the children. Susan took another quick glance up at Sam’s handsome face and saw him gazing down at her; he had been doing the same thing for the last half hour. Sam took this chance to say to Susan what he had wanted to say to her all day.

“Susan, it seems a shame that you have to leave us tomorrow night. I know how much help you’ve been to Max, Liz, Mason and Cheryl. It’s only right that you be here for the meeting with Niko, on Monday. Is there…any way you could call your library and tell them that you want to take a day off? I could fly you home, Monday night.” Sam whispered all of this.

“Oh I’d like that too, but I don’t want to be in the way. I’m sure everything has been planned out.” Susan whispered back. She noticed how close together they were standing, so that they could hear each other. She could feel Sam’s body heat and smell his clean, spicy scent and felt her pulse quicken in response.

“It’s been planned out, yes, but there is always room for one more good friend.” Sam whispered, his gaze locked on hers.

‘Is he…is he saying that he would like the two of us to be friends?’ Susan wondered.

“It would give the two of us a little more time to get acquainted.” Sam said, as if he had read her mind.

“Alright, I’ll call my director, at home, tomorrow. I have a lot of vacation-time to use up and there’s not much happening in the library, this Monday.” Susan looked up and saw Sam smiling down at her and found the courage to say. “You have been such a nice host to us and I’d like the chance to become better acquainted with you, as well.” Susan glanced back down, but Sam brought his index finger up under her chin and gently lifted her face so he could see her again.
“This has nothing to do with being a good host, Susan. This has everything to do with my being attracted to a very intriguing and lovely lady. Now don’t get nervous, I don’t seduce guests in my home, but I wanted to let you know what I feel. I hope that we can get to know each other over this weekend and…see each other after you go home. I could fly into LA, or you could come back here…”

“You…you would?” Susan asked, uncertainly and Sam nodded, smiling gently. “Me…me too.” She replied softly and Sam’s smile broadened into a grin.

He linked his arm through hers, companionably and they watched the show with a sense of wonder and some anticipation for where their new relationship might lead…until Sam’s beeper vibrated at his waist and he received the security alert. He told Susan what was happening and then they headed towards the nearest tunnel, which would take them through the mountain and close to the section of fence, which was being breached.

Susan’s thoughts were much like her goddaughter’s, except she was wishing that she had remembered to bring her great, heavy medical textbook to hit Niko over the head with.

Sam and Susan reached the tunnel at the same time that Max, Mason, Liz, Cheryl, Philip and Sue did, along with many others. From the outer end of the tunnel, they could look down and using the Connection to enhance their senses, see where Niko was trying to tunnel under the fence.

“Alright, as much as I would love to go down and burry him within his own tunnel, let’s keep this low-key. Those of us involved with that slime ball will stay up here, where we won’t be tempted to strangle him. Our security people will go catch him and drive him back to Albuquerque; reminding him that the meeting is not until Monday morning.” Max instructed.

The main group returned to the Evans’ house, after Niko had been apprehended and taken away.

“I’m sorry your time at the clearing was ended so abruptly.” Max apologized.

“That wasn’t your fault, Max, so there is nothing for you to apologize for.” Cheryl said.

“How did you know Niko was there? I didn’t see any look-outs, posted on the mountain side, or anyone down where he was coming under the fence. Did the military leave “something” behind?” Susan asked, glancing over at Sam.

“No, but that isn’t what we tell Niko. He thinks we are using some obsolete, yet highly technical military equipment to sense him.” Sam answered, grinning. “These folks have something far better than we could have ever come up with.” He said, cocking his thumb towards Max.

“The Connection allows a small part of each and every one of us to be on alert, at all times. That small part of each of us, combines with everyone else and our senses are amplified a thousand times. We can sense atmospheric changes, to tell when a storm is coming, hear any unusual sounds, such as a trespasser climbing over our fence, or a helicopter crash many miles away. We can also sense up and out into space, as well and tell when a spaceship is nearing Earth.”

“Does that happen often; spaceships coming to Earth, I mean?” Cheryl asked.

“At least once a year, sometimes more often. Some of our people come to visit or move here permanently. Sometimes Alliance Council members come to see Liz and I; in fact one will be arriving in two weeks.” Max explained and grinned at his son, who was grinning back at him.

“That is so cool!” Susan exclaimed. “I would love to be here and see Niko’s expression if he saw a flying saucer land here in the valley…or do they beam their passengers down?”

“They come in cloaked and land.” Liz told her.

“Be here in two weeks and you may get your wish, Susan. That is when we are going to spring our plan on Niko and any of his colleagues, who are still with him.” Max said.

“You can count on me being here for that. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Susan grinned.

“Well after all that excitement, maybe we should all try to get some shut-eye.” Sam suggested.

‘Phil, should we tell them our news, now?’ Sue asked.

‘No, why don’t we wait until tomorrow. I’d like to dream and fantasize about our being engaged for at least this, one night!’ Phil answered.

