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Okay this is my first threesome fic and Slash Fic and you can blame it on RosDeidre and Taysfa for getting me hooked on M/L/Mi fics.

Behr with me as I fumble my way through the not so easy task of making a threesome fic work. Don't let the other threesome authors fool you, they make this writing look easy, but it's not! They're just excellent writers.

And for those who are reading my other story, I will still write that one too. I just have had this spinning in my head for awhile now and had to get it out.

Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda

E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit.
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth, but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved through many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.


Elizabeth, Queen of Antar, stood from her bent position over her favorite roses and smiled as she wiped her hands on her apron and assessed her work. She loved the rose garden and even though the castle had over two-dozen gardeners, this was her favorite peaceful past time. When she wanted to get away from the hustle of the castle and the constant people all around, she would come here to hide and find tranquility.

However she knew she wouldn’t feel that inner peace until she knew that her King and his men were home safely. She waited eagerly for word of them. She could FEEL that all was okay, but she still needed to know her King was home and safe and in her arms again.

“I thought I’d find you here.” An amused voice said from behind.

Elizabeth turned with her own smile as she watched her friend Serena make her way through the row of roses to where she was.

“Any word?” Elizabeth couldn’t help but ask, even though she hadn’t FELT that there was word from her King.

“No, as you said, Zan probably doesn’t want to break the silence right now since we are not sure what our enemy is up to.” Serena said with a slight frown.

Elizabeth only nodded, knowing it was true. But even though she could feel her loved ones were all right, she still needed to hear from them.

“Come, let’s sit and talk. It’s been awhile since we’ve just talked. What with all the urgency around the castle lately with the possible uprising from Khivar, we haven’t had time to just talk.” Elizabeth said and led Serena over to a comfy bench that Zan and Rath had made for her since she spent so much time out here.

Serena smiled in agreement and sunk into the beautiful cushioned bench that she had to run her hands over. It was such a fine work of art, and she could feel the love that went into the making of it, all for Elizabeth.

She was happy for her friend. She had found love that would last past this lifetime, and she deserved it, Serena thought.

There wasn’t a stronger or truer person in the universe than Elizabeth, and no one would ever be as great a queen as her best friend. For even when they had been growing up, no one had had a bigger heart than Elizabeth. It was no wonder one of her abilities had always been to heal. Her heart was so big; she couldn’t help but share it with those around her who needed her. Serena remembered how everyone in their small village had called for Elizabeth for what ailed them, whether it was a small ache or a great wound. Elizabeth had
been the town healer even before her mother had died and she’d taken over full time for her afterwards.

Elizabeth came from a family of healers and warriors. All of the females in her family had been given the gift of healing, and all the men had been given the gift of being great warriors. So it didn’t surprise Serena in the least that both healers and warriors would surround her life one day. And now she was married to both healer and warrior. And Elizabeth had so much to give.

They talked of Serena’s new bonding and her pregnancy and just enjoyed each other’s company when suddenly Elizabeth perked up and her whole being started to hum. She could feel her nipples harden and her own body pooling to her most private parts. A husband was home.

Serena saw the look in her friend’s eyes and she laughed. “Well, I guess someone’s back.” She teased.

Elizabeth looked around at the entrance to the garden, her hands aching to hold her love.

She held her breath as the King’s second in command and right hand man came striding through the garden looking intense and large and ferocious. He was quite the site with his long blondish brown hair blowing in the wind and his clean cut chiseled face in contrast to the softer hair. Rath, the warrior who had, and always would be by Zan and Elizabeth’s side to protect and to love them both equally.

When Elizabeth saw the big warrior she frowned. His intense face made her worry before Rath suddenly saw her concern and shook his head and lightened his look before reaching out to gently touch her arm. “He’s okay. He’s fine. Zan’s here but he went to quickly warn the council of Khivar’s threats.” He said softly now, even though his breathing was still erratic.

“Is Khivar going to strike then?” Serena couldn’t help but ask, even though she could tell neither one of them was thinking straight right now.

“Most likely. We just don’t know when. We probably have at least a few days.” The loyal warrior answered as he continued to look down at his queen.

Serena sighed and nodding, she left the two alone, knowing what would come next and not wanting to intrude, although it was always beautiful to behold. Whether it was King Zan or his loyal warrior Rath, either one was beautiful to watch when they had Elizabeth near. Or each other for that matter. Serena couldn’t help but sigh. She knew exactly how her friend felt when she watched the two big warriors together. And Serena had only witnessed the outward displays of love and affection and fierce need between the two warriors. She could only imagine what Elizabeth saw in the privacy of their big bedchamber.

The Antarians believed that the heart was huge and had enough love for more than one other person. Many Antarian’s had more than one bonded mate. Many other planets balked at this, and didn’t like Antar’s way of thinking, for they could not imagine there would be no jealousy or greediness between two or more over one. But Antarians felt that if it were truly love, there would be no greediness, only a wiliness to share and a belief that all were loved well and equally.

Rath stood looking down at his queen as he continued to caress her arm gently. He and Zan had rode fiercely and fast to get back to her, but now that she was near, he just wanted to soak her in. Her presence was always a soothing balm to his soul.

Elizabeth smiled up at her big guard and also basked in just the closeness with him once more. Then she sighed and was in his open arms, with his big arms wrapping around her, engulfing her in their strength.

She burrowed her face into the strong chest and just inhaled the scent of her lover. She had missed him so. She had missed them both.

“He’s on his way Beth.” She heard the amusement in the voice above her. She laughed having forgotten how well they could read each other’s minds. All three of them. And she had missed being called Beth. Only her two loves ever called her that.

“I missed you Rath. So much.” She whispered and hugged him tighter just basking in his closeness.

Elizabeth felt Rath’s hard pulsing heat and need poking at her and looked up at him with a glow and a teasing smile.

“Wow, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were without loving for the past week.” She laughed.

Rath growled and blushed but answered her truthfully. “I was without YOUR love, as was Zan. And our want is great. We both need you very much Beth.” He whispered hoarsely in her ear.

“What’s this!? I am away for almost a week and come home to find my queen and my faithful warrior in each other’s arms, consorting behind my back?” A teasing voice came from behind them.

Both Beth and Rath could only sigh at the sight of Zan. Even just striding into a room he had such a presence about him that it took their breaths away.

Zan’s own dark hair swung about his shoulders but did nothing to take the all-masculine look from him. His strong, square jaw and neck made the man even more breathtaking to look at. And his body all chiseled like sculptured marble made many Antarians melt at the sight of him, king or no king.

The man was magnificent in manner and essence, and was the reason why Beth had fallen in love with Zan the minute she had seen him when they were just children.

Beth laughed and then was released from Rath’s arms only to find herself enveloped in another strong pair of loving arms that held her tightly to him.

“God Beth! I missed you my love.” Zan said hoarsely against his queen’s shiny soft hair that he loved so much.

He let his battle scared hand run over the smooth tresses and he absorbed some of her tranquil spirit.

Elizabeth looked up into the golden tawny eyes that were so beautiful and full of emotion, and saw and felt the worry and heavy burdens that Zan had come to her with, slowly lessen as they always did when she was near. She had felt the heavy burdens in both Rath and Zan and was glad that they both seemed calmer in spirit now.

But before she could ask about the last six days, Zan’s mouth took hers with equal fierceness and need, and Beth could only cling to him with her own need just as fierce. She had missed him more than life!

She moaned when she felt Zan’s arousal pressing into her stomach with such urgency that she would almost think he had been celibate for the past week too. When Zan finally lifted his head so they could breath, Beth teased him. She ran her hand over where his pants were near to exploding with his love and urgency for her, and she cupped him gently within her hands.

“Rath, do I have to speak to you about this? Are you neglecting your King?” his queen teased.

Rath snorted and stepped behind her to press his own needy flesh against her again. “You know better than that Beth. But no matter how much Zan and I love each other, you know we miss and need you too.” Rath said, knowing Beth already knew that, but liked to hear it. Then he leaned down and kissed her mouth that now tasted of Beth and Zan… a heady combination.

“Beth, love, we need to take this to our quarters. I don’t think I can hold out much longer before I’m begging to be inside you little one.” Zan said hoarsely, his body beginning to tremble as he held Beth between he and Rath. Six days was too long! They had never been that many days without each other before, and he would never let it happen again if he could help it.

“Rath and I will take you with us from now on, if we ever have to be gone for more than one night!” Zan promised as he devoured Beth’s mouth again.

Rath moaned his agreement as he kissed her neck that was thrown back against his chest while Zan attacked her lips.

Their need for Beth was growing to the point that soon none of them would be able to make it to their quarters.

And with that thought, Zan made the move before they all lost it and they had a major loving right in the garden. Not that the idea didn’t totally turn him on, at the thought of taking both Beth and Rath in the garden, but he wanted their room, their bed and their privacy.

Having spent the last six days loving with Rath on the hard ground, he was anxious to get back to their big bed they shared with their queen.

So Zan held Beth away from him and reaching for the hands of both his lovers, the three joined hands and walked to their quarters. The rings on all three hands sparkled in unison, as if showing off with pride that they all belonged to each other in bonding.

Beth could behrly stand, never mind walk between her two husbands as they rushed toward their quarters, for she knew an urgency that matched theirs and couldn’t wait to join with them again.


Lara, the Queen Mother, saw the three heading toward their quarters and quickly intercepted with an apologetic look on her face.

“On moment my loves.” She said quickly and looked toward her son. “Zan, you almost forgot the hair samples for the DNA!” she exclaimed in desperation, wringing her hands together.

Zan’s eyes widened at how quickly his mind could blank out when he had his lovers on his mind. “My God! Thank you mother.” He said and turned toward a curious Beth and a knowing Rath.

“I’ll explain later,” he said softly to Beth, “but we need a sample of each of our hair.” He said and taking the scissors from his mother’s hands, he gently looked down at his Beth. His eyes ablaze with a mixture of love, hope and desperation, he took a small strand of her long dark silky tresses and caressed it between his fingers, hating to lose even one lock from her head.

Beth looked up at Zan with total trust and waited, her eyes confused and concerned at the look on her husband’s face.

When he had snipped it, and carefully handed it to his mother, he reached for his other mate’s locks. Rath’s blonder hair was shoulder length and easily ran through Zan’s fingers as well.

Rath set his jaw in determination and nodded to Zan, agreeing with his plan. Zan had explained it to him on their mission the past week, and Rath had readily agreed. Now he encouraged his mate to do this, for it was the right thing to do.

Once Zan had given that loving lock to his mother as well, he felt big hands take the scissors from his and run a gruff hand through his own shoulder-length hair.

He met Rath’s eyes and they both burned with a love so strong it almost ignited the air around them. Zan closed his eyes for a second as Rath cut a strand and handed that over to the Queen mother too.

Zan looked at Rath again, and then down to his little Beth, who looked up at his with equal love, and he spoke hoarsely. “I love you little one.” He said and gave her a deep searing kiss to seal that love forever.

Beth reveled in the deep kiss that was filled with so much love, but couldn’t help the worry that crossed her features when Zan raised his head finally. She reached up to caress his face, questions ablaze in her eyes.

Zan’s eyes promised he’d explain it all, before he pulled her closer and turned toward Rath, his loyal friend, warrior and mate. “I love you too.” He said huskily.

His free hand, the one not holding Beth close, wrapped around Rath’s neck and he pulled him in for a deep searing kiss as well.

Rath groaned and kissing Zan back with all his love, wrapped his big strong arms around both of his mates.

When he lifted his head from Zan’s, he looked down into Beth’s loving eyes and waiting lips, and groaning again, he met her lips in another kiss, bonding the three of them in love once more.

Zan turned then to his mother and saw her tears at the blazing love before her, and nodded to her. He hoped she never needed to use those strands of hair, but he would be prepared, and trusted his mother to see this important task done.

He leaned forward and kissed his mother on the head, and then smiled down at her. “I’m sure all will be well. This is just a precaution.” He tried to soothe her.

Lara nodded and kissing both Beth and Rath on the cheek, she moved away quietly.

Beth watched her mother-in-law for a second longer, before Zan suddenly lifted her up in his arms and Rath kicked the door to their chamber open with his foot, their need suddenly urgent again, at the thought of what those strands of hair could mean.

“Zan?” Beth asked, her hand caressing his hardened jaw as he carried her to their awaiting bed.

“Later love, I promise I’ll explain the hair samples. Right now just let us love each other.” He said gruffly and placed her down on the huge bed reverently.

Rath was already stripping down, his clothes only in the way in his eagerness to be skin to skin with his mates once more.

Beth was trembling as she watched both her husbands strip down before her, their eyes hot for each other and her. This was a sight she would never get tired of seeing.

She started to remove her own gown, but was stopped by two pairs of hands that wanted to do it for her.

In between devouring kisses, her clothes disappeared and soon hands and lips were all over her body, making her tremble and her excitement to pool between her legs with her need.

As if knowing this, Zan’s hand slid between Beth’s legs and he glided one finger through her curls, sliding it up into her hot eager heat, cupping her then and coaxing more of the loving silk from her body. Beth cried out and arched up into Zan’s amorous hand as he inserted two more fingers, while Rath kissed her deeply, his rhythm with his tongue the same as Zan’s fingers stroking up inside her.

Zan groaned at how tight and hot Beth felt and how much he had missed her scents and sounds and he laid his head on her chest and nuzzled one of her beautiful nipples and suckled on it the way he knew she loved.

Beth reveled in their love for her and at first could only lie there and absorb all the adoration and feelings spinning around her. She groaned and sighed and whispered their names in love knowing this was their way of showing her how much they had missed her.

Finally Beth felt the twin arousals on either side of her hips, and her own need for them heightened to the point of desperation.

Her small hands reached for each of them and wrapped around them both the way she knew they loved.

Zan groaned against Beth’s nipple when he felt her small hand grasp him and start a rhythm that drove him crazy. Just her hands on him could make him insane with need for her. He lifted his head from her rosy wet glistening nipple that stood up so proudly for him, and he met her eyes.

“You are indeed my queen, in name, body and soul my love. I will adore you for eternity.” He promised and then took her mouth that had just been ravished by his other lover. He almost climaxed when he tasted both of them on her lips.

Rath and Beth, Beth and Rath, they were his life. They were everything that mattered.

Rath was trailing a line of kisses down Beth’s neck while his hips bucked towards her to let himself glide smoothly through her small loving hands. He couldn’t get enough of her, and met Zan at her breasts as each of them took one into their mouths.

Beth cried out and let go of both of their heated shafts to hug them nearer to her, holding their heads close to her body. Then she watched as they looked up at her and then at each other. She watched as the passion flared between them and they kissed right above one of her nipples. Their tongues dueled as they tried to devour each other and Beth could only sigh as she watched the beauty between her mates.

Then as if sensing her approval, they both came to her mouth and the three of them dueled in a kiss they had perfected. It wasn’t a deep kiss, but it was a kiss shared between the three of them, that always left them all weak.

The three of them were building now, and none of them could wait much longer for the final mating.

Zan looked at Rath and their minds communicated their needs and moves. It was always amazing how well the three of them could read each others’ minds, and how well it worked for the three of them to love so smoothly.

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The rest....

Zan kissed Beth again, her lips wet and glistening with their kisses, and then crawled over her, slipping a knee between her already parted legs. He removed his fingers and leaned over her and lifting his head he stared down at the beauty before him.

Beth cried out at the emptiness inside of her at the removal of Zan’s fingers, and she arched up waiting for his hot throbbing heat to replace it.

Zan did not disappoint, and with a grin and one swift glide, he imbedded his hard swollen shaft deep into his queen, his mate, his friend and his love. He arched his back and cried out at the feel of her tight sweet walls around him and at the total connection of their souls.

Zan began a rhythm, and opened his eyes to see Rath kissing Beth’s neck while her hand continued to stroke Rath smoothly until he was ready to burst.

Zan met Beth’s eyes and the love shone between them strong and fierce. “Welcome home my king.” Beth gasped out as she felt Zan fill her body that had so missed his.

“It’s great to be home again my queen.” Zan sighed and then leaned down to take his wife’s mouth as he had her body.

When Zan finally came up for air, he sat up, met Rath’s eyes again and Rath slid down their bodies and his head met where his lovers’ bodies were joined. He breathed in their combined scents of lovemaking and felt drunk as his head spun. Then he flicked his tongue out and ran it across Beth’s little nub that was peaking out above Zan’s body where it joined with hers. He tasted both of them on his tongue and knew he was drunk and in heaven and didn’t want to be anywhere else. He continued to tease both of his mates with his mouth going from Zan’s hot pulsing shaft as it pushed in and out of Beth, to Beth’s swollen nub peaking above Zan’s driving, swollen hardness.

Both Zan and Beth were crying out at the twin feelings of pleasure from their joined bodies to the laving of the tongue from their other lover.

Rath knew they were both close, and he grabbed Zan’s balls and gave them a harsh caress at the same time he let the flat of his tongue run over Beth’s sensitive nub once more with more pressure, and he felt them both come as they cried out their climax, calling each other’s name and his.

When Zan finally collapsed next to Beth he pulled her into a hug, and stayed tightly inside her, kissing her forehead, lips, and nose as he worshiped her with his hands and mouth, trying to catch his breath.

Beth too was trying to catch her breath and her own mouth was trying to find anywhere it could on Zan’s body to worship.

Then she felt her other husband’s body curl up behind her and embrace the two of them and she sighed as she turned her head towards his and met his eager hungry lips.

She sighed, as she tasted all three of them on Rath’s lips. Hers and Zan’s loving juices combined with Rath’s own tastes too. There had never been a better taste in the world. She could drink from his mouth forever.

Zan slipped out of Beth and let her roll over and crawl on top of Rath as she continued to kiss Rath. Zan and Beth were both sated, but Rath still needed their loving attention. Zan grinned as he eyed his lover’s heavy cock still rock hard and needing release, and he took it in his fist and stroked it the way he knew drove Rath crazy.

Then Zan leaned down and flattening his tongue he caressed and prepared Beth’s beautiful feminine heat, from behind, for Rath’s throbbing shaft. He groaned and hardened again as he drank from his queen. He loved to taste all of her and could kiss her intimately like this forever.

But the pulsing heat and length of his other lover reminded him that it awaited their queens love as well, and he let his tongue give one more quick lashing across Beth’s clit, before he fisted Rath’s cock and guided it to the waiting heat of Beth’s body.

Beth had screamed against Rath’s devouring mouth when Zan had attacked her below with his lips and made her crazy with his talented tongue. She knew how much Zan loved to worship her that way and she could only thank the heavens for his obsession.

Then she felt Zan’s steady hand on her hip, gently easing her onto Rath’s shaft.

Rath cried out in relief at suddenly being buried in his Beth.

Beth smiled down at Rath, as his eyes burned up into her, letting her know how good it felt for them to finally be joined again after 6 long days. And he felt the joining of their souls as well, and groaned as he started to move within her, all the while feeling Zan’s big hands caressing his balls and hard butt.

Zan watched the beauty of his two mates, as they loved each other. He loved to watch them. He fisted himself and began a slow rhythm that matched his two lovers, and enjoyed watching the beautiful bodies of his lovers as they moved together so perfectly. Then he needed to be a part of them, and he got up on his knees, and letting his hardness slide against Beth’s sexy butt, he slid his arms around her as she rode Rath, and he played with her swollen nipples while he kissed her neck, and met Rath’s eyes at the same time.

Zan groaned as he wrapped himself around Beth’s small body, his front to her back, and catching the same rhythm, he slid his hardness between her cheeks, and could feel the swollen tip of his shaft brush between her legs and touch where Rath and Beth were joined.

Rath knew he was going to lose it any second as he watched his two lovers above him. Beth riding him in a sexy dance, her swollen nipples being caressed by Zan’s big hands, and Zan’s heaving body that was sliding between Beth’s legs.

He met Zan’s eyes that spoke of his love and watched as Beth arched back against Zan as Zan stroked her swollen nub with one hand and rolled a nipple with the other, as he continued sucking on her neck too.

Rath reached forward and pulled Zan’s ass tighter to Beth, helping shove Zan harder against Beth and getting them all to move faster, knowing the sight before him was going to make him lose it any minute, and wanting them both with him.

“Ah GOD!” Zan cried out as he felt his orgasm begin, and he heard Beth’s gasp and knew she too was about to come. He followed Beth down over Rath as Beth collapsed onto his chest, and when he was close enough to Rath, with Beth between them, he kissed Rath with a hot deep kiss and felt the three of them climax at the same time, crying out each other’s names once again.


It was many hours later before the three were interrupted by the sounds of shouting and screaming.

Zan and Rath rolled out from each side of the bed, on either side of Beth, and were reaching for their pants when there was a knock on the door.

Rath threw the covers over Beth and after Zan saw that, he called out for whoever was at their door to enter.

“It’s Khivar, my lord! He’s broken through the courtyard! We must have a traitor among us, for he got in too easily.” The guard said angrily.

Beth’s face turned white at the thought of Khivar, and at the words “traitor”. Everyone at the castle was a trusted friend, family member or advisor. Even the servants were their friends and like part of the family. Beth looked from Rath to Zan and met Zan’s eyes and could see the stunned surprise in his as well at the word traitor. But it made sense. There was no other way Khivar could have gotten this close and especially not have gotten inside the castle walls without help from within.

“Travar, have my mother and sister and all the women and children go to the tunnels. We will hold back Khivar’s arm or die trying!” Zan shouted and dressed as he talked. The guard nodded and went to see to the King’s family and friends.

Zan grabbed his sword and turned toward Beth who was trembling as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Zan looked at Beth and his heart froze in fear for her. He swept aside his sword, and kneeled by her side on the bed. Rath stood on the other side, looking just as sick for their Beth.

“Beth, God my love. I want you to take this passageway we had built behind the wall right behind you and go join my mother and the others. They will need your leadership and strength to guide them. We will come for you when it’s over.” Zan said, but his eyes couldn’t lie. He didn’t think they would survive. And he knew he might be looking at his love for the last time.

“I love you Beth. You are my queen and the only woman in the world for me. In any world. Remember that.” He whispered and when Beth whimpered and sobbed, Zan pulled her to him and kissed her with all the love and adoration he could.

“I love you my King. We will be together always, remember that.” She said softly between kisses and tears. “But I want to fight by your side Zan. Beside you and Rath, where I belong. For I could not live if you two didn’t.” she said sincerely and held out her hand for Rath’s.

Rath fell to the bed on the other side of Beth and gripped her hand and leaned in for a hot fierce kiss that felt more like goodbye.

“No! God no Beth! I would be honored to have you by my side love, but I can’t risk you. If there is ANY chance we can beat Khivar’s men, Rath and I need to have our total concentration on the fight. We would never be able to concentrate if we worried about what was happening to you.” Zan said hoarsely and Rath nodded when she looked between the two men.

She bit her lip not wanting to live without them, but realized their only hope was if both of her warriors could give their all out there. And they needed to get out there now.

She straightened her shoulders and sliding out of the bed she gave each of her men a kiss, deep and loving, and then whispered to both of them as they all held to one another. “For luck my husbands. Come back to me.” She said softly and smiling, she sent them off.

“Forever Beth,” Rath whispered his promise.

“Remember what I told you about the DNA hair samples Beth. Make sure my mother gets those sent to where they need to be in case…” Zan left the rest unsaid and kissing her one last time he left the room with forever on his lips as well.

Beth bit her lip when they had gone and didn’t let herself wallow in self-pity or the worry for her men get in her way. She would do what Zan had asked of her with the DNA samples and go help calm the people down below. Their people. Her people.


The following hours were long and bloody and the surprise attack having caught them off guard gave Khivar the advantage he had expected, and he plowed through the castle with a vengeance. Khivar and his men killed many of the soldiers before they even knew he was there.

Beth paced the cave where her mother-in-law, sister-in-law and Serena waited for word of the battle that raged above them. Beth could feel the fear, anxiety and tension and hate that Zan and Rath were feeling, and she was a wreck, awaiting the end of the battle and praying she would see her loves again when it was all over.

Suddenly Beth felt a pain shoot through her stomach and knew Zan had been hit. She felt to her knees in pain and cried out for her love.

Lara, Vilondra and Serena bent to help her up and Lara sobbed.

“He’s dying! Oh God… he’s dying! Rath help him! I need him so.” Beth cried out not even aware of the women around her. Her eyes were glazed over as if she was with Zan and Rath in the open courtyard above.

“Oh my God!” Serena whispered in a sob and turned toward Lara and Vilondra asking how they could help Elizabeth.

Their grim looks told her what she already knew. All they could do was wait.

When Elizabeth cried out again, holding her head and side screaming Rath’s name Lara stumbled to her own knees in prayer.

Beth could feel her loves dying and felt her own soul going with them. But suddenly she turned toward Lara desperately.

“The samples! Did you take care of them?” Elizabeth asked frantically.

Lara met her daughter-in-laws eyes and nodded with a small smile. “It is done my child.” She said and realized there just might be hope after all.

“I’m going to take Elizabeth to the bed in the other room, she should be lying down.” Vilondra said and quickly helped Elizabeth up and into the other room down the tunnel before the others could object.

Lara and Serena held on to each other while they sobbed out their own pain, as they knew things would never be the same again. With Zan and Rath gone, Elizabeth was as good as gone too, and they mourned their loved ones and awaited their own fate.

Vilondra paced the chamber where Elizabeth lie curled up on the makeshift bed in a ball of misery. She watched Elizabeth for a minute and contemplated her next move and wondered if she should kill the queen now or wait for Khivar. He had told her only to kill Elizabeth if it looked like he might fail. But Vilondra didn’t want Elizabeth to live either way and didn’t like the look in her lover’s eyes when he’d told her not to kill the queen, for he might have use of her. Vilondra didn’t WANT to know what use Khivar might have for the girl. She HATED Elizabeth and always had, since they were children.

“They’re coming….” Beth finally stirred enough to whisper.

Vilondra flew around toward the bed and stared at the girl. “Who?” she asked in shock.

“Zan…Rath…” she said in a soft voice and with a small smile.

“That’s not possible! You said they were dead!” Vilondra shouted.

“They’re coming…” Beth said again but without really seeing her sister-in-law above her. All her focus was with her two loves.

Vilondra had to think quickly. She had to kill Elizabeth! For even if Zan and Rath lived, it would weaken them to the point of almost killing them if Elizabeth was gone. She spun around taking the knife out of her pocket and smiled down at the pathetic girl still curled up on the bed.

This was going to be so easy, she thought. And with that she lifted her arm up and drove the knife through Elizabeth’s back.

The cry of pain and shock roused Beth from her misery and she now stared up at her killer, the betrayer. It couldn’t be! She couldn’t believe it!

“Why?” was the only thing Beth could say as she lay bleeding to death from the lethal blow.

“Khivar should be the king. He is much stronger a leader than my weak and love sick brother. He is a pathetic king who gives too much to the peasants and makes poor judgments based on his soft heart. He would destroy us in time. Khivar will rule this planet with a firm hand and with me by his side!” Vilondra grinned down at the dying queen. She’d always dreamed of this day. Of being the one to smile over Elizabeth’s dying body telling her that she would take her place.

Elizabeth, still in shock, forced her eyes away from the mad woman above her toward the door, knowing Zan and Rath were close now. She closed her eyes in peace, knowing they would all be together again soon.

Vilondra didn’t hear the men coming; she was too busy gloating over the dying girl.

The sight that greeted Zan and Rath as they entered the room made them both cry out like wounded behrs.

Vilondra spun around, startled and saw the two wounded warriors leaning against each other, as they had made their way to their queen.

Vilondra saw how weak the two warriors were and knew they were on death’s door as well. She smiled now and stood back to let them see that their queen was going to join them.

“You BITCH!!!!!” Rath shouted and with a final burst of strength and fury, he whipped up his sword and flung it at the traitor, their murderer and deceiver.

Vilondra had not expected that, and with a gasp, she felt the huge sword pierce her body and then with one last look of shock, she died.

But it was too late to save Beth, and it was two broken warriors that dragged themselves over to their love and pulled her toward them.

Zan buried his head against Beth’s throat and cried out his pain while Rath held them both in his own large embrace and wept with Zan.

Beth opened her eyes and managed to lift one hand toward Zan’s beautiful face and searched it one last time, and then continued on to Rath’s equally loving features.

“Don’t cry my loves. We will be together again. And we will live on. Thanks to you my Zan.” Beth whispered and her hand fell.

“Beth, love…Noooo!!!!!” Zan cried out when Beth died in his arms.

“Rath!” Zan said in panic.

“I’m here Zan.” Rath said through his own tears, knowing Zan was weakening in his arms as well.

“Please, make sure that those samples make it to their destination.” He pleaded and met his lover’s eyes one last time.

“I will Zan. I promise. With my last breath I will make sure they get there. I love you.” Rath said hoarsely.

“Forever.” Zan agreed and then he too left this life.

It was a broken and dying Rath that the others could hear howl through the caves like a mad man as he said goodbye to his loves that night.

And before he died, Rath did as he was told. He worked with their royal scientist on making sure the samples were readied for their journey, and while the doctor prepared the embryos, Rath spent his last hours writing in a journal all the information he thought the little embryos would need to know.

Lara begged Rath to rest, that maybe he could heal if he rested, but Rath knew he was dying and wanted to make sure the samples left for Earth before he too joined his mates in death.

As he carefully wrapped the journal in protective paper, he reached in his pocket and pulled out two rings. He held them in his open palm and stared at Zan’s and Beth’s bonding rings. Almost with pain, he sighed and slowly slid his own ring off of his finger and placed it with the other two. He didn’t even notice the tears that splashed onto the rings as he closed his fist over the precious metals and brought his fist up to his lips. His eyes closed as he kissed his fist and then he placed the three rings in with the journal.

“Good bye my loves.” He whispered with tears in his voice and eyes.


Lara looked up at the gray skies above her and pulled the shawl around her shoulders tighter as the wind whipped up from the north.

It had been three months since the destruction of her family by the hands of the madman known as Khivar.

She looked down at the gravestone with sadness and prayed for hope that the embryos heading toward earth would someday save them. And if nothing else, at least her loved ones would live to love again.

She read the inscription on the stone that she had had carved. The gravestone read…

A Love That Knows No Bounds…
Soul mates Zan, Elizabeth, Rath.

Lara had done as Zan had requested and put all three of them in the same grave.

She prayed that they had forever.


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Wow! Thank you guys! Your feedback was incredible!

First I wanted to add a story I totally forgot that has also prompted me to write a M/L/Mi fic! I'm so sorry ccrswll!!! I ADORE your fic "Meant To Be"! The love that Max and Michael have for Liz in your story is beautiful! I hope I can portray the love the three of them have that well. *happy*

MAXZHOT: Thank you I hope you like how I started them out on earth. *happy*

BELEVNDREAMSTOO: Hon you are always so wonderful with your feedback I hope this is soon enough for you. *happy* I can't promise that the parts will all come out this fast, but I thought I'd put one more out this weekend. ;)

JEZEBEL617: JEZ! How are you sweetie? Glad you liked this. And I hope you did okay on your midterm in Calc! And thanks for the wonderful feedback. *happy*

TABASCOLIZ:Thanks! I've fallen in love with this story so I'm glad it hooked you too. *happy*

LEL:Thanks! I know it was sad, but since Zan, Rath and Beth could only end that one way if I wanted them to follow that much of the storyline from the show, I atleast wanted to make it touch us. So thanks for letting me know it worked. *happy*

OPAL: Thank you! Flabbergasted is wonderful to hear. *happy* I like knowing the responses you all feel as you read the story. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

JANE:LOL! All your questions are so enthusiastic and I love you for them. *happy* You will find out who all is in this story in this next part. I hope you like it. *happy* And also, yes, I will continue to write "Forbidden Love" and I'm going to write the last part of YMMF. *happy* I'm just getting over my writer's block and this has been on my mind, but I will continue to write the others. *happy* I'm glad you are loving this one. And nope... no Vilondra or Mess. ;)

CCRSWLL: Thank you! Coming from one of my favorite M/L/Mi writers this is high praise! *happy* I'm glad it moved you to tears. As you know that is very high praise. HOpe you continue to enjoy the story!

LADYLOU: Awww you cried too. *happy* Thanks! That is indeed quite a complement if you don't normally. And "a special ring of something extra" Wow! Thank you! *happy*

SNOWDOVE30:Thank you Snowdove! I hope this is soon enough! *happy* I really appreciate you all responding to this fic since it's my first threesome/slash and I wasn't possitive of the reactions. *happy*

ROSWELLLADY:"Emotional love and physical love" Thanks Ros! That's EXACTLY what I was trying to portray! *happy* Glad it worked! Hope you continue to enjoy the story.

LITTLEBIT: Glad it was hot! *happy* I wasn't sure I could pull it off being my first time trying to coordinate three people together. LOL! Thanks!!

DEVILISH: Oh you MUST share your fic! Don't ever feel it won't measure up to someone elses! Everyone has their own 'specialness" to share. If I thought that I would never have put this out with all the other wonderful threesome authors like CCRSWLL, ROSDEIDRE & TASYFA! Do it babe! And thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed this first part. *happy*

ERASERROOM: WOW! I don't know what to say! Your feedback floored me. *happy* I'm so glad it worked for you. And I'm glad the cutting of the hair had the right effect. All the things you mentioned were what I was hoping for so you really made my day by letting me know that it did indeed work. And yes, it will be confusing for our young loves at first in Roswell. As you will see, you have it exactly right... I'm going to focus on their confusion and trying to figure it all out. ;) Thank you!!!

BEHRHUGS: Thank you! I'm so glad J recommended it to you and you enjoyed it. *happy* And you cried too! *happy* High praise indeed. Thank you so much for responding!

Okay... here's the next part since you all were so wonderful with your feedback. Thank you all again! I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone when you see where I'm starting this.

Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda

E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Chapter 1

The first time 10-year-old Max Evans saw Liz Parker she was getting off the school bus. Max was leaning against a tree, watching the kids on the playground run around before school when he’d felt a hum start in his body and he felt like something inside of him was waking up. At the time he only knew his whole body was tingling, and knowing he was unlike normal children, his eyes widened and he looked around cautiously. That was when he saw her.

Max didn’t know why he was drawn to the little dark-haired girl; he just knew that his whole body was screaming out to her. If Max had been a normal boy, he’d have been terrified of the feelings that were running through his body, but because he knew he was different, he wasn’t frightened. Max was just cautious and confused about the feeling.

Liz got off the bus for the first day of school. She was now a big fifth grader and was excited to find her friend, Maria and hang out before the bell rang.

Liz was lifting her backpack higher on her shoulder when she felt the strangest sensation run through her. It was like all of her was being pulled toward something. Her whole body seemed to be buzzing and coming alive and her eyes widened in surprise. She looked around and froze when she met the eyes of a boy she’d never seen before. His eyes! They were what were drawing her in.

Max straightened from the tree and was standing frozen as well. As soon as the girl’s eyes had met his, he’d felt the humming get louder in his ears and felt his body start to shake. He had to go to her.

Liz felt her body start to tremble from the buzzing as the boy started towards her. Her own shaky legs began moving towards him without her even realizing it.

“Lizzie!” A voice screamed in shear delight and Maria Deluca, her best friend, pulled her around suddenly and hugged her and jumped up and down.

Liz was momentarily pulled out of her daze, and tried to stop her friend from jumping up and down and making her already shaky legs collapse.

Max saw another other girl spin the dark-haired girl away from him and it broke him out of his own daze. He still felt the pull, but realized he didn’t know what he would have said to the girl. He didn’t talk to girls. He didn’t talk much to anyone. He’d always known he was different, and that he had to be careful. He knew his mother worried about him starting in a new school, and had told him to be extra careful that nothing unusual happened. He had nodded in agreement. They both remembered the first summer Max had been with them, how he’d healed a broken bird without even being aware of it. She didn’t want him getting caught doing something like that in front of others. His parents had explained how some bad people might try to take him away to see why he could do those things. He had promised he’d be real careful.

So, shaking himself out of his daze, he pushed his strange feelings away to think about later, when it was safe, and he turned and headed towards the school, glad that the other girl had interrupted whatever had been about to happen. He had to be careful!

Liz finally got Maria to let go of her and she spun back around looking for the boy. She almost cried out when he was gone. A part of her felt panicked and suddenly abandoned. She didn’t understand the feeling, but she hugged herself close and continued to shake, her eyes desperately searching around for the new boy.

“Lizzie! What is with you! You look funny.” Maria finally said realizing her friend looked like she’d seen a ghost.

Liz shook herself and realized how silly she was acting. Liz didn’t even like boys. She thought they were silly and only okay as friends. Maria was the one who went crazy over boys.

“Well come on Lizzie! I told Kyle and Alex we’d meet them by the basketball hoops! I want to see Kyle before Pam Troy grabs on to him. She’s such a pest!” Maria exclaimed and pulled Liz with her toward the hoops.

Liz just smiled and rolled her eyes. Maria had had a crush on Kyle since the middle of last year, and even though the four of them were friends, and Kyle had no clue Maria liked him, Maria was determined to get Kyle to like her as a girl, not just a friend.

Liz was doodling on her notebook an hour later as their teacher went over the rules of her class and explained what was expected of them now that they were in fifth grade. Liz only half listened as she doodled, her mind really back on those eyes that had mesmerized her so. She couldn’t get them out of her head.

She was so deep in her memory of those eyes that she didn’t hear the door open or the Principal enter.

“Ooooh he’s a cutie!” Maria whispered to Liz from the seat behind her.

Liz looked up and started to turn around to see whom Maria was talking about now, when she again met those dark eyes she had been daydreaming about.

The new boy was now standing awkwardly in front of the whole class as the Principal talked with the teacher.

Liz held her breath when the boy found her eyes as well.

Max froze and his breath caught in his lungs as he met those deep dark eyes once more. His whole being began to buzz again but this time he clamped down on his urge to go to her, and pulled his eyes forcefully away to look down at the ground.

What was it about this girl he wondered? He didn’t even like girls. They were silly and laughed too much and were too loud. He didn’t know anything about his life before he had been found four years ago, but he knew that since then, he’d not really had any friends, either boys or girls. He didn’t trust anyone enough. So why was this girl drawing him to her?

Liz didn’t even hear the teacher stand up and start to address the class, until she heard her teacher say the new boy’s name. Max Evans. Max Evans Liz thought. Max Evans. Max. She liked it. It fit him.

Then she saw the teacher pointing to the chair beside her and she held her breath. There were other empty seats as well, so Liz was thrilled that he was going to sit near her. Her whole body was humming again and she felt herself start to tremble once more as he neared her.

Max tried to hide his unsteady legs as he slid into the chair next to the dark-haired girl. The closer he had come to her, the more his body had started quaking. He frowned and forced himself not to look at her or at anyone, just straight ahead. He felt the pull toward the girl so strongly that he had to grip the desk sides to keep from reaching out to touch her. What was wrong with him? He didn’t dare look over at her, although he knew she was looking at him.

Liz frowned as she realized Max was purposefully not looking at her, and felt a sudden tug of hurt go through her. She swallowed, fighting off tears, and then turned back to her notebook trying to keep the tears from falling. Why did she care if he was ignoring her? He was just a dumb old boy anyways she tried to remind herself. She bit her lip and the notebook in front of her blurred as tears welled up in her eyes.

Max felt the girl’s eyes leave him, and he sneaked a quick peek over at her. To his horror he could see her lip trembling and her eyes filled with tears. A sudden overwhelming feeling of pain shot through his whole body, and his stomach clenched tightly. Had he made her cry!? The thought for some reason was so unbehrable that Max almost cried out in pain himself.

Max had to do something. The girl’s tears were burning holes inside of him. He was shocked at his reactions to this stranger, but just knew he couldn’t stand to see her cry. Ever. Not without it hurting him too. He quickly picked up his pencil and wrote on a piece of paper.

Liz kept her eyes down until she had fought off the tears. She didn’t understand it, but Max not looking at her made her feel rejected and lost. When she’d looked into his eyes earlier she’d suddenly felt safe like she’d never felt before. And when he’d refused to look at her a few minutes ago, something inside her felt empty and alone.

It frightened her, the strong and strange feelings she had all of a sudden. They didn’t make any sense. She decided she would just have to stay clear of this strange boy.

Just as she made that decision, a tiny paper airplane landed on her desk. Liz jumped and looked up and met Max’s eyes again. The pull stronger than ever, made her gasp.

Max gave a small smile and looked pointedly at the piece of paper, and then turned and looked ahead again.

Liz took a deep breath now that his eyes were no longer on her, and slowly reached for the tiny paper. With shaky little hands, she unfolded it and read the note.

Liz suddenly felt like the sun had just risen up in her tummy. It felt all warm and happy all of a sudden, and she felt a burst of excitement and happiness. On the piece of paper were just three little words, but they had the power to affect her so completely.

Hi I’m Max.

Max saw the smile and when she looked over at him with that brilliant smile that lit her whole face, it took his breath away.

“I’m Liz.” She whispered softly and then turned red and faced front again, but with her smile still in place.

Max felt his own stomach doing flip-flops as he just kept looking at her smile. Liz. He said to himself and grinned at how it rolled off his tongue. Liz.


Alex Whitman looked across the lunch table at his friend Liz and studied her quietly for a few minutes. They were waiting for Maria and Kyle but Liz hadn’t said two words since she’d sat down. She kept looking around. Alex could tell by the anxious look on his friend’s face that she wasn’t looking for Maria or Kyle.

“What’s up Liz?” Alex finally asked quietly.

Liz jumped and her eyes widened as she turned to Alex, as if just realizing he’d been sitting there with her. “Nothing.” She said with a pasted on smile.

Alex’s eyes narrowed and then he smiled. “You are such a bad liar, Parker.”

Liz turned red and ducked her head down. She hated that she couldn’t tell one single lie, ever without everyone knowing. “I don’t want to talk about it yet, Alex. Okay?” she said softly instead.

“Fair enough, but just know you can talk to me about anything Liz, you know that right?” he said seriously again.

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the rest....

Liz met his eyes and felt the warmth there that made her know she could trust him completely. “Yeah. I do know, Alex.” She grinned and lightened up and pulled her sandwich out of her sack lunch.

“What’d I miss?” Maria exclaimed as she plopped down next to Liz and looked from Liz to Alex. Kyle was right behind her and sat down next to Alex.

“Nothing.” Both Alex and Liz said at the same time.

“Oh. So you told Alex about that new boy, Max huh?” Maria grinned with eyes twinkling.

“What new boy?” Alex asked with a frown. He wasn’t in their class and hadn’t heard any of this yet. He looked hurt that Liz had obviously told Maria whatever it was she didn’t want to talk about now.

Liz read Alex’s expression and shook her head. “No I haven’t cause there’s nothing to tell. Maria is being a total drama queen again Alex. He’s just a boy.” Liz said.

Maria, Alex and Kyle exchanged knowing looks about how badly their friend lied.

“Yeah right, nothing to tell. Max, that’s the new boy, couldn’t keep his eyes off of Liz all day in class, and neither could Liz keep her eyes off of him. And he threw her a paper airplane which she still won’t tell me what it said.” Maria rambled out all at once.

Alex, used to Maria’s ramblings, caught it all and only looked more interestedly at Liz now. Liz never acted like this with guys. They bored her.

Kyle looked at her with intense eyes for a moment, not having seen any of this in their class today, but then he’d been busy looking at his new comic book. He saw Liz’s red face and finally smiled and lightly kicked his foot against Liz’s little sneaker. “Liz Parker…are you in love?” he teased suddenly.

Instead of laughing with Kyle and Maria, Liz turned red and looked horrified. Alex just narrowed his eyes in amazement and wondered if it could be possible that his best friend had her first crush. He definitely wanted to meet this Max Evans.

As if reading his mind, Maria suddenly jumped in her seat. “Oh my! There he is!” She exclaimed and started waving and standing up so Max could see her. “Max! Max Evans! Over here!” she yelled.

Liz looked mortified and ducked her head and looked at the table as Maria continued to scream out Max’s name through out the cafeteria.

Max had been quietly looking for an empty place to sit alone and eat, when he heard his name being shouted out. He looked up in shock and horror as he saw that blond girl from his class calling out to him and waving her hands wildly to get his attention.

He blushed since he could see she also had everyone’s attention with her antics. He knew she was a friend of Liz’s and he could see Liz looking small and embarrassed next to the blond. Part of him wanted to turn around and run. To go to the library and hide out, and stay away from the girl who so churned him up inside. But the other part of him needed to be near her, so he slowly moved forward, toward the loud blond who was still calling to him, and closer to Liz.

“Here he comes!” Maria squealed! “Lizzie! Ooooh he’s tres cute!” Maria said with a French accent and waggled her eyebrows.

“You think everyone’s cute, Maria.” Liz mumbled so nervous that Max was going to come sit with them.

“Yeah, but Max really IS a hottie! He’s so quiet and serious looking and he has such beautiful eyes.” Maria went on.

“Shhh! Maria he’ll hear you!” Liz whispered and jabbed her friend in the side with her elbow as they saw Max approach.

Alex watched as the new boy came closer, and he saw the way the boy was looking at Liz and how Liz was now staring at this Max, blushing. He raised an eyebrow at Liz’s reactions to this guy.

“Hey Max! Come sit with us.” Maria said when Max stood before their table.

Max kept his eyes on Liz, unable to take them off of her. When she looked back at him, Max couldn’t look away to save his life, the pull was so strong.

“Hey Max.” Liz managed to say with a shaky breath.

“Hey Liz.” He said and loved the sound of her name out loud on his tongue.

“Come sit next to Liz, Max. I’m Maria and this is Alex and Kyle.” Maria said and moved over to make room for Liz to move over to give Max a seat next to her.

“Hey Max.” Kyle said.

“Welcome to Roswell El, Max.” Alex grinned.

Liz looked down finally as Max tore his eyes from hers to acknowledge the others.

“Hey. Thanks.” He mumbled.

Not a big talker. Alex thought to himself as he watched Max ease in next to Liz and how the two of them tensed up as Max settled down. He didn’t understand why Liz or this Max was acting so strange, but he just wanted to make sure Liz was okay.
He decided he was going to keep an eye on this guy. He seemed odd, different.

Liz could feel the heat of Max as he sat so close to her and she had an aching need to just reach out and touch him. She gripped her apple tighter with her one hand and sat on the other, literally having to fight the urge. What was wrong with her!

Max could feel the energy of Liz surrounding him and he had to grip his lunch tray to keep from reaching out to touch her. He needed to touch her. He didn’t understand any of this and wanted to bolt so badly, but remembering the tears that he had caused earlier in Liz’s eyes kept him there.

“So Max, where are you from?” Alex asked him, having noticed the tension between his friend and Max and was more and more curious.

Max cleared his throat and looked at the guy across from him who was definitely studying him intently. Max answered carefully. “Artesia.”

“Where’s that?” Kyle asked now staring at Max himself.

“It’s South of here, about half way between here and Carlsbad.” Alex explained to his friend and then turned back towards Max. “Have you ever seen the caverns?” he asked perking up at the thought.

Max shook his head no.

“Do you have any brother’s or sisters?” Maria asked.

Max shifted in his seat feeling like they were interrogating him, even though he knew they were just curious about the new kid.

“No.” he answered honestly and tried to relax. He was still gripping his tray to keep from reaching out to Liz. He had hoped that if nothing else, the questions would take his mind off of how badly he wanted to touch her. No such luck.

He could feel Liz’s eyes on him as he answered the questions, and the pull was strong to look at her again. But he didn’t trust himself to do that so he looked down at his tray of food instead.

“Well it’s boring here man.” Kyle said. “There’s nothing to do.”

“Unless you like Aliens that is.” Maria laughed.

Max took a deep breath and let it out. “Don’t believe in them.” He said softly, gripping his tray even harder.

“Well of course not. Only people who believe that stuff are some old people and the tourists.” Kyle laughed.

“And your granddad, Kyle.” Maria piped up, forgetting how sensitive that was to her friend.

Max watched with interest as Kyle stiffened and looked down.

Alex saw his friend’s reaction and kicked Maria under the table to tell her to be quiet.

Maria was instantly contrite, realizing she had hurt Kyle. “I’m sorry Kyle!” she said in horror.

Liz felt bad for both Maria and Kyle. She knew how Kyle felt about his Grandfather’s belief in aliens and how everyone had made fun of him, and she knew Maria really liked Kyle and was horrified that she had hurt him.

“‘So Kay.” He mumbled.

Maria reached for the ketchup in the middle of the table for her fries, her eyes still on an upset Kyle, and knocked the bottle over between Max and Liz.

When they both reached for it their hands touched.
White-hot lightening licked through Max’s whole body at Liz’s touch and he sucked in his breath and stiffened in shock.

Liz gasped softly and felt the same white heat run through her body. But then suddenly her body calmed. An inner peace came over her and she felt safe and so relaxed and serene. She no longer felt tense around Max. It was as if she had known him forever, and she just felt peace fill her like warm arms surrounding her. She felt safe and… loved.

Max too felt suddenly at peace and completely calm. He had always felt tense and anxious about who and what he might be, and had never felt at peace. Until now. Touching Liz made him feel tranquil and safe, like he’d known her forever and could trust her with everything about him.

Max looked over at Liz to find her staring back at him with the most beautiful smile he’d ever seen. And suddenly he found himself grinning back.

Liz saw the warmth that glowed in Max’s eyes and felt the pull, but this time it wasn’t scary. It made her feel that safe, warm feeling that filled her tummy. And his smile! It was amazing.

She felt Max take her hand and close his over it and give it a squeeze. Liz clasped his back tightly. Then they both started eating, totally relaxed now.

The other three at the table just watched with their mouths wide open. What had just happened?


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Hey EraserRoom,

How about tonight? ;) And most of everyone's questions will be answered in the next part. *happy*
I'll send out the next part tonight when I get home.

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Okay sorry this is coming out so late, but I had trouble getting on the site earlier. *happy* Enjoy. And I'll let you know that Michael comes into it in the next part. Part 3. Hang in there! ;)

And once again, your feedback humbles me! You guys are fantastic and make me write faster with all your enthusiasm! *happy*

I'll answer some of your feedback tomorrow. It's late now and I need some sleep. *happy*

Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda

E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Part 2

Max walked Liz home that day, his hand holding hers tightly. Ever since they had touched at lunch, neither had been afraid of their feelings for each other anymore. It was just “right”. It was as if they had known each other forever and couldn’t imagine not being together.

Liz felt as if she was floating. She was so warm and happy inside with Max by her side and his warm hand holding hers so safely. She told him which way her home was and that it was above a restaurant, that was alien themed, that her parents had started four years ago when they’d moved here.

Max had stumbled a second when she’d mentioned ‘alien themed’ but ignored it.
“You only moved here four years ago?” he asked surprised. It seemed like she’d been here forever with how close she was to her friends.

“Yeah, before that my parents came from Albuquerque.” She explained with a frown.

Max smiled. “What about you? You came from Albuquerque too right.” He laughed letting her know how it had sounded.

But when Liz didn’t laugh, Max looked at her closely and saw her hesitate.

He knew the look of caution since he’d lived with it for years and he tightened his grip on her hand for a minute.

“It’s okay, Liz. You don’t have to answer.” He said softly. He wanted to know everything about Liz, but only when she wanted to share.

Liz shook her head and looked around, they were almost to her home, and were right near the park, so she pulled him into the park to sit on a bench. “No. I…I want to. Only it’s just something that bothers me.” Liz whispered.

Max’s eyebrows rose and he nodded with serious eyes that met hers and waited.

“I don’t remember anything before I turned six. My mom and dad told me when I was six I got a bad fever and they didn’t think I would live. And when I did, and I woke up, I just didn’t have any memories of before then.” She said softly.

Max could feel the pain and confusion Liz felt at not remembering anything about herself before she moved here, and he knew better than she realized, how it felt to have an aching emptiness to look back on. He too didn’t know what had happened to him before his parents had found him in the desert. He only knew that in his case, he was different, and might have come from a different world.

“I’m sorry Liz. That is scary, I know.” He said softly.

Liz nodded and didn’t even realize she was twisting her hands and now looking down at them.

She saw Max’s hand cover her fidgety ones and knew he was waiting for her to look at him again.

“I don’t remember anything before four years ago either Liz.” Max admitted. It was the first time he was admitting it out loud, and it felt good to be sharing it with her.

“You don’t?” Liz asked in surprise.

“No.” He said and looked deep into her eyes getting up the courage to tell her all about himself. He didn’t know why he needed to tell her, only that he had been so alone with all of his thoughts and now he felt he’d found someone he could share it all with. He knew he could tell Liz anything and she’d understand and accept him still.

Liz searched his eyes.

Max looked around and saw that kids were starting to come out and play now that school was out, and he didn’t want to talk here about his secrets. He sighed knowing he wanted to tell her. Knowing she’d understand.

“Come on.” He smiled and took her hand again, standing up to finish taking her home. He had to get home soon too, since he hadn’t told his mom he’d be late today, but maybe tomorrow he’d be able to go bike riding with Liz to the park and talk. He smiled thinking about it.


“So like Liz, what’s up with you and Max?” Maria asked later that day, as she and Alex sat across from Liz in a booth at her parents’ restaurant, The Crashdown Café.

“What do you mean?” Liz stalled. She didn’t know what it was between her and Max, only that she loved the feelings she got when he was around, and she didn’t really know how to explain it.

“Liz you are so the bad liar!” Maria laughed and Alex grinned and nodded at his friend who could only blush.

“Well, I don’t really know what it is, only that when I’m around Max I feel…different.” She tried to explain, trying to figure it out herself. She twirled a long strand of hair around her finger in thought, her little sneakered feet swinging where she couldn’t reach the floor.

“What do you mean different?” Maria looked worried and exchanged looks with Alex. He just narrowed his eyes and studied his little friend who looked lost in thought, as if trying to figure it out herself.

“I don’t know. Happier. Excited. And my tummy feels good.” Liz went on thinking about the feelings she’d had since she’d first saw him this morning. “Like you feel when it’s Christmas time.” Liz smiled.

Maria now grinned and poked Alex. “AH Lizzie IS in love!” She laughed, all of it making sense to her now.

Alex saw Liz blush and not deny it, but he also felt there was more to her feeling different than she was explaining.

“But all these feelings are good feelings Liz?” Alex couldn’t help but ask. He wanted to make sure she was okay.

“What? Oh yeah.” She smiled suddenly and then tilted her head. “I also feel suddenly safe when Max is around. Like I know he won’t let anything bad happen to me.” She drifted off in wonder.

Alex raised an eyebrow and looked to Maria who was looking dreamy. “Gosh Liz! Seeing you all gooey over a boy is just too cool! I wish I felt that way about someone!” she sighed and put her hand up to lean on her chin in thought.

“I thought that’s how you feel about Kyle?” Alex teased her.

“Well, I feel some of that, but not the feeling safe stuff, and Kyle certainly doesn’t look at me the way Max looks as Liz!” Maria explained and then just sighed again.

“Liz honey, time to come up for dinner!”

“Okay mom! Coming!” Liz called out across the diner seeing her mom at the foot of the stairs in the back where they led up to their apartment.

“Oh! My mom is gonna kill me for being so late! Call me later Liz!” Maria exclaimed and got up and hugged her friend before she dashed out of the diner.

“See ya tomorrow Liz.” Alex smiled and rolling his eyes at Maria’s dramatic exit, he headed out slowly.


Jeff and Nancy Parker exchanged looks of concern as they watched their daughter frown over her meal, lost in thought.

“Liz honey, you haven’t touched your dinner. Is something wrong?” Nancy asked.

Liz looked up from where she was pushing her food around, and came out of her thoughts.

No. Just tired I guess.” Liz said distractedly.

“How was your first day of school?” Jeff asked his daughter.

“Good. My teacher is nice and Maria and Kyle are in my class, but Alex is in Mrs. Peters’ class.” She smiled recalling her day. “And I met a new kid, his name’s Max and he’s really great.” Liz added trying to act like it was no big deal. She didn’t even want to try to explain to her parents how Max made her feel.

“Well I’m glad you like your teacher honey and that Maria and Kyle are in your class. Poor Alex, he must feel left out.” Her mother said and smiled softly as she pushed back the long hair from her daughters face gently. “And a new friend? You have had a busy day.”

Liz nodded and finished her dinner so her parents wouldn’t worry. Ever since her fever, they’d worried about her all the time. She didn’t remember if they worried before then, but she guessed it was only since she’d been so sick.

An hour later, snuggled up in bed with her journal that her Grandma Claudia had given her, she heard the phone ring and her dad’s voice as he answered it.

“Oh Max, Liz told us about you. I hope we get to meet you soon. Here she is.” Liz heard her dad say as he came into her room and she sat up alert and smiling.

Liz took the phone from her dad and waited until he left her room again before she answered. Her whole body was tingling at just the thought that Max had called her.

“Hi Max!” Liz couldn’t help but sound excited.

She thought she heard a smile in Max’s voice as he answered. “Hey Liz. I’m not calling too late am I?” he asked hesitantly.

“Oh no! I don’t have to go to bed till 8:30! Now that I’m in the fifth grade I get to stay up a little later.” Liz grinned and hugged the phone closer to her as she curled up more on her bed.

“Yeah, me too.” He was definitely smiling now, she could tell. “Well I wanted to know if you could go to the park with me after school tomorrow. Maybe we could ride our bikes to school and then ride them over to the park after?” he asked shyly.

“Sure I’d love to!” Liz agreed enthusiastically and couldn’t help but smile widely, her tummy all warm and fuzzy just hearing Max’s voice.

“Good. Then I guess I’ll see you in school tomorrow Liz.” She heard him say quietly.

“Yeah. Thanks for calling Max. Goodnight.” She said just as quietly, feeling very content now.

“Goodnight Liz.” Max said after a minute.

After Max hung up he sighed and lay back on the bed. Even her voice did things to him. He had been nervous calling her, but as soon as he heard her voice and how happy she was to hear from him, he’d felt calm and in high spirits himself.

He smiled thinking of seeing Liz tomorrow in school and then after school at the park. Maybe he’d push her on the swing and watch her soft, silky looking long hair blow in the wind, and listen to her laugh, he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

Liz hung up and smiling, she closed her light and drifted off to thoughts of Max and his soothing voice and deep soulful eyes.

All day the next day Liz bounced around in her seat, excited to be going to the park with Max after school. They could ride bikes around town and then go swing on the swings and just be together. She just loved being with Max. She just felt so happy when she was with him. Not that she wasn’t happy when she played with Maria and Alex, but this was just a different kind of happy.

Max watched Liz bounce around in her seat with a cheerful smile on her face whenever she looked over at him, and he couldn’t help but suck in his breath and grin every time she looked over and smiled at him. Her happiness was contagious and whenever he saw that smile it would do good-funny things to his tummy. He couldn’t wait till after school so they could go riding and then play in the park. He just loved hanging out with Liz. It was so great to have someone he felt so completely comfortable with and someone he knew he could share all his confusing thoughts with. Max didn’t know why, but he just knew he was very content when he was around Liz.

Finally the bell rang for the end of school and Liz squealed and jumped out of her seat, her backpack already packed.

Max grinned at her as he shoved his last book into his and then he shyly took her hand as they walked to the bike rack.

Liz had told Maria this morning that she wouldn’t be able to play with her after school and Maria had hugged her and told her to just not make a habit out of it.

As they rode their bikes to the park, Max couldn’t decide what to look at, Liz’s cute little legs peddling, her bright smile or her shiny hair that blew in the breeze. All he knew was that every time she laughed he felt happier than he’d ever been before.

Liz had wanted to race Max to the park, but Max just wanted to ride a little behind her so he could watch her.

When they got to the park, they got off their bikes and walked them towards the swings.

