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Title : Hard Decisons
Author: Jeremiah
Category M/L/Z
Rating Anything from a pg 13 to NC 17
Summary : this is a challenge given by DragonFire The rules for this was:

1)Liz is the girl next door,Max is Max from season One and Zan is well Zan.

2) Max and Zan are twins.

3)Liz is the new girl in school.

4) Who will Liz pick to be her romantic lead Max or Zan?

5) Kyle and Liz are best Friends, Only Friends!

This is my first attempt to answer a challenge, so I hope you guys enjoy this.

Dont worry I wont forget my other fic!

Now on with the Show!

Oh and by the way I forgot, but I dont need to tell you that I own nothing!

Part 1

Well today is the first day of the rest of my life. Can you Tell how excited I am? Oh I guess I should introduce myself. Hi, I am Liz Parker, well tecnically Elizabeth Parker, but to just let you know I wont answer I called that, I only go by Liz. I am 17 years old, and I was born in los angeles california. Dont worry I am not stuck up as people judge me to be, just because of the whole California Image. Well I guess I wont have to deal with that any more, since my parents decide that a change in senery was neccessary. So My lovely family and I are leaving the fast paced world of LA and moving to Roswell New Mexico.

Yes. Thats the one.

Were People believe in aliens.

How lucky can I get?

I guess Im just in shock that were leaving California all behind us. This was the place that I was born at, were I lived all my faboulus seventeen years of existense. The saddest part of this is leaving my friends behind. Especially Sadie and Sara, yhey are more like sisters to me, and now I get to leave them, just because my parents think is time for a change. When I first heard about the Move to Roswell, I nearly puked.How on earth am I going to make friends in alien town?

We're leavimg tonight on Flight 187 to Roswell. It's just my mother and myself. My dad had already gone a week before so he could get everything for our arrival.

How can they do this to me? I thought they were suppose to love me? This desion sucks big time. I know that my parents love me and I do love them, it's just that my whole life is going to change! I know that I sound like a big baby right now, I also know that I sound Immature, being 17 after all, but still this sucks!

What if everybody in Roswell hates me?What if I hate everyone in Roswell? What if I cant get a boyfriend? I know complete shallowness, but I cant help it, agirl needs to dream, right?

A part of me wants to meet that special some one that just by giving me one look sets my whole inside into flames, I want some one to want me with such a passion, that sometimes we forget that were the only two on earth. I had thought that I found that with my ex boyfriend Chris. But when I found him in Bed with some one else, I figured out pretty quickly that I was so wrong.How can some one who claims to love you , turns around and do something like that! That is the big reason, why I am sorta glad that we are leaving and getting as far away from all the hurt.

I just hope that I find some one that special that holds the key to my heart.

Maybe I will find him in Roswell New Mexico!

I just hope he is not an alien!

God! I am so nervous!

Roswell New Mexico, here I come.

A few days later....

Well Im finally settling in my new home. In roswell. It has been a couple of days since we arrived, and to tell you the truth, it is not as awlful as I thought it would be. It is not LA but who says LA is not overrated?

Our New House is Nice. It has about three bedrooms, two baths, and plenty of space. Its nice. We live next door to the Evans, they actually came by yesterday to welcome us to the neighborhood.

Ah, old fashion Americana.

They seem like nice people, especially thier daughter Isabel, I have a feeling that were going to be friends. I guess Phillip and Diane also have a set of twin boys, they were not home yet so I didnt get to meet them , I figured if their the same age as me, I will see them at school. I wonder if their hot?

Im bored, so I fugured to go out and explore this little town.

"Mom, Dad, im going to go out, and take a look around."

"Ok sweetie, just be back in time for the barbeque."

"What Barbeque?"

"The one that the Evans invited us to."


"Plus that will give you the chance to meet Max and Zan."

"Who is Max and Zan?"

"The Evans's Twins."

"Oh thats right. Oh My god! They named one of their children ZAN!"

"Elizabeth Parker, be Nice, I reckon its a family name, so please dont be rude."

"Sorry Mom, I promise to be polite."

"Thank you."

"So what time do want me home by?"


"No Problem."

As I walk down the street I realise how small roswell really is, not saying that is a bad thing. But still. I am completely lost in thought as I bump ito some people.

"Oh My God!"

"IM so sorry!"

"GOD! KYLE can you be any more of an ass!"

"Jeez. Maria it is not like I ran her over with a car."

"You are so Rude!"

I just watch the two of them go at it, it amuses me alittle.

"I am so sorry for my brothers behavior, he is such a doof!"

"No apologies, I should apologise to you two, I need to start watching were I go."

"hi I am Maria Deluca and this Bone Head is my brother Kyle Valenti."

"Liz Parker. You guys are related, yet you two have diffrent..."

"We're Step siblings, Her mother married my dad, and well like what they say is the rest is history." kyle replied.

"Yeah, un fortunatley for me." Maria replies with a sarcastic grin.

"Funny!" Kyle said back.

I just laughed, Looks like these two will become my best friends. I dont know why but I just got a feeling about it thats all. Maria , Kyle and I just talk and got two know each other alittle better , maria and I already planned a girls nite, Kyle is coming two, since I guess we are all chicas! Well what ever chicas mean. It is almost time for me too go and get ready to go home, so I can get ready for the barbeque. a part of me is nervous to meet the Twins,I just have a feeling that something is about to take place. I dont know what it is call it fate, or destiny all I know is , that man what am I talking about! it is just a barbeque after all, what could take place that would change my destiny?