“Good idea, Sam.” Mason said, looking over to where his daughter was standing in the arms of Phillip Evans.

“Goodnight, Suzie.” He called.

“Goodnight, Dad, Mom, Aunt Susan.” Sue said, while all the time gazing into Phillip’s eyes.

“Goodnight Phillip.” Sue leaned in and kissed him. ‘I love you.’ Sue said, silently.

“Goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Blair, Aunt Susan. Thank you for coming for my birthday.” Phillip managed to tear his lips away from Sue’s, long enough to politely speak to her family, before turning back to Sue. “This has been my best birthday, ever!” Phil went back to kissing Sue, even as everyone watched, until Max and Liz guided their guests out the front door, leaving them alone in the family room. Dee and Libby were already in their rooms. Phil gently guided Sue towards his sister’s room and reluctantly let her out of his arms to go inside.

“You’d better go, while I can still let you. The quicker we fall asleep, the sooner we can be together again, tomorrow morning.” Phil told Sue, after giving her one, last, quick kiss and then all but shoving her through the bedroom door.

“I love you.” Phil said, just before the door shut and he went into his own room to toss and turn, before finally falling asleep and dreaming of Sue and their future together.


Early the next morning, Sam came into his living room, to find Susan already there. She had borrowed his binoculars and used them every once in a while, as he watched, but mostly, she stood still, with her eyes closed, by an open window. Sam walked over to her, purposely making more noise than usual, so that he wouldn’t startle her.

“Good morning.” He said, softly.

Susan held up a finger to say ‘just a minute’, as she squeezed her eyes closed ad seemed to listen intently. A moment later she relaxed and opened her eyes, smiling.

“Sorry about that. I was trying to pinpoint a certain bird-call and identify it, but I couldn’t.”

“You’re a bird watcher?” Sam asked, happy to find a common interest between them.

“Yes, but more than that, I am a bird-listener. I know the bird calls of hundreds of species. It’s easier to hear a bird’s song, in woods, than to see the bird who is singing, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, of course. I never really thought about it, but that is what I do as well. I hear a bird call and then I look for the bird.” Sam replied. “How did you sleep after last night’s excitement?”

“It took a little while, but I finally dropped off.” Sue answered.

“But you’re an early riser, like me. Would you like some more coffee?” Sam asked, noticing that her horse-mug was empty. Apparently Susan had made a pot, when she got up. He was happy that she was using his anonymous gift to her.

“That would be great, thanks.” Susan said, smiling, shyly.

“How about I make us a quick breakfast and then we can go for our ride?” Sam suggested.

“Yes please. What can I do to help?” Susan asked.

Sam told her what he was gong to make and suggested what she could do to help. They worked together companionably and Susan was happy to realize how relaxed she was with Sam. They sat down to eat breakfast, continuing their conversation about bird watching. When they finished their food, Sam left the rest of the food they had made, in the oven for Mason and Cheryl and left them a note, telling them where they were going.

Sam and Susan took the elevator down and then walked over to a small stable and paddock, she hadn’t noticed before. Sticking their heads out of their Dutch-doors, into the aisle-way were a mare and a gelding.

“This is Sally; she’ll be your horse.” Sam introduced them. “And this is Sunny.” He patted the male’s glossy neck.

“Well hello there, Sally; aren’t you a lovely lady?” Susan whispered other sweet words to her mount as Sam went to the tack-room and brought out Sally’s saddle and bridle, before going back in for Sunny’s tack, as well.

“Thanks.” Susan said, as she opened the half-door to Sally’s stall and went in to draw the mare out into the aisle, where she would have room to saddle her. While she had been readying her horse, Susan had noticed how much the horse on her mug, looked like Sally, even to the uniquely-shaped blaze on her forehead. ‘Interesting.’ She thought to herself, as the two of them led their horses out of the stable, mounted them and rode off.


Phillip and Sue started their day together, early as well. They planned to drive all over the valley, so that Phillip could show her all the lovely views and introduce her to some of his friends and artisans in the valley. As they spent the day together around Airatan, the younger couple would catch sight of Sam and Susan as they rode their way around the upper trails of the valley.

“That was so sweet; seeing Sam and Aunt Susan having a pick-nick lunch together.” Sue sighed, happily, as they snuck back the way that they had come, before spotting the older couple, talking and eating together on a bright, checkered blanket. Sue and Phil didn’t want to intrude on their friend’s private moment.

“Yeah, I’m glad that Sam was able to meet such a nice lady as your Aunt Susan. I’ll be really happy for them if a further relationship comes out of this chance meeting.” Phil said.

Phillip and Sue had decided not to tell anyone about their engagement, until Phil was at least able to get Sue a ring. He would, of course, have to speak to her parents, as well as his own, but for now, their new relationship was too new and magical for them to share, just yet.

They spent the day together, sneaking kisses, in between meeting Phil’s friends and seeing the sights. That evening, they said goodbye to their parents and Aunt Susan, who was staying an extra day and climbed aboard the Lear-jet with Dee and Amy, to fly back to Cambridge.