Max saw a man selling balloons and headed them over that way. He knew he had exactly enough money saved up in his pocket to buy the latest comic book he had wanted and been saving for for months, but didn’t hesitate when he asked Liz what her favorite color was.

When Liz’s eyes lit up with surprise and excitement, he knew it was more than worth it and he smiled with her.

Max pushed Liz on the swings as she held her red balloon and knew he could do that all day as he listened to her laugh and watched her hair fly back towards him as he pushed her higher.

Liz had tied the balloon around one of the chains that held the swing up that she was in, but it must have gotten loose. Suddenly it let go and flew up and drifted on the wind.

“Oh no! Max my balloon!” Liz cried out and jumped off the swing as it was still in motion.

Max ran with her as she chased it, but when it landed high up in a tree Liz skidded to a halt.

The sad look on her face hurt Max and he knew he had to do something. He grinned realizing he could show Liz what a great tree climber he was too while he rescued her balloon.

“Don’t worry Liz, I’ll get it.” He said confidently and jumped up to catch the first limb of the tree.

“No Max! It’s too high up! You’ll hurt yourself! I don’t want you hurt please!” Liz bit her lip with huge worried eyes. She suddenly got a flash of Max falling and she felt her tummy tighten.

“Max no!” she tried again. Her Grandma Claudia had told her that she might have a gift of sight like Grandma Claudia’s mother had, and not to tell anyone about it. Now she knew she was seeing what was going to happen and she was just sick about it.

“Please Max! Come down! Please!” Liz cried out fearfully, now squeezing her hands together tightly too.

But Max was enjoying the climb and excited to rescue Liz’s balloon for her and didn’t hear the real panic in her voice.

Max smiled as he saw the balloon and reached for it. Giving a whoop that he had it he started back down proudly.

About half way down, he heard a branch crack and as his eyes widened in surprise, it gave way and he knew he was falling.

“Max!” Liz screamed as he came plummeting down and landed on his legs, which gave out from under him.

Liz was already kneeling next to him with tears streaming down her face as she heard the crack and then saw the bone protruding through Max’s leg. He was wearing shorts so the compound fracture was obvious.

Max felt the snap too, and looked down at his leg and then squeezed his eyes shut to keep from crying out at the pain and the bone sticking out. He knew Liz was upset and didn’t want to make her feel worse.

“It’s okay Liz.” He said softly and realized he would just have to heal it in front of her. He knew he was going to tell her about himself anyways, so he might as well do it this way.

But before he could look around to make sure it was safe, Liz had leaned over him and big fat tears of hers splashed onto his broken leg.

“It’s okay Liz please don’t cry.” Max pleaded with her. Her tears for some reason were hurting Max more than his leg.

Suddenly he felt a tingling and looked at his leg in shock as he felt it start to heal. He hadn’t touched it yet, but he could feel it mending and the pain lessening. He looked at his leg and then Liz’s huge tears that had splashed onto his skin and couldn’t believe what he was thinking. But where the tears had fallen, he felt a tingling and what looked like little silver marks where her tears had touched him, and his leg was now mended.

He looked to Liz in shock and saw that she was still crying and then she threw her arms around Max in misery that he was hurting so much.

Max held her tightly to him and tried to soothe her. He was still in shock and realized Liz didn’t even know what she had done.


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Okay, here are some responses to your wonderful feedback. *happy* Your questions were wonderful! I love when you guys have tons of questions. *happy* Sorry I didn't get to reply to you guys earlier. but here goes... the next part should be out by Friday or Sat. the latest. *happy* Hang in there!!! ;)

Snowdove: I am glad you are enjoying the fic and Michael is coming into the fic soon! And he will not have AS abusive a life, but it’s important in the story that he been needing to run to Max’s when he’s in trouble with his foster dad, like he did on the show. ;)

LEL: LOL! By now you probably have an idea about some of Liz’s powers. ;) But did she know she had them? Hmmm you’ll just have to wait until the next part which should be up soon. ;) You write…” will micheal be drawn to them from the start or will he hook up with Maria first? “ I reply: Good question! J I have to say yes to both parts of your question. That will all factor into the confusion for Michael and Max and Liz. ;)
Thanks for the feedback!

CCRswll: Strange feelings is definitely going to be a popular theme in this story until they find Rath’s journal and the rings. ;) Thanks for the feedback! And Michael will arrive on the scene in the next part!

Maxzhot: LOL… I love all your questions. Fortunately most of those questions will be answered or atleast start to be addressed in the next part or two. You also ask…” So does Liz know that she is different? Liz can see the future, Max can heal and Michael is the Protector what a great combination. So Michael is going to show up soon. Is that going to cause problems? Will he feel a pull towards Liz and Max? Will they feel it too? “I reply: All will be answered in the next two parts I think. I love all the questions. Means you are enjoying it. Thanks so much for the feedback!!! !

Maxy.G: Thanks Josie! I too was feeling the loss of the two fics mentioned above and so I needed to start one of my own for that reason. LOL… glad it helped you too! Thanks for the feedback!

Jezebel: Now knowing me, do you think since I made Vilondra a monster that I’m going to have an Isabel in this? Heh..heh…. you guessed it… she’s not going to be in the picture. No blond aliens for me! ;) I think JK gave us quite enough of them! Ahh… ooops! Did I say that outloud? Heh..heh… ;) Also, LOL! Sorry hon! I hope you did okay on the paper! And you are guessing right about Liz being surprised about what she did in the next part. Good guess!Thanks for the feedback girl!

Claudia! I’m truly honored and flattered! Considering you don’t care for the plotline, I’m really amazed you will read it just cause I wrote it. I did not expect all my normal readers to read this story. I understand completely that sometimes story lines just aren’t for us. I personally don’t care for Female/female slash and so I stopped reading one story because after awhile there was nothing left to skip over like you’re going to try to do. LOL! So if you do bail out at anytime I totally understand hon! And thank you for giving it a try! I hope you do enjoy it! ;)Thanks for the feedback!

Roswellluver: Thanks! I liked building up their need to touch until they finally did. And hang in there! Michael is coming into it in the next part! Thanks for the feedback.

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Eraser Room: Glad you liked the whole Max not being able to stand Liz crying. J I just felt that her tears would have to hurt him. J And now you know they also can heal him as well. Heh..heh.. ;) And I still remember that I had a crush on this guy in 5th grade and he had a crush on my best friend and when she broke up with this one other guy, he got to date her and I felt sad. Now that was YEARS ago! So I know that 5th graders “go out” even if it’s innocently, so I felt it was okay to make them “together” but yes, it is still a big deal and since M/L are alien and have other pulls towards each other, it will be difficult for them. Also you write:
“I'm glad you're moving the story along, instead of stalling at the naieve stage where no one knows anything. Besides, it's easier for kids to accept things like that when they are young. These kids are going to have bigger things to worry about.” I reply: You are so right! ;) I wanted them to start out young for a reason, to watch them deal with puberty, but they will grow up pretty fast in this story. LOL. And will Max be jealous of Michael? How will Liz react? I love your questions… J Keep them coming and I know I’ll get to answering them all soon. ;) Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!

Cookie: Anne! Babe! Thanks! You know me and sweet and innocent Liz and Max. J I loved that part of my other fic so much I had to do the young M/L and Michael again. ;) I love looking at the gang when they are young and then having them grow up before our eyes. Glad you are enjoying the fic hon and thanks so much for the feedback! ;) And yes, the calm before the storm is a good description. Heh..heh..

Opal: Thank you hon! I’m so glad you enjoyed the reaction between M/L and I hope you aren’t disappointed with the Michael introduction that will be coming soon! ;) Thanks so much for the feedback!

Dee! You write: “Linda. I'm a little worried that Liz will freak out when she realizes what she's done and I hope she doesn't run off before she and Max get a chance to talk. Can't wait for Michael to appear. I'm more concerned about the boy's reactions to one another than Liz's reaction to Michael, altho that, too, will feel very confusing no doubt. “ I reply: Don’t worry Dee. In my stories I try not to have them run from their problems. (unlike most shows love to do) heh..heh… and you are right… Max and Michael’s reaction to each other will be tougher than Liz to Michael or Michael to Liz. J But I think most of you will be surprised how I handle the beginnings of M/M meeting. ;) Just remember…they are still kids and not having gone through puberty yet….. well…you’ll see. ;) Thanks for all your wonderful feedback babe!

BelevnDreamsToo: LOL! What WILL happen when they kiss? Hmmm…. Will sparks fly you think? ;) And I’m glad you are loving the reactions to their innocent and yet not so innocent reactions. Poor things! They are only kids, but they do have grown up reactions too. ;) The balance will be fun to write. Thanks so much for the feedback!

Behrhugs: Will sparks fly between all three? Hmmm… guess you’ll just have to stay tuned for the next part huh? Since that is when Michael will be introduced. ;) You had a great bunch of questions! And you are right, most of them will be answered as you read. LOL… But I can tell you that the two blond aliens will not be in this fic. Sorry. I really don’t have a need for them. LOL… not like JK does. ;) My bad! Heeeheee!!! Also, you write: Oh yeah, this reminds me very much of the early bits of 'Inside My Heart'.... you must have made a big impression on me with that one.... hehehe” I reply: yes… I loved writing the young gang so much in my other story that I had to start that way again. I’m glad it made a nice impression on you. Thanks for all your feedback!

BelieveInTrueLove: Yes, very reminiscent of “Inside My Heart” LOL. I couldn’t resist writing them young again. I love writing them that way and then watching them grow up. And no, sorry, no Isabel in this one. I’m just a little bit tired of her sorry! ;) But Michael will be in it very very soon! And memory flashes… yes…definitely! We want to make them as confused as possible! LOL! Thanks for the feedback hon!

Asabetha: Yes… it will be fun adding Michael to the mix… definitely! And yes, Maria, Alex and Kyle will also have fun trying to figure this all out too, but not just yet. ;) Thanks so much for the feedback!

Lelea: You have it all correct in your guesses. Both sets of parents do know.. and we will soon find out what Liz knows and what she doesn’t, and soon we will know how they all came to be where they are right now. And I’m glad you like the portrayal of the others too! Thanks so much for the feedback and I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

Tabasco Liz: Yes, Max will piece it all together! Very observant of you. ;) And I loved the idea of the balloon vs comic book too. It is just a Max thing to do you know? Thanks so much for the feedback!!! Also, your little girl is beautiful!

Transparent Clear: You write….” Ijust can't wait for Michael to come into the picture... and maybe for the talk between Max and Liz explaining what she is...”Well in the next part all your waiting will be over. Hang in there and hope you did good on your studying! Thanks for writing!!!

Ladylou: You write… So Grandma Claudia has told Liz she might have inherited the sight hey? Nice way of disguising the power of premonition. Just how much does Grandma Claudia know about the truth?I reply: Good question! That too will all be discussed and over time you will find out just how big a role Grandma C played in Liz’s being where she is today. More reminiscent of my other fic…but not exactly! ;) Thanks for the feedback hon!

Jane: You are correct. The Parker’s did indeed lie to Liz. J But they didn’t make up the story about the fever…. ;) You’ll just have to read on for the whole truth. Thanks for the feedback hon! And you have hit it right on the head with Liz not wondering about any powers she might have since Grandma C told her she has the “sight” ;) Good catch!

Thanks again for everyone's feedback! You guys are great!

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WOW! Well since you guys have been sooooo ABSOLUTELY wonderful and generous with your feedback, I'm going to put this next part out sooner rather than later. ;)

Thank you all again sooo much! And don't kill me at the end! LOL!
Linda - and I love all of your enthusiasm!

Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda

E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Part 3

Max tried to think. Did Liz know that she had the power to heal? Did that mean she was like him? Did she know it and just hadn’t told him? But what about the story of her losing her memory? She seemed to believe what she was saying. Could she be like him and her parents had lied to her about her past since she couldn’t remember it? He didn’t know how to bring it up if she wasn’t like him or if she didn’t know she was.

Finally, Liz sat up and wiped her eyes, and then glanced down at Max’s leg again and her eyes widened in shock.

Max waited.

Liz’s mouth opened and she rubbed her eyes and looked again at Max’s leg. Then she slid her glance to Max’s eyes and met his intense ones.

“Max?” she asked in a small whisper.

Max could tell from how confused and scared she looked that she had no idea she had healed him.

“Liz. Your tears, they…they fixed my leg.” He said carefully, all the while holding eye contact with her.

“Wh…what?” Liz exclaimed and sat back, shaking her head in denial. But she glanced down and saw the little wet marks and the now almost silver looking splotches on his skin where his leg was now all mended.

“Liz…” Max started, not sure what to say; only knowing he didn’t want her to panic and run.

“I couldn’t have done that Max. My grandma said I might have special… gifts, like predicting stuff, but she never mentioned this.” Liz whispered still in shock, shaking her head fiercely.

“Your grandma told you you were…special?” Max asked gently.

Liz nodded and met his eyes again, tearing them away from his still amazingly healed leg.

“She said her mom had the gift of sight, and that I might have it too. That I shouldn’t let anyone know if there were some things I could do that other people couldn’t,” she explained.

Max let out his breath slowly and studied Liz’s eyes. She believed what she was telling him. She didn’t know that she had been lied to by her grandma and parents. And he didn’t know how to tell her. He didn’t know how to tell Liz that she was most likely just like him. An alien from another world, who had special healing abilities that left silver marks on a person’s skin where they were healed.

Max stood up and reached for Liz’s hand. “Come on.” He said making a decision.

Liz took Max’s hand and didn’t question him until they were headed toward their bikes again.

“Where are we going?” she asked as Max unchained their bikes.

“Some place we can really talk.” Max said seriously and Liz only nodded and swallowed. Something told her she was going to hear things she didn’t know if she was ready to hear. But she trusted Max.

They sat in a quiet spot by the reservoir at the edge of town and Max told Liz everything he knew about himself, which wasn’t much.

Liz listened with wide eyes and then started to shake when it became more and more obvious that she and Max had a lot in common.

“Max…are you sure you don’t just have special gifts too. You don’t have to be from a different planet to have special gifts.” Liz asked hoping that Max was wrong.

“Liz…” Max started to say.

“Why would you think you were from somewhere else if you say you can’t remember anything before you were six and your parents found you in the desert?” she frowned trying to think it out.

“At first my parents just thought that I had special gifts, but then too many different things happened that made them wonder, and they tested my blood.” Max explained knowing Liz needed to hear the proof. “My blood is different Liz. My mom is a doctor and she knows this stuff. I’m not from here. I don’t have human blood.” Max said seriously.

Liz stared at Max and sucked in her breath. She couldn’t be like Max. Could she? Could her parents have lied to her? Her Grandma Claudia? She didn’t want to believe that. She shook her head and bit her lip.

Max watched the distress on Liz’s face and her obvious denial and he swallowed thinking she was denying him.

Max put his head down and sifted dirt through his fingers. “I understand if you don’t want to be around me now Liz. It is weird and kinda scary to think I’m some kind of creature from another planet…” Max trailed off.

Liz pulled herself out of her own thoughts when she heard Max’s words and felt his withdrawal and hurt. She gasped and reached out a hand to take his and hold it tightly.

“Max! Don’t say that! Of course I want to be around you! I could never not be around you now. I don’t think you’re weird. You’re just…my Max and you always will be.” Liz admitted and put her head down and blushed. She was only ten, but she couldn’t help how strongly she felt about this boy. When it came to Max she felt much older than her years. She didn’t know why, but she did.

Max’s heart lurched at her words and then started pounding till he could hear it in his ears. He squeezed her hand gently and then when he saw that Liz wouldn’t look at him and how embarrassed she was, he smiled and lifted her chin with his other hand.

“Liz. I…I feel the same about you. You’re my Liz and you always will be…even when…even when we are all grown up.” He added and now it was his turn to blush. He had practically told her he loved her and wanted to be with her forever. But he wouldn’t take it back. He had meant it. Even at the tender age of Ten and a half, something in Max knew that Liz would be his forever. He figured this was just one more alien thing to make him realize he was different from other boys his age.

Liz was blushing too, but had a huge smile on her face as she met Max’s equally flushed face. “Yes.” Liz nodded in agreement and then they both looked down for a minute to take in deep breaths. After all, they were still only ten and a big declaration like that was still a lot to take in for both of them.

Then Liz frowned again as she thought about her past. “So you can heal people too, Max?”

Max looked back up at Liz with his eyes intense again, realizing Liz was trying to come to terms with the fact that she might be just like him. “Yeah.” He said honestly. Then he took a deep breath and continued. “I once healed my mom when she got burned. I…I left a silver handprint on her arm where I fixed her.” He said softly.

Liz gasped and her eyes widened as she continued to hold Max’s look. Then she bit her lip and lowered her head to watch as Max played with her fingers that he still held.

“But Max…why would my grandma and my parents lie to me about all this?” she asked in a small voice.

Max knew this bothered her more than the fact that she was probably an alien and he felt bad. He wished he didn’t have to be the one to make her realize all this.

“I don’t know Liz. Maybe they were protecting you. And since you didn’t remember being found in the desert or anything cause of a fever, they just made up a past life for you. I remembered wandering around and how my parents found me so they couldn’t tell me that I had always been their kid. So my parents told me the truth. They also said that if anyone found out, they might try to hurt me or take me and experiment on me. Like they did on those aliens back in 1947.” He explained gently.

Liz gasped as she realized that all of that was probably true and that she could actually be related to some of them. This was so much for her to take, that she suddenly jumped to her feet and started to pace.

Max watched her, knowing she had a lot to think about and just waited letting her know he was here for her.

“Max, how did you get here if you came from a different planet? How come no one mentioned a spaceship landing ten years ago? Someone would have seen it wouldn’t they? And if I’m like you, did I come from the same space ship? Are we….”? Liz spun around suddenly in horror.

“Are we…related?” she finished the sickening thought.

Max looked equally shocked at the thought but just KNEW that it wasn’t true. “No!” he said and knew it was the truth. He didn’t know how he knew, but he could just feel it. What he felt for Liz was NOT brotherly and he would have felt that way if he had been her brother or related in someway to her.

“Oh my God! Are you sure? How do you know? What if we are…”?

Max jumped up and now stood in front of Liz and held her arms, not letting her finish her statement.

“I don’t know how I know, but I just do. Think about it. Look at me and think about what you feel when you are with me, near me, when we. …touch.” he said softly.

Liz did as Max said and let the panic leave her. She took a deep breath and met his eyes and held his hands and just knew. A calm fell over her and she knew what she felt for Max was right and that they were not related.

Liz let out her breath and smiling, she threw her arms around Max in relief.

Max smiled and held her tightly to him, loving just holding Liz in his arms and protecting her and making her feel better. But he also knew that he felt a grown up feeling for her too, one that let him know he did NOT think of her as a sister. He wasn’t ready for that grownup thought, but it was there and he just accepted it and pushed it aside for now.

Liz sighed as her tummy flipped over as Max held her and she felt his warm breath puff against her neck. She felt goose bumps and knew these were not sisterly feelings she was feeling for Max. She smiled thinking that someday they would be ready to be more than friends. That Max would be hers someday, in a grownup way.

“Max, how did you get here? Or how did we get here?” she asked with a frown as they sat back down.

“I’m not sure. I just know that I have dreams sometimes. Dreams of waking up in a cave.” He started, leaning back against a tree now and feeling comfortable and content to have someone to talk about all this with. To have Liz there with him to try to figure it all out with.

“A cave?” she frowned.

“Yeah. It’s weird, but I remember in my dream that I like… push my way out of a bubble of some kind, and then there’s another boy my age, who is also coming out of a bubble.” Max started to try to explain his dreams.

“A…a bubble?” Liz tried to picture it and her face scrunched up.

Max smiled at how cute she looked and then he nodded and tried to picture the bubble again to try to explain it better.

“Yeah…sort of like a gooey thing. I broke out of it and there I was and there was this other boy too. And we both looked around and saw another bubble that was already broken open and empty. And I remember…we both cried when we saw that.” He frowned now reliving his dream in the daytime.

“Another boy? And a third bubble? Max…?” Liz didn’t know how to say what she was thinking.

But suddenly Max knew and it all fit together. He lifted his head and stared at Liz, his eyes widening and then lightened with understanding and relief. “Liz! You were in that third bubble!” he said with a grin.

It had always caused him unbehrable grief when he thought of that third bubble, but now he knew it wouldn’t any longer cause he had found what he had lost in his dream.

Liz gasped and pulling her knees to her chest she rested her chin on her knees and tried to think it all through. It made sense in a way. If she had broken out of this bubble at six, and somehow wandered away from the others and got sick and was found by her parents…

“Max…the other boy?” Liz suddenly asked raising her head.

Max shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t know a whole lot Liz. Only thing I remember is coming out of the bubble, seeing the other boy around my age and then both of us crying over what must have been your bubble, and then I don’t remember anything until my parents picked me up on the side of the road.” He frowned wishing he could remember more.

“Do you think this boy is around here somewhere too? Could he be related to one of us? And how did we all get in that cave?” she bit her lip.

Max just shrugged and sighed. “I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure it all out for years now. The first dream I had was right after I healed a bird when I was only with my parents for about 3 months. Before then I had no idea I was different. But my parents said they suspected something different right away which was why they tested me before bringing me to the authorities when they found me.” Max said and now laid back looking up at the sky and putting his hands behind his head.

Liz copied him and lay next to him, also looking up at the sky. “I haven’t had any dreams. I wonder if I really did have a fever and that’s why I haven’t dreamed anything.” She pondered.

They both lay there enjoying the companionship and the calmness they always felt when they were with each other, and both drifted off to sleep, with the thought of another little boy both in the back of their minds. Where was he?


Maria sat cross-legged on her best friend’s bed as she watched her friend pack. She had a pout on her face as Liz packed for her yearly summer vacation to visit her Grandma Claudia in Africa with her parents.

The school year had gone by fast, and although Maria hadn’t seen as much of Liz as she used to, she had to admit, Liz and Max together was just perfect. Liz and Max had been practically inseparable since the beginning of the school year, but they had also hung around with Maria, Alex and Kyle enough so that now Max was considered part of the gang.

“So what does Max think of your being gone for three weeks?” Maria asked with a frown. She hated when Liz left for that long, so she could only imagine Max.

Liz stopped packing and turned toward her friend. Maria could now see the tears in her friend’s eyes and her own widened. She hadn’t realized that Liz was distressed, but she knew why. Max.

“Oh Lizzie! I’m sorry! I didn’t realize you were upset! You always love going to see Grandma C.” Maria exclaimed and got up to hug Liz.

“I am, but…I am gonna miss Max terribly. I know it’s only for a few weeks, but for some reason it really hurts to think of being separated from him that long.” Liz admitted with a sob.

“Aww Liz. Don’t tell Alex okay. I think it would freak him out if he knew how upset you were at the thought of being away from Max even for a few weeks. He already thinks something is strange about yours and Max’s relationship.” Maria said smiling, trying to tease Liz out of her mood.

But Liz sucked in her breath. She hadn’t realized that Alex was truly worried about Max and Liz’s relationship. Both she and Max had come to accept their strange ties to each other since they found out they were both alike, but they hadn’t told anyone else what they had discovered. Liz hadn’t told anyone. Not her parents or her grandma, not even Maria. Now she worried about Alex. If things seemed strange to him, how soon before they all started wondering about the unusual closeness Max and Liz felt.

Maria saw Liz’s frown and nudged her. “Hey, it’s no biggie. I was only teasing you. I know you and Max have something very special. In fact, I think it has to do with what your grandma once said. About all of us having a soul mate somewhere. I think you just found yours already.” Maria grinned at her own explanation.

Liz smiled having already come to that conclusion with Max months ago when they had realized how it had become more and more difficult to be separated from each other for any length of time.

“So is Max taking this as badly as you Chica?” Maria asked sitting back down on the bed as Liz now sat down too.

Liz nodded and picked at her comforter. “Yeah. But we know it’s only for a few weeks, and we are gonna have to get used to being apart like this cause his family goes camping in late summer for two weeks. I mean, we’re only Eleven. We will have to get used to it until we are much much older.” Liz said wisely.

“But it still doesn’t help much does it?” Maria said and met her friend’s eyes.

“No.” Liz whispered. “Not much.”


Five days after Liz left, Max sat in a booth at the Crashdown brooding over a milkshake as Maria babbled on about something to Alex, Kyle and himself.

He missed Liz terribly. Worse than he’d thought possible. It felt like someone had torn out a part of his insides and he was missing a large part of himself. It scared him because he knew that at their age, this was going to happen a lot. That they would not always be able to be together. Ever since the first day of school back in September, they’d been pretty inseparable. They had both celebrated each other’s Eleventh birthday out by the reservoir alone, giving each other special little gifts, and had pretty much celebrated every other event mild or other wise with each other too over the past year.

“Earth to Max.” he heard Maria exclaim and he looked up from the drink he was holding.

“What did that milkshake do to you to make you frown at it that way?” she teased and brought a tiny smile to Max’s lips.

“Ah leave lover boy alone. He’s mooning over Liz.” Kyle grinned and punched his friend.

Max shot him a dirty look but grinned too, knowing that they all thought he was crazy.

“Well from Lizzie’s postcard, she’s missing Maxie Poo just as much.” Maria goaded and laughed when Max blushed.

He had gotten a post card too, and blushed when he remembered it was under his pillow on his bed and had been since he’d read it. Liz must have written it on the plane to Africa, he thought with a smile, for it to have gotten to them yesterday.

He tuned out his friends again as he remembered all the sweet things Liz had written on that little postcard. He was daydreaming again when suddenly he felt an itch on the back of his neck and sat up straight.

Max had only ever felt that way before when he’d met Liz, and he knew it couldn’t be Liz so he turned around slowly, with wide, cautious eyes.

And he was shocked to find himself staring at a boy around their age who he’d never seen before. And the boy was staring at him just as surprised and cautious.


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Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda
E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Part 4

Max continued to stare at the boy as he came forward and took a seat at the counter. The boy kept staring at Max too, with a frown and a narrowed suspicious attitude.

Max wanted to turn away after seeing the hostility and caution in the other boy, but that itch at the back of his neck made him stare for another minute before he finally turned away and back to fiddling with his milkshake.

“Who’s that?” Maria perked up seeing the cute new boy enter the café as well. She was looking at Max for the answer and Max looked startled and shrugged.

“How should I know?” he mumbled.

“Well you sure were staring hard enough at him.” Kyle piped up.

“I thought he looked like someone I’d seen before but I don’t know him.” Max covered quickly. He didn’t want anyone suspicious if that boy did turn out to be like Liz and him.

“Well he looks lonely, I’m going to go say hi and see if he’s going to be going to Roswell El with us next year.” Maria said and jumped up.

“And she’ll probably find out his address, where he came from, his date of birth, social security number and anything else she can get out of him.” Alex quirked and Kyle laughed with him.

Max smiled, but from the look of caution he saw and sensed from the other boy, he didn’t think Maria was going to find a friend so easily this time.

Sure enough two minutes later she came back pouting and all irritated.

“What a jerk!” she said as she flounced back into the seat beside Alex.

“What’d he say?” Kyle wanted to know. He always thought it was funny when Maria got riled up over something. It didn’t take much.

“He didn’t say anything. He just looked at me like I was crazy when I went over to introduce myself and ask a few harmless questions. Geesh! You’d think I was the cops or something giving him the third degree!” she went on waving her hand in anger.

Max’s eyes narrowed as he looked again at the boy. He really did think he looked familiar. And his cautious manner made him believe more and more that he had something big to hide. Like he and Liz did.

Michael Guerin pulled out his money, ordered a Cherry Coke and tried to ignore the kid over at the table with that big mouth girl. Something about the other kid made him think he knew him from somewhere, but that couldn’t be. So the fact that the kid had drawn his attention the minute he’d walked in here worried him and made him more cautious.


Max sat under a tree in the park by Liz’s house as he read her second post card. It had come yesterday, only two days since the first one. He smiled as he read the enthusiastic card and about the fun things she was seeing. Then he read the end that said how much she still missed him, and he sighed and gripped the card tighter. He had to agree. He missed her really bad. He felt empty inside, like something was missing.

He closed his eyes and leaned back against the tree that he had climbed that day to save Liz’s balloon all those months ago, the day they realized they were alike, and smiled as he recalled that special smile she always had just for him.

When he felt a sudden tingle, he opened his eyes knowing who he’d see. He sighed as he saw the new kid come into his view and then go sit on a rock facing the playground and open what looked like a huge writing pad.

He had seen the new kid on and off over the last two days and had actually smiled at the kid when their eyes had locked again, but the other boy had frowned and turned away, and Max had let him. Max understood the boy wanting to be left alone and he respected that, but he couldn’t understand the draw he felt towards the new kid and how he always knew when the kid was around. Did the other kid feel it too? Was that why their eyes usually locked? He wished Liz were here. He knew she would have been able to figure it out and probably would have gone over to the boy and gotten him to talk. Not like Maria tried to, by asking a million questions, but just by being herself. Sweet, friendly and understanding, that was his Liz and Max just knew that the boy would have responded to her.

Max watched the kid open the book up and start to write something. He narrowed his eyes as he realized that the kid was drawing something because he would look up focus on something and then go back to drawing on the pad.

Max continued to watch the other boy, not knowing why he couldn’t just ignore the new kid. But there was something in his eyes, a loneliness that Max related to, and he knew that if Liz was here she would too. And that she wouldn’t let that boy feel lonely for long. But Max wasn’t Liz. He didn’t know how to approach the other boy, so he just sat there and kept the kid company in the only way he could, from a distance.

Michael frowned and squinted at the jungle gym as he tried to copy the pattern onto the pad in front of him. He had felt those strange eyes on him as soon as he’d entered the park, and knew who it was, but he forced himself to ignore that other kid. He didn’t want to make friends. He knew he was different, and he knew he had to stay away from others so he could stay safe. Don’t get too close too anyone was his motto. Even at Eleven, he knew how to take care of himself and how to protect himself as best he could. He had to, for he had been in the foster care system since he could remember, and had needed to rely on only himself.

“Well what have we here? Do we have a little wimp who likes to color still?” a deep voice said from behind Michael.

He stiffened but tried to ignore the taunting voice. He’d learned over the years to try to avoid confrontations since he would just attract more attention to himself.

“I’m talking to you you little wimp.” The voice taunted again and this time a hand yanked the pad out of Michael’s hand.

Michael turned red with anger and finally turned around to face the bully. He saw an older boy around 14 who had another friend with him who was smirking as he watched his friend taunt Michael.

“What the hell is this crap? Huh? How come you’re coloring like a baby? Are you some kind of wuss? Huh? Cat got your tongue?” the boy continued to mock him.

Michael held his tongue knowing he couldn’t do anything to stop the kid with other people around. He just fisted his hands and worked his jaw to keep himself from using his powers to shove the older boy into the dirt.

“A baby who colors and can’t talk. Well we’ll see what we can do about this.” And with that the boy took the pad and ripped out the paper Michael had been drawing on and torn it up as his friend laughed.

Then the boy threw the pad to the floor and angry at the lack of response still from the younger boy, he finally gave him a shove.

“Go home to mama little baby. The park is for big kids, not baby wimps.” The boy said again and shoved Michael harder this time, making him land on his bottom in the dirt.

“Leave him alone Chad.” Michael heard someone say as he slowly got up, trying to control his growing anger. He knew who the voice belonged to, even though he’d never heard it before. He just knew it was that boy he kept sensing.

Max stood in front of Michael as Michael stood up, and stared hard at the older boy.

Chad laughed and put his hands on his hips as he stared down at Max Evans. The boy was much smaller in height than he was and was 3 years younger. Chad was amused more than angry at the interruption.

“Evans you have got to be kidding right? You’re going to defend this baby here? With what? You’re no older than he is. What? You want to land in the dirt too? No problem.” Chad agreed happily and shoved Max.

Max and Liz had had confrontations with this bully over the last year, and although Max had always promised Liz he wouldn’t do anything to Chad with his powers, Max had hated how Chad could make Liz cry with the mean things he said. Max had always just bit his tongue and done nothing because Liz had asked him not to, but now that Liz wasn’t here to tell him not to, he wanted to get back at Chad. He wanted to get back at him for all the times he’d made Liz cry, and for the horrible things he was saying and doing to the new kid.

So when Chad shoved Max, Max darted out of the way super fast and was suddenly behind Chad, where he promptly kicked the bully in the butt, making the older boy fall forward into the dirt face first.

Michael had seen the super fast move and had to blink his eyes to make sure he’d seen what he thought he had. Then he cracked a small smirk as he looked down at the startled boy who was now looking up at Max in astonishment, and spitting out dirt.

“What the hell?” Chad exclaimed and getting to his feet he started towards Max with fury in his face. “You are going to pay for that little boy.” He growled as he came towards Max.

But Michael suddenly blocked his path and using his own powers of strength; he flipped the bully over and made him land back in the dirt.

Max raised an eyebrow and then narrowed his eyes as he realized that the new boy shouldn’t have been able to flip Chad. Chad knew karate and would not have fallen for that maneuver. Max thought he’d seen a lightening fast move that had allowed the new boy to use extra force to flip Chad.

“What the…” Chad was furious now and stood up wiping the dirt out of his mouth. “You two are dead. Come on Dirk; help me pound the crap out of these two wimps.” Chad growled.

But his friend was looking around seeing they were now drawing attention to themselves and he didn’t want any more trouble with the sheriff who was driving by slowly. “Later Chad. Look, it’s the Sheriff. Come on, let’s get out of here.”

And with that he took off, leaving an angry Chad to face the two boys. “We aren’t through yet. You two are dead.” He threatened and then followed his friend.

Max let out his breath; glad he didn’t have to try to fight off both older boys. He would not have been able to do it without really using more obvious powers.

He felt the new kid staring at him and he turned from watching Chad take off to meet the new kid’s eyes.

“I’m Max.” Max finally said when the boy didn’t turn away from meeting his eyes this time.

“Michael.” Michael finally said. He had watched the way Max had moved and had a feeling he now knew why he was drawn to the kid. Max was like him. Something inside him told him he was right. And now it made sense why he was drawn to this boy.

Max saw the pad on the ground and picked it up and wiped it of dirt and grass and handed it back to Michael.

“Thanks.” Michael said quietly still looking at Max with narrow eyes.

When Max didn’t say anything more, only put his hands in his pockets self-consciously, Michael decided to bring the subject out in the open.

“So that was a really fast move you made there to avoid that Chad kid.” Michael remarked casually but with his eyes watching Max’s intently.

Max had a feeling Michael was going to mention that and he cleared his throat and nodded, still saying nothing. He had hoped for a chance to find out of Michael was like he and Liz, but now that he had that opportunity, he was afraid to bring it up. What if Michael wasn’t like them? He could be putting Liz into danger by saying anything to this new kid.

“Well that was a really interesting move you made to flip Chad too. Chad knows karate so that stunt wasn’t easy to do.” Max threw back at Michael instead of answering him.

Michael’s eyes narrowed as he realized Max wasn’t going to say anything about what he’d seen. Then he shrugged and started to turn away. He shouldn’t be talking to anyone anyways. Don’t get close. He reminded himself.

Max was about to let Michael go, when he spotted a scar on Michael’s cheek. For some reason it reminded Max of something. A flash of that same scar came to him for a second and then was gone, leaving Max shocked. Without realizing what he was doing, he put out a hand and lightly touched the scar on Michael’s cheek.

Michael stiffened and jumped back, but not before they both got a feeling of intense loyalty between them. A sudden familiarity of friendship and more sizzled between them and they stared at each other.

“You’re different too.” Max finally said. He now knew it without a doubt.

Michael nodded not even trying to hide it. That one flash changed everything. This Max kid was not only like him, but he had a feeling they were very close before. From where they both came from. That they had been friends, good friends. The feelings of loyalty, friendship and something more were now burned into both of their brains.

Suddenly they grinned at each other and in that instant they became almost as inseparable as Max and Liz.


Max and Michael became instant friends after that and spent the next two and a half weeks doing everything together. They rode bikes together, swam at the reservoir with the others and hung out in the park and at the Crashdown and at Max’s house as well.

Michael slowly let the other friends of Max’s closer to him, but still kept a slight distance between him and them. He knew they weren’t like he and Max and he couldn’t help but keep that wall up a little.

But he did start to like Alex’s wit and Kyle’s easygoing personality and even Maria and her overblown enthusiasm and emotions. They amused him.

But he got totally churned up and scared and yet equally excited at the thought of meeting Liz. He knew already how much Liz meant to Max. And he could tell how all of the gang loved her and looked up to her. But Michael was scared to meet her. What if she didn’t like him? Would he lose Max’s friendship? But then just thinking about Liz the way Max described her got Michael’s hands sweaty and his stomach all stirred up for other reasons too. He thought he was starting to see Liz as Max did and that scared him. Liz couldn’t become important to him like that because she was Max’s. But the more he thought of Liz and her coming home tomorrow, the more on edge Michael became.

Michael was lying flat on his back in the Evan’s backyard looking up at the tree house that he and Max had been building the past week. They were taking a break, and Max’s mom had brought out some lemonade for them.

He smiled when he’d tasted it and realized that it had Tabasco sauce in it and just the perfect amount that he and Max loved. He was coming to really like Max’s parents. They had so openly accepted Max and now Michael being different that he was amazed.

He glanced over at Max who was close enough for him to reach over and touch if he wanted to, and saw Max staring up at nothing with a silly grin on his face. He laughed and ribbed his friend with his elbow.

“Liz dreaming again Max?” Michael teased.

Max turned red but smiled and nodded. “Yeah. I can’t wait until tomorrow Michael. I miss her so much.” He admitted softly.

“I know.” Michael said and again he had torn emotions. He was happy for Max and couldn’t wait to meet Liz, but the dark thought of her not liking him wouldn’t go away. He was afraid that if Liz didn’t like the time he and Max spent together or just didn’t like Michael, that Max would dump him as a friend.

Max saw the shadow pass over his friend’s face and narrowed his eyes. It seemed lately that every time Liz was mentioned Michael got quiet and upset.

Max’s stomach flipped over in fear at the thought of Michael not liking Liz. Did Michael somehow resent how Max felt about her? Was he feeling like their friendship would be threatened? He remembered how Maria had been upset in the beginning about all the time Max and Liz had spent together, but how she’d finally come to accept it. But would Michael? What if Michael didn’t like Liz? Liz would be so hurt. And Max would hate to have to only be friends with Michael when Liz wasn’t around. He didn’t even think there would be many times Liz wouldn’t be around. He would have to give up his friendship with Michael if that happened. If Michael didn’t like Liz. And something about that thought hurt Max more than he could imagine. But Max couldn’t imagine Michael not liking Liz. Once Michael met Liz all would be fine. He was certain of it.

“Hey Michael, what’s wrong?” Max asked wanting to talk about it before Liz got here tomorrow.”

“Nuthing.” Michael shrugged gruffly and sat up, ready to start working on the tree house again.

“Don’t give me that crap. It’s Liz isn’t it? What is it?” Max said with a frown and also got up to face his friend.

Michael sighed. Most of the time he liked having someone who was like him, but he hated when that meant that Max could also read him so well.

“Well…. what if…what if Liz doesn’t like me, Max.” Michael finally said in a small voice. He put his head down so Max wouldn’t see the fear and vulnerability in his eyes.

“What!?” Max exclaimed with his mouth open.

Michael frowned at Max’s total shock at the thought. “I’m not the easiest kid to be around. Ask Maria. Most girls don’t like me. Maria even says I’m an ass most of the time to her and all the girls around town.” He explained.

Max shook his head. “But you don’t know Liz. I keep telling you Michael, she’s different. Not only is she like us, but she thinks differently, and doesn’t expect guys to act a certain way like most girls do. Liz accepts everyone just the way they are. Which is why everyone loves her.” Max smiled trying to reassure Michael.

“You love her don’t you, Max. Even at only Eleven, you know you love her.” Michael finally said. He had guessed, but he wasn’t positive Max would admit it yet. “And I don’t mean that you love her like everyone else does. I mean you LOVE her.” Michael clarified.

Max swallowed. He hadn’t been ready to use the word although he’d thought it many times in the past year. But for some reason, saying it aloud to Michael seemed right.

“Yeah. I do. I love Liz as in I’m IN love with her. I want to be with her forever.” Max finally admitted out loud. He had told Liz he wanted to be with her forever, but he hadn’t said the love part out loud or admitted any of it to anyone else before.

Michael nodded in acceptance. He figured it was their alienness that made them different and older in some ways than other kids their age. Michael had no problem understanding Max’s feeling. Feelings that were way beyond their years.

“She’s gonna love you Michael. Don’t worry. You’ll see.” Max said staring at Michael intently now, and then he grinned and turned to start working on the tree house again.

Michael swallowed hoping he was right. He didn’t want to lose Max’s friendship. It meant more to him than he could explain.


Michael could feel the energy that was bouncing around in Max and overflowing into him as Max waited for Liz to arrive at the Crashdown.

Maria, Alex and Kyle were also there in their favorite booth waiting for Liz’s return from the airport with her parents, but none of them were like Max was.

Max was still and tense as he sat on the edge of the booth staring at the door just waiting for Liz to appear.

He had Michael feeling just as anxious and nervous with all of his alien emotions churning up and around them both. Thank God no one else in the group seemed to feel all of the energy Max was letting out, Michael thought.

Michael finally kicked Max under the table and glared at him to calm down. If he didn’t, both of them were going to explode.

Max looked sheepish as he realized what was happening. He and Michael had realized only a few days ago that they could sense each other’s emotions when they were very strong and if they didn’t try to mask it from each other. They found out that if they tried, they could keep their intense emotions from overwhelming each other, but when they didn’t try, it usually hit the other like a blast of electricity.

“I’m nervous enough Max.” Michael mumbled to him alone and Max winced realizing that Michael still worried about Liz’s reaction to him even though he’d tried to convince him otherwise. He knew that only Liz could convince Michael, so he only nodded and mumbled his sorry under his breath.

Max had sent Liz a letter everyday, so he knew she was already excited to meet Michael, and he’d told Michael that yesterday when they’d finally talked about it, but Michael was still convinced that something in him would make Liz not like him. Max didn’t understand why, so he’d given up trying to convince Michael last night, knowing that only meeting Liz would convince him everything would be okay.

Michael tried to pay attention to the story Alex was telling them, but he couldn’t concentrate with all of Max’s emotions and his own spinning around inside of him. Then he felt it, right before he saw Max’s eyes light up and a soft inner glow come into them.

He felt Liz Parker entering the café.


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Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda

E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Part 5

Michael knew what Liz looked like. He’d seen pictures of her and Max all over Max’s room and he had thought he was prepared for the affect Liz would have on Max. But when he saw the glow in Max’s eyes he panicked wondering if anyone else could see the alienness that was pouring out of Max for Liz. He glanced quickly at the others and relaxed realizing they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, because they were smiling at Max and Liz’s responses to each other in a normal way.

With that worry out of the way Michael finally turned around. And he was blown away by the presence of Liz Parker.

Liz saw Max the minute she stepped into the café, and her smile was all for him. She didn’t even see her other friends right behind him as she ran towards him saying his name with such relief in her little voice.

Max swallowed and smiled back at Liz as he moved towards her too. He turned red when she kept coming and opened her arms wide and hugged him tightly to her cause he saw the grin on her parent’s faces, but he was so happy to have her back with him that he ignored it and hugged her back just a fiercely.

“Liz.” Max said in a sigh of relief and closed his eyes for a second before opening them again when she was suddenly pulled out of his arms and he heard Maria give a squeal and hug her friend to her.

“Lizzie! Gosh we missed you!” Maria laughed.

“Yeah, we missed you brat.” Kyle teased and Alex rubbed her head playfully.

Liz laughed at their warm welcomes and was just glad to be back.

Then she turned and caught her breath when she saw the boy who could only be Michael.

Max had told her all about him. But she hadn’t expected to feel so much from him with one look. She could see the total vulnerability in his eyes and the need for her approval with the one look, and she could actually feel his loneliness, just as Max had said he had.

Without thought, Liz walked right up to Michael and met his eyes intently. “Michael.” She said and then smiled and hugged him tightly to her.

Michael thought he would pass out when he felt little Liz Parker put her arms around him in total acceptance and he felt her tiny body hug him tightly to her.

The alien electricity that rushed over the two of them shocked them both and made them pull apart for a minute, but then that calmness washed over Liz and she smiled a huge smile for him and hugged him tighter, sensing his fear and his wanting to pull away.

Michael’s first reaction to the feeling that had gone through him at Liz’s touch was panic and he’d wanted to run. But then he’d seen her smile and felt the calmness wash over him too, and he realized he could never run from this. From either Max or Liz now.

His arms went around her unconsciously, and he sighed in relief. He could feel her acceptance and excitement to finally meet him rush from her into him. He knew that he had found a friend in Liz like he had in Max. That these two would become the two most important people in his life, forever. He knew he would be by their sides as protector or friend or whatever they wanted, always.

Max just swallowed the lump in his throat as he felt the emotions pouring out of both Liz and Michael. Liz’s total acceptance of Michael didn’t surprise Max at all, but Michael’s total wave of relief and devotion towards Liz now blew him away. He hadn’t realized just how much Liz would affect Michael. He guessed it was because they were all alien that they all felt the total closeness that went beyond the friendship they all had with the others.

Max grinned at Michael when Liz let him go and went back to take Max’s hand. Michael was beaming with happiness and felt relaxed for the first time since Max had met him. Max knew Liz had that affect on everyone. She could calm everyone around her with just a smile or a touch. He had known Liz would work her magic on his friend too and was so happy to see Michael’s response to Liz’s calming presence.


It wasn’t until late the next day that Max, Michael and Liz found time to talk alone at the reservoir. They had all visited with Liz yesterday and Maria had spent the night. Then this morning, Liz had spent time with all of them, and now finally had time to spend just with Max and Michael.

Liz lay on her stomach with her little white sneakered feet swinging in the air and leaning on her elbows as she twirled a little daisy around.

Max lay on his back, hands behind his head and looked over at Liz contentedly, just happy to have her near again.

Michael sat leaning against the shade tree near both of them, and watched them quietly. He had never felt so peaceful in all his short life. Now he completely knew why Max was obsessed with Liz Parker. She had a soothing, peacefulness about her that made them both feel it all around them. He had felt some of that with Max, but now with both of them it was complete.

They were the only ones at this end of the reservoir, away from all the other people that crowded the swimming hole in the middle of summer, so they felt it was safe to talk about their all being different.

“Liz, did you find out anything at your Grandma’s?” Max asked. He knew she wasn’t ready to talk to her parents or grandma about their lies, but she had said she might try to find out information among her grandma’s journals and things.

Liz crinkled up her nose and shook her head with sorrow in her eyes. “No. I tried, but I couldn’t find her journal and didn’t have much time alone to try. I think my grandma caught me looking once though, cause she looked at me funny, but didn’t say anything. And I…I know I should have just come right out and told her what I now think, but I just couldn’t, not yet.” Liz sighed.

Max put out his hand and leaned up on one elbow facing her now. “Liz it’s okay!” he said and took her hand in comfort. “I know it’s not easy facing them and telling them you know they lied to you.” He said gently.

Liz smiled and squeezed Max’s hand. “I know. But I wish I could have been stronger. So we might know more about us. Like where we came from and how we got here.” She said in a low voice, completely disappointed in herself.

“Hey, we’ll figure it out Liz. I think it will actually come to us when it’s the right time.” Michael finally said. He hated seeing Liz beat herself up over anything.

“Thanks Michael, maybe you’re right.” She said with a smile and met his gentle eyes.

Michael returned her smile and winked. “Yep.”

“So, do you think Michael is related to you?” Max asked, trying to figure out some of who they might be to each other.

Liz shook her head no, very confidently.

Michael looked relieved but didn’t know why.

“You seem sure.” Max smiled at her quick no.

“I would just know it. I don’t feel like I’m Michael’s sister. What about you?” Liz asked Max.

“Well I’m not his sister either.” He teased and laughed when she giggled and threw the daisy at him.

“No. I’m not related to Michael either. We would just know. Like we know with us.” Max agreed with her.

“What about you Michael? Do you feel like either of us is related to you somehow?” Liz asked.

Michael looked like the thought was horrible to even contemplate, not sure why this was, but only shook his head no as well. “You guys are right. We’d know somehow if we were.” He smiled at them.

Liz sighed and picked another daisy. “Then I wonder what we are to each other? I mean are we just three kids picked randomly to be sent here? Did we have parents? Were they captured like the aliens in 1947 are there any more of us out there?” she bit her lip in thought.

Neither Michael nor Max had any answers either and they just sighed and Max lay back down to stare at the clear skies over them, and Michael went back to quietly watching Max and Liz.

“What’s the first memory you have Michael?” Liz asked a few minutes later.

Michael thought about it and frowned. “Well I remember one memory for sure. I remember waking up in a car and being brought to a police station by two campers. They said they found me out there. I was around 6.”

“You remember something else?” Max caught the “for sure” part of Michael’s statement.

“Well, I have these dreams that aren’t clear. They are just blurry images right now, but sometimes at night I know I remember while I’m dreaming, but when I wake up, I forget.” He frowned again.

“I’ve had that happen too.” Max said sitting up excited. “I wonder if we will remember those dreams someday?” he wondered. “What about you Liz? Do you have dreams like that?” Max asked.

Liz had been watching them both with wide eyed interest and finally nodded at Max’s question. “Yeah. I always thought it was blurry images of my life before I got sick. I would try to remember what Albuquerque was like sometimes and then go to bed and have those dreams and think they were my memories of my life before I got sick.” She said thoughtfully. “And I guess they were, only not of Albuquerque.” She realized. “Max, did you tell Michael how you remember pushing your way out of a bubble?” Liz asked.

“Yeah. That was my first memory, but then I don’t remember much after that except that there was another kid there, whom we guess was Michael, and then that’s all I remember.” Max frowned.

“I think that when the time is right, we’ll remember. I don’t think we are supposed to know everything yet.” Michael said again. He didn’t know why he knew this to be true, but he did.

Neither Max nor Liz questioned it, they only nodded.

“Hey! I’m hot. Let’s go swimming! Last one in is a rotten egg!” Max jumped up.

Liz and Michael laughed and ran after Max as he started towards the water.

“No fair! You both have longer legs than me!” Liz complained when they both hit the water at the same time.

They laughed and Max grinned at Liz as she came into the water after them. “Don’t worry Liz. You could never be a rotten egg.” He said softly and reached for her hand.

Liz took his hand, smiled brightly and turned red. Whenever Max looked at her with that special look, she felt funny but good.

She saw Michael smiling at them and he nodded in agreement with Max. “Nope, Liz could never be a rotten egg.” He also said softly and with suddenly intense eyes of his own.

Liz felt a funny jab in her tummy when she met Michael’s eyes and then pushed it away and laughed and splashed them both.

This started a water fight that had them all laughing and chasing each other.

When they finally got out to dry off, Michael turned to Max. “Too bad we can’t skinny dip when Liz is around.” He said to tease her. He loved when she got shy and blushed.

And she did right on cue. Then she looked at them and frowned. “Why can’t you? Why can’t we all?” she asked.

They both stopped laughing and looked at her in shock. She started to pull her top over her head and then burst out laughing herself when both boys just stood there with their mouths open and their own faces turning bright red at her movements.

They realized she was now teasing them and Max pulled Liz to the ground and tickled her until she gave up.

Michael just smiled and thought again how happy he was when he was with these two.

The summer flew by, and the three became inseparable. Kyle teased them and called them the three musketeers.

Maria spent time with Liz too, but the three of them stood apart to everyone. Max and Liz were always together and Michael was always with Max.

Best friends and sidekicks Alex called them.

Maria even teased Michael after they read a book in their sixth grade class that next year about King Arthur and Sir Lancelot,(borrowing this idea from Tasyfa’s story, “Firsts”) saying he was like Max’s second. Always Max’s protector and Liz’s too for that matter. Alex looked at Michael when Maria said that, wondering if he would take offense at being considered the follower to Max’s leader, but could only see the smile and silent agreement in his eyes that showed how Michael felt about that statement.


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Part 5 continued...

The summer before they started Jr. High, Michael’s foster mother died. Thirteen year old Michael had never felt close to either her or his foster father in the three years he’d been with them since coming to Roswell. They had always been out at all hours of the night drinking and not coming home regularly, but it did change his life. With his foster mother gone, his foster father, Hank, started drinking more and getting meaner. And it wasn’t long before Hank started hitting Michael when he was drunk.

At first Michael tried to hide it, feeling it was something that he had done wrong. But soon he couldn’t stand being around the trailer home at all when Hank was drinking and he would go to Max’s to find refuge.

The first time it happened, Max woke up sensing something was wrong. He went to his window and his eyes were drawn to the tree house he and Michael had built, and that he, Liz and Michael spent hours in trying to put together their past and just hang out.

He grabbed his flashlight, climbed out his window and up into the tree house, just knowing something had woken him up and was leading him there.

Max slowly eased open the door to the house and flashed the light into the dark room.

Michael sat in a corner on one of the sleeping bags they had on the floor and grinned sheepishly at Max. He had known it was Max climbing up the ladder. He had sensed him.

“Hey Max.” he said casually, and tried to keep part of his face hidden.

But Max wasn’t buying it. He now knew what had woken him up. He’d felt pain and it had come from Michael.

Max walked over to where Michael sat, and crouching down, he shone the light directly into Michael’s face and saw the black eye.

Max swore and slammed his hand against the wall behind Michael making Michael’s eyes widen and then he cleared his throat. “It’s no big deal Max. Not worth the fuss.” He said embarrassed at how upset Max was.

“No big deal! How long has Hank been beating on you Michael? Why didn’t you tell me? Or Liz?” Max asked in fury. He felt guilty that he hadn’t known before now.

“Hey, this is the first time he’s left any marks Max, honest. Usually he just pushes me around and I get out of his way. Only this time he caught me unaware. He pulled me out of bed and I didn’t have time to run.” Michael explained.

This just seemed to set Max off more, and he started pacing and swearing under his breath.

“Look Max, I’m gonna leave if you continue to blame yourself or make a fuss. I just want a place to chill out okay? Can I stay here tonight?” Michael asked getting uncomfortable with Max’s fussing.

Max realized how embarrassed Michael was about having been hit, and he backed off realizing that his high emotions were not helping Michael right now. “Of course you can stay here!” Max exclaimed and then sighed and calmed himself down. “Look, let me just get rid of the pain okay?” Max asked hoping Michael would agree.

Michael shook his head and balked at more fuss being made over the abuse. “Max will you just leave it alone.” he grumbled.

Max swore under his breath knowing that if he told Michael that his pain also affected him, he wouldn’t like that, so he used something he knew would work.

“Look, you want Liz to see you like this? You know she’ll feel your pain herself and be upset for you.” Max used the only thing he knew that would get to Michael.

Michael’s eyes flew up to his and now he swore. “No!” he said just imagining Liz’s pain and not able to stand knowing he was the one who would make her feel that way. “Okay Max, you win. Get rid of it.” Michael sighed and let Max know with his eyes that he knew Max had used Liz unfairly.

Max only nodded and stepped forward, relieved that he could heal Michael’s physical pain if nothing else right now.

Neither one expected the electric feelings that washed over them the second Max touched Michael’s eye to heal him.

They again felt the way they had felt when Max had touched Michael’s scar two years ago. They felt the closeness between them, and the love of two very close friends, but then something very deep and passionate was felt. Then it was gone. It was less than a second of a flash, but both Max and Michael stiffened and flew apart, staring at each other in shock.

Michael could feel his body reacting to the passion that he’d felt and he blushed and wondered if Max had had the same flash. He noticed Max too was looking shocked and when he too shifted uncomfortably, Michael noticed that Max’s shorts were tented also. Michael flushed more and then swore to himself and turned away trying to figure out what had just happened.

Max shifted as he felt his own discomfort grow at the passion he’d felt, and when he saw Michael turn away he sighed and could breath again. What the hell had that been!? He wondered and tried to make sense of it. But his mind couldn’t even comprehend what he’d felt.

Michael was going through his own questions and not coming up with any answers that made sense either. His body was now calm again so he felt safe to turn back around and he hoped Max was okay now too. He sighed when he saw that Max was not uncomfortable anymore either. Michael decided to ignore the flash. It was the only way he could deal with what he’d felt right now. So before Max could talk to him about it, which he could see from Max’s eyes that he was going to do, Michael distracted him with the only thing he knew could distract Max.

“Promise me that you won’t tell Liz about what Hank did, Max. I don’t want her feeling bad.” Michael said hoarsely.

Max was surprised at Michael’s words. He had never kept a secret from Liz in the three years since they’d met, but he had to agree with Michael that he didn’t want Liz upset.

Michael hated asking this because he’d never kept a secret from Liz before either, but the thought of Liz’s eyes full of pain or tears because of him just killed him.

“Alright.” Max agreed and they both knew that they felt the same way about Liz being in pain. It hurt them both physically and mentally.

Michael hated the still high emotions rolling around the room so he changed the subject. “So, what have you got planned for Liz’s birthday next week?” he asked, sitting back down on the sleeping bag.

Max realized Michael did not want to talk about the flash, and he didn’t really want to either since he didn’t understand it and didn’t know if he wanted to. He smiled, acknowledging Michael’s change of subject to one of his favorites, and he too sat down across from Michael on the other sleeping bag.

“I’m gonna take her on a picnic at the reservoir.” Max blushed.

Michael saw the blush even in the semi darkness and his heart sped up. “Oh?” he asked. Somehow he knew Max had more planned and he didn’t know how he felt about it.

“Yeah.” Was all Max said but he was still red from head to toes. Michael felt the energy coming off of Max and knew it was excitement and anticipation that Max was feeling.

“And… come on Max, this is me remember? I know you too well. What else do you have planned that’s causing you to glow like that?” Michael smirked. He loved that he could read Max so easily and that it made Max throw a frown at him. He loved goading his friend. Now he felt on familiar turf again and he felt better.

“Well, I…I’m gonna kiss her Michael. Okay. Are you happy now?” Max said flustered just thinking about it.

A sudden rush of feelings hit Michael at the thought. The feelings totally threw him and confused him. He didn’t feel jealous, but he felt a pang of loneliness and loss that he didn’t understand at all, but even more than loss, he felt excitement. He figured the loneliness and loss was obvious, since he’d been half in love with Liz himself since he’d met her but had just come to accept that she was Max’s. However, the part that did surprise him was the loss of Max he felt all of a sudden. And that scared him till he pushed it away as ridiculous. He was just feeling like he might lose Max’s friendship if Max spent more and more with time with Liz and that his own bond with Max couldn’t possibly be as important. He also figured he felt left out because they felt that way about each other and he didn’t have that feeling for anyone. Anyone other than Liz he told himself but pushed that away too.

The excitement was that he could feel Max’s feelings. He could feel Max’s excitement at the thought of kissing Liz and between Max’s heightened arousal and his own at the thought of kissing Liz, he felt himself get uncomfortable in his shorts once more. He swore and shifted on the sleeping bag.

“Damn Max! Keep those thoughts of Liz to yourself.” Michael flushed when he noticed Max was now looking at him knowingly. This kind of reaction he could handle cause it was normal to feel this way when Max was thinking of Liz. This he could handle.

Max flushed again realizing that his own emotions had once again gotten through to Michael and he had made Michael as uncomfortable as he was physically.

“Sorry. Damn I wish this didn’t happen to us.” Max swallowed shifting on his own sleeping bag.

“To us as guys in general, or to us cause of our strange link to each other’s feelings?” Michael quirked a smile realizing that being embarrassed around Max was crazy since they shared everything.

“Both.” Max chuckled. “I think I’m starting to feel Liz’s emotions too.” He sighed and then lay back on the sleeping bag and stared up at the ceiling of the little shack.

“Oh no! Tell me you’re kidding Max! I do not need to feel the two of you when you’re excited.” Michael groaned and buried his head in his hands.

