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Rating: NC-17
Summary: Michael and Liz are all that are left after the others had died and while they work to stick together, they run into someone unexpected for an odd sort of reunion.
Category: PolarTrucker – Michael/Liz/Zan
Spoilers: Season 1 and Season 2 through Viva Las Vegas.
Warning: This story is not for the squeamish. Deals with character death and unconventional couples and threesomes.
Episode VIII: After the embarrassing shower scene with Zan, an angry Liz went to tell the Evans about their deceased children with unexpected results. Zan is a permanent fixture in the Guerin/Parker apartment. Michael went off on a trip for the bike shop, leaving Zan to take care of Liz. The tension built up to an almost booty call, Liz crying out his dupe's name did not sit well with Zan and all actions were ceased.
Episode IX: Liz told Michael what happened with Zan. Michael's fighting himself over how to react to it. The Evans saw Zan in the park where he was hiding from Michael. The Evans want to talk to Liz. Liz revealed to Michael that the day before he died, she and Max had decided to get back together.
Episode X: Liz tried to come to terms with the fact that Zan is not Max. Michael tried to figure out how he felt about what Liz had done to him. Liz and Zan re-explained everything to the Evans. Liz thought she came to a solution to keeping the peace with new furniture. Michael blew up at Liz. Zan continued to see Teri. Teri died mysteriously.

Aftermath of War
Episode XI

Liz sat and stared at the blank TV screen. If she had thought to remember, she had done the same thing the day of Max’s funeral. She couldn’t think about anything, though. She kept hearing the reports that Valenti had given. Teri had died oddly but there was no evidence to link it to aliens. Poor Teri had overheated somehow, fainted dead away in a parking lot full of people but no one had seen anything at the time.
A shadow fell over her and she looked up to see a very solemn Zan. He gestured to the spot next to her on the pile of mattresses and she simply nodded. She wanted to ask how he was doing but she thought better of it. He might have insisted that he didn’t feel anything for Teri but he had been sleeping with her just the day before she died. Liz had the sneaking suspicion that he didn’t just sleep with anyone. He might talk big but there was a saying about how what a person said could only be measured by what that person acted on. His reluctance to truly discuss Teri told Liz how much he really did care.
She sat back to study him. He held his face in his hands, elbows resting on his knees, shoulders hunched and hair uncombed. It lay flat against his head, in a sort of reflection at how he was feeling that he hadn’t taken the time to stand it on end, as was his fashion. After what seemed like an eternity, Zan straightened slightly to look at her. His hands dangled between his legs and his amber eyes looked right through her. He had to clear his throat a few times before he spoke. She couldn’t remember the last time he had spoken in the last few days. “You’re not workin’ no more.”
“What?” Liz blinked at him.
“You’re not workin’ no more.” Zan repeated slower. He had made the decision all on his own. They couldn’t risk something happening to her if whoever got Teri was stalking waitresses. “I’m not lettin’ you go back to work.”
“Who made you my keeper?” Liz scoffed at him. She couldn’t believe what he was saying.
“You’re not and that’s all there is.” He insisted, his eyes never leaving hers. “If I gotta tie you down… I will.” He pulled a cigarette out of a pack hidden in one of his many pockets and then proceeded to light it. “There ain’t no arguin’ ‘bout it.”
“The hell there isn’t. I have to work to save money for school, to pay the rent on this apartment.” Liz argued back.
“He’s right.” Michael’s voice drifted over to them from where he had just walked into the apartment. “I don’t want you working there anymore.”
“Someone care to tell me when my life was taken out of my hands?” Liz exclaimed.
“September 19, 1999.” Michael responded. “That was the day that all of us lost any chance we had at a normal life. Like it or not… we entered hell that day. It’s been one bad turn after another. That’s what started all of this.”
Liz sat back as if she had been slapped. How could he say that? Tears filled her eyes as the air left her lungs. Sobs filled the room as she struggled to get off the pile of used mattresses following the dead silence after Michael’s words. He shut his eyes and listened to her heels click to the door, making himself wait until the door slammed to open them again. His eyes drifted to Zan.
Zan looked up at Michael in disbelief and shock. “How could ya say that to her? You out of your fuckin’ mind?”
Michael couldn’t think of a single rational reason that those words had left his mouth. For 42 seconds he had reverted to the boy he had been back on that day. For 42 seconds the man he had become had disappeared. Every lesson that he had learned over the past three years had simply flown out of his head. “I didn’t mean it.”
“Then you shouldn’t’a fuckin’ said it.” Zan snapped at him and rose to his feet. “Now, where’d she go?”