“Hey, what is that mark, at the base of the V, on the tail of the plane; it wasn’t there a minute ago, I’m certain.” Susan said, as she pointed up at the plane from a safe distance. All the parents had come to the landing strip to see the kids off.

“That is the Antarian symbol for the royal heir.” Max sighed, as he explained. “Our pilots like to indicate when Liz and I are on board their plane. They make two golden, interlocking circlets appear at the base of the V, whenever we fly somewhere. I guess Johann is going to do the same thing for Phillip now that he is my official heir.”

“Sometimes it’s embarrassing, how much our people love us and do special things for us.” Liz added.

“But really sweet, as well.” Cheryl said, thinking of her daughter. Would there be a special symbol for her, if she married Phillip, some day?”

After the plane took off, the adults drove back to the Evans’ house to finalize their plans for the next day when they would meet with Niko Giuliani.

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Was It A Dream? Part 24

At 8:55 a.m., on Monday, September 16th, three vehicles drove down the road towards the tunnel entrance of Airatan, New Mexico. Max, Mason and Eric Petersen were behind the wheel of each. As they drew up to the entrance and stopped, they could see seven people standing outside the town gates. At precisely nine o’clock, Max opened the gates and let the reporters in.

“Good morning, welcome to Airatan, New Mexico. I am Max Evans, mayor of this town and these are my friends, Mason Blair and Eric Petersen.” Four of the seven reporters were taking still pictures or videos.

“Mr. Evans, I’m Niko Giuliani and these are my associates; Mr. Hudson, Mr. Target, Ms. Sears, Mr. Marshall, Mr. McDonald and Mrs. Penny.”

He gave the name of each person’s newspaper and mentioned at that time that he did not actually know Mr. Hudson, as he had been sent by his supervisor, whom Niko had called, asking for help. Eric was checking them all out on his palm-unit and confirmed that they were who they said they were and that all of their newspapers were small and local, rather than large and national.

“Do you always lock your citizens in, within these gates and barbed-wire fences, Mr. Evans?” One reporter asked right away, sticking her mike into Max’s face. He gently pushed it away before answering.

“Our gates can be opened by anyone on the inside, Ms. Sears. It is certain people on the outside, we wish to keep out. Mr. Giuliani has not been following the rules and has been trying to trespass on our private property, to sneak into our town, for a week now.”

“Maybe you wouldn’t call it sneaking if you didn’t have something to hide.” Ms. Sears persisted.

“I define sneaking as trying to gain access to this town through any other means than walking through the open gates, Ms. Sears. The military left behind their fences and barbed wire, Mr. Giuliani has tried going through them, over them and under them. I call that sneaking and if I weren’t the generous and patient man that I am, he would no longer be a part of your little press-corps. He gets one more chance and then he’s out.” Max said sternly, looking directly at Niko.

“If you’ll all put your equipment into the back of our vehicles and take places yourselves, we’ll drive you over to the clinic, where the blood tests will be run.” Mason said, as he stepped forward to stand next to Max.

The reporters did as they were told and they were soon on their way to the clinic. When they arrived at the medical facility, Max gave the reporters a quick tour. He was proud of the small, yet well equipped and staffed dispensary. Antarians couldn’t heal or cure everything and sometimes they required medical help, as well. They ended their tour in the laboratory, where the blood samples would be drawn and the tests would be run. Max let Ruth, the medical technologist show the reporters how all of the equipment had been sterilized and that they were all empty and waiting to process Mason and Max’s blood.

“If you two gentlemen will have a seat, I’ll draw your blood.” Ruth said.

“Hey I thought your wives were going to have their blood tested as well.” Niko said.

“We were hoping that by showing you that Mason and I are not related, you would believe us when we say that our wives are also not related to each other.” Max said.

“It’s not that we don’t believe you, Mr. Evans, but that we would like to see proof.” Mr. Hudson said, apologetically.

“Very well, I’ll give them a call and ask them to come here; it will only take a few minutes for them to arrive.” Max went to a phone on the counter and called Liz and Cheryl. A few minutes later, the ladies walked into the lab.

“Why don’t we draw the blood by couples; Mr. and Mrs. Evans, if you would sit in these chairs, please, I’ll draw yours first.” Ruth said.

To the reporters, the whole procedure was pretty boring. The blood was drawn and placed into the various pieces of lab equipment. A while later, the results were finished and Ruth and Dr. Wang; the chief physician on staff, explained them.

“These tests show conclusively that Max Evans and Mason Blair; and Liz Evans and Cheryl Blair are in no way related. Their identical appearances are just chance.”

“Thank you, Ruth and Dr. Wang.” Max said and then turned back to the reporters, who all had copies of the reports in their hands. “Ladies and gentlemen, do you accept these reports and the word of these medical practitioners?” All of the reporters nodded their heads, reluctantly. They had watched everything carefully and they couldn’t see how any of the results could have been falsified.