Max chuckled and stretched out now, enjoying the easy camaraderie he and Michael could share about girls and how they felt and what their bodies were going through. “Well if it’s any consolation Michael, I feel your feelings too. I know you’ve felt this way, probably for some of the girls who are in our class, and when you finally feel that really powerful pull to your someone special, I’ll suffer too.” He teased.

Michael lifted his head at that and stiffened. He hoped to God Max didn’t know the feelings he tried to hide about Liz. He relaxed knowing that Max must not know or he would have said something by now. He flushed knowing that he did have these feelings for Liz and that Max sensed them, but just didn’t know who they were for.

“So, you’ve kissed Liz before Max. Why is this gonna be so different?” Michael finally asked. Even though it made him feel left out sometimes, to know how much Max and Liz loved each other, he also felt happy for them and knew he would do anything to keep them happy and together. He knew they were right for each other and that neither one of them could ever survive without the other.

“Yeah, well, you know I’ve only kissed her twice this past year Michael. And they were just… you know, quick kisses on her lips. Her closed lips. Our closed lips.” Max said blushing again as he explained it to Michael.

Michael nodded having guessed Max had meant to deepen the kiss with Liz for their first real grown up kiss.

“So you’re gonna share your first grown up kiss with Liz on her thirteenth birthday next week huh?” Michael grinned. He could feel himself getting excited at the thought and sighed still not quite understanding how one minute he felt left out and a loss, and the next completely happy for his friends.

“Yeah.” Was all Max said as he continued to smile as he stared up at the ceiling thinking about Liz.

Michael groaned. “Well, I’ll make sure I’m as far away from you guys as possible that day.” He teased and he and Max both chuckled.

Max thought he felt a twinge of sadness pass from Michael to him, and felt guilty that he had someone special and Michael didn’t yet. Sometimes he felt that Michael felt as strongly as he did about Liz, and although this surprisingly didn’t make him jealous, it worried him because he wanted Michael to be happy and find someone too someday. He figured that Michael’s feelings for Liz were probably just what Michael felt coming from Max. He pushed the feeling of guilt aside, knowing that some day Michael would find what he had. Something just told him he would.

Max just hoped Michael found his soul mate soon. For he knew that his and Liz’s connection to Michael would not allow them to be completely happy until Michael was too.


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Just some responses to your comments and questions. *happy* I love them so much! Thank you for posting!

Anne: you write…So…Grandma Claudia. Who is she? And how does she know who Liz is? VERY curious! I reply: That will be answered in due time. Heh..heh.. yes there is a method to my madness. Love the questions though hon! Thanks for the feedback! Hugs!
Also: you write…Also, silly as it is, but since I’m so not a M/M fan, Michael’s initial reaction to Maria just cracked me up…a whole awful lot! I reply. LOL! Actually not being a M/M fan myself I put that in there for the same reason! Heehee! I’m so glad you were tickled by it! LOL! Maria will actually become a great friend and ali for our lost Michael though. Just not his love in this story. ;) heehee… keep reading and enjoying babe!

EraserRoom: you write…I wonder what happened to Michael. How did Max and he get separated after the pods? I’m wondering if Liz maybe really was sick, and that caused her to emerge early. And could also explain why she left the chamber, not remembering it or the two boys still inside.

Evansclan: Thanks for the warm welcome back. I’m glad the first part got you hooked. I was hoping it would pull everyone in. Letting everyone know what eventually will happen to our lost threesome who are alone and confused now. And how they will get to that happy place again. *happy*

Jane: Thanks for the great feedback. I love the questions you have and how you speculate outloud and then answer your own questions. LOL! I love hearing your thoughts as you read. You write… I love how you’re handling the kids growing up and discovering their bodies. You’re writing this in a very sensitive and sweet way. So when are they going to get some answers? I reply... Thanks! I am really trying to keep this sensitive and sweet. I’m so glad that is how it’s coming across. I don’t want to write smut at such a young age for these guys. I want it to be a realistic yet sensitive experience and a lot of times it’s not easy to decide how to make that work. *happy* Glad it’s working so far. It’s so not easy to write young boys and their feelings. I’m quite in the dark about all this. LOL! And they will slowly figure it all out… but I can tell you that the big revelation will be when they are 16 or 17. Any sooner and it would be too young. You know? LOL! Hang in there! The ride will be an interesting one! Thanks for all your posting and feedback hon! You’re great!

Jezebel: LOL! I love that you sensed the ending like Michael sensed Liz coming inside. I love that those moments in the story had the right impact on you. And yeah, the beating up of the bully was the best way I could think to get to “typical” boys to connect since both were too cautious to start a conversation any other way. ;) heh..heh… Believe me, it’s not easy writing the way I think two teen boys should feel. I’m WAY out of my element here! Anyone have any teen boy insight feel free to share! LOL! You write: Yay for the smoochies, they’re innocent and adorable. Perhaps Michael will come with them on the picnic? Or perhaps spy? I reply: LOL! Well… how about if I tell you it’s SOMETHING like spying will occur, but not the way you think. ;) Thanks for always leaving feedback hon! Have a great trip home for the summer!

Mama Dee: I’m glad you liked the revelation, and yes, the order each of the threesome met was deliberate and done for the reasons you guessed. You are the smart one! I hope Liz’s reactions to both Max and Michael were what you were looking for! Thanks so much for your wonderful insights and thoughts and great feedback! You write: And the flash between Max and Michael…woohoo! Well done! Me thinks Michael will be getting some of his own Birthday kisses, if not this weekend, then purdy soon. I reply: Yes, purdy soon, but not from Max. Not while they are this young. I just can’t do that at this young an age. *happy* But that is why Im not making their young age last too long. ;) heh..heh.. Im so glad you enjoyed the first meeting with Liz and Michael and it was everything youd hoped for. I love hearing your enthusiasm. It really just makes me excited to keep writing. *happy* And yes, it’s killing me too sometimes to write them so young and not get into the good stuff yet, but I do love the slow progress too. LOL! So I’m torn as well. Hang in there! I’m so glad you’re loving the ride! Hugs!

CCRswll: You write… from the feelings that I’m getting from your story, I believe that Michael and Liz will be drawn to each other just like her and Max. But being eleven will make their feelings hard to handle and understand. Lord help when they hit puberty. I reply: EXACTLY my dear! You’ve hit it right on! ;) hope you enjoy the ride!

Spacecadet: Linda! Welcome and glad you’re enjoying the story! Thanks for letting me know. You write…Also what happened to the book and the rings that Rath put together? Are they still in the cave? Why doesn’t Liz remember the cave when both Max and Michael remember some things about how they came into this world. …Was it Grandma Claudia that found Liz? Was Liz sick when she came out of the pod? I reply: I LOVE all your questions, and yes… the rings and the journal are still in the cave and will play a VERY large part in the story. In time… there is a reason they have not been found yet… just as Michael said. ;) And yes Liz was sick… but did G.Claudia find her? Hmmm… guess that one will have to wait to be answered. LOL. All will be explained. And I love that you are questioning since that is how I’ve left it on purpose. Thank you for your wonderful feedback! I hope all the answers in time are what you want. I think they will be! ;) I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

DreamingOfMax84: you write…I sense love at first sight coming up. I reply: And by now you realize just how right you were! Keep reading and enjoying the fic! And thanks for the feeback! *happy*

WayLiz: you write…I think she will be really good for him. He needs love so desperately! And like Max said, Liz has so much love. I reply… EXACTLY! ;) Never fear, our lost and lonely Mikey will be blessed with the love of not only one but TWO very loving and loyal people. ;) And you also write how you don’t like them keeping secrets. I reply: I hate that too. So don’t worry hon! Just remember, that they can sense everything from each other. ;) heehee… does that help? Hang in there! And thanks for all your feedback! *happy*

Asabetha: You write…Will the rest of the gang find out about the alieness of the trio? And how will they find out that they are the royal family of a far planet…so many question… I reply… LOVE the questions! And I can answer some of those… yes.. the gang will find out about the aliens.. and as for finding out about the royal family… remember the journal and rings that Rath sent with the little seedlings. ;) All will be answered. Have no fear! And I love the questions! Keep them coming even if I don’t answer them. ;) Thanks so much for the feedback!

Melpomene: Thank you and Welcome! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story and thank you for posting! I hope you continue to enjoy the story. *happy*

Roswellluver: You write…. Woohoo, the sparks are flying already! I reply: you aint seen nothing yet babe! Heehee! But yes, you are right… the sparks are starting to fly! ;) Thanks for posting!!!

Tabasco Liz: You write…how long before the 3 of them realize that they only have these desires between the three of them??? They really need Rath’s book to tell them how it was and how it will always be. I reply: YOU ARE SO RIGHT! And I love your thoughts. Yes I think it will still be a little while before they realize that they are meant to be… but what fun it will be to figure it all out. LOL! Thanks for posting hon! I’m so glad you’re loving it!

LEL: you write…things can only get more confusing for them all now, being thirteen their raging hormones will be kicking in…I reply… YOU GOT IT! The raging will only get worse! Heehee… hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’m going to have fun writing it. ;) ahh.. young love. Aint it grand! ;) I’m planning on it being very long. I have so much planned for them even when they figure it all out and are older. ;) Then the complications and fun REALLY begin! Heehee…. Enjoy!

Behrhugs: you write… this is getting more and more interesting as the years go on between all these friends…I wonder when Max and Michael are gonna give in or realize their feelings for one another… I reply: yes.. it will get more and more interesting! And Max and Michael won’t give in till they are older. I just couldn’t start anything serious until they were older. But the confusion is so fun at this stage. ;) And the sparks will certainly fly. ;) Thanks for posting!!! And keep the questions coming!

Ladylou: You write…I was wondering how Earth’s morals would factore into and color their relationship. I reply… yep… that is what will keep them from just knowing from the moment they all meet that they belong together. They are raised in a culture that can’t comprehend that easily. So the ride will not be that easy. But it will be fun! LOL! Thanks hon! Thanks for posting! *happy*

Sheeijan: You write…I’m totally jumping ahead here, but all of a sudden I’m having all sorts of visions of where this could head. I mean, once they start exploring their sexuality, things are going to get really complicated. …I mean they are in high school! Either Michael will have to hide their relationship publicly, which would be mean to him, or the whole school is going to know…. I love how Max is planning to kiss Liz but I feel so bad for Michael. He must always feel like he’s on the outskirts. And the whole Hank situation, ooh I just want him to leave Michael alone! I reply: LOL! I love how you’ve thought ahead to the problems they have yet to deal with with high school. Yes, you are very correct. It will be very complicated. And I know it seems like Michael is the odd man out right now, but just know that he is totally loved by two of the sweetest, most loving and loyal people in the universe and it will all work out. *happy* Do you really think Max will allow Hank to hurt Michael anymore in my story? *happy* yes, Michael will be the odd man out sexually until they figure it all out, but he will know he is loved in the best of ways otherwise. So hang in there! The revelations will be sooo WONDERFUL! I promise! I already have it all figured out! ;) Thank you so much for posting and sharing all your thoughts. I love hearing them!

BelevnDreamsToo: You write… When they touched..poor confused little boys!! Their feelings and passions are awakening!! Michael seems especially torn!
I reply: Yes, Michael is more torn right now cause he not only has feelings for Max, but he can’t show his feelings for Liz like Max can. But soon both Liz and Max will also have feelings for Michael that will make them feel guilty, and Max to be just confused as well. So they will all have many emotions to work through. But all will work in the end. Thanks for posting on both sites! You’re so wonderful! Hugs!

And thanks again to everyone who posted! *happy*

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Well this aught to heat things up a little more. ;)

Anne, Glad you liked the last part. I do love writing them young and innocent and yet so full of potential. LOL! ;)

SpaceCadet: you asked so very interesting questions and I think some of those are going to be answered in this new part. And very correct guess about Liz feeling Michael's pain as well. *happy* And it is soon time for Liz to confront G.Claudia. But not just yet. She's going to be too busy with confusing emotions in the next few parts. heh..heh..

BelieveInTrueLove: yes, Liz's feelings for Michael were just as strong in their past life and they are in this life, only she doesn't realize it yet. *happy* She, like all three of them are living with the beliefs of this society and so she can't even imagine or want to believe anything so complicated yet. ;) But it will all come out sooner or later.

As to flashes while on the picnic and will Michael be part of it.... read on. *happy*

Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda

E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Part 6

Max and Michael’s good intensions to not tell Liz what happened to Michael was all for nothing.

Max and Michael had fallen asleep talking into the night and were awakened by a sobbing the next morning.

They knew it was Liz and they both jumped up from their sleeping bags and looked over at Liz standing in the doorway of the tree house with pain in her eyes and tears streaming down her face.

“What! Liz what is it?” Max panicked, still half asleep, only knowing that Liz was in pain and it tore at his gut.

Liz looked from Max to Michael as if searching for something on Michael’s face, and then she ran to a shocked Michael who could only open his arms as Liz’s little body flew into his, almost knocking him back down from his sitting position.

“Liz… What is it? What’s wrong?” Max asked coming up behind Liz who still clung to Michael, and started stroking her hair. There was not an ounce of jealousy that Liz had gone straight to Michael. Max knew that Liz felt safe with Michael too, and that Michael was always there to protect her when Max wasn’t around. And he knew they had a special bond like he and Michael did.

“Michael…Oh…how could he do that to you!” she sobbed against Michael’s chest.

Michael was still confused and trying to get used to having Liz in his arms like this. He was still vulnerable from sleep and finding it hard not to grab her closer to him and groan at how good she felt in his arms. How right it felt.

At that thought, he sat her away from him and moved back a little pretending to back up to look at her. “What are you talking about Liz?” he asked hesitantly, but he had a feeling he knew.

“Ah crap.” Max mumbled as he saw the bruise on Michael’s upper cheek and around his eye. When they had felt that strange flash, they had backed off and he’d never healed Michael’s eye.

At the same time Michael realized his eye hurt like the devil and realized the same thing. He and Max exchanged looks of misery that they had caused Liz to be upset after they had tried not to.

Liz tightened her jaw, knowing their thoughts. “Don’t you try to hide something like this from me! It won’t do any good anyways.” She sobbed and brushed at a tear. “I saw it Michael… I saw it in my sleep and I knew it wasn’t a dream. It was real. Hank…he hurt you.” And with that she threw herself in his arms again and hugged him close.

“Aw Liz.” Max said and hugged her to him from behind, while she still clung to Michael. “I’m sorry you found out. We didn’t want you upset. I was going to take care of it….” Max let that trail off as he remembered what it was that hadn’t let him finish. And he met Michael’s eyes above Liz’s head and then they both turned away still not sure what it was or if they wanted to talk about it. So Max just rested his cheek on the top of Liz’s head. He loved the smell of her hair and the softness against his face.

Suddenly Michael felt a tear fall on his face from where he had it nestled in her neck, and felt a tingle on his eye. He sat back and again met Max’s eyes and his thoughts were confirmed when he saw Max widen his eyes.

“It’s gone.” Max confirmed it for him.

Liz’s tears had once again healed.

Liz sat back as well and looked to see what they were talking about and then she gasped and smiled and reached out a tentative hand to Michael’s eye that was now healed.

When she touched it, Michael closed his eyes and sucked in his breath. Her gentle touch always felt like an electrical current running through him.

Max watched Michael’s reaction to Liz’s touch and felt mixed emotions. He wasn’t jealous and he knew exactly what Michael felt when Liz touched him, for it was what Max always felt as well, but he felt sad that Michael had to feel this way with Liz instead of a girl of his own. He hoped so much that Michael found his soul mate soon! He deserved to feel this with his soul mate too.

“Hank can’t do that again! Michael you have to stay away from him. You have to tell the sheriff or someone what Hank did!” Liz trembled at just the thought of Hank getting his hands on Michael again. She had missed the whirling emotions between Max and Michael completely because she was so upset about Michael’s predicament.

But Michael was shaking his head firmly. “No. Definitely not.” He said leaving no room for argument.

“What? But why?” Liz looked shocked.

“Because I can’t bring the authorities down on me. I can’t afford them to get involved. We all need to stay low profile here.” Michael explained.

“But…” Liz tried again. She was now sitting between Max and Michael looking from one to the other.

“He’s right Liz. If Michael told the authorities he’d been abused they’d take him away, probably move him away and also have doctors look him over and check him out. We can’t let that happen.” Max said with frustration, not liking Michael being stuck with Hank either.

“But Michael…how did you pass the medical tests when they found you? I’m guessing since Max and my parents knew about us, that they interfered with our blood tests, but what about you? Is your blood human?” she asked with a frown.

Michael shrugged. “I don’t know. By the time I was old enough to worry about that, I had already been tested and put into the foster system, so I guess it doesn’t show up in my blood.” Michael said.

“Then…” Liz tried again.

Michael shook his head. “No. I could still be sent away Liz. Even if they don’t find anything out about me being an alien, they could move me away from here into a new foster home.” He said and the thought left a sick feeling in his gut.

Liz and Max also felt similar sick feelings in their stomachs and almost a physical pain at the thought of Michael being separated from them.

“No! No they can’t do that!” Liz cried and hugged Michael again.

“And we won’t let it Liz, don’t worry.” Max said softly, meeting Michael’s look with a determined one of his own. He was letting Michael know that he would never let that happen. Just the thought sent Max into a panic of his own and he felt a horrible lump of lead in his stomach at the thought of losing Michael.

Michael swallowed at how much he felt for these two friends of his and how much he knew they really did care for him. He knew he was very lucky to have their love. In any form.


Max took Liz’s hand as soon as he finished locking their bikes together and led her down toward their favorite shady spot at the reservoir.

Liz smiled and clasped Max’s hand tighter knowing he had a surprise for her at the end of the path.

Max turned at the tightening of her hand in his and smiled at her with that special look that made her tummy flip over.

Liz hoped Maria was right and that today, Max would kiss her. Really kiss her. Liz wasn’t too sure, since Max had been so hesitant so far to even kiss her at all, but Maria was convinced that he would today. And somehow Maria had an intuition about these things that was uncanny.

And watching Max today, as his eyes shone with excitement for whatever surprise he had for her, she was determined to have her kiss. For if he didn’t initiate it, she would, she decided with a giddy feeling and a happy grin.

Liz stood back and smiled as she watched a nervous Max spread a blanket under their favorite tree at the reservoir, away from where everyone hung out and swam. The spot that Max, Liz and Michael spent most of their time when they weren’t in the tree house.

Liz could see Max sneaking peeks at her from under his long lashes as he set up the picnic basket on the blanket and then took out the food. She thought it was cute that he was nervous. But she wasn’t sure why. They always celebrated their birthdays and other events together so why was this different?

Then Liz got a flash from Max of the kiss he planned and she bit her lip to keep from gasping at the sudden flash of heat she felt all through her body. Max WAS going to kiss her! She was so giddy at the thought that she sank down onto the blanket because her knees had given out. Her stomach was doing such flips that she hoped she could eat. It looked like Max had really gone out of his way with all her favorite foods too.

Max finished setting out all the food and wondered how he was going to eat anything with his stomach churning and his hormones racing at the thought of kissing Liz’s lips. Of tasting more than just her lips. Images of what he wanted to do kept making him swallow and try to clamp down on his own emotions. He had never wanted anything as bad in his life as he wanted this kiss. God he had to taste Liz. He had to feel her tongue against his.

He groaned out loud at that thought and noticed Liz flushed and staring at him helplessly too.

“Can’t hide anything from you huh?” he swallowed knowing she was reading his every thought and image from the stunned and heated look on her face. Her flushed face was even more of a turn on and so were her half parted lips and her sudden heavy eyes as his thoughts and images slowly seduced her all on their own.

“Max…just kiss me already.” Liz whispered in a plea. They were the only words she could speak.

Max blinked in surprise once, then scrambled over to her on the blanket and slowly took her into his arms.

Liz clung to him and met his hot eyes with anxious heavy laden ones of her own. She gasped when she saw Max’s own long lashes shadow his cheeks as he lowered his eyes to her parted lips and she saw the flash of passion glow in his eyes before his mouth slowly descended towards her trembling one.

At first it was a tentative kiss like the two Max had given her before. He slowly placed his lips against Liz’s and sighed. Then before Liz could ask for more, Max began rubbing his lips back and fourth over hers and then he lightly touched the tip of his tongue to her sweet, moist lips and traced their fullness. He groaned and pulled her closer and Liz sighed and her lips parted more at the first touch of his tongue. She shivered and clung to Max, totally lost to the first magical moments and wasn’t expecting the lightening that flashed when Max slipped his tongue into her open mouth and their tongues met.

Flashes of an adult Max and Liz in a very passionate kiss on a bed were followed by clothes being torn off and then nothing more. Nothing but the innocent passion of two teens in love and experimenting for the first time.

Max had known it would be explosive to kiss Liz, but he hadn’t been expecting to lose himself so completely to her both heart and soul. He thought he had already given himself to her, but now, he felt the beginnings of something more swirling between them. And it wasn’t just passion. It was like a melding of souls, only not fully yet. As if their souls were tentatively playing with each other as well. Darting back and fourth between them impishly.

But Max’s body was also reacting to the passion. His teen hormones were going crazy and his heart was beating so fast he thought it might jump out of his chest. He couldn’t let go of Liz or stop tasting her mouth. He continued to duel with her tongue and explore every crevice and recess of her luscious mouth.

Liz was completely open to Max as well. Her moans were driving them both crazy and all Liz could do was cling helplessly to Max as she felt her heart, soul and body become seduced by the boy she loved so much.

She crawled into his lap and opened her mouth more to give him better access, loving the way his tongue swept around her mouth, claiming it and tasting it and playing with her own tongue. She had never realized how powerful a kiss could be when it was with the right person.

Max’s hands began to move to her hips, and he pulled her closer on top of him, falling back onto the blanket with Liz sprawled across him.

Liz liked the new position and she now tentatively pushed her own tongue into Max’s hot mouth, wanting to taste him as well. She wanted to explore all Max had to give, as he had her mouth. And she moaned at the tastes and hotness as Max opened his mouth fully to her own exploring tongue.

It wasn’t until Liz realized what the hard object was between her legs that she was pushing herself into that she realized they had to stop.

And it was at that moment, when Liz pushed herself into Max’s ready to explode body that Max too stiffened and realized if they didn’t stop it would be over for him. And it was too soon. And not how he wanted them to love each other. At least not yet.

“Max…” Liz sighed as they both stilled at the same time, and Liz let her head bury itself in Max’s warm, strong neck.

Max sighed and kissed the top of Liz’s head, holding her tightly on top of him still, just loving Liz this close. “I know Liz. It was….wow….I…” Max sighed not knowing what to say. The emotions rolling through them were still so powerful.

Then Max lifted Liz’s head gently from his neck, and looked deeply into her huge chocolate eyes that had pulled him in years ago. “I love you Liz. I always have and I always will.” He admitted aloud finally.

Liz gasped and tears formed in her eyes. She had known. Max had done everything that made her know he loved her. But he’d never said it out right. Until now. She swallowed and smiled down into his beloved face. “I love you too my Max.” she whispered gently.


On the other end of town, in the tree house, Michael groaned and cursed. He lay stretched out on a sleeping bag and cursed the weakness that had made him open up his mind to Max and Liz. He had wanted to know what it would be like to kiss Liz, and so he had opened his mind to their feelings.

With his eyes closed he had felt everything Max had felt and then it became more than Max’s feelings. It became Michael’s. Michael knew how he would feel if he was the one kissing Liz’s lips, and even as he cursed himself for what he was doing, he loved the feelings flowing through him.

But he had not been prepared for the other feelings to hit him. One minute it was he who was kissing Liz and he could taste it all as if he really was there. And then the next, he tasted a different taste, one just as heady but different, and he opened his eyes and saw himself kissing Max. He and Max were kissing passionately and he was devouring Max’s mouth the way Max had devoured Liz’s.

Michael gasped, jumped up and tried to convince himself that he had fallen into Liz’s feelings as Max kissed her and she kissed him. And he had almost convinced himself of that until he saw a grown up version of himself kissing a grown up version of Max just as passionately.

Michael paced the tree house and swore trying to come to terms with all he had seen and felt lately. He finally gave up trying to figure it out and pushed it aside as Liz’s feelings for Max pouring into him.

He finally fell into a frustrated, uneasy sleep that was filled with dreams that made no sense and only made him wake up shaking and hot with an unfamiliar and frightening feelings of passion for his best friend.

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Just some replies to your wonderful feedback and questions. ;) You guys are the greatest! I hope to have the next part out by Friday the latest, but probably before then! ;) You guys are great inspiration! :D

LittleBit: You write: I feel so bad for Michael that I wish they’d just remember. I reply: I know hon! Hang in there! I don’t want them to know until they are old enough to do something about it. ;) I have a wonderful way for them to find out and they have to be older to do that. So I hope this next part makes up for Michael’s loneliness a little! Thanks for the feedback! *happy*

Roswellluver: Michael does get away from Hank now. He goes to the tree house when he needs to. I thought about letting him just live with the Evans, but thought that would make the Max/Michael relationship too strange you know? This isn’t easy to always figure out. LOL! But I promise that Max and Liz will not let Hank hurt Michael anymore! ;) Thanks so much for the feedback.

Anne: Hey babe! You write: I can’t help wondering if their feelings for each other is something they’re just going to finally accept on their own terms, or if they’re going to find a message that tells t hem the truth, and makes them realize and accept what they’re going through. I reply: All I can say is, a little of both. LOL. Glad you found it sweet and explosive. That’s exactly what I was going for! Thanks for the feedback my friend!

BelevnDreamsToo: LOL! You write: HOLY CRAP! I’m sitting here getting all hot from the way you’re writing 13 year olds kissing! And those flashes, did they get a little of their former selves in there? I reply: LOL! Love your response to the innocent yet hot kiss. Perfect response thanks! And yes, those flashes were from their past life. They will start to more and more see things from their past life. And I know poor confused Michael. I hope this next part helps somewhat for Michael. ;) Thanks for the feedback!

Snowdove: You write: Hot Hot Hot, poor Michael hope they get some of their memories soon. I reply: I know! Hang in there! They will start to get their memories as they go along now. Only I can’t have them figure it all out until they are a little older. So just hang in there and I will try to make some nice things happen in the meantime. But they will have to suffer through all of this a little longer. ;) Thanks for the feedback! Glad you thought it was hot. ;)

Opal: Thanks hon! Glad you enjoyed two parts at once. That’s always fun isn’t it? I love when I get to read more than one part of a fic at once. ;) Thanks for the feedback! And the bump! ;)

Love Roswell: Thanks Laura! And the consensus is definitely poor Michael. I hope this next part helps you guys some what! Hang in there and thanks for the feedback.

MamaDee! Hey hon! You write: And I really love how you’re making the years speed by so we can expect more than a passionate kiss or two. I reply: Yep! I want to play around with their awakening feelings, but want to get to the passionate stuff and the many different and fun storylines that will evolve when they ARE indeed a threesome which they will be. And then the story will REALLY pick up. And LOL about your double entendres, don’t worry about it you can keep them coming. LOL! Thanks for the feedback! And both Liz and Max will be kissing Michael a lot soon enough! ;)

Wayliz: Thanks hon! You write: I loved that Liz felt what was happening with Michael , even though the boys were going to try to keep it from her. And then that she was able to heal him. It was beautiful. I reply: Thanks! And I really love that the guys will always try to protect their lady love, but that they never will be able to keep anything from her. Heh..heh.. but that won’t keep them from trying and getting yelled at by their feisty love. ;) And yeah, I love how Liz can heal too. You also write: So how are they going to keep Michael away from Hank? Will he eventually move in with the Evans? (let me just say how happy I am that Isabel is NOT in this fic) I reply: LOL! Glad you too are not missing Isabore…ahh… I mean Isaboobs… er… Isabel! Yeah, that’s it! LOL! ;) And they will keep Hank away from Michael by Michael being able to hang out at the tree house or the Evans house whenever he has to. And no he won’t be moving in with the Evans. I just couldn’t see a M/M relationship if they lived together like brothers. Something just is too strange about that for me. You know? And will I be fast forwarding their ages soon. You can be SURE OF THAT! ;) I will have them grow up soon enough I promise! Hang in there and thanks for writing!!

Tabasco Liz: I’m so glad you’re finding their relationship beautiful so far. That’s what I’m working on. I want the pure innocent and confusing emotions first, then the explosive loving ones of realization will be all the more sweeter. You know? ;) Thanks for the feedback! Hang in there! Michael will get his happiness soon!

Maxzhot: Yes, Michael is trying so hard to convince himself that what he’s feeling for each of his loves is their feelings. And they will start to get clues in the next few parts I promise! Also, glad you enjoyed the first kiss and found it both innocent and hot at the same time. And believe it or not, I will not have them advance it all the way until they are atleast 16 or 17. Sorry but I want them to be a little older. ;) Thanks for the wonderful feedback hon! Hang in there!

Believer_evans: Thanks for the sweet words! Glad your loving the fic! I’m thrilled you found the beginnings of M/L’s relationship sweet. And yes, I want them all to start out as the best of friend. I will always believe that your loves should also be your best friends. Thanks for your feedback and I’m happy you’re enjoying it! Happy reading!

Jane: hey hon! You write: One little thing, you wrote: "I’m guessing since Max and my parents knew about us, that they interfered with our blood tests, but what about you?" I reply: Sorry hon! I thought it was obvious at the lake when they talked that Liz knew her parents had to know about her. That they along with G. Claudia are keeping the truth from her. But maybe I should have made that more clear! Thanks I’ll have to make sure I make that clearer. She doesn’t know for sure, but she and Max and Michael suspect that her parents know since they told her she just didn’t remember her life in Albuquerque because of her fever. We now know that Liz never grew up in Albuquerque. So her parents have to know they lied. Does that make sense? You also write: Where is the journal that Rath wrote before he died? Do they Parkers have it? When are they going to tell Liz the truth about who she is? I reply: The Journal and the rings are still in the pods. ;) I’ll tell you that much. As for when of if Liz’s parents tell her about herself you’ll have to wait and see. LOL. ;) Thanks for writing! Hang in there!

Eraser Room: You write: I am releaved that they couldn't hide Michael's situation with Hank from Liz. There shouldn't be any secrets between there three, they share too much.I reply: I TOTALLY agree. You should never have to hide important things in a good relationship. But of course, Max and Michael will feel that they need to protect Liz, but now know how impossible that will be. And so it should be. LOL! I know, I really wanted him to be a part of that first time in some way too. And yes, their bond is strong and will only get stronger. Glad you like the way I’m wrapping their spirits three ways even when they are just two. :D You also write: sigh* I'm looking forward to some peanut M&M's For some reason I find the Max/Michael scenes in threesome stories particularly beautiful. Perhaps because, together, they are the essence of something forbidden. Perhaps it's the image of all that strength combining to create something so fragile and yet so perfect. I'm looking forward to seeing your finesse with these upcoming parts. I reply: Ahhh I totally understand! I too fell in love with the peanut M/M’s from the other Max/Liz/Michael fics and find it very beautiful in exactly the same way you do and for the exact same reasons. :D And I am hoping to get there soon! Hang in there! I am also terrified and excited to start writing them as well. Cause I’ve never really written this before and am not sure I can make it as beautiful as my mentors. ;) But I’ll have fun trying to. LOL! And don’t you just LOVE the name for Max and Michael… peanut M&M’s. Sigh… Hang in there and thanks for all your feedback!!

BelieveInTrueLove: LOL! Thanks babe! I’m so glad you had that reaction. It’s what I was hoping for! Thanks for the feedback!

Devilish: Hang in there hon! I will try to have the next part out by the Friday the latest! Probably sooner! ;) Thanks for the feedback!

Carol: BABE! LOL! You crack me up! I e-mailed you so you should have that before you even read this. ;) Thanks so much for the feedback sweetie! Glad you’re enjoying this. ;) I am sooo glad you are seeing the story so far as innocent and full of caring and sharing and young pure intense feelings. That’s so what I’m looking to show. And yeah, everyone is feeling sorry for Michael and so they should. But he will have his time in the sun. And yep… Grandma Claudia will have answers for our Liz. Soon. ;) Hang in there! And there will come a time for Liz confronting G. Claudia and the rents. LOL! Hugs babe!

Cinder: You write: Poor Michael...always on the outside looking in. I really hope that they remember their lives on Antar soon. I want them all to get together. I reply: I know hon! Hang in there! Michael will soon be a very happy guy with the love of two wonderful people. I want them to all be together too, but it’s way too soon and they are way to young to be a threesome yet! ;) But I’m advancing the years as fast as I can and still give everyone the feeling of young confusion that when finally realized will be all the sweeter. ;) Thanks for writing!

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Thanks for the bumps guys! And sorry it took longer than I thought to get this part out. But this week was the last week of teaching for the summer and I also had two root canals on my teeth done which left me useless for two days.

But I'm better now, and now I have the whole summer ahead of me to write and catch up on fics! *happy*

And I hope this part was worth the wait, although you will probably want to kill me at the end of it. ;)

Also, here is a pic of my fic that I'm working on. It's not quite done yet, but thought I'd share the rough copy. *happy*

this is in two parts due to length...

Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda

E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Part 7

Liz parked her bike along side Michael’s on the side of the Evans house and went around the back and knocked on the kitchen door.

When Mrs. Evans called out her cheery greeting, Liz smiled and pushed open the screen door.

“Hi Mrs. Evans.” Liz greeted Max’s mother affectionately and came up to where the woman was peeling potatoes in the sink.

“Hi Liz honey. The boys are in Max’s room waiting for you. They were hanging around in here until I finally shooed them away.” Diane smiled at the sweet young girl she’d come to think of like her own child. Which she figured she would be one day. For even though they were only 13, she knew that because they were different, what they felt for each other was special and had something to do with who they were and where they came from.

Liz nabbed a carrot from the pile of cut veggies and nodded at Mrs. Evans explanation of the guys hanging around. “Can I help you with dinner?” Liz asked as she nibbled on the carrot.

“Thank you Liz, but that’s okay. They boys seemed restless go on in to them and I’ll call you all when dinner’s ready.” Diane smiled and handed Liz a tall Cherry Coke with Tabasco sauce that she knew Liz loved.

“Thanks Mrs. Evans.” Liz grinned brightly and taking the glass she headed down the hall to Max’s room.

She felt a little flip to her tummy as she thought of Max waiting for her in his room. Ever since their ‘kiss’ last week, she’d been so much more aware of Max and both of their heightened passion for each other. Then she faltered a second right before she reached the door, because a sudden thought of Michael also waiting for her in Max’s room made her tummy flip as well. She shook her head and pushed the thought away and smiling she skipped into the room where the two boys were waiting.

Seeing Max at one end of the room at his desk, and Michael at the other end, by the window, Liz decided to take the bed and she flung herself on it and grinned at them.

“Hi guys!” she beamed at both of them. She loved when the three of them spent this time together so much.

Max’s eyes heated and he came over and stood over her where she sat on his bed. “Hey yourself.” He said hoarsely and running a hand gently through her hair, he leaned down and kissed her lips tenderly, just needing the feel of her lips against his and the light sweet taste of her.

Ever since their kiss Max had not been able to think of anything but the sweet, addictive taste of Liz.

Liz sighed against Max’s lips and snuck her tongue out a little to take a taste of Max’s lips. His tastes were just as addictive to her.

Michael watched under hooded lashes with raw need screaming through him, as the two shared an innocent kiss. They were so beautiful together that it lifted his heart to see them like this, but also made him ache with a need he still was terrified of.

When Max felt Liz’s little tongue he stiffened, groaned and then raised his head and grinned down at her. They both knew now wasn’t the time for a deeper kiss. It wouldn’t be fair to Michael whom they were both very aware of.

Max then cleared his throat and returned to the chair at his desk and looked from Liz to Michael and back.

“Okay Liz, we’re both here, what is it that you found out?” Max asked anxiously.

Michael too perked up waiting for whatever Liz had to tell them.

When Liz had called this morning telling them they needed to talk, Max had asked her what was up then, but she’d said she wanted to wait until they were all together.

Liz looked from one to the other and was excited with her news. “Okay, last night I had a flash.” She started. She could see them both perk up at this but they waited for her to explain.

“I was standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom. It was still fogged up from my shower, so I wiped it and that’s when I saw the flash.” She continued.

She didn’t notice both Max and Michael react to the thought of Liz in a shower fogged bathroom and how the thought of a wet, freshly showed Liz was playing havoc with their young teen hormones. She was too busy remembering her flash.

“When I wiped away my mirror I didn’t see my face. I saw myself sitting on the floor in a cave, looking sick, and leaning against two bubbles, that had you two in them still. I could feel how lonely and confused and sick I felt. And I knew I needed to move, to go explore outside of the cave, but I couldn’t leave the two bubbles. I just leaned my face against one bubble and held my hand on the other one. Then, after a long long time, I remember someone leaning over me and that I didn’t even have the strength to look up at him. But I felt him lift me up and carry me out into the sunshine outside of the cave.” Liz said finishing the story of what she saw.

Max and Michael sucked in their breaths, amazed at this news. It didn’t answer anything about where they came from or why they were here, but it did add to question about how they got separated.

“So someone knew about the cave and our bubbles and came and took you away before we came out of them.” Michael voiced aloud, starting to pace.

Liz nodded watching him as she lay on her stomach and leaned up on her elbows excited and also scrunching her face trying to remember anything more.

As if reading her thoughts Max asked. “Do you remember anything after this guy took you away?”

Liz met his eyes with frustrated ones and shook her head. “No. I keep trying to, but I can’t.”

“You can’t force it. It’ll just come to you like this one did. When you aren’t expecting it.” Michael assured her and came back to stand by the window.

“But why didn’t the man go back to see if you two were okay? To see if you two were going to come out of the bubbles too?” Liz asked in frustration. The thought that someone might have been able to prevent them from being separated, but hadn’t, made her upset.

“We can only hope that someday we figure it all out.” Max sighed hating all the unanswered questions as well. He got up and went to sit next to Liz.

She turned over on her back and smiled up at him. He sucked in his breath and swallowed. The power she had over him with just a smile amazed him still.

“Do you have any idea what the guy who took you looked like?” Michael frowned trying to think too.

“No. I’ve tried, but I can’t see his face.” Liz answered and started rubbing her hand along Max’s jean covered thigh absently while she stared up at the ceiling now.

Max felt the instant heat of her touch and snapped his head down to her and realized she didn’t even realize what she was doing to him.

But Michael did. He felt himself start to sweat as he watched Liz’s little hand caress Max’s thigh and he swallowed and shifted uncomfortably as he noticed Max’s body begin to respond to Liz’s caress. Damn! His own gut suddenly churned as he got a flash of his own hand sliding up Max’s thigh, higher and higher until he slid his hand over Max’s swollen jeans and began to unbutton them as he continued to tease and caress the impressive bulge.

“Kids! Time for dinner!” Diane Evans’ voice interrupted the intense moment. Later Michael wondered how long they would have all stayed like that, if Max’s mom hadn’t interrupted.

But that interruption brought Michael out of his thoughts and made him panic and feel sick. He turned pale as he realized once again his thoughts or flashes were crazy, and something he didn’t want to deal with, so he did the only thing he could think of. He bolted.

“I can’t stay. I have to do something. Tell you’re mom I’m sorry Max. See you guys later.” Michael suddenly said and before either of them could question him, he was out the window and gone.

“What?” Liz asked sitting up and staring out the window where Michael had suddenly disappeared from.

Max was also frowning in concern. He’d felt Michael’s churning emotions but wasn’t quite sure what they were about. He only knew that Michael had definitely just run from them. He made a note to talk to Michael later. He was sure Michael would sleep in the tree house again tonight so he would go up and talk to him then.

“I’ll talk to him later. See what’s up.” Max promised when he saw how upset Liz was at Michael’s sudden departure. He smiled down at Liz and ran another hand through her hair. “I’m glad you’re remembering Liz. Maybe between the three of us we can figure this all out after all.”

Liz nodded and taking Max’s hand, she followed him out to the kitchen, but not before she looked back at the window one more time, wondering what had caused Michael to bolt. For she knew that is exactly what he’d done. She hated that he had closed himself off and ran from them. For some reason she felt panicked herself and worried.


Liz’s worry continued as the months passed. They were freshman in high school now and although they spent a lot of time together in a group, when it was just the three of them Michael would often find other things he needed to do after they would talk about alien issues. He would say he’d promised one of the others in the gang they would do something or he would help them with something.

It was after Michael had bolted again one day in the tree house that Max and Liz sat silently for a few minutes and then looked at each other with sad faces and knew they needed to talk about what was going on with Michael.

Liz crawled into Max’s arms with a heavy heart and tried not to let tears fall as they both felt the loss of that extra closeness to Michael now.

“What is going on Max? Why won’t Michael talk to us? He knows we don’t believe his excuses for always bolting. What did we do? Is it cause we’re a couple? But that never bothered him all these years. Why now? Max, I miss him so much.” Liz admitted.

Max nodded and ran a hand down Liz’s soft hair trying to soothe her and himself. “I know Liz. I miss him too. I’ve asked him so many times, I even yelled at him the other day, and it did no good. He just looked at me blankly and said nothing was wrong. That he just had more than two friends and what was the big deal.”

“What did you say?” Liz asked with her head still buried in Max’s chest.

Max sighed. “I didn’t know what to say to that. It’s not a big deal that he hangs around with Maria or Alex or Kyle too. I know we all do. I just couldn’t explain to him how we felt there was something more he was keeping from us.”

“I know. I didn’t know how to say what was wrong either. He looked at me like I was crazy when I said I missed him.” Liz added.

“Have you talked with Maria? Maybe he’s talked to her about whatever is bothering him?” Max asked her.

Liz nodded. “Yeah, and she too didn’t understand what I meant. She said he probably just was giving us time alone as a couple. And didn’t we want that time?” Liz looked up at Max then and met his confused eyes.

“I didn’t know what to say Max. I do love the time we are together and when we…you know, snuggle and kiss…” Liz trailed off and blushed remembering how daring they had gotten recently when Max had almost put his hand on her breast.

Max blushed too, remembering that. He had talked to Michael about it afterwards, telling him how he had wanted so much to touch Liz but didn’t know if they were ready. And how Michael had been extra quiet about it.

“Maybe Michael is feeling left out Liz. I mean, it must be hard not having someone when you’re constantly around two people who are completely in love.” Max’s voice lowered as he met her eyes with hot passion now.

Liz sucked in her breath. She never tired of Max’s words of Love. She lifted her head and Max lightly kissed her. He wanted more, but he also wanted to figure out how to not lose Michael. He sighed and lifted his head. “I know I’d feel awful if I had to watch two people together all the time when I had no one.”

“That’s what Maria said. But then why do we feel so lost without him with us. Are we just being totally selfish, wanting him with us even if it means he has to watch us so close to each other all the time?” Liz bit her lip.

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continued -Part 7

“No Liz, you could never be selfish. Michael has always wanted to be with us just as much. And he still is. But maybe Maria is right. Maybe it’s just that he needs to find someone of his own. Maybe we do need to let him hang with others more without taking it personally.” Max said.

Liz nodded. “I guess. But I still miss him Max. I think I am selfish. I want you as my boyfriend, but I want Michael around too, as my friend.”

“I miss him too Liz. And it doesn’t make sense to me either. I mean, I love our time alone, and I love to hold you and kiss you and….well… all of it. But I also love the time the three of us are together. Maybe we are too close and we need to let him go a little.” Max agreed unhappily. “I mean maybe it’s because we’re all aliens that we have this extra close bond.”

Liz only nodded, knowing they wanted Michael to be happy more than anything and if this would make him happy, then they would learn to let go a little. “Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. But it doesn’t stop me from missing him.” Liz said and sighed when Max held her closer and kissing her head, he agreed.


As their freshman year of high school came closer to the end, Liz found it more and more difficult to talk to Maria about Michael. Maria just didn’t understand why Liz and Max felt the way they did, and because they suspected it was because they were aliens, Liz stopped talking to Maria about it. She pretended it didn’t bother her.

The three still met in the tree house and Max’s house or the reservoir or the park to talk about their alien issues, but Michael’s distance was felt and missed even though none of them said anything. They had all been having more and more dreams about the days right after they had left the bubbles, but nothing that had yet to help them figure anything out clearly.

They were also preparing for Liz’s grandma’s visit in the summer, because Liz was going to look for the journal that her grandma always had with her, and if she couldn’t find it, she was going to confront her herself.

Liz headed for her locker looking for Maria. They were going to do a girl’s night and were going to start right after school.

She put her books away and was looking over which ones she needed over the weekend when Maria came up to her with a bright smile. “Hey Chica! You ready?”

Liz smiled and shutting her locker she nodded. “Let’s get out of here!”

As she turned to face Maria, she froze as she saw Michael leaning against a locker at the end of the hall, talking to a very popular and very beautiful cheerleader. And he wasn’t just talking, he was looking at her intently for a few minutes and then he suddenly threw back his head and laughed.

Liz felt a stab in her gut and she sucked in her breath. She didn’t understand her sudden emotion.

“Liz? Hello? Earth to Liz?” she finally heard Maria say.

Liz broke her stare and then bowed her head to keep the look in her eyes from Maria.

Maria looked to where Liz had been staring and saw Michael as well. Then she turned back toward Liz and her eyes narrowed as she saw Liz’s face. “Lizzie?” she questioned not sure if she was seeing it right.

Liz felt awful. Michael was leaning into a tall, beautiful big-chested blond haired girl, the exact opposite of herself, and he looked like he was ready to devour her.

“Let’s go Maria.” Liz finally said in a small voice, not looking again down the hall to where Michael was flirting with Pam Troy.

“You want to tell me what that was all about?” Maria asked as they headed towards the Crashdown. She was eyeing Liz with now wide eyes.

“Nothing. What do you want to do first today?” Liz asked trying to sound cheerful.

“Mmmhmmm.” Was all Maria said until they got to the Parker’s house above the Crashdown and threw their stuff on Liz’s bed.

She grabbed Liz’s hand before Liz could turn to leave the room and she pulled Liz down with her to sit on the bed.

“Okay what is up with you?” Maria demanded.

“What?” Liz continued to play dumb. She didn’t want to talk about Michael. Not only could Maria not understand the close bond, but now Liz was feeling things that really didn’t make sense.

“Liz….” Maria said and crossed her arms over her chest waiting.

When she saw Liz was frowning and thinking, she realized Liz was just as confused by her earlier emotions as Maria was.

“Liz, are you jealous of the way Michael was flirting with Pam Troy today?” Maria just finally said.

Liz sighed and wished like she did so many times that she could tell Maria about their being aliens because she felt that would explain a lot more of the different bond she and Michael had.

Liz bit her lip and faced with the words voiced aloud by Maria she had to admit to what she was feeling. “Yeah, I think so.” She finally said in a low voice.

“But Liz, you love Max. He adores you.” Maria too was at a loss now.

Liz nodded and met Maria’s eyes finally. “Yes, Yes I love Max more than life itself.” Liz could easily admit and felt the raw passion and love for Max stirring in her at just the thought of him.

“Then what…what is it about Michael, Liz. You are still upset about his not spending as much time with you and Max aren’t you? And now when you should be thrilled that he’s finally trying to find someone of his own, you’re jealous. I don’t understand.” Maria frowned seeing how upset Liz was at the thought of Michael with Pam Troy.

“Granted, Pam Troy is not a great choice for a first girlfriend, but I guess if the rumors are true, she might be a good first for other things.” Maria continued to ramble on.

Liz turn pale again and swallow and jump up off the bed and turn to look out the window.

“I don’t know what I’m feeling but it’s silly. I know that. And besides, he was probably just asking her something about a class they have together.” Liz tried to convince herself.

“Are you kidding? He was definitely flirting! Did you see that ‘leaning’ he was doing? He was definitely leaning into her. And that laugh was a flirty laugh if I ever saw one.” Maria snorted.

Liz groaned under her breath and closed her eyes, feeling a wave of new jealousy wash over her.

“Liz?” Maria asked again with wide eyes when she saw how much the thought of Michael flirting with someone else was bothering her friend.

“Let’s just forget it Maria. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I know I love Max. I love him more than my life. I think I’m just so used to having both guys’ attentions as we grew up, that I’m just a selfish brat.” Liz shrugged and pulling on Maria’s arm, she plastered a fake smile on her face and led Maria out to the kitchen for their ice cream feast.

She squashed down the feelings again of how she wished she could tell Maria everything about herself and Max and Michael. Because then she thought Maria might understand better and be able to help her figure it all out.


Kyle, Alex and Max were hanging out at the basket ball courts in the park when Michael finally showed up.

Alex was sitting on a bench with a lap top computer, and chatting with Kyle and Max as they had a game of one on one basketball.

“Hey Guerin, it’s about time you showed up, buddy.” Alex grinned lifting his head from the computer long enough to tease Michael.

Michael only grunted and watched Kyle and Max play for a few minutes.

“Hey Michael, did you get lucky with Pam Troy today?” Kyle finally called out as he tossed the ball into the basket and heard the whoosh as it cleared the rim and raised his arms in the air. “Yes! Nothing but net!” he yelled.

Max had been reaching for the ball as it came out of the basket when he heard Kyle’s question to Michael and his head flew around to meet Michael’s eyes with his own astonished ones. The ball hit him in the chest as he let his hands drop.

Michael met Max’s eyes for a second and then looked away awkwardly.

Max stood there, frozen. The emotions that were swirling around him frightened him as much as the thought of Michael getting with Pam Troy. For although he and Liz had agreed to give Michael more room this year, he had only spent more time with Alex, Kyle or Maria, and this had been okay. But now, the emotions Max was feeling confused him and made him panic. He felt sick to his stomach and betrayed. He was shocked at what he felt, but knew that those were his first feelings after hearing Kyle’s words. And when he’d looked into Michael’s eyes and seen their was truth to the words, he paled and swallowed harshly.

Michael swore and felt his own panic rising. What the hell was wrong with him! Why was he feeling guilty about flirting with Pam. He’d felt bad before he’d seen Max’s eyes, but now he felt a lump of lead in his stomach at the look on Max’s face when Kyle had made the statement about Pam Troy.

“So Michael, did you get a hot date with her? I hear she’s great for ‘firsts’.” Kyle chuckled and even Alex looked up and grinned.

“Ahhh I wouldn’t mind having a first either. Let us know how it goes Guerin. Max here won’t talk about any of his firsts cause it’s our Liz. Which I’m glad, but we could use more than just Kyle’s exaggerated stories.” Alex said and put his lap top aside just in time for Kyle to come over and wrestle him to the ground for that comment.

Max and Michael tried not to look at each other again. They focused on their other friends and laughed as Kyle wrestled Alex to the ground and roared about being the best with chicks.


The four guys hung out at the park even after dark. They got into a four way game of b-ball and this kept Max and Michael’s minds off of their confused emotions.

Max really just wanted to run to Liz and talk to her about it all, but he knew she was having her girl’s night and he didn’t want to interrupt her once a week night with Maria. So he just pushed it aside and tried hard not to let the thought of Michael making out with Pam Troy turn his stomach to lead.

Liz was having a fun time with Maria but as the night wore on she felt more and more of Max’s anxiety and confused feelings. She had a horrible feeling that the guys were talking about Michael’s possible conquest and it started her own feelings all jumbling again.

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore. Maria had just finished telling her how frustrated she was with the way Kyle ignored her as a female and only saw her as a friend, even after all these years. Liz totally felt for her friend, not able to imagine how she’d feel if Max had never seen her as anything but a friend. And then that made her think of Michael again and she had to see Max.

“Hey Maria, the guys are at the park, why don’t we go down and hang out with them. I know you would love to see Kyle on a Friday night knowing he’s not out on a date or anything.” Liz smiled.

“How do you know they’re at the park?” Maria frowned at Liz.

“Ah…Max told me they were going to hang there tonight.” Liz said quickly, catching her slip. She once again wished she could just tell Maria about her, Max and Michael’s connections.

“Okay, why not. I can at least give him a hard time to keep me close in his thoughts.” Maria winked and they laughed as they headed out to meet the guys.

Max felt Liz approaching and perked up, and saw Michael’s eyes turn toward the entrance to the park as well. He smiled glad that Michael hadn’t totally blocked them out of his mind. He obviously still sense Liz.

“Hey guys!” Maria said as she and Liz approached.

Max and Liz met half way and hugged each other tight, having felt each other’s anxiety all night and needing each other’s comfort. No words were necessary.

Michael actually felt a little better as he saw Max and Liz hug. His own emotions calmed when Liz had shown up, and he felt less guilty when he saw how beautiful Max and Liz were together.

He didn’t know what he was going to do about Pam Troy. She had started flirting with him the past week, and the more Michael thought about it, the more he'd tried to convince himself that if he just had his own girl, he’d stop thinking of Liz and of Liz and Max.

And he was feeling desperate. For his dreams lately had been of a lot of Max and Liz making out and then he too was with them all of a sudden. And sometimes he was kissing and making out with Liz, and other times he was making out with Max! And even though he had convinced himself it was Liz’s dreams he was feelings at those times, it freaked him out one too many times and finally sent him to Pam today. He had planned to ask her out this afternoon, but in the end he just couldn’t. His guilt had been too great and he’d sworn and turned away finally.

With all of them in their own thoughts or chatting, no one saw the car that had been swerving down the block. And suddenly it hit the curb and continued at an unusually high speed toward them in the park. It wasn’t until the head lights of the speeding truck were upon them that they all froze like deer caught in the headlights and sucked in their breaths. There was no time to move out of the way of the out of control truck.


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Wow... once again the feedback is so motivating. LOL! Okay, I will answer individual feedback later, but for now I think I'll send this next part out since it's ready. ;)

Now who was it who wanted Michael to get a little tongue action?

And I had a lot of people upset at the thought of Michael with Pam Troy. All I can say is you don't have to worry there. Michael's first kisses will be with his Max and Liz. ;) Now which kiss will be first? Guess you'll have to keep reading to find out. LOL! H ope you like it!

This will be in two parts due to length. Length of the story that is. Where are your minds? ;) Okay don't mind me, I haven't had much sleep in the past few days. I'm getting ready to pack and go see my sister for two weeks starting tomorrow, but I still plan on writing from there. *happy* Don't want to leave you guys hanging too long after this part. Heh..heh.. Okay nuff babbling...

Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda

E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Part 8

As the truck barreled towards them, instinct made both Max and Michael step in front of Liz and hold out their hands.

No one was more shocked than Max and Michael when a giant green bubble surrounded the whole group from the approaching vehicle, and the next thing they knew the truck bounced harmlessly off of the bubble and came to a stop about fifty feet from them.

Max and Michael stared at their hands and then lowered them, watching as the bubble disappeared by the lowering of their hands.

“Oh God!” Liz whispered and ran at both of them.

Max and Michael saw her coming and opened their arms to enclose her in a three way hug, stepping closer to each other to do it.

“What the…” Kyle finally found his voice as he stared from the truck that was now bashed in in the front to their two friends who had somehow stopped it with a shield of some sort.

Alex was the first to react and he ran to the truck to see some guy slumped over in the driver’s seat. He could smell the alcohol on the guy’s breath as he reached in to feel the man’s pulse.

Then Max was beside him. “Is he alive?” he asked anxiously.

“Yeah, but his head’s bleeding. Probably took a hit on the windshield after he hit the….what the hell was that?” Alex finally asked, now staring at his friend as well.

Max shifted from foot to foot as turned to find Maria and Kyle looking at him strangely too. And then saw the three of them look at Michael the same way.

With the truck horn blaring, it was difficult to hear anything, so Max resigned himself to the inevitable and raised his hand to the truck. The car horn stopped immediately.

As Alex, Maria and Kyle continued to stare from Max to Michael, Max walked back over to Michael and Liz and the three turned to face their friends together.

Before anyone could talk, they could hear a siren and the sheriff’s vehicle pulled up.

Kyle looked from Max and Michael to his dad, then back to Max and Michael and then Liz where he could see the pleading in her eyes for him not to say anything.

“Are you kids okay? What happened?” Jim Valenti asked as he looked them all over and then turned to the driver of the truck and checked him as well.

With one hand on the driver’s neck, he pulled out a radio with the other and called for an ambulance.

Then he walked back over to the kids when he saw that the driver seemed okay for the moment.

“Kyle, kids, are any of you hurt?” he asked looking them over.

“We’re fine Mr. Valenti” Maria was the one to speak first. She didn’t know what was going on, but she had seen her friend’s eyes when she’d pleaded for them not to say anything.

“What happened? What did the truck hit?” Jim asked looking around to find something that could have done that damage to the truck.

“It must have hit something before it came into the park. All we saw was the truck hitting the curb and coming towards us before it….stopped.” Kyle explained to his dad. He didn’t know if his dad would believe that or not, but he hoped that it would stall his dad until he found out just what the hell had really happened himself.

They all heard an ambulance approaching and Liz held on to Michael’s hand tighter and squeezed Max’s waist where her arm was snug around it, not liking all of the people gathering around and possibly asking too many questions.

Michael squeezed Liz’s hand back. “Sheriff, the girls must be getting cold. Can we take them home now?” he asked.

Jim looked them all over and could tell they were shell shocked and wouldn’t be any good with questions right now. “Go ahead.” He sighed.

Max, Liz and Michael slowly headed out of the park, knowing that Alex, Maria and Kyle were right behind them and were not going to leave them until they got answers.

“Let’s go to the tree house.” Max sighed when they stopped at the entrance to the park.

Max stood by the couch just holding Liz while Michael went and stood by the window as their three friends piled in behind them and slowly stood together in the middle of the room.

The awkwardness made Liz sigh and she sat on the couch and pulled Max down with her.

“Might as well get comfortable too, I feel this is going to be a long story.” Alex quipped as he flopped down on a bean bag across from the couch.

Maria and Kyle sat on the chairs around a little table facing Max and Liz with Michael off to the side.

“Michael.” Liz whispered and held out a hand. She wanted him with them when they told their friends.

Michael sighed. He’d never been able to deny Liz anything. He took his hands out of his pockets and slowly walked over to where Liz and Max were sitting, and taking Liz’s hand, he sat on the couch arm next to her.

“Well, I take it whatever it is, you know about it Liz?” Maria said not able to wait any longer for some sort of explanation. Although she couldn’t imagine any explanation that they could give that would settle her nerves. If anything, she had a feeling it was only going to make her more nervous.

“Um…yeah, you could say that.” Liz said softly and then turned to Max, as did Michael.

Max took the hint and sighing and squeezing Liz’s hand tighter, he began.

When he finished Kyle, Alex and Maria were looking at them like they had to be joking. But the serious looks on their friends’ faces told them it was not a joke.

“Lizzie? You’ve known for 5 years and you never told me?” Maria finally said with hurt in her voice.

Liz swallowed and got up and went to where Maria still sat on the chair. She knelt down in front of her friend with sad eyes.

“I’m so sorry Maria. I was afraid that if anyone else knew, something might happen to Max or Michael.” She said sincerely and softly.

“And to you too Liz.” Kyle finally spoke.

“Nothing is going to happen to Liz, ever.” Michael said between clenched teeth, looking ominously at both Kyle and Alex.

Alex’s hands flew up along with his eyebrows. “Don’t look at me man. I would never hurt Liz!”

“Michael. I know we can trust our friends.” Max said with amusement in his voice as he watched Michael try to intimidate them.

“What the hell did you do to that truck?” Kyle finally asked.

“I’m not sure.” Max admitted frowning now that he had time to think about it. “Michael?” he turned to his friend.

Michael looked down at his hands again and shrugged. “I have no idea. I just put up my hand on instinct.” He said frowning at his hand.

Liz came back to Max and Michael and looked at them. “I wonder if you can do it again. On purpose this time.” She said in thought.

