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Okies Guys and gals this is my first lone adventure in writing for this board. If ya like let me know....if ya don't well let me know lol Love ya Dane let me know whatcha think Baby


Liz walked the lonely streets of Roswell tears streaming down her face blurring her vision. The moment of pain and humiliation at the bar was thankfully past but the stabbing pain in her heart lingered. The image of Max’s face hovered in her mind. His eyes were cold and unfeeling as he stared at her screaming. “You SLUT!” The tears stung Liz’s eyes as she felt all eyes in the bar focus on her. “Max I didn’t do anything Baby I swear it! I had an innocent dinner with Alex then I went home. You were working late and I had to eat, Alex just happened to be in the restaurant and sat with me while we ate, I promise Baby you have to believe me!” Liz grabbed his hand her words running together as she pleads with him. “Innocent my ass! If it was so innocent then why did you keep it a secret? Hmmmmm, can’t answer that one can you?” Max’s sarcastic tone cut her like a knife as he turned stormed out, leaving Liz sobbing into her hands all eyes on her pitiful form. With a shrill yelp she is startled back to reality by the blaring car horn behind her. Liz steps back onto the sidewalk pulling her sweater around her as a thick fog rolls in across the city making her vision even worse. An icy finger of fear runs down her spine as her eyes darting around as far as the thick fog encloses around her. Liz steps up the pace trying to figure out how far she’s walked away from the bar whispering, “Where the hell am I?” Walking out into the middle of the road Liz tries frantically to find the street signs. Her screams echo through the night as headlights come from nowhere racing straight towards her. The sounds of flesh and metal colliding fill the air. The pain was excruciating as she lay on the pavement blood pouring from a large gash wound in her side. Liz lay moaning, almost every bone in her poor body broken as the familiar car backs up swerving away from her as it stops beside her body the window rolling down as He looks out at her. Her pain-glazed eyes make contact with his as a strangled sob escapes her. The hum of the window motor breaks the silence closing the glass between them as he speeds away. Liz drifts in and out of consciousness praying with all that is left in her for God to show mercy on her. His beautiful jade eyes focus on her as from the deepest depths of the shadows he moves forward hovering over the poor woman’s mangled body staring down at her. Liz’s head falls limply to the side her eyes moving up his leg clad in black jeans moving up his strong muscular frame to settle on his face. “Death?” Liz chokes out. The figure laughs,” You mean the Grim Reaper? Not hardly.” A furrow of confusion knots in Liz’s brow as she heaves coughing up blood. “Mister, I’m hurt bad. Can you find someone to help me please?” The man kneels down and places his hands on her bruised and broken body. Liz looks down thinking to herself, “God this is all I need some pervert getting off on my pain.” His hands start to glow as he moves them over her body from her head to her toes with soft caresses. Liz gasps loudly her eyes moving up to meet his startled as the beautiful pools of once jade green now glow bright white. Her mind drifts back to unconsciousness as she whispers, “My dark Angel.”

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Ya think Dane *wink* Hmmmmmm I think you mighta been the inspiration for the story (Breaks into song....Your my inspiration) *giggles* More to where ya think this story might go.....any ideas on who the Dark Angel is Hmmmm?*bounce* Love the Bumps*bounce* Do it again!!!!!*bounce*
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I won't be posting updates on this story if anyone feels the need they can finish it.

*I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matter*
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I'm sorry for yesterday.....Thank you guys for encouraging me. Going through a bad breakup so if I go on a man-bashing rampage just ignore it I'll get back to the storyline eventually lmao....Here ya'll go it's a short piece just to try and get it going for me again.....again thanks *happy*