“Very well then, let me take you on a tour of the rest of our town.”

Max, Liz, Mason, Cheryl and Eric herded the reporters out of the lab and out of the clinic. A few moments later, when they were sure that the coast was clear, all of the rest of their friends and family, who had been watching from the back of the lab, popped back into visibility. Everyone was talking and laughing at once.

“Alex, my wonderful, loving, sweet and sexy husband; if you had gotten us caught with your clowning around, I would have killed you there on the spot!” Isabel yelled at her beloved mate, while at the same time, trying not to laugh hysterically.


All of the gang, including Liz, Cheryl and Dour Maisels, were waiting around in the lab for the reporters to arrive.

“All right everyone, they are on their way. Step into the back of the lab, I don’t want any of them, bumping into any of you, while I give them a tour.” Ruth said.

“Doug, do you have a good view of the room?” Liz asked their resident mind-warper.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine, Mrs. Evans; especially since I won’t be mind-warping Miss Ruth and she can see for herself where she is sticking those needles. I just have to make the reporters see what we want them to see and that will be easy.”

“What are you going to do about their cameras and video recorders?” Cheryl asked.

“All of their equipment has been malfunctioning on and off, all morning. Through mechanical or electronic breakdown, none of them will get pictures of this procedure; too bad that the equipment failures won’t be discovered until later.” Michael said, grinning.

“They are in the building.” Ruth warned. “Doug, mind-warp me first, so I know what they will see when they come in and then take it off, so I can see what I am really doing.”

“Yes ma’am.” Doug said. “I have isolated all of the reporters and Miss Ruth. What do you see now?”

“I see my empty lab.” Ruth told him. ‘Alright, everyone communicates sub-vocally from now on. Don’t make a sound. Doug, take the mind-warp off me…thank you.’

Ruth showed the reporters how all of the equipment had been sterilized and that they were all empty and waiting to process Mason and Max’s blood.

‘Alex, you come forward now and sit in the right chair; Mr. Blair knows to sit in the left one.’ Ruth instructed, silently.

“If you two gentlemen will have a seat, I’ll draw your blood.” Ruth said, out loud.

“Hey I thought your wives were going to have their blood tested as well.” Niko said.

“We were hoping that by showing you that Mason and I are not related, you would believe us when we say our wives are also not related to each other.” Max said.

“It’s not that we don’t believe you, Mr. Evans, but that we would like to see proof.” Mr. Hudson said, apologetically.

“Very well, I’ll give them a call and ask them to come here; it will only take a few minutes for them to arrive.”

Max called Liz’s cell phone so that he would actually be speaking to her, should any of the reporters try to listen in. Doug was easily able to keep the mind-warp.

‘Liz and Cheryl, walk out into the hall, wait three minutes and then walk back in as though you just arrived.’ Max told Liz, sub-vocally and Cheryl heard through the connection she had with Liz, through their joined hands.

The two ladies did this, threading their way past the reporters, who were wondering around, looking at everything, unseen. One reporter was poking in the drawers, beside where Alex was sitting. Alex waved his hands in front of the reporter, but he didn’t see Alex.

‘I feel like a ghost. This is so spooky, they are looking right through me.’ Alex said, silently. ‘Hey guys, if I die and come back as a ghost, promise that you’ll see me, don’t look right through me, okay?’

‘Alex!’ Isabel screamed in a stage whisper. ‘Please be quiet. Don’t say things about your dying or coming back as a ghost.’

‘Sorry Sweetheart.’ Alex whispered across the room, to Isabel. ‘What if I do this, you big, fat creep?’ Alex whispered and then he brought his right hand up, perpendicular to his face, touched his thumb to his nose and wiggled his fingers at the oblivious reporter, as he also stuck out his tongue at the man. The whole group at the back of the lab cracked up with laughter and Doug started to struggle with his mind-warp.

‘Would all of you please be quiet?’ Max yelled, silently, while keeping a bland expression on his face. ‘We are going to lose our mind-warp.’

Max casually walked across the room, until he stood by the invisible Doug. Then he put out his hand to touch the younger man’s arm and transferred some of his energy to him. The group at the back had clamed down with only a trembling of their lips, or a sparkle in their eyes, to show that they were still laughing inside.

‘Thanks, Mr. Evans.’ Doug said. ‘I’ve got everything under control now.’

Just then, Liz and Cheryl walked into the lab. They had their facial expressions under control, but it was clear to Max and Mason, that they must have also seen what had just happened.

‘Mr. Evans, just stay where you are, I’ll make these people see what they need to see.’ Doug instructed him, as Ruth told Max and Liz to sit in the chairs, first.

‘I’m going to have to stick Max anyway, so that he looks like his blood has been drawn.’ Ruth warned Doug, while the tests were being run. ‘Cover me.’ She said and Doug nodded.