“What here? Now?” Michael asked when she just seemed to wait.

“You mean you guys don’t know what you can do?” Maria asked.

“Well, Max can heal people with his hands, and I once healed Max and Michael with my tears. And Michael has used his hands to blast rocks into little bits.” Liz explained.

Alex raised an eyebrow. “Remind me to stay on your good side Guerin.” He joked and even Michael cracked a smile.

“You can heal people Chica?” Maria sounded amazed.

“Well, I healed Max and Michael. But I don’t know if I can heal everyone. I assume I can since Max can heal others.” Liz speculated by biting her lip.

Michael unconsciously lifted his finger to rub Liz’s lip where she’d bitten it, telling her not to.

Liz didn’t even seem surprised; she only smiled and ran a hand down his arm before she started pacing.

Max watched Michael’s actions with a feeling of joy. Michael was pulling them closer again. He was reacting to Liz without thought, not holding himself back like he had been.

Alex watched the three of them interact and saw Michael’s obvious comfort level with Liz when he’d touched her, and Max’s pleased expression and Liz’s easy acceptance and narrowed his eyes in thought, but said nothing.

“So do you think you can do it again, this shield thing?” Kyle asked still fascinated by it.

Max and Michael looked at one another and then shrugged. They moved towards each other and facing the group, they raised their hands.

Again the green shield came up and encompassed the two boys leaving all of the others in awe.

Liz started toward the shield and reached out to touch it.

“NO!” Both Max and Michael lowered their hands immediately and shouted her name.

“What?” Liz asked with a frown and confusion in her eyes.

“What if it’s a protection kind of thing? It could hurt you! Sheesh Liz! We could have hurt you! Damn!” Michael swore and ran a hand through his hair.

Max just leaned against the nearest chair at the thought of possibly causing Liz serious injury.

“Well how will we know if it’s dangerous or not?” Liz asked thinking they were overreacting.

“We’ll figure out another way. One not involving hurting anyone.” Max stated.

“Maybe we should go out in the desert tomorrow and see what else we can do.” Liz said in thought.

“Can I come?” Maria asked excitedly.

“GOD It’s not a freak show Deluca!” Michael snapped.

Maria frowned at him and putting her hands on her hips she faced him. “I never said it was Guerin! Why do you always have to be such an ass!” she spat. “I guess it doesn’t matter where in the galaxy people come from, everyone species has asses.”

“Okay kiddies, back to your corners. The important thing here is Max, Michael and Liz figure out what they can and can’t do.” Alex broke in.

“Alex is right.” Max said and then looked at their three friends in thought. “And it might be a good idea to have you guys along if you want. That way if we are trying something, you guys can keep an eye out for other people.”

“And make sure nothing happens to any of you when you’re trying new things.” Kyle said nodding.

“So are you going to confront your parents and Grandma Claudia when she comes this summer Liz?” Maria asked.

“If I can’t find the journal that I know my grandmother writes everything in, then yeah. Especially if my grandma knows things about us that can help us.” Liz said. Then she looked at Max and Michael apologetically. “I should have done it years ago.” She said quietly and bowed her head.

“Hey, what’d I tell you about that.” Michael said softly, stepping up to her and raising her chin with his hand.

“That we would find out when the time was right.” Liz repeated, and Maria gathered this was an old conversation.

“The important thing is that we figure out what powers we do have so we don’t accidentally do something like this again when strangers are around.” Max said coming up to them and putting his arms around Liz.

“We’ve also been having more dreams and flashes lately, that don’t seem to be adding up to much yet, but I think Michael might have a point, and that when the time is right, we’ll be able to piece it all together.” He soothed Liz with a hand down her hair as he knew she loved. It always seemed to calm her and he could feel her tension as she thought about finally confronting her family this summer.

“I think they’re right Liz. If you guys have been slowly having more and more dreams and flashes, then this might be telling you that the older you get the more you’ll learn. Like it’s meant to be that way.” Maria tried to make Liz feel better as well. For she could tell that the thought of confronting her parents and her grandma whom she adored was hard for her friend.

Liz just nodded and snuggled her head into Max’s chest.

Michael had stiffened at the thought of the flashes and dreams he’d been having becoming clearer. He didn’t want to think what they might mean if they became clearer as time passed. He knew he was confused, but it had to be that he was just too emotionally close to both Max and Liz. That was all it could be, for he was NOT gay. He’d never thought of other guys that way, except Max, but those were Liz’s feelings for Max, not really his he reminded himself.

continued in next post...

posted on 28-May-2002 3:55:18 PM
Max too was frowning at the thought of some of the dreams and flashes he’d had lately. He didn’t know if he would ever be ready for what some of them might mean.
He thought about the dream he’d had last night that had started out as it did many times, with he and Liz making out, and then all of a sudden Michael was there, making out with Liz and then with Max! Max had woken up shaking and aroused and concluded that Michael’s presence was the result of how much Liz and Max were missing Michael’s company lately, and that was all. But now he wondered if it meant more. And if with time, would it be spelled out completely?

He hadn’t had time to share his dream with Liz yet, and he wasn’t sure how to even start. And what about how he’d felt today when he’d heard Michael had been thinking about getting with Pam Troy, and maybe getting lucky. He was so confused. What he’d felt had been an awful lot like jealousy. But that was impossible. He loved Liz and he was not interested in guys! So why was he feeling like Michael had betrayed him, had betrayed them. And how could he feel betrayed and guilty at the same time. Betrayed by Michael and guilty for the dream he’d had of Michael.


It was late when Maria and Liz finally got back to her room. They had all talked a little more about their plans for the next day, and then Liz and Maria had to go. Liz’s mom was expecting them back.

Maria quietly watched as her friend sat on her bed in deep thought and realized now how much more sense everything made.

She’d watched as Max had said goodbye to Liz tonight, how in love and magical the two were when they kissed touched or just looked into each other’s eyes. But she’d also seen the yearning in Michael’s eyes and her own eyes had widened with comprehension.

Michael was in love with Liz. And probably always had been. And now Liz was having conflicting thoughts about Michael too. Maria suddenly felt for her friends, not knowing how to help Liz with this. And Michael, what he must be going through, so churned up and not having anyone to talk to about any of it. She knew he must be feeling guilty because she knew how much he loved Max as a friend, how much he admired him and how he would do anything for him. She didn’t understand herself what was happening with her alien friends, but she knew she wanted to be there for them, to help in any way she could.

But for now, she decided Liz needed to think of something else, they had had enough serious talk for tonight.

Liz finally pulled herself out of her thoughts and realized Maria was staring at her intently. She paled and looked down.

“Ah… listen Maria, if you feel strange now, you know, about me being…well, you know, I’d understand if you didn’t want to stay the night.” Liz started babbling.

Maria’s mouth dropped open when she figured out what Liz was trying to say. “Lizzie! Chica! No! How could you think that that would bother me! You are still my best friend and that hasn’t changed one bit!” Maria smiled when Liz looked up relieved.

“Really?” she smiled hesitantly, and hopefully.

Maria grinned and then hugged her friend close. “Yes really!”

When the two girls were finally tucked in bed, Liz in her bed and Maria on her sleeping bag on the floor, Liz sighed.

“Liz?” Maria asked feeling her friend’s heavy thoughts.

“I need to talk to Max tomorrow Maria. I need to tell him what happened today. With Michael and how I felt about it.” Liz said quietly.

“Are you sure Liz? I mean maybe you just need time…” Maria started to say but was interrupted.

“No. Max and I don’t keep anything from each other. And it’s just about impossible to anyways. But neither one of us ever wants to keep anything from each other so I have to talk to him about this…whatever it is. And not just about today. I…I’ve been having dreams lately.” Liz admitted softly.

“And?” Maria asked.

Liz sighed and turned on her side facing Maria on the floor next to her. “And…they would start out with Max and me, you know, making out and stuff.” Liz started.

“And stuff?” Maria couldn’t help but tease, smiling in the dark.

Liz giggled, but then sobered as she remembered the rest. “yeah, but then, one minute I’m kissing Max and really getting into it, and when I open my eyes, it’s Michael I’m kissing.” Liz admitted in a low voice.

“Ah Liz. I’m sure it’s nothing. Just normal dreams. You know, what with you worrying so much about Michael not wanting to be around you and Max, maybe you were just putting him in there to make you not feel so guilty. It was just a dream after all.” Maria tried to take away some of Liz’s guilt that she could hear in her voice.

Liz shook her head, even though Maria couldn’t see her in the dark. “No… I wish that was all it was. But… I think it was more than a dream Maria. It… I…it actually felt different, when I realized Michael and I were kissing. It tasted different. Like… Like Michael. And… I like it… a lot.” Liz finally finished with deep guilt and confusion in her voice.

“Aw will all be okay. I’m sure it’s normal to think of other guys, even when you are totally in love. Especially since you have such an unusual connection to Michael because of your… well with all of you being different. I’m sure it’s nothing really, Chica.” Maria assured her.

Liz sighed. “Yeah, maybe. But I’m still going to talk to Max in the morning.” She said and turned over to try to get some sleep.


Across town, Max too was tossing and turning trying to figure out his feelings and how today seemed to have really made him come face to face with some of the things he had been ignoring. He knew that tomorrow he would have to talk with Liz. And then probably, the two of them would need to talk to Michael. They needed to clear the air and figure out what was going on.


Michael crawled into his bedroom through the window so he wouldn’t disturb Hank. Usually on Friday night’s, Hank started his heavy drinking and didn’t sober up until Monday morning. He’d thought about staying at the tree house tonight, but with so much on his mind, he’d figured he’d give himself a little distance from Max and Liz.

He peeled off his clothes and went to his bedroom door and put his hand over it. Maybe he could seal it shut with his powers since there were no locks on is door. He’d never thought about it before, but after tonight, maybe he could do something like sealing the door, too. He saw the doorknob turn red as he sealed it, and smiled with satisfaction when he tried it and it wouldn’t turn. Then he fell into bed in his boxers. He’d shower in the morning. He didn’t want to wake Hank if he was asleep.

Michael was almost asleep when he heard his door rattle. He sat up, holding his breath hoping that the powers he’d used on the door to lock it would hold.

“Damn it boy! What the hell did you do to the door! Open it up right now!” he heard Hank shout in his drunkenness. Then he heard the pounding on his door and although he was pretty sure it would hold he knew he wouldn’t be able to get any sleep now.

He sighed and redressing, he climbed back out his window and headed for Max’s and the tree house. At least there he was safe he thought with a feeling of contentment.


Max woke up and sensed Michael had returned. He looked at the tree house through his window and thought of just going back to sleep, but knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep until he made sure Michael was okay. He didn’t sense any pain, but he knew that many times Michael liked the company when he ran from Hank.

Michael was lying on his back almost asleep when he sensed Max climbing the tree house. He smiled sleepily, knowing that Max knew he sometimes felt so lonely when he ran away from Hank and that Max would roll up in the other sleeping bag and go back to sleep less lonely himself.

“Hey.” Max said softly when he saw Michael turn sleepily towards him when he entered the tree house.

“Hey.” Michael grinned and then yawned.

“You okay?” Max asked making sure.

“Yeah. Just didn’t want to deal with Hank, nothing new.” Michael explained.

Max nodded and then yawning himself, he fell onto the other sleeping bag, and like so many other nights over the past four years, they fell asleep listening to the night sounds and feeling the soft breeze floating around them through the open windows. The soft breathing of each other’s company left them both feeling a little less lonely and at peace in a way they still didn’t understand or put together.

And it was sometime during this night, that they both started dreaming about the same thing.

Max’s dream started the way it usually did. He was making out with Liz on his bed, kissing her like he’d kissed her their first time, only now his hands were everywhere. He groaned as he imagined pulling up her little half top slowly, only to find she had no bra on. He could see her sweet soft mounds of flesh, and her very aroused pink tipped nipples and his mouth watered. He groaned again and leaned forward to take one into his mouth and suck on it hard, and then roll it around with his tongue. This was Liz. His Liz. And he was doing wonderful things to her that were making her moan and cry out and then sigh. Max was so hard he thought he’d faint from the pressure in his now tight jeans. He so badly needed Liz to touch him.

Then he felt her tiny little hand hesitantly skimming across the huge bulge between his legs, and he cried out and hissed, sucking in his breath at the exquisite feelings.

He could hear her own sounds of arousal as her hand slowly cupped him and traced his erection through his jeans. She was exploring him slowly, fascinated with the part that made him so male.

And then he was kissing her again. And he loved the taste of her mouth. He loved Liz so much. He devoured her mouth. He knew he could just taste her mouth forever.

Suddenly he could feel other hands caressing Liz and another head bend down to kiss her neck and he knew who it was. Who it always was in his dreams lately. Michael. They were both loving Liz and listening to her small moans and sighs and totally turned on by sharing her. Max wondered why this was. Why wasn’t he jealous? But he couldn’t get enough of Liz’s mouth, so he closed his eyes again and gave in and just tasted her.

And then the taste changed. It was not better or worse, just different. Darker, spicier but just as sweet and hot and arousing.

And the hand on his crotch became bolder and cupped his erection tighter, making him cry out again.

With half lidded eyes he saw it was now Michael he was kissing. Michael’s hot hard mouth opening to him and tasting him as he was tasting Michael.

Liz had slid from between them as if wanting them to kiss. And she now sat back caressed each man’s chest as she purred and coaxed them on. The words “yes” floating from her throaty, aroused voice.

Max knew he was dreaming, but it felt so real. He knew he should wake up and stop this crazy dream. But it felt so good.

And then an owl cried out and Max came slowly awake only to find himself looking into another set of slowly waking eyes.

He could feel how the night had changed and gotten chillier and how they must have gravitated towards each other for warmth in their sleep. He swallowed, enjoying the lingering feelings from his dream as he felt himself wrapped around the warm body that clung to him just as he was clinging back.

And then the full feeling of being awake came upon them and Max stared right into the equally shocked eyes of Michael. Their bodies were wrapped around each other and they were both fully aroused, pressed against each other through their thin boxers, not leaving much in the way of covering between their hard pulsing flesh. And Max knew that the kissing had not been a dream after all. For both of their mouths were wet, swollen and they were still breathless.

And then they both stiffened completely and springing apart, they stood facing each other, wary and frightened.


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The reason why this part has taken so long to get out to you is that yesterday, I found out that my sister's computer, (I'm visiting my sister right now) somehow is acting up and it ate my 4 pages I had written of the new part. I was devestated cause I felt I could never rewrite it the way I wanted to and I still don't feel I have. :(

But tonight I snuck away from everyone and rewrote those 4 pages and now I'm up to page 16. But I'm so tired right now I have to finish a few more lines and then I want to read through it. So I hope later today to send it out. So hang in there and thanks for all the terrific feedback and bumps. I love you guys!~
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LOL! You guys are great. And funny too. Okay, I am not happy with this part and would like to work on it some more, but visiting at my sisters I won't have any more time tonight and I don't want to keep you guys waiting anymore. So here you go. Hope you like it. *happy*

Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda
E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Part 9

Across town, Liz woke up moaning and shaking with tremors of arousal and shock. She stared straight ahead, her breathing still erratic and her body fully charged.


Liz had been dreaming of her and Max making out again, and like last night, she’d started dreaming that first she was kissing Max, and then suddenly, Michael had joined them. Only this time they were both kissing her at the same time. Gradually she’d felt the passion between them all become charged, and something in Liz had wanted to see Max and Michael kiss. So she had moved from between them and watched their first sweet yet hot and passionate kiss.

Now she awoke still full of those charged emotions of desire and her hand flew to her mouth in shock. Where had that come from!? What was wrong with her? First she was dreaming of Michael, and betraying Max in her dreams, and now she was seeing Max betraying her with Michael. Max and Michael!? She still couldn’t comprehend where that had come from. But what had her confused and frightened more than anything else was she was still shaking with arousal from watching them kiss in her dream. It had been so beautiful. So….right.

“Liz?” she finally heard and turned to Maria who had turned on the light and was sitting up staring at her from her sleeping bag, having come awake when Liz had gasped aloud and flew up from her sleep.

“Did you have a nightmare Chica?” Maria asked.

Liz took deep breaths, and frowning as she tried to think about why everything in her dream had felt so right, she shook her head. “No. Definitely not a nightmare.” She whispered and ran a hand over her features, flinging her now wet hair away from her sweaty face.

“Well then that was some dream.” Maria grinned but stopped when Liz looked at her with a dazed expression and a blush that seemed to cover her whole body.

Liz wanted to run to Max. She needed to talk to him about all of the strange things that had been happening. Strange things that had seemed so right! But suddenly, even with her own emotions charged and churned up, she could sense that she wasn’t the only one feeling this way. She reached out more purposefully with her heart and felt Max in the same confusion she was. Only she was also feeling other strong emotions coming off of him in waves.

Liz suddenly wondered if they had shared the same dream since her emotions were so similar, and with that thought, she then thought of Michael and reached out with her heart to him as well. And she was hit with another wave of confusion, arousal and fear.

Could they all have shared the same dream? What was going on with them? Was this something all aliens had happen? They didn’t have a guidebook on how aliens grew up into adults. They were so confused and had been so lucky that up until now; they had seemed to develop just like normal humans did. And they all knew they had the same parts and that they all seemed to work the same… but now this…. Was this normal for alien teens? These confusing emotions? This strong bond? They needed to talk.

Liz looked at the clock and knew it was still a few hours till daylight. She couldn’t go to Max or Michael now. If her parents found her gone, or Max’s parents found her over there, they’d kill them. So, she would just have to wait a few more hours until dawn.

With that realization, she sighed and tried to lay back and relax, to calm her charged emotions. She began to take deep, calming breaths.

“Mmmmmm wow… care to share what that dream was about?” Maria teased.

Liz just shook her head and flipped off the light Maria had turned on between them. She might need to talk to Maria about all of this later, but right now, she needed to talk with Max first.

Maria realized Liz was not happy about her dream, so she stopped teasing and as she laid back down herself, she added. “I’m here if you need me, Chica.”

“I know Maria, thanks.” Liz whispered back and then curled up and waited for the sunrise.


Two figures stood in frozen silence in the tree house. They were at opposite ends of the room, with only the sounds of their still heavy breathing around them.

Max’s fists were clenched and he was in shock. What the hell had just happened! First he’d been having his favorite dreams of Liz, and then not only had Michael joined them, which had been happening lately, but now he was dreaming of making out with Michael. And then to wake up and find himself REALLY making out with Michael scared the crap out of him! What scared him the most was that he was still completely aroused by the lingering feelings of Michael and he wrapped around each other, their mouths hard and hotly mating. What was wrong with him! He loved Liz! He wanted LIZ! He’d always wanted Liz and still did!

Michael too was clenching his fists and jaw, trying to deal with the horror of the situation they’d woken up to. He hadn’t been surprised exactly, by the dreams, since he’d had them a lot lately, but to realize that he and Max had actually woken up making out! That it hadn’t just been in his dreams this time, scared and freaked him out. And he could see that Max was feeling the same way. What the hell was going on?

Michael figured he had been once again feeling Liz’s feelings for Max and vice versa, but he could only imagine what Max was thinking right now. And he was damn glad that it was still dark enough outside so Max couldn’t see how aroused he was from the dream and the very real physical contact he’d had with Max. He could still feel Max’s mouth on his. And taste Max’s unique flavors.

Max was thinking how relieved he was for the darkness as well, as he felt charged and hard and how he could still feel the throbbing of his lips and the taste of Michael on them.

Michael finally took the easy way out for both of them. “Geez Maxwell, next time you’re dreaming of Liz, remind me not to be sleeping near you!” Michael tried to joke, hoping Max would leave it at that and let the whole thing drop.

Max felt relieved with the excuse too, and tried to relax his body. “Ahhh yeah, sorry.” He mumbled and swallowed, glad for the excuse. He knew he’d been dreaming of Michael, not just reaching for Michael while dreaming of Liz, but if Michael was giving him that out, he’d take it. He wasn’t about to tell Michael the whole dream and make them more awkward with each other.

Michael nodded, also relieved Max had taken the excuse, and then he shifted on his feet and cleared his throat. “Well, it’s almost morning, I’m gonna split. Hank should be out cold by now.” Michael said and bolted out of the tree house.

Max let him go, not knowing what to say and wanting the horrible situation to be over as well.

Max sat down and lifting his knees, he buried his face in his hands and groaned. What was going on?! Had Michael also had the same dream? Or had Max really just dreamed of Michael and then instinctively reached out to him in his sleep. And why was he dreaming of Michael!?

All he knew was that it was still too early to go to Liz. And he knew he needed to talk to Liz. Not that he wanted to dwell on what had happened tonight between he and Michael, but he had to talk to someone about all the strange things that had been happening lately. And he needed to bury himself in the comfort and peace that Liz gave him when he was near her. He loved her and always would. And so he was also filled with guilt at not only dreaming of Michael, but for having obviously enjoyed it too!


Liz looked from Max to Michael and frowned with frustration. She had not gotten a chance to talk with Max yet and it had been a long, stressful day in the desert.

She had forgotten that they had all planned to meet and go to the desert this morning until she had told Maria earlier that she was going to go see Max and Maria reminded her that everyone would be over soon to ride their bikes out to the desert.

And now they had spent a very tense filled day out there for nothing. The tension had been so thick between Max and Michael, that none of them had been able to concentrate on any of their possible gifts. Max and Michael had not spoken two words to each other, and that had also affect Liz, who was now so tense she thought she’d snap.

Their human friends were at a loss as well. They didn’t understand what was going on, but they too could feel the tension like a living thing between the three of them.

Finally, Liz called the exercises to a halt. “I can’t do this anymore!” she said and shaking her head, she stomped away.

Max’s eyes grew wide with guilt and fear. Had Liz sensed his feelings of guilt or maybe tapped into his thoughts of what he’d done with and felt for Michael!? Was she upset? Feeling betrayed?

Michael too, panicked when Liz stomped off upset. This was all his fault he swore to himself. He should just get away from them both so he would stop hurting them. Especially Liz.

Max ran after Liz as she reached for her bike.

“Liz?” He said quietly, with a question in his voice.

“We need to talk Max. But not here. Can we go back to the tree house?” she asked biting her lip.

“NO! Not…not the tree house. I need… I mean, I need to talk to you too, but not there. Can we go to your balcony?” Max stumbled. He just wasn’t ready to go back to the tree house yet. What if Liz got a feeling of what had happened there this morning before he had a chance to explain.

“Okay.” Liz said and turned to the others who were now coming towards them to get their bikes.

“You okay Liz?” Alex asked with a frown. All three of their friends had been so upset today and he wondered what was up with them.

“I…I’m just tired.” She mumbled.

“Yeah, Liz woke up in the middle of the night with some kind of nightmare or dream or something.” Maria chimed in, trying to help Liz out.

Max and Michael’s heads spun around towards Liz and they turned pale, before they quickly and guiltily turned away.

Alex frowned again as he caught the strange reactions but said nothing.

Something was definitely going on with their alien friends lately, and he had a lot of thoughts and suspicions, but didn’t know if he should bring it up or if he was even correct in what he was starting to suspect. So he figured until the three of them knew what was going on, he was not about to share his thoughts and speculations. For that was all they were right now. He would just sit back and see if it panned out the way he had a feeling it was going to. And if and when it did, he would be there for his friends, for he had a feeling they would need their friends support when they figured it all out and admitted to what Alex thought might be going on with them.

It was after four when the gang rode back into town and split up to go home. Michael took off before any of them could say goodbye, and Liz and Max watched him go in silent misery. Neither wanted him to run away from them anymore. But Max was afraid to confront Michael with the strange things that had been happening lately because he was afraid that would send Michael away for sure.

Max paced Liz’s balcony, waiting for Liz to come up through the Crashdown and say hi to her parents, who were working downstairs, and then to come up and meet him out here.

Now that he would finally have time to talk to Liz, he was terrified. What if she got mad or worse, hurt and didn’t want to see him anymore? What if she looked at him funny or with disgust when he told her about what had happened this morning with Michael and how he’d gotten turned on by it, or how he’d gotten jealous the day before.

He shook his head trying to deny his feelings. He KNEW he loved Liz. And that he wanted to be with Liz for the rest of his life. So why was he feeling these things for Michael!? Was he just so horny and needing Liz that this was normal for a 14 and a half year old to feel when he was sexually frustrated? He had really only kissed Liz and only lightly brushed his hands over her chest, afraid that if he touched her more, he’d lose total control and take more than she was ready for. More than they were both ready for. And he’d stopped her from any exploring below his waist at all, knowing he didn’t trust himself not to lose it completely, and he wanted to do it right with Liz and wait until they were older. But maybe he needed to do more with Liz? Maybe it was his frustration that was causing him to reach out to the next closest person he knew. But the guilt swirling around him was enormous. And he still couldn’t grasp the idea that he might like guys too. Sure they’d heard other guys teasing each other about being a fag or gay or a wimp. And that was like the worst thing to be called at school. And he knew how so many gay guys were killed or beaten in society and that it was not accepted easily, especially in small towns like Roswell. And he knew he couldn’t be gay, because he totally wanted Liz to the point of pain, but could he be BI sexual?! Did he like guys too!? This thought scared him and he couldn’t believe this was possible. No! He loved Liz. He just needed to get his hormones under control.

It was a grim faced Max Liz found when she crawled out of her window to meet him. And she knew how uncomfortable he was when she saw him slide his hands into the pockets of his jeans and duck his head and shuffle his feet.

Liz swallowed, dreading what she was going to tell Max, but determined to get it all out and try to figure out what was going on. She loved Max and always had. She swallowed as she wondered if he would be hurt or angry when she told him about her feelings for Michael lately. She bit her lip and wondered if he’d be totally disgusted when she told him what she’d dreamed he had done with Michael and how much she had loved it.



They said at the same time.

“Liz! I love you. You know that right?” Max jumped in and pulled her to him. He sighed when his body did what it always did when she was near, and he hardened instantly. He groaned in relief and passion, and couldn’t help but pull Liz closer reveling in the familiar feelings he could deal with.

“Max?” Liz looked up at him with confusion. She was holding him just as tightly, and loving the closeness of his body so tight against hers. She had often wanted this and Max would hold back, to both their frustration. Now she savored the closeness and snuggled her little hips into his hard body and groaned at the feel of his hardness. She was dying to touch him. All of him, any of him. She loved him! Why was she dreaming of Michael with her? Or with Max!?

“Max…” Liz started. She just couldn’t go any farther with all the thoughts churning in her head. She needed to talk to Max about them.

“No Liz, don’t. Right now, I just want to hold you. To show you how much I love you. How much I want you and need you. Please Liz. We’ll talk later okay?” Max promised and when Liz looked up at him and opened her mouth to argue, Max groaned, having worked himself up with a need for her, he opened his own mouth over hers and took her lips with his teeth, his lips and his tongue. He totally devoured Liz’s mouth, making love to it as he couldn’t make love to her body.

He heard her moan and sigh and felt her melt against him, all resistance gone. He also felt how turned on he was and how much love he felt for this precious girl in his arms, and felt better. He didn’t feel so guilty or strange. He was in love with Liz and he always would be. That would never change.

When Max finally released Liz’s mouth, afraid if he continued, he’d lose control and for the wrong reasons, he pulled back and was pleased and hot and hard with the look he saw on Liz’s face. He had put that look there and loved her so much. His Liz.

They would work this out. This was something that would be able to be explained easily he convinced himself. But he didn’t want to think of it right now.

Liz slowly came out of her daze, her body throbbing along with her lips at Max’s breathtaking loving of her mouth. She wondered what it would be like when he finally loved the rest of her as well. She was already a puddle in his arms with just a kiss!

And had he been working out more? He seemed to be continuously getting more muscular. Or was it her imagination because she was so turned on by Max all the time. Did he just get sexier and sexier? She smiled at the thought.

But underneath the blazing passion she saw in Max’s eyes, she also thought she saw shadows, and she remembered that she had things she had to tell him.

“Max…about Michael…about how you two were today…” Liz trailed off when Max held up a hand.

"Liz...please..."Max started but she shook her head.

"Max! No secrets remember?” she reminded him and Max met her eyes and knew she was right. They couldn’t put this off any longer. He could try to brush her off and tell her the tension between he and Michael was nothing, but he couldn’t lie to Liz.

He bowed his head again and slumped his shoulders, agreeing with her.

Liz swallowed and stepped forward, then looked up and waited for Max to meet her eyes.

“God Max! I’m so confused! And I’m so afraid of what I’ve been feeling lately! And I’m even more afraid of what you will think when I tell you.” She bit her lip and tried not to let a tear fall. She knew how much that killed Max, and she didn’t want him soothing her before she told him of her betrayal.

“Max, I….I’ve been feeling strange things lately. And this morning…God Max! This morning I dreamed that I was kissing… that you were kissing…that Michael….” Liz tried to get it out.

Max stood frozen realizing Liz had had the same dream after all. And he paled and then blushed realizing what she had dreamed about he and Michael.

“Max…what must you think of me! That I not only dreamed of Michael and I kissing, but that I wanted…needed to see YOU and Michael kiss and that I moved from between you two so you could. And that I….I loved it!” Liz blurted out and bit her lip at her admittance. There! It was finally out there!

Max just stared at her. She had LOVED it? She wasn’t mad? Or disgusted? And she thought it had been her dream? Was it? Or was it his? And if she had dreamed it, had Michael also? And if that was true, how did he know it wasn’t Michael’s dream? What the heck was happening!?

Liz saw how Max just stared frozen and she bowed her head in shame and guilt. But now that she had started, she had to get it all out. “And Max, there’s more!” she continued.

Max raised an eyebrow. More? What more could there be?! Had she seen them kiss in real life after he and Michael had woken up?

“Max… I… I also felt…the other day…yesterday when I saw Michael after school… he was…he was flirt…” she swallowed, the thought still hurt her. “flirting with Pam Troy, and I…I felt sick! Max I was jealous! God Max! What is wrong with me!? What is happening to me!? I love you. I’ve always loved you and I always will!” Liz cried out.

Max heard his own words echoed in Liz’s and pulled her close and hugged her tight. “Aww Liz. Baby…shhhh…it’s okay. It will be okay. I love you too and we’ll figure it out.”

He was in shock again now. Liz too had been having all the same emotions for Michael that he had. Was she just feeling his strange feelings and thinking they were hers? Or maybe he was only feeling this way about Michael because Liz was?

“Max…what…what about today? With you and Michael? Do you think he had the same dream? Why were you two behrly looking at each other today or talking to each other? The tension was so thick I thought I’d snap!” Liz finally asked, looking up from the depth of Max’s strong arms that were still around her.

Max froze at her question but knew he had to answer her with all the honesty she had given him just a minute ago, no matter how hard it had been for her.

He pulled away and paced for a second before turning back to her and explaining how he’d had the same dream and that when he’d woken up, he and Michael had found themselves locked in that embrace for real.

And when he saw the shocked look on Liz’s face he panicked and continued. “Liz! It was just a hormonal thing! I was dreaming of you and that…that strange dream and getting hot and horny, and one thing led to another and Michael was probably having a wet dream of his own, and in our sleep we just reached for the closest body.” Max stated.

Liz swallowed and digested what Max had just said. And all she could see was Max and Michael in the tree house, in a hot passionate embrace for real. And her pulse started to speed up and her eyes widened as she realized she was turned on by the thought again.

She sat down in the nearest lounge chair and swallowed.

“Liz!?” Max had to know. She looked shocked and upset. God if she was disgusted with him now he would probably die.

“Max…we need to talk with Michael. The three of us need to talk about all of this.” Liz finally said.

“Liz no! What if Michael didn’t dream what we did? I don’t want to freak him out so that he runs from us for good this time! He thinks I reached for him because I was dreaming of you only. If he knew he had been in my or our dreams he’d probably freak out completely. Look how he was today after what had happened…when we’d…” Max swallowed. Then shook his head and continued, now bending down in front of Liz and held her hands.

“Liz! It was probably nothing. We’ve just been thinking of Michael so much lately, that we probably projected him into our shared dream that’s all.” Max tried to convince himself as much as Liz.

“But Max…” Liz started.

“Liz! There’s nothing more to talk about. I love YOU! I always will! It’s you I want.” Max was pleading with Liz now.

Liz sighed then realizing that Max needed a break from this right now. She knew they needed to talk to Michael, and soon, and they needed to talk about why she was jealous and what Michael was feeling about everything, but that could wait until tomorrow. They had dealt with enough in the last two days.

“I just don’t want to lose Michael. Max, I…”

“I know Liz… that’s why I’m afraid to talk to him about all of this.” Max said and raked a hand through his hair as he stood again and began to pace.

“But we can’t keep this from him. He has a right to know these things too. And maybe he is feeling them too! Maybe he was having the same dream as we were? He’s probably just as confused as we are and we need to talk about it, get it out in the open.” Liz said.

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the rest....

Max sighed and nodded with his head lowered. “I know you’re right Liz. I’m just… I’m just scared he’ll leave us.”

Liz stood up and wrapped her hands around Max’s waist from behind.

Max sucked in his breath at how fast he got hard again at the feel of Liz all against his back and Liz laughed.

Max turned around with a questioning look and saw her blush. Then chuckled himself when he saw where her eyes were darting shyly at his hard erection pushing almost through his jeans. Just Liz’s hot curious look almost brought him to his knees. He groaned. “Ah God Liz, when you look at me like that I…” then he sighed. Now was not the time.

“Look Liz, I know we need to talk about this some more. But right now, I need to go home to dinner and I think we also need to sleep on it tonight. I mean, I know there’s more to talk about and we have to decide how to tell Michael what we’ve been feeling…”

“We?” Liz asked hesitantly.

Max realized he hadn’t told her that part yet. He blushed but had given up trying to keep anything from his Liz.

“Liz, I’ve…I’ve been feeling the same things you have…for Michael. I too was…turned on when I woke up this morning… GOD! I don’t know what that makes me!? And I was also jealous as well, when Kyle teased him about maybe getting lucky with Pam Troy yesterday. I felt like he had not only betrayed you, but me too.” Max admitted and then looked down with a frown on his face.

“Oh Max!” Liz said and held him in her arms. She could feel his torn emotions. His feelings of guilt and confusion about his sexuality and his fear of it and all they had felt lately.

“We’ll figure it out Max. And whatever happens, I love you. You know that right?” she asked worriedly. After all they had told each other, their confusion was deep as to what they were feeling. But they both knew that no matter what they loved each other.

“Yeah… yeah I do know that Liz. And I love you too.” Max said with a small smile and then kissed her gently on the lips and sighed when he realized the time.

“I gotta go. I…we’ll talk more tomorrow okay? I think… I think we both need to sleep on our feelings and maybe in the morning we’ll have a clearer idea of what’s going on and why…why we’re feeling this way about Michael.” Max swallowed.

Liz knew his confusion over his sexuality was eating at him, and that he did need time to think, so she kissed him softly on the lips. “Okay. Call me tonight. And we’ll talk more in the morning.”

Max nodded and started over the balcony to the fire escape. He paused at the top, his eyes full of worry and confusion, but also relief at having talked about it all with Liz. “I love you Liz.” He whispered and then was gone.


Later that night Liz tossed and turned as she tried to figure it all out. The things she had been feeling she had almost convinced herself were just her selfish way of wanting to continue to have both Max and Michael’s attention. For she had always had Michael’s undivided attention, all these years even if it was just as a friend. And now she didn’t want to share him with anyone. And she felt she was a horrible friend to feel that way. To want to hold him back from happiness for her own selfish needs.

But now, with Max’s feelings mirroring hers, she had to start thinking that it might mean more than that.

Suddenly a noise on her balcony made her sit up and she knew immediately that it was Michael.

Wrapping her blanket around herself to ward off the cold of the desert night, she opened her window and crawled out.

She saw him shivering as he tried to curl up on one of her chairs, and her heart went out to him as it had when she’d first seen him all those years before.

Silently, she padded over to the chair and stood before him.

“You’re gonna catch your death out here Lizzie. Get back inside. I’m fine. Just needed a place to stay tonight.” Michael said gruffly, trying not to look at Liz.

“I’m not leaving you out here to freeze!” Liz exclaimed stubbornly.

“Well I’m not coming into your room!” Michael threw back.

“Why didn’t you go to the tree house…..” Liz asked and then stopped short.

Michael’s eyes flew up to hers and saw her blush and he swore. “Maxwell told you.” He said flatly.

Liz sighed and did what came naturally. She crawled up onto the chair with Michael and wrapped the blanket around both of them.

Michael knew he should push her away and tell her to go back inside, but he needed her. Even if it was only as a friend and in a friendly embrace. They had done this for years. So what was so different.

“Ah Lizzie.” Michael sighed and just held her tighter.

Liz wrapped her arms around Michael’s waist and just snuggled into him. She had been so afraid he would leave them and she was so grateful that he’d come to her tonight that she held on desperately.

But his next words prove her and Max’s fears to be correct. “I should just leave. For good. I’m messing everything up. My life is a mess and I’m hurting you and Max in the process. And that’s something that I can’t live with.” He told her truthfully.

And as he said this, he held her tighter to him, thinking this might be the last time.

“Michael no! You are not causing any trouble! If you mean what happened this morning in the tree house, Max explained that he…he’d been dreaming of me, and you…you were probably dreaming of your fantasy girl…” Liz swallowed as she said this but continued. She was now going to lie to him like she’d told Max they shouldn’t. But she would do anything at this moment to keep him from leaving Roswell. “You probably were both just deep in your dreams of your…girls, and your hormones and your…needs made you reach for the closest body.” Liz tried to soothe Michael and calm his fears.

“Damn it Liz! You have no idea what you’re talking about.” Michael said and moving Liz off of his lap, he got up and paced.

“No Michael! I do. Max and I talked and…”she started but was interrupted.

“Neither of you know what’s going on! Do you really want to know who I was dreaming about last night Liz? Do you want to know why I really have to leave Roswell before I hurt you both?” he asked angrily.

Liz swallowed not knowing if she wanted to hear anymore. Only knowing he couldn’t leave them! She stood up and with the blanket still wrapped around her she looked up at him. He was so tall. “Michael please…” Liz started again.

“You Liz. I was dreaming of you.” Michael blurted out.

Liz opened her mouth then closed it again. So he had been dreaming the same thing they had. No wonder he was freaked. He thought it was only him.

“And that’s not all. I’ve always dreamed of you Liz. I’ve always wanted you damnit! But you’re Max’s. You always were and always will be. And I don’t want to do anything to stop that. You two are so right for each other.” Michael said honestly.

“Michael…” Liz didn’t know what to say. She was shocked that he’d felt this way all along, and just stood there for a moment trying to absorb it all. It was a night of truths.

Michael saw her shock and grimaced. “See. I have to leave Liz. I’m just screwing things up for you and Max. And now I’m so crazy about needing you that I’m feeling your feelings for Max and now I’m wanting and needing Max too!” he blurted out in painful honesty.

“Michael! Please! We can figure this all out. Just stay and we’ll talk to Max. We have so much we need to talk about all three of us.” Liz said feeling better knowing Michael was feeling the same things they were.

But Michael only saw that Liz wasn’t getting it. That Liz didn’t realize just how strongly he was feeling about her and how much he needed to deny his feelings for Max.

He pulled Liz into his arms then, and to show her just how much he felt for her, and as a goodbye, he looked down into her gorgeous, huge, startled eyes and her open mouth and groaning, he leaned down and did what he’d been dying to do for years.

Michael Guerin claimed Liz Parker’s lips with a hot fierce need that had been building for years.

He kissed her with all the passion he’d felt. With all the love he’d always felt, and he loved her mouth in a goodbye kiss that weakened his knees. He had known her taste. He had dreamed of it for years, and he’d been right. And now he would take this kiss with him and remember it forever.

And when he finally lifted his head, he half expected a slap, but was shocked beyond his wildest dreams when Liz stared up at him for a second, looking deliciously kissed, and then pulled him back down for another kiss. This time her own tongue plunging deep and her arms wrapping tighter around him and her hands clutching his shirt to her fiercely, desperately.

Then suddenly Liz spun out of his arms and he felt cold and empty. And what he’d known would happen happened. He heard Liz sob and he died a little at that sound. He had hurt her just like he’d known he would.

“Oh God!” Liz sobbed and held her hand over her mouth. Max! She had just kissed Michael, had wanted Michael like she had Max just a few hours before. What did that make her? She had just betrayed Max after confessing her undying love for him!

“SHIT!” Michael swore. He kicked the chair and swore more as he berated and hated himself for what he’d just done. He’d made Liz feel guilty of betraying Max. Hell, he was the one who had betrayed Max not Liz. He was the one who had kissed her.

“Liz please! Don’t beat yourself up over what just happened. It was my fault. Damn! I knew I’d hurt you guys! That’s why I need to leave Roswell for good. I tried to tell you what I meant.” He pleaded with Liz.

She just continued to stare at him in shock and hold her hand over her mouth. “What have I done!” she whispers softly.

“Damn it Liz! You haven’t done anything! It’s my feelings. I was the one who kissed you. I’ll tell Max what happened and he’ll understand. It wasn’t your fault Liz. It’s mine. It’s my feelings and I’ll deal with them, and take care of it and explain it all to Max.” Michael said grimly, with dread.

“I’ll take care of it all. I’ll make it better Liz. I promise. I’m sorry I kissed you I…” Michael turned away not really able to say anything more.

Liz was still feeling guilty, but knew she couldn’t let Michael leave. She knew she would never see him again. She threw herself at him and clung to him.

“No Michael! Please! Promise me that you won’t leave Roswell. You can’t leave us. And I’m… I know the kiss was not all your fault. I…I liked it. I wanted it.” Liz admitted feeling shame and pain and guilt, but also very aroused and amazed at the beauty of it, and strangely she also, deep down felt that it had been right. It had felt right.

“Liz no! You’re just confused right now. You love Max. I know you do.” Michael pushed out of Liz’s arms. He couldn’t stand to see her this much in pain, but a part of his heart fluttered out of control at her words.

“You’re right…I do love Max. More than my life, but I also know that I…I loved our kiss just now.” She sobbed so confused and wrapped her arms around herself.

Max stood frozen on the ladder right below the top edge of the balcony. He had sensed Michael’s pain again and had known he’d gone to Liz to avoid a repeat of last night. But Max had also felt Michael’s need to talk, and he’d known that Michael would not wake Liz up. So Max had gone to Michael, to be there for him and to talk if he wanted to.

He’d heard it all. Michael’s saying he was going to leave Roswell, Liz pleading with him and Michael’s confession about who he’d been dreaming of and how he’d always felt about Liz. And then he’d known when Michael had taken Liz into his arms and finally kissed her, and Max had peaked over the balcony. Max had been shocked, but didn’t interrupt. He realized that he didn’t feel jealous at all. In fact he suddenly felt good inside, and it felt right to see Michael finally kissing Liz. And this scared him even more. And he knew that the three of them needed to talk. That they couldn’t put it off any longer.

“I love you too Liz.” He said coming up over the balcony now.

Both Liz and Michael flew around looking guilty and in pain as they saw Max standing before them.

“Max I…” Michael started, not knowing what to say, but expecting Max to deck him now that he realized Max must know that he’d kissed Liz and made her cry.

“We need to talk. All of us. We need to talk about how we are all feeling. About your feelings for Liz, Michael…” Max was interrupted.

“Max, I…” Michael started again.

But Max didn’t let him finish. “And Liz’s feelings for you, and…and about what happened between us this morning too. And…other things.” Max stated quietly.

Michael was shaking his head. He didn’t want to deal with all of this. He couldn’t deal with it. This was all his fault. He would fix it. He knew now, that he wouldn’t leave Roswell. He couldn’t. No matter what, he couldn’t leave Liz and Max. But he could fix this for them.

“This is all my fault Max. All of it, and I’ll fix it.” Michael stated determinedly.

“Michael, you can’t leave Roswell. Max tell him he can’t!” Liz was still upset and still hugging herself as she stood watching Max and Michael facing off.

“Michael…running away won’t solve anything. We need you. We all need each other. And we need to figure everything out about us too, and that includes you. Liz doesn’t want you to go, and…and neither do I.” Max admitted meeting Michael’s eyes honestly and with feeling in them.

Michael sighed and slumped his shoulders. “I won’t leave Roswell. But I’ll fix this mess. Don’t worry.” He said.

“Michael! It’s not just you it’s all of us…we’re all feeling strange things that we need to talk about.” Liz said.

Max nodded when Michael looked from Liz to Max.

But Michael was afraid to talk about what they all might be feeling. He just wanted to fix this mess and have things get back to normal. He wanted to be best friends with Liz and Max and to watch them happily together, the way they belonged. And he knew of one way to do that.

“I’m gonna fix this. There’s nothing else to talk about. Don’t worry. Things will go back to normal now. It’s okay.” Michael said and before Max or Liz could stop him, he bolted again and was gone.

Max swore and mumbled that Michael was going to have to quit running from them one day, and then he pulled Liz into his arms when she fell into them.

He rubbed her back in comfort and smiled down at her.

“Max…I’m sorry…I…I don’t know…” Liz still felt bad about the kiss. And what she felt worst about was how much she still wanted to feel Michael’s lips on hers.

“It’s okay Liz. I know. I felt how much you loved your kiss with Michael. And it was a lot like how I felt with Michael, even though at the time I couldn’t think about it because I was so afraid. Hell, I still am! But I do understand. And we will figure this out Liz. I promise. We’ll get Michael to talk to us. We just have to give him a little time to get used to the idea that it’s NOT all just him and what he’s feeling. I think it scares him even more to realize that we might be feeling something for him too. And as long as he’s promised not to leave Roswell, let’s give him some time.” Max said in his newly acquired deep voice.

Liz felt soothed and nodded as she lay her head on Max’s chest. She loved the fact that Max and Michael now had their deeper voices after their voices had finally changed. They sounded so good to her all deep and comforting.

“God Max…what is happening to us!” Liz sighed and just held Max tighter.


Sunday morning, Michael rode his bike over to Maria’s.

“Hi Michael, Maria’s in the kitchen, I’m off to work.” Amy said as she was heading out the front door of the apartment as Michael came up the stairs.

“It’s Sunday Ms. Deluca.” Michael called out with a frown.

“Ah but when you have to sell your merchandise, everyday is a workday.” Amy called out with a wave.

Michael shrugged and headed into the apartment to find Maria at the counter nibbling on some toast.

“Hey.” He said and watched her eating a butter and honey covered piece of toast.

“Hey. Want some?” Maria asked.

Michael shook his head and made a face. “Yuck. How can you eat that crap?”

“Crap! Crap is the stuff you eat in the mornings! Junk food city!” she put her nose in the air and wrinkled it reminding him of how many mornings at school he would raid the candy or chip machine.

“So what are you doing today?” Michael asked ignoring Maria’s comments about his eating habits.

“Don’t know. Probably going to go see what Liz is doing. She seemed upset yesterday and I want to see if she’s okay today. Aren’t you guys going to the park to play B-ball? At least that’s what Kyle said.” She frowned.

Michael watched her face when she mentioned Kyle and was thoughtful.

“What?” Maria asked when Michael just looked at her.

“You’re still crazy about Kyle aren’t you? Even though he doesn’t even know you like him.” Michael said.

Maria put down her toast, about to deny it, but remembered this was Michael, and they had spent many times talking about what she could do to get Kyle’s attention over the past two years.

“Yeah. Even though the jerk doesn’t deserve me, I still like him.” Maria sighed and then mumbled under her breath about how stupid boys were.

“Well, since he’s too stupid to know what’s right in front of him, who are you going to the dance with in a few weeks?” Michael asked.

“No one. I’ll probably just go and hang out with Liz and Max.” she said with a frown and a shrug. It wouldn’t be the first time.

If Kyle went to the dances, he went with some popular girl, and Alex and Michael never went to them.

“Want to go with me?” Michael said trying to act casual.

Maria stared at him like he was losing it. “Michael Guerin at a dance!?”

Michael shifted in his seat and frowned. “Yeah, so what. So do you want to go or not?” he asked when Maria just continued to stare at him.

“Why?” she asked.

“Why what?”

“Why all of a sudden do you want to go to a dance, and why with me?” she asked watching him carefully.

Michael shrugged and when Maria looked at him with narrowed eyes he knew she wasn’t going to let up until he told her.

“All right. You want to make Kyle notice you right? Well he might if he thinks someone else is interested in you. And I… I need to start doing things without Max and Liz.” He added trying to slide that in casually.

Maria looked closely at Michael again and he squirmed under her gaze.

He waited for Maria to say something he didn’t want to hear, but was amazed when she didn’t. “Okay. We’ll go to the dance.” She finally said.

“Right. And if this makes Kyle notice you all the better.” Michael smiled thinking that this made him feel better about asking Maria to do this. He wasn’t using her if he was helping her.

“Wouldn’t you rather go with Pam Troy? I’ll bet she would go with you?” Maria teased, but also wanted to see his reaction to that statement.

Michael looked uncomfortable rather than excited at the thought. “Nah. She’s….” Michael couldn’t explain.

Not Liz. Maria thought to herself and felt this confirmed her thoughts. Michael had gotten too close to Max and Liz. And now he needed to distance himself from Liz.

“So this isn’t like a date or anything.” Maria wanted to make it clear. She didn’t feel that way about Michael and she knew he didn’t feel that way about her, but they both needed each other for different reasons.

“Right. Just as friends. Only, we don’t have to tell anyone that.” Michael told her.

“Okay.” Maria smiled and they shook hands. “Now go play b-ball with your buddies and let me go bond with my friend.” She grinned and jumped off the stool at the counter.

“Just don’t tell her we’re just going to the dance as friends.” He mumbled.

“I have to lie to Liz!?” Maria looked shocked.

“Yeah! If you want me to lie to Kyle about going to the dance with you as more than friends.” Michael retorted.

Maria realized again why Michael was doing this and then nodded. She was helping Michael as much as he was helping her.

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Carol! LOL! I know, Liesel will likely kill me soon! Heehee!
And I totally forgot to mention that it was YOU who gave me the ideas I needed for the last few parts! ACK!!!

Carol gave me the idea on HOW to make the gang find out, and HOW to put Max and Michael in the position to kiss. It was her idea to have them both dreaming of Liz and then Liz moves away to let them kiss. LOL.

Carol is the genious that has been helping me! *happy* I so love to pick the brains of my good friends who are also writers. ;) And I just might have to have you help me keep them from exploding before they turn 16 LOL! How can I manage that?! Although I didn't say they couldn't do a lot of other things. ;) heh..heh...

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Tara, Loved your thoughts and what you liked and didn't like and yeah... Michael had to kiss Liz like that huh? *happy* That's just our Michael.

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And Carol! I need more honeymoon babe! ;) And Anne, I need more of your fic too don't forget! HAven't seen a new part in a few days! Where is it!? *happy*

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And Lizwell, WOW! Thank you for reading my story when you're not that crazy about slash. I can totally relate, cause I don't like ALL slash. In fact, I'm pretty picky about slash too. LOL! Like I said above, I'm not crazy about F/F slash but I ADORE M/M slash as long as Max is STILL with Liz as well as a guy. LOL! ;) So I'm picky too.

Although, I make an exception in reading Tara's fic cause she's such a good writer. ;) But I could use much less F/F stuff and more Max/Liz and Michael/Liz. LOL!!! ;) So I love Tara's even though I don't normally read FF slash. Which is a compliment to her as yours is a compliment to me. *big*

Maxzhot: I know it will be interesting to see how M/L react to Mi/Mar heh..heh.. ;)

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Jez! Hey hon, and yes... Michael being Michael does make things more difficult, but also more fun. LOL. I think what endears me to Michael is the stubbornness and the part of him that can be so diffiult mixed with that sweetness for the ones he loves. ;) We really wouldn't want him any other way now would we? LOL. Max and Michael have to balance each other out. ;)

Cinder: Yes, Maria is much safer than Pam Troy. Which is why I decided to go with Maria. ;) This way Maria can accomplish the same things as Pam could, ie, making M/L realize their jealousy, and also as Michael's friend she can be there for him and lend an ear and neither one of them will get hurt. ;) Glad you're enjoying it!

BelevnDreamsToo: Don't worry hon, Maria will not be hurt. That's why I gave her Kyle from the beginning, and she also knows that Michael loves Liz. *happy* Maria will be the one to help Michael. You'll see. ;) And as for Michael, Liz or Max getting hurt, only a little okay? LOL... love hurts. My bad aren't I! ;) But it will not be too angsty, I hate dragged out angst. I'll make the time go fast. ;) Then there will be nothing but happiness. Promise!

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Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda
E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Part 10

Liz lay on her back stretched out on her bed while Maria sat on Liz’s desk chair, painting her nails and talking about the new album they were listening to.

Maria looked over finally and realized Liz was in her own world, a frown on her face. “Earth to Liz. Earth to Liz! Hey, that now has a new meaning to it.” Maria smiled, pleased with herself at the thought.

Liz snorted at the comment and rolled over to rest her hands on her chin.

“Maria, do you think maybe I’m not sexy?”

“What?” Maria asked caught off-guard and wasn’t following her friend’s train of thought.

“For Max,” she sighed.

“Well, I didn’t think you meant for me.” Maria giggled and ducked when Liz threw a pillow at her.

“I’m serious Maria.” Liz frowned, her deep eyes very serious and concerned.

“Chica! You have got to know how Max adores you. His eyes follow you everywhere you go. His whole body lights up when you walk in a room. It’s downright disgusting how much he is aware of you. Did you know that last week, we were all hanging out downstairs eating, and you walked in the back door, not even into the front room where we all were, and his head perked up and he KNEW you were near all of a sudden.” Maria told her friend, amazed that she would even question her sex appeal with Max.

Liz blushed, pleased, but then sighed. “Then how come Max won’t do more than kiss me?”

“He…he’s only…you’ve only… I thought that you were just shy about sharing the “more” stuff now, and I was going to quiz you on it anyway soon, but . . . nothing more!?” Maria asked with her mouth open in surprise.

“See…maybe he’s just not that…physically attracted to me,” Liz mumbled, feeling worse after Maria’s shock about the lack of things she and Max had done physically.

“Chica! No! The one thing I can tell is you turn Max on. You are his everything Lizzie. He breathes for you and it makes me so jealous.” Maria sighed.

“Then why…” Liz sighed.

Ever since last night when she’d realized how much she had wanted Michael’s kiss and how much she had loved it, she started wondering if she was just craving the physical side of a relationship so much that it was spilling out onto Michael. And she had also wanted to go farther with Max for months now but he’d held back.

“Maria, I’m almost 15 and I’ve only ever been kissed!” Liz continued in frustration. “I want…I just want…”

“You want in Max Evans’ pants like the rest of the freshman class,” Maria smirked.

Liz blushed and raised an eyebrow. “That had better not include you,” she teased her friend.

Maria raised her hands in feigned fright. “Not me! I have enough to deal with, with Kyle and…things,” Maria quickly finished. She didn’t want to tell Liz right away about her date to the dance with Michael. She didn’t want to distract her from their interesting conversation about Liz and Max’s sex life or lack thereof.

“Now, what we have to do is figure out why he’s holding back, cause I KNOW he’s a normal hormonal teen when he’s around you, and I’ve seen the drool on his face when you wear something new and sexy that we’ve gone to the mall to buy.” Maria smirked and laughed when her friend blushed again. She got up and started to pace.

“Lizzie! You just have to get past his defenses. For some reason, Max has decided to put you on a pedestal and, like most men, he’s determined for himself when and if you will do something more in your relationship. He probably sees himself as protecting you from him,” Maria laughed.

“But I don’t want him protecting me from him!” Liz snapped, not liking these thoughts. That sounded just like Max, too. If he felt they were rushing things, he would take control and decide for them when and how their relationship would progress. Maria was right.

“Well, then, you have to let him know that he can’t decide things alone in your relationship. What do you want Liz?” Maria asked.

“I…I want more.” Liz finally just said.

“Then go get it girl!” Maria grinned and nodded.

“Yeah, how? When Max stops us as soon as I start to want more,” Liz sighed and frowned again.

“You have to catch him unaware. And you have to get him crazy enough to forget his control.” Maria smiled warming up to this thought. “Where is he right now? Is he playing basket ball with the guys at the park?” Maria asked, her mind planning.

“No, he had to mow his parents’ lawn first. Since his parents are both working this weekend, he has to do their lawn and then all day tomorrow he’s doing all the neighbors’ lawns. I won’t see much of him this weekend except for tonight,” Liz sighed.

“Hmmm…. I think you’ll be seeing him a lot today, Lizzie, and he'll be seeing a lot of you.” Maria said with a huge grin. Laughing, she explained her plan to her best friend.


Max finished the front lawn and dragged the mower around to the back of his house. He wiped the sweat out of his eyes with his forearm, and grabbed his shirt off of the back fence to wipe his face. Then he reached for the tall glass of tea he’d made and gulped down most of it before starting on the back lawn.

Liz went around to the back of the house where she heard the mower and smiled at the perfect timing. He was in back where it was more private. She grinned.

Liz sucked in her breath when she saw Max hunched over the mower only in his low slung jeans. His beautiful back was to her and she could see the sweat glistening off of it, drawing her attention to it more.

As if sensing Liz, Max stiffened and stood up from his hunched-over position. He shut off the mower and turned slowly, knowing Liz was there.

He swallowed hard when he took in her appearance. God! What she did to him! With the warmer weather coming, he loved and hated this time of year. He loved it because Liz showed more and more of her golden skin, but he hated it for the same reason. He was finding it more and more difficult to keep his hands off of her.

And today was no exception. She was wearing a cute little pink spaghetti strap tank top and Jean shorts that rode up her golden tan legs almost to her cute little tush. And on her feet were some little white sneakers that for some reason also drove him crazy.

“Hey.” He finally managed to get out of his parched throat.

Liz smiled slowly, her heart beating fast at the heavy lidded look in Max’s eyes as he looked her over. She also couldn’t help but blush when she noticed his jeans were just a tiny bit tighter in the front now, too. God, how she wanted to touch him there. She bit her lip and calmed herself down. If she played her cards right, she just might get into Max Evans’ pants today.

“Hey yourself.” She said softly and put her hands behind her back, pushing out her small breasts against the already thin T-shirt as Maria had shown her how to do.

And as predicted, Max’s eyes followed the movement, almost bugging out of his head when he saw the little points pressed against her shirt.

He swallowed and, clearing his throat, he grabbed the tea behind her and downed the rest to help cool him off.

“Uh, what are you doing here Liz?” he asked, not knowing what else to say. He felt like he was losing control here. He couldn’t even speak all of a sudden. And her eyes raking over his behr chest wasn’t helping him either.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to take me to the lake after you were done mowing?” she said innocently.

“Is everyone going?” he asked, trying to look at her eyes only.

“I think so,” she said softly and gazed up at him under slightly lowered lashes.

“Okay. I’ll…I’ll come pick you up when I’m done here and washed up,” Max nodded, glad he could go back to mowing and get a little breathing room from Liz. For some reason, being near Liz right now was knocking him totally off balance and impossibly hornier than usual!

“Oh that’s okay. I’ll just wait. Don’t mind me. I’ll just go sit in the lounge chair over there. I have my suit on and I’m all ready,” she smiled.

Then, leaning up on her tiptoes, she kissed Max’s sweaty cheek. Max automatically turned his head to take her mouth, but she slid away before he could, leaving his mouth and head following her progress across the yard to the chairs. He groaned as he watched her sway her hips and could have swore she’d added more hip movement all of a sudden.

When Liz had finally settled down in the chair and smiled at him, Max snapped his mouth shut and, straightening up, he forced himself to go back to mowing.