Ok Please be gentle this is my first attempt to answer a fic, and ow by the way some of you might see it when you click this story(hopefully you do, but I accdently hit the enter key after I typed in the subject, so that is why there was nothing there! soory I think I was on something!) I hope you enjoy this! FEEDBACK PLEASE!

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Sorry! I appreciate all the wonderful feedback so far! For the empty blank!LOL! I hope you can forgive me! here is the story!
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Authors Note: I just want to thank everyone for all the wonderful feedback that I recieved, and I am working on the second part,which I plan on being were Liz meets Max and Zan. So thanks goes out to:

LizParkerEvans4evax : Thank you for the feedback!

Eerie : maybe, if your good with feedback, ther could be a double dip!

DragonFire: Im Glad that I took your challenge, I just hope you enjoy what I have in store.

Lana Lane: I hope you enjoy this as with my other stories, I promise I wont start anymore, until I wrap up at least one of them. what can I say im addicted!

Islandgirls : I want to show a side to kyle, I dont want him to be left out, so that is why im glad I took the challenge, so I could make him and Liz friends.

To Bubbles,NatEvans,SweetLildreamer, I hope that you have a chance to read this, despite of my goof!

Thanks to all the wonderful feedback, im almost done with the next part!

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AN: Sorry for the wait for the next part! This is again a answer to a challenge By DragonFire. I hope you enjoy. I also want to get your opinion on whoo Liz should be with, Max or Zan, because in the end she will have one, so please let me know who you chose. Thanks.

Part 2

It is about 6:20 p.m. I have about ten minutes before I have to go over to the Evans for the barbeque. For some strange Reason, I have this feeling that I couldnt shake.

God! liz, a strange feeling? Can you be anymore pathetic!

Well I guess I should get dress now, I do want to make a good impression. As I was about to get something out of my closet to wear I hear some one screaming .


Max and Zan? They must be the elusive twins I hear so much about.I guess I can go take a look out and see what they look like. What harm could do in that? And all I have to say is that Oh My God! how could any two guys look that hot? I guess they were playing a game of basketball, because I see them by a court with a basketball. can you say duh liz? But you want to know the best part is? They have no shirts on, so I can see thier well defined chests. And when I sat well define I mean God Like Adonis. Those rippling biceps, those delicous sixpack, covered in hot afternoon perpire. Is it getting hot in here or am I just burning up?

I am taking it as Zan must be the one with the straight up hair with gold streaks of blonde in them, with the sexy goatee. He lloks like his twin, except that he must have a thing for tattos and pirceings, because they are all over his body. He even has his nipples pierced.

I wonder if he would mind, if I gave them a little tug with the use of my tounge.

'Liz , get your mind out of the gutter.'

I turn and look at his twin, whom I may persume is Max. Same Body.Same Eyes. Same Luscious Mouth. God Liz when did you become such a horndog? Unfortunely I got pulled from my staring at God's give art, by none other then my mother.

"Liz are you Ready?"


"Are you Ready?"

"Oh Yeah, yeah I am."

Well I guess this is it. I hope that I could keep my hormones on check. Or hopefully my hands at least.

When we arrive, my parents decide to go with the Evans kitchen to get quainte.Which stuck me here with isabel making out with her boyfriend on the couch.Or I hope at least he is her boyfriend. God, do I really have to watch the kissy face couple all night!

"They can get pretty disgusting, Huh?" I turn around to see who spoke only to be faced with one of my greek gods.

"hi. I am Max."


"Nice to meet you." Max says to Liz trying to make her more confortable.'God, she is Really Beautful.'

As they went to shake each other hands, they could feel the eletric current that was flowing between them. That both sacred them and at the same time amased them. They didnt want the feeling to end, but they wanted it to at the same time. Mixed emotions.

"So what do you think of Roswell so far?"

"It's alright, Ive already made a couple of friends."

"I hope that you count me as one of those friends Liz."

"I Barely know you, Max."

"You barely knew the others when you became friends."

"Thats true."

"Well < now that is settled, Welcome to Roswell friend." Max said with a smile that made her go weak in the knees. She still could find the reason why she was so attracted to a stranger. She never felt like this before, when it came to a member of the oppisite sex.

The atrraction wasnt just one sided either.Max was starting to have inpure thoughts about Liz. It could either be lust or love. well the inpure thoughts is Lust, but there was something more. Something almost familiar about her,it was a feeling he wanted to know, but he couldnt. At least for the time being anyway. His girlfriend wouldnt approve.
Of Course he was attracted to his girlfriend. He couldnt be with some one if he had no feelings for them. But his feelings for Tess, are a whole lot diffrent then the ones that he is starting to have for liz. And that scared him. Yet he was excited.
His eyes are so unreal.How could anyone have those kind of eyes, that just pulls you in, and knows you from the depths of your soul? Liz thought to herself as she stood and looked into Max's eyes. Something she could be willing to do forever.She couldnt help herself when she thought of the possibilty of something more then just friendship happening between them. Unfortunetly she was brought out of her thoughts by an anooying scrrech of a voice.

"MAX!" Tess made her presence known. Not liking the look that was going on between max and Liz. Nope not liking this one bit!

'God by the way she dresses you can tell this girl is a major slut. Wearing a short skirt, a white tank top, with no bra! Yuck! I can see!' Liz thought as Tess continued to pall Poor Max.

' He is not fighting it, so I am taking it she is his girlfriend.'a little part of Liz couldnt help but die at the fact.'but he isnt to happy about it either.'

After showing liz, what trash she could really be Tess and Liz were introduced.

"Liz, I like you to meet Tess, My friend."

"FRIEND! More like girlfriend or Fuck Buddies!" Tess proclamed to a shocked Liz and embarresed Max.