She had Max sit down and quickly poked him with a small needle and then put a band-aid over the puncture.

‘Thanks for remembering that detail, Ruth.’ Max praised her.

‘Glad to help.’ Ruth smiled at her king.

A while later the results were finished and Ruth and Dr. Wang explained them.

“These tests show conclusively that Max Evans and Mason Blair; and Liz Evans and Cheryl Blair are in no way related. Their identical appearances are just chance.”

“Thank you, Ruth and Dr. Wang.” Max said and then turned back to the reporters, who all had copies of the reports in their hands. “Ladies and gentlemen, do you accept these reports and the word of these medical practitioners?” All of the reporters nodded their heads, reluctantly. They had watched everything carefully and they couldn’t see how any of the results could have been falsified.

“Very well then, let me take you on a tour of the rest of our town.”

Max, Liz, Mason, Cheryl and Eric herded the reporters out of the lab and out of the clinic.

**End Flashback**

Max, Liz, Mason, Cheryl and Eric took the reporters on a tour of the rest of the town, for the rest of the day. They had answered questions over lunch, pointed out their non-denominational church, the school, the library and the public pool. They took them by Olaus Petersen’s office and the mostly retired architect showed them his plans for the town buildings and houses. Finally, the reporters were taken down into the underground facility. They were shown the hydroponics and mushroom farms, the community’s classrooms and the artist studios, which had been built into some of the missile silos. Last, but not least, they took the reporters through one of the many small tunnels, which were cut through the mountain walls and gave access to the outside slopes and showed them the community’s stone quarry. From there they were taken back to the small hotel, near the entrance tunnel and given rooms for the night.

“That’s all there is to see in Airatan, New Mexico, ladies and gentlemen.” Max said. “You are welcome to stay overnight in our hotel and then if you have any questions you can ask them over breakfast, tomorrow morning. I can’t imagine that anything you’ve seen today is worth writing about, but I hope you have enjoyed your tour of our little town and don’t feel as though your time has been wasted. You might like to come back next summer for our art fair. With that, I’ll say goodnight.” Max and his friends left the reporters in the capable hands of the hotel owner and his wife.

“Have them watched.” Max told Michael and the rest of their volunteer security team, who had met him outside of the tourist area of town. “Don’t intercept unless they get too close to someone’s home.”

Max turned to Isabel and the group with her.

“I need you all to dream-walk those reporters; find out what they really thought of the tour and blood tests. Thanks a lot for all of your help, everyone.” Max called out to the two groups.

At two o’clock that morning, Max and Liz were woken up by a call from Isabel.

‘Max, something interesting has happened. Mr. Hudson, the proxy reporter for one of Niko’s friends, is packing up and getting ready to leave, now, in the middle of the night. He’s totally disgusted with Niko’s idea and thinks this whole thing has been a waste of time.’

‘This is great, Isabel!’ Max exclaimed. ‘We were waiting for just such an opening. Will you call Doug Maisels for me? Liz and I are on our way to his house.’

‘Why do I have to be the one to wake him up?’ Isabel cried, silently.

‘He won’t mind being woken up so much, if it is his lovely princess who’s doing it.’ Max answered, as he and Liz jumped out of bed and put some clothes on.

‘Oh you!’ Isabel exclaimed, before she broke the link.

A few minutes later, Max and Liz walked up to Doug’s front door, which was already open for them.

“Doug, sorry to wake you up in the middle of the night, but something’s come up and we have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it, if we act quickly.”

“What’s happened, sir?” Doug asked.

“One of the reporters, Mr. Hudson, is leaving. What we would like you to do is take his place. We need someone on the inside so that we can find out what Niko and the others are up to. Here’s a new cell-phone. Give the others the number to this phone, so they call you and not the real Mr. Hudson. Will you do this for us, Doug?” Max asked. Doug only thought for a moment.

“Yes, sir, I can do that, I’ll be happy to.” Doug said. “I just wait for them to call me?”

“For the time being.” Max said. “You know the plan our son, Phillip came up with and what we want to do to Niko in the end.”

“Yes sir!” Doug said, grinning.

“Then just keep us informed of any developments, okay?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good man. We’ll let you get back to sleep, now.” Max said and he took Liz by the hand and they left Doug’s house.

The next morning, the reporters met in private, over breakfast. Unknown to them, Doug was there, mind-warping them and playing the part of Mr. Hudson.

“This whole exercise has been a waste of time, Giuliani.” Ms. Sears complained. “You promised us that we would come away from this meeting with a huge story, but all we got was a boring tour of a simple artist community.”

All of these reporters, except for the real Mr. Hudson, had been desperate enough for a big scoop to believe Niko Giuliani, when he called them and claimed to have found an entire town of aliens. They all wanted to leave their small, local papers for the large, national papers or international news agencies. Niko was also desperate to write a big story, which would bring him fame and fortune and shot-put him out of his dumpy job with the tabloid.