The air rushing past her face wakes Liz from her unconscious slumber with a soft moan she opens her eyes looking up into the most beautiful face. His jaw was square with a small dimple in the middle of his chin those eyes of jade green she admired earlier looked even more brilliant now as she gazed at him with a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. “Dark Angel?” Liz whispers almost afraid to speak for fear of waking from this unbelievable dream. He looks down at her in his strong arms and smiles as if amused, “An angel I am not Liz. I can promise you that.” He says. “What or who are you then?” she asks thinking; (damn this guy is cryptic). “My name is Jared.” He simply says. Liz nods, “Okay then Jared, how did you do all that back there?” Jared smiles down at her and just continues on as Liz gasps loudly noticing. “OH MY GOD! We are….you are….FLYING!!” Jared chuckles at her, “No Liz we aren’t flying. You must still be suffering from your accident.” Liz looks at him confused feeling her head still throb reminding her of her accident and the smug look of satisfaction that was on…Oh god could she even admit to herself that he had tried to kill her. After all their time together, the love they supposedly shared Max was able to maliciously attempt to murder her and he had almost succeeded. Her body shivers uncontrollably the tears falling silently down her cheeks. Jared wraps her even more tightly in his arms pulling his long trench coat around her.
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Oh girl I know how you feel....been in the exact spot you are in *hugs ya* I will get in another update hopefully today. BTW I'm just a writer...I got pulled into the Roswell board by ummmm well nm but I fell in love and just because it's over with him doesn't mean that my writing here is done! I will not be dragged you wanna manbash you come find me I have PLENTY to say lol *happy*
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Sorry everything has seemed so jumbled...maybe it's because I am so jumbled up at the moment. Hopefully it's easier to read.

Jared sits Liz down in the middle of a large room. Her steps still a bit unsteady as she moves around his dark loft. The candles give off a soft glow making the place seem eerie. “So Jared, how long have you been in town?” Liz says trying to fish for details on her quiet savior. Jared smiles and walks over to Liz, “Well Liz I’ve been watching you for sometime now.” Liz looks up at him startled, “Me? Why on earth would you be watching me?”
Jared stares down into her eyes. His eyes becoming gentle and loving as he reaches out to caress her cheek, “You are an amazing woman Liz.” Liz’s eyes fall to the floor as the memory of Max calling her a slut comes back. “Not so amazing Jared.” Liz whispers. She hears him take in air as if disturbed and looks back up at him his eyes clouded with emotion. Bringing his hands up he covers Liz’s eyes with them. She struggles briefly before images of Max flood her brain and she gasps loudly. A vision of him sitting across a table holding the hand of a very emotional Tess rushes over her. Their whispers fill her ears;
“He’s dead Max! Oh my god!! He’s dead!”
“Tess calm down. I’ll take care of you. Haven’t I always?”
“That’s why he’s dead Max,” Tess sobs. “Walked right in front of that car after I told him about us..I killed him!”
“Dammit Tess calm down you didn’t kill anyone!” Max says as he looks at her sternly.
Liz jerks as Jared’s hands move from her eyes and he grabs her hand. “You see Liz it was all him. Max was trying to place the guilt on you and then ultimately he tried to take you out of the picture all together. Just like he did with Alex.” As the tears begin to fall from her eyes the realization of the truth sinking in Jared pulls her close to him running his fingers through her hair whispering softly, “It will all be okay.” Liz pulls away from him and looks up into his eyes, “Who are you?”
“I am a creature of the eternal night Liz.” And with that he kissed her forehead and walked out leaving her standing in the middle of his living room stunned.

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Yeah I guess you would say it's an AU fic....more like my own world of Roswellian characters. This part is NC17 because of sexual situations....Hopefully it's a little better than the past few posts.

Liz watches Jared walk swiftly from the room wrapping her arms around her trying to find some sort of warmth in the drafty apartment. His words play over and over in her mind confusing her even more. It was common knowledge that strangeness was nothing new to Roswell but his statement and the events of the night, while not menacing were bizarre to say the least. Sighing softly she decides to explore the sparsely furnished loft in search of a nice warm shower to wash the grime of the day away from her weary body. Liz moves through the large living room making her way into a beautiful bedroom. Her eyes roam over the candles lining the walls like in the other rooms. She looks up at the ceiling noticing that she had not seen electric lights or lamps in any of the rooms, “Strange” she whispers. Well maybe he’s not been able to turn the electric on yet or something she thinks to herself moving toward the large king-sized bed running her fingers over the black silk canopy letting her hand fall to the blood-red silk comforter.

