TITLE: Denial of the heart (Thanks Nikki!!)
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CATEGORY: Mi/L No aliens. Also…Ma/Ma, A/T, K/I, M/L but not in that order.
DISCLAIMER: Not my characters, not my location, um, nothing is mine but the story…and I am sure it has been done before.
AUTHORS NOTES: This is just something that was in my head as I lay awake last night coughing and blowing my nose. (Yes…I am STILL sick!!) So, when I got up this morning I decided to write it. However, it will probably go on forever and ever like the other ones, because I do have a tendency to just go on and on and on and on…Lee xx

Part One
Okay guys…I need your help. You should all, by now, know that I suck at titles…so HELP ME PLEASE?!?!? Give me your suggestions please…or else it will be ??? for a long long time!!

“I hate you!”

“I hate you more!”

“You disgust me”

“You repulse me!”

“You make me feel sick!”

“Eurgh!” Liz screamed, flying her hands up in the air in an exaggerated gesture before turning on her heel, her long brown hair whipping around behind her, and stalking out of the kitchen, leaving Michael glaring at her retreating form.

Max, Maria, Alex, Isabel, Kyle and Tess all sat silently at their booth as Liz stalked out to the front, took a deep breath, and then plastered on her fake smile. She went about her job as if nothing had happened and the silence that the Crashdown had become during Michael and Liz’s ‘little spat’ slowly became the bustled noise that you would expect from a diner/restaurant. Finally Liz got to their table. “What can I get you guys?” She said wearily, only now letting her mask slip away from her face. Max pulled her down onto his lap and gave her a hug. “What was that all about Liz?” Hs asked her gently. Liz rolled her eyes, her anger immediately flooding her. “He, that, he…he is just impossible!” She exclaimed, shaking her head. Maria chuckled sympathetically, “I know Hon, that’s why I gave up!” Liz smiled and nodded her head. “Yeah, well…” Rolling her eyes she trailed off, thinking about the guy that caused her so much hassle.

Just then Michael bellowed her name across the dining area. “Get your butt off your boyfriend and get back to work!” Michael yelled. Liz’s face immediately went red and she buried her head into Max’s shoulder. “God…I am going to kill him. We’ve already made a scene once today! I swear, the Crashdown is going to become known for our fights. ‘Oh go to the Crashdown Friday night’s and watch Michael and Liz fight. If you are really lucky, they will start to use physical violence!’” Sighing, she gave Max a kiss on the cheek and slid off him. “The usual?” She asked them and they all nodded their heads. She sighed and went back to the window where the grill was and silently handed the order to Michael. “What? No smart comment?” Michael asked snidely. Liz glared at him. “Tell me again why I don’t fire your sorry ass?” Michael smirked. “Because your parents adore me and I am the Crashdown’s best cook.” Liz’s glare got colder. “We’ll have to do something about that then!” Was her only reply before getting back to work.

That evening Michael was closing up with Tess when he overheard Liz talking to her father in the backroom. “Please Dad. Just let me get another job. I know you can’t afford to lose Michael, but it is getting ridiculous. We have to be separated before we do some serious physical damage. I can still do some work here, but I can’t keep working with Michael.” Michael heard Jeff sigh. “Look Liz, you are the best waitress here. I can’t afford to lose you either. If it really is that bad then I will have to drop Michael.” Michael’s eyes closed. He really couldn’t lose this job: no one would hire him. “No Dad, Michael needs this job. As much as I hate him, he is a good cook and no one else will hire him. The only reason you hired him was cause of me.” Michael’s eyes snapped open. He didn’t know that Liz had been the reason he was hired. “Okay, but then you will just have to work something out Liz. Cause I can’t lose either of you. Just, I don’t know, come to a compromise. What is this feud even about?” He heard Jeff ask. He thought about it. He didn’t even know what this fight had been about. It had started last year, when Liz had started dating Max. He couldn’t even remember the reason.

Because he had been thinking, he had missed Liz’s reply. As he heard them finishing their conversation he got back to cleaning, just as Liz came out of the backroom. Ignoring him, she went straight over to Tess to talk to her. “So, you wanna do something tonight?” Tess asked Liz. Liz smiled in appreciation. “Yeah, I think I need to get away from this place for a while. Your house ok?” Tess nodded and Liz smiled. The three of them worked in silence until the Crashdown was clean.

Later that night Liz and Tess were sitting on Tess’s big double bed in their pyjamas eating junk food. “So Tess, how are things between you and Alex?” Liz asked, chucking a couple of M&M’s in her mouth. Tess smiled dreamily. “Everything is great.” She paused biting her lip obviously thinking about Alex and Liz stifled a giggle. “He is so funny and caring. We…well, we just get on really well.” Liz smiled in happiness for her friend and reached over to hug her. “I am really glad Tess. He is so happy with you that it makes me sick! He’s always Tess did this and Tess did that, oh and Tess has the cutest smile!” Liz mocked Alex’s voice and Tess giggled. “That makes me so happy!” She exclaimed giddy. Liz laughed outright at that before sobering slightly. “So what about things with Isabel? Are they better?” Tess sighed. “Yeah, I think they are. Things between her and Alex are still quite tense, but I no longer feel like I have an inferiority complex compared to her so that is good.” Liz smiled. “To be honest Tess, Alex is a lot happier with you. I mean, he liked Isabel but after getting past her looks, he found that she had nothing in common with him. It hurt him when she started seeing Kyle, but I think he understood why. And you guys get on so well.” Liz was going to continue but Tess stopped her with a hug. “Thanks Liz. You are the best friend I could have.” Liz sighed guiltily. “And you are my best friend too Tess.” She finally admitted.

They finally went to bed at two am. But Liz couldn’t sleep. So instead she thought back over the last year. Maria, Alex and her had been best friends for so long, that when Max, Michael and Isabel had entered their lives, and things had changed a fair bit. When she and Max had stopped just looking at each other when the other was around, and Max had got up enough courage to ask her out, they had started dating. Shortly after, Michael asked Maria out and then Alex asked Isabel out. Alex and Isabel only went out for a couple of months before splitting up. Shortly after, Isabel started dating Kyle, and they had been happy ever since. Alex moped about for a while, and that was when Tess entered the equation. She had moved to Roswell, and the school had assigned Liz to make her feel welcome. They had become good friends really quickly, and Tess started hanging around with their group. Alex started to become attracted to Tess, and, with Liz’s nagging, had asked her out. That had been three months ago, and they were still together. Michael and Maria had finally called their rocky relationship quits two moths ago, but seemed to remain friends…although Liz wasn’t too sure whether their banter was a friendship.

But while this was all going on, Alex, Maria and her had drifted apart. They were still tight, but Liz tended to hang out with Isabel and Tess more than Maria, and if she wanted a guy’s perspective, instead of going to Alex automatically, she divided her time between Kyle and Alex. It was sad how it had happened, but Liz guessed it was just growing up. Maria, her and Alex had years behind them, and only something really big could split that up. Her thoughts then turned to Michael. He infuriated her. She had always had a crush on him, but when Max had entered the scene, her focus had been on Max. Then, when they started dating, Michael became part of her world. And the crush she had repressed had flared to life again. However, because he was so mean, she retaliated. And so now they hated each other. It was sad, she mused, because she respected and admired Michael a lot. He had been through a lot and she thought that they could be good friends, but this fight was always in the way. And she didn’t even remember why it had started. Liz drifted off to sleep with the tall, stroppy, messy haired guy in her mind.

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