“Is that all you think we have here, just another small town?” Niko asked, sarcastically. “No, that whole act they put on yesterday was just that; a play, put on for our benefit so that we wouldn’t find out what they are hiding here. Well, I don’t buy it and I am going to prove it one way or another.”

“What’s your plan?” Mr. McDonald asked, getting sucked into Niko’s schemes again.

“Three of us should stay in town, at this hotel, right out in the open. You can say that you are writing stories, featuring their local artists for your paper’s art section. Maybe someone will relax and let something slip. The rest of us will keep trying to sneak in during the night. There are 13,000 and 15,000 foot high peaks nearby; we can set up long range equipment on top of them, maybe get a good enough vantage-point to see inside these mountain walls.” Niko explained.

“They seemed in a rush to have us come out here. I bet that they are planning to do something, pretty soon, that they don’t want anyone to see.” McDonald said, optimistically.

“I could be one who stays.” Mrs. Penny said. “I’ve actually worked for the art section of my paper, so at least I’ll be able to ask the right questions.”

“Me too.” Ms. Sears said. “Which of you guys are going to stay?”

All of the men looked reluctant. Doug waited a moment more and then in his guise as Mr. Hudson, reluctantly agreed to stay as well, saying that he had covered fashion for his paper.

“But the rest of you had better keep the three of us informed.” Mr. Hudson said.

“And vice-versa.” Niko said. “Here, let’s give each other our cards with our cell-phone numbers on them.” He suggested, bringing out his business cards and passing them around. The other reporters did the same. Doug blew out a quiet sigh of relief that someone else had suggested swapping numbers.

“So, Hudson, Penny and Sears, you make arrangements to stay longer and the rest of us will get out of here.” Mr. Marshall said.

“We know what to do, but let’s make sure that we cover different artists and separate parts of the valley, so that it all looks above-board and innocent.” Ms. Sears suggested.

“We can meet here for dinner each night and fill each other in.” Mrs. Penny agreed.

Doug nodded, agreeably, happy that he could do his real job, managing his parent’s fabric business during the day and would only have to mind-warp his two “colleagues” in the evening.

“Well, let’s get cracking. It’ll take time to find an artist willing to talk to us.” Doug said and the group broke up. ‘The next two weeks were going to be interesting in deed.’ He thought.

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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: See past 24 parts
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

***Author’s Note: I have posted All of my stories, especially, “I Can’t, I’m Different”, the sequel to WIAD, (see the above link) on the Repost Board and updated the string for this story as well; here’s the link…. viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=405
Please check them out and let me know what you think! Thank you, jane ****

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Was It A Dream? Part 25

Early the next week, Mason Blair received a phone call at his office.

“Hello?” He answered the phone.

“Mason; it’s John Giuliani.”

“Sneaky John, how are you? I’m glad you finally called me back.”

“Sorry about that; your message got lost in the shuffle, while I was working overseas. What’s going on with my son, Niko?”

Mason filled John in on what had been happening, including the meeting in Airatan, New Mexico.

“But obviously my son and his…associates didn’t believe what they saw, since they are still watching Max Evans and his town.” He said.

“Yeah, three of them are staying in town, pretending to write articles about the local artists and we have found out that the other four, Niko included, have taken up vantage points on higher peaks, nearby. Who knows what these people think they are going to see.” Mason replied.

“I’m surprised that you and Mr. Evans haven’t taken Niko to court, by now.” John said. “I wouldn’t blame you if you did.”

“We figure that doing that would only make the situation worse.”

“Well, I’ll get a flight out to Albuquerque tomorrow and go haul my son back to L.A. I feel responsible for his actions. His mother and I did our best to raise him, but we obviously didn’t do a good enough job; especially me. I was always traveling; or working long hours at the studio. I wasn’t there for him when he needed me.” John said, sadly.

“He wants to be you, but doesn’t have a fraction of your talent. He’s used all the wrong methods to get as far as he has, so far. That isn’t your fault. He’s a big boy now; he has to take responsibility for his own actions…And we’d rather you not come to take him back to L.A….just yet.”

Mason gave John a censored version of their plans for his son.

“Will you be…okay with our plan, John? It might be hard for you to see it happen, but if he continues this delusion of his, he’s going to fall for our plan and it will be his own fault.”

“No, no, I’m okay with the plan. Crushing him in court might be kinder than what you have planned, but your way should be a great deal more effective and then I’ll be there to take him permanently out of your hair. You are right; if he’s delusional enough to fall for this, he deserves what he gets. Imagine, aliens living among us for Pete’s sake!” John was laughing as they said good bye and hung up.

On Tuesday night, Phillip and Sue decided to contact Max and Liz and announce their engagement. They were delaying calling Mason and Cheryl until Phil had found the perfect engagement ring for Sue, but classes and studying had kept him too busy to do any shopping.

‘Mom, Dad?’ Phil called out sub-vocally, as he and Sue linked into the Connection.

‘Here we are.’ Liz and Max came into the family room of their home.