"TESS! Could you get any more Vulgar!. Plus we only had sex once! One time, not more then ,get it got it, GOOD!" Max tried to explain, knowing even though that he and Liz arent together, he still felt guilty, by even knowing that he was with another.

Liz could tell by the tone of his voice that Max was embaressed, not only but his face was turning a bright crimson red.

"I was just stating a fact!" tess defended herself. She also wanted to show to Liz that Max was indeed hers. So she just wanted to have a little fun.

"So Liz, do you have a boyfriend?"

As Knowing what Tess was up to and trying to accomplish, Liz replied.

"No Tess, I dont have one, I am more a full person, that dosent need to dress like a slut and hang all over my boyfriend so he would pay attenton to me. So No I dont have one, I am Intrested in having one, but my life sure as hell dosent evolve around it. See tess im nothing like you."

Tess was shocked. Max just smirked,trying to hold his laughter in.

"I knew I was going to like you!" Isabel replied as she and alex finally stoped making out to see what the commotion was all about.

"Wow! I see you are finally coming up for air!"

"That was real good! Max you should try and be a comedian!" Isabel replied as she rolled her eyes. As Alex just blushed.

"Oh Hey Liz,Nice to see you again, Now its time for you to meet this stud next to me, Just to let you know he's mine! His name is Alex Whitman."

"Nice to meet you, Alex."

"Same here, Liz."

So far she seemed to like everybody.Well everybody except for Tess. And she just knew that her move to Roswell Was turning out to be a very positive one. Liz was brought out of her thoughts by the front door being slammed hard. And in came to the living room was a very Pissed Off Zan. Zan came crashing through the living room like a hurricane, knocking Tess on her ass.

"HEY! Watch it!" Tess screamed.

"YO's Bitch! Shuts yo's hole!" Zan was in no mood to put up with this shit.

"Whats gotten in to you Zan?" Isabel asked as she knew what it took to piss of zan like this One word: Ava.

Zan wasnt in the mood for sharing any information right now.

"Nuthin! I justs pissed!"

"That is not an answer! Please what did Ava do this time?" Max asked, embaresed that his brother would be acting this way in front of liz.

"SHUT THE FUCKS UP YOUS ASSHOLE! I DIDNTS ASKS FOR YOS OPINION!" Zan screamed at his brother. No one needs to second guess him, or ask why he is in such a mood, no one needs to knw, cuz he is da man! and no one second guess da man! It was just then when he noticed liz. And he was blown away. How could he missed her.

Yep. he's hard.Hard as a rock!

"Come wits me! " Zan says as he pulls liz and takes her down to his room.

That was when...........

P.S I really hope you like this part sorry for the wait. Let me know what you think, and I will try and get another part out as soon as I can. Thanks, Jeremah

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AN: I just want to say thank you to Lana Lane,Clueless,New Yorker 18 and of course DragonFire, for all the wonderful feedback,im working on part 3 ,so if I get anymore feedback I might be able to post again tonight.
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I just want to Thank everyone for the terrific feedback! And I just want to let you know were the poll is at so far:

People who want Liz with Zan: 1

People who want Liz with Max:3

People who want to see a double dip: 2

I hope you guys enjoy what I have coming up, all I will say is that it will get a whole lot complicated! So I hope you guys stick around and find out.

And this is a shameless plug I know, but I will have the Sequel to Roswell Junior up sometime today, im just needing a right title for it so if you wouldnt mind leaving me any ideas? Thanks! Jeremiah
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Part 3

The Last thing she knows, Liz is is in Zan's room lying down on his bed, lying beneth Zan on the bed.

"What do you think your doing?" Liz tried to sound pissed, but couldnt make her voice sound it.

"What does it look like Im doin' sweets?" Zan said with a smirk on his face. As his eyes were burning with such desire and lust.

"Please ...Get off of me." Liz asked as her body was starting to feel the affects of having Zan's rock hard body so close to touching hers.

"Is that what you's wants?" Zan said, hoping she would say no. Because he would love it if he could show her what He has been wanting to do with her since he first saw her in his living room. Of course this has not been the first time that Zan has been turned on. He takes it as a good thing that he has so much experience. He was never lacking from sex either. Lord knows that Ava supplies it 24/7. Ava supplied it when ever he wanted it or needed. But this is something diffrent for him. This time he feels like there could be more to a realtionship then just sex. He wanted Liz, he craved her actually but he would not force her into anything that she was not ready for. But Zan being zan, he was unsure that he liked this part of himself. He got off of her and apologised for his boldness.

"Yos I's sorry." Zan said as a little bit of shame and disgust were heard in his voice.

"No Harm,No foul Right?" Liz spoke trying to break the mood. Zan gave her one of his smiles to let her know that he appreciated her kindness and forgiveness. That smile, its the same one that Max's has, they really are twins. Even if you couldnt tell by their outward apperance. Liz was deep in thought until some one banged on the window. Zan was pissed with a capital P, because someone dared to interupt his time with Liz, he turned around to tell that person to get lost.

"Go's aways!" Zan yelled.

"Is thats anywayzs yous talks to yos girl?" Ava replied in a sarcastic tone as she climbed through the window.

Damn! He did not know it was Ava! Why is she here anyway? He didnt invite her to the BBQ.