Liz felt thrilled with the way Max was responding to her little coy moves, just like Maria had assured her he would. She felt more confident now, and was anticipating getting Max right where she wanted him very soon. She sat back to enjoy Max’s muscular chest move and ripple as he pushed the lawn mower around. When had he gotten so muscular? She was having a hard time not drooling outright as Max’s body moved so fluidly and sexily before her. She was having her own private show of Max Evans’ beautiful physique and loving every minute of it.

Liz watched as a drop of sweat rolled down Max’s forehead and was fascinated as it trailed down his face, around his jaw, and then slid down his muscular neck and onto his wide chest. She found herself envying that drop of water as it continued down his chest and followed the line of hair that started at his firm stomach and then slipped beneath his low-slung jeans.

Liz didn’t realize she had held her breath until the drop disappeared from view. Then she swallowed hard and realized that she wasn’t the only one holding her breath. Max was transfixed as Liz’s eyes held him in place. He’d watched her hungry eyes follow the trail of sweat, and he’d literally wished it were her hands on him, and not just her eyes.

When she’d finally looked up to find him aware of her lusting, she blushed and turned away for a moment. Then she shifted in the chair, feeling very uncomfortable all of a sudden. She felt things low down in her tummy and even lower that made her want to moan out loud.

Max did. She could hear him moan from where he was still staring at her, as if he had felt her arousal, sensed it.

And he too was so aroused that he thought his zipper would burst open with the pressure against it. Either that or he would have permanent teeth marks on his dick from where it pressed against the zipper so hard.

He finally was able to break out from under the spell of her eyes when she turned away, and swearing under his breath, he turned his back on her and tried again to finish the lawn.

Liz had thought that he had finally lost control when he’d stood there for so long, and she could see the proof of her seduction between his legs, but she frowned in frustration when he’d turned away. Damn him for being so strong! Thinking it over, she decided to go for it: the final piece of her plan. If this didn’t work, nothing would.

With determination and her body throbbing from needing Max, she whipped off her top and shorts and stretched out in the chair in the tiniest string bikini Maria had.

She watched under lowered eyes as Max walked away from her, mowing the lawn, knowing it was only a matter of seconds before he had to turn around to face her again to mow the next section.

Max stiffened and prepared himself not to look over at Liz as he started around the lawn to face her with the mower. But all thought went out of his head when he turned and saw Liz in the skimpiest piece of nothing he’d ever seen. Liz Parker was practically naked, sprawled out in his backyard for his eyes to feast on. It was like every fantasy come true.

The mower died out as Max walked away from it, drawn to Liz, his focus now totally on the young girl who’d won his heart so long ago.

Liz felt Max come towards her and she smiled in triumph. She licked her lips and shifted in her chair, her body throbbing with her need. She could also see the need echoed in Max’s eyes, and it melted her insides as well.

“What the hell are you doing!?” Max shouted when he got only a few feet from her.

He had wanted to just grab her and take her like an animal right on the chair, but at the last minute, her smile of triumph had gotten through to him and he realized he’d been played the whole time.

“Don’t think you are going anywhere in that…that nothing! You are practically naked! You are not wearing that to the lake!” he demanded.

“What!?” Liz sat up now, shocked at this sudden macho attitude, her temper flaring. Of course she had no intention of wearing this skimpy nothing to the lake. She didn’t want to be naked like this for anyone else either, but she did NOT like Max telling her what she could or couldn’t do.

Max was furious now and didn’t realize how Liz’s eyes now sparked with her own anger.

“I did NOT hear you tell me what I can and can’t wear! I can wear anything I damn well feel like!” Liz shouted, now standing up with her hands on her hips.

“The HELL you can!” Max shouted back, towering over her. All he could see was all the guys at Roswell High drooling over his girl. Seeing Liz just about naked! And he saw red.

“Max Evans! How dare you! You don’t want me but you don’t want anyone else to have me either!?” she stomped her foot and turned her back on him, crossing her arms in anger.

Max just about passed out, feeling his knees weaken and almost give out from under him when he saw the back view of Liz. She was wearing a thong bathing suit! Her gorgeous firm butt cheeks were bare for him to feast on, and he almost passed out as he became even harder than he thought possible. He began to swim in a sea of blackness.

Then he realized what she’d said, and he shook his head. “Not want you!? Are you insane!?” he gasped and then spun her around gently by her arm. When he saw her eyes looking up at him in surprise, he continued to make his point.

He spread his legs and pulled her between him, pulling her up against his rock hard arousal that now dug into her tummy. “Does this feel like I don’t want you?” he asked hoarsely.

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the rest...

Then, not able to stop himself, and knowing he was going to touch her the minute he’d seen her bare bottom, he let his big hands cup her exposed cheeks and pull her even closer to him while he caressed her tight little buns gently.

Liz all but passed out now herself, having Max caressing her front with his body and her butt with his hands. His twin assault made her legs collapse and Max just followed her down to the grass.

“Max…,” Liz whispered, clinging to his neck and running her fingers through his wet hair. She could feel the ends, damp with sweat, curling around her fingers.

“God Liz! How could you think I don’t want you? I’m dying for you,” he mumbled as he lay down above her on the ground and held himself a little off of her.

Max was now out of control just as Liz had planned. Only Liz, too, was out of control. Their hands became as desperate at their mouths as they met fiercely.

Liz let her hands slide away from his hair and down Max’s smooth muscular back. Her hands slid easily since he was wet from sweat. She groaned at such a wonderful slick feel of muscles and Max and snuggled up into his body more with hers.

Max sucked in when Liz snuggled herself deeper between his legs, caressing his ready to explode arousal. He pulled her closer and let his hands clench the soft globes of her butt as he rubbed her into him more. Max was delirious with the feel of Liz’s exposed skin. Everywhere his hands roamed was soft golden tan skin for his hands to worship and glide over. He couldn’t stop moaning or rubbing himself against her as she was rubbing into him.

When Max’s mouth finally came up for some air, Liz sucked in a deep breath and whispered Max’s name on a groan, sliding her hands lower on his back, trying to get him even closer to her. She wanted to feel every inch of him against her and was frustrated that he still held himself a little off of her.

Max was lost to the feel of Liz and what she was doing to him with her hands. He lowered his mouth to her neck and began to suck and lick his way down to her chest.

Liz held her breath in anticipation and Max didn’t disappoint her. He let his tongue ride down between her breasts, stopping at the tiny thread of string before it led down her incredibly flat, tight belly.

Liz’s hands roamed back up Max and clamped down in his hair when he lifted his head a little to look at her chest. He could see her sweet little nipples pebble hard against the very thin material. The nipples only inches from his eyes and his mouth.

“Max, please…” Liz whispered and clamped tighter in his hair.

Max needed no more encouragement. He lifted one hand, ready to move aside the tiny barrier between them. One look into her pleading, heavy lidded, totally seduced eyes, and he knew he couldn’t deny this to either of them anymore.

With a shaking hand, Max slowly pulled the minuscule piece of fabric away from Liz’s breast with one finger. All the while, both held their breath in anticipation.

Max’s breathing was harsh and excited beyond belief as he slowly moved the fabric aside and looked upon the sweetest, sexiest sight he could ever imagine. Liz’s sweet soft mound and pouting pink nipple almost made him lose himself right then in his pants.

“Oh God Liz!” Max whispered reverently as he slowly reached a finger to tough the tip of her nipple, so hard and pink. He groaned with Liz when he touched the tip of his finger to the tip of her breast, and they both arched into each other more, their need growing even greater.

Max was amazed he was still hanging on. He was so hard he didn’t think it was possible to still be breathing, let alone not coming already at just the sight of his sweet, beautiful, sexy Liz. “God Liz! You are so beautiful!” Max whispered reverently, his voice shaky with emotion.

Liz arched her back at the first touch of Max’s finger and she dug her fingers into his hard shoulders, needing more.

Max again read her and started tracing the rest of her sweet soft curves with the same finger. He traced under her soft flesh and then finally opened his hand around her little breast, gently squeezing and molding it to his hand. It was perfect! God he could die now a happy guy. He had the woman of his dreams in his arms and he was worshipping her like he’d only dreamed of.

Liz was moaning and pulling at Max as his hand massaged and learned her breast, She was lost in the sensation of Max’s hands on her behr skin as she’d wanted forever.

And when Max took his hand away from her breast, leaving it cold now, her eyes flew open, ready to protest loudly. But when she saw the look in Max’s eyes, and saw him push aside the other piece of fabric and spread both sides of the suit off of her to feast his eyes on both her breasts, she could only mummer incoherently at the sexy look in his eyes than seemed to burn her skin.

And then she saw him lower his mouth, and she held her breath and clenched his shoulders tighter in anticipation of his sexy mouth on her nipples. She’d been dying to feel this for so long.

Max was trembling as he feasted his eyes and hands on both of her sexy perky breasts, and then he licked his lips, knowing he had to taste that soft skin, those pink tipped-nipples that were begging to be touched.

Feeling how tightly wound Liz was and how totally in tune they were to the same wants, Max slowly lowered his mouth in anticipation.

They both cried out when Max’s hot mouth finally covered Liz’s nipple and he sucked it gently into his mouth. Her taste was even better than he could have ever imagined, and he was so lost in Liz an earthquake could have hit and he wouldn’t have left her sweet-tasting breasts.

Liz could only hold on and wiggle beneath him as Max’s tongue and mouth loved her breasts. He would lick around the whole white soft globe and then suck her nipple into his mouth, then open his whole mouth over her mound and again run his tongue over all of the flesh in his mouth.

He was driving her crazy and her cries were getting louder in his ears. But he could behrly hear them over his own throbbing heartbeat.

His hands ran up and down her waist and back, trying to pull her even closer. He couldn’t seem to get her close enough.

Max switched breasts and Liz sobbed out at how wonderful Max’s loving of her flesh was. How she could feel his worshipping of her body and the love he had for her so deeply.

Max, too, was aware of how Liz was all-giving. He basked in the warm light of her love, surrounding every part of him. And somehow this not only felt right, it felt familiar. This loving and worshipping of her body. Like he’d come home again. And Max was amazed that they had waited so long to be this way again.

Liz’s hands finally unclenched from Max’s shoulders, and she ran them down his muscular chest and to his unbelievably flat, muscular stomach, and then landed on his hips. She wanted to touch him. She wanted to make him feel as worshipped and loved as he was making her feel.

Max had stiffened and waited as Liz’s little hands began down his chest and rested on his stomach. He knew her thoughts and how she wanted to make him feel as good as he was making her feel. Could he trust himself? He knew how Liz was longing to explore him the way he wanted to explore her, but he didn’t know if he could trust himself that far. If she touched him now, he’d lose it. And he didn’t want to go there alone.

He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth when Liz’s hot mouth suddenly covered his chest and spread kisses over his firm muscles, and he knew what she was about to do right before her mouth closed over one of his own very sensitive nipples. He cried out and held her tighter to him, letting her explore him as he had her. But when he felt her hands try to slide lower on his stomach, he realized that he couldn’t allow anymore. He would surely lose it.

But he could also feel the building frustration and pain in both of their bodies as they screamed for release. He sighed and made a decision. He rolled over and pulled Liz on top of him, letting her continue sucking on his own nipples with her hot mouth and teeth. He closed his eyes, enjoying the loving, and slowly began to move Liz against him with his hands on her sexy exposed bottom.

Liz groaned as she felt Max’s hard heat pressed into her own, his body rubbing against hers to make them both feel good. She so wanted this. She had wanted more, but knew he was right; they would be rushing things if they took it any further right now.

So Liz lifted her head and looked into Max’s eyes. She sucked in her breath when she saw him beneath her. His hair was tussled, his lips were red and wet from their loving, and his eyes were half lidded and burning love into her own eyes.

“Max…God Max,” Liz whispered, and then they both reached for each other’s mouths as they rubbed harder against each other to ease that building ache.

Suddenly, Max turned them over again so he was on top, taking control to make it better for her while keeping his upper body from crushing Liz completely. Max rubbed his lower aching flesh against Liz’s own heat and, taking her mouth once more, he felt Liz finally come apart in his arms and he then let himself follow. Both crying out at the same time as they came together for the first time.

“I love you Liz! God, I love you!”

“Max! I love you, Max! Love you so much!”

They mumbled to each other as their lips touched gently now. Then Max rolled back over and, with Liz on his chest, they fell asleep.


Michael sighed as he opened his eyes and took deep breaths. He was leaning against the wall of his shower. He looked down at his body, saw the wet evidence of his own orgasm on his stomach and chest, and quickly turned the spray onto himself again. He swore, just thankful that he had been showering in his own home when Max and Liz had finally decided to take the next step in their relationship. God he could still taste Liz’s nipples as Max had put his mouth on them for the first time. And he even tasted the salty taste of Max from when Liz had attacked Max’s sweaty chest and nipples. Damn! If he didn’t stop feeling and sensing them so clearly, he was someday going to die from either embarrassment that next time might be when he wasn’t in a private place, or from his own needs. If it had been an hour earlier, he’d have still been playing basketball with Kyle and Alex. And how could he have explained that!

He finished washing and flinging a towel haphazardly around his waist he padded quietly back into his room. Hank was passed out on the couch, as he was most afternoons so he knew he was safe from him for awhile.

Running his hand over the doorknob to his room to lock it, he threw himself down on his bed with a frown on his face. He was exhausted, and knew Max and Liz were asleep right now, but his mind wouldn’t let him enjoy that total relaxation after that powerful orgasm.

He was so confused. God he was terrified! What if for the rest of his life, he went around craving Liz Parker and Max Evans too! God knows he’d tried becoming interested in some of the girls at school, but other than Liz, no one really turned him on. He’d heard Max say that so many times about Liz being the only girl he ever got turned on by, but he’d never thought about it for himself until now. Until the growing need for his best friend had forced him to try to look for someone else, only to find that he too couldn’t get past Liz Parker. And the more Max and Liz explored, the more he too fell under her spell. And now that he knew what she would taste like, he knew that no other girl or woman would ever satisfy him like Liz Parker would.

He knew he probably should talk with Max and Liz about all this, for they were obviously just as confused, but he could only see one solution to this problem, and that was that he learn to deal with it and find someone for himself. For the only other possibility was impossible to even think about!


Out in the desert, a young girl sat on a rock watching the sun set. This was her favorite time of day. She loved coming out here alone to watch the changing sky and the beauty all around her. She pulled her legs up close to her lithe body and closed her eyes, listening to the world ready itself for night.

When the day finally faded into darkness, and the first of the stars could be seen twinkling above, the young girl started back to her home.

She passed several of the small huts till she got to the last one. Slipping her soft leather soled shoes off of her feet; she slipped into the quiet house and walked over to the bed in the corner.

She felt her grandfather’s head and knew it was warmer than it should be. She sighed, knowing there wasn’t much more she could do for him except make him comfortable.

She saw that that fire in the middle of the hut was dying down, so with a wave of her small hand, she made the fire blaze back to life, and then she went to fix supper for herself and some broth for her ailing grandfather. He didn’t have much time left. And since he was Shaman of their tribe, a lot of preparations were needed to be made.

Throwing back her shoulder length brown hair, she set about dinner, knowing the time was coming soon for her new journey, for she had seen the visions.


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The stories that got me writing Max/Liz/Michael fics are
Tasyfa's "Firsts" & now the sequel "Full Circle" *happy*
RosDeidre's "Crazy Times Two"

ccrswll's "Meant to Be"
And there was also Tara's slash fic that I mentioned
"Saving the Best for Last" ;)
GREAT stories!
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OMG DEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! You know, it might sound weird but I LOVE the idea!!!! heehee... a three way loving that's not actually loving yet And Michael in the middle... Hmmmm... okay, consider it put in there for one of my later chapters. I know exactly where to put it. heh..heh.. Thank you for that wild and sexy as hell idea! *wink*

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Split in two parts for length....

Part 11

Maria and Liz entered the high school Monday morning with Maria rattling off in her usual way as they tried to get around the hallway full of students.

Liz smiled shyly, blushing as she walked up to her locker with Maria. Max was leaning against it, his books in front of him, and staring at her with hot, intense eyes.

“So Kyle is taking Pam Troy to the dance this coming Friday can you believe it! Pam Troy! UGH! He’s said many times that he didn’t like her. That she was stuck on herself and he didn’t like her meanness. And now he’s taking her to the dance! Can you believe that!?” Maria rambled on not having noticed Max or that she had now lost her best friend’s attention.

When she didn’t get a response from Liz, whom she knew also hated Pam Troy, she glanced at her and when she saw the look on her friend’s face, she looked to where Liz was looking knowingly. And sure enough there was Max.

“Ah Max, I should have known. So how was lawn work this weekend?” She teased and now it was Max’s turn to blush. Obviously Maria already knew about Saturday at his house with Liz.

“Hey Maria.” He said, not taking his eyes off of Liz.

“Hey Maxy Poo, or should I call you Lover boy?” she couldn’t help but tease. And then she giggled when Max flushed again. They were so easy to tease and so darn cute she thought.

“Hey Liz.” Max’s voice took on a hushed quality, and lowered huskily.

“Hey Max.” Liz said breathlessly. Max’s eyes were devouring her and making her knees weak. Then she held her breath when she saw him quickly look around, and then focus on her lips as he leaned in to give her a soft kiss on her slightly open mouth.

Catcalls could be heard around them as the halls were filled with students getting ready for first period, and having witnessed the kiss.

Max and Liz blushed again, but Max just smiled as he continued to look at Liz and her cute flushed face.

“What? You all act like you’ve never seen anyone kiss before?” Maria called out to the teens around them and then they all turned away to go about their business.

Liz laughed. Leave it to Maria to tell them all off.

“Well, now that we’ve all said hi and lover boy has officially claimed you, can we get back to the topic of conversation?” Maria rolled her eyes good naturedly.

“What topic?” Liz asked frowning, trying to remember, but still focused on Max as he moved aside to let her open her locker.

“What topic!? Am I talking to myself here?” Maria sighed and then stepped closer to the two of them to break their connection. “Hello! I’m here still! You remember me right? Maria Deluca? Your best friend since forever?” Maria called out as if they were deaf.

Liz giggled and Max rolled his eyes as they both turned now to give Maria the attention she wanted.

“Topic?” Liz asked with a smile.

“The dance! I just told you that I was shocked at who Kyle was taking to the dance Friday!” Maria sighed again and lowered her voice, looking around to make sure he wasn’t anywhere near by.

“Who’s he taking?” Liz asked curiously.

“Pam Troy! God he HATES Pam Troy! What has he lost his mind? Or is he just thinking with his dick again like all guys.” Maria rambled.

Liz frowned at the name and Max choked when Maria mentioned the male anatomy so casually.

“Did you know about this?” Maria turned on Max as he choked.

“Me? No. I didn’t think about it either way.” Max admitted.

“Figures! God men are just dumb! Why is he going with that…slut. He even said she was too loose for him. So what the hell is he doing?” Maria continued her babbling.

“I’m sorry Maria.” Liz said and hugged her friend. She knew how crazy Maria still was over Kyle and how he almost purposefully ignored her as anything more than a friend.

“He just wants to get some I’ll bet. That’s all guys think about!” Maria sighed and then looked at Max who shifted uncomfortably.

“Present company excluded Max.” she smiled, knowing that if she hadn’t sent Liz to Max practically naked, Max still wouldn’t have done more than kiss Liz.

Max scratched the back of his head and looked down nodding. He was at a loss on how to help Maria. She didn’t want him or Michael or Alex to talk to Kyle about Maria liking him all these years. And Kyle did seem rather dense about it all.

“Well you know you can go with us again right Maria?” Liz said as Max took her books from her hands so he could walk her to class.

“Oh, I’ve already got a date. I forgot to tell you.” Maria said and smiled.

Liz perked up. “You forgot to tell me? When did this happen? Oh my God Maria, Who!?” she asked excitedly. Usually Maria wouldn’t go to the dance with anyone because she always waited until the last minute hoping Kyle would wake up and ask her.

“You’ll never guess! Michael asked me!” Maria smiled and then laughed. “Can you imagine? Guerin is actually going to a dance! This is historical.”

Maria didn’t miss the shocked looks on Max and Liz’s faces. But what did surprise her was the flash of pain she thought she saw in Liz’s eyes and the look that Max and Liz exchanged before she hid it quickly and smiled at Maria.

“Maria! That’s …great! When… when did this happen? So are you and Michael…I mean, I thought you only had eyes for Kyle?” Liz managed to get out. She was trying to hold it together.

“Oh well, if Kyle is going to be too stupid to notice me, why should I spend my life just moping and not having a good time. Michael and I are…going to see how it works out.” Maria said, trying not to tell Liz what she and Michael had agreed on, but giving her as much of the truth as possible.

Maria could see how Liz was trying to pretend that it didn’t bother her, but she knew her friend and knew Liz was truly upset. Maria frowned realizing that Michael wasn’t the only one with feelings for his friend. Then she quickly looked at Max wondering if he’d picked up on the obvious feelings of jealousy Liz was unable to hide for Michael.

And she was even more surprised when she saw the look of shocked hurt in Max’s eyes. She looked at Liz again and then back at Max and the look was gone. Max was now smiling.

“That’s great Maria. Michael’s a great guy. I hope it works out for you two if that’s what you both want.” Max said trying to sound convincing, but didn’t fool Maria.

Maria nodded and looked at the two with intense eyes.

The bell rang and both Max and Liz sighed in relief. “Uh, I’ll walk you to class Liz.” Max said and took Liz’s hand in his.

“Yeah. See you in gym class, Maria.” Liz put on a falsely bright smile.

Maria nodded and watched the two head down the hall. Her mind was now churning with her confused thoughts. What was going on?

She had seen Liz jealous of Pam Troy the other day when Michael had flirted with her, but Maria had brushed it off as Liz not used to sharing Michael with another girl even if he was just her friend. But now…she didn’t know. And Max! What was that about? Why did the two of them look like they had just lost their best friend in Michael? She wondered if she should ask Alex what he thought.

And then she thought maybe she was doing the right thing for Michael and Max and Liz by dating Michael or pretending to. But she would have to try to find Michael a real girl of his own to date while they pretended. For she now thought more than ever that Michael needed to find someone of his own. That the bond between the three aliens might be a little too close and not healthy. For sure enough, someone was going to get hurt if she didn’t help them.

She wished she could care for Michael as more than a friend, but she didn’t. And she knew Michael didn’t feel that way about her either. But as a friend, she would help them all out. And talk to Alex about it. He would probably be able to come up with a plan to help their friends.


Max walked Liz to her first hour class, both of them silent the whole time, each deep in thought.



They both said at the same time.

Max sighed at the pained and confused look in Liz’s eyes.

“I know Liz. We’ll talk later okay? And who knows, maybe this is for the best? I mean, what other alternative is there?” Max asked aloud what he had been thinking for awhile now.

Liz nodded and bit her lip. She too didn’t know what else they could do. Maybe they did need to let Michael find someone he could love.

But just the thought made Liz sick to her stomach, and she could feel the misery Max was feeling as well.

“I love you Liz. We’ll talk later.” Max whispered and squeezed her hand tightly, knowing who was in her class and giving her strength to get through it.

“I love you too Max.” Liz said softly, taking a deep breath and trying to be strong.

Max gave her one more quick kiss and left, running as the final bell rang.

Michael watched Max and Liz at the door to the classroom and saw their sweet goodbye. He gritted his teeth and looked straight ahead, pretending he hadn’t been watching them.

He felt Liz come sit beside him as she always did, and he looked over casually.

“Hey.” He said nonchalantly and then looked away, pretending to get a pen out of his backpack.

“Hey…”Liz said softly, smiling lightly but her eyes were full of pain.

Michael missed the look.

“So…I heard you’re going to the dance with Maria.” Liz tried to smile at Michael.

Michael glanced up surprised Maria had already told her, and he caught what looked like pain flash in Liz’s eyes before she could hide it.

“Um...yeah.” Michael had no idea what to say, all he wanted to do was kiss Liz’s sweet, full lips. He’d bet she’d taste like a combination of herself and Max. And that thought made him hard.

He swore and shoved his chair in further to the desk, and gripped the sides of the small table.

And he hated the hurt look that he’d seen in Liz’s eyes. But what else could he do? He had no choice! He had come to the conclusion late last night that maybe the reason why he only loved Liz was because they were only supposed to be with other aliens. And since there were an odd number of them, he was out of luck.

“Are you two....?” Liz couldn’t even say it.

Michael shot a look at her and winced and looked away again. Damn those big brown eyes that were so full of pain and confusion. He would give anything not to see Liz’s in pain. But he didn’t see an alternative.

“Yeah. Yeah we’re dating.” Michael said with all the strength he could.

“Michael...” Liz finally whispered, not able to take it any longer.

Michael knew she wanted to talk about their kiss and the whole impossible situation, but he knew it would do no good.

“Liz, leave it alone okay? Look, what do you want from me? Huh?” Michael finally asked facing her now with his own pain.

Liz bit her lip and tried not to cry when she saw the pain in Michael’s eyes. What did she want? She was being selfish. There was no alternative. She could never give up Max. And the only other thing she had thought of would be crazy!

She met his desolate eyes with her own bleak looking ones and nodded. He was right; the situation was impossible and totally insane. And she couldn’t keep making him feel bad. She loved him too much to keep hurting him.

Liz sat up straight in her chair and got goose bumps. She LOVED him. And NOT just as a friend. Liz Parker loved Michael Guerin. She frowned and swallowed. But she didn’t love Max any less. So what did that make her?

Michael saw the color leave Liz’s face, and was about to reach over and take her hand to make sure she was okay when she suddenly sat up and asked for a bathroom pass. He bit his lip and swore.

He waited almost five minutes, but Liz hadn’t returned. He couldn’t take it anymore. He got a bathroom pass and headed after her.

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the rest... *wink*

Michael could feel Liz so he headed in the direction she had gone. He sighed when he stopped in front of the girl’s bathroom with a tortured look on his face. He knew Liz was in there, and that she was crying. He looked around and knowing no one else was in the girl’s bathroom, he stepped inside.

Liz lifted her head and wiped at her silent tears when she heard Michael’s unmistakable voice right outside the stall she was hiding in.

“Liz. Come out here please.” Michael said wearily.

Liz opened the door and squared her shoulders. And when their eyes met, the pain in their shared look was enough.

“God Liz!” Michael sighed.

Liz just moved into his open arms and buried her head in his chest. Loving the comforting feeling of being held tightly by Michael.

“Liz there isn’t...”

But Liz stopped Michael with a small hand to his mouth. She didn’t want to hear it. She just needed to be held by him.

And when Michael groaned and Liz felt him harden against her, she thought she would die. She started to remove her fingers from his lips, knowing that hadn’t helped the situation, but Michael captured her hand and brought it back to his mouth, lightly kissing her fingers now.

Liz looked up at him hopelessly; her own knees weak with wanting. And she sucked in her breath when she saw Michael’s eyes were closed and he was slowly just brushing his lips against her knuckles.

“Michael.” Liz whispered.

Michael knew he shouldn’t open his eyes. He could tell by Liz’s voice that she was as affected as he was. But he opened them and then groaned at the look in her deep gorgeous eyes.

Liz moaned herself and snuggling her tiny hips into his hot arousal she reached up and putting her arms around his neck, she pleaded with her eyes for more.

Michael swore knowing he should back away. But the wonderful feeling of her little body cupping his hard bulge like he’d only ever dreamed about and her huge doe eyes looking up at him so longingly was all he could take. He was a teen and in love. He groaned and gave in, leaning down gently this time and taking Liz’s already open and waiting mouth.

His moans only got louder and he pulled her even tighter against him at the first touch of Liz’s tongue as it met his, and slowly mated.

Liz sighed into Michael’s mouth and was in heaven. He tasted different from Max, but not better or worse. Just like Michael. And just like she had imagined in her dreams.

Liz was lost in a sea of feelings and didn’t know how long they would have stayed like that in each others arms, if they hadn’t heard the sound of approaching laughter down the hall.

Michael opened his eyes in shock that he had forgotten where they were and who they were. He swore and pulled away from Liz, turning his back to her to calm down. He raked a hand through his hair and knew he needed a cold shower bad! DAMN! What the hell was he doing? This was Liz! Max’s Liz. He loved Max and would never hurt him! And he loved Liz and would never hurt her. And yet he just had. For he’d given her something that could never be.

“Liz. Please. This can’t be. I...I have to... you have to let me go. I can’t do it alone! I have to find someone for me. So we can all go back to normal! Ah shit!” he finished, seeing her pain filled eyes again and not able to take it. He backed away. “Please!” he said one last time and bolted out of the bathroom.


That night Liz sat crying in Max’s arms out on the swing in the Evans’ backyard.

Max was grimly holding her as she told him about her realization in class this morning. When he’d seen her earlier today, she hadn’t wanted to talk about what was wrong, so he’d waited, knowing it had something to do with the crazy situation they were finding themselves in.

“Aw Liz. God I don’t know what to say.” He whispered, soothing her by running his hand through her hair.

“Tell me you still love me! I love you so much Max! But what is wrong with me? I love Michael too.” She sobbed now and buried her face in Max’s chest.

“Of course I love you! I’ll always love you.” He said hoarsely. He hated seeing her like this.

“And that you’ll never leave me?” she said holding onto him tighter.

“Leave you!? What are you talking about?” Max asked, now shocked at her thoughts.

“How can you want to be with me when I also love our best friend? That...that I loved kissing him like you and I do.” She mumbled into his neck. “That I hate him with any other girls.”

“Liz, I...I will never leave you. And, I, God I’m so confused too!” He said and now disentangled himself from Liz and stood to pace.

“Max?” Liz asked, frightened by the scared look in his eyes.

“Liz! know I feel the same way about Michael. And I too was sick today thinking about him being with anyone else, even Maria. God Liz! I think I’m in love with him too!” Max whispered in agony. He just couldn’t understand it! “Liz I felt everything you two were doing in that bathroom today, and I wasn’t jealous, I was hot and hard and wanted to be there too. And not just to be kissing your sexy lips,” he smiled crookedly at her and watched her blush, “But...but I also wanted to taste Michael’s passion for you too! And God! It totally turned me on...the thought of you two together.” he admitted with shear agony in his voice. "Hell, I know a few people looked at me in class wondering what was wrong with me when I couldn’t hold back a moan at one point.” He blushed remembering how he’d had to pull his chair closer to the desk to hide the suddenly hard bulge in his jeans.

“Oh Max...” Liz whispered, not knowing what to say.

“But like we said, we have to let him find someone and let him go.” Max said painfully.

Liz nodded, knowing he was right.

“Max...what is happening to us? How come we are both feeling this way? We both love Michael, and are jealous, but not if he’s with either of us. I...I am totally turned on by the thought of you and Michael too, and now, this isn’t just lust! I love him.” Liz bit her lip and hugged herself.

Max grabbed Liz to him and held her tightly in his arms. “I do too Liz. God help me, I do too. And no, not only don’t I mind that you have kissed Michael, but when I saw you kiss on your balcony the other night...Liz, just looked right, hell, it FELT right.” He admitted and Liz looked up at him with wide eyes and then buried her face in his chest. They were at an impasse. But they knew that if they loved Michael, they had to let him go, to find his own life. That at least he would be near them, that he wasn’t leaving them completely.

“I don’t know if I can let him go Max.” Liz finally whispered.

“I know.” Max admitted softly too and just held Liz tighter.


That night Liz tossed and turned in her sleep. She was dreaming.

At first all she saw were shadows. Then she heard soft whispers. She tried to look around and could tell she was lying on a cot in a hut and she was scared.

She tried to hear the voices, and initially she thought she just couldn’t hear the voices because they were so low, but then she realized that she didn’t understand the language.

She felt hot and achy and miserable and tossed and turned on the cot drawing the attention of the people around her.

She saw dark skinned men and women with soft eyes. And she felt a cool cloth across her brow. Then more soothing voices, this one from an older man by her side.

“River Dog!?”

Liz heard a voice that spoke a language she could understand, and turned her head towards the entrance to the hut.

She watched as the beautiful woman came forward and looked down at her with soft warm eyes. “Is this the girl? How is she?” the voice was concerned.

“She will live. But her protector never returned. He brought her to me telling me she emerged from her pod early and developed a fever while he was here being taken care of himself, and that he knew he had to bring her here to be helped. Then he said he had to go back to the other pods to watch until they hatched.”

“Is that where he is now?” the woman frowned not understanding why she was being asked to take this girl that she wanted and loved already.

“No. He never came back, so a week later I went to the cave I knew he was staying in and he was gone. And so are the other two children that were in the pods.” The man called River dog explained to the woman.

“Poor thing! Do you think that her protector will come back? Did he just take the other children and run for some reason? Maybe they were in danger of being caught?” the woman asked.

The older man shook his head wearily. “No. My men found a blood trail out by the rocks. It seems my friend never made it back to the cave he was living in. There were signs of a scuffle, and I am guessing someone took him, like they did the other two protectors from the crash.”

“So you have no idea what happened to the other two children in the pods?” the woman asked softly and with concern.

“No. when I got there they had already hatched and were gone. We trailed them too and could tell that they were each taken at different places in the desert. I have failed my friend. He asked me to take care of these children if anything happened to him, and I have failed with the other two. But now, I know we need to help this little one.” He said sadly.

Liz heard all of this and didn’t understand any of it. She was young and frightened and sick. Nothing made sense.

“So you are sure these people you speak of will take her and raise her knowing what she is, and that they will not tell anyone?” Red Dog asked.

“Yes. I’m positive. It’s my son and daughter in law. They have always wanted a child. I spoke to them of this when you first called me. We will take good care of her. Especially knowing who she is and why she is here.” The woman promised.

“Ah, but without the other two children, her purpose here will not be complete.” The older man named River Dog sighed and put his head down.

“Something tells me they will be found. If these children are as important as their protector said, it will work out. And in the meantime, we will take care of this little one.” She smiled down at Liz.

“I hope so. Even our shaman hasn’t been able to foresee the future of this one or the others.” River Dog sighed.

“What of the other one? The young girl you said your friend had with him before these royals hatched?” the woman asked.

“He only told me he put her some where’s safe until she could be reunited with the other three who still hadn’t hatched yet. He told me that she was this one’s sister and that the queen mother sent her at the last minute to be a comfort to the little queen. And that the girl had hatched on the ship before they had crashed.” River Dog explained.

“All we can do is protect this sweet girl then, and hope that the others will be found in time.” The woman sighed shaking her head.

“Or that they will all find each other.” River Dog added hoping his friend was right about the strong connection between these royals.

“Can I take her now? Is she well enough to travel? It might be easier to take her while she is still sick, if she is well enough to move.” The woman asked.

“I think that would be best. The less this little one knows right now the better. The protector said that she was too young to know her purpose here yet and if their enemy did come after them, it would be best if the royals had no prior knowledge of themselves until they were old enough to protect themselves.” River dog agreed.

“Don’t worry my friend; we will keep this one safe and unaware until she needs to know other wise. Thank you for trusting me with this.” The woman smiled warmly at her friend.

“You are the only one I could ever trust Claudia.”

And as the voices faded, Liz fell into a deeper sleep.


Max was dreaming too.

He was pushing out of the bubble again and then he looked around and saw the other boy next to him just coming out of his. They looked at each other and then turned to the third bubble and he felt the pain and loss when he saw it was empty. He remembered crying over it with the other boy for how long he didn’t know. But then he remembered feeling sick and losing consciousness. He remembered hearing the other boy tell him in his head that he was going to go look for food to help him. And then he remembered waking up alone much later and wandering out into the desert himself and being picked up by his parents.

Max sat up suddenly and narrowed his eyes. This time he had remembered more of his dream. More of what happened to them. And he now tried to concentrate on the place he had left. The cave out in the desert. He had a feeling if he could find that cave they would have more answers. Maybe all the answers they needed.

A man sat hunched over a book writing frantically. When he finished he groaned and held his side as he got to his feet. An older woman was beside him in an instant and was asking him to rest. Or to heal himself. But the man shook his head and walked past her with the book in his hand. He made his way over to a small black capsule and placed the book in it. Next, with much pain in his heart, he removed something from his finger, and placed that and two other objects into the capsule as well.

After that he took the capsule and placed it in one of the four pods. “Good-bye my loves. I hope this helps you out my king.” The man said hoarsely before he closed the last pod that held a part of his king, his love.

“It is all set Rath.” The older woman said putting a hand on the man’s arm, her own voice filled with anguish.

“Rissa’s essence has been added as well? For Liz?” The man named Rath asked.

“Yes. Before she died I got a sample of her hair like you asked.” The woman replied.

The man nodded and then he let his pain take over and he slumped into a chair. “It is done. Now all we can do is pray they make the trip to earth and that they can live a happy life there if nothing else. And maybe by some miracle, they will one day return to free you all.” The man named Rath finished.

“You can save yourself Rath. Please!” the older woman begged.

But the man shook his head. “My place is with my loves. I don’t want to go on here without them. Part of me will go on with them in this new place they are going to. That is all that matters now.”

A sudden explosion could be heard in the distance and someone yelled that they must get the ship up, that Khivar was coming closer to their hideout.

And with that Michael jumped up out of his sleep and sat frozen trying to take in all that he’d just dreamed.


Out in the desert, a lone girl sat on a rock looking up at the stars above. The time was coming for her to find the rest of her people. Her sister. She hoped their protector was right and that when the time was right, they would all find each other again and figure out what they needed to do. She sighed as she did whenever she thought of how many times she had asked their protector to just tell her why she was here, why the others she’d been told about were here. But he had just told her that he would tell her when the time was right. That he would tell all of them everything in time.

And now their protector was gone. He’d never returned for her, and she just knew he had to have been captured like the other two protectors that had been captured during the crash. And all she knew was that she had a sister out there. A sister who was a queen from their far away planet, and that their king and his commander were out there as well. She wondered if they were all together. And why she had been taken away from them to grow up separately. Or had they all been separated until the time was right? She sighed again. She had so many questions that she hoped she would have the answers to one day. Hopefully one day soon.

“Heals with Light, come home now. It is time. Your grandfather needs you.”

Summer turned at the voice of her dear surrogate mother and they shared a moment of pain knowing a loved one was passing.

“I’m coming mother.” The young girl named Summer, also known by her tribe name of “heals with light” said. She looked once more at the stars above and then with a deep breath, she followed her mother back down the path to the place she had called home for the past 8 years.


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Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda

E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Part 12

The gang was sprawled out in the Evans backyard as Liz shared her dream. The meeting had been called when the three had woken up that next morning after they had all dreamed.

Max was the first to speak “So you were sick and brought to one of the local tribes? In my dreams I’d gotten sick too and that was why Michael and I got separated. He headed out to find some food and water.” Max said still deep in thought as he leaned against a tree.

“ have a sister?” Michael finally managed to say. He was sitting on the edge of one of the chairs, his feet spread and his hands hanging between his legs as he looked lost in thought as well.

Liz nodded, knowing what he was thinking and her stomach felt funny. Was her sister Michael’s mate? She didn’t like the thought and that confused her more. She turned to Max and saw he was looking at her with the same thoughts.

“ have a sister?” Maria smiled not knowing what Michaels was thinking, only knowing how excited Liz must be at the new knowledge.

“I guess. But I have no idea where she is or if she’s....still....out there.” Liz frowned not sure how she felt. Especially if this sister might be Michael’s mate. Then she felt awful at her terrible thoughts. She should be happy to have a sister somewhere and even happier if this sister was the woman who would make Michael happy. But she couldn’t and she hated herself for it.

Max sensed her emotions and guessed what was causing them. He came and sat down behind her on the lounge chair and pulled her back against him in comfort.

“So all you remember from your dream is that you were sick and you heard your grandma and some Native American talking about taking you and that you had a sister out there somewhere?” Alex asked.

“I...I think there was more, but I just can’t remember.” Liz shook her head frustrated. She knew she was missing something important.

“So at least you’ve now pieced together how you got separated from this place where you were all in... pods?” Kyle turned to Liz for confirmation of the name of the bubbles she’d mention in her dream.

“Yeah, it sounded like these pods are the bubbles Max described.” Liz nodded.

“Did you see where these pods might be?” Kyle asked.

They all shook their heads unhappily. “Just that it’s in the desert outside of Roswell.” Liz sighed.

“We have to go out there then. We have to start looking. If we find the pods, we’ll find out the rest.” Michael said with surety that had the others looking to him.

“I had a dream too.” He finally said meeting Max and Liz’s eyes.

They both looked surprised and then eager to hear more.

“I dreamed about some guy writing all this stuff down. I think it was someone from where we come from. And he put the information in one of the pods to go with us so we would know why we were sent here.” He told them.

“ you have a sister out there somewhere and the answers are in one of the pods you guys came in. Now all you need to do is find the pods.” Maria said astounded as well.

“We can start looking this weekend.” Max nodded wanting to know more about them.

“How do we know where to start?” Liz bit her lip thinking of the vast area of desert beyond Roswell.

“You could start with the crash site from 1947.” Alex suggested.

“You think...” Kyle now stared at the three aliens.

“It would make sense. Since Liz’s dream described a protector we had that had been taken and killed. And how there was a crash.” Max frowned at the thought.

Liz shivered and Max held her closer.

“So are we like, really old and just don’t look it?” Michael looked appalled, not liking that thought.

No one had an answer.

“So you guys are going to start looking where the ’47 crash was said to have happened?” Kyle asked now.

“I think we should start with the spot I was picked up at. Off the old highway somewhere, where my parents found me.” Max suggested.

“Do you know where it was?” Liz asked excitedly.

Max shook his head. “No, but my parents, I’m sure, remember. And I’d say if I was sick and delirious, I couldn’t have wandered too far from the pods before my parents found me.”

“That makes sense. So we find out where you were picked up and go from there on Saturday?” Michael too was excited now.

“Ooooh! Can we go?” Maria asked.

“Sure. The more help the better.” Liz smiled.

“Wow! This is going to be some weekend! First the dance on Friday night, and then the search begins for information to your past!” Maria exclaimed excitedly.


Liz clung to Max as they walked into the dance. She was bouncing with excitement at the thought of dancing with Max all night and was so glad that Alex’s band was playing for the dance since she knew he would play a lot of slow songs for her and Max.

Then her excitement dimmed as she remembered that Michael was going to be here with Maria. She had never seen anything to lead her to believe that they felt anything for each other, but since both of them were trying to move on from relationships they didn’t want, or couldn’t have, it might work. And this is what frightened Liz, making her panicked and jealous. Then she felt bad. Didn’t she want Michael to be happy? To find someone who would be good for him? And what about Maria? Her best friend was sweet and Liz knew she would never hurt Michael. But she just found it hard to see them together!

Max felt Liz’s wide range of emotions, from happiness to dread to guilt, and knew why. He squeezed her hand in sympathy.

Liz looked up into Max’s gentle, understanding eyes, and was even more confused. She had the best boy in the whole world before her. So why did she need more? Why did she feel she needed Michael too? Biting her lip, she let Max hug her close, and she leaned into him to lay her head on his chest. She breathed in the wonderful scent that was just Max, and felt calmer.

“It’ll be okay Liz. Remember, we want Michael happy, that’s all that matters. Right?” And when she nodded up at him with her huge eyes, he smiled. “Come on, let’s go find the others,” he whispered against her hair.

Liz nodded and Max sighed; then straightening up, he led the way to where he saw Kyle waving them over.

“Max buddy! Liz, God you’re beautiful as always.” Kyle winked and grinned, ever the charmer.

But Liz knew he was serious; he had such a good heart. She just didn’t understand why he dated girls so beneath him mentally and so opposite his personality.

“Hey Kyle, Pam.” Max said politely.

Pam looked Max up and down boldly and fully, letting her eyes linger purposefully on his crotch. Then she met his eyes with admiration and hunger and smiled wickedly, licking her lips. “Max, you get hotter and hotter if that’s even possible. Between you and your sidekick Guerin, I have the best dreams,” she purred.

Liz stiffened at the insinuation and bunched her fists. “Too bad that’s all they’ll ever be. Dreams.” Liz stayed outwardly calm, despite her inner anger.

Max tried to hide his smile as he seated Liz on the other end of the table from the viper.

“Good luck, buddy.” Max murmured as he past Kyle.

Kyle just chuckled, letting Max and Liz both know how little Pam meant to him. He was only out for a good time tonight. Nothing more.

Not one to let someone else have the last word, Pam smiled tightly and replied. “Well, Max may be only in my dreams, but Guerin, I’m not so sure of.” She smirked when she saw Liz stiffen. She had seen the jealousy come to Liz’s eyes whenever she was near Michael, and figured Liz was one of those girls that needed all the guys around her to be devoted to her. “Then again, I’m not discounting your beefcake there either. Never say never, Parker.” Smiling smugly, she pulled at Kyle.

“Time to dance, lover boy.” She leaned into him and pulled him out to the dance floor.

“That Bit . . .”


Max and Liz turned to see Maria calling over the crowd happily as she weaved her way over to them with Michael in tow.

Max put a hand on Liz’s shoulder in comfort when Maria and Michael finally made it to the table.

Maria hugged Liz tightly to her and held on, knowing what Liz was going through, and hoping her plan worked for her friends.

Stepping back she pulled Michael up to her and snuggling into his arms and smiled up at Max and Liz. “I’m so glad we can all be here with dates for once. Now I won’t have to sit out on the slow songs, right Micky?” She looked up at him sweetly.

Michael raised an eyebrow to let Maria know he thought she was overdoing it, but only nodded.

Michael finally looked at Max and Liz, bracing himself as he did, and it took all of his control not to wince at the quick flash of hurt in Liz’s eyes before she quickly hid it and tried to smile at them both. He swallowed and then met Max’s eyes, swearing under his breath when he saw the flicker of confusion and wariness there. That and a look that seemed to beg Michael not to hurt Liz. Then Max’s eyes brightened and he smiled too.

“I’ll get us some punch.” Michael mumbled and bolted.

As he waited for the drinks, he was thinking this might not have been such a good idea, but then he saw how happy Maria was, and thought about his plan of getting Kyle to finally realize how perfect Maria was for him, and he relaxed a little.

Maria rambled on excitedly with Liz while Max looked around, noticing Alex up on stage and nodding to him with a smile. When Alex waved to let them know he saw them and would join them between sets, Max sat down and put an arm around Liz as she listened to Maria.

When Michael came back with drinks, Max stood and took Liz’s hand. “Dance with me?” he said softly and smiled down at her hotly when she met his eyes.

Liz sucked in her breath and nodded, lost in Max’s hypnotic and intense gaze. As always, with one look, Max could melt her.

Max knew this and used it to take Liz’s mind off of the situation with Michael and Maria. Drawing Liz out onto the dance floor, he looked up at Alex and nodded to him, Alex’s cue to slow the music down.

Liz saw Maria pull Michael out onto the dance floor and she swallowed, focusing on being happy for Maria, who finally had someone for herself to slow dance with, and for Michael. He deserved happiness too, she had to keep reminding herself. There was nothing else they could do. Like Max had said, they had to let him go. She loved him enough to want to see him happy. And Maria might just be the one to do that.

And then she was in Max’s arms, swaying to the soft music, and she relaxed, losing herself in the mindless sensations of being held in Max’s big strong arms. He was so much taller than she was now, and she loved that. That and his muscles! She had seen the weights in his closet and wanted to watch him work out sometime. Smiling as she thought of Max’s reaction to that, she snuggled closer against him and sighed.

Max groaned, losing the battle against his inevitable arousal since he’d picked her up. With his Liz snuggled up against him, he was lost. His jeans got tighter as he felt his erection harden against them.

He heard the catch in Liz’s breath and felt her tighten her grip around his neck and he swallowed, accepting the situation. He put his hands on her cute little butt and pulled her firmly against him so they could both enjoy the closeness and sinful feelings that rubbing against each other gave them. Just for a few minutes, Max promised himself as he buried his face in Liz’s hair.

“Max...God Max.” Liz whispered in a shaky voice. He knew Liz was close to losing it but he couldn’t let it happen here, in a public place, so he gritted his teeth and forced some space between them. He swore as his body screamed for its own release, but he knew that Liz deserved a more romantic place for what was still too new to them.

Liz whimpered at the loss of Max’s heat and the hardness of him against her most intimate spot and in desperation, she lowered her hands to his taut butt and tried to pull him back into her. Max resisted, but swooped down to kiss her lips, letting her know he understood and was aching, too.

“I love you, Liz.” He soothed and sighed against her ear. “I love you so much.” He whispered and ran his large hand down her back, wishing he could take Liz out of there and finish what they’d started.

As if hearing his thoughts, Liz suddenly pulled Max towards the exit they were near, and through the doors.

Then she laughed as she looked up at a startled Max.

Max recovered with a grin and, seeing they were alone in the dark parking lot, he turned the tables and spun Liz around till she was leaning against the gym wall. He stepped between her legs and leaned into her once more.

Liz whimpered again but it was lost as Max captured her mouth with his hot one. He was going up in flames for her.

Liz too was losing control, and, wiggling into Max’s hard body, she frantically reached between them to feel the part of Max that so fascinated her.

But as Liz’s little hand brushed against Max’s jeans, he hissed and sanity returned. They were still out in the open where anyone could drive up or come outside just as they had.

“Liz! No. We can’t,” he groaned, bringing her roving hand to his lips to kiss it. Closing his eyes and breathing deeply, his body a throbbing mass of screaming nerves, he waited to calm down.

“Wow! This can not be little Liz Parker! I always knew you’d grow up to be hot looking honey, but to know you’re as hot blooded inside as out--ooooh mama! Come to Chad, honey, and I’ll give you what you so desperately seem to want.”

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The rest....

Max and Liz froze at the voice they thought they’d never hear again. Their old nemesis Chad Thomas stood before them, a junior now and meaner than ever. And as usual, he had friends around him. Two of his buddies chuckled, but Max could also see the hot looks they were giving Liz. Max pushed Liz behind him and faced the bully they hadn’t seen in awhile. This was the first time in years that they were all in the same school again since Chad was three years older than they were.

Liz felt Max stiffen, and she put a hand on his arm. “Max, no,” she warned. She knew it took a lot to get Max riled up, but Chad was pushing all of Max’s buttons and they both knew it.

“Yeah Max. Listen to the little woman. We wouldn’t want your pretty boy face to get damaged now would we? Then your little sexy girlfriend might not want you as badly,” Chad taunted, looking for a fight.

Chad had always wanted to get even for years ago when Evans had made a fool of him in front of his friends. And he’d always known that the way to get to Max Evans was through Liz Parker.

“What do you say, honey? I can give you what you need, come play with me. I’d sure love to taste your sweet little body.”

“Back off, Thomas.” Max gritted his teeth, just wanting to shove his fist in Chad’s face.

Chad laughed and turned to his two buddies “You hear that guys? The little pretty boy here thinks that his pitiful threat is gonna make me quake in fear.” He sneered.
“Come on, Evans. Make me. Let’s just me and you have it out. Winner gets to pop Liz Parker’s cherry, if she hasn’t lost it already,” Chad goaded.

Max growled and, seeing red, he fisted his hand and stepped forward. It was only when Liz blocked his way that he stopped. “Max, please don’t!” she pleaded, worry deep in her eyes. She knew Max could use his powers to win against Chad, but didn’t want him bringing attention to them or getting expelled for fighting.

Liz knew Chad’s reputation. He would not fight Max alone. He usually started out alone in his fights, but after a few punches, his friends always joined in and Liz knew that Max would then have to use his power.

Suddenly Michael was standing beside Max, also in front of Liz; his eyes glittered with fury as he stared down the older bully before them.

Chad laughed when he saw the other boy. “What, are you two joined at the hips? If it isn’t your loyal bodyguard,” scoffed Chad.

Max and Michael exchanged glances and suddenly it seemed right, like they had been side by side in fights many times before. Something just clicked, and they knew how to trust each other in a fight and what to do as a team.

“Everyone knows you don’t fight your own battles Thomas, so I’m just making it even now,” Michael said between gritted teeth.

“Yo braniack! There’s three of us and only two of you. Can’t you even count?” one of Chad’s friends called out laughing.

“Exactly, now we’re even. Although I know Max could take you all on, but why let him have all the fun,” Michael taunted back grinning.

Liz could tell Michael was actually enjoying this that he and Max had been waiting a long time to get back at Chad. She wanted to tell them not to fight, but knew it would do no good. If they didn’t, the bullies would just make them fight anyway.

She saw Maria to the side and went to her, hugging her tightly. Maria had been afraid that the guys would use their powers too, so she’d run back to get help.

Now Kyle and Alex were also standing with Max and Michael, and the bullies hesitated.

Chad knew Michael and Max were pretty well built for their ages and would have gone down, but not easily; however, with Valenti thrown in, the odds didn’t look good. The freshman wrestler was already making a name for himself.

“What’s the matter, Evans? Can’t fight for your girl by yourself?” Chad taunted, angry now.

“Say the word Chad, and it will be just you and me. My friends here will just watch to make sure your friends don’t try to help you,” Max threw out, anger making his voice harsh.

“You aren’t worth it, Evans. And neither is your little slut,” Chad finally threw at them as he and his friends walked off.

Max started forward at that, ready to swing, but it was Michael who held him back.

Max raised an eyebrow, surprised that his hot-headed friend had been the one to stop him, but then saw Michael’s eyes narrow as he moved an object in front of Chad and the bully went flying, cursing as he scraped across the parking lot.

Michael gave Max a smirk and then grinned. Max slapped him on the back, and they shared a moment of closeness like old friends again. It had been months now since they’d felt like good friends without the tension between them.

Kyle and Alex chuckled as Liz and Maria ran towards the guys.

“Great move, Guerin.” Alex grinned and slapped his friend on the back as well.

“Those bastards. They’re lucky they didn’t try to take you two on,” Kyle nodded, also grinning.

Liz ran to Max and was enveloped in his arms, but as she turned to Michael, she saw Maria step up to him with a smile and squeeze his arm.

She remembered she had to let Maria be there for Michael now, that they were dating. She caught her breath and held onto Max tighter, fighting her first instinct to grab Michael and hug him, too. Then she realized that as a friend, it was okay to reach for him, so she started to do just that.

Michael smiled down at Maria and then noticed Kyle’s eyes go from Michael to Maria with curiosity, and Michael took advantage of the moment by pulling Maria into his arms the way Max had Liz.

Liz sucked in her breath and Max held her tighter in understanding. And she remembered that if they loved Michael, they had to let him go.

Kyle’s eyes widened as he took in the closeness between Michael and Maria.

“Come on, let’s go dance, Blondie. You wanted to dance tonight so let’s not let anyone stop us,” Michael said, letting Kyle know for sure who Maria was here with.

“What the hell?” Kyle asked of Alex as they followed their four friends back into the gym.

“Oh, Maria and Michael are dating now. Didn’t you know?” Alex smiled, relishing being the one to tell his dense friend.

“No. When did this happen? Since when is Guerin interested in Maria . . . and when the hell did Maria decide she wanted to cozy up with Guerin?” Kyle was still trying to comprehend the situation.

Alex watched how Kyle was frowning as he watched Maria pull Michael out on the floor to dance to the jukebox music that was playing since Alex’s band was on break. He grinned, seeing the plan just might be working and deciding to add to the flames. He decided to go for it.

“Besides, I think they look perfect together. We should have realized this sooner. They might be the next Max and Liz.”

“What!? Maria and Guerin? No way! There is no way they compare to Max and Liz. Those two heat up a room from 50 feet away with just their looks! There is nothing like that with Maria and . . . Michael,” Kyle blurted out, then looked closer, hoping he didn’t see it, but not so sure now.

“Hmmm not yet, but those two just found each other, give them time.” Alex continued to goad his thick friend. Maria deserved to be happy and he knew Michael wasn’t the answer. Michael’s happiness lay somewhere else. And that was another plan altogether, Alex thought as his eyes narrowed on Max and Liz now dancing close, despite the faster paced music.

He caught Maria’s eyes and winked, pleased to see Maria’s own eyes light up when Alex gave her the signal that jealousy had indeed sprung up in Kyle.

Out on the dance floor, Liz looked over at Michael and Maria and bit her lip. “Maria and Michael do look happy, don’t they?” Liz asked, trying to convince herself.

Max looked over at the two and then back to Liz, meeting her eyes without giving away his thoughts. “Yeah. They do,” he said hoarsely, squeezing Liz’s hand. He knew she was trying to be brave and how hard this was for her.

The couples continued to dance through Alex’s new set and finally went back to their seats as Alex took another break.

Alex came up to the table smiling brightly. From what he could see, Michael and Maria’s plan was working great. Kyle was glaring at Michael while Pam was trying to recapture his attention by hanging all over him, and failing miserably.

Then he met Maria’s eyes and nodded. They had watched how miserable Liz, Max, and Michael were, and decided to put their own plan into effect now.

“Come on, Michael, let’s go get some refreshments for everyone,” Maria said brightly, standing up and pulling on Michael.

“No thanks, we’re leaving,” Kyle grunted, sick of watching how happy Maria seemed all night.

Maria’s face dimmed a little but Michael squeezed her arm and whispered for only Maria to hear. “He’s jealous as hell! I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to take me down yet.”

Maria glanced up at Michael and smiled brightly again; then they headed off.

Kyle swore at the cozy display between the two and stormed off with an abrupt goodbye to his friends; Pam ran after him, calling for him to slow down.

“Well, at least Kyle’s finally waking up,” Alex grinned as he watched his friend stalk off.

Max noticed Alex’s eyes dance as he watched their friend leave in misery, and raised an eyebrow at him. “You seem to be getting a real thrill out of Kyle’s misery tonight, my friend,” he observed.

Alex turned towards Max and Liz and stopped smiling. “Well, it’s about time that lug head realized Maria was right for him,” he said honestly.

“What about Michael and Maria? I . . . I think maybe he’s good for her.” Liz tried to swallow as she almost choked on the thought.

“Hmmm, I don’t think so. Not when both of them are in love with other people,” Alex said steadily, meeting both Liz and Max’s gaze.

Max shifted uncomfortably, and Liz’s face took on a wounded expression she could no longer hide.

At the refreshment table, Maria turned to Michael and then pulled him off to the side, away from everyone.

Michael got an apprehensive look on his face, wondering if Maria had fallen for their performance and now wanted a little nookie.

Maria laughed at the look on Michael’s face but got right to the point. She was happy with the night’s plan and Kyle’s reaction.

“Thank you, Michael! I could see Kyle’s jealousy and it’s thanks to you!” she exclaimed, jumping up and down and hugging him tightly.

Michael’s worry eased and he grinned, realizing Maria was still head over heals for their friend; he hugged her back and laughed. “Glad it worked.”

“I owe you one, babe.” Maria said, looking up at him seriously now.

Michael just shrugged. “Nah, it wasn’t so hard to look interested in you, gorgeous,” he teased and winked.

“Hmmm, not until you looked into Liz’s big wounded eyes.” Maria had hit her target.

Michael went white and he swayed. He hadn’t seen that look tonight, but he had seen it before and guessed Maria must have seen it tonight even though Liz had done a good job of hiding it from him all evening.

“Maria. Liz. Loves. Max,” Michael said stiffly, not wanting Maria to go there. What the hell was she thinking? She knew how he felt, but how impossible it was.

“Michael, I know she does. But for some reason, that isn’t stopping her from loving you, too.” Maria said bluntly. With Michael she had to be blunt to get through to him.

Michael flinched at the words and shook his head. That was impossible. Now Maria was way out of line and so wrong. “No. Maria, don’t go off on some wild notion. Liz is my friend. We are close and it’s hard for her to see me with someone else after all this time of just hanging with her and Max,” he assured her. “She may be a little confused, we all are . . . both are.” He caught himself.

Maria smiled sadly, knowing Michael was trying to believe that. This was going to be harder than she’d realized. Just like Alex had said it would. And it looked like Alex was right about something else, too. This wasn’t just about Liz and Michael.

At first Maria had thought Alex had lost his mind, but as she’d observed all three of her friends over the past week, she’d come to believe Alex might be right. And Michael had practically just confirmed it for her just now.