‘It’s only been two days since we last saw you; what’s up?’ Max asked.

‘Mom, Dad; I asked Sue to marry me…and she said yes!’ Phil told his parents, grinning.

‘Oh my goodness, that is wonderful!’ Liz exclaimed, as she launched herself at her tall, handsome son and hugged him tight and then turned to hug her new daughter, as well. ‘I’m so happy for both of you!’ She told Sue.

“Thank you, Mrs. Evans.’ Sue said, grinning in her relief at her soon-to-be-mother-in-law’s response.

‘That is great news, you two, but are you sure? You’ve known each other only four weeks.’ Max made himself be the voice of reason, even though he could see the love flowing between his son and this lovely young woman. ‘Did the birthright ceremony have anything to do with your decision?’ Max looked at Sue.

‘Dad!’ Phil protested.

‘Well, kind of, but not in the way you’re thinking, Mr. Evans.’ Sue said. ‘The ceremony made my parents very nervous about my future…if it was going to be spent with Phil. It was the first time I had really needed to verbalize my feelings for him and it was then that I realized how much I love your son and that no matter what happened in the future; all the hard work, the responsibility of standing by his side; everything was worth it, as long as I am with him. That’s what I told my parents and then what I told him, out in the woods, by the clearing…after he had told me that…he loves me too.’

‘We were going to take our relationship more slowly than that, but this weekend kind of…accelerated things a little, but I already knew that I loved Sue and wanted to marry her.’ Phil said and Max relaxed a little.

‘Oh man, Sue, Phil…I am so sorry that I had to ask that. Sue, please believe me when I tell you that I know you are not the kind of girl to…chase after a crown. It’s just that this last weekend was pretty intense and I worried that the two of you might have become…carried away on all of the emotions. Please forgive me, both of you.’

‘You big dope.’ Liz playfully punched Max on his arm. ‘I could see that this day would come, sometime soon, the first time Phil introduced Sue to us, over the Connection.’

‘It’s perfectly all right, Mr. and Mrs. Evans.’ Sue said, as she looked at a still steamed Phillip and then back to Max. ‘I understand that in your position…as king…you have to ask some tough questions; look at people and situations more deeply and from different angles. I just hope that I can be as good a partner to Phillip as Mrs. Evans has been to you; and that I will someday be as wise and strong.’

‘Susan Blair, you are already well on your way to being both of those things.’ Max told her seriously. ‘We…I couldn’t have hoped for a better person to be our son’s mate and…my new daughter.’ He opened his arms a little and Sue melted his father’s heart by launching herself into them for a long, tight hug.

‘I don’t know, I think I have a ways to go before I could ever be as smart and kind and wonderful as the two of you are. Do you think you could train me to be…Phillip’s queen, as you are going to train him to be king?’

‘Of course, we’ll help you and advise you more than you can stand!’ Liz said, as she came over and put a gentle hand on Sue’s shoulder.

‘I bet you will!’ Phil said, smiling at his parents’ silently letting them know that he forgave his father for acting like…a king and everyone laughed away their tension.

‘When were you planning the big day to be? Will you have your wedding here, in Airatan?’ Liz asked.

‘Yes, both of us would like that very much and we were hoping to marry at Christmas. We both agree that we can’t wait until we graduate in the spring.’ Phil said.

‘But we thought a three-month engagement would be long enough to arrange everything and be a seemly amount of time, so it doesn’t look as though we are rushing things…too much…?’ Sue asked.

‘That should be enough time.’ Liz agreed.

‘We’ve talked about where we are going to live, after we are married and we thought that we’d move into the attic room of our house in Cambridge, if that’s all right.’ Phil said.

‘Phil showed me the extra room you have up there for when you have more kids attending MIT or Harvard, than you have now. It looks so nice and cozy, tucked in under the eaves and won’t take Phil away from his home and friends and his link to the two of you.’

‘Since we are graduating in the spring, we didn’t want to commit ourselves to an apartment lease…since neither of us are sure whether we will stay at Harvard…or apply to the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque.’ Phil told his parents.

‘Not stay at Harvard for your Masters; your Doctorate, Sue?’ Liz asked.

‘Well, I’m concerned about how much I need to learn from you…about following in your footsteps, as well as learning how to turn Airatan into a successful, profitable corporation. I thought that if we attended UNMA, I would have more time to learn; to train.’ Phil explained.

‘It’s your decision of course, but I think the two of you should stay at Harvard for at least your Master’s degrees. Sue might then like to apply for the Ph.D. program at UNMA, which is quite excellent, if I do say so myself.’ Liz smiled, as she was one of the chief professors in that very program.

‘That’s a good idea, Mom. We’ll think about it.’ Phil said, as he glanced to Sue and tightened his arms around her.

‘Have you called your parents yet, Sue?’

‘Not yet; Phil wants to wait until he has his ring on my finger.’

‘And we haven’t had the chance to go shopping, to find something that Sue really likes.’ Phil said.