"Whys yous 'ere?" Zan asked, trying to keep the anger out of his voice. Ava is his girlfriend, and even though he dosent love her, he dosent want to hurt her feelings either. Plus he already felt guilty when he is starting to develop feelings for someone he just met, while he still had his girllfriend to think about.
Ava was just standing there looking at zan and at this new girl. She could feel the Sexual tension in the air,and she didnt like it one bit.But unlike her sister she was not going to manipulate and lie and cheat to get what she wants. Besides she trusts in the Love that Zan and she share,plus zan could be attracted to anyone he chooses, it is HER BED that he comes back to night after passionate night.
Liz was just standing ther looking at this punk girl.Knowing that she must be Zan's girlfriend.She sorta looks like Tess. God what is up with these twins dating twins? The three of them were just standing there not talking.Just standing there ,and Liz got tired of it, She figured to be the one to start the introduction.

"Hi, Im Liz,You Must be Zan's Girlfriend."

"Yes, I am, My Names Ava." She dosent seem to be so bad! Ava thought of Liz. She did reconize Zan as hers.

"If you dont mind me asking, do you happen to have a twin name Tess."

"Yes, Im sorry if you meet her already. No One deserves that kind of punishment. Can yous try and nots hold it aganst me?" Ava replied. They might be twins, but Ava hates the bitch.

"Yes! You seem to be not as a ....whats the word?"

"I Believe a skanky hoochie trashy bitch!" Ava said with a smile on her face.

Liz could already tell that Ava and Tess were diffrent as night and day. Which only made her feel guiltier for having some sorta feelings for Zan. Thats just great Liz! The two guys you have felt so much attraction for are both unavailable. Well there goes that. Why are you suprised that two hunks like these have girlfriends.Come on Liz time to pick yourself up and move on. For the second time today Liz was brought out of her thoughts by some one coming in. There was a knock on the door.
Zan opened the door, To only find a pissed off Max standing right in front of him.

"What gives you the right to drag liz off like some caveman!" Max told off his brother. He knew Zan would never hurt Liz intentionally but he couldnt let anything happen to his angel.He grew concern after a while that Liz didnt come back. He knew he and Liz werent together but he couldnt help but be jealous at his brother. Liz was someone that was liike a dream and he was attracted to it, yes he had a girlfriend, and no he would never do anything while he was still commited to Tess, but he was going to take care of that situation soon.He just hoped that Liz would feel the same way for him as he does for her.

"Yos I's cans do whats I wants cuz yous know IM DA MAN!" Zan replied with a smirk, knowing it would piss off his baby brother. Max on the other hand could tell he was being baited but he wouldnt want to argue in front of Liz. That was not right.

"Liz are you alright?" Max asked concerned for Liz's feelings.

"Im fine Max, Thank You for asking, I just got to know Zan a little better." Liz said a little happy that Max was concerned for her.

"Come on, the party is just getting started, Lets go by the pool." Max said as he got lost in her eyes for a second before taking her hand in his and taking he rout to the pool. Leaving behind a smiling Ava,and a Not so Happy Zan.

P.S Please Let me know what you think! Feedback is crucial! Also Kyle and Maria and Michael come in the next Part. Thanks.
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Here are the results so far:

MAX: 8

ZAN: 2

Double Dip : 6

I promise I will try and post the new part tonight, Tommorrow by the latest Thank you again! Still time to vote.
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Than You for all the wonderful feedback, sorry about the wait.

Part 4 - NC 17

"Mmmmmmmmm, I love the way you taste, please touch me."

"Were do you want me to touch you baby?" Max said in a husky tone full of desire. he was finally going to be with his dreamgirl. He broke up with Tess yesterday, he finally felt like himself again. The Old Max Evans, the seet and kind one. Ever since He first saw her He had wanted her. He wanted to hold her, to taste her and now here he was.
Liz couldnt believe the situation that she was in. She just meet him and she craved for his touch. For his lips to touch hers. To have him rock her to the core of pure pleasure.

"Everywere." Liz was finally able to speak. Max has a good way of making her speechless.

"like here?" Max said as he gently flicked her left breasts nipple.

"Uh Uh." Liz moaned as she let the feeling of pleasure in.

"How about this." Max said as he then moved his hand down to her wet area.

"oh baby, you are so wet, Is this for me?" Max said as he relises that she is enjoying this as much as he is.

"Yes! it is only for you." Liz screamed. the sensations that Max was sending through her body was increadble.

"What about me? " a voice broke their concentration. Both Max and Liz turned to see who it was. It was Zan.

"Zan, what are you doing here?" Max asked not so happy knowing his brother is interupting his time with his Liz.

Zan not paying attention to Max repeated what he said. " What About me?"

"What about you Zan?" Liz asked. A little part of her was embarresed to be caught in such a compromising postiton. But the biiger part was turned on, and Even more so that it was Zan that was here.

"I thought I was the Only one to get you all wet." Zan said as his voice seemed to carry the obvious lust and desire. he had been standing ther for the last few minutes watching his brother and the girl that he wanted most in the world, About to make love. he wanted to be the one giving liz all the pleasure.

Liz was caught off guard by what zan said. It turned her on even more. But what he said next took her by total suprised.

"Care If I join?"

"What?" Max and Liz said in unison.

"I said I want to join in, Since my baby brother gets you, I want you too." Zan said. Liz was horrified and yet at the same time wanted nothing more. She wanted BOTH Max and Zan. That should make her a horrible person right? But at that moment she didnt care. She looked at Max then to see what he wanted to do.

"Fine, But I get to be on top." Max said as he continued to glare at liz, and then at zan." Its fine baby, you can have both of us, I know you want to but let it be known I will make you MINE!" Max said in his posseive voice. Liz was blown away with what Max said. She could have them both.

Zan on the other hand, after hearing Max, statred to undress him self, when Liz stopped him.

"I want to do it.I want o undress you." Liz said.