Liz stumbled down the alleys of Roswell, tears streaming down her face. She just needed to get away from it all. She was putting them all in danger. Being human had caused them so many problems. All that pain and suffering was because of her, confirmed by one of the two people that really mattered to her.
FBI, killer aliens, Special Unit, Skins, White Rooms, strange orbs, strange cave messages, Nasedo, Tess, Rath, Lannie, Ava. Some good, some bad but they had all been her fault. If she had just died that day, none of this would have ever happened. Max and Isabel would still be alive, successfully hiding in plain sight, totally unaware of the bigger picture that had destroyed any semblance of normal they had had.
Before she realized it, she found herself kneeling at the foot of Max’s grave, totally unaware of the services taking place 200 yards over. Crawling, she reached out and touched the carving in the cool stone. She had no clue how long she sat like that but suddenly a coherent thought echoed in her mind. “Good-bye Max.” Her voice whispered, sounding hoarse and not her own. She wiped the tears from her eyes. “Bye Max. I’m leaving. If not Roswell, then Michael and Zan. I’m gonna leave them alone. I’ll only cause them more trouble. I have to shut the book on all this. I have to start over. I can’t be the Liz Parker that loves you anymore. I can’t be the Liz Parker that you fell in love with. I have to leave and I have to become a new Liz Parker. I can’t hang on to you anymore. I have to go. I have to go.”
She pulled her pocketknife out of her purse and laid it atop the tombstone. “Bye Max.”

Michael steered his bike carefully. Zan wasn’t holding on to him and he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Neither cared too much, they were looking for Liz. She wasn’t at the Evans’ so as a last resort, they were headed to the Crashdown. Michael couldn’t imagine her going back there but he couldn’t think of anywhere else.
The bike screeched to a halt in front of the alien themed restaurant. He turned to Zan. “Wait here.”
Michael walked into the Crashdown and was immediately spotted by Mr. Parker. Mr. Parker took one look at the young man’s desperate face and nearly fell. “What happened to her?”
“She’s not here?” Michael asked from across the room.
Mr. Parker could only shake his head. All his thoughts were on the horrible things that might have happened to his little girl if she wasn’t with Michael like he assumed she always was. He might have been angry that they hid from him but he trusted Michael. He knew that Liz would be okay with Michael. He suddenly wished he had never gotten into a fight with her. “What’s happened?” Then the news sprung to mind. “What’s happened?”
“I was stupid. Said something I shouldn’t have. She hasn’t called? Stopped by?” Michael was desperate. If she wasn’t here then he didn’t know where she was. She was an open target for Nicholas or whoever had killed Teri.
“No. Not in a few months.” Jeff brought a hand to his head. His only baby was missing in action.
“I’ll find her. I will.” Michael ran right back out into the street, shaking his head at Zan.
“Let’s hit the cemetery.”

“Oh no. I see
A spider web is tangled up with me
I lost my head
I thought of all the stupid things I’ve said”

The song played over the bus station intercom. Liz listened absently as she debated whether or not to approach the desk. A stop at the ATM to her right and she could have the money for a one-way ticket out of Roswell. Maybe she should pick a destination first.

“Oh no. What’s this?
A spider web and I’m caught in the middle
So I turn to run
I thought of all the stupid things I’ve done”

Her eyes scanned over all the various possibilities for escape. El Paso, Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Lubbock, Denver. Anywhere but here, she thought. Anywhere but where her life fell apart.

“I never meant to cause you trouble
And I never meant to do you wrong
And I, well if I ever caused you trouble
Oh, no, I never meant to do you harm”

Liz bit back a wave of tears as she stepped over to the ATM. This town had been nothing but trouble and the only way to stop it was to leave. It was the only way to stop hurting people. Michael, because she had taken all his family away from him. Zan because she had taken Ava and Teri away from him. Her fingers shook as she pulled her ATM card from her purse.