‘Ahh.’ Liz nodded. ‘Well, don’t wait too long; I’m sure your parents will love hearing your news and Cheryl will want to help you find your dress, Sue. And if I can be of any help, don’t hesitate to call.’

‘Well, actually, I would like to wear a ceremonial robe, like Phil has.’ Sue said. ‘Phil told me all about their significance and I love the idea of creating our own, individual design!’

‘I’d be happy to sew yours for you. I could take your measurements now, or the next time you come out to Airatan.’ Liz suggested.

‘Phil, would you mind us doing the measuring now? I’m so excited about this!’ Sue asked.

‘No of course not; or maybe…I could take your measurements and then tell Mom what they are.’ Phil teased.

‘Oh no you don’t; no “measurement taking” until after the wedding!’ Liz chuckled. ‘Let me get my tape and I’ll be right back.’

‘Maybe you two gentlemen could turn around and give us a few minutes of privacy.’ Liz suggested when she came back.

‘Come over here, Phil and tell me how your classes are going.’ Max said.

As Liz took Sue’s measurements, she realized that they were really the same size and build, except that Sue was a little taller.

‘You know, Sue, I still have my wedding dress, which was first Phillip’s grandmother’s dress. It looked lovely, even with my ceremonial robe covering it…perhaps you’d like to take a look at it sometime. But if you want a new dress of your own, or you want to wear your mother’s dress, I would perfectly understand.’

‘Oh, Mrs. Evans, thank you! I’d love to see your dress, at least.’ Sue said.

‘When you come next time, I’ll bring it out for you.’ Liz said, as she finished taking her measurements. ‘There, all done. You may turn around now, gentlemen.’ She told Max and Phil.

‘Thanks, Mom.’ Phil said.

‘It must be late at your end.’ Max said to the kids.

‘Yeah, we had better get going.’ Phil said, as they all hugged each other goodnight.

‘See you two in a week and a half.’ Liz said, as they all broke their link.

Phil and Sue came out of their link as they were cuddled together on his bed.

“Mom’s right, it is getting late; I had better drive you home…unless you’d like to stay here…” Phil suggested.

“I…don’t think that would be safe.” Sue said, as she got up off of the bed.

“You’re right; it wouldn’t be safe at all.” Phil said, gazing intently into her beloved face.

He took her hand as they walked down the stairs. They got their coats out of the closet and Phil helped her on with hers.

“I remember the first time I brought you here and I had to stop myself from helping you off with your coat. You were so skittish back then.” He remembered, as he hugged her from behind.

“And you made a point of telling me about how your people mate for life. I can’t believe you felt that way about me way back then, we had only just met.” Sue said, leaning back against him.

“There was something very strong; drawing me to you from the moment I met you, Suzie. I had to guard my feelings because I thought it would take so much longer to get you to open up to me, than it did.”

“Mmmm, you were so gentle and then there was our shared history; finding out that you had been that little boy, just blew all of my worries and fears away. Somehow I knew that the White Knight would never hurt me.”

Sue turned in Phil’s arms and kissed him, with all the love she had in her heart and he returned her kiss with just as much emotion.

“Oh brother, can’t a guy come down for a bed-time snack, without being blinded by the sight of you two necking in the hallway?” Ed asked, in a half disgusted, half envious voice.

“We’re going. I’m going to drive Sue home and then come right back.” Phil told Ed, who nodded.

“I have a suggestion” Phil said, as they drove towards Sue’s dorm.


“I was wondering if you’d like to move into the attic room before our wedding. It would be your own room, but at least we could spend as much time together as possible and you could get used to living there.” Phil said.

“I like that idea a lot, but what would my parents think?”

“Remind them that the girl’s floor would be between my room and yours and that we have already made the decision to wait until our wedding night.” Phil said.

“I think they’ll draw more comfort from having your sister and two other friends separating us than counting on our resolve!” Sue said, smiling over at Phillip and then losing some of her smile as she saw her dorm, up ahead. “Could you help me move this weekend?”

“Absolutely.” Phil took her hand in his and brought it up so that he could kiss her knuckles. “Wait there and I’ll walk you to the door.” He said, as he pulled over to the curb.

“No, let’s just say goodnight here.” Sue said. “Let me kiss your goodnight, here.” And they moved into each other’s arms, their shadows merging into one as in a few short months they would become one, in marriage.

“Goodnight, Sweetheart.” Phil said, as he made himself pull away.

“Goodnight…Darling.” That earned her another kiss, as Phillip realized that, that was the first time Sue had ever called him by an endearment.

“Go, go and don’t call me by any more cute names, or we’ll never get out of this car!” Phil said, as Sue solemnly got out of the car, shut the door and then called through the window.

“Bye…Sugar, Muffin…” She walked away from the car, but called over her shoulder…”teddy bear, lover-boy, cuddle-bun…!”

Phil drove home and was still grinning when he walked through the front door and up to his room.

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