"Anythings yous wants sweets." Zan said as he moved closer to her so he could give her what she wanted to do. And he is glad he let her do it. The way her small hands took off his shirt first. Liz was just blown away at him. His chest was exactly like Max's execpt the tattos and his nipple being pierce. She couldnt stop her self. She wanted to do what she wanted to do when she first saw it. She moved her mouth over his right nipple and tuged with her teeth on the piercng. Zan lrt out a fustrated groan.

"Damn baby, OOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Zan felt his head go back in pleasure. Liz was glad to know that she could be the one that could to do that to him.To the both of them. She wanted to see more. So she moved to the top oh is baggy jeans and started to pull down, to her suprise to find he was not wearing any underwear.


"Whats I's always come prepare sweets." Zan said with a smirk. Liking the fact that she was turned on by his body. Max kept watching what was taking place between his brother and Liz , and a prt of him was a little turned on. He couldnt stand it any more, he had to make love to this beautful creature.

"are you ready?" Max said, before he moved his mouth to Liz's Wet area and started to lick her wet and hot center with his tounge.

"Maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!." Liz screamed out in pleasure. Zan had enough, he wanted to get in so he monved to the bed, right behind Liz and started to attack her neck. Liz was in so much pleasure it seemed like she was going to die from it all. max was still attacking her vagina while zan was kissing her on the neck, then he would kiss her passionly on the lips, then back. Max would move up her body with his mouth, then capure her mouth. The tounges continued to dual. Both zan and max were touching Liz all over , like they couldnt get enough.

"This is so wrong." liz said in between moans.

"No this is right." Max and Zan both said in unison. Both of them were full of desire and complete want of this women that is in between their two bodys. They continued to kiss every were.





there was so much desire and attraction in that room, it seemed to become a sauna. So their bodies were becoming slick with persperation. Liz couldnt take it anymore. She wanted them inside her and like NOW!

"Please..." liz begged.

"What do you want baby?" Max asked looking into her eyes.

"Whats you wants yous gets 'kay sweets." Zan said wanting to please this wonderful person that has brought so much passion into his life.

"I want you inside me, both of you." Liz said not sure of what they think.

Both of them gave her the answer that she wanted. But first they had to be safe. Today you never know. So Max and Zan reached for a condom. The slowly put it on their straing shafts that wanted relief so much.

"Are you sure of this? I dont want to hurt you." Max said with certainty. He never wanted Liz to feel any pain. Zan must of been thinking on the same brain length. Because he asked the same thing.

"I's dot wants to hurt either."

"Im sure." Liz said as she was starting to get fustrated. That was all they need to hear. Both Max and Zan enter her slowly. Liz exploded with pleasure. The feeling of having both of them in her was about to much.

"OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed. Max and Zan were both continuing to thrust into her. Max into her vagina and Zan from behind. It was pleasure that neither the three of them ever felt before. And they knew it wouldnt satisfy until they reached their climax. The three continued to move in perfect harmony.

"LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!" Max and Zan screamed in pleasure as they continued to thrust in to Liz.

"Oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Liz cried in pleasure as she felt her orgasim come. You could hear the noise of their three bodys coming together. And it wasnt far long that all three of them came. as they came down from the high, they just layed there Liz wrapped in Max and Zan's arms.

"I Love You." Max and Zan said in unison. Liz just felt so well she didnt know what she felt. All she knew was that she felt good. She felt like she never had before. What is that noise?

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!!!!!!!!!!

"Damn! it was just a dream." Liz said as she woke up from her steamy dream.

P.S I Hope you like this part, please let me know what you think!!!!!!!!!!

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"I dont know what to do!" Liz cried to Kyle and Maria her two best friends. They were going over liz's problem with her attraction to Max and Zan.

"Tell me more about the dream." Kyle answered.

"I already told you five times!" Liz said sorta fustrated. She knew that kyle was only joking, but still enough was enough.

"Dont mind him liz, he is just a total pervert." Maria replied, she loved Kyle as a brother but sometimes he just worked her nerves.

"Im sorry liz, I just think it is funny and all, I knew guys had dreams about banging two girls at once but a girl having a dream about doing it with two brothers, well that is kind of kinky." kyle answered with a smirk.

Liz just thre him a look that told him that he needed to shut the hell up.

"What Kyle, Girls arent suppose to have sex dreams? Only guys? Not only are you a Jackass, But a male pig!" Maria said.

"Sorry." Kyle said apologetically not wanting to get his ass kicked by two girls.

"What is wrong with me?" Liz asked Not knowing if what she is feeling is normal.

"Nothing is wrong with you hirl! you are just a healthy normal teenage girls with hormones, Nothing out of the ordinary." Maria tried to make her friend feel better.

"But two brothers?"

"Two sexy brothers, I might add." Maria joked.

"very funny." liz said with a smile. She was glad that she has friends like Maria and Kyle. She wouldnt know how to handle this with out them,

"Liz, I was joking earlier, But it is normal to have them. You just got too decide which one you want." Kyle sai, he really wanted to help Liz. She has become one of his closest friends.

"See that is the problem, I dont know and besides,they both of girlfriends."

"You Mean the Gerbil Twins?" Maria said with a disgust.

"Yes. Tess might be a bitch, But Ava seems really nice." Liz said.

"screw them, they are the town sluts especially Tess, Wait if you get with Max, then she will be totally emabresed. You should go after Max!" Maria said with a venom. She could not stand that skanky ho!

"Maria, that wouldnt be fair, I dont like to go after other girls boyfriends."

"Trust me Chica, if the shoes were reversed Tess would have no problem doing the same." Maria replied.