“Oh no. I see
A spider web and it’s me in the middle
So I twist and turn
But here am I in my little bubble”

Fingers poised over the keypad, she couldn’t remember her PIN number. Not her birthday, she had changed it. Max’s birthday?

“Singing I never meant to cause you trouble
I never meant to do you wrong
And I, well if I ever caused you trouble
Oh, no, I never meant to do you harm”

It used to be Max’s birthday, 03-15-82. Then it was 09-19-99 and then she had changed it again. What had she changed it to? Where was she going again? What was her damn PIN number?
“You want to hurry it up, girlie? Some of us have buses to catch.” A voice said behind her.
Hitting cancel, Liz stepped out of the way. She went back to the row of seats to try and remember what she had changed her PIN to. Of all the times in the world to forget it… Where was she going to go? Lubbock? Might be nice. Bigger city, lots of people to get lost in, no one to care if she lived alone, no one to take notice of her. New city in a new state, that’s probably all she needed. She had the grades to get into Tech if she wanted to. She had waitressing skills, she wouldn’t be for lack of money. It shouldn’t be too hard to find some place to live. What was her PIN?

“They spun a web for me
They spun a web for me
They spun a web for me”

Liz looked up at the same time she remembered her PIN. 05-08-82… Michael’s birthday. Before she could move, he and Zan were standing over her. “Where the hell do you think you are going?”
Large tears spilled from her eyes when they met his. They looked angry at her. “I’m leaving.”
Michael’s heart clenched when he saw the tremble in her jaw. “You’re not going anywhere.”
“I’m leaving. I’ll send you a postcard or something. I won’t bother you anymore.” Liz’s throat closed up, forbidding any further speech.
“You’re not going anywhere except back home.” Michael told her firmly. “Look. I’m sorry about what I said. I didn’t mean it like that but you gotta work with us. You’re a target and I’ll be damned if I let you run off and Nicholas corners you.” He pulled her up from her seat. “Now, we’re going home.”
“Just let me go, Michael.” The hoarse whisper escaped her mouth, tears blurring her vision. “Please.”
“Ain’t gon ‘appen Swee’ pea.” Zan shook his head. “You stuck wit us. We ain’t lettin’ you go.”
“Why?” She cried.
“Hey. It’s not your fault.” Michael forced her to look at him. “I didn’t mean what I said. It’s not your fault. We couldn’t have found all the stuff we did without you. If it wasn’t for you, Nicholas probably would have blind sided us.”
“If it wasn’t for me, they would still be alive and Teri would still be alive.” She sobbed and felt herself being pulled into Michael’s arms.
“No. No. No.” He shook his head. “No one blames you. No one blames you.”

Zan watched Michael pace the length of the apartment, Liz was lying in his lap dozing. “Valenti said that there was nothing to link it to us but I just know that Nicholas was behind it.”
“You right. It mean that shrimp been tailin’ me. He knew where to find Teri and he know where to find me. Which mean he know where to find you and Swee’ pea.” Zan nodded, absently stroking Liz’s back. “It ain’t safe here.”
“Where are we going to go?” Michael scratched at his eyebrow and squinted his eyes shut, his headache was growing by the second. “We can’t tell anyone but I know Mr. Parker will come hunting for her if we don’t figure something out.”
“So what are the options, yo?” Zan leaned back against the wall, locking his fingers together behind his head.
“Whatever we decide, we’ll have to tell Valenti… move out of the apartment… get a new place.”
“What?” Both men turned their attention to Liz.
“We can’t let Nicholas win. I do believe he’s doing this.” Liz muttered, not moving, not looking at anything in the room. “He’s taken our world, our lives away from us. If we get scared and run… he wins. We can run and hide but we’ll do it until he catches us. Our lives will mean nothing if he succeeds in scaring us.”
“What do you s’gest O wise one?” Zan waited patiently for her response.
“We stay here. We make a stand. We fight.”
End Episode XI