Title: Gym Buddies
Cat: Male slash
Disclaimer: I don't

He couldn't help but watch them both as they use the exercise machines. Their bodies glistened with sweat from the workout. He couldn't help the smile that came to his face as he wondered if that was what they looked like after making love.

"Michael?" Alex said pulling him from his thoughts.


"You ready to go?" Alex smiled. Michael had dazed off again. No that he could blame him. With Max doing pullups in the corner of the room who wouldn't be distracted. His bicepts would bulge as he pulled himself up.

"Alex if you want to go I think you need to pick up your gym bag," Michael laughed.

"You know I was thinking..." Alex trialed off

"You want to invite them over again don't you," Michael smiled.

"It could be fun." Alex looked over to where Max and Kyle sat then back at Michael pleading with his eyes.

"Fine, go ahead." Micahel laughed.

Alex walked over to the two men. "Hey Max, Kyle we were wondering if you guys needed us to be your spotters again."

Kyle looked over to Max. "Sure, why not." Alex, Kyle, and Max walked over to where Mciahel stood by the bench press.

Kyle laid down on the bench and looked up to Michael "Give me 180 ," Kyle said stariing into his eyes. Michael would have loved to take him righ there. To strip every inch of clothing from his body and lick him from head to toe taking extra time between his legs. Michael had to push those thought aside and put the weight on the barbell.

Michael held the bar over Kyle as his hands reach up to grab it. Kyle accidentally grazed Micahel's sending shocks through his body. Recovering, Kyle pushed the weight above his head.

Michael counted the times "One, Two, Three, Four....." Michael counted as he watch the sweaty Kyle push up and down with the weights. He couldn't get more turned on if he tried.

Seeing that Kyle was done, he motion for Max to get on. He then stepped aside for Alex to do Max's. He knew it was a thirll for Alex to watch Max.

Max laid down his tight muscle bound body onto the bench. Alex put the weight above his head and slowly let it down in Max's hand. Truth be told, Max didn't need anyone to spot him at all. He was a brick house who needed no help at all. But Alex was glad Max let him do it anyway.

As Alex called out the amount of times Max lifted the weight above his head, he slipped into his own little fanatasy. It happened quite often when he noticed Max at the gym.

It always started out the same way. Max would be swimming laps in the gyms pool. Alex would walk in and Max would ask him to go for a swim. Alex would get into the water and swim over to Max only to find that Max wasn't wearing any clothing. Max would smile at him and get closer. He would rub his body against Alex's. Max would then reach down and pull Alex's swimming trunks off.

"Alex! Alex I'm done!" Max yelled trying to get Alex's attention.

"OH oh yeah sorry," ALex mumbled as he took the weight and set it down. As Max sat up, Alex struggled to hide the buldge in his pants.

But Max had already seen it. Max looked over to Kyle who had obviously seen it too. Kyle nodded at Max.

"Uh...Alex would you and Michael like to come over after you're finished here?" Max asked with a smile.

Alex went in to a coughing fit. Did Max just ask him and Micahel over?

"Of course we will," Michael answered for Alex since he seemed preoccupied with trying to breath.

"Great then we'll meet back up at the front doors in say..a half hour. Because I need to go for a swim first." Max said.

This only made Alex cough louder.

"Is he gonna be okay?" Kyle asked.

"Oh yeah. more then okay," Michael smirked


I tired so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
LINKIN PARK (In the End)