"She wouldnt." Kyle agreed with Maria. He also wanted Max and Tess broken up but for diffrent Reasons. He wanted Tess for himself, he had always had a little crush on her.

"I dont know what I am going to do, but thank you for the talk guys, I really needed it." Liz said.

"No problem what are friends for?" Maria replied.

P.S I hope you like this. Please feedback please!
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Part 6

Liz was getting ready to start her first day at West Roswell High. She was Nervous. Not at the prospect of starting at a New school but more of facing Max and Zan. She hasnt seen them since before her little dream. How was she going to handle her feelings for both men. How was she going to handle the fact that she has to see them with their Girlfriends. That was going to be tough. But nothing that she can't handle. I mean come on it was not like That she was Really was with them. So what was her problem?

"Liz come on! get over it! I can find someone else."

Nancy was standing at her daughter's door. Her little girl was alll grown up. Soon she was going to find a good man and fall in love. That was all she wanted for Liz. Just to be happy with her soulmate like she was with Jeff.

"Ready for the big day?" Nancy called out. bring Liz out of her thoughts.

"You Know, it is just another first day of school nothing I havent dealt with before."

"I Know. I Just want you to have some fun this year."

"I will mom. Dont worry, I want to have some fun too. This year is going to be deffrent." liz replied trying to please her mother.

"So Is Maria and Kyle coming over to take you to school?"

"Yeah, Maria is going to be here in a few minutes."

"Well Good luck honey." Nancy said as she watched her little girl go start her first day at her new school.

"Thanks mom. I will see you after school." liz said as she kissed her mother on the cheek as she walked out of the door. Waiting to see what the day has in store for her.


"So Chica, ready to start your first day at the fantastic West Roswell?" Maria asked her new found best friend.

"Yeah, I am." Liz answered. Not really paying attention. Her head still thinking about what she was going to do with her feelings for Max and Zan.

"Thinking about the Doublemint twins? Kyle asked. Liz was one of his Best Friends. Which as become a first. He was never really friends with a girl. Maria was his sister, But beside that He never Really was Friends. But he liked that, Liz was something special and he just wanted to protect her. So he was going to watch Max and Tattoo boy like a hawk.

"Yeah, but it is not what you think. I mean sure I am attracted to them. But nothing could come out of it. I mean The fact that they both have Girl friends. So that should be my sign as it Just wasnt meant to be." Liz answered. She has to move on. So she is. No more thinking about something that was really nothing.


"Come On! Tess how long does it take to get Ready?" Max asked his premodonna girlfriend. He was starting to get fustrated. Tess was always more into looks then substance. And Max had always seemed to accept it. But lately it seemed to just get on his nerves. Ever since he meet liz, Tess seemed nothing more than just a problem. To tell you the truth, Max sometimes wonders what Ever made him Decide to start dating Tess.They are completely deffrent people, Max was into something more, Something More real.

"Im Ready! Jeez! Max I was just trying to look my best. After all I am the most popular girl at West Roswell. I have a rep to protect." Tess said snooty. Max just rolled his eyes. As Max and Tess made their way to the jeep there was Zan and Ava making out. More like groaping each other.

"Excuse me. " Max said as he was trying to stop the porno channel that was happening in his jeep.

Zan and Ava stopped and Zan just gave Max a dirty look. To say he was a little pissed, would just be a little understatement.

"YO! Cornball, Donts bugg Da'Man when he was gettin sumtin'"

"Oh excuse me. I Just want to get to school on time." Max said, Sometimes his brother just got on his nerves.

"Yeah. I gots to show liz around school, show her how things are done." Ava said. Bring Zan out of his foul mood. The thought of Liz made a Smile Crawl on His face. he gets to see his Liz , how could things get any better.

"Yeah come, lets get going." Zan and Max Said At The same time. Just looking at each other. just leaving Tess and Ava Just thinking about What was so special about this school day. Not thinking about how it had to do with a specific Brunette.

AN: I know this part is boring, but it is a trans part. I swear the next part will get better. Expect the little triangle to get one more person. I mean who dosent like a jealous Max and Zan?

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Part 7

As the Bell rang freeing them from homeroom, Liz walked to her locker thinking about how her first day was going. Then someone brought her out of her daydream.


Liz turned around to see who called her by her old childhood nickname, to be suprised to see who it was.

"Ben!" Liz said with excitement. She could not believe that he was here!

"Yeah, It is Me, Miss me Lizzie?" Ben said with a smirk on his face. It was so good to see her again. They knew each other so long that it felt weird to be apart from her. Ben also wanted to make sure Liz was alright about starting over in a new place. Plus he just wanted to see her.

"I missed you so much! I can't believe that you are here! What about your parents?" Liz said as she looked at the one person that had always been there for her.

"Well they decided to go to Europe on one of their world wind trips and they would be gone for the next year, so It was either going away to vermont at the awlful boarding school, or come here, and as you can see I picked here. So I can see my Lizzie."

"I am glad that you are here. Thank you." Liz replied as she gave Ben a hug. No noticing the death glares that were headed Ben's way.


"I didnt know Liz had a boyfriend?" Tess said smugly. She knew Max and even Zan were having feelings for the new girl. Even though Tess dosent see why. Liz was completely boring! I mean flat brown hair? And no chest? I mean come on! Tess got her's early! Ok so she had extra help by a doctor, But at least there is a chest! It was one of the many things that got me Max. Tess thought to herself. Maybe this guy would keep Liz away from her man. Tess sure as hell dosent trust it when she is around. Max becomes the poor little puppy around her. It Made tess sick.

"That is not Liz's boyfriend!" Max said trying to keep the jealousy out of his voice. Liz would of said something about having a boyfriend if she had one right? Right. Max just wishes that guy would get his hands off his Liz!

"HELL NO! Liz would not go for a cracker like him!" Zan said all pissed off. Some guy had his hands all over his Liz! I mean He has no Right to do that! He is basically groping Liz right out here in front of everyone! Zan was not going to tolerate that. As he was about to go pound the Guy;s face in, Ava pulled him back.

"Yo Zan, Why would you care if he was Her boyfriend! I mean I think they make a cute couple." Ava said with a smile. She was truly happy. Liz seemed like she was going to be a good friend.

"Are you more stupid then I thought! There is No way that cornball is her man! Liz has better taste then that!" Zan snapped at Ava. Ava Just stood there shocked. Sure Zan was no prince charming, But He never was so mean to her and call her names. As tears were starting to fall, She couldnt stay around and watch. She took off to the restroom.

"Way to Go Asshole!" Tess said as she went after her sister. Leaving the twin brothers to just stand and watch Liz being held by another guy.

"No way In Hell Is he her boyfriend." Both Max and Zan said at the same time.


As Liz and Ben were laughing and catching up on old times, Max and Zan just stood there watching.

"So what shoud we do?" Max asked.

"We kick his muther fuckin Ass!" Zan said spewing with pure anger. He could not stand some guy touching what was his!

"ZAN! Look I dont like I either, But if he makes her happy, then maybe..." Max didnt even get to finish.

"Are you sure we our brothers? I mean stop being such a damn wussy! I mean I know you have a thang for her, Which I know will never be, since she is mine, But still dont you want to kick his ass!"

"Ok first off, Liz Isnt yours! you have a girlfriend, Remember? Second of all, Why do you think she would pick you? Third Hell Yes I want to kick his Ass! For just even looking at her, But I have self control. I know Liz wouldnt like it if we attacked him. Liz is the kind of person that dosent believe in Violence." Max said to his brother.

"You also have a Girl Max, or should I say you have a gerbil. Secound she would pick me, because I am Zan da Man! Who wouldnt want me to show them a good time? espically in bed." Zan said the last line with a smirk on his face. He knew it would bug Max.

"You are a complete Pig! Liz is more then just a Good Lay! I mean she is special! And to answer your first question, I plan on takling to the gerbil....I mean Tess, I want to call things off. I mean I dont even know what caused me to go out with her in the first place, I dont know. But I know is I dont want to be in a relationship that is Nothing but superfical." Max said. He wanted to fight Liz the Right way.

"Awww, Aint is sweet!" Zan said sarcastically. As he turned his head he saw something that made his blood boil even more.

Ben gave liz a kiss on the cheek.

"His Ass is goin down!"

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Part 8

Liz has had the feeling that she was being watched. In fact she had the feeling all day, Ever since she saw Ben. It crept her out. But she just ingnored it. She was on her way to the Crashdown the resturaunt Maria's Mom owns, to meet her friends and to introduce Ben to them. A part of her was curious to find out about Max and Zan's reactions to Ben, But then just shruged it off.

"Come on Liz, Dont be stupid." Liz said to herself, not noticing someone was behind her.


Liz turned around to see Tess standing there.

"What do you want Tess?" Liz asked sorta snappish but Tess just got on her nerves.

"I just want to do this." Tess said as she raised her hand and then slapped Liz across the face. " You Bitch!"

Liz was in complete shocked. No one has ever hit her before. She turned to look at Tess. She was sure as hell not going to let her get the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

"Why Did you do that!" Liz asked pissed.

"That was for stealing away my boyfriend!" Tess steamed. Max just broke up with her and He didnt say it was because of Liz but Tess knew how Max looked at her so she put two and two together and decided it was all this tramp's fault that she lost Max.

"I did no such thing! And you want to know why?" Liz asked. She was suprised at Tess's reaction. How could she believe that Liz would dare and steal someone's guy. She knew what it felt like. But Just seeing Tess's smug self, Liz couldnt hold back her anger.

"Oh and Why Is that?"

"Because I am not a slut like you, that has to be hanging all over a guy." Liz said to a shocked tess. She never knew that Liz had in her.

"Why.." Tess got cut off.

"I am not finished! If you wan to blame anyone for Max dumping your skanky ass just take a good look in the mirror! Maybe he just got tired of being with such a Bitch! Max deserves a hell of alot better then you!" Liz said getting what she has felt for the past couple of days of her chest. She didnt mean to say it all, But she couldnt help it. Just seeing tess gloat made her pissed, and it came out.

"Please no one can please Max like I can!" Tess said smug. Trying not to let what Liz say to her. Becaus eit was true. Hell she couldnt even get him into bed. Max would always say that he was waiting for the right someone and right time. Tess always knew that Max thought that they were not forever. But Tess had believed that once she got him in the sack things would change. That never happened.

"Tess, Everything does not evolve around Sex! I mean you are beyond pathetic!" Liz was about to turn and leave. She could only take Tess in small amounts and this little meeting has already started to make Liz sick. But not before saying one more thing to her." And Tess If you EVER hit me again, You will be sorry." Then Liz left leaving a stunned and shocked tess behind.

The girls didnt noticed that they were being watched. Unknown to them Max and Zan saw, both shocked and turned on by Liz standing up for herself. Max couldnt hide the grin when he heard Liz saying that he desrved better then Tess. Maybe he has got a chance after all. Max was going to make sure that Ben and Zan didnt get in the way of what he wanted.

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Warning: This part is a little dark, So please be warned. This deals with difficult situations like Rape.