Liz spots the bathroom and makes her way in lifting her sweater over her head letting it fall to the floor. Hooking her thumbs in her pants she slides them down over her hips stepping from them as they puddle at her feet. Turning the gold handles the hot water hisses from the showerhead making steam fill the room instantly as she slips out of her bra and panties and steps in under the relaxing flow closing the glass door behind her. A loud moan escapes her lips moving her hands up her sides lingering briefly at the place where the large gash had been just hours before. The memories of Jared’s hands on her body healing the broken bones and skin flash in her mind. Liz’s chest tightens thinking of her “Dark Angel”. His dark brooding features, the muscular arms that held her so securely in her time of need, the love she felt for this man overwhelmed her completely, and then the image of Max’s face so triumphant as he sped away from the attempted murder invaded her thoughts. Liz sank down onto the black marble seat of the shower stall as fresh tears stung her eyes burying her head in her hands the sobs becoming loud and uncontrollable her body jerking with each one.
Jared moves silently through the loft hearing the water running and feeling Liz’s pain tear apart his immortal soul making his way to the doorway of the bathroom listening to her heartbreaking sobs. He wipes away a crimson-tinged tear opening the glass door and walking in fully clothed to take her in his arms again. Without struggle she collapses into his arms his calming voice quieting her sobs, “Liz I’m here. Don’t cry sweet angel. I’ll take care of you.” She looks up into his eyes hearing the sincerity in his voice stepping up onto her tiptoes to brush her lips against his letting the feelings of love flow from her lips to his. He lifts her up into his arms her arms moving up to encircle his neck. Jared deepens the kiss massaging her tongue with his carrying her from the bathroom and placing her gently on top of the blood-red comforter she had admired earlier. Her passion-glazed eyes roam over his body as he peels the soaking wet t-shirt and black jeans from his body exposing his beautiful body and climbing onto the bed beside her placing soft gentle kisses all over her face. His fingertips caressing her cheek as his lips move slowly down her jaw line to her delicate pale neck his tongue flicking out over the flesh. Liz moans softly tilting her head back to allow him access arching her body to mold against his feeling his arousal press against her thigh.
Jared leans up onto his elbow looking deep into her eyes his fingers moving over her soft lips as he whispers, “From the moment I laid eyes on you Liz I knew I loved you.” Liz nods and kisses each fingertip, “I feel the same Jared, even though I can’t explain these feelings.” His kisses continue down her body leaning back to blow gently against her nipple watching with fascination as it hardens instantly. He gently flicks his tongue against the tight bud taking it into his mouth grazing his teeth against the sensitive flesh gently as a soft whimper passes through Liz’s lips. Her hands move to run through his long locks of hair the color of the midnight sky pulling his head down against her aching body. As his mouth moves from one breast to the other his hand trails down her stomach gently caressing between her thighs thinking to himself, “This demon has found heaven.” Her moans grow louder as he covers her body with his recapturing her lips in a passionate kiss his manhood teasing her heavenly entrance making her hips rise to meet his forcing him to enter her. Her cries of passion echo through the room as their bodies move as one the waves of pleasure rushing over them both with each thrust. Their hands and lips exploring each other’s body feverishly the whispered words of love replacing the cries. Liz’s body trembles her orgasm building slowly deep within her feeling him expand inside her filling her completely knowing his release is approaching. Her fingernails dig into his shoulders flinging her head back pressing it into the bed the passionate screams filling the room as they ride the waves of orgasm together their bodies rocking against one another. Jared kisses her softly holding her tightly against him afraid if he ever lets go he will lose her in the madness of his life. “Liz are you sure you want to be with me?” Liz looks at him hearing the concern in his voice,” Jared you are my savoir and no matter what you say you will always be my “dark angel”. She smiles softly and traces her fingertips over his lips. “My life is not one of simplicity. You remember what I said when you asked who I was right, Liz?” he asks. “Yes you are a creature of the night…what do you mean Jared.” Liz looks into his eyes concerned. “I am a vampire Liz….creature of the night…eternally damned.”

If you guys like let me know cuz I don't wanna keep posting if no one is gonna read it *big*
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Oh God guys I'm sooooooo sorry I decided to stop cuz I didn't think anyone was interested anymore but seeing that you are I'll get busy right away working on the story. When are you having that baby girl and congrats too. I have three and got to pick their birthdays unfortunately they didn't wanna cooperate with my plans and decided to pop in the world extra early..the lil buggers lol. Be patient and there is more good stuff to come from Liz and Jared....cuz Max is still being a bad boy with Tess ya know....what shall we do with him hehe *bounce**bounce* Thanks for all the encouragement!!!!