“Michael . . . at first when I figured out how you felt about Liz, I thought the best way I could help was to find you someone else, to get your mind off of Liz. But now...” Maria licked her lips, trying to decide how to say it. The only thing that ever worked with Michael was the blunt truth, so she took a deep breath.

“But now, I think maybe you should talk to Liz . . . and Max.”


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AS USUAL, split in two parts for length...

Part 13

“Maria, there’s nothing to say! Are you crazy? I love Max and would never try to take Liz away from him, not that I even could, so what are you saying? There is nothing that can be done about this. I’ll...I’ll find someone who’s right for me sooner or later.” He swallowed trying to convince them both.

“I don’t know what I’m saying for sure Michael, only what I’ve seen. And from what I’ve seen, it’s not just about you and Liz and your feelings for each other. It’s also about Max. And your feelings for Max...and his for you.” Maria finally said softly.

“What!?” Michael stiffened and backed up away from Maria a little. “What the hell are you saying?” He whispered, panic visible in his eyes as they shifted around to make sure no one could overhear them.

Maria sighed and was glad Michael hadn’t bolted. He was still standing there, which let her know he was having enough trouble with these thoughts that hearing someone else’s opinion was desperately needed, even if he didn’t necessarily want to hear it.

“I don’t think Liz is the only one who loves you Michael. I think Max has feelings for you as well, and I don’t mean as just a friend, which is why neither Liz nor Max is jealous of the others feelings for you.” Maria continued.

Michael looked shocked, and his eyes couldn’t quite meet Maria’s, but he stood still listening.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re crazy.” Michael threw out, not comfortable with this. Then whispered harshly, “Max is not gay. He loves Liz. He isn’t in love with me romantically! And I’m certainly not gay!” Michael ripped out still in a low voice. His arms now crossed defensively in front of him.

Maria’s eyes took on a gentle understanding look and she smiled softly. “I didn’t say either one of you were gay Michael. You both love Liz too much for that.” She reminded him.

“So what? You think we’re bi?” Michael wasn’t sure he could handle that either. Although he’d been wondering that more and more about himself.

“Hmmm I’m not sure if you’re that either.” Maria said studying him closely.

Michael squirmed under his friend’s scrutiny. “So what the hell are you saying Deluca? You say Max and I love each other romantically but aren’t even bi?” he laughed tightly.

“I think this defies sexual preferences like gay or bi. I think it’s just a... an alien thing or something.” She tried to explain what she and Alex had come up with.

“A what?” Michael whispered in surprise now. “What the hell does THAT mean?”

“Well...think about it. Are you or have you ever been interested in any other guy other than Max? I mean, has any other guy ever gotten you...excited? Ever? A teacher, another classmate? Anyone?” Usually, if you are interested in guys in general, by now you would have become turned on by more than one.” Maria explained.

“No! Of course not!” Michael was appalled. Just the thought of any other guy was not a turn on at all!

“But with Max, you are turned on. I mean, you do want to kiss him, want his tongue in your mouth and...”

“Maria! Geesh! Enough! I get your point.” Michael was flushed now by not just the whole conversation, but by the thoughts that were now vivid in his brain of his one kiss with Max.

“So...I think you need to talk with Max and Liz.” She said softly again.

“This doesn’t bother you? The thought of Max and me...” Michael needed to know. He was so worried about what their friends would think if they realized how he felt or thought he felt about Max and Liz too to a smaller extent.

Maria shook her head and stepping closer she put a hand on his arm. “No Michael. For some reason, it just seems natural for you and Max to...feel that way. And I know Liz feels that way too. She certainly wasn’t bothered by the thought of you and Max together.” She admitted gently.

Michael’s eyes widened and his groin tightened unconsciously. “She...she told you that?” Michael asked hoarsely.

“Yeah. And believe me she is just as confused as you and Max are.” Maria assured him.

Michael looked over to where Alex was talking with Max and Liz and then he looked back at Maria. “But what will talking to them solve, Maria? What if it’s true and the three of us... cause of some alien thing...are interested in each other. I mean, what the hell can we do about it?” Michael was almost pleading for Maria to tell him it was okay.

Maria had to be honest though and shook her head. “I don’t know. It won’t be easy that’s for sure. And I’m not sure you guys are ready for anything wild...” Maria blushed at just the thought of how lucky Liz would be to be with two guys, not just one.

Michael nodded grimly, having Maria confirm all he’d already concluded. “But don’t you see Maria. That’s exactly why I’m not talking to them about it. If it’s true, why admit it to them, let us all tell each other how we really feel, and then know we can’t do a damn thing about it. I think it’s better if I just let them believe I’ve found someone else and then they’ll get over it and live a happy life just the two of them the way they should.” Michael said sadly.

“But you don’t know they’ll be able to live happy without you Michael.” Maria tried to explain not wanting Michael to go back to where they’d begun at the beginning of this talk.

But Michael shook his head. “I don’t know how they’ll be in the future, but I know for certain, admitting our feelings to each other right now will only cause pain.” He shook his head sadly in defeat, knowing he was right.

Maria felt like she’d failed, but could see Michael’s point. She then looked over at Alex to see if he’d faired any better with Max and Liz.

Back at the table Max was stiff and flushed. Alex knew! Alex had figured it out. How he felt about Michael. Did that mean that everyone knew? Would he or Michael get teased now? That would be horrible in and of itself, but if it made Michael pull away even more... Max swallowed.

Liz knew his feelings and held his hand tighter. Then she turned to Alex. “What are we supposed to do Alex? We’ve tried to tell Michael how we both feel, but he doesn’t want to hear it. And...and I can understand why. What can we do about it?” Liz said softly.

Alex looked from Max to Liz and sighed. What could they do?

“Can’t you just accept it, or what you are to each other?” Alex asked.

“I...I’m not sure what I am Alex, but I don’t feel this way about anyone other than Liz and....and Michael.” He admitted softly. “I don’t know, but I guess maybe I’m bi.” Max sighed and ran a hand through his hair in confusion and frustration, admitting it for the first time.

“Hmmm well Max, have you ever been turned on by any other guy in your life? A coach? Teacher? Another friend? Or another guy in one of your classes? Ever get hard in the locker room looking at all the guys?” Alex asked bluntly. He didn’t think Max was bi and wanted to prove it to him.

Max was aghast at the thought and shook his head no. He definitely had never felt that way about any guy before Michael and he still couldn’t imagine anyone other than Michael.

Liz smiled realizing where Alex was going with this. She ran a hand down Max’s forearm gently, soothing him as she felt how tense he was.

“Max, I think that’s what Alex is getting at. You are not gay or bi. You’re love with two people and only two people, regardless of their sex.” Liz frowned still trying to figure it out. “Right Alex?” Liz looked to him wondering if that’s what he’d come to conclude.

“I think so yeah. I think it’s something to do with you being aliens and just different.” Alex went on.

“But what are we supposed to do about it Alex? If we did get Michael to admit he loves us too, where would that get us?” Liz asked sadly, seeing the look of resignation in Alex’s eyes as he too tried to see them all in a wild threesome. None of them were ready for that and he didn’t know if that would work either.

“I don’t know.” Alex admitted and sighed. It was a good thing he hadn’t told them about Maria and Michael not being a real thing. Maybe it was an impossible situation. At least right now in their lives, it might be better for them to believe Michael could be happy else where, until they were older and could deal with the other possibilities.


After that, things settled down into a routine. The freshman graduated and became sophomores, turning sixteen and settling into work, school, dating and hanging out as friends do.

Max and Liz dealt with Michael and Maria and tried to be happy for him. And Michael continued to pretend with Maria, realizing it was tolerable for all of them if they thought he’d moved on.

But he wondered what would happen when Kyle finally made his move on Maria. Kyle continued to be upset but hadn’t confronted Maria yet and she was starting to think he never would. But Michael could see that it was only a matter of time before Kyle cracked, and he didn’t think it would be long now.

Kyle had stopped all the fly by night dating and wasn’t even seeing anyone now since the new school year had started. Even Maria had been shocked but hopeful about that.

As for the pods and the cave, they had continued looking over the past year with no luck so far. The desert was vast and had many caves and areas to look. So far every cave they had looked in had been empty. The three were discouraged, but they all refused to give up.

And the dreams, were coming more and more frequently, but becoming more and more confusing instead of helpful.

During the middle of their sophomore year, things began to change again for the group. Alex had met someone, and he was hanging around less and less with them. They all felt bad, but knew that since the girl didn’t know about them, that Alex had to often chose between hanging with the gang when they talked about alien stuff or be with his girlfriend. And this caused the first disagreement about whether to tell someone else about them or not.

Liz wanted to tell Alex’s new girlfriend about them. She liked the girl and saw how much the girl loved Alex and how Alex felt too. She’d never seen her friend this way about any girl before, and she knew this was it for Alex. This was ‘his’ true love. And she was pretty sure, after all these months that the girl was just as serious about Alex. Liz missed Alex’s company and something about the girl made Liz feel comfortable and she didn’t have a problem at all with telling Alex’s love the truth.

But both Max and Michael felt differently, and all three of them had to agree, since it affected all of them.

By mid March, the tension was fierce among the gang. Liz missed Alex and was upset about the situation, but Max and Michael were still strongly against it because they didn’t feel comfortable about it. Kyle wanted to admit his feelings to Maria but held back because he cared about both Michael and Maria. Maria’s tension was mounting because she was pretending in a relationship she didn’t want, waiting for Kyle to make a move and thinking she should if he didn’t. And of course the feelings between Liz, Max and Michael had only gotten deeper. The deeper Max and Liz felt for each other, the more it seemed to affect how they felt for Michael, and how much they wanted him to be a part of them. And Michael was playing the game of devoted boyfriend to someone he only felt like a protective older brother to, and more and more in love and lust with his two best friends every day.

Something had to give, and it had to give soon. Little did they know how all of it would come to a head sooner than they thought...

Be right back...

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The rest....

With spring break a week away, Diane Evans watched from the kitchen window as Max, Michael and Kyle hung around the yard playing basketball, but in between, looking basically unhappy and tense. She had brought them out some iced tea, with Tabasco sauce for Max and Michael, and had seen how tense they all seemed.

“Where are the girls today?” Diane had asked innocently not realizing that was a lot of the problem.

“Ah, shopping.” Max answered truthfully, but didn’t want to think of why the girls weren’t at the lake with them. They had all made plans originally to go to the lake today, but the girls had opted out at the last minute to go shopping.

They all knew it was because of the growing tension, but not knowing what to do about it.

“Well, Max, your father called and had great news.” Diane smiled hoping her son would think so. “A client of his is lending him his beach house in California as thanks for all your dad’s help, and we can get it for next week, which is your spring break.” she exclaimed excitedly.

Max perked up a little at the thought. He loved the beach, but the thought of leaving Liz for a week always made it difficult. And also not having Michael or any of his friends around was hard too. But Max couldn’t imagine a week with nothing to do but sit around here with all the tension either.

His torn look was obvious to his mother who already had figured this would be the case, and had come up with a solution.

“And, since I know you hate to leave Liz behind, and your friends, you can invite them as well.” She grinned when she saw Max’s eyes widen with excitement.

“Ah crap! I’ve got football camp.” Kyle complained good-naturedly. The thought of the beach sounded really good. “But thanks for the offer Mrs. Evans.”

“What about you Michael?” Diane said softly. She had a soft spot for the young boy who had been Max’s best friend for forever and a lost waif to her since he was young. He often had accompanied them on trips when they were younger, but hadn’t in the last few years.

Michael looked at Max’s pleading eyes and shrugged. He was tired of trying to stay away from Max and Liz. Just because he couldn’t be with them romantically didn’t mean he couldn’t have fun with them like he used to. Even just being with them made him feel better, calmer, like it always had. Even when their was sexual tension or pain at not being able to be with them the way he really wanted, he had to be near them, which was why they all still hung out as friends.

“Sure.” Michael said feeling excited at the thought of the beach and Max and Liz and his other friends. “Thanks Mrs. Evans.” He actually grinned now.

Max met Michael’s eyes and they both grinned with excitement. Despite everything, they were best friends first and loved hanging around together. If that was all they could have, it would have to be enough.

“You think Liz’s parents will let her go though?” Michael frowned thinking how hard it would be on Max if Liz wasn’t around. And how much less fun he would have as well without Liz around. She always seemed to just make Max and Michael complete.

“Well, I took care of that ahead of time.” Diane Evans’ eyes twinkled, glad she could make her son and Michael so happy. “I called Mrs. Parker and told her Mr. Evans and I would chaperone and that it was for all of Max’s friends.” She told them.

Max and Michael perked up, their eyes lighting up. Max saw the pleased look in his mom’s eyes and knew it was good news, but had to hear it to be sure. “And?” he asked hoarsely.

“Liz can go if she’d like.” Diane said softly, knowing how much it meant to Max.

Both boys whooped and standing up, they high-fived and laughed.

“Now we just have to see if your friends Maria and Alex can come too.” Diane continued, laughing herself at seeing the boys so happy again. It had been awhile since she’d seen them this cheerful or carefree. Then she squeezed Max’s arm gently and went back into the house.

But Max and Michael both looked suddenly deflated and uncomfortable. Kyle watched them and wanted to help. He’d enjoyed seeing his friends so happy too. And he narrowed his eyes as he tested his own theory.

“Hey, I’m sure Alex will want to hang with his girl, so it will just be the four of you.” He tried to smile, not liking the thought of Maria and Michael on a romantic beach, but he had to know for sure...

And when he saw Michael flinch lightly his own eyes narrowed. It was a very quick move, one that Kyle wouldn’t have caught if he wasn’t looking to see how serious Michael felt about Maria. He’d been hoping that if it looked like they weren’t serious, that he might then say something to Maria. And lately, as he’d looked closer and closer at Michael and Maria, he’d picked up things he’d never noticed before, but he guessed had always been there. Or not been there. There was no sexual tension and no chemistry between his two friends. Outwardly, they would hug or sit together as a ‘couple’ would, but other than that, they never kissed or touched unless it was for a specific reason. And Kyle began to have hope.

So he’d watched Michael closely, and then noticed where his eyes usually went when they were all together, and he felt bad for his friend. The love and longing that Michael hid fairly well was now obvious to Kyle when Michael looked over at Max and Liz. He finally realized that Michael was in love with his best friend’s girl, and had been for many years it seemed. For Kyle now realized it had always been there, but he’d been too dense to see it.


Liz and Maria had just dumped all their shopping bags on Liz’s bed when Maria saw the note on Liz’s bed stand.

“Lizzie! Oh my God! Look what you’re mom left for you before she went out?” Maria squealed, having read the note already.

Liz turned from her closet where she was putting some of her things away. She smiled at Maria’s enthusiasm as she came to sit beside Maria on the bed and take the note.

“Oh my God! Maria! I’m allowed to go to California with Max and his parents for spring break!” Liz gasped and then hugged her friend with joy.

The phone rang just then and Liz reached for it. “It’s Max! I know it!” she exclaimed picking up the phone.

“Hello? Max! Yes! I got the note from my mom just now! I can’t believe it. I can’t believe she let me go!” Liz was thrilled and smiling as she heard the excitement and deeper emotion of passion in Max’s voice. She got the chills just thinking of being on the beach with him. Walking along the sand at night in the moonlight...

“She said yes cause my mom said she’d invited all my close friends. So Michael is going and...Maria is invited too.” Max said with only slight hesitation.

“Mi...Michael is going? He said he would, you’re sure?” Liz held her breath. She couldn’t believe that Michael had agreed to go somewhere with them. And her heartbeat raced at the thought of having both Max and Michael at the beach.

She turned to Maria then and smiled. She could hear the hesitation in Max’s voice when he said Maria was invited too, and she figured that Michael was there with him which was why he tried to sound so excited about Maria joining them to be with Michael.

“Max says you were invited too.” Liz tried to sound excited. She was actually looking forward to spending time with Maria if only she wouldn’t have to be there as Michael’s girlfriend.

Maria jumped up and down squealing at hearing that and then when Liz grinned and turned back toward the phone, Maria stopped jumping up and down and realized what it would mean if she didn’t go. Michael would be alone with Max and Liz...

Maria suddenly smiled wider, feeling a little wistful that she wouldn’t be joining them at the beach, but knowing it was now time for her friends to deal with the ever growing love they had for each other. It wasn’t going away and they were older now and had time to think of what they wanted. She couldn’t wait to tell Alex.

At least this would give her time to spend with Alex and his girlfriend. She didn’t know the girl well and this would give her time to get to know someone who meant so much to Alex.

“Okay, bye Max. I’ll see you later. I love you too.” Maria heard Liz say softly before she hung up the phone.

Then she spun around to face Maria again and smiling she sank onto the bed on her back and spread her arms wide. “WOW! Max and the beach!” she laughed in shear excitement.

“Well babe, I hope this doesn’t put a crimp in your plans, but I just remembered I promised my mom I’d help her in her store during my break. She’s been struggling with help the past few weeks and this is important for her.” Maria said looking sadly at Liz.

“Oh no! Maria! You’re sure? Could you ask her?” Liz sat up.

“Yeah, I could, and she might even say yes, but I know she needs the help, so I don’t want to ask.” Maria put on a serious face, doing her best acting job to date.

That got Liz and she only nodded. “No you’re right! Your mom probably would tell you to go and have a good time and then she’d be working day and night while you were gone.” Liz said with a frown. “Oh Maria! I’m going to miss you though!” Liz said honestly and hugged her friend again.

“I know Chica, and I’ll miss you too. I know you’ll all have fun though, so just have fun for me too okay?” she made Liz promise.

She wanted to tell Liz to go for it with Michael, but didn’t want to break her promise to Michael not to say anything to them. It was up to him to make that decision. All she’d done was give him the opportunity to take that chance.


That night Max and Liz sat snuggled up in the swing on the Evans porch. Liz had just finished telling Max Maria couldn’t go either. “ you know what this means?” She asked breathlessly.

Max’s husky voice told her how he felt about the thought. “Yeah.” He whispered and turned Liz to face him.

Liz could tell he was totally aroused and the thought excited her too. She’d been full of sexual passion just sitting here with Max, but now the thought of finally talking to Michael and confronting him added to the fire that was always between Max and Liz.

“Max...” Liz pleaded when he just continued to look down at her while he stroked her hair. His eyes were half mast with passion burning brightly in them.

Max smiled and opened his mouth to take Liz’s waiting one and they moaned together at the first touch, the first taste, as they always did.

Liz sighed into Max’s hot open mouth as his tongue stroked hers and then delved deep to love hers completely. His tongue made love to her mouth as he wanted to do with his body. He still hadn’t let Liz touch him below the waist. And now Liz had the perfect opportunity at the beach to change Max’s mind again. Thoughts of her seduction of him that day he was mowing lawns last year was still fresh in her mind, and her nipples tightened at the thought of what she could do this time to entice Max at the beach. And....Michael.

She groaned again and shivered. Max lifted his mouth from hers, their lips still clinging for a second before he looked down into her eyes again.

“Max...I...are you sure?” Liz asked and Max knew she was referring to their confronting Michael next week.

He smiled wryly and blushing he nodded. “Yeah. I’m still confused, but I know we need to talk to him. To confront this once and for all.”

Liz smiled gently and placed her hand on Max’s jaw. She knew how difficult this was for him and for Michael as well. It was easier for her. She just had to come to terms with a threesome relationship. While the guys had to overcome that and their sexuality. She knew that for some guys, it was obvious by this age what their sexual preference was. Not that it was ever easy, but some boys had known for years how they’d felt. But with Max and Michael, they were two all-men kind of guys who had never considered the thought of another guy until each other. For Max his life had been so clear. Liz was it from day one. And for Michael he’d obviously been interested in girls, was sexually attracted to her, and obviously to Maria. So for him this would all be a lot to deal with as well.

“I love you Max. I love you and if you couldn’t do this, I would love you and be with just you forever.” She said softly, letting Max know that she would do anything for him.

Max looked down at her with love shining in his eyes. “And both of us would only be half of ourselves...or is it a third of ourselves for the rest of our lives.” He answered just as softly, gently leaning forward and taking her lips lightly this time, just loving the taste of Liz and what just being with her always did to him, bringing him comfort, a balm to his soul.

“I know how much you need Michael Liz. I can feel it. And I need him too. We could make it work for the two of us, we love each other enough, but we wouldn’t be whole. Would we?” Max answered looking deep into her eyes as he held her face gently cupped in his large hands.

“No. We wouldn’t. I love Michael and yes, I need him. We need him.” Liz admitted, her huge eyes staring up into Max’s trustingly, lovingly.

“Then let’s go for it. Let’s confront Michael and see what he says.” Max smiled down at his soul mate.

Liz nodded but bit her lip.

“What?” Max asked softly.

“What if... what if he doesn’t want us enough to do this? Or what if... he and Maria are really happy. I don’t...I don’t want to hurt either of them. Maria deserves to be happy and so does Michael.” Liz answered looking anxious and torn again.

“Liz...dig deep and know what you feel. Michael doesn’t love Maria and Maria doesn’t love Michael. I think... they are both content together, because they are good friends...and possibly lovers...” Max had a hard time saying. “But...the way Michael still looks at you when he thinks no one is looking, and the way Maria still looks at Kyle when she thinks no one is looking...We might be doing everyone a favor. And...and if I’m wrong, Michael will tell us.” Max finished.

“Oh Max! I’m so scared! Sometimes I think I FEEL how much Michael wants us and other times I think he’s very happy with Maria and I’m just deluding myself, that it’s all just wishful thinking on my part. What if he turns us down?” Liz bit her lip again.

“’s a chance we’ll have to take Liz, love,” Max said and held her tight. He too was afraid of finally admitting to Michael his feelings and having them rejected.

“So next weekend is it?” Liz clarified with a shaky voice. Her anxiety mixed with anticipation making her whole body shake.

“Yeah...everything will come to a head.” Max said and then blushed when Liz giggled.

“Let’s hope so.”

“You are so bad Liz Parker!” Max nipped at her neck now, a teasing glint in his eyes.

“Only with you Max Evans. And hopefully soon, with Michael Guerin too.” She whispered the promise in his hair as she held him tight.


I had to let them grow up at least one more year. Remember, at the dance they were only 14 1/2. A little too young to deal with heavy sex nevermind three way relationships. *happy* But now....well... this is it. *wink*

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Well I struggled with this part for awhile. I know where I want to go, but the getting there takes awhile. I'm still not completely crazy about this part, but I don't want to keep you all waiting any longer and I don't know if I'll get a chance to work on this more before Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I'm going in for an operation. I'll probably be out of commision for atleast a week, so I wanted to let you all know so you wouldn't wonder where I'd gone to. But I'm hoping to be able to write again soon after that! I'm not sure how long it will take to recover, but we'll see. *happy*

But here is the next part. Enjoy! And I hope to be back soon!

Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda

E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.


Part 14

Liz was deep in thought as she scrubbed the milkshake machine at the Crashdown after closing time. Tomorrow they were going to the beach! It had been a long week and she was excited and nervous. She’d felt like she was going to jump out of her skin on and off all day. What if Michael turned them down flat? What if he told them he didn’t feel that way anymore, that he had moved on and was in love with Maria? They did seem very comfortable together. Even though Max said they didn’t look or act in love...what if they were. Liz swallowed feeling sick to her stomach at the thought. But what if they confronted him and it DID work out. Her stomach did flips and she got hot and shaky just thinking of it. Of having Max and Michael all to herself for 5 whole days on the beach in California. Of seeing their tanned, muscular skin all day, everyday, wet from the water or sweat, rippling muscles that...

“Hey Parker! Hurry up with that and come here and chat with Maria and I before you have to go finish packing.” Alex called out from the booth he was occupying.

Maria had been watching Liz all night, but had kept her thoughts to herself. Now she turned to Alex as she finished her mopping. “She’s been churned up pretty much all day. I think I need to tell her it’s okay to go for it.” Maria decided as she watched the conflicting emotions cross Liz’s face again as she turned towards her friends.

Maria smiled at Liz as Liz came towards them.

“Yeah, good idea, but can you do that without breaking Michael’s confidences?” Alex asked looking Liz over as well.

“I think so, I’ve been thinking about it and how to do it. I’m afraid that as much as Liz and Max love Michael, if they think he’s happy, they’ll leave him alone. And I know that part of Liz is planning how to confront Michael, but the other half worries about what that would do to me. I need to tell her it’s okay.” Maria explained to Alex who nodded.

“Hey Liz, so tomorrow it’s fun in the sun huh?” Alex grinned as his little friend approached and sat down next to him and across from Maria.

“Yeah.” Liz grinned, her excitement stirring up again at the thought. “I can’t wait. A whole five days with Max and...well, five days of fun at the beach.” Liz quickly corrected.

Alex and Maria exchanged glances. “Listen Liz,” Maria started.

Liz stiffened, waiting for Maria to tell her to take care of Michael for HER. This would really make it impossible for Liz to try to seduce Michael. She bit her lip and twisted the cleaning rag still in her hands.

“It’s okay Lizzie. I think you guys have waited long enough. I think you and Max should confront Michael and make him admit his feelings.” Maria said quietly, her eyes understanding and warm as they met Liz’s wide shocked ones.

“I don’t know what....” Liz started.

“You three belong together Liz. Go for it.” Maria grinned when she saw Liz’s eyes widen and then fill with hope.

“Maria? What?” Liz started to ask, her stomach churning and flipping over wondering just what that meant.

“Don’t ask me anymore Chica. I don’t want to break a confidence. Just trust me. You and Max can make Michael happy. The three of you belong together.” Maria assured her friend with another smile.

Alex winked when Liz looked at him. Then she looked again at Maria. “You guys are the best you know that?” she swallowed emotionally now.

“We love you Parker, all three of you, and we want to see you all happy. You three are so right for each other.” Alex told Liz, covering her hand to steady her shaking and wringing of them.

“Do...does...does Kyle know?” Liz asked looking nervously from one to the other. She knew how anxious Max was of what everyone would think, and she knew Michael must be as well. It was great to know that both Maria and Alex knew and didn’t find it offensive or unacceptable.

“I don’t think Kyle’s figured it out yet, but I’m sure when he does he’ll just be happy that Maria is free.” Alex teased and nudged Liz’s shoulder.

Liz smiled knowing that was true. She’d seen Kyle giving Maria enough looks lately. “Thanks you two. I hope....I hope we can convince Michael. And that...Max and Michael can overcome their fears as well.” Liz bit her lip.

Maria and Alex nodded. They could only imagine how their friends must feel.

“Go finish packing Liz and try to get some sleep. We’re done down here. I’ll lock up. You have a long flight tomorrow and you want to be refreshed for your men. And I think they are going to need your help in accepting their love of each other.” Maria said softly, and with a twinkle in her eyes.

Liz’s eyes lit up with excitement at the thought, and then dulled a little in worry. “I hope so Maria! And thank you both again! I love you guys!” Liz said and jumping up, she hugged them and rushed up stairs.


Michael lay looking up at the ceiling of the tree house as he tossed and turned. He was still debating how smart this trip was knowing Maria wasn’t going. The logical part of him knew he shouldn’t go. He should not be this close to Max and Liz, alone with them on a beach for almost a week. All he had worked towards for almost the past two years with Maria could all come crashing down if he lost control and let Max and Liz know how much he loved them and needed them still. But then the illogical part of him said the hell with it. He was tired of holding back from them. He wanted to just be with them for once without worrying or thinking about how he had to put on a show with Maria. He just wanted it to be like it used to be. Just the three of them. Comfortable and happy together. He could make this work. After all, it seemed that Max and Liz had gotten even closer and they seemed perfect the way they were. And although this pained Michael in some ways, it also made him very pleased and content to see them so happy together and in love. He would enjoy the time he got to spend with them, and watch and enjoy their loving. He could do it. He loved them enough to just be around them and enjoy that. He ignored the hot hardness between his legs, telling himself he needed to relax and take deep breaths. He wouldn’t have the luxury of doing something about it for the next five days so he’d better get used to thinking of an alternative outlet for his need. And he did have needs. Just the thought of being alone on the beach with Liz and Max was causing his throbbing discomfort. And, he admitted with a sigh, it wasn’t just Liz he was aching for.


Max lay staring up at his ceiling trying to calm down enough to sleep. Liz had just called to tell him what Maria had said. They didn’t know what Maria meant by that, whether Michael and she had just broken up, or that Michael had finally admitted to Maria how he really felt about Max and Liz, or just that Maria had gotten a ‘feeling’. All they knew what Maria had said to go for it. That was all they’d needed. Now Max lay back terrified and excited both at the thought of what this week at the beach might bring about. Everything would change one way or another that was for sure, he realized. And that terrified him. But it also excited him beyond belief. He gritted his teeth and refused to do something about the throbbing ache between his legs at the thought of having both Liz and Michael alone for five days on a beach. He’d save it for the beach, for Liz....and God help him, for Michael too if he would let him.


Diane Evans smiled as she looked back between the seats of the airplane and saw the three teens sleeping in the row behind them. She turned and met her husband’s eyes and they nodded. This trip had been just what Max had needed. He’d been so uptight and stressed lately, and even Liz and he had seemed uptight, although still very much in love and together. And they had seen so little of Michael recently. The little boy they’d come to love as their own had been absent a lot lately and they’d missed him. So they’d thought a vacation with Max and all his friends would help, and it already seemed as if it had. Although all of his friends couldn’t make it, the three musketeers as everyone had always called them, were back together and seemed content and peaceful.

Diane knew, as a mother, she should worry about the strong bond that Max and Liz had always had, and how exclusive they had always been with each other. She knew she should mention to them that they should see others, to know for sure that their love was a lasting one. After all, they’d decided they were it for each other the minute they’d met. But she knew that with Max and Liz both being different, and seeing first hand, the magic between them when they were together, she didn’t think in their case it was necessary. She’d never seen two more people so devoted and in love before, especially at such a young age, but it was there. And she had a feeling it was something to do with their alien side. Somehow their species must just know who they are to be with. She sighed wishing it was that easy for humans, so they wouldn’t have to suffer through trying to find the right one. Love was difficult enough even when you found the right person.

Diane just hoped that she was right and that Max and Liz were not intimate yet. She was almost sure she’d be able to tell when they were. There would just be a different closeness and level of comfort that was still missing. And the sexual tension that was so obvious when Max and Liz were around each other also gave away the fact that they had not crossed over to that final step yet. She was pleased, relieved and really surprised that these two hadn’t yet, considering how long they’d been in love. But she was glad. They had their whole lives ahead of them to be adults. But she knew they were 16, almost 17 now, and that it probably wouldn’t be much longer. She just hoped that they were prepared and that Max would take care of Liz. In fact, Phillip had bought Max contraceptives last week, trying to decide when and how to give them to him. Not that they wanted to promote promiscuity, but they wanted to let the teens know that if they were going to become active, that they needed to be mature enough to protect themselves. Although knowing Max, and how he was so protective of Liz, Diane wouldn’t be surprised if he’d bought protection years ago, she smiled at the thought. She was just amazed at how mature Max had always been for his age, and how he had known his mind from day one when it came to Liz and he’d never faltered. She assumed that his maturity was also an alien trait, and although she wished he’d been a little bit more carefree and not always so mature, it was also wonderful to have a son with a good head on his shoulders.

Diane sighed happily and turning back around, she put her head on Phillips’ shoulder and closed her eyes.

Max woke when the plane hit an air pocket and he felt Liz’s head bounce on his chest. He immediately put his hand to her head to steady her, and then let his hand continue down her hair, sliding his hands into the cool silk, always loving the feeling of her sleek, sexy hair between his fingers. He sighed and turned past Liz to see Michael on the other side of Liz, against the window. He too was asleep, looking as exhausted as they’d all looked this morning when they’d climbed onto the plane. He smiled when he noticed that Liz had not only put the arm rest up between his and her seat, but obviously between Michael’s and hers too. Her legs were bent behind her, but stretched out enough to tucked under Michael’s thigh, and Michael had a hand wrapped around an ankle, unconsciously Max knew. For if Michael knew he had Liz’s ankle lovingly wrapped in his hand, he’d have stiffened and moved them. But in his subconscious, touching and loving Liz came naturally to him, Max acknowledged pleased. That was one step in the right direction. Then he bit his lip. But would Michael accept him? Or them, and their relationship as well as one with Liz? They would hopefully find out in the next five days either way, once and for all.

Max realized he had to go to the bathroom but hated to disturb Liz. He looked down at her dark eyes and knew she too must have had a hard time sleeping last night. He smiled and kissed her forehead lovingly and settled back into the seat holding Liz close and just enjoying the feel of her pressed along his side, her sweet breath lightly blowing against his neck. He could stay like this forever and be happy.

Michael watched from under lowered lids as Max lovingly touched and caressed Liz’s sleeping form. He loved watching Max with Liz. He’d never seen anything or anyone as beautiful as Max when he was loving Liz in any way.

Michael smiled wryly when he realized Liz had tucked her tiny little feet beneath him and that he was holding her ankle almost protectively in his hand. He let his thumb rub against her ankle for a minute before he reluctantly removed his hand and stretched. Then met Max’s eyes and smiled, sharing a moment as two friends.

Michael realized he had to go to the bathroom, and he groaned as he sat up and started to crawl past Liz and Max. He wouldn’t wake Liz for anything, so he twisted and turned to get past them. Max helped by scooting his own legs out of the way since Liz’s were up on the seat.

Max watched Michael scoot back into his seat a few minutes later and gave his friend a pleading look.

Michael nodded and Max gently eased Liz over to the waiting Michael to take her into his own arms and let her head lean against his chest so Max could get up and take a turn in the bathroom.

“Thanks Michael.” Max said softly, his voice gravely from sleep.

Michael nodded, holding Liz tighter to him as a chill ran up his spine at Max’s suddenly sexy sounding voice.

Anytime. Michael thought to himself as he looked down at Liz as she easily wrapped her arms around him now and leaned so normally into him. She sighed and mumbled and Michael couldn’t help the smile that came to his face. He loved when she mumbled in her sleep. The many times the three of them had fallen asleep together looking up at the stars or in front of a movie over the years have given him that knowledge. When Liz’s hand slipped into his he looked down surprised. Even in sleep she seemed to reach of him. Michael thought about removing his hand, but wanted to hold her tiny hand for just a few minutes. He looked around, and seeing that no one was watching, he quickly kissed Liz’s forehead and let his other hand run down her long cool, smooth locks. Max wasn’t the only one who had a hair fetish when it came to Liz. Then an unexpected thought came into Michael’s head and he wondered how Max’s dark locks would feel in his hands.

“Thanks again,” Max said startling him out of his thoughts as he returned to his seat.

Michael jumped guiltily and was startled at being caught with his hand on Liz’s hair, but was even more surprised when he saw the approval and understanding in Max’s eyes. Had Max seen him kiss Liz’s head? Michael didn’t know what to think and so he pretended nothing had happened, as usual.

Michael started to move Liz back over to Max but Max waved him off. “She looks comfortable; we probably shouldn’t move her again.” Max said softly and covered Liz and Michael’s joined hands, looking intently into Michael’s eyes but saying nothing. “Unless you mind...?” Max trailed off, a question in his voice.

Michael slowly swallowed and removed his hand from under Max and Liz’s and gave Max the best offhand shrug he could pull off, letting Max think it didn’t matter to him either way, but knowing neither was fooled, and then turned to look out the window, trying not to enjoy Liz in his arms too much.

Max saw the gentle way Michael held Liz to him, and how relaxed Michael was and he tried not to smile knowingly.

Diane stared straight ahead, her own thoughts churning, her eyes wide with what she had just seen. How had she not known? How had she not guessed over the years that Michael was as in love with Liz as Max was? And what was that look Max had given Michael? It was as if Max not only didn’t mind, but couldn’t blame Michael and accepted it. She worried now that Michael would get hurt in the end, and thought Max was naive to be so casual about letting Michael hold her, assuming his friend was just being a friend. Couldn’t Max see the look in Michael’s eyes when he looked at Liz? How had she not known herself? Now it made sense to her why Michael had stayed away from his friends lately. And she felt bad for him. She sighed hoping this vacation settled things between the three friends.


be right back...
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14 continued...

The ride to the beach house from the airport wasn’t very long, and soon the group was piling out of the car and checking out their home for the next five days.

Liz tossed her bag on the big bed in her room and smiled as she went to the window, flung it open and sighed at the beauty of the ocean right beyond her room. She could smell the sea air and was in heaven. The beauty of the ocean and Max and Michael for five days. She couldn’t wait! She had been startled when she’d woken up on the plane in Michael’s arms, but had been pleased when she’d met Max’s twinkling eyes, and like Max, she hoped that it was a good sign.

With her excited thoughts, she quickly changed into her bathing suit. A conservative two piece red one since she was not ready to put her seduction plan into work just yet. She wanted to see what Max wanted to do first. And besides, the Evans were around right now too.

Liz was headed down the hall on her way to the outer room when she saw Max and Michael standing in their room.

“Hey guys! You ready to hit the beach?” she called out cheerfully.

One look at their uncomfortable faces, and she stopped smiling and looked from one to the other, then to the room for the first time. There was only a queen size bed in the room, not the twins they’d both been expecting. Liz’s eyes widened and then she imagined Max and Michael on the bed together and her face flushed with arousal.

She quickly tried to hide it but not before Max saw it and his own face flushed with excitement.

Liz knew if she didn’t do something to distract them, things might just blow up in their faces right now for Michael looked very uncomfortable too.

“Well come on! The beach is waiting!” she grinned and pulled both guys out of the room with her.

She knew they both had their bathing suits on under their clothes since they’d discussed it earlier, so she quickly got them out the door and onto the beach to distract them from the sleeping arraignments.

“Do you kids want lunch first?” Diane Evans called out as Liz dragged the guys past the small kitchen.

“Later okay, mom?” Max called out as he grinned and let Liz drag him out onto the beach. After all, this is where he’d wanted to be all week.


Liz peeled off her huge t-shirt and laughed as she grabbed a towel that was on the outside table and ran towards the sand, looking back over her shoulder at the guys who were still standing on the deck. Both of them were frozen where they stood after Liz had stripped off her t-shirt and treated them to most of her golden skinned body.

It wasn’t like they hadn’t seen her in a bathing suit before she thought with a shy smile, but was pleased at their reactions. Both of them. Things were definitely looking up. She thought with a grin as she put down her towel and sat waiting for the guys to join her.

It was her turn to freeze and suck in her breath when she saw them suddenly peel off their own shirts and unzip their pants and kicking their clothes out of the way, they followed her down to the sand.

The intimate feel of watching the two men she loved unzip and shed their clothes sent her juices flowing and the blood in her veins to start to boil. Was that how they’d felt when she’d casually done the same thing?

Max’s eyes darkened when he noticed Liz’s arousal. As he dropped his towel down beside her, he could see her flushed face, harsh breathing and her nipples tight and hard against her bikini top.

His own breath was coming out harsh still from her undressing, and now he needed to touch Liz. But his parents were still right inside and he was afraid if he kissed her the way he wanted to right now, he wouldn’t stop until she was under him, naked in the sand.

And as his eyes glanced sideways, he saw Michael was just as hard as he was, the evidence pushing out against his shorts, Max hardened even more. Damn! It was getting more and more difficult to hide his reactions to Michael too. He didn’t know if it was just that he’d finally decided to go for it with Michael, or something else, but the pull was getting stronger with Michael as well.

Michael groaned and tossing his towel down beside his two friends, he mumbled something about cold water and ran and dove into the ocean.

Max watched Michael’s quick departure and felt for him. He knew Michael was probably as turned on as he was and felt he would only have the water to ease his ache. Wrong Michael. All you have to do is let us in and we’ll all take care of each other, Max thought.

Max shared the look with Liz and sat down. “Liz...I have to touch you but...”

“I know.” Liz whispered still breathing heavily. Having seen up close both Max and Michael’s hardness pushing against the front of their shorts had made her almost orgasm right there. She was in big trouble. Here she’d thought that she would do all the seducing.

Liz watched Max sit down carefully and knew why. She couldn’t take her eyes off the part of him he’d still kept from her.

“’re not making this any easier.” Max groaned seeing where her eyes were.

“I’m not making it any harder either. It doesn’t look like it could get any harder. Could it?” Liz let the first thing she’d thought of pop out of her mouth and Max choked. He wanted to laugh but he hurt too much and Liz was still staring at him intently, licking her lips in fascination.

“I...I...God Max I want...”she swallowed and taking a deep breath she finally met his eyes again which were dark and raging with arousal.

“I want to rip that little thing off of you.” Max admitted in a growl. Then he looked around and spotted the suntan oil. With a half smile, and still under heavy-lidded eyes, he held it up and tipped it open.

Liz’s eyes widened and then lowered with passion herself as she turned so Max could reach her back.

Max licked his lips and squirting a moderate amount into his shaking hand, tossed the bottle, and rubbing his hands together, he finally placed them on Liz’s soft bare skin. They both sighed and moaned.

“Kids!” Diane Evans called out from the deck not far away.

Max and Liz jumped even though they weren’t doing anything they shouldn’t. It was just the feelings they made each other feel that startled them guiltily.

“Max, honey, your dad and I are going to run to the store to stock up on food supplies and such. Do you kids want anything special?” she asked.

“Only Liz and Michael.” Max said softly so only Liz could hear.

Liz sucked in her breath at that, and the thought of the three of them rolling around on that big bed in the guys’ room made Liz shiver with need. And then the thought of the two guys naked and touching each other with need, bodies’ slick from sweat left her even wetter than she had been between her legs.

Should have brought tampon. She swore. At this rate she’d be wearing wet panties all week.

“I think we’re good mom, thanks!” Max shouted back.

“Yeah, I certainly have everything I want right here.” Liz said sighed and looked from Max to Michael who was just coming back towards them, and Max tightened his hands on her shoulders for a second in agreement.

Max and Liz moaned simultaneously as they watched a wet Michael, now under control again or so it seemed, come flop down next to them.

“My mom’s going to the stores, need anything specific?” Max asked trying to just concentrate on finishing Liz’s back.

“Nah. I’m okay.” Michael said and couldn’t help but watch Max’s big hands slickly run down Liz’s golden bare skin. He could see Liz was still aroused by the twin peaks of her nipples still stiffly against her suit, and he swallowed and tried to look away. But that led him to Max’s huge bulge tenting his shorts still and with a groan he lay down and closed his eyes. So much for the cool water. He felt himself starting to harden again but realized he was going to be like this the whole week so he might as well just ignore it if he could.

Max and Liz’s eyes were both riveted on Michael’s prone form. The water was sluicing off of him and he’d started to harden right before their eyes.

Liz had to touch both Max and Michael. She couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed the oil and even though both guys had deep golden tans she knew they needed the protection too.

“Who’s next?” Liz tried to say with a light smile.

“Ahhh why don’t you do Michael first Liz, I need a minute to calm down after touching you.” Max admitted to them both.

Michael sat up, his eyes widened and then lowered to half mast with heat. The words “do Michael” kept ringing in his ears. What would he give to have Liz ‘do him’? Or even Max for that matter. He swore to himself. He’d been lusting over Max as much as he had Liz since they’d come out here and he was getting used to that too.

Michael didn’t know if he should let Liz touch him. But then he thought what difference would it make? He wasn’t going to calm down anytime soon. Might as well enjoy her touch even innocently.

Liz’s breath quickened when she saw Michael turn around after staring at her thoughtfully for a few minutes. She knew he’d been having an internal battle, and she was glad his need had won out. It seemed like the three of them were becoming more and more drawn to each other as the minutes passed.

Max took the tube from Liz’s hand and with glittering eyes, he looked between Michael and Liz and squirted the oil into Liz’s palms and watched hotly as she slicked it down Michael’s muscular back.

Michael swore as he had watched Max with the oil. Max had just taken the seemingly innocent moment and turned up the heat until it was almost blatant sex they were having here. And then the feel of Liz’s little hands all of him made him moan aloud and his head to fall forward.

Liz and Max both felt Michael relax and open up towards them and they exchanged looks. Both of them were so hot and wanting so badly to touch Michael everywhere. To love him with their lips and hands. But was he ready to talk or ready for more?

Michael suddenly stiffened and regretfully pulled away and turned back toward the two. He pinned a smile on his face trying to look relaxed and not all hot and hungry. “I think it’s Maxwell’s turn now Liz. Before he gets burnt.” He swallowed. He was aching to have Liz’s hands back on him and wanted Max’s on him too. He’d closed his eyes for a moment before and had imagined Liz’s hands roaming more than his back, and then he’d gone on to imagine the feel of a larger, stronger hand running up his thigh with his throbbing cock as its target. That was when he’d decided he’d better stop Liz’s hands from oiling him up, and he’d turned back to them as calmly as he could.

Max looked at Michael with intense eyes but said nothing. And after another minute, he smiled at Liz and turned his back to her.

Michael gritted his teeth as he watched Liz lovingly glide her hands down Max’s back. She started at his strong shoulders and caressed her way down his muscular back and then up his spine, teasingly. He could see her eyes feasting on Max and her hands loving him gently. He couldn’t help but smiled tightly when he saw Max jump when Liz ran her hands up his spine. He was sensitive to her touch. Had Liz looked at him this way when she’d glided her hands down his back?

He continued to watch Max’s muscles ripple and stretch as Liz caressed his back and neck and now she leaned closer and reached around to oil his chest as well. Max groaned but didn’t stop her, and his head went down as he closed his long lashed eyes and enjoyed the sensations Liz was creating. And now Michael was getting harder just thinking of his own hands on Max’s incredible back and chest. He knew how much Max worked out in his room and at the school weight room at school. And he could see how well it was paying off. Liz couldn’t keep her hands off of him.

Michael had been working out too, but didn’t think he was anywhere near as muscular and defined as Max. Michael watched hungrily as Liz liberally enjoyed all of the skin on Max’s body that was exposed as she now ran her hands down his thighs. God he wanted to touch Max too.

Michael sighed. He’d stopped fighting his own mind when it came to loving Max. He couldn’t admit it aloud, but he now couldn’t deny it to himself anymore. Max Evans turned him on. He wanted Max as much as Liz did.

And then he turned to refocus on Liz’s cute little body and he felt another jump between his legs. Nope... still not all out gay. He was totally aching for Liz too, and didn’t know how he could love both of them so equally, but he did.

And he sensed from everything Max and Liz had done since they’d started this trip, that the two of them were also attracted to him. But what could they do about it? It would ruin their friendship forever if Michael took them up on some loving kisses and making out, and he wasn’t absolutely sure that Max wanted HIS attentions so much as he might just be liking the idea of Michael with Liz. What if Max had never thought about Michael the way Michael was thinking about Max? Maybe Max just loved him as a friend, but knew that Liz wanted him, and he was willing to allow Liz to....what? He knew Max and Liz hadn’t made love yet, so what did they want from him? Did they just want Michael to make out with Liz? Did Liz really love him so much that Max was going to allow her to kiss and love him too?

“Liz...” Max said hoarsely when he realized he wouldn’t be able to take much more of her all over caressing of his body. The one part that wanted her hands most was now fully raging and he was afraid that if he let her continue either she would reach for him or he would beg her to.

Liz sighed and removed her hands from Max’s beautiful and so tempting body, and looked over at Michael under her lashes. She gasped when she saw the raw hunger in his eyes as he eyed Max’s now slickly oiled muscles. Oh my God! She thought. Could Michael finally be feeling for Max what Max had been feeling for him? Her stomach did a flip flop at the thought of the two of them together all oiled and slick like they were, and she swallowed realizing that she had better go take a turn in the ocean or she would jump both of them right here in the open.

Liz blinked and stumbling to her feet she smiled dazedly, and mumbling something about the water looking inviting, she turned and ran towards the surf. Later couldn’t come soon enough! Was rambling around in her head as she dove into the refreshingly cool water.


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I hope it will only be a few more days! Thank you all again! hugs to you all!!!!
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Hi all! Wow! THanks for the bumps and well wishes! You guys are so wonderful. And just to reward you, I've finally gotten over my writer's block and have about 20 pages for you. (And we're talking nookie!) I just need to look it all over and make corrections and hopefully it will be ready to go out later today or tonight.

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You guys have been so patient waiting for this so I'll get right to it. Enjoy!
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Split in two parts for length.

Love Knows No Bounds
By Linda

E-mail: Crazy4Roswell⊕
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU - CC/UC/Slash (Max/Liz/Michael)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters. Just borrowing them for a bit. ;)
Summary: Max, Liz and Michael are the aliens. They were lovers on Antar in their previous life until Khivar killed them. With the help of Zan’s mother, the three are podded and sent to Earth but when the ship crashes the three become separated, with no knowledge of their past lives. When they meet up again in Roswell, what happens to them is a journey of discovery, confusion and the joy and pain of falling in love. But it is a love that will not be denied, for these soul mates have loved throughout many lifetimes with a love that knows no bounds.

Part 15

When Liz came out of the water she headed towards her two guys. She had not only had time to cool off, but to think, as she swam around out there and watched Max and Michael just sitting awkwardly watching her. Liz’s mind was set; she was determined to make this work. They needed Michael, and he clearly needed them. Or so she hoped. She had sneaked peeks at Michael as she’d oiled up Max’s beautiful body, and thought she’d seen his interest in Max’s bare flesh as she’d run her slick hands over him. She thought she’d detected a hunger and want. She just hoped she was right.

“Hey guys,” Liz smiled slyly as she ran past them to the deck and grabbed the Frisbee off the picnic table.

She was pleased to notice how both sets of eyes followed her eagerly. She was pretty sure Michael still wanted her too if his looks and earlier reactions were any indication.

“Get off your cute butts and let’s play keep away.” She called out as she swished by them again, glad she hadn’t bothered toweling off, since she knew how either Max or Michael dripping wet would turn her on.

She turned towards them once she was about 40 feet away and giggled when she noticed they were still just staring at her.

“You gonna lay around all day or will you come play with me? Or do I have to play all by myself?” she pouted.

She saw Max’s eyes widen in arousal and then lower to half mast and she knew he was taking her words differently then she’d meant. She felt her own nipples harden and she took in a deep breath. Oh how she wanted Max. She was dying for more of his wonderful body. He’d kept her hands off of the lower part of his body so far, saying he didn’t trust himself if she touched him where he needed her the most. Well Liz was going to make sure that changed this week too. Michael wasn’t the only one she was going to seduce on this vacation.

Michael was thinking. He knew that the way he was feeling about both of them, the last thing he should be doing is playing contact sport with them, but he was tired of being careful. He had come on this trip to have fun with Max and Liz like he used to. And although he didn’t think they would have fun like they used to anymore, he was willing to give a little and see where it went. And if this was the only way he could get his hands on Liz or even Max, then so be it. Innocently he could touch them and they would all feel safe. This might be a way to see just how everyone was really feeling and just what they wanted to do about it.

Max saw Michael thinking it over and he held his breath. When Michael finally glanced at Max and their eyes met, Max relaxed a little seeing the agreement in Michael’s eyes, to play this little game. In silent agreement, the two boys got up and slowly came towards Liz.

At first Liz clapped her hands as she saw them stand up to play, until she realized they were coming at her with the heated looks of predators.

Liz almost melted when she saw their looks, and was about to run towards them, when she realized that she had challenged them to a game of keep away and SHE had the Frisbee she was supposed to keep from them.

With that, she squealed and started to run.


It was late afternoon when the three of them stopped horsing around and ran out of the water and fell, laughing, onto their towels on the beach.

They had fallen close to each other, and somehow Michael had fallen in between them. They had literally dropped where they were, breathing hard, having had a great day together.

Liz felt Michael’s outstretched hand touch hers and she sucked in her breath and boldly slid hers into his. At first she thought he might move his hand away when he’d suddenly stiffened, but instead he’d tightened his hand in hers, leaving her heart racing happily. This day had shown a promise of hope for Liz and Max with Michael and she was excited at the progress.

With the pretense of playing keep away, the three had opened up to one another the way they didn’t feel they could easily any other way. Liz had started it, letting the guys know she welcomed their hands on her by making sure that every chance she had, she touched them all over. Her hands would skim their torsos and her legs, when she was wrestling with one of them would slide against hard throbbing male parts that left her gasping. She would see them stiffen and stare at her, and she would meet their eyes with a knowing smile and then run a hand down their chests to let them know she knew exactly what she was doing and that she loved it. And she had even noticed how Max and Michael had wrestled a few times for the Frisbee, and how they had held a little longer than necessary. How both of them had been very casual about their touching of each other, but that their bodies would roll and slam into each other longer than necessary a time or two, and that eyes would look hotly at each other for a second before turning away and becoming all male and competitive again. Yes, it was a good start she smiled in memory and now just took pleasure in Michael’s hand holding hers tightly.

On the other side of Michael, he felt Max’s hand and his just touching, innocently. He swallowed, and was compelled to nudged the hand, letting Max know he was aware they were touching even if just barely. What he hadn’t expected was Max to stiffen and then slowly turn his hand into Michaels to clasp it like Michael had clasped Liz’s.

Michael’s heart rate picked up and he wondered if it meant anything? Did Max mean anything by that other than as a friend who had had a great day and was content and happy and wanted him to know it? Sure as kids, the three of them had held hands once in awhile, usually when Liz was around, but usually they held Liz’s hand. And they were not kids anymore. He swallowed wondering what it meant.

His heartbeat was pounding, and not just from the running around and chasing each other they’d done all afternoon. He was flying from the feel of both Liz and Max’s hands in his. And he was scared and yet high from the feel of Max’s hard hand against his. He was finally ready to admit, if only to himself, how much he loved Max Evans. How much he’d ALWAYS loved Max. He could imagine himself spending the rest of his life with both Max and Liz, just like this. And he could, in his craziest fantasies, wish that he could be with Max and Liz as lovers to them both. Something just felt right about the thought, but Michael kept it pushed far back in his mind, knowing that it couldn’t be. Not really. Although he’d admitted to himself he “could” love Max, as in kiss and hold and...make love to Max, he knew he couldn’t really see it going anywhere but in his dreams. In real life, this dream could not live. Not only was a threesome type relationship almost unheard of in the normal world, but in the lives of three teens? Hell, Max and Liz hadn’t even made love themselves yet, and here he thought they and society might accept not only young teens loving each other, but THREE teens together in a relationship.

And he still wasn’t sure what Max and Liz wanted. He knew Liz was as attracted to him as he was to her, and that she didn’t want to fight it, and Max seemingly was willing to let Liz be with Michael sort of...but more than that he didn’t know. What did it mean? Was Max willing to let him be WITH Liz? Or was it only when the three were together could Michael live out his dreams and hold and kiss Liz Parker?

And what about his dreams of Max? Lately he’d had a lot of dreams of Max. And they were as vivid and explosive as his dreams of Liz. In these dreams, he was tasting Max’s sexy lips and watching Max lower his long lashes against his beautiful face in surrender as Michael ran his hands down over Max’s naked body as it was sprawled out below him on his bed. At other times, Max was leaning over him, and they would kiss and hold each other tight, their naked bodies throbbing with need, pressed together completely from head to toe.

Michael bit his lip trying to push those thoughts aside. Now was NOT the time to be reliving those dreams! He did not want to ruin this moment with such intense and intimate thoughts. He just wanted, for the moment, to hold both Liz and Max close, the only way he could.

Max held tightly to Michael’s hand and sighed inwardly. God it felt good and right to hold Michael’s hand. Just as right as it did when he held his precious Liz’s hand. He knew this had to work. It was just ‘right’ as Liz had said before. His own heart was beating almost out of his chest with just this small touch of Michael. Because it meant something. He knew it. It meant that Michael was accepting some of what he and Liz had been trying to tell him. Maybe he wasn’t ready for all of it yet, but he could just about be ready to listen to what they had to say.

He wished he could be holding Liz’s hand too right now. Then all would be perfect for him. But he was hoping that with Michael in the middle that Liz had his other hand and that was just as good. They could both let Michael know how they felt.

Max could see Michael’s shorts were tented slightly and he hoped excitedly that it was due to him as much as it was due to Liz. He knew Liz made Michael react, but did he? Was Michael attracted to him? He was letting his hand be held. Max had to know, so he slowly let his thumb start to rub against the inside of Michael’s wrist in an intimate soft caress. And Max sucked in his breath and felt his own length expand and grow to push up against his shorts when Michael’s cock hardened with every caress Max made on his sensitive skin.

“Kids! Dinner’s almost ready! Why don’t you come in and wash up? Max do you want to help your dad with the grill?”

The three jumped up guiltily at the voice of Mrs. Evans intruding on their intimate moment.

Max groaned when he heard Michael swear under his breath, rake a hand over his hair, and jump to his feet.

Liz and Max exchanged knowing looks of worry, seeing the confused and wary look cross Michael’s face again.

“Michael...” Max started, but didn’t know what to say.

“God what was I thinking! This is crazy! Just...stay away from me Max! Both of you! DAMN!” Michael swore looking from one shocked face to the other and then he took off down the beach.

Liz gasped and held a hand to her mouth.

Max’s mouth tightened and his own eyes were filled with pain as he slid closer to Liz and put his arm around her. “Shhh it’s okay Liz. He’ll be back. He just needs....”

“More time? I think he’s had plenty of time Max. If he’d wanted this...” Liz just shook her head and buried it in Max’s bare shoulder.

Max held Liz tightly to him and kissed her head. “I know Liz. I know.” He whispered feeling the rejection too. They had been so close.


Michael had been lying with his eyes closed, drinking in Max’s scent and his caress, letting himself open up to him as he’d never allowed before when Mrs. Evans had called out.

With that intrusion into real life, Michael felt fear and shame simultaneously. Fear that Mrs. Evans would see him and Max holding hands, and shame at what she might think or say. Shame because Max had just about seduced him right there in front of anyone who had cared to observe. At that moment he’d been so vulnerable and open to Max, that if Max had turned to him then and kissed him he’d have given anything and everything he could to Max at that moment.

It would have been one thing to explain to the Evans Liz’s hand in his, but to explain why he’d been holding their son’s hand and that he was hot and hard because of it, was another.

Now he walked down the beach as fast as he could to get away from Liz and Max’s wounded looks when he’d pulled away and rejected what they’d offered. He couldn’t do it. Whatever they’d wanted, it couldn’t be. In their dreams it might have been, but not in real life. There was just no place for this, whatever it was, in real life. He couldn’t live his life with everyone knowing he loved Max Evans. Not like that. He’d been brought up like most people had, that loving another man was very unpopular and the cause of a lot of grief and shame. It didn’t stop him from loving and wanting Max with all his heart and body, but it did make him realize he couldn’t fulfill that wish for himself or Max.

And he couldn’t have Liz either. She was Max’s, and no matter how much she wanted Michael or he wanted her, she would never give up Max and he would never want her to. So he had to give them both up. Again. He’d thought he could do this. Be with them like they had as kids, but he’d been wrong.


As the hours passed with no sign of Michael, Liz grew more and more despondent. when he hadn’t shown up for dinner, Max had told his parents that Michael wasn’t hungry, and that he’d just wanted to walk the beach and explore for awhile.

But now the sun was getting ready to set, and there was still no sign of Michael. Max had given up the pretense that everything was alright and now sat with Liz on the deck, hugging her to him as they prayed Michael would be back soon.

“I’m going to go look for him.” Phillip Evans said coming out on the deck with a frown.

Max swallowed and exchanged glances with Liz. “I’ll go with you dad.” He said quietly. They’d hoped it wouldn’t come to this. They’d hoped Michael would come back on his own after he’d thought everything out.

Max felt like it was all his fault. If he hadn’t pushed Michael into feeling something for him, something he knew Michael didn’t want to feel, he’d be here with them now.