Part 9

Have you ever had an experience that changed your life forever? That It made all the other things in your life seem small and petty. Well about three nights ago, That was What happened to me. I lost my innocence. More like it was taken from me. I am Liz Parker and I was Raped. But what hurt most is that I trusted that person. But I was a total fool. I was always careful yet always trusting of people. But look were that got me. I still cant believe that it happened. I had always wanted to give my virginity to someone that I loved. I know what you are going to say. That because it was taken away forcefully that I am still a virgin? And as much as I would love to believ that, It is so not true. I was violated. The one thing that I was saving was taken away from me from a Fuckin Assshole! That only gets off from treating women like shit. The thing is, I thought it would never happen to me! I trusted that son of a bitch. he said he was my friend. But obviously that was not the case. As I lay here in my bed, I think to myself what have I done to deserve this? Was I leading him on without even knowing that I was? I was a Good Girl, I get excellent grades. I am probably going to get accepted to harvard. So...

Why Me?

Why did I have to experience something so awlful and dispectable. I try and get some sleep knowing that it is worthless. I havent been able to sleep for the past three nights. When I close my eyes I can feel it still. I can still feel his breath on me, his heavy body on top of me. I can still feel his arms holding my down. I can still feel the sting from the puch that he gave me to my face. But what scares me is that I can still feel my own fear.

The asshole is in Jail now. So why should I still feel afraid? I dont know. But I am. as I hear my parents talking in the hall, I can still see all the pitful faces that come my way. They dont say anything, but I know what they are thinking Oh poor Liz she got raped!

Well I dont need thier pity! all I need is to get back what I lost.

Impossible. I know. But It is all that I am clinging to. Actually that is not true. I am also clinging to the fact that Max saved me. He saved me from anymore damage. I can still feel his arms around me as he took me to the hospital. I can still feel his non pity look that he gave me. Dont get me wrong. He told me he was sorry that it happened to me, but there was something else too. He looked at me Like I was the bravest Girl in the world. That was when I knew.

I Picked Max. I want Max. Not even Zan could come close to the want that I have for Max. Zan was merely an attraction. Max there is something more. Something deep.

Hopefully Someday when I am normal again I can let them know. as I turn my head to look at the window. I am confronted with a sight.

Max is sleeping on my balcony. he is trying to take my pain away. I dont know whay But I suddenly feel like that is going to be..Going to be alright. I am not kidding myself. It is going to be a long time before I return to my old self. But Now I see that there might be a light at the end of the darkness. I open the window, Max turns to look at me. We say nothing. He just opens his arms for me. I crawl in, trying to forget. to remember what it felt like to feel normal.

AN: I Hope you guys enjoy this. As Much as I like Zan. My Dreamer heart won out. I hope you guys stay on with this as I plan on the next part to be the conclusion to this. And as always please Feedback!
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AN: I want to say Thank You For all the bumps and the feedback, It is greatly appreciated. I hope you guys enjoy this last part.


You might think, Is that It? It took her that forever to pick a Guy that she wanted and Now It is all over? You Know I wouldnt leave it like that for you guys. So I am going to feel you guys in. First off, I guess I should tell you that Ben is now facing up to 25 years in prison. Yep that is Right, I forgot to tell you last time.

Ben was the FUCKIN ASSHOLE to rape me. Sorry about my language. I still have feelings that are unresolved. My so called Best Friend betrayed me.NOw I trust very carefully now.

That is enough about that. Let's move on.

Maria. Maria is now living in New York, Her Mother and Jim Valenti Divorced. Amy Moved Maria to New York. It was painful as hell to say Goodbye to my Best Friend. But Dont worry, I have a feeling that life is not done with us as a duo yet. We will see each other again.

Kyle. Kyle and his dad are still In Roswell. In fact Jim is already starting to see another, Pissing Kyle off saying that he had no respect to the family that he lost. I have a feeling Kyle will be moving to New York soon.

Isabel. I know that I barely mentioned her or Her Boyfriend Alex. But they are doing Great. They live in California in fact, I told them all about which locations to go. They are expecting thier first child as well.

Ava. My Sweet and misguided friend. After she dumped Zan's lowlife ass, She got herself together and She and Max are living down in Las Cruces.

Oh, Did I suprise you with that last part. Yeah Me and Max were together for about a day and a half when we realised that what we felt was nothing more than a love Friends have. I wouldnt trade what I had with him. He is truly My Best Friend. But I guess I should tell you.

Max and Ava, Are Just Roomates and Friends. You want to know why? Ava is Gay after all. You should of seen Zan's reaction to the news. Saying he was pissed was a Major undersatement.


What do I think of when I think of Zan? I think of him as the man that took me off to his room and Made out. I think of him when he was giving Ben the evil Eye. I should of listened. But What I think most is.

That I Miss him. He has been Dead for almost six months. What happen you say? Car Accident. One Night after a party, Zan was his way home when He crashed into a dumpster at 75 miles per hour. Without a seatbelt.

Now you want to know what happened to me. Well
I will tell you I am a Biologst Student at UNM.Yes, I am still In New Mexico. But What can I say I am happy. I will always appreciate what the Evans twins taught me. I will carry that whereever I go and whatever I do.

"Liz! Wake UP! Honey you were dreaming!" He Husband was calling out to her.


"I said It was time to get your lazy ass out of bed!" He said with a smirk.


"Are you going to punish me?"


"Come on, Zan and Maria are going to be here any second with Zachary."

"Before I have something to say."


"I Love you Max."

AN: See I couldnt end it on a sad note! Zan never dies in my fic!