Liz felt Max’s sorrow and blame and squeezed his hand. “It’s not your fault Max. You can’t help what you feel any more than Michael can help what he feels.” Liz explained and hugged Max as he stood to go with his dad.

“There he is!” Diane Evans exclaimed with a relieved sigh as they watched Michael’s small figure approach from a distance.

“Thank GOD! I’m going to go have a talk with him, let him know he can’t just run off like that.” Phillip said with relief in his voice too.

Diane had a feeling she knew why he’d gone off to be alone so she put her hand on her husband’s arm to stop him. “Leave the boy be. He came back before dark, so he knows. Come on, let’s go have some tea and relax in front of that fire a little. It’s getting chilly out here. Kids, if you plan on staying out here much longer, I suggest you put on sweaters or heavier clothes.” Diane smiled at Max and Liz who were keenly watching Michael approach the house. Obviously they were all aware of Michael’s feelings for Liz and were trying to work them out. She hoped they did as she went into the beach house after her husband.

Liz jumped up and ran to Michael as he approached. He caught her in a hug and met Max’s look above Liz’s shivering body.

There was wariness in Max’s eyes and an apology as well.

“Don’t EVER do that again!” Liz whispered against Michael’s chest as she hit him lightly in the arm and hugged him tighter.

Michael held Liz for another minute and then sighing, he slid her arms from around him gently but firmly, and backed up a bit.

“I needed to think. I...I needed to step away. I can’t...this can’t....I’m sorry.” He finally whispered, unable to say any more as he watched both Max and Liz’s faces fall with regret and hurt.

With that, he swore under his breath and went into the house.

“Oh God Max! What do we do! We can’t keep hurting him this way. He can’t do this...we have to leave him alone.” Liz finally admitted and sobbed as Max held her tight.

“I...I guess so.” He said admitting it to himself now too. “I love you Liz. Never forget that.” He added hoping it would ease Michael’s rejection a little.

“Oh Max, I know. I love you too. With all my heart.” She whispered back and held him tightly to her. She needed his comfort and she knew he needed hers.

Finally she pulled away. “Come on, let’s go inside. Your mom is so worried. We don’t want to give her more to worry about.” Liz finally said as she lifted her chin to meet Max’s eyes.

He nodded in agreement and they both straightened their shoulders and putting on fake smiles, they went into the house as if nothing was wrong.

They found Michael watching TV quietly with the Evans as he ate a warm plate of food Diane had given him from dinner, and joined the group.

Michael was the first to go to bed, and Max and Liz watched him silently.

Max felt his gut churn as he thought of how much he wanted Michael to want them. To want him. He had no doubt Michael wanted Liz. And that if Michael could accept any part of this, it would be easier for him to accept Liz. But he didn’t know if Michael would ever accept him, and he couldn’t blame him. If he didn’t already have Liz’s total love and support about it, he didn’t know if he’d be able to accept how much he needed and wanted Michael either.

Liz, as if sensing his mood and thoughts, slid her hand into his and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Max smiled softly and kissed her forehead as they continued to pretend interest in the TV program.

It wasn’t long after that that Diane and Phillip said good night to Max and Liz and headed for their room.

Liz watched them leave and turned back to Max squeezing his hand tightly. “Let’s go for a walk.” She whispered.

Max nodded, his eyes still filled with rejection.

As they walked along the deserted beach Liz was deep in thought. She knew that she felt rejected by Michael too, but that Max felt it worse. Liz, like Max, knew that Michael was rejecting mostly to the physical side between he and Max more than anything else. So Max was blaming himself. And Liz didn’t want him to always take blame when it wasn’t necessarily true.

She finally stopped them, turning to face Max who was still frowning and blaming himself.

“Max stop. You have to know that it’s not your fault that Michael doesn’t want to be with us. It’s his decision not yours. You could say it was your fault if you were the one who didn’t want to make this work or couldn’t handle the physical side with Michael, but you’re not saying that. So you are NOT to blame. I love you and we need to know that we can go on even if it’s just the two of us.” Liz said and bit her lip in worry.

Max saw her worried look and putting his hands on her hips he pulled her to him. “Of course we can go on. I love you more than life itself Liz Parker. I don’t know WHAT I’d do if I lost you. But I know I’d be nothing without you. You’re right. If Michael can’t handle this, or doesn’t feel the way we do, we are enough for each other.” Max said hoarsely and then leaned down to kiss Liz as she lifted herself up to meet his lips.

He pulled her tightly against his body and let her know how much he loved and needed her and how much she meant to him.

Liz felt the familiar throbbing against her stomach and moaned into Max’s mouth, dueling with his tongue while her body wrapped itself more around Max and his arousal.

Wanting more, needing more, Liz ground herself against Max’s lower body and tried to move to align their bodies so that her most needy place matched his.

Max knew what Liz’s wiggling body wanted and groaning as he continued taking her mouth, he lifted her bottom in his hands and let her wrap her legs around him, aligning their most private parts together until they both cried out at the wonderful contact.

Liz felt the hard steel of Max through their shorts and began rubbing herself against him needing to get rid of the ache that was always there for his body when he was around. And even when he wasn’t.

Max could feel them losing it and didn’t want to lose it just yet, standing up like they were where anyone could see them.

Pulling his mouth from Liz’s and taking some deeply needed breaths, he looked around and seeing a small little hill that might hide their movements somewhat, he led Liz to that spot and lay her down on the sand.

Liz didn’t want to be released from Max’s arms and tried to cling to him until he whispered his plan to her.

Liz took deep breaths and watched under lower lids as Max stood above her and slowly took off his shirt and then placed it on the sand and motioned for Liz to join him on it.

When Liz lay back, she sighed as she watched Max kneel down and then come over her, taking her in his arms to continue kissing her again.

Liz loved the feel of Max’s warm skin against her hands and freely moved over his back, neck shoulders arms and finally his warm muscular chest.

Max’s hands were also busy. He continued their hot, deep slow kisses, but let his hands roam her small frame gently and with reverence in his every touch.

He finally made his way to her tummy and lifted the bottom of her sweatshirt and smiled as Liz sucked in her stomach and arched back to help him remove her shirt.

Max growled when he saw she wore nothing under the shirt, and he rewarded them both with his lips eagerly sucking a tender pouting nipple into his mouth.

Liz cried out and arched her back, loving the moist heat of Max’s mouth as he worried her nipple and sucked it hard enough to pull on her and then lick it just as tenderly to ease the pull.

Over the months, Max had gotten to be an expert at this and knew exactly what she liked. They both had gotten good at knowing how to read the other one and please each other without going all the way.

But Liz wanted more tonight. She needed to show Max that he was wanted and just how much she needed and loved him. So she slowly let her hands roam down his chest and after only briefly playing with his own aroused nipples, she let her hands roam down to the top of his shorts. There she hesitated only a moment before she continued. Before she always tried to get inside his pants and Max would stop her before she got that far, so for now she settled for what she could get before he tried to stop her, and she cupped him through his shorts.

They both gasped at the first real touch of Liz’s hands on Max’s arousal. Max groaned and closed his eyes, afraid he would pass out from the exquisite feel of Liz’s hands on him, and he almost came right there without her even touching his skin. And this reminded him of his vow to go slow with Liz and he started to remove her wonderful hand from him.

But Liz squeezed a little tighter and then started to slide her hand up and down the length she could feel under his pants. Her own breathing was erratic and she was as turned on by this intimate touching of Max’s body as he was.

“Oh Max...please...please let me... I need to feel you. I love you and want this please.” She whispered against his chest as she spread loving little wet kisses over his chest and nipples.

Max was in a frenzy and could barely hear her words through the pounding of blood in his ears. All he knew was he couldn’t deny Liz anything, and especially when it felt so damn good besides.

Max lay beside Liz with his eyes closed, holding her tightly to him and just enjoying what her hands were doing for a few minutes before he needed to touch Liz just as intimately.

Rolling so that they were facing each other, and leaving Liz enough room to continue with her intimate caresses and exploring, he concentrated on Liz. This also helped to slow his own arousal down enough so that this wouldn’t be over in another minute.

Max took Liz’s nipple into his mouth again as his other hand slid between them and cupped Liz.

Liz arched but Max was soon frustrated at how difficult it was to get close enough to Liz’s heat with her shorts on. Unlike a man’s body, there was nothing as boldly evident through the shorts.

With a groan that she felt in her nipple that Max still sucked, he slid his hand between her belly and her shorts and slowly made his way down to Liz’s hot center.

They both cried out at the first touch of Max’s hand in Liz’s curls. And Max watched in fascination as Liz tightened her legs around his hand and shuddered as she came. He was amazed and humbled at how responsive she was, and waited until she’d come down to kiss her lips sweetly before he continued, his breathing so erratic now he thought he might come with Liz despite his desperate need to hold out.

Max could feel the heat and wetness on his hand and almost lost it right then. His nostrils flared as the scent of arousal filled the air. Both Liz’s and his.

Liz pushed up into Max’s hand, needing more from him, more of his touch, and needing to touch Max completely like he was her. Eagerly she slid her own hand inside Max’s shorts and gasped when she felt the huge muscle that jerked under her hand at the first touch.

She knew what it was supposed to feel like, but to actually feel the solid steel encased in that silky skin made her almost faint and she realized she was holding her breath. She was fascinated and loving the exploring as much as she knew Max was enjoying the intimacies of her own body.

Soon, both of their shorts were cast aside and they were lying completely naked together exploring each other’s bodies.

Max was sucking in deep breaths, so aroused by the feel of Liz in his hand, that he felt like he’d run twenty miles. He was fascinated that every touch or caress of his hand brought forth more of her unique liquid essence that had him begging for more. And he knew what he had to do, what he was dying to do. Suddenly he crawled down Liz’s body, never removing his hand from between her legs, but displacing Liz’s hands on him with a cry from her.

“I...Liz, I have to do this...please...” Max begged, his eyes burning their need into her eyes as he looked up at her from his place between her now spread legs.

Liz sucked in and almost cried out at the thought of what Max wanted. And she could deny him nothing. She couldn’t speak, too far gone for words. But she let both of her hands reach for his hair and she ran her fingers through it caressingly, holding him to her to let her know she wanted his mouth on her just as much as he seemed to want it.

Max growled at Liz’s acceptance and wishing he could see her better, slowly took his thumbs and spread her sweetness apart. What he could see in the moonlight, was her glistening skin that was begging him for release again. He was amazed and in awe of what he was seeing close up, and even though he closed his eyes briefly to get himself under some control, he knew that the sight before him was permanently etched into his mind. He swore at how totally aroused he was right now and then he couldn’t do anything but lower his head because he had to taste her.

Max moaned against Liz at the first taste of her and was lost. He knew he would never be able to do without this again as long as he lived. Liz’s sweet nectar was now his addiction and he was in heaven between her legs.

Liz shoved her fist in her mouth to stop herself from screaming as she felt Max’s mouth and tongue so intimately loving her. She arched up to meet his every move, and soon he set a rhythm that had Liz’s hips moving to it as well.

Max didn’t know what turned him on more, the taste of Liz or her total abandonment and little noises she made as she gave herself up to him this way. He knew she was on the edge again and slipped one finger gently up into her dark passage and working his tongue over her little swollen nub, he sent her flying once more.

Not waiting until she was completely calm, he crawled up her body and took her mouth as she continued to shudder against his hand that still gently pulled her nectar from her.

Finally Liz opened her eyes and met Max’s love-filled ones and smiled shyly. “Wow...if I would have known, I would not have let you hold us back so long.” She teased him.

Max chuckled and kissed her lips lightly, one of his hands on her waist and the other massaging one of her still distended nipples.

continued in next post...

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“I love you Liz. You are so beautiful.” He whispered as he nibbled on her lips.

Liz sighed at his continued need to touch her and then realized that he was still hard and throbbing against her hip.

Liz shifted so she could reach between them and take Max into her hands again.

Max groaned. “Liz, you don’t have to love.” He said even as his hips pushed up so that her hand slid down his throbbing shaft.

Liz smiled and now it was her turn to enjoy pleasuring Max. With her full attention on Max’s body and pleasure, she did her own exploring of the very exciting part of Max that made him so different from her.

She let her hand slide up and down the hot velvet length a few more times before the bulging red head drew her attention. She let her thumb brush over the top where the small bit of moisture had gathered, and smiled when she heard him suck in his breath at this. Then she continued down around the underside of his cock noticing the ridged vein that was now throbbing, and she ran her thumb down that too. There was so much to this exciting and sexy part of Max that she wanted to spend all night looking and touching. But she also wanted to please him the way he had her.

“Max...I’m not this right?” she finally bit her lip not sure if she was doing it right even though Max was groaning and moving with her hands.

Max tried to focus on Liz’s worried face, and with a small smile, he covered her small hand and taught Liz how to pleasure him, but reassuring her that just the feel of her hands on him was enough to make him lose it.

When she had the rhythm down, Max moved his hands, and stretched out to close his eyes and just feel Liz’s sexy little hands doing wonderful things to his body. Then suddenly it wasn’t just her hands, and his eyes flew open and he cried out her name.

Liz was so fascinated and in love with this part of Max that was so different, that without thought, she suddenly brought her mouth down to that drop of liquid at the top and her tongue lightly flicked out and caught it.

When she heard Max’s response and pleased shock, she smiled and slowly took as much of him into her mouth as she could and continued the rhythm he’d taught her with her hands sliding up and down on the lower part of his cock while her mouth continued to suck at the top where his head was now an angry red.

Max watched for a few seconds in amazement before he knew he’d lose it and pulling Liz up to him, he held her close and he cried out into her neck and let himself come hard into his sweet Liz’s hands.

They held each other close for a few more minutes and then Max cupped Liz’s chin in his hand gently and looked into her eyes.

“I love you Liz. I can’t say that enough. Thank you love. Thank you for giving yourself to me so sweetly, and thank you for loving me in return.” His voice husky from having cried out before.

“ Max.” was all Liz could say as she looked up into his shimmering eyes filled with blazing love, and smiled back with her own love almost blinding him.

They kissed softly and sweetly until Max started to feel the chill of the night air on their bare skin and realized he had to get Liz back to the warmth of the beach house.

“Come one, we’d better get back.” He said with regret as he sighed and sat up, finding Liz’s clothes and helping her put them on.

When Liz was once more bundled into her clothes, she reached for Max’s and helped him on with his, loving this intimacy as well. She earned a startled chuckle from Max as he bent over to pull up his shorts only to have her caress his bare butt before it too was covered.

When they slipped back into the house it was dark and quiet. Both of their eyes went to the door where Michael was and again they felt the ache of loss.

“Do you think we’ve lost him as our friend too Max? I don’t think I could stand that. I...what we shared tonight...I wanted to share with Michael too.” Liz bit her lip and tried to hold back a sob.

Max held Liz tightly to him in complete agreement and feeling his own ache of loss. “I know love, God me too.” He whispered.

“Max, I hate this. I think we need to go in and talk to him. Tell him we’re sorry and that we will abide by his wishes and not pressure him anymore. Even if he can’t be our lover, I don’t want to lose his friendship too.” Liz sobbed into Max’s chest. The thought of giving up on the idea of Michael was killing them both, but they’d decided they had to. They’d tried and failed. And they loved Michael too much to make him unhappy.

Max nodded.


Inside the bedroom he was going to share with Max, Michael was shaking with need. It seemed the more he tried to fight he needs for Max and Liz, the more he needed them.

His stomach turned at how devastated Liz and Max had looked today when he’d turned them down. It had been bad enough looking at Liz’s huge doe eyes, but to see that much pain and hurt and maybe some shame in Max’s eyes almost killed him. He knew how hard it must be for Max to have made the first move and let him know that he did indeed want Michael too. Max had bared part of his soul to him this afternoon and he’d rejected him completely.

And now here he was, alone, in this huge bed that was to be shared by he and Max. And just the thought of Max in this bed with him did things to his body he had no control over. He groaned as he remembered his many dreams of having Max under him on his bed. And of having Liz nearby, sometimes participating, and sometimes just watching. Michael shivered and bit his lip to fight the groan he wanted to verbalize. He was burning and aching for the both of them.

Did he really care what anyone other than Max and Liz thought of him? Right now the answer was no. He only knew he wanted and needed Liz and Max right now, in any way they were willing to have him or give of themselves to him.

He didn’t know how far either of them wanted to take this, or even if they had thought that far ahead either, but he now knew that they needed him as much as they needed each other. And he was a fool to turn down their love. For he loved them both more than life itself and knew he would give up his life for both of them in an instant.

So why was he fighting them? They all wanted the same thing. To be together to hold and love and touch each other and make each other feel good the way only they could make each other feel.

He’d felt everything that Max and Liz had experienced together all these years, and now had also been with them tonight on that beach when they’d gone one step further in their love. And he’d also felt how much they’d wanted him to be a real part of it. He’d felt their anguish that they couldn’t share this with him and he was shocked. They really loved him and wanted him! And he was rejecting that? Was he crazy!? As his decision became clearer, his body began to hum. Could he do this then? Could he enjoy what they were both willing to share with him regardless of what seemed wrong but felt so right?

Michael lay on his back with his hands behind his head, stretched out on his side of the bed. He suddenly sensed when Max and Liz reentered the house. He didn’t know what to do. Should he go out there and talk to them? Was he ready? He sighed and looked up at the ceiling not sure how to make the first move.


“Okay, let’s go talk to him. I saw the light on a few minutes ago when we were approaching the house, so I’m sure he’s not asleep yet.” Max said.

He took Liz’s hand in his and squeezing it lightly for support, they went to the room he would share with Michael.

Just as Michael was debating whether to get up and go to them, there was a soft knock and Max and Liz slowly entered the now dark room.

“Michael?” Liz said softly in case he was asleep.

Michael sat up and turned on the light. His heart was in his throat and his stomach was churning with nerves and want and need. They had come to him.

They saw many emotions cross Michael’s face, but none of them told them he wanted them to leave so they stepped forward and sat on the bottom of the bed together.

“Michael, we came to say we’re so sorry. And we don’t want to lose you as a friend. We promise not to pressure you or to try to throw ourselves at you again, just please don’t be mad and don’t hate us.” Liz said in a low, hushed voice as she looked desperately into Michael’s wide eyes.

“God Liz! I could never hate you!” Michael whispered hoarsely in shock. He couldn’t stand to see Liz distressed. He put out a hand and Liz sobbed and slid next to him on the bed and held it to her and kissed it.

“I’m sorry too Michael. I know I freaked you out. I was stupid. I thought...I made a mistake in what I thought... I...we should have all talked before we...”

“Max, don’t. I’m the one who’s sorry. You weren’t wrong in your thinking. I...I was stupid to fight it and pull away. You were right...I did feel the same way as you do. I’ve wanted you both for a long time.” Michael finally just blurted out.

Max and Liz were both shocked and just stared at Michael with hope shimmering in their eyes.

Michael had been nervous but now he felt relieved to have finally said it. And to see the happiness in their eyes made him feel light hearted and pleased. He laughed at their shocked faces and then pulled Liz into a hug.

Liz finally accepted that Michael really had said what she had only dreamed he would and squealing she jumped into his lap and spread kisses all over his face.

Max chuckled and felt his own heart pounding wildly. He was amazed, ecstatic and now horny as hell at the thought of Michael finally admitting he wanted him too.

As if reading Max’s thoughts, Michael looked over Liz’s head and his own need burned into Max’s eyes.

“Come here Maxwell.” Michael said in a low husky voice. Using his full name as a term of endearment.

Liz started to scramble out of Michael’s arms, but he held her firmly and lying back on the bed brought Liz down on one side of him, and watched with hot eyes as Max scooted up and lay down beside him on the other side.

Max swallowed, now not sure what to do or how to go about all this.

Again Michael seemed to be the calm one and chuckled. “I don’t know what the heck to do either, but why don’t we start with just holding each other. All three of us.” He suggested already holding Liz against his other side.

The need in his eyes for Max to join them was evident and Max needed no more urging. With a sigh of relief he lay down next to Michael and nudging right up against his side, he let Michael put his arm around him and he slowly put his arm over Michael’s middle then hugged him tight.

The three of them gave out a collective sigh and after all of the emotional turmoil they’d been through the last week, they actually dozed off with Max and Liz’s hands clasped on Michael’s chest.

Liz was the first one to wake up a few hours later. At first she was disoriented, but once she felt the big warm body against her and her hand safely clasped in Max’s, she smiled and her tummy did flips.

She was cuddled next to Michael and she could hear his and Max’s even breathing. She could also smell their warmth and the scent that was just unique to each of them. And she was amazed how the two scents together made her body turn to liquid on the inside.

Leaving her one hand in Max’s, she began to caress his palm with her thumb, and with her other hand, she explored Michael’s hard chest through his shirt.

Michael awoke slowly, his body throbbing and hot and swollen and he groaned softly. He’d had another one of his fantasy dreams and he hated when he awoke from them.

But his eyes blinked open when he felt the twin bodies of warmth cuddled up to him on either side. It hadn’t been a dream!

He sucked in his breath when he realized that Liz was slowly caressing his chest and neck and face as if memorizing him. Now that she felt she had the right to explore him she was taking advantage of it.

Michael smiled and turned his head to meet her dancing eyes. Her eyes were sparkling with happiness, curiosity and desire.

Michael did the only thing that seemed right. He leaned over and kissed Liz slowly but thoroughly like he had once before in the girl’s bathroom at school.

Liz moaned as Michael’s tongue swirled around in her mouth, tasting every inch of her, and then he turned towards her and wrapped her in both of his arms, never breaking the kiss.

Liz was in heaven with Michael’s own special kisses and pulled him closer to her, until he was lying on top of her, snuggled between her legs.

Liz felt the solid evidence of his excitement against her own private parts and slid her body up and down to ease the ache for both of them.

When Michael groaned and pulled his mouth from Liz’s to take a deep breath, Liz smiled seductively and ran a hand caressingly against Michael’s cheek. They stared down at each other just enjoying the freedom to be like this with the other.

Michael was throbbing against Liz. Even though he had come earlier when they had on the beach, this time he wanted to come with Liz, not just feel it through Max.

Sensing his need was as great or greater than hers, Liz started to rub against Michael harder, trying to ease his ache. When she couldn’t get the right rhythm and gave a frustrated groan, Michael smiled down at her lovingly and taking her hips in his, he set the pace and rocked them together deeply but slowly as if he was making love to her.

Michael looked down at Liz and felt his heart burst with love. He was finally above her loving her the way he’d dreamed of. And he cherished watching her beautiful face as she openly enjoyed their loving.

Their hands were not still once the pace was set, and Liz pulled Michael’s shirt off so she could have access to the hot hard muscles that bunched as he moved above her.

Michael groaned when Liz ran her hot hands down his chest and raked her fingernails gently over his already sensitive nipples.

Max had woken up when Michael moved towards Liz and he smiled as he sleepily watched Michael kiss Liz and listened to her soft moans. He could feel their excitement building and it hummed wonderfully through his body making him ache with them, but content for the moment just to observe the two people he loved most in this world. When Michael had rolled them over and had Liz beneath him, both of them caught up in the moment and breathing erratically, Max felt his own breathing catch in his throat and he was feeling what they were feeling. He wondered if Michael had ever felt when he and Liz had been together and made a mental note to ask him later. But for now, he cherished these moments when he could watch Michael moving above Liz, both of them moaning and coming so close to the edge with each other.

When he realized Michael didn’t know if he should take off Liz’s top, Max scooted over and lifted Liz up enough to help him take off her top.

Michael and Liz sent Max brilliant smiles of love before they were once again back to exploring each other.

Now that Michael had Liz bared to him from the waist up, he couldn’t breathe. She was magnificent and better than any dream he’d ever had. When he told her this, she smiled and flushed as she wiggled beneath him and begged for his touch.

Max settled next to the two again and watched as Michael slowly, and with shaking hands reached out and touched Liz’s perky, gorgeous breasts and pouting pink nipples.

He was torn between loving watching Michael as he experienced Liz for the first time, and wanting to take her nipples into his own mouth. The choice was taken away from him when Michael claimed her nipples himself, as his mouth came hotly over one and his hand found the other.

Max smiled when Liz gasped and arched up again in total abandonment. He loved her even more in that moment because he knew how much love she had to give and how easy it was for her to love them both equally.

After a few minutes Max had to be apart of them and focusing on Michael’s back as his muscles bunched and moved as he rubbed against Liz, Max reached out his hand to touch that hot, so tempting skin.

Michael groaned when he felt Max’s hand caress his back, and couldn’t believe how intimate that felt. He gasped when he felt light wet kisses trail across his back and realized that between loving Liz and having Max touch him, he wouldn’t last much longer. And judging from Liz’s moans she was close too.

But he wanted, needed to touch Liz intimately before he lost it completely. Quickly, yet with shaking hands, he undid her shorts and slid a hand into her warmth as he remembered Max had done earlier, and now felt for himself how hot and wet Liz was for him. And how wonderful her scent was. Max had been right, there was nothing like it in the universe.

“Oh God Liz...” Michael was at a loss for words at the exquisite feeling of Liz’s liquid love drenching his hand as he slowly and tenderly played her with his fingers.

Sensing Michael’s need to taste all of Liz, Max reached around Michael and helped to slide Liz’s shorts down so Michael had complete access to what he needed most.

“OH GOD!” Michael said reverently as he looked upon Liz’s womanly heat and met Max’s knowing eyes as they both returned their gaze to the beautiful site before them.

Max knew he would have buried his face between Liz’s legs if Michael hadn’t, and was just relieved that one of them had. And he knew that before too long, he’d be back between Liz’s legs himself.

Concentrating on the both of them, and loving the taste and feel of Liz in his mouth and in his hands, he picked up the pace and let his tongue flick across her swollen nub as he’d felt Max do earlier, knowing it had driven Liz crazy.

Liz couldn’t take much more, but wanted desperately to feel Michael, to know Michael as intimately as he was her. With small determined hands, Liz undid Michael’s pants and slipped her little hands eagerly between them and wrapped them around Michael’s huge swollen cock.

She moaned in pleasure and set a rhythm that Max had taught her just hours ago, knowing from Michael’s own breathing and heaving body that she was pleasing him.

With the feel of Liz’s little hands on his hot throbbing flesh for the first time, Michael knew he was going to lose it, and pushing his mouth faster into Liz’s heat he and Liz both came together.

Michael fell to the side of Liz so not to crush her, and pulled her up on top of him, holding her close and kissing her all over her face in adoration.

“God Liz, you are so beautiful. That was...” he was at a loss for words.

Liz just smiled down at him, her own eyes glassy with passion and lazy with contentment, drinking in the loving kisses Michael was branding her with.

Then they both turned to Max who was beside them, smiling and just as hot and excited after watching the two of them come.

Michael, now suddenly bold from having loved Liz so thoroughly and remembering the sexy kisses Max had planted all over his back, slid Liz to the side and turned to face Max.

“Looks like someone needs some loving too.” He said in a husky, trembling voice. He wanted this with Max but was also nervous.

Max swallowed and became a little nervous himself now that Michael’s full attention and heated gaze was on him.

“Maxwell, do you have any idea how hot you are, how totally beautiful you are?” Michael finally said, shocking Max completely with his honesty and making Max blush.

Liz laughed throatily and leaned up on one elbow to watch her two men together for the first time. “I’ve told him but I don’t’ think he believed me. I think he does now that you told him so.” Liz said lovingly.

Michael smiled at that and continued looking in Max’s eyes. Those eyes that could draw a person in and make them drown in them. He wanted to tell Max that he had the most beautiful eyes and sexiest eyelashes, but he knew it would just make Max more uncomfortable right now. So he did what he knew they both wanted.

Sucking in his breath, Michael looked down to see Max’s cock straining against his shorts with his own need, and making a decision, Michael leaned in and brought his lips to Max’s.

At first it was a soft, light kiss to feel each other out. They remembered their one other kiss from years ago and realized the sparks and heat and tastes were the same.

“God Maxwell, you taste good.” Michael murmured before he slanted his head and pushed Max’s lips open so he could dive into Max’s hot sexy mouth.

Max moaned and clung to Michael as Michael took control of the kiss. He was content to let Michael lead if it made Michael comfortable. There would be time later for his own control.

Michael felt Max give himself over to him and his cock became hard and full again, throbbing unashamedly against Max’s hip. Having Max give over control this way and letting him taste and touch him as he wanted was a total turn on for him.

He rolled Max over and rose above him, now touching Max from chest to feet all along their fronts. Their cocks hard and throbbing as they ground together between their shorts.

Michael slid his arms around the back of Max and lifted him up just as Liz reached over and helped remove Max’s shirt. They were so in sync with each other that no words were needed.

Michael smiled in satisfaction as he looked down at his bare-chested friend and drank in the beauty that was Max.

“Did you know that I would secretly watch you work out at school whenever I could, or when you would work out at home. I loved watching you work out. It’s the reason I took up working out. So that I would look good to you too.” Michael admitted.

Max was shocked at the admission and then his eyes glazed over with love and heat. “I noticed you working out too. And I loved it. I love your body Michael. I love your body just as much as Liz’s.” Max admitted on his own.

“ two do have the two hottest bodies on the planet that’s for sure.” Michael agreed and taking Liz’s hand in his he kissed it once before he released it to give his full attention to Max again.

Done with words, Michael let first his eyes take in Max’s sweaty heated body below him, and then let his hands roam over Max’s chest as they’d been aching to do for years.

Max groaned and arched up as Liz had when Michael’s hands found and played with Max’s male nipples. He knew they were as sensitive as his own and knew how to please Max.

Slowly he lowered his body over Max’s and took one of Max’s erect nipples into his mouth and sucked on it and then nipped at it with his teeth. All the while drowning in the sounds Max made as Michael pleasured him.

Max closed his eyes and let Michael slowly make love to his body, just enjoying the fact that Michael was actually here with them and that he had stopped fighting this. He was no longer shy or afraid of how he felt about loving another man and right now that meant the world to Max.

Michael’s hot eyes watched Max’s face as he loved his body. He noted the sweat on his skin and the tautness in his face and neck as he enjoyed the pleasure Michael was giving his body.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore himself, and after purposefully teasing Max by not touching him where they both wanted him to touch the most, Michael gave in and slid a hand down between their hard bodies. He quickly unbuttoned Max’s shorts and moved them aside with eagerness.

Max’s eyes flew open and he cried out at the first touch of Michael’s hand as it came around his throbbing flesh and laid bold claim to his cock.

Max arched up and slid through Michael’s hand and Michael chuckled and set a pace that he knew would make Max crazy. In some ways it was almost easier to love Max than Liz, since he knew a man’s body so well and knew instinctively what would drive him crazy.

Max reached for Michael then and quickly slid his hand inside to take Michael as Michael had taken him. And then he mimicked the rhythm with Michael’s cock fisted in his hands and was amazed at how sexy this was.

Michael was in awe as he hotly watched Max whither under him as he worked Max’s hot cock in his fist and examined the differences in Max’s hardness compared to his own. Max was a little longer but not as wide as he was, but the differences were just enough to excite him as he slowly admired Max as he pleasured him.

When he felt Max was close, he leaned down and without giving himself time to think about it, he did what he instinctively wanted to do and took Max into his mouth.

Max cried out and lost it then, not even having time to warn Michael that he was going to cum and cum hard.

Michael, not used to this, took as much of Max as he could down his throat, but a some of it escaped and spilled around his lips and dribbled down his chin.

Both men were shocked but thrilled when Liz leaned over and licked at Michael’s face, needing to taste Max once again.

Then Michael growled at the sexiness of it all and captured her mouth for a deep kiss.

When they pulled apart for air, he met Max’s content smile and his eyes burned holes into Max with his heated look. The he leaned down and Kissed Max in a soul searing kiss that left Max beyond breathless and let him know just how much he had loved their loving.

“That two were beautiful.” Liz whispered and hugged the two of them to her and then Max reached for Liz and they kissed deeply too.

Snuggling the two of them up against him now, Max sighed as he held one of each of his loves on either side of him and making a mental note to wake up in a few hours to get Liz back to her room before morning, they all dozed.

Tomorrow and the rest of the week looked very promising and full of loving.


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I should have put up a warning lable on the last part but oh well, however I'll do it now. This part is very explicit and naughty. Go away if you don't want that. *wink*

Part 16

Max’s inner clock woke him around 5:30 and even though the three of them had only fallen asleep an hour earlier, Max hadn’t wanted for Liz to leave their side until the last possible minute.

He knew his parents liked to sleep in a little later than usual on vacations and when they didn’t have to be at work, so he figured he’d have plenty of time to get Liz back to her room.

He looked to where she was still cuddled up against him and smiled down at her and brushed the hair back from her precious face. Last night had been incredible. Out on the beach they had given to each other something they never had before, only bringing them closer when he’d thought that they couldn’t have gotten any closer. And he would always cherish those moments on the beach. And then later, they’d been able to share another first with Michael. They had all shared many firsts last night, and he knew they had many more to go. He hoped they never ran out of firsts, but he also loved the new closeness that made him feel like he’d been with both Liz and Michael all his life in this way. Waking up with both of them on this bed felt VERY familiar to him. Like they’d done this a thousand times before. Sated from a night of intense loving and giving and receiving. Like last night had not been their ‘first’ in many ways. This puzzled him but he was used to these feelings over the years. Feelings of how right and how comfortable it felt to be with these two beside him, as friends and now partial lovers. He smiled to himself thinking of that last barrier. If he felt closer to these two now, what would this bond feel like when they finally all crossed that last threshold? He turned to Michael and his eyes softened with love and passion. Michael had stopped fighting them last night, and in doing that, in letting his guard down finally, he’d given everything he had and it had been amazing! Incredible! Max blushed as he thought of the things he and Michael had done, and of the things they had all done together, but then he again felt that niggling feeling that this was so much a part of them and felt so normal and right. Like they’d done this a thousand times before. He sighed and looked at Liz again, and at the lightening sky. He didn’t have the heart to wake her, so he slid from between Liz and Michael and after slipping on his boxers; he gently picked Liz up and carried her to her room.

Once there, he slid off her clothes and slipped on a long night shirt he found in her drawer and tucked her in. Then, leaning over he caressed her cheek one more time before he kissed her forehead.

“I love you Liz.” He whispered and left the room.

When he got back to his room, he noticed that Michael had moved and was now taking up most of the bed. With Liz and Max on the bed he hadn’t had much room to move, but obviously when he was alone, he hogged the bed.

Max grinned and yawned. He needed more sleep so he shoved Michael over. Max was rewarded with only a grunt from Michael, but he turned over on his stomach and continued to sleep. Max’s eyebrows rose in shock at the marks on Michael’s back. He suspected his own back looked the same, as he still felt Liz’s little crescent shaped fingernails in him. He wondered once again at the passion the three of them had given in to last night. Max looked at Michael for another minute as he smiled in remembrance. Max was too tired to worry about what Michael might think about last night once it was bright day light and he’d had time to think. He figured he’d find out soon enough, and he knew that now he and Liz could convince him again if they needed to. With that thought, he snuggled up to Michael and smiled as he dozed off again.

Michael woke up slowly, never having been a morning person. He stretched as he usually did, and then froze when he encountered warm skin. He smiled and opening his eyes, he turned to see Max stretched out asleep in bed next to him. God it had really happened! It hadn’t been another dream. He smiled as he let his gaze lazily take in Max’s body with a luxury he’d never allowed himself before. He propped himself up on one elbow and his eyes burned as they traveled over Max Evans’ incredible physique. He frowned when he encountered Max’s boxers but realized he must have put them back on when he’d taken Liz back to her room. He knew Max must have taken Liz back before his parents woke up just like he’d promised he would, so he’d of course had to put on something to leave the room. But he probably hadn’t taken them off once he’d returned since he didn’t know if his mom would barge in to wake them.

Michael sighed realizing he shouldn’t do what he was dying to do then if Max’s mom might walk in. He knew that many times she woke Max up for breakfast when they were home, so maybe she would here too.

But Michael was hungry for more of Max’s skin and with only a quick thought, he slid from the bed and locked the door. He had years of yearning to make up for now that he had a right to Max’s body.

He shucked his own boxers as he neared the bed, and then stood over Max for another minute before he climbed back in and slowly started to slide Max’s boxers down.

He sucked in a breath when Max instantly became hard right before his eyes. It was as if their bodies now craved the touch that up until last night it had never even known before. For his own body was hard and aching from the moment he’d rolled over to look at Max.

Now, having Max spread out before him all naked muscles hard and warm, made Michael harden to the point where he thought he’d lose it right then. And he hadn’t even touched Max yet!

He wished with an ache that Liz could wake up with them too. He felt as if that would make this perfect and complete and decided to find a way to have them both again somehow before the day was over. But for now he would enjoy Max. No sense wasting all this glorious hot skin and sinewy muscled form.

With that thought he bent forward and licked at a flat nipple that fascinated him. The little freckle underneath the one side of his body and towards his nipple also caught his eye and he lapped at that too.

When he heard a groan he smiled but noticed Max was still asleep. Probably dreaming. Michael watched and licked and sucked at Max’s nipples as they hardened too, and he enjoyed the moans and movement as Max’s breathing picked up and his chest heaved in and out.

Michael loved the taste of Max and slowly let his mouth slide down that washboard stomach and quickly dip into his navel before continuing on towards his ultimate goal.

By now he guess Max was awake, and knew he was correct when Max’s hands slid into his hair and held on as Michael hovered over his hard erection.

Michael looked up with hot eyes and met Max’s own half-lidded passion filled ones. Michael groaned and thought Max was the sexiest guy in the world! And he had to kiss him. He crawled back up Max’s body and met his eyes again before he then looked towards Max’s lush mouth and Michael growled when Max instinctively licked them.

Then Michael took Max’s mouth with his teeth and then slid his tongue forcefully into Max’s equally eager mouth. They kissed and their tongues dueled as each moaned softly and Max’s hands wandered from Michael’s hair down his body and then slid to Michael’s own throbbing erection and closed his hand around him.

Max smiled against Michael’s mouth when Michael grunted at Max’s touch. Then Michael’s mouth was gone from his and he sucked in his breath when Michael suddenly took his hot hardness into his mouth. DAMN he was like a vacuum! Max thought and then couldn’t think anymore. All he could do was try to cover his moans and writher underneath Michael as he was sucked off. What a way to wake up! Was all he could think.

Suddenly he wished Liz could be here and felt the deep yearning and ache for her. He knew instinctively that she would make this moment perfect. Although it was damn near that right now.

“Damn it Maxwell! Give over.” Michael growled as he sensed Max trying to hold out and take control.

“It’s my turn to love you Michael. If I remember correctly, last night you were the aggressor, but now it’s my turn.” Max gritted out between his teeth as he hissed as Michael only sucked him harder.

“Give over and then you can have your turn. Cum for me Maxwell. I need you to lose your control and give yourself up to me.” Michael growled in a low voice so as not to be heard outside of the room.

Max realized he didn’t have much choice in giving up everything to Michael. Michael was already too good at this and Max didn’t really want to fight it. He closed his eyes and let Michael lick and suck him until he felt ready to burst. He grabbed the sheets on either side of him and arched off the bed and bit his lip to keep from shouting as he came to Michael’s mouth and hands.

“That’s it Maxwell! God you’re beautiful!” Michael couldn’t help but encourage as he watched Max cum all over himself and Michael.

Then, before Michael could fully rejoice in the gift Max had given him, Max had rolled him over and was now the one on top.

Max threw a leg over Michael’s slim hips and they both swore softly when their cocks rubbed together. The electricity was amazing. “Oh GOD!” Michael swore in a whispered groan.

Max liked this and slowly rocked his hips against Michael’s to let their bodiess rub together gently and completely.

Michael grabbed a hold of Max’s own slim hips and just enjoyed Max’s movements. Their eyes met and now it was Max that covered Michael’s mouth and nipped and sucked on his mouth, making love to it like Michael had to his.

Michael moaned when Max’s body lifted and he no longer had that warmth over him. But then he could only swear under his breath again as Max’s tongue snaked out and touched the tip of Michael’s cock.

“I didn’t get to do this last night. I’ve wanted to for quite awhile you know that? Liz and I talked about how much we both wanted you. She was so turned on by the thought of my doing this to you and you doing this to me. I wish she could be here with us, but I know she loved last night and there will be many more nights to come.” Max said against Michael’s flesh.

“My guess would be that wherever she is right now, she’s with us in spirit.” Michael replied dryly.

Max stopped his hand’s rhythm and looked at Michael sharply. “Last night I felt yours and Liz’s passion when you were loving each other. Is that what you’re talking about?”

Michael laughed. “Maxwell, I’ve been doing that with you two since you first started making out with each other. I know every time you ever made out and how far you got. I was with you every step of the way.” He said hoarsely and knew Max wouldn’t be upset by that.

Max’s eyes gleamed with excitement and pleasure at that thought and nodded. “I’m glad. If you couldn’t be with us physically, at least you were a part of us in some way.” Max said honestly.

Michael nodded now. “Me too. And that’s why I’m pretty sure Liz is with us right now too.” He grinned at the thought. But his grin slowly faded as Max’s hands and mouth went back to their loving.

“SHIT! Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Michael swore in a hissed whisper as Max tongued his way down Michael’s shaft and nibbled the ribbed side underneath making Michael arch up off the bed.

Max chuckled and continued his exploration enjoying it all the more knowing Liz was with them in some way. He knew she would love to see Michael beneath him writhing as Max had been beneath him last night.

“Now who’s being stubborn?” Max grinned before he took Michael back into his mouth fully and sucked hard. He lifted his mouth up slowly until only Michael’s throbbing head wet with precum was in his mouth and slowly slid his tongue around the rim and in the slit extracting more of the liquid Michael couldn’t control.

While Max did this, he let his other hand slide below Michael’s balls and up under them before he found that little spot right behind them and caressed him.

Michael swore then and gave himself up to Max. He arched up and Max held tight wanting to taste Michael as Michael had him last night.

Michael almost died as he knew he was cumming into Max’s eager mouth and realized how Max had felt last night.

Michael finally couldn’t cum anymore and groaned softly thinking he’d died and gone to heaven. He’d never move again. Then he felt Max collapse next to him and knew that they were both exhausted and would probably doze off again. What a way to spend a morning was Michael’s last thought as he drifted back off to sleep.

Max couldn’t sleep. He was humming with excitement that Michael was definitely embracing this threesome and letting Max love him and he wanted to share it with his other love. He sensed she was somewhere outside this room and he wanted to get to her to share her own excitement which he felt. With that he jumped out of bed and quickly dressed.

Liz was lying outside pretending to be sunning. But the truth was she’d almost given herself away a little while ago when she’d been eating breakfast outside on the porch with the Evans. She had been in the middle of taking a bit of bacon when she’d felt the first pull of lust rip through Max and knew it was Michael and what he was suddenly doing to him.

She had sat perfectly still amazed and shocked that she could feel everything they were feeling and then she realized that Mrs. Evans was talking to her. Asking her if she was alright. She’d choked out a yes and pushing back her food with a tight smile she’d said she was full and would help clean up.

With that she had taken the plates inside the kitchen and stood over the sink with her hands gripping the edges as wave after wave of passion washed over her and she orgasmed right there in the kitchen when Max did. Shaken and dazed, she’d finished the breakfast dishes and then groaned when she’d felt Michael’s passion start up. She had dashed back outside mumbling something to the Evans about laying out a little and had quickly fallen to the sand and buried her head in her arms on her stomach and this time she’d ridden out the orgasm a little bit more comfortably. She ached to be in there with them, but knew that at least her two loves were finally opening up to each other. She was so happy and when she closed her eyes she was with them in almost every way.

She was almost asleep, dozing after her second orgasm when she felt a hand gently rub her back.

“Mmmmmmm.” She sighed knowing Max’s hand anywhere.

He was smoothing oil onto her and enjoying just touching her. “Hey there.” He whispered huskily.

“Hey yourself stud.” Liz teased and opening one eye she saw him blush and grin.

“So you did feel it huh?” he asked softly noticing his parents still chatting on the porch.

“How did you know?” Liz asked wide eyed. She had been just about to tell him her amazing discovery.

Max explained and Liz went from shocked to pleased at the thought of Michael having shared all of their firsts with them in some way over the years.

“Where is my other stud?” she asked teasingly and stretched more as Max now used both hands to oil her back and legs.

“Ahhh sleeping.” Max blushed again and Liz laughed. “My hero! You wipe me out too.” She teased making Max blush to the tips of his cute ears.

“Max?” Liz said softly under heavy-lidded eyes.

“Hmmm?” he asked focused on the soft skin beneath his fingers wishing he could love her right now.

“I love you. You are amazing and I adore you more than life.” Liz said seriously.

Max sucked in his breath and shook his head. “You are the one who’s amazing Liz. You have so much love to give and you don’t mind sharing it with both Michael and I. I wish you could have been with us for real this morning. God I wanted you. I still do.” He whispered hoarsely.

Liz smiled sexily and threw a glance at Max’s parents who were now moving around the porch.

“I want you too Max. Maybe later...” she left off excited at the glow in Max’s eyes as he promised her with his eyes he would make it happen.

They watched as Max’s parents came down off the porch and towards them hand in hand.

“We’re just going for a little dip kids. Tell Michael there’s bacon warming in the oven for him okay?” Diane smiled at them. “And Max, make sure you eat too.” She reminded him.

“Sure mom.” Max grinned as he watched his parents head for the water.

“But you already ate.” Liz whispered in Max’s ear earning a croaked laugh and more blushing from her sexy man.

“Liz Parker you have gotten so feisty.” He teased and began tickling her.

Michael came out onto the porch and stretched taking in the fresh sea air and bright sunlight. He had woken up needing to be with Max and Liz and knew they would be out here. He grinned when he saw them wrestling on the beach blanket and slowly came down to join them carrying drinks for all three.

“Ooooh it’s my other stud! How’s sleeping beauty?” Liz asked and giggled when Michael now blushed and rubbed the back of his neck.

At that Max began tickling her again sending her into more fits of laughter.

Their play and Liz’s joyful teasing were addictive and Michael flopped down next to them and checking out the area around them, quickly leaned in and gave Liz a deep kiss which stopped her laughing and had her sighing and clinging to Michael before he was done.

“Well that’s another way to stop her teasing.” Max grinned and wiggled his eyebrows as he held Liz in his arms now as they both sat touching Michael.

The three of them exchanged hot glances and grinned with their shared secret. “Watch it Max or I’ll give you a hot kiss in public too.” He threatened lightly.

“ that would be...” Liz perked up.

“Forget it!” both boys said at the same time and then all three grinned.

Michael held out their drinks and they all relaxed just enjoying being close.

“Thank you for that delicious orgasm during breakfast Michael.” Liz said deadpan and Michael choked on his drink.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand he regained control and grinned at her wickedly. “My pleasure babe, only next time it will be you in that bed stretched out under me as well as Maxwell here.” Michael promised in a low husky rumble.

“Who says I’ll be under you next time. You might just be under me again. You seemed to enjoy it a little while ago.” Max threw back.

Liz giggled at their macho play. Each wanting to be the one in control. “Come on guys, admit it, sometimes it’s fun NOT being in control.” She winked at them.

“Look who’s talking love. You could have us both begging and on our backs in a second.” Max said in a low gravely voice as his eyes burned a path down her sexy body in her little bikini, letting her know how arousing he found her.

“Ditto.” Michael growled softly and feasted his eyes on Liz’s oiled little body as well.

“Hmmm...that sounds good. When can we do this? I mean when can I throw the two of you on your backs and have my way with you?” Liz said in a sexy half-lidded look at their own half naked bodies.

“Ah looks like we’ll need to spend the day in the cold ocean again until we can actually get Liz alone.” Michael sighed and looked from his hard tented bathing trunks to Max’s equally impressive one.


Later that night, they all had a fun night in front of the fire pit roasting marshmallows and discussing if the three had found out anything more about their pasts and they caught Max’s parents up on their latest dreams and they tried to think of ways to help Liz find this ‘sister’.

Now, Liz sat snuggled up in Max’s arms smiling with anticipation and barely suppressed excitement, thinking of her time with both Max and Michael as Max’s parents said goodnight and went to bed.

All three of them were highly charged from their day of flirting and playing with and teasing each other unmercifully knowing they couldn’t do anything about the growing passion in public.

Max and Michael had even played a game of one-on-one at Liz’s insistence at the nearby basketball courts and given her quite a show with their half naked, sweating and hard muscled bodies moving around the court. And Liz didn’t know who was going to die first from the growing need after Max and Michael started body checking and brushing up against each other suggestively, while grabbing and rubbing on purpose to tease each other and Liz.

Then they’d all gone swimming to cool off but this had resulted in more underwater teasing and all three of them had a hard time keeping their hands from wandering into each other’s bathing suits.

At one point both Max and Michael found their hands competing for the place between Liz’s legs and finally settled on sharing, Max sliding one finger into Liz’s wet heat, while Michael rubbed her sexy little nub on the outside.

But they were stopped before they could finish and all three were left only more frustrated as the day had progressed.

Now, as the three silently watched the Evans walk back up to the beach house that was quite far away, they exchanged heated looks and swallowed.

“Come here Michael.” Liz said hoarsely and Michael scooted closer to the couple until he was touching Liz’s bare leg with his hairy one.

“Do you know how beautiful you are in the firelight Liz?” Max whispered in her hair as he held her close between his legs and rubbed his aching flesh against her cute little tush.

Liz sighed and wiggled back into Max more and then let her foot stretch out until she was able to slide her little toes up Michael’s leg and under his bathing trunks.

Michael had been watching both Max and Liz in the firelight and just enjoying the way they looked so beautiful together when he’d first felt Liz’s flexible little toes touch his throbbing flesh.

He hissed but didn’t move away, allowing her to pleasure him slowly while his half- lidded eyes burned into hers.

Max nibbled on Liz’s little ear and with burning eyes, enjoyed the view when Liz’s foot was able to move aside Michael’s loose swimming trunks. The head of Michael’s cock had popped out and was glistening in the firelight as Liz continued to massage her foot up and down the length still hidden beneath the shorts giving Max and Liz a tantalizing vision of Michael’s desire for them.

Not able to keep his hands off of Liz another minute, Max slowly slid his hands from where they rested on Liz’s incredibly flat tummy down towards her short little skirt and under it. He gave a surprised but satisfied growl when he encountered nothing underneath, and then slid the little skirt up to her waist so Michael could enjoy the vision of Liz’s glistening body as he played with her sweet soft wet womanly petals.

Michael groaned at the sight of Max’s strong hands parting Liz’s glistening pink flesh and held his breath when Max slowly slid a finger into the tiny slick opening both of them were dying to slide into.

Liz moaned softly and arched back against Max, her head thrown back against Max’s shoulder and Michael wanted nothing more than to go taste her sweet neck that was begging for his mouth. But they still had to be somewhat careful out on the beach like this with the fire blazing and surrounding them. He was torn. Part of him wanted to kick the fire out so they would be in total darkness and he could go to Max and Liz and touch them the way he wanted to, but the other part of him would not want to miss what he was witnessing and with that thought his eyes again went to where Max’s long finger was stroking and sliding gently in and out of Liz’s heat.

And Liz’s foot had not stopped it’s caress of Michael’s throbbing flesh either and he almost came as he realized Max was intently watching Michael’s cock jump and continue to grow with every touch of Liz’s talented little toes.

Max smiled when he met Michael’s own hooded eyes, knowing he was driving Michael and Liz both to the edge and loving it.

Michael wouldn’t last another minute with Liz’s little foot and Max’s own burning admiration for Michael’s exposed cock.

With that pleasant thought, Max now set to the task of bringing the beautiful girl in his arms over that edge and watch her melt against him so sweetly.

“I wish I could take one of your sexy nipples into my mouth right now Liz, but you’ll just have to settle for my mouth on your neck instead love.” Max growled into her ear before he bent to suck on her delicious neck that was arched back for his pleasure. And at the same time, he started thrusting a little bit more boldly into Liz’s warmth that now was soaking his cupped hand thoroughly.

“And I wish I could slide more than my fingers into you sweet thing. I want to make love to you so badly my Liz.” Max said gravelly against her neck.

The last sent Liz tumbling over the edge. That and Michael’s hot eyes watching what Max was doing.

It was Liz’s own beautiful orgasm that sent Michael over the edge with her, and Max watched his two lovers cum with a look that glowed of contentment and love for them.

Max sent Michael a burning look of love after Michael finally opened his eyes, and then he turned Liz around in his arms and kissed her fiercely.

“I love you both so much.” Max growled against Liz’s mouth.

“Yes, oh Max yes.” Liz sighed and let him devour her mouth some more. She knew he was very hard and almost ready to go over the edge himself and wondered why he hadn’t joined them when she and Michael had cum. She knew he had felt what they’d felt and he easily could have. But she wasn’t disappointed that he hadn’t. Now she could return the favor and love him to completion.

“Michael, kick that fire out.” Liz said in a low seductive voice that was hoarse from crying out in Max’s arms.

Michael knew what Liz was thinking and was just as anxious now to get a hold of his lovers and he waved one hand over the fire to quickly distinguish it, not even wanting to take the time to kick it out.

Then he was helping Liz to peal off Max’s swim trunks and both of them groaned when Max sprang fee.

“Oh my! I am just the luckiest girl in the world to have you two all the time.” Liz sighed just taking in the sight before her.

Michael was doing some admiring too, and his eyes were smoldering into Max’s flesh as he devoured him with them.

Max almost came right then with both of them just looking down at his vulnerable cock with hungry eyes.

Then they both shocked Max when they simultaneously feasted on his swollen erection.

“Mind if we share Maxwell? I don’t think either one of us can wait another second to touch or taste you.” Michael whispered in a gruff tone as he gently but possessively took Max into his hand and held him while Liz lowered her sweet mouth over Max’s swollen flesh.

Max groaned at the first touch of Liz’s sweet lips on him and arched up with pleasure.

Michael felt high holding Max for Liz’s pleasure and thought how deliciously wicked they all were.

Liz reveled in the tastes that were Max and Max alone. She loved the sweet little drops of precum and the cries she evoked in Max every time her little tongue darted out to follow a new vein or ridge. She even ran her tongue down Michael’s large hand that held Max fisted for her pleasure. And the combined taste of Max and Michael made her moan and continue her assault on them both.

Michael was shocked that just Liz’s little pink tongue on his hand like that was making him crazy with need. That and watching as Liz loved and played with every inch of Max she could get at had him almost cumming again. He was constantly astounded at how the three of them could make each other burn so easily.

Max tried to watch as Liz nibbled and loved his flesh as Michael held him fisted, but soon he was so close to the edge that he laid back and closed his eyes giving in to just feeling Michael’s hand and Liz’s mouth on him. He thought if he relaxed a little he could make this last longer, but his eyes flew open suddenly and he hissed and a low cry came from deep inside him when he felt Michael suddenly take his balls into his mouth and suck hard on them, rolling them around with his tongue.

And then Max didn’t remember anything else as he arched up and came hard and long, only vaguely aware that now both Liz and Michael were kissing and licking him as he came, both trying to share in the tastes of Max as he gave himself up to his lovers.

Liz crawled up on top of Max’s sweaty still heaving body, needing to be even closer to him, and Michael, needing the warmth of both of them collapsed beside Max and threw his arms around them both, wrapping them tightly to him.

Max sighed in total peace and contentment and first shared a long sweet kiss with Liz, and then watched as Liz and Michael languidly nipped and sipped on each other’s mouths and then was again in a heated kiss when Michael leaned over him and slid his tongue deep into the darkest recesses of Max’s mouth to share in the aftermath that was still quaking through Max’s system.

“I love you Max and Michael, so much.” Liz sighed as she slowly dozed off held tightly by both her men.

It was only later that Max would remember and wonder about the stiffening he thought he felt in Michael at Liz’s words of love.


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Part 17

It was their last day. Michael could almost feel his anxiety level increasing, his heart trying to close against the reality that awaited them. But how could he turn his back on this? What was out there waiting for him if he couldn’t open his heart to love so real, so intoxicating, it had brought him to himself for the first time?

All this went through his mind as he watched Liz hover over him, her small, firm breasts teasing him, the gorgeous chocolate silk of her hair skimming his skin bringing his nerve endings to eager attention. His eyes closed for a second as he let a hand slid through that thick cool silk, and felt her lips lightly nibble on his. Then he felt a larger, stronger hand stroking his abdomen and electricity shot through him. He opened his eyes and turned, gazing into the tender amber eyes that watched him so lovingly, so cautiously. Max knew what was going on in his mind, knew that they were approaching a terrifying crossroads.

Michael felt Liz’s little tongue near his ear and he decided to block unpleasant thoughts from his mind for now and just concentrate on the loves of his life. With that he gently pulled Liz up till her ripe little breasts were aligned with his mouth, and he slowly swirled his tongue around each of them loving the sound of her soft moans and gasps as he did. After the last four days together they knew what pleased each other and enjoyed making each other crazy.

Max watched as Michael made Liz squirm above him as he went from licking at her sexy nipples, to sucking at them. His eyes burned with arousal and his body tightened even more if possible. Watching his loves was just as arousing as when he was touching them or they were touching him. He sucked in a breath when Liz was lifted over Michael and Max had an intoxicating view of Liz’s womanly heat from between Michael’s legs.

Not hesitating, his mouth already salivating with his need of Liz’s tastes, he leaned forward and ran his tongue once over her already moist and ready flesh.

Liz cried out softly but it was quickly silenced by Michael’s mouth as he realized what Max was doing and knew how Max could make her scream if she let go. They both knew how easily they could make Liz lose all control and they loved it. So one of them would always swallow her cries so she could release them.

They had all gotten so good at loving together. As if they could read each others every thought. As if they had done this before. Michael thought not for the first time.

Liz thought she was going to shatter into a million pieces with Michael ravishing her mouth with his hot one and Max loving her with his mouth so hungrily on her other lips. And that was the last thought she had as she did just that. She cried into Michael’s open mouth and shuddered as she came apart for them.

Max gave Liz’s sexy heated flesh one last kiss and as Michael turned her over to lie her on her back, Max slid up onto her other side and took his turn kissing her already ravished mouth.

Michael moved his mouth to her shoulder and kissed her gently as she continued to shake from her total release. They were both still amazed at how Liz responded so completely to them.

Max pulled back from kissing Liz and adored her with his eyes. “Liz...” was all he could say. But his Liz knew what he couldn’t put into words and she lifted a small hand and cupped his cheek with so much love in her own eyes.

Michael lifted his head from Liz’s neck, and the three of them smiled and shared a three way kiss they had perfected. It wasn’t a deep kiss but their lips and tongues tangled together lovingly.

Then, Liz met Max’s eyes again and they both smiled wickedly and then turned toward Michael and before he knew what they were planning, he was on his back and both Max and Liz were sliding down his body towards his aching flesh. He gasped and watched as Max boldly took him in his hand and gave a couple of long slow strokes, and then groaned aloud as Liz and Max both lowered their mouths to share in loving his totally hard and throbbing sex. Michael’s last thought before he too went over the edge of release was how in the world could he give this up?

But once again, in the light of day, as they boarded the plane to go back home, Michael was bombarded with thoughts of how in the world this could continue! In the light of day it was Max and Liz as a couple, just as it should be. As was accepted by the world. One man and one woman.

Max knew what Michael was thinking. He could see it in his eyes as they sat down on the plane. He could almost hear the words floating through Michael’s head. ‘One man one woman. That was enough, that was all that was needed.’ But it wasn’t. Max thought as he looked from Liz’s tiny head between them over to Michael who looked alone again. Max and Liz as the couple and Michael alone. It wasn’t enough anymore. Not for any of them. And he promised he wouldn’t let Michael pull away again. Not after what they’d all shared this past week. For no matter how much Michael might try to still deny it, they’d all felt it. The completeness right down to their souls when they were all together.

As if sensing Michael and Max’s mood, Liz slipped her hand into Michael’s and once again tucked her feet under his thigh. Then leaning against Max’s chest, she gazed lovingly into Michael’s eyes, letting him know that although to all outward appearances she and Max were the couple, in reality, it was the three of them and it always would be. And Liz knew that if it was up to her, they would let the world know it was the three of them. She didn’t care what anyone would think of her, but she knew that both Max and Michael were not ready to admit their relationship to the whole world, nor would they want the Liz to suffer from any comments about herself with two men. She sighed as she realized how complicated this still was. But she knew that if they loved each other they could make it work. A niggling at the back of her mind reminded her that Michael had never said the words aloud, but she pushed it away knowing he felt them and showed them with every touch and look and when he was ready he would tell them.

Liz spotted Maria waiting on the steps waiting for them as Liz and Max pulled up in front of the high school in Max’s jeep that following Monday morning.

“Lizzie!” Maria exclaimed as she came running up to them.

Maria pulled back and looked from one to the other and as she watched them intently, they both blushed.

“It worked! I knew it!” she exclaimed and hugged both Liz and Max this time. “Oh... I want details Lizzie! Well not detail, details, but what happened, when, how much and was it great?” Maria went on as she took Liz’s arm in hers and they started walking towards the school.

Liz looked at Max as he walked on the other side of her and he just grinned and shrugged. No one could stop hurricane Deluca once she started.

“Ah Maria, how’d it go with Kyle?” Max said to give Liz a moment.

Maria’s smile left her and she sighed. “It didn’t. The lug really did go away to camp for the week and he didn’t even call me last night when he got back. I mean I know you guys didn’t get back until really late which is why I am not upset that Lizzie didn’t call me, but Kyle got back around 6 last night!” she huffed.

“How do you know?” Max asked and both Liz and Maria gave him an “are you kidding” look. After all, they were talking about Maria and her radar for knowing everything that went on around Roswell.

“Right.” Max mumbled and dug his hands in his pockets of his jeans. He was getting nervous and could tell Liz was too. They didn’t know how Michael was going to react today. They hadn’t wanted to talk about it their last night all together, and then on the way home, Michael had pretended to sleep most of the way. Now they were both on edge wondering what was going through Michael’s head.

“I’m sure once Kyle sees that Michael and you are no longer together he’ll make a move.” Liz smiled and took one of Max’s hands out of his pocket to hold it reassuringly. Even though she was just as nervous, and unsure.

“You think?” Maria bit her lip hopefully.

There weren’t many times Maria wasn’t totally confident, but Kyle was the one thing that kept her off balance and unsure.

“Parker! And Evans! You’re back!” Alex exclaimed as he saw his friends coming down the crowded hall towards him.

“Hi Alex!” Liz smiled for her friend and laughed as she got a hug from him and saw him give Max one as well.

Max looked awkward until Alex released him and Liz understood why but was glad Alex hadn’t caught it. Now that Max had loved another guy, being held by a guy was strange for him, even if it was just in friendship. Max and Michael still had a lot to come to terms with but Liz promised she’d be there to help them in any way she could. Although she had a feeling it was just something they would have to work out themselves in their own minds.

“Well? Was ‘Operation Michael’ a success?” he whispered making sure no one else heard but the other three.

When both Liz and Max blushed again he grinned and nodded. “As usual you were right again Deluca.” He put his arm around Maria.

“Of course I was.” Maria smiled confidently not having doubted it for a minute.

Max and Liz smiled and held tightly to each other hoping she was right.

Liz watched Max walk across the school grounds to their favorite tree where she waited. It was lunchtime, but she had no appetite. Her stomach was fluttering in nervousness one minute and clenching in fear the next. As Max approached, she saw the same looked mirrored on his face.

Max flung himself down to the ground next to Liz, and they kissed, seeking the comfort of the one constant in their lives.

“He’s doing it, isn’t he?” Liz didn’t even have to give her comment a context. The pain in her voice and the anguish in her eyes said it all. “He’s pulling back. Avoiding us. Why Max? What does he think will happen now? That we’ll just stop loving him? That he’ll stop loving us? After that whole week, he still doesn’t accept this, does he?” Liz asked sadly.

Max watched the worry lines in Liz’s face flex and pull. He reached to smooth them. Then he said in a gentle, soft voice. “He needs more time, Liz. He needs to come to the place where he can give himself permission to love...unconventionally. He’s been an outsider his whole life. This is just one more way he’s different, and he doesn’t want to deal with it.” Max explained.

Liz leaned back against Max as he slid behind her and leaned against the tree and pulled her towards him. She sighed and nodded knowing Max was right.

“We need to get him to relax. To admit that this is part of who he is. He came to accept that when we were alone together; it’s just this adjustment. He needs to find a way to make it fit into his real life. You’re right Max. But we have to find a way to get him to let his guard down.” She said determinedly. She was NOT going to go back to the way they had been the last couple of years.

”And I know just how to do it!” exclaimed Maria as she sat down facing them, having caught the tail end of the conversation.

She had watched as Michael didn’t show up at all yesterday for school, leaving both Max and Liz worried and upset, but hoping he had just needed the day to come to terms with how he would handle the situation. But when he had shown up today and been basically avoiding all of them, she knew something had to be done to make sure things didn’t go back to the way there were before. Although she knew Michael wasn’t thinking of pretending with her anymore. For she had seen him this morning and she’d squealed and given him a huge hug, but he’s stiffened and backed off. And before she could question him about anything, he’d made an excuse and dashed off.

“What do you have in mind, Maria?” Liz asked looking hopeful as her friend sat down with across from them.

“A party!” Maria explained happily.

“ Michael’s not much into parties.” Max said with a frown.

“Not a big party. A small get together at your house Max. Your parents are going to that lawyer convention this weekend aren’t they? We could just all get together at your house. Let Michael loosen up around all of us and see if we can show him how we don’t care about the three of you together. That we just want you all happy.” Maria continued explaining.

“And we can invite Kyle, so he can loosen up around you Maria, and let’s invite Alex and his girlfriend!” Liz said starting to think this just might work.

Max was still not sure, but he would agree to anything to see the sadness leave Liz’s face. And to get Michael back.

He figured if Michael knew it was just the friends getting together, and that later he, Max and Liz would have the house to themselves...

He knew Michael wanted to be with them. He’d seen it in his eyes this morning when he’d spotted Michael watching Max and Liz at her locker. He’d stared right back at Michael and begged him with his eyes to come over to them, but with regret, Michael had walked the other way.

But later, he’d gotten Michael to talk to him in their Government class and Michael had admitted that he needed time, but that he wouldn’t shut them out again. That they would at least be friends. Max had thought he was crazy to think they could all go back to just being friends, but he’d said nothing and only nodded.

“Do you think he’ll even hang out with us if we invite him this weekend Max?” Liz asked biting her lip and bringing him back to the present.

“Yeah. He’ll come over. And then we’ll make sure he never pulls away again Liz, I promise.” Max said softly and kissed the top of Liz’s head as he held her close in his arms.

Maria smiled watching them and also hoped this would work for her and Kyle as well.


By Friday afternoon Liz was a wreck. She didn’t know what to think. Michael had avoided her like the plague all week, but had hung out a little with Max and had talked to him.

Liz was starting to wonder if it was just her. Had Michael realized he only loved Max and didn’t know how to tell Liz he didn’t want to play on her side of the street anymore? But she knew Max still wanted her so she didn’t know how to handle this. Could she and Michael share Max separately? If Michael loved Max and still wanted to be with him, then she didn’t want to keep Max away from him. And what if Max slowly started feeling the same way towards Michael?

She bit her lip trying to imagine never loving Michael again if it turned out Michael had changed his mind or come to realize he only wanted Max. And could she give up Max someday if he too realized he only wanted Michael? She was torturing herself with self doubt she knew, and it was making her sick with worry. She stared at her closet trying to pick an outfit that would seduce her men, and then wondered if being too forward was what was scaring Michael away? Or turning him off?

“Hey babe!” Maria’s voice interrupted her dark thoughts as she barged into Liz’s room excitedly. They were going to get ready for the party together and then head over to Max’s.

“Hey.” Liz said softly, trying not to let Maria know just how sick she’d made herself with her dark thoughts.

“What’s wrong?” Maria said immediately and Liz sighed knowing it had been foolish to think she could keep something from her friend.

“Maria, Michael has hardly looked at me all week. What if...” she swallowed not able to even voice it aloud.

“Liz! Michael has not changed how he feels about you and Max! Anyone with eyes can see how he is still TOTALLY in love with you guys. And he’s talked to Max and told him he just needs time.” Maria reassured her friend while she looked through Liz’s closet in thought.

“Oh I agree that he still looks at Max with want.” Liz bit her lip at her admission.

“Whaaat!” Maria turned around slowly staring hard at her friend. She had NOT just heard what she thought she’d heard.

“Liz? Do not tell me that you think Michael only wants Max now?!” Maria said in shock and disbelief.

But when she saw that was exactly what Liz was thinking, and saw the hurt and rejection in her friend’s eyes, she took her arms and made Liz look at her.

“Lizzie. Trust me when I say I’ve seen the way Michael has looked at you this week and that no matter what his lame ass reason for avoiding you is, it’s NOT because he doesn’t love you or want you anymore. That’s just TOTALLY impossible!”

Liz sighed and swallowed. She wanted to believe her friend.

“Now! Let’s find you an outfit that will knock the socks off of your men and leave them panting after you tonight.” Maria said determinedly and turned back towards the open closet with narrowed eyes.


Alex rang the doorbell and smiled when his gorgeous girlfriend answered the door with a bright smile that lit up Alex’s heart.

“Are you ready beautiful?” Alex asked as he took her arm and led her towards his parents’ car he had for the night.

“Yes Alex. I’m a little nervous about finally getting to know your friends, but I’m ready.” Summer said as she settled into the car and wondered what the night would bring.


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Part 18

Michael watched as Max moved around him in the kitchen getting the snacks ready for everyone. His gut clenched again. How was he going to be able to keep his hands off of Max tonight with everyone else around? And LIZ! He shook his head. He’d NEVER be able to stay away from her if she looked at him with those huge doe eyes of hers that he loved so much. He KNEW he’d do anything for Liz, and that was why he’d avoided her this week. He’d been able to talk with Max a little bit since it still wasn’t as normal for him to touch Max in public or look lovingly at him. He’d been able to keep his feelings for Max under control in public. He’d been doing it for a long time. But Liz! Her sweet vulnerability and softness would have been his undoing this week. He knew if he’d been around her he’d have given in to her and probably kissed her senseless in front of the whole high school. Heck! It was hard enough when he and Max were standing close, not to just grab him and kiss him!

And he’d nearly blown it completely this week when he’d noticed Lance Atkinson eyeing Max during gym class. Lance had come out of the closet just last year and had just broken up with his boyfriend from another school a few weeks ago. And when he’d seen Lance eyeing Max as Max had stood in the locker room in just his underwear, Michael had almost punched the guy out. Only he could eye Max that way. And Michael knew he’d never be able to keep his hands off of Liz if he was walking a fine line just keeping his hands off of Max in school.

Like now. No one was here yet, and he wanted so badly to grab Max and kiss him senseless and maybe more. But he looked at the time and knew the others would be here soon. But as he looked over at Max one more time as Max reached around him to get the drinks, his eyes narrowed and his nose flared when he caught Max’s clean showered scent and the light cologne Liz had bought him last Christmas. Michael swore and his gut clenched with need. His body recognized his lover and hardened in anticipation. Michael gave up the fight and grabbing Max’s arm, he hauled his startled lover into his arms and pushing him up against the fridge, he didn’t even give Max a chance to say anything. He took Max’s sexy mouth quickly and demandingly and felt Max melt against him almost immediately after his one startled look.

Max had been watching Michael as he’d been setting up the snacks. He’d seen Michael go to the fridge to get the drinks, but stop suddenly as if deep in thought. He’d felt the way Michael has been watching him, almost like a cat ready to pounce and he’d become totally turned on at the predatory look in Michael’s eyes. But he could tell Michael was fighting with his demons again and was giving him his space.

He quietly walked around Michael and opened the fridge himself to get the drinks when Michael made a low growl in his throat and grabbed him and pushed him up against the fridge. Max went from startled to hot and hungry and he eagerly melted against Michael’s big frame and wrapped his arms around his neck when Michael pulled them flush together.

Michael could hear Max’s own throated moans deep in his throat as he continued to ravish Max’s mouth. He had Max up against the fridge and was now teasing him with his own body, sliding his hardness against Max’s own and almost bringing them both to orgasm right there in the kitchen. Michael undid the button on Max’s jeans and was just sliding the zipper down when the doorbell rang.

As if a bucked of cold water had been thrown on them the two jumped apart startled. They were both hard and frustrated, and out of breath. They eyed each other for a second, and then Max grinned. Max felt this was a great sign that things would be okay, and took a deep breath and leaving Michael to gather himself together, he went to answer the door. The only person he knew wasn’t at the door was Liz. They both would have felt the hum in their bodies if Liz had been close. And he smiled thinking of Michael warming up to them again and how happy this would make Liz.

Max opened the door with a smile and it widened as he saw Alex and his girlfriend Summer standing there.

“Alex! Come on in. Hi Summer. Glad you guys could come.” Max moved aside to let them enter. He was really glad Alex had agreed to come to the party. He’d really missed him lately.

Alex didn’t miss a thing. He saw Max’s flushed face, slightly red lips, and mussed hair and smiled as he looked the rest of him over.

“Is Liz here already?” Alex asked and threw a devilish smile at Max.

But when Max blushed and stammered Alex raised an eyebrow.

“ not yet. You guys are the first.” Max murmured trying not to meet Alex’s now widening eyes.

A noise in the kitchen made both Alex and Summer look at Max.

“Er...Except for Michael who’s been here a while helping me set up.” Max said and blushed as he met Alex’s knowing and now highly amused eyes.

Summer didn’t catch any of Alex and Max’s looks. She was too busy looking around and trying not to be nervous. She knew how much these friends meant to Alex and she wanted to make a good impression. “It’s so nice of you to invite us Max. We’ve really been looking forward to this.” She said smiling brightly at the cute but shy guy she’d mostly only known from afar the past few months.

Everyone at the high school said Max was nice but hard to get to know. That he was shy and only hung around a few people. And Summer knew they were all going to be here tonight.

Max sensed Summer’s nervousness and wished Liz was here. She would know exactly what to do to ease the girl’s anxiety. “We’ve been looking forward to this too.” He said sincerely.

“Yo Maxwell! Wanna help me carry out the drinks and stuff?” They heard a gruff voice from the kitchen.

Alex chuckled and they all went into the kitchen to help Michael.

Summer was even more nervous meeting Michael Guerin. He was the gruff guy who stayed clear of most people. He didn’t even try to make friends outside of this little group and was known to frown a lot at people who bothered him. He had “back off” written all over him.

Now, sensing edginess and highly charged energy around Michael, she swallowed but still smiled in greeting.

“Hey Alex, Summer.” Michael murmured as he shoved the snack bowls at Max gruffly and turned back to get the drinks.

Alex rolled his eyes at Max who just grinned and shrugged at Michael’s grumpy attitude. They were both used to it and Max knew it was Michael’s way of keeping Max at arm’s length now that everyone was here.

When the doorbell rang again Alex went to get it and let in a happy Kyle who was carrying a bag.

“Okay guys! The partying can begin!” he grinned and pulled out a six pack of beer and placed it on the coffee table in the living room where the other, now startled teens were.

“How the hell did you get beer?” Max asked not sure he liked the idea at all. None of them had ever drunk before.

“I have my sources. I thought this would be a great time to try the stuff. We’re a little behind the times my friends. Everyone else in high school has at least tried the stuff and a lot more!” Kyle defended himself to the group.

“Just cause others are drinking isn’t a great reason for us to.” Max tried to say, being the responsible one as usual.

“Ah what’s this? You guys are scared? What are you all wusses?” Kyle laughed and grabbed a beer and popped it open.

Michael stiffened at the thought of being called a wuss and frowned. Hell, maybe a drink would loosen him up enough to be able to make it through the night. After all, what could one tiny beer hurt?

Shrugging at the others he grabbed one and popped it open as well.

Alex shrugged and took one thinking the same thing. Summer declined but smiled that she didn’t mind Alex having one.

Kyle smiled and then hit Max on the back. “Come on Evans! You’re not going to be the odd man out are you?” he cajoled.

Max looked around and thought ‘what the hell. It was only one.’ And reached for a bottle as well.

But as he picked it up he felt Liz nearby and seeing Michael perk up too, he grinned and headed for the door.

“Where ya going Evans?” Kyle asked taking another sip of his beer.

“Liz is at the door.” Michael said taking a second sip and frowning. Not sure if he liked the taste yet and willing himself to stay seated and not jump up and rush for Liz like every cell in his body was screaming to do.

“I didn’t hear the doorbell?” Summer said absently as she helped herself to a chip and soda.

Alex laughed. “Well, when it comes to Liz, Max has a special radar.” He said casually to cover Max’s alien blunder and hoping Michael’s words wouldn’t be questioned.


Outside Liz was a bundle of nerves. She’s felt the passion between Max and Michael a few minutes ago, and instead of making her feel high as it usually did, this time it had hit her hard in the stomach. Had Michael decided to accept Max but not her? For Max’s sake she was glad that at least he could love Michael and that Michael loved him. She twisted her hands as she and Maria got out of the car and started up the path to Max’s house.

The door opened before they could even reach the porch, and Max was there grinning, his eyes sparkling with what Maria called his “Liz look”.

The look always took Liz’s breath away and it did now as he swept her up into his arms and kissed her deeply and hungrily.

“Hey Max.” Maria teased as she walked on past the couple and into the house shaking her head but as always, she was happy for her friends.

“And here are the last of the gang! Maria, as usual you’re late babe.” Kyle called out as Maria entered the living room where the others were all sprawled out on the couches and chairs.

Maria smiled and seeing Summer sitting with Alex on a large chair, she went over and hugged the two trying to make Summer feel more comfortable. She could see the brooding frown on Michael’s face as he quietly studied his drink, and could tell he was making Summer a little nervous.

“Hey you big clod.” She teased as she slapped Michael across the head as she passed by him and onto the large couch where Kyle was sitting.

“Hey Kyle.” Maria tried to sound casual, but her breath caught a little, much to her own frustration.

“Hey Maria, where’s Liz? Didn’t she ride with you?” Kyle asked and frowned as Maria sat all the way at the other end of the couch from him.

“Hmmm yeah, but Max hasn’t let her in the house yet.” Maria just waved off and then noticed what the others were drinking.

“BEER!? Where the hell did you guys get beer?” She exclaimed.

“Its good stuff Deluca, you should try it?” Alex grinned having sipped most of his one drink already.

“Kyle grabbed one off the table and slid over to give it to Maria. Any excuse to sit closer to her. He had noticed how all week Maria and Michael had behrly been around each other and guessed they were broken off. And tonight was proving this even more with the way they had greeted each other.

“Here you go Maria, give it a try.” Kyle grinned at the spunky girl he’d known all his life.

Michael’s whole body was screaming for him to go to Liz. He knew Max was kissing the hell out of her and he needed to do the same. God he’d missed her this week! What the hell had he been thinking, staying away from her? She fed his soul!

With that thought he abruptly got up and still frowning, he headed towards the hall to find Liz and kiss the crap out of her like Max was.

“Just a minute mister!” Maria’s voice interrupted him and he looked startled to find her pulling him into the kitchen.

“Maria I’m busy.” Michael said and wondered why it was so hard to speak all of a sudden.

“Busy my ass! I’ve got a bone to pick with you!” She said as she pushed him into the kitchen.

“Now Maria!” Michael started but didn’t get to finish.

“How could you treat Liz this way?! Do you know how upset she is!? I went to pick her up and she was a mess! She actually thinks you don’t want her anymore. That you’ve decided that maybe you only wanted Max since you’ve only talked to him this past week. She thinks....”

“Whaaat?” Michael’s head came up as what Maria was saying finally penetrated his brain. Liz thought he didn’t want her anymore? His mind was spinning at the ridiculousness of that, but then he realized how he would feel if Liz had ignored him all week. He was so worried about Liz that he didn’t realize Maria’s words told him that she knew about he and Max too.

“You heard me! You...” Maria started but didn’t even finish because Michael stormed out of the room.

Max was just bringing Liz into the house and they had just entered the hall when Michael headed directly for Liz. Without another thought, he growled and with surprising gentleness, he lifted her up and against him and lowered his mouth to hers.

It was hard to tell who was more shocked, Maria, Max or Liz. But it didn’t take long for Max and Maria to grin like fools or Liz to melt into Michael’s embrace and lovingly and hungrily return those kisses.

When Michael finally let Liz’s mouth go, he stared at her with an openly adoring look on his face. “How could you for one minute think I don’t want you anymore? I need you with every breath I take.” He exclaimed none to quietly but totally serious.

“I...Michael....”was all Liz could get out. This was so unlike Michael. The sweet poetic words. She exchanged looks with Max who could only smiled bemusedly and rub the back of his neck as he studied Michael closer. His eyes narrowing as he took in the unsteady stance of his lover and the slightly glazed eyes.

“Ah... Michael, are you drunk already!?” Max asked shocked.

“What? Drunk?” Liz looked confused but still just glad to be wrapped in Michael’s arms.

“Is that what I am? I thought I felt strange.” Michael murmured as he looked from Max to Liz again. “Lizzie girl, my girl. I need more kisses sweetness.” He sighed and took her mouth again.

Max tried to hold back laughter at the very affectionate drunk Michael was turning out to be but Maria was looking around hoping no one else was catching this yet. This was not the way they had hoped to introduce this to the others.

“Ah Max...” Maria hesitated looking around.

Max finally caught on and nodding, he tried to pull Michael and Liz apart but still with a huge grin on his face.

“Come on Romeo. Let’s put our girl down for a minute. We don’t want to surprise everyone quite this way do we?” Max teased and Liz blushed as she now stood between the two guys trying to straighten her cute little top and her already messed hair.

Michael just stood there not knowing what to do now, a confused look on his face now that Liz was taken from him.

Max laughed out loud and watched as Maria rolled her eyes and led Michael back into the living room with Max and Liz following.

“How much have you guys been drinking?” Liz asked Max as they all entered the room where all the others were.

“Not much. They just started when you pulled up.” Max said scratching his head trying to figure out how Michael could be so drunk already. He looked around and noticed the others didn’t seem drunk yet, and he could see that Michael had only taken a few sips of his beer.

Alex called out to Liz with a smile on his face and Liz headed over.

“Liz, you remember Summer don’t you.” Alex introduced the two formerly.

“Yes, hi Summer. I’m so glad Alex brought you tonight. I just hope these animals don’t scare you off.” She said looking from Michael to Kyle and back to Summer with a teasing glint in her eyes.

Summer laughed but shook her head. “They won’t. For Alex I’d withstand anything.” She said jokingly, but totally serious when she looked up at Alex.

Liz grinned at that and her eyes softened as she looked from Alex’s content face to Summer’s equally beaming one. They were perfect for each other.

“Well if Kyle or Michael get out of hand, just let me know. They can really be scary sometimes.” Liz teased and took Summer’s hand to squeeze it affectionately.

The jolt that she felt confused her and she pulled her hand back immediately. She looked to see if Summer had felt it and could tell she had for she too was looking warily at Liz now, with her eyes slightly wide with surprise.

Before she had a chance to wonder further, two hands wrapped around her waist and a pair of lips was at her ear.

“And just what will you do if I get out of hand?” the words were a bit slurred and not whispered.

Liz automatically linked her fingers with Michael’s and smiled and tried to look casual, as if it was no big deal that Michael was this cozy with her. Then again, how else would they let the others know about all of them? After all, they had wanted Michael to loosen up at this get together and that sure seemed to be the case!

She met Max’s eyes and saw him wondering the same thing.

“I’ll have to send you to Max’s room until you decide to be civil.” Liz answered deciding to take this slow and let the others gradually get used to them.

Kyle was already looking from Michael’s arms wrapped possessively around Liz, to Max’s reaction and was wondering what Max was thinking. Max didn’t seem upset, but he did seem thoughtful.

Kyle guessed he’d been right that Michael was and had been lusting after Liz for a long time. He just wondered how Max was taking that? He had to see it now.

“Max’s bedroom huh?” Michael grinned liking that idea.

Max held his breath wondering if Michael was going to say something that would reveal all with one statement.

“I guess I can do that. But would I have to be alone or would you or Ma...”

He was interrupted when the doorbell rang again and Alex grinned. “Pizza time!”

“How the hell is Guerin so drunk on two sips of beer?” Kyle asked looking from Michael’s swaying form to his beer bottle.

“I don’t know.” Michael frowned answering and then turned to look at Kyle. He looked at where Kyle was sitting next to Maria on the couch. He had his arm around the back of the couch and almost touching Maria who was as close to Kyle as she could be without actually touching him either.

“Valenti you’re a fool.” Michael blurted out and murmured something about needing to take a leak.

“Huh? What was that about?” Kyle asked looking to the others, totally confused.

“Michael is drunk Kyle let’s just leave it at that.” Alex tried not to laugh and thought this was going to be an interesting night. He just hoped that Michael didn’t let anything slip about their being aliens.

Max was hoping the same thing, and took Liz into his arms when she came up to him. “Max...Michael is definitely more relaxed about us and all, and that’s good but...”

“I know. He seems to be saying ‘anything’ that comes to mind and that could lead to something being said that we don’t want Summer to hear.” Max finished for her nodding. “I’m going to go talk to Michael, I’ll be right back.” Max whispered and kissed Liz gently on the lips before walking down the hall after their drunken lover.

Liz smiled as she watched Max walk away. He was so adorable, especially when he was being responsible.

Maria had turned on some music and a now slightly tipsy Alex was trying to dance with his girlfriend.

Maria came towards Liz with an amused expression. “Hmmm... who would have thought that a drunken Michael would be so cute and amorous?” she giggled and then waggled her eyebrows at Liz.

Liz blushed but was pleased and overjoyed that Michael still wanted her.

Michael came out of the bathroom and was greeted with the sexy sight of Max leaning against the wall in the hall waiting for him.

“Ah, let me guess, Liz is sending me to your room and letting you come with me. Or is it cum with me?” Michael waggled his eyebrows and laughed at his own sorry joke.

Max grinned and rolled his eyes. Michael was being impossible but very interesting this way. “Michael you have to be careful what you say in front of...” Max didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence.

Michael decided Max looked too irresistible all concerned and serious and so he leaned into Max and backed him flat against the wall.

“You’re sexy as hell when you’re trying to be serious and reprimand people.” Michael said in a low voice as he brought his head closer to Max’s. All the while staring at Max’s lips.

“Michael...” Max tried to make his lover take him seriously but was sabotaged again when Michael leaned in the rest of the way and kissed him.

“Holy shit!” they both heard and pulled apart enough to turn and see Kyle at the end of the hallway.

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Part 19

Kyle just stood at the end of the hall staring at the two figures that were now disentangling themselves from each other. He didn’t know what to think or what to say. Then he heard Liz’s laugh from the living room and he found his voice. His anger moved him down the hall to face the two men a moment ago he’d have thought he wouldn’t be able to face.

“How could you do this to Liz!?” Kyle accused Max, angry for his sweet friend who had loved this man for most of her life.

“Kyle man I...” Max started to explain. This was not how they’d wanted to tell everyone. He glanced at Michael afraid this would make him bolt since this kind of reaction was exactly what he’d been afraid of. But Michael was just staring at Kyle now, his face impassive.

“And Maria! Does Maria know? Is that why she broke it off with you? How long have you two been...?” Kyle couldn’t finish the saying. It was just too strange and he was angry for his other friends.

How the hell could this be happening? If Max had loved Liz all this time then how could he even think of.... Kyle couldn’t wrap his mind around what he was seeing. He paced back and forth and because he couldn’t even express how he was feeling about this himself, he got defensive for his friends.

“God! Liz and Maria trusted you guys! How could this!? Why the hell would you want to when you have the love of two beautiful “women!”?” Kyle continued pacing, just not understanding this at all.

Max’s jaw was tight as he tried to think of a way to calm Kyle down enough to listen to him. He was getting more and more worried about how Michael must be feeling. He could sense the anger building up in Michael and although he was glad Michael wasn’t feeling ashamed enough to want to run, he didn’t know what a drunk AND angry Michael would do. He ran a hand through his hair and tried again.

“Kyle, look it’s not what you think.” He tried and could see from the way Kyle stopped pacing and just stared at him with his mouth open that that hadn’t been the right words.

“I mean... it is but...” he was flustered. He hadn’t realized how difficult it would be to face his friend after being caught in an embrace with another guy. Even if it was Michael. He hated the look of disgust and shock on Kyle’s face and was ashamed that he felt ashamed. Max was totally at a loss right now.

“Kyle, it’s okay.” A soft voice said from behind him and a hand touched his shoulder gently.

Kyle’s body relaxed a little from its defensive stance at the sound of Liz’s calming voice.

He turned to face Liz, looking for any signs of trauma or pain on her face at this obvious betrayal but saw none. He was baffled. Had she not seen any of it? Or heard them talking just now? Was it up to him to tell her? Or would Max or Michael now fess up? He was so confused.

“Kyle, I love them both. They’re both mine. We’re all together. I’m sorry we were going to tell all of you tonight, but not quite like this.” Liz smiled softly to break the tension between the guys.

When Kyle continued to stare at Liz as if he hadn’t understood, Liz slipped past Kyle and stood between Max and Michael. Max wrapped her into his arms tightly and kissed her forehead, and Michael stepped closer to both of them, right up against them as if protecting the two of them from any accusations or incriminations that might be forthcoming from their friend.

Kyle’s eyes widened as he realized what the real situation was. It made even less sense now. He was amazed that Liz was okay with this...and still didn’t understand how Max would want more than just Liz or how Michael would want Max over Maria?

Michael could see how uncomfortable and guilty Kyle was making Max feel and he didn’t like that one bit. He didn’t care about himself. Oddly it didn’t bother him. But he hated that Max was feeling bad. A wicked gleam came into Michael’s eyes before he pulled Liz into his arms.

“Damn right we’re hers!” he growled and then looking down at a startled Liz, he covered her mouth right there in front of Kyle. God he’d wanted to kiss Liz so many times in front of their friends. To let them all know that she was his too!

At first Liz was surprised, but quickly melted into Michael’s fierce kiss and sighed into his mouth.

At Liz’s sigh, Michael’s anger vanished and the feel of his loves body melting so effortlessly into his did him in. His kiss softened and he took her mouth deeper, but more gently.

When Michael finally lifted his head for air, he realized why he’d kissed Liz like this in the first place and looked over to see Kyle still just staring. His anger returned and he pulled Liz even closer.

“Can’t handle it Valenti? Well tough shit! I love Liz and I’m not going to hide it anymore.” He stated defiantly.

Then he saw the equally shocked but overjoyed looks from Max and Liz with his declared love and he felt good.

“Say it again.” Liz whispered as she turned to face Michael completely.

He looked down at the beautiful little woman he’d loved forever and sliding a hand gently through her hair and cupping her cheek, he leaned into her. “I love you Liz Parker, I always have.” He said softly and then kissed her deeply again.

Liz clung to Michael and returned his kiss completely and Max smiled, trying to hold back tears knowing how much this meant to Liz, and so happy Michael was finally going to be at peace with his decision.

When Michael came up for air once again, he turned towards Max and met his eyes. “I love you too Maxwell. And I don’t care who knows anymore.” And turning to Kyle he added, “So you can either get used to it or not. It’s up to you.” He said and releasing Liz he pushed a still startled Max back against the wall and took his mouth in a deep kiss too.

Liz was giddy with her joy and looked from Michael and Max’s sexy kiss to Kyle and she actually felt sorry for him. He was still staring but now he looked pale as he witnessed the two men kissing, and so passionately!

“Jesus!” was all Kyle could say as he looked away and raked a shaky hand through his hair.

When Max and Michael finally broke apart, they reached for Liz again and the three embraced and met each others eyes.

Kyle’s mouth was still hanging open and Liz giggled now. She was too happy to care what anyone thought either as she was still being held tightly between her two men. This drunk Michael was turning out to be very interesting and revealing and wonderful!

“Ah are you guys gonna come join us or are you going to stay in the hall all night?” Alex poked his head around the corner of the living room and called down to his friends.

“Coming!” Liz called out and watched Alex’s head disappear again.

“Kyle?” Max finally asked hesitantly. He’d gotten carried away with Michael’s confession and amorous embraces, but knew this was not the way Kyle should have found out. Of all of their friends, he knew Kyle would find this the hardest to accept. And now he was scared that they’d shocked him too much.

Kyle shook his head not wanting to hear or see anymore right now. “Not now...I...I need to think.” He said and backed up a bit and then hurried down the hall followed slowly by the other three.

Alex, Summer and Maria were laughing about something when the others entered the room. “It’s about time! You’re pizzas getting cold guys!” Alex exclaimed from the chair he shared with Summer.

Maria noticed Kyle’s preoccupied if a little stunned look and glanced questioningly at him. But Kyle avoided her eyes and looking shaky he bolted for the kitchen to try to get his thoughts together.

Maria looked worriedly from Kyle’s retreating form to the three now coming around the corner of the hall and met Liz’s eyes.

Liz looked dazed but bursting with happiness. And then Maria’s eyes narrowed as she noticed how all three of them looked thoroughly kissed. As in all three had kissed and she had an idea now what had shaken Kyle.

Liz bit her lip as she noticed Maria’s worried look and then saw Kyle’s retreating form going into the kitchen and she came up to Maria.

“Kyle caught Max and Michael...” she didn’t need to say more.

Maria nodded and squeezing Liz’s hand she went after Kyle.

“Kyle? Are you okay? Liz told me about...what you saw.” Maria said softly as she came into the kitchen and saw Kyle with his back to her, holding onto the kitchen sink.

Kyle didn’t think he could be more surprised than he already was, but Maria’s calmness about all of this shocked him again. Turning, he looked into Maria’s eyes to see if there was any lingering pain or sadness at finding out Michael didn’t love her, or shock over finding out about all this herself, but could only see deeply expressive eyes as she stared back at him with tenderness and concern for him.

“Doesn’t it shock you? Doesn’t it....” Kyle couldn’t say it. He was so confused and was trying not to make too harsh a judgment about the friends he’d come to love.

“Disgust me?” Maria answered knowing what he was fighting and wanting him to get it out. “No. Not at all.” She said softly and met his eyes with gentle, understanding ones.

Kyle felt ashamed of himself for his feelings of disgust. He’d thought he was a bigger person than that, but what he’d seen had just been so shocking, so unexpected.

“Kyle, I guess for me it just always made sense. I could see how close the three were and how right they always looked together, even when they were just all friends. And I think I saw how it was before even they did themselves, so it was different for me.” Maria began and sat next to Kyle as he collapsed into one of the kitchen chairs.

“How long have you known?” Kyle asked numbly.

“A few years actually.” Maria couldn’t help but smile a little.

“A few... you mean like right after you started dating Guerin?” Kyle asked.

Now Maria smiled more. “No. Right ‘before’ I pretended to be dating Michael.” She admitted.

“Huh?” Kyle’s eyes widened at this.

Maria met his eyes seriously. “Michael and I were always just friends. I was...helping him...figure it out for himself.” She hesitated but wanted to be honest with Kyle now.

“Help him figure out he” Kyle frowned still not understanding all of this and still having a hard time even saying the words.

Maria shook her head. “Gay? No. Michael and Max are not gay. They love Liz WAY too much to be that.” Maria gave a small smile.

“ then, whatever.” Kyle blew out air in frustration. “But how can Max want to make love to Liz AND still want... Michael too? I just don’t get it.” He looked so confused and seemed to be begging Maria to be able to make him understand.

“Kyle. Maybe if you look at it the way Liz explained it to me it will help.” Maria said softly. Then continued when he just looked at her helplessly. She could tell he desperately wanted to get past this and understand it.

“It has nothing to do with them loving a man or a woman. It’s about three souls that are actually one. Liz said it’s like they all have a third of a soul and that together it makes one. So it wouldn’t matter whose bodies the souls were in, they just love the person inside. They are one.” Maria explained.

Kyle frowned over this trying to truly understand. This was starting to make a little bit more sense. He looked up into Maria’s eyes and thought about her soul. She was good and kind and loyal as hell and had a spitfire personality that he loved. Hell, he loved WHO Maria was on the inside even more than he loved the outside.

Then he thought back to all of them as kids. How it had always been the three of them, Max, Liz and Michael. And how none of them ever thought anything was wrong back then. How right it had seemed for the three of them to always be together. And he tried to picture Michael without Max or Liz now and he honestly couldn’t. He hadn’t had a hard time thinking Michael had been in love with Liz. That hadn’t surprised him at all a few weeks ago. So why should this? Okay, so two guys together had shocked him. Still did when he thought about that kiss he’d witnessed. But aside from that, the soul thing did make sense. He knew he’d love Maria no matter who she was. Although one glance into the living room at Michael Guerin standing there and he grinned thinking he would have drawn the line there.

“ never loved him?” Kyle started to realize and his mood brightened.

Maria liked the look she was seeing in Kyle’s eyes at that thought and she smiled shyly and shook her head. “No. I never loved him. I’ve been waiting for someone else.” She took a deep breath and finally said.

Kyle swallowed his heart plummeting again. “ have?” he squeaked out not wanting to know but had to know at the same time.

“Yeah, this dumb jock that’s been dating half the girls at Roswell High but ignoring me for like forever.” Maria swallowed as she saw Kyle’s eyes widen in understanding finally.

Kyle searched Maria’s eyes as he realized what she meant and he cursed himself for being so stupid about Maria before this. Then he smiled.

“Dumb is right. I’ve been so stupid! Is it too late to come to my senses? To admit I’ve have the girl of my dreams right under my nose all the time?” he confessed abashed.

“No, it’s not too late.” Maria swallowed in a whisper as she continued to meet Kyle’s eyes.

“Souls huh? Not bodies necessarily.” Kyle sighed.

Maria laughed lightly and patted Kyle’s cheek. The poor boy had probably almost had a heart attack if he’d witnessed Michael and Max in the hallway. She would have given anything to see Kyle’s face at that moment. “They really are perfect together... all of them.” Maria smiled happy that Kyle seemed to be trying to come to grips with this now.

They stood up and started into the living room.

“Yeah... that’s the weirdest thing. They DO look right don’t they?” Kyle whispered to Maria and shook his head and then grinned. Then he looked over at the three and frowned.

Max and Liz were sitting on the floor with Liz between Max’s legs, but Michael was standing by himself above them with his hands in his pockets, looking a little lost. He suddenly felt for his friend realizing how he must have felt all these years.

He looked the three over and oddly it made sense. They just looked...right. It had always been the three of them everywhere as they were growing up, and now it just seemed to make sense that it was still the three of them and probably always would be.

Kyle and Maria sat on the couch and Kyle pulled Maria into his arms letting everyone know, including Maria, that he was claiming her. Maria smiled and cuddled into him totally content to be claimed, finally.

Liz met Maria’s look and was happy for her. Then she saw how Alex and Summer were snuggled up too, and then bit her lip as she looked up at Michael worriedly, not sure what to do. She knew Max wasn’t sure either. They didn’t want to push him after his opening up to Kyle, thinking he needed some time before he opened up to Alex, Maria and Summer as well, but she didn’t want him by himself. Not now, after his confession.

Suddenly she didn’t have to worry. Michael met Kyle’s eyes and although Kyle was able to meet his eyes now, Michael defiantly made another bold move.

He sat down behind Max and intimately pulled Max back against him, between his spread legs, and slipped his arms around to Liz’s tummy to rest there possessively.

Alex was caught off guard for a minute and choked on a piece of pizza, earning a glare and defiant look from Michael as well.

Alex quickly held up his hands and after swallowing he grinned. “Hey don’t look at me like that Michael. I say it’s about time you came to your senses.” He piped up not sure what an angry drunk Michael would do to him.

Maria laughed at Michael and Kyle’s puzzled and surprised expressions.

“What? Was I the only one who didn’t know?” Kyle asked offended now. Somehow seeing how easily Alex was taking it helped him.

“Except for Summer, but she doesn’t count since she hasn’t known us for long.” Alex said taking another piece of pizza.

They all looked to Summer at that point and waited as the girl’s shocked face slowly straightened back out. She looked at the three sitting together and then shrugged to let them know she didn’t care. She smiled when she saw the surprised faces around the room at her easy acceptance, but they didn’t know that although she was quite shocked, she couldn’t afford to pass judgment over anyone when she herself was so different.

Liz couldn’t have been more thrilled with Michael’s actions and with a huge grin she reached forward and took a box of pizza off the coffee table and handed it back to Max and Michael.

Max took a piece for himself and then grabbing another he fed it to Liz who had turned to smile at him and share the joy they were both feeling at Michael’s ‘coming out’ and his declaration of love.

Michael grunted around a piece of pizza as he felt their feelings and he tightened his hand around Liz’s waist and felt Max put his arm around Liz as well and then clasp hands with Michael’s on her tummy.

All seemed to be going smoothly for awhile until Michael finished his second beer. Kyle, Maria and Alex had also finished their second beers but they weren’t near as tipsy as Michael. He was totally smashed now.

“Hey! Let’s play ‘Truth or Dare’!” Michael suddenly piped up. He was still enjoying getting Kyle’s goat and wanted to taunt him some more with honesty and embarrassing questions.

“I’ll go first.” He said with a smile when no one responded. “Kyle? Do you believe in Aliens?” he laughed.

“Michael, can I talk to you in the kitchen?” Max suddenly said frowning and slipping out from between Liz and Michael. He pulled Michael up with him and dragged him into the kitchen with Liz following with a frown as well.

Michael jerked his arm out of Max’s grasp as they entered the kitchen and faced his two lovers angrily. He could feel their disapproval and he didn’t like it. He was too drunk to feel that they were just scared of what he might say so he was pissed at their displeasure.

“What the hell is wrong with you Maxwell? Are you going to be a do gooder again and tell me what to do and what not to do?” he shouted flinging his arms up.

“Shhh, Michael please.” Liz said looking back into the other room. She was afraid of what Summer might overhear and wanting to calm him.

“I think you should just stop drinking.” Max said tightly. He was angry too at Michael’s attitude and not wanting to calm him as Liz did. He just wanted to knock him out if he had to to shut him up.

“Why? I haven’t had anymore than anyone else?” Michael accused still shouting and angry.

“Because I think it affects us differently than it does the others.” Max tried to say in a low voice but his anger made it still harsh.

Liz was afraid they would come to blows so she stepped between them.

“Michael, please, you have to be careful what you say. You aren’t thinking clearly right now.” She tried to explain.

“Hmmm maybe you’re right. Maybe I didn’t mean it earlier when I said I loved you guys. Maybe it’s really just great sex.” He threw out hurtfully, feeling hurt himself that they were ganging up on him.

Liz gasped and Max swore. “That was low Michael, even for you. If you can’t control your tongue I’ll have to lock you in my room until everyone leaves.” Max threatened, knowing Michael hadn’t meant what he’d just said, but angry because he knew that it had hurt Liz.

“You and what army Maxwell?” Michael laughed.

“Are you going to stop drinking and watch what you say or not?” Max stood his ground, facing Michael with his hands fisted at his sides. He knew they were both angrier than was good for them.

“Not!” Michael shouted and flung out his hand and sent a chair flying across the room to land harmlessly against the other wall.

They all stared at the chair in shock. Michael had not touched it.

Then they heard a gasp and turned to find Summer standing in the doorway with a shocked look on her face as she too stared at the chair and then at Michael.


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Part 20

Max and Liz were staring wide eyed at Summer who looked from Michael, to the chair, to Max and Liz.

“Oh my God.” She whispered and saw Liz pale and tighten her grip on Max’s arm as he put his arm around her protectively. Michael just stood where he’d been, unmoving, and stared at Summer as well.

Behind Summer Alex stood frightened. What would happen if Summer freaked out on him? What would they do if she couldn’t handle it?

Liz didn’t know what to say or do but she sucked in her breath when Summer slowly started to smile. She stiffened, waiting for the worst.

Then Summer raised her hand and the chair righted itself and slid back across the room to fit neatly under the table again.

Alex’s knees buckled and he sat down in another chair. But no one noticed him.

Liz and Max gasped as they looked at the chair, and then at Summer.

Michael shook his head and teetering a little, he lifted his hand to his head and he too gaped at Summer. Then he looked at Liz and Max and stepped closer to them standing protectively with them. He was now totally sober.

“The king, queen and the king’s second in Command.” Summer said softly and smiled through tears as she looked the three over.

“What?” Liz asked softly, gripping onto both Max and Michael, confused and in shock.

“Who the hell are you?” Michael snapped putting his arm firmly around Liz.

“ wonder I felt something earlier...when we touched.” Summer said though her voice was thick with emotion.

Liz suddenly knew who Summer was and gasped and started toward the girl before her, but Max and Michael wouldn’t let her go, still not trusting the other girl even though she was obviously an alien.

When Summer saw Liz couldn’t move toward her alone, she stepped closer to Liz and smiled at her sister.

Liz and Summer faced each other and then Liz reached out to take Summer’s hand in hers while she still held onto Max and Michael still had his arm around her.

When the four of them were touching, a light suddenly flickered around them, as if electricity crackled and flowed through all of them.

Max felt the bond between the four of them and was amazed. They didn’t know this girl, but she was a part of them. That much he knew. And then he knew who she was too.

Michael stiffened when he realized who she was and he pulled away from the connection sharply.

Max and Liz felt his sudden fear and turned to him with concern and confusion.

“What the hell was that?” Kyle asked as he and Maria now stood in the doorway too, looking shocked at the flashes of electricity that had lit up the room around the four.

“ Summer your sister?” Maria asked for them all. She and Kyle had come into the kitchen in time to see the chair slide under the table without Summer touching it, but directing it with her hand.

“Yeah. Oh my...yes.” Liz said and then smiled and the two finally stopped staring and hugged.

“Sisters. Wow.” Alex finally said, his face starting to regain its color.

Summer turned to him now and bit her lip. She was afraid of Alex’s reaction to her being alien. She hadn’t told him and had wanted to when the time was right. But not like this.

“Alex...I’m sorry I didn’t tell you...I...”

“You didn’t know if you could trust me. I understand.” Alex said with a small smile. It hurt, but he did understand. It was her life.

“No! I always trusted you. I just didn’t know if I should tell anyone. I mean, I knew my sister was out there somewhere and didn’t want to put her or her king in jeopardy.” Summer tried to assure Alex.

“Okay, that’s the second time you referred to Liz as a queen, what the hell are you talking about?” Michael asked his hands clenched at his sides. He was obviously not as pleased about this new development.

“Oh.” Summer looked from Michael to Max to Liz and all three looked incredulous.

“I think we need to go sit down for the rest of this.” Alex said wisely and put an arm around Summer to lead her back into the other room.

Liz looked pale again at the information Summer would share. Would it change the relationship of the three of them? She glanced up at Max and Michael worriedly. Then she realized what Michael was tense about.

Was Summer Michael’s woman? Had they been married too? Liz froze and her stomach cramped at the thought. No! And even if they had been, that had been in a different life. She turned and met Max’s eyes and knew he too understood and was watching Michael as well.

Max smiled at Liz and hugged her close. Reassuring her without words that nothing would change. Then they both looked towards Michael with a worried look.

“I don’t care who she was or is or whatever, I’m not going to be with her.” Michael stated to ease the apprehension on Max and Liz’s faces. And then he smiled lightly when he saw Liz’s obvious relief and hugged her tightly to him again.

“God what a mess! Shit! I’m sorry! I don’t understand how drunk I got. I only had a few sips of that beer. I didn’t even like it.” He admitted sheepishly and remembering everything he’d said and done he looked down feeling worse.

“So, you’re sober now?” Max asked cautiously.

Michael nodded meeting Max’s gaze seriously.

“Michael, other than the last few minutes when you lost your temper, I loved everything you said and did...if....if you meant it.” Liz said softly looking hopeful but bit her lip hoping he didn’t try to deny it all now.

Michael looked at both Max and Liz’s worried looks and he grinned. “Yeah, I meant it. Ah... the part where I said I loved you both.” He admitted feeling really good all of a sudden.

“Thank GOD!” Liz whispered and found herself caught up in Michael’s arms and he laughed and swung her around.

Max grinned in agreement and found himself caught in a three way hug the minute Michael put Liz back down.

“Are you three coming?” Alex called out from the living room.

And the three sobered as they remembered the information Summer had for them. They were about to find out about themselves finally.

Liz turned to her two lovers and met both their eyes. “No matter what, promise me nothing will change for us.” Liz demanded of them. She was not going back after they’d finally all admitted their feelings.

“I promise love.” Max said looking down at Liz gently, and then over to Michael’s where Liz’s now looked too.

“I promise as well.” Michael grinned when Liz hugged him tight.


“So we were once other people?” Max asked trying to come to terms with all Summer had told them. He and Michael were sitting on the couch with Liz between them.

“Yes. You were King, Max, of Antar, our home planet. And Liz was your queen.” Summer smiled at her sister. And then she turned to Michael who was very quiet. “And Michael was your second in command.” She said softly.

Liz was squeezing Michael’s hand tightly now, afraid he would back off once again now that they knew Max and Liz had been married in a previous life. But Michael gave Liz’s hand a little squeeze letting her know he wouldn’t bolt. That he was here to stay.

“I always knew Liz was a queen.” Michael said softly now and exchanged soft looks with Max before they both looked down at Liz with love in their eyes.

Then Michael took a deep breath and Liz squeezed his hand tighter knowing what he was going to ask next. Max too held his breath.

“So you were Liz’s sister. Nothing more?” he asked and swallowed past his dry throat, holding Liz’s hand tightly.

“Yeah. What do you mean nothing more? What more should there be?” Summer looked confused.

“You weren’t...Michael’s...” Liz asked knowing neither Michael nor Max could.

Summer’s eyes widened as she realized why there was so much tension between the three and then she smiled and shook her head. “No! Definitely not. According to the protector, my husband died in the war early on. He didn’t say anything about Michael having a bonding with anyone.” Summer assured them and watched as they all sighed with relief and Liz literally let her head fall on Michael’s chest in complete relief.

Liz knew Michael wouldn’t have left her and Max now, no matter what the answer had been, but it just made them all feel better knowing they didn’t have to look at Summer and wonder just how close they had once been.

“And we were sent here as hope? For the overthrown world?” Max sighed raking a hand through his hair.

“Well, not completely. It was more a hope that you would live on somehow. You were all very well loved and no one wanted you to die completely, especially not the queen mother.” Summer went on.

She told them about the queen and Rath, Michael’s other person and how they had gotten the pods ready and sent them off.

“So I was the one who put the book with all the information in the pods? The one I dreamed of years ago.” Michael remembered.

“Yes, our protector told me about the book. He said if anything ever happened to him before he could tell us about ourselves that everything else would be in the book. But he didn’t get to tell me what all that meant. I only know that we all lived before and before we were killed by the new ruler, Khivar, we were mixed with human DNA and sent to earth on.” Summer continued.

“Okay, so I can see why Max and Liz were cloned or whatever.” Michael tried to sort out. “And as you said, you were sent here to be Liz’s companion nothing more.” Michael repeated. Then continued, “but why was I sent here? I was only a soldier in Max’s army right?” Michael frowned.

“Obviously you were much more than that Michael.” Liz said softly meeting his eyes.

Michael smiled and brushed a strand of her hair back, but then turned to Summer to know if she knew why.

“I’m sure you were good friends to Max and probably to Liz as well, so they sent you to continue to protect them would be my guess.” Summer reasoned.

“So the book might tell you guys what you’re supposed to do here or how to get back home?” Maria asked where she was cuddled up with Kyle on the big two-seater chair.

“Sounds like it will tell us some important things.” Max said looking at Liz and Michael. Then to Summer. “So you have no idea where the cave is that holds the pods and this book either?” he asked.

Summer shook her head. “No, I’m sorry.” She said sadly.

Alex put an arm around her and squeezed her tightly to him.

“Well we don’t really need the book do we?” Liz asked trying to sound casual.

The others looked at her surprised that she didn’t seem more anxious now to know everything.

“Liz?” Max asked turning her face towards his gently with his hand on her cheek. He met her eyes trying to read her thoughts. He could feel the worry radiating off of her and knew Michael could too with the way he was looking worriedly down at Liz.

“I...I don’t think I want to go back to where we came from. I don’t want to be queen. I don’t want Michael to just be your second in command. And I don’t want you two to fight a war where I might lose you again.” She bit out admitting her fears.

Max’s eyes softened on hers and he pulled her into his arms. “I’ll never let that happen. We won’t go back if we don’t want to. But I do want to know everything that is in that book.”

“I do too. I...I feel the pull of it.” Michael admitted when Max looked to him for his thoughts.

Liz shivered and nodded. “I know. I feel it too. I’m just...afraid.” she said in a whisper.

“It won’t change anything.” Michael was the one to promise her since he was the one who had fought them so long.

Liz met his eyes and smiled.

“Except that Michael won’t drink anymore if we’re around people who don’t know about us.” Max said with a wry grin.

The other’s laughed and Michael frowned but nodded.

“I don’t think I’ll ever drink again.” He said.

“I think it just doesn’t mix well with you guys being aliens.” Maria said. “I mean none of us got that drunk on one sip.”

“I think you’re right.” Max nodded.

“Yeah but Michael was so interesting as a drunk. Very entertaining.” Alex teased.

Both Michael and Max blushed at that and Liz laughed and snuggled closer into both of them happier now.

“So does that mean Michael won’t treat us all to more of his groping of Max?” Kyle teased now, having to get back at Michael for his purposeful display of affection towards Max earlier just to shock Kyle.

Everyone laughed and Max and Michael blushed deeply once more.

“So we start looking for the cave again.” Alex finally said when they’d all quieted down.

“Yeah, I think tomorrow we should start looking again.” Max nodded.


“Soooo....” Maria asked Liz as she’d pulled her into the kitchen after they’d all finished a movie.

“What?” Liz questioned not sure what Maria was talking about.

“I saw the three of you holding hands and playing a little footsie in there. And even some hands moving under the popcorn bowls! Are you and Michael spending the night here with Max?” she whispered with a conspirator’s smile.

Liz blushed but nodded. “Yes. I was going to ask you about that...”

“You need me to cover for you. Your parents think you’re with me tonight. No problem Chica. It won’t be the first time.” Maria smiled with a wink.

“Well, it will be the first time it will be for the whole night.” Liz bit her lip not used to lying to her parents.

“You three just enjoy being together. God what I wouldn’t give to see Max and Michael together!” Maria blurted out and laughed again when Liz blushed five shades of red and slapped her friend’s arm.

“Maria!” she was scarlet! But her own heart raced as images from the beach came flooding back.

“I’m sorry Michael is sober now. He was so much fun when he was all over you AND MAX!” Maria laughed more as Liz glared at her still red faced. “You are so easy to tease Liz Parker.”

Liz laughed then and agreed and changed the subject. “Well, I think you’ll be busy enough now with your own love life.”

Maria’s eyes lit up and she nodded. “Can you believe it? Kyle is actually interested in me. ME!” Maria jumped up and down like a kid.

Liz smiled even more, happy for her friend. “I knew he just needed time to realize what was always right there waiting for him.” Liz nodded.

Maria just sighed and smiled then hugged Liz again. “And now we find out the love of Alex’s life is YOUR sister! How cool is that!”

Liz’s eyes brightened at the thought of her sister and she grinned. “Very cool.” She agreed.


As everyone was getting ready to leave, Max and Michael exchanged looks and the room heated for Liz when they both then turned to her.

She could tell from their heavy lidded looks and their tight jeans, that they were hot, hard and ready. Which matched her own needs since she too was hot, wet and ready.

Liz’s heart raced and her blood pounded as she swallowed. The three of them were going to be completely alone together for a whole night and could wake up together tomorrow too.

She didn’t even remember the others saying goodbye or hugging her sister who said something about getting together tomorrow to talk more and maybe start looking for the cave. All she could hear was the pounding in her ears as her whole body hummed with simmering need.

Max continued to hold Liz’s gaze with his hot golden eyes as he slowly approached her.

Liz sucked in her breath and leaned back against the front door that she had just closed and felt as if her legs would give out any minute. Max could always melt her with a look, especially the predatory look he had in his beautiful amber eyes right now.

Max came right up to Liz and leaned in, his lips just lightly touching hers. His eyes hot and heavy lidded. He swept his gaze over her lips, making Liz lick hers unconsciously, and this made his nostrils flare and his eyes to turn molten. His body was literally on fire for her and Michael after the way they had all opened up to everyone tonight.

Then he looked back into her eyes and she saw and felt the small smile against her own lips. “Wanna play house with us little one?” Max whispered huskily.


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Linda *happy*

Part 21

“Wanna play house with us little one?”

Max watched as Liz’s eyes widened and then went to half mast as her passion and excitement grew at his husky words. He saw her pulse beat faster now in her neck and he suddenly needed to taste her.

With that in mind he lowered his head and quickly dipped into her mouth, leaving Liz wanting more, but he was focused on that pulse that was now driving him wild.

They both moaned when he latched his lips onto her neck and began to suck and nibble on her pulse.

Max pulled Liz tightly into his arms and breathed into her hair, his own blood throbbing in his veins with his need for her.

Liz held on tight, afraid if she wasn’t holding onto Max she would fall. She didn’t think it could get any better until she felt the hot, hard body behind her and two more strong arms wrap themselves around her and Max.

Liz moaned as she felt the hot hard bodies surround her and she saw stars as Michael now began to kiss and nibble on her back and shoulders and down her arms.

Max had moved to her ear now and was teasing her little lobe by alternately biting and then licking to soothe it.

Michael caressed Max’s back and then cupped his sexy butt and pulled him tighter against Liz, knowing that they all wanted that. The three began a rhythm and were lost in the feel of each other.

Max couldn’t get enough of Liz’s tastes. He dragged his mouth back up to her mouth and sucked on her lip before running his tongue along the inner side and then sucked in his breath and deepened the kiss, letting his tongue slide against Liz’s as they both moaned.

With Liz’s intoxicating kisses and Michael’s hands on his butt, caressing and pushing him closer to Liz, Max thought he’d explode on the spot. He had to slow them down.

Liz’s head was spinning with the feel of Max’s tongue making love to her mouth, and both of her men rubbing their hard bodies against her much softer one. She clutched at Max’s shoulders, digging her little nails into him as she moaned and first arched into Max’s hard erection, and then back with her butt against Michael’s equally impressive erection.

Michael was having a hard time breathing with the feel of both Liz and Max in his arms and watching Max and Liz devouring each other. They were so beautiful he thought. And they were his.

Seeing and feeling how much more Max wanted to taste their Liz, Michael moved his hands from behind Max, to Liz’s tiny waist and slowly slid her red sweater up over her head.

Both guys groaned when they saw she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“DAMN! If I’d have known you didn’t have a bra on love, you’d never have made it through the night without this.” Max swore as he fastened his lips onto one already puckered nipple.

“Ditto.” Michael growled and took her other one into his mouth.

Liz cried out as she held both of their heads closer to her chest and ran her fingers through their hair.

When Max and Michael came up for air, they looked at each other and their own lips met and mated.

Liz thought she would faint at the sight of the two guys kissing so close to her own aroused nipples and she sighed from the beauty of the sight.

At her sigh, both guys turned and took turns kissing Liz.

Liz leaned back against Michael’s strong chest as Max’s kisses devoured her again and she felt Michael’s strong hands holding her up as they continued to glide over her slim waist and cup her sweet breasts.

As Max continued to kiss Liz senseless, his tongue dipping into every crevice of her mouth, Liz wanted to feel